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Soulmate AU-gust

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A common occurrence for Amethyst was craving coffee or energy drinks late at night.

She enjoyed sleeping, and wasn't one for pulling all-nighters, but almost every night, without fail, she'd wonder if they had coffee in the house, if she could have some, and then she'd realize what was really happening.

She hoped her soulmate was getting enough sleep.

Today, she was out with her friends, having something to eat and minding her own business when she started craving coffee again. She shrugged it off and kept taking sips of the drink she had to distract herself from it.

Pearl started saying something to her right, and she looked over - and couldn't help but notice the person walking down the road behind her.

This girl was cute, with fluffy blonde hair and bright green eyes. She looked a little tired. Based on the heavy-looking backpack she was sporting and the time of year, it was probably because of finals. She had a cup of coffee in her hands.

"Amethyst, are you paying attention?"

She looked back at Pearl and smiled. "Yup, totally", she said with a laugh. Pearl kept talking, probably telling Amethyst that she should pay more attention to things around her, but she still had her mind on that girl.




Peridot experienced many cravings for odd meals. Really, she didn't want any of them. She'd always been a picky eater, but even as a child she'd tell her mother she'd want ridiculous combinations of food, and upon receiving them, would immediately lose her appetite. When she'd been taught about soulmates, she worried for her future partner's health. And sanity.

Now, she craved an odd combination of mexican food and sugary treats at the same time. It didn't ease her concerns at all. She just adjusted the straps of her backpack as she walked past the outdoor seating area for a few nearby restaurants.

She couldn't help but glance at a group of friends enjoying a meal, laughing and chatting with each other. There was a short kid - so about her height, basically - with curly black hair enjoying a milkshake, a tall thin woman who'd barely touched a salad in front of her, an even taller woman with a huge afro and shades, and - oh wow, she's hot, who is she?

There was a short girl with long, luxurious lavender hair, wearing a black tank top and ripped shorts. She was smiling and laughing at a joke that had been told, and all Peridot could think about was how absolutely stunning she was. In fact, she almost walked right up to go talk to her, despite her being out with friends and how awkward that situation might be...

...when she noticed her choice of meal. She had apparently ordered a burrito with every possible topping, as it was the only way to explain how packed full of food it was and, to Peridot's slight horror, she was taking sugar packets and adding sugar to every bite she took. Gross.

Peridot decided against starting a conversation for several reasons, and kept walking.

Hmm, actually, maybe I should stop at the mexican place for a burrito. At least just to stop the craving. Maybe I can just go get dessert afterwards and it'll count for something, Peridot thought to herself.




...It took a few seconds for Peridot's sleep-deprived mind to put the pieces together, and when they did she tripped over her shoes and spilled her coffee all over the street.

She recovered to the best of her ability (that was, not very well. At all.), whipped around, pointed at the attractive girl (who was laughing her ass off), and shouted, "YOU!"

Upon seeing that her laughter had stopped and she seemed shocked, Peridot clarified, "You're my soulmate!", and hoped it came out a bit less aggressive this time.

The girl's friends looked shocked. The boy and the very-tall woman looked a bit like they were about to explode with excitement. Her soulmate was completely stunned.

"How... do you even know?" she asked.

Peridot stared for a moment. Blinked. "Technically, I don't. Do you know anyone else who might enjoy putting sugar on a burrito? Because it's a very odd flavor to crave, and I'd like to ask them about their life choices."

Her soulmate stared. Then smiled. Then she burst out laughing with such force that she nearly fell out of her chair, running over and giving her new soulmate a big hug.

Names and numbered were exchanged, friends were incredibly happy, and a girl with a slight addiction to caffeine got advised to take a nap.

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Peridot stared, completely shocked at the mirror in front of her. She rubbed at her right eye, then looked again. Blinked, and looked again.

Still, she had two bright green eyes staring back at her.

It was the first day at a brand new school. Peridot had to be introduced... to everyone in her new classes.

And the day was over.

Uh oh.

Peridot sprinted out of the bathroom as fast as she could without slipping on the wet floor, running into the halls and desperately trying to find whoever had gotten her blue eye. The majority of people there had two different colors, not old enough to go looking for their perfect match, but there were just a few with matching eyes. Whether that was because them and their soulmate happened to have the same eye color or they had found them already was unknown, but Peridot still approached everyone with two blue eyes in a panic, asking if they'd met their soulmate, if they used to have a green right eye by any chance, anything at all. Nobody she found was able to help her.

Peridot headed home with two green eyes, and no blue-eyed soulmate to show for it.


Lapis absolutely hated the fact that her eyes didn't match. Sure, it was meant to show her who her soulmate was, and that was supposed to be a beautiful life event, but Lapis didn't care enough about love to be happy that one eye was her least favorite color. Besides, with her luck... her soulmate probably wouldn't even like her. Based on a few previous relationships, she wasn't very easy to be with.

So, in order to prevent looking at two mismatched eyes, reminding her that her soulmate was yet to be found, she wore colored contacts.

She only realized the problem with this when she got home from school one day missing her green eye. With absolutely no idea as to when she may have had it changed.

"...Well, shit."


The next morning, Peridot had a mission.

The mission was mostly to just panic and ask literally everyone she could find with blue eyes. Again. But this time was different! Probably. This time, everyone should be there since it was the beginning of the day, and therefore there should be more blue-eyed candidates at the school to question. Unless they were absent today. She wasn't really sure what she could do if she didn't find them at all that day.

It seemed she was in luck when she arrived at school and happened to overhear a short conversation, however.

"-anyone with two green eyes? I wasn't paying attention yesterday and-"

Peridot started running over-

"-actually, there was a girl yesterday looking for someone with blue eyes-"

-and when she rounded the corner she said quickly,

"Uh, hey!"

A tall girl with an undercut and dyed hair looked over at her, and her eyes were just the right shade of blue.

There was a moment where all they could do was stare at each other. 


 There was a flurry of conversation a moment later, Peridot asking her new soulmate so many questions - before realizing she looked a little overwhelmed.

"My name is Peridot! I'm so glad I found you!"

"Oh, I'm Lapis. Lapis Lazuli."

"Are you feeling alright, Lapis?"

"Huh...? Well... I guess I'm just nervous...look, I know we're soulmates, but you... don't have to like me. Alright?"

Peridot was a little shocked. Feeling a wave of concern, she hesitated for just a moment before giving Lapis a soft hug.

"I don't know what might happen in the future... but just a few hours ago, I was terrified that I had completely missed my chance and that I'd never get to meet my soulmate, and right now, I'm so happy that we managed to find each other... and I like you. A lot. Please don't be worried..."

Now, it was Lapis's turn to be shocked. Despite her disbelief, she managed a small smile, and returned the hug.

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"Leave me alone."

These were the first words her soulmate would say to her. Peridot had known it since she had learned how to read, and her parents had known it even before that. It was the sentence written across her left arm, and it had been there since the day she was born. And it was sad. She knew it was.

It was sad, because her soulmate was the one person destined to love her, to care for her and understand her struggles, appreciate her achievements and advancements. The one person who would always listen when she spoke, and she'd listen to them too, and hang on to their every word like it was the most important thing she'd ever be told in her life.

And they wanted nothing to do with her.

So Peridot decided she didn't want anything to do with them, either.

She lived her life as someone people might not want to be around. A teacher's pet, some students would say, but the teachers didn't really like her either. She was a jerk to everyone unfortunate enough to be around her. Refusing to share, or work with others. She turned her sadness into anger, and carelessness, and turned away everyone who was kind.

One day, she met a young boy who insisted on annoying her at every turn. He wouldn't stop trying to be her friend, no matter how hard she shoved him away. So she let him. She had no excuse for her second friend. Or her third. Or her fourth. She blamed Steven for this, sometimes, but she couldn't help but realize that having friends really was something she enjoyed. She learned to be a little more kind.

If her soulmate didn't care for her, that was perfectly fine. She had friends who did.

On her senior year of high school, a couple that had been together for several years had a terrible fight, and broke up in the middle of lunch. One of them ran off, clearly upset after slapping the other, and she dissappeared into the halls.

Peridot was worried about her.

So she followed.

She found her huddled up in the library, nearly crying, all alone.

"Leave me alone," she said to her.

And Peridot smiled.

"Are you okay?"

And Lapis looked up, shocked at the words that were destined to be spoken.

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"Feeling alright there, Peridot?"

"Yeah, I'm fine, I just... I took your advice, Amethyst."

"Oh, shit! What's the news, P-dot? How did it go?"

Amethyst and Peridot had been friends for a few months now, and it was amazing how far they'd come. At the beginning, Peridot had been... less than kind to Amethyst, but they'd improved to the point where they would tell each other anything, and do anything for one another.

So Amethyst had been the first person to learn that Peridot was gay.

She had been told it was alright, and that she'll be okay, and Peridot was panicking over how her mother would react, but Amethyst told her to just tell her whenever she thought she'd be safe enough. Whether that involved an elaborate plan, a normal conversation, or never at all, was perfectly fine.

