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Threads of Fate are always Frayed

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Mikumo sat in the police interrogation room, a cup of coffee sat before him, but he wasn't exactly in the mood for the crap they call coffee here. He held an ice pack to the bruise on his cheek from where one of his johns had gotten a little to rough and slammed him against the brick wall of some alley. 

Lucky for Mikumo some pro hero had intervened and all the guy had done was rip up his shirt and shorts a little. But not so lucky for him the pro hero had decided to take Mikumo in as well, apparently the guy was wanted for some crime.

He pulled back the sleeves of the overly large hoodie with Musufatu Police written across the chest, one of the officers had given it to him so he wouldn't be in his torn up clothing. He felt like a little kid playing dress up in this thing, it was one part the guy was a mountain of muscles and Izuku was on the malnourished side, so he stayed small for most of his life. He scratched at the fading marks on his arms, they always itched when he was in a stressful situation, and this one was a very stressful situation. He jumped when he heard the door open up and in walked a the Chief of Police

"Hello Mikumo, we meet again." Chief Tatukami gave the teen a kind smile and Mikumo returned a flirtatious one. He sat up adjusting himself to appear as cute and innocent as he could be.

"Hello Tatukami, so did you finally take me up on that offer for a weekend romp?" Mikumo gave a little pout as Tatukami chuckled and said no. Tatukami then placed a bento box with katsudon in it, in front of Mikumo. His mouth began to water it had been a while since he had actual food that wasn't from a convenience store. Tatukami opened the box and the smell was heavenly.

"Go ahead Mikumo, you definitely need it. If you stick your tongue out and stand sideways you would be a zipper." Tatukami laughed at his own joke and watched Mikumo devour the meal with gusto. "You know Mikumo this has been the fifth time we picked you up in some alley." Mikumo paused his eating, swallowed the delicious food before answering.

"I just have bad luck in alleyways." He put on a cheeky smile, Tatukami fixed him with a look that Mikumo couldn't place.

"Well you should consider it a stroke of good luck that a pro hero picked you up. That guy you were with was a serial killer targeting young boys, if Eraserhead hadn't shown up then you may have been in the morgue, rather than enjoying my wife's cooking." Mikumo stared down at the food in front of him, a solemn look on his face.

"My quirk would have kept me safe." Mikumo said quietly putting down his chopsticks. Tatukami laid his large hand on top of Mikumo's. He locked eyes with the chief of police he kept his face blank.

"Mikumo, Eraserhead and a Detective Tsukauchi want to have a word with you in regards about the serial killer, I can stay in the room if you want." Mikumo nodded. Tatukami stood up and opened the door talking to someone before stepping aside and two more people walked in.

The first guy was clean cut, wearing a tan trench coat and white gloves. He wasn't bad looking either, he looked to be in good shape as well. Mikumo was shamelessly, mentally undressing the detective that he didn't pay attention to the other guy.

"Hello, I'm Detective Tsukauchi and this is the Pro Hero Eraserhead." The detective gestured to the second man. Mikumo had never seen such a ragged looking man before, he looked worse than the bums living under the bridge.

"I'm Akatani Mikumo." he said and he noticed the detective raise an eyebrow when he said that. He wrote something down before he continued.

"Can you tell me what you were doing out this late, it is a school night after all?" Detective Tsukauchi kept his face friendly and open, while Eraserhead leaned against the far wall, his yellow goggles making it hard to know where he was looking, his face blank of any emotion. 

"I was getting something from the convenience store, when this guy just comes up to me asking for help. Next thing I know I was being pressed against the wall and he shows up." Mikumo pointed at Eraserhead. "Taking the guy down and now I am here." Naomasa kept a neutral expression on his face as he wrote something down once more.

"Mikumo, how old are you?" It was Eraserhead who asked this, he was staring at him or at least he thought he was staring at him, those damn goggles made it hard to tell.

"Eighteen." He answered automatically, and this was when Naomasa put his pencil down and stared at him with a look of disbelief. 

"I think it's time you told the truth." 

"I am telling the truth." Mikumo pouted and aimed the full effect of his puppy eyes at the Detective, but he was totally unaffected. 

"My quirk is called Human Lie Detector, so as the name suggest I know that you are lying." Mikumo stiffened in his seat, this was bad. "So I need you to tell me the truth, because you could have been this guys next victim." 

Mikumo looked over to where Tatukami was by the door, he was watching closely now that he heard that Mikumo was lying. He let out a sigh.

"What part was a lie?" Deku asked coyly.

"All of it was a lie, so let's start from the beginning." Naomasa flipped to a new page in his notebook. "What is your name?" Mikumo sighed guess he might as well come clean now.

"Izuku is my real name."

"Last name?" 

"Don't know it." Naomasa looked at him and his quirk didn't go off so he was telling the truth. "So Akatani is not your surname?" Izuku shook his head.

"and what is your actual age?" Eraserhead asked once more, Izuku squirmed a little.

"I'm old enough." He said but Eraserhead walked up to the table pulling out the chair, and sitting down across from him, Eraserhead removed his goggles and locked his tired eyes with Izuku's green ones.

"How old are you?" Eraserhead asked once more, his voice was firm but gentle. Izuku broke eye contact before answering. 

"I'm fifteen." Tatukami made a noise of shock, Izuku turned to him. "Which is above the age of consent in Japan." Tatukami crossed his arms.

"Why would the age of consent be an issue?" Naomasa asked his eyes narrowing at Izuku. 

"Why don't you show them your ID, Mikumo." Tatukami said, his tone left no room for arguments so Izuku reached into his torn shorts and drew out an old wallet, opening it Izuku took out the ID. He put it on the table and Eraserhead picked it up.

"Akatani Mikumo." Eraserhead read out loud. "Age eighteen." Eraserhead turned the card around examining it closely. Eraserhead handed it to Naomasa who also checked it out.

"It's a very good fake." Naomasa was pretty impressed by the ID, Tatukami had an angry tone when he spoke next.

"Except that it runs as an actual ID. So were did you get it from Izuku?" Izuku flinched a little as the angry tone was directed at him.

"Guess I can't really lie cause your here." He said directly to Naomasa. "I found a guy who runs things through the black market and I had to do somethings for him in order to get that, so can I have it back please." He held his hand out but Naomasa didn't move to give it back.

"I'm sorry Izuku but I can't do that, I have to keep this." Izuku tried to grab the card but Naomasa moved faster drawing it out of Izuku's short reach, he tried to reach for it once more and the sleeve of the hoodie fell back revealing the track marks on the bend of his elbow. Tatukami grabbed Izuku's arm to get a better look and Izuku started to struggle in his grip.

"You're a user." Eraserhead's tone was more sympathetic than judgmental, Izuku kept trying to wiggle out of Tatukami grip.

"Let me go!!" Izuku hated the way his voice sounded so child like and scared. "I'm not a junkie."

"Then why do you have all these?" Tatukami gestured to the fading needle marks.

"It's what I had to do for the ID." Izuku was on the verge of crying, he hated when people grabbed him like this without warning it reminded him of how his dad would grab him before disciplining him.

"Izuku what did you have to do for this ID?" Naomasa asked gently but Izuku ignored him going into panic mode, he was struggling harder now, tears streamed down his eyes and he began to hyperventilate. Eraserhead grabbed Tatukami's hand trying to make him release the panicking teen. Tatukami was a little to late in releasing his grip when Izuku's quirk kicked in, the three men found themselves launched backwards.

Eraserhead was the first to recover being launched back and turned to see Izuku on the ground curled up tight, he could hear the kid sobbing and he repeating something over and over.

He approached with caution but he hit an invisible force, Eraserhead put out his hand and it came into contact with something. So the kid's quirk was to create a barrier of some kind. He heard the kid muttering the phase 'I'm sorry daddy, I'll be good' over and over. This was heartbreaking to see. Eraserhead activated his quirk and negated the barrier taking a step forward he knelt down besides Izuku and gently tried to touch him but that just caused him to scream and beg louder. He drew the crying boy into his an embrace and making soothing sounds as he stroked his head.

It seemed to work as the boy began to calm down his sobs turning into small hiccups Eraserhead kept it up until Izuku simple fell asleep, his body going limp.

"That was new." Tatukami said with a groan as he stood up rubbing his head from where he made contact with the wall. "Never seen the kid do that or use his quirk before."

Naomasa stood up as well. His arm was bruised, he looked over to Eraserhead with the small boy tucked against him, he was stroking the boy's hair and he could make out soft sounds of comfort.

"This is going to be a long night." Naomasa said under his breath.



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Izuku bolted up panting hard, he looked around in a panic trying to get his bearings. He was in some sort of infirmary the sun was bathing the room in warm light. His breathing began to return to normal, he wasn't at the bar, he wasn't locked up in that dark place. He was safe...but where was he?

"Ah good your awake, You've been asleep for quite a while I was starting to worry you might have gone unconscious." Izuku saw a very small, and very old woman walking over to where Izuku was laying on a bed. She pulled up a stepping stool climbed up it and pulled out an medical tool. "Now look here." She shone a light into both his eyes she made a sound of approval before putting the tool away.

"Good, there's no sign of a concussion. Now open your mouth." Izuku did so with hesitance and she placed a thermometer under his tongue. "Now close it and keep that under your tongue for a few moment." She hopped down and walked over to her desk taking a clipboard she wrote something down after a few minutes she climbed up the stool and took the thermometer out. "and no fever, that's good Aizawa mentioned you were a little too warm."

"Where am I?" Izuku had to ask, this old woman looked familiar to him but he wasn't sure where he had seen her; she wrote something else on her clipboard then answered him.

"You're in the U.A Infirmary Wing." When she said that it hit Izuku who she was.

"That means you're Recovery Girl." She gave him a smile. She drew out a small bag of gummie bears and gave Izuku a few.

"That's right I am the Youthful Hero, Recovery Girl. Aizawa left a change of clothes for you on the chair there." She pointed to a chair by the window. He noticed that he was still wearing the oversize hoodie.

"Who is this Aizawa you keep mentioning and why am I here? The last thing I remember I was at the Musufatu Police Station then..." Izuku trailed off his head felt fuzzy like something was stopping him from remembering. Recovery Girl had a worried look as Izuku seemed to gaze off into the distance, she snapped her fingers in front of Izuku's face and that seemed to snap him back to reality. 

"Have you had this happen a lot?"

"What do you mean?" 

"You tried to remember something and you seemed to go blank." She wrote this down.

"I don't know, maybe, it feels like my head is trying to stop me from remember what happened earlier. It's all fuzzy." 

Recovery Girl still kept frowning.

"Aizawa should have really taken you to the hospital, you may need a CAT Scan, but he seemed to think it was a better idea to bring you here. Then he goes off somewhere."

"Again who is this Aizawa?" Izuku rubbed his head a headache forming.

"You probably know him better as Eraserhead. Anyway you should get changed and I will go get Lunch Rush to make you something to eat. You look like you need a good meal or three." Recovery Girl began to head for the door when Izuku stopped her. 

"Is there somewhere I can take a shower first?" She motioned for him to follow her.


Tetsutetsu's metal covered arm made contact with Kirishima's hardened one pushing the red head back. He dropped his quirk and sat down on the ground.

"Damn Bro, I am worn out can we stop already. I think we've been at it for more than an hour." Kirishima walked over to the silver haired teen and offered his hand to help him up.

"Hope you still have some energy left." Tetsutetsu grabbed Kirishima's hand, the red teen helped him up and as soon as he was upright Kirishima stepped closer to the steel quirk user pressing his chest to Tetsutetsu's. The two teens locked lips and Tetsutetsu wrapped his arm around Kirishima's waist.

"For this? I always have some energy." 

"Good, because I want you to meet me in the showers." Kirishima whispered into Tetsutetsu's ear, gentle pushing him back and walking off with a slight wiggle in his step to give his sparring buddy a show. 


Izuku was in heaven, it had been a while since he had a shower with actual hot water. He stood under the shower head letting the water warm him. He grabbed the shower caddy he had "borrowed" from a locker. The bottle of body wash had the name Aoyama Yuuga written on the front, popping the top open the sweet scent of peaches, and cream filled the shower stall.

"Man whoever this Aoyama guy is, he has great taste." Izuku squeezed out a generous dollop of the gel and used a washcloth to wash off the days filth.

Izuku was enjoying himself so much he hadn't heard the locker room door open or the person walk in. It wasn't until the curtain was pulled back that Izuku was made aware that he was not alone. He turned to face who had interrupted his shower, there in the shower stall entrance was a muscular boy about Izuku's age with sharp teeth and the biggest eyelashes he had ever seen. He was also naked as the day he was born, and hard.

"'re not Kirishima." Tetsutetsu had expected to find the Kirishima naked and waiting for him, instead he found a boy he never seen before. A rather thin but cute boy, A thin, cute, and very naked boy for that matter. Tetsutetsu allowed his eyes to wonder downward and his eyes widen in shock, puberty had been very kind to him.

"I'm not this Kirishima, but judging by that." Izuku pointed to Tetsutetsu's erection. "I am going to guess you came here looking for him to help you deal with your little problem." Tetsutetsu tried to cover up but Izuku approached the Steel Quirk Teen and moved his hands away from the engorged organ. "So why don't I help you out instead."

 Izuku wrapped a hand around the teen's cock and firmly pulling him in to the stall. Tetsutetsu let out a soft moan as he was being stroked, he pressed his back against the shower stall walls. Izuku ran his tongue across one of Tetsutetsu's nipple causing the teen to gasp in pleasure, with an evil smirk Izuku dropped to his knees and took Tetsutetsu's length into his mouth. 

Tetsutetsu's mind was in a deep haze of pleasure, he had no idea who this guy was but right now he didn't care because he was sucking the soul out of him. He was so close, oh so close and he wanted to warn him before he blew. Izuku stopped blowing Tetsutetsu and as he drew back he licked the head of Tetsutetsu causing him to let out a cry.

Standing up Izuku gazed into the steel grey of the other teen. He offered a very seductive smile to him and he could see him swallow hard, Tetsutetsu was breathing hard gazing into those really beautiful emerald eyes. He lowered his face to the shorter guy wanting to see if those lips were as soft as they looked, but the other boy stopped him with a finger to his lips.

"Top? or Bottom?" The question caught Tetsutetsu off guard and he made a rather unintelligible noise, so Izuku asked again, leaning closer to the silver haired boy and whispered into his ear. "Do you want to fuck me or do you want me to bend you over and make you my bitch?"

Tetsutetsu nearly came there and then when the green haired boy told him this. He looked down at the hard organ between the thin boy's legs, it was big and had girth but it was maybe just a bit bigger than Kirishima's.

"I want you to fuck me." 

"Condoms?" Tetsutetsu left to go to his locker and came back with a little foil packet handing it to Izuku, tearing it open he rolled the condom on, it was a bit tight, he grabbed a bottle of lotion from the shower caddy and popped the top. "Turn around, and brace against the wall." Izuku commanded and Tetsutetsu obeyed willingly, he put his hands against the walls and arched his back a little offering his hole to Izuku.

Tetsutetsu gasped a little as he felt the slightly cool lotion touch his entrance, small fingers rubbed at his hole slowly entering him. He moaned as a second finger entered him and began to spread him.

"Fuck, please!" Tetsutetsu pushed against the fingers as he felt one brush against his prostate causing him to moan louder, he was leaking a lot of precum now. "Please! Please!"

"Please what? Come on use your big boy words." Izuku was smirking as he watched Tetsutetsu squirm. Tetsutetsu turned his head to look back at Izuku, his eyes clouded with lust and need.

"Please, fuck me!" That was all Izuku needed to hear as he pulled out his fingers making the silver teen whine at the loss but followed by a cry of pain and pleasure as he slowly entered him. "FUUUUUCK!!! Oh FUUUCK!!" Tetsutetsu was shaking as the forest boy pushed into him, he was way bigger than Kirishima and the feeling of being stretched open was both amazing and torturous.

"Want me to stop?" Izuku spoke into Tetsutetsu's ear, his voice held pure lust and sex in it, Tetsutetsu managed to get his voice back.

"NO! Deeper! Please, more!" Izuku complied and thrusted harder into the taller teen causing more cries to be torn from his throat. Izuku grabbed Tetsutetsu's well sculpted ass and went harder and harder, Tetsutetsu had been reduced to moans and screams, his brain had shut down all non-necessary functions and drowned in pleasure. Suddenly all Tetsutetsu saw white and with a loud shout he came harder than he had ever had in his life as he felt that big dick hit his prostate several times.

Izuku felt Tetsutetsu tighten around his dick causing him to cum, both boys were wiped out, with shaky legs they cleaned up in the cooling water of the shower and they both helped each other out of the shower room and back into the locker room to sit on the bench. Grabbing the clothing he left on the bench Izuku dressed in the clothing that Eraserhead had left him. It was a blue and white sweat pants and top, but Izuku forgoed the top for the oversize hoodie, it was very comfortable and it had a faint hint of something like lavender and wild spice. 

The silver teen had nothing more than a towel on his lap, he had offered a sport drink he had grabbed from his locker to Izuku who gladly accepted it downing half of it.

"So I guess we should introduce ourselves properly." Tetsutetsu rubbed the back of his head sheepishly causing Izuku to give him a big smile. "I'm Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu."

Izuku giggled at the name, it caused Tetsutetsu to blush at how adorable he looked, that giggle and him in that large hoodie making look small and cute.

"Sorry I don't mean to laugh like that, it's just your name is a mouthful, sort of like..." Izuku looked down to where the towel was covering. This caused the steel teen to laugh a wonderful masculine laugh that Izuku loved. "I'm..." He hesitated should he use his real name or his fake name, well he might as well use his real name since he was at U.A and there was no way for them ti find him, at least he hoped they wouldn't find him. "Izuku."

"Izuku what?" 

"Just Izuku."

"So you want me address you via first name, kinda forward no?" Tetsutetsu said cheekily, Izuku scooted closer to the naked teen.

"I was just balls deep in you, so I think we are past using last names." Izuku grinned wide as Tetsutetsu blushed, but he had another question that need to be answered. "Who is Kirishima?"

"Huh?" Tetsutetsu blinked, it took his sex fried brain a few moments to remember the red head. "Shit, Kirishima was supposed to be here."

"Is he your boyfriend?" Izuku had a very worried look on his face, Tetsutetsu laid a gentle hand on Izuku's shoulder.

"No, he and I are close friend."

"Ah so fuck buddies." Tetsutetsu choked on his drink, he pounded his chest to clear the airway. Izuku gave his best innocent look as Tetsutetsu cleared his throat.

"I prefer Friends with Benefits." Tetsutetsu placed his drink on the ground. "By the way are you new here? I've never seen you around, are you a General Education Student?"

"No, I was sort of brought here by Eraserhead." Izuku played with the hoodie cord.

"What for?" Tetsutetsu was very curious now, so Izuku wasn't a student, but was brought here by the home room teacher of class 1-A.

"Well I woke up in the infirmary, so maybe it was something that happened earlier in the day. I can't really remember it's kinda fuzzy."

"Maybe he should have taken you to the hospital, Recovery Girl is good but she can only do so much." Izuku shrugged, he still hadn't seen the pro hero and he wanted to ask him what had happened. Suddenly Izuku's stomach growled loudly causing him to blush. "Sounds like you worked up an appetite."  Tetsutetsu's stomach also growled loudly.

"Guess I'm not the only one." They both laughed.

"Let me get dressed and we can head to the cafeteria." Izuku pouted at him and Tetsutetsu felt his heart flutter.

"Aww, and I was enjoying the view." Tetsutetsu stood up and dropped the towel flexing a little as he walked to his locker to get out the spare set of clothing he kept there, meanwhile Izuku shamelessly took in every muscle, and curve of the silver haired boy. Izuku had a weakness for a well sculpted chest and arms and Tetsutetsu had those.

Slipping on some from fitting briefs Tetsutetsu began to dress all the while he could feel Izuku's gaze on him, it sort of turned him on being watched like this, he could feel himself start to get hard. Finally buttoning up his school uniform he lead Izuku out of the locker room and towards the cafeteria.  His mind did ask the question as to where Kirishima was at.


Kirishima was sitting in his homeroom dragged there by Bakugou before he even had a chance to make it to the locker room, he tried to get out of it but the ash blond wasn't having none of it and threaten to blow him up. So there he sat barely listening to Nedzu-Sensei as he announced that there would be someone new around the school and that they might even be joining the hero course come the Sport Festival.

"So I want you to be welcoming to him, understood?" He said the last part his hyper intelligent eyes boring straight into Bakugou's red ones, sending a shiver of discomfort up the explosive boy's spine. A chorus of 'Yes, Nedzu-Sensei' was heard from Class 1-A and the principal dismissed them for lunch. Aizawa headed to the infirmary to check up on Izuku, while Kirishima bolted out the classroom and made a beeline for the locker room hoping that Tetsutetsu was still there.

"Woah what's Kiri's rush?" Kaminari asked he had nearly been bowled over by the red head. 

"Maybe he's really hungry, Kero~ I did see him sparring with Tetsutetsu from class 1-B early in one of the gyms." Asui said as she and the rest of the girls filed out the classroom. 

Kirishima nearly tore the door from its hinges as he rushed in and looked around the room, no sign of the Steel teen. 

"Fuck he must have gone to lunch." Kirishima decided he might as well wash and change before heading there himself.

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Izuku took a bite of the katsudon that Tetsutetsu had bought for him for lunch. He had refused at first not wanting Tetsutetsu to feel like he owed Izuku anything but the Steel teen waved his protest away and bought for him, and he was so glad that Tetsutetsu had because it was delicious.

"Wow you really like Katsudon huh?" Kendo said watching as the skinny kid that Tetsutetsu introduced to Class 1-B devour the large bowl of breaded pork cutlet with vigor.

"Oh, sorry it's just I don't often get to eat food this great." Izuku blushed a little, he was feeling rather self-conscious which was rare for him but he was in a huge hoodie and gym pants while everyone else was in a school uniform so he stood out greatly, drawing a lot of attention. Kendo smiled at Izuku and offered him a part of her lunch. Izuku refused a but she didn't take no for an answer putting half a steak cutlet on his plate.

"I'm watching my figure and you look like you need some meat." She laughed as Izuku accepted the food, he heard Tetsutetsu mutter under his breath.

"He's packing enough meat already." Izuku jabbed him gently in his side nearly causing the steel quirk teen to choke on his rice. Turning to look at the green haired boy who gave him a puppy dog look, Tetsutetsu blushed at the look, he swore his heart skipped a beat. Tetsutetsu used his chopsticks to pick up a piece of beef from his bowl and offered it to Izuku who gladly took it, and just to be a little shit Izuku licked his lips rather lewdly.

"Tasty." Izuku said with half lidded eyes leering at Tetsutetsu who's nose began to slowly leak blood. Kaibara, Awase, and Tsuburaba were also in the same situation as Tetsutetsu they suddenly felt their uniform pants get a little too tight, and their noses also bleed at Izuku doing such a thing.

"Oh great Monoma is at it again." Kendo looked over to see a blond boy yelling something at another group of student, some of them looked like they were about to fight the blond boy. "I better go intervene before Bakugou blows him up." Kendo stood up sighing walking over to Manoma.

"Ah there you are Izuku." The green haired boy looked up to see none other than The 18+ Hero, Midnight; except she wasn't wearing her hero outfit but a rather conservative business outfit with a pencil skirt and red spectacles. "Aizawa has asked me to watch over you while he gets some things done, so can you come with me if you are done eating lunch." Midnight gave him a friendly smile which he returned.

"Sure Midnight." Izuku stood up but before he left he dipped low and whispered into Tetsutetsu's ear. "Meet me after school in the locker room so I can thank you properly for the beef and katsudon." and with that Izuku followed Midnight leaving a very red Tetsutetsu behind.


Katsuki had it with this blond shit who was running his own mouth, his palms sparked and was ready to fire one off when someone walked up behind the blond teen and smacked him on the head. Some red headed girl from Class-1B was apologizing for her classmate but he wasn't listening as he spotted someone getting up from beside that guy that shitty hair always trained with.

A very familiar looking head of green hair, he was going to dismiss it as a coincidence when the green haired kid turned and saw his profile. Emerald eyes and freckles, Katsuki's throat seized as he was looking at his childhood friend who had gone missing when they were little. It had to be someone who just looked like him right? But he swore he heard Midnight call him Izuku. He took a step forward wanting to know for sure but then bell rang and he was swept up in a sea of bodies, losing sight of the green haired boy.


Aizawa was on the phone with Tsukauchi frowning at the information he was being given. Tatukami had told Tsukauchi that the ID that Izuku had brought up a notification in the police database as him being part of a sting operation for prostitution. This explained the man's anger at Izuku. He was letting an underage kid sell himself on the street because his ID was that good instead of getting him help. The detective had pulled a lot of strings to find out where the ID had come from.

It had come from some bastard named Kumayama who was currently serving 30 years for Falsifying Legal Documentation and selling them to criminals. Tsukauchi couldn't get him to admit anything in regards to Izuku, so they would have to ask the boy directly. Aizawa thanked Tsukauchi for the information and hung up. 

He dialed another number and waited for the other party to pick up.

"Hey Tomoi, I am calling in that favor you owe me."


  "Um..Midnight were are we going?" Izuku asked the female hero as she lead him to U.A.'s underground garage.

"Well Aizawa asked me to look after you and I can see that you don't have any extra clothing, or toiletries, so I figured that you could use a shopping trip. Principal Nedzu's treat." As the two turned down a hallway they ran into a very tall and skeletal man with gold blond hair and cobalt blue eyes set deep in his face, he was thinner than Izuku and that was saying something. "Oh Yagi-San care to join us on a little errand run. I'm sure Aizawa would approve of me having another teacher come along just in case."

Toshinori agreed, walking alongside Midnight and Izuku. He could swear this man reminded him of someone but he wasn't sure who, soon the trio arrived at the door where Midnight punched in a code to access the garage, and soon they were on there way to the Musufatu Mall.

"Midnight can we make a quick stop?" 

"Where did you want to stop?" She asked as she stopped at a red light, Izuku gave her directions and the trio found themselves outside a rather desolate looking area with old shipping containers.

"My boy why did you want to stop here?" Toshinori asked the young man, it was certainly no place kids should be at. Izuku played with the drawstring s of the hoodie a bit embarrassed.

"This is where I was living and I just need to get somethings you don't have to come with me, I won't be long." Toshinori and Nemuri wouldn't hear it and they came along with Izuku as he lead them through the maze of old, and rusting shipping containers to one buried in the heart of the old yard. Nemuri couldn't help but worry at the fact that Izuku had been living here by himself, Toshinori also had a deep frown on his face. No kid should be living out here like this, Izuku went up to the doors that looked rusted shut.

"Let me help you with that my boy." Toshinori walked up to the door but Izuku stopped him.

"It's okay Yagi-san I can open it." Izuku touched his palms to the metal doors and used his quirk to pull open the door with ease by bending the doors apart. Toshinori was very impressed by the display of power and control that Izuku displayed. Nemuri was also impressed by this, Aizawa had told her that Izuku could make barriers but he never mentioned he could do this. 

"Izuku, what is your quirk exactly?" Nemuri asked the boy who took a moment to think.

"I am not sure if it has a name but I can manipulate metal and I can make a sort of personal shield." Izuku ducked into the open container and the two teachers could hear him rummaging for things and he emerge a minute later with an old, yellow backpack, there was a patch missing from it in the shape of a chibi character.

"What happened there young Izuku?" Toshinori asked pointing at the tear. Izuku looked a little sad as he looked at the tear.

"Tomura ripped the All Might patch from it."  Izuku shrugged the pack on and began to lead the two teachers back to the car. 

"Who is Tomura?" Nemuri asked, her curiosity getting to her. 

"He's my supposed brother. He really hates All Might, he even destroyed my only toy when I was eight, an All Might action figure." Toshinori laid a gentle hand on the boy's shoulder and offered him a supportive smile.

"I'm sorry to hear that my boy, you have not had an easy life I gather." 

"Yeah." Izuku said quietly. The trio soon resumed the journey to the mall, Toshinori continued to talk to Izuku discovering the teen had a wellspring of Hero knowledge and a deep love for them.

"Your quite the Hero fanboy, huh Izuku." Nemuri commented from the driver's seat. Izuku let out a small laugh rubbing the back of his head.

"I guess so." He suddenly got very quiet, his head down. "It's silly but when I was little I wanted to be a hero but..." Izuku trailed off, Toshinori looked at him with worry as Nemuri parked the car in the mall parking lot. 

"But what? Young Izuku?" Toshinori asked but the teen shook his head and unbuckled himself.

"It's nothing Yagi-san, just a silly childhood dream, one that is best to forget." Izuku's tone was so defeated it left a bad feeling in Toshinori's chest.

"Alright first thing's first, you need a haircut." Nemuri said ruffling the bird nest that Izuku called hair. Izuku tried to run a hand through his hair but he hit a few snags and knots. He chuckled a bit embarrassed. He followed Nemuri to a hair salon signing him in he was lead to a chair and the stylist started with a good wash, conditioning, and detangling of his hair.

about a good 20 minutes later Izuku and Nemuri walked out of the salon with a fresh and very trendy cut, the sides had been shaved short enough to be soft to the touch and the top was trimmed down into a medium sized length it looked like a tad of a mohawk with the back pulled back into a wolf tail. 

Toshinori gave him a thumbs up of approval on the haircut. Next Nemuri took him to a department store, where things got a bit awkward, Izuku was rather small for his age so a lot of the clothing in the boy's department were a bit big on him, so they had to go down to the children's section to find something that could fit his small frame. She would have thought that Izuku would be upset at this but he seemed not to mind as he was able to get a great deal of hero themed clothing, she was both amused and sadden when Izuku told her he never had such colorful clothing.

She had Toshinori go with him to get some underwear, she didn't want to make Izuku feel awkward with her there while he chose undergarments. He came back with some packs of hero themed ones, she couldn't help but smile at the huge smile on his face. She noticed when he did smile that big she could see a small series of scars near his lip.

As they went to pay they passed by a display with a a limited edition All Might hoodie, Izuku's eye were alight at it, but when he noticed the price tag his face fell a little. Toshinori witness all this and an idea formed, he called over one of the staff members. 

As the cashier rang up the total Nemuri was pulling out the card that Nedzu had given her but Izuku spoke him.

"Wait Midnight I can pay for it." Izuku pulled out a wad of rolled up cash. Nemuri tried not to show her shock at him having so much cash on his person.

"Izuku where did you get so much money?" She asked astounded still. Izuku was blushing hard.

"I earned it." He didn't want to say how though, he was afraid that the heroes would be disgusted with him if they knew how he had earned this money. Nemuri did not press the issue. She told Izuku that she was paying for these things and that was final. As they gathered the bags they saw Toshinori with a bag as well waiting by the entrance.

"Decided to do some shopping Yagi-san?" Nemuri asked playfully the older man just grinned at her and told her it was a surprise for someone. He winked at the other hero slightly tilting his head towards Izuku who was examining the mall map, she nodded in understanding.

The next shop was one that specialized in furnishing dorm rooms. Izuku was a bit confused when Nemuri asked him to pick out items from the displays and catalogues, she told him it would be explained later why he was picking this stuff out so he did as she asked. To no surprise to Toshinori or Nemuri he picked some items in hero themes. 

Afterwards they stopped by a shop that smelled really good, it was a store that had all kinds of things for body and bath. Nemuri helped Izuku find some shampoo and conditioner that was the best for his hair, he also found some of that lotion and body wash that the Aoyama guy had in his shower caddy, he picked up some for himself as well as an extra to replace the one he had used. He also picked up all the essentials, he was pretty much set.

"Is there somewhere you would like to go Izuku?" Nemuri asked after purchasing their items, he remembered that this place had a decent book store and he did need some supplies; he told the two teachers where he wanted to go.

"That kills two bird with one stone" Izuku looked confused once more but Nemuri just gave him a secretive smile and a wink.


Izuku was loving this store there was all kinds of books and supplies for art and writing. While he and Toshinori looked at some journals Nemuri talked to one of the staff members about getting some school supplies. Toshinori was having fun looking over the things with Izuku the way the teens boys lit up as he looked over all the journals was a warming sight; especially since Izuku had told him a little about his family and how destructive his older brother was with his quirk, a quirk that sounded very familiar to the villain that had invaded the USJ.

He dismissed this as mere coincidence since there are many quirks that were similar to one another. He also told him that he had been living on his own since he was nine, a piece of information that broke Toshinori's heart. Nemuri found the two of them by the kid section fawning over the hero stickers. Nemuri had already paid for the school supplies, and Izuku bought himself several notebooks, pens, and he even went and got several rolls of stickers much to the amusement of Toshinori and Nemuri. 

The trio loaded up the car and headed back to U.A. by the time they got back school was letting out. Nemuri's phone rang, she looked at it and saw it was Aizawa.

"Hello Shouta, how's it going?" She cheerfully chirped into the phone. "Oh Izuku, well he's here with me and Toshinori, what? Oh well I took him to get some clothes and other things he will need." She listened as Aizawa grumbled grumpily on the other side. "Yes, Nedzu approved it; it was his idea." she listened once more before she hummed in agreement. "Okay I will take him there to wait." She closed her phone and turned to Izuku.

She told him that Aizawa was going to hold a meeting with him and all the other teachers in a little while in the Principal's office. 

"Would it be alright for me to use the shower and change into some fresh clothes?" He asked her she gave a nod of yes and told him how to get to Nedzu's offices once he was done. Toshinori took the extra bags of things while Izuku took a bag with a fresh change of clothing and some of the bottles of shampoo, body wash, and lotion. He said his thanks to Nemuri and Toshinori for taking him shopping and getting him so many nice things. 

With that he headed off to the locker room where he was hoping Tetsutetsu was.


Kirishima was moaning as Tetsutetsu licked a line up his hard cock, the steel teen began to lick languidly the swollen member's head. He made sure to play a little with the slit causing Kirishima to swear under his breath. 

"Tetsutetsu stop teasing. You owe me for this afternoon leaving me hard and horny." Kirishima trusted his hard cock into Tetsutetsu's mouth hitting the back of his throat, he nearly gagged but he squeezed his thumb to stop his gag reflex.  Kirishima grabbed the back of the steel teen's head and was a little rough with him but Kirishima knew that Tetsutetsu liked it rough like this, if he was a little to mean Tetsutetsu would say his safeword. 

"It would be my fault that he left you in that state." Kirishima jumped thrusting deeper into Tetsutetsu's throat and this time he did gag pulling up coughing, tears in his eyes both teen looked over to the entrance of the locker room to see a thin, green haired boy leaning against the lockers with lust burning in his eyes and a lecherous smile on his lips.

"Hey Izuku, This is Kirishima my fuck buddy." Tetsutetsu said with a grin similar to Izuku on his face, showing off his sharp teeth. Kirishima was stock still his face as red as his hair at being caught naked with his friend sucking his dick but when he heard Tetsutetsu introduce him as his fuck buddy he let out a strangled noise. 

