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'MUMMY MUMMY PLEASE GET UP..... the little girl yelled holding onto the bed as the 2 ambulance officers rolled it into the hospital, her mum bea was covered in blood and bruises, the nurses and a doctor came over to inspect the situation


'page dr novak


'MUMMY GET UP.... the little 4 year old kept saying


'whats your name?'   the nurse asked the little girl


'debbie..... she said her big brown eyes watering and her curls over flowing her face


'sweety why dont you come with me so the doctor can help your mum?'  the nurse said


'no, i want to stay with my mum


'but your mum needs to do some tests


'i go with her


'you cant sweety


'i go with her.... she said stubbornly, the nurse went to grab hold of the little girls hand but debbie began to scream and yell


'whats going on here?   a blonde doctor came over


'dr novak this is debbie the patients daughter, im trying to get her to come with me so her mum can go and get the necessary tests done but she refuses to leave her mum


'its okay i got it from here nurse, get the ultrasound ready for me please.... the nurse nodded and walked to the room, the doctor turned to the little girl and crouched down


'hi, im dr novak but you can call me allie, whats your name?


'its debbie


'how old are you debbie?


'i turn 5 in 3 days... debbie said holding up 3 fingers


'wow your nearly a big girl, listen we need to do some tests for your mum


'i stay.... little debbie said and allie's heart broke at the pleading look in her eyes


'okay you can stay but you have listen to me okay?


'okay... debbie nodded


'good, come with me.... allie stood up and took debbie's hand and turned to the doctor and nurses


'what do we have?


'22 years old, 8 months pregnant, a sprained wrist, maybe a broken rib, bruising on her abdomen, legs and face


'okay get her into the room there so i can check the baby first, take bloods asap.... they all nodded and debbie held allie's hand and the bed as bea was rolled into the room


'alright debbie im going to check the baby is okay, you sit right here... allie put the little girl to sit at the foot of the bed


'is mummy okay?


'we will do everything we can for her debbie, do you know what happened?    debbie nodded


'daddy did it, he is always mean to her.... debbie said as tears ran down her cheeks, allie stopped for a second and turned to debbie and wiped her cheeks


'you stay strong for mummy okay, you and your mummy are safe here, whats mummy's name?


'aunty franky calls her red, but i think its bea or mummy or mama or mum..... allie smiled this girl was so cute, she obviously idolized her mum which was beautiful to see


'okay im going to use this machine to check the baby.... debbie nodded and watched on


'nurse gel please..... they squirted gel on the belly and allie used the hand held ultrasound to check the baby


'its looking good, no bleeding into the placenta although that could change if she has a broken rib, nurse where is the doctor?


'im right here.... he said coming into the room


'dr roberts does she have broken ribs?


'yes 2 and a sprained wrist


'thats very dangerous for the baby


'are you going to deliver the baby dr novak?


'yes i think so, i need the blood test results rushed and i need an ex-ray to see the ribs


'we did one its here.... allie took the ex-ray and looked at it


'the ribs are going to puncture the placenta, i need to deliver now, prep an operation room now we dont have time to waste.... the nurse rushed off to book the room and allie began prepping bea


'listen debbie i need to deliver mummy's baby now


'is he hurt?


'he could be so i need to get him out, i want a nurse to take you to my office while i do the operation okay, you need to be very strong for your mum


'but i want to stay with her


'i know you do sweety but only doctors and nurses are allowed in there, come here... allie picked up the little girl and bought her to the patients face


'you tell mummy you will see her soon.... debbie bent down and kissed her mum on the forehead


'i love you mummy, to the moon and back times 100, i see you soon..... she kissed her 1 more time and than allie put her down, she had seen bridget walk in as she was a therapist here and very good friends with allie


'good girl, this here is bridget a doctor at the hospital, her office is next to mine so she can you there, i promise i will come to you straight away after alright?


'okay, you better look after mummy


'i will, i promise


'come on sweet heart how about we go get something to eat and than you can watch tv in my office?


