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Jamais Vu

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It was precisely 10:05 pm when Yerin woke up to the shrill ringing of her mobile phone beside her face, the screen flashing with an unknown number. It took a moment for her to blink herself awake, slowly rising from the couch where she had fallen asleep curled up in an uncomfortable half-sitting, half-reclining position, and stretching her arms out above her head with a wince.

The living room was enveloped in darkness with only the blue light of the late-night news on the tv screen illuminating the sitting area. Yerin stared into the dark for a few seconds, trying to recall why she was sleeping on the couch as her brain struggled to wake up. Her gaze fell towards her dishevelled cocktail dress, it's satin skirt crumpled, and Yerin was suddenly all too aware of what was going on. And she was fuming.

Jimin had spent the morning apologising profusely for being called into work the weekend of their wedding anniversary, despite Yerin assuring him repeatedly it was okay. They had been married for three years, and Yerin understood how much his job as the co-owner of a dance academy meant to him, despite the sinking feeling in her chest of having to spend their anniversary alone at home. To make it up to her, Jimin had promised he would be home by 8.30 pm to pick her up and had told her to dress fancy for the special anniversary dinner he had planned for them tonight.

Yerin had been jittery with excitement all day. She had taken an extra long bath and pampered herself with scented oils and face masks. She had exfoliated and shaved every inch of her body and spent almost 2 hours on hair and makeup alone. She had slipped into the white, cocktail dress she had bought over a few months ago and had stored safely in the back of her closet for today in particular. It was off-shoulder with a lace bodice, exactly Jimin's type and she couldn't wait for him to see her in it.

Yerin frowned as she noticed the fabric of the dress wrinkled by her sleeping state and her hair, which she had spent almost an hour tying back in an elegant updo, falling loosely in her face. She glanced at her phone, still ringing beside her and felt her anger spike. She swiped it swiftly from the couch, inhaling sharply as she answered the call with pursed lips and waited for Jimin to start apologising on the other side of the line immediately. The voice that greeted her instead was unexpected.

"This is Officer Kim calling from Gangdong police station, Am I speaking to Mrs Park?"

The voice was gravelly and deep, completely different from Jimin's soft, cheerful one and Yerin instantly felt all her anger dissipate at the unexpected sound. She sat up straighter, pressing the phone harder against her ear as an eery feeling began to settle in her chest.

"Yes?" She managed to choke out, her voice almost a whisper as she gnawed at her bottom lip anxiously. A hundred different scenarios rushed through her mind. Had Jimin been arrested? Was he in trouble? Did she need to bail him out? Was he hurt? The last thought had her heart clenching painfully.

"You were listed as Mr Park Jimin's emergency contact. He was in a car accident near Gangdong and has been rushed KHU Hospital in critical condition..."

The rest of his sentence was drowned out by the loud thudding of her heartbeat in her ears. Yerin felt her whole world come crashing down at her feet.

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The hospital corridor seemed to continue on forever as Yerin raced down the hallway towards room 204 where the receptionist had directed her, the room in which Jimin was currently being held. Coincidentally, almost like the universe was playing some sort of cruel joke on her, the room number was also the date of her wedding, the 20th of April. Yerin prayed with tears streaming down her face, that her husband was okay.

The air was suffocating with the pungent smell of bleach and Yerin felt nauseous as she ran, delicate, white sandals slapping against the tiles and attracting stares of patients and nurses alike. She looked like a mad woman in her dishevelled state, frantically sprinting through the hospital in a cocktail dress but she couldn't care less. Her hair was wet and clinging to her skin from the rain and she was panting heavily from running across the parking lot, but she didn't stop despite the painful protest of her lungs as they gasped for air. She needed to see her Jimin. She needed to see that he was okay.

With weakened legs, Yerin managed to drag herself towards the room 204 where a closed set of dull blue double-doors greeted her. They were shut close and a doctor approached her before she could try and push them open.

"You must be the patient's partner?" He questioned and Yerin nodded frantically.

"Is he okay?" She was about to break down and cry as she asked.

"Yes, he's in a stable condition now. The car accident caused some head trauma but luckily there's no internal bleeding as far as we can tell. He dislocated his shoulder and he will need to wear a neck and arm brace for the whiplash he experienced, but we are expecting a speedy recovery. He's slipping in and out of unconscious but he keeps repeating your name since he got here. We'll need to run more checks on him when he wakes up."

Yerin sighed in relief and thanked the doctor before a nurse finally let her in. The walls were an obnoxious shade of white and the floors were slate grey. The lighting was bright, almost blinding and Yerin tried not to squint against it as she slowly stepped in, almost scared about what she was going to see. Her gaze settled on Jimin on the small, patient-bed, looking almost peaceful if it wasn't for the bandaid wrapped around his head giving him away. Yerin tried not to cry aloud, holding herself back from running up and throwing her arms around him. Instead, she settled into the visitor's chair beside him as quietly as possible and gently clasped his hands in her own, sobbing quietly to herself and praying in gratitude that he was okay.

She observed his battered state. The left side of his face was slightly bruised with small cuts, almost invisible except on closer inspection and the gauze wrapping of the bandaid dipped over his left eyebrow, hiding it completely. The right side of his face was untouched and there were no other visible injuries on his body. She kissed his knuckles and gently brushed his hair back, holding back another sob. Jimin stirred slightly, mumbling something under his breath, and Yerin jerked back, afraid she had hurt him. He mumbled something again and she leaned in a little closer trying to comprehend what he was saying.

"Tae, Taetae" he mumbled under his breath. Yerin frowned in confusion.

Taetae? She had never heard of it before. She wracked her brain trying to figure out what he was saying. Maybe he was trying to ask for water?

"Jimin?" She cooed quietly as he began to stir awake.

"Taehyung...Taehyung" He almost winced as he said it, eyes still squeezed closed and Yerin froze.

"Taehyung?" She repeated. "Whose Taehyung?"

At the sound of her voice, he slowly peeled his eyes open and stared straight at her, his eyes blank of any emotion.

Yerin sucked in a deep breath as she met his gaze, eyes watering with happiness. "Jimin you're awake." She breathed, clasping his hands in her own with a smile. Jimin frowned, watching her cautiously.

"Where am I?" He croaked, "I want to see Taehyung" He repeated, his voice hoarse as he pulled his hands from her own. Yerin's face scrunched in concern.

"Jimin, you're in a hospital, you were in a car accident. Do you not remember?" She said slowly, almost afraid of his answer. Jimin nodded his head no, his eyes starting to glass over with tears.

"Are you my nurse?" He choked out, "I want to see Kim Taehyung. Please contact him."

Yerin felt her heart drop at his words and for a moment she couldn't move or speak as she stared at him. Jimin looked at her like she was a stranger, no hint of warmth or familiarity in his gaze. She might as well have been the pot plant in the corner of the room from the indifferent gaze he was giving her. She took a shaky inhale as she watched him, his eyes anxiously following her every move as she slowly stood up on quivering legs.

"It's okay. Jimin. Everything's okay." She attempted to comfort him meekly, her voice sounding unconvincing even to her own ears but it seemed to visibly calm down Jimin a little as he stopped fidgeting.

"Please call Kim Taehyung." He repeated again quietly, his voice coming out slightly slurred and Yerin was certain he was still under the effects of the medication. She reached over his bed to press the call button which would alert the medical staff but she didn't miss how Jimin's wary gaze seemed to follow her every movement. Her heart squeezed painfully in her chest.

Yerin swallowed thickly and nodded, "Okay, I'll go get Taehyung."


"Traumatic amnesia," The doctor explained, "It was most likely caused by the blow to his head during the car accident."

Yerin sucked in a shaky breath as the doctor explained, pressing her lips in a tight line to hold herself back from throwing all her questions at him.

He continued, "The good news is it's most likely temporary. He will get his memories back but that all depends on how serious his head injury was. We'll need to run some more checks to find out."

Yerin let her shoulders sag in relief, her gaze flitting back to Jimin who had fallen asleep right after the doctor had run some more tests on him. He looked almost peaceful with his eyes screwed shut and his plump lips parted and her eyes began to sting again as she watched him.

"He doesn't remember me at all but he keeps calling for someone named Taehyung?" Her voice was almost a whisper as she asked, her eyes pleading with the doctor for answers. The doctor frowned at her statement and adjusted his glasses, flicking over his files again.

"That's odd." He hummed as he jotted down some notes. "This might be a case of retrograde amnesia if he's unable to recall events that occurred for a certain period before his trauma. We'll need to run more checks to see. The person who he keeps asking for must have been significant to him which might be why he keeps calling for them."

Yerin cleared her throat and swallowed down the lump of emotion choking her. "How long will it take to get his memories back?" She asked meekly, her voice small with fear.

The doctor pursed his lips as he watched her and Yerin didn't miss the look of doubt pass over his features. "It's uncertain. For some patients, it takes a few weeks, for others, it can take months. It all depends on the severity of the injury. The recovery is normally spontaneous. You can't control when or how he remembers. The memories will come to him naturally."

Yerin thanked the doctor and followed him out of the room, taking one last glance and Jimin's sleeping figure before she closed the door gently behind her. Pulling her phone from her pocket, she sprinted towards the bathroom on shaky feet.

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Yerin left the room on shaky feet, sprinting towards the toilets where she locked herself in a cubicle and slumped against the door, sucking in a  long, deep breath. She could feel her nose twinge and she knew she was about to start crying again. She closed her eyes for a moment and tried to compose herself, thinking of her husband. Jimin needed her most right now and she couldn't let her emotions overtake her. She needed to think with a clear mind.

If she wanted any answers about Jimin and his past, only one person could help her.  With a determined nod of her head, Yerin unlocked her phone with trembling fingers and dialled Jimin's best friends number, the person who had grown up by his side and knew Jimin like the back of his hand. 

The call didn't ring for long before he was picking up, his voice husky with sleep but alert as he answered. "Yerin, Is everything okay? Why are you calling me at almost midnight?" 

"Jungkook," she choked out, the worried tone of his voice caused the control on her emotions to waver and she wanted to pour all her worries to him there and then. At the sound of her voice breaking, she could hear Jungkook shuffle around on the other side, and she tried to swallow down her sobs so she could speak more coherently.

"Yerin, what's wrong? Wheres Jimin? Are you guys okay? Where are you?" His sounded frantic as he began to ramble, throwing question after question her way with all hint of sleep gone from his voice. 

"Jimin was in a car accident. I'm at KHU hospital right now" She choked out between sobs and she didn't miss Jungkook curse on the other side. 

"Hey, it'll be alright okay, I'm on my way, I'll be right there." She could detect how panic he sounded despite his efforts to sound calm and comforting over the phone. She could hear him hobbling around, as if he was rushing to get dressed and the distant rattling of his keys. Unable to hold back, she spoke up again before he could continue. 