"So this is the famous Kirishima you told me so much about, I can see why you like him so much; kinda shocked that the curtains don't match the drapes, redheads are hot as fuck." Kirishima didn't know what exactly was going on but he began to relax a little, this Izuku kid didn't seemed bothered that there were two naked teens before him. 

Tetsutetsu stood up, hard and naked, walking up to the shorter boy and took his hand pulling him along to the bench where Kirishima was at .

"Uh maybe we should head to the shower so we don't get caught again." Kirishima was feeling a little self-conscious as Izuku took him in with his eyes, appreciation evident in his eyes.

"Don't worry the door won't open until we are done." Izuku said, Tetsutetsu slipped a hand under his large hoodie and helped him strip it off. Kirishima was going to ask him what he meant by that but the question died in his mouth as he saw Izuku shirtless, he was really thin. Kirishima could count his ribs and see his hip bones protruding. Tetsutetsu didn't seem to mind and wrapped his arm around the smaller boy's waist. He lowered his head and laid a kiss on the boy's neck causing a moan to escape the smaller boy's mouth. 

Izuku turned to lock his mouth with Tetsutetsu's they then broke apart. Tetsutetsu licked his lips, Izuku tasted delicious. Kirishima was very much turned on by the sight of the two of them kissing. 

"So you can kiss me now?" Tetsutetsu teased as he kissed Izuku's collarbone. 

"I don't kiss while fucking." Izuku replied, his eyes fluttered in pleasure as Tetsutetsu ran a hand his torso.

"Why not?" Kirishima asked mesmerized by the two of them touching and kissing, his body was growing hot. 

"Long story." Was all Izuku said as he extended his hand out to Kirishima who stood up, his erection was painfully hard as he walked up to Izuku taking his hand in his. Izuku drew the redhead to him and stood on his tiptoes to lock lips with Kirishima. 

He tasted so sweet, so wonderful, Kirishima wanted to stay like this forever. Izuku pulled away from Kirishima, who whined at the loss of contact. 

"You're overdressed." Tetsutetsu said taking a hold of the gym pants and yanking them down causing Izuku to hiss as his naked lower half was exposed. Kirishima whistled as he saw Izuku's large and thick cock sprung up, his foreskin had slid back exposing a pink head glistening with precum, and a small droplet of the clear liquid was beading from the slit.

Without hesitation Kirishima dropped to his knees and took the impressive organ into his mouth going as far as his gag reflex would allow. He used his tongue which drew mewling sounds of pleasures from Izuku, Tetsutetsu cupped Izuku's balls gently rubbing them, his other hand tweaked Izuku's nipple, gently nipping at Izuku's collarbone. Kirishima kept licking and sucking, Izuku tasted to delicious he kept wanting to take his dick deeper and deeper into his mouth. 

"Stop! Close!" Izuku pulled out of Kirishima's mouth who complained but Izuku asked him. "Top or Bottom?" Kirishima took a moment to answer.

"Top." He said as Izuku walked over to the bag he left on the floor and pulled out a bottle of lotion. 

"Lay on your back." Kirishima did as he was told and Izuku put a fair amount on Kirishima's dick the cool lotion made him groan in pleasure it got better as Izuku gave him a slow stroke until his dick was nice and slick. In one go Izuku straddled Kirishima and began to lower himself slowly and it took every once of willpower not to thrust upward into the hot entrance.

Izuku moaned as he slowly inched Kirishima's big dick into him, while he did that Tetsutetsu positioned himself at Kirishima's head offering his dick which the redheaded hero took with gusto. Izuku began to move up and down, squeezing Kirishima's cock with a clench of his ass with each stroke up and down. Kirishima was being overloaded with pleasure. It didn't take long before he shot his load into Izuku's warm and welcoming ass, Tetsutetsu thrusted as Kirishima came shooting down his throat and he greedily swallowed his friends cum. 

Izuku eased himself off Kirishima, the red head lifted his head a little to see he was still stiff and there was a condom on his cock filled with a great deal of cum. He wasn't sure when that had been slipped on but he was in a heavy post sex haze to ask questions. he laid on that bench as he saw Izuku lead Tetsutetsu to the showers, and Kirishima decided to take a naked nap. 



Chapter Text

Izuku left the locker room feeling very satisfied and in his new clothing, it was a button up shirt with Kamui Woods design, and some jeans along with nw red sneakers. He made his way to the Principal Office when he was stopped by someone right outside the door.

"Deku?" Izuku turne to see an ash blond boy with red eyes looking at him in shock. Izuku looked around to see if anyone else was around but it was just the other teen and him.

"No, I'm Izuku." He said which seemed to snap the boy out of shock.

"Hah?" The blond glared at him. "I know your name is Izuku, you shit nerd." Izuku took a step back from the angry boy who quickly advanced. "What the hell happened to you? Why did you and Auntie Inko suddenly disappear? WHY ARE YOU HERE IN U.A.?!" The teen reached out to grab him but his hand hit an invisible surface startling Katsuki.

"I have no idea what you are talking about. I don't even know who you are, so why are you yelling at me?"

"What is this?" Katsuki asked shaking a little as he couldn't comprehend what was stopping him.

"My quirk." Izuku said timidly.

"WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU MEAN YOUR QUIRK!?!?!?" Katsuki screamed startling Izuku and causing the door of the Principal Office to open and Aizawa to appear at the doorway, he tried to step out but was stopped by Izuku's quirk.

"Izuku drop your quirk." Aizawa said calmly but Izuku was locked in place looking at the ash blond teen in fear. "Izuku, it's okay just drop your quirk." Aizawa said once more and Izuku pulled his shield closer to himself allowing Aizawa to exit the room. 

As soon as Katsuki didn't feel the surface blocking him he strode forward but Aizawa stepped between him and Izuku.

"Move!" He growled but he regretted it immediately when Aizawa's eye glowed red and he spoke in a deadly serious tone.

"Why are you out here yelling like a maniac and threatening people?" Katsuki gulped audibly, Aizawa was one teacher that he tried to never piss off because he would not hesitate to expel his ass. 

"I wasn't threatening anyone." Katsuki grumbled earning another look from Aizawa so he decided to shut up.

"Then why are you yelling?" Katsuki looked over at Izuku who flinched, causing Katsuki to frown. 

"I wanted to know why he was here, and why he disappeared when we were kids." Katsuki averted his eyes from Izuku and Aizawa. The Class 1-A sensei raised his eyebrow at what his student just said.

"Bakugou, what do you mean by Izuku disappearing when you were kids?" Katsuki made a tsch noise and turned to face his teacher a frown still evident on his features.

"Me and Deku are childhood friends." Aizawa turned to Izuku who was shaking slightly, it looked like the interaction with Bakugou may have had a negative effect on him. He walked over to Izuku staying a few feet away and asked gently if Bakugou was right about them being childhood friends.

"I don't know him, I swear he just came up to me angry and yelling." Aizawa told Izuku to go inside of Nedzu's office and then turned to Bakugou.

"Bakugou, do you swear you are telling the truth." Katsuki's frown deepened.

"Why would I be lying about this?" he retorted angrily. 

"Alright go into the office, we have much to discuss." He stepped aside to allow Katsuki to enter with Aizawa following him. As they entered they saw Izuku sitting with Midnight who was gushing over Izuku in his new outfit, the greenette was blushing cutely causing Katsuki's heart to speed up. He was going to sit by him but Aizawa stopped him and sat him next to Cementoss. 

There was a knock on the door and Snipe came in followed by Aizawa's friend. 

"Hello Eraserhead, it has been sometime." She greeted him with a huge smile and a wave.

"Everyone this is Dr. Tomoi Yoshi, she is a quirk specialist I asked her to come here to help us understand Izuku's quirk as well as give him a diagnostic check over." Aizawa then introduced his co-workers to her one-by-one. He then brought her over to Izuku to introduce her to him.

"Ah so your the one Eraserhead has been going on and on about." She shook Izuku's hand. Dr. Tomoi was just a few feet taller than Izuku, with laugh lines gracing her soft face and straight, black hair tied up in a bun. She was also wearing a pale blue blouse and a tan skirt with a lab coat on, Izuku liked her immediately she had this aura of kindness.

"Thank you for being here Dr. Tomoi. Bakugou-kun, why are you here?" Nedzu asked the ash blond boy, Aizawa answered for him.

"He apparently knows Izuku from childhood, so perhaps he can shed some light on Izuku's past." The principal took a sip of his tea. 

"I see, well I guess we should get to the meat of this meeting shall we?" Nedzu turned to face Izuku to properly address him. "Izuku-kun you may be wondering why we wanted to have this meeting with you? Well it's because we want to offer you a chance to attend U.A." 

Izuku's eyes widened as did Katsuki's. Nedzu and some of the other teachers smiled at the reaction. 

"Aizawa-Sensei has informed us of your situation but before we get on with the paperwork to admit you we need to know the whole story." Nedzu's black eyes bore into Izuku's eyes, causing him to fidget in his seat. "But before we get on to that we need to have Dr. Tomoi do a quirk assessment."

She sat next to Izuku, putting down a doctor's valise next to her feet. She faced Izuku giving him a calming smile.

"So this is fairly simple thing, my quirk is called Diagnose, it allows me to learn the entire medical history of a person as well as their quirks and what their quirks are capable of." Izuku looked fascinated by the properties of her quirk. "But, the way for it to work I need to draw a bit of your blood. Will that be okay with you?" 

Izuku clutched his right arm where the track marks were. He wasn't thrilled with the prospect of getting stuck with another needle. 

"It will be okay, I'm just...not comfortable with needles." Izuku said the last part with a whisper. Dr. Tomoi gently patted his hand.

"I understand, I will be done before you know it." She reached into her valise and drew a little vial with a covered needle. Izuku stiffened his breath coming out ragged, Midnight was asking if he was okay but he couldn't hear her with all the blood pounding in his ears. Aizawa saw that Izuku wa on the verge of a panic attack and before he could cross the room to help Izuku, Bakugou got up crossed the room and took Izuku's hand in his and began to draw small circles on Izuku's palm.

It seemed to work as Izuku's breathing returned to normal and he looked over to the blond teen drawing gentle circles on his left hand. This seemed familiar but Izuku wasn't sure why. Dr. Tomoi rolled up the right sleeve of his shirt exposing the crook of his arm, she steadied her face when she saw the seven needle marks on his arm. Midnight let out a small gasp and Present Mic made a strangled noise.

"Izuku, do you want me to draw from your left arm?" Izuku seemed to be in a dreamy state, but he snapped out of it enough to shake his head vehemently.

"I don't want marks there, you can just draw from my right arm. I...I don't care if that arm get marked up more." He kept his head down while he said it. Katsuki sat down next to Izuku and with gentleness that Aizawa never seen him use, he lifted Izuku's head and made him face him.

"Focus on me okay, Deku. Just focus on me and it will be okay." He started the same pattern on his left hand and it seemed to help Izuku stay calm while Dr. Tomoi drew blood into the small vial. 

"There we are, all done." She pulled out an All Might bandage and put in on the new wound. With that she stood up and took her valise walking over to Nedzu's desk she put the vial down on the desk and pulled out some paper and a pen from her valise. "This will take a few moment while I do the diagnoses." Snipe offered her a chair, she sat down and opened the vial, dipped a finger into it, then popped the finger into her mouth, she then picked up the pen and began to write with impressive speed.

"Thank you." Izuku said quietly to Katsuki. 

"You really don't remember me?" Izuku shook his head and Katsuki's face fell. "I thought this would make you remember, this is what you did to help me when we were kids when I had to get a booster shot." Izuku looked at their hands linked together, deep in thought.

"This seems familiar but I can't place it." Izuku took Katsuki's hand turning his palm up and gently ran a finger down it, why was this so familiar.

Aizawa cleared his throat breaking the moment. 

"While Dr. Tomoi finishes up, you can tell us how you know Izuku." He looked at Bakugou who had not let go of Izuku's hand. 

"Like I said we were childhood friends, our mom's were friends from High school, so we ended up playing together a lot, Auntie Inko worked with my mom at the model agency as a promoter. But then suddenly they just disappeared around Deku's seventh birthday, my parents filed a missing person report, but after three years the police gave up. My parents didn't."  Katsuki paused and looked back at Izuku he had a look of deep concentration as if he was trying to recall something but couldn't.

"I don't know if I should tell the next part, it doesn't end well." Toshinori cleared his throat catching Katsuki's attention.

"Bakugou-kun it may not have a happy ending as you said, but it is necessary for us to know the whole story." Bakugou gently squeezed Izuku's hand before speaking.

"My parents didn't give up looking for you or your mom. My mom was determined to find her best friend and godson." Izuku looked at him. "My parents are your godparents, just like how Auntie Inko is my godmother." His eyes darkened as he spoke. "They found your mom, Deku. She...she was dead when they found her." 

The teachers all looked at Izuku sadness and sympathy was evident in their eyes, but Izuku was frowning.

"I can't...I can't remember what she looked like, or anything about her, I should feel sad, but I just feel...I don't know." Izuku had a hollow look in his eyes. Katsuki drew Izuku into a hug. This surprised Aizawa, this was a side of Bakugou he had never seen, it was almost unnerving. 

"Are you okay enough to tell us your story Izuku?" Present Mic asked the greenette. Izuku nodded his head, he took a deep breath and began his tale.

"I can't remember anything from before I was eight, everytime I try to all that comes up is a blank. Until I was nine I lived in this bar in the Kamino Ward with my brother,, and his right hand man." Katsuki stopped him.

"Deku, your dad wasn't around. Auntie Inko said he left when you were four and were diagnosed as Quirkless, also you were an only child."

This raised several questions among the teachers, it was evident that Izuku had a quirk, Aizawa, Nemuri, and Toshinori witnessed him use a quirk. Aizawa was putting pieces together about Izuku's past. If his father was absent but Izuku said he lived with him for a while then it was safe to assume that Izuku had been kidnapped by his dad and it was also safe to assume that his mother had been killed by his dad as well. 

It wasn't that uncommon an occurrence unfortunately. Izuku looked at Bakugou in confusion.

"Let him continue, Bakugou-kun." Principal Nedzu said, his hyper intelligent eyes gazing at Izuku. "We can work out the semantics after he is finished." This new information burrowing into Izuku's mind.

"Can you tell us more about your dad and brother?" Aizawa asked. Izuku nodded.

"Tomura is my brother's name and he wasn't a really good or stable person." Izuku touched the lower part of his lip without realizing it, Midnight remembered the small scars that Izuku had there, visible only when he grinned wide. "He has a destructive quirk, if he touched something with all five of his fingers he can cause it to turn to dust." 

Katsuki had a look of shock on his face as did Toshinori, Thirteen, and Aizawa. That sounded a lot like the villain that attacked the USJ, Katsuki had to ask.

"Does he wear a hand on his face and have this deep hate for All Might." This made Izuku look at Katsuki in surprise.

"Yeah, how did you know about that? He destroyed all my All Might toys and tore my backpack." 

"We meet briefly." Katsuki said sourly, remembering the incident at USJ.

"Did he hurt you?" Izuku asked in a small voice. Katsuki shook his head.

"No, he didn't." Izuku let out a sigh of relief, Katsuki and Aizawa exchanged a look between them. They would not mention the USJ just yet. 

"That's good, because I know what that's like." Katsuki had a look of pure horror on his face, as did Aizawa, his elbow throbbed at the memory of that Shigaraki guy using his quirk to decay away the flesh, and Izuku had been eight when this bastard had used that kind of quirk on him. 

"Where?" Katsuki asked and Izuku took a moment to understand that Katsuki was asking where Tomura had used his quirk on. 

"Here on my lower jaw, my right side, and my back." 

"How did you survive?" Snipe asked

"I don't know. I remember being in a lot of pain, then suddenly I was okay; When my dad found out what he did he punished Tomura badly." 

"Tell us about your dad." 

"He was okay; except when he got upset once he...umm...he punished me." 

"How?" Cementoss asked, he was not looking forward to the answer but it had to be known. Izuku fidgetted and Katsuki gave his hand a reassuring squeeze 

"He called me a useless son, threw me around, then locked me in a small room for a week." He said it so casually, but Katsuki was already plotting on finding this bastard of a man and his brother, then blowing them both to hell. "It wasn't too bad, but when I turned nine things got bad." Izuku intertwined his fingers with Katsuki's. "Dad got in a fight with a All Might and was severely injured, the top of his head was a mess, he lost his eyes and most of his facial features."

Toshinori grew cold, a fight with him nine years ago, severely injured. It couldn't be, could it? 

"Tomura was furious, he was on a warpath saying that it was my fault that dad lost to All Might, and he was going to kill me, Kurogiri, dad's right hand man, was off tending to him so it was just me and Tomura, I thought he was actually going to do it but he could reach me. It was like a large invisible bubble was keeping him away. My quirk had manifested and it was one that kept him from ever hurting me again." 

Izuku took a breath before continuing. "He went crazy and started to destroy the bar trying to get to me but he couldn't, I grabbed my bag and ran from there and kept going until I found a safe place to hide, I ended up here in Musufatu at a scrapyard."

"The place you had us stop by earlier right?" Midnight asked, Izuku nodded.

"That's where I hid and learned that my quirk wasn't just a shield but I could manipulate metal as well so it was the best place." A small smile formed on his lips at the memory of him using his quirk. 

"How did you survive?" Present Mic asked. He couldn't fathom a young child surviving on the streets for any amount of time.

"For the first three years this nice old lady that lived near the scrapyard took care of me, she had some sort of memory problem and she thought I was her grandson."

He smiled so fondly at the memory of the time Obasan took care of him, it was the first time he felt such tender and kind hands touch him. But his smile soon turned somber.

"She passed away around when I was 12, so I had to find another way to survive and that's when I remembered someone Kurogiri was talking about, someone who had a quirk that allowed him to make very believable fake IDs."   

 "Kumayama." Aizawa said. 

"Yeah him, he's the one who gave me these." Izuku gestured to the needle marks.

"He made you an addict?" Thirteen asked, Iuku shook his head.

"No it wasn't like that, it was..worse." Izuku scratched the needle marks but pulled away, stopping himself from continuing a bad habit he broke. "He said he would make me the ID in exchange for a small job. I stupidly agreed and next thing I knew he stuck a needle in my arm my body went numb." Izuku swallowed the lump forming in his throat.

"Did that bastard?" Katsuki couldn't finish the question. 

"You don't have to continue Izuku-kun." Nedzu spoke up in the dead silence of the room, everyone knew what that man did by the context of the story. 

"It's okay, it's been three years since it happened, I can talk about it." Katsuki wrapped an arm around Izuku's shoulder pulling him close. He was preparing himself mentally for what Izuku was about to tell them all. "While I laid there, he put me on a bed, stripped me naked and videotaped himself raping me. He kept injecting me with that stuff, since it kept wearing off faster and faster until the seventh injection and it didn't work at all, I was free and I used my quirk to throw him back and tied him up using the pipes in the basement he kept me in. I forced him to make the ID, then knocked him out with his camera, I then made sure to take the video."

Katsuki was shaking with rage at the thought of Izuku being violated, he wasn't the only one Midnight was planning on castrating this man, with a rusty cheese grater.

"If you still have that video then we can have him put away for life, since he's currently in prison for selling false credentials to criminals, with that we can make sure he never leaves jail." Aizawa kept his voice steady but his thoughts were turning to very unheroic thoughts. Izuku untangled himself from Katsuki's arms and walk to his backpack rummaging through it he pulled out an SD card and handed it to Aizawa without a word. 

He then sat down again next to Katsuki who wrapped him up in a hug, the warmth that Katsuki gave off made Izuku feel safe for some reason. He let out a sigh, he wasn't done yet.

"After I escaped I left that part of Musufatu, coming down to the center of the city, that is were I worked as a Rent Boy for the next three years, the ID I got let me get away with it, apparently it said that I was part of some sting operation so the police would pick me up but not charge me with anything." 

"What do you mean by you worked as a Rent Boy?" Katsuki never heard of the term. Izuku couldn't meet the other boys eyes.

"I was a prostitute." Izuku said quietly. 

"So all that money?" Midnight asked him. Izuku nodded, his ears were turning a bit red.

"Then I guess something happened at the Musufatu Police station, still hazy on it, and now I am here." 

"I know this was not an easy story to tell Izuku-kun, but thank you for telling it." Nedzu spoke up. "Once Dr. Tomoi finishes the quirk assessment we will start the official paperwork, but for now we should get you settled into the dorms." 

"Dorms? U.A. doesn't have dorms, he can stay with me, my parents are after all his godparents." Katsuki looked at the principal as if he lost his marbles, but the small principal gave Katsuki a secretive look. A shudder went up the explosive teen's spine. 

"And finished, what did I miss; I tend to go full focus when using my quirk." Dr. Tomoi handed Nedzu what looked to be 20 pages.


The teachers were all leaving, they all offered Izuku words of encouragement and Midnight hugged him tightly. Aizawa gave him and Katsuki a few minutes alone as he talked with Dr.Tomoi.

"Thank you."

"Hah?" Katsuki looked at the greenette. He was fidgeting with the cuff of his sleeve looking down at the floor.

"For helping me stay calm, and holding my hand. I guess I thought you were like Tomura." Katsuki flinched at that comment. "Especially with the angry yelling, but your not like him at all, so I'm sorry for thinking that." Izuku looked up and locked his emerald eyes with Katsuki's cherry red ones. Katsuki's heart began racing again.

"Of course I would help you, Deku, even if you can't remember me." Katsuki turned away to hide his blushing face. "So can you really not remember anything of our childhood?" Katsuki's tone held a sad note.

Izuku thought for a moment before he shrugged off his backpack and dug through it, Katsuki watched him with curiosity until Izuku stood up again holding something in his closed hand.

"Kacchan." Katsuki's eyes grew comically wide, did he just say what he think he said, Izuku opened his hand and there in the center was a plastic All Might pendant of the hero's face, or half of one as it was cut cleanly down the middle. Izuku picked it up and showed the back of it with the word 'Kacchan' in neat kanji written on it. "I don't know where I got this from, for the longest time I thought maybe Tomura broke it so I kept it hidden from him but every time I see that word I get this fuzzy image of someone, and I can almost remember them."

"That's the stupid nickname you used to call me because you had lost your front teeth and had trouble saying Katsuki." The ash blond was vibrating with excitement at hearing the dumb childhood nickname but who was he to bitch he still called Izuku by his nickname. Izuku looked at Katsuki so many emotions running through his head.

Katsuki reached down his shirt and pulled up a cut-in-half All Might pendant that was attached to a small silver chain, he flipped it over to show Izuku the back, in neat Kanji was the word 'Deku'.

"So does this mean we are friends?" Izuku asked tentatively, Katsuki snorted.

"We have always been friends, Deku, even after you disappeared I swore if I ever found you I would still be our friend, and we would be heroes together." Katsuki walked closer to him and connected the two halves of the pendants together, he didn't mention the other promise he made when his mom made the pendant for them, that was just childhood puppy love.

Izuku's eyes began to fill with tears, he wiped them away and flashed a brilliant smile. One that was just so genuine and Izuku like it made Katsuki's heart beat hard.

"Well then I guess you finally found me huh? Kacchan." 

Katsuki had a revelation right there as he stared at that smile, freckles, and those emerald eyes that put the stars to shame in beauty. He was so utterly, and deeply in love with his childhood friend.

'FUUUUUUUUCK!' Katsuki internally screamed.  

Chapter Text

Aizawa was reading over the packet of sheets that Yoshi had written, reading it over and over making sure he understood what he was reading.

"Three quirks?" He asked once more as Yoshi nodded yes. "How is that possible?" 

"Well as you can see here." she took the paper from Aizawa flipping it to about the thirteenth page and placed her finger on a passage. "He originally had a singular quirk but it is a extremely rare quirk. It doesn't even have a name, there is no one else with such a quirk in the world wide registry. So I called it Petri Dish as a code name, but I digress this quirk works by creating new quirks in the user in order to protect them."

"So is that how Izuku was able to heal himself from the damage his brother did?" Nedzu asked.

"Yes Petri Dish created a quirk designed to help keep Izuku safe from physical harm and repair damage, I found one similar to it, but Izuku's is far more powerful because it's not a metal manipulation quirk like he thought but Magnetism Manipulation."

"So he has the properties of a magnet?" Aizawa looked over the page and there was a list of abilities that the quirk allowed Izuku to do.

"No, not magnetic properties, Izuku can manipulate magnetism itself in all its forms: natural, organic, and artificial. That is why." she flipped down to pages showing a detailed drawing of Izuku's jaw, right side, and back all with scars highlighted. "I found traces of metal in his skin the highest concentracion is on his back given the amount of damage. I found a quirk like this in the database it is called Magnetokinetic Regeneration, basically it allows Izuku to repair his body by using any material that is ferros in nature." 

Aizawa nodded looking over the huge list, this quirk of his was very powerful indeed. He looked over and spotted one Magnetic Aura.

"Yoshi this one here, would this allow him to create barriers?" She looked over to the one he was pointing on.

"Ah right." she picked up another set of papers and handed them to Aizawa. "This goes into details of all the abilities that Izuku's Magnetism Manipulation is capable of doing." The packet was a good 50 pages. "Now we need discuss Izuku's third quirk as this one has changed Izuku's body in a strange way." 

She picked up another hefty looking packet, offering it to Aizawa. He gave a tired sigh, this was going to be a very long night of reading.

"So what is this quirk and how did it change Izuku?" Aizawa asked her, she opened the first page showing Aizawa. "Incubus?"

"It's what I called it given the nature of it, in the first packet it details that some sort of toxic drug was introduced into his system and it also shows that he was sexually abused."

"Yes, Izuku told us." Aizawa recalled what Izuku had told them earlier about Kumayama, his blood boiled just thinking about what that bastard did.

"Well Petri Dish created Incubus, it made his body immune to toxic substances. Essentially Izuku is immune to poisons, and STDs, but there is a trade off to this quirk and it is why I named it Incubus."

"And what exactly is an Incubus?" 

"A mythological monster, the male counterpart of a Succubus, sorry I get side tracked after using my quirk for that long, what I'm trying to say is that Izuku needs to have sex otherwise his body will begin to slowly die from malnutrition."

This caught Aizawa off guard, he looked at her with tired eyes and she looked back with serious ones.  

"You cannot be serious."

"I am Shouta, Izuku's body is very thin and he looks like a strong breeze can knock him over this is all due to him not feeding."

"And how would he feed? He did say he was a Rent Boy for three years so did he not feed off the men that use him?" 

"Probably because as a rent boy he would use condoms, there are two ways he can feed." She flipped to another page and showed Aizawa. "The first way is by ingesting seminal fluids either oral or through mucous membranes."

"I could have gone my whole life without knowing that." He deadpanned, but Yoshi paid no attention to him.

"The second way would be to feed off someone during sex, possibly via lip on lip contact. It's all here in the packet. So if you need my services again just give me a call Shouta, also you may want to have The Talk with Izuku, ah by the way, the longer Izuku goes without sex his body will begin to produce a powerful pheromone that will lure virile males to him, and the pheromone will cloud their minds so the sooner you talk to him about it the better ." With that she left.


Aizawa exited the office to see Bakugou was still there, showing something to Izuku on his phone.

"good your still here Bakugou, I had a question for you."

"What is it?"

"What is Izuku's last name?" 

"It's Midoriya" Aizawa nodded taking a pen he wrote it on the top of  thick packet of papers.

"Thank you Bakugou now head home, we will see you Monday, come on Izuku." Aizawa motioned to Izuku to follow him.

"I still don't know why Izuku can't come live with me?" Bakugou grumbled. 

"That does remind me, make sure you tell your parents about Izuku being okay, and I will contact them sometime tomorrow to set up a meeting."

Bakugou huffed and walked up to Izuku taking his hand and giving it a squeeze, before handing him a piece of paper with his phone and address.

"Kacchan I don't have a phone." Katsuki tapped Izuku on the forehead.

"Use that big brain of your Deku, it's for when you get a phone. I'll see you soon okay." Izuku gave Katsuki another smile and a small peck on his cheek causing the ash bond teen to flare up red.

"Bye Kacchan." 


Aizawa lead Izuku to Heights Alliance, The dorms built behind the School. Looking up Izuku could see storm clouds forming and he hoped that Bakugou made it home before the storm hits.

"Alright so you will be rooming here at the 1-A Dorms." Aizawa told Izuku who was entranced by the building. "For now it's just you and I in the building." Aizawa walked forward and Izuku followed his arms heavy with his shopping bags. As Aizawa was about to open the door it suddenly opened and there stood Midnight and Present Mic, both with big grins on their face.

"Hey Shouta!!" Yamada shouted out with a big goofy grin directed to his husband. 

"Midnight what are you doing here?" Izuku asked as the 18+ Hero sauntered up to him.

"Well we wanted to give you a surprise." She guided Izuku to into the Dorm with the married hero duo followed. "Surprise!" Nemuri and Hizashi shouted as they guided him to the common area to see a table set up with food and treats. Izuku's eyes widen wide, he never seen that much food before.

"Well Little Listener let's get your things up to your room and then we can dig in." Hizashi took some of Izuku's bags from him and lead him to the second floor on the left and a room with a name plate reading 'Izuku'. "Go ahead and open it." Hizashi handed a key to Izuku who opened the door to see a his room set up with all the things Midnight had him choose.

"Wow" Izuku walked into the dorm followed by Hizashi who set the bags down by the door next to the ones Izuku had set down. Izuku sat down on the bed it was so soft and bouncy. "I've never had one of these." Izuku said low enough but Hizashi heard it.

"You never had a one of what?" The Microphone Hero asked. Izuku shook his head no.

"A bed." 

Hizashi's heart clenched at that, he decided to distract Izuku with the present Nedzu had gotten him.

"By the way Little Listener, the principal thought you could used these." Hizashi pointed to the two things on the desk, a new phone and laptop. Standing up and walking to the room he picked up the phone and looked up to Present Mic.

"Can you show me how to use it?" Present Mic smiled at Izuku and showed him how to use the device, helping him to put in Katsuki's number.

"You two are taking your time, the food is going to get cold come on." Midnight said showing up at the doorway.

"Just showing the kid how to use his phone, come on Little Listener let's eat." 


"For a skinny kid you sure can pack it away." Nemuri said in amazement at the ten empty bowls in front of Izuku, he blushed a little in embarrassment, he felt ravenous for some reason. 

"Ah he's a growing boy Nemuri, he needs all the nutrients he can get." Hizashi said finishing his ice cream. Aizawa sipped his coffee, he was mulling over on how to talk to Izuku about the Incubus quirk and the necessity of him having unprotected sex. He was so not trained for this. 

The sound of thunder could be heard in the distance and a flash of lightning streaked across the sky, and for a split second Aizawa was sure he saw a strange halo around Izuku's body as the lightning struck. 

"Do you hear that?" Izuku asked his head cocked to the side as if he was trying to listen to something.

"Hear what Izuku?" Nemuri asked, she didn't hear anything, looking at the other two teachers who shook their head. 

"There it is again, it's coming from the courtyard." Before any of the teachers could act Izuku bolted to the sliding door and opened it running into the downpour.

"Izuku!" Shouted Aizawa following the boy who was on his hands and knees by the tree and bushes he picked something up and ran back to the building something bundled in his arms, he ran through the open door standing next to Aizawa, he was soaking wet.

"What were you thinking?! That was crazy running into a storm like that. Look at you soaked to the bone." Aizawa was in dad mode as Hizashi called it, but he was cut off by the thing in Izuku's arms making a noise.

"Wan wan!" The three heroes looked at the bundle to see a small and very wet dog in Izuku arms. 

"Can I keep him?" Izuku asked giving his best puppy eyes. Aizawa rubbed the bridge of his nose, he resisted as best as he could but Nemuri and Hizashi were weak and fell victim to those eyes.

"Ah look at the poor thing, he must have been out there for a while."

"Come on Shouta let him keep the dog, at least until we find if it has an owner." Aizawa let out a long sigh, he pointed down the hall to the left.

"Go bath, wash up, wash the dog, and put those wet clothes in washing machine on your way there." Izuku had a big smile on his face. "Tomorrow we go and see if the dog has an owner." 

"Yes Aizawa-sensei." Izuku moved quickly to the bath leaving a trail of water. Aizawa opened a closet door and pulled out a mop then thrust it into Hizashi's hands then a washcloth into Nemuri's hand. 

"Get to cleaning." His tone left no room for argument. He went to get some towels and extra clothing for Izuku from his room.


Izuku was drying the small dog with a towel and hair dryer, after he finished the dog's fur puffed up making it look like a dandelion. The pomeranian gave a happy bark at being washed and dried, he turned to Izuku and put his tiny paws on him trying to reach Izuku's face to give him doggy kisses as a thank you. Izuku scratched behind the dog's ear earning a happy tail wag. Izuku picked up the collar that the dog was wearing and hidden by the wet fur.

On the dog tag he read the name Tanpopo, wait it couldn't be that Tanpopo could it? He remembered the time he spent with Obasan, the old lady who took care of him for a while, she had a little puppy pomeranian who loved to follow Izuku around, the puppy's name was Tanpopo, dandelion for his fluffy fur. 

He dressed in the pajamas that Aizawa left out for him. He put the collar back on the dog and it gladly followed Izuku. He walked into the common room were Aizawa was sitting reading a huge pack of papers. As Izuku sat down his hair was curly from the bath and he hadn't put it back into its wolf tail.

"Aizawa-sensei, I think I may know this dog." Aizawa looked up from the paper to look at Izuku the dog had jumped onto his lap, the thing was puff, it reminded him of  a dandelion. 

"What do you mean? and how did you even know that dog was out there?" He was still trying to figure out how Izuku had known there was a dog outside.

"I can't really explain it, but I sort of felt like he was out there, but it wasn't until the lightning flashed that I could hear him." Aizawa looked back a few pages on the packet when he came across the ability Izuku was trying to explain.

  • Magnetism Generation-The user is able to generate magnetic fields
  • Magnetic Field Sense- Senses magnetic fields, how they move and anything that moves/disturbs them.  

It would seem that Izuku was generating a magnetic field around the building and he knew where the dog was because it had entered into the magnetic field. This would make an amazing technique in tracking villains or rescuing civilians. But was he doing it on purpose or was it because of the storm generating high levels of electricity. 

Aizawa put a pin in that for future training. 

"Well this dog has a collar and tags but ll there is on it is his name, Tanpopo, which is the name of the dog of Obasan, when she was alive."

"Obasan, the woman who took care of you." Izuku nodded. "It could be a coincidence, maybe someone else named their dog Tanpopo." Izuku mulled this over. He set down the pomeranian and the fluffy dog sat down waiting patiently.

"Well there was one trick I showed him and only he would know it, so maybe if he can do it, it really is Tanpopo." Aizawa set the papers down and watched as Izuku made a finger gun then said shouted.