'okay.... she took bridgets hand and they walked off the little girl wiping her tears 


'alright lets get going before any more damage comes to this poor woman, nurse go and see head of the hospital will jackson and tell him what has happened, we need the police here


'okay dr.... allie followed the bed down the halls and to the operating room, she scrubbed in and once bea was prepped she stepped into the room and looked around


'we treat her with the upmost respect.... everyone nodded and allie was handed the scalpel 




Bridget had taken little debbie down to the cafe and gotten her some hot chips with gravy and a chocolate thickshake, bridget got the same and they sat down at a table and began to eat, bridget studied the little girl who seemed to be lost in her thoughts, by what she had heard from the nursing staff it seemed debbie's mother bea had been beat up by her partner or husband, debbie didnt seem physically hurt so it must be just the mother, seeing debbie wipe her face of more tears bridget put her hand on her free one and rubbed it gently


'hey your mama is strong yea?


'yep, the strongest


'we have to stay positive


'what does that mean?   bridget smiled


'it means we have to think really good thoughts that she will be okay


'she has to be, she is my mama.... bridget smiled


'yes she is, does mama get hurt a lot?


'yes, dad always pushes her and says bad things, he is naughty


'does he hurt you?


'he just screams at me but mummy tells him to.... she stopped talking and bridget frowned


'she tells him to what?


'i cant say it, its rude


'i wont tell anyone, i promise


'she tells him to shut up.... she whispered the last word like it was the worst thing to say


'right, do you know where he is now?


'he went somewhere but i dont know, he is mean and he hurt mummy


'i know sweety, lets finish eating and than go watch some cartoons.... debbie nodded, after 20 minutes bridget bought debbie a donut and a bottle of water and they went up to her office


'debbie you can sit on the couch and i will put the tv on.... as bridget was getting things settled she realized debbie had some blood on her clothes


'debbie im going to get you a change of clothes okay


'but i like my clothes


'i know, i will get someone to go to your house and get some stuff for you 


'how about mummy? can you call aunty franky?  i have mummy's phone... she said taking it out of her jean pocket


'the battery died, lets charge it and i will call her for you, sit down and relax.... she put the cartoons on and got a blanket for the little girl along with a pillow and tucked debbie in, she was clearly tired because in about 5 minutes she was fast asleep, bea's phone finally switched on and notifications came on from multiple people of missed calls and texts, franky, liz and  maxine, since debbie mentioned franky she founf her number and called from bea's phone


'red. where the fuck are you? are you okay?


'hi is this franky?


'yes, who the hell is this?


'this is dr bridget westfall from wentworth regional hospital


'hospital, wait, what the hell happened? where is bea and debbie?    the woman panicked over the phone


'bea was hurt and has been rushed into surgery


'hurt how? 


'she was beat up of what i have been told


'it was fucking harry, how about the baby? debbie?


'debbie is with me, she is fine, there delivering the baby now, they had to due to the broken ribs


'im gonna fucking kill him


'im going to pretend i didnt hear that, listen franky debbie needs clothes as hers has blood and bea does as well


'i have spares for them here at my house, is bea going to be okay?    the woman chocked out


'there doing everything they can


'im on my way


'when you get here ask for me, bridget westfall


'okay, thank you doctor..... they hung up and bridget went on to do some digging around on bea's file, it seems she was married to a harry smith for the last 5 years, bea had been in and out of hospital with a various amount of injuries due to what bridget assumes abuse, although it was never reported, or it was and bea was too scared to continue with the report which is not surprising, it stopped about 7 months ago when bea found out she was pregnant and harry must have stopped for a while until today that is, 


'doctor westfall..... she heard the intercom




'i have a franky doyle for you here


'send her to my office thanks....... bridget left the paperwork and went to the tv putting the volume down a little bit and than going to open her door to meet the woman, she peeked out to see a woman with tattoos all up her arms, her dark hair straight and a backpack over her shoulder


'dr westfall?


'you must be franky, please call me bridget


'hi bridget, thank you for calling me


'its not problem come on in..... franky walked in to see debbie sleeping peacefully, she opened her bag and took out a little teddy and tucked it under debbie's arm and than a red blanket and replaced the hospital one with it, it was bea's favorite and debbie loved it


'she loved those 2 things


'thats sweet


'so how is bea?


'no news yet, we are waiting for dr novak to come back to us, hopefully soon


'i cant believe he did this to her


'so this happens a lot?


'we thought he stopped and we were trying to come up with a plan to get her and debbie out of there


'please have a seat, can i get you a coffee or something?