"Jungkook" She interrupted, "Who is Kim Taehyung?" 

For a moment, everything was frozen and she could hear Jungkook stop shuffling on the other side of the call. The eery stillness that settled over the conversation caused another wave of panic to engulf her as her suspicions about the stranger grew.

"Why are you asking?" He said slowly, and Yerin swore he sounded almost angry. "Did you meet him? Did he do this?" Jungkook's voice had lowered to a chilling pitch and Yerin couldn't help but gulp nervously.

"No, he didn't do anything. I've never even met him before." She rushed to explain, quicky trying to clear any misunderstandings. "Jimin keeps asking for him. Just tell me who he is. Please." she pleaded.

She could hear Jungkook take a sharp intake of air on the other side, hesitating before he spoke and Yerin knew he was hiding something. "He was someone me and Jimin used to know. He doesn't matter anymore, we haven't seen him in years." 

His words came out rushed and slightly mumbled, a habit of his whenever he was nervous. Yerin had known Jungkook for many years, even longer than she had known Jimin. They worked together at the same digital company and it was through her friendship with Jungkook that she had met Jimin, her future husband. She knew him well enough to know there was something he wasn't telling her. 

He seemed to notice her uncertainty as she failed to reply.

"Don't do anything, Yerin. Please. I'll be right there." With those final words, he hung up, just as she could hear his car start up in the background. Yerin's brows knotted in confusion as she tried to connect the dots and figure out what was going on. Suddenly an idea came to mind, one that would surely leave her regretful but was the only way she would be receiving any answers. She slipped out of the bathroom and walked towards the information desk with determined strides.

"Hello, I'm the wife of the patient in room 204, he's asking for his wallet and mobile phone to contact his family. Where can I collect his belongings on his behalf?"


After signing some papers, Yerin was handed a small box of all the items found on Jimin during the accident including his phone, wallet, ID, and house keys. His phone was stored in a ziplock bag and she pulled it out with shaky fingers, noticing some minor cracks and scratches on the screen. She knew his password was her birthday and quickly unlocked his phone, scrolling through his contact list. It was all people she either personally knew or had heard about from Jimin; his family, extended family, workmates or close friends. She searched for any Taehyung or Tae in the search bar but it came up with no results. Yerin frowned, trying to wrack her brain for a solution. 

A small voice in the back of her mind urged her to go through his text messages. An instant surge of guilt filled her as she followed her gut feeling, almost scared of what she would find as she tapped the mail icon. Her lips were pursed in concentration as she scrolled over the list of useless conversations, trying to control herself from opening any irrelevant chats. All the messages exchanged were with people from his contact list, mostly just simple greetings. Yerin couldn't spot anything unusual as she scrolled towards the end and just as hopelessness began to settle in her stomach, she was noticing an unopened conversation with an unknown number dating exactly 3 years back. 

+82 XX XXXX YYYY: [Okay. If that's what.....]  [20.04.16]

Yerin frowned, her finger hovering anxiously over the message preview, scared about what she would find before she was tapping the full conversation open. 


JIMIN: I got married today. Don't try and contact me again. I mean it, Taehyung.

+82 XX XXXX YYYY: Okay. If that's what you really want, I won't. Goodbye Jimin.

Yerin didn't know whether to be happy she finally found a lead or concerned about the cryptic nature of the text messages. Jimin had never mentioned any Taehyung to her before and the harsh tone of the exchange indicated the pair had not been on good terms. She tried to figure out what could have possibly happened between them. Why did Jimin delete the older messages? Why did he message this Taehyung person on their wedding day? Why did the second message make it sound like there was something more? 

Yerin frowned. Instead of finding answers, she had led herself into a trap of more never-ending questions. Her fingers began to move on their own accord and before she knew it, she was sending another message through.

JIMIN: Meet me at KHU Hospital. It's important. 

She didn't have time to process what she had done or regret her actions as not even 2 minutes had passed before her phone was already buzzing with a reply.

+82 XX XXXX YYYY: I'm on my way.


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Yerin jogged towards the main entrance of the hospital, taking two steps at a time. Her feet were starting to throb unbearably in her sandals from all the running she had done today, but she didn't let the pain slow her down until she reached the main foyer and slumped into one of the uncomfortable plastic guest-seats facing the main doors. She sat there nervously, shoulders squared, and eyes focused on the doors, scrutinizing each person who stepped inside carefully. She was fidgeting in her seat as she stared, foot tapping against the ground in both impatience and trepidation. It was as she waited; she realized the flaw in her plan. 

For one, she had no clue what this Taehyung person looked like. She had no clue know old he was, or heck, whether he was a male or female. He could be an evil old man in his 70s or a younger lady with a generally masculine name for all she knew. She had no way of identifying him if he walked in right this moment.

Secondly, she may just have messed up majorly by reopening some old wounds. There must be a reason why Jimin cut off contact with this person, and Yerin may have just let a tiger out of its cage by inviting Taehyung to the hospital. She cursed herself as she realized the extent of what she had done.

Yerin had betrayed her husband and invaded his privacy to quench her curiosity. A fresh wave of guilt washed over her and Yerin felt like the worst human. How was she going to explain herself to Jimin?

Her downward spiral of self-loathing is interrupted as her phone buzzed in her hand, breaking her train of thought.

+82 XX XXXX YYYY: I'm here

She felt the blood drain from her face. He was here. There was no going back.

A surge of fear overwhelmed her as she realized that Taehyung was not expecting her, Taehyung was expecting Park Jimin. He didn't even know who she was, and she didn't know how he would react if he found out he had been led on, but she was sure it wasn't going to be friendly.

Sucking in a last breath of courage, she pulled out Jimin's phone and dialled the number, holding the phone to her ear. She tried not to show how scared she was as she watched the entrance with trembling eyes, lips sealed in a tight line, and her breath caught in her throat. She stared on anxiously as a young man stepped in, phone pressed to his ear, and Yerin froze. Her first thought was that he was beautiful, and she didn't mean it in a sleazy way either. She admired his features like she would admire art in a gallery, from a distance, filled with curiosity. He walked like he was gliding across the floor, with smooth grace and elegance. As his gaze roamed the hospital, he looked almost unreal, like he didn't belong in such a mundane setting. 

"Hello?" His voice was rich, much deeper than she had anticipated, and it reminded her of thunder, powerful and confident as it reverberated through her bones and commanded her attention. 

"Tayehyung." she breathed, and she watched his head cock in confusion before his sight was narrowing in on her, his eyes piercing through her soul. His stare reminded her of a sword, sharp and unrelenting as it held her captive. Yerin gulped, too afraid to move under the intensity of his gaze and when a small smirk stretched across his lips, Yerin felt her blood run cold.

"Park Yerin" he drawled her name out slowly like he was testing it on his tongue and his eyes darkened with an indiscernible emotion. Yerin felt her body seize up in fear.

"How do you know who I am?" She was afraid, so afraid and the way he was watching her like a lion watching its prey, had her feeling on edge. He chuckled, clearing finding her unsettled state amusing.

"Your Jimin's wife. Mrs. Park. How could I not know you?" Yerin's brows knotted in concern and she stepped back.

"Why did you call me here? What do you want?" His voice suddenly dropped to an angry whisper, and he leaned in towards her, jaw clenched. Yerin couldn't reply, too afraid to utter a word as she stared up at him. She could feel herself trembling under his gaze, and that seemed to rile him up further as his jaw noticeably twitched.

"Where's Jimin?" He demanded angrily before his eyes were widening with a realization, and he was suddenly grabbing her by the shoulders almost painfully. "Why did you call me to a hospital? Where's Jimin? Is he hurt?" 

Yerin noticed he was trembling as he asked and if she didn't know any better, she would say he looked almost distraught as he stared at her with wide eyes. There was more to his relationship with Jimin than the text messages had let on. Yerin shrugged him off roughly and pinned him with a wary stare.

"What are you to Jimin?"

Taehyung stared at her in confusion before another realization was dawning upon him. He let out another chuckle, this time it was dry and humourless, and when he stared at Yerin, his gaze was murderous.

"Jimin didn't tell you?" he cocked his head, lips pouting in pity as he watched her. Yerin narrowed her eyes at him, not failing to pick up on the condescending note of his voice.

"I thought a husband and wife weren't meant to keep secrets, but Jimin has been keeping his whole past from you."

Yerin's mouth dropped open in offence, ready to yell at him before someone was tumbling by her side and stepping in front of her protectively. She could tell from his broad back it was Jungkook and he was panting as if he had run miles to be here. She felt relief flood her system at the sight of him, feeling somewhat reassured to have him here by her side.

"Taehyung," Jungkook growled in warning, his voice deadly as he stared down the man in front of him. Yerin took in his dishevelled appearance with his plaid pyjama pants hanging low and his hair sticking up in different directions as if he had just rolled out of bed. On any other occasion, she would have found it endearing but Yerin had never seen this furious side of Jungkook before, and another wave of anxiety was washing over her as she watched the veins in his neck protrude in anger. 

Jungkook was always such a happy-go-lucky guy and seeing this murderous side of him made Yerin wonder what Taehyung could have possibly done to bring out the worst in Jungkook. She instantly reached out towards him, tugging at his arm until he was turning around to meet her pleading gaze and she didn't fail to notice how his eyes instantly softened as he stared down at her.

"Jungkook. Long-time no see" Taehyung's voice interrupted, eyes shimmering with amusement as he stared between Yerin and Jungkook. Another sound of warning ripped from Jungkook's throat at the sound of his greeting and Yerin was instantly stepping between them to prevent a fight from possibly breaking out in the hospital foyer. By now, everyone in the waiting room was watching them with alarm.

"Leave" Jungkook warned, his voice leaving no space for argument. Taehyung chuckled in response, unaffected by Jungkook's murderous glare as his eyes met Yerin's.

"How can I leave without seeing my ex? I'm sure he'd want to see his first love too."

For the second time that day, Yerin felt the remaining fragments of her world shatter.


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"How can I leave without seeing my ex? I'm sure he'd want to see his first love too."

"What are you talking about?" Yerin's voice was almost a whisper as she asked, her eyes flitting towards Jungkook for an explanation. He looked away, avoiding her gaze, and that was all the confirmation she needed to know that Taehyung was telling the truth.

"What? Jimin didn't tell you about me? I'm offended." Taehyung laughed, the sound mocking her. "We were in love. We dated for over five years. Jimin had once wanted to spend his life with me, he had even proposed."

Yerin felt like Taehyung had dropped a bombshell on her, rattling her world and shaking the very foundations of everything she thought she had known. She had known Jimin had been in a serious relationship and the breakup had left him devastated, he had told her so, but why hadn't he told her they had been engaged? Why hadn't he talked about Taehyung? Why was he remembering him again after all these years?

