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Is it wrong to recruit new family members from other worlds?

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Orario, Hestia's church

"If Bell never makes it back, I'll hold a grudge against all of you like you'd never believe. But I will not hate you, I promise" Hestia said as she slowly opened her eyes and looked at the members of Takemikazuchi Familia

The six adventurers gawked at her as they were moved by Hestia's words and tolerance even though they basically just told her that they were the cause of the disappearance of her only adventurer...

The Goddess stretched out her hand and smiled "As for right now, would you be willing to help me?"

The six adventures knelt in one swift motion before lowering their heads "On our honor!" they all replied surprising and Take and Miach.

"Shall we proceed? Time is of the essence" Hephaestus said as Hestia nodded.

First off, the two Goddesses made sure that both Bell and Welf were still alive through their link with their children then they started to come up with various plans only to conclude that the only people strong enough to fight in the middle levels were only three...

After that Hermes made his presence known along with his desire of helping Hestia in this mission. The Loli Goddess was suspicious on Hermes but she put aside those thoughts since she must gather all the people she could get...unfortunately Hermes had only one adventurer available which was Asfi, Hermes' ace. Then Hestia happened to hear Asfi's and Hermes' conversation about him going inside the dungeon and forced them to take her with them.

Everything seemed to be settled until seemed to have picked the Gods' attention. Hestia and all the Gods turned towards the entrance of the church and widened their eyes when they saw a plain-looking young man with short brown hair and black eyes, he was wearing a brown coat, blue-grey pants, and black boots.

His presence felt like a god but they didn't know anyone with that appearance and they could still feel immense power coming from him...

"Who are you?!" Hephaestus barked as she felt threatened by the stranger's presence

The young man didn't even flinch at Hephaestus behavior and looked at Hestia dead in the eyes "Hello Hestia, I'm the Outsider and I'm here with a gift" he said calmly as Take placed himself in front of Hestia.

The Adventures looked at the Gods with puzzled expression since they all stopped moving, talking and for some reason staring at the empty entrance of Hestia's church.

"What are you? I can sense great power coming from you, but you are not a God, I never saw you neither heard of your name" Take stated as he narrowed his eyes at the outsider

The Outsider remained emotionless "What I am is out of your comprehension but you could consider me a God even though I was once human..." he said as he understood that with these people around he will not be able to talk with the one he came for.

Hestia felt her consciousness slip away before her mind started drifting somewhere else...The Goddess found herself standing on a floating island in the middle of infinite emptiness.

The Outsider appeared once again in front of her, his eyes were piercing her very being.

"Where...Where are we?" Hestia asked as she looked around, she was quite surprised when she saw whales flying around and other islands all around the place

"This is the Void. As someone once said, the Void id unspeakable. It is infinite and it is nowhere, ever-changing and perpetual" The Outsider replied "This is the place I call home...for now"

This confused Hestia even more but she didn't want to waste any time with asking questions and getting cryptic answers. She wanted to get back as soon as possible. "What do you want?"

"As I said, I have a gift for you" The Outsider said calmly

"Which is?" Hestia quickly replied immediately as she started to get incredibly nervous.

"The power to protecting to one you hold dear" He said as an island appeared next to Hestia. She widened her eyes when she saw Bell inside what looked like the dungeon, he was crouching as if he was trying to rest a bit while panting a lot, he was wearing a red cape and had a lot of blood splattered all across his face, Lily and Welf were also there...

"BELL! BELL!" Hestia shouted as the island disappeared, she looked at the Outsider with an expression full of hatred "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO BELL?"

"Nothing" The outsider replied emotionless "That was just the representation of something that it is happening or already happened or will happen in your world"

Hestia clenched her fists as she looked down on the ground, she also bit her lip in anger and frustration...she needed to save Bell at all costs...even if it means making a pact with the devil...The Goddess lifted her head and gazed once again the Outsider "...What do you want? I'll do anything..." she whispered

The Outsider opened his arms "In your world, having powerful warriors in your family means having more power...and this is what I'll give you"

Hestia looked utterly confused as she tried to process what he just said

"I'll give you some of the finest warriors of many worlds including a personal favorite of mine..." he said

"I don't know what you want...but for Bell, I'm prepared for anything...I accept!"

He slowly nodded "Now it is time for you to go...they will soon join you"

With that said, Hestia felt her consciousness slipping away again...

"now...let's get started..." The Outsider said before disappearing...

Somewhere in a dream

"Good hunter, you have come...Dawn will soon break...This night, and this dream will end. Gehrman awaits you, at the foot of the great tree. Go on, good hunter..." The plain doll said as the 'Good Hunter' nodded before slowly approaching the entrance of the graveyard...he consumed the three umbilical cords and was about to enter...everything until now led him to this moment...Gascoigne, Ludwig, Laurence...Lady Maria...perhaps he will be able to break this endless cycle of the name of all the hunters we have been trapped here for too long...

Suddenly the world around him started blurring. Thousands of thoughts crossed the hunter's mind before he found himself standing on island in the middle of nowhere

"Good hunter?" The plain doll said with her usual calming tone

The hunter turned in her direction and was surprised when he saw that the Plain Doll was also with him..

"You..." Another voice said, which caused the hunter's blood to freeze.

He turned around yet again and saw Lady Maria. The woman clearly didn't look happy with being there, and neither was the Hunter who thought that he gave her peace.

Before the two could talk or start a fight a young man appeared floating in front them

"greetings" The outsider said calmly as he looked at each of them.

It's been a while since he started observing their actions, the hunter was a man of unbendable will even though he witnessed things which would probably shatter the minds of many.

Lady Maria was also an interesting individual. She was a citizen of Cainhurst and one of the few hunters if not the only one who was devoured by her guilt towards the subjects of the research hall and the citizen of the fishing hamlet. He also found quite interesting the connection between Lady Maria and the Plain Doll...

The hunter immediately grabbed his Evelyn and shot the stranger, he was sure that the stranger was a great one or at least something akin to one.

The bullet was ineffective as it never reached the Outsider who just shook his head

"I'm not your enemy hunter, I'm here to give a chance to leave this place once and for all" the outsider said.

That wasn't an option, the hunter must face Gherman and save everyone from this nightmare, no matter at what cost. He was about to speak when suddenly an island appeared in front of them.

The hunter was shocked when he saw himself fighting against an abomination in front of the great tree.

"To answer the question you are about to ask, that is you, fighting and winning against the being called Moon Presence. The you that is here right now is not the you that remained there" The Outsider said "That one succeded in your task and now will begin his childhood" he said "You have two choices, return there where there is nothing left for all of you, you were replaced by yourself or dead"

"A corpse should be left well alone" Lady Maria replied with solemn tone

"True, but it is such a waste" The Outsider said "The other option is quite simple, somewhere there is a person that needs help in exchange she will take you away from this grim world and give you chance of getting a more normal life..." he said before looking at Maria "and perhaps redemption..."

The Hunter remained silent for several moments thinking if he should accept the proposal of the shady looking guy that is probably telling a bunch of lies only to get them to do something he wants...

"I accept" Maria said calmly surprising the hunter "I'm already dead anyway"

The hunter let out a deep sigh before looking at the stranger and nodding then he looked at the Doll who just smiled and lowered her head a bit "I will always serve you, Good Hunter"

"Then it's settled" The Outsider said before his mark appeared inside the two hunter's eye "This will help during your journey, you will be able to create one of those lamps that can be used to travel and also send the objects you find along the way to your deposit" he said "that is all I can give you since you already have many...qualities..." he said before disappearing

Somewhere in void

Ezio Auditore da Firenze was quite intrigued by the location he was in and his conditions. He was wearing Altair's armor and his reflection on a small puddle of water showed him that he returned to his early 20s, he did notice that all the equipment that he collected over the years was still with him.

He also noticed that there was another Assassin with him, though he was unconscious. Ezio slowly approached him and lowered himself before he shook him a bit.

The man quickly reacted and almost stabbed his hidden blade in Ezio's throat but he was stopped from doing so by Ezio who pushed away the man's arm with his own "Calm my friend, I mean no harm"

The man slowly nodded and retracted his hidden blade before getting up. Ezio did the same thing and made a friendly smile "I'm Ezio Auditore da Firenze, my pleasure" he said with a small bow

The man bowed his head a bit "Altair Ibn-La'Ahad"

Ezio widened his eyes when he heard Altair's name, another smile crossed his lips "It's good to finally meet you Great Mentor" he said "Let me introduce myself again, I'm Ezio Auditore da Firenze, Mentor of the Italian Assassins for ten years since 1503 to 1513"

"A Little bit young to be mentor don't you think?" Altair replied as Ezio shrugged

"I could say the same thing to you" Ezio replied as he gestured the puddle of water next to them.

Altair slowly looked at his reflection and was surprised when he saw that he returned to his young self from before Al Mualim de-ranked him "It's a pleasure to be able to speak with someone that came long after me" he said calmly as he returned to face Ezio "Do you have any idea how we got here? Is this something they made?"

"No" Ezio replied shaking his head "Since not a long ago, I was living my final moments in Florence then I ended up here"

"Same for me..." Altair said as he brought his hand to his chin "Perhaps this is the place where everyone who has touched the Apple end up?"

"I doubt it" Ezio replied as he looked around "There should be more people if that was the case"

"Yes, Indeed" Altair agreed "Someone must have brought us here"

"That's correct" The Outsider said as he appeared near the two "And it was me. I'm the Outsider"

"I guess you already know our names" Ezio said as the Outsider nodded "So? Are you going to ask us to deliver another message for Desmond? Or...?"

"I would like you to serve under a certain Goddess named Hestia..." The Outsider said.

"You mean Vesta?" Ezio asked still remembering the boring lessons during his youth. He was glad that in the end that knowledge became useful in the end...

"That's one of her alias, yes" The Outsider said nodding

"And why this Goddess needs our help?" Altair asked crossing his arms "We are Assassins not mercenaries"

"I know, you see soon this Goddess will found herself surrounded by enemies that like to hide in the shadows, your job would be to protect her and work for her"

Ezio and Altair didn't really seem to be convinced a lot so the Outsider explained them the whole situation.

"Basically, you are giving her a small army of warriors in order to save her loved one but also to shield her from what is going to happen in the future. You want us to help her because the other Gods will make plans against her in the shadows. In exchange, we get a new life and a place to stay and our main duty is going in this...dungeon to slay monsters...while keeping an eye out for the Gods" Ezio said getting a nod from the Outsider "It seems a bit out of our league..." he said as Altair nodded in agreement.

Suddenly both of them felt a burning sensation coming from their left hand and when they looked on their hands they saw the Mark of the Outsider "That will give you the power to keep up with all of this. See this as a reward for having entertained me with your stories...another Assassin will join you later...he will teach you how to use it if you can't manage to figure it out..."

"Seems like you left us with no choice" Ezio said sighing "Very well then, we accept"

Somewhere in a faraway land...

"The First Flame quickly fades..." The Fire Keeper said as she watched the First Flame in her hands slowly fading away while the Ashen One stood behind her "Darkness will shortly settle..."

As she said those words their surroundings got darker and darker

"But one day, tiny flames will dance across the darkness. Like embers, linked by lords past."

At this point, The ashen one was barely able to see and with each passing second his vision was getting worse. He was still able to hear the Fire Keeper breathing...

Then the darkness completely engulfed them.

"Ashen one, hearest thou my voice, still?" The Fire Keeper asked as The Ashen One placed his hand on her shoulder, giving her a feeling of security even though they were lost inside the darkness...or so they thought...

In the blink of an eye, the two of them found themselves standing on an island in the middle of a white ocean. The Ashen quickly grabbed his ringed knight paired greatswords and looked around as the Fire Keeper stood behind him.

"This is the second time that today I see a cycle end" The Outsider said as he appeared in front of the pair "There is no need for that Ashen One, I'm no foe, I'm here to offer you a chance to live in a world where the sun is high up in the sky, a place where life rules over everything" he said calmly "A proper reward for someone who went through all the obstacles of your journey without hallowing"

The Ashen One looked at the Outsider, who was clearly able to tell that he was shocked by those words even though the Ashen one was wearing a helmet. "Of course, you can decline my offer and stay in the darkness that will lead to a new world that you will not be able to see"

The Ashen One looked at the Fire Keeper who slowly nodded "To this end, I am at thy side"

The Knight looked at the Outsider "What do you want in exchange?"

"You will have to serve a Goddess" The Outsider said shocking both of them since the age of Gods ended a long time ago... "She will treat you kindly like part of her family and will give you a place to call home. So what do you say, Ashen One? Do you want to start this journey?"

The Ashen One immediately nodded, it didn't matter for him to serve a Goddess, he only want to maybe...just maybe to find happiness for him...and for the Fire Keeper...

The Outsider Nodded as his mark replaced the Dark Mark "This is my mark, you'll be able to create your bonfires to a certain extent in order to travel long distances and also store the things you find along that way..." he said before the world around them blurred away...

Somewhere in the land of shadows...

She was sitting in her throne in the silent Land Of Shadows. Suddenly something to have picked up her interested, she narrowed her eyes but didn't get up.

"Show yourself, Hiding is futile now" She said as the Outsider appeared in front of her. "So it's you"

The Outsider looked amused "Oh? So you know me? Interesting"

The woman nodded "Yes, I noticed how you observed in me you think you could fool me?"

"It wasn't my intention, Queen Scàthach of the Land of Shadows" The Outsider replied

Scàthach crossed her legs "So what do you want?"

