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Allie was sitting on the couch in the hotel room a few days later feeding noah, the little boy had been very unsettled the last couple  nights and in turn allie had not been able to sleep, he was whiny and grumpy and clearly he was missing his mum



'you miss your mama hey, i know bubba, we will go see her soon, but first you need a proper nap buddy.... the little boy burped and than allie changed his nappy and laid on the bed



'lets face time mama.... she looked for bea's number and his facetime call which was answered quickly



'hey baby



'hey babe, how are you feeling?



'better than yesterday, i sat up and ate some soup



'thats good, did you shower?



'i tried on my own but its a bit hard so franky helped me



'okay, well this little one has been fussy for the last couple nights, he is grumpy and i think misses his mum.... she turned her camera to face noah and bea smiled



'hey my beautiful boy, have you been giving allie a hard time.... the little boy smiled and blew bubbles, he was happy to see his mama for sure... bea spoke to him for a couple minutes than his eyes were starting to close and allie turned the phone to herself



'oh babe he just needed to see you



'allie you should have called me earlier, you must be exhausted?



'i definitely am babe, so is noah but im glad he is getting some sleep



'well you get some sleep as well, just come later tonight 



'are you sure babe?



'absolutely, debbie, franky and bridget are here now, maxine, liz and boomer will be coming later on, even if you cant make it today just get some rest and come tomorrow



'i will let you know how i go, i will actually have a sleep though.... allie said when she yawned and rubbed her eyes



'allie your eyes are so red



'i know, there sore as well



'i might get bridget to come and get noah and they could watch him for the rest of the day



'no its fine bea, i love having him



'i know you do but you need rest as well allie, look bridget is on her way, just give her the overnight bag 



'you dont trust me with him?.... allie said sadly



'oh baby thats not it at all, i just know you and when your overtired you get headaches and feel sick, please believe me when i say i trust you with not only my life but my kids



'your right, im sorry babe, i can feel a headache coming, yea okay i will pack his back for bridget



'good, what number is your room?



'15, its a blue door



'okay she is on her way






'hey allie?






'i love you.... allie smiled



'i love you too beautiful..... they said there good byes and allie packed a bag for noah, she gently wrapped him in bea's red blanket and than bridget arrived



'hey bridget, he is fed and changed, he had a rough night and finally fell asleep not long ago



'okay great, do you have his pram?



'yes just over there....allie stripped him into the pram and pulled the cover over



'here is his bag, are you going to keep him overnight?



'yes, bea says and i definitely agree now that i have seen you that you need sleep allie



'yea i know, i just miss him, i miss both kids when there not around



'i know but they will be fine at my place



'how is debbie going?



' yea good, she and bea are hanging out eating a sandwich 



'is bea eating?



'she is trying, small bites



'thats good, what did the doctor say?



'she is getting better everyday, her markers are going down which is good but it can take some time, how is the house hunting going?



'yea okay, we found a few and when bea gets out we will go look at them



'thats good, alright im going to get back to the hospital, are you sure you dont want to stay at my place allie? there is plenty of room



'i know and i appreciate it but i want to be close to bea right now



'okay but if you want to come to mine just come, you have a key



'will do



'i will see you later allie



'bye..... bridget left and allie had a shower and fell into bed completely exhausted, she was out like a light with thoughts of red curls and brown eyes






Allie woke to see the sun was just coming up, checking her phone she realised she slept through the whole afternoon and night, her phone had 7 missed calls from bea and a bunch of messages worried for her



'shit.... she quickly used the bathroom and sat back on the bed to call bea, it was picked up quickly



'allie? allie are you alright?



'im good babe, im so sorry



'what happened? where are you?



'i just woke up



'what? since yesterday?



'yea, im sorry to worry you.... allie felt bad for worrying the redhead



'its okay... bea let out a breath she had been holding since last night  'as long as your okay?



'i am babe, i just had such a bad headache



'you must have been really tired , are you feeling alright allie?



'yea, i just need food, im starving..... she smiled when bea chuckled



'your always hungry, why dont you get yourself ready and come here, i will get us some food delivered here



'bea you cant do that



'yes i can, bridget told me there is a italian place close by that delivers to patients rooms if needed, so get your cute butt down here so we can eat together




'you think my butt is cute?