"Jungkook, is this true?" Her voice was almost a whisper and when Jungkook failed to respond, staring aimlessly at the ground instead, she felt her chest tighten with pain.

Yerin was shocked, feeling like everything she had known about her marriage had been an illusion but most of all, she felt betrayed. She loved Jimin and she trusted him but Taehyung's words had sparked doubt in her mind that she couldn't erase. Why was Jimin remembering him all of a sudden? Had she always just been Jimin's second choice? Was she just a rebound for him to try and forget Taehyung?

Jungkook glanced back at Yerin whose lips were quivering, and at the sight of her downcast expression, another fit of rage consumed him. At the sight of her glassy eyes, Taehyung's smirk only grew and before he knew it, Jungkook was roughly grabbing him by the collar and slamming him against the wall with a loud thud. Everyone in the hospital waiting room had their eyes on them.

"Do you really think you can just walk back into Jimin's life and he'll accept you?" Jungkook's voice had lowered to an almost a whisper as he pulled Taehyung closer. "Jimin left you in the past when he decided to marry Yerin. I've seen firsthand how much they love each other. How much he loves her. Stop wasting your time." He spat bitterly, each word dripping with hostility.

Taehyung's nostrils flared in response, and he stepped forward to meet Jungkook's glare with a stubborn stare of his own. "I'll let Jimin decide that." He hissed out, eyes flashing with an indiscernible emotion.  He ripped himself out of Jungkook's deadly grip and directed his attention back to Yerin.

By this point, the nurses had called security and Yerin could see the guards walk towards them, ready to take action. She let out a defeated exhale.

"Where's Jimin? What happened to him?" Taehyung demanded, hands fisted by his side.

"Don't answer him," Jungkook told Yerin the same time she resignedly whispered "Room 204". 

Taehyung didn't wait any longer before twisting on his feet and striding towards the staircase but Yerin didn't miss the triumphant smile on his face as he left.

"Why on earth did you just tell him that?" Jungkook gritted out, tugging at his hair in frustration.  I'm going to go grab him back" He began to start stomping after him but Yerin latched on to his arm, eyeing the security guards who looked almost ready to pounce. 

"Don't. Just let him go. Jimin might feel better after seeing him"

"Don't be ridiculous" Jungkook's eyes were blown wide with incredulity, outraged by the suggestion alone and Yerin felt too dejected to meet his stare. "I'll drag him back if you want. Just tell me." He pleaded for her permission, his eyes wide and frenzied as he looked towards her for approval. 

"There's no point."

"Tell me what happened? Why did you do that?" He murmured, voice filled with so much confusion. His gaze was begging her for an answer to the questions swirling in his mind. 

"The accident caused some head injuries and Jimin's facing temporary amnesia. He doesn't remember me, Jungkook." She whispered, struggling to hold back her tears, "Jimin doesn't remember me. He just kept calling for Taehyung. I didn't know what to do." She sobbed, finally letting her emotions free. 

"I can't keep him from Taehyung. He'll be broken if he realises they're not together. It's been years and it's all he remembers." Her voice cracked as she spoke another surge of helplessness engulfing her. She could never be selfish enough to deny Jimin the chance to meet Taehyung when he was in such a vulnerable state. Her selfless love was going to become her undoing.

Jungkook pulled her into his chest, embracing her as she cried. He was at a loss for word as he held her in his arms, watching her stain his T-shirt with her tears. Watching her sob with so much despair and hopelessness made his heart wrench in his chest. 

"Do you remember when you first met Jimin?" He started, pulling her away and holding her by the shoulders so she would be forced to look at him. Her eyes were red and puffy and she nodded with a sniffle. "You knew he was the one right away, despite how reserved he was around you. He was too shy to speak to you and too scared to love again yet you kept trying to break him out of his cage until he finally agreed to open up."

"Your first date was the first time I had seen Jimin smile genuinely in years. You changed him. Jimin was a mess after Taehyung left him, but you were the ray of light that changed his world, you made him happy again, you made him love again, you erased all his fears. You are his light, Yerin and all of this is just temporary. Jimin chose YOU to spend his life with, not Taehyung."

He wiped Yerin's tears with his thumb, letting his touch linger on her cheeks. "Don't let Taehyung get to you. Don't let him destroy what you and Jimin have. There's a reason Jimin left Taehyung in the past and chose a future with you."

Yerin felt the heavy feeling in her chest simmer down in Jungkook's embrace, his little speech striking a chord within her and allowing her to think clearly. Jungkook was right.

Jimin's smiling face consumed her thoughts, and with a newfound resolve, she wiped her tears with the back of her hand. "Thankyou Jungkook. You're the greatest friend anyone could ask for." 

Jungkook grinned as he noticed the trace of a smile on her lips. She had always looked best when she smiled anyways.

"Let's go see your husband."


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"Jimin-ah" Taehyung called out as soon as he stepped into the room, his eyes falling on Jimin's sleeping figure. At the sight of his battered state and the bandages wrapped around his head, Taehyung felt his heart clench painfully, and he had to swallow down the urge to run up to Jimin and hold him in his arm. 

Jimin shifted in his sleep at the sound of Taehyung's voice, slowly blinking himself awake. He stared at Taehyung through weary eyes, not speaking or moving for a moment before he was suddenly making sense of what was happening. He quickly tried to sit up, wincing immediately and when he met Taehyung's stare, there was no hostility in his gaze. Even with bruises lining his cheek and a black eye, Jimin looked as beautiful as ever with his plump lips drawn in a pout and his blonde hair spilling over the bandage on his head like waves of gold. For a moment Taehyung felt like he had travelled back in time by his boyfriend's side and he let himself imagine that Jimin was still in love with him as he stared up at him with his doe eyes.

"Taehyung" he croaked, his unwrapped hand coming up to rub at his shoulder over the arm sling and his face contorting in barely contained pain.

Taehyung rushed up to him, too afraid to touch him but gently repeating "It's okay" as he urged Jimin to lie back down. He adjusted the pillows around him and tucked the blankets gently over his chest, taking a moment to gaze into his eyes. It took all his self-control to hold himself back from leaning over and placing a chaste kiss on Jimin's lips. In the forefront of his mind, he could still remember how they had felt against his own.

Jimin's lips began to tremble, "Where were you? I kept calling for you, but no one would tell me where you were or let me see you?". Taehyung stiffened at his words, trying to detect any traces of anger or resentment present in his voice. Taehyung had been sure they had left on bad terms and despite the strong confusion plaguing his mind, seeing Jimin confess he had wanted to meet him had his heart drumming in his chest with newfound hope. He pushed away the logical part of his mind informing him something was wrong and grinned, leaning in closer and enclasping Jimin's small hand in his much bigger ones.

"I'm here now, and I'm not going anywhere" he reassured, his eyes sparkling with promise.

"You look different," Jimin mumbled quietly, gazing at him disoriented. Taehyung gave him an odd look but decided to brush off his comment. It had been years since they last saw each other; of course, he looked different. Taehyung was no longer the naive, starry-eyed boy, with a fairytale image of love. Not only had had his facial features matured over the year, but his outlook on love and life had also changed drastically. 

Love wasn't all roses and sunshine. It was heartbreak, weakness and regret.

"Jimin, I'm sorry about what happened," Taehyung apologised sincerely, squeezing Jimin's hands in his own. He could feel the tears stinging at his eyes as he confessed in a broken whisper, "I thought I was doing what's best for you by leaving, but I was wrong. I was a coward." 

He felt his heart sink slightly when he looked up through teary eyes to meet Jimin's blank stare. After pouring his heart to him and exposing his feelings raw, the impassive gaze felt like a slap on the face. Taehyung waited uneasily for a response or a reaction, gnawing at his lower lip.

"What are you talking about?" Jimin's voice began to waver, and Taehyung felt his blood run cold, the room suddenly feeling too forbidding. He could almost hear the gears rolling in his head as he started to piece together what was going on.

He carefully pulled his hands away from Jimin's and stepped away, his mind finally connecting the dots. It all started to make sense; why did Yerin call him here? Why was Jimin welcoming him with open arms after all these years? 

Taehyung felt like the seed of hope blooming in his chest crush under the realisation.


"What happened to him?" Taehyung growled at her as soon as he stepped out, his tone accusatory as he met Yerin's stoic stare. She didn't even flinch at the hostility in his voice, acting unphased by his outburst and it seemed to anger him even further as he felt his jaw tick. One glance at Jungkook standing over protectively beside her with a warning glare had Taehyung biting down on his tongue and holding back the flurry of insult on his mind.

"He was in a car accident on his way home. He had some head injuries and is experiencing some temporary memory loss. His mind is still stuck in the past." she explained in a monotone, her voice like a reporter presenting the news. Taehyung felt disturbed by her nonchalant expression and dull look in her eyes. He sucked in a sharp breath, dragging a hand over his face.

"How long?" 

"We don't know," He noticed her cold facade waver slightly as her lower lip quivered and felt and odd sense of relief to know she was still human. As quick as it had come, she was instantly slipping on that damned poker face again. A sadistic part of him was almost disappointed she wasn't wailing and crying. 

 "The doctor said his memories would come back to him naturally, but it might take a while. We can't overwhelm him with information. All we can do is be by his side and take care of him."

Taehyung watched her carefully as she took a step closer, almost menacingly but the girl-next-door look she had going on kept her from looking intimidating. Any other day, Taehyung would have laughed at her attempt to look threatening but the icy look in her eyes had him holding back any bitchy remarks. 

"That's the only reason you're here." She poked at his chest, her words dripping with warning. "Jimin needs us right now, and he needs to be in his best mental state so he can heal. You're here as a support system only so don't get any wild ideas."

Taehyung scoffed, swatting her finger off his chest like it was a fly and struggling to contain the growing anger in his chest. He hated how condescending she sounded as she scolded him, treating him like he was a child. 

"You're sounding a little insecure" he drawled sarcastically, his tone taunting. "It must scare you to have such little faith in Jimin, knowing he could leave you anytime to be with his ex-lover."

Yerin pressed her lips into a tight line, trying not to visibly shake from rage. Jungkook stepped up behind and placed a comforting hand on her shoulder, pinning Taehyung with another murderous glare from over her shoulder. It was taking hi, all his willpower not to lash out at Taehyung after the promise he had made to Yerin to remain diplomatic. As he felt Yerin's shoulders deflate under his touch, he felt his rage also simmer down a little.

"I'm not going to argue with you or engage in your silly games. This isn't some competition. We're both here to take care of Jimin and make sure he gets better as soon as possible." Yerin was surprised at how steady her voice came out despite her chaotic emotional state and she was breathing heavily when she finished. She could feel Jungkook squeeze her shoulder in support and she knew he was proud of her too.