"BANG!" The pomeranian reared back, fell backwards and laid on his back with his little legs up.  "It is him." Izuku whispered in amazement. Aizawa was sure there was some divine being out there set with a strange sense of humor by pulling this.


 Katsuki spend most of Saturday morning running around cleaning things over and over, dusting twice, then again. He had told his parents when he got home that Izuku was a live, they took the news with great joy and he did tell them that Aizawa would call them about a meeting. True to his word the pro hero had called and asked to meet at their house with Izuku around 1pm.

It was 10 till 1, and Katsuki was trying to find things to, he had to keep busy or he would go nuts. Of course the old hag had pointed out this was the most he ever helped out around the house, this sparked a shouting match but it died the moment he heard the doorbell ring and he vaulted over the couch. Before he opened the door he smoothed out his outfit, one that his mom had bought such a long time ago but he said he would never wear, but this was the nicest outfit he had.

A white button up, with a rose design long the left side, black pants with silver tooling along the pants legs, he wore the button up was left open to show off the black tank top underneath. He had also sprayed a bit of his dad's cologne on him, his mom had asked him if he was going on a date, a shit eating grin on her face when she saw the outfit and smelled the cologne. Another shouting match, that ended when Masaru asked Mitsuki to help him in the kitchen.

He opened the door and came face-to-face with Izuku's beautiful emerald eyes and his heart beat faster.

"Hey Kacchan." Izuku smiled at him huge, he swore he saw something glitter near the left side of Izuku's jaw. But he quickly forgot that as he heard a strange noise coming from down at Izuku's feet.

"Wan! Wan!" Katsuki looked down to see a walking fluff ball.


"Oh Kacchan this is Tanpopo, I have a crazy story to tell you about how I found him." Izuku was very excited and practically bouncing as he spoke, Katsuki couldn't help but smile at him, he also notices a sweet smell coming from Izuku. Was he wearing cologne as well? Whatever it was, it smelled really good he wanted to get in closer and take a deeper breath, but as he got closer to Izuku he felt something tackle him in the stomach.

Doubling over after getting the wind knocked out he saw the little fluffy bastard of a dog glare at him, he swore there was an evil smirk on that things face.

"Ah! Kacchan are you okay?! Tanpopo that wasn't nice."  He scolded the pomeranian who just wagged his tail and gave a doggy smile. Aizawa was trying so hard not to laugh, he hid his face in his capture weapon. 

"Oi! Brat quite being bent over in pain and invite our guest in." Mitsuki called from the hallway.

Chapter Text

Izuku sat between Mitsuki and Masaru a large photo album on his lap, with Mitsuki pointing to photos and telling Izuku about them.

"There's you and Katsuki on your first day of kindergarten." Izuku couldn't help but smile at the picture of the ash blond boy holding his hand in the photo.

Katsuki had told his parents that Izuku didn't have memories of before he was eight or of his mom and would not remember either of them they busted out all the photo albums. 

Katsuki had a grumpy look on his face as he was sitting next to Aizawa-Sensei instead of Izuku, that little demon of a dog was at Izuku's feet shooting dirty looks at Katsuki.

Aizawa had asked if Izuku's mother had left any sort of will or maybe if she had left Izuku in their care, Mitsuki got up and grabbed a book from the bookshelf, opening and opening it removing a folded piece of paper handing it to Aizawa. It was Inko's Last Will & Testament, Aizawa read it carefully before handing it back.

The paper stated that in the event of Inko's death that Mitsuki and Masaru would become Izuku's Legal Guardians. The Pro hero drew out some paperwork from his coat and handed it to Mitsuki.

"Since you two are his legal guardians I need you to sign some paperwork to allow Izuku to attend U.A." Katsuki perked up at the idea of him and Izuku attending the same school, a memory of the two of them vowing to be heroes together.

"Does that mean Deku can live here since they are his legal guardians." Katsuki spoke up again, he was really hoping that Deku would live here, they did have a guest room but Katsuki would share his room gladly.acting 

"where has Izuku been staying?" Masaru asked looking at the greenette who was flipping through the photo albums with a smile on his face.

"He has been staying at the U.A Dorms."

"That again?! U.A. doesn't have a dorm!" Katsuki barked which earned him a bark from Tanpopo, Katsuki glared at the puff ball.

"Nedzu had dorms built since he is thinking of switching to a boarding school ever since the USJ incident.  So for now Izuku has been staying there."

"Then I should move in to the dorms so that Izuku isn't by himself." Katsuki said if he couldn't get Izuku to live here then he would go live with Izuku.

"The dorms aren't open yet to other student, Izuku is the only exception." Aizawa was eyeing Katsuki a little suspiciously, the explosive blond was acting a little off.

"so he's all by himself there?" Katsuki asked he was trying to find a way to get into those dorm ahead of the others and hopefully get a room next to Izuku. 

"I'm not alone Kacchan, I have Tanpopo and Aizawa-sensei since he is staying there as well." Izuku said closing the photo album. Katsuki shot envious looks at the dog and his sensei.

"Well if U.A is going to be a boarding school it makes sense to have Izuku continue living at the dorms." Mitsuki gently ran her hand through Izuku's hair. "But our home is always open to you squirt." Izuku giggled at the sensation of his scalp being rubbed.

Katsuki was turning green with envy at his mother, Masaru laid a hand on Izuku's shoulder. 

"Oh that's right your birthday is coming up isn't it Izuku, July 15." 

"Is that when it is? I've just been counting every year after the New Year celebration." All three adults and Katsuki looked at him in shock.

"Izuku you didn't know when your birthday was?" Mitsuki asked, she was very concerned about that. Izuku shook his head, he took a moment before answering.

"It wasn't really celebrated were I was staying with Dad. Eventually I just forgot." Masaru had a confused look at that, he remembered that Inko said Hiashi left when Izuku was four because of the quirkless diagnoses. He remembered what Katsuki said about Izuku living with his dad around eight, there was something there he would ask the pro hero when he had a chance.

"Well then we have to have a party for you." Masaru said with a huge smile. Izuku began to blush, shaking his head.

"What no! There's no need to go to all that trouble, it's not that big a deal, really!"

"Nonsense squirt, it is a big deal, it will be a birthday celebration and a welcome home party for you." Mitsuki said hugging the boy who blushed harder.

"Just accept it Deku, they are relentless when it comes to this kind of thing." Katsuki said remembering all the birthday parties that his parents threw for the two boys. 

The Bakugou's signed the paperwork handing it back to Aizawa as the two where about to head back to U.A, Katsuki hatched a plan as his mom finished hugging Izuku to death.

"Wait! Deku let's go out!" The three adult looked at him in surprise. "For the day! I mean we should go out for the day, so we can reconnect." Katsuki said quickly a red flush creeping up his face, it deepened as he caught the old hag's shit eating grin, and his dad giving him a knowing smile. 

"If it's alright with Aizawa-sensei, I would love to go out for the day." Izuku flashed a brilliant smile causing Katsuki's heart to beat faster. Katsuki looked at Aizawa waiting to see what the pro would say. He had a Totoro grin on his face aimed at Katsuki.

"Have him back by six, he has a lesson with Present Mike a that time." Katsuki was about to take Izuku's hand when he felt something smack him in the leg pushing him back. Looking down he spotted the demonic fluffball shooting daggers at him.

"Come on Tanpopo, Kacchan is going to show us around town." Izuku clipped the leash to the small dog's collar. Aizawa pulled out what looked like a small vest from his coat.

"Here put this on him, it's the vest that city hall gave for him when we registered him as a service dog." Izuku took the bright yellow vest and attached it to Tanpopo who sat on his hind legs looking very proud. 

"A service dog?" Katsuki asked looking at the pomeranian. 

"Yeah I get panic attacks, and Tanpopo helps with them, he was already in the registry as a service dog we just had to register him under my name." 

What causes them?" Katsuki asked, he was ready to avoid anything that would make Izuku uncomfortable. 

"I am not 100% sure what triggers them, but it would seem anyone grabbing me really hard, and yelling extremely aggressively at me are two causes." Izuku avoided Katsuki's gaze, who was rolling in guilt remembering how he yelled at him yesterday.

"Alright then if anyone tried I will make them regret it." Katsuki said little explosions popping in his palms, Izuku smiled warmly.

"My hero." Katsuki could have died there and then and he would die happily as he heard Deku say he was his hero. The two of them walked out of the front gate watched by the three adults all of them with grins on their faces.


Katsuki was hating this little bastard of a fluff ball more and more as every time he tried to get close to Izuku or hold his hand the pomeranian would tackle Katsuki's legs pushing him back a few inches. Izuku didn't seem to notice, he was enjoying the sights. While he was living with his dad he was never allowed outside the bar, Kurogiri was the one who got things for him.

They walked by a comic book shop and saw some All Might merch, Katsuki remembered how much the greenette loved the Number One hero, even more so than Katsuki, and he even was wearing a limited edition All Might hoodie. Katsuki wondered how Izuku got his hands on one, he took Izuku inside the comic shop and he could see his eyes widen at all the hero merch. 

"Still such a Hero Fanboy." Katsuki said looking at the boy nerd out over the merch. Katsuki saw a large All Might plushie and bought it for Izuku, it was so worth the stares he got from some people as he bought the stuffed toy, because the reaction Izuku gave him was the absolute cutest thing ever. The blush on his cheeks bringing out the freckles, and the glow in those emerald eyes. Of course when he tried to get close he got tackled by Izuku's guard dog this time the little bastard got him in the stomach.

How does something so tiny, jump and hit that hard. 

"Tanpopo stop that, no jumping on people." Izuku scolded the dog, who again just wagged his tail and gave Izuku a doggy smile. The two of them eventually ended up at Daroga Beach, once it was covered in trash but someone had gone and cleaned it up, restoring it to it's pristine state.

"You probably don't remember but we used to here a lot when we were kids in the summer." Katsuki said gazing out at the ocean.

"I might not remember, but now that we are back in each other's lives we can make new memories." Izuku gently leaned against Katsuki's shoulder.

Katsuki enjoyed this moment, but it was over in a moment as Tanpopo let out a bark scaring some seagulls.

"Hey, let's walk in the shallows." Izuku said taking Katsuki's hand and leading him to the water's edge, he took his shoes off and set them down away from the tide. next Izuku stripped out of his hoodie, and then took his Death Arm shirt before running into the tide, laughing.

Katsuki looked on at the laughing teen, in the sunlight he could see the scar tissue along his back, and side he could see something glitter on his body once in a while as Izuku splashed about. He called out to Katsuki to join him, Katsuki rolled up his jeans to above his knees, then he stripped both shirts off before joining Izuku who splashed him as he got closer.

"Oh you going to get it now." Katsuki said before splashing Izuku back who only let out a laugh. Tanpopo stood a by his master's belonging, he did not want to go into the water, he hated getting wet ever since the storm. So he sat there watching his master splash around with the angry human. He did not trust the angry human, he wanted to do something to his master he could smell it on the angry one's skin. 

Katsuki was about to use his quirk to really splash Izuku when suddenly he found his armsful of skinny teen. Izuku jumped onto Katsuki who stumbled backwards and fell on his back with Izuku on top of him. 

Katsuki's hands landed on Izuku's lower back, he could feel the rough texture of the scars. He swore he would make that hand bastard pay for doing this to his Deku. This close to him Katsuki could smell that delicious scent coming off Izuku's skin. The two of them stared at each other's eyes, comfortable silence between them.

"Your all hard Kacchan." Katsuki turned crimson.


"Your body, is all hard and muscled. I'm a bit envious given how I'm thin like a twig." Izuku said with a brilliant smile.

'You're going to be the death of me Deku.' Katsuki thought to himself.


The two teens were sitting on a bench by the beach eating ice cream.

"Thanks for taking me out today Kacchan, it was really fun." Izuku turned to look at the ash blond who noticed he had a bit of ice cream on the side of his lips. This was his chance but before Katsuki could swoop in for a kiss that cock blocking dog jumped up and licked the ice cream off Izuku's face. 

Tanpopo shot Katsuki a doggy smirk, he was so tempted to flip the dog off or launch him into the stratosphere. 

"No Tanpopo, no doggy kisses. Here you want some ice cream." Izuku offered the last of the strawberry ice cream to the pomeranian who happily ate it.


Katsuki walked Izuku to the dorm, he looked at the building it was impressive to say the least, he walked Izuku to the door. Once more Izuku thanked him for the day as well as for the plush All Might that was practically half his size, and for the ice cream.

"Think nothing of it, Deku." Izuku shyly looked at the group before asking.

"Kacchan, think we can do this again sometime?"

"YES!!" Katsuki shouted startling Izuku and Tanpopo, who let out a small growl. "Sorry, I mean yeah I would love to take you out again. We can also hang out during school or after...for a study group you know." Katsuki rubbed the back of his head trying to keep his heart rate under control.

"I would like that, Kacchan." Katsuki knew this was the perfect moment to lean in for a kiss, he always heard his dad talk about the magic moment for a first kiss and this was that magic moment, he stepped forward and leaned in.

"Izuku." He whispered as he leaned down.

"HELLO LITTLE LISTENER! YOU'RE JUST IN TIME FOR YOUR ENGLISH LESSON!!" Both boys jumped a part as the dorm burst open and Mic shouted. Katsuki turned around his heart hammering swearing at Present Mic internally. 

"I'll see you on Monday." Katsuki shouted over his shoulder and as he did he spotted Aizawa behind Present Mic with that huge smile.

'Stupid loudass cockatiel and Tororo.' Katsuki thought as he stomped his way home.  

Chapter Text

Aizawa was sitting across from Izuku, it was after Hiziashi had finished his lesson with the greenette and return to their shared apartment after a quick kiss goodbye. He figured it was time to tell Izuku about the Incubus quirk, it was going to be an awkward chat.

"Aizawa-sensei are you okay? You look like you have to do something unpleasant." Izuku was gently scratching Tanpopo's ear causing the little dog's tail to go into chaotic swing mode. With a sigh the pro hero decided to get it over with.

"Are you sexually active?" Izuku stiffened and looked at Aizawa like he had grown a second head. 

"Wha? Why are you asking all of a sudden?!" 

"I am asking because of your quirk." 

"My metal manipulation quirk?" Izuku looked very confused and Aizawa was scratching the side of his head with a look of unease. Then it hit him, he picked up the two packets of papers and handed them to Izuku who looked at them, he cocked an eye at it. 

"Okay it will be easier for you to read these than it would be for me to talk about it with you, after your down we can discuss things." Izuku read through both packets each with at least 100 pages of information on his quirks, he learned that he had three and it was the last one that really got his attention.

"Incubus?" Izuku asked the pro hero.

"Dr. Tomoi says she named it after a mythological demon that feeds off sex." Izuku mulled that over, it did explain some things. 

"So I need to have sex at least times a day in order to prevent my body from shutting down and to fix my malnutrition, would make sense since even after having access to food more regularly I'm still kinda thin." 

"So are you active with anyone?" Aizawa asked once more. Izuku fidgeted a little.

"Will they get in trouble?" 

"No, they will not be in trouble." 

"I did have sex with Kirishima and Tetsutetsu, twice with Tetsutetsu on Friday before we had the meeting." Izuku said he couldn't meet his teacher's eyes.

"Okay Izuku it's important to remember this, you cannot feed off the same person to many times. It can kill them." He prepared himself for the next part. "Now this goes against everything I would normally advised but when you are feeding do not use condoms."

"I saw that in the packet, I apparently need to absorb seminal fluid in order to feed, and I did use condoms while I was a rent boy and when I had sex with Kirishima and Tetsutetsu."

"I'm glad you were being safe, but unfortunately the way this quirk works you are unable to use condoms, but at least you are immune to STDs and other toxins. Now for the other part of your quirk; the pheromones." Izuku nodded he did also see that added note on the packet.

"If I don't feed regularly I will begin to emit a powerful scent that will draw in any available male for me to feed on, the longer I don't feed the stronger the pheromone I will emit." Aizawa rubbed the back of his head asking the greenette if he had any questions. 

"Will it be alright if I have Kacchan come over so I can tell him about this in person?" Izuku asked looking up for the first time since they started chatting.

"Yes it will be okay." Aizawa was getting up to leave when he heard the teens soft voice.


"Yeah?" He turned back to Izuku who was petting Tanpopo.

"Do you think I can have a normal relationship with this quirk?" 

"That really depends on who you are in a relationship with and how understanding they are about it." Aizawa had an inkling as to why Izuku was asking this. "I'm sure Bakugou will understand, he's a little rough around the edges but he is a good kid. Goodnight Izuku."

Izuku blushed deeply as Aizawa gave him a Totoro smile. 

"Goodnight Aizawa-sensei." Before he went to bed Izuku sent a quick text to Katsuki asking him to meet up at the school tomorrow. Sleep was just out of his reach as nerves about tomorrow kept him up with thoughts and scenarios as to how Katsuki would react to the news that Izuku was about to give him. 


Katsuki used his Student ID to enter the school grounds and took the path to the dorms, the day was nice, he walked with his hands in his sleeveless hoodie. He decided to meet up with Deku and they could both go for a run. He made it to the dorms in less than 5 minutes, he walked up to the door and knocked on the door.

It opened and there was Present Mic greeting him loudly. Katsuki greeted the pro hero with a curt nod before being let in to see Izuku stretching in the common room, he was wearing his gym pants and a tank top showing off his thin arms. When he saw Katsuki he gave him a big smile, he stopped stretching and walked over to Katsuki standing a few feet away before greeting him.

"Hey Kacchan." He will never get tired of that smile.

"Hey Deku, you ready?" Izuku nodded but the sound of tiny paws running on the hard floor and the cockblocking dog from hell showed up with his leash in his mouth. 

"I'm sorry Tanpopo, we are going for a run on the schools track not the park." Izuku said, the dog's ears drooped and he began to make a whine. This prompted Present Mic to pet the dog.

"Aww don't be sad Little Doggy Listener, how about me and Shouta take you to the park." This caused Tanpopo to wag his tail but it stopped mid-wag when he looked to Katsuki and looked like he was contemplating on either going to the park or staying and making sure the angry one didn't get close to his master. But the temptation of all new smells won out and he handed the loud one his leash.


The two teens were sweating after their workout, Izuku was sweating a little more than Katsuki given he never really did this kind of thing before. He gladly accepted the drink Kacchan offered him, downing it.

"Hey go easy or you'll make yourself sick." Katsuki warned. He took a closer look Deku who had a serious look on his face. "Hey what's with that face?"

"Remember that text I sent you?" Katsuki nodded.

"You said you had something you wanted to tell me." Izuku took Katsuki's hand and led him to a nearby bench under a shady tree. Katsuki was getting concerned at Izuku's quiet behaviour. "You're making me worry here Deku."

"Kacchan do you like me?" The question left him confused.

"Of course I do Deku."

"Since when?" Izuku asked his emerald eyes dark and somber.

"Okay Deku what is going on? Why are you asking me this?" This was definitely not how he was expecting today to go.

"Please answer me Kacchan." Izuku's voice was soft and a bit vulnerable. Katsuki had a frown on his face, why was Deku acting like this?

"I've liked you since we were kids." Katsuki avoided his gaze. Izuku intertwined his fingers with Katsuki's 

"I liked you since that moment you took my hand and helped me through the whole blood drawing." Izuku paused for a moment before continuing. " I know that's only three days but I really do like you and even if I don't remember our time together during childhood. I find myself drawn to you, and I want us to be a couple."

Katsuki just looked at Izuku, his eyes wide at Izuku's confession. He wanted to be a couple and so did Katsuki.

"I want us to be a couple as well."

"Come with me I need to show you something." Izuku pulled Katsuki to stand and the two walked hand-in-hand to the dorms.


Katsuki read the paper over and over just to make sure.

"Incubus?" asked the blond teen, Izuku nodded solemnly.

"A mythological demon that feeds on sex." Izuku hadn't looked at Katsuki since they both sat down on his bed and Izuku showed him the quirk paper on him. Katsuki was mulling this over, he wasn't sure how to process this, Izuku needed to have sex or he could potentially die. 

"So you can't just feed off me?" Katsuki asked, he wasn't too keen on others touching and doing those kinds of things with Izuku. 

"If I did I could end up killing you and I could never do that, I don't want to hurt you like that Kacchan." 

"Have you slept with anyone since you got here?" He made sure he kept his voice neutral, he was not mad at Izuku, he didn't want to make the other teen think that. 

"Two people, a guy named Tetsutetsu and Kirishima." Izuku slowly drew a circle on the back of Katsuki's hand.

A coil of jealousy curled it's way into Katsuki's stomach.

"Fucking shitty hair!" He growled before he could stop himself, causing Izuku to flinch. "Sorry, Deku I'm not mad at you or anything, maybe just a little upset."

Izuku looked at him quizzically, Katsuki let out a sigh. 

"Are you upset that I slept with them?" Izuku asked, his voice was neutral and empty.

"A little, but I shouldn't be. That was before I knew you were in U.A so I have no ground to be bitchy." 

"I don't feel anything for them." 


"When I was with them and after I didn't feel anything for them, it was just something that we did, it's not like when I see you or I'm near you." Katsuki was looking at him, willing him to elaborate on this. "When I am with you I feel like smiling all the time, and my heart beats kinda fast, especially when you smile and I know that smile is only for me."

"I feel the same way." Katsuki said causing Izuku to look at him when their eyes met they felt something between them, something deep and unshakable. "When I see you give me that smile and say that stupid nickname you gave me when we were kids I feel like my heart is going to burst and I want to kiss not only those lips but those damn freckles of yours." 

Katsuki was blushing hard after saying that, but it was worth it seeming the deep warmth in Izuku's eyes.

"Kacchan." Tears were slowly forming but Katsuki gently wiped them away before lowering his lips to Izuku's and kissing him deeply, it felt so right when they kissed, like it was meant to be. "I'm sorry Kacchan."

"Hah? What do you have to apologize for nerd." Katsuki asked a tad confused at the apology. 

"That I can't give you my first kiss." Izuku said tears forming again.  Katsuki chuckled and Izuku gave him the cutest pout. 

"I keep forgetting that you don't remember our childhood. You already gave me your first kiss and I already gave you mine." Izuku cocked his head in question. "It was when we were six during the new year celebration, we stayed up late and during the countdown we shared a kiss, it was a good kiss but this one was by far the best." Katsuki said grinning.

"When I kiss someone I usually never feel anything, it was just lips to lips but when I kissed you it felt..." Izuku floundered his hands trying to find the right words but failing. 

"It felt right?" Supplied Katsuki and Izuku nodded. 

"Are you really okay if I have to feed on other guys Kacchan? I don't want this to affect us, because I want to be with Kacchan but I don't want to hurt you." 

Katsuki took Izuku's hand in his. He sighed a little before he spoke.

"I want to say that I will be enough to feed you but after reading all that." He gestured at the packet. "I get it, it's something you cannot control and I need to accept that. I also don't want to say that you have to run anyone by me because that makes me sound like a controlling bastard." 

Katsuki frowned as he spoke, Izuku leaned his head on Katsuki's shoulder. 

"I don't mind running anyone by you Kacchan, I want to know if they are okay because I don't want to end up feeding on someone that will use this against us." 

"Then shitty hair is fine, he's...well I guess he's my friend or if you ask him he would say he is my best friend, he won't do anything that will hurt you. I don't know about that extra from 1B though." Katsuki laid his head on top of Izuku's 

"Kacchan do you want to go to take a bath together?" The sudden suggestion startled Katsuki. He looked at Izuku who had a twinkle in his eye.

"Hah? You want to get naked this early in our relationship?" Katsuki tried to say jokingly but his voice came out a little shaky.

"I can't give Kacchan my virginity, that was taken a long time ago. But I also don't just want to have sex with Kacchan, I want to do something that I can only do with you." Izuku looked deep into the red cherry colour of Katsuki's eyes.

"And what is the only thing you can do with me?" Katsuki watched as Izuku stood up and offered his hand to the explosive teen who took it and stood up.

"Make love, and offer you a chance to permanently mark me as yours." Katsuki swallowed the nervous lump forming in is throat. "If Kacchan want me, and will offer me the same chance to mark him as mine." 

"And If I do?" Katsuki asked he was very much willing to do what Izuku was asking for. 

"Then even if I have to be touched by others, Kacchan will own the only piece of me that has never been touched by anyone else." Katsuki wrapped his arm around Izuku's waist and he felt Izuku's hand slide under his hoodie to touch his bare back. "He will own my heart."

"I guess it's only fair." Katsuki said gazing deep in to Izuku's eyes his won full of want and love for the shorter teen. "Because you've own mine since we were kids." 

Katsuki and Izuku connected their lips once more, this time with more heat and passion, they made it to the bathroom and stripped each other of their clothing they stood facing each other in only their underwear, this was the last step, once they crossed this line they couldn't go back and Katsuki was so ready for this. 

He stripped off his boxer shorts and stood there naked and feeling oddly vulnerable, he could see Izuku hungrily taking in his body, eyes roaming him without shame or nerves. Izuku hooked his thumbs into the All Might themed Boxers and dropped them standing naked and beautiful before Katsuki, he took him in from, starting from his head scanning downwards until he came across a really shocking sight.

"HOLY SHIT DEKU, HOW DO YOU HIDE THAT THING?" Izuku only replied with a lecherous grin before pulling Katsuki into the bath.  

Chapter Text

Katsuki laid on his back his legs spread rather lewdly before Izuku, he licked his lips before lowering his head and taking Katsuki's hard cock into his mouth going slowly, using his tongue to tease under his foreskin causing Katsuki to cry out.

Katsuki was in a haze, he was breathing hard and making noises he never thought he would make. He dug his hands into the sheets under him, he wanted to buck his hips so bad but Izuku kept his hands on Katsuki's hips holding him down. 

"Deku!" Katsuki mewled out, Izuku stopped sucking and raised his head making Katsuki whimper as his cock was exposed to the cool air. He gave Katsuki a lust filled look before spreading his body on top of Katsuki.

"What's wrong Kacchan?" Izuku asked his tone teasing. Katsuki ground his dick into Izuku's abdomen with desperate need. "Come on Kacchan, use your words."

"Fuck me, please I need you!" Katsuki cried out. Izuku raised his body up before picking up a bottle of lotion and squirting a good amount on his hand. He dipped his right index finger into it and gently massaged Katsuki's entrance, Izuku worked it slow and steady before inserting it. He could hear Katsuki let out a loud groan on pleasure.

"Oh does Kacchan like this?" Izuku brushed his finger against Katsuki's prostate causing him to let out a cry, Izuku then slipped in a second finger scissoring Katsuki's hole until he could feel him loosen and relax before a third joined the other two.   

"Yes, please Deku, feels good." Katsuki cried out as he felt those three fingers work him open, he was really enjoying this sensation. He had explored this part of himself when he was masturbating, discovering that he very much enjoyed bottoming when he ordered a dildo to try out one day. But he wanted something more, he wanted Deku to fuck him.

"Kacchan are you sure you want to bottom?" He was concerned about hurting Katsuki, he was by no means small, and even Tetsutetsu had some trouble taking all 10 inches. Katsuki raised himself up shakingly on his hands to lock eyes with Izuku. The cherry red eyes were filled with a mixture of want, need, lust, and anger.

"Shut the fuck up Deku and just fuck me with that monster dick already!" Katsuki's tone was desperate more than angry, Izuku gave him an evil smile.

"Okay Kacchan, if you insist." With that Izuku lined himself up and thrusted into Katsuki causing the ash blond to let out a scream of pain and pleasure, Izuku kept the pace with occasionally pulling out and thrusting back in making the explosive teen sob and scream. He moved so that Katsuki was in a sitting position facing him and riding his dick, Katsuki was crying and making noises of pure pleasure.

Izuku kissed away the tears and embraced Katsuki  moving his head to the crook of his neck. 

"Mark me here." It took a moment for Katsuki's pleasure soaked brain to process the words his boyfriend just said. Katsuki was going to ask how but he had an idea he opened his mouth and bit down hard on the spot were the shoulder and neck met. He did this as Izuku pulled out and thrusted in hard hitting his prostate, that last hit cause Katsuki to cum all over Izuku's abdomen and chest.

The bite sent a very pleasurable sensation throughout Izuku's body and it caused him to cum, deep inside Katsuki. His breathing was coming out hard as he and Katsuki were both slowly coming down from the intense session. Katsuki raised his head up he could taste the sweet, coppery taste of blood on his lips, he looked to see he had broken the skin, leaving two crescent marks on Izuku. 

Katsuki turned to look at Izuku who seemed to be enraptured in pure pleasure his eyes half-lidded and dark, a languid smile on his lips.

"Izuku." Katsuki said in a sotto whisper, the greenette turned to him and Katsuki offered the crook of his neck to him. Izuku brought his lips to it, kissing the spot before biting down just as hard as Katsuki bit, he was expecting pain but instead he was rocked with another massive orgasm, cumming once more.

Izuku grabbed the back of Katsuki's head and brought him to his lips, Katsuki opened his mouth to allow Izuku's tongue access, as they made out heavily the blood on their tongues mixed together. They pulled apart breathing heavily, Izuku had softened up enough to pull out of Katsuki, as he did a good amount of cum spilled out of Katsuki, prompting a whimper from the blond.

Izuku stood up as did Katsuki on shaky legs. Izuku wrapped an arm around the other teen's waste and helped guide him to the bathroom, there Izuku grabbed a washcloth and wet it with warm water before gently wiping Katsuki's body, he helped Katsuki sit down on the toilet before wiping his own body. Izuku noticed that he couldn't see his ribs like before, in fact he noticed his body wasn't thin anymore but more like he was more lithe than thin now.

Was this because he had feed from Kacchan? Izuku took the first aid kit from under the sink and patched up Katsuki's bite as well as his own, before he bandaged the bite that Katsuki gave him he gently touched it, the wound would definitely scar and Izuku was okay with that, he smiled a warm smile at the blond teen who looked really sleepy. 

He let out a yawn he felt tired and he could here Katsuki yawn as well, he helped the ash blond up and they walked back to the bed, Izuku sat Katsuki down at his desk chair before he stripped the sheets off the bed and put them in the laundry hamper before taking some new sheets from his closet and put them on the bed.

"Come on Kacchan, let's get some sleep." He laid the ash blond boy down and then laid next to him pulling the clean sheet over their bodies before wrapping an arm around Katsuki's waist, pulling him close snuggling into him.

"I love you, Izuku." Katsuki said sleepily wrapping his arm around Izuku's shoulder. 

"I love you too, Katsuki" With that both boys fell asleep in each others arms.


Sunlight filtered gently through the balcony window, Katsuki stirred in his sleep, he was warm and sore but in a good way. He opened his eyes to see his boyfriend sleeping peacefully, the sunlight making his skin glow beautifully. Katsuki laid a gentle kiss on Izuku's freckled cheeks causing him to stir. Emerald green eyes opened to meet cherry red ones, a lazy smile spread across Izuku's face.

"Morning Katsuki." Katsuki shuddered in pleasure at the way his first name fell from Izuku's beautiful lips. He ran a hand along Izuku's side, causing the greenette to let out a purr of pleasure.

"Morning Izuku." He kissed the forest boy on the lips prompting a small make out session. 

"Oh Kacchan look." Izuku pulled back the sheet to show off his body to the ash blond.

"Yes you have a good body Deku." Katsuki was thinking of licking every inch of that body when Izuku let out a cute sigh.

"No, Kacchan I mean look I don't look as thin as I did before." Katsuki pulled his mind out of the gutter to really look at Izuku's body, it was true before Izuku was thin enough that he could count all his ribs. But now he looked like was just slim instead of gaunt, was this because the two of them had sex and Izuku was able to feed from him.

"This is the first time I've had sex with someone without protection so I guess this is the result of it." Izuku ran a hand down his abdomen stopping just above his pubic hair. "I guess I did give you my virginity in a way." Izuku said smiling at his boyfriend. Katsuki pulled Izuku into a kiss and before it could become more there was a knock on the door.

"Izuku can you come down to the common room please, we need to have a talk; tell Bakugou he needs to come down as well, and that his clothes are here outside of the door as well as yours." 

"We left our clothes in the bathroom." Izuku muttered a bit embarrassed, Katsuki let out a chuckle that caused Izuku to laugh as well.

"Let's get dressed and get the lecture over with." Katsuki got up from the bed and walked naked to the restroom, Izuku shamelessly watched his boyfriend's ass. 


In the bathroom Katsuki gently peeled away the bandage to see the bite mark, it had scabbed over and was a neat crescent mark on the crook of his neck. He touched it gently and it was a little sore with some redness but other than that it was fine. It looked like it would scar and Katsuki was very fine with that, this was Izuku's mark claiming him as his, that though made him feel rather giddy. 

He exited the bathroom to see Izuku in his uniform, he was disappointed he didn't get to see his boyfriend naked, but he looked good in the U.A uniform, except his tie it was poorly tied. It hit him that he didn't have his uniform, fuck and there was probably no time for him to go home and get it. He sighed and changed into the clothes he wore yesterday and the two of them headed down hand in hand.

At the table by the common room was Present Mic and Aizawa enjoying coffee and chatting about something they looked up when they heard the two of them enter. Present Mic gave them a big smile seeing them hand in hand. 

"Well good morning Little Listeners." The shit eating grin on his face nearly caused his husband to snort into his coffee. He steadied his face before addressing the two students.

"A quick announcement there is no school today, so I guess you lucked out there Bakugou." The Totoro grin on his face caused Katsuki seethe a little.

"How come Aizawa-sensei?" Izuku was looking forward to his first official day of school so he was a little disappointed at the news of there being no school.

"The teachers are having an meeting at the behest of All Might in regards to something very important." Aizawa took a sip of his coffee before he continued. "By the way Izuku that bar you stayed in, can you give us the address?" Izuku nodded before writing down the address on a scrap piece of paper for the pro. 

"So I take it you two had quite the night." Hizashi said with a grin.

"That brings up the other thing we need to discuss." Aizawa fixed them both with a look. "I can only guess from the hand holding that you two are a couple now?" They both nodded. "And I can only surmise from how loud the two of you were that you have taken a rather big step in your relationship."

this caused both boys to blush hard. 

"You heard us?" Izuku asked in a small voice. Present Mic's smile widen.

"Your sensei was about to bust through your door when he heard Bakugou-kun scream, I had to restrain him." Katsuki and Izuku were eternally grateful to the pro hero for stopping the tired eyed man from walking in on them. 

"I can only guess that Izuku explained his condition to you." Aizawa took another sip of his coffee, looking at Bakugou with a steady gaze.

"Yeah he showed me the papers, and I don't care about that." Katsuki locked his eyes with Aizawa's. "I love him." 

Present Mic let out an aw, and Izuku squeezed Katsuki's hand after he stated that he loved him out loud and fully conscious. 

"It doesn't bother you that Izuku might have to sleep with other men due to his quirk?" Aizawa's face remained a calm mask while he was looking at Bakugou. 

