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Ace Academy

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     "What the ever-living-fuck Franziska,"  Miles Edgeworth thought as he rolled over after being woken up to the sound of a whip cracking in the room next door,  "It's only 5:37!"  He didn't dare say it out loud in case his step-father, Manfred von Karma, was awake too.  Manfred was easily enraged when woken up.  Especially when woken up at 5:38 in the morning.  Miles checked the time again.  It was indeed 5:38am, like I said.  He also took note that it was the first day of his senior year of highschool.  He groaned and got up.  He opened his wardrobe and pulled out a nice white button-up shirt, a black vest, black dress pants, and his favorite maroon jacket which went halfway down his legs and had beautiful fake gold buttons.  They were actually aluminum and colored gold but Miles didn't like admitting it because it made the coat feel less special.  He got dressed and opened up his dresser to reveal a vast array of three-frilled white cravats.  He picked out his favorite which was fancier than most other cravats but not the fanciest.  His boyfriend, Phoenix Wright, had told him that every cravat Miles wore looked the same, but they most certainly were not.  He put on the cravat and closed the drawer before walking over to his vanity and adjusting the cravat.  He then proceeded to spend the next 25 minutes trying to make his eyeliner look perfect and the next 30 minutes after that fixing his hair.  By then it was 6:39am, a reasonable time to be up.  Miles headed downstairs to the kitchen to make himself some breakfast.  Franziska was already there, staring intently into the freezer.  "Close the freezer, Franziska, you're letting out all the cold air."  Miles said as he picked an overly red apple from the fruit bowl. 

     "Shut up, Miles Edgeworth!  You know how hard it is for me to figure out what to eat.  I'm not an herbivore like you."   

     "You know I eat more than apples, so please stop calling me an herbivore."  Miles said, pulling out a cutting board and a knife.  

     "Ja, only if it's red."  Franziska said tauntingly.  "I'm surprised that you haven't gotten salmonella or E. coli yet."

     Just then, Manfred walked into the room.  "Close the freezer, Franziska."  He said.  Franziska closed the freezer without protest and Miles shot her an annoyed look.  Franziska responded with a taunting smirk.  "I'm glad to see you two dressed already.  Miles, what's with the vest?" 

     "Oh, my waistcoat is in the wash so I'm making due."  

     Manfred sighed.  "I told you if you wanted to dress nice for the first day of school dress slightly more casual beforehand."  The three of them made their separate breakfasts and sat down at the dining table.  "Ah, Miles, I'm going to need you to take Franziska to school with you."  

     "What?!"  Franziska seemed shocked,  "Why can't you take me?" 

     "I've got to leave early, remember.  This will give you two more time to get ready.  Miles has a nice car so don't complain." 

     Franziska went quiet and ate her waffle with such vigor it seemed like she was trying to get ready quick enough she go with Manfred.  This was, of course, because she was trying to get ready quick enough to get Manfred to take her to school.  After all, it was quite embarrassing to have to have her older brother take her to school.  Manfred left at 7:00am sharp, a half hour before Miles would leave.  Once 7:30 rolled around, Miles got into his car and Franziska reluctantly got into the passenger's seat.  Franziska turned on some rap music and the two set off.  "Where are we going, the highschools the other way."  Franziska asked. 

     "I'm picking up a friend.  Like you, he can't drive.  Unlike you, he's old enough to."  Miles pulled into a driveway in a poorer neighborhood.  Phoenix walked up to the car and opened the passenger door. 

     "Oh, you've got another hitchhiker I see."  Phoenix said. 

     "Excuse me?!  I am no mere hitchhiker!  I am the prodigy, Franziska von Karma!"  

     "Oh, you're the principal's daughter.  You're a freshman now, right?"  

     "Franziska, get into the backseat, I already told Phoenix he could get shotgun."  Miles said.  Franziska scoffed but moved to the backseat.  Phoenix got into the car and placed his backpack on his lap.  Franziska started complaining the moment Miles pulled out of Phoenix's driveway.  

     She stopped for a second when she noticed a little girl, probably in sixth or seventh grade, waving as they left.  "Who was that?"  She asked.  