"Straight to the point huh? I can also appreciate something like this" The Outsider said "I think I found someone that will be able to fulfill your wish"

The woman looked at him with a deadly serious tone "So it is my death what you seek?"

"No, far from it" The Outsider said

"Then what is your objective?" She asked calmly

"I would like to have you serving a certain someone" The Outsider said calmly "She's a Goddess and her only believer is that someone who can fulfill your wish, if you work for her you will end up meeting him" he said

"You are asking a queen to bow in front of someone else?" Scathàch asked kinda amused from his request

"Isn't a Goddess superior to a Queen?" he replied as he crossed his arms

"Not if the Queen is a God Slayer " she replied as she got up "Let me get this straight, you want me to serve under this Goddess and in exchange, I will find the one that will be able to kill me?"

"Yes" he replied nodding

"where's the trick?" She asked knowing that the stranger's offer was way too kind "Is this Goddess a Battle maniac? Or a Megalomaniac? Is the one able to kill even born yet?" those were her questions and if any of them get a positive reply then Scàthach will refuse his proposal and throwing him away from her realm.

"No, No and No" The Outsider replied shaking his head "Her name is Hestia, she also should be a Goddess here in this place, she pose no threat to anyone and is quite pure but don't think she's naive. For your third question, his name is Bell Cranel and he is already an adventurer that serves under Hestia...though he's way too weak to kill you as he is right now but I do believe that he has the potential to do so, but of course, that's up to you to decide in the case you choose to accept my offer"

'So he doesn't know if this Bell can kill me' she thought as she returned sitting as she contemplated the option of accepting his offer... 'Why not?' she thought as she nodded. Scàthach made a small plan in her mind, and her reasoning was quite simple.

If she goes where this Stranger wants her to go and sees that this Bell can't actually kill her then she'll just return to her realm through her gate.

On the other side of things, if this Bell does have the potential to be the one to kill her then she'll train until the day of her death comes.

"I accept" She said calmly "But if I discover that you lied, I'll kill you"

"There's the possibility I'll already be dead by that time" The Outsider knowing that Billy was close to her goal

"We'll see" She replied calmly "Take me whoever this Goddess is"

"Not so fast, I have someone else to take from the world of this place" The outsider replied as he disappeared...

Somewhere in the void

'Where am I?' Spartan-B312 asked himself slowly rising up, his vision was still blurry 'Where are the Covenants?'

Slowly his vision got better and he realized that he wasn't on Reach anymore, to be fair, he didn't know where the hell he was. His blood froze when he found the entire Noble Team, except for Jun, lying on the ground apparently lifeless.

'So this is the afterlife huh?' He asked himself as he got up 'Well this is quite different from I expected...' he thought as a whale flew next the island '...and weird...' he added before noticing the absence of Jun 'at least someone survived...' he thought before narrowing his eyes when he saw Jun's Sniper Rifle System 99 Anti-Matériel and M392 marksman 'Well, I guess I can pick up that role' he thought as he picked up the rifles and put them on his back before grabbing his MA37. He had to admit, he wasn't very comfortable.

To his surprise, Carter started coughing before slowly getting up. He looked at Noble Six and sighed " you didn't make it?"

"No sir" Six replied shaking his head "I have completed the mission and chose to fight until the end"

"I see" Carter replied as he looked around before focusing on Emile "I bet you also fight to the end"

"I did boss" Emile said as he woke up and checked his armor which to his surprise was unscratched

"Can you shut up? I have a massive headache" Catherine said rising up while holding the back of her head

"And my ears are still ringing" Jorge said before letting a deep sigh "If you are all here then I have failed..."

"A covenant fleet appeared soon after your sacrifice...Reach fell under their attacks" Carter explained.

The Spartans started looking around, checking the status of their equipment and weapons.

"Well, I expected more lava and maybe a bit of brimstone but you now what? I quite like this place" Emile said chuckling a bit

Suddenly, their motion sensor picked up something and they all turned around in the direction of the signal pointing their weapons at it. To their surprise, it was just a man...or so they thought.

"The Void can have many appearances" The Outsider said to the group of Spartans

"Who the hell are you?" Emile asked still pointing his shotgun at the stranger

"I'm the Outsider, I have watched you during the fall of reach, it was a quite breathtaking experience" The Outsider said calmly

"Do you know how many lives were lost in that 'breathtaking experience'?" Jorge replied a bit enraged

"But do you know how many lives were saved thanks to the efforts of your squad?" The Outsider shot back as he crossed his arms "Thanks to your sacrifice, humanity as a whole was saved and the war was won by the UNSC and the Covenant Separatists and all hostilities officially ended in March 3rd, 2553. In the year 2589 Reach was re-terraformed and by 2610 the city of New Alexandria was re-settled"

The Spartan group was truly shocked...they all were so close to seeing the end of the war...they all remained silent as the stranger started to walk on circles around them.

"You have lost the battle but you have won the war both figuratively and literally. This is why I think you deserve a second chance" he said "There's a person on a certain world that desperately needs capable warriors to help her. This person will welcome all you with open arms"

"I doubt it" Emile said "As soon as this guy sees us he'll run away"

"I never said that this world is in the..." The Outsider started to reply as he looked for the right words to make the SPARTANs understand "same universe. "

"You are saying that you can take us to another universe?" Catherine asked

"Yes, what I'm giving you the chance to start off a new life where the word SPARTAN means nothing" The Outsider confirmed "The life that was taken away from you"

"Sound fishy to me" Carter said shaking his head "No one would go on such lengths just for a reward. Also, even if the word SPARTAN means nothing in that place, a Spartan is a Spartan, we are weapons only capable of killing" he said "So you either start telling us what's the trick in all of this or you can piss off"

The Outsider brought his hand to his chin "Well, if you'll accept my offer, you'll work for this person until you die or she lets you go."

"So you want us to become slaves" Emile stated

"You were already." The Outsider deadpanned "You will be able to live a normal life and your job will only consist in fighting monsters in order to pay the rent and buy your necessities"

"Wait...What do you get from this? And what this person gets from all of this?" Jorge asked warily since so far the stranger never mentioned what he earns from all of this"

"You see in this world there are families, each family is formed by strong warriors and led by Gods who decided to live on Earth along with the humans. The Person who needs your help is called Hestia and, of course, she is a Goddess. If you decide to help me, you'll join her familia and help her save the one she holds dear. The thing I get from is very simple and unharmful but...I cannot tell you now"

The Spartans remained silent for a few moments analyzing the things the stranger just said. They had to admit that this deal seemed too good to be true.

"So what do we do, Commander?" Jorge asked Carter through the radio in their helmets

"Returning back is not an option, too much time has passed and also we're dead according to the UNSC" Catherine said calmly

"Also I don't think I will be able to live while being friendly to these separatists..." Emile added

"What do you think of this Lieutenant?" Carter asked the only member who remained silent the whole time.

"With all respect sir, we're already dead, we have nothing to lose anymore. I would just go with it" Six replied

Carter nodded before looking at the Outsider "We're in"

The outsider nodded as his mark appeared on the Spartans' back of the neck.

"What the hell?!" Emile shouted before pointing his shotgun at the outsider "what did you do?"

"I just gave you a small help, unfortunately, the world you are about to visit lacks the technology needed to support your armors and weapons so I took care of that" The Outsider said "You will not run out of ammo and if you do it will slowly regenerate so be careful. While the Fusion Power of your armor is almost limitless, I replaced it with Whale oil..."

"You what?!" Catherine said shocked

"That was a joke" The Outsider deadpanned "The armor is now is powered by the Void itself and here's an additional gift for you..." he said as five data crystal chips appeared on their hands "I present to you Monika, The AI that will guide you from now on" he said calmly as a girl with long brown hair kept in a ponytail tied back with a white ribbon and emerald eyes appeared from the chips.

"It's nice to meet you Noble Team, I'm Monika and I'll be assisting you from now on" she said quite excited.

"I'll let you bond with her" The Outsider said "she'll explain you everything" he added "Oh yes, here it is a...starting'll need for your first mission" he said before leaving something and dissapearing

Carter looked at the IA in his hands "So what is your specialization?"

"Well, I don't have one. The Outsider said that I was an AI but I wasn't created to be one. I was a simple program in a dating sim published in 2017. I became self-aware and started to develop emotions and my own will and way of thinking. I lot of things happened and the Outsider found me, he gave me all the knowledge of mankind along with everything made by it like Music, Movies etcetera, even of your time, he also provided me with information on our future companions and the world we are about to reach and how things work. And before you ask, while I might seem like a 'smart AI' of the UNSC I'm not affected by rampancy so you don't have to worry about me going crazy in the future" Monika explained as she raised her finger "First off let's start with how things are going to work..." she said before starting explaining everything regarding the familias, the levels, and the dungeon...

"Sounds like a Video Game" Noble Six commented as he sighed

"Yes, Indeed" Monika replied nodding "The More you fight in the dungeon the stronger you become. For normal humans is relatively easier to level up but for you it would have been...harder since you are...well...super soldiers"

"So in a hypothetical situation, for a normal person it would take a week in the dungeon to level up while for a spartan it would take three weeks because even though we are level one we start off stronger than them" Catherine said getting a nod from the AI.

"Yes, but thanks to your future commander that will not be the case, you'll start with his level and level up as fast as him though you'll have to build a trust relationship between you and him in order to fully take advantage of this" Monika explained

"So what advantage we get from leveling up?" Jorge asked with an interested tone

"Well, a boost in your abilities, strength but also better equipment" Monika replied as she put her hands on her hips "You see each of you has a datapad right now that you might want to check"

The Spartans were quite surprised by Monika's statement and were truly shocked when each of them found a datapad on their person.

"Each Data Pad has a fuction" Monika said as she looked at Jorge "Noble five can you tell me what yours says?"

Jorge nodded and started reading what was written on the datapad "It says 'weaponry'" he replied

"Exactly" Monika said nodding "The More you level up the more things you get. If Jorge reaches level 3 then he unlocks the heavy weaponry of the UNSC such as Rocket Launchers or Spartan Lasers or heavy machines guns for the exception of his since its part of his basic equipment. Six's datapad should have the garage instead, right now you only have a Mongoose and a Troop'hog, the more Six will fight the more variants he will unlock before unlocking the next section when he reaches level 3. I think you can handle the rest."

The Spartans nodded "Now tell us about the people we are going to meet." Carter demanded

"I can't do that right now, the Outsider didn't want me to reveal anything before you meet them..." Monika replied shaking her head

Somewhere in the continent

Guts followed by his group was walking towards Roderick's ship, The Seahorse. Suddenly, both of Guts and Casca's mark started bleeding. The Black Swordsman even though was still injured and tired from his previous fight immediately drew out his sword.

To his shock, all of his companions fell to the ground unconscious. Guts started feeling his consciousness slipping away and started growling as his inner beast was about to break loose. In the blink of an eye, he found himself standing on the deserted island surrounded only by white emptiness. Guts breathing started to get heavier as he waited for them to show up.

"Rest assured" The Outsider said as he appeared a few meters away from Guts "The God Hand has no power here"

Guts was about to charge at the man in front of him but he was stopped when he realized that attacking him now would mean leaving the others defenseless, he still pointed his sword at the stranger but he slowly placed himself in front of the unconscious Casca. "What do you want?" he growled

"I have an offer for you" The Outsider said

"FUCK YOUR OFFER!" He shouted enraged "I saw how you operate! THIS IS THE PROOF" he said as he pointed at the brand of the sacrifice.

The Outsider remained silent for a few moments before speaking again "Wouldn't you like to live a life without being hunted by those monsters? A life for all of you away from this nightmarish world?"

"Tsk! Sounds more like a fairytale to me" Guts hissed back "But something like that always comes with a price that I'm NOT WILLING TO WILLING TO PAY!"

"I won't ask you to sacrifice something" The Outsider replied as an Island appeared next to their showing Hestia organising the rescue team for Bell "I want you to join her group and help her the one she loves, that's it"

"I don't believe you" Guts replied

With swift movement of his hand the Outsider did something that Guts deemed to be impossible. The black swordsman wasn't able to feel the stinging sensation of his brand...he slowly reached for where the Brand of Sacrifice was and found nothing. He cautiously checked Casca...and found nothing...

"I have removed that from your bodies both normal and astral," The Outsider said calmly

Guts frowned deeply "Can you turn Casca normal?" he asked

"I'm afraid I cannot, she doesn't know me and my presence is pretty similar to the one belonging to the creature that reduced her like this, entering her mind would produce the opposite effect" he said "But what I can do is giving the means to enter her mind to someone of your group" he said as Schierke and Farnese started floating in the air "Of course only if you accept"

Guts remained silent "what if I refuse?"

"You'll just return to where you were without any memory of this conversation, The brand will return and you'll continue your journey" The Outsider replied "You have my word"

Guts gritted his teeth "Fine, but if you try to trick me, I'll-"

"You'll have to get in line, recently I was told that many times" The Outsider interrupted him as his mark appeared on Schierke's and Farnese's palms

This kinda freaked out Guts who swung his sword at the Outsider who teleported away "You branded them!"

"Not like you think" The Outsider replied high up in the air "To enter Casca's mind they'll need some help, with my mark they will be able to use the Void to free her. It will take a lot of practice but the result is guaranteed" he said as Guts aimed his cannon-arm "it will also help them keep you sane while using that armor of yours...and also to adapt to the magic of this new world"

This caused Guts to stop, he looked at the glowing marks on the two girls hands before they disappeared.