"No." The blond boy said with no hesitation. Aizawa raised his eyebrow at that, Katsuki pulled the left side of his hoodie away from his neck to show off what looked like a crescent shaped wound. "Because I gave him my heart and he gave me his, he loves me like I love him. I would love to be the only one to feed that quirk of his but I know that would kill me and Izuku does not want that. So we talked about it some yesterday and we found someone else to also help feed Izuku." 

"Who?" Aizawa asked he had an inkling it might be either Kirishima or Tetsutetsu, since they were the only other two who have had any sexual contact with Izuku.

"Kirishima, we were going to talk to him about it today at school but since school is cancelled for today we will go meet up with him to ask him if he would be okay with the situation." Izuku said playing with the cuff of his sleeve. 

"It might be better to not let everyone know about your Incubus quirk." Aizawa said with a deadpan look. "Someone might try and take advantage of that, Kirishima wouldn't I am sure of that but, you never know with someone people." Izuku nodded at Aizawa's words. Katsuki frowned, the thought of some bastard trying to take advantage of Izuku's condition filled him with rage.

"If they tried I would blast them straight to hell." Katsuki's free hand popped with his quirk. 

"Let's hope it doesn't come to you committing murder, Bakugou." Aizawa had a very small smile on the corner of his lip, only Hizashi could tell that his husband was smiling. "Now some ground rules." Aizawa looked between the two of them, before continuing.  "No sex in the bath, keep it in either Izuku's room, or when the dorms open up to the students your room Bakugou."

"Yes Aizawa-sensei." Izuku said, he couldn't meet his sensei's eyes. 

"We didn't do anything in the bath." Katsuki said a little indignant, they just washed each other then took it to the bedroom.  

"Another rule, keep it down. I am sure the other student will not appreciate you two being that loud when they move in here."

"We couldn't have been that loud." Katsuki huffed.

"We heard you from outside when we came back from walking Tanpopo." Present Mic spoke up, he went up to the kitchen and placed his mug in the sink washing it.

"Where is Tanpopo?" Izuku asked looking around for the little dog.

"He is sulking in the common room, he kept trying to get in the room. I think he might have thought Izuku was in trouble, he did not appreciate us picking him up and keeping him in Aizawa's room." Present Mic came back with the coffee pot to refill Aizawa's cup and he placed two empty ones in front of Izuku and Katsuki. He filled the two cups and Izuku stood up to get the sugar and creamer, he liked his coffee sweet but Bakugou drank it straight black.

As Izuku sat down he heard the piddle paddle of tiny doggy feet and Tanpopo showed up, he spotted Izuku and ran forward, leaping on to Izuku's lap, standing up he tried to give him a big doggy kiss.

"Tanpopo, no, no doggy kisses." Izuku scratched the back of Tanpopo's ear causing his tail to wag hard. The little dog spotted Katsuki and shot him a dark glare, suddenly he caught a whiff of something familiar coming from the angry one. He leaped from Izuku on to Katsuki starling the boy.

Tanpopo sniffed the blond boy and he kept smelling Izuku on him, was this angry human his master's mate?

"Tanpopo, stop that." Izuku picked up the dog and set him on his lap, gently petting him. The dog could smell the angry one on his master, they were mates. This meant he couldn't be mean to his master's mate, well not as mean as he was before trying to keep his master safe. He will tolerate the angry one...for now.


Katsuki was returning a call from his mom who had been calling his phone all night trying to see where he was so they were having a shouting match.

"We are off to the meeting, we are not sure how long it may be so I won't be able to help you train your quirk today, I did ask an upperclassman to come by in the afternoon to help you." Aizawa was gathering some things for the meeting. "His name is Toogata Mirio, he will be here around five." 

"Okay Aizawa-sensei." 

"Alright so the old hag wants us to come over for lunch and to make plans for your birthday coming up. I also texted shitty hair to meet us at my house and we can talk to him there." Katsuki said joining his boyfriend by the door. 

"If you two are heading off then make sure you take your key with you Izuku." With that the two pros left. 

"We have the whole place to ourselves." Katsuki said with an overly casual tone, wrapping an arm around Izuku's waist.

"I have an idea." Izuku went to go change into some street clothes and as he came down he lead Katsuki to the couch and turned on the tv putting on an All Might documentary, Katsuki smiled at his boyfriend fanboying over the Number One hero. Tanpopo jumped up and laid across both boys laps. They stayed like this until it was close to eleven when they clipped the lead to the dog's collar and they left to Katsuki's house.


"What are you saying Toshinori?" Tsukauchi asked looking at his friend, the other heroes all looked at the Number One hero with shocked expression.

"I am saying that Midoriya Izuku is the son of a man name Midoriya Hisashi, or better known as All for One." 

Chapter Text

Aizawa was digesting the information that All Might had given all of them. Izuku was the son of a villain, but not just any villain, the villain that nearly killed All Might and succeeded in killing his mentor. 

"Are you absolutely sure about this All Might?" Midnight asked, she was having a hard time wrapping her head around this. All Might nodded solemnly; the room was heavy with tension.

"It could be that Izuku was kidnapped by this man and convinced him that he was his father." Aizawa chimed in. "After all he says he can't remember his childhood before he was eight." 

"And his quirk is very rare according to Dr.Tomoi, so it could have made him a target for this villain." Cementoss added.

"His quirk may be the link between the two." All Might said, he coughed a little before continuing, his time was growing shorter by the day. "All for One has a quirk that can take or give quirks to others, while Izuku's quirk allows him to develop quirk that would help him as needed. I theorize that Izuku developed a mutation of All for One's quirk."

"But that's just you theorizing All Might there is no hard evidence that Izuku is related in anyway to this All for One guy." Hizashi did not want to believe the kid with such a kind smile and earnest love of heroes could be the son of an evil man. 

"That is why I want to study this further, Tsukauchi do you remember what I asked of you?"

"Yeah you wanted me to follow up on some leads to see if I can find anything on Izuku's parents. I haven't come up with anything yet, other than Izuku's mother was a student at a local high school with a Bakugou Mitsuki but there doesn't seem to be any other information on her, or her husband. Other than his name: Hisashi."

"So there is no evidence that he is in fact his son." Aizawa said. He pulled out the sheet of paper with the bar address placing it on the table. "So if you want to investigate this further here is the address of the bar that Izuku was kept at." 

Tsukauchi picked up the paper, tucking it away in his pocket. 

"I know someone who can infiltrate this place, he's a bit of an unknown hero, but he come highly recommended." 

"Who would that be?" Snipe asked. 

"An underground hero by the name of Shrike." Aizawa let out a growl causing everyone look at him in surprise.

"Shouta? What's wrong?" Hizashi asked with concern. 

"I know of the guy your talking about and he is by no means a hero." Tsukauchi was about to ask him what he meant when Present Mic's and Midnight's phone  let out loud chirps.

The two heroes looked at it and freaked out.

"What is it?" Nedzu asked slowly sipping his tea.

"It's a news alert on Endeavor, apparently someone went to the media with some major dirt on him and it's hitting the fan hard." Hizashi was reading the news feed that popped up on his phone.

"The hero side of Twitter is blowing up fast, there is talk of him abusing his wife and children. Oh and a huge hate thread on him that is just growing by the second." Midnight scrolled up on the feed and the thread kept getting longer and longer.

Suddenly Tsukauchi's phone began to ring, he answered and listened as his partner told him that Todoroki Rei, had just been taken out of her hospital room, and Endeavor is having a hissy fit. He told him he would be there shortly and relaid the information to the others.

"That fucking bastard!" Midnight suddenly shouted startling the teachers. She showed Aizawa her phone, he read the article and his face darkened at what he read, he turned to Tsukauchi.

"You need to arrest Endeavor." Aizawa's face held a very angry look, Midnight gave the phone to Tsukauchi and he saw the article as well as photos of Endeavor striking his youngest son hard across the face. The underground hero then addressed Nedzu. "We need to remove Todoroki Shouto out of that home, now!" 

He would not allow one of his students to be abused. Nedzu calmly poured his tea.

"Aizawa-kun we can't just remove him from his home without the police first launching an investigation. It would be considered kidnapping." 

Aizawa slammed his hands against the desk and roared.

"WHAT INVESTIGATION IS NEEDED WHEN THERE IS PHOTOGRAPHIC OF ONE OF MY STUDENT BEING ABUSED BY HIS FATHER!!!" Hizashi placed his hand gingerly on his husband's shoulder feeling how tense the other man was. 

 "Eraserhead, please calm down. I will stop by the Todoroki Estate and talk with your student, if he agrees we can remove him from the abusive environment. He can stay at the station."

"No. If he agrees to be removed from there you will bring him here and we can set him up in the dorms until this is all settled." Aizawa's tone left no room for any argument and Tsukauchi nodded. He left, the meeting was concluded with arrangements when Todoroki arrived to stay at the dorms as well as Izuku's first day and the set up of a special room for him.


Kirishima was laying on the floor of Katsuki's room, Izuku was stretch across him his head on his chest sighing contently as the red head stroked his hair, Katsuki was watching the two from his bed. He should have been jealous of his best friend but strangely he didn't, he was rather enjoying the sight of the two on the floor.

Kirishima had come over after lunch and the two of them had talked to the redhead about Izuku's Incubus quirk and if he would be alright if he would be someone Izuku could depend on in case he needed to feed. Without hesitation Kirishima said yes, earning him a hug from Izuku. 

They ended up on the floor cuddling and Katsuki sort of wanted to join them on the floor but he kept his seat on his bed. 

"Hey Deku, do you need to feed?" Katsuki asked his boyfriend, he looked up at him a thinking look on his face.

"I don't think I do, lately I can sort of feel when it start up. But I haven't had the urge since we slept together." Kirishima let out a chuckle that vibrated through out Izuku.

"Wow, I was surprised that you two were dating already, but to know that you have taken it that far so soon is pretty scandalous." Katsuki threw a pillow at him earning another laugh. He took the pillow and put it under his head. 

"Kacchan, come join us." Izuku said wiggling on top of Kirishima. Katsuki tsk but suddenly he found himself being hugged by Izuku, pulling down to the floor.

"Dammit Deku." Katsuki said with no heat what's so ever in his tone, Kirishima wrapped an arm around Katsuki laying him down next to him and Izuku on the other side of him. Katsuki laid his head on top of Kirishima's chest, Izuku laid across from him with a big smile.

Despite his grumpling and blush he felt comfortable there with the other two boys, it was oddly right with Kirishima there with them.

A thought crept through Katsuki's head of having Kirishima join the two of them as another boyfriend, but he sorted that idea in the back of his head for now. 

“What has you thinking so hard Kacchan?” Izuku asked snuggling into Kirishima’s chest. 

“It’s nothing.” Katsuki replied, watching Izuku yawn.

”I’m all sleepy from lunch. Need a nap.” Izuku stretches across Kirishima and kissed Katsuki on the lips. 

“Don’t I get one?” Kirishima pouted and Izuku complied giving him a kiss as well. 

“Now Kacchan.” Izuku said with a mischievous glint in his eyes. Before Katsuki could protest Kirishima planted his slightly chapped lips to Katsuki’s surprising the ash blond who after a few moments returned the kiss. 

Katsuki was blushing from the kiss and he did not miss the look Izuku was giving him, it was one filled with lust and want. 

“Kacchan, I can feel it coming.” Izuku said his voice low and sultry. He straddled Kirishima looking down at him with hunger in his eyes. 

Katsuki stripped off his shirt and locked his door, Izuku was already working on Kirishima’s nipples.

‘Oh this was going to be fun’ Katsuki thought before joining the other two.


Chapter Text

Shouto gently applied the ointment to his new bruises, the bastard had decided he need extra training after the USJ incident, calling him weak for not being able to take down the villains, and with the Sport Festival coming up he had been working him harder to the point that he threw up and that earned him a severe beating for being weak. 

Shouto hissed as his shirt brushed against his bruises but if he bandaged them the fucker that called himself his father would hit him harder for being soft. He missed Fuyumi, his sister would hug him and offer some comfort when the bastard was out of the house, she would fix him his favorite meal and stroke is hair like his mom used to do when he was upset.

The memory of his mother and sister brought forth tears that he quickly wiped away. He was glad that Fuyumi managed to escape this house, but he was now alone. She tried to take him with her, but the bastard had threatened her, he told Fuyumi to go, he would be okay. Shouto wished he remembered how to smile properly it would have put her at ease.

Well he should be grateful that the fuck-face didn't it him in the face, those would be a pain to deal with, but his chest and back were an ugly canvas of bruises some old and others very fresh. The sound of the doorbell brought Shouto out of his thoughts, it couldn't be the bastard he had left Shouto in a heap on the dojo floor before going into his agency. 

Shouto opened the door to see three officers at his doorstep. The man in the trenchcoat showed the bicoloured boy his badge before introducing himself.

"Hello I am Detective Tsukauchi Naomasa, would it be okay to come in Todoroki-kun? I have some questions to ask you."

Shouto opened the door wider and let them in, he would have offered them some tea but he didn't really know how to make it, Fuyumi or the maid would usually make it and he had no skill in the kitchen. 

"Todoroki-kun do you know what is currently happening?" The cat headed officer asked him, he shook his head, he told the officers that he wasn't allowed to use his phone while inside the house. Tsukauchi filed that away for later, he decided to tell the youngest Todoroki about the events that had been reported.

Shouto kept quite for a while, should he tell them? Would they even do anything to the bastard? He could have just bought his way out of this trouble, so perhaps it was best to continue his suffering in silence.

"Todoroki-kun, it's alright to tell us. Are you being abused by your father?" Tsukauchi asked as gently as he could, his question seemed to cause the boy to flinch. He was quite for a while before he gingerly lifted his shirt to show off the bruises causing the officers to make various sounds of disbelief and shock. "Did your father do this, Todoroki-kun?" 

Tsukauchi could see the boy shake with unshed tears, he dropped his shirt and nodded once. 

"He will say it was from training, that's always the go to excuse for him." Shouto's voice was shaky, he told them what his father did to him, and to his siblings, especially the cruel thing he did to his mother and what he heard he did to his eldest brother, Touya.  Shouto was crying as he unloaded all these things he kept bottled up, he was dry sobbing now. 

Tsukauchi gently placed his hand on the poor boy's shoulder and he jumped back like he was burned even letting out a whimper. That caused his heart to break, Tsukauchi waited for Shouto to calm down a little before talking to him again, this time making sure that Shouto could see his hand as he laid it very gently on top of the abused teen own hand.

"Todoroki-kun, this question is very important. Do you want to leave this place and go somewhere safer?" Fresh tears fell from Shouto's red rimmed eyes, he would get to leave, he didn't care were he ended up as long as he was far away from this prison. Tsukauchi helped Shouto gather some clothes and items from his room, soon he was in the cruiser driving away from the place that held nothing but bad memories.

Tsukauchi pulled up to U.A and opened the door to the cruiser, escorting Shouto to the dorms in the back of the school. Shouto never knew these were back here, as he followed the detective to a building where his homeroom teacher was standing in front off the door.

"Come on in Todoroki, let's get your room set up. Then we can get some food cooking." Aizawa-sensei said taking Shouto's suitcase from him and lead him in to his new home for now.


Izuku woke up comfortably nestled between two bodies. Katsuki had his arm laid across Izuku's and Kirishima's hips, his face buried in Izuku's hair. He heard his phone chirp, the alarm he had set to remind him to get back to the dorms before five rang.

"No, stay." Kirishima tightened his hold on Izuku dragging him back to between him and Katsuki. Katsuki woke up and began to kiss the back of Izuku's neck, causing Izuku to giggle at the sensation.

"Kacchan, Kirishima-kun, no, I need to get up. I don't want to keep Toogata-senpai waiting." He tried again but both boys kept him there.

"Hey Izuku, how come I don't get a cute nickname?" Kirishima asked laying his forehead against Izuku's. Izuku though for a bit before asking.

"What kind of nickname should give you?" 

"Call me Eichan." Kirishima said with a big smile, earning him a kiss from Izuku.

"Okay I will call you Eichan from now on." 

"You two are going to give me a cavity." Katsuki said.

"Aw, you can call me Eichan as well, Kacchan." Kirishima said using his arm to stroke the length of Katsuki's back causing him to shiver. 

"No I already have a nickname for you, and only Deku gets to call me Kacchan got it." 

"What's your nickname for me then?"

"Shitty hair." Katsuki said matter of factly. 

"Kacchan that's not a good nickname." Izuku pouted turning around in their arms to face the blond. "Come up with a better one." 

"Nah thats a good enough nickname." 

"Kacchan come up with a better one or I won't let you kiss my freckles anymore." Izuku threatened Katsuki and it worked cause Katsuki let out a gasp and tried to think of a good nickname.

"alright, alright. How about Kiri?"

"Come on Kacchan you can do better."

"No it's a good one, I like it. Thanks Bakubro." Kirishima leaned over and kissed Katsuki on the lips, the ash blond returned the kiss, Katsuki felt Izuku kiss his throat. 

"It's really hot watching you two kiss." Izuku said his voice husky. 

"Who knew you liked watching your boyfriend kiss other guys." Kirishima laid a kiss on the back of Izuku's neck making the greenette squirm with pleasure.

"Well I like seeing you and Deku kiss, though I am not sure if I would be okay with him kissing anyone else." Katsuki laid a kiss along Izuku's jaw. 


"As much as I want to stay here between you two, I need to go before I am late." Izuku managed to detangle himself from both boys and start getting dressed, he grabbed a hoodie from the ground before kissing both of Kirishima and Katsuki and leaving before they could draw him back into their arms.

"I wonder how long it will be before he realizes that he took my hoodie?" Kirishima said with a smirk.

"Knowing Deku it will be when someone points it out." Katsuki said, he felt strong arms wrap around his waist dragging him to a strong chest, sharp teeth gently bit the top part of his ear. It sent shivers down his back and made him hard.

"We still have some time before your parents come back, and since we both took our time with Izuku so he could feed, how about I give some attention to you, Bakubro."

Kirishima purred the last part into Katsuki's ear, who let out a weak yes as Kirishima slowly touched him and kissed him.


"I'm so sorry for being late Toogata-Senpai. I'm Izuku..err Midoriya Izuku." Izuku bowed to the older boy he was still getting used to saying his last name, he was about 10 minutes late and found the upperclassman going through stretch exercises in Gym Gamma. Mirio gave Izuku a brilliant smile telling him not to worry about it. 

"So your teacher told me the basics of your quirk so why don't we work on the parts that you are having the most trouble with." Izuku nodded at the older boy, he liked Toogata-Senpai, he seem to radiate optimism and good cheer. 

The two heroes to be trained with hand-to-hand, some weight training and exercises, they also tested how much he could lift with his quirk lifting several weights with his Magnetism Manipulation. Turns out there was no limit to the weight that Izuku could lift, they also tested the limit of how much he could manipulate metal with his quirk using some scraps that the support class donated. 

He managed to make a crude statue of All Might, he blushed at all of Mirio's praise of his quirk. 

They tested the limits of Izuku's shield which was fun given that Toogata-senpai tried to use his permeate quirk to try and pass through it but all it did was knock him back and out of his clothing. This gave Izuku an unobstructed view of Mirio's amazing body, and endowment.

"Sorry Toogata-senpai." Izuku was sorry about knocking him back, but not sorry about getting him naked. Mirio laughed and picked up his pants slipping them on.

"It's okay Midoriya-kouhai, I do apologise about the whole nudity." Mirio laughed once more goodnaturedly rubbing the back of his head. "So do you have any other tricks up that Crimson Riot hoodie?" Izuku was confused at first he was wearing an All Might hoodie but looking down to see he was indeed wearing Eichan's hoodie. He shook his head to refocus himself.

"Well I can do this one trick but it is rather dangerous." This peaked Mirio's curiosity and encouraged Izuku to show him. So the greenette set up some metal effigies by the wall and then took some scrap molding it into small spheres, he then made sure there was at least 300 feet between him and the dummy. "Okay Senpai I need you to stand behind me to stay safe." Mirio did as Izuku said.

Izuku extended his arm out, extending two fingers outward he placed one of the little spheres on his hand, then suddenly the ball shot forward clipping the target and causing the wall behind it to crack as it hit with such force the gym shook. Mirio was wide eyed at the display of such terrifying power, he went to the wall and saw the ball had entered the wall he was curious so he phased through it to the otherside.

He saw the trees behind the wall had been cut in half and he could see the other gym through the line of trees cleared by the ball also had a crack extending all the way to the roof, that a 100 feet between the back wall and the other gym, he fully walked through the wall and headed to the other gym's walls. There embedded into the wall was the metal ball, no bigger than a quarter. He went back through the wall to see Izuku with a bit of a blush on his face as he saw him enter back.

"That was extremely impressive Midoriya-kouhai." Mirio clapped Izuku on his shoulder, a huge smile on his face.

"Thank you senpai, I have a hard time adjusting the power and aim of it so I don't really try using it because it might end up hurting someone." Mirio nodded sagely.

"Well you should practice more with it, the more you practice the better control you will have. There is a special gym for those whose quirks are long ranged, I can come help you this weekend to practice this move of your."

"I would appreciate that Toogata-senpai." Izuku flashed his senpai a big smile which was returned by Mirio. "Oh but senpai, you're naked again." Mirio looked down to see that he was indeed nude. Looking behind him he saw his pants on the ground by the wall. He quickly ran to them, placed them on before apologising profusely, but Izuku just smiled at his senpai.

Mirio felt a strange shiver go up his spine looking into his kouhai's eyes, he felt a strange pull towards Midoriya but he shook his head. 

"It's getting late, so we should stop for the day, if you need more help with training will be happy to help you." With this the two said their goodbyes and headed off.


"Aizawa-Sensei, I'm home." Izuku called out as he entered the dorm, he heard the small pattering of dog feet and was meet by Tanpopo at the entryway, he petted the dog as he walked into the common room. He heard his teacher call out from the kitchen. Izuku walked over to kitchen spotting Present Mic and Aizawa preparing a meal, he also spotted someone new, a boy around Izuku's age with interesting hair trying to peel a potato but not doing a very good job.

"Ah hello Izuku, did you and Toogata-kun meet up?" Aizawa asked looking up from the pot he was stirring. Izuku nodded, before looking back at the new boy. "Ah, right this is Todoroki Shouto, he is a student of mine in the hero course, starting today he will be staying here in the dorms." 

Aizawa watched as Izuku cheerfully greeting the other boy introducing himself, who softly greeted Izuku. Todoroki had his mask in place, the same apathetic mask he wore in class. Izuku didn't seem to mind and even offered to help with the potatoes, picking one up and a spare peeler, removing the skin from the spud with practiced ease.

"You're really good at that." Todoroki said his voice neutral, frowning at the lumpy potato in his hand it looked worse next to Izuku's perfectly peeled one.

"I can teach you, I learned from Obasan." Todoroki listened carefully as Izuku showed him how to peel the potato even taking his hands in his to guide him. Shouto liked how Izuku was really soft and gentle with him as he taught him, smiling encouragingly and offering praise when he made several potatoes look just as nice as the ones he was peeling. 

Praise was an odd thing for Shouto, never hearing it from the bastard, so he learned to never expect it. But here this other boy, with his odd haircut, sea of freckles on his sun kissed cheeks, and eyes like glowing emeralds was just heaping it on him for doing something as simple as peeling a potato properly. A faint blush appeared on Shouto's cheeks. What was this strange feeling?

Hizashi looked at his husband as he pointed at the two teens who were peeling spuds, the two seemed to be getting along well. Izuku was happily talking about heroes and their quirks, Aizawa saw what his husband was pointing at, the small smile on Todoroki's face as he listened to Izuku, offering his opinion here and there.  Aizawa smiled at his husband who smiled back. Todoroki was making a friend finally.

He was always so distant to the other students in his class so seeing the boy who had suffered at his father's hands smiling and opening up a little, made the dry eyed hero smile. 

"Is there any hero you don't like Izuku-kun?" Hizashi asked as he chopped up some carrots for the curry. Izuku took a moment to think before answering.

"I really hate Endeavor, he's a fucking asshole." Aizawa nearly dropped the cooking spoon he was using to stir the pot and Hizashi nearly cut his finger as they both heard Shouto burst out laughing a deep and wonderful laugh. Izuku was startled by the sudden outburst from the quiet boy, Shouto felt his heart beat really hard and a sudden warmth that had nothing to do with his quirk spread through him.'

'Was this love?' Shouto wondered as he locked his mismatched eyes with Izuku's beautiful ones. 


Chapter Text

After dinner and a bath both boys had settled down in the common room to watch some All Might documentary, turns out Shouto was also a big All Might fan, but he was more reserved about his fanboying. As the documentary came to a close both boys had fallen asleep on the couch leaning against one another. Aizawa wanted to wake them up but Hizashi stopped him and placed a blanket over the boys.

"Come on Shouta, let them sleep they look so peaceful." Aizawa turned off the tv, looking at the two boys. His husband was right, the two teens did look really peaceful, he took Hizashi's hand and lead him away to his room turning off the lights as he went. 

As the night went on Shouto began to have a rather bad dream, it was the bastard, he had come to the dorms dragging him away, throwing him into the training room. Hurting him, burning him like how he did to his older brother, the nightmare got worse. The bastard had Midoriya and was hurting him, fire crackling in his hand and using it to burn the boy's face badly. Shouto began to shout, he couldn't move at all.

He was being shaken, someone was shouting his name. Heterochromia eyes shot open, his chest was heaving, heart beating hard, he was hyperventilating. Turning around he scanned the strange room and he saw a pair of shining emerald green eyes. It took a few moments for Shouto to remember where he was, his face was streaked with tears.

"Todoroki-kun, are you alright?" Shouto saw Midoriya looking at him full of concern, he wiped his eyes and mumbled that he was okay. "Was it a nightmare?" 

Shouto hesitated, he could hear Endeavor's voice in his mind calling him weak, telling him how much of a disappointment he was; Shouto began to shake. Izuku laid a gentle hand on Shouto's and he stilled.

"I get them as well, I keep thinking that I am going to wake up back in that old bar with Tomura kicking me, or my dad locking me in that small room."  Izuku rubbed his thumb along Shouto's hand. The bicoloured boy was shocked to hear that Midoriya was abused as well, he and the greenette had more in common other than their love of All Might and heroics. 

"I'm sorry." Shouto said softly, he took Midoriya's hand in his, giving it a squeeze. Midoriya squeezed back, offering a smile.

"You have nothing to be sorry about Todoroki-kun." The smile that Midoriya gave him made him feel better. "Do you want to talk about your nightmare? I find that talking about it helps make them less scary." Shouto was quiet for a bit before he decided that if Midoriya could share a part of his life similar to his, then he could as well.

Shouto began his tale, telling him of his siblings, his mother, and the bastard Endeavor; he then told him of his nightmare. Throughout the story Midoriya did not speak but held Shouto's hand tightly. When he finished he could see that there were tears streaming down Midoriya's eyes and an angry look on his face.


"If that bastard even thinks of coming here or even laying a finger on you I will magnetize his ass to a submarine then send the submarine to the depths of the ocean." 

Shouto wiped the tears away from Midoriya's eyes, he chuckled at the image of Endeavor drowning. Shouto suddenly stiffened as he felt Midoriya hug him, he tentatively returned the hug, he buried his face in Midoriya's hair. He smelled so good, like his favorite thing. 

As the two sat there in each other's embrace Izuku decided to tell Shouto about his life, Shouto listened hugging the greenette tighter swearing to whatever god out there was listening that he would never allow someone to hurt Izuku like that ever again. Shouto tried to stifle a yawn but failed, Izuku also yawned.

"I guess we should head up to our rooms." Shouto stood up offering his hand to Izuku who took it standing up. They walked pass the kitchen seeing the time on the kitchen clock reading it was midnight. They took the elevator to the second floor.

Aizawa had set Shouto's room next to Izuku's as they reached their doors Izuku tugged Shouto to his door. Opening the door he lead the bicoloured boy into the room, Shouto was a little confused as to what he was doing in Midoriya's room.

"Let's have a sleepover Todoroki-kun, it will be for the best, in case you have another nightmare I can be here to help." Midoriya pulled back the covers on the bed, turning to the other teen gazing at him with innocent eyes. "Oh I guess you need your pajamas huh? I just dragged you here." Midoriya laughed sheepishly rubbing the back of his head. 

Shouto couldn't help but smile at the other teen, he laughed a little before shyly looking away.

"I sort of just sleep in my underwear." 

"Oh me too, I just got used to it, unless it's winter then I need to be bundled a lot." Midoriya began to strip off the hoodie and the shirt underneath, Shouto let out a small noise as he saw the scars on Izuku's back and side. They were old and some fading into a white colour, he swore he saw some of them glint under the light. Midoriya looked back at Shouto with a questioning look.

Shouto had a look of shock and horror on his handsome face. 

"What's wrong Todoroki-kun?" Shouto crossed the small distance between him and Midoriya to gently touch the scars on his back. "Oh, I guess I should have warned you about the scars." 

"Do they hurt?" Shouto asked he could feel the slight sting on the scar on the left side of his face. Midoriya shook his head, he turned to face Shouto.

"Not anymore, they used to hurt a lot when I was younger. I also used to hate them a lot, but now they remind me that I survived." Midoriya had a gentle smile on his face as he spoke. Izuku then reached up to Shouto's face but then drew his hand back.

"It's okay, you can touch it." Shouto said and Izuku brushed his fingers across the burn scar. The touch sent shivers through his body, Izuku cupped his hand on Shouto's cheek the moment was very intimate and nice. Izuku took his hand away and Shouto missed the feeling of it, as he opened his eyes he saw Izuku taking his pants off to show off a pair of All Might boxer briefs.

"Come on Todoroki-kun, let's get some sleep." Izuku laid on the bed, scooting until he was against the wall. Shouto striped down to his black boxer briefs, he swore he saw Midoriya ogling him, and it made Todoroki blush a little at the thought of that. 

The bicoloured boy laid down on the soft bed, he then felt Izuku wrap himself around his left side, snuggling into the warmth he was emitting. 

"Goodnight Shochan." Midoriya said sleepily, an arm laid across Shouto's abs. Shouto couldn't help the smile on his face at the nickname.


"Well we are friends right?" Shouto made a noise of confirmation. "Then you get a nickname, so you better give me a good one as well." Midoriya soon fell asleep the warmth of Shouto's body lulling him into it. Shouto moved a little to lay a soft kiss to Midoriya's forehead.

"Goodnight, Izuchan." Shouto fell asleep that night with no other nightmares, but a rather good dream of Izuku in a white tuxedo standing at the altar with a big smile just for Shouto. 

Chapter Text

Izuku looked around in confusion, he was in what appeared to be a dark void, standing in a circle of light coming from above like a spot light, as he looked around he saw in the center another person, sitting on what looked like a throne made of marble. Izuku approached the figure and stopped as he saw that the other person was him, or someone who looked like him.

The other him was naked as the day he was born, his body looked healthy and very well defined. He was also missing Izuku's scars, but what stood out was the crown made of ebony with an emerald green fireball the size of a cantaloupe burned brightly above it, the other Izuku turned to look at him and saw his eyes looked more like those of a cat, slithed and wild.  The smile the other Izuku gave him was lustful and evil in nature. 

The other Izuku made a come hither motion with his hand, revealing black claws at the end of his fingers. Izuku felt paralyzed but someone moved passed him startling Izuku as he saw it was Shochan. He wanted to call out to him but the other Izuku placed a finger to his lips in a shushing gesture. Shochan approached the Other Izuku who drew him into a passionate kiss, running a hand along Shochan's bare chest.

The fireball above the crown shrank to the size of an orange, the other Izuku broke away from Shochan and Izuku could see that the bruises that Shochan had were no longer there. Had the other him healed Shochan? This was a weird dream.

Shochan disappeared and a chain appeared in the other him's hands, he tugged it and from the darkness beyond the light circle Kacchan appeared, naked except for a black jockstrap hugging him in a good way, leaving very little to the imagination. There was a spike studded collar around his neck and his hands were tied behind his back with red silk cord. Kacchan approached the other Izuku with adoration in his cherry red eyes. 

As soon as he was close enough Kacchan kneeled before the other greenette laying his cheek against the other Izuku's inner thigh. Kacchan opened his mouth and accepted the hard erection into his mouth.  The noises Kacchan was making showed he was loving every minute of the other Izuku thrusting deep into his mouth. The other Izuku pulled out of Kacchan's mouth with a pop, making Kacchan whine at the loss but he was roughly grabbed by the hair and the other Izuku came all over Kacchan's face.

Kacchan lewdly lapped at the cum that had landed near his lips. Suddenly the other Izuku roughly yanked Kacchan's head to the side, revealing the mark Izuku had made on the crook of his neck. The other Izuku leaned down and opened his mouth revealing two sharp fangs that he drove into Kacchan's flesh causing the blond boy to scream in a mix of pain and pleasure. The fanged Izuku began to drink Kacchan's blood then pulling away letting the explosive teen to fall to the ground twitching in pleasure.

The vampiric Izuku rose from his throne and made his way to the real Izuku who had bared witness to all this. He couldn't move at all as he stood face to face with his doppleganger. The other him raised his hands, palms upward and Izuku watched in amazement as they began to pop and spark before a large explosion erupted from them.

That was Kacchan's quirk, what was this dream? Who was this other Izuku? How was this other him able to use Kacchan's quirk? He was broken out of his thoughts as he felt something wind around his waist, he looked down noting for the first time he was naked, he also saw a long black devil's tail wrapping around him, the tail was attached to the other him.

He followed that tail and he saw the full naked glory of his twin, right there above his neatly trimmed pubic hair was a tattoo that read 'Incubus'. Things started to click in Izuku's head and he snapped his head up to lock eyes with his doppleganger. This was him, or part of him. 

The other Izuku before him was the Incubus quirk in a physical form or at least dream form. Izuku wanted to ask something of the quirk but before he could even ask Incubus locked lips with him, and slipped his tongue into Izuku's mouth. He could taste Kacchan's blood on Incubus' tongue. 

Izuku bolted up as his alarm went off, he could still taste Kacchan's blood on his tongue, he also noted that Shochan was not next to him.


Izuku changed into his uniform and made his way downstairs where he found Shochan trying to work the coffee maker. Images of Shochan and Incubus heavily making out danced through Izuku's head. He had to shake his head to chase away the images before he went to help the bicoloured teen.

Shouto was ever grateful that Izuku came to the rescue because he had no clue how to work any of the kitchen things. He helped Izuku make breakfast for the two of them, and he managed to pour the coffee without incident so he was proud of that. 

"Hey Izuchan." The nickname made Izuku gush at Shouto which caused the half-redhead to blush a little. "I had a rather weird dream, I can't really remember it, but I think you were there and then I woke up at the usual time I have to get up and I saw that all my bruises were gone." 

"Oh?" was all Izuku could say, he remembered the scene of his quirk and Shochan, the image of the fireball shrinking and it healing him. 