     "Trucy?  She's an orphan who lives with me.  Once I can legally adopt her, I will."  Phoenix said.  "She's homeschooled right now."  

     "Oh."  Franziska then proceeded to start complaining again.  Miles puled into the school's parking lot after what felt like forever.  Phoenix got out and as Miles opened the door Franziska spoke.  "Miles Edgeworth!  You will open my door for me or I will whip a hole in your car!"  

    Miles sighed and opened Franziska's door.  "It's worth a fortune, I don't want it getting damaged."  He explained to Phoenix as Franziska got out.  She whipped the ground before winding up her whip and walking off.  Miles turned to Phoenix again.  "So, what's your first class?  Mine's math."  


     "Lucky you.  Armando's one of the best teachers."  Miles said, locking his car.  The two started towards the science building.  

     "Oh yeah, you took his class sophomore year, didn't you?"  Phoenix said while attempting to reason with some of his hair which had fallen in front of his forehead instead of sticking with the rest of his hair spikes.  Phoenix eventually gave up and put his hands in the pocket of his dark grey sweatshirt.  He also had sweatpants that were some color of grey close enough to his sweatshirt to not be noticed but to severely bother Miles.  Not to mention Miles had made it very clear that Phoenix had trouble looking good in any color other than shades of blue.  They walked into the chemistry classroom and Maya Fey, Phoenix's best friend, and a freshman this year, waved to them.  Miles and Phoenix walked over and sat down.  Miles sat in a chair like a normal person and Phoenix sat on a table, not unlike Mr. Armando, the chemistry teacher.  Maya was the little sister of Mia Fey, the freshman English teacher, so she could go in and out of Mr. Armando and Mia's classrooms as she pleased.  This lead to her being there before Miles and Phoenix and had let her hang out with them after school.  Mrs. Fey and Mr. Armando were nearby talking about the best way to make coffee and whether or not you should add sugar and creamer into it.  

     "Hey Nick!  So, what're your plans for today?"  Maya asked. 

     "I don't know what I'm doing.  Well other than school."  Pheonix said.  

     "Well I know who you're doing."  Miles' friend, Dick Gumshoe, said, locking eyes with Miles and wiggling his eyebrows.  Maya and Gumshoe started laughing.

     Just then, Mrs. Fey walked over.  "It's ten minutes until class starts so you guys might want to get to where you're supposed to be."  Maya jumped and followed her sister out of the room and Phoenix asked Mr. Armando about seating.  

     "Well, where are you going?"  Miles asked Gumshoe.  

     "Math."  Gumshoe sighed. 

     "Me too.  Let's go."  Miles and Gumshoe headed off to their class.  It turned out they had to to go to the third floor of the building to get there.  The only thing higher was the roof and most likely Ms. Vasquez.  They stepped into the classroom and found it decorated surprisingly nicely.  Miles and Gumshoe didn't actually know who the math teacher for the seniors was but Miles did know that this was only his fourth year of teaching.  Gumshoe noticed the couch in the corner of the room before he noticed the person sitting on it.  

     "Wow! That couch is probably worth more than my whole month's paycheck!"  Gumshoe exclaimed.  

     "I bet.  It's top quality."  The person on the couch said.  "Well, welcome you two.  I'm Kristoph Gavin."  He got up and walked over.  He shook their hands and checked the time.  "Choose any seat."  He said, not taking his eyes off his watch.  

     "Wow, we get to choose where we sit!"  Gumshoe said to Miles, sounding overjoyed.  The two sat down at desks next to each other in the second row.  A couple other students arrived and founds seats.  Mr. Gavin suddenly pulled a book off a shelf next to his desk and flipped through it.  He then closed it smacked it into the head of the kid who was asleep at Mr. Gavin's desk.  This kid happened to be the extremely popular and extremely handsome junior, Klavier Gavin.  

     "Ahk!  What the hell, bro?!"  Klavier yelped.

     "You have five minutes until you've got to be in class, Klavier."  

     "So?  I'm a fast walker."  

