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heart of the sun

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Is Mark expecting it when Taeil approaches him on the behalf of all the members and asks if they can fuck him? No. But he’s definitely not surprised.

It’s not like it’s some kind of big secret. They live together; Mark can feel the way their eyes linger on him when he’s in any state of undress, and the way everybody on the team has taken to tapping and grabbing at his ass on stage and in the dorm is hard to ignore. 

He decides to allow it because he’s a young man in his peak sexual years. Jerking off in the shower and fingering himself under the blankets when Doyoung is asleep can only sustain him for so long. Mark isn’t going to say no to a few handsome men who want to have their way with him, especially when they are men that he trusts and knows respect him.

They file in one by one after they all shower: Taeil comes in first, followed by Jaehyun, Johnny, Doyoung, Jungwoo, and Donghyuck. As soon as the little silver head of hair peeks through the door frame, Mark stiffens. When Taeil had propositioned him, he’d used the word ‘hyungs’, so Mark hadn’t mentally prepared himself for having Donghyuck in the room when this all went down.  

Showing the vulnerability that comes with a literal gangbang to the person Mark has spent most of his teenage years trying to avoid being vulnerable around is more than a little nerve wracking, but this is ultimately about trust. Mark trusts Donghyuck with his life and the younger probably knows him the best out of all the people in the room. Besides, it would be stupid for Mark to kick him out when he’s definitely come to the thought of being spread out on Donghyuck’s cock before.

None of them dare say anything when they come in the room, looking nervous as hell. It’s kind of funny how quiet it is, but Mark wants to get the ball rolling. He has plans later and he doesn’t know how long it will last.

“Can you guys relax a little bit?” is the first thing to come out of him, a whine. “It’s not some kind of formal ceremony. You’re going to take turns fucking me and I’m going to love it.”

Johnny is the first to crack a smile. “When did you get so blunt?”

Mark ignores him in favor of laying out some rules. “Rule one,” he starts, counting on his fingers, “no kissing me on the lips.”

He scans their faces for any negative reaction, but they are all pretty neutral. Mark could breathe a sigh of relief. Kissing on the lips feels too intimate, too romantic for a situation in which they all conspired to get together to fuck him.

“Rule two: no marks or bruises above my collarbones. You guys may not have schedules, but I do. Rule three: I’m not a vessel for all of your fantasies. If there is any super kinky shit you’re into, keep it to yourself for the time being,” he finishes. 

The grin on Donghyuck’s face has Mark nervous before he even opens his mouth. “Am I allowed to do what I did that time we—”

“Yes,” Mark interjects, cutting him off before he can reveal that to the rest of the people in the room, “Yes. You can do...that,” he finishes, cheeks starting to glow pink. 

“Okay, superstar,” is Donghyuck’s reply, grin so blinding that it’s a little difficult to look at.

Johnny gives them a peculiar look but doesn’t say anything, just claps his hands in dismissal. “Got it. Who do you want first?”

Mark had created a sequential list in his mind before he even knew who was going to come in the room. “I want Doyoung.”

Doyoung smiles at him and sheds his shirt as he walks over. “Why me?” he asks as he guides Mark down so his back is against the bed.

“I know you’ll be sweet to me,” Mark answers quietly. “And I like making them wait,” he continues on, loud enough for everyone to hear and locking eyes with Johnny over Doyoung’s shoulder.    

“Do you have lube?” Doyoung asks as he pulls Mark’s shorts down his legs.

The question makes Mark scoff. “You thought I was going to let you guys come in here and fuck me and not have lube?”

He reaches into one of his dresser drawers and pulls out an industrial sized bottle of lube, one so massive that he wondered why a company would even sell something of that volume. Mark had braved the stare of the cashier when he bought it, thinking of how good he would feel rather than his mortification as the price appeared on the monitor.  

