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Bed Time Stories Part Two

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Four days. For four whole days, Kathryn had been practically beaming. And Chakotay noticed.

Her eyes sparkled as she watched him reading by the window.

“Hey. Why are you standing there?”
“Admiring the view.”

Kathryn took the seat next to him and leaned into his warmth.

“Aren't you going to be late?”
“I’ll leave in a minute.”

Kathryn planted kiss down Chakotay’s neck.
“I know, I know, I’m going. But hey, when I get back, let's have a bath.”
“Of course.”

Chakotay watched with pride as Kathryn approached the door.
“Have fun!”
“You know I always do.”


With a skip in her step, Kathryn entered the Wildman’s quarters. Kathryn desperately wanted to open a comm line and tell everyone, but she wanted it to be special when she tells Chakotay, hence why she still hasn’t told him.

“Aunt Kathryn! You made it! How are you feeling?”
“Much better thankyou.”

Kathryn sat down next to Naomi on the couch.
“What’s for dinner kid?”

“Chicken nuggets” she replied with a mouthful.

Kathryn laughed as Naomi shoved yet another mouthful into her mouth.

“Is Uncle Chakotay not coming anymore?”
“Well, he has had a busy day so he is just relaxing tonight.”

“Do you share quarters with him now?”

Kathryn ran her hands through Naomi’s hair, wondering how she has managed to keep her pregnancy a secret for four days.

“We do actually. He is very important to me.”
“I’m so happy for you guys.”
“Thanks, Naomi.”

Kathryn could do nothing but watch Naomi and smile. Smile over the fact that her own baby is growing inside her and the advice of such a young, innocent girl.

Before she knew it, Naomi was tucked into bed and Kathryn remembered the bath she had planned with her lover.


As the door opened to her quarters, the smell of roses and lavender immediately hit her.

“In here.”

Kathryn stripped her jacket as she made her way to the bathroom.

Facing the bath, Kathryn approached him from behind, wrapping her arms around his middle.

“Hi to you too.”
“Have I told you recently how much I love you?”
Chakotay turned, leaning into her lips, “maybe.”
Their lips met in a hurry as Chakotay’s hands moved under her shirt.

“Hey, I’m not complaining, but the baths not getting any warmer,” Kathryn remarked between kisses.

Removing each other’s clothes, Chakotay stepped in first, followed by Kathryn settling in her lap. She sighed as she rested her head back.

“So how was miss Naomi?”
“Is that so.”

Kathryn moved Chakotay’s hands to rest on her stomach. Slowly, she moved her head to his shoulder so she could see his face.

“What are you up to?”

Covering his hands with her own, she gently pushed them into her stomach.

“Chakotay… I’m pregnant.”

Chakotay moved her so she was facing him in his arms.


Chakotay devoured her lips with his own.

“How far along are you?”
“8 weeks and 1 day.”
“8 weeks and 1 day.” Then it hit him. “Our f-”
“Yes.” Kathryn swam further into him.
“When did you find out.”
“Friday. Naomi let me go early from babysitting because I wasn’t feeling very well and that’s when I found out. In sickbay of course. And don’t get angry that I didn’t tell you earlier, I was trying to work out the b-”
“Kathryn, sh, it’s fine. This could not get any better. I love you so much. I love our baby so much.”
“Thank you.”
“No, thank you.”