     Mr. Gavin smiled.  "That may be so but you certainly wouldn't want to be late to class on the first day.  What would the young ladies who are so fond of swooning over you think?"  Klavier grumbled something and got up, picked up his backpack and guitar case and left the room.  Nobody could tell if it was the possibility of embarassing himself in front of students like April May or Angel Star that convinced him or his older brother's intimidating aura.  Once the bell rang Mr. Gavin sat down at his desk and stared the class down until they were silent.  "Although I don't want to take roll I'm required to and it's the first day so I have to read out the list to know who's who."  He adjusted his glasses and started taking roll.  And then he got to Miles' name and paused.  "American Kilometers Edgeworth."  He finally said with a smile. 

     "What?  American Kilometers?!  That's not my name and you know it!"  Miles scoffed. 

     "Quiet."  Mr. Gavin said before continuing down the list.  Nobody else got a nickname.  Only American Kilometers- I mean Miles.  This of course, made Miles quite upset.  Much to Gumshoe's dissapointment, Mr. Gavin didn't waste any time getting to buisness.  The actual learning part of the class was started that very day with no time for any form of introductions.  Mr. Gavin had said that roll call should be enough of an introduction.  Miles was the only student who was completely okay with this.  He was raised by the von Karmas, after all.  And a von Karma is positively perfect in every possible way.  This, however, often meant working harder than they really should've.  Miles was glad when that class was over because Mr. Gavin kept caling him 'American Kilometers.'  

     "Maaaaan, you got the short end of the stick there.  Usually I'm the guy who gets the short end of stick.  And even then, people are usually nice enough to call me 'Gumshoe' and not 'Dick.'  Though plenty of angry customers over at my part-time job like to call me that."  Gumshoe chuckled as they walked down the hall.  Their schedules were almost identical which was good for both of them, at least according to Gumshoe it was.  They went down to the science building where they passed Phoenix.  

     "How was class, Phoenix?"  Miles asked. 

     "It was great!  Mr. Armando is so cool!  He kept calling me 'Trite' though."  

     "Yeah, well Mr. Gavin kept calling me American Kilometers..."  The group then split up and Gumshoe and Miles went into Winston Payne's class: biology.  According to some of the other students, the second week of school was dedicated to Sex-Ed in that class.  It was a week nobody was excited for.  Unlike in Mr. Gavin's class, they're seats were assigned beforehand.  Miles was placed in the very front of the class and Gumshoe in the very back of the class, the perfect place for him.  The science classes weren't restricted to a certain grade so they were mixed with freshmans, sophomores, juniors, and seniors.  It often resulted in chaos.  Olga Orly, a sophomore girl who loved card games, was placed next to Miles.  

     "Hey.~"  She said with a wink.  Miles ignored her and continued listening to Payne's boring monologue about what was to be expected in that class.  "Card games aren't the only things I'm good at doing."  She winked again.

     "I'm sure Mr. Payne could tell me all about what you're good at."  Miles said with a straight face.  At that moment he wished Gumshoe were next to him to have heard that.  

     Olga did not take the insult lightly.  "Excuse me?!  I am not into men like that!"  She snapped quietly to avoid Payne hearing her.  Miles ignored her.  Multiple times Gumshoe almost fell asleep, only Payne's annoyingly raspy and high-pitched voice kept him awake.  Miles on the other hand had broken his pencil and switched to a pen after Olga wouldn't shut up and another girl chimed in.  The other girl was Iney Miney, a new girl who was a sophomore like Olga.  Nothing of interest happened in third and fourth period so I'm just gonna skip past that and to their lunch. 

     Phoenix, Miles, and Maya met up behind a tree at the edge of the campus.  "You sure he's gonna be here Nick?"  Maya asked.  

     "Yeah, he'll be here any moment.   Knowing Larry, we'll see him before he even sees us."  Phoenix responded.  Just then a person in a flashy orange jacket jaywalked - or rather, jayran - across the street and over to the trio.  This was Larry Butz, Phoenix and Miles' best friend since fourth grade.  Larry dropped out of highschool after their first day of freshman year and now was practicing drawing so he could make picture books to avoid being like Gumshoe and on the verge of starvation.  "Hey Larry."  

