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Apple Juice

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After the USJ attack everyone was left on edge. The villains that attacked the school knew All Might would be there and that was a problem. And the school telling students to stay cautious didn't help. If Pro-heros were worried then anything can and will happen to them. 


The sports festival ultimately ended up being postponed to a later date, much to the staff's and others students dismay. Most of the students were upset, due to being really excited for it. But no one questioned it, if anything they took it with a strong regard to train harder so they'll be able to defend themselves in such a situation. Class 1-A on the other hand were relatively relieved, the sudden attack left them shaken especially since their teachers got hurt in the mix if it, and even if some did not admit it they were glad this was going the way it was. 




Sitting in her seat in the back next to the window Y/n sat quietly with crossed legs. Class won't begin for another hour leaving her the only one inside at the time. Since she often came into school with one if parents it often resulted in her being early. Y/n then felt a vibration in her pants pocket most likely a text from her boyfriend of 1 year. Taking out her phone and unlocking it she went to the message labeled ‘Rikizuma Muneki’


‘We're going out after school. Meet me at the tree.”

“Is something wrong?”


“Don't be late”


Letting out a sigh Y/n reread the messages again and again the tree was a large sakura tree where Rikizuma confessed to Y/n, the same thing that was supposed to bring happiness only brought sorrow now whenever it was mentioned. Letting out a soft whimper Y/n gently rubbed her upper arm where the bruise was only just starting to fade. 


Their once happy relationship went sour when Y/n got into Yuuei and Rikizuma didn't. She still remember the look of disdain in his once bright silver eyes when they read out their letters. That was the first time he put his hands on her when Y/n tried to comfort him. The hateful words he cried out to her as he pushed her way causing her to fall. But she didn't blame him. He was mad and he had every right to be. And then the next day he apologized, kissed her, and they went on an amazing date. And because of that the cycle of abuse started. The tree, the yells, the hits, apologizes, the kisses, the date and then repeat. Each time Y/n blaming herself for making him mad. 


She never told anyone about it however. Even though its been going on for months now. Her parents and brother didn't even know she had a boyfriend never mind an abusive one. So to vent about how she felt Y/n found herself writing lyric after lyric of pure emotions in a spiral notebook. Each song about her relationship, how she felt, or just random stuff. And after a bad fight she'd make the music/beat for the song on her computer. It wasn't the best way to deal with everything but it did help a lot. After all, their relationship wasn't always like that, there were many happy moments. Moments where she felt like the only person in his world. Where she felt like nothing could ever break them apart. Y/n always thought that it was just a rough patch in their relationship that would make them stronger, granted if anything their relationship only got worse. His pushes became hits, and hits became punches and after each one apologizes became less and less until all together they stopped and he started to blame her. Hiding bruises became a biweekly task until she finally master hiding them no matter how dark or big. 


Putting her phone away Y/n sighed taking out her notebook and started to write. With each passing minute more and more students started to lotter into the class most in groups of about 3. But Y/n paid them no mind as she bounced her leg moving her pen across the paper.  Feeling breathing on her neck Y/n looked up to the faceless and unseeable body of Hagakura. 


“Good Morning Yagi- Chan! What are you writing? A song? A poem? It seems good!” she said. Even though Y/n couldn't see her face she could tell there was either a big smile or a look of curious confusion.


“Good morning Hagakura-san.. And I rather not say.” you said bluntly, but with a hint of embarrassment hoping she'd leave it at that. 


“Awe Yagi- Chan why won't you open up to us! It's not fairrr!” whined Mina from behind you with puffed out cheeks, pouting like a child as she shook her pink fists.


“Good morning to you as well Ashido- san”


“Drop the ‘san’! Just say Ashido! Or even just Mina!! Stop being so formal!”


“Will you extras quiet down! It's too damn early for your loud mouths!”


“Shut up Bakugou this does concern you!”




“Bakugou! As class president I can not allow you to set off explosions in class! Please refrain from setting off any more explosions!”




“F-four eyes!? I'll have you know these glasses-”


“Hey! Don't talk to the class pres like that!”




Using the arguing going on between your classmates and Bakugou, you stood up from your seat and grabbed your notebook on the way out. Something like this wasn't worth the headache of teleporting away. Closing the door behind you, you walked toward the staircase. You were nervous to see Rikizuma after school, you hope the people in his school were treating him well. After all the day he has today at school determines how the two of you will be after. Heading upstairs you stood outside of class 2-B and hesitantly opened the door. Eyes of the upperclassmen were on you and scanned the room. Your (e/c) eyes met purple ones and you beckoned the boy you needed over with a soft call of his name.


“Hey Shinso! Who’s the cute Kohai calling for you?” called out one the males that was in the middle room. He had large red horns and stood at about 198.2cm (6’5). His hair was black but his skin was a dark pink almost red. “Your girllllfrienddd?”


“My sister.” Shinso said simply as he stood up. He ignores the questions that came after that as he walked over and closed the door behind himself. “What’s wrong N/n?” 


“C-can we do something after school? I.. uh.. There’s something going on that I’d rather avoid.” you explained weakly. Knowing your brother he didn't buy your explanation fully but he also wouldn't question.


“Sorry, I have plans. Why?” he took a step closer to and studied your face and body posture. “Is someone bothering you?”


“N-no.. Not at all. Sorry to bother you.” you turned around hiding how deflated you felt as you walked away. Shinso watched your figure walk away with a frown. As your older brother he almost always knew how you felt even if you didn't know yourself. He could see you were nervous and sad but knew better than to pry. 


Walking back to class you stopped outside the door to check your phone again. Rikizuma didn't send another text but you started at his name hoping for a clear understanding of what was going through his head. Taking a breath you started typing away wanting for more context so you're not walking into this blind.