'water would be great..... bridget went to her little kitchen a pulled a bottle of water from the fridge and handed it to franky than sat down


'this has been going on for some time, i have been going through bea's hospital records


'yes since about a month after they started dating, she tried to leave a few times but he kept coming for her and eventually she got too scared because she was pregnant


'so what changed now?


'she got pregnant again and he threatened to cut the baby out of her stomach, we had a plan to get her out this weekend, do we know what happened?


'not really, debbie said her dad did it and he always hurts her


'yea he does, he is a fucking scum.... franky seethed trying to control her temper


'im sorry franky, i wish this never happened


'me too but i really appreciate you looking out for debbie and bea


'well it was actually dr novak our obstetrician, debbie refused to leave her mum and screamed the emergency room down, the dr calmed her down and talked ot her the whole time about what she was doing to bea, she was really good with debbie


'i will have to thank her, debbie is very clingy to her mum at times, especially when she is hurt


'thats understandable, she is scared if something happens to bea she would be stuck with her dad....fanky nodded


'over my dead body, she will come to me, boomer, maxine or liz, we are all family and have there backs


'im glad they have you all


'how was the baby?


'he seemed to be doing well although they had to rush bea into surgery to deliver, her broken ribs could puncture the placenta


'have the police been called?


'the head of the hospital has been notified so im sure they have been called, does bea have a lawyer?


'yep me, im fully qualified and i will put that rat away for years...... before bridget could say anything the door opened and in walked a gorgeous blonde woman with blue eyes and dressed in scrubs


'your here, i got scared that debbie took off..... she said running her hand threw the young girls curls


'she is fine, she is fed and fell asleep, dr this is franky doyle 


'hi doctor im bea's best friend, how is she?


'she is doing well considering, she has 2 broken ribs, a sprained wrist, a few cuts and bruises but other than that she is fine


'and the baby?


'he is a beautiful healthy little boy, he is in the nursery 


'oh god, thank you so much... franky hugged the dr


'your welcome, bea is getting settled in a room so you can come and see her, but first i have to tell debbie about her mum, i promised.... crouching down in front of debbie she stroked her cheek


'debbie, wake up sweety..... debbie fluttered her eyes open and saw allie 


'is mummy okay?


'she will be okay, she will be sore for a little bit but she will be okay


'how about mummy's baby?


'your little brother is doing well, he is healthy and happy.... debbie launched herself into allie's arms hugging her tightly


'thank you thank you for fixing my mummy


'its a pleasure sweety, look who is here.... debbie pulled back to see franky standing there and debbie ran and franky picked her up hugging her


'its alright little one, aunty franky is here


'i got scared, i did what you told me 


'you called the police?


'yep and they helped mummy


'oh your so strong debbie, im so proud of you


'can we go and see mummy?


'of course, come on follow me..... they quickly changed debbie's clothes as she had blood on them and than debbie held her teddy and allie's hand as bridget and franky followed them to bea's room, it wasnt far and when they got there debbie got scared to walk all the way in, she stuck herself to allie's leg and sucked her thumb, her mum had a tube coming out of her throat and the machines were beeping, allie picked up debbie and kissed her cheek


'its okay deb, its a bit scary but all the machines are to help your mum right now, the tube i will take out very soon and than soon she will wake up


'she wont die?


'definitely not, she will be okay


'can i kiss her?


'of course..... allie took a chair over to bea's bedside and got debbie to stand on it


'go on you can talk to her and kiss her, just be gentle..... debbie nodded and leaned over kissing her mums cheek


'you get better mummy...... debbie sat down and franky handed debbie's ipad franky had bought that she keeps at her house to play with so debbie sat the quietly playing a game


'when will bea wake up dr?


'im going to take the tub out now because she doesnt need it, her stats are good, so in the next few hours she will wake up


'okay, thank you so much


'no problems, i will get them to bring the little baby boy in here soon


'oh yes please, if she wakes up and the baby isnt here than she will bring down the hospital


'we dont want that to happen, but bea needs to be the first one to hold and kiss him, its very important


'we will make sure


'okay, i will go get him, i will be back...... allie left and bridget smiled at franky


'i have to go and talk to the head of the hospital to see what has happened with the police franky


'okay, here is my card in case you need any information, i am bea's poc


'no worries, i will see you soon franky


'bye and thank you bridget...... bridget smiled and turned to walk away as franky stared at her cute little butt