"By chance do you have a healing quirk?" Izuku thought about it for a bit, he should tell Shochan about it, it was only right they had both bared their pain to one another.

"Shochan let's have breakfast first and I will try and explain something." 

The two finished the omurice Izuku had prepared, Shouto really liked Izuku's cooking complimenting him on it, the greenette revealed he had been using YouTube to learn how to cook. Shouto filed away the website's name for later. Maybe he will use this video app to learn how to use things in the kitchen properly, it was only fair for him to do some of the cooking and cleaning around the dorm.

As they put the dishes in the sink and washed them, Izuku began to tell Shouto about the quirk he had inside him, his Magnetism Manipulation and his other quirk Incubus. He watched Shouto carefully as he explained that he need to have sex to keep his body healthy, that he fed off the energy of another person during intercourse similar to how he needed to eat. So far Shouto hadn't reacted negatively or positively for that matter, his face was a stoic mask.

He told Shouto about his theory that maybe his quirk could heal others, he left out the part of the dream, by giving up some of his energy since he felt a little tired, like how he was before he had Kacchan and Eichan to feed him. Shouto mulled the information he had just learned over, he looked at Izuku who had his head down focusing on the dishes in front of him.

"I would like to feed you." 

"What?!" Izuku nearly gave himself whiplash as he turned to look at Shouto.

"You need to feed right? and you used your energy to heal me so the least I can do is make sure you don't go hungry. So I would like to feed you." Shouto said all this with great determination and seriousness.

"You don't have to, Shochan." Izuku didn't want to make Shochan do something like this out of obligation. 

"I know I don't have to, but I want to." Shouto took Izuku's hand in his and looked into those beautiful green eyes. "I like you a lot Izuchan." Izuku gave Shouto a soft smile.

"I like you as well Shochan." Izuku's face fell a little causing Shouto to frown. "But there is something I need to tell you Shochan, I have a boyfriend, and he is aware of my quirk and the fact that I can't continuously feed off him without killing, so if you are serious about wanting to feed me, we have to talk to with him to let him know."

The news that Izuku was taken had hurt a little but he was serious about his proposition to Izuku, he would gladly feed the greenette, and who knows maybe they would be such a good couple they would end up together as boyfriends. 

"That's fair, I'll meet him and we can discuss this if you want; we should get going before we are late." Shouto said looking at his phone. Izuku nodded and the two left Heights Alliance. As they walked along the path to the school, Izuku intertwined his hand and fingers into Shouto's causing the bicoloured boy to smile, it was a real smile. It would seem Izuku gave him a reason to actually smile and not do that empty one he had always did with the press when he had to speak to them about the sperm donor. 

The two of them made it to the entrance of the school still hand in hand when they both heard a very angry yell.


Izuku saw Eichan trying his hardest in holding Kacchan back, but the ash blond nearly broke free. Izuku let go of Shouto's hand and made his way to the angry teen, who was shooting deadly glares at the bicoloured boy. Izuku took hold of Katsuki's face and pressed his lips to Katsuki's causing him to calm down right away.

Shouto could only stare in disbelief, Bakugou?!, fucking Bakugou was Izuku's boyfriend. That bastard did not deserve Izuku and it would be up to him to protect the sweet cinnamon bun from the monster that was Bakugou. 


Chapter Text

Shouto and Katsuki were glaring at one another one could almost see sparks shooting between them, Izuku and Eijirou stood between the two trying to keep the peace. The two boys had gathered a crowd around them who were all expecting a fight. The look Kacchan was giving Shochan was scaring Izuku.

"So half-and-half, why the fuck where you holding my boyfriends hand?!" Katsuki's tone was edged with steel, his hands popping dangerously. Shouto had a cold glare and his right side was frosting up. 

"Because he's my friend." Shouto's tone was very cold. The tension was choking, Katsuki stepped forward dragging Izuku with him not hearing him telling him to stop.

The two boys were a few feet away from each other. Before anything could happen both boys were wrapped up in a white cloth and restrained, everyone turn to find Aizawa-sensei, eyes red and hair standing up. The students that had gathered immediately scattered in fear of the pro hero.

"What do you think you two are doing?" Aizawa was glaring at the two teen heroes. "Causing a scene like this. Too damn early for this." With that Aizawa began to drag the two teens away into the school, he turned his head to shout over his shoulder. "Izuku, head to Nedzu's office he wanted to meet with you." 

Izuku nodded and was about to head in when he turned to Eichan, he gave him a peck on the cheek thanking him for keeping Kacchan from going at Shouto right away.

The two didn't see another blond boy watching the the redhead and greenette part ways. 


"Hello, Midoriya-kun. Are you ready for your first day?" Nedzu asked taking a sip of his tea. Izuku nodded enthusiastically, huge smile on his face. "Now we set you up in the General Education class."

"Not the Hero course?" Izuku asked, Nedzu took another sip of tea before answering the greenette, his hyper intelligent eyes gazing into Izuku's emerald ones.

"Well you can move up to the Hero Course if you do well in the Sports Festival, I set you up in the General Education course to get caught up on any subject you may be lacking in. But according to Aizawa, Kayama, and Yamada you are very intelligent so it should be quite easy for you to catch up."

With that Nedzu led Izuku to Class 1-C. Thirteen was taking role when Nedzu knocked.

"Ah Good Morning Principal Nedzu."

"Good Morning Thirteen I brought you a new student." Nedzu waved for Izuku to come in and all eyes fell on him, particularly a pair of purple eyes.

"Ah good morning Midoriya-kun." Thirteen greeted the greenette, they had only met him once during the meeting a week ago, They had heard a great deal from other teachers about this young man and They were very eager to see Izuku in action. 

"Class please greet our new student Midoriya Izuku." Izuku bowed to the class and got seated next to a boy with a shock of purple hair sticking up all over the place. Thirteen continued Their lesson on the history of quirks. 

Thirteen was very impressed with Izuku as he answered questions after question correctly and even provided facts that were not anywhere in any book. His classmates were also rather impressed by Izuku's vast knowledge of quirks and heroes. In the short time he was in class he made a great deal of friends, and a few of those people were already developing crushes on the very cute and freckled green haired teen.  

Lunch time came around and Izuku was swarmed by his classmates all wanting to sit next to him, asking questions and wanting to know more about him. It was almost overwhelming for the greenette. He thanked his classmates but said he was going to sit with his boyfriend. The news dealt a blow to those with crushes, but that smile was a salve for the wound.

As Izuku walked into the lunch room he could feel the tension before he saw Shouto and Katsuki, they were separated by several classmates who looked very uncomfortable to be caught in the middle of the two glaring teens. Katsuki was aggressively stabbing his food and biting into it with some violence. Eichan was trying to calm Kacchan but he was being ignored. 

Izuku let out a sigh, if this was his reaction to just having his hand held byt Shochan he was not looking forward to the conversation about Shochan being someone to feed Izuku. As he approached the table he heard someone scoff, he turned his head to see the blond boy that was in Tetsutetsu's class. He sneered at Izuku, looking down at him from his nose.

"Well look it's the little whore, causing issues wherever he goes." Monoma had a nasty smile on his face. "Dating the hothead of 1-A, then cheating on him with the Hardhead and Endeavor's little prince. How did they let you in here? Isn't there a street corner you should be on sucking some stranger's dick for spare change?" Monoma let out a nasty laugh.

The words stung Izuku but he was just going to brush it off, he had been called worse by Tomura and others, but the cafeteria had gone deadly quiet. Monoma was still laughing when he suddenly got punched to the ground with a resonating crunch. Izuku thought that maybe Katsuki had heard the other blond and decided to let out some anger on him but instead it was Shouto, standing over Monoma with anger radiating off his person.

Monoma's nose had been broken and blood was streaking down his face, he looked up and saw the murderous intent in Todoroki's eyes. He made the smart decision to not move in hopes of not being hurt again.

"If you ever speak to him that way again I will make sure your corpse is never found, do you understand me you piece of shit. Now leave!" Shouto's tone was lethal, so Monoma got up and ran to Recovery Girl. No one dared breathe a word as Todoroki took Izuku's hand and led him to the table sitting him down next to Katsuki, who was still frozen in a sitting up motion a look of surprise on his face as he witnessed Todoroki run to Izuku's defense.

The surprise continue he was expecting the half-and-half bastard to take Izuku with him but instead he sat the greenette next to him before asking Dumbass (Kaminari) to scoot down so he could sit down, which he did looking at Todoroki with awe. Katsuki sat down he and half-and-half shared a look between them, and understanding.

They may not like each other but they both liked Izuku and would protect him with their lives, so a tentative truce was made between the two teens.

After a few moment the cafeteria filled with chatter again, most of it was about what had transpired the more they talked of it the more and more crazy the details became. Lunch passed without further incident, most of Class 1-A wanted to ask who the greenette was but they were not sure if they should ask given what had happened. 

The bell signaled the end of lunch and student began to file out Tsuyu caught a glimpse of the greenette kissing Todoroki on the cheek, she also saw him kiss Bakugou as well as Kirishima, she filed that away to ask the redhead, he would be the easiest to talk to. 


“Alright Monoma, start from the beginning. Why did Todoroki hit you?” Vlad King asked his student, he had been called into Recovery Girl’s office she said one of his students had their nose broken.

The Pro hero listened to his student say that it had been an unprovoked attack. But he knew the blond boy and his bad habit of taunting the students of Class 1-A so he would have to talk to Aizawa.

He left and was heading to class 1-A when he spotted Tetsutetsu talking with the dry eyed pro, he could hear what they were saying but Aizawa looked none too happy. 

“Vlad King, convenient of you to come to me. I am guessing this has to do with the  lunch room incident? Your student was filling me in.” 

“So you are aware of Todoroki assaulting Monoma?” Aizawa nodded.

”Are you aware that Monoma was saying some rather terrible things in regards to Midoriya? Things that caused Todoroki to strike Monoma.” 

Vlad king said no, turns out the blond had decide not to mention that. Aizawa assured that Todoroki would be punished for punching Monoma but that the blond boy should also be punished for what he was saying in the lunch room. He let Tetsutetsu fill in his teacher on the words that were said. 

Needless to say Vlad King was not happy with his student and marched back to recovery girls office to give the blond some serious detentions. 

Aizawa for his part would have to punish Todoroki, but he never said it would be that bad a punishment. 

Chapter Text

Aizawa let out a breath through his nose, things had been going well ever since the cafeteria incident, but now a week away from the Sports festival this had happened. He was standing next to Nedzu's desk, Sekijiro on the other end with the small principal sitting at his desk with a cup of tea in hand. Sitting before them were five boys four of them had bruises and one had a bloody nose and two black eyes.

"Alright, who would like to explain what happened?" Nedzu asked, his eyes scanning each boy. Monoma jumped up and pointed accusingly at Bakugou.

"He and his goons attacked me!"

"FUCKING LIAR!! YOU AND THOSE FUCKING EXTRAS ATTACKED IZUKU IN THE LOCKER ROOM!!! I'LL FUCKING END YOU!!" Bakugou tried to launch himself at the bloodied blond and it took the combined effort Kirishima, Todoroki, Toogata, and Aizawa using his capture weapon to keep the explosive teen from reaching the other boy. 

"Bakugou-kun I need you to calm down and tell me what happened exactly for it seems that you and Monoma-kun have very different accounts." Nedzu spoke before taking a sip of his tea. His black eyes boring into Monoma who looked away, wincing from his two swollen eyes. 

Bakugou was still shooting murderous looks at Monoma so Shouto decided to begin.

"We were heading to class after our training session with All Might when someone from General Education ran up to Bakugou and myself all out of breath, she said that Monoma and a group of other first years grabbed Midoriya taking him into the boy's locker room, when we ran Kirishima followed us and when we got there Toogata-senpai was there and he had subdued three of the first years." Shouto had stop because Bakugou was still struggling to break free from his grip.

Kirishima took over in speaking.

"We got inside, Bakugou saw Izuku curled up on the floor his uniform was all torn up and that caused him to go full on rage mode and he just started wailing on the other three first years. That one over there." Kirishima motioned to Monoma with his head his tone when addressing the blond was full of venom, that caught Aizawa off guard. "Tried to run, so Shouto and I both punched him causing the black eyes."

 "Bakugou sit down would you!" Aizawa was getting tired of holding the boy back, Sekijiro stepped in and used his blood control quirk to bind Bakugou to the chair, the blond was struggling and growling like a wild animal. 

"Toogata-kun, can you tell us your account of what happened?" Nedzu asked the older teen.  

"I was with Amajiki and Nejire when a boy with purple hair came up to us asking for help that his classmate had been taken, he was sporting a black eye so I guess he tried to save Izuku but he was outnumbered." Nedzu nodded listening intently, Mirio continued his tale. "I followed him to the locker room and the door wasn't budging so I used my quirk to pass through and I found six first years and that one."

Mirio's tone was like Kirishima's venomous as he pointed to Monoma, who was trying to make himself as small as possible under the glare of everyone in the room. "I found him on top of Midoriya-kouhai tearing his uniform and touching him."

Mirio had to stop he was getting really mad at the events of the day, his fist was clenched tightly and he had a violent urge to punch Monoma again, this time making sure that nose stayed broken. Bakugou let out a roar as he tried to break free of the blood. 

"YOU FUCKING MOLESTED HIM!!!" Bakugou let out a series of explosions from his hands he was intending to murder Monoma there and now but Todoroki nearly beat him to it, Aizawa caught him with his capture weapon, the bicoloured boy was inches away from the other blond.

"Sekijiro take Monoma out and keep him in the detention room until the police arrive." Nedzu said calmly but his black eyes held no sympathy for the blond boy as he pleaded saying that they were lying. He stopped once his homeroom teacher grabbed him by the shoulder and told him to shut up, Vlad King looked at the boy that he once thought as a potential hero with utter disgust. 

Sekijiro lead Monoma away, he unbound Bakugou who stood up reaching out to grab Monoma but stopping inches away from the other boys face. He was breathing hard his eyes wild, everyone was deadly still. After a beat Bakugou lowered his arm and Monoma let out a sigh of relief but screamed as he felt the impact of Bakugou's fist connect with his already broken nose causing another downpour of blood. 

"I should fucking kill you, you disgusting piece of shit." Bakugou's voice held nothing but hatred and violence."Fucking get him out of here before I do."  Sekijiro took the blond away.

Bakugou began to calm down a little as he took several deep breaths. Shouto and Eijirou sat back down as did Bakugou. 

"What will happen to the other first years?" Toogata asked breaking the silence of the room.

"They will be expelled and arrested for aiding in the assault." Nedzu set down his cup.

"What about us?" Kirishima asked

"What do you mean Kirishima?" Aizawa asked the redheaded teen. 

"Are we also going to get expelled for what we did to Monoma?"

"Why would you be expelled for coming to the rescue of another student?" Nedzu asked the boys. He filled his cup with tea and took a sip. 

"Can we go see how Deku is doing?" Bakugou spoke up, he was glaring down at the floor. 

"If Recovery Girl says he's okay enough to have visitors then yes." 


He was back in that strange place from his dream, but he couldn't see Incubus anywhere, the throne stood empty. Slowly Izuku walked forward and stood before the throne. He felt like someone was behind him turning around he saw a mirror floating before him. Izuku saw his naked reflection in it, it did not look good, his body looked damaged, there were bruises and scratches along his torso, a bruise around his neck and a bloody eye. 

As he was staring at his reflection a hand snaked around his waist and then another across his chest. A pair of green eyes wild and slithed appeared beside Izuku, It was Incubus and the quirk was gently touching the wounds and injuries, the flame atop the crown he wore was the size of a baseball and it was  shrinking as his clawed fingers traced the injuries causing them to disappear.

As the last injury faded Izuku turned to see Incubus had become thin and frail, like how Izuku used to look, the flame had been reduced to an ember. Incubus' eyes had become dulled as well. His lips moved and in a raspy voice he spoke one word.


Izuku bolted up, his chest heaving, he looked around wildly, he could only see out one eye it took a moment for him to get his baring and see he was in Recovery Girl's infirmary. He was in his underwear the remains of his uniform was draped along a chair. He saw he had bandages on his torso and neck as well as his left eye, which explained his vision impairment. He calmed down and he could hear some voices by the entrance, he could see who it was because of the curtain separating the beds from the rest of the office.

"Dammit woman, let me see my boyfriend!!" It was Kacchan's voice, hearing him made Izuku call out, his voice sounded rough and dry. He wasn't sure he would hear him, so he tried again.

"Ka..Kacchan." There was the sound of arguing and the curtain was nearly torn away by how rough it was pulled to the side. There was Kacchan with Shochan, Eichan, and Toogata-senpai, Recovery Girl was saying something to him but he was ignoring her. He took one look at how bandaged Izuku was and rushed forward to try and see him better only to be stopped by Aizawa's capture weapon.

"Dammit, let me go!!" Katsuki struggled but was pulled back the ash blond.

"I told you that you could see him IF Recovery Girl allowed it, and she said he needed to rest, so that means let him rest." Aizawa started to pull Katsuki to the door when Izuku called out once more. Recovery Girl was walking over to him to check on Izuku, Katsuki redoubled his effort to escape as he heard Izuku call out.

"Midoriya don't remove those bandages you..." Recovery Girl was chastising Izuku who had tried to remove the bandage over his eye but she stopped as he got it off and she saw his eye was no longer injured but was as though he never gotten injured. 

She helped remove the other bandages to see Izuku was perfectly healed, this was new she didn't use her quirk given he looked very weak when he was brought in but now he seemed physically okay but still weak, he was trying to leave the bed to get to the ash blond. With a sigh Recovery Girl told Aizawa to let Bakugou go.

The moment he did the ash blond rushed over and Izuku buried his head into his chest. Katsuki could feel how he was shivering, after a quick check to make sure Izuku was fine enough he was allowed to go back to his dorm with orders to get bed rest for the next few days, and to come back to be checked again. Izuku tried to stand but his legs gave out and he was caught by both Katsuki and Shouto. 

Both boys shot glares at each other, but before they could start an argument Mirio picked up the small underclassmen bridal style and began to carry him out the door, Aizawa leading the way to the dorms with Kirishima in tow. Shouto and Katsuki shot each other a glare once more before chasing after the older teen. 


Mirio set Izuku down on his bed the other boys were also in the room Aizawa had gone off to give the police his report leaving Mirio in charge. Izuku was still shaking slightly, causing concern among the others.

"Will he be okay?" Mirio asked his brow knitted in concern. Katsuki said he would and went to Izuku's closet to get an extra blanket, he figured maybe the greenette was feeling cold. He grabbed the blanket and spread it across Izuku who opened his eyes reaching out to touch Katsuki.


"Zu you're awake." Kirishima said hearing the boy speak.

"Can we get you anything?" Shouto asked, he was really worried about Izuku's shivering, maybe he should have kept him at Recovery Girl's office. 

"I need to feed." Came Izuku's weak reply.

"I can go make you something to eat." Mirio said going for the door when suddenly he was overwhelmed by a powerful smell, something so delicious, so tempting he felt his head get stuffy. Eijirou and Shouto were overcome by the same scent, and Katsuki was on his back Izuku straddling him tearing off the buttons on his shirt with his teeth.

Once Katsuki's chest was exposed Izuku began to attack his nipples with tongue and teeth. Katsuki began to moan and cry at the sensation, Izuku felt a hand snake around him and lay kisses along his back, another set of hands stripped him out of the infirmary scrubs he was given to wear. He was fully naked and he felt a mouth wrap around his hard cock, the dual sensation of hot and cold could be felt on the sensitive head, causing him to cry out in pleasure.

It was an orgy of hands, mouths, and tongues. Izuku could feel Katsuki under him bucking into Mirio's mouth, his own mouth busy with Eijirou, and Izuku was making out with Shouto, who was rubbing Izuku's nipples with his thumbs, heating and cooling his hands to cause pleasurable tremors to travel through the forested boy.

The scent filled the room, driving the boys into a wild frenzy of debauchery. They were soon fucking one another with abandoned inhibitions, Katsuki was on all four Mirio behind him eating his ass out, causing moans to erupt from his throat, Katsuki was buried into Shouto's pubic hair with his cock deep in his throat. Shouto was impaled on Eijirou's fat cock, his cherry having been popped by Izuku just moments earlier, Eijirou was holding Shouto's hips tightly as he thrusted into Shouto, hitting his prostate over and over again.

Shouto was in a haze of pleasure, feeling Kirishima hit a spot inside him that just made him want to melt, Katsuki was suking him off and it drove him to the edge, the moans he made were not helping he was ready to cum again. He could see Izuku fucking the older blond, a look of pure lust and wanton need burned in his emerald eyes. This continued until the sundown; when all five boys had collapsed from exhaustion. 


Aizawa had returned as the sun was beginning to set in the horizon. Tsukauchi had sent over some officers to pick up the First years, while he dealt with the parents. It had been an exhausting day dealing with parents all claiming that their precious angel was not capable of such a thing.  He wanted to get some sleep, but before he could do that he had to check on Izuku, the boy looked really pale and was shivering when they brought him back. He wasn't too worried since he knew Toogata was a responsible young man, he would take care of anything Izuku needed.

He took the elevator up to the second floor and went to Izuku's door. As he approached he was hit with a smell, he wrinkled his nose at it, he used the master key to open the door, maybe Izuku got sick and threw up. What he saw made him regret opening the door, There on the floor of Izuku's room was all five boys, Izuku was sandwiched between Toogata and Bakugou, a cat who ate the canary smile on his face, Kirishima was spooning Todoroki, who was spooning Bakugou.

Aizawa understood what the smell was now, it was the smell of sex, a mix of sweat and semen. Rubbing his dry eyes the pro hero closed the door, and went to go get some aspirin for the headache he was getting. He was so pretending he did not see that.


Mirio woke up first to find he was sticky, and had someone up against his chest, he had no idea what had happened, he pulled away from the other person to see it was Izuku, his face was one of shock and horror. He had not only slept with an underclassman but he had cheated on his boyfriend as well. Mirio was in too much of a state of shock to realise that everyone else was waking up as well.

"Toogata-senpai, are you okay?" Izuku asked the older teen who looked up locking eyes with him. Mirio shook his head no that he was not okay, he felt so dirty, he had used Izuku while he was vulnerable, not only that but he had cheated on Tamaki. Tears were forming in his blue eyes, he felt someone hug him, it was Izuku. "I'm so sorry Toogata-senpai!!" Izuku was crying.

Mirio was confused as to what Izuku was apologising for, he should be the one to apologise. Izuku hugged him tighter. "I can feel what your feeling, your feeling guilty and hurt and it's all my fault. My quirk did this." 

"What? No Midoriya, this isn't your fault." Mirio began but Izuku shook his head no, tears streaming down his face. Katsuki was the one to explain to Mirio of Incubus, the older teen listened as Katsuki told him that Izuku needed to feed off sex. Izuku was being comforted by Shouto and Eijirou who were laying soft kisses to his freckles and rubbing his back calming him down. 

Katsuki should have been feeling jealousy at Half-n-Half and Shitty hair getting to do that but strangely enough he was enjoying the sight of them kissing Izuku, he filed that away to deal with it later, he turned back to Mirio. 

"So the feeling your feelings thing is new, but it seems that when he really needs to feed he emits a powerful scent that draws others in. So this isn't your fault you just got caught up in Deku's quirk."

Mirio stood up from the floor, his muscles complaining, he stood in front of Katsuki who came up to his chest. Katsuki found himself admiring the older teen's body, he was also covered in bite marks and hickeys. 

"I'm just not sure how to tell Tamaki this, I mean this is still cheating right?" Mirio asked frustrated. Katsuki shrugged, and an idea come to mind.

"Tell him everything, and we can meet up with him to tell him everything as well so if anything he will be mad at us instead of you. I know Izuku wouldn't want you to get dumped because of him. So we can meet at the school entrance tomorrow." Mirio thanked his kouhai and got dressed, he made sure that Izuku was aware that it was not his fault and he did not blame him for anything before he left. 

Katsuki turned to Izuku and kneeled in front of him, Katsuki kissed him gently on the lips. Izuku wiped the tears away from his eyes before apologising once more to which Katsuki 'tch' and kissed his forehead.

"I got to say it was rather fun what we did." Eijirou said laying down, stretching out his body putting himself fully on display, Shouto hungrily eyed the redhead, as did Katsuki, Eijirou smiled lewdly at the two. Izuku stretched out on top of Eijirou connecting his lips to the redhead. Pulling apart he could see both Shouto and Katsuki were kneeling next to Izuku and Eijirou. The two of them looked at the blond and half-redhead with mischief in their eyes.

Katsuki did something unexpected he took Shouto's face between his hands and kissed him, this startling Shouto. They broke apart and Shouto was looking at him with wide eyes.

"What? I had your dick in my mouth and up my ass but I can't kiss you?" Eijirou let out a barking laugh at Katsuki's pervy grin and Shouto's deep red blush. Izuku got up and wrapped his arms around the two of them, kissing each of them in turn.

"Hey don't leave me out." Eijirou took his turn in kissing Katsuki, Shouto, and Izuku.

Chapter Text

Izuku and Shouto were walking next to one another, Shouto in his Uniform ready for school, while Izuku was ordered to be getting rest for the next two days much to Izuku's dismay who loved his classes. Shouto promised to pick up the homework and notes from his classmates for him, this earned Shouto a kiss from the Greenette.

Tanpopo walked besides the pair, his ESD vest on his little body, he kept staring up at his master, he kept smelling something wrong in the air that seemed to be trying to target his master. Izuku and Shouto met up with Katsuki and Eijirou at the main entrance, they were all going to explain what had happened to Toogata-Senpai's boyfriend.

Izuku still felt guilty about that, even after Toogata-senpai said it wasn't his fault. The four of them waited for the older two heroes-to-be, they didn't have to wait long as they spotted the tall blond upperclassman and next to him was a boy with black hair, longish and spiked back, pointy ears could be seen as he got closer.

Toogata-senpai introduced Amajiki Tamaki, his boyfriend. The older teen had a pained look on his face, Izuku began to apology profusely bowing low, Amajiki turned his back to Izuku causing him to wonder if he had really made the boy mad.

"Tamaki is rather shy, I forgot to mention that." Mirio said rubbing the back of his head. It was a beat of silence before Amajiki-senpai spoke.

"So, is what Mirio said true? About your quirk?" Izuku once again asked for his senpai's forgiveness before explaining how his quirk worked, the other three chiming in to support Izuku's explanation. After he was done telling everything he knew of Incubus, Amajiki turned to face Izuku but did not meet his eyes.

"Okay I believe you, and I forgive you Mirio." Mirio gave a blinding smile walking over to his boyfriend who stopped him. "But, I need to say this before anything else." Mirio and the other boys looked at him waiting for him to speak. "I want to say to never let it happen again, but hearing how it works, I will let Mirio help you out in an emergency. But only in an emergency." 

"Amjiki-Senpai, I don't want to cause trouble for you and Toogata-senpai." Izuku said but Amajiki put his hand on Izuku's shoulder shocking Mirio at how he just so casually touched another person he was not closed to. 

"Midoriya-Kouhai, I said it was okay and I know Mirio would still try and help you when you need it. But like I said, only in an emergency." The last part was said with a tone that held an edge to it, that made Izuku shiver. Amajiki-senpai then got really close to Izuku's ear to whisper into it. "Because if you want to sleep with Mirio outside of an emergency situation then I better be there to watch as you fuck him." 

Izuku was blushing hard at what Amajiki-senpai had just whispered to him, his eyes met with Mirio's and the older teen was rubbing the back of his head, his face a deep red. 

After that the hero course students said their goodbyes Katsuki, Shouto, and Eijirou all giving Izuku a kiss before heading to their class. Izuku began the walk back to the dorms with Tanpopo walking next to him, suddenly Izuku felt something odd. His chest felt like it was constricting, Tanpopo let out a whine as he looked at his master. 

That strange smell was wrapping around his master. Izuku fell to his knees tears pouring down his eyes, his breathing ragged. His vision was getting blurry, he was drowning in a memory of when his father locked him away in some small and dark cupboard. He fell to his side and a wet cry escaped his lips, he couldn't escape the memory, it dug deep and refused to let go.

Tanpopo was curling around his master's chest to try and see if he could break his master out of whatever this was, the way he did when he was sad or feeling off, but this was different from those times, his master was soaking in some weird smell, it made Tanpopo's nose burn but the little dog tried his best. It was not working his master was making pained noises, he was clawing the ground, a scream tore from his throat. Tanpopo did not want to leave his master but he needed to find help for him.

A lick to his master's face to let him know it was going to be okay before he dashed off towards the school hopefully he would find the man who smelled of cat, the angry one, the bright one, or even the hot-cold one. 


Shouji was running late he had made it to the school gates walking through he picked up the sound of something. He used his quirk to create another ear and strained it, he heard the sound of a dog barking.

He turned to the sound and saw a little dog running to him, barking. It stopped short of him and seem to bounce up and down with urgency, the little dog ran from him then back barking. Shouji saw the dog was wearing a vest with the words Emotional Support Dog on them, it reminded him of his cousin's Service dog who wore a vest similar to this dog. 

He remembered what his cousin told him about service dogs approaching a person without their assigned person, it meant that there was someone was in need of help. Shouji followed the little dog who ran back to his master. As Shouji followed the dog he spotted someone on the ground curled up he could hear them sobbing and begging someone to stop. 

"Can you hear me? Hello, are you alright?" Shouji talked to the small boy on the ground, he kneeled down and used his quirk to make eyes to look around the body without moving him in case he was injured. The little dog licked the tears off the boy's face making sad whining noises, he curled up up next to the boy but he didn't react to the dog.

Tanpopo looked up at the really big human and tried to convey to him to help his master. Shouji took a very small moment to weigh his options and picked up the boy who let out a scream, shocking Shouji thinking he had hurt him but that was not the case as the boy cried out.

"Stop, Tomura, please no! Stop!" He must be having a panic attack of some kind, he needed to get him to Recovery Girl and fast. Shouji wrapped the boy up in his arms, making a cocoon to protect the boy who hadn't stopped crying and begging. Tanpopo ran along side Shouji neither seeing the figure standing in the shadows of the trees. 


Shouji burst through the door of the infirmary startling the small woman. Shouji placed the small boy on the nearest bed, he had calmed down a small amount he wasn't crying as bad now, he was mostly shivering with the occasional whimper. 

"Shouji what happened to Midoriya?" She walked over standing on a step stool to exam the greenette. He was having trouble breathing so she slipped an oxygen mask on him and it helped him. 

"I don't know, his dog found me and lead me to him, I think he was having a panic attack of some kind. He was crying and begging someone to stop from hurting him." Recovery girl let out a sigh, she stepped down and went to get something from her desk Tanpopo used her little ladder to climb up to the bed, he sniffed his master and it smelled like the bad smell was disappearing. He snuggled up to his side and his master's whimpering lessened. 

Recovery Girl came back giving Shouji a note to excuse him for being late, she sent him off but he was a bit hesitant. He turned to look at the small figure on the bed and he wanted to stay, but Recovery Girl lead him out and shooed him to class. 


"Hey did anyone see Shouji-kun? He wasn't in class this morning, Kero~" Tsuyu asked her girlfriend, Ochako took a sip of her water they had just finished doing some training with All Might.

"I haven't seen him at all, and Tokoyami-kun didn't hear from him either, and they are best friends." Ochako said, handing a water bottle to Tsuyu. The two girls looked over to Tokoyami who was talking with Ojiro. A loud explosion and shout  drew the attention of all the students, it was Bakugou going full out against the training robots but what had people staring was how he was working with Todoroki.

"Have you guys noticed how Bakugou has been less well Bakugou as of late?" Mina asked sitting down next to Tsuyu.

"You have a point MinaChan, he has been a lot less angry and even been friendlier to Todoroki. Kero~" 

"It is him maturing as a person, I could not be prouder of him." Tenya spoke up, a huge grin on his face. 

"I think it has to do with that green haired boy from the cafeteria." Kyouka looked on at the top two of their class. "I heard from a girl in Support that she heard from someone in the Business course that Bakugou and the green boy are dating." 

"I didn't think Bakugou would be the type to date anyone." Ochako had to wonder what the green haired boy was like, he had to be pretty strong to have caught Bakugou's eye. But then why was he not in the Hero course?

"Really JirouChan? I heard that he was dating Todoroki. Kero~"

"No, no He's dating Kirishima. He said so himself." Hanta spoke up when he heard the others talking about the hottest gossip going around the school. Everyone was placing bets on who the green guy was actually dating. 

"What is everyone talking about?" 

The others turned to see the new speaker was Shouji.

"Shouji-kun where have you been? We were worried you might be ill. Kero~" Tsuyu gave the taller teen a smile, she like Shouji he was a great guy to be friends with. 

"Ah sorry I was running late and then came across someone who needed help so I had to drop them off someone in the infirmary." He told them what had happened and they listened intently.

"Oh my gawd, that must have been a scary situation to find yourself in Shouji." Mina finally spoke up after Shouji had finished his story. 

"I must commend you Shouji, you acted like any hero would and made sure he was safe." Tenya heaped praise on the taller teen.

"So you said this was the same green boy from cafeteria." 

"Yeah, Recovery Girl said his name was Midoriya." Shouji couldn't help but worry about the him. He stopped by his class to give Aizawa the note and tell him what had happened he told Shouji to head to gym gamma and then bolted out of the room. 

"What about Deku?" everyone turn to see Bakugou, Kirishima, and Todoroki standing side by side their interest peaked when they heard Izuku's last name. Before Shouji could tell him Kaminari rushed up phone in hand shouting excitedly.

"ENDEAVOR HAS BEEN ARRESTED!!!" The electric teen practically shoved his phone into Shouto's face, he took it from him to get a better look and sure enough there was a news feed showing Endeavor being arrested and put into a police cruiser. 

 Flame Hero Endeavor arrested in light of new evidence of child abuse and illegal activities

Todoroki Enji also known as Endeavor the number two Hero, was arrested this morning at his agency when emails containing 

evidence of bribery of a Japanese Government Official was leaked to the police by Endeavor's own assistant.

Endeavor is also being charged with Child Abuse, Battery, and Spousal Abuse. His wife and children have stepped forward with damning evidence about 

their home life. An exclusive interview with the eldest of the Todoroki Children, Todoroki Touya, was the nail in the coffin

of Endeavor's career. He will be stripped of his title of Number Two Hero, and all his assets have been transferred to his wife, Todoroki Rei. 

Shouto read the article over and over, a small smile on his lips. Finally the bastard was getting what he deserved, but when did his mom get out of the hospital, and what interview with Touya? He hadn't seen his oldest brother since he was very little. He would have to find this interview.

"Half-n-Half why did you never tell us that fucker was hurting you?!" Katsuki growled out, eying the picture of the Ex-Number Two Hero with murderous intent. The ash blond threw an arm around the bicoloured boy's shoulder in a comforting gesture.