“Did something happen? Please talk to me.”


Almost immediately the word 'sent' that was under your text turned to read. Waiting for a response you didn't realize how much time has passed.


“Who’s that?” 


A cry escaped your lips as you turn to see your mother standing over your figure looking over your shoulder. He had read your text messages or at least just the ones from today. 


“They sound like an ass. Do I know them?”


“Kaa-chan! What are you doing here!?” 


“Y/n you’re standing outside my classroom when class is about to start. What else would I be doing here?” 


“Ah. You're right! Uhh..”


“You never answered my question. Who is that?” 


“Its nothing Kaa-chan! Class is starting anyway so it doesn't matter.” you rushed out. Opening the classroom door you went straight to your seat. Normally you were a calm and level headed person, much like Todoroki, but around your family and boyfriend you let your emotions slip more. 




When the bell of last period rang you were spaced out. Your mother had already forgotten about the messages but that didn't make you any less nervous. 


“Yagi-chan! W-would you like to walk to the station together?” you heard a voice from next to you ask. Looking up you could see the pink blush dusted across Midoriya’s freckled cheeks, his eyes were filled with determination but you could see the hesitation in them. Ochaco and Iida stood behind him with a wide smile. Looking between the three of them you nodded and gathered your things. As your back faced them Midoriya let out a breath he didn't know he was holdings as Ochaco patted his back giving him a thumbs up.


With your bag slug over your shoulder and your hand in your pocket you followed behind your classmates. They talked freely and every once in a while you'll tune in and give your response. With every passing step you grew more comfortable and walked next to them instead of behind. On the train it was same Midoriya and Ochaco were sitting down while you and Iida stood in front of them continuing the conversation. From the corner of your eye you could see the messy purple hair of your brother as he talked with a group of both girls and boys you didn't know, most likely his classmates. You were so into your conversation you almost missed your stop. Waving goodbye to your classmates you stepped off the train, unknown to you your brother's eyes followed your figure in confusion. He didn't know the area of the stop you got off at well and he didn't expect you too either, so why'd you get off here?


“Hey Shinso! What do you think?” 


“Huh? Sorry I wasn't paying attention.” 


Chapter Text

You were late and you knew it. It was almost 5 and the meet up time was always 4:30. Walking with Midoriya, Ochaco, and Iida was nice but now it might cost you, the text message notification ding proved that. Taking out your phone you frowned seeing his name and willed yourself to start jogging. The tree was a good 10 minute walk from the station but if you ran it would be reduced to 5 maybe 4. Breaking out into a run you weaved through person after person until you finally reached the park. In the distance you could see the large sakura tree and tuffs of spiky blue hair.

His head turned as you slowed down to approach and his grey eyes stared at you. "You're late." he said simply with a sigh, his focus on the butterfly pocket knife as he expertly flipped it. You glanced at the knife cautious as you stood a few feet in front of him.

"I know.. I'm sorry." you said softly as you looked down, feeling self conscience under his gaze. The wind was the only sound around the two of you as he walked closer, putting the knife back in his pocket. Flinching when his hand landed gently on your face, he caressed your cheek and made you look at him.

"I'll forgive you this one time if you give me a kiss." he said smoothly. A soft smile graced your plump lips as you leaned forward to kiss him softly. His lips felt perfect against yours and as the two of you got more into the kiss your arms found his neck and his hands found your hips, pressing your fronts together. This caused you to pull away in shock as you glanced down to see the obvious bulge in his pants.

"Z-Zuma-kun. You have.." you whispered softly, uncomfortable and embarrassed. You tried to pull away from him but instead he forced your bodies closer together and began to place kiss your neck. You body went rigid. Was he going to mark you, even though you didn't want it? "Zuma stop." you knew your voice was shaky, but you said it as firmly as you could. His lips left your neck as he glared at you, the grip on your hips tightening.

"I'm not gonna mark you, don't worry about it." Rikizuma rolled his eyes and placed his lips back on yours with a small smile. "Let's go to my place and chill. My parents aren't home. Teleport us there."

A frown deepen on your lips as he almost completely ignored your discomfort. You didn't want to be alone with him, but if he just wanted to hang out then there's no harm in that. Taking in a deep breath you placed your arms back around him and teleported the two of you away. Minutes later you'd wish you followed your gut. What started off as innocent cuddles turned into him pinning you below him. You were scared, and forgot about your quirks. Instead you thrashed around under him.

"You're mine! Everytime we try and have a good time you go and ruin it by talking about other people! I bet you wished you were dating one if the dicks in your class!? Huh!? Is that what you want!? A random dick to fuck!? Because I can give you that and so much more." he growled into your ear. You were frozen in fear as you could hear him messing with the belt on his pants, realizing where this might lead to you began to thrash more.

"Rikizuma stop! This isn't funny! Get off of me!" you cried as tears brimmed your eyes. His grey eyes hardened at the sound of his full first name and he clicked his teeth in anger.

"Don't you ever!.. Say my name like that again!" he growled, alpha musk of anger assaulting all of your senses as you finally began to cry. "SHUT UP! YOU GO TO THE SCHOOL I WANTED TO, AND ALL OF A SUDDEN YOU'RE ALL HIGH AND MIGHTY! THIS IS YOUR FAULT NOT MINE, SO BE A GOOD GIRL AND TAKE IT!" he yelled, flipping you over onto your stomach as he took out his knife. You didn't know what to do, you terrified scared, and helpless. Your scent of distressed quickly spread but with no one to help. Just like that he was tearing through your shirt and bra with the knife and yanking down you pants and underwear.