Mark swallows thickly at the feel of the cold, wet lube against his entrance, the feel of Doyoung’s thumb gently massaging him open. Doyoung is generous with the lube, using more than Mark would ever think of, and the wet sucking sounds seem noisier as Doyoung’s fingers dip in, first one, then two, spreading him. He doesn’t care to stifle his moans as Doyoung sinks in straight to his knuckles, twisting, slow and meticulous with his care. Mark arches his back slightly and moans when Doyoung finds his prostate, the familiar pleasure searing up his spine and making his fingertips curl into the sheets.

“He’s pretty,” Mark hears someone say, but he can’t discern whose voice it is. It makes him blush nonetheless.

Doyoung hums in response and pushes into Mark fully, his whole cock sheathed entirely in Mark’s heat. He leans over and leaves stupid open mouthed kisses against Mark’s shoulder as he pulls half out and slowly thrusts back in, starting up a steady rhythm.

Mark isn’t unaccustomed to being filled, but it’s been so long and feels so good that he smiles at Doyoung as he fucks him. A full on, beautifully excited grin, planting one hand in the sheets and curling the other around Doyoung’s back as he hovers over him, pulling their torsos close. Doyoung pulls back before pushing back in, hips thrusting hard.

There’s a restrained strength behind all his movements, like he’s aware of Mark’s unintentional celibacy and trying not to hurt him. “Harder, hyung,” he pleads, jutting his bottom lip out in a scandalous pout.

Doyoung gives him a hard stare like he’s thinking it over, and then bids him to raise his hips. Mark does, obedient, and Doyoung slots a pillow underneath the small of his back for leverage. With his new angle, he wraps his hands around Mark’s thighs and holds him steady when he starts up again.

Mark’s legs are bent, braced on Doyoung’s sides and hips, and Mark can’t help but make a sound with every push of cock into him. He whines when Doyoung’s need to fuck him deep results in his dick slipping out, arms blindly reaching below himself to guide him back in. 

Doyoung falls to his elbows and breathes against Mark’s cheek and Mark takes the opportunity to talk to Doyoung when he is the only one who will be able to hear. 

“You’re—ah, you’re perfect hyung. As good as I always imagined,” Mark murmurs at him. Doyoung gives no verbal assent that he’s paying attention, just snaps his hips forward and down harder while Mark clenches tight around him. 

Doyoung buries his head into Mark’s neck and presses a wet kiss there, sweat slick between them as he fucks into him. “You’re infuriating, did you know that?”

Although Doyoung’s hips don’t work any faster, his thrusts do get harder, rocking Mark’s whole body. Each drag against Mark’s walls is absolutely maddening despite the slow pace, and he starts to tense, orgasm building into a crescendo.

Doyoung starts to fuck up the pace because he’s so close. “I’m going to come,” he groans out, features bunched in determination.

“In me,” Mark pleads, locking his ankles around the small of the elder’s back.

Doyoung swears and picks up the pace, with no choice than to do what Mark wants. His thrusts are solid, firm, and he gives a final pump before spilling inside of Mark, filling him with warmth immediately. 

Instead of flopping down on top of him like a menace, Doyoung is a gentleman, giving Mark a sweet farewell kiss on the cheek before righting himself and walking away to get redressed. With Doyoung’s cock no longer available to keep him plugged up, Mark clenches his ass hard, trying to keep it all in.

Jaehyun quietly approaches next, and Mark immediately feels intimidated. Jaehyun has been handsome since they first met, always felt so unattainable, but as he walks closer Mark shivers in anticipation.

“What do you wanna do?” Jaehyun asks, and Mark’s dumb little boy heart, once in love with Jaehyun, swells at the question.

“I wanna blow you,” he answers without hesitation. He’s wanted to do it for a while and this is the perfect opportunity.

Jaehyun looks amused at how quickly he answers but nods anyway, pulling his sweatpants down. His hard cock practically jumps out at Mark, who feels his mouth start to fill with saliva at the sight of it. He goes down to his knees on the floor, in full view of everyone, yanking Jaehyun’s pants all the way to his ankles.