Peridot had come out today.

"It could've been worse, I suppose."

Oh boy. "What happened, Peri?"

"She said it wasn't possible, and acted like I wasn't being serious. She still thinks I'm straight because she refused to listen."


"What... does that even mean?"


"What does she mean, 'it's not possible'? Anyone can be gay!"

"My soulmate's name is masculine."



"I didn't know that could happen. Maybe you're just, like... platonic soulmates?"

"Does that even happen?"

"I guess?"

"Well, I guess if Micheal wants a romantic relationship, then I've got some bad-"

"Hold up," Amethyst interrupted, suddenly surprised, "What did you say the name was?"

"Micheal DeMayo?"

Amethyst knew that name. She knew that name very well.

"...Hey, Peridot?"


"...What's your full name?"

Peridot seemed confused. "Olivia Peridot Diamante."

"You go by your middle name!? I think?! You kinda said it funny there..."

"You've been pronouncing it wrong. It's supposed to be Peri-doh, since it's french, but I didn't want to correct you back when our relationship was a mess, so I just got used to it. Peri-dot sounds less pretentious anyways."



"...Hey, Peridot?"

"Yeah? Again?"

"I'm transgender." Amethyst showed off the side of her arm, where 'Olivia Diamante' was written.

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'I love you,' she said to her. It was the middle of the day, and they were nowhere near eachother, but she had seen a little necklace in a store window with a ruby embedded in it, and it reminded her of her beloved soulmate.

'I love you too,' she responded, needing no context, nothing else to say, because she knew how much she cared, and thought about her every day.

'I love you,' she told her, later in the day, because she saw a beautiful blue flower, and she thought of her wife's eye, so brilliant and sparkling, so full of life.

'I love you too,' she returned with a smile, for she knew that whatever had brought this on must have been as lovely as she thought her wife was.

Later in the day, they came home to eachother, excited and full of love, for all the little things around them that were beautiful reminded them of the other, the most beautiful thing of all.

"I love you," Sapphire said to her.

"I love you too," Ruby responded.

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"It's not fair. How can they be happy at a time like this?!"

Sure, they might've been a little worried - if she could feel their emotions, they could feel hers, and Lapis's current mental state wasn't great. But to feel such joy, while Lapis suffered at the betrayal of her closest friend? The person she'd been with for years now? The person who they'd decided, if they never found their soulmates, would just date each other?

Lapis stopped to think. Changed her angle.

The person who'd been stressing her out constantly. The person who she argued with daily, and considered it bonding. The person who made her feel like she had no control over her life... so she took control of hers instead. The person who made her feel like she was drowning. And she made Jasper feel like she was drowning, too.

Lapis supposed there was a reason soulmates existed. It was hard to find someone perfect for you on your own.

"Who?" Steven asked her. Right. She wasn't alone.

"My soulmate. I don't know what their deal is. Why aren't they upset, too?!"

Steven frowned. "Isn't it a good thing for them to be happy?"

"I-!" Lapis started, then stopped. He had a point. "I... guess so. I just wish they knew what I was going through. I wish they'd be here to support me."

"Well, one day, they will be! And then you can be happy together!"

Lapis finally smiled. She hoped her soulmate noticed the improvement and didn't worry about her anymore.

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'Come meet me at The Big Donut in Beach City, Delmarva at 10:00 AM on Saturday.'

Every time Peridot read the message, she grew nervous, and excited, and lovestruck all over again. It blew her mind completely. She felt so overwhelmed with emotion, and also... extremely impressed at her soulmate's problem solving skills. Why had nobody thought of doing this before?! It was genius! Well, she supposed a kidnapper could've written that on anyone's arm and tried to grab their soulmate... but what were the odds of that! She would be meeting her soulmate today, and nothing would stop her!

Except traffic. It turns out there's lots of traffic on the way from Empire City to Beach City.

But nonetheless, she will meet her soulmate!

Even if she's fifteen minutes late in the process!


Amethyst walked down the beach and showed up at The Big Donut at 10:01 AM. She probably could've made it early, considering that it wasn't even a five-minute walk away, but she slept in a bit. She hoped her soulmate wasn't too picky about tardiness.

Upon walking through the door, she found a tall, blue-haired chick inside, getting some donuts and on her way out.

"Oh! Are you... here to meet me?"

Amethyst smiled wide. "You bet! You're Lapis, right?"

"Yeah! What's your name, since you never wrote it down?"

"I'm Amethyst. Yeah, I never really realized I could do that... heh..."

"Honestly, why doesn't everyone do that? It seems simple enough. You could meet your soulmate when you're seven years old if you wanted to!"

"I dunno, it might seem kinda desperate. You wanna keep talking outside?"

"Yeah, sure!"


Lapis had been talking to Amethyst for over ten minutes, and while she was absolutely delighted to find her soulmate, some things... didn't quite add up. It was weird. She was certain that Amethyst was her soulmate - they'd drawn things on their bodies and watched it appear on the other person's skin with childlike glee - but she still felt... incomplete.

There was also just one thing that threw everything off kilter.

"So you're into alien stuff, right?" Asked Amethyst with a laugh.

"What? No, I was about to ask you about your secret nerdy side. What do you mean?"

"Really? I noticed that you usually draw on your hands, so I guessed you were the one drawing the little UFOs and alien heads. Do you have some nerdy friend drawing things on you in your sleep?"

"No... Do you?"


A light blue truck pulled into a nearby parking lot. Neither paid it any mind.

"That's... really weird... are you sure-"

"Yeah, of course I'm sure! I think I'd notice someone drawing things on my hands!"

Someone ran out of her truck towards The Big Donut. She kept looking at her arm, even though she wasn't wearing a watch. She was definitely in a hurry. Kinda cute, too.

"Okay okay, sorry. I just... don't know how this is possible. How did they show up if neither of us drew them?"

The girl burst through the doors, shouting "Sorry I'm late!" into the building that was completely empty except for the employees.

"I dunno... can you have more than one soulmate?"

They contemplated this for a minute or two... until Lapis noticed something.

"Hey- woah- Your arm!"

Amethyst looked up, gasped, and said in shock, "Yours too!"

A message was being written in pen.


They looked up at each other, stunned. Then they looked over at The Big Donut, where a disappointed girl walked out through the doors, looking at her arm in worry and chewing on a pen. 

Peridot received some great news that day. She'd gone out looking for her soulmate, and ended up with two of them.

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"You know, just because that timer's gonna go off the second you meet your soulmate no matter what, doesn't mean you should spend the last five minutes pacing."

Peridot turned and glared at Amethyst. "But what if-"

"That's not how this works, Peri! There's no 'what if', this is when you're gonna meet them. Period. End of story."

She continued to glare, then glanced at her wrist. "It's also two minutes and thirty-eight seconds, not five minutes. And I was going to say, 'what if they don't like me'? Just for your information."

"They're your soulmate. They have to like you."


"No buts! Peri, I promise you, whoever it is? They're gonna see a sweet, charming girl who works her ass off every day to be better than she used to be. You've got this."

She smiled bashfully and laughed a little. "Are you sure that you're not my soulmate?"

"Nah, just trying to hype you up. As I said; you've got this. Anyways, there are better things to do than pace, since it's, ya know, your party. I recommend you look like you're doing something when they walk in."

Peridot smiled and walked off towards the crowd. She didn't check her timer.


There was her old friend Jasper opening the door, arriving a little late. She waved up at her.


"I've brought a plus one. That okay with you, Peridot?"


"Yeah, sure. Who is it?"


"I don't think you've met her before. Hey, Lapis, have you met Peridot before?"


"No. It's nice to meet you, though."

Beep-beep! Beep-beep! Beep-beep!


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The sun was shining, the air was fresh, and Amethyst and Peridot were hanging out in the great outdoors, camping with their friends. Currently, they were the only two at the tent, waiting for their friends to get back.

Peridot was laying there, with her back facing Amethyst, checking her phone. If anyone asked later, Amethyst would insist that she definitely wasn't admiring Peridot. And absolutely not noticing how pretty the sunlight looked against the freckles on her shoulders. Peridot was in the middle of grabbing her hairbrush, stretching over and displacing her tank top to reveal something stained black against her skin.

"Hey, what's that?"

Peridot looked over, hiding it again.


"Hang on, Peri, you have something on your shoulder..."

"Oh, what is it?"

 Amethyst pulled the strap back, and found that what she was looking at seemed to be carefully drawn flower petals. They struck her as familiar, and she realized what she was looking at.

"Oh, wait... I thought it was a bug, or something, but-"

"Oh wait! That's where my soul ink is."

"Yeah, your tattoo. What is it, actually?"

"Oh, it's difficult for me to see without a mirror, but I believe it's a sunflower."


No way. She had to check something quickly.

"Amethyst? What are you- doing?! Put your shirt back on!"

"Hang on, I've gotta show you something-"

"Can you do it with your- shirt... on..."