"RIKIZUMA PLEASE! STOP! I'M SCARED! I'M SORRY!" you screamed, but they fell on deaf ears as he shrugged off his shirt. He pressed his chest against your bare back and lifted your hips some before slamming into your virgin hole. You screamed in pain as he pushed in dry, and stretched you in ways you could never imagine. Gripping onto the bed sheets tightly you cried freely as his pulled out until only the tip was in and them slammed in with so much force. "P-pleASE!"

"Be a good girl.. Mmm fuck you're so tight.. And take it.. I'm making you a woman after all." he grunted out. You didn't need to look down to see the blood, you could feel it dripping down your inner thigh. While each if his painful deep thrust a shudder ran through your body as you began to produce slick. The pain was still there, still strong, but pleasure began to come as well. And before you knew it that as exactly what you did, multiple times. You felt dirty. The things he was saying, the praise, and vulgar language, the degradation. You felt disgusting. You never stopped crying, even as your body forced out moans, you didn't want it. You didn't want it. You swore you didn't want it. A shiver ran through your body as he hit the spot that made you see stars again and your body continued to shake through the pleasure.

Did you really not want it?

"You're so wet omega… ugh.. Fuck.. So wet for me.. I'm gonna fill you good. You're all mine." he grumbled out as he reached for the knife. His hand held your hip in place and before you could react his thrusts got harder, deeper and faster as his other hand carved into your skin. "Since you.. Oh goddd.. You won't let me bite you… this." he out a loud moan as his cock twitched inside you. "this will do… everyone will know you're mine.." The blade cut deep into you as you began to scream louder trying to get him off. It hurt so much, but his thrust made you feel good at the same time. You felt you were going to die. The two completely different feelings were so intense, and by the time his work was done it left you covered in your blood. Your eyes rolled to the back of your head as another orgasm raked through your body, causing you to tighten around him once again, as he filled with his knot and cum. The knot only increased your pain as it stretched you further.

Rikizuma looked at the word carved into your back as he panted above you, sitting up completely to hold your hips as he admired his work. The cursive 'mine' was written vertically, it was puffy and bleeding freely but looked amazing on you. "You look great in red, my love. Don't worry I forgive you for looking at other men though. That was amazing." he whispered softly, as your orgasmic high died down. The weight of everything then hit you, and the tears that had previously stopped were now back as you cried hard. You wanted someone, anyone to come and help you, but you were alone, alone with him. "Shh.. Don't cry Y/n. Good girls don't cry. My good girl should cry."

Rikizuma flipped you onto your back cause more pain to go through your body as his knot tugged at your entrance and the open wound pressed against the bed. He was finally able to see your face. You had dried tears and snot on your face and your eyes were swollen from all the crying. Your hair was a mess, and matted together due to the earlier fighting, but to him you were beautiful. Picking up the bloody knife again you didn't fight, or rather you couldn't fight, as he carved into your forearm. One word on each arm as you cried again, that's all it felt like you could do.

"How could you.." you found yourself whispering. His grey eyes met yours as he clicked his teeth.

"I didn't want to punish you like this, but you made me do it, Y/n." he said condescendingly as the knot finally began to soften enough for him to pull out. He pulled out with a soft pop and pinkish white fluid dripped from your gaping twitching hole. Your body hurt, everything hurt. But it was nothing compared to what you were feeling. The betrayal, hatred, disgust, all toward him but mostly yourself. With deep breathes you struggled to gather your things, each moment caused you to bleed more so you had to move slowly. Rikizuma watched with lecherous eyes as you picked up all your belongings, but didn't say anything thing. He didn't need to, you didn't want him to.

With the same way you got there, you teleported away- straight home. And just like that you dropped your things and broke down. You felt disgusting, dirty. And every step hurt down there so much. Your head hurt, your heart hurt, your pussy hurt, your back and arms extremely hurt. And the dripping fluid down your legs, and dripping arms was the reminder. Unable to move your legs you teleported into the bathroom and went straight into the shower. You sat under the water as it turned red. You didn't know how long you were there crying but after what felt like ages you ran out of tears and the water became clear again.

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The next day came too soon. Your arms were wrapped but your back wasn't, the blood had long dried but that didn't change much. You weren't able to sleep you could still feel him on you. You just wanted to be left alone, or to disappear.

"N/n its time to get ready for school, get up."

You didn't move an inch. With your door locked you didn't have to worry about anyone coming in and seeing you hiding under the covers naked. On the other side of the door Shinsou stood tapping his feet. Normally you were the early bird but ever since you got home late last night you've been acting strange. Groaning softly at the sound of silence and the locked door Shinsou went downstairs to alert the couple you two called parents.

"Mother. Father. She won't get up and the door is locked." Shinsou said as he sat down at the table to eat his cereal. Aizawa and Toshinori shared a look of confusion as they had a silent conversation. Moments later they both stood up, and were in front of your room.

"Y/n, my daughter, it's time to get up. Open the door." Toshi said while knocking. The skinny alpha looked down at his mate in visually worry. "She's never locked her door before.."

Aizawa nodded and glanced at the doorknob "Where's the key? Each room came with one."

"Shouta, we haven't used them since she was 5. They're long gone I believe. Why don't I just-"

"You're not breaking another item in this house."



"What was the first one then Shouta?"

"My back."

Toshinori choked and coughed up some blood as his face turned completely red. Looking down at the shorter man, Aizawa held his normally straight face as he stepped closer to the door. "Y/n I know you're awake. Unlock the door and get ready for school or your father is going to leave without you."

A frown traveled through your face but you didn't move. "Please leave me alone." you called out softly, but loud enough for them to hear. Your parents exchanged another look and frowned.