He doesn’t even bother with making Jaehyun remove his shirt, sliding his cock between his soft lips. Mark’s tongue snakes up the side, twisting and flicking, getting used to the taste and weight of Jaehyun on his tongue. Mark begins to suck, his tongue wrapping around the head and sliding up and down the shaft while he bobs, lavishing attention on every part of Jaehyun’s cock.

Mark's eyelids flutter closed, letting his lashes cast dark shadows on his cheekbones. He hums deep in his throat, causing Jaehyun to moan out loud and fuck into his mouth momentarily. He doesn’t mind the intrusion in his throat; he just bobs his head further, tongue pressed flat against Jaehyun's cock as he takes him in.

"Fuck, Mark,” Jaehyun breathes, running a hand through the younger’s hair, “where the fuck did you learn this?"

Mark remains quiet, and it appears like he’s genuinely thinking of the answer. Instead, he lets saliva pool in his mouth before spitting directly onto Jaehyun’s cock. His hand comes up to encircle it, sliding the wetness down the length and jerking Jaehyun off.

“Don’t worry about it, hyung,” Mark answers his question, but Jaehyun’s so gone that he doesn’t even remember what he asked. 

Mark lowers his mouth back onto Jaehyun’s cock, sucking at the tip while he strokes up and down. Each drag of Mark’s wet mouth has Jaehyun wanting to buck his hips forward, but the grip Mark has on him prevents him from moving much. 

Jaehyun’s legs are flat out trembling and there’s nothing behind him to support him. Legitimately worried about falling, he rotates his body and sits down on the bed. Mark doesn’t even remove his mouth from his dick as he readjusts, using the new position to gag himself on Jaehyun’s cock, sucking it back into his mouth as far as it would go.

His nails dig into Jaehyun’s thighs painfully in an attempt to ground himself and not gag. He hums around him and the vibration of it on Jaehyun’s cock coaxes another moan from his lips. His hips jerk forward, fingers still tangled in Mark’s soft brown hair. Mark opens his eyes again, looking up and Jaehyun gasps like the air gets knocked out of him when their eyes meet. 

Heat pools in Jaehyun’s abdomen and he panickedly pulls Mark off of his dick by the hair. Mark gives him an offended look. “What was that for?”

“I was going to come,” Jaehyun admits, cheeks burning. 

Mark fixes him with a blank stare. “Dude, I know. I want you to come in my mouth.”

Jaehyun’s eyes widen comically. “Are you serious?”

The younger just smiles up at him. “Fill me up, hyung.”

Mark shows Jaehyun his tongue and allows him to guide his dick back into his mouth. Thinking of a better idea, Mark grabs Jaehyun’s cock with two hands, wrists rotating around the shaft as he sucks at the head ravenously.

Jaehyun swears, half tempted to lean back and just let Mark work him to completion, but missing that show feels like it should be illegal so he forces his fluttering eyelashes open so he can watch. Mark is doing his best, cheeks hollowed out, and Jaehyun can’t resist caressing his face, thumbing the flushed skin.

Jaehyun gives Mark what he wants; he shoves Mark’s head into his crotch when he starts to come, holding it there until he finishes emptying his load. The muscles of Mark’s throat are working overtime to milk him dry, prolonging his orgasm. When Jaehyun releases him, Mark makes a big show out of looking into his eyes and gulping audibly.

Jaehyun stands on gelatin legs, wobbling over into Doyoung’s arms. Mark, tummy a bit rounded, gets on the bed once more, laying on his back to wait for the next person.

Mark sees Johnny walking over and immediately rolls over so his ass is in the air, presented like a meal for the older to take. Johnny sucks in a breath, one of his large hands coming to grip the flesh of Mark’s ass. He pulls it to the side, thumb rubbing absentmindedly over the edges of the gaping hole, still decorated with Doyoung’s come.