Amethyst pointed out the sunflower, a careful creation made by fate, painted on her chest.

"Nope. What do ya think?"

Peridot could only stare in wonder.

"It's... identical."

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"Do you three know why you're here?" asked the officer.

Peridot was lined up against a wall, labeling her height. Beside her were two other girls. One was short, with long lavender hair, dressed fairly casually in shorts and a tank top. She seemed annoyed and confused. The other was taller than her, with an undercut and dyed blue hair, dressed in a skirt and a crop top that showed her midriff. She didn't even have any shoes on. She seemed ready to kill a man with the glare she was sporting, clearly unhappy that she was there.

Peridot, personally, was on the verge of a panic attack. Sweating bullets and practically ghost white, she probably didn't look very innocent.

Except that she hadn't done anything.

Why was she a suspect, even?!

"Nope," said the lavender-haired girl, "I'd love to know, though."

"You are here because your fingerprints have been found at a crime scene."

She looked even more annoyed. "I don't even know where the crime scene is! What do you mean, you found my fingerprints?!"

"We checked your prints on the way in, if you recall. All three of you have identical fingerprints. It's up to us to figure out which one of you was at the scene."

Three sets of eyes widened and looked at each other in a new light.

"...all of us are the same?" The blue haired one questioned, asking for clarification.


"Can you even have two soulmates?"


Ignoring the cop, the three burst into conversation with one another.

"Oh my god, I didn't think I'd ever-"

"Oh dear god there's two-"

"I found my soulmates by getting questioned in a police station-!?"

"Holy- why did we have to meet in a police station-"

"Girls, please, calm down-!"

"Wait! ...One of us is a criminal." Peridot spoke over her soulmates and the policeman.

There was a pause between them. They looked at each other in an even newer light.

And then the talking began again.


"Well, it wasn't me! I was up all night studying, and-!"

"It couldn't have been me, I went to bed early, I have roommates who can vouch for me-"

"-I'd never do that! What would I have to gain from stealing, I'm doing just fine-"

"-you can find what I've saved late at night on my computer with the date and time - wait what?"


"How'd you know there was stealing involved?" Peridot asked the blue-haired girl.

A long silence ensued.

The policeman was nice enough to let Amethyst and Peridot get Lapis's phone number before she was jailed for the night. They bailed her out the next day.

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Steven was stunned when he saw her.

She seemed just as surprised, if not more, to see him.



The first time he saw her, he was ecstatic.

He could tell he was dreaming - the first lucid dream he'd ever had - and he was amazed at the slightly fuzzy-and-blurry girl standing in front of him. The most obscured part about her was her face, but he could still tell she was wearing glasses.

Steven began running towards her, pure excitement fueling his motions, and he began to introduce himself as he nearly slammed right into her.

"Hi! My name is-"

Steven awoke with a start.


The second time she saw him, they were very close together.

They were trapped together, in a pink glass orb, staring out at the ocean around them, surrounding them completely. There were so many different kinds of fish, and bright, glowing seaweed that little worms were eating.

She looked at him, and Connie could tell that they were both amazed with each other, completely enamored. She could tell he was grinning despite his face looking like she was trying to see him without her glasses.

"Uh, hey. I'm-"

Connie blinked awake suddenly.


For every night after that, they both seemed to understand that introductions would just have to wait until they met in person. They weren't sure how this was supposed to work, but fate or destiny seemed unhappy with them trying to give away their names.

So they played together in a world of their creation, filling their dreams with incredible, impossible feats. He seemed to have a more active imagination than her, creating magical adventures that she would love to go on with him.

Riding atop a pink lion, running across the ocean through a portal in time.

Turning her mundane tennis skills into amazing sword-fighting techniques, allowing her to fight as his knight - and then as his battle-partner, equals, working side-by-side.

She complained of her vision. He dreamed that he could heal her eyes.

They danced together, and despite it being together, she felt as comfortable as she was alone, soothing her anxious mind.

She wished she had half of his imagination, sometimes. He would tell her that she was so smart, and that he wouldn't change a thing about her. It always made her blush. He was incredible, but he also made sure she didn't feel like she was nothing.


They stared at eachother.

"...Hi! My name... is Steven!"

She blinked. Adjusted her glasses.

"...Connie. Nice to meet you."


Chapter Text

When Lapis Lazuli received her journal at a very young age, her parents took it away. They talked about how she was 'far too young to think about her soulmate,' and 'needed to focus on school and growing up,' and that they'd give it back to her when she was an adult. She didn't think it was fair at all, but that was just because it was a special thing she'd just gotten, and she was little and really, really wanted anything that her parents wouldn't let her have. That's what she told herself.

She did understand, however, that it was unfair, and cruel, and a horrific breach of privacy, that her parents were able to read what her soulmate wrote when Lapis herself wasn't allowed. And they would read it regularly. She'd voiced her displeasure, but it didn't change anything.

At sixteen, Lapis ran away from home, due to many unfortunate circumstances. At seventeen, she tried again, due to being caught the first time. Her parents had completely locked her away by then, keeping her from going outside, leaving her room for several hours, homeschooling her so she had absolutely no room to leave. They'd redecorated so that her room became the bedroom with the bathroom attached to it, giving her even less of a reason to leave.

She broke the bathroom mirror, and the mirror on her wardrobe, and the hand mirror, and the mirror that stood up by itself. They kept replacing them and scolding her and disciplining her violently, but she didn't care. She didn't want to even look at herself. It made her feel sick.

At eighteen years old, she ran away. Successfully.

She felt so free, no longer contained, safe from the hell she'd left. She'd found someone who'd take her in, and let her stay in her home, who told her she was strong.

Her name was Jasper.

Lapis had to run away from her, too, after a few months.

She found real friends, then. True friends, who really cared. They helped with her self image, and her mood, and her personality. They helped, so, so much. She felt free again.

But she was still missing something. Something important.

At twenty years old, she went back to her old house for her belongings.

She'd brought her friends to protect her, and the police ready to be called at any moment should things go wrong. Her parents shouted at her the whole time, but she received everything that was hers. It wasn't much, really, but it mattered to her. Her clothes... her art...

...her journal.

Lapis had forgotten about her journal.

And despite her parents shouting that her soulmate didn't care about her, that they were glad she'd never written, Lapis read the journal back at her true home.

The first page was written by a seven year old.

'Dear new diary,

My mom got me a new journal today!!!!! Its so pretty and blue!!!!!! I like green better but this is good. my Mom said to put all my thouts here and that i mite get a suprise!!! so im going to rite in this all the time and hope the suprise comes soon!!!

Love, Peridot'

Lapis giggled at the spelling mistakes and kept on reading.

Every page, she could see Peridot learning and growing, and it made her so happy to see. One page talked about how she was the smartest in her class because she knew that 'a lot' was spelled 'a lot' and not 'alot'. Another detailed how she figured out that she was a witch and could cast incredible spells - a phase that every young girl seems to go through. Another talked about a ghost-related show she'd gotten into, and all the cool tech they used to find ghosts, despite her mother saying she shouldn't watch them since ghosts weren't real - Peridot stated that she knew that, she just wanted the cool audio recorders and spirit boxes. One more talked about a new video game she'd gotten into about evolution. Another mentioned that she wanted to learn how to code things so that she could modify another game she'd gotten into.

One page made Lapis stop for a moment, her heart aching.

'Diary Date, 8/26/2011

Mom told me something about my journal I didn't know before. This thing is supposed to help me find my soulmate! I don't know a lot about soulmate stuff (romance is gross!) but Mom said that my soulmate can write in a journal just like this one and I can read it from here! She said we should've gotten them at the same time, but then wouldn't he have written something by now?


Lapis skipped a few pages.

'Diary Date, 9/23/2011

My soulmate still hasn't written anything. Whatever! I've decided that I don't care about romance or soulmates or whatever. I don't have one, I guess. Which is fine, since I don't want a boyfriend, I want to finish my classes with good grades!


It struck her as a little rebellious, and that made her laugh softly, despite everything. Her soulmate would care about her now, right?


'Log Date, 5/4/2017

I learned a new word today. Well, technically I'd heard it before, but the meaning was different scientifically. I was doing research on things I don't particularly care about for school, and stumbled on the word 'asexual'. Apparently it's used in the queer community for someone who isn't attracted to anyone. Now don't get me wrong, I'm definitely straight! Just thinking about kissing or doing who knows what else to another girl is making me feel sick, but then again, that's about how I feel about dating boys, too. Maybe it's just because they're all gross; at least girls will put on makeup and care about their appearance. But I'll look into it a little more later. Just out of curiosity.

It might just explain my lack of a soulmate, too.


Lapis wondered briefly if that was even possible. Do asexual people have soulmates? She nearly brought up her phone and searched it right then and there, but decided to just keep reading.

'Log Date, 5/7/2017

Apparently Tumblr is a very gay website.

