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 Before we start, here's the fanart I forgot to link by beecarnival 



"I said shut the fuck up, shitty hair!" 

"I didn't say anything!"

Katsuki's sparking hands were right in front of Eijro's face, for he had to hold him back at an arm's-length to prevent his hardened face from taking any damage, even though it was unlikely to happen. 

Katsuki exclaimed, "But you were about to!" He backed off, tearing his hands away and angrily grumbling as he went back to putting on his rubber bands in the mirror in the Heights Alliance restroom. "You always have something stupid to say and it's fucking annoying." 

"But I never say anything!" Eijiro said in exasperation. He stood beside Katsuki, watching him in the mirror as his face looked pained for a second when he closed his mouth. He knew he wasn't ready for another band. "Besides, if I were to ever say anything it'd be-" 

"Shut the fuck up!" Katsuki angrily opened his mouth, flinching a little when the tightness of the other elastic band pulled on his teeth. He hurriedly placed the other band over the brackets on his k9s. "You always have something to say!"

"You never let me say it!"

Katsuki grunted at the look of ridicule on his buddy's stupid face, looking back at his progressing teeth before licking the brackets and closing his mouth, keeping his mouth shut. He started to leave the bathroom.

Eijiro followed him out. "Hey, but your teeth look better."

Katsuki scoffed. "I wish Deku's teeth got all fucked up so that I could laugh about it. Like you guys are to me."

"But no one—" Eijiro stopped himself, pursing his lips at the pointed look Katsuki gave him as they walked.

"Yeah," Eijiro replaced, "I forgot about Ashido, Kaminari, and Sero."

Katsuki grunted again, looking ahead and letting the silence overtake them.

Eijiro wasn't quite finished though, as always. "When will they come off?"

"Seven weeks from now." 

Eijiro's eyes widened, and his mouth let out a smile with a gasp. "That means you'll get retainers!"

"Fuck, don't even talk to me about those." Katsuki grimaced and walked farther ahead, heading over to the lounge where the majority of the class was huddled.

Katsuki took a few teases, but that was all in his head because no one really said anything. He just told everyone to shut up whenever they looked to him.

Eijiro could only smile with a dreamy look in his eyes whenever he saw Katsuki open his mouth.


"Bakugo, there's some food stuck in yo-"

"I fucking know that!"

Eijiro puckered his lips and raised his eyebrows, digging back to his food. "Okay, whatever you say," he drawled.

Katsuki grumbled and tried using his chopstick and napkin to pull the piece of rice out of his bracket, but Eijiro couldn't see because Katsuki was trying his best to not let him see.

They were currently situated in Katsuki's room, seated on the ground at the mini table that he had. 

Eijiro felt lucky—he was pretty much one of the only people to have ever seen Katsuki's room, let alone be inside of it. 

He started at Katsuki from across the table as he laughed in victory after getting the rice and meat out of his brackets. He numbly chewed on his food, a warm smile on his face.

Katsuki turned back to face him, a smirk on him. "All good now?" 

Eijiro only nodded, sipping his water. "Yes. Also, you look ve-"

"Shut up! That's where we stop!" Katsuki grumpily went back to his food.

Eijiro could only sigh.

The same thing kept happening—Eijiro opens his mouth when Katsuki's braces were a quick second of the topic and he gets defensive. There was no way around it.

But Eijiro still found it to be-

"Hey, shitty hair, pay attention."

Eijiro blinked out of his daydream, blinking at Katsuki. "Huh?" He looked down at the pencil Katsuki was holding, the tip pointed at the piece of paper in front of them. "Oh yeah, geometry."

"Okay, so do you finally understand what I'm trying to tell you?" Katsuki asked, raising an eyebrow and handing the pencil over.

"Um," Eijiro grabbed it, smiling as his eyes unknowingly flicked down to his braces that were peaking out for a moment, "yes."

"Okay, then do it." Katsuki sat back and crossed his arms once the pencil was out of his hand, gesturing toward the paper with his head when Eijiro didn't move. 

"Ah- wait what am I supposed to do?" Eijiro was confused, but his voice cracked a little because he was afraid Katsuki knew he wasn't paying attention.

Which was accurate because he threw a fit. "I JUST EXPLAINED TO YOU WHAT TO DO!"