The flip of a cap is audible, then the slickening sounds of Johnny lubing up his cock. Then, “I feel bad for objectifying you but this ass makes it so fucking,” he pauses, landing a loud, resounding slap! on Mark’s ass, “easy.”

Johnny is as rough as Mark expects him to be, and it’s kind of nice how Johnny fucks him with abandon. Grabbing two handfuls of Mark’s ass, Johnny attempts to push his cock inside of the velvet heat without the assistance of his hands. It takes a few tries but it eventually works, Johnny’s hips propelling Mark forward on the bed.

Johnny’s not small by any means, so he waits until Mark begs him to start fucking him to move at all. Settling his hands on Mark’s hips, he starts at a brutal pace, pulling Mark back onto his cock as he fucks into him. He loves how full he feels, pushing his ass back to meet Johnny halfway on his own. 

“Your ass is so…” Johnny trails off, watching in awe as Mark wiggles his ass back so it’s flush against Johnny’s hips. He can’t think of a word to describe it so he doesn’t even bother, just brings both of his hands down on each of Mark’s cheeks with an equal amount of force.

The muscles in Mark’s back tighten on impact, but it only takes a nanosecond for the tension to melt away and for the feeling to actually hit him. It stings painfully but Mark loves it, and he shows it by how he scrambles to hold the sheets tighter and moans into them loudly.

Johnny wants more of those reactions and so he keeps going, first finding the right force and then switching cheeks back and forth until he gets all those little noises. Mark moans with each blow and pushes back for the next, even as his skin gets more sensitive and the hits hurt more. Johnny slows his thrusts and concentrates on one perfectly rounded ass cheek for a few swats and then moves to the other, no rhythm to the switching in order to keep Mark off kilter and on his toes. 

He doesn’t stop until Mark is a nice rouge pink from the top of his ass to the junction of his knees, both from the collision of their thighs and the spanking that Johnny felt so hellbent on giving. He doesn’t notice how much his hand hurts until he pauses. It’s radiating heat, just like Mark’s ass, but that doesn’t seem to deter the younger at all. 

When Johnny lets up, Mark arches his back and whines high and pitiful in the back of his throat. “Don’t stop, hyung, please.”

Johnny only makes a clicking noise with his tongue, pulling Mark back by his hips so he can come inside of him. Mark gives a small shriek at the suddenness, ass clenching to milk Johnny’s cock and to keep the two loads inside of him when he pulls out. Johnny leaves him as he is but Mark slides down onto the bed, exhaustion settling into his bones.

Suddenly, Johnny is in his field of vision, kneeling in front of the bed at Mark’s current eye level. “Do you need a break?”

Mark lazily twists his head over his shoulder to look at the number Johnny’s done on his ass. As he does so, his still hard, still untouched cock rubs against the sheets, begging him for attention, and all thoughts of a break fly out of the window. Trying to play it cool and not look like so much of a slut, he gives Johnny a small smile, “Depends on who’s next.”

“I am,” Taeil chimes in from the other side of the room.

“Come here then,” Mark quips.

Taeil gets behind him on the bed and manually raises Mark’s hips from the bed, spreading his ass apart. Mark can only imagine how it looks with two loads of come inside, and his face heats up with shame. 

Taeil, tongue outstretched, buries his face between Mark’s cheeks and then lets them go, smothering himself with the younger’s ass. He licks a broad stripe over Mark’s well used hole, tasting him. 

He keeps going, sucking at the rim loudly and slurping the cum out of him. Taeil makes a hard point with his tongue and pushes it inside, causing Mark to moan at the intrusion. The eldest then motorboats his ass, and before Mark can complain about his embarrassment, Taeil cringes and leans back.

“You guys need to eat better,” he scolds, aimed at Doyoung and Johnny, “why does Mark’s actual ass taste better than your come does?”