"Farewell Guts" The Outsider said calmly before disappearing...

Somewhere in the void

"Oi Tatsumi! Oi! Wake up!" Leone shouted as she poked the young man's cheek

"wow, he got some muscles since I last seen him!" Chelsea remarked smirking

"He's mine, give up" Mine said crossing her arms

"Yeah Yeah, we'll see about that" Chelsea said shrugging

"Calm down please..." Sheele whispered

"Maybe I should try to revive him?" Susanoo proposed

Tatsumi's eyes flew wide open before he started coughing, he rose up and checked his surroundings , he widened his eyes when he saw Mine and quickly pulled her into a hug.

The pink-haired girl hugged him back as she shot a victorious grin at Chelsea. "Mine..." he whispered

"Stupid, You got killed haven't you...?" she whispered back as she stroked his head

"Yeah..." he said nodding "I'm sorry"

The two of them remained together like this for a few moments before breaking the hug. It was then that Tatsumi realized that Chelsea and Sheele was also there along with Leone and Susanoo.

The young man hugged all four of them before looking at their surroundings "Where are we?"

"I guess the afterlife?" Sheele proposed

"Nah, Bulat would be here and Lubbock...and a certain Ice Queen that I don't want to see again" Leone said

"Esdeath died?" Tatsumi asked

"Yep!" Leone replied with a laugh "Akame killed her."

"But why are you here? And why are you like that?" Tatsumi asked referring to Leone new appearance

"Yeah...about that...the Minister had an ace up his sleeve and destroyed Lionel or se he thought. Lionel fused with my body and that's why I'm like this" Leone explained as she scratched the back of her head "As for why I'm here, he kinda shot me several times but I can assure that he died in a painful way."

"So we won..." Tatsumi concluded as Leone made a warm smile

"Yes, we did" Leone said nodding

"We should celebrate" Chelsea said

"unfortunately I haven't prepared anything for party..." Susanoo said sighing

"Oh yeah that's the main problem! It's not like we are stuck on a floating island in the middle of nowhere!" Mine replied sarcastically

"At least the whales are pretty" Sheele remarked

"Wait, I'll scout the area" Tatsumi said as he activated his surprise the armor was back to its original form so no wings... "Nevermind..." he said sighing


"You have me now" Susanoo said as Mine sighed

"I know Susanoo but it's just not the same without my pumpkin"

"You destroyed it" Leone replied as Chelsea started laughing

Suddenly, the Outsider appeared in front of them "Greetings" he said calmly

"wow, God is creepy" Leone remarked "especially the eyes...maybe he's the devil?"

"Hey Big guy! Give me back my gun!" Mine demanded pointing her finger at the Outsider

"I can't do that sorry" The Outsider said "You destroyed it beyond reconstruction and unfortunately for you, the First Emperor kept the secret of the imperial arms so well that even I don't know how to make them" he said before gesturing Susanoo "It was already hard enough to repair and even so he lost most of his abilities"

"Shit!" Mine shouted as she crossed arms "So what do you want?!"

"Mine...please...he's God, can you show some respect...?" Tatsumi said as the pink-haired shook her head

"I have an offer for you" The Outsider said calmly

"What is it?" Chelsea replied

"There is a person who needs strong warriors like you, I want you to join her group" The Outsider said

"I can't hear we are TOO DEAD to do something like that" Mine replied "Also, you didn't give me back my rifle"

"We don't fight for someone just like that" Tatsumi replied with resolute tone

"I get what you mean" The Outsider said calmly "She's not like Aria, she's quite the opposite, she's like Mine in way..."

"What's that supposed to mean?!" Mine barked

"In the world I'm sending you, she's one of the if not the nicest Goddes around" The outsider explained "She will treat you kindly and like family"

"hold up" Chelsea said tilting her head "Are you saying to you're sending us to another help a Goddess?"

" doesn't sound too bad..." Sheele admitted scratching the back of her head as Susanoo nodded in agreement

"It sounds too good to be true" Chelsea said crossing her arms "We get a new life and everything but what do you gain from all of this? "

"That doesn't concern you" The Outsider said "I'm asking you to help her because I made a pact with her"

"Yeah...that doesn't sound fishy at all" Leone remarked

"Let's just say she will help me with a possible retirement," The Outsider said "If you don't want to accept my offer just say so and I'll send you right back to your eternal sleep"

The whole group looked at Tatsumi, who widened his eyes when he realized that they were waiting for him to make a decision "Wait...I have to decide?!"

"Yes!" Leone said "I'm not fit for command and you also took down the freaking Shikoutazer!" she said

Tatsumi looked at the others who just smiled at him

"I will always follow you" Mine said smiling

"Whatever you choose, I'm fine with it" Chelsea said "Though, I would like to see what's this all about"

"As long as everyone is happy, I'm fine with it" Sheele said

Tatsumi nodded and looked at the Outsider "Take us there" he said as the outsider nodded

"You'll have to wait there are other people from other worlds that I must collect" The Outsider said as he disappeared

Somewhere in the land of Ylisse...

Grima was defeated, the world was saved, it was Lucina's time to leave, she wished a better life for her infant self and started heading towards the outskirts of Ylisstol...

"Going somewhere?" Owain asked leaning on the outer walls of the city sided by Severa and Inigo

Lucina made a bittersweet smile and nodded "yeah, I never planned to remain here anyway"

"Your parents are going to miss you" Inigo said sighing "I bet Robin will cry a lot"

"But I'm with them" Lucina said

"You know it's not the same" Severa hissed "So what are you going to do now?"

"I'll just...disappear" Lucina replied "Goodbye guys..." she said as she restarted walking. To her surprise, the three started following her "What are you doing?"

"What? We also are planning to travel a bit" Severa replied shrugging

"We just happen to go in the same direction" Inigo added smirking

"If you disappear it will not have anything to do with us" Owain added giving a friendly nudge at the Blue-haired girl

"Thank you..." Lucina whispered as they all started heading north.

The group kept traveling for an entire day before setting a camp for the night, having dinner and then going to sleep...

The young heroes where surprised when they found themselves on a floating piece of the forest they were in surrounded only by white emptiness.

Before anyone could say anything the Outsider appeared in front them "Greetings Lucina, Owain, Severa and Inigo. I'm the Outsider"

"Gods! Who the hell are you?!" Severa shouted

'Another one like that...' The Outsider said as he mentally sighed "I already told you my name" he replied making feel Severa quite stupid.

"What affairs do you have with us?" Lucina said as she took a step forward while placing her hand on her Falchion

"I have an offer for you" The Outsider said "I happened to hear your wish to disappear from your world and I would like to send you to a new one"

Lucina widened her eyes at that "Continue..."

"In exchange, I want you to join the group of a Goddess named Hestia, that's it" He explained

Lucina looked at her companions "Thank you for having accompanied me this far..." she said smiling "Farewell" she added before looking at the Outsider "We have a deal"

"NOT SO FAST!" Severa shouted as she ran to Lucina's side an grabbed her hand "I'M COMING WITH YOU!"

Lucina shook head "Wha- but...You have t-"

"I choose what to do with my life" Severa said "I was going to travel anyway, probably I would have ended up somewhere far from home anyway!"

"Don't forget us!" Both of Inigo and Owain shouted as they also rushed to the girls' side "We can't leave you all alone in an unknown world with unknown Gods!"

Lucina smiled as she squeezed a bit Severa's hand before looking at the Outsider "We are ready"

The Outsider just nodded before disappearing...

Somewhere in the ruins of a city

The Outsider stood in front of them observing the beings known as Androids who indeed looked human and who possessed human emotion. He has watched them struggle against a cruel fate and in the end saw them winning against it...partly. He was also quite intrigued by these small flying machines known as Pods.

"Question: What are you?" Pod 153 asked as it floated around the Outsider, Who contemplated the idea of giving the small machine a cryptic answer but chose against it in order to not waste time, along with Pod 042.

"I'm God" he said calmly

"Impossible, beings as Gods cannot exists outside religious fanaticism" The Pod replied

"Then how do you explain my presence little one?" he replied as he crossed his arms.

The Pods remained silents for a few moments "Logic Error Detected" Both of them said

The Outsider just chuckled "As I thought"

"Question. Why are you here?" Pod 042 asked

The Outsider crouched and looked at the two androids "For them" he said calmly "Where's the third one?"

"YoRHa Type A No.2 has been taken to a safe location" 042 replied as The Outsider teleported A2 next to 2B and 9S "Question. How was that possible?"

"Magic" The Outsider replied

"Statement. Magic does not exist" 153 replied

The young man just shrugged as slowly the three androids rebooted.

The first to wake up was A2 who quickly jumped on her feet when she saw the Outsider standing in front of her. Disbelief was all over her face which clearly showed her try to process what was going on. She also tried to call forth her weapons but didn't succeed since she was no longer had them.

2B and 9S also quickly woke up, the first one had a similar reaction to A2 while 9S was...amazed " are human?!" he exclaimed shocked causing both 2B and A2 to look at the Outsider in pure shock.

The Godly entity stood up "I was once human yes, but now I'm God" he said before starting dodging the punches and kicks from both A2 and 2B by teleporting away or just sidestepping them. He understood immediately why they were acting like this as he remembered the first time he observed the people of this reality "'Everything that lives is designed to end'" He started saying causing both androids to stop "'We are perpetually trapped in a never-ending spiral of life and death. Is this a curse? Or some kind of punishment? I often think about the god who blessed us with this cryptic puzzle...and wonder if we'll ever get the chance to kill him.' Indeed the Gods that forced you on this cursed existence have a really distasteful view of entertainment...if they even exist." he said sidestepping another punch this time sent by 9S, he was quite surprised from how his first amazement quickly turned into hatred.

"So that's what we are for you? Entertainment?!" He shouted enraged "All the things we have been through...all the pain we have been through were all means of fighting your boredom?!"

"Probably" The Outsider replied before dodging is another punch from the scanner "But I'm not one of them, I don't belong to any world or reality. Indeed, I have watched while you struggled against your destiny but I never saw as entertainment but as someone who I needed to understand and now I'm here to help you to escape from this doomed existence that can potentially end up with the same result as before"

The Androids were about to reply when the Pods interrupted them "The possibility can't be excluded" they said stopping the androids.

"In another world, a kind Goddess needs help, if you'll join her, you will have a placed to stay in a world where humans and many other races live. You'll encounter people from many other worlds." The Outsider said calmly as a Portal appeared in front of them along with the weapons that once belonged to them "You only have to grab your weapons and walk through this portal"

There were a few moments of silence, A2 grabbed a Type-40 sword and a Type-40 Blade, she was about to head inside a portal when a Pod 042 flew in front of her "Don't try to stop me" she hissed

"I'm not stopping you, I'm your Pod, it is my job to assist you at the best of my capabilities" The Pod Replied

"Your original owner is here" she replied coldly

"Actually, I'm right here" An identical Pod 042 replied as it floated next to 2B "The Pod in front of you is Pod 043, a copy of myself with all the data of our time together"

A2 remained silent for a few moments before restarting walking towards the portal followed by Pod 043 "Whatever"

At this point, both of 9S and 2B were staring at the weapons in front of them, the Outsider could tell that they were contemplating all the possibilities.

The two androids walked towards the weapons and let the Pods take them to the digital sheath for the exception of the two androids weapons of choice. 2B's weapons were Virtuous Contract and Virtuous Treaty while 9S' weapon was Cruel Oath...

A2 seemed to have noticed their actions and decided to stop her tracks "Are you coming or what?" she asked

9S was still a bit enraged with A2 but those thoughts faded away when 2B took his hand "Let's go, Nines" she said calmly

The Scanner was shocked by the fact she just openly called him Nines, he just nodded before starting walking together towards the portal. At that point, A2 walked inside soon followed by 9S and 2B.

Somewhere in Dunwall

Duke Corvo Attano was there, lying on his death bed as he waited to die of old age, he knew that he will not last much longer but he was happy. He already said goodbye to Emily and all the people he established bonds with after his fight with Delilah and had no more regrets. The old man then sensed a familiar presence near him and made a small smile as the Outsider appeared sitting by his side

"so you also came..."

"Indeed" The Outsider said calmly

"Billy..." Corvo started to say

"It's complicated" The Outsider replied, it seems like in this timeline Billy killed him...not that surprised him much but this is just one of many timelines.

"So are you here to say goodbye to me?" Corvo said chuckling a bit at the thought.

"Not exactly" The Outsider said as he touched Corvo's left hand "I'm here to ask you...are you up for one last journey?" he said as his mark on Corvo's hand slightly glowed

The old man made a small smile "Why not?" he replied chuckling a bit "But...maybe this time, I would like not to be dishonored"

"Of course" The Outsider said as he closed Corvo's eyes.

Somewhere in the Void

Artorias was standing there, still shocked from what was going on, in his hands, there were his sword and shield. While the fact that his left arm was fully healed and re-equipped was already shocking on his own what shocked him the most was who was with him.

Lying on the ground there was Ciaran, Ornstein, and Sif along with a knight with a sun on his chest and Gough, with the difference that he was only slightly bigger than him...

The wolf knight could still remember his fight with the Chosen Undead, how he fought the Abyss and was defeated and all that happened before that. His train of thoughts was stopped as Ciaran started coughing.