It turns out that there are a lot more labels than I ever could have possibly imagined, so my brief research decision has spanned days now. I think I've found something that might work? Demisexual is a term that means you only find attraction in people you're already close with. For a moment I wondered about whether that was just normal, but them I realized that just about anyone can point out the attractiveness of a supermodel or a celebrity, but I just... don't care the way they do. However, I am able to see the attractiveness of the girls at school, people who I've done group projects with or hung out with on occasion. So I've determined my alignment.

Just one problem.

Due to the usage of this term in the queer community, my lack of interest in any men, but my appreciation for women...I've figured out that I'm not straight.

That does not bode well.


Lapis gave a small cheer, despite her concern for Peridot's wellbeing, and kept on reading.

Over the next few pages, Peridot seemed to be working through internal issues about how she viewed gay people (she learned that it was mostly in part of her mother's influence on her. Poor Peridot.), and found a few more friends who could teach her about this kind of thing, who officially became her closest friends, keeping this secret while helping her through her struggles. She seemed happy about this new development, for the most part, excited about this self-discovery.

And then disaster struck.

'Log Date, 8/26/2017

I'm writing this from my friend's house, because I've been kicked out. More info later.


Lapis paled and sucked in a breath.

'Log Date, 8/27/2017

As it turns out, my mother is a bitch! She's been regularly invading my personal space and privacy by stealing my soul-journal and reading it!

Personally, I'm pissed!

Of course, the problem here is my mother's disapproval of The Gays, and her just happily reading my adventures in self discovery without me knowing at all. So I've been kicked out on my eighteenth birthday. I thought she cared about me!

Whatever. I can survive on my own. I've got supportive friends, and Steven is kind enough to let me stay at his house until I can find my own place.



Lapis blinked, and read it again.

And again.

And again.

She remembered Steven mentioning to her that she wasn't the first person he and his friends saved. That they'd let someone stay at Steven's house until they could leave.

The world can be small, sometimes.

Lapis sprung into action, telling Steven to call Peridot, despite his confusion, and requesting a pen immediately (also to his confusion).

With a pen in hand, and the first available blank page in front of her, Lapis wrote.


She stopped and thought for a few minutes, filled with adrenaline. She considered how long Peridot had to have gone thinking she had no soulmate.

'My name is Lapis Lazuli Paz.

I'm sorry.'



Chapter Text

"Lapis!" Steven called to her from a distance.

Lapis looked away from her canvas to see Steven running towards her excitedly, a friend of his in tow, waving his arms in the air and shouting her name as he approached. He slammed into her with a hug as she laughed at his antics. "Hello, Steven!"

"Hi Lapis! Whatcha drawing?"

"Just the forest, see?"

"Oh, cool!" Steven said, then took a closer look at her canvas. "The leaves are such a bright green! I like it!"

"Oh, are they? I uh... can't tell. They're supposed to be... not very saturated. Is it that bad?"

She knew what the colors were supposed  to be. Grass is green. Leaves are green. Most things are green.

But to Lapis, the grass was grey.

The bark on the trees were brown, but the leaves? Grey.

Some bugs, like preying mantis and monarch caterpillars? Grey.

Christmas lights? Red and grey.

There were tons and tons of green things that Lapis probably didn't even know were green, simply because it wasn't often mentioned. Occasionally, someone would see her artwork and ask why she chose to make some odd thing green, and Lapis would slam her head into her desk because she wasn't paying attention and picked up her green paint instead of her grey paint.

"Oh... uh, It's fine! Perfectly normal to have leaves that bright! Uh, so, I brought a friend! This is Peridot!" Steven stammered and changed the subject.

Lapis looked over at Steven's friend Peridot. She was short, and wearing a lot of grey, with spiky blonde hair and... wow, very bright eyes. What color was that? Lapis wasn't even sure how to describe it.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, La- what the hell...?" Peridot started and then stopped, surprised by something she was seeing behind Lapis.

Lapis would've checked to see what she was looking at so intently if she hadn't been so shocked herself.

The grey turned bright.

She wasn't sure when exactly it happened. One moment, the grass was grey, the leaves were grey, Peridot's outfit was grey...

...and then everything snapped into focus and changed.

The color reminded her of Peridot's eyes.


Peridot was rubbing her eyes now, extremely confused. "Uh, I'm sorry, I got distracted, uh, your hair, I thought it was black but uh, I guess it's not, and then the sky changed... Sorry. It's uh, nice to meet you, Lapis."

The sky was blue.

Her hair was blue.

Her outfit was blue.

Her eyes... were blue.

Chapter Text

It had started out as a completely normal day.

As the day continued, however, she noticed that during her art lessons she was getting little scratches on her face. She wasn't the one itching her face or anything, she would just be minding her own business, ignoring whatever the teacher was saying, and then she'd feel something sharp against her cheek. She just left it alone, for the most part.

Suddenly she was met with the sensation of slamming her head against something, hard.

Lapis was no stranger to soul-pains. Especially since her soulmate seemed really clumsy. Hit-head-on-something-pains were common.

But they weren't like this. Lapis literally shouted and planted her head in her arms to try and make the pain lessen.

"Lapis Lazuli? Are you feeling alright?"

She sat up slowly, head still pounding, to look at her teacher, who was staring at her with serious concern.

"Yeah... yeah I'm fine. My soulmate must've hit their head on something, I'll be f-"

Lapis was suddenly overwhelmed with the worst pain of her entire life, searing through her arms and legs, filling her with excruciating agony. She blacked out.


She woke up in a hospital bed, her right arm and left leg in casts.

"She's very lucky that soul-pains don't transfer the entire injury, or else this might've been a lot more serious," a doctor told her parents.

While this was meant to be comforting, all Lapis felt was a deep, unsettling dread.

If this was only part of the real injury... then what was her soulmate going through?


In a few years, Lapis was in college.

She still remembered that particular incident in high school. People had showed extreme concern - or made fun of her - for months. Lapis hated the attention. She hadn't meant to cause a scene.

She remembered this memory now, however, due to her current living situation.

Despite not really wanting a roommate, she was going to have one. What she'd been told was that her new roommate was disabled, and might need assistance with some basic things. Nobody else had any space to accommodate them, except for Lapis.

So she begrudgingly accepted.

She had not expected this, though.

"Hi, I'm Peridot! You're Lapis Lazuli Paz, right? I'll be your new roommate!"


"Uh... are you okay?"


"...It's the prosthetics, isn't it? Sorry, the ones that look like actual limbs are really, really expensive. You know how it is, right?"

Her roommate was missing her right arm and left leg. She had crutches tucked under her bad arm, not using them, as they were likely for emergencies. Lapis's friend Steven came in pushing a wheelchair that was also likely for emergencies. Her good arm was extended outwards in greeting, waiting for a handshake that probably wasn't coming. 

"Oh, uh, right, sorry for staring. Yeah, I'm Lapis, it's nice to meet you. Um... when did that happen?"

"Several years ago. Don't worry, I'm used to it."

" did this happen, if you don't mind me asking?"

"Shark attack. Or bear attack, take your pick, whichever you think is scarier."

"Ha ha, very funny, but I know that can't be it."

"Yeah I know. I fell off a cliff. It hurt!"

"Ouch. How'd you manage to fall off a cliff during school time?"

"Oh, it was on a field trip! We were learning about geology so we were taking a trip to a ravine. Honestly, there should've been more guard rails, especially since there would be dumb teenagers- uh... wait a minute... did I even tell you it was during school hours?"




Chapter Text

Peridot was currently trying so hard not to make any noise.

She was at work. There were people trying to code complex things around her. She was trying to code something complex, for god's sake.

But she couldn't.



At this rate her own mother was going to fire her.

It took every ounce of her willpower to not hum or whistle or tap out a beat with her fingers. She'd never heard the song that was currently stuck in her head, but right now, it was so unbelievably catchy that it hurt to not make any sound.

When work was finally over, she was humming on her way out the door before being stopped by her mother's secretary.

"We need you to work overtime."

She couldn't argue. There was no way she'd keep her job if she argued with her boss, who would undoubtedly pull the family card and force Peridot to do whatever was needed.

Resisting the urge to sing was giving her a serious headache. But Peridot still worked for another two hours.

She wondered why her soulmate did so much singing every day.


"So... what do you think?"

Lapis's friends were stunned. Steven had stars in his eyes as she shouted excitedly, "That was amazing!"

She smiled shyly, surprised at his answer. "You really think so?"

"Yeah! How long have you been practicing?"

"Like a month and a half. I'm glad it's been paying off..."

"It totally has! You're going to ace this audition, I just know it!"

Lapis just laughed.


'Oh my god, I'm screwed,' Was Lapis's first thought on audition day. 'There's no way I can do this,' was her second.

She was coming up soon.

She might've been panicking a little bit.

Suddenly, a rare sensation filled her. It wasn't something she often experienced, but she definitely knew it existed.

She had a strong urge to sing.

Somewhere in the world, someone destined to love her was singing.

It made her smile, alleviating some of her nerves. She felt just a little bit better.

She hummed along to a song she wasn't sure she'd heard before.