Taehyung clenched his jaw, staring at her at a loss of words. He wanted to try and defend himself or even just insult her again to soothe the burn of envy inflicted by her words, but his words died on his tongue. He could see Jungkook smiling proudly behind her, and he felt his contempt for the snobby woman and her 'bodyguard' rise to a greater height. 

He tried to convince himself it wasn't because she was Park Jimin's wife. No, definitely not. He hated her because she was arrogant and tried to hide her insecurities by acting mature and responsible. He hated her because she spoke to him like he was below her and he hated how Jungkook was hovering by her side pathetically like a guard dog.

"The doctor said we should try and gently break the news to him." She continued, "I think it's time." 

She didn't wait for a response before disappearing into the room with Jungkook following close behind. Taehyung fumed silently as he watched the door sway behind them, hating how she was calling the shots and telling him what to do. She may have been Jimin's wife but right now they were on an equal playing field. He swallowed down the lump in his throat and pushed through the door. 

Chapter Text

Jimin was wide awake when they entered, his eyes wide and questioning as he watched the trio file in one after another with the doctor in tow. He recognised Jungkook, his childhood best friend, the person he had grown up with, and he clearly recognised Taehyung, the love of his life. The only person he couldn't seem to recall was the female accompanying them. Yerin, as he would soon come to know.

When he had first stirred awake, in his drowsy state, he had assumed the small-looking girl in front of him was a nurse as she had sat beside him, but as he stared at her properly, taking in her dishevelled cocktail dress and the makeup smudged around her big doe eyes which watched him with so much concern, he realised she was probably someone important, someone he wasn't able to recall at all.

Jimin pulled away from her trembling gaze and set his sight on Jungkook instead who looked different from how Jimin last remembered. His body was much broader, straining against the thin cotton of his grey t-shirt and like Taehyung, his features seemed much sharper and defined. Even his height appeared to be taller as he towered over Taehyung, looking a bit too big for the small hospital room. Last Jimin had seen Jungkook, he had been scrawny and about the same height as him with big doe eyes and a toothy grin. Standing in front of him right now, Jungkook looked grown, mature, almost like he was older. Jimin frowned, his mind starting to realise something was very wrong

"What's going on?" He asked, almost afraid to hear the answer. The trio exchanged uncomfortable looks, all of them appearing hesitant to respond and it was the Doctor who spoke up first, stepping forward to stand beside him with a clipboard in hand.

"Jimin, How are you feeling? Has the drowsiness from the painkillers subdued a little?" Jimin nodded and proceeded to answer the doctors' questions, his gaze flitting between the group standing at the end of the bed. They looked tense and he noticed Jungkook squeezing his female companions shoulder in comfort while Taehyung stood a few feet away from them, keeping to himself. 

Taehyung and Jungkook had clicked right from the very start when Jimin had first introduced them to each other, bonding over their mutual love for video games and taste in films. Jimin had always appreciated the fact that two of the most important people in his life, his childhood best friend and boyfriend got along so well. The tense atmosphere of the room was unmissable and seeing their lack of interaction had Jimin growing even more suspicious.

"What's going on?" he repeated, this time directing his gaze solely on the elderly man before him in scrubs and a crisp white coat. 

"What year is it, Jimin?" the doctor suddenly asked, much to Jimin's surprise and Jimin scrunched his face in confusion before confidently answering "2013". At his response, the room settled into pin-drop silence. He was suddenly extremely aware that his answer was not what the others had been expecting. 

"Jimin, is seems like the the head impact caused by the car accident resulted in some minor injuries which is why you are currently experiencing temporary amnesia. You're currently unable to recall most of your memories from the last 6 years."

"6 years?" he choked out, his face suddenly going pale. One looks at the solemn expressions shared on Taehyung and Jungkook's face seemed to confirm that this wasn't some sick joke. 

"Yes, today is the 20th of April, 2019."

2019, Jimin felt like he was still dreaming but the throbbing of his head served to remind him this was all very much real.

 At the sound of his sharp intake of air, the Doctor quickly added, "Don't panic. This is all temporary and you will get your memories back soon. I can't tell you exactly how long it will take but your memories should come back to you gradually over time." 

Jimin nodded silently, the Doctors words barely processing in his mind as he stared at Taehyung and Jungkook once again. The years had been kind to them and Jimin suddenly wanted to see his own face and see how he had grown and changed. Was he still the skinny boy with chubby cheeks and shaggy black hair or had he also been blessed by years?

The doctor excused himself from the room and told Jimin he would allow him some alone time with his family. The sound of the door clicking closed snapped Jimin out of his reverie and he instantly felt a suffocating surge of emotion occupy his chest.

"I can't remember anything." He choked out stupidly, not knowing what else to say. Taehyung and Jungkook stepped forward at the same time, rushing to a stand on opposite sides of his bed. Jungkook lowered to a kneel and gently clasped Jimin's free hand in his own in a comforting manner. The gentle hold of Jungkook's hand calmed Jimin down a little and he appreciated the warm touch of his skin in the cold emptiness of the hospital room.

"It's okay, we're here for you. We'll help you remember."

Jimin squeezed Jungkook's hand back in gratitude and let a small smile stretch across his lips that didn't reach his eyes. His gaze wandered to the mysterious woman standing awkwardly at the back, watching him and Jungkook with glassy eyes. His smile dropped instantly. He tried to wrack his mind, stressing the last of his mental strength to try an squeeze any bit of memories that would allow him to remember who she was. His gaze washed over her fancy cocktail dress and strappy heels in confusion and another flood of questions filled his mind. She must have run straight here from a formal event for her to be dressed so out of place. What relation did she have to him for her to leave everything behind just to see him? unless she was a friend of Jungkook or Tae.

Unnerved by the intensity of her stare, he leaned in towards Jungkook and whispered in his ear, his voice barely audible "Is she with you?"

Jungkook seemed to be taken back by his question and pulled away, lowering his head in discomfort. For a few minutes, he remained silent, as if he was considering how to respond. Jimin frowned at his reaction as another bout of uneasy silence settled over the room.

"She's-" Jungkook started, stopping himself mid-sentence. He let out a shaky exhale and looked back to meet Yerin's confused gaze and she didn't miss the stare of pity he sent her way. She could feel all their eyes on her and knew instantly she was the subject of their discussions. She shifted uncomfortably on her feet under the weight of their scrutiny.

Jungkook beckoned her closer with his hand, shuffling to the side so she could come to a stand beside him. She dragged herself over with heavy feet, trepidation coursing through her veins. Jimin gave her a terse smile that failed to reach his eyes, the type of curt smile you would give strangers on the street when you made eye contact. Yerin felt her courage dissipate.

 "Jimin, This is Park Yerin. Your wife."


Chapter Text

"Jimin, this is Park Yerin. Your wife."

Jimin looked like he had seen a ghost. The blood had drained from his face and for the second time that night, he looked like his world had flipped upside down.

Yerin's heart dropped in her stomach at the sight of the horrified expression he sent her way, staring at her as if she had just devoured his whole family. A sob caught in her throat as he began to hyperventilate and Yerin desperately wanted to drag Jungkook by the collar and tell him off for springing the news on Jimin so suddenly like this.

It was inevitable, she knew it. Jimin was going to have to find out they were married sooner or later, but the terror-stricken expression on his face hurt more than anything Yerin had ever experienced and despite her rational understanding of the situation she couldn't ignore the prick of betrayal filling her chest. 

Jimin looked at Taehyung with teary eyes, pleading for an answer. "How? I- What- I don't understand?" He was stuttering, struggling to construe a sentence and Yerin didn't miss how his body was shaking with an oncoming panic attack. She jumped into action immediately,  forgetting for a moment he no longer saw her as his wife and grabbed his hand and cupped it against her cheek as she had once done so in the past. She unconsciously rubbed soothing circles along his hand with her thumb, feeling Jimin stiffen as their skin made contact. The method seemed to work oddly as Jimin stopped shaking and froze under her touch.

"Just take deep breaths, Chimmy. I know it's difficult for you but we'll explain everything." Yerin didn't notice the slip of her tongue as she called Jimin by her old pet name for him or the way Taehyung's face crinkled in disgust at the sound of it. Jimin nodded mutely, taken back by her touch but also oddly comforted despite himself.

"You and Taehyung broke up 6 years ago." Jungkook spoke up abruptly, his face impassive and cold and Yerin didn't miss the resentment hanging heavy in his every word. "He left you for Europe and you were heartbroken for 2 years before you met Yerin. He only returned 3 years ago, right before your wedding and had tried reaching out to you but you had told him not to contact you again. You and Yerin have been happily married for the last three years."

"Jungkook!" Yerin's voice called out in warning, her voice trembling with outrage at how Jungkook was breaking the news to Jimin. Jimin was in a vulnerable mental state right now and anymore shocks or conflicts could be detrimental to his recovery. Yerin's eyes pleaded with Jungkook to control himself, to keep his mouth zipped shut and swallow any petty resentment he was still holding.

Yerin pleaded silently for the room to not dissolve into chaos and prayed Taehyung and Jungkook would start acting civil. Her pleas wen't unanswered as Taehyung suddenly shoved Jungkook out of the way and interrupted his angry rant.

Yerin stood up abruptly, ready to intervene incase Jungkook and Taehyung started brawling in front of Jimin, but Taehyung kneeled down on his knees instead and tried to desperately explain himself. 

"It's not what it sounds like." He started, "It's true that I left you but I did it for you." He clarified, his eyes pleading with Jimin. "I got an offer for an art deal which required me to travel around Europe. You were ready to give up everything to come along with me but I couldn't let you."

"You spent years saving up for your dance studio, Jiminie. I couldn't let you sacrifice your dream for me. I wanted to come back to you as soon as the contract was finished but I was too late. You had already moved on." Yerin didn't miss the bitter look Taehyung sent her way when he finished. 

Jungkook scoffed behind them, a dark chuckle leaving him that sent chills running down Yerin's spine. "So you left him when it was convenient for you and now that you got what you wanted, your back again. This isn't a game Taehyung, you don't get to pick and choose when to be a part of someone's life." Jungkook's voice was trembling, the veins on his neck bulging with rage and Yerin felt almost afraid to reach out to him. 

"Jungkook" she pleaded quietly, trying to make him calm down before his anger consumed him completely. 

"Jimin", Jungkook's voice softened. "You've been married to Yerin for three years and I've seen firsthand how much you love her. I was even the best man at your wedding." Jungkook chuckled, genuinely this time but it was filled with nostalgia and sadness. "Taehyung had destroyed you when he left, I didn't see you smile for almost 2 years until you met Yerin but she made you forget and taught you how to love again. Don't let him ruin what you have." His voice was almost a whisper.