He immediately rushed to her side and offered his arm as she slowly rose up. It took a few moments for Ciaran to realize to who that arm belonged but she did she immediately hugged Artorias...even though her small body was not enough to cover the knight. "My dear Artorias..." she whispered as Artorias stroke her head

"I wake up and I already find you two clinging on each other" Ornstein remarked as he got up before placing his hand on Artorias' shoulder "It's good to see you again, my friend"

"Likewise" Artorias replies with a deep and almost guttural voice before returning focusing on Ciaran.

Sif also woke up and was visibly happy to be again with Artorias and the others, but he didn't want to interrupt Artorias' reunion with Ciaran so he went to wake up the knight with the sun on his chest

"FOR THE SUN!" The human shouted as he quickly got up clearly startled by Sif's actions

This caused Artorias and Ciaran to snap out of their trance "Who are you?" the wolf knight asked

"I'm Solaire of Astora, warrior of Sunlight!" Solaire replied with a friendly tone "You must be the legendary Abysswalker and the Lord's Blade Ciaran!"

Artorias was a bit relieved by the fact that this human was clearly a follower of the sun and he was quite refreshed by his joyous attitude "Indeed we"

Solaire looked behind him and saw Ornstein and Gough "And those are the other knights" he said getting a nod from the two

In the meantime, Ornstein walked towards Gough, he immediately saw the resin in Gough's eye holes and felt anger filling up is being. He was about to use his lance to remove the resin when suddenly it disappeared on its own. The light impacting on Gough's eyes caused him to wake up immediately and brought his hands to his helmet. After getting used to the light, Gough looked around himself "Ornstein, my friend, it's been so long"

"Indeed" Ornstein said nodding "You got shorter"

Gough looked himself and chuckled "I guess so...where are we?"

"You are in the void" The Outsider said as he appeared above them "I took you here after that the Chosen Undead defeated you"

"What are you?" Ornstein demanded to know, he knew that the human-looking being wasn't a human, I could feel immense power coming from him

"I guess you can see me as the God of this place" The Outsider replied

"Why has thee brought us here?" Solaire asked

"The Chosen Undead completed his task and restored the First Flame and so a new cycle starts, you all served your role and now you're gone..." The Outsider replied "But there's something you can still do..."

"Which is?" Artorias asked

"Now that Lord Gwyn finally found peace, you are no longer bound to him. Swear Loyalty to Hestia, a Goddess of another world who needs help from valuable knights like you"

"I shall help this lady!" Solaire said as he got up "It is a Knight's duty to help the damsels in distress!"

Ornstein and the Others instead remained silent for a few moments. The Idea of swearing loyalty to someone else other than their lord was hard to swallow...

Then Artorias looked at the Outsider "If I'm able to speak, think and act by my own free will it's because of thee, my debt to thee is immeasurable, if that's what thee want from me then I'll do it"

"I'll follow Artorias" Ciaran said as she also looked the Outsider.

"You owe to thee for thy service to Artorias. Gough will accept thou request" Gough said

Everyone now looked at Ornstein who remained silent until now, they knew that he was the most loyal knight to the Gods so they really didn't know how he would have reacted...

"I swore my alliance to the Gods a long time ago, if a Goddess needs my help then I shall come in her aid" He said

The Outsider seemed to be amused as he disappeared.

Somewhere in Orario...

The Spartans, The Assassins, Scàthach and all the people gathered by the Outsider appeared in the middle of a deserted park of Orario. Of course, everyone was kinda confused by the situation. The entire area was filled by silence as if they were waiting for someone to say something...

Fortunately, Ezio and Altair, who were the most informed of the group, decided that it should be them to start a dialogue.

"Greetings strangers of foreign lands and different eras" Altair said trying to sound as friendly as possible "My is Altair Ibn-La'Ahad, the man beside me is Ezio Auditore da Firenze. The Outsider explained to us the whole situation, are you familiar with that name?" he asked as everyone nodded

"I think that before doing anything, we should introduce ourselves." Ezio stated "Altair already told you our names, but it's important for you to know that we are both Mentors of the order of the Assassins. An order dedicated to achieving peace while also keeping free will for everyone" he said "I hope we'll get along"

Lucina seemed to be surprised by the name they chose for their order, at first, she thought that they were just a group of a mercenary company that lurked in the shadows. This thought changed when Ezio explained the goal of the order and now they sounded like...

"A secret order of guardians!" Owain whispered excited

"They do have their charm..." Severa admitted with a smirk as Inigo looked at her with a shocked expression

The Spartan at first didn't seem to be fazed by Ezio's and Altair's story...until Monika explained how much they have impacted history.

"The Order of Assassins is behind many events during history, many countries you know wouldn't exist without them and there wouldn't be free will. They protected the freedom of humanity for centuries. They Live by the motto: Nothing is True, Everything is permitted" Monika said

"That's rather cynical and a dangerous way of thinking" Catherine replied

"It would be if it was a doctrine" Monika replied "To quote Ezio 'It's merely an observation of the nature of reality, to say that nothing is true, is to realize that the foundations of society are fragile and that we must be the shepherds of our own civilization. To say that everything is permitted, is to understand that we are the architects of our actions and that we must live with their consequences, whether glorious or tragic'"

"That's something I could get behind" Carter replied calmly

The former members of Night Raid could feel a certain affinity with Ezio and Altair, they didn't call themselves Heroes of Freedom or other things like that. They were Assassins that killed people for a greater good, they had no doubt that if they looked in the history book of Ezio's and Altair's world they wouldn't found a single one of them talking about them just like there will not be a storybook talking about the Night Raid...

While Farnese, Serpico, Shierke, Puck, and Isidro were wondering what was the story behind the two assassins. Guts just wasn't really interested...

Archer at first thought the two assassins were like Shirou Emiya...then he saw their eyes, their appearance may be young but those eyes have seen what free will is capable for and fully accepted it...

A2, 9S and 2B were quite will...that was something they couldn't never truly experience...that word was something foreign and yet something they really desired...

Lady Maria knew very well how freedom was something that must be protected maybe because she was trapped for so long in the Nightmare...she admired the two assassins' ideal

Corvo was also intrigued by the two assassins, they were like himself in a way...He took a step forward "I'm Duke Corvo Attano, I come from a city called Dunwall" he said, he wasn't surprised when no one seemed to know Dunwall "I already worked with the outsider before and I can assure you that he is neither evil or good, he's just curious, I don't think he will interfere anymore" he said calmly "He helped me after I was betrayed and my daughter kidnapped, he gave me various powers that made one of the most feared assassins in Dunwall. Though I only killed those who were directly responsible, you can count me from now on"

Tatsumi started in Corvo's eyes and saw Akame's, that all he needed to understand that this Corvo wasn't lying.

Ezio and Altair immediately understood that Corvo was the other Assassin that the Outsider mention when he gave them his mark. They were pleased by the fact that he wasn't only a bloodlust butcher but actually a person quite rational.

Ciaran seemed interested in both of the Master Assassins and this Corvo, they seemed like the kind of people she can see herself working with.

"He indeed looks classy for being an assassin" Serpico said as he observed Corvo.

Following Corvo's example Lucina decided to step forward along with her group "My Name is Lucina, I'm a member of the group called Shepherds who are voted to protect the people of the Halidom of Ylisse, these are my companions Severa, Owain and Inigo" she said gesturing each of her companions "We have fought and defeated the Fell Dragon Grima before it could destroy our world. We are honored to make your acquittance."

Both of Gough and Ornstein were quite surprised by the girl's statement but it did earn her their respect. Guts also was quite surprised and impressed but he didn't let it show.

The Ashen One also looked at the small group with respect as he recognized as fellow Dragon Slayers.

The Good Hunter and Lady Maria gave them an approving nod while the Plain Doll just tilted her head.

"Boss, did she just said Dragon?" Emile asked through his helmet to Carter.

"Get used to it" Catherine replied knowing well enough that this will only be the first of many strange things.

Tatsumi started sweating a bit while Leone held her laugh internally since she noticed Tatsumi nervousness. Mine instead was too focused on the armored guy with a sniper rifle on his back. Chelsea and Sheele just listened.

Scàthach wasn't impressed but also wasn't disappointed. The other two were behind her also remained emotionless.

Corvo was quite surprised, The Outsider really surpassed himself this time...

9S was beyond amazed, there was a HUGE amount of input to process. 2B and A2 were wondering how hard was fighting a dragon.

Altair and Ezio nodded understanding that they'll have to get used to these kinds of stories "The Honor is ours, Milady Lucina" the Italian assassin said.

Ornstein decided it was their time to introduce themselves, he took a step forward followed by his group and looked at the people around them "I'm Ornstein, the Dragon Slayer. These are Artorias The Abysswalker and his wolf Sif, Hawkeye Gough and Ciaran the Lord's Blade. We are the four knights of the God of the Sun Gwyn, we have fought against the eternal dragons and won. Since then we have been in many conflicts..." he said before realizing that he didn't mention Solaire, he was about to but the knight beat him to it.

"I'm Solaire of Astora, a warrior of the sun! I will look forward to our Jolly cooperation!" he declared as he then praised the sun

Lucina was kind puzzled by the gesture that this warrior of the sun just did but she could tell that he was a good person. As for the Four knights, she could tell they were all very experienced and felt respect in their regards.

Owain was shocked by immense size of Artorias' greatsword. Inigo was also quite impressed while Severa felt like they just mocked them as they were saying 'You beat one dragon? What a filthy casul, we beat an army of them'

Tatsumi was now seating bullets, while Leone let out a sigle snicker along with Chelsea.

'Shit SHIT SHIT SHIT' the Ashen one thought as he looked at the four knights. The Fire Keeper looked at him concerned

Again The Good Hunter and Lady Maria seemed impressed and also felt quite refreshed by the postivity that Solaire was emanating.

Ezio and Altair were amazed especially by the size of said knights...except for Ciaran and Solaire, who in a way reminded Ezio of Yusuf.

'I bet I could slice in half an Elite with that sword' Emile thought as a smirk appeared under his helmet

"Woah! That Artorias reminds me of you Guts!" Puck said pointing at the wolf knight

"You are right! Big Sword, Mainly dark color scheme, it's a match!" Isidro said as Schierke sighed

"Well...they look a lot similar..." Farnese admitted as Serpico nodded in agreement.

Scàthach gave them an approving look as the knight beside her seemed quite excited while her third companion just crossed his arms. The Queen of the Land of Shadows took a step forward getting the attention of the other groups. "I'm Scàthach, queen of the Land Of Shadows and the Isle of Skye, I've trained several heroes over the years and killed many people and mystical creatures. I'll let my companions introduce themselves on their own" she said as she stepped aside letting the armored knight and white-haired man take her place.

"I'm Mordred! Son of King Arthur Pendragon, King of Britain, I'm a member of the Round Table and this is my sword Clarent!" Mordred proclaimed as she raised her sword above her head.

The white-haired man just sighed "I'm Archer, I don't have a fancy story to tell you, but I'll look forward to work with you"

'Well that was lame' Severa thought as she looked at Archer.

Lucina was surprised by Mordred's declaration but nonetheless, she showed respect in her regards since he also is the son of a King.

'What a cool name for a sword!' Owain thought as he looked at Clarent.

Inigo was instead focused on Scàthach 'I wonder if she'll join me for a cup of tea...'

Tatsumi let out a sigh of relief as finally someone who ISN'T a Dragon Slayer finally appeared. Chelsea was a bit intrigued by Archer, she knew that he was hiding something. Leone smirked at Mordred's behavior, she already listed him as a possible drinking buddy.

Neither the Ashen One and the Good Hunter expected to have people of Royalty in their ranks. Lady Maria instead was quite calm on the matter.

The Four Knights of Gwyn slightly bowed their heads, this is the highest form of respect they will ever give to a human member of royalty though Artorias sensed that the woman called Scàthach possessed a similar aura to Manus...

Corvo had to admit that Scàthach was a quite beautiful and strong woman...though he wondered why the Outsider went on such lengths...he must have something in mind...

Guts instead was the only who really appreciated Archer's introduction, he didn't waste time with his honorifics, he said his name which immediately gave away his role as an Archer and a bit good manners at the end to not sound too impolite

"Well, Mordred doesn't lack in self-confidence" Jorge said through the radio

"Mordred is also known as the Knight of Treachery keep an eye on him" Catherine said as the other Spartan nodded

"Didn't he caused the death of King Arthur?" Six asked

"Exactly" Carter said "Don't say anything though, we don't want to turn him hostile"

"Wow, his metal sword sure is scary I wonder how we can kill him...oh wait...maybe with guns?" Emile replied sarcastically

"The People you see are Heroic Spirits, you don't kill them so easily" Monika said before smirking "Also that Mordred is female

This caused the Spartans to blink a few times in confusion...

"Anyway...We are not killing friendlies, Emile" Carter scolded Emile who just shrugged

Altair noticed that Ezio tensed up "Is something wrong?" he whispered

"I'll tell you in a more private moment" Ezio replied

Again, 9S was speechless, now they were talking about famous heroes from famous operas...though he wondered who Archer was, a matter that also intrigued 2B and A2

Tatsumi took a deep breath and decided that it was their time to introduce themselves. He looked at Leone and the other and gave them a nod before looking at the people in front of him. "My name is Tatsumi, I'm the Current leader of Night Raid, a group of assassins who fought the corrupted empire that used to rule on our lands, we succeded in our Mission but it cost us our life. I hope we'll get along"

"I'm Leone, the second in command" Leone said as she placed herself next to Tatsumi, crossed her arms and smirked.