If anyone asked, Peridot wasn't drunk.

She just absolutely wasn't. Not even a little. If anyone asked, she definitely wasn't drinking because her mother pulled the 'I'll disown and fire you' card and Peridot didn't take the bait for once, and definitely did not just insult her mother with genuine rage and leave her job and family forever, and was definitely not drinking at noon, and she was definitely not a lightweight.

Definitely not. She was in perfect control of her life.

And that was why she was dancing - definitely not stumbling at any point, because she was definitely not drunk - and singing one of her favorite songs on her playlist at the top of her lungs. Peridot didn't sing very often. Usually if a sing she really liked came on the radio, she would whistle along. And so, Peridot was not a very good singer. But damn if she wasn't having any fun shrieking out of tune lyrics like a drunk lunatic. Because she definitely wasn't one of those.

She hoped her soulmate was in a situation that didn't call for singing, and was just as annoyed as Peridot was on a regular basis.


Lapis got the part.

She sung a song in victory when she found out, hoping her soulmate would feel her joy in song. That wasn't how it worked, but Lapis didn't care.

Meanwhile, Peridot whistled a victorious tune while getting ready to move to Delmarva.

Chapter Text

On her left wrist, the name Jasper Brooks was written.

On her right wrist, the name Peridot Rabara was written.

Lapis Lazuli Paz had her name written on those people's wrists, too.

One, her sworn enemy.

The other, her true soulmate.

...Now if only she could tell which was which.

Usually, she didn't think about this so much. Except that today, in gym class, she learned that there was a girl named Jasper in her school. In the same class, even.

And so the turmoil began.

She was weighing out the odds and choices when Jasper approached her. She was very, very attractive. Point one for team soulmate. She was also extremely fit; Lapis wasn't sure if she should give any points for that in either direction. It added to her attractiveness, but more muscles meant it was easier to beat you up. 

Jasper was pretty forward. Told her she was attractive, too. Asked for her name - and she seemed completely stunned, with a dumb grin on her face as she showed of the name Lapis Lazuli Paz on her left wrist. Jasper seemed to have made her decision quickly. Maybe Lapis should be more relaxed about it, too.

They dated. It... wasn't actually all that bad.

Jasper was wild, very out-of-control and enthusiastic, but it only got on Lapis's nerves a little bit. Mostly, it was endearing. Jasper read the name on Lapis's other wrist, and promised that if she ever met 'Peridot', she'd beat her up. Lapis didn't recommend it, but still laughed at her girlfriend's antics. They went on dates at Funland, on all the crazy rollercoasters and other such fast rides that reminded Lapis of Jasper. They made out in secret.

Despite everything, however, Lapis wondered how often soulmates were supposed to fight.

Sure, they were meant to be perfect for each other, but surely they had to fight sometimes, right? Nobody was actually perfect. Not even Jasper.

It made for a good excuse. When they got into arguments, it got... bad.

Lapis decided it was normal.


...In the middle of the school year, a new student showed up.

Her name was Peridot.

And just from looking at her and hearing her speak, Lapis hated  her. The way she talked, about herself or her schoolwork of her work work, because of course she was a professional programmer in high school, made Lapis seethe with rage, irrationally angry at Peridot's confidence. She held herself like she was high and mighty. She acted like she didn't care about anyone except herself, and practically threw tantrums when she didn't get her way. It made Lapis cringe, and she just.. hated everything about her.

Jasper offered to beat her up again. Lapis said no, that it wouldn't be worth it anyways. They got into a fight about it, but Lapis had grown numb to those a while ago.

A week later, Peridot showed up to school anxious and terrified, cautious of everything around her. She had a few bruises, and a black eye, all of which she was trying to hide.

Lapis got into the worst fight with Jasper that she'd ever had.

There was screaming about how out of control Jasper was, what a control freak that Lapis was, how Jasper hadn't even done anything to earn Lapis's rage.

They broke up. It broke the both of them.

They'd been enemies.


...Peridot was Lapis's enemy, too.

Lapis had no one.

And she was fine with that. She'd be fine with two sworn enemies. So what. She didn't need a soulmate. She'd just go through her life, numb and robotic, and ignore everything and everyone around her. Careless.

Peridot continued with her life. She was very anxious all the time, now. Steven, one of Lapis's friends who insisted on befriending everyone around him, began talking to her. He befriended her, because of course he did. She began to go back to her old self, slowly, gradually, but with some small changes. She was more concerned about how people felt. More empathetic in general, really. She kept the anxiety, but, now that Lapis thought about it... she'd always seemed a little nervous. A little defensive. She wondered why... but told herself she didn't care. She didn't need to worry about Peridot.

Steven told her something, one day. He said that Lapis Lazuli Paz was written on her right wrist - Lapis knew that.

But Steven told her that on her left wrist, the name Yvette Rabara-Diamante was written on the other wrist.

That made Lapis feel confused and concerned.

She'd asked why she had the same last name of the person who must've been her soulmate.


...And Steven said that it was her mother's name.

Jasper had dropped out of school, but Peridot still showed up with bruises, sometimes.

One day, Steven formally introduced the two of them. Peridot was happy to meet her. Lapis wasn't.

It took a lot of effort on Peridot's end for Lapis to care.

And eventually, Lapis would feel guilty for not caring sooner.

Peridot was cute. And energetic. And sweet. Peridot put so much effort into everything she did, working hard to get perfect grades in school, working for her mother's company on top of that, and also showing so much care for her friends and joy in her creativity that she was pulling all-nighters to make little art pieces and gifts.

Peridot helped Lapis care about things. She introduced her to her favorite TV show. She showed her how she could sculpt and put meaning into things that would otherwise be garbage. She tutored her in the many classes she was failing in. The few times Peridot annoyed her, or stepped over a line, she would back off. Unlike Jasper.

Lapis asked her about Jasper one day, even though Peridot knew that Lapis didn't like talking about it. She said that Jasper had threatened her with violence if she approached Lapis on her own. When she got home and told her mother about the threat, she punished Peridot for making enemies.

Lapis asked Peridot if she was safe.

She couldn't give her a solid answer.

...The answer came in the form of her being kicked out of her house.

So they became roommates.

On a completely ordinary day, Peridot was ranting on and on about her favorite show. Lapis thought it was so adorable. So endearing.

When Peridot stopped to ask Lapis what she thought, Lapis gave her a kiss. It was sudden, but sweet. She could feel Peridot buzzing with happy energy. Lapis had found her soulmate, and she couldn't be happier.

Chapter Text

Peridot stared up at Lapis, a hand on her cheek to soothe the pain.

Lapis stared down at Peridot, going from blinding rage to total shock and confusion faster than her brain could handle.

Lapis's palm was dyed rainbow, and the handprint on Peridot's face matched.

Neither said anything.

...Everyone in school had always wondered when they'd finally come to blows. They argued and fought so often that everyone always wondered how they hadn't managed to kill each other yet. And now, staring at each other after a hard smack to the face, they found themselves utterly lost.

"...Well! I, uh... hm... I always thought that it might come to this! Hitting fellow students can get you expelled, Lazuli!" Peridot jeered, but her heart wasn't in it.

They just stopped and continued staring. The rainbow markings began to fade.

Lapis gently rose a hand. Peridot flinched a bit, especially as Lapis approached her face, but all she did was touch the tip of Peridot's nose. Both the fingertip and the nose burst into colors.

"...Aren't soulmates supposed to like each other?" Lapis asked, softly and confused.

"I don't think they like each other automatically. They just fit together... I'm not sure they always fit together immediately, though. It might take time... or something? Maybe- maybe we just met at the wrong time."

"Too early... or too late?"

Peridot didn't have a response for that.

They parted ways.


There was a knock at Lapis's door.

She considered not answering. Why bother? She could just keep sitting here, doing nothing. Nothing was a pretty great thing to do, because it required zero effort.

The rain sounded pleasant. Lightning flashed, and thunder boomed.

Lapis sat up.

A thunderstorm?

Who was at her door in the middle of a storm?

Lapis got up, and answered the door.

She found a familiar face. It had been years, but she still remembered.

Peridot, drenched in rain water, soaked to the bone and not happy about it. Shaking like a leaf, ready to jump up and run away at the first sign of danger.

"H-h-h-h-h-hey, L-l-l-l-lazuli! C-c-can I come in?"

Lapis blinked. "I... guess?" And let her in.

At first, Peridot walked in slowly and sheepishly. When thunder sounded again, however, she bolted in like she was being chased, practically about to dive under Lapis's couch.

Lapis just stared at her confused and closed the door. "Okay then. Why are you in my house, Peridot?"

"You let me in." she snarked.

"Ha ha, very funny. Why are you here?"

Peridot was very quiet.

"I... got kicked out."


"So... why my house? You're friends with Steven, right? Why can't you just stay with him?"

"Well, Steven said I should come here."


All she did was touch Lapis's nose. Her fingerprint became all the colors at once.