"What's wrong Y/n? Open the door we need to see your face." Aizawa said back softly, his omega instincts telling him you weren't ok, causing him to go into a slight panic. He twisted at the doorknob a few times cause Toshinori to look at him in worry and confusion.

"Okaa-San.. Please. I just want to be alone right now." Aizawa's hands stilled at the sound of your voice. The sadness in it worried him, even more since you called him 'Okaa-san' instead of 'kaa-chan', but against his better judgement he stopped as Toshinori pulled him away from the door.

"Ok Y/n. Just call us if you need anything. You have your phone right?"


"Ok my girl. Feel better, we're here if you need to talk." Toshinori said simply as he pulled his mate and husband away before he could protest.

"Toshi what the hell. Something's obviously wrong." Aizawa said in a panic.

"Yes. But we can't force it out of her. She needs to be able to tell us herself. Lets just give her today for herself and she can go back to school tomorrow. We have to prepare for the talent show anyway."

"I hate it when your right."

Toshinori smiled as he kissed his mate.


"Deku-kun! Wait up!"

Izuku stilled as he turned to face the young beta girl that he has quickly become close friends with. Not too far behind her was Iida, another person who he has grown close with.

"Good morning Uraraka-chan. You look happy!" Izuku smiled. Ever since the announcement of the week long talent show event yesterday in placement of the sport festival, there was a lot more pep in everyone's step.

"Yep! I'm excited for this talent show! I can't believe it's a week away! I heard the winning class gets a prize! And now that I think of it this is the perfect chance to get closer to Yagi-chan!" Ochaco squealed excitedly. Since you were the only omega, and the debatably strongest person, in class 1-A everyone wanted to get to know you better. But you were so reserved, and especially wary towards the alpha's in the class, making it hard. Looking at the bubbly female, Izuku nodded in agreement as they slid the door to the classroom open. "Awe she's not here yet"

"Maybe she's running late. We should just go to our seats for now." Izuku said with a smile. But even with his positive attitude he couldn't help but to glance at your empty seat throughout the day


You were at school the next day, but you kept your head down the whole day. Your cheek was on the desk and your hand gripped your long skirt, you didn't say a word and flinched every time someone was too loud or got too close. So when it was announced today you would be sparring there was shock when you sat on the side lines, head on your knees and arms at your side.

"Hey Ice Queen! Be my sparring partner! I'll definitely beat you this time!" Bakugou yelled as he stomped over to you. He seemed like his normal angry self, but deep down he was just as worried as the rest of his classmates about you. The change in your aura and scent was extremely noticeable, the deep bags under your eyes were noticeable as well. Eyes were on the two of you, but you didn't move and inch. You sat there, still as a board. From the other side of the field Toshinori frowned deeply. He was confused as to why your were so sad. You haven't said a word since yesterday, you just completely shutdown. And it was affecting those around you. In a matter of seconds he was kneeling in front of you and when he reached over to touch you, you violently flinched away, fear and unshed tears in your eyes.

"N-N/n?" he said in complete shock. You've never done that before. Instead of pulling away he got a little closer and continued even as wave after wave of omega in distress pheromones were released from you. "What's wrong?"

Your (e/c) eyes stared into the blue eyes of your father's as your shoulders began to shake much to the shock of your classmates. The normally calm and cool classmate they admired began to hiccup as tears fell from her cheeks.

"Pa- Sensei.. I don't wanna be here.. It hurts too much." You cried out. Your arms wrapped around him tightly as began to cry freely, leaving everyone in shock. The frown on Toshinori's face deepen as he gathered you into his arms, rubbing your back as he carried you.

"Ok my girl, let's take you to recovery girl first." he said softly as you cried into his neck, his fatherly scent doing nothing to calm you down. Looking back at the class, they could tell he was seriously worried by the lack of the signature smile. "I want all of you to be in pairs by the time I'm back. Iida I'm trusting you to make sure of that."

After Iida gave a curt nod All Might was gone.

"Are we not gonna talk about the fact that she finally called All Might- sensei 'sensei' instead rabbit and he called her 'my girl'?"

"Is that all you got out of this Kami?" Kirishima said with a soft groan. "Ok so they may or may not be finally getting along. But what happened to as to why she reacted that way and started crying."

"Yesterday.. She wasn't here. Do you think something happened?" Izuku said softly as he stepped forward, worry in his eyes.

"Classmates! As much as I'd like to help with assumptions, All might-sensei gave me a job and I must fulfill it! Everyone pair up!" Iida called out. In other words 'We should talk about this later.'


Your tears had dried up not too long ago, and you were left with sniffles and hiccups as you breathed in your father's scent. You didn't want him to leave, you didn't want to be alone, but when you felt your grandmother's gentle hand rub your thigh you turned to look at her with a for a brief moment.

"Toshi you can leave. I'll take care of it from here." she said softly as your father placed you down on one of the beds.

"Are you sure? She's never broken down like this before. Maybe I should stay." he mumbled.

"You have a class to teach. Now leave. As an omega I have a hunch what's going on, and as her adoptive grandmother I know exactly what to do." she said firmly, pushing the large male out, leaving just the two of you as she closed up the infirmary. "You poor thing.."

No words had to be said for her to understand. She's been in the medical field for years after all, each case was different but similar, she just hoped she wouldn't have to do it for family. The whole time her voice was soft and her touch was gentle and she reassured you that you did nothing wrong. Her kindness left you hysterical, but not nearly as hysterical as when she told you a rape kit had to be conducted.

You bit your lip as your hands shook, getting undressed was suddenly ten times harder, but putting on the gown was easier. Pushing back the changing curtain, you played with the bandages on your arms as you walked to the bed. Her eyes fell on you as you avoided eye contact "I'm sorry N/n but the proper authorities have to be involved as soon as possible. Did you shower since it happened?"