'sexy too, so damn sexy baby.... allie giggled



'alright beautiful i will have a shower and come by



'okay cool, see you soon baby..... allie hung up and headed in the shower, she got dressed and headed to the car, she decided to drive just in case she stayed late and didnt want to walk in the dark, she parked the car and headed inside buying a bunch of flowers on her way. she took the lift up to the right floor and got out walking into bea's room a minute later, the redheads face lighting up 



'baby your here, im so happy to see you



'these are for you babe.... allie leaned down kissing the redhead



'thank you, can you put them in the vase over there please



'sure thing.... allie was filling the vase when someone knocked on the door



'hi i have a delivery for bea smith



'yes thats me, just put it here on the table please........ he did so and smiled when bea paid him and gave a $15 tip




'thank you miss, your plastic plates, forks and cups are in the bag as well






'have a good day.... he left and bea smiled at allie



'some sit down and eat baby



'what did you get?



'2 different pastas, ceasar salad and garlic bread



'here let me make our plates...... allie made them each a plate and sat down to eat



'mm yum



'bea can you eat this food?



'i can eat whatever i want, it just depends if i feel like it, im getting better




'thats good, has the doctor been by?



;not yet, he is due soon, im hoping i can get out soon



'in time babe, do you want water or soft drink?



'just water for me thanks



'okay i will get us a jug of iced water from the kitchen..... allie returned with the jug and filled up there cups



'thanks baby...... they finished lunch and the left over was put in the communal fridge for bea to eat later on



'come join me in bed baby, i need cuddles



'are you sure im allowed?



'i dont care if you are, i want you with me, please baby..... allie couldnt say no to her and she really has missed being close to the redhead, slipping in beside bea she snuggled in closer and bea laid her head on her chest






'much better, your so warm and snuggly, i missed being with you baby



'me too bea, i miss you so much, i hate that this happened to you, you could have died..... allie choked out trying to stop herself from sobbing, bea looked up and rubbed the blondes cheek



'hey allie, hey look at me.... allie looked up and bea's heart broke  'im okay, im here with you.... allie bit her lip and nodded



'i know, i just cant forget how i found you, you were so sick



'i was and thanks to you i will be fine, you saved my life allie, you saved my kids from getting sick, thank you, thank you so much



'i would rather me be sick than you and noah



'i know baby, im just glad we got it in time for any of us to have dies



'me too.... they shared some kisses and than laid down for a while, the doctor walked in an hour later



'how are you feeling bea?



'better, i have some lunch and now im just relaxing



'thats good, im just going to feel around your stomach, tell me if it hurts..... he felt around and pushed in particuler places



'hows thats there?



'a little tender



'and right here?.... bea flinched



'oh thats sore there



'okay, i think another couple days and you should be good to go home






'we will do some more blood tests and make sure your numbers are still coming down, its looking good now bea



'thanks doctor..... he left and than debbie ran into the room



'mama, mama i missed you



'deb you only saw me yesterday



'yes but i missed you, here i got you a donut



'thanks baby girl..... debbie walked over to allie and sat on her lap



'i got you one as well allie



'thanks deb, where are bridget and franky?



'they sent me in here and than went to gidge's office, there coming back soon



'okay, how was your night?



'good, we watched a movie and had pasghetti for dinner



'and ice cream?



'yep, franky made banana splits, they were yummy.... bea and allie smiled at her cheeky face



'did you do your reading?



'yep, franky helped me on the hard words, i love reading, i miss you reading to me mama



'me too baby girl, listen deb allie and i need to talk to you about something, babe come sit up here with her



'sure babe..... allie sat beside bea on the bed with debbie in her lap




'whats up mama?..... debbie said holding her  mums hand



'well allie and i think its time to move to a new house



'why?... bea looked at allie know nodded for her to tell her the truth



'because your dad knows where we live now



'but he is a bad, we have to go far away.... she saw the panic in the young girls eyes pretty quickly



'hey hey, look at me deb..... she waited till debbie looked her in the eyes



'its okay deb, i promise you me and allie will protect you no matter what



'but he will come get us



'no he wont, your staying with franky and bridget right now



'what about you and allie?



'allie is in a hotel right now and when i get out i will stay in the hotel with allie



;but you can come and stay at gidgets house, you cant stay by yourself



'alright deb come here... debbie hugged her mum around her neck, allie could see bea was in pain with debbie sitting on her stomach but bea didnt care, her little girl needed this



'listen deb we will all be okay, we will find another house soon and start fresh



'are you sure mama?



'absolutely, we will all be okay, alright?



'alright mama, we lost all our stuff



'dont worry about that, i will buy everything again, how about you help us look at some houses on the laptop?