'franky im thirsty


'here is your bottle that bridget got for you..... as franky got comfy she laid the red blanket over bea's battered body and sat with debbie, allie came back 20 minutes later rolling in the baby in his little bed


'here we go little man, your mama, sister and aunty franky are all here for you, frany dont forget first holds, cuddles and kisses need to come from mum but you 2 can hold his hand and gently stroke his cheeks, im going to take the tube out of bea now and she will wake when she is ready


'okay thank you....... bea's little baby boy was beautiful, he had a little bit a brown hair and slightly curly like bea's, debbie and frnaky grabbed his little hands


'he is so cute


'your a big sister deb.... debbie smiled wide


'yep, i look after him


'i know you will


'whats his name? 


'we have to wait till mummy wakes up to tell us, for now lets relax and wait for that, he is sleeping now 


'okay.... debbie sat down and picked up the ipad again


'alright so the baby is due for a feed soon and because bea is so hurt and on medication she cant breast feed


'so a bottle?


'yes a bottle, hopefully bea is awake by than but if not you will have to feed him, if he cries just hit the nurses button and they will make a bottle for him




'i will be back soon to check on bea and baby.... franky nodded, allie left and franky grabbed her phone and called liz, boomer and maxine letting them know what had happened, the 4 of them together had been working on getting bea free from that scum, they all said they were on there way to the hospital, they all arrived within half an hour


'aunty boomer... debbie jumping up to her and boomer held her tight


'hey little one, you alright?


'im okay, mummy is hurt?


'i know shorty, dont worry she will be okay


'oh look at this little one... liz said who was standing over the little baby with maxine


'he is beautiful


'he really is, hey deb why dont you sit with your mum while i talk to your aunties


'okay..... as they were walking out allie walked back in


'im just going to check her stats


'thanks doctor, im just out here with our family


'no worries.... allie walked in smiling at young debbie who was talking to her brother


'how is your little brother debbie?


'he is quiet


'wait till he wakes up and is hungry, he will get noisy


'he will cry?


'probably but dont worry he will have you there.... debbie nodded, just as allie was checking bea's vitals bea opened her eyes and groaned


'debbie.... she groaned out


'bea she is right here dont worry, debbie come here.... allie picked up debbie for bea to see her


'hi mama


'baby are you okay?


'im good, allie looked after me and bridget.... bea slightly smiled


'bea i will be back in a moment okay.... bea nodded, allie walked out to the corridor


'franky i need you to take debbie, bea is awake and i need to explain everything to her


'okay, do you need me in there?


'after i explain everything 


'alright.... allie walked back inside and sat down beside bea's bed


'hi im dr allie novak the obstetrician, debbie is with franky and your other girls....bea nodded.....' do you remember what happened?


'yea harry he hit me..... allie nodded


'from what i got from debbie your husband did this to you, debbie had called the police and bought you in here


'the baby?   bea said touching her stomach, her eyes going wide and she went to get up moaning in pain


'bea relax back your baby is fine, we had to do emergency surgery and i delivered your beautiful baby boy, he is right here.... allie went over tot he baby and rolled it closer to bea


'you want to hold him?


'please.....allie lifted the little boy and put him on bea's chest, bea kissed his soft warm cheek


'he is okay?


'he is fine bea, he was 4 weeks early and may have to stay in hospital for about a week to monitor his stats but he seems to be doing great, do we have a name?


'its noah


'thats beautiful bea


'can i sit up?


'you can although you have 2 broken ribs and a sprained wrist so gently, also you can breast feed due to your injuries and medication you are on...... bea nodded, allie held baby noah as bea sat up the bed reclining for bea to be more comfortable, allie placed baby noah in her arms and bea smiled


'i dont know how to thank you for looking after not just me but debbie and this little one


'no thanks needed bea, i was happy to help, now we need to talk about something


'okay, what is it?


'debbie said it was her dad that did this, the police have been notified, i need to know what your next step will be?


'i want to divorce him and be rid of him from my life


'good bea, i can only imagine how hard it has been for you so your doing the right thing, the police will need to interview you


'can you tell them later tonight when debbie has gone with franky?


'of course


'how is debbie? is she hurt?