Lapis stayed quiet. She just sat down next to Peridot. When lightning flashed, Peridot practically jumped into Lapis's lap. She was startled, but didn't force her to get off immediately. Peridot did that herself in embarrassment.


"It's fine, I guess."

There was a moment of silence between them.

"It's not too late," Peridot said.

Lapis looked at her.

They talked.

Chapter Text

Peridot needed a new job.

Normally, this wouldn't be a problem; Peridot had done extremely well in school, and had a lot of important experience at her mother's company that she'd been fired from. Technically, there shouldn't be any problems with getting a job for herself.

Except one.

The interviewer finally asked the question that she always dreaded;

"So, how old are you again?"

"Thirty six."

He looked up from Peridot's resume with a raised eyebrow.

Peridot was short. Maybe a little pimply. She had no wrinkles, and all these things made her look like a teenager.


Peridot knew she'd lost this one, but defended herself anyway. "I haven't met the right person yet."

"Of course." The interviewer said, and Peridot knew he either didn't believe her, or thought she was one of those Immortalists - people who secluded themselves so they wouldn't meet their soulmate in an attempt to become immortal. Really, the only problem with this concept is that things change. And those people... refused to accept that. Peridot hated the association. She was just unlucky, and introverted. Not her fault that she hadn't met the love of her life at eighteen years old.

Peridot left with nothing but the feeling that they weren't planning on hiring her. Peridot just sighed. Maybe she should start looking in retail. At least those people will hire someone who looks eighteen regardless of whether they are or not.

Peridot walked into a McDonalds. Not to apply, mind you - she just needed some cheap food.

Looking up at the person at the counter, she stopped and stared.

She had blue hair, and a dead stare. She looked fairly young, but looks were pretty deceiving. Other than that? She was completely ordinary. Seemed like what you'd expect from someone working at a McDonalds.

But there was something about her. Something undefinable.

It took Peridot a moment to realize she was staring back at her, a similar expression on her face.

They both recollected themselves - suddenly realizing that staring was rude and weird and why were they staring at eachother again? - and Lapis asked if she could help her.

So Peridot just tried to forget about it and ordered.

"Thank you, Lapis."

"You're welcome, Peridot."

She picked up her food, was about to leave -

"Wait. Did... did I ever tell you my name?"

Peridot did a double take at the realization, looking at Lapis.

Who wasn't wearing any kind of name tag.

Chapter Text

"I'm ba~ack!" Peridot singsonged as she walked through the door.

"Hey! How was your trip?" Her roommate, Lapis, asked her.

"It went really well! I had a lot of fun." Peridot said, beginning to go into more detail as she crunched on some chips. She set her backpack and her bag of chips down, then went to get the rest of her things.

Peridot and Lapis continued to make friendly conversation, chatting about the events of the trip, whilst Peridot unpacked.

Toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, snacks, chips... uh, chips...

Chips, chips, chips... "Where the hell are my chips?"


"My chips, did I bring them inside?"

"Uh, yeah, you were eating them on the way in."

"Where did I put them?"

Lapis opened her mouth, then closed it. "No idea."

They looked at eachother, and began their search.


Peridot was in mourning.


Nowhere in the whole house. Not in any trash cans-


- not in any drawers, or somewhere stupid like that,-


- not in any bags. Not in the pantry, not in any secret stashes-


"What?! Can't you just let me grieve?!"

"Amethyst found them."


"Amethyst found them. She made a post about how she got a half-empty bag of barbecue chips from god, and I texted her. She has your chips."

"...Lapis, Amethyst lives on the beach."


"We live in the countryside, Lapis."


"I walked through the door with them."

"All true."

"...How the hell did Amethyst get my barbecue chips?!"

"I dunno. Maybe she's your soulmate."

Lapis had said it as a joke.

As the words came out, though, she slowly seemed to realize the accuracy that may be in that statement.

She decided that she would be the one driving Peridot, as Peridot seemed to be in shock. Whoops.

It turns out that Amethyst, who tended to hoard things, had a specific collection of Things Her Soulmate Lost, Probably. The two of them were happy to go through it all together.

Chapter Text

Peridot stared.

That was... a lot to take in.

She kept in mind how much she had to crane her neck to see her stunned face. How bright her eyes were. Her hair. She always got caught on her hair, trying to focus on the person, but... her hair.

Peridot wasn't even sure she could describe what she was looking at.

The word did come to her, after a minute.

Color. Her hair was colorful.

The tall girl smiled, recovering from her surprise faster than Peridot could.

"Well, would you look at that..."

She brought down one huge hand for Peridot to shake.

"My name's Bismuth. Who're you, Tiny?"

That brought Peridot out of her state, just so she could defend herself. "I'm not small; you're just very big."

Bismuth laughed, loud and hearty. "I like you already!"

She was very surprised by how bold Bismuth was, but then again, she was also a slightly blunt person. Or a very blunt person. She'd been described as brutally honest on many occasions.

"You alright there, Tiny?"


"Okay. You alright there, Peridot?"

"I'm fine, I'm just surprised. There's a lot of things going on, like uh, your- there's the sky, it's very blue, I like it, uhm, your h- the grass! Very green... your hair."

Bismuth blinked. Put a hand on her own hair.

"Oh my god... I finally get to see what it looks like!"

Peridot squeaked slightly in alarm as Bismuth started tugging her along.

"Where are we going?!" Peridot shouted at her.

"Bathroom!" Bismuth shouted back happily.


"I finally get to see if my hair looks good in rainbow!"

Peridot processed these words slowly. Then began to laugh with her new soulmate as they journeyed to the nearest mirror. Of course. How could she see the intensity of her own hair without her soulmate?


Chapter Text

Peridot could see the end of it.

She'd been resting her eyes when she noticed that The String just... ended abruptly.

At first, she was extremely concerned, wondering why that could be, when she realized.

Of course. Her soulmate was at the other end of the String. It ended there because her soulmate was right there.

So, Peridot's immediate course of action was to get up, eyes still closed, and run towards the end of it.

She crashed through the area, stumbling and tripping on every little thing, desperately running towards her soulmate. She heard more that a few 'watch it!'s and 'excuse me?!'s, but that was okay, as long as she was able to reach them, and she was so close-

Peridot smacked face first into the window that her soulmate was behind. It really hurt.

She lay there on the ground, clutching her nose and trying not to pass out from the force of the hit. There were people crowding around her, asking her if she was okay or needed a hospital. The more rude ones laughed and-or asked what was wrong with her among those other questions. When she would close her eyes, she could see that the length of the String was changing. She probably frightened her soulmate, slamming against the window the way she did.

Peridot almost cried. What if they hated her now? Or thought she was an idiot? Her face was so red.

"Uh, hey, are you okay?"

It somehow stood out from everyone else asking the same question. She could see a girl - long lavender hair was the first thing she noticed or cared about. It didn't matter much to her, though.

She closed her eyes.

Oh, wait. The string ended right in front of her.

Peridot opened her eyes, looked up in shock. She couldn't really explain herself, so she just said the simplest explanation she could handle right now, hoping her soulmate would get the memo;

"Close your eyes."

The stranger blinked, and then closed her eyes for more than a second. Gasped in shock.

Peridot smiled and then promptly passed out.

Chapter Text

"-and if you ever need help with homework, you can pay the Heartbreaker over there to study for you."

Steven blinked up at Amethyst's cousin Jay, who was showing him around the new high school. "Heartbreaker?"

"I told you, Jay, she's not a 'heartbreaker', or a 'playa', or anything like that! It's clearly intentional!" Katie, another cousin, corrected.

Steven looked over at the class, trying to find whoever they might be referring to. "Who is she?"

Jay pointed. Steven looked, and found a girl with... a lot of different locks of hair. Oh.

Jay continued, while laughing, "Did you know that polyamorous people can have multiple soulmates? It's kinda great. Think of how hard it is to style her hair!"

One fluffy blue clump, one bleached lock, one long strand of silky lavender, and one rainbow dreadlock. The rest of her hair was a frizzy blonde, probably dyed based on her brown roots.

"...Huh. I did know that, but I didn't think about how their hair might look. What's her name?"

"That's Peridot. She's got As in every class, so if you need to up your grades, just give her a few bucks and she'll basically give you an answer sheet."

Something seemed... familiar, to Steven. So he decided to go talk to her.

"Hi!" he shouted.

"Gah! Oh. What do you need?" Peridot said, slightly startled by his sudden appearance.

"Oh, I'm Steven! I really like your hair!"

Bashfully, Peridot turned her head away, blushing. "Wow, thanks. Most people tell me it's a mess."

"I wanted to ask about some of them, actually..."

"Oh, do you want the full tour?" Peridot gestured towards the blue one and the bleached one, "Lapis and Jasper, respectively. They actually found eachother before they found me. When they noticed they had the same lock, they guessed that they had the same soulmate, and therefore were compatible with each other. Long story short, that is not how that works, don't try it. I love them both, but I try not to mention them to each other."

Steven smiled, "Oh! I know Lapis! We're friends!"