Chelsea did the same "The name is Chelsea and I specialize in undercover operations"

Sheele made a small bow "I'm not specialized in something in particular, I just things in half" she said as she showed Extase. "My is Sheele"

The only one left was Mine who had an angered and annoyed expression on her face "I'm Mine, I'm the Sniper of the group but since that fucker of the Outsider is incompetent, I don't have my Rifle so I'll probably just cheer for you from the sidelines I guess...oh yeah, the man next to me is Susanoo, he's a handyman" she said as her eyes were glued on Noble Six's back.

"Or Six just became the most attracting thing around or this Mine is staring at Jun's rifle" Emile remarked

"We could use this as our advantage" Carter said

"Mine is truly one of the best snipers that ever lived, getting us on her good side will not only give us a tactical advantage but will at least earn us a certain amount of trust by the members of her team and their leader since Tatsumi and Mine are a couple" Monika said

"I like how you think" Catherine commented

"Though aren't snipers supposed to blend with the environment? Because her bright pink attire and hair probably tend to give her position away" Emile said sighing

"You heard Monika, maybe it's a way to challenge their enemies?" Six guessed

"Do we still remember that Spartans are NOT famous for being the most friendly soldiers around?" Emile remarked

"None of the people here is a normal person, your stories are different but all of you turned into someone who's not fit to interact with normal people" Monika said "I think you have quite the possibility to make deep bonds"

"Okay then" Carter said as he sighed "Let's make a good impression" he said before stepping forward followed by the Noble Team.

The super soldiers immediately caught the attention of everyone especially Mine since she was curious to know the name of the armored man with the sniper rifle.

"I'm Commander Carter-A259 also known as Noble one, I'm a Spartan-III of the army of the United Nations Space Command. I'm the Team Leader of Noble Team, the squad you can see here" Carter said before gesturing his teammates "This Lieutenant Commander Catherine-B320, code name Noble Two, she's our intelligence officer. The man you see beside her is our Warrant Officer Emile-A239 also known as...Noble four, he's specialized in Assaults and close-quarters combat. The mountain you see next to him is our heavy weapons specialist, his name is Jorge-052 Chief Warrant Officer code name Noble Five. And Lastly our Lieutenant Noble Six...specialized in a lot of things that I can't even count" he said calmly

"Six for friends" Six added.

The YoRHa androids finally heard something they were familiar with, ranks.

"Alert. An AI has been detected from the being called SPARTANs" Pod 042 said it flew next to 2B

Carter took out Monika's chip which started projecting Monika's figure "Hello there!" Monika greeted the people around her "I'm Monika the AI that the Outsider gave to the Noble Team. If you are wondering, AI stands for artificial intelligence, I'm not a real person, I was created by a man to achieve his objective" she said before putting her index on her chin "'s slightly more complicated than that..."

Again, the YoRHa androids felt like at home...except for A2...

The Ashen One and The Four Knights of Gwyn were wondering what kind of sorcery or miracle could create something like Monika. They were also wondering what the hell 'United Nations Space Command' meant.

The Good Hunter just shrugged, for him Monika and the Plain Doll were no different except for the personality. He had to admit, the Spartans did look like someone you don't want to fuck with.

Severa was wondering what the hell the Spartans were holding in their hands. It certainly didn't look like a sword especially the massive one Jorge was carrying around...

Guts looked at the spartans before shrugging as he still wasn't impressed unlike his companion we were gawking at their armors...

The YoRHa androids decided that it was their time to introduce themselves and so 2B and 9S took a step forward followed by A2. The people around them looked at them as if they were wondering why they were blindfolded

"Greeting, my Name is YoRHa Battle Android No.2 Model B, 2B" 2B introduced herself before stepping aside for 9S "Like Monika there, we were built to fight for mankind..." 'Or at least for its shadow...'

"And I'm 9S, YoRHa No.9 Model S" 9S presented himself "I specialize in espionage, infiltration, and data gathering." He said as everyone then looked at A2.

The android just crossed her arms "A2" she said dryly.

"Well, she's not a very talkative one, is she?" Jorge commented

"A2 was part of the experimental YoRHa squadron deployed on the Pearl Harbor Descent Mission during the 14th Machine War, believe it or not, these Androids come from around the 11939" Monika said "The battle was expected to end with the defeat of YoRHa but instead they won albeit with the loss of most of the deployed troops including A2's squad...she became like that since then..."

"Sounds like the Alpha company...or the Beta Company" Carter remarked

Again, The Knights and the ashen one were wondering what the hell was an android while The Good Hunter had the feeling that these YoRHa things were almost identical to the Plain Doll.

The members of Night Raid felt a wave of Nostalgia washing over them since Monika and the YoRHa androids reminded them of Susanoo. Leone liked the Spartan's armor...but she still preferred Ornstein's...

Lucina was a bit uncomfortable with the idea of Artificial human beings...maybe it was because she thought that with something like that Grima could have returned without having to worry about anything...or maybe she didn't like the idea of playing God...

"What's up with those flying things?" Severa whispered as Lucina just shrugged While Owain was totally staring at the floating swords behind the androids along with Inigo like two real gentlemen...

"I wonder what kind of spell could have done something like that..." Schierke wondered looking at Monika and the YoRHa androids.

"none" Guts replied Dryly

The Good Hunter now had to admit that these androids and the Plain Doll were a lot similar except for their purpose. The Plain Doll was looking at them with curiosity while Lady Maria didn't seem very interested.

"Good Hunter..." The Plain Doll whispered softly "I think it's time to introduce ourselves..." she said getting a nod from him. Lady Maria seemed to have heard their conversation and so she prepared herself to speak...

The Good Hunter stepped forward catching the attention of those around him. The first thing everyone thought when they gazed upon his group was...


For some reasons, the aura around them was making them uneasy and wary of them...not only that but there was particular smell around was similar to blood was was...wrong

"My name is Joseph, I'm a hunter of the hunter's workshop" The Good Hunter said with deep voice "The two woman beside me is Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower and the Plain Doll" he said gesturing each of them "We are hunters of beasts that probably you would call matter how big they are...or how scary they are...we'll kill them" he said

Most of the people who heard him had their blood froze when the Good Hunter spoke...especially Leone...her senses were telling her to not engage the people in front of her. Tatsumi was in the same condition.

Ezio and Altair and Guts as well, could tell that those people have seen things that completely changed their view of the world as it is...

"I like them" Emile said

"Of course you do" Jorge remarked sighing...

Mordred had her arms crossed "Creepy" she commented

"Oh?" Archer said raising an eyebrow "Scared?"

"of course not!" Mordred shot back "It's just they are creepy"

Lucina was honestly a bit scared from the people who just introduced themselves. They were genuinely scary, the way they spoke, the way they carry themselves and was like standing in front of a predator...

"Hey Guts..." Shierke started speaking "Don't you think it's about time to introduce ourselves?"

The Black Swordsman slowly nodded before as he walked in front of his group. Farnese was keeping Caska calm since the hunters freaked out. It didn't take long for the others to notice his presence...especially due to the massive sword he was carrying around...

"My name is Guts...that's all you need to know" Guts said coldly as Schierke wanted to facepalm but she needed to make up to the bad impression Guts just made.

The young witch made a small curtsy along with Farnese and Serpico "I am Schierke, I'm a witch that travels around with Guts and the other people around him, I will look forward to work with you" 

"My name is Farnese de Vandimion, I'm Schierke's apprentice" Farnese said before gesturing Casca "and this is Casca" she said as Casca looked around curious 

"And I'm Serpico, Farnese's servant" Serpico introduced himself as Puck and Isidro flew in front of them followed by Ivalera

"Don't forget about the strongest asset of our group! Me!" Puck said with a grin "My name is Puck! And this is my apprentice Isidro!" 

"'sup?" Isidro said with a cheeky smile as Ivalera facepalmed 

"Ignore these two, they are just an incompetent monkey and an idiot" She said "I'm Ivalera, an Elf of the pisky race like Puck. I'm Schierke's best friend" 

Artorias was staring at the black swordsman quite a bit, who immediately stared back. "Yes?" he asked annoyed 

"Nice sword" Artorias said causing Guts to smirk a bit.

"Yours too" he replied as both the knights of Gwyn and Guts' companions stared at them feeling like they just missed something...

"What the hell?" Isidro said shocked 

"Did Guts...just...?" Puck said in shock 

"Must be something between greatsword users" Ornstein guessed as he shrugged while Ciaran and Gough nodded in agreement. 

"A witch....and witch-in-training...that's something new" Chelsea said looking at Schierke and Farnese 

"And two hounds that protects them" Leone remarked as threw a glance at Serpico and Guts "Don't you agree Boss?"

Tatsumi nodded in agreement "Yes" 

"I bet I can cut four elites with that sword" Emile said as Monika chuckled a bit 

"Indeed but I doubt Guts  would lend you his sword." The AI replied 

"That is sword? I thought it was a giant piece of metal meant to be bashed in the enemy's head" Carter said 

"That guy must as strong as a spartan to lift something that heavy " Six commented 

"That's a big sword..." 9S remarked 

"Yes, it is" 2B replied nodding as a" yawned 

The Good Hunter and Lady Maria were looking at Guts, there was something about him that didn't convince them, it was like there was a dark beast following him around...

The Ashen one was now the only one who hasn't introduced himself...he looked at the fire keeper and nodded. The two of them caught the attention of those around them by stepping forward. When The Ashen one was sure that everyone got their eyes on them he took a deep breath and was about to speak when...

"Greetings people from foreign lands...I am the Fire Keeper and this is milord Aaron the Ashen One." The Fire Keeper introduced herself "We hail from the same land of the Knights of Gwyn albeit from a different era..."

The Four Knights of Gwyn looked at the fire keeper their expressions hidden by their helmets...

"We extinguished the first flame so that in the future a new age of fire could start from the darkness" She said causing the Ashen One to rush on her side when the four knights tensed up and tightened their grip on their weapons only to relax after a few moments...

They didn't like what the Fire Keeper said but they knew how the world slowly starts rotting when the first flame is dying...and they knew that linking the flame would only extend that life until someone else needs to revive it again....maybe what they did was for the best...or maybe not but now? It didn't matter anymore and they will not let the problems and grudges of their former world shadow the new chance they just received.

The Good Hunter was feeling empathy towards the Ashen one and the Fire Keeper, they chose to sacrifice something for a greater objective other than the fact they reminded him of himself and the Plain Dool...

Owain had the feeling that he just missed some epic journey while Lucina's, Severa's and Inigo's hearts for some reason felt their hearts getting engulfed by a feeling of sadness, hopelessness, and loneliness that they already felt when grima won 

"What is the first flame, Monika?" Carter asked 

"To put it simply, the first flame is basically the thing that kept the world they were in from falling into the darkness and decay, it was also used in the age of the ancients to fight off the eternal dragons, unfortunately, this it is destined to fade away unless someone rekindles it. That was the job of the Ashen One, though it seemed like he chose against it probably because he wanted to end the cycle that kept his rotten world going while hoping that someday a new world would rise from the ashes of the old one...maybe it was for the best..." Monika explained

"Well. that is a really heavy choice" Six remarked as the others nodded in agreement 

"Lion boy didn't seem to like that" Leone said grinning  bit 

"None of them liked that" Mine said sighing

"how do you know?" Chelsea said teasingly 

"I'm a freaking sniper seeing the details  is my job" Mine said glaring at her fellow assassin

"Oh? I don't see any sniper, a sniper would have his rifle with him!" Chelsea fired back causing Mine to stumble back and to turn slightly red 

"Y-You..." Mine growled clenching her fists as Chelsea snickered 

Now that all introductions were done the groups were kinda awkaward with each other.

"We are not going anywhere like this" Carter said through the radio 

"Sir, Am I allowed to act on my own accord?" Six asked 

"Affirmative, Liutenant" The commander replied as Six walked towards the Night Raid 

"Hey Pinkie" he said as Mine Turned around ready to bark back to not call her that "Catch" he said as he tossed Jun's sniper rifle to Mine "That's the SRS99, Sniper Rifle System 99 Anti-Matèriel, it can take down armored vehicles in 4 hits" he said as Mine analyzed the sniper that almost dwarfed her. He then gave her  Jun's M392 "Unfortunately, you still need for a weapon with a higher fire rate, its name is M392 Designated Marksman Rifle, it is still considered a long range weapon but it also good for close/medium range" he explained

Tatsumi was amused by how Mine looked troubled from the sudden approach, not only that but since for Mine is really hard to thank someone, she looked even more troubled when the Spartan stopped explaining and started staring at her.

"Well...thanks...I'll find some way to repay you so that we can be even" Mine replied

"Mine is someone with a lot of pride, she will not let you go easy with this" Monika said giggling a bit 

Six analyzed in his head what Monika just said and planned a new course of action "It's not a gift, Monika told us that you are one of the best snipers that ever lived, These weapons are a sign of trust, since we are going to be teammates we'll need to look after each other and to be honest we would be able to fight with less stress knowing that a good sniper has our backs" 

At this point, a cheeky smile appeared on Mine's face "I see...then I'll show you that you made the right decision" she replied as both nodded and Six returned to his group.

"Good job, Six" Carter praised him nodding 

"For someone labeled with Hyper Letal, you sure are a social guy" Emile added with a chuckle 

"You did good Six" Jorge said with an approving nod 

 "I aim to please" Six replied nodding before he noticed that someone was approaching them.

2B, 9S and a very annoyed A2 were standing in front of the Spartans. 