Yerin couldn't speak up to defend herself, but she watched Jimin with earnest eyes, hoping he would believe her. She felt tears spring in her eyes at Jungkook's words and she felt grateful to have him by her side when she felt like everything was falling apart. 

"Bullshit." Taehyung snarled, interrupting the poignant mood in the room. "If he really loved her he wouldn't be sitting here calling for me after all these years. She was just a rebound." 

Yerin wanted nothing more than to kick Taehyung out of the room, deeply regretted her reckless decision to contact him in the first place but she couldn't deny the sting of pain his words inflicted. It was true after all, Why was Jimin calling for him after all these years?

Jungkook cussed under his breath and Yerin knew he was going to pounce on Taehyung any second from the deadly look in his eyes. She jumped in between them, holding Jungkook back as Taehyung grinned in amusement behind them. 

"You know what I am saying is the truth." Taehyung continued provoking Jungkook, but this time he was looking straight at Yerin, "Even after all these years Jimin is calling for me."

His words felt like shards of glass but Yerin tried to look unaffected as she stared up at Jungkook, begging him silently not to react to Taehyung. 

"Stop" Jimin interrupted, his hands trembling in his lap. Yerin began to step towards him but he raised his hand and motioned her to stay in her place. She felt her face flush in embarrassment.

"I want to speak to Taehyung." Jungkook opened his mouth to protest but Jimin interrupted him before he could start. "Alone."

Yerin cocked her head in confusion, unable to ignore the betrayal weighing down in her chest as Jimin urged her out of the room. She stood still for a good few minutes, unable to get her feet moving as she processed the meaning of his request. 

He wanted to speak to Taehyung alone. He wanted her to leave.

"Please," Jimin asked again, his words painfully desperate. He avoided meeting her gaze. 

Jungkook tugged on her hand to make her look away from Jimin.  "Let's wait outside." He mumbled to her,  dragging her behind him towards the door. She didn't miss the small smirk stretching across Taehyung's lips, mocking her as she left. She began to sob the moment she stepped outside.

Chapter Text

The doctor had said that Jimin could be discharged in a day or so as the injuries weren't too severe and the CT scan hadn't shown any signs of brain damage from the accident. The doctor also explained that the amnesia was only temporary, caused by the head trauma from the accident and Jimin should slowly be able to recall his memories over the next few weeks. 

Despite the doctors reassuring words, Yerin couldn't ignore the constant prick of fear in her. What if Jimin never gained his memories back? What if he never remembered her? She tried not to overthink, but she couldn't contain the anxiety consuming her which was only managing to grow in Taehyung's presence. 

Jungkook hadn't said much about the whole ordeal since he had first arrived but from the way he was angrily working his jaw beside her, she could tell he was mad. This was all her fault and she knew it. Her curiosity had only led her to make the situation so much worse than it already was but, despite Yerin admittedly deserving the blame for this mess, Jungkook tried to remain calm and not rub salt in her wounds. Instead, he sat beside her and reassured her it would be okay, Jimin needed closure and this is how he was going to get it.

"Have you had dinner yet?" Jungkook changed the topic, trying to distract her from internally beating herself over her reckless behaviour.

"I'm not hungry." She mumbled, counting the minutes Jimin and Taehyung spent alone. 

"Okay, well I'm starving. Could you please get me a snack from the vending machine?"

"Junkgook!" she grumbled, not in the mood for his games. 

"Are you serious?" She gave him a pointed look. Her husband was injured and alone in the room with his ex and Jungkook was asking her to bring him something to eat. Despite her annoyance, she stood up abruptly to get him something to snack on. It was late at night after all and Jungkook looked exhausted and Yerin felt bad for calling him here so late.

Once she had got up and left, Jungkook let his head collapse in his hands, tugging at his hair in frustration. Taehyung's arrival had made the situation so much messier, more so than Yerin could comprehend and Jungkook had no idea what was going to happen. He had known Taehyung for years before this accident and he also knew Taehyung was the type of person to get what he wanted. He needed to make Taehyung leave, but knowing his stubborn personality, it wasn't going to be easy. 

Then there was also the issue of Jimin's attachment to Taehyung. Jimin might still be somewhat in love with Taehyung after all these years and making him undo his attachment to Taehyung was going to be a whole nother challenge on its own. Jungkook dragged a hand down his face, his forehead throbbing with an oncoming migraine.

"I got you a large muffin and an iced coffee. It was the only decent snack they had", Yerin called out as she returned. "You should head home soon. You look exhausted." She told him gently. Jungkook graciously accepted the muffin from her hands and immediately got down to unwrapping it, not responding to her straight away.

"I'm not going anywhere." He mumbled stubbornly, ripping the paper packaging and breaking the muffin in half. "I'm staying here with you." He pressed the bigger half of the muffin into her palm. 

"Jungkook-" She began to argue but his attention was solely pinned on devouring his portion of the muffin whole, ignoring what Yerin had to say. She knew he wasn't going to listen to her and sighed tiredly. "At least go home and get some sleep. You can come to visit again in the morning." she tried again but he stubbornly shook his head in refusal like a bratty child, his mouth full. Yerin grimaced as she watched him throw back his head and chug the iced coffee down like it was water.

Yerin rolled her eyes at him in mock annoyance, unable to control the sense of relief blossoming in her chest to have him here beside her. She couldn't imagine dealing with this by herself and right now Jungkook was the foundation keeping her somewhat stable. She nibbled on her muffin in silence and waited for Taehyung leave Jimin's room, her mind trying to decipher what could possibly be going down between them.

Thinking of the devil, Taehyung stepped out of the room right as Yerin's mind wandered to him, his eyes sparkling with an odd emotion. His stare was like shards of ice, cold and relentless but there was a weird look in his eyes that had Yerin shifting uncomfortably under the weight of his stare. Almost like he had something planned up his sleeve. She tried to keep her expression stoic and unfaltering, refusing to let him see his effect on her. 

"Jimin is calling both of you back inside. He has something to tell us."

Yerin sucked in a deep breath and looked towards Jungkook who squeezed her hand in support. 

"C'mon." He helped her rise to her feet. "Don't be nervous. I'm right here with you."


Chapter Text

Yerin and Jungkook sat side-by-side on the guest sofa beside Jimin's bed, both of them waiting anxiously for what Jimin had to say. Taehyung stood on the opposite side of the room, eyeing them both with an odd expression and Yerin couldn't keep her hands from fidgeting in her lap despite silently vowing to herself to never let Kim Taehyung see any sign of weakness from her.

Jungkook remained tight-lipped and silent beside her, staring up at Jimin with big doe eyes. Even though he looked calm and collected with his shoulders squared and back straight, Yerin could see the hint of anxiety radiating off him as he clenched and unclenched his fists.

Jimin looked much more awake now from the way his piercing gaze swept over each of them, briefly settling on her. Despite looking exactly the same, she felt like a stranger was watching her from the way his stare felt so cold and distant. It didn't hold the same warmth and familiarity as before and Yerin squirmed uncomfortably under his stare. Jimin's eyes that once sparkled with glee at everything she did now felt like pinpricks on her skin.

"Yerin," He said her name cautiously, almost like he was testing it on his tongue. "I'm sorry I can't remember you."

Yerin wanted to protest, to tell him he has nothing to apologise about but no sound left her throat.

"Yerin, I know that we're married and even if I can't remember anything, I will try my best to be the same Jimin I was before."

Taehyung rolled his eyes at the other side of the room, scoffing under his breath. Yerin hiccuped in her seat, trying not to cry again. All she had done today was cry and soon she was going to have no tears left in her to shed. Jimin averted his gaze from her face and sucked in a shaky breath as he continued.

"I'm still your husband and I won't let this ruin what you had."

Despite the uneasiness coursing through her veins at this moment, Jimin's words reassured Yerin more than anything else tonight, but she couldn't help the feeling there was something bad looming.

"Jungkook," Jimin pinned him with an odd look. "I've known you my whole life and right now, you are the one person I trust more than myself..."

Jimin chewed at his bottom lip nervously before continuing, "I know you won't like this and I'm sorry it had to come to this but I've made my mind."

"I want Taehyung to stay by my side while I regain my memories. I don't know what happened between us but I want to try and figure it out by myself and I want you to respect my decision."

Yerin gaped like a fish, staring at Jimin like he had grown another head. He couldn't be serious? How would that work? What did this mean for her and Jimin?

Her mind began to spin and she suddenly felt nauseous, like she was about to pass out.

"You can't be fucking serious, Jimin" Jungkook stood up abruptly, growling in outrage as he echoed her thoughts.

Jimin remained calm, "Please respect my decision, Jungkook."


"That's not what I'm trying to say!" Jimin growled back, sitting up in his bed. "I already said I intend to keep my promise to Yerin! I just want to figure this out on my own and I can't have that with you both feeding me different stories. "

Jungkook began to yell again but Yerin pulled him back. "Jungkook, It's okay. I trust him. We need to respect his decision." She tried to reason, but her words sounded uncertain even to herself.

Jungkook was breathing heavily beside her and Yerin kept a grip on his hand to keep him from losing his temper again. Her nose twinged and she knew she was about to start bawling again. She pressed her lips in a tight line to keep them from quivering.

This was all her fault. She had made matters so much worse by contacting Taehyung. If she had just kept her curiosity in check, this wouldn't be happening.

"Jimin-ah lay down. Don't stress, it'll only make things worse. Just relax and we'll figure this out, okay?" Taehyung urged Jimin to recline back on his bed.

"I think you guys should leave. It's not good for Jimin to stress in this state."

Yerin's mouth dropped open in offence and her eyes narrowed to slits. So now Kim Taehyung was going to try and tell her, Jimin's wife, to leave?! She clenched her teeth at the audacity of that man, her blood boiling.

"Motherf-" Jungkook began but Jimin spoke up again.

"All of you, out! I need some space right now."

"Jimin-ah" Taheyung started.


They all shuffled out of the room in tow, the thick air of tension following them into the corridor.

Chapter Text

After some more tests, reports and a very long run down from the doctor about everything from diet plans to avoiding stress for fast recovery, Jimin was finally out of the hospital the next afternoon. Yerin, Taehyung and Jungkook were all there to escort him to the car and the drive back home. There was lingering tension between everyone but no one said a word, opting to hold back their petty comments and keep silent instead, even if just for Jimin's sake.

As they stepped into Yerin and Jimin's spacious apartment, Yerin couldn't keep herself from glancing anxiously towards Jimin as his gaze roamed their living room. Did he remember how he had handpicked this apartment himself? Did he remember how he and Yerin had decorated every inch of it together? Did he remember how they spent their weekends cuddling on the couch as they rewatched cheesy romcoms?