You blinked away the tears as you nodded "I-I didn't scrub though.. I just sat under the shower.. To get the blood off.."

"What blood?"

Turning your back to face her, Chiyo was able to look through the open slit of the gown she let out a gasp at the sight of the carving on your back. "Oh dear.. Is that why you have.. those bandages?" she said softly as she moved closer. By the looks of it it was extremely fresh, and kept reopening.

"Please don't tell.. I'm not ready.." you found yourself whispering.

"Y/n. You're a minor and you were severely assaulted.. I can't keep that a secret."

"I'll run away if I have to talk about it before I'm ready."

A sigh escaped her and she frowned. "2 weeks. Now lay down ok.. I'm going to start the kit. Ok my dear?"

A nod was your answer as you winced. Laying on your back hurt but you just wanted to get this over with. If anyone asked, you'd deny that you cried the whole time. You'd deny that you also pictured him on top of you again.

Chapter Text

A few days have passed since then, and even though the carvings were now scabbed up and starting to full heal you kept them covered with bandages thanks to your grandmother, Recovery girl. You tried to act like nothing happened, but it was impossible. So instead of interacting with your classmates, or even your family, your hand kept working and writing in your spiral notebook. It was the first day of the talent show, and it seemed like everyone but you were excited as you walked as a class to the auditorium. You sat in between Sato and Shoji, who both left you alone much to your joy. In Front of you sat class 1b who had arrived before you. 


"Oh!? What is this!? Class 1A, that's supposed to be so much better than us, arrived late to the school wide talent show!? Does that mean-" Monoma was cut off by a sharp hit to the head from the girl next to him.


"Sorry about that guys! You know how he gets.." Kendou said bashfully. Sweat drops of understanding filled class 1A but before anyone could make a comment, the lights dimmed and in entered Present Mic. 


"Hello listeners of UA high! As you may know the sport festival as postponed due to an unforeseen event. So to lift your spirits and get you pumped up, the staff has decided on a talent event!" Hizashi paused to let the students cheer for a moment. "The way this works is each class will pick a theme and it would be put in a box. And each day a theme will be picked from the box along with a bonus/ optional theme available for extra points! There are three ways to execute the themes! Through song, skit, or video. And you could even video the song and or skit! But live gets more points! Make sure to keep it as appropriate as possible! Present Mic out!" 


Your ears were left ringing at how loud everyone cheered, you almost didn't hear your mother telling everyone to move their chairs into a circle to discuss what the choice if theme would be.


"How about food! Preferably sweets! I'm an expert on those!" Sato offered with a wide smile.


"No! Explosions!" Bakugou yelled, as mini explosions went off in his hands. 


"That's dumb! We should do about memes! We can't go wrong with that!" 


"Shut up dunce face!"


"No you."


"What did you say to me!?" 


Bakugou's hand grabbed Kaminari's collar as he growled loud, his alpha scent being released as Kaminari was torn between laughing and crying. Aizawa was in his sleeping bag with his head against the wall eyes already closed despite the commotion. Izuku looked around and frowned as the class both argued and tried to get Bakugou off the electric blonde beta.


"Yagi-chan you've been quiet! What do you think!?" he said excitedly and loud enough for everyone to hear. In a matter of seconds all eyes were on you. Ever since you broke down during class everyone has been worried about you but didn't know how to address it, you completely shut down after all. You could feel your heart beating out of your chest as you gripped your notebook. You had an idea after all. You just didn't want to speak up, and now is your chance, even though it was forced on you.


"Yeah Yagi-Chan! What do you think we should pick!?" Kirishima excitedly joined in on the encouragement.


Swallowing some saliva you didn't look up as you finally spoke. "W-western love." you said as you finally lifted your head to look at you classmates.


"Why that, kero?" Tsuyu asked confused but still excited.


"Well.. My father spent time in the west.. And he never stops talking or showing me stuff from those days so I guess. It works.. And if it does get picked.. I um.. I can sing and dance." You mumbled the last part but everything else was clear as day as your classmates formed and huddle around you.


"Just like All Might right? What type of western stuff does he show you." Ojiro said. His muscular tail wagging excitedly as you nodded. You didn't realize when you let out a breath and relaxed some as you conversed with your classmate freely for the first time. And you didn't notice the smile on your mother's face as he watched.


You and your classmates talked freely of the plan as you finally began to open up much to their delight. Even the most quiet of your classmates like Todoroki, Tokoyami, and Shoji were glad to see you talking freely. Opening your notebook you flipped through the pages to find the song in mind. "I haven't named it. And it's a little old but I remember the dance to it. I'll just need a partner or mo-"


"I'll do it!" Izuku said quickly as he stood up raising his hand. Blinking twice his eyes drifted across each and everyone of his classmates as they stared at him, except for Ocacho who had face palmed and was trying to hold in her laughs. Izuku's face quickly turned red and he covered his face with his arms. "I-I-I mean! Uhh! I w-wouldnt mind helping!" 


You smiled at his offer but shook your head. "Sorry Midoriya-San.. But you're too clumsy for the full choreography I thought of. It think it would be best if it was Kirishima-san, Todoroki-san or even Bakugou-san. They're all quick learners and quick on their feet. But if anything the song is long enough to split up the dancing between the 3 for you." You explain. "But don't worry if we do something more free spirited or freestyle like you're one of the go to guys." 


Izuku nodded, blush still burning on his face as he sat down, Ochaco patting his back as she held back her laughter. While Kirishima did his best to stay humble and hold back his smile, Bakugou smiled proudly, his alpha pride shining through at the embarrassment of his childhood friend. Todoroki had his neutral look of contempt for being alive.