"Can I help you?" Carter asked 

2B nodded "Commander Carter we would like to deepen our relationship with your squad" she said shocking both the Spartans and 9S due her straightforwardness 

"Let me rephrase that sir" 9S said a bit excited "You see, we were programmed to fight for humans and of course we worked with ranks, You and your Squad are the only ones that look like someone that comes from a more modern society that has a general idea of what is technology and how it works. We thought that working together would bring several advantages"

"I don't see anything wrong with that" Carter replied "But we are all a team now so we must not leave the other out from this cooperation" he said gesturing the others 

"Of course, sir" 9S said as he made a salute and walked away with 2B and A2.

In the meantime, Corvo and the two Master Assassins were talking about each other and about the Outsider's mark.

"So what power should we have right now?" Ezio asked as he looked curiosly at his hand

"It depends" Corvo replied nodding "You'll discover it while using it" 

"Well, I hope we'll be able to discover it in a calm situation" Altair remarked as Ciaran approached them "Yes, Milady Ciaran?"

"We should get moving don't you think?" She said calmly as the others nodded in agreement "We must find...this Hestia" 

Ezio and Altair started to look upon the rooftops until they found what they were looking for, Corvo seemed also to understand what those assassins were thinking and smirked a bit. "Do you know what are we looking for?" Ezio asked

"No idea" Ciaran replied shaking her as Jorge then decided to approach them

"Monika said that she should be in an abandoned church" The Spartan said "Unfortunately, without satellite coverage, she can't locate it" he said as the four assassins looked at him making him understand that they didn't understand a word of what he just said.

"We could ask 9S to scan the area" 2B said joining the conversation along with 9S and getting the same look that Jorge received 

"It would take time" 9S said shaking his head 

"Abandoned Church, is everything we need to know" Altair said as Ezio nodded in agreement before starting running towards the nearest building and start climbing it soon followed by Corvo.

"I could just find it with my sight, you know?" Archer said as he leaned against a tree.

"I know, but I want to see what they are capable of" Scàthach replied getting a nod from Archer...


Hestia was having a splitting headache, it was like someone emptied her head and then refilled it too much, it also gave her a bit of nausea. She was about to leaver her home, Hermes left an hour before her, he said that he will wait for them in front of the entrance of the dungeon.

The Goddess was still thinking about the dream she had that morning...about the outsider...she even asked her friends if they have ever met him but they all looked at her as if she was crazy and replaying that they never saw a person like him in thousands of years...Hestia wondered if that was just a dream...probably the stress bested her and so she fainted...

"Hestia-sama we should start moving" One of the adventures said calmly as they turned in the direction of the e exit...

"Yeah...have you packed all things?" Hestia asked as she put her cloak on and a pair of goggles but no one replied, she turned around and saw the adventures of Take's familia staring at something at the entrance of the church- "Are you there?" Hestia asked as she made her way towards the adventures...then she saw them.

They were standing in front of the church, they all looked so different from ano another and yet everything of them said one thing...they were warriors.

Suddenly, one of the tallest ones, covered in golden armor resembling a lion wielding a massive lance started approaching them and stopped only when he was a few meters away from them. "Who of you is Hestia?" he asked with a cold and serious tone.

Hestia's blood froze when she heard the armored man speak but even so, she couldn't hide and so she took a step forward "I'm Hestia..." she said bringing out all of her courage out

The armored man looked at her as if he was surprised by her small size...exception made for her breasts and slowly nodded as the others also started approaching them causing the members of Take's familia to tense up and to get ready for a fight.

Hestia also tensed up and her heart started beating faster...

"The Outsider sent us here to help thee" The golden Armored man said causing Hestia to blink several times

"Exactly! He told us about your difficulties and asked us to join you! And so we come here from many worlds and eras to help you, my Goddess!" Solaire said excited 

Hestia looked at them in shock as she realized that her headache was caused by the massive addiction of adventures and that she didn't imagine everything. Wait...but if she was able to feel their connection with her, it means that they already join her familia...

"I...don't want to sound rude but can someone of you show me his back...?" The Goddess asked as everyone looked at her with a puzzled expression. 

Noticing how everyone was covered in armor and probably would take a while to undress, Tatsumi walked towards the Goddess removed his trench coat and his shirt revealing his bareback. Everyone was quite surprised when they saw the symbol of the Hestia Familia...

"What the hell is that?" Mine asked already not liking the situation

"That's....the proof that you are members of my familia" Hestia replied as her shock kept growing 

"Monika is she saying the truth?" Carter asked

"Yes, Commander every member of a familia has one" Monika replied getting a nod from the spartan

"I don't mean to interrupt this moment but shouldn't we start moving since we have to save someone?" Severa said from behind snapping Hestia from her shock

"Yes!" the Goddess said nodding vigorously "I would like to get to know all of you but we are in an emergency situation" she added as the new members nodded in understanding before  the Goddess walked past them "Follow me" 

"Wait..." Guts said causing Hestia to freeze in place. The Black Swordsman looked at his group "We can't bring Casca with us, only Schierke will come with me"

Farnese, Serpico, isidro wanted to reply but Schierke stoppped them from doing when she spoke "We can't leave Casca alone here and we still don't know what is waiting for us, it's better for you to wait for us here...." 

Farnese and the others sighed and nodded "Good luck" 

Tatsumi looked at Chelsea "You should also stay here, this is not your kind of mission" he said 

"Yes, sir" Chelsea said smirking a bit 

"Susanoo" Mine called her artificial teigu "You also stay here..." she said before looking at the church in ruin "Make this a more livable space and make more room for all of us" 

"hey, there's a basement here" Hestia said puffing her cheeks 

"Yeah...make more underground floors then" Mine replied dismissing the Goddess as Susanoo nodded 

"Can we go now?" Hestia asked as everyone nodded "Okay then, Follow me!" she said as her and her families memebers started marching towards the dungeon....


Chapter Text


Hestia was walking through the streets of the city, she had a determined and confident expression on her face while led her new family members to the dungeon but her thoughts were quite different.

'What should I do?! I'm happy that now I can help Bell but this is just weird! They are all level 2 like Bell but they just got in my familia! They don't have nicknames or anything...though many of them already presented themselves with a few titles, I don't think they would like a new one...WAIT THAT'S NOT THE POINT!' she said as she put her hands on her hair.

The group followed by the adventures of Take's familia stopped itself when it reached in front of the tower's west gate, they were waiting for Hermes to come. The Goddess looked around and analyzed what her new sons were doing...

The Spartans were checking their datapads, especially Jorge who had the weaponry.

"Guys you should change guns" Jorge said calmly "Here there are more advanced versions of our current rifles"

"Just those?" Carter asked

"Yes, sir" Jorge replied nodding "The heavy weaponry is still locked along with sniper rifles and heavy machine guns like mine"

"What do you have there?" Six asked as he walked in front of Noble five

"An MA5B Individual Combat Weapon System" Jorge replied as he tapped on the icon representing said weapon. The Rifle appeared in his hands "Your MA37 is its predecessor"

"What's new about it?" Six asked as he looked at the weapon

"It holds 60 rounds, is gas-operated and has a rotating bolt. It shoots 900 rounds per minute, 15 rounds per second, 7.62 mm FMJ " Jorge said reading the description the weapon "It can be used on short and medium range but only with controlled bursts"

"I see" Six replied as he looked at his rifle "So what should I do with this?"

Jorge gave Six the MA5B and then grabbed Six's MA37 before looking at his datapad and pressing the button 'deposit' and the rifle disappeared.

"Oh neat" Six commented before looking at Carter "Commander, do you want to replace your weapon?"

"No, I'm fine with mine" Carter replied shaking his head

"I could use an upgrade though" Catherine said as she walked to the two Spartans

Meanwhile, 2B and 9S walked to Carter.

"Sir, we would like to make a common radio channel between our units" The scanner said calmly

"Seems like a good idea" Carter said nodding "Monika can you please do that?"

"Yes, sir" Monika replied "Can you please ask your Pod to open the communications" 9S nodded as he ordered the pod to open the communications. After two seconds the squad established a radio channel

Lucina and the others were looking around quite awkwardly since she started noticing how everyone was slowly establishing small groups. The Assassins, Corvo, the hunters, and the Night Raid were talking to each other, they didn't know the object of their conversation.

She looked at the Spartans and saw how they were talking to those Androids, they seemed to get along quite well...

"feeling lost there?" Mordred asked while approaching Lucina with a smirk

"Sir Mordred" Lucina said as she looked at the knight next to her

"Just call me Mordred" Mordred replied calmly "Everybody seems to pair up with those more similar to them huh? Well, knights like us must have our own group don't you think?"

"We are all companions so we shouldn't make distinctions between us" Lucina replied

"For now it's normal" Archer said as he joined the conversation "We are just knowing each other, it's easier to do with people you think are more similar to you. It will last a few hours at best"

"What? there's no way it can last so little" Severa said shaking her head

"Yeah...I don't think it's possible" Owain said as he nodded in agreement with Severa

"Being friends and get to know each other are two separate things" Suddenly Guts said while sitting on a bench while checking his equipment "In a few hours, they will come to talk to you probably to figure what kind of person you are and if you can be counted on."

"Exactly" Scàthach replied nodding "All the people you see here are battle-hardened warriors from several worlds and eras, they need to know if they can trust those around them while being on the battlefield, but I must say, those who progressed more than anyone else are the Spartans" she said calmly "They already befriended one of the assassins of the Night Raid which happens to be the girlfriend of their leader, they were lucky enough to encounter the androids which also works on ranks like them and quickly established a healthy cooperation, not considering Monika that greatly helps them"

"I see...this is something my mother or my brother would understand better than me" Lucina said sighing

"BUT we are not the only knights around" Mordred said as the four knights of Gwyn, plus Solaire, approached them along with the Ashen One...

"And that my set of skills" Corvo said concluding "I don't know what kind of ability you have but I'm quite sure you can blink and use time as your ally"

"Yeah, you kinda scared us when you stopped time" Altair said as Ezio nodded in agreement

"The last person I met that was able to stop time was a sadic general..." Tatsumi said as he felt a chill running down his spine

"Well, it's a very powerful ability but it doesn't last for long, just enough to save you from dangerous situations or taking out a target" Corvo replied

"The possession also can really advantageous" Mine said shrugging

"Yeah but creating rats to eat your opponent seems quite gross" Leone said

"It was a common thing in Yharman" The Good Hunter said calmly "Especially since the rats were big as ponies"

"Your city sounds like a nightmare!" Mine shouted

"You...don't even...know half of it" Maria said shaking her head while looking down

"Anyway, your armor also sounds quite powerful Tatsumi" Altair said

"It is...though I don't know if I should call it armor or skin" the new leader of the Night Raid said shrugging

"Well, we all have our qualities...I've become one with Lionel, Tatsumi became one with the Tyrant, Sheele has Extase and Mine has...Susanoo" Leone said


"Please don't fight over little things..." Sheele said scratching the back of her head

Hestia and the others looked at them with a mixture of awe and awkwardness, the goddess suddenly remembered something vital and so she placed in the middle of the rather large group and cleared her throat getting the attention of everyone.

"All of you please listen" Hestia started speaking with a serious tone "I'm really grateful for your presence, I really mean it, until now me and Bell always been alone for the most time and I'm really happy that someone like you joined us even though it was someone else to convince you...but I must tell you this...Bell Cranel, the person we are about to save, is your commander, he may not have your experiences nor your abilities, but he was here first and knows how this world works and a pure heart. If you have anything to say against this please speak up, it's not going to change this fact but at least you'll have the way to express your feelings on the situation and if you can't stand it...then you can leave now...I will not stop you nor plead for you to remain..."

The Goddess looked at the people around her, she cursed inside her since she couldn't read the expression of many of her family members due to being hidden by helmets or clothes. Hestia waited for quite a long time but there were no replies...the goddess really felt moved by the loyalty of these people even though she just met them "Thank you...this really means a lot to me..."

"EEEEEEEH?!" Suddenly a very surprised Hermes caught the attention of everyone with that scream, even Asfi was quite taken back by the sudden appearance of all those people "H-Hestia, who are these people?"

Hestia made a smug expression "They are my precious children!" she stated proud

All the new members of Hestia familia were quite surprised to be called children but they already heard the god Take also referring to his family members as children so they guessed that was just how it worked

Hermes was beyond shocked, he left Hestia's church for a few hours he went to ask Ryuu to join to the research team and to Freya and now he's greeted with thirty adventurers all armed with weapons and armors that could be made by Hephaistos' familia, what the hell is going on?!

"There's no time to waste Hermes, we must go now before more adventurers show up" Hestia said before starting walking towards the entrance of the dungeon. She stopped her tracks when she found herself confronted by a woman with sky blue eyes, pointed ears, and green hair. Her attire consisted of a green flower-shaped hood and a white sleeveless top underneath.

"You are..." Hestia started saying before Ornstein placed himself in front of her looking down at the woman

"What business you have with us?" He asked with a cold tone and menacing aura

The woman didn't flinch but her eyes where hiding clear confusion, she was about to speak when Hermes jumped between the knight and the elf.

"WAIT! I have called her here to help us!" He shouted as Ornstein shifted his gaze on him

"It's okay, Ornstein, you can go" Hestia said as the knight nodded and walked to the group.

"With a group this big, you have to make an expedition in the guild" The woman said calmly

Hestia blinked a few times "Oh, yes...we are more than twenty people...I can't show up there though..." she turned around to face her children "Guys can you...Eh?"