'okay.... bea put debbie on the bed but she snuggled into her mum, allie bought the laptop out and showed debbie the few houses they had found online



'this one is nice, i like the fire thing



'the fire place?



'yea, its cool



'alright well i should be out of hospital in a couple days so we can go see it together



''and this one too, it has a pool



'okay, we will make a list and go together..... debbie nodded






'yea baby?



'will you be okay?



'of course i will, im getting better 



'good, because i need my mama... bea smiled and kissed the top of her head



'i need my debbie and noah as well. hey where is noah?



'with aunty boomer, she is coming in now



'okay.... just than bridget and franky walked in



'hey red, how you doing?



'feeling better franky, doc says a couple more days and i should be out of here



'thats great



'yes bea, im looking at your chart and your number are improving 



'thank god for that



'knock knock mofos..... came from boomer as she walked in noah in her arms, they lokoed down to see the little boy dressed like elmo



'why is he dressed like that boomer?




'cause he looks cute, i bought it for him



'he does look cute, here give me my little boy.... boomer laid noah in bea's arms



'oh my little boy, did you have fun with aunty boomer, have you been a good boy. mwa, mwa, mwa... she gissed him all over his giggling face, he was so happy to see his mum



'oh yuk whats that smell??.... debbie said holding her nose



'that would be this little guy, here babe let me change him quickly



'okay, thanks.... she quickly changed him and handed him back to his mum, while bea was talking to noah and debbie on the bed the others were sitting around talking about how bridget, franky and boomer would help them move when they found a house



'are you guys sure? there's a lot of big stuff and i can hire some guys to do it



'how about you hire some guys to do the big things but we will help you guys with other stuff, the kids, electronics, personal stuff and whatever else



'thats a good idea franky, thanks guys



'no worries, we got ya.... allie looked over at bea and the kids, who somehow had all fallen asleep together



'should we move the kids?



'no, let me just secure them with the rails and pillows..... bridget helped allie pull the rails up and tuck in pillows all around them to make sure none of them would fall. another blanket was added and they were comfortable enough for the hospital



'i might go with gidge and booms to get some lunch at the cafe, do you want anything?



'nah we already ate, thanks though



'alright we wont be long



'take your time, they might sleep for a while....... allie sat beside the bed and flipped her laptop on to start doing some catch up work, although she was on medical leave right now she still had a lot of online paperwork to catch up on






A couple days later bea was allowed to leave the hospital, allie had come in with noah and franky and bridget bought debbie in to help



'hey red why dont you have a shower and get dressed and we will pack your bags?



'thanks franky, baby can you help me?



'sure thing.... they went into the bathroom and allie undressed the redhead, allie wriggled her eyebrows and bea giggled



'your so cheeky allie



'me? never babe.... she said scandalized 



'yea yea whatever, can you pass me the body soap please?



'sure thing beautiful..... bea got under the water and wet her body, she washed and rinsed deciding to just washed her hair at home, she turned the water off dried and got dressed with allie's help, she brushed her hair and teeth than put some perfume on



'there you go, all clean



'thanks for helping, i know this ideal



'oh please babe, im happy to help, whatever you need



'well when we get to bridgets house i would like a nap and some cuddles



'i think i can handle that..... after talking with bridget the older woman had told them both that they will be staying at bridgets house, allie and bea were thankful, they walked out and bea put her thongs on



'alright you ready to go red? i have all your paperwork



'yes please..... they arrived at bridgets place half an hour later and picking up some antibiotics for bea. they all went inside and allie put bea to rest on the bed, she was told to have another week of rest and than a couple weeks of gentle things before going back to normal life



'are you going to lay down with me allie?



'i am babe, i just want to put the washing on and make sure the kids are good, i will be back in a few minutes, here you put something on to watch



'okay baby..... allie tucked bea in knowing since she just took her medication she would be tired. allie went out and put all the washing in the machine and started it, she checked on debbie who was on her ipad sitting with bridget



'where is noah?



'he is sleeping, allie relax, go and lay down with bea, we are just going to relax the rest of the day, we have the kids so go on



'thanks guys



'no sweat blondie, here take this into bea, its her favorite tea



'cheers.... allie went back in the room and saw bea was dosing off but opened her eyes when she heard allie






'im here babe, franky made you some tea






'yep..... bea had a few sips and put it on the table




'thank you, come lay down..... they snuggled together and in no time bea was asleep as was allie. they slept for a couple hours than got up and spent some time with the kids and franky and bridget, they all had dinner together and had an early night, bea and allie spent some time in bed making plans for the next couple weeks and than fell asleep