Mark only laughs into his folded arms, voice sounding a bit diluted and watery. Each one of them came in hard so it will take less time for them to come and they can all have a turn, setting Mark at a serious disadvantage. He hasn’t been fucked or jerked off to completion yet. It hasn’t bothered him up to this point, but Taeil’s tongue is bringing him close.

“Hyung,” Mark pants out when he finds his voice again, “Hyung, I’m gonna come.”

Taeil doesn’t remove his head from where it is, but he pulls back enough to speak, “Work for it.”

It’s unfair, really, to switch it up on him so suddenly, but Mark needs to come so bad that he doesn’t care. He rams his hips back, smashing his ass into Taeil’s face and barely giving him time to get his tongue out. He starts to grind his ass up and down, riding Taeil’s tongue as best as he can without seeing anything behind him.

Out of nowhere, Taeil reaches his hand underneath to grab the base of Mark’s weeping dick, and the younger downright sobs, becoming frustrated with the lack of stimulation. There’s a complaint ready on Mark’s tongue but Taeil cuts him off, “let’s see you work yourself like that on my cock, hm?”

Heat spikes in Mark’s chest at his tone, but that’s before he really processes what Taeil is saying. When he does process it, he sobs again, louder this time. When Taeil first enters him, Mark doesn’t think he’s serious about making him do all the work. But as seconds pass and Taeil remains stationary, Mark grits his teeth and starts to work himself back with practiced ease.

Everyone is shocked, to say the least, when Mark curls his fists in the sheets and pushes only his hips back and forth. It’s a pleasant change of pace from Johnny, who had been so commanding about what he wanted and how he wanted it. Taeil barely speaks at all, only moaning out periodic swear words when Mark clenches around him just right.

The squelching noises in the room are difficult to ignore. Mark’s cheeks are completely heated but he starts to care less and less as he chases his orgasm. Taeil can’t do anything but watch as Mark fucks himself faster on his cock, the Doyoung-Johnny come mixture beginning to run down the back of his thighs.

Mark feels the tip of Taeil’s cock brush against his prostate and he makes the loudest noise yet, thighs spasming. His hips slow down as he tries to find that place again, but before he can relocate it, Taeil is gripping his hips and pulling him all the way onto his cock.

“Just one more,” he promises as he comes inside of Mark, hips stilling. Mark’s eyes flutter shut and he just nods, hand reaching for the base of his own cock so he can wait for Jungwoo. As soon as his fingers touch the skin, he comes, the liquid dripping out over his knuckles as he whines pitifully. Taeil holds him close, fucking Mark through it with little rocks of his hips before laying him gently down on the bed when he finishes.

Jungwoo is the last person in any state of undress and Mark mentally braces himself. He doesn’t think he’s been more sexually attracted to a person in his life and despite just having an orgasm, Mark can feel his dick start to reanimate just watching him walk closer.

“Jungwoo,” Mark sighs as he turns over to greet him. He cringes as his own undried come touches his back. He grabs his dick, stroking it a few times in preparation because he’d be damned if he didn’t come with Jungwoo inside of him.

The elder gently removes Mark’s hand, shushing him like one would a despondent child. “I’ll give you time,” he tells Mark in that soft voice of his, “there’s no need to rush.”

Mark could beg to differ; he needs Jungwoo inside of him like his lungs need air, but he knows that at this point it’s going to hurt more than it will feel good, and that’s not the way he wants to remember it. 

Jungwoo gently trails his hands down Mark’s sides, starting just beneath his underarms and ending at his slim waist. “You are so pretty and small right here,” he sighs dreamily, absentmindedly running the skin of his knuckles over Mark’s sides. Jungwoo latches onto his hips and pulls him to the edge of the bed, leaving his legs parted wide.

Wordlessly, he leans down and leaves a soft kiss on the inside of Mark’s left thigh, just above his knee. He continues up that way, getting closer and closer to where Mark wants him. Once he reaches the juncture of Mark’s hip, he folds his knees and begins the process on Mark’s other thigh, repeating the same unhurried, gentle press of lips.