"Huh. Small world." Peridot held up the rainbow one. "I don't know who this is, but I'd want to meet them even if we weren't soulmates. Based on nothing but their hair, they must be fun to be around."

Steven blinked. "You know... I might actually know who that is, but I'd have to check," he said softly.

"And then we have silky over here. They must take great lengths to make sure their hair is taken care of, because it's so soft and long." Peridot said whilst holding up the lavender one.

"Wait! I definitely know who that is!"

"You do?!"

"Yeah! Her name is Amethyst, we just moved here- I'll have to introduce you!"

When Peridot heard that, she assumed later. When Steven said it, he meant now. So Peridot was dragged away from her classes to meet this mystery person with amazing hair, shouting at Steven to slow down all the while.


Chapter Text

"Uh, sorry. Umm... so... are you okay?"

Amethyst was a little off her game, but it was understandable.

"Sorry?! Sorry?!  Seriously?!" Pearl shrieked at her, "You just- I- and you- ugh!"

"Are you... upset?"

"No! Yes! I'm- overwhelmed, at the moment!"

Amethyst glanced around at the lightly-burned area of Pearl's house. Where Amethyst had booped her on the nose. It was also where Amethyst realized that she'd never actually touched Pearl's skin with her skin before.

"...I'll help you clean it up."

"In my house, Amethyst! You just had to do it in my house!"

Chapter Text


"Does... does this mean we aren't soulmates?"

"No no, we're definitely soulmates! It's just... hmm... like something's missing. Someone's missing."

Lapis and Amethyst stared down at their legs. Amethyst's were covered in purple flowers, Lapis' were covered in blue flowers. Neither of them had been injured. And the flowers kept on coming.

"That's... a whole lot of flowers... do you think they'll be okay?"

"...I don't know."


"Lapis! Lapis, c'mere!" Amethyst was shouting as she was running, dragging someone along behind her who seemed to be having a lot of trouble keeping up. Looking at them from a distance, it looked like there was something wrong with their legs, but it was difficult to pinpoint what it was.

"Lapis! Lapis! Get over here!"

"What?!" Lapis shouted back, not moving.

"I found her! I found the missing soulmate!"

"Wh- oh, shit-" Lapis suddenly understood Amethyst's hurry and rushed towards her, ready to meet her second partner that she'd missed.

As she got closer, she could see and hear her in better detail. Her voice was nasally as she shouted for Amethyst to slow down, desperately trying to keep up on-

Lapis nearly froze. There were no flowers on her legs, because she was the injured party.

She was desperately trying to keep up on prosthetic legs, tripping and stumbling the whole way, the glinting metal catching Lapis' eyes.

Now Lapis was running as fast as she could, shouting "Amethyst! Amethyst! Give the poor girl a break!"

Chapter Text

Lapis just couldn't believe this. How had this kind of thing never occurred to her once?

And yet, here Peridot was, desperately trying to-

"The pen- The pen- The color is- it's-"

Peridot was holding a blue pen. For the last half hour, she'd been trying to tell Amethyst the pen was red, as a prank. Trying to make her think she was colorblind as an inside joke, or something.

When Lapis had walked in and asked what she was doing, Peridot had told her the pen was blue immediately. Then seemed confused. And now-

"It's r- blue. The pen is r-blue."

Amethyst was laughing her ass off.

"Lapis, call your girlfriend and break it off. I think we found your soulmate!"

"It's r-r-r-blue! Oh for god's sake-"

Lapis finally laughed as the ridiculousness of the situation hit her. Peridot was not amused.

"It's blue- r- blue, dammit!"

Chapter Text

There were lots of way Lapis could've started this conversation. She could've shown concern and worry, and-or been terrified during the drive to the hospital.

But her soulmate was Amethyst. So instead, upon walking through the door to her room, she said, "Alright, dumbass, what'd you do this time?"

"In my defense, I won."

Amethyst was covered in bruises, had one black eye, and her wrist was broken.

"You look like shit," Lapis summarized.

"Thanks babe."

"Seriously, what did you do?"  She said, settling onto the bed so they were close enough to increase the speed of her healing.

"Wellllll, I heard about a few things from Peridot..."


"-about how you were feeling upset about something your ex did."

"She showed up when me and Steven were on a trip. She wouldn't leave me alone."

"Yeah, I don't know why you didn't tell me about that. Seems like something important to tell your soulmate."


"Anyways, I went to her house-"


"-called her outside-"


"-and beat her up."


"Yeah, babe?"

"Jasper is six-foot-five, and has been in boxing classes and martial arts since she was like seven. She's jacked. You're five-foot-three and have been in wrestling for a few months."

"Eh. Still taller than Peridot, though."

"Peridot is five-foot-four."

"What!?  No she isn't!"

"Yes she is. We recently checked our heights at Funland, remember?"

"...oh, yeah..."

"How does it feel being the shortest person around?"

"Steven's shorter than me!"

"Perhaps. But for how long?" Lapis said in an ominous voice.

There was a moment where they stopped to laugh.

"How's your wrist?" Lapis asked after a little while of calm conversation. Amethyst's eye was no longer as purple, and many of her bruises were gone altogether.

Amethyst wiggled her fingers. "Ouch."

"All better."

"It still hurts."

"All better. Let's go home, I hate hospitals."

"... You know what? Fair enough. Let's get out of here."


Chapter Text

Peridot thought The App was just a glorified version of Tinder.

She made this abundantly clear to anyone who'd listen, and even some who wouldn't. Peridot did not trust this app. Peridot did not like that The App had all her personal information to give to whoever it decided she'd like. What would stop anyone from hacking The App and using it to kidnap people under the guise that they were a one-hundred-percent Romantic Match? Peridot did not like The App one bit.

The first person it had ever brought to her attention was Steven. 56% Platonic in current, with 89% Platonic in potential. He lived on the beach, apparently.

Peridot thought it was weird that The App had shown her a child, and did not go to meet Steven.

Steven had other plans.


Peridot looked away from her work computer and at her door. Frowned a bit as she tried to remember whether or not she was expecting anyone... and then went back to work.


Peridot sighed and answered the door.

There was a child. He had a cake.

"Hi! I'm Steven!"

Peridot blinked. Just by looking at him, she could see all the effort he'd gone through for this meeting. There was a van behind him, presumably the person who drove him here. The cake said it all. It was customized, reading "HELLO PERIDOT" in big green letters (had Peridot told The App she liked green? Peridot might've told The App she liked green.), and the flavor was chocolate (when had she told The App she liked chocolate?!), so he either ordered this exact kind of cake, or made it himself. Also, he felt the need to bring a cake to a soulmate who was barely over half a match. And it was only a day after she'd received the notification, meaning he must have gotten to work on this immediately.


Peridot closed the door.


It had taken her a while to warm up to Steven.

She still thought it was weird that The App could and would recommend a child to an adult, but after a while she supposed that it was fine, unless it would try to make a romantic match, because no. Maybe this was The App's way of saying she was childish. Rude.

Steven had rung the doorbell a third time a few minutes later, and Peridot decided she had nothing to lose and checked it. Apparently Steven had a good understanding of personal space, and didn't try to make Peridot interact with him again. Instead, he'd left the cake on her doorstep, and probably rang the doorbell to let her know it was there.

It was some damn good cake.

The next time Steven spoke to her was through a text on the app, likely so that she could ignore it if she wanted to, and it would be more socially acceptable to do that with a text instead of a child at your doorstep offering cake. Soon, they were having normal conversations and being friendly enough. Steven was also helping her with her social skills in general. According to The App, they were getting closer to the potential score.

Soon, it started recommending more people to her. Apparently they were all in Steven's friend circle. Peridot started comparing The App to Facebook in her complaints.

Pearl was a 33% Platonic, 65% Co-Working match.

Garnet was a 46% Platonic match. The App made a comment about guidance, or something.

Amethyst was a 87% Platonic, 43% Romantic match. That got Peridot's attention. She couldn't be sure of the accuracy of The App's romantic-matching capabilities, but Amethyst did look hot in her pictures, so it had that going for it. They dated for a little while, before deciding to stick with the much higher platonic score.

A few months later, Peridot was hanging out in Steven's house with her new friends when The App gave her another recommendation:

Lapis Lazuli was a 52% Platonic, 78% Romantic match. The App commented on how the romance score was heightened due to propinquity; how much time spent together.

A moment later, her phone pinged her about someone messaging her. It was about her request for a roommate, saying she wanted to check the place out. Steven told her she should make a cake. Peridot declined.


Chapter Text

"Oh, hey, nice necklace."

"Thank you, Amethyst! I personally think it suits me very well. I know that it was designed by fate, and therefore must match me as a person, but I still appreciate the aesthetic!"

"...Good to know, P-dot."

"Is something wrong?"

"Nope. I'm just gonna wait."

"...Oh! I like your necklace, too! Don't you usually keep it covered up? It's very nice, and it suits you, and it's- glowing. Your necklace is glowing, Amethyst."