Eijiro tried to calm him down with his hands, a sheepish smile as people in the cafeteria looked at them. "Hey, listen, I was thinking about other things."

"What the fuck else could be more important than this?" Katsuki rolled his eyes.

You, Eijiro wanted to say, but he held back and started writing on the paper, trying to write down what he faintly remembered hearing. "Nothing."

"Freaking better be," Katsuki grumbled, watching as Eijiro scribbled nothing in relation to the math he had taught him on the paper.

He had enough. "You know what?!" He stood up, grabbing the notebook and closing it, stuffing it into Eijiro's backpack before throwing the utensils inside, zipping it closed. He harshly swung the backpack over his shoulders, sliding into the straps. Eijiro simply watched him, confused. "We're fucking done for the week."

Katsuki started walking away, leaving Eijiro to scramble out of the seats and push them in while spluttering words of confusion.

"Hey, Bakugo, are you good?" 

Katsuki glared when he made it to his side. He only grunted.

Eijiro started to whine. "Come on, man, don't be like that!"

Katsuki clenched his jaw when Eijiro wrapped his arm around his shoulders, but he did nothing but refuse to look at him. 

"So you're just gonna give me the silent treatment?" Eijiro asked.

Katsuki turned them to head to the main lounge, where they would head to the elevator and make it to Eijiro's room to drop off his backpack. 

Eijiro sighed, already knowing that he probably pissed off Katsuki for having zoned out while he tried to teach him a lesson that was well needed. He removed his arm, keeping himself at a small distance. "Sorry."

Katsuki opened his mouth, but all that came out was a choked sound, so he instead sighed and grabbed onto the straps, looking anywhere but at Eijiro.

He never would admit that he felt bad—Katsuki pushed the button for the elevator to open—whenever it came to having hurt his best friend's feelings. He never meant to do such a thing, but sometimes Eijiro just irritated him.

They walked into the elevator, Eijiro pushing the button for their floor.

Eijiro never irritated him until he had gotten braces, and ever since then Eijiro Just seemed to have been absent-minded almost every day they were together.

Katsuki glanced over at the red head to his side, his lips tight as he struggled to find his words.

"Hey, look, shitty hair, I, uh, didn't mean to hurt you—" he looked away when Eijjro turned his head to look at him—"or some shit."

That was enough to make the red head inflate back to his old self again. "Don't worry about it, Bakugo! Sorry, myself, for not paying attention to what you were telling me."

Katsuki scoffed, walking out the doors when they opened. "Yeah, and like every other day, too."

Eijiro followed after him. "What do you mean?"

"What I mean is that lately you've been a lot more fucking stupid, and you've just been staring at me with no context to it."

Eijiro pursed his lips, holding his hands behind his back. "Oh."

Damn, is he catching on to me?! Eijiro started to panic, but he didn't do anything to show it.

They stood at the front of Eijiro's door in silence, Katsuki starting at Eijiro.

He felt sweat on him. "Yes?"

Katsuki briefly looked at the door.

"Oh!" Eijiro scrambled around his pockets to find his key card, only to realize it wasn't there and went over to Katsuki's back for his backpack. "It's in here somewhere."

Katsuki rolled his eyes, but it wasn't anything negative. Eijiro couldn't see it—and that was the point—but he was slightly smiling.

After a few seconds of scrimmaging around, Eijiro opened the door after zipping his backpack closed again.

Katsuki was the first to walk in, shouldering the backpack off and carefully placing it beside Eijiro's desk. 

"So...are we gonna chill in here, or what?" Eijiro asked, keeping his hand on the knob until he was given the nod of allowance to close it.

Katsuki let out a deep sigh mixed with a groan as he fell back onto Eijiro's bed, letting himself relax. "Fuck, it feels good to lay down."

Eijiro grinned and let himself fall right beside him, but he made sure to keep a reasonable distance. He starts getting sweaty whenever they lie close together. "We didn't even train much today, or even do much heavy work."

"Shut the fuck up," Katsuki said, closing his eyes and grinning. "Not my fault you have the body of a child."

Eijiro couldn't complain when he saw those braces popping out. He so badly wanted to hold back his words. Instead, he just continued the topic. "At least I have hard muscles and still have the physical strength of a teenager, unlike you who has the mindset and physical strength of an elderly man."