Jungwoo is staring at him so intimately and Mark briefly curses himself for implementing that no kissing rule. He needs a kiss to shut him up, to prevent himself from whining out something humiliating just from having his thighs kissed a few times.

“Can you raise your hips for me, baby?” Jungwoo asks. Mark obeys him and when he does so, come starts to leak out, running down his thighs. 

His cheeks burn in pure humiliation, but Jungwoo doesn’t seem to have an extreme reaction to it. He pushes his lips into a pout. “Oh no,” he murmurs to himself. He sweeps the escaping come onto his fingers and pushes it back into Mark’s hole, which is already overflowing. He moves his fingers around, getting a feel for the mess the other members have already made of him, “You’re so wet.”  

Mark throws his head back. “It’s not gonna fit Jungwoo,” he tells him, pleads with him, torso shaking from being in its raised position. “I’m all full and it will just spill out.”

A small smile plays on Jungwoo’s lips as he lines himself up with Mark’s hole, “I guess I’ll just have to fuck it back in then.”

And Jesus Christ, the head of Jungwoo’s cock is broad. He’d be a little more worried if he hadn’t been stretched out by three people already, but his body accommodates Jungwoo with ease. Admittedly, three loads of come and a cock is a tight fit, but Jungwoo makes it work with tight pumps of his hips, folding Mark in half so his knees touch his chest.

After one particular grind into him, Mark shuts his eyes, fingers bunching themselves into the sheets for what feels like the hundredth time since they’ve started. He misses the look Jungwoo sends to the others, even misses the dip in the bed. He doesn’t notice someone else has arrived until his voice is right next to Mark’s ear. 

“Hey, superstar,” Donghyuck purrs at him, and Mark startles so hard that the younger laughs at him. “Shh, it’s just me.”

Mark momentarily panics from having Donghyuck so near while he’s getting fucked like a toy, but it melts away and gets replaced by a violent brand of lust when he leans close and asks Mark, “Can I talk to you?”

Images — memories — of the last time Donghyuck ‘talked’ to him start flashing in his head; it would be difficult to forget how Donghyuck had lain next to him on this very bed and jerked Mark off to the point of tears, pouring filth and sin into his ear with his honey sweet voice. Mark nods timidly, neck rigid and cheeks rosy.

Donghyuck shifts so he’s comfortable and so he can watch Jungwoo’s cock disappear in and out of Mark. He runs his fingers through the elder’s hair softly. “You look so cute from over there, so cute when hyungs fuck you,” he starts, and Mark’s eyes early rolls back as Donghyuck’s voice takes on that tone again.

“F-fuck, thank you,” Mark answers shyly, hating himself for fucking stuttering around Donghyuck, someone he’s known for years.

“I think I like it more right here,” Donghyuck lets his hand run over Mark’s chest, thumbing at his nipples and completely ignoring it when he arches his chest into the sensation, “I get to watch Jungwoo hyung fuck you up close, see your cheeks get all rosy and pretty like a little baby doll.”

Donghyuck, ” Mark whines, words burning hot through him.

“What? Did you want me to lie?” he asks. “You’re useless just like a baby doll too,” he continues, reaching down past Mark’s head to jerk him off slowly, “you have such a pretty cock and don’t do anything with it.”

Mark whimpers and covers his face with his hands, but Donghyuck doesn’t stop. “All you do is lay here and let everyone fuck you until you’re boneless and coming all over yourself.”

He wants to protest, say that he did put in the work to blow Jaehyun, but he has a sneaking suspicion that Donghyuck wouldn’t have listened to him anyway. Upon hearing Donghyuck’s last statement, Jungwoo switches tactics, using the spring of the mattress to drive himself deeper into Mark, brushing over his prostate in the process. Mark’s back curves but Jungwoo pushes him back down, making him take every thrust and feel it with his entire body.