"Classmates! It is almost time to make the decision is western love our final answer?" Iida said as his arms raised and fell. Chorus of 'yes' filled the circle of students as the wrote down their decision for Aizawa to take, but since he was still 'sleeping' Iida gave it in, taking his responsibility of class president very seriously.


"OK! Now that last theme from class 3-d is in we have someone you know and love pull the result out!"  stepping out the way Hizashi allowed Toshinori onto the stage, students erupted into cheers as the familiar bunny ear like hairs. 


"I AM HERE! To pull a theme from the box." He said proudly as he shook the box a few times. Reaching his large hand inside he pulled out a piece of paper and the students patted their laps to mimic a drumroll. "And the first theme is.. WESTERN LOVE!" Your father cried out. 


Awes, and boos surrounded class 1A as they cheered loudly. Toshinori looked at the paper in both confusion and excitement wondering how it would look. "Now settle down students! After each round you are able to put another theme ticket in the box, it could be anything, just not a theme that has been already performed. Now your teachers will lead you back to your classrooms were you have until tomorrow to have a video, song, or skit based on Western love. Good luck!"  


Chatter filled the room as All might left and class after class was dismissed when it became your classes turn you went straight back to classroom. For this talent show schedule after 2pm instructional time was over, giving students the chance to stay until after school if needed. Moving the desks and chairs to give you more room to practice was quick. You and the 3 boys stood in the middle of the room and you stared at the for a few moments. 


"While Kirishima-San is the only one I know that will sing, Todoroki- San is graceful and Bakugou-San is a fast learner." You thought aloud as you hummed softly. "Singing for this is extremely important.. So Kirishima I hope you'll be able to keep up. Bakugou-San, Todoroki- San, stay close and pay attention just in case." while Kiri cheered Bakugou and Todoroki nodded in understanding. The next two hours consisted of you teaching everyone else the moves to the song, as back up dancers and then the main 3 boys the moves and lyrics. Time quickly past and you didn't have nearly as much time needed to get the hang of anything.


"I have an idea! My home is big enough to practice dancing and for each of you to sleep over! Why don't we ask our parents if it's ok!" Momo reasoned excitedly. Jirou stood next to her girlfriend chuckling at her cute excitement. "I'll call mother right away and have her prepare the studio!" 


Aizawa watched from his sleeping bag as his daughter interacted with her classmate like he always wished she would. But he was still wondering what caused her to be the way she has been for the past 4 days. "Quiet down. You're all giving me a headache, you should be gone by now. And fix back the classroom"


This would be quite an interesting night.




Getting the approval from your parents wasn't hard, since your mother had heard it all and your father wanted you to be more outgoing. You stood in front of the large house with your other classmates. You stared at the large house with knowing eyes. Your house in the states was very similar to this one in size, while your house here, in Japan, was average for a family of 4 with pets. 19 of you were ushered inside and then greeted by an excited Momo.


"Your house is huge Yaomomo!" Sero exclaimed in awe as they were lead to the studio. Their bags were placed into 5 different rooms. There were more than enough rooms for each of them but it was decided that they'd be separated into groups for sleeping. However, none of you made it to the rooms because you fell asleep in the studio from working so hard. Momo's parents may or may not have taken pictures of you all to send to your parents, but you guys would never know.


The next day you were tired but in high spirits. After an early morning shower and breakfast and Momo's, all of you were driven together in a limo to school. There were many times when Kaminari almost lost a finger from touching things he didn't know the use if but that only brighten everyone's mood. You were beginning to get comfortable around everyone, that much was plain to see but no one knew how long that would last, not even you.


Classes went on shorter schedules once again for the talent show and by lunch time everyone was buzzing with excitement. Pushing in your chair you stood up, bento in your hand, as you walked out the room ready to eat lunch on the roof like you normally do. 


"Yagi-Chan come eat lunch with us!" 


Or maybe not.


Behind you stood, most of your classmates, and Ochaco waving you over. Letting out a sigh you walked over to them preparing for the worst, but it actually wasn't bad. Eating with people instead of alone is something you wouldn't mind doing again.


When the time finally came for the show you and your classmates were bouncing with anticipation. Each class would randomly be called. Leaving it as neutral as possible. The business branch classes were not participating in the show, but they sold delicious snacks during it. You guys ended up being the second to last performance. And taking a deep breath you stood on stage placing the headset on. Looking at the boys nodded and you received a thumbs up from everyone else. They stood behind a curtain that would raise in the middle of the song. The dimmed and you cleared your throat. The music began to play as you snapped your fingers causing the audience to join in.


"I love it when you call me señorita.. I wish I could pretend I didn't need ya." You started, your body moved perfectly timed as raised your arms smoothly as your hips swayed slowly to match the beat. "But every touch is Ooh la la la.. It's true la la la"  You dropped to the floor rolling clutching yourself as if to show you're completely torn on what to do. "Ooh I should be runnin'. Ooh you keep my coming for ya." 


You were still on the ground when Kiri entered, his steps were slow as began to sing. His voice wasn't nearly as melodic as yours but it was good enough. "Land in Miami… The air was hot like summer rain. Sweat dripping off me, before I even knew her name la la la." He reached his hand out to you and you grabbed it, letting him pull you up as the two of you circled each other. "It felt like ooh la la la, yeah, no. Sapphire moonlight. We danced for hours in the sand" the two of you snapped your heads away from each other but your hands reach out to slowly touch. "Tequila sunrise. Her body fit right in my hands, la la la." Your hand touched and your fingers intertwined perfectly. "It felt like ooh la la la, yeah." 