     "Niiiiiiiick!!!!  Thank god you're here!  I need you to hold my stuff!  I saw this really cute girl over there!"  Larry shoved his drawing stuff into Phoenix's arms and hurried off.  The three peered out from behind the tree and watched as Larry approached April May, the cheer captain and supposedly hottest girl in the entire school (though she actually has a boyfriend).  "Hey, there pretty lady.~"  Larry said in his best woman charming voice.  "The name's Larry, what's yours?"

     April May giggled as if she were really taken in by him, though anyone who wasn't Larry could tell she was faking it.  "April May.~  It's so nice to meet you Larry.~"  She winked and stuck out her tounge, bouncing her mostly uncovered boobs as she did so.  "Can you maybe tell me a bit about yourself?~"  And thus Larry told her all about his 'amazing painting skill' and how he 'could paint a perfect portrait of her.'  Larry was getting better at art but he certainly wasn't good enough to impress women.  He couldn't even impress a blind woman with his art.  

     "Give him five years and he can say that with any kind of success rate."  Miles said quietly.  After another five minutes Larry trudged back over to the group, utterly defeated.  Right as he thought he'd get another girlfriend April May had dropped the bomb that she has a boyfriend on Larry's dreams.  

     "Niiiiiiick!  What's up with women anyway?!  Why can't they just looooooove meeeeee?!"  He collapsed onto the ground in defeat and the other sat down around him.  Except for Miles.  Miles kept standing to avoid grass stains but gave Larry his handkerchief.  

     While this is going on, a pair of freshman have found themselves in a place they shouldn't be......

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     Apollo Justice and Clay Terran sat down against the concrete wall surrounding the flat roof of the school.  The vast array of signs made it clear that the rooftop was off-limits to anyone who wasn't a staff member, making it the perfect place for the two to eat lunch.  They wouldn't be disturbed by people there so thay could talk about things that were so chaotic people might get the wrong idea if they overheard.  Clay pulled some papers out of his backpack and to two got to work on their plans for a wormhole generator that would let then hop between different layers of reality so they might be able to find the real question that got you to '42.'  That and it would let them spy on the past without disturbing it.  They decided they wouldn't use it to spy on the future.  That would be cheating at life after all.  "Okay, so we need a power source that will be able to power this thing without giving out on us and trapping us."  Clay said.  "Any ideas?"

     "Um..."  Apollo thought for a moment.  "No, not really.  Maybe dark matter or something.  I mean, there's lots of that, right?" 

     Clay's face lit up.  "That's it!  We need to take the impossible and make it possible!  That's what were doing with this machine anyways!"  He wrote down some ideas in a notebook.  "Okay, Apollo, can you come up with something to get dark matter or dark energy in?"  

     "Got it."  Apollo took one of the various notebooks and started sketching out concept ideas.  Niether of them really knew what they were doing but it certainly looked they did.  From sci-fi portals and lasers to totally unheard of alloys, they had all the unrealistic technology right there, written down or drawn out.  They exchanged words of wisdom about how to harness the secrets of the universe to power a machine that would let them find the secrets of the universe and never onced questioned the paradox they'd just caused.  They didn't even notice the door to the rooftop open and someone step out.  This person, who I'm not going to say the name of yet, closed the door and walked closer where he stopped.  You see, he hadn't actually seen Apollo and Clay there, only heard them.  He noticed that they hadn't noticed him and walked over.  He dropped his backpack on the ground right by them and put down his guitar case.  

     "I see you two found out how to get up here too?"  This caused Clay and Apollo to jump.  They looked over at the unexpected guest, though in his eyes they were unexpected guests, and Clay quickly started scrambling to pack up their ideas so this newcomer couldn't see them. 

     "Who are you?"  Apollo asked.  

     "Really, you don't recognize me?  I'm Klavier Gavin!"  He answered.  (Bet you didn't see that one coming from an American killometer a mile away.) 

     "Oh um...  I've never heard of you."  Apollo said.  

     "Yeah, same here."  Clay added, still putting papers in folders, and folders and noteboooks in his backpack.  Klavier sat down next to Apollo and "accidentally" put his hand on Apollo's.  

     "All the better, then."  Klavier said.  Apollo pulled his hand out from under Klavier's and rubbed his arm right below his bracelet. 

     "I'm Clay Terran, by the way!"  

     "Ah, Herr Clay, where'd you pick this one up at?"  Klavier said, moving even closer to Apollo.  "I wouldn't mind a man like this myself."  He stroked Apollo's cheek gently.  "Friendly, handsome, beauitiful voice...  Much like myself and yet, so different.  I honestly would love to get to know you better."  Apollo didn't know what to do so he just kind of sat there, not saying a word, trying to figure out what Klavier had meant by this.  

     "That's Apollo!  Apollo Justice!  We're best buds!"  Clay said. 

     "You're only friends?"  Klavier asked. 


     "Perfect then."  Klavier said, still gazing at Apollo.  He suddenly got a look in his eye that was reminiscent of a predator about to pounce on its prey.  He then proceeded to do the most fan fiction thing ever and tried to kiss Apollo.  

     "Woah, woah, woah!"  Caly interrupted, pushing Klavier away.  "You don't just kiss somebody you just met!"  

     Klavier looked a little stunned and confused.  "You don't?" 

     "No!"  Clay said. 

     "But this is a fan fiction!"  Klavier argued.  

     "No it's not!  This is highschool!"  Apollo just sat there staring as his best friend argued with the hot guy who'd just tried to kiss him.  "So don't go around trying to kiss people, okay?"  Clay said. 

     "But he's cute and you're supposed to kiss cute people!"  

     "No you're not!  Where'd get that idea from?!"  

     Klavier thought for a moment and then just shrugged.  "I guess I kind of just assumed that was normal since girls like to ask me out on dates and then just like, kiss me the moment I get there."  

     "So you're straight?"  Clay asked, puzzled. 

     "Pan."  Klavier corrected.  

     "Oh.  That explains it."  There was an awkward silence and Klavier inched away from Clay and over to the wall.  "So, uh, are you just gonna stay?"  Clay asked, breaking the silence. 

     "Yep."  Klavier answered as he pulled out his phone.  

     The silence continued and Apollo felt he had to say something.  "So, Klavier, you play the guitar?" 

     "Yeah, I'm really good."  

     "Can you play us something?"  

     Klavier thought for a moment and then put his phone away.  "Sure.  Anything for you, Herr Forehead."  

     "Hey!"  Klavier ignored Apollo and took his guitar out of its case.  He promptly played "Vanilla Twilight" by Owl City.  Apollo was surprised at how good he actually was.  His sleek black guitar shone in the afternoon sun and the muisic it produced filled the quiet of the rooftop.  

     "Klavier, I though I told you if you're going to sneak onto roof, don't be loud."  Someone said once Klavier stopped playing.  The group looked over. 

     "Bro, fancy seeing you here."  Klavier said nervously.  "Meet my new friends, Clay Terran and Apollo Justice."  

     "That better be all they are."  Kristoph said.  "We both know highschool relationships don't last.  And I don't wan't you crying about a break-up."  

     "Just because your girlfriend cheated on you highschool doesn't mean all relationships won't work out."  Klavier commented.  

     "Klavier, you aren't allowed on the roof.  Take you're 'friends' and come woth me."  Kristoph said.  Apollo and Clay flinched at the sudden intimidating aura in the area and Klavier put his guitar away.  "Come along now."  The group followed Kristoph down to his classroom.  "I won't get you in trouble but can guarantee other staff mambers will."  

     Klavier sighed and dramatically collapsed onto the couch.  "Do you at least have some food, I'm starving?"  

     "You should've brought your own food."  Kristoph said, sitting down at his desk and flipping open a book. 

     "But I always steal your food!"  Klavier whined.  Clay giggled at the argument and sat down at one of the desks.  Apollo sat next to him.  "Wait, Herr Forehead, you can sit next to me!"  Klavier made room on the couch.  Apollo, however, ignored him.  Klavier pouted and took up the whole couch again.  

     "I don't blame him for ignoring you.  I'd do the same if I were given a nickname like that."  Kristoph said. 

     "Shut up!"