“Would you let anyone fuck you who asked?” Donghyuck says now, a cruel smile on his otherwise delicate face as he slows his hand. “Taeyong?” 

Mark blushes. 


Mark whines at the image of someone younger seeing him in this state of debauchery. 

“Yukhei?” Donghyuck prompts, and Mark actually moans out loud, “You’ve barely seen him in months but I’d bet you’d let him waltz right in here and fill you up just like anyone else. And you know how I know?”   

Mark knows exactly what’s he’s going to say. It’s how he got to him last time, had him coming for a minute straight, and there isn’t any kind of preparation in the world that can make him ready to hear it again.

“You’re a slut, Mark,” Donghyuck says, voice as gentle and delicate as glass, and Mark fears his heart is going to beat out of his chest, “a hole, a whore, a bottom, a cocksleeve. Whatever you want to call it, that’s what you are. A pretty one too. I’m jealous of hyungs. I’d fuck you all day in every position if I could.”

Jungwoo reacts to that, pounding into Mark harder than anyone has yet, subsequently sending the come concoction splashing out of his ass and onto the bed. Mark sobs aloud and is suddenly glad that Donghyuck’s hand is no longer on his chest, because if it were he’d probably be able to feel how quickly his heart is pumping beneath the skin.

Mark has a grip on his shins as he pulls his legs to his chest. Donghyuck repositions him so he grips behind his knees, and pushes Mark’s leg up so he can get beneath his calf and wrap his lips around the head on Mark’s weeping, reddening cock.

It’s a good thing that Donghyuck had the foresight to hold Mark’s hips down, because he’s so sensitive that he bucks into the heat without much thought. It only takes one, two, three swipes of his tongue to have Mark coming again, into Donghyuck’s waiting mouth. The younger sucks and strokes him through it, milking him dry into his mouth. Mark lets his head fall back, but Donghyuck makes a clicking sound at him.

“No, kitty,” Donghyuck reprimands him, and Mark feels like he’s about to pass out all over again, “look at me.”

Mark obeys because that’s what he does, and he watches in muted, exhausted arousal as Donghyuck wraps his hand around Jungwoo’s neck and pulls him in for a kiss.

It’s not sweet or innocent at all. Mark sees Donghyuck’s tongue dart out, coated in white, coated in Mark’s come, and he sees Jungwoo’s tongue accept it, swallowing it for himself. Jungwoo starts smiling into the kiss and that image is so frustrating to Mark that his cock somehow manages to leak some more.

Donghyuck notices the sudden wetness on his hand, and without even looking Mark’s way, holds his fingers up to Mark’s mouth for him to suck. That image, Mark licking his own come from Donghyuck’s slender fingers, makes Jungwoo come inside of Mark, his body tearing away from Donghyuck’s to fall down against Mark as he empties himself. 

Mark is too cock drunk to notice Donghyuck leave, but he does notice when he returns, pushing Jungwoo away and replacing his cock with a plug to keep him stuffed full; a reminder of their time together. The other members, who hadn’t left, come to join them on the bed, their faces scrunched in varying degrees of worry.

Doyoung probably looks most concerned at how motionless Mark is, but Mark reassures him with a thumbs up. “I feel great, ” he tells him truthfully, “but I have to cancel my plans for later. I’m definitely not going to be able to walk.”

Taeil’s eyebrows draw close. “Oh my god, we broke him.”

Johnny and Jaehyun share an indiscreet high five, but Mark ignores them in favor of trying to stand. His knees buckle immediately, and six pairs of hands reach out to steady him and guide him back into his gross bed, filthy with sweat and come. Johnny helps Taeil strip the bed and Doyoung is already out of the door, calling out a “Taeyong hyung will bring you some food,” over his shoulder. 

After giving him some reassuring arm squeezes, they begin to file out one by one, leaving Mark with great memories and exhaustion settling deep into his bones.