Katsuki's face fell, his eyes shooting open. His head sharply turned to a grinning Eijiro, who was leaning on his elbow and turned to him. "The fuck did you say?"

"You heard me."

Katsuki started yelling, Eijiro laughing as Katsuki pounced on him and started tugging and pulling on Eijiro's clothes. It only made him laugh even more when Katsuki was the one who was pushed back onto his back and held down. He was struggling to pull himself out of Eijiro's hold, but that grin never left Eijiro.

If Katsuki had to admit it, that would've been a perfect time to kiss that smile off his face. But he digressed.

"You know, now that you're under my hold—" Eijiro finally opened his eyes from his wide smile, leaning closer and pushing down on him even more, tightening the leg that was crossed under Katsuki's and using his arm that was across his chest to hold him down—"now I can finally talk to you about your brace-"

Eijiro was thrown back onto his bed, multiple shouts of "shut up" in many different variations being thrown at him.

That day was the day; Eijiro had excitedly cheered in his mind about it. Or maybe in front of Mina, but he just couldn't hold his excitement in.

Katsuki had his braces for about ten months, and his teeth were as good as new. That also meant one thing—retainers.

Eijiro had his fair share of experience with other people having retainers, and to his knowledge, he knew about the lisp they all ended up having. 

Imagining it on Katsuki was the best thing ever. Especially until he got to really hear it for himself—Eijiro was really going through it.

"I said to shut the hell up!" 

Eijiro only giggled and beamed at his friend, sitting with him on his bed. 

Katsuki tried to not speak—he almost refused to let Eijiro into his room, but his persistence was making it possible—but had to say something to try and make the red head silence himself.

Eijiro only leaned close to him, opening his mouth and saying, "Can I just say one thing?"

Katsuki fiercely shook his head, anger on his features. He preferred to be mute than have to go through the teasing everyone gave him.

That time, everyone did tease him—and by everyone he meant Denki, Mina, Hanta, Izuku (even though he was unaware of doing it, same with Shoto), and a few of the other classmates unknowingly giggling at his words. Eijiro, though, didn't say anything but smile.

And he didn't stop smiling. Not even when he was knocking at his door at 20 (8 PM) where he was getting ready for bed. 

"Well, you can't stop me because I'm the one who wants to speak, so Bakugo, I-"

Katsuki shoved his hand on Eijiro's mouth, sending him back onto his bed where he was pushing his head down. 

"Not another fucking word, shithead." 

His words were menacing, but Eijiro still wouldn't stop smiling. It was bothering him.

Eijiro licked his palm, making him pull back and show disgust on his face. "Ugh! What the hell?!"

Eijiro tried to speed his words up, forcing himself up. "I just want to say you looked very-"

Katsuki had no other choice after his loud words of protest going to waste, he slammed his hands on the sides of Eijiro's face and pulled him in, busting their lips together.

By busting it was actually busting, and it hurt . Especially with Eijiro's sharp teeth unexpectedly pushing against his own lips. 

But, still, Eijiro's face turned redder than his own hair and his hands were still on Katsuki's wrists, eyes open.

Katsuki pulled everything away, breathing heavily only because his adrenaline and nerves went through the roof when he did that, not because of the kiss, it wasn't even a few seconds long. 

Fortunately, that sure shut him up.

It actually shut the both of them up.

The silence that grew after the kiss was enough to almost make Katsuki jump out of his window, and he was about to go do that until Eijiro grabbed onto his wrist, keeping him still. 

His voice was small, but it was still strong. "C...can we do that again? But, um...softer?"

Even Katsuki turned red to the tips of his ears, unsure of how to properly respond. He just clenched his jaw, nodding. 

The two moved closer to one another, Katsuki reluctantly placing his hand on Eijiro's cheek. Eijiro was more hesitant but he placed his hand on his neck, the two slowly leaning in together.

Until Eijiro briefly wisped, "All this time I've been trying to tell you that braces make you look cute, and retainers make you sound even cuter," before he abruptly but gently placed their lips together.

Katsuki was too speechless to pull back, eyes not closing from the shock of his words.

Eijiro was the one who had to pull back, their contact not gone as they were staring into each other's eyes. 

Katsuki breathed, "Fuck, I think I love you."

The two joined in for an actual proper kiss that time.