Yerin followed his every move with large, expectant eyes as his distant gaze passed over the room.

Even more so curiously then Jimin was Taehyung's gaze which swept over the entire room slowly and drinking in every detail. He wandered up to the back wall with his hands tucked deep in his front pockets and scrutinised the photo frames and figurines which littered the wall shelf. Yerin glared daggers into his back, hating how he stalked like he owned the place but also feeling uncomfortable to have him prying into her personal life.

If Jimin wasn't there and the doctors warning to avoid Jimin from feeling any added stress wasn't ringing in her head, she would have told him off for being nosey. Instead, she tried to keep her annoyance in check and ducked into the kitchen, away from everyone else. She wanted a moment to herself, away from Taehyung's scheming eyes, or Jimin's stranger-like stare and even just Jungkook. She wanted to be alone, even if just for 5 minutes and think about what she was going to do now.

With her head deep in thought, she absentmindedly diced some fruit and prepared some snacks for Jimin. The doctor said to make sure Jimin was eating well and Yerin was determined to help him get better as soon as possible. She wondered what she was going to do. Yes, Jimin had told her that he wanted Taehyung to stay by his side while he recovered and she had agreed to it out of respect but no way was Yerin letting Taehyung stay in her house. Just his presence was unnerving enough. She realised she needed to set some ground rules.

"Eat up, Jimin. The doctor said you should eat a lot of fruit." She set out the food on the table and called everyone to eat, watching as the boys scoffed down the snacks like they were famished. She understood as the stay at the hospital had also left her body exhausted and hungry, but the anxiety she was feeling made it difficult for her to eat without feeling like she was going to throw up.

She watched Taehyung shamelessly devour the food, narrowing her eyes. He hadn't even thanked her. She should've just scrapped the polite host act and mixed salt in his coffee as she had initially wanted to.

"Yerin, why aren't you eating anything?" Jungkook's voice snapped her out of her thoughts.

She shook her head, brushing off his concern. "It's okay. I don't feel like it."

"You didn't eat anything this morning either," he persisted, pushing a plate into her hand. "Eat up or I'll make you."

She smiled slightly at his comment, feeling the burden on her shoulders lighten a bit, but froze as she met Jimin's odd stare from across her. Taehyung was also watching them with an odd expression akin to scepticism. She fidgeted in her seat under the weight of their gaze and nibbled on an apple slice.

"I have something I want to say" she suddenly proclaimed, instantly claiming everyone's full attention.

"I know I agreed to Jimin's request to have Taehyung by his side out of respect but I also have some conditions of my own."

She sucked in a shaky breath, "I don't feel comfortable with Taehyung staying overnight. He can visit in the day as he wishes but I don't want him spending the night here. No person would feel comfortable with their husband's ex-lover staying the night at their house and I hope you understand where I'm coming from."

For a while, everyone remained silent, not showing any reaction. Taehyung began to open his mouth, to protest and complain probably from the looks of it but Jungkook shut him up. "She's right. It's a reasonable condition and any woman would feel the same in her position."

Yerin felt her shoulders deflate a little in relief and let her eyes dart to Jimin who was still silent. "...ok, I understand," he said finally, his voice lacking any emotion. Yerin frowned at his reaction.

"Aren't you overreacting a little?" Taehyung spoke up with a chuckle, almost as if he was joking but his eyes said otherwise. "What could possibly happen if I stay over one night? Don't you trust Jimin? Are you really that insecure about your relationship?"

Yerin felt her face turn red with a mixture of anger and humiliation, her hands fisted by her side. She opened her mouth to argue but Jungkook was stepping in front of her, pinning Taehyung with a murderous stare.

"Ok, I think that's enough. Thank you for the snacks Yerin but Taehyung and I will be heading out now."

"What- I'm not-" Taehyung spluttered but Jungkook was pulling him towards the door by his forearm. "Take care Jimin, and rest a lot. I'll come to visit you in the morning."

Taehyung was still arguing with Jungkook but his voice was muffled as they disappeared out of sight. Jimin was still quiet, watching the whole situation with a distant look in his eyes.

"My head is hurting. Could you hand me my medicine, I think I'm going to head to bed now."

"Yes, of course." Yerin complied instantly, handing him a glass of water. She showed him to their bedroom and fluffed out his pillow before he laid down, chewing at her bottom lip anxiously. She wondered if he recognised their bed or the painting overhead.

His eyes were fluttering closed almost immediately and Yerin rushed into the bathroom, finally getting the chance to look at herself. She was a mess. She was still wearing the white cocktail dress from their wedding anniversary and her mascara was smudged. She felt embarrassed to have been around Jimin like that. He probably thought he was married to a madwoman. She changed into her pyjamas and washed her face, getting ready for bed. She let out a sigh as she began to slip into the covers, finally able to rest.

"Yerin," Jimin's voice snapped her out of her thoughts. She sat up immediately, ready to oblige. "I'm sorry but could you...?" He hesitated, struggling to choose his words. "Can I have some space tonight, please?"

Yerin felt her heart drop in her chest. "Oh," she spluttered, "of course, I'm so sorry. I didn't think of that." she rambled, her hands shaking in front of her as she stepped off the bed.

"Just for tonight," He added weakly, cringing a little as he noticed her flustered state.

"No, it's okay. I should have thought of this before" she continued rambling, her voice beginning to crack. "I'm going to be in the guest bedroom. Don't hesitate to call me if you need anything."

She didn't wait for his reply, stepping out of the room with frantic footsteps.

She was so stupid. How did she not think of that? She was practically a stranger to him now. It was like sharing a bed with an unknown person.

Despite herself, her eyes began to water.

Chapter Text

It was hardly 9 am in the morning when Yerin was awoken by the shrill ringing of her doorbell. After 2 days of endless stress and lack of sleep, Yerin had knocked out instantly as her head hit the pillow and every part of her body seemed to protest in pain as she forced herself to sit up. She yawned as she stood up, stretching her hands over her head and slowly trudged to answer the intercom system of her apartment.

"Who is it?" she called out, not even trying to hide her irritation.

"It's me, Taehyung." Her mood went from bad to worse and she stabbed the 'Open door' button with excessive force. It would take him a minute at least to catch the elevator up and she took this chance to quickly brush her teeth and smooth her hair. By the time she was patting her face dry, Taehyung was knocking at the door.

"I wasn't expecting you so early," she mumbled, narrowing her eyes as she observed how good he looked. He had clearly put in the effort to look his best with his chic trouser pants and a button-down shirt, his chest peeking through the parted collar. Yerin felt embarrassed in his presence with her oversized T-shirt and matching looney toons pyjama's. She didn't even want to think about what her hair probably looked like.

"Goodmorning, nice to see you too." He responded sarcastically with a forced smile, pushing past her into the living room. He hadn't missed the irritation in her voice and instead indulged in it, smiling to himself as he took a seat on the sofa.

"Is Jimin up yet?"

"No, and he needs all the rest he can get so keep your volume low," she added with a warning look.

Taehyung mumbled something under his breath and Yerin heard the tv switch on as she disappeared into the bedroom to change. She knew that Taehyung would be a frequent presence in her life until Jimin got his memories back at least, but she wasn't prepared in the least for him to intrude in her life daily. Yerin tried to remain calm, holding back from calling Jungkook over for moral support. She didn't know if she could handle Taehyung alone without throttling either him or herself.

She hated how he showed no regard or respect for anyone else and sauntered into her home like he owned the place. Even now, he was watching the tv with so much ease it was easy to believe he really did own the place. She quietly shuffled into the room and skimmed through her closet, trying to find something decent to wear. Taehyung had dressed to impress and Yerin was stubborn on dressing even better. She changed into a shirtdress and brushed through her hair as quietly as possible. She could see Jimin stirring awake behind her through the mirror and watched as he sat up.

"Goodmorning" he croaked, rubbing the back of his neck. His hair was poking out in different directions and Yerin cooed internally.

"Goodmorning," she responded quietly. "Taehyung is here to see you" she added and Jimin sprung up from the bed immediately and ducked into the bathroom. Yerin couldn't ignore the way her heart sank slightly in her chest over his immediate reaction.

She gave her self one final look over in the mirror and stepped out of her room. She was greeted by the sight of Taehyung in an apron, standing over the stove.

"What are you doing?" she asked suspiciously, narrowing her eyes.

"Making breakfast" he quipped back with a shake of his head like it was the most obvious thing ever.


"I felt bad for intruding into your house so early so I decided to make breakfast for you guys."

Maybe he had some decency in himself, after all, she thought to herself. "Taehyung, You don't have to do this," she told him as he flipped an egg in the pan. Despite herself, her mouth began to water at how well he was doing it.

"I know, but I want to, so take a seat." She obliged with his request, despite feeling extremely awkward by his attempts to be kind. She couldn't help but feel uncomfortable around him, especially as he shifted through the kitchen as if it belonged to him and a part of her was creeped out. Jimin stepped into the kitchen a moment later.

"Good morning, Taehyung." His eyes sparkled as he watched Taehyung flip the egg onto a plate.

"Oh, Jimin. You're up already? Did Yerin wake you up?" Taehyung acted dumb, "You should have slept in! You need the rest." he scolded playfully and if looks could kill, Kim Taehyung would be a dead man as Yerin glared daggers into him.

Yerin wanted to scream at how quickly Taehyung had switched character in front of Jimin, her vision turning red. Jimin chuckled to himself, his cheeks turning red.

"No, it's okay. I like waking up early." And it was true. Jimin was usually up and out by 9 to go to the dance academy he co-owned. He ran some morning dance classes for adults and liked to be there in advance to make sure everything was top-notch.

"Jimin? Early?" Taehyung laughed, "You hated waking up early. I had to drag you out of bed by your arm every morning especially after we-" he stopped himself, glancing at Yerin. He cleared his throat and turned his back to Yerin and Jimin, instead, focusing on what he was preparing. Yerin, on the other hand, was feeling uncomfortable and enraged by the dangerous game Kim Taehyung was playing.

"I made my signature spicy half-fried egg recipe," Taehyung boasted proudly, his voice interrupting the tense silence which had settled over the room.

"Do you remember, Jimin? It was your favourite. I used to make it for you all the time." It took Yerin everything in her being to hold back from lashing out. Jimin chuckled at her side, his voice only rubbing salt in the wound of her gaping heart.

"Yeah, I remember. I could never forget your egg recipe" But you could forget me?

Yerin fumed silently, poking at the egg with her fork imaging it was Taehyung. She took a bite, and even she couldn't deny the egg was brilliant. She tried to keep her face from giving away how she felt.

"What'd you think, Yerin?" Taehyung asked, his eyes glinting mockingly.