'she seems fine physically, mentally it has been hard for her, she refused to leave your bedside and screamed the emergency room down, i eventually calmed her down and told her she could stay with you, when you went into surgery i had a friend/ colleague dr bridget westfall take her, she fed her and than they went to her office where debbie fell asleep on the couch than franky turned up not long later, she seems to be holding on well


'i cant believe i let her experience all of this, im such a shit mother, i dont deserve either of them.... bea said before she began to cry


'none of that bea, this is not self inflicted, you were stuck in a relationship that you couldnt get out of, i wont have you bashing yourself for that, your out now and we will do everything possible to help you.... bea nodded   'so a few are going to happen, the police will take your statement and you need tot ell them everything from the start not just what happened today, second i want you to talk to dr westfall as she is a therapist, in fact the best in the country


'i can do that


'good, right now though your little man is waking up so i will get you a bottle to feed him.... standing up allie touched bea's arm and rubbed it gently, they both felt it, it felt like electricity 


'it will be okay bea


'im scared, will you be here when the police come?


'if thats what you want than yes


''yes please


'okay, i will be back with the bottle...... bea nodded,, allie went to the hallway


'she is awake and i have told her everything, you can go in but be gentle, i will go and get the baby a bottle


'can i come?


'if your mum lets you debbie.... debbie ran into the room and smiled


'mummy can i go with allie to get a bottle for my brother?


'yes baby you can, be good 


'i will, i love you.... debbie ran outside and took allie's hand


'later brudder's.... she said to the others and they laughed as they went back into the room, as soon as bea saw them she started crying


'franky..... franky ran over sitting beside the redhead and wrapped her arm around her


'its alright im right here, your safe now.... bea snuggled the baby into her chest and leaned her head on franky


'have we got a name for him love?   bea nodded 


'this is baby noah, noah these are your aunties...... the little baby began to open his eyes a little bit and winge


'oh typical boy, cry baby.... franky said making bea laugh


'liz can you please feed him? im too sore right now


'of course love, come here little one... lix picked him up and rocked him gently


'how are you doing bea?


'im okay maxi, i just cant believe he did this while i was pregnant


'what happened?


'i just cant talk about it now maxi, when i do my report with the police i will show you girls a copy


'your right red, we got you no worries


'i know you do, are you okay to take debbie?


'of course, she already has told me she is sleeping in my bed.... bea smiled, just than the dr and debbie walked in


'alright we have a bottle


'liz is going to feed him, im just too sore


'thats fine bea, as long as you had first hold, cuddles and kisses than thats fine


'i did and thank you for that... allie smiled 


'debbie go give the bottle to your aunty liz....debbie did so and sat beside liz


'mummy whats his name?


'his name is noah


'oh thats so nice, mummy i dont want to go home anymore


'we wont baby


'debbie you, noah and your mum will live with me






'oh yay...... allie walked over to bea


'hows the pain?


'8... allie nodded knowing it mean 8 out of 10


'i will get the nurse to give you something for it, how about after this feed we take noah to the nursery so the nurses can look after him for the night, you need to talk to the police and get some rest


'i hate that but i know i need to do it, thank you


'no worries, the nurse will be in soon, the police will be here in a few hours so try and have a sleep.... bea nodded, allie left the room and bea looked over at debbie making funny faces at noah


noah was taken by a nurse about an hour later, debbie, franky and maxine left not long after leaving liz there


'what can we do to help bea?


'i dont know liz, this is such a mess


'i know love but now your away from him, you tell the police everything and send his ass away


'i have to for the safety of my kids


'good girl, i will be back tomorrow but if you need anything just call, your phone is here


'thank you for being here


'anytime love.... kissing bea on the cheek liz left, bea closed her eyes for some rest before the police turned up


bea was gently woken a couple hours later, she flicked her eyes open and saw the bluest eyes she had ever seen 


'hey bea the police are here, you ready for this?  


'you will stay the whole time?




'than yes i am....... allie helped bea sit up and face the officers


'hi bea im officer miles and this is officer rich, we will take your statement about what happened earlier today


'actually officers bea would like to tell you everything from the start of her relationship with her husband


'harry smith right?


'yes thats right.... the officers grabbed chairs and started the recorder


'this is officer miles and officer rich to take the statement of miss beatrice smith, miss smith please start when you are ready..... bea reached out for allie's hand and squeezed it gently which allie did so back to say 'im here for you' before she went on to tell them everything