"I noticed."

"Doesn't that mean your soulmate is nearby?"


"...You've already met them then, right? Otherwise, you'd be freaking out right now! I sure would be."

"Yup. Definitely already met them."

"That's cool! Who is it?"

"...Peridot, please."




"...Oh! Yours has the same pattern as mine, too! What a neat coincidence! Or maybe it has something to do with our friendship? What if it was inevitable? What if all relationships, regardless of romance, are inev-"


"Um, Amethyst? Why'd you smack your own face? Doesn't that hurt?"

Chapter Text

"Hey... are you okay?"

Peridot approached quietly and slowly as not to startle her. Lapis had her arms wrapped around her knees, sitting on the wooden floor and hiding her face. She didn't respond.

Steven had told her that Jasper had sneaked her way onto their boat before they left the dock, and had harassed Lapis until they could make it back to shore. She wasn't taking it very well.

Peridot sat down right next to her. She wanted to comfort her so badly...

Don't do it.

Peridot lifted her hand...

Don't do it. C'mon, you're smarter than this. Don't.

She got closer to Lapis-


-and held her hand.

She only regretted it a little. The instant panic attack was worth letting her soulmate know she was there for her.

Chapter Text

Lapis was trying so, so hard to focus. She really was. It wasn't a lie, and she wasn't trying to ignore them. She really cared.

She just cared for her unknown soulmate more.

Lapis watched her wrist as the color went from orange to red, then to orange again.

"Lapis!" Pearl shouted at her. She jerked her head up to meet her eyes. She wasn't happy with Lapis' lack of attention. "We need you to listen if we want our plan to work at all!"

The other club members - they called themselves The Crystal Gems - were all staring at her with a range of emotions from disappointment to concern.

"I-I'm sorry, I just..." she trailed of as the color changed to a deep crimson. She paled slightly.

"Lapis?" Now even Pearl was concerned with her, wondering why she was acting this way.

The color went from red to orange quickly, but it did little to ease her worries. "I'm really, really sorry I just can't focus like this-" Crimson. Red. "-I'm too scared for them, I don't know what to do, is there anything, anything I can do- just- I-"

Steven came to her and calmed her down. Dissuading her panic wasn't easy, but it was a task Steven was ready to do at any given moment. She hated having to rely on a child. She hated that he had to worry about her all the time.

She showed Steven her wrist. Red, orange, red, orange. He told her she could take a break if she needed to.

Lapis decided to step outside for a bit and call Jasper.


Peridot was so out of it.

Her head was spinning, and her ears were ringing, and she hurt  just about everywhere. Every time she tried to stand, her left knee failed to hold her weight, and she'd fall back down to the concrete.

And all she'd done to Jasper was give her a fat lip with her struggling.

"Is it sinking in yet? Do you understand?"

Peridot just whimpered. She didn't. She just didn't know what she did to deserve this.

"Never. Never, ever, flirt with my girlfriend, ever again. Is that clear?"

She made no sound.

"I said, is that clear?!"

A sharp kick to her ribs made her gasp. "Y-yes, please stop, please..."

Jasper huffed. Her phone began to ring. Giving an annoyed growl, she checked it. Her expression changed to a slightly wicked smile. "Speak of the devil..." She answered it with a, "Hey, babe."

Peridot began struggling, crawling across the concrete so she could get as far away as possible from Jasper. Maybe she'd be able to use her own phone to call an ambulance for herself. Or the police, for that matter.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Why do you ask?...No, I swear I'm doing fine...Lapis, you sound like you're freaking out over there. What's wrong?...Yes, I swear to god, I'm fine!  I'm not in any danger! Though I can't speak for that little shit that was flirting with you at our party last week...What?...Yeah, her... Heh, isn't it obvious?... What?... What?... Hang on a moment." Jasper took her phone away from her face for a moment and ran towards the escaping Peridot, planting her foot against her back. "What were you saying?... All the way to crimson?! ... I swear I'm fine... Of course we're soulmates! Why wouldn't we be?... You didn't answer my question. I'm at Lake Road, near the bar.... Answer the question, Lapis!..."

Jasper hung up. Her face was carefully blank. She drove her foot angrily into Peridot's back.

"How. Dare. You."


Jasper had abruptly hung up. During their talk, the meter had gone down to yellow, but it had escalated again when Jasper stopped talking.

Now, it was slowly changing from orange to red to crimson.

Lapis didn't know Peridot extremely well - they had an art class together where they could have conversations about their favorite TV show, but otherwise Lapis found her a tad annoying. For the party, however, Jasper had said to invite everyone  she knew, and that included Peridot.

She supposed Jasper didn't like how Lapis had her number. She also supposed that Jasper didn't like when Peridot had told her a gay joke at the party, and Lapis had laughed. That was all it really took to make Jasper jealous. Lapis did not like what Jasper had implied over the phone...

The meter was staying crimson for a worryingly long amount of time, now.

Lapis had a hunch. She called the police and sent them to Lake Road. She also requested an ambulance for good measure.


Peridot woke up in a hospital bed. Understandably. For some reason, Lapis was there.

"Oh! Uh, hey, hi Peridot."

"Hey... uh, why are you here, Lapis?"

"Right. Of course. Um, I know this is a lot to throw on you right now, but I think I'm your soulmate."

Peridot blinked. "...Okay then. Don't you already... have a girlfriend?" Peridot tried not to think of said girlfriend.

"Not anymore."

"...That's fair. So what's your reasoning, then?"

"Whenever Jasper was talking to me instead of beating you up, my meter told me you weren't being beat up."

"Ohhh! Okay! you wanna go out sometime?"

Lapis kissed her on the nose. Peridot nearly passed out again. It made her think of something.

"Oh, uh... how long was I asleep, exactly?"

"...a day or two..."

Peridot passed out again.

Chapter Text

"Are you sure it's complete?"

She was, but that's because she was trying not to think about that. Peridot was way, way to excited to consider what her completed tattoo looked like. Because she found her soulmate! Wasn't that all that really mattered?

"Of course it is! I found you, Amethyst! You've made it complete!"

Amethyst laughed a little at the siege of excited kisses from her newfound soulmate. "Okay, okay! I know you're excited, P-dot."

Excited seemed to be the general assessment of the situation. When Peridot had joined Steven's club, she hadn't noticed her change in tattoo upon meeting Amethyst. All she knew was that they got along very well, and were going out for coffee on Saturday. But when she'd gotten home, she noticed the change in design and immediately contacted her date in a slight panic. She wasn't just excited; in a way, she was also relieved.

Peridot took a closer look at it.

She frowned a bit.

"...Hmmm. I do see what you mean, though... Perhaps it's just a bit... abstract. It's not like fate has an infinite amount of coherent, accurate designs, right?"

"Huh. That's fair." Amethyst smiled softly at the assurance. "I've never seen someone with an abstract tattoo, though. Maybe it's extra special!"

"The term is soul marking."



"Nice soul marking."

"Thanks, Lapis! It's a bit abstract, but me and Amethyst like it that way."

"Really? I think it looks like a dog."

Peridot blinked.

"What makes you think it looks like a dog?"

"Because it looks like a dog!"

"No it-!"

Peridot looked at her soul mark. "-doesn't?"

There was no way the eyes and nose had been there before. Plus, there was more definition around the ears. What had previously looked like a bunch of streaks and blank patches, with nonsensical shading scattered about, now clearly looked like a dog in every way.

"It's different."


"Yeah! It changed!"

"Oh gosh, who do you think changed it?!"

"Uh, I don't know- oh stars, lemme go talk to Amethyst-"

Peridot ran off to her car in a hurry, with Lapis Lazuli staring after her. "Good luck!"

A few minutes after Peridot drove off, something abruptly occurred to Lapis. She didn't look in mirrors very often, due to a bad time in her life where she constantly worried about her appearance, but tonight she decided it was necessary. While she stared, she thought about how cute she thought Peridot was, and how fun Amethyst was, and how jealous she could get about their relationship. How much she wanted in.

Lapis hopped into her own car and sped towards Amethyst's house.


"I'm leaving both of you."

Lapis and Amethyst stared at Peridot, not concerned in the slightest. "And why is that?" Lapis asked her.

Peridot pulled a corgi puppy from behind her back, identical in every way to their soul marks.

"I've found my true soulmate. We're running away together. You can't stop us."

Amethyst was unable to contribute, stuck in a fit of giggles that she couldn't escape from. Lapis was similarly giggly, but still able to speak "Peridot," she began, "if it's your soulmate, isn't it all of ours  by extension?"

Peridot seemed delighted by this revelation. "Of course!" she exclaimed, "How had I not seen this before! Girls, our trio is now a quar- a q- a quario? Quartet? Quartet! Our trio is now a quartet!"

All of them broke down laughing.

"So we're keeping the puppy?"

"Yes, Peridot, we're keeping the puppy. It's destiny."

"Good. You can't deny fate. Her name is Pumpkin and she's a good girl."