Shouto leaned into the touch, he noted that Bakugou had been a lot more touchy with him and Shouto did not mind it at all, he was starved for positive physical contact and all three of the boys he was with were more than happy to give him all the touching he wanted. 

He got a lot of support from his classmate and it felt good, he had always been distant with them but even him doing that they were concerned for him, offering him kind words, or even inviting him to their home to hang out. He could feel tears welling up, he had friends this entire time but he had been blind to it.


Aizawa bolted out of the classroom as soon as he finished telling Shouji where the rest of the class was, concern was the only thing on is mind after hearing from the other teen that he found Izuku collapsed and crying. His phone pinged, pulling it out he saw it was a message from Recovery Girl telling him Izuku was in the Infirmary. Putting his phone away he rounded a corner and felt his chest constrict, a strange sensation coming over him as he started remembering when he was a young hero, the girl he was unable to save.

His breathing was becoming ragged and he knew who was responsible for this, Aizawa used his quirk aiming for the wall to the left. Suddenly the sensation disappeared he could breathe again and a figure had suddenly appeared from thin air. Aizawa sent a murderous glare at the person. "What the fuck are you doing here you bastard!?"

"Aw come on Shouta, is that anyway to talk to your old partner?" 

"Fuck you." Aizawa's eyes were beginning to itch, he was trying not to blink in case the bastard in front of him tried to use that damned quirk on him.

"How about a truce then, I don't use my quirk and you don't use yours. Deal?" 


"You can't keep your eyes open forever, Shouta." Aizawa knew that he was right but he did not trust the fucker. He saw the monster who dared call himself a hero pull out a pair of quirk suppressor cuffs and put them on his arms. "Better?"

Aizawa blinked relief flooded his dry eyes, he took out his eye drops pouring some into each eye.

"Now tell me why the fuck you are doing here Shrike." Aizawa glared at the figure clad in grey camo, a helmet with a black glass visor hiding his face. 

"Well I was in the neighbor and decided to drop in." Shrike said with a shrug. 


"Fine, I was ordered to pick up the Todoroki brat, but that order went out the window with the arrest of Endeavor and Judge Akami. But I was already here when the news broke. So I thought to myself why not drop in and see you, and deliver this. The report on that bar that I was asked to investigate" Shrike drew out a letter from his tactical jacket. He held it out to Aizawa who cautiously reached out as his fingers touched the paper Shrike yanked it back.

"What the hell?"

"Sorry before I give this to you I want something from you."

"Which would be what?" Aizawa knew that the assassin would want something he might not be able to deliver.

"I heard that you collected a rather interesting urchin from the streets, I want let say 30 minutes of his time to chat with him."

"why the hell do you want to talk to one of my students?!"

"I can't say on that. It was an order from up top to ask the kid some questions and to let no one else know what was asked." 

Aizawa mulled this over, he did not want Izuku alone with this bastard of a man. But he needed that report to take the next step in arresting All for One.

"You get 15 minutes no more got it."

Shrike gave a nod and he made the assassin walk in front of him, he did not trust him at his back.


Izuku was awake and sitting up, Recovery Girl was checking him over and he kept telling her he was fine, Tanpopo was across his lap, snuggled into his stomach his presence was very calming to the greenette. Soon his teacher walked in and before he could greet him he saw a figure half of Aizawa's height clad in grey camo, a tactical vest in gunmetal, and a helmet with a black glass visor covering his face. 

"How is he Shuzenji?" Aizawa asked the older woman, she told him he was doing fine but needed to rest. Aizawa turned to Izuku telling him that the man next to him, Shrike, had questions for him and that he would be outside the office if he needed anything. 

Aizawa shot another dangerous glare before he and Recovery Girl left the infirmary. As soon as the two left Shrike slipped the cuffs he was wearing off with ease.

Tanpopo curled tighter against his master he did not like the small coming off this man, he smelled like the bad smell that had attacked his master. 

"You had questions for me, err...sir?" Izuku asked but Shrike let out a laugh, he sat down on the bed the helmet unnerving him since he could not see his eyes. 

"Not really that was a lie to get to see you." Izuku felt a little uneasy at what Shrike had just said. 

"See me?" 

"Who knew a light brush of my quirk would knock you down so hard." Shrike continued as if he did not hear Izuku, who looked at him with horror. 

"Your quirk?! Your the one who did that to me!?!" Izuku scooted back as far as he could from the man. 

"Well one of my quirks did that to you, I wanted to see if you were immune to Trauma. Turns out your not." Shrike shrugged his shoulders rather nonchalantly 

"Why?" Izuku wanted to shout for his teacher to come to his rescue but his throat felt dry and raspy. Shrike reached up and removed his helmet face. As his face was revealed Izuku wanted to scream, because what was looking back at him was his dad's face, the face before he had been badly injured, the eyes were wrong though. 

They were yellow in colour and the iris looked shattered like a spiderweb crack on a window, he even had freckles like Izuku, the one thing he got from his dad. 

"Why? Cause I wanted to see if my little brother had quirks like my own." Shrike said with a huge, and rather menacing smile showing off two sharp fangs. 

Izuku's head began to spin, his chest feeling like it was being crushed.

Chapter Text

Izuku struggled against the effects of Shrike's quirk, he kept getting flashes of Tomura hurting hi, of the dark room, Monoma groping him he pushed back hard but the wave pushed him under, he needed to escape, he needed Shrike to BACK OFF!!

Izuku heard a grunt of pain and the attack stopped, he could breathe again, Tanpopo was licking his face, making little concerned whines. He could see the room once more, Shrike was pushed against the wall by what appeared to be black tentacles. Looking closer Izuku noted they were not tentacles but snakes, and they were coming out of his upper back. 

"Now that is very interesting little brother, your Prometheus quirk is reactive. No wonder Daddy Dearest kept you while he threw me away." Shrike gave Izuku a nasty smile before using his quirk once more, Izuku felt it hit him but nothing happened. Now Izuku had the upper hand. "Aw, that's no fair, yours develops immunity."

Shrikes tone was childish he even pouted. Izuku got out of the bed and walked over to his alleged brother. "Tell me everything, why do you look like my dad?"

"The same reason you look like mine. I'll make you a deal Baby Bro, win the sports festival that's coming up and I will tell you everything you want to know, hell I will even tell you about that quirk that Daddy Dearest implanted in you." Izuku did not want to trust this guy, but he had answers.

"How do I know you will keep your word?" Shrike gave a wide smile, his broken eyes and fangs made him look deranged.

"Despite my reputation I always keep my word. Cross my heart and hope to die." Izuku nodded and drew back the black snakes, they retreated halfway into Izuku's back, the five of them curled around Izuku like a ring of protection, alabaster white tongues flicked out tasting the air, their various coloured eyes all eyeing Shrike with comptent.

As Shrike was free he rushed at Izuku, he did not have a chance to react as Shrike grabbed his face and brought up him close, Izuku thought he was about to kiss him but instead he made intense eye contact and Izuku felt his mind fall away, Izuku's snake tried to attack Shrike but they suddenly froze as their master seemed to freeze as well. 

Izuku was in some strange hallway with doors lining it, he opened one of the doors out of curiosity and it was the memory of when he and Kacchan had gone out of the day. Was this his mind? He walked further down the hallway and he came across some doors that seemed to be locked away. 

"How about I show you that there is no hard feelings by taking this pesky memory block off." Izuku turned to see Shrike next to a door with chains and with a snap of his fingers the chairs started to dissolve into motes of lights. The doors all opened and Izuku was assaulted by a flood of memories, he could feel himself spinning, he was on the ground shaking, his head was screaming.

Shakenly he looked up to see Shrike, his eyes looked more shattered and blood was coming from his eyes, he wiped the trail of blood away before grabbing his mask and putting it back into place.

"What do you want from me?" Izuku asked the older man. Shrike turned to look at him the black visor making it even more unnerving as he looked at Izuku.

"I just wanted to see my baby brother, to know how he is coming along with his studies. Oh and tell the blond bombshell and Endeavor's kid if they breaks your heart I will cut off their dicks but the redhead is okay in my book." With that Shrike tried to ruffle Izuku's hair but the black snakes popped up from Izuku's back trying to bite the assassin. Shrike withdrew his arm, shrugged and walked away. "Oh right I put my number in your phone." 

Shrike put Izuku's phone on the counter as he walked away. "Call your big brother sometime, I worry about you." Izuku watched him leave out the door and as soon as he did Aizawa-sensei came in spotted Izuku on the floor and rushed over he stopped short as he saw the five black snakes rear up. Aizawa did not know what to make of what he was seeing, he activated his quirk but the snakes did not disappear, they were a mutation quirk then.

The snakes flick their tongues out tasting the air, they seemed satisfied and withdrew back into Izuku's back. Aizawa approached Izuku with caution not sure about those snakes. He asked the greenette what happened but Izuku responded by rushing to the garbage can and throwing up. 


Katsuki was running half dressed through the hallway, Shouto was still in his gym pants and uniform shirt following Katsuki, Eijirou bringing up the rear in nothing but the lower half of his hero uniform. Iida was chasing all three, arm chopping in the air yelling at all three of them for violating the dress code and running in the hall. The trio of boys all burst into the infirmary.

It was in the locker room as they were changing back into their school uniform that Dumbass had asked Octodad what had kept him from class, he mentioned a pomeranian leading him to a green haired boy who was collapsed on the ground in what appeared to be a panic attack. Upon hearing that the trio rushed out in a dead sprint, Iida chasing after them, yelling about proper school dress and not running in the hall.

"You don't think all three of them are dating that green boy?" Ojiro asked after the four boys left.

"If they are then I owe Yaoyorozu 500 yen." Kaminari said with a bit of a frown, he did not have 500 yen to spare at the moment. 

"A banquet of madness." Tokoyami spoke up from his locker. 

"WHERE'S DEKU!!?" Katsuki shouted earning him a deadly glare from Recovery Girl. 

"I will not have you shouting in my infirmary Bakugou Katsuki." 

"We are sorry Recovery Girl but we heard that Izuku was brought to the infirmary because of a panic attack." Eijirou put a hand on Katsuki's shoulder to keep him from retorting.

"He was taken back to the dorm by Aizawa." Recovery Girl said turning back to her paperwork. The trio ran off going for the dorms, running past Iida who was just catching up, he turned around and ran after them once more to give them a proper lecture as Class Representative.

The trio reached the door crashing into it, they didn't have a key, so Katsuki began to pound on the door furiously. It opened to a very angry looking Aizawa whose eyes were red and his air was standing up. Upon seeing the three of them he shut off his quirk and fixed a tired look at the three of them. 

"I should have known you three would show up eventually. He's resting right now so no visitors." Katsuki was about to complain when they heard Iida behind them, the class representative was in full lecture mode, his arm chopping furiously in the arm, when he was done he looked up to see that he was in front of a building he did not know of.

"What is this place?" Iida asked, he had not seen it in any of the schools directory.

"It's the dorms." Eijirou said before turning to his sensei and begging to see Izuku, Shouto also begged, and Katsuki swallowed his pride, choking out a please. Aizawa sighed he knew they would not stop until they knew the greenette was okay so he stepped aside to let them in.

"He's in his room, don't shout. Oh and be careful when you approach him, especially if you approach him from behind, it would seem he manifested a new quirk." Aizawa had a rather scary scowl on his face as he recalled what Izuku had told him Shrike had done, and what was promised if he won the sport festival. 

He knew that bastard from when he started his career as an underground hero, there was always an angle with him, and he was not to be trusted. He posed as an underground hero but Aizawa knew the truth, he was a government sanctioned killer. They sent him in to deal with heroes who decided to stray from the path of heroics by killing them discreetly, there was two others the one who was the public executioner of heroes calling himself The Silver Guillotine. He had not met the other but apparently he had some sort of quirk relating to blood. 

Though Silver Guillotine had not been in use in a very long time, long enough that he was more of a campfire story told to rookies than an actual threat. Shrike on the other hand, he was a real monster when it came to this line of work, he was given that code name due to his quirk, pinning his prey down with emotional trauma then slowly killing them piece by piece like the bird he was named after. 

Now he has come to learn that he is All for One's son, Izuku's brother or at least half-brother, with a quirk similar to Izuku's Petri Dish, no that wasn't what Shrike had called it, what was it again? Prometheus, Aizawa swore he had heard that name before somewhere important. 

He was still in thought the trio all heading to the stairwell to go to Izuku's room, Aizawa was snapped out of his thoughts by Iida.

"I am sorry to bother you Aizawa-sensei but I have to know why these dorms are no where on the school map?" Iida showed Aizawa his phone, a photo of the school grounds on it but no dorms where shown.

"I will be announcing their existence towards the end of the day, so head back to class and I will be there shortly." Iida bowed with a "Yes Aizawa-sensei" before leaving. Aizawa took his phone out and began to dial Tsukauchi's number he need to relay all this to him as well as what was written on the report Shrike had given him. It would seem that the address Izuku gave had been converted to some high end bar, so did that mean all for One moved bases? 


The trio arrived at Izuku's door, Eijirou was going to knock but Katsuki stopped him, he tried the handle first and it was open. They stepped into the room to find Izuku shirtless his back to them, he was on the floor, cross legged and hugging the All Might plusie Katsuki had gotten him, Tanpopo was by his side, his head on Izuku's leg offering a whine of comfort. Katsuki and Shouto looked at Izuku's back in confusion, there on his upper back was a tattoo of five black snakes, each with different coloured eyes. That had never been there before.

Eijirou excitedly walked forward and then fell on his ass when the tattoos sprung to life and all five snakes hissed at him. Izuku turned around to find his three lovers.

"Hey no these guys are okay." He told the snakes and they extended to each boy who stood stock still as they were ''sniffed'' by the snakes' tongues. They seemed satisfied with what they sensed and retreated back into the tattoo form.

Eijirou looked at Izuku with awe. "That's so manly as hell, you got some guard snake and a manly as hell tattoo to boot." 

"Izuku what happened?" Shouto asked, he could see the red tinting Izuku's eyes, he had been crying. Katsuki knelt before the forested boy, he stroked Izuku's face, in turn Izuku leaned into the touch, enjoying Katsuki's warm hand. 

He locked eyes with Katsuki, a bittersweet smile on his lips and unshed tears in his eyes.

"Kacchan, I remember remember everything now." It took a moment for Katsuki to process what Izuku had said but then his cherry red eyes lit up.

"So you remember when we were kids now?" Izuku nodded which made the blond smile, but Eijirou saw that Izuku was not as happy as Katsuki was.

"Zu, then why are you sad? I thought you would be happy to remember your past?" Izuku began to cry, all three of them wrapped their arms around the smaller boy, worry etched into their faces.

"Because." Izuku finally spoke up after a minute of quiet crying. "I also remember how my dad killed my mom in front of me, and he did something to me." 

Chapter Text

Hitoshi spotted a head of green hair and picked up the pace to catch up to his friend, before he could get with in a few feet Izuku turned around almost as if he knew Hitoshi was there. He did not look good, his hair was rather unkempt, the wolf tail he usually wore was undone, he had some pretty dark bags under his eyes; darker than Hitoshi's 

"Midoriya you look awful." Izuku let out a dry chuckle at the purple haired boy's statement.

"I haven't been doing good as of late, some family drama came up." Hitoshi walked besides Izuku who was slouching, Hitoshi was very worried about his friend. He looked thinner as well. Hitoshi asked if Izuku wanted to talk about it but the greenette shook his head. For the rest of the day Izuku was rather quiet, withdrawn from everyone even the trio that always hung around him during lunch and the morning before class.

Izuku got up to put his tray away, his food barely touched. As he turned around he ran into a wall of muscles, looking up he saw a very tall teen with six arms steady him before he fell. 

"Oh, I am glad to see you are doing better." Izuku looked at him with a quizzical look. "I was the one who found you outside and brought you to Recovery Girl."

It dawned on Izuku that he never asked who had found him, he had assumed it was Aizawa-sensei.

"Thank you, I'm so sorry for not finding you and thanking you for that." Izuku tried to bow and nearly fell down then and there. Shouji caught him before he hit the ground, he felt a little cold to him, so he scooped him up and carried the weakened boy to Recovery Girl; 'I wonder if this will become a regular thing' Shouji thought as he carried Izuku out the cafeteria. 


Katsuki stabbed at his spicy ramen, he wasn't feeling so hungry after what happened last night, the other two beside him also looked miserable. Izuku had snapped at all three of them and told them to leave him alone. They understood that he was going through some things, The trio wanted to be supportive of their shared boyfriend but Aizawa said it may be best to give Izuku a little bit of space. 

But Katsuki was not happy about it, he could see how depressed Izuku looked, he also noted that he was not eating food, he also hadn't feed off any of them so he must be starving. The only silver lining in all this was Aizawa had finally announced the opening of the U.A. Dorms, they would be open to the students after the sports festival and a sign up sheet was passed around. Katsuki was the first one to put his name on the paper, it seemed the entire class of 1-A had signed up for dorm life. 

So in three more days he would finally be in the same dorm as Izuku or so he hoped because Four-eyes had to go and piss on his parade when he heard him tell round face that General Education students could move into heroics but only if they did well in the Sport's Festival. That had Katsuki worried, Izuku had so much piled on him these last two weeks he wasn't sure if the greenette would make it into heroics. 

Shouto also shared this concern, if he didn't make it into the Hero Course Izuku would be moved to the Gen Ed Dorms. Eijirou had chew them both out for not believing in Izuku, but they both knew that Eijirou was just stressed and worried about Izuku's health.

"Hey Bakugou."

"What froggy?" Katsuki growled out rather harshly, Tsuyu didn't so much as flinch at the blond's tone.

"I think your boyfriend is ill. Kero~" Katsuki dropped his fork and turned to her telling her to repeat that. "I saw him talking to Shouji-kun and he didn't look too good, it looked like he fainted and Shouji must have taken him to the infirmary." 

With that Katsuki, Shouto, and Eijirou bolted up from the table running out of the cafetirita with Iida shouting after them.

"Well it looks like Kaminari owes me 500 yen." Momo said while taking a sip of her juice. Mina turned to her asking what she meant by that. "Well it's obvious they are all dating the same boy." She said rather matter-of-factly. Denki mourned the loss of his money as he handed it to Yaoyorozu. 


Shouji had no idea how he gotten to this point but his mind was drowning in the lustful sight under him, he was buried deep in the green haired boy who was making all kinds of erotic noises with each trust. All he could remember was taking him to the infirmary then being overwhelmed by this powerful, and wonderful aroma. Next thing he knew they were both naked in the locker room. 

Izuku reached up to take off Shouji's mask but he used his quirk to make a hand, stopping him. 

"No, please no. I don't want you to see." Shouji was insecure about the secret under his mask, but Izuku used his quirk and what looked to be five black snakes appeared from his back and flipped Shouji so that Izuku was on top, while still riding his dick. Izuku reached up once more and tugged the mask down, Shouji closed his eyes he didn't want to see the look of disgust on Izuku's face.

A gentle hand traced the scar that ran horizontally along his cheek starting from the corner of his lip to the bottom of his ear, it mirrored the on one on the left side of his face, a permanent reminder of his troubled childhood. He felt light kisses long the scar, tears formed in Mezo's eyes and Izuku kissed them away.

"Aren't you disgusted?" Mezo asked in a shaky voice. Izuku replied with a deep kiss, he took Mezo's hand and lead it to his right side, letting him feeling the rough skin along there, with his other hand he lead Mezo's left hand to his back along where the worse of the scarring was. Mezo traced the scars, he even made extra hands to touch the green haired boy all over. 

"Scars don't bother me, I rather like them." Izuku ground himself down on Mezo's dick making the taller boy moan in pleasure, he picked up the pace grabbing a handful of Mezo's pecs to steady himself, he felt Mezo shoot inside him, then a second time, and a final third time. Both boys were very satisfied, and very sweaty. Izuku eased himself off the rather thick organ with a groan and a pop before stretching himself across Mezo's body. 

"I have no idea how we got to this point but I am not really going to complain." Mezo ran a hand through Izuku's hair, untangling some of the knots in the green locks. 

"How about we clean up in the shower? While we are in there I'll tell you what happened." Izuku stood up and offered his hand to Mezo who took it. True to his word Izuku explained the whole incubus situation to Mezo who listened with no judgement whatsoever. 

After another three rounds of shower sex, Mezo offered himself up to Izuku whenever he needed him. By the time the two were done they had apparently missed a class, so a quick kiss goodbye Mezo put the mask back in place and left to go get lectured by Iida. Izuku sent a quick text to Aizawa-sensei telling him that Mezo was with him earlier helping him out cause he had felt dizzy, with that he headed to his homeroom. 


The Trio were rather on edge, they stormed the infirmary once again nearly getting a cane to the rear end from Recovery Girl. She told them that no Izuku had not been to her office all day. So they tore through the places they thought he could be at only to find no trace of him or Octodad. They hadn't seen him in the last class either so now it was the last class of the day when they saw the six-armed teen walk in to class they expected Aizawa to lecture him about being late, but he just nodded at him and he sat down at his desk.

Katsuki was bursting to find out where the hell he had been as well as to where in the hell was Izuku. It was arduous waiting for the school day to end and he could see shitty hair also was antsy. Finally the bell rang Katsuki was nearly out of his seat when Aizawa announced that there would be signup sheet for reserving some gym time to train before the Sports Festival. 

After that they were free to go, Katsuki got up in Shoji's personal space growling.

"What the fuck did you do to Izuku?! Where is he?!" Eijirou held Katsuki back, telling him to calm down. He had drawn the attention of the remaining students as well as Aizawa, who let out a tired sigh before he walked over to the boys.

"Bakugou, Izuku is fine; he is at Gym Alpha for quirk training. If you want to see him go there and stop disrupting the peace." Katsuki eyed Mezo with an angry glare before leaving with Eijirou and Shouto in tow. At least Eijirou had apologized, Shoji had a rather wicked idea to head to gym alpha just to see Izuku again. 

He had to wonder on that for a moment, was he becoming addicted to the green haired boy? Would that be so bad, a small part of him thought. He gave in and headed to Gym Alpha. Aizawa had a feeling that Izuku had collected another boy to his harem. A tired sigh left the pro hero and he gathered what he needed before he headed out to have a little chat with Shrike.


"Your quirk is coming along nicely Midoriya-kouhai." Mirio gave his underclassman praise as he managed to hit the set up targets with his Magnetism quirk, he had gotten better at controlling the power output of his railgun technique but accuracy was still a work in progress. 

"You're a pretty good teacher Toogata-senpai." Izuku said he was feeling better than he had all day, was it because he had finally fed, his mind seemed to be in order finally. Mirio had him do a couple of exercises and another quirk drill, then they began work on Izuku's new quirk.

He dubbed them Serpent Guards, it was an accurate name, they would act on their own if Izuku was in trouble by popping out and attacking anything coming at him. They had a max reach of 30 meters, Izuku could also see through them with a little concentration but it left him feeling a little woozy afterwards even more so when he tried to see out of all five, that was a big headache.

The snakes also had unique abilities of their own, Izuku figured out that their eye colour corresponded to a their ability. Izuku had his notebook out and his senpai with Amajiki standing by the back wall watching the two of them. He also discovered the snakes obeyed his mental commands, Mirio found that so cool, Tamaki spoke up from the wall.

"You should name them, it would make it easier for you to use them.

That was a good idea, so Izuku tried each one giving them a name as he did. The first one up was a cyan eyed one, he gave the mental command the snake opened its mouth fangs appearing, from the mouth a powerful spray of water in a single stream shot out scouring the wall at the far end. Izuku made a notes, the water was also coming out at scalding temperatures. he named it Mizu.

He then had the green eyed one go next, this shot mud out of its mouth which seemed to harden right away as it hit the dummy. The snake also gave Izuku the ability to manipulate wood and plants as long as it was touching the ground, it also worked on the mud that the snake produced allowing him to mold the mud into any shape. He named this one Doro.

There was a red eyed one Izuku guessed that maybe it had a fire based attack but he was shocked, no pun intended, to learn that it shot out red lightning. It could either shoot it out as a stream or as orbs of lightning. Izuku discovered a combo using his Magnetism Manipulation and this lightning, he could manipulate the lightning really easily, he used the lightning to make whips and even small projectiles that he could control. He gave this one the name Shogeki.

There was the violet eyed snake that had a poisonous mist attack, but it could also shoot it out as bubbles, liquid, or even in gunky chunks. The poison was also acidic as it ate through the dummy, some more Izuku used it the more he discovered that he could control the levels of toxicity and acidic content. Izuku named this one Doku.

The final one had eyes like Moonstones, one would think it was blind, this snake had metallic fangs that were very small, more like the teeth of an anaconda unlike it's, brothers? sisters? who had regular fangs. This one's bite seemed to make things susceptible to his Magnetism Manipulation. Izuku tried it on a cloth dummy but he could not use his magnetism quirk on it, so after a bit of research and Mirio volunteering against both Izuku's and Tamaki's protest.

The snake nipt Mirio and the effect was instantaneous, Izuku could use his magnetism to lift Mirio and even make him move like a puppet. So the bite only worked on organic things. But the snake was not done from its mouth the snake sprayed out what looked like mercury coating the dummy, the liquid took the shape of the target. It was liquid metal, and it seemed Izuku could use his magnetism to remove the metal and use it like he could with the lightning. 

He stroked the snakes head like one would a cat and it seemed to enjoy it he named this one Kinzoku. The other snakes also wanted head pats and strokes all pressed against Izuku's cheeks and hands, he let out a giggle and tried to pet them all. Mirio and Tamaki came over and Mizu snuggled up to Tamaki, while Doro wanted attention from Mirio.

"Hey Izuku, all these guys have the same colour of black scales and alabaster tongues, but their heads are are all different." Mirio scratched under Doro's chin who really like that. Tamaki and Izuku took out their phones looking up pictures of snakes to match them to Izuku's snakes. 

"I found them." Izuku read the article's title. Taking out his notebook he had Doku hold his phone while he wrote the names down,

  • Mizu: Faint-banded Sea Snake
  • Doku: Inland Taipan
  • Shogeki: Black Mamba
  • Doro: Yellow Chin Fer-de-Lance
  • Kinzoku: Brazilian Rainbow Boa 

"Looks like the one that spits out metal is the only one that is not a venomous snake." Tamaki said looking over Izuku's shoulder to read his notes. The three of them looked up as they heard arguing outside the gym. They went to the door peeked outside to see Katsuki, Shouto, Eijirou, and even Mezo all looking like they were ready for a fight with Katsuki's palms sparking, Eijirou had both his arms hardened, Shouto's left side was covered in frost as was the ground under his foot. Mezo had made several fist with his quirk. 

All four of them were staring down the last person Izuku wanted to see at the moment. "What the hell are you doing here?!" His shout drew the attention of those outside the gym.

"well hey there Baby Brother, I came by to see how your were doing, heard you may have had a bad reaction." Izuku's snakes all let out loud hisses at the assassin and Izuku just glared at his half-brother. Once he actually got a good look at him he noted that he wasn't wearing his gear or helmet instead it was a simple pair of sunglasses, blue jeans, and a black tank top that showed some truly deep scars along his arms, as well as what appeared to be a series of numbers tattooed along his forearm. 

He also bared rather familiar needle marks in the crook of his left elbow. Without his helmet he could see that Shrike had jet black hair with a tuft of snow white on the right side of his head, the same colour that his or should Izuku say their dad had. The scars did distract from the fact that Shrike had some powerful looking arms, they could put Mirio's to shame and that's no easy feat. 

"Wait did this bastard just call you baby brother?" Katsuki asked a bit confused, he remembered that Izuku said his brother was Shigaraki and this guy did not look anything like that dry lipped son of a bitch. Before Izuku could explain Shrike was caught by two long strips of cloth and fell back on his ass.

"Well hey there Shouta, we really should stop meeting like this, there will be gossip." The assassin gave a shit eating grin as Aizawa had his erasure on him, reeling him in towards the pro hero.

"Oh good, I won't have to go hunting you down." Aizawa dragged Shrike off without another word. But Shrike had to get the last word in.

"Oy Peppermint, Pomeranian you two stay out of Izuku's pants. You did not get proper permission from his older brother before you courted him, so you better follow proper procedure or I will cut ya dicks off. Red we cool, you can bone him anytime. I don't know you Octopus but you seem alright, so same rule as Red applies to you." 

Izuku just hid his face in his hands as the insane bastard that was his brother was carted off by his teacher. 

Chapter Text

Aizawa glared at the other man across the table from him, he had dragged him to the teacher's lounge unfortunately All Might was there having a cup of tea so now he had an audience to his interrogation, guess he couldn't use anything illegal to get the truth out of Shrike.

As for the assassin he was sitting on the couch with his boots up on the table, a lazy smile on his freckled face. Aizawa saw the family resembles between Shrike and Izuku, but Toshinori was shaken by how much this young man before him looked like All for One.  

"So you wanted to chat?" Shrike's tone was all nonchalant like Aizawa's lethal glare was nothing, which offended Aizawa greatly his glare could make villians wet themselves but this kid sat there like they were just here for a nice cup of tea. "Cut the dad look Shouta, I've faced actual scary things so it's not exactly making me shake in my boots." Shrike took his sunglasses off to show off his eyes, Toshinori spat out blood and tea at the shattered looking eyes, some blood dripped out of his eyes and Shrike dapped it away with a handkerchief. 

"What is wrong with your eyes?" Aizawa was deeply disturbed by how casual Shrike was, he should be in tremendous pain by the look of how badly injured his eyes looked.

"Backlash from using my quirk to walk through people's minds." More blood dripped from his eyes. "I would create a healing quirk but then I lose one of the other quirks I have inventoried." 

"What do you mean by that?" Toshinori was greatly curious now, did this young man possess the All for One quirk or something similar. Shrike took a moment to answer the blond man.

"I don't want to say because if I tell you then you'll just turn around and tell Izuku, which is something I don't want him to know until he's won the sports festival." Shrike picked up the cup Toshinori had poured for him taking a sip then making a grimace. "Got any sugar around?" 

"DAMMIT SHRIKE TALK!!" Shouta slammed his hands on the table. 


"What do you mean about? About Izuku, your father, about you?" Aizawa was growing frustrated with Shrike; Shrike raised his hands in surrender then extended his pinky finger to Aizawa who looked at it with a confused look.

"I'll talk but both of you have to swear, pinky swear, to not breathe a word of what I am about to tell you to Izuku. I am the one who gets to tell him all this." Shrike finished with a mad grin on his face. 

"You're fucking with us aren't you?" Aizawa looked a the assassin with disbelief. 

"Nope, now either pinky swear or I have to leave, got an assignment from the higher ups something about heroes dropping like flies in alleyways."

Toshinori wrapped his pinky around Shrikes promising, then he offered his pinky to Aizawa who let out a long sigh before also wrapping his pinky around Shrikes promising to not tell Izuku anything. 

"Well gents sit back and get comfy cause this is a long story.


I was curled up on the bare cot my body hurting after the doctor was done injecting me, my veins itched and I wanted to scratch them raw, but last time I had bleed to much and Father was mad, he thought I was trying to escape so he punished me by taking away the quirk that stopped the pain. His arms were littered with cuts and scars, the doctor did them all to see how his new quirks would react. 

Tears fell from my eyes and with one of the new quirks I used them to make ice, the ice felt good on the needle marks. He missed the quirk that let him make little machines, it was the closest he had to friends. I could feel the movement of the doctors above me, it must be close to another experiment time. I fell asleep because what could I do. If I tried to run Father would just find me and hurt me again, I can't escape.

"Looks like you can only hold three quirks at a time Mozu-kun, everytime you make a new one, one you already have is removed, at random it would seem." Dr.Tsusa was writing down the results. "Such a pity that every time All for One tries to take one of those quirks they disappear, and trying to store any quirks in you only results in damages to your body and psyche." 

I just sat on the examination table staring blankly at the floor, barely listening to the man before me. A new scar ran along my back, backlash from Father trying to implant a new quirk in me. 

"You would think after 14 years in your body that Prometheus would grow stronger, but that's the problem with an artificial quirk, so unpredictable." Tsusa check him over once more jotting down more things on a clipboard. "Well at least the improved version is working well inside your little brother, he's developed a pretty powerful quirk. Even if he did have to be hurt by Shigaraki."

I looked up at the doctor, did he say I had a little brother? He was being hurt like me, I had to save him. Rescue him! But that thought was drowned away by the dark though of Father. He would hurt me, tears forming in his eyes. He couldn't help him, not as long as Father was alive. 

'Then let's kill him.' I was startled by such a thought, he couldn't kill him, he was too powerful, and he was too weak, useless, worthless. 

'So will you let him suffer here? Escape, find help. KILL FATHER!' I gripped the table hard knuckles turning white. I would escape, find my brother, and I would KILL ALL FOR ONE!!


"Hmm? What is it Mozu-kun?" Dr.Tsusa turned to look at me I drove the new quirk I made into his chest. The man looked down at the pitch black spike that was drive through him. 

"I wanted to show you my new quirks." I said with a rather evil smile on my face. I drove the black spike deeper killing the man, next I began to drink his blood using another quirk he made to allow him to take the man's form, he stripped the corpse for the clothes and ID badge. He was out in the hallway in a short time.


I was out at the door leading out the facility. Looking back I bared witness to the wake of death I had left behind. Corpses on the black torn quirk, and others pin to the ground. Tsusa was right he could only use three quirks at a time, what he was wrong about was the fact that he lost the other quirks, they just stayed in him dormant until he switched them out, but he could only keep four of them dormant, making a new one he would have to chose one to lose. 

I was about to head out when a voice came over one of the walkie talkies. It said that All for One had been injured and needed Dr. Tsusa there now. Well that was going to be difficult for the doctor to do, I couldn't help but smile at the thought of him suffering maybe he will die from his injuries. He heard another call come in saying that a boy named Izuku had escaped, it was a call to find him.

Was that his little brother? Izuku, he needed to find him. But he didn't even know what he looked like, he needed to gather information first then he would find his little brother, keep him safe, and then together they would kill All for One.


Toshinori could only feel sympathy for the young man before him. The horrors he had gone through at the hands of All for One, how could a father do that to his own sons.

Aizawa was conflicted by what he heard, he still could not trust Shrike, the things he had done painted him as a monster in Shouta's eyes. But he now knew why he was such monster, still he felt some sympathy for him, just a little.

"So this Prometheus that you and Izuku have is an artificial quirk made by All for One's scientist and it was forced inside of both of you, but why though?" Aizawa took a sip of his tea, it had grown a tad cold. 

"All for One cannot be passed on through genetics, neither can the quirks taken by it. So since he could not pass on his legacy he decided to try and create a new one. That's what Prometheus is, his Magnum Opus. A quirk that can create other quirks for him to take and give as he chooses, but everytime he took one of mine it would stop working. So I became a guinea pig for Prometheus 2.0 which is what Izuku has. But it seems that Izuku can't create new quirks at will rather he generates new quirks at random when in response to harm coming to him."