"It needs a bit more salt" she quipped back and the flash of annoyance briefly appearing on Taehyung's face made her heart feel a little lighter. Jimin gave her an odd look and she quickly added, "but it's good. Thank you for the meal."

Two can play this game, Kim Taehyung. And I will win.

Chapter Text

It had been almost a week since Jimin had been dismissed from the hospital and Taehyung hadn't missed a single opportunity to stick by his side like a parasite. He had been at their apartment all week and it was starting to feel like he was a permanent part of their family, much to Yerin's resentment. From sunrise to sunset, Taehyung was at their place ready to mould his way into their daily life.

His constant presence was making Yerin go crazy and with every day she could feel her insecurities growing. The devil worked hard but Taehyung was working harder to cement his position in Jimin's life. When Jimin was eating, changing or even just resting, Taehyung was there to feed him and help him put on a t-shirt without disrupting the bandages on his head, But the worst part was how Jimin looked at him. Jimin looked at Taehyung like he was the night moon, with his heart at peace and his eyes in awe. Yerin felt like a visitor in her own home, the third wheel to their relationship

Jungkook had been dropping by frequently after work and his visits were the only thing keeping Yerin sane. In front of him, Taehyung had the decency to behave and keep his distance from Jimin because Jungkook had given some stern threats to not try anything weird. Jungkook kept reassuring Yerin this was all temporary, soon Jimin would remember everything and Taehyung would be out of their life but with every passing day Yerin was growing unsure. She didn't know if she believed that anymore not when Jimin still stared at her like she was stranger.

It was 9 am on a Saturday and Taehyung was at their apartment again, this time in another button-down shirt with the golden expanse of his chest peeking. Yerin was certain he was leaving his buttons undone on purpose and Yerin had scoffed when she had opened the door to him this morning. He had a cocky smirk on his face like he knew the effect he had on her and it only made her blood boil hotter.

Jimin was currently in the shower while Yerin prepared breakfast, trying to focus all her attention on the pancake she was flipping. It was hard to focus on the pancakes when she was hyperaware of Taehyung's eyes on her like a hawk watching its prey and as much as she wanted to try and ignore it, she couldn't disregard the way his stare felt like lasers on her skin. She slapped her spatula down on the kitchen counter and twisted around to meet his gaze.

"What?" She demanded, placing her hands on her hips. Her eyes narrowed at the sight of him leaning against the fridge and obnoxiously chewing gum and she was certain he didn't even have gum in his mouth, he was just chewing loudly to piss her off.

"What?" He repeated, playing dumb. "I didn't say anything."

"Why are you just standing here for the last 15 minutes and staring? Do you need something?" she asked exasperatedly.  Taehyung shrugged in response, brushing off her irritation. 

"Nope, Just watching."

Yerin sucked in a deep breath, trying to remain calm. "Look, I know I agreed to let you meet Jimin but I didn't agree to you hovering over my shoulder every day and acting like you live here."

"I'm just here to visit an old friend. Do my visits really make you that insecure?" Taehyung asked mockingly, cocking his head. 

"Don't play dumb, Taehyung. You know what you're doing. You're here every day, intruding on our personal life. What exactly are you playing at?"

Taehyung chuckled lowly, pushing himself off the fridge. "Are you really that threatened by my presence? Does it scare you to know that Jimin would drop you for me in a second if he wasn't tied down by marriage, hm?" His voice was barely a whisper and Yerin had to look up to meet his stare.

Her face contorted in rage and her fists were shaking by her side, "How dare you!" she shoved him back. "This is my house! Jimin is married to ME! How dare you intrude into MY life and try to steal MY husband! Do you think just because of some temporary memory loss you can walk back here and Jimin will come running back to you?" she finished with a bitter laugh.

"What the hell is going on here?" A third voice interrupted and Yerin whipped around in fright, coming face-to-face with her husbands fuming face. Jimin's eyes were narrowed sharp with anger and Yerin gulped nervously. Why was he so furious?

"Jimin" she exclaimed in shock, her eyes wide as saucers. Taehyung's lips were pressed in a firm line beside her and he looked like he was trying not to snicker.

"What do you think you're doing?" He asked with his attention solely pinned on Yerin and she felt her mouth part in confusion under his glare. "I called Taehyung here, I asked him to stay by my side and you gave me permission to. I have never given you an opportunity to doubt me, every moment I've spent with Taehyung has been in your presence. Then why are you behaving like this?"

Yerin opened her mouth to explain herself, glaring at Taehyung, but the tight grip on her throat of an oncoming sob kept any sound from coming out. Her brows knotted together in resentment.

"Taehyung is a guest in our home. Stop acting like an over-possessive wife and at least respect him as a guest if you can't respect him as a friend of mine." 

Yerin matched his disappointed stare with an angry glare of her own. Ripping off her apron and swiping her phone from the table, Yerin sprinted out of the apartment and Jimin never called out after her.


"Hey," Jungkook said quietly, lowering himself on the bench besides Yerin. They sat together in silence, neither of them saying another word to each other and instead watching the trees sway in the morning breeze.

"I'm sorry", Yerin finally choked out, turning to face Jungkook with glassy eyes and even with her cheeks red and her eyes puffy, he couldn't help but think how beautiful she looks. "I'm sorry I keep calling you. I have no one else to speak to." 

Jungkook shook his head in protest and instantly pulled her into a hug, letting her sniffle against his shoulder. "Don't apologise. That what friends are for." He rubbed her back soothingly, "I'm always here for you." 

"Was it Taehyung?" He asked cautiously, already knowing the answer. Yerin nodded in his embrace and Jungkook cursed under his breath in annoyance.

"Let me go talk to him", he stood up abruptly but Yerin's hand quickly clasped his wrist. 

"No, please don't do anything. Jimin's already mad at me."

"Mad at you? for what?" 

Yerin sniffled, "He heard me yelling at Taehyung and got the wrong idea."

Jungkook frowned, "Come with me. I'll explain everything to him."

"No!" Yerin insisted, "I just want a break. I just want to sit here and not worry about whether my husband will ever remember me again or whether he will just get up and leave me for his ex-boyfriend one day."

Jungkook sat back down beside her with a sad sigh and she could see him watching her from her peripheral vision.

"He will remember you." He said lowly with so much conviction in his voice, Yerin couldn't help but chuckle unamusedly.

"How can you be so sure?" She turned to face him, her eyes swimming with doubt.

"Because you're unforgettable."

Yerin snorted suddenly, feeling the first inkling of joy that day. "That's so cheesy. How can you say that to someone whose husband is suffering from amnesia?"

Jungkook rubbed his neck with an awkward laugh, changing the topic. "Have you had breakfast yet? I know a great place near your apartment." 

Yerin felt her stomach clench in hunger at the mention of food and stood up to follow him never more grateful to have a friend like Jungkook n her life. With Jungkook by her side, everything would work out.

Chapter Text

The apartment was encompassed in an eery silence when Yerin and Jungkook first stepped inside, staring each other cautiously before quietly shutting the door behind them. They walked in pace towards the lounge room, not saying a word each other as they face came to face with the tense figures of Jimin and Taehyung waiting for them stiffly on the couch. Jimin was hunched over his knees with his arms clasped in front him and fingers ticking, Taehyung sat across from him with cross legs and irritated scowl and fiddled with a pillow.

At the sight of Jungkook, Jimin stood up immediately, his eyes widening in surprise briefly before instantly becoming guarded. Any other day, Jimin would light up at the sight of his best friend but the subtle twitch of his jaw didn't go unnoticed by Yerin.

"Jungkook? I didn't know you'd be coming?" He attempted to smile politely, but the strained expression on his face gave away that he was less than happy. Jungkook failed to return the courtesy.

"We need to speak. Alone." He pressed gently.

"Jungkook", Yerin protested quietly, unsure what was going on but determined not to let it escalate. The tense aura between the two males made her anxious and she wanted to step in between them before an argument could break out but Jungkook only raised a hand to reassure her everything was okay. Yerin watched both of them disappear into another room.

"How pathetic", The sound of Taehyung's scoff seemed to snap her out of her reverie and she whipped around to face him with an angry glare.

"This is all your fault, you asshole!" She seethed, her vision turning red. Taehyung cocked an eyebrow at her outburst but didn't hesitate to shoot back at her.

"I'm sure it is," he replied, eyes sharp enough to equal her glare. "Did you enjoy your little catchup with Jungkook? You were gone for a while."

Yerin's mouth dropped open at the accusation, not failing to pick up on the undertone of his words.

"This must be fun for you." He continued, "Jungkook running after you like a lovesick puppy, at your every beck and call."

"Are you serious right now?" She could hardly breathe through her outrage, "You're coming into my house, trying to ruin my marriage, and you're going to try and accuse me?"

"I'm not accusing you of anything" He played dumb. "I was just observing."

"I know what you're trying to do and I'm not playing your sick games. This might be entertainment for you, but this is my family you're playing with."

Taehyung grumbled something under his breath and Yerin had itched desperately to throw something at him but resorted to ignoring him. Taehyung was cunning and manipulative and she was not going to let this morning repeat itself. They sat in silence, staring at each other with deadly scowls.

Jimin and Jungkook stepped back into the room not long after and Jungkook flashed Yerin a tight-lipped smile. "Hey, I'm going to head out now." Jungkook squeezed her shoulder in reassurance before turning to Taehyung with a murderous stare. "You, come with me," He demanded.

"What? Why? I'm not going anywhere", Taehyung protested, crossing his arms in front of him.

"Now." Jungkook tried to pull him up off the couch by the arm, dragging him towards the door. Taehyung grumbled under his breath, struggling in Jungkooks grip and it was like watching a bunch of kids argue. Yerin watched along with wide eyes as the pair disappeared out the door while Jimin stood silently beside her, watching the commotion with a stone-cold expression.

Suddenly feeling extremely awkward in his presence and still feeling petty from this morning, Yerin attempted to walk away and hide in her room, but Jimin grabbed her forearm before she could try. "We need to talk." She glared up at him. "Please."

He sat her down on the couch and took a seat beside her, leaving a generous amount of distance. It was weird that the same Jimin who would once cling on to her on the couch like she was his world was now sitting beside her like a stranger on a train.

"I'm sorry about this morning. I shouldn't have yelled at you or accused you of the horrible things I did. I wasn't trying to take sides, I just went along with what I heard without trying to understand what was going. I'm sorry."

Yerin blinked up at him, not saying a word. A part of her wanted to forgive him and accept his apology but a darker inkling in her mind wondered if he was only apologising because of something Jungkook had said.

"I know I was in the wrong and you have every right to be angry at me. I deserve it" he continued, "But I also wish you resolved this with me instead of storming out of the house. We could have figured this out together by ourselves. We didn't need another person to interfere with our personal matters."