To the Goddess shock only the four knights of Gwyn were standing in front of her. The others were nowhere to be seen

At the guild

Eina was checking her paper hoping to find some reports of Bell from other adventurers but so far she wasn't able to find anything. The elf heard the footsteps of someone coming to the counter, so she put her best smile and turned in their direction. As soon as her eyes left the papers, she saw all the people inside the building staring at the people who were in front of her, she slowly lifted her head only to find herself staring in the visor of the Spartans' helmets. She also saw the many people behind them, each of them different from the other.

'Who are these people...?' She wondered inside her head. She never saw them, meaning that these should be new adventurers but it couldn't be, their weapons, armors and their auras didn't suggest that they were beginners.

"H-How could I help you?" she asked in the most friendly tone she could come up with

"We would like to inform the guild that we are going on an expedition" Carter said calmly "Monika, are you sure that's the way we have to do things?" he asked through his helmet to AI

"Don't worry boss" Monika replied

Eina blinked a few times before slowly nodding and grabbing the papers needed for an expedition " many people are you planning to take with you?"

"34 from our family" Carter said "There are also 2 warriors from the...Takemikazuchi familia and 1 from the Hermes Familia"

"Objective of the expedition?"

"Rescuing Bell Cranel's party" Catherine said

This brought a smile to Eina's face, she had no doubt this was Hestia's doing, she probably convinced the god of another family to help her in rescuing Bell.

"Your Familia is?" she asked with a beaming smile

"Hestia Familia"

The elf blinked a few times, all her thoughts just evaporated from her mind, she stared at them wide-eyed for quite a long time "I-I'm sorry did you just said Hestia familia?"

Her question was loud enough to catch the attention of her colleagues who stared at the quite large group in shock

"Affirmative" Catherine replied nodding along with the others of the group

"Can we hurry up?!" Mordred barked from behind since she was already tired of waiting

"Yeah, from what I heard time is essential" Leone agreed as the rest of the Night Raid nodded in agreement

"S-Sorry...can you please write all your names down on this?" Eina asked as she grabbed the book with all the names of the members of all the familias in Orario

"This will take a while..." Six said

"Wait, I'll do it for you all" 9S said as he stepped in front of the counter "This page goes for the combatant members and this one non-combatant members, yes?" he asked getting a nod from the guild member, he immediately started to write down the names of his new comrades very quickly "Done"

"Before you go..." Eina said causing the members of Hestia familia to stop "What's your level?"

"Our minimum level is 2" Tatsumi replied calmly before they all went outside.

Eina stared at the entrance of the building still shocked from she just witnessed, her colleagues slowly approached her with her same expression

"That was really Hestia familia?" One of them asked

"Well, I never saw someone like that..." Eina said as she tried her best to remember if she ever came across one of these adventurers but it was to no avail...maybe those were adventurers from outside Orario...but how could Hestia gather so many warriors in just a day...

Back at the entrance of the dungeon

Hestia was starting panic a bit since she waited for the rest of her familia, she was very relieved when she saw them walking towards them,

"We notified the guild" Carter announced calmly "Now before entering I would like to discuss our strategy"

"I also agree" Tatsumi said as he walked where Carter was "Charging blindly will not make our mission any easier" he said as Ezio, Altair and Ornstein nodded in agreement

Carter took out Monika's chip from his helmet and opened his palm as Monika projected herself from the chip "Now, our main problem is the difference in our fighting style, the spartans here use firearms while most of you use close-quarter combat, this means that there is a high possibility for us to shoot ourself without wanting to. The best formation I came up after quite a lot of stimulations is this one. Hestia and Hermes since they don't fight will stay at the center of the formation, all the people armed with close-range weapons will stay in the front of the formation taking care of the monsters that come in front of us while the Spartans will protect Hestia and Hermes from the sides. Six and Catherine will cover the left flank while Emile and Carter will take care of the right flank, Jorge and Mine will protect the back of the formation" she explained "The first floors of the dungeon are narrow and the ceiling is quite low but as soon as we surpass the 9th floor the entire place will be exponentially bigger, in this way we could use to the troop'hog to carry Hestia and Hermes"

"Wait this would mean that some of us will leave the formation in order to drive" Catherine said

"Don't worry, this task will fall upon 9S" Monika replied calmly "I already sent him all the information he needs to operate the vehicle, he's a scanner time of android so he's quite used to learn something new"

"I don't know, he doesn't seem able to reach the pedals to me" Emile as he chuckled a bit

"I'm fully capable of doing that" 9S replied as he crossed his arms

"One last thing" Monika said as everyone returned to focus on her "The monsters you kill will drop a kind of crystal that you can exchange at the guild for currency, I know this is a rescue mission but taking those crystals will give us quiet a lot of money especially from big monsters"

"We'll take those" 2B, A2, Joseph and Aaron said calmly

"Does anyone has something against this strategy?" Carter asked

Tatsumi remained silent, the plan seemed well thought, not only that but actually takes advantages of the strong points of the group and avoids friendly fire.

Lucina looked at her companions saw that none of them seem to have anything against the strategy, she felt a wave of nostalgia washing over, this situation reminded her of mother and how she used to make plans for the shepherds.

Ezio and Altair didn't have much to say, they wondered what a troop'hog was but they guessed they were going to find out soon. They were more curious to find out how their new powers worked though.

Guts wasn't very interested in the plan, not as much as Schierke at least, he just knew that he will need to swing his sword against some monsters and that's all he needs to ear.

Ornstein looked at Monika, he was a bit surprised by her intellect and her plan was well thought, he didn't have anything against it.

"Are you done?" Ryuu asked as the members of the Hestia familia nodded...


Hestia covered her ears along with Hermes as the world around her got louder and louder and this was coused by the weapons of her Spartans.

Six was shooting at a pack of hellhounds and Al-Miraji that came out of the walls along with Catherine who covered him with controlled bursts of her brand new BR55 service rifle.

Mine was covering Jorge who was making rain bullets with his machine gun while Carter and Emile cleared their assigned area

In front of the Gods, there was another display of power, brutality and strength.

The Four Knights of Gwyn were all fighting monsters without stopping, Ciaran was protecting Gough who also protected Ornstein with his arrows while Artorias, supported by Sif, used his greatsword and shield to fight the enemies.

Tatsumi, who had Incursio on, was darting all across the battlefield along with Leone. Both of them were punching, cutting, smashing the monsters with ease. Sheele, in the meantime, was mercilessly cutting monsters in half with her teigu, she couldn't use its full power since she would blind her allies but she didn't need it anyway.

Mordred was on a full killing spree, her movements were extremely difficult to track, her blows were devastating. Her laughter could be heard from around the battlefield. Archer and Scàthach were more passive, they chose to remain close to the adventurers of Take's familia so that they could protect them since they didn't really look experienced in fighting with large packs of enemies just like these ones.

There were certain moments when monsters would jus drop dead all by themselves, that was caused by Corvo, Ezio and Altair, the master assassins found out that they could blink and stop time just like Corvo could but that was the only abilities they had in common. Nevertheless, the three assassins were easily keeping up with the rest of the group, their weapons such as hidden blades and throwing knives were giving them an edge over the monsters, Ezio even had bombs with him from his time at Istanbul.

Lucina, Severa, Owain and Inigo were looking for each other's back, they were kinda surprised by their own performance but they guessed it was because they were level 2 adventurers.

2B and A2 were like dancing, their movements were elegant and deadly at the same time, they also used quite a lot of acrobatic moves which greatly confused the monsters who weren't able to keep up witht hem. Thanks to their pods they could also help the spartans when they needed to reload or change position.

Guts and Schierke were those the farthest away from the main group but this didn't mean that they were not helping. With only one swing the Black Swordsman was able to kill several hellhounds with else while Schierke started to get used to this new kind of magic which wasn't anything like hers, this one was actually way faster but the effects couldn't be compared.

The Good Hunter and Lady Maria were relentless and merciless, they didn't even care of how many times they got it, they aggressively kept fighting, the shocking thing is that they actually caused the monsters to bleed more than usual and that their injuries were healing themselves with the spilled blood.

The Ashen One and Solaire were engaging a jolly cooperation, the knight of the sun was backing up his friend with his miracles while Aaron swung around his twin greatswords while doing some impressive acrobatic moves.

Both of Ryuu and Asfi were shocked by everyone's performance, they didn't look like level 2 adventurers and they looked like beginners at all. They were experienced some adventurers usually freeze when first seeing a monster but they did not, it is like they were always used to these kinds of things, of course, if these people were experienced adventurers it would make sense but neither Asfi or Ryuu never seen them which is quite impossible since they were WAY too eye-catching to not see. But most importantly, they were members of the Hestia familia which was known to have only Bell, from where in the hell did they came from?

There was also one last thing that made them quite different from everyone...their weapons, not only they had unbreakable magic weapons but they also have these...rifles, in all their life, neither of Asfi or Ryuu came across weapons like those ones.

Putting aside all these things, the group was proceeding fast and without problems which of course was very good. Suddenly, their march to an end when they found themselves in front of a pile of debris...Hestia widened her eyes when she saw a small dagger between the debris, she ran towards it and grabbed it before taking it close to her chest, her eyes were a bit wet "This...belongs to Bell" she said with shaking voice

The new members of the familia looked at their Goddess, they could see how Bell was important to her and some of the more sensitive members of them felt sorry for the Goddess who was clinging at the broken dagger with all of her strengths.

Ryuu started climbing the debris and looked at the other side of the tunnel, she immediately relaxed when she saw many used items on the ground. "They are not here anymore"

This caused Asfi to bring her hand to her chin "They have given up on the idea on returning to the surface, they are probably seeking the safety of the eighteen floor"

"Then what are we waiting for?" Guts said as he started climbing on the debris

"Wait, if we go deeper we'll meet more powerful enemies, Minotaurs, orcs, shadows. I don't think beginners like you can take them" Asfi said shaking her head

Guts looked at her dead in the eye "I have seen worse" he said before passing to the other side of the tunnel soon followed by his companions

"Are you crazy?! There's a boss down there!" Asfi said as she got completely ignored "Hestia-sama! Ryuu! Tell them something!"

"Oi Hestia, I think Asfi is right..." Hermes said as the Loli Goddess just shook her head

"No" Ryuu said calmly, she saw with her eyes what these strangers could do, they quickly adapted to the situation when they first entered the dungeon, after a few adjustments, they easily cut down any monster dared to oppose them. Normally adventurers of level 2 are taken aback when reaching the middle floors due to the numbers of monsters and their spawn frequency but them? It was like they were all used to intense warfare, their reaction time was lightning-fast and even though they didn't seem very familiar with each other they were still able to coordinate their actions with the other. They were brave but not foolish, they were caution but not stuck on the defensive...but there was a thing that Ryuu was able to notice, most of them are used to fight against humans...their movements and attacks were not those belonging to someone who fights only with monsters, their attacks almost had no openings and their attacks were precise and emotionless as if it was a natural reaction for them. "They will have no problems, let's continue, we don't have time to waste" she said before joining the other adventurers

"b-but..." Asfi said at a loss of words before Hestia placed her hand on her shoulder

"These people are not beginners, trust them and they'll surprise you" The Goddess said as she also went after her children...


"Are you sure this thing is safe?" Hermes said as he looked at the troop'hog in front of his eyes "I've never seen a carriage like this is one...and I travel quite a lot"

"Of course you haven't, after all, this vehicle is way ahead of your current technological level, maybe you'll be able to create one in the next millennium" Emile said chuckling before looking at 9S "Don't crash it kid"

9S just sighed before looking at the vehicle and getting on board, Hestia and Hermes were already on it, the god in the backseat while the Goddess was sitting next to the android. The Android turned the engine on, which scared both Hermes and Hestia. "I always wanted to drive one..." 9S muttered before pushing the accelerator gently causing the troop'hog to move

"Woah! It really works!" Hestia said amazed "Can it go faster?"

"Yes of course, but it would be dangerous, we'll proceed nice and slowly so that the other can keep up and protect us while you and Hermes-sama rest" 9S said before a roar filled the air around them.

"Minotaurs" Ryuu whispered as a large group of minotaurs appeared in front of the convoy "Watch out they are dang-"

A loud metallic sound filled the air once again, Ryuu and Asfi widened their eyes when they saw Guts cutting in half three minotaurs "They are on our way" he said before he raised his cannon hand and firing it on a minotaur who was trying to attack him, of course, the upper body of the beast went missing due to the attack.

The Black Swordsman noticed that many other minotaurs were gathering around, he was about to attack them when Artorias literally landed on top of one of the monster immediately killing it, he raised his shield and blocked an incoming attack before beheading the monster.

Two minotaurs tried to get behind Artorias but found themselves cut to pieces when Sif landed behind his owner.

A golden and a red lighting struck a big group of monster, the red one being Mordred and the Golden one being Ornstein, both of them started fighting without any hesitation, both knights were laying waste many of their enemies. Mordred was cutting, kicking, punching and even headbutting her enemies, she even threw her sword a few times. Ornstein, on the other hand, was quick, precise and fluid in his movements, he was using all the advantage he could get from his weapon including shooting occasional lighting bolts that easily scared the monsters around him.

The Good hunter placed himself in front of one of the minotaurs, he waited for the beast to attack and drew out his pistol and fired it causing the minotaur to lose his balance, Joseph rammed his hand through the beast's body and grabbed the crystal inside of it before retracting his hand letting out a massive amount of blood from the beast which immediately disappeared.