Looking back at each other, Kiri spun you with the next line into his arms as you two sang together. "I love it when you call me señorita." Your right leg wrap around him as he dipped you deeply and slowly turned you . "I wish I could pretend I didn't need ya. But every touch is ooh la la la.. It's true la la la." You stood back up straight but you turn your body to facing Kiri's. He was doing an amazing job remembering the steps as you guys started a short bachata. Left center left center right center right center .


"Ooh you know I love it when you call me señorita. I wish it wasn't so damn hard to leave ya.. But every touch is ooh la la la.. It's true la la la.. Ooh I should be runnin'" The two of you separated and you continuously spun toward where Bakugou was standing. "Ooh you keep me coming for ya." You fell straight into Bakugou's arms as he held you at a dip faking surprise just like you told him. Giving him a reassuring smirk you stood up. And placing a hand on his shoulder you walked around him. 


"Locked in a hotel. There's just some things that never change." Bakugou turned around abruptly and grabbed your wrist. To the audience it looked like he yanked you but in reality he was barely touching you at the moment. His face had a blush on it as he dipped you, much like Kiri did but instead of you hooking your leg around him, he pulled your leg up as you sang . "You say we're just friends." Your free hand gently caressed his cheek as he pulled you in closer, the curtains slowly raising . "But friends don't know the way you taste you taste la la la.." Standing up, your arms wrapped around his neck as you did the bachata steps again. "Cause you know it's been a long time coming. Don't ya let me fall, oh. Ooh, when your lips undress me, hooked on your tongue

Ooh, love, your kiss is deadly, don't stop" 


Your lips were inches away from each other and Bakugou's face had a heavy blush on it as he struggled to stop the explosions from escaping his sweaty hands when Todoroki pulled you from his arms. The curtain was fully up showing the rest of the class as you and Todoroki danced. Kirishima and Bakugou joined the class in their dance as you both sang the chorus once again. Todoroki twirled and briefly lifted you up, but you were actually using your quirk to help by levitating some as he lifted you and tossed you in the air. As you let gravity increase on you Todoroki caught you and dipped you much like the other boys did, the biggest difference was your leg was all the way up making the straight line of a split. You leaned all the way back to place your hands on the ground and you did a small flip to stand up straight. Todoroki reached out to you as you spun away, straight to the large group of dancing classmates .


"All along, I've been coming for ya" as you spun hands pulled your body toward them. You were pulled into the center as Kirishima began to spin. Trying to maneuver himself into the center as well


"Coming for ya." He sang back as he was pushed away. Each person acting a rival to Kirishima's character as the two of you sang to each other.


"And I hope it meant something to ya" You reached over the sea of classmates your hands briefly touch.




To play the part you classmates moved around you, dancing faster as you hand bobbed up and down much like a drowning person would do "Call my name, I'll be coming for ya."


Kiri threw himself into his classmates once again as the same result as before happened "Coming for you."


Your hand slowly began to fall and get lost in the 'sea' that was your peers "Coming for ya." 


  Kiri tried to get through again only to once again "Coming for you."


"For ya"


"For ya" 


"Oh, she loves it when I call" This time your classmates parted ever so slightly and Kiri pulled you into his body with a spin and dip.


"For ya" you whisper softly as you reached up. 


"Ooh, I should be runnin' Ooh, you keep me coming for ya" all of you said this one together and then the curtains closed as you stayed in a dipped position with Kiri. When the curtains completely closed you immediately pulled away from Kiri panting heavily. All of your bodies were drenched in sweat as you cheer with the rest of the crowd hugs and high fives were exchanged and you stepped off the stage.

Chapter Text

 Since you all did a live performance you were excused to leave to shower if needed and that's exactly what you were going to do after speaking to Aizawa in the classroom.


Aizawa walked behind you all, as a class you chatted freely with each other, giving each other compliments for the hard work.


"Yagi-Chan you were amazing!" Momo squealed as she blocked you from leaving, without even realizing it. Jirou was close behind her as she smiled at you.


"Yeah you did great. Keeping up with all the moves and spinning so much. That was amazing. You did great too Kiri!" she said with a wide smile as she turned to look at the red haired male. Turning his head away from the conversation he was having with Kaminari, Mina, Sero, and Bakugou, Kirishima gave a closed eyed smile as he rubbed his face in the towel to collect sweat.


"Thanks! But I think everyone did amazing! It was manly of us to dance together so well even though we only had a day to practice!" Kirishima praised. Everyone was sweaty but happy that it all went so well, conversations continued as everyone walked to the locker rooms to shower.


Peeling off your gym uniform you looked at the bandages on your arms, forgetting that you weren't alone like you normally were before a shower. There were faint drops of pink leaking through, a sigh escaped your lips. If your arms had opened and broke its stitching your back was probably much worse. You didn't realize the eyes of horror and shock on you from the other girls as you took off your under shirt. The bandages on your torso were red from the reopened wound. Placing your clothes in your locker you grabbed your towel and walked toward a shower stall.


"Oh god.. That was a lot of blood and bandages and the bruises.. Does her family abuse her?.. Is that why she's so reserved?" Uraraka said softly as she clutched her chest, tears growing in her eyes. It was a known fact that Omegas were often abused by their families even though they were valued in society. Since none of them were omega they didn't believe that anyone would hurt the more gentle sub gender. But now they weren't so sure. "What should we do?" silence surrounded the worried girls.


"We should tell Aizawa-sensei.. He's a teacher, and an omega as well he'd know what to do." Hagakura said softly. 


"I agree, kero. He also has all the contact information of our parents. That way the police would get involved." 


The girls nodded in agreement as they started their own shower together. The mood turning sour at what they just discovered.