Yerin stood up in anger, "Are you serious, Jimin? You're going to be the one to tell me not to let another person interfere in our personal matters when you're ex is basically at our house every day?" She scoffed, her eyes watering again and she felt pathetic for being so weak. All she did was cry.

"I must be the only person stupid enough to let her husbands ex come into her house every day and try to ruin her marriage, but I did it for you because you asked me and I just want to see you get better." She was almost crying at this point. "A part of me believed that I didn't need to worry because you loved me and Taehyung could never ruin what we had but I'm not so sure anymore. You're not my Jimin anymore." Her voice cracked.

Jimin panicked at the sight of her tear-stained cheeks, the sight of her finally breaking in front of him making his brows knit in alarm. Yerin had cried a lot these last few days, probably more than she ever had her entire life but she had always remained poised in front of Jimin, not wanting to worry him further. Jimin clasped her soft hands in his own.

"Yerin, I had no idea you felt this way. I might not remember our past but you have taken so much care of me these last few days and I'm so grateful for everything, for you." He squeezed her hands gently. "Every day when I look at our wedding photos framed on the wall, I want to remember what we had."

Yerin remained speechless in front of him, peering at him with glassy eyes and quivering lips. For a moment, she felt like her Jimin was holding her hands and she wanted to run her fingers through his hair.

"I'm sorry I can't remember us and I'm trying, I'm really trying" He stressed, his face contorting in pain. "I haven't given you the chance, but I want to get to know you better, I want to find out why I fell for you, I want to fall in love with you again."


Jungkook dragged Taehyung out of the apartment, pulling him into the elevator behind him and slamming the button to ground floor. Taehyung continued struggling in his hold.

"What is wrong with you? This is harassment! Let me go, I can walk on my own." He grumbled dramatically, ripping himself from Jungkook's grip. He stared down Jungkook with a bitter glare and Jungkook only stared in response.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing?" Jungkook spat angrily, backing Taehyung in the elevator.

"I don't know what you're talking about." Taehyung played dumb, trying to look unphased by Jungkook's close proximity. Despite being the same height, Jungkook appeared much bigger in the small confines of the lift and Taehyung gulped nervously.

"Why are you dead set on chasing after a married man? Aren't you disgusted with yourself? You're destroying a marriage."

"Disgusted?", Taehyung chuckled darkly, staring at Jungkook with hooded eyes. "You of all people shouldn't be telling me that."

"You don't think I've noticed the way you look at Yerin or the way you run after her like a dog? We're both the same."

"We're not the same," Jungkook growled, slamming his hands on either side of Taehyung's figure. Taehyung jumped slightly at the action but tried to look unaffected. "I would never try to come in the way of her happiness. I'm not selfish."

His words seem to cut through Taehyung because he suddenly sneered, pushing back on Jungkook's chest.

"You can't ruin something that was already ruined. I kept my distance for the last three years, I stayed out of their stupid marriage. Jimin was the one who called for me after all these years! I'm just taking back what was always mine."

The elevator doors slid open and Taehyung trudged, slamming his shoulder into Jungkook as he left.

"Do you really think he'll welcome you back with open arms once he remembers everything?" Jungkook called out scornfully after him, his jaw clenched. Taehyung paused in his step, his back still facing Jungkook but his gaze peering over his shoulder.

"You of all people should know how much Jimin loved me, you were once my best friend after all."

Chapter Text

After a gruelling 7 day routine of taking care of Jimin while keeping a wary eye on Taehyung, the week had finally come to an end and Yerin couldn't be more relieved that the hardest week of her life had passed. However, the relief was shortlived as today would be the final day of her work leave and tomorrow she would have to return. In any other instance, she wouldn't have minded. She loved her job as a graphic designer and she had great coworkers, one of whom was Jungkook, but returning to work meant leaving Taehyung alone with Jimin and the thought made her stomach fill with anxiety.

"Jimin", she called out with a knock. "Are you done?" she asked gently. It felt odd knocking on her own bedroom door but she was respecting Jimin's wishes and trying to approach the situation with maturity. It hurt that he still saw her as a stranger but she had learnt to accept it over the week and today she was determined to not let anything cloud her happiness.

"Yeah, I'm just -Oh" he stared at her, his hands frozen in their place on the undone buttons of his collar. Yerin watched him carefully, gnawing at her bottom lip as she met his wide-eyed stare. It was the same look he gave her on their wedding day and a seed of hope found itself blossoming in Yerin's chest.

"You're earrings," he stared, "They're pretty."

"Thank you" she sputtered quietly, peering up at him from under her lashes. "You gifted them to me as an anniversary present 2 years ago."

Jimin mouthed a silent 'oh', his expression falling and Yerin didn't miss the fleeting look of disappointment mar his features. It was a combination of sadness and frustration that would cross his face whenever he couldn't recall something important. At the sight of his furrowed brows, Yerin itched to comfort him with a hug.

"Do you know where I'm taking you tonight?" She smiled, changing the topic. He shook his head no and Yerin's grin only widened.

"The annual lantern festival, where we had our first date".


The moment they reached the lantern festival, Yerin felt a strong sense of nostalgia as she stood before the bustling street and the line of colourful stalls. When she had first stood here 4 years ago, she had just been a lovesick girl who had begged Jungkook to convince Jimin to accept her date. Now as she stood here with Jimin as her husband, she felt an odd sense of determination fill her. She had managed to break Jimin out of the cage he had locked himself in after Taehyung had left, this was nothing. Jimin was her husband and they had shared way too many great memories together for Taehyung to come between them now.

The air was flowing with the smell of all sorts of fried food and sugary sweets and Yerin felt herself desperately craving some. She stared at Jimin with doe eyes and a blinding grin akin to the look on a toddler's face while standing in the middle of a Toys R Us.

"Jimin, look! Ice cream!" She tugged on his arm, pulling him behind her as she zipped through the crowd. For someone so tiny, she was oddly strong as she yanked his arm towards the ice cream stall and Jimin stumbled as he followed after her. This was the happiest he had ever seen her since the accident and he couldn't help but appreciate how much prettier she looked without a frown marring her face. If he had known ice cream would make her this happy he would have brought her here earlier.

"One mint-chocolate ice cream, please," she requested, humming to herself as she stared at the rest of the flavours. "And one strawberry!"

Jimin watched her closely, his head lost in thought. "But you don't like mint chocolate," he said absent-mindedly, not realising himself what he was saying.

Yerin stared at him, eyes wide, "I know. I got it for you." Jimin felt an odd feeling in his chest as he stared at her, the gears turning in his mind. A split wave of deja vu crashed over him.

"Here are your ice creams". The ice cream vendor pushed two cones before them, interrupting their intense stare-off. Jimin shook his head free of the weird emotions he was feeing as Yerin pushed the mint ice cream into his palm and followed her lead towards the river, admiring the lantern stalls and the hoard of small children running past them.

"You know" Yerin started, a reminiscent smile playing on her lips, "The first time we came here you were so quiet. I couldn't get more than 5 words out of you and then I mentioned One Piece and it was like I switched a button in you. You became a whole new person. That was the first time I had ever seen you so excited." She laughed, her eyes swallowed up by her rosy cheek. He grinned sheepishly next to her, his heart thumping and even though he didn't remember, he felt like he was there.

"How did we meet?" He asked quietly, staring at his feet. Yerin sighed happily and even though he wasn't watching her, he could feel the genuine warmth to her words.

"We met at a New Years Eve party Jungkook threw at his place. I stepped out into the balcony to get some fresh air and didn't see you in the dark so I screamed and spilt my drink on you." She giggled like a schoolgirl, covering her mouth with her hand. Despite himself, Jimin felt himself smirk at her reaction feeling somewhat flattered to still have that effect on her despite being married for 3 years.

"You didn't seem angry or even just affected by it at all. I kept apologising but you just calmly told me it was alright and went to borrow a shirt from Jungkook. Something about you that night intrigued me and I begged Jungkook to let me treat you to a meal as an apology. Jungkook knew I was crushing on you and had warned me that it would be difficult to break down the walls you had built around yourself but I was persistent." She continued with a laugh.

"Jungkook relented and after a lot of convincing from him, you caved in and agreed to let me treat you to an apology dinner at a restaurant. I heard the lantern festival was happening nearby so I dragged you here afterwards but I didn't think it'd go any further, you didn't react much to anything and then to my surprise, you asked me if I wanted to go to the movies with you the following week. It was the happiest day of my life."

"It was love at first sight for me," She said quietly, shyly. "I knew you were the one for me the night I met you."

Jimin stared at her in silence, admiring the way she tucked her chin to her chest and avoided his gaze and the way her hair flowed around her face. He had listened intently to each word she had said, clinging to each detail and it all felt like a distant memory, almost in his grasp, almost. Something about Yerin made Jimin trust her, maybe it was the way she struggled to hide her emotions in front of him or the ways she wore her thoughts on her sleeve, letting everyone know. Jimin found himself ready to accept anything she told him with a bared heart.

After a stretch of heavy silence, Yerin peered up at him with doe eyes and flashed him a shy smile. "Want to fly a lantern?"

Jimin nodded and followed her to the stalls where a friendly old man with a cheeky smile sold them a large (and pricy) lantern by convincing Yerin that it signified a bright future together for couples. She accepted with a grin which threatened to envelop her whole face while Jimin watched on with a brow cocked in amusement.

They shuffled along with the crowd towards the river, their shoulders pressed side-by-side amongst the throng of people. Yerin launched herself towards the riverbed, a skip in her step. She lowered to a kneel by the edge and leaned over slowly, holding the lantern in one arm and urged Jimin beside her with the flick of her other unoccupied hand.

Their faces were mere inches apart as Jimin squatted down beside her, admiring the way her face was illuminated by the flame, like gold in the dark. Placing his palm under her much smaller ones, they gently launched the lantern together into the sky, watching it ascend into the glittery night. Yerin leaned dangerously forward as she tried to keep her touch lingering and Jimin quickly grabbed her waist and pulled her back against his side before she could topple headfirst into the water.

Yerin's breath caught in her throat as she stared at Jimin, their lips only centimetres apart and she felt Jimin's hand subconsciously squeeze at her waist. His eyes were dark, hooded as he watched her and she followed his lead as he inched forward, her eyes fluttering closed, waiting for a kiss that never came.

Instead, she felt the all too familiar press of his pillowy soft lips on her forehead in a chaste kiss and her brows shot up in surprise. "We should head back. You have work tomorrow." He tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear, still staring at her with dark eyes. She nodded mutely and despite a rational part of her mind being somewhat disappointed that he had left her hanging, an almost abnormal part of her mind swooned in pure happiness.

She was making progress.