The other minotaurs started hissing and growling at the hunter before Maria, using the old bone, started to appear all around them, cutting off their heads, slitting their throats, tendons or simply stabbing their crystal.

Tatsumi found himself surrounded by several minotaurs and smirked under his helmet as he then dashed in front of the biggest one before ramming his lance through it, he then let go his weapon as it fell on the ground when the minotaur's disappeared and kicked the face of another beast which was sent crashing on the wall dead

He was about to engage the other three minotaurs behind him before Leone and Sheele came to his aid. The Blonde girl punched a hole through the minotaurs torse as if it was made of paper while Sheele easily cut in half the second with her teigu. The group was about the kill the third beast together when it fell to the ground with his head missing, They all turned in the direction of the warthog and saw Mine smirking at them before returning to cover Jorge.

Speaking of the Spartan II, his machine gun while being very loud was easily through the minotaurs that spawned behind the carriage, when he needed to cool down the weapon he would get replaced by Mine before rejoining the fight after his weapon had cooled down.

The other Spartans were also easily keeping at bay the constant onslaught of the Minotaurs, Six noticed the big difference between his old rifle and the new one, due the bigger magazine he was able to kill more minotaurs though since their skin was quite thick meaning that he had to shoot quite a bit of bullets to kill one of them, with his old rifle he would have needed to reload more often.

But the one who was standing out was not Six but Emile, due being a close combat specialist he was the most ruthless. Hestia and Hermes were forced to avert their eyes from Emile's work. The Spartan III was making explode several minotaur heads with his shotgun, he even tackled many minotaurs thanks to his Spartan strength and punched them in the face to death. He was turning limbs where they were not supposed to, he was cutting them open with his Kukri knife. His armor was doing an excellent job at protecting him from the minotaurs' attacks, mostly thanks to its shields.

Speaking of which, so far the only monster which was able to damage the shields of the armor was the Hellhound with its fire, this kinda surprised since for them regular fire shouldn't be able to even tickle their shields then Monika explained to them that fire wasn't a normal one since it was generated from magic which was powerful enough to damage their shields even if it was almost unnoticeable. Monika also said that there is a high chance that only the enemies of higher-level or from floors deeper will be able to cause actual damage.

2B and A2 were also making quite the show, even though they were both wearing heels in a combat situation with irregular ground, they never lost their balances, the androids were cutting their enemies with chirurgical precision and dodging with easy the monsters' attacks. After all, for the two androids, it was like they were moving in slow-motion.

In the meantime, an invisible hand was killing off all the enemies that escaped the vanguard of the formation, said invisible hand were, of course, the assassins composed by Corvo, Ezio, Altair and Ciaran. They were using their abilities at their best.

Altair learned that with his mark was able to summon the ghost of an assassin of Masyaf to fight with him while Ezio was able to summon his brothers and sisters from Instanbul and Rome or just to call forth an arrow storm.

Supporting Guts and the Knights of Gwyn there was Schierke, who was using the four elements to protect the warthog while also burning down the minotaurs who were gathering in front of the vanguard in order to make their job a bit easier.

The expedition fought his way through the dungeon for hours, without stopping even once. Hestia and Hermes were amazed by the fighting style of the new adventurers and how coordinated they started to become. Ryuu was a bit relieved that she didn't have to carry the entire expedition through the dungeon and was a bit happy by the fact that now the Hestia familia is filled with competent people who can help Bell in situations like this one.

"That's the boss room" Asfi said as she found herself standing in front of the massive gap that leads to the boss room "It will be hard to pass without having some of us getting injured along the way" she said as she looked at the expedition members

"Then we just kill it" Monika replied calmly "9S, you drive as fast as you can across the room and reach the safe floor with Hestia and Hermes so that we'll not have to worry about protecting you all, we'll kill the boss and catch up with you"

"Yes ma'am" 9S said as he nodded

"Wait! You can be serious! You are all level two, you can't kill a boss!" Asfi said shaking her head

"Asfi, I may not be an expert of monsters but...I think they can take it..." Hermes said scratching the back of his head...

Eighteen floor...

Bell was sitting at the bonfire with the members of the Loki Familia, Lily and Welf, at his left there was Ais and on his right there were Lily and Welf. The fellowship was enjoying a nice dinner, unfortunately, Bell was being stormed with questions about his abilities by Tione and Tiona. Welf and Lily were about to intervene when something like a thunder interrupted the dinner.

"Is it normal?" Bell asked as Ais shook her head. The white-haired boy got and started walking at the entrance of the floor.

He was shocked when some sort of carriage literally flew out the entrance of the floor, Bell blinked a few times before his eyes widened when he saw Hestia falling out of the carriage with a pale expression "I regret asking him to go faster..." she whispered before she lifted her eyes and saw Bell standing in front of her. The Goddess launched herself on the white-haired boy and tackled him to the ground.

Hermes slowly got off the warthog while keeping a hand on his mouth.

"Sorry for the bumpy ride" 9S said scratching the back of his head before looking at Hestia, she was being pulled away from Bell by a small girl.

"It's okay...We needed to avoid that boss..." Hermes said as he removed his hand from his mouth before walking towards Bell "Hello there! We haven't met yet, I'm Hermes, one of Hestia's friends"

Bell was about to reply when Hestia pulled his sleeve with a big grin "Bell meet your new family member!" she said as the white-haired boy looked in shock at 9S who made the YoRHa salute

"Nice to meet you commander! I'm YoRHa unit N9 model S" 9S introduced himself

Bell blinked a few times before looking at Hestia and 9S several times "EEEEEEEEEH?" he shouted in shock before looking at the goddess "My Goddess you managed to convince him to join us?!"

"Not just him! I came with a whole expedition of new family members!" Hestia said proud of herself "They are killing the boss right at this moment!"

"WHAT?!" Both Bell, Lily and Welf shouted.

Ais stared at them tilting her head as she tried to understand the situation.

"Wait wait wait! Where are the others then?" Welf asked as he tried to process all the information he just received

"They are taking down the boss since they were too many to pass through without fighting" Hestia said casually as the earth started shaking under them

A few seconds before, in the boss room...

The warthog carrying Hestia and Hermes was gone, the expedition was now looking at the boss.

The First to attack it was Joseph, he grabbed his cannon and used bone marrow ash on it before aiming it at the head of the boss, he then fired and caused the Boss to scream in pain as its face was deeply disfigured.

The second to attack was Maria, who thanks to the old hunter bone, blurred in front of the legs of the monster and cut off its leg tendons, causing it to on his knees.

Tatsumi, Leone immediately took advantage of the situation and dashed in front of the boss. Leone launched a powerful uppercut that caused the giant monster to fall backwards and to crash against the wall. Tatsumi using his spear pierced the chest of monster, he widened his eyes when he understood that the thing had no heart and so his attack only hurt him. He jumped away just in time to dodge a slap from the monster.

Suddenly, the Spartans opened fire aiming at the eyes causing the monster to flail his arms and to go blind.

Archer traced his bow and, along with Gough, started to make arrows rain on the enemy. Archer's arrows were light but quite enough powerful to cause quite a lot of pain for the monster. Gough's arrows were heavy and way more powerful since they were able to pin the shoulder of the boss against the wall, the downside was that the knight of Gwyn could only fire few arrows while the Heroic Spirit could launch enough to make the sky black.

They both stopped when they saw Mordred and Ornstein rushing towards the giant monster, they both looked like two lighting bolts, Mordred being a red one while Ornstein being a golden one. The first to strike was Mordred, her sword got wrapped into red energy as she swung it. The attack splitted the chest of monster in hald and for a second the crystal could be seen between the cut flesh.

Ornstein obviously aimed for that but unfortunately, the monster covered the opening with its arm. Ornstein's lance went deep inside the boss' flesh before the Dragonslayer decided to fire a few lighting bolts inside the flesh, electrocuting the monster several times before he removed the spear and jumped back into safety.

The Ashen one decided to deal a major blow on the monster, he was ready to activate his weapon arts and started running towards the legs of the monster as the Spartans, now backed out by Mine, kept firing their weapons at the monster's face. The Ashen One reached one of the legs and used his weapon art first followed by an heavy attack, the fire of his first attack burned away the flesh and the second attack severed the leg away.

The monster screamed in pain, causing a soundwave to knock down the Ashen one, as he started to get up the boss was about to squash him like a bug. The monster was unable to do that as Solaire started launching lighting bolts at him, catching the giant attention, the knight of the sun was ready to block the monster's reaction but instead, he was spared from the boss wrath thanks to Lucina and her friends, who started attacking it. The Ashen one got up and retreated as 2B and A2 started supporting Lucina and her group, they order their pods to shoot the boss with their laser creating two massive holes in his body.

Time stopped as Corvo, Ezio and Altair attacked. Ezio launched all of his bombs as Corvo shot the boss with incendiary darts of his crossbow while Altair threw several throwing knives. When time restarted, all the bombs, knives and bolts blurred in front of the boss' face and created a massive explosion which knocked down the boss

Sheele using her teigu cut off the remaining leg before Guts and Artorias cut off the arms. The boss was now only howling in pain before he immediately quieted down when Scàthach's spears hit its crystal...The monster disappearing into a black mist and the giant crystal on the ground.

"Well done!" Monika said exited "Quick and efficient like I suggested you"

"What should we do with the crystal?" Joseph asked as he looked at the crystal which was taller than him

"We'll take it with us of course!" Monika said "Just put inside your bottomless box"

"Yeah...I never tried something this big..." Joseph replied

"It will work don't worry" Monika replied calmly

" it goes nothing..." Joseph replied as he touched the large crystal which disappeared

"Perfect, when we'll exchange it at the guild and will divide the profit..." Monika said happy...

Back at the safe floor...

Ais and most of the Loki familia was standing in front of the entrance. In the last minutes, they all heard the boss howling in pain and were actually wondering who was fighting the boss...yes, Ais told them that was an expedition of the Hestia Familia but that was almost unbelievable even though Hestia was there along with someone they never saw.

Suddenly several figures walked through the entrance of the floor and to everyone's shock, they were all people they didn't know. Of course, the members of Loki familia don't know EVERY adventurer that there is but they would know someone so eye-catching as those in front of them. Some of them had armors and objects they never saw...

The one adorned in golden armor looked at them before looking at Hestia who was standing nearby next to Bell, everyone tense up when he starts walking to the Goddess and Bell places himself in front of her.

"Wait Bell!" Hestia shouts with a smile "This is one of your new family members!"

This caused many jaws to drop on the ground, especially Bell's jaw. Every member of the Hestia Familia started walking to the Goddess.

Ais' eyes were glued on someone though, someone who had a strange aura around them, it was Scàthach. The blonde-haired girl's eyes met the woman's eyes and for a moment, she saw someone stronger than her...


Bell was sitting in front of the campfire along with his new family members...after their sudden appearance, they all went to Loki Familia's camp and after the members of Take's familia apologized for what they have done...After that, they all gathered into a tent that Finn lend them, he also has offered another tent but Bell's new companions just refused it...Bell also came to know that back at Hestia's church there are other familia members who preferred to stay behind because of their fight style and other issues...

His new comrades also expressed their wish to return to the surface since they killed the boss but Hestia ordered them to rest because they fought non-stop since they got in the dungeon. Bell listened in amazement when they replied that they were used to intense warfare...the white-haired boy also was a bit worried because of one of his new companions...


He was staring at him with his good eye, he also muttered something along the lines of 'My commander is again a white-haired man' which kinda confused Bell since that would mean that Guts come from another familia but he said that this was his first familia...

Bell also asked Welf if he never saw armors like those belonging to the spartans, Orrnstein or Tatsumi but the blacksmith had no idea, he also said that those armors weren't made by the Hephaistos familia...

The white-haired boy also asked Lily if she ever saw any adventurer like her but she also didn't know anything...he suddenly realized something...his Goddess was nowhere to be seen...

Hestia was alone in the middle of the forest, normally she wouldn't just go into a forest alone but she really wasn't. He was leaning against one of the trees, she felt his presence while she was going to the Loki Familia camp, the outsider looked at her with an amused expression "Did you enjoy my gifts?" 

Hestia smiled and nodded "Yes, thanks to you I was able to find Bell..." she said before her expression became serious "I am grateful for what you did but now tell me...what do you want?"

The outsider just looked up "Do you know how many other worlds exist?" he asked as the Goddess shook her head "Just as many as the stars...and I can see them all. Sometimes in these worlds, I come across interesting individuals and I can't help but observe their stories... sometimes I intervene other times I don't...I'm always looking for a happy ending though those are the most interesting ones...usually all bad endings end with a pile of already know of the stories of your family members, am I right?" 

Hestia nodded once again, during the journey to the eighteenth floor Monika summed up all the stories of her new children, most of them ended in tragedy... "So you're doing this to give them a happy ending?" 

"That's their choice, I'm giving them another chance to live and do what they couldn't" he replied calmly "There are many others who also deserve a second chance but I will probably never get the chance to see them."

The Goddess looked at the outsider with a slightly saddened expression "You talk like someone who's going to die" she remarked as the other shrugged 

"Yeah, I do" 

"Send them to me..." The Goddess said with a smile "Those people, I will take care of them...I will grant them another life...and if they chose to...a happy ending" 

The Outsider slowly nodded "Thank you, at least I will not regret anything" he said as he started to disappear 

"I will also keep a spot for you" Hestia said as the other God disappeared. She stared at the spot where the Outsider was and started walking back to the camp...