It was now after school, due to having to grade papers your parents were alone in the teacher's lounge. You had went home with your brother after bidding your classmates goodbye. Leaving your parents worry free about if you make it home or not.  Both of them sat on the couch within the lounge, Toshinori's arm draped over Aizawa's shoulders as he read through one of the papers from a test. 


"Did the old lady tell you why Y/n had that panic attack?" Aizawa said softly as he graded. Even though you were getting closer to your classmates he was still worried as to why you were so distant and flinching every time someone touched you.


"She said due to the doctor patient confidentiality laws she can't tell us right now. Unless we were to find out on our own she cant give us all of the details. But she gave Y/n a time limit to tell us." he said smoothly. 


"What could of happened as to why she's so reserved? I offered to take her to her favorite cafe yesterday and she didn't even blink before saying no. Hitoshi said she doesn't even respond to him teasing her either." Aizawa huffed out in frustration as he placed the papers down to look at his long time mate. 


"I don't-" Toshinori was cut off by a knock at the sliding door, both of them separated and he turned into his All Might form as the door opened to reveal the girls of class 1A. 


"Senseis.. There's something serious we need to tell you." Mina said softly as she fiddled with her thumbs looking down.  The girl walked to stand in front of the two adults, each of them of different stages of distress. 


"What is it? Was Mineta peeping on you?" Aizawa said with a deep frown, all he needed was one reason to expel the perverted boy and this could be the perfect one.


"No. Surprisingly not. Its something more serious." Jirou said nervously as she rolled her ear jack between her fingers. 


"Then what is it?"


Uraraka stepped forward, eyes wet with tears of worry as she decided to say what the others didn't want to. "We think Y/n's family might be abusing her!"


The two males exchanged a look as the sat up straighter to look at the girls. "What makes you say that? You realize how serious this is right?" Toshinori said firmly, smile gone from his face. They both knew her family wasn't abusing her, so that means someone else could be hurting their daughter, someone else could be the reason she is the way she is now.


"Yes sir we know its serious." Momo finally spoke up as she rubbed Uraraka's back. "While in the locker room she got undressed. She forgot we were there, I believe, but when she took off her underclothes she had bruises and handprints all over her arms. She also had bloody bandages on her torso and arms." 


Both men were silent and in shock. Never would they had assumed that she was assaulted and would keep it a secret. They looked at each other, having a silent conversation as they stood up. Aizawa walked away and out of the teachers lounge while Toshinori sighed and gave the girls a small smile. "Thank you for informing us of this. It was very brave of you to speak up for someone who couldn't do it themselves. The true way of a hero. Now we'll handle it from here. Go home and get some rest. We appreciate you ladies for speaking up for Y/n-Chan, she must be going through a lot right now." 


The girls nodded their heads and left the lounge together. Toshinori was left alone as it felt like his world came crashing down. Through their bond he can feel the grief and pure anger coming from Aizawa. It was expected though, omega's- when ready and accepting of being a parent- were fierce and protective when it came to their child(ren) and little to nothing could stop an angry omega parent when something happens to their kid. Aizawa's scent was strong in the hallway, forcing anyone that could be a threat to submit, since it was after hours there weren't a lot of people but that didn't change much. Toshinori broke out into a jog as he quickly followed his mate's scent to the infirmary.  And when he got there he felt his heart break even more.


Aizawa was sitting in one of the chairs in the infirmary, head in his hand as Chiyo rubbed his back. On the computer in big bold letters read "Rape Kit: Y/n Yagi" with a picture under it of her injured back. Toshinori's mouth felt dry and blood ran cold. Chiyo looked at him with sad eyes as she tried to comfort the omega male next to her. 


"This is…" Toshinori swallowed down his bile as he deflated to him normal skinny body, "Who did this to her." he growled out as he walked toward the computer. Chiyo knew she should be stopping him from seeing the file and the report but she knew how he felt. Seeing the boy she helped raised grow into the man in front of her was something she was so happy to see. And when both Shinsou and you were brought into the world she was ecstatic. All she wanted to do was protect all of you, but just like your parents she felt like she failed. 


"She wouldn't tell me.. Its saddens me to say this but she knew her rapist. Most likely a boyfriend or jilted ex. I wanted to tell you earlier, and get the proper authorities involved, but she threatened to run away if I did so." Chiyo looked at the two of them, using her cane to get to her chair. When she sat down she placed her hands on her lap and sighed. "The person carved into her with a knife she said, while they were assaulting her. I've had her come in everyday since them for a morning after pill and therapy, because apparently they knotted her as well. They hurt her. Really bad. And have been hurting her for a while. It hurt me so much that she hid something like this from her family. And when I asked her why she felt it had to be kept secret she said she didn't want to disappoint anyone. She wanted us to be proud of… proud of her but thought something like this would make us mad at her and-" Chiyo covered her mouth taking deep breaths as a tear escaped her eyes. She couldn't bring herself to continue. You were hurting. Hurting so bad. And even through it all you never once thought of yourself. A soft sob was released from each adult, and Toshinori's eyes never left the cursive 'mine' that was carved into the back of his daughter, not even as tears of anger and sadness blurred his vision.


Aizawa's face was still buried in his hands as he thought back to his daughter's recent behaviour. All the signs of something wrong were there, he knew it, and addressed it but didn't pursue it. He didn't sit down with her and let her talk even when she said she wanted to be alone. All those times he listened and left her alone, he never regretted it more than now. In times where you wanted to be alone you most likely shouldn't, and now they were learning that the hard way. What kind of parents were they for them to let this happen to their daughter? They should have communicated with her more, to let her know that they were proud of her and she could talk to them when she needs it most. She thinks she failed them but in reality they failed her. And now it was too late to genuinely fix it. 


They failed you. And now your hurting all alone.