Shrike stood up stretching as he did, his shirt lifted a little and Aizawa saw a flash of more scars. Just how many did he have? 

"Do you think that Midoriya-Shounen will handle this well?"

"Have some faith in my baby brother, he's a lot stronger than you give him credit for."

"What if he can't handle it?" Aizawa asked, eyeing the assassin with a curious look.

"He can, and that is why I will only tell him when he wins the Sports Festival." 

"And if he doesn't win?" Toshinori asked

"He will because I have set the carrot before him and he really wants that carrot." Shrike headed for the door thanking Toshinori for the tea. 

"Your lying aren't you?"


"You'll tell him regardless whether he wins or loses, you're just giving him a goal to strive for."

"I'm not lying Shouta, I'm just using a Logical Ruse." Shrike winked at the pro hero before leaving. Aizawa couldn't help the dry chuckle that escaped him, He would have to keep a closer eye on Izuku now, something told him Shrike would be a more present figure in his life. Hell would freeze over before he let someone like Izuku who had talent for Heroics be turned into a government wetboy like Shriek. 

"Two sons, both abused by this man. I feel like all this is my fault, if only I had taken All for One down sooner then perhaps both these young men could have had normal lives." Toshinori had a deep frown on his face. He had passed the torch of One for All to young Toogata Mirio, burdening him with facing All for One, he felt like a failure as a hero and as a teacher. 

"There's no point in wallowing in the past. Shrike may be beyond our help, but Izuku is not. It is our duty as heroes and teachers to make sure he stays on the right path and help him become a great hero." Aizawa clapped All Might on the back before leaving All Might alone.

"Is he really beyond our help?" Toshinori asked the empty room, before finishing his tea. 


Izuku snuggled into Katsuki's chest, Eijirou was spooning him from behind, Shouto was snuggled up to Katsuki with Shoji spooning him. After some explaining on his part about who Shrike was to Izuku, and the boys told Izuku that Shrike had basically told them they could not date him without properly asking him first for permission. That had pissed Izuku off, so this asshole shows up attacks Izuku, teases him with answers, then threatens his boyfriends. 

Next time Shrike shows up Izuku was going to smack him. The four of them stayed to help Izuku train freeing Toogata and Amajiki to head off on a date.

Two hours later the four of them had returned to the dorms. Izuku told them that Shoji had offered himself to help out in feeding Izuku's incubus quirk. Katsuki was a little miffed but he sighed and just accepted Shoji as part of the group. This is what lead to the group orgy, as Izuku had expended a great deal of energy training and not eating properly earlier that day. 

"At this rate your going to collect the whole heroics course." Katsuki said with a huff, gently stroking Izuku's cheek earning him a soft and content noise from the greenette.

"Would it be so bad if he did?" Shouto asked snuggling closer to the blond, who turned his face so he could kiss the bicoloured boy. Shoji created a mouth from one of his tentacles a smile on it. 

"There are some rather good looking guys in class." 

"I doubt every guy in class is gay." Eijirou said sleepily, he wrapped his arm tighter around Izuku's waist kissing the nape of his neck. 

"I mean I'm not." Shoji said, that drew the attention of the other four. 

"Wait MezChan your straight?!" Izuku suddenly felt a flair of guilt, did his Incubus quirk do this to Shoji, make him want Izuku when he wouldn't normally. 

"No, not straight either." This confused the others. "I'm Pansexual." Shoji took a moment to explain what that was. 

"It's getting late, I think we should get cleaned up and start heading home, we can meet up tomorrow after class to train some more." Eijirou spoke up, he got up taking Izuku with him bridal style. "Shall we go get cleaned up Zu?" Eijirou flashed him a big grin.

"Oy Shitty Hair, don't be hogging him." Katsuki threw a towel at Eijirou.


Izuku was snuggling into his big All Might plush, he was fresh and clean from the bath and Katsuki had made him Katsudon before leaving so he was well feed. There was a knock on his door, he opened it to see Shochan with an extra pillow and blanket, he was also in just his boxer briefs. 

"Can we have another sleepover?" Izuku gushed at how cutely Shouto asked.

"Course Shochan, you're always welcomed in my room." Izuku stepped aside to let him in, Shouto made it in a few feet when he was stopped by a knife being flung into his path. Both boys looked at the balcony the sliding door was opened and a figure stood there, more knives in hand.

"Yo Peppermint didn't I say none of that without properly asking his older brother first?!" Shrike was on his balcony threatening Shouto. "Sup baby bro." Shrike did not expect to suddenly get hit in the face by a snake and he nearly went over the railing. "what the hell Izuku?!"

"Don't you 'what the hell' me you ass, you don't have any right to be threatening my boyfriends."

"I have every right as your older brother." 

The two of them were arguing back and forth while Shouto stood there awkwardly, he was going to take the time during the sleepover to tell Izuku about the news of his family. How they wanted to meet him, especially his older brother Touya, but seeing how Izuku's older brother was acting he was suddenly scared that Touya would act like that when it came to Izuku dating Shouto and the other boys. 

Chapter Text

Shouto was sweating with nerves, he was going to see his mom for the first time in several years. He had told Izuku, Katsuki, and Eijirou the story of his scar. He had forgiven his mom a long time ago, he knew it was not her fault, but Endeavor. Yet he was really nervous, so much so he spent the day hiding away in the dorms with Tanpopo keeping him company missing out on the meeting he was supposed to have. He had talked to Fuyumi over the phone apologising but he did not feel ready to see his brothers and mom, just yet, especially by himself. 

Katsuki surprised Shouto by talking with Nedzu arranging for Shouto's family to come to the dorms and meet him on familiar grounds with Izuku, Eijirou, and Katsuki to offer support. So the day before The Sports Festival they arranged a meeting. So Izuku was making food for the Todoroki's while Shouto was sandwiched between Katsuki and Eijirou, with Tanpopo on his lap, the bicoloured boy was doing breathing exercises that Izuku showed him, he learned them from Amajiki-senpai. 

He wasn't sure how his family would react to the fact he was dating three boys, he didn't have time to ponder it since the dorm door opened and in came Nedzu and his family followed along with Aizawa. Shouto stood up, unfortunately he forgot Tanpopo was on his lap dropping the little dog to the ground with an ungraceful thump, and an indignant bark before he went to the kitchen to see his master. 

Shouto was hugged immediately by Fuyumi, she let go after a few second and gently pushed him towards his other family members. Natsuo drew him into a tight brotherly hug, ruffling his hair and chatting a mile a minute. He hadn't seen Natsuo since he was maybe five, he had an energy that reminded him of Eijirou, he was handed off to Touya.

He couldn't remember Touya all too much, he had been really little when Touya left. His eldest brother had bandages covering both his arms, from fingertips to elbow. He also had bandages around his neck and a surgical mask covering the burn marks that Endeavor had given him. Shouto stood there awkwardly looking at his brother, he no longer had red hair but it was dyed black.

"Don't tell me you're too old to give your big brother a hug." Touya said breaking the silence. Shouto walked up and gingerly hugged him, he was worried that he would hurt Touya, but his eldest brother had no issue, hugging his baby brother hard. 

Now for the hardest part of the hugs, his mom stood there watching her children hug each other with a smile. Shouto stood a few feet away from Rei, her smile never leaving her face as she held her arms open to Shouto. He melted in that hug, tears flowed from his eyes, Rei apologised over and over again for hurting him but Shouto shook his head telling her that he never blamed her. The moment was cartathic for the two of them, both shedding tears.

Katsuki and Eijirou felt like they were intruding, they excused themselves to go and help Izuku in the kitchen giving the Todoroki's privacy.

"So which one of them are you dating?" Natsuo asked taking a seat, Shouto was sitting next to his mom and Touya sitting next to her while Fuyumi took the open seat besides Natsuo. 

"Natsuo could you at least ask Shouto how he is doing before trying to dig up his love life." Fuyumi chastised her brother who rubbed the back of his head sheepishly.

"Ah come on Fuyumi, you also want to know who laid claim to our baby brother's heart." 

"Natsuo has a point, he and I need to fulfill our brotherly duty to judge anyone who dares date our younger siblings; and since you have yet to date anyone, Fuyumi, we must pass judgement on the guy who is dating Shouto." Touya spoke very matter of factly. 

Rei couldn't help but laugh at her two sons antics. She turned to look at Shouto and saw him looking down with a frown, she wondered what could be causing him to frown.

"Shouto what's wrong?" she asked causing him to look up, he tried to give her a smile but it was rather forced. 

"It's nothing." as he said that Katsuki and Eijirou came back to the common room carrying trays of snacks, as they showed up Shouto's smile became more genuine, his eyes softer. and when a boy with green hair came in with a tray of drinks, Shouto's smile was very bright now. Rei began to put things together.

The boys set the trays down on the coffee tables, Izuku then took the opportunity to properly introduce himself.

"Hello, I am Midoriya Izuku. It's a pleasure to meet you." He bowed to the Todoroki's, Touya was the first to speak up.

"So you are the one who our dear baby brother is dating. So tell me what are your intentions with him?" 

"Touya!" Fuyumi's tone was a warning, as she glared at her eldest brother. Natsuo also joined in with Touya, but backed off when Fuyumi shot him a warning glare. 

"Well my intention is to date him as long as he wants to date me." Izuku said with a bright smile. Touya and Natsuo felt their heart skip a beat at the bright smile. This child was too pure they both thought.

"That's a rather nonchalant thing to say." Touya recovered first from being hit by Izuku's smile. 

"Well our situation is rather unique." Izuku said sharing a secretive look with Shouto. The other Todoroki's missed it but not Rei, she had an inkling as to what Izuku meant.

"Unique in what way, Midoriya-kun?" Fuyumi had gotten curious when Izuku said that. 

"Um well you see." Izuku looked at Shouto silently asking for help. Shouto swallowed the lump in his throat, stood up and walked over to the trio taking Katsuki's, and Eijirou's hand in his they both stood up, and Izuku did as well, taking Eijirou's other hand in his.

"I am also dating Eijirou and Katsuki, who are also dating Izuku and they are also dating each other." Fuyumi, Natsuo, and Touya were currently experiencing brain.exe malfunction. Rei had a soft smile on her face, she stood up and approached the boys, she bowed to them and said.

"Please take good care of my son." 

"Woah mom your okay with this?!" Natsuo asked his tone earned him a smack from Fuyumi. "I don't mean it's a bad thing, it's just confusion. I mean how does this even work?" 

"It works fine." Katsuki said rather sharply. Touya eyed the four of them, an unreadable expression on his face. 

"The only thing that matters is that Shouto is happy." Fuyumi said she like her mom bowed to the three boys. "Please take good care of my little brother."

"I guess Fuyumi is right, as long as you're happy Shou, but if any of you hurt him you'll be dealing with me and Touya. Got it." Natsuo crossed his arms across his chest and put on his best big brother face.

"Hold up, I cannot accept this." Touya spoke up finally. "As the eldest I am now the one in charge of the household, so if you want to date Shouto you must do it properly and ask his eldest brother for permission." Touya gave the three boys a hard look. Izuku, Katsuki, and Eijirou all sweat dropped at that. Touya words were a little too similar to a certain someone's words.

"Well I guess we still have things in common huh, Dabi?" Everyone turned to see a new person leaning against the sliding glassdoor. It was Shrike, wearing a white button down shirt and a grey undershirt, the blue jeans and boots present as well as his sunglasses. 

"What are you doing here?! How did you even get in here?!" Katsuki glared at the older boy. Shrike walked over and flicked Katsuki's nose.

"It's called a door. Zu-zu your boy toy is an idiot, he losses brownie points for that." Katsuki made a rather indignant noise and was about to take a swipe at Shrike but Izuku stopped him.

"It's just like you to show up out of the blue huh, Shrike." Touya was in disbelief at the fact that his ex-boyfriend, who had disappeared one night was standing there, looking just as good as he did when they were teenagers. 

"Wait you know him?" Shouto asked his older brother, how did his oldest brother know Izuku's older brother? Touya cleared his throat before answering, Shouto could see a faint blush on his brother's face. 

"We were sort of intimate with each other for a time." Touya said, Shrike just gave Touya a lecherous smile. 

"Oh is that what the kids are calling it? Sort of intimate?" Shrike took a snack from the tray on the table. "If that's the new term for it then I guess your little brother is "Sort of Intimate" with my baby brother." Shrike put his boots up on the table.

"Shrike! Feet off the table!!" Izuku yelled at his brother.

"What's that?" Shrike had a shit eating grin on his face as he looked at Izuku, the greenette could only sigh he knew what Shrike wanted him to say, they had this conversation last night as they argued about Shouto staying in his room. 

"Aniki, feet off the table." Shrike complied. 

"You never mentioned you had a younger brother." Touya was looking over Shrike he looked a lot better than when they were younger, less frail.

"I could say the same thing, but then again you never used your real name." Shrike grabbed another snack.

"Those are for our guest, Aniki." 

"What? I'm not a guest?" 

"No you're an annoyance." Katsuki spoke up still glaring at Shrike.

"You also never used your real name with me." Touya pointed that out to the other boy.

"Shrike is my real name. But we're getting off track. Izuku you need to ask Touya if it's okay to date Shouto." Shrike said it rather sagely.

"Wait, what?!" Izuku was not expecting that. 

"You heard me Ototo. If you want to properly date your boyfriends, and Katsuki, you need to ask the eldest male in the household for their permission to date their brother or son." 

"Don't use my name so casually you pain in the ass!" Katsuki yelled at Shrike.

"That's Mr. Pain-in-the-ass to you." A glowing arm appeared out of thin air and flicked Katsuki on the nose again, the arm then high fived Shrike.

"Aniki we talked about using your quirk on my boyfriends." 

"They are not your boyfriends until you go through proper procedures. So I can use my quirks on them all I want until you do." 

"You're never going to let this go are you?" Izuku was getting tired of his brother's bullshit.

"I will die on this hill, Zu-zu." Shrike gave Izuku that stupid grin; sighing Izuku went up to Touya and bowed. 

"Todoroki-san, I would like your permission to date your youngest brother, Shouto." 

Touya took a minute to let Izuku stew before answering.


"What just like that?!" Katsuki looked at the oldest Todoroki.

"Yeah that easy, so you two are you going to ask?" Touya asked Eijirou and Katsuki, both of them asked as well and Touya gave his blessing.

"See? Easy peasy. Now is there something you want to ask me?" Shrike leaned back on the couch with a smirk on his lips.

Eijirou was the first to ask him for permission to date Izuku, Shrike gave it without hesitation. But when Shouto and Katsuki asked they were denied.

"What the hell?!" Katsuki shouted, Shouto also mirrored this sentiment.

"Now, now no need to get your panties in a knot. I will give you permission to date Izuku, but only to one who wins the Sports Festival."

"Shrike you said that I had to win the sports festival for you to tell me everything."

"I did, and that condition is still there."

"I don't need your stupid permission to date Deku." 


"You two are aware that I can take you out and no one will ever find the bodies." Shrike said with a cold tone, that gave Katsuki and Shouto pause, but Rei spoke up addressing the assassin.

"I do hope you are aware I can deep freeze your ass and store you deep under the Todoroki estate." She took a sip of her tea like a bad bitch. Shrike let out a loud laugh.

"Damn, I have never felt more attracted to a woman in all my life." 

"I would break you in half." Rei said with a smirk.

"Don't threaten me with a good time." Shrike said with lecherous grin.

"MOM! Stop flirting with my ex." Touya pleaded with Rei, Natsuo and Fuyumi were trying hard to erase this conversation from their minds.

"Okay, all kidding aside I will sweeten the deal. Shouto, Katsuki, Eijirou." Shrike addressed the boys. "Whichever one of you wins the Sports Festival, will receive an invitation from me to intern at the agency I work for which will fast track you to being the number one hero, as well as me paying for a building to start your own hero agency. Oh and I will give you my blessing to marry Izuku and pay for the wedding." 

Shrike watched all three boy's faces, they kept a neutral expression but he could see he lit the fires of competitiveness in Katsuki's eyes, as well as Shouto's, Eijirou was harder to read. Everyone thought the boy was easy to read but that was more than likely a ruse, because Shrike could see him working his odds out in his head. 

Good this was all going according to his plan. 

"But do keep in mind that this will also apply to anyone who wins first place. So not only will you be competing with each other, but with the entire school; Izuku included." Shrike smiled into his drink, ignoring the murderous glare his baby brother was giving him. This was for his benefit after all.

Chapter Text

Stressful was a word Izuku was all too familiar with, a day before the Sport Festival Izuku had some rather odd encounters with three other boys from Class 1-A, he was training in the Gamma Gym by himself when he began to feel rather faint, he had been putting his feedings on hold because Katsuki, Shouto, and Eijirou were also training and he did not want to impose on them. Izuku had then blacked out and when he came to he was in the locker room cuddling into a blond boy's chest, he thought it was Kacchan at first but the tail wrapped around him, it made him feel safe having that big, fleshy appendage wrapped around him. 

He also had a boy with black hair and odd looking elbows at his back and a third boy with platinum blond hair cuddling into the blond with the tail. How this had happened he was not sure, but he was not looking forward to the conversation when they woke up. in a very un-Izuku like move he wiggled free from the tail, got changed and left, not noticing the bite marks on all three boys, blood drying on them. 

Izuku felt guilt and shame burning deep in his stomach, Shinsou had asked him if he was okay since he hadn't touched his katsudon. Izuku told him he was just nervous about tomorrow. He looked over to class 1-A, normally he would sit with his trio but he spotted the three boys he ended up with earlier and the guilt deepened. It was rather odd how they were acting like nothing had happened. He wanted to talk to his boyfriends but Shouto, and Katsuki had been acting weird ever since Shrike told them what they would get if they win the Sport Festival. Katsuki had become a tad more aggressive and Shouto was distant, cold even.

At least Eijirou was the same, he had been more attentive to Izuku, trying to keep the peace between all of them. Izuku was heading back to class when he began to feel a strange sensation around his tailbone, it felt odd at first but then it grew painful as something grew from there. Just as soon as the pain began it subsided, Izuku looked back and his eyes grew wide in shock.


Aizawa entered the infirmary he had received a message from Izuku, he needed to talk to him apparently, Recovery Girl was sitting at her desk writing something looking up she pointed to the curtains before speaking. "He's at the far cot by the window, Shrike is with him." 

She went back to writing her reports after Aizawa thanked her. The pro hero walked past the curtains, spotting the two brothers angrily whispering back and forth, Izuku looked like he was about to throttle the older boy. As he got closer something rose above Izuku's head giving Aizawa pause, their towering above Izuku was a great white snake, with luminous indigo eyes, staring right at Aizawa. 

Izuku suddenly turned to face Aizawa, who noted he had tear streaks down his face, which was contorted into a mix of anger, sadness, and guilt. Suddenly Aizawa found himself being hugged by the greenette who was mumbling into his stomach, his body shaking, the snake Aizawa noted was attached to Izuku like a tail. Its indigo eyes staring right into Aizawa's. 

After Izuku had calmed down enough he told Aizawa what had happened, crying as he retold the event of this morning. The guilt was really affecting the greenette, Aizawa gently stroked the boy's hair to help him calm down, telling him that he was not at fault; which was true, it was Izuku's quirk more than Izuku's fault since the forested boy had no control over it. 

Aizawa was not sure what to make of this new addition to Izuku, but he made a mental note to send an order for specially tailored pants since the ones he was wearing were being pushed down by the snake. 

"He won't tell me anything about why this is happening, he keeps saying that I have to win the Sport Festival." Aizawa gently smiled at the childish sounding tone Izuku had, Aizawa let out a dramatic sigh for show. 

"Head back to the dorms, I will let Thirteen know that you are excused meanwhile I'll have a chat with your brother." Izuku looked down at his red sneakers, he was quiet before he spoke up. 

"Aizawa-sensei, what about the three boys. I..." Aizawa laid a gentle hand on his shoulder cutting him off. 

"I will talk to them, if they want to talk to you we can set up a meeting so you can explain things." Izuku nodded before he left, but he paused before the curtain he shifted his shirt so the white snake slipped under it and it wound itself around Izuku's waist, he then adjusted the shirt if you didn't look to close then it would not stand out. Aizawa guessed Izuku was not ready to show off this new addition. 

"Start talking." Aizawa sat down across from Shrike in the teacher's lounge. 

"Izuku's quirk is mutating." Shrike said a little too casually, he stood up and used the coffee pot to make the two of them some brew, Aizawa looked at the man with disbelief.

"What do you mean? which quirk is mutating?" 

"It seems Incubus and Prometheus have decided to merge." Shrike poured Aizawa a cup of black coffee handing it to him, before pouring his own with lots of cream and sugar much like his younger brother.

"How do you know that?" 

"You're not the only one who knows someone with an analytical quirk, we have a lab worker like that back at Dairiten who can reverse engineer quirks from a single piece of someone. I gave him one of Izuku's hairs and he drew up an interesting report."

Shrike pulled out a folded piece of paper handing to Aizawa, taking it and unfolding it Aizawa scanned over the words, a frown forming on his face.

"He's taking quirks from everyone he sleep with?" 

"No he's creating forms of the quirks of the people he drinks blood from." Shrike took a sip of his coffee. "Incubus feeds off energy produced when he and another person have sex, but it seems that Prometheus has formed a symbiotic relationship with Incubus, so if Izuku drinks someone's blood while he has sex with them then he not only does Incubus get fed but so does Prometheus." 

"Wait so he needed to feed his first quirk as well?" Aizawa didn't recall any information on that from Yoshi's report. 

"Do you know how All for One works?" 

"I can't say that I do." 

"Well Daddy Dearest quirk can take and give quirks, but there is a side effect to this quirk, it drives the user to collect quirks to the point where they become a kleptomaniac. Izuku's version of Prometheus is a refined version of my own, so it's closer to All for One, but Izuku cannot take quirks he is lacking that part of it, so Prometheus is bonding with Incubus a quirk that takes energy to fuel its holder, mutating it so now Izuku is beginning to take more than energy."

"So the snakes are the result of the merging of the two."

"Yes and the results are happening faster and faster. The emergence of the snakes are due to that boy with the six arms, he can grow more limbs with his quirk so now Izuku grew new appendages, why they are snake not sure. Not to mention that each snake head seems to have a quirk of their own." 

"The metal quirk could be a result of him and Tetsutetsu, but the other ones?" Aizawa was recalling how Izuku had used each one of his new quirks water, lightning, earth, and poison. 

"The water one could be the result of Todoroki's quirks, the water it shoots is scalding hot." Shrike pulled out a notebook going over it. "The lightning, poison, and earth could be results of previous encounters when Izuku was a Rent Boy." 

"But no explosion quirk, and I know for certain that Bakugou and Izuku have definitely been together more intimately than the other boys." Aizawa remembered the bite mark on both Bakugou's and Midoriya's shoulder. 

"Maybe it's taking longer to manifest since Incubus was still new." Shrike shrugged. "All I know is that Izuku may be driven to collect more and more people to take samples of their quirks." Shrike handed Aizawa a scrap of paper with his number on it. "Keep a close eye on him, please." 

Shrike left after that, Aizawa had a lot to think about after all that. 


Izuku did some deep breaths to calm his nerves, it was the day of the Sport Festival the crowd had gathered and he could hear them from were he sitting with his classmates, Shinsou offered him a tired smile which Izuku returned. He was nervous sure but he was also mad, mad you may ask?

Mad at his brother who not only pitted Katsuki, Shouto, and Eijirou against each other to see who got to not only marry him but to get their own agency and become the number one hero, this of course meant Izuku would have to go all out against them in order to learn more from his half-brother. But the bastard had gone and spread the news of an spot at the agency he worked for, Dairiten. Every last student competing today would be out for blood.

Izuku had done more research on this agency and could see why everyone wanted to get into it, several high ranked heroes worked for it including The Number Three hero Vulture, Number Four Mockingbird, and Number Ten Chickadee. Dairiten was second only to the All Might Hero Agency and they were backed by the Japanese Government as well meaning Shrike could make good on his promises. 

"Midoriya you better get your head in the game if you want to make it into the Hero Course." Izuku snapped out of his thoughts when he heard one of his classmates speak up.

"Yeah Midoriya-kun! We are all rooting for you and for Shinsou-kun! If anyone in our class can make it to the Hero Course it's you two!" Izuku gave all his classmates a big grin and thanked them for the support. He turned to his friend.

"Are you ready for this Shinsou-kun?" 

"Of course, let's go show them how it's done." 

Hitoshi raised an eyebrow as he swore he saw something squirm under Midoriya's shirt.


"Now we will have the person who scored the highest in the entrance exam make a short speech!" Present Mic shouted out over the roar of the crowd, Katsuki made his way to the platform hands in his gym pants and a scowl on his face, he got several dirty looks as he made his way up the stairs. Katsuki leaned close to the microphone a terrifying smile on his face before he spoke.

"I'm going to win! The rest of you extras can go home." 

A chorus of boos and abusive words flew at Katsuki who had eyes for only Izuku, he flashed the greenette a cocky smile but Izuku just buried his face in his hand a groan escaping his lips. 

"You're seriously going out with that guy?" Shinsou asked Izuku staring at Katsuki as he swaggered off the stage, a tall and muscular guy in glasses was making chopping motions at him probably lecturing him. 

"With that out of the way, let us begin the Sport Festival!!" Present Mic shouted!! Aizawa sitting next to him watching his students. He was getting a headache, Shrike had gone and announced some prize for whoever won the Sports Festival and every one of his students that was not Bakugou, Todoroki, or Kirishima had bothered him non-stop about what the prize was. 

The trio had told Aizawa what the assassin had done two days ago and he had confronted him. But in reality Aizawa didn't have anything to hold against the other man, he was within his right to offer an internship to the students, he was just frustrated with all the extra patrols he had taken on to try and find any information on where the League of Villains could be.  Aizawa looked out to the crowd and spotted the assassin sitting among the teachers in his full gear. 

Scanning the crowd he could see several well known heroes all there to see the potential interns in a section under the teacher's seating where the parents of his students all invited to watch how far their kids had come and offer their support; all Nedzu's idea.

He saw Bakugou's parents sitting next to Todoroki Rei chatting, while the Todoroki kids all cheered for their brother and Midoriya. Jirou's parents were shouting words of support for their daughter and a stocky woman with two other boys with her all three of them with black hair, they were cheering for Kirishima. That made Aizawa smile a bit, okay so maybe Nedzu's idea wasn't so bad. 

Present Mic turned it over to Midnight who announced the first event.

"Obstacle Race! This is a 4k run around the stadium, of course as the name suggest there will be obstacles each getting more difficult as you progress. Only 42 of you will advance so give it your all." The student body took their places at the starting line, Izuku noted that the hallway was rather narrow, so this was a trap. He began to make a plan, one he was not really looking forward to employing it but it would be the best bet in order to get him to the front. 

"Hey Zu." Izuku turned to see Eijirou offering a big grin of support. "Do your best okay, cause I am not going easy on you, alright?" Izuku felt his tension melt at Eijirou's grin, he also spotted Mezo who gave him a thumbs up. Katsuki and Shouto were laser focused not paying attention to anything else. As he looked around he spotted the three boys from yesterday and he could feel the new snake squirm around his stomach. He named this one Kinu. 

"Are you okay Midoriya?" Shinsou asked, noting the squirming. What was he hiding? 

"I'm okay Shinsou-kun, I am just really nervous."

"BEGIN!" Present Mic shouted nearly deafening every one in the stadium, there was stampede of students all rushing for the hallway. Katsuki let out a huge explosion from both palms launching himself forward and he avoided Shouto who froze several students to the ground but it would seem everyone from Class 1-A avoided it and they chased after the bicoloured boy. 

Aizawa couldn't help the huge grin on his face as he saw his students advance, he could hear the parents cheer the loudest among the crowd. But his face fell a little as he saw Izuku was dead last looking at the frozen and stuffed hallway. What will you do Izuku?

Izuku took a deep breath and slammed his foot down on the ground using Doro to cause a hole the moment he fell in he let the snake take the lead and make a tunnel under all the other students. The dark and cramped space of the tunnel was too similar to the room he was locked away in by his dad, his lungs burned from holding in his breath.

He wanted out now, he couldn't take another second, Doro sensed this and dug up with terrifying force. Izuku greedily sucked in fresh air, he turned to see he had popped up several feet ahead of Shouto, who spotted him as he landed with a stumble, his eyes wide with shock as he just saw Izuku pop out of the ground. 

Shouto picked up the space to try and catch up to Izuku, but he saw that Izuku had not stood up from his knelt position, he wanted to slow down and make sure he was okay as he saw him breathing hard, even tears in his eyes, shaking. He wanted to stop, oh so bad but Shouto did the unthinkable and rushed past him; quitely asking for Izuku's forgiveness but he had to win, especially after the call he had gotten today. 

Katsuki was catching up with his explosive propulsion he saw Izuku knelt on the ground, he stopped and rushed over to the greenette but as he got closer Izuku suddenly sprung up and ran, Katsuki called after him he saw that he was crying, and shaking; something was wrong with Izuku.

Izuku ran, tears blurring his vision, he was having a panic attack his mind kept going back to the small room, the tunnel was a bad idea. He ran, he could see Shochan ahead of him, he was sure Kachan tried to check on him but he couldn't think straight at the moment. As he kept running he felt Kinu wrap its way up his chest and back, gently squeezing him in a safe hug. 

His breathing started to even out, Kinu was pulling Izuku out of his panic attack, he could think again. He saw Shochan up ahead and Kacchan was closing on him by the sound of his explosions getting closer. Izuku nearly caught up with Shochan when suddenly the ground rumbled and a massive robot blocked the way, smaller robots also blocked the way going for the students.

Izuku reached out with his Magnetism quirk and crushed one of the giant robots into a cube of scrap, while Shochan froze the other one in place, but as Izuku passed it he saw it start to fall, he reached out with his quirk making it fall the other way to avoid hitting the other students. Shochan kept going focused on only advancing, this was so unlike Shouto. 

Katsuki managed to pass Izuku as he stopped to make sure the giant robot didn't fall on the extras, he looked better, he had stopped shaking and the tears were gone. Katsuki felt a weight lift from his chest. Izuku ran forward once more, with the other students hot on his heels.

They had come to the second obstacle a massive canyon. Izuku spotted Shouto running across an ice bridge with Katsuki flying across to the next platform with his explosion.

Izuku got another idea, he called up Kinzoku who slipped through his sleeve the snake sprayed out some liquid metal, Izuku used his magnetism quirk to shape the metal into a disk stepping on it he used his quirk to fly him over the canyon. 

Eijirou was crossing to the second platform using Shouto's ice bridge making it as the thing collapsed under the weight of the other students who decided to use it as well, the red head spotted Izuku flying across the canyon on what looked like a metal circle. A fierce grin on his lips he picked up the pace, he couldn't slack off now. He was hanging upside down on one of the ropes that crossed the canyons when he slipped and was starting to fall he shouted out.

As Eijirou fell he came to a sudden stop and began to float up, he was confused by what was happening but he noticed there was a metal ring around his waist, he was set down on the end of the canyon and the ring melted away floating back to Izuku who touched down next to Eijirou. 

"Come on Eichan, can't be falling behind now." With that Izuku ran ahead, with Eijirou close behind. The third obstacle came up and it was a freaking minefield, several students had stepped in a few and they were launched back by the explosion of pink smoke, Izuku spotted Kacchan and Shochan way up ahead. Another idea formed inside Izuku's mind. Using his magnetism quirk once more he drew several of the landmines to him and made a small pile then he took the metal he had Kinzoku make for him making a large square shield he slammed it down on the bombs and hung on for dear life.


Aizawa let out a madman's laugh as he just witness what could be the greatest and craziest plan ever from the greenette, cheers roared up as they saw Izuku fly through the air on his metal shield. The Todoroki Family and The Bakugou couple were cheering the loudest for the green boy, Present Mic was shouting wildly at what Izuku had done. Aizawa saw Shrike leap up cheering his brother on, Thirteen was also cheering Their student on.

Shouto and Katsuki were shocked they heard a massive explosion and suddenly Izuku was flying past them, with a grin that reminded the two boys of Shrike, Izuku slammed the shield down hard in front of the duo causing a second big explosion knocking them back, while launching him forward. Tucking and rolling like how Toogata-senpai had shown him Izuku sprang up running with vigor, he could hear Katsuki and Shouto closing on him.

With a sudden burst of adrenaline Izuku crossed the finish line to deafening cheers as Midnight called his name out.

"Midoriya Izuku-FIRST PLACE!!"

Chapter Text

Izuku was riding the high of winning the first event, Eijirou patted him on the back congratulating him as did his Gen Ed classmates. He turned to Shouto and saw him with a pained expression on his face, Izuku wanted to head over and speak with him but Midnight began the announcement for the second event. 

"Alright my lovely little students, of the 42 of you that made it will now be assigned points based on the placement of when you crossed the finish line, afterwards you will form teams of 2 to 4 for a Cavalry Battle, the goal of which is to take your opponent's headband. The four teams who have the most points at the end of the match will be advancing to the third event. But there is a twist." Midnight paused for dramatic effect then pointed with her flogger at Izuku. "The First Place headband is worth 10 million points!!"

Izuku felt his stomach drop out, he felt the stares of every student turn to him with malicious intent. Midnight continued. "Now you have 15 minutes to form your teams, and begin!"

Izuku had no luck in finding partners, he wanted to team up with any of his boyfriends but Shouto had said no, there was an edge of stress and sadness to it that made Izuku worry greatly. Eichan and Kacchan had teamed up with two others from class 1-A, one which happened to be the black haired boy with the weird elbows. He was desperate enough to even ask the blond boy with the tail who he had an encounter with but the boy didn't seem to remember him and declined.

No one wanted to team up with him due to becoming the biggest target on the field. He was losing hope when he felt someone tap him on the shoulder. 

"Care to team up with us, Midoriya-kun?" It was Shouji and the girl with the frog quirk, he was crying tears of relief and gladly agreed to team up.

"Now time is up for team forming, get ready for the Cavalry Battle!!" The students got ready and waited for Present Mic to give the go signal. 

"GO!!!" The pro hero shouted out, and everyone rushed forward gunning for Izuku. Shouji used his quirk to hide both Izuku and Tsuyu from quirks but before Shouji could move away his leg was caught on the ground that was softened by one of the 1-B students that was carrying Tetsutetsu. From the hiding spot a great deal of liquid metal began to spill out coating the ground then rising up into thick walls. A few of the teams did not stop in time crashing into the walls with grunts of pains. 

Shouji felt himself begin to lift up as the metal under him shaped like a disk rose them all up and away from the other teams. 'So this is what Izuku's quirk was capable of.' Shouji looked on in awe. He could hear Asui speak up with just the same amount of awe.

"Your quirk is amazing Midoriya-kun! How did you make all that metal come out of your sleeve?" Izuku was trying to find a response when he heard outside of Shouji's hide away of limbs the shout of someone very familiar. It was Katsuki and he was using his quirk to fly after Team Midoriya. Tsuyu used her tongue to lash outward grabbing Katsuki around the leg and flung him down with some force.

"Sorry Bakugou-kun, but we won't lose." Tsuyu called after Katsuki as he fell cursing colourfully. He was caught around his waist by the bow who shot tape out his elbows and brought back to his team, as he remounted someone snatched his headband spurning him to chase after them with fury.

"We should be safe up here Shouji you can open up." Izuku called out and the shell of arms disappeared and Izuku could see the whole field now. He spotted Shouto who had teamed up with a blond boy, a brunette girl with a high ponytail, and the boy with engines on his calf. They had collected several headbands already, Shouto spotted him up in the air, but turned back and spotted someone in the crowd and he could see him stiffen.

Izuku searched for what Shouto had seen, he spotted someone hiding in one of the hallways, a large figure was there. Who was this to be causing Shouto such discomfort?

He was suddenly shaken out of his thoughts as suddenly before them appeared a boy with a raven's head, a girl with brown hair girl with a round face, and a girl with bubblegum pink hair and a mad grin, a long black bird creature shot out of the raven headed boy startling Izuku so bad he fell off Shouji's back his concentration broken the disk fell as well. 

Shouji spread his arms catching the breeze and glided to catch Asui, but he missed Izuku by an inch, the greenette continued to free fall.

"Tokoyami-kun, catch him!!!" Ochako shouted as they propelled themselves forward using Hatsume's jet boot and pack. Tokoyami sent out Dark Shadow to try to catch Izuku but the shadow demon couldn't reach him either. Katsuki saw Izuku fall and launched himself with desperate speed to try and catch his boyfriend.

Before he could catch him something big and white tore from Izuku's back launching itself up to grab onto Dark Shadow and pulled Izuku up high landing on top of Shouji buckling him but was caught by Izuku's metal disk.

 Katsuki was too stunned by what had just happened he didn't realize he was falling now until he felt something wrap around his waist and pull him back to his team, Soysauce had saved his ass once again.

"Bakubro what the hell was that thing that popped out of Izuku?!" Eijirou's eyes were huge with disbelief at what had transpired. Katsuki did not have an answer, he dodged an extra trying to get the headbands he had just taken back, grabbing theirs in the process. 


The crowd was going wild, cheering the students on, Mitsuki was cheering her voice raw, as was Rei. Masaru was rather concerned by what appeared to be a tail coming out of Izuku. That was rather new, regardless he would ask Izuku about it later when they met for lunch. 

Present Mic was hyping up the crowd with his commentary, shouting out the action as student after student kept at it, they given up on trying for Izuku as he could just lift his team up into the air. Aizawa was proud of his students but he was noting that Todoroki was acting off, he would keep looking off into the hallway up near the second floor, Aizawa looked but he couldn't see anything. He would check it out in a moment, but he was brought back to the action as he heard the crowd roar in amazement.


Izuku set his team down, they were probably safer on the ground. Kinu acted as a look out, the white snakes head swaying back and forth alert to anything coming their way.

"Midoriya-kun why do you have a snake for a tail? Kero~" Tsuyu gazed at the appendage with awe, it was white in colour, the scales seem to glint in the sunlight like diamonds, the eyes were a familiar indigo colour, a ebony tongue flicked out of its mouth tasting the air. 

"Well you see I have two quirks, like Todoroki one is magnetism manipulation, the other is....well the other is." Izuku was trying to find the words but Shouji rescued him.

"The other is called Orochi, it lets him call up snakes from his body that have different abilities." Izuku sent a silent thank you to the taller boy when he was snapped back to the now as he heard someone shout out: 

"RECEPTOR BOOSTER!!" Izuku felt the a powerful breeze rush past him and his headband came off, he recovered from his shock to see Shouto holding the 10 million point headband. Just then the timer had run to zero, Present Mike shouted concluding the Cavalry Battle. Izuku fell to his knees in dismay, they lost.

"Midoriya-kun, what's wrong? Kero~" Tsuyu asked as she gently patted the boy, Izuku was kneeling on the ground in despair, tears in his eyes.

"We lost Tsuchan. I'm so sorry because of me you guys lost." 

"Did you check your snake?" Shouji asked pointing to Kinu who lowered itself to Izuku's face revealing all of the headbands that Shouto had collected in its mouth. Izuku hugged the snake letting out a happy noise. 


"We will be taking a break for lunch and we will resume the Third Event in an hour." Present Mic announced, he and Shouta left the booth hand in hand to go and get something from the cafeteria, the parents were all waiting for their kids by the exit to go and eat lunch with them. 

Eijirou was suddenly tackled as he exited the entrance way by a small boy about 8 his black hair spiked up.

"Eijirou you were so manly out there!!" Eijirou let out a laugh ruffling his little brother's hair.

"You really think so Yoshino?" His brother nodded vigorously, Eijirou was then put in a headlock by his older brother who was singing his praises.

"Okay boys let your brother go so i can give him a big hug." Umeko squeezed her son tight in a warm hug, she told him how proud she was of him. "So where are these young men that have captured your heart?"

"Mom" Eijirou said a bit embarrassed, he had told her about Izuku, Katsuki, and Shouto. At first she wasn't to open to the idea of him dating multiple people, but she soon came around after he told her more of how he felt when he was with them, she had come to accept it, but only if she got to meet them. 

"Yeah Eijirou, we have a lot of stories to embarrass you with, you cannot deny me my right as an older brother to embarrass you in front of all your potential partners." Tatsuo said with a wild grin.

"Not sure they said to go ahead and they would catch up with us in the cafeteria." Umeko accepted the explanation and shepard the two other Kirishima boy to the cafeteria. Eijirou headed over to Bakugou and Todoroki's parents to let them know that their sons would be at the cafeteria in a few moments.


"All right Half-n-Half, why have you been acting all weird." Katsuki demanded his tone angry, he was fed up with how Shouto was acting to him and Izuku.

"Kacchan, don't be mean." Izuku laid a hand on Katsuki's shoulder before addressing Shouto. "Shochan we're worried, you have been acting kind of off all day, is something wrong?"

Shouto took sometime to answer, he took a shaky breath, tears were welling up in his eyes and this made Katsuki worry. He never seen the bicoloured boy look so sad before.

"Endeavor is out on bail, he's here and he told me that if I don't win the Sports Festival and then intern at his agency he will hurt you, Katsuki, and Eijirou." Shouto was shaking as he spoke, he knew the bastard would not make idle threats, he would do as he said and hurt his boyfriends. He remembered the abuse filled call he got from the bastard this morning, and he was watching Shouto from the shadows. 

Katsuki pulled Shouto into a hug, stroking his hair and making soothing noises, Izuku wrapped his arms around Shouto's back kissing his cheek and promising that he would not let that bastard hurt him or the other boys. They stayed in that cocoon of safety for a few more minutes when they broke apart to go to lunch, Katsuki was walking hand in hand with Shouto. 

Izuku hung back to make a quick call.


"Shrike I need you to do me a favor." 


Chapter Text

"Why the hell can't I kill him?!" Shrike growled out. He looked at his holo-screen with his boss' silhouette on it, a sigh escaped the man on the screen.

"Because Mozu, we need to find out who changed the system to allow him to be out on bail. Last time we checked he was to be in jail until after he had his trial for his abuse of his family, and then his trial for corruption in the heroic system."

"Do you think there might be another person in Endeavor's pocket?" Mockingbird asked, she was on the split screen on the conference call along with Chickadee and Vulture. The Big Boss had called them in when Shrike called in a report of Endeavor being at the school, making threats of harm against his son and the other boys.

"After the judge that was discovered it would not be a...what is the word for it, a étendue for there to be others in this man's pocket." Chickadee chimed in, her Japanese heavily accented by her French accent. 

"Then we must do a deep delve into the staffing in the governmental sector to flush out any other rats." Vulture stroked his moustache thinking on how to do this. The Italian hero was roused from his reflective thoughts by the Big Boss.

"Then we will need to ask Endeavor himself."

"Well then you know what needs to be done." Shrike conjured a dagger with one of his quirk. 

"No, Shrike we need him alive." Shrike was about to complain when Big Boss raised his hand to quiet the assassin. "For now, we need him alive for now. What I want you to do for now is have a chat with him."

"What if he doesn't want to chat?"

"Then I hear by grant you permission to use Level 1 interrogation tactics." Boss said this rather nonchalant, but the other three heroes all had different reactions.

"Sir, no!"

"Big Boss that seems unnecessary." 

"Qu'est-ce que c'est level 1"

"So I can't kill him, but your giving me permission to hack off limbs or even psychologically torture him to get him to talk." Shrike asked.

"What was not clear about Level 1?" Big Boss asked checking his paperwork in front of him. "The paperwork and permit are on their way, standby." One of the printers in the empty teacher's office began to print out a piece of paper.


Izuku was a bit nervous, he was meeting Eijirou's family for the first time, Autie Mitsuki and Uncle Masaru were already aware of the situation, Uncle Masaru was very supportive, but Auntie Mitsuki had teased Katsuki without mercy. Of course Shouto must be feeling really nervous as well given this would be the first time he will be meeting not only Katsuki's parents but Eijirou's family as well. 

"Izuku, Katsuki. Over here." Masaru called out as he spotted the two boys enter the cafeteria with another boy with bicoloured hair. The trio of boys headed their ways, Masaru hugged both Izuku and Katsuki who squirmed a little his face heating up at the display of parental affection. Mitsuki ruffled Izuku's hair praising him on his victories, she then brought Katsuki close to her pinching his cheeks teasingly causing a shouting match.

Shouto stood a little bit away not sure what he should do as he witness Katsuki's parent praise his two boyfriends and shower them with affection. 

"Ah Uncle Masaru, Auntie Mitsuki this is Shouto, Kacchan and I are also dating him." Izuku walked over to Shouto grabbing his hand to lead him over to his godparents. 

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Mr. and Mrs. Bakugou." Shouto bowed to the two adults, he was suddenly brought into a tight hug by Mitsuki.

"None of that formality shit, since your dating Izuku and our brat you get to call me Auntie and Masaru, uncle. Got it?" Mitsuki let Shouto go to get a good look at him he was a bit overwhelmed by Mitsuki's big personality. 

"Auntie we need to meet Eichan's family, and you get to meet Eichan as well." Izuku once again took Shouto's hand and Katsuki's hand leading the two over to where their redheaded boyfriend stood with his family. 

Eijirou spotted them and waved at them enthusiastically. The three of them stood before a stocky woman who was just a little shorter than Eijirou, her long black hair was done in a french braid. She had red eyes like Eijirou, she gave the three boys a big smile that made Izuku feel a lot less nervous. Unlike her son, her teeth were normal instead of shark like. 

"So these are the rascals that laid claim to my Eiji's heart, I got to say I can see why all three of you are quite the handsome trio. A pleasure to meet you I am Kirishima Umeko"

"Mom." Eijirou felt a little embarrassed, his mom was rather blunt at times. 

"Regardless of their handsomeness, it's their intentions with my little brother that I am concerned with." Tatsuo spoke up, he was standing with his arms crossed glaring down at the three boys before him. Shouto felt really nervous now, Eijirou's older brother looked scary. Standing at 6'7" with an impressive physique, his pectorals looked like they were going to destroy the tight grey shirt he was wearing. 

He had a menacing grin which was made even more terrifying by his shark teeth. The scar along his cheek stretched even wider from his grin, Katsuki was also intimidated by the man in front of him but he kept a calm outer appearance.  Eijirou smacked his big brother on the arm, scowling at him.

"Tatsuo stop that, they don't have any ill intents with me; so stop the bad cop act." 

"Aw come on Eijirou, it's my job as a big brother." Tatsuo's demeanor changed in a second, from mean to good natured. He ran a hand through his black, short, and spikey hair before offering his hand to the trio. "Sorry, sorry, let me introduce myself properly, Kirishima Tatsuo, Eiji's older brother."

"it's a pleasure to meet you, I'm Midoriya Izuku."

"Todoroki Shouto."

"Bakugou Katsuki."

"Big bro, Eiji! Introduce me!!" A small black headed and shark toothed boy was hopping up and down with an All Might plushie under his arms.

"Alright, alright. Calm down squirt." Tatsuo picked up the youngest Kirishima male putting him on his broad shoulders. The little boy waved with the energy that only a five year old could wave with.

"Well go ahead and introduce yourself Yoshio, it's only polite." Umeko encouraged her youngest. Yoshio gave the three boys a huge shark grin, his red eyes seem to light up.

"Hi! I'm Kirishima Yoshino, I'm five." He held up five fingers on his right hand, dropping his All Might plushie. Izuku picked it up and he handed it to the little boy.

"Are you an All Might fan?" The greenette asked, Yoshio nodded vigorously but he stopped for a second thinking really hard before answering.

"I like him because he's awesome, but Tatsuo and Eijirou are my number one heroes, they are the manliest!!" Shouto couldn't help but smile at that, and even Katsuki had to admit that was some cute shit. 

"I like All Might as well, but your right your Big Brother Eijirou is the manliest." Izuku said causing Yoshio to smile wider and Eijirou blush, the two of them chatted over heroes and it turns out Eijirou's little brother was just as big of a fanboy as Izuku. Tatsuo and Umeko were also liking this greenette.  

"Are you and Eiji going to marry?" Yoshio asked suddenly catching Izuku off guard. Tatsuo had to swallow a laugh, his shoulders bounced a little shaking Yoshio who grabbed Tatsuo's hair to steady himself. Tatsuo put on his best cop face eyeing Izuku.

"Are you?"

"I' see." Izuku was shaking under Tatsuo's gaze, he did not know how to answer this without upsetting everyone.

"Yeah Deku? You going to marry Ei, but what about me, huh? Didn't you offer me your heart?' Katsuki teased Izuku who looked really nervous now, he was sweating profusely.

"Izuku, will I be left out then?" Shouto joined in, Katsuki flashed him a grin. Shouto rarely joked around so this was an opportunity to be seized. Mitsuki and Masaru had joined the others hearing what was going on and decided to chime in as well.

"Izuku wouldn't you want to be a Bakugou? I mean you and Katsuki have known each other for ages." Mitsuki teased her godson. Rei and the other Todoroki children had also heard the conversation and wanted in on the teasing. 

"Oh Izuku-kun, won't you join our family?" Fuyumi gave Izuku her biggest puppy eyes. 

"It would be an honor to have you as a brother-in-law. Right Touya?" Natsuo nudged his brother who nodded, his medical mask hiding the huge grin.

"Well Midoriya? Who are you going to marry?" Tatsuo asked, his face hard, but eyes teasing. Izuku looked like he was going to pass out, suddenly from under Izuku's shirt Kinu and the other snakes emerged all staring at Katsuki. This startled the adults, except for Yoshio who thought it was super cool.

"Uum Deku, why are they looking at me like that?" Katsuki asked but before Izuku could answer the snakes all lunged at him, or he thought they were going for him but they were going for something over his shoulder, a figure seemed to suddenly appear from thin air. One clad in grey camo with a black mirrored visor helmet.

"Awe come on those things see in infrared? No fair, how am I supposed to sneak up on my Ototo now?"

"Shrike what the hell?!" Izuku was both annoyed and relieved that his older brother showed up. His snakes coiled around not only Izuku but spread out making a circle around his boyfriends and their families. Kinu rose above Izuku and kept its indigo eyes on Shrike who was a few feet away.

"Izu-nii is this your quirk?! It's so cool!!" Yoshio eyes were wide as dinner plates as he looked at the snakes. 

"This is definitely new, I remember that white one from the cavalry battle, but the black ones are new." Masaru was tempted to touch the black scaled serpent that was near him. 

"Alright kiddo, put the snakes away." Shrike moved and the snakes all repositioned to keep him in sight, hissing at him. Izuku tried commanding the snakes but they did not want to retreat.

"They won't listen, I think they think you're going to try the thing you did last time." Izuku tried once more to call the snakes back but they resisted and kept the defensive position not letting Shrike get near. 

"Ah come on that was one time." Shrike needed to talk with Peppermint the permit was only good for today and he had to find Enji. "Alright so they won't back down then I will make them." 

"Don't you dare try and hurt them." Shouto moved into position ready to stop Shrike if he tried to hurt Izuku or the snakes. Shrike did an odd movement, it looked almost like a dance as he swept his arms. Suddenly Shrike grew eight glowing arms of blue light, six of them detached and rushed out grabbing each snake around the head and pinned them to the ground. They struggled but could not move, Shrike walked over to Shouto gesturing to the boy to follow him.

Shrike lead Shouto just a few feet away and asked him what he came here to ask.

"Where is he skulking around?" Shouto took a moment to answer as he remembered that the bastard calling himself a hero was here, watching him, waiting to hurt his boyfriends. 

"He's watching from an empty hallway by the east entrance." 

"Thanks Peppermint, and make sure you're giving it your all, I won't accept your win if you only half-assed it."  Shrike walked off as he did the arms disappeared releasing the snakes, the black snakes retreated but Kinu tried to go for Shrike but he disappeared in a puff of feathers.

"Who was that?" Umeko asked Izuku as Kinu returned winding round Izuku's waist.

"My older Brother, sorry about him."


Enji clutched his right hand which was bleeding from the two stumps of his index and pinky finger. He glared at the newcomer who had shown up out of nowhere and sliced off his fingers, he was twirling a cigar cutter in his hands. Enji flared his flames but as he did he felt a severe pain ram into his bicep. He looked only to see that a long black javelin had been slammed through his bicep and into the wall, pinning him like a bug.

Before he could use his other hand it was also pinned to the wall. He bit back a scream of pain, he glared at the newcomer he intended to kill this bastard. 

"Hey there Enji, why don't you and I have a little chat." Shrike conjured the arms once more and they each had one of his daggers. 

Chapter Text

Shrike was cleaning off his brass knuckles looking over at the heap on the floor, one could almost not recognize Endeavor his face had been beaten into raw meat, or close to it. 

"Next time I suggest you never use the term faggot to refer to my little brother or anyone else." A groan of pain escaped the beaten hero. He was struggling to get up, he spat out several teeth trying to glare through his swollen eyes. 

"I will make sure you pay for this you fucking cocksucker." Enji's voice was thick with blood and he coughed it out, staining the ground. 

"Oh you mean the names you gave me aren't all of them? Well guess I have to dig through that head of yours." Shrike drew out a knife walking over to the fallen hero, Endeavor tried to use his quirk but Shrike just used his Mage Hands to hold the man in place, slicing open the swollen eyes drawing a scream from Endeavor.

Shrike pressed a button on the side of his helmet opening the front panel so his eyes made contact with Endeavor's activating Mindwalk. Shrike poked and prodded through Endeavor's mind, none too gently he might add he broke open thoughts and destroyed memories that were useless to him. He found a very extensive list of government officials that were in Endeavor's pocket. 

Among the things in his head Shrike found a rather interesting memory locked away in the back, one that made Shrike understand why Endeavor was such a bastard. It was a young Endeavor he must have been like eight, on the ground vomiting, his father standing over him with a belt, striking the small boy over and over again with it. 

"Useless boy, look at you losing to an inferior quirk! I should have drowned you like that fag that dared call himself my son!" 

Shrike almost felt pity for Endeavor, this would explain why he was such a bastard, but this did not excuse any of his actions. He would have made Endeavor relive this memory over and over again but he was not that cruel. Shrike pulled out of Endeavor's mind nearly collapsing, the backlash from this quirk was bad, but going that deep had really fucked him up, his eyes were pleading badly. 

Endeavor was out cold and would be for a while, so Shrike did not worry about him. He was on his knees losing too much blood so he had no choice this time. He reached down to his Prometheus using it to create a new quirk, he would lose Mindwalk but at this point he had to survive. He was getting woozy he needed to focus, if he lost it now he would die here; he would not die until All for One was dead first. 

The new quirk blossomed into Healing Ooze, and he could feel Mindwalk fade away, Shrike called his new quirk out creating greenish goo in in hand slapping it on his eyes. Immediately he could feel it start to work, the pain faded, his eyes began to slowly mend. Now he could feel an extreme thirst after using his quirk. So this one worked off how much water he had in his body, this could be an equally fatal quirk if he was not careful, Shrike pressed his helmet once more to close the visor and made his way to the nearest water fountain holding onto the wall. He would have to send his report to Big Boss after he got something to drink.


Izuku's heart was beating hard, he did some deep breathing to steady himself, the last even was up the one-on-one battle  and he was the first one up and against Shinsou-kun. The whole teasing ordeal he had endured during the lunch break didn't help, sure they had all just played it off as a joke but it gave Izuku some things to worry about. would this last? Would he still be dating Shouto and Eijirou in three years time? 

He was taken out of mumbling thoughts when he heard Present Mic announcing the beginning of the match, he made his way onto the stage that Cementoss had made. Present Mic introduced Shinsou and then Izuku, or as he said The Duo Quirk Wonder, he felt his face heat up at that.

"You better not go easy on me Midoriya, cause I sure as hell won't." Shinsou said his tone was joking but his eyes said otherwise. He opened his mouth to reply but then shut it with a clink, he remembered that Ojiro has pulled him aside he thought it would be to discuss the whole locker room situation but to his relief was to warn him about Shinsou's quirk, to not respond to anything he said that was how it worked.

Shinsou frowned a little, so Midoriya knew the trick to his quirk this would be a lot harder then. Midnight gave the signal to start, Midoriya ran forward launching a punch at him nearly connecting if he hadn't jumped back. 

Izuku was going to fight Shinsou without his quirks, it was only fair to the purple haired boy since he didn't have a combative quirk, he threw punches after punches connecting only once or twice before he had to block the returning strikes. He missed a block and Shinsou hit him hard in the face, he was sure he had a bloody nose.

"Come on Midoriya you not going to use your quirks? Taking pity on the freak? Decided to go easy on me?" Shinsou was trying to get Midoriya to respond to him he could see the greenette wanted to reply but everytime he opened his mouth he would shut it again, distracted he caught an uppercut to the chin.


Shrike made his way to his seat, he was sure he drank the water fountain dry surprised that his stomach hadn't exploded from how much he had drank. Sitting down next to Thirteen, he looked out at the arena seeing, clearly for the first time in a long time, his little brother fighting rather poorly. 

"I am going to have to teach that kid to fight properly." He then saw the purple headed kid throw and improper punch as well. "And him as well, what are you teaching these kids? That's an awful form." 

"Well they are both in General Education we don't really teach them fighting in that class." Thirteen responded, they were cheering loudly for both of their students.


Izuku wiped away the blood from his mouth, he was starting to wear down but so was Shinsou. He was reading another attack when Shinsou spoke up.

"That guy with the tail must be a real idiot giving up his spot in the last round just for something as dumb as honor." 

"That's not fai-" Izuku didn't finish his sentence his body was no longer under his control, he was aware of his surroundings but he could not move, this was Shinsou's quirk. The purple headed teen had a smirk on his face and he gave Izuku a command.

"Walk out of bounds." Izuku turned around and began to walk to the edge of the arena, he was panicking internally as hard as he fought against Shinsou's quirk it was futile he could not break free. He was almost to the edge.


"What is Izuku doing?! COME ON SQUIRT!!! FIGHT!" Mitsuki shouted out, Rei and Umeko joined in the cheering for the greenette.

"COME ON DEKU!! DON'T LET THAT EXTRA PLAY YOU LIKE THAT!!" Katsuki shouted out from the Class 1-A seating, Eijirou was also shouting with Katsuki their voices carrying, Shouto cheered as well, just not as loud; he was not used being really loud. The other students of Class 1-A and Tetsutetsu from 1-B were also cheering for Izuku. The students from Gen Ed were split in cheering for both of the star students of Gen Ed.


Izuku was almost over the line when Kinu unwound from under Izuku's shirt, opening its mouth a long stream of white silk shot out from the white snake's mouth attaching to the ground and pulling the greenette back from the edge. Izuku was cheering internally, his body kept trying to walk to the edge but his shirt tore apart as his other snakes appeared Doro and Doku lifted Izuku off the ground using their bodies to prevent him from walking to the edge while Kinu, Kinzoku, Mizu, and Shogeki all aimed themselves at Shinsou who had a look of utter disbelief on his face.

The crowd was cheering loudly as Izuku's orchi quirk made itself known. 

Shinsou rolled away from the white snake's silk shot only to get drenched in water from the blue eyed snake it was hot but not scalding, he heard the crackle of electricity and saw the red eyed snake with its mouth open and red sparks dancing in it, the snake lowered its head to a puddle of water, Shinsou's eyes widened in realization he had been lead into a trap, if that spark it the water he would get shocked. He had little option he was sure his quirk would not work on the snakes since they could not respond to him.

Shinsou released Izuku from his quirk and the greenette looked around in confusion, he recalled his snakes and took a fighting pose, facing Shinsou. 

"Really? You had the match in the bag if you kept using your quirk so why?" Shinsou asked the greenette who kept his mouth shut. He let out a chuckle and got into a fighting pose as well, this prompted Izuku to launch into an flurry of punches to Shinsou.


All Might had a huge grin on his face, Young Midoriya did not want to fight an opponent with an unfair advantage his sense of fair play was a mark of a true hero in the making, but it would seem that his brother did not share that sentiment.

"What is that dork doing? He should have finished the match from the get go with his quirk. Honestly this kid is going to need a great deal of training."

"He did not want an unfair advantage, his sense of honor is a mark of a great hero." All Might gave Izuku a heap of praise.

"Honor is the tool of fools, going to have to teach that kid how to properly end a fight." Shrike's helmet made it hard to gauge his tone, All Might frowned at the younger man.

"He wanted a fair fight Young Shrike, is that so wrong?" All Might could never get a bead on the man. Shrike scoffed, a bitter laugh coming from the helmet.

"If you're fighting fair then you've already lost." That gave All Might a chill, Shrike's tone was cold and dark.


Shinsou threw a hard punch at Izuku but it was caught by Izuku then Shinsou found himself being flipped through the air and coming down hard over the out of bound line. He heard Midnight call out he was out of bounds and Midoriya was the winner.

He saw Midoriya offered Shinsou a hand up, taking it he was lifted up to his feet, he could hear the cheering of the crowd through the pounding of blood in his ears. Midoriya offered him a big grin, Shinsou couldn't help but return the smile, but it didn't reach his eyes, he had lost.

"Shinsou-kun, you did great. You nearly got me with your quirk, I can see why it is scary but I think it will be an amazing quirk for hero work." 

Shinsou was shocked speechless, the only other person who said his quick would be great for hero work was his dad but his bias opinion didn't count, he couldn't help the laugh that escaped him.

"You're so weird Midoriya-kun, but thank you." 

"Of cou-" Izuku felt the effect of Shinsou's quirk take him again and then leave him.

"But I won't lose to you next year, and you better win this thing for the Gen Ed Students."

"You be-" Again the quirk took him and left. Izuku glared playfully at Shinsou who gave him a shit eating grin. 


Katsuki, Eijirou, and Shouto were cheering loudly as the Gen Ed Students at Izuku's victory. Present Mic announced that the next match would begin shortly and that the next participants should head to the waiting rooms. Shouto and Sero stood up but before Shouto could leave he felt hands on his shoulders.

"Half-n-Half you better win this cause I want to go against you and Deku, and Kiri." Katsuki had his competitive face on, which stirred something in Shouto he would put a pin in that for now and explore that later. 

"We'll be cheering for you Shouchan!" Eijirou gave the bicoloured boy a huge grin before he pecked him on the lips, Katsuki then took his turn giving Shouto a kiss. He had a lot more confidence now as he made his way to the waiting room. Unfortunately as he made his way to the room he walked past two of his father's sidekicks, what were they doing there he did not know but they did not bother keeping their voices down.

"Look at Endeavor junior, blessed with two quirks." One of them sneered not bothering to look at him.

"Bet he's just like dear old dad." 

That darkened his mood greatly, he could feel his anger brewing deep in the pit of his stomach.  

Chapter Text

Izuku sat down with the other Gen Ed students all who were giving him and Shinsou endless praise and adoration causing Izuku to blush non-stop. He turned back to the stage as Present Mic announced the next match up of Shouto and a boy named Sero Hanta. It was the boy with weird elbows that Izuku had slept with. 

As soon as Midnight gave the signal to start it happened in an instant Sero shot tape from his elbows wrapping around Shouto who didn't move as he was spun outward Sero was going for a ring out but then Shouto created the biggest iceberg Izuku had ever seen, freezing Sero in place.

Shouto was declared the winner, the crowd cheering for Sero and Shouto, the match had taken less than a minute. Izuku could see that Shouto was not happy in any way, he had a strange look on his face as he thawed Sero out. Izuku would have to go and see how what was going on.


Shouto walked back to his seat slowly his head down, he felt guilty about the match. He took his anger out on his classmate which was really not fair to Sero, he wasn't paying attention to where he was going and bumped into someone solid. He looked up to gaze into cherry red eyes full of worry. 

"Shouchan are you okay?" Eijirou asked the bicoloured boy who shook his head and buried his face into Eijirou's strong chest hiding away from his guilt. Eijirou wrapped his arms around the other teen, he whispered soothing words into his ears as they stood there in a comforting embrace. Eijirou sat Shouto down on a nearby bench his arm still wrapped around as Shouto leaned into his warm body.

"I overheard some of the bastard's sidekicks talking about me, saying I was just like him. It pissed me off being compared to him so I took it out on Sero during the match." Shouto let out a sigh full of sadness. "Maybe I am just like him." 

Eijirou took Shouto's face in his hands to make him look at him.

"You are nothing like him, you are far better than him. You're a better hero than that flaming garbage can could ever hope to be, so never compare yourself to him, because you are you, and I love you." Eijirou captured Shouto's lips in his, Shouto melted into it and allowed himself to straddle Eijirou's lap, deepening the kiss. They broke apart to breathe smiling at each other, they looked up as someone spoke up.

"Hope we're not interrupting something." Izuku and Katsuki stood there holding hands, Izuku let go of Katsuki's hand to head over to Shouto, planting a soft kiss to the bicoloured boy's lips. "Are you okay Shochan?" Izuku's brilliant eyes were full of anxiety and worry for Shouto, that made the half-redhead's heart beat faster. He was definitely nothing like his father, he actually had people who loved him. He stood up from his position on Eijirou and as he straightened up Katsuki wound an arm around his waist pulling him close to the blond.

"Did that bastard do something to you?" Katsuki growled out gently biting Shouto's ear making the other boy moan. "I swear I will blow that bastard straight to hell!" Izuku hugged Shouto from the front peppering his neck with kisses. Eijirou hugged Izuku from behind sandwiching Shouto and Izuku between him and Katsuki. 


"So how's Peppermint?" Shrike was leaning against a wall, Izuku was startled by his brother. 

"Why do you feel the need to sneak up me like that, wait how did you even sneak up on me? Kinu should have warned me." Shrike shrugged, Izuku was sure that his brother was smiling like a fool under his helmet.  "Fine keep your secrets." Izuku used the quote that Eijirou had taught him, his redheaded boyfriend loved sharing what he called memes with him and Izuku had to admit he loved spending time with Eijirou just laughing at the images, Katsuki called it childish and Shouto didn't really get it. 

Shrike chortled at that, before moving away from the wall, Izuku explained the situation with Shouto and Shrike gave him the details of the match he missed when he went looking for Shouto. This was rather nice, he was bonding with his older brother. The two boys walked back to their respective seats discussing theory and strategy for Izuku's quirks in his next match. 

Chapter Text

A sigh escaped Kurogiri as Shigaraki destroyed another glass, he had managed to save the fancy brandy glasses but unfortunately he could not save the wine glasses as the dry skinned man disintegrated another one. He was scratching at his neck and ranting furiously, the tv in the bar showing a replay of Izuku's victory in the race and cavalry battle.  

"That little bastard has been hiding at U.A with that fucker All Might this entire time!!" A bar stool turned to dust under his grip. Shigaraki was breathing hard the skin on his neck bleeding from the scratching. 

"Tomaru I am sure that Kurogiri is not appreciating you destroying the bar." All for One spoke up from the small monitor reading 'Audio Only'

"But Sensei, he betrayed you, left to go play hero, turned against your vision." Shigaraki was close to foaming at the mouth. 

"Now, now. None of that, my son may have gone a little wayward but I will bring him back into the fold. He just needs to is all for that I have a special plan in getting him to us." 

Shigaraki and Kurogiri could feel the malice and evil in their leader's tone, it made them shiver.


Izuku was taking notes on the matches before him this one was less a match and more a commercial, the pink haired girl from the Support Course who helped Shinsou, Hatsune Mei remembering what Present Mic had said, was in against Iida Tenya from the Hero Course, she was dodging every attempt from Iida while showing off her inventions, regardless Izuku took notes she may be unconventional but her inventions looked useful. After a few more demonstrations of her ''Babies" she walked out of bounds allowing Iida to advance. 

The next match was Shouji against a girl with pink hair and skin, it was a rather close match Shouji had the disadvantage given Mina's quirk allowing her to shoot acid at him, he kept her on her toes by creating tentacles with his quick forcing her to dodge and weave but with a squirt of acid at his feet causing him to slip Mina took the attack and managed to ring out Shouji. 

Then it was Eijirou's turn, he was up against Tetsutetsu this was a brutal match, Izuku was screaming his lungs out cheering for the red head and the steel teen. They landed blow after blow their quirks were evenly matched to the point where they both landed a savage punch to one another knocking them both down. A tie, Midnight said there would be a tie breaker after the next match which was Kacchan versus a girl with round cheeks. 


The sounds of explosions were deafening, the heat bit her skin but Ochako pressed on she was sure her strategy would work she just had to get in close, Bakugou was playing right into her trap. The explosive boy was not going easy and Ochako was glad for that. It meant he didn't think of her as weak, and she would prove that as she caused more debris to float upward using the smoke as a cover. 

Katsuki could hear the crowd booing him, calling him all kinds of names just because he was treating Round Face like an actual opponent and not a girl, fucking extras. He let out another explosion as he saw her emerge from the smoke. She had gotten dangerously close that time, if he wasn't on guard she would make him float and it would be over. He would be lying if he said the crowd wasn't getting to him.

He had been called a villain before and it had stung just as bad then as it did now hearing it coming from pro heroes. Sure he was aggressive in combat and maybe he could do with being a bit nicer but he wasn't a villain by any means. Through the crowds disapproval he could hear a voice screaming the loudest back up by two other familiar voices.

"KACCHAN IS NOT A VILLAIN!! HE IS TREATING HER LIKE SHE IS A STRONG OPPONENT! SO SHUT UP!!" Maybe the crowd didn't hear his green haired boyfriend or his other two boyfriends who were shouting just as loud cheering for him but he saw Round face standing there with a big grin her fingertips inches away from touching.

"He's right, you may be abrasive and kind of a jerk Bakugou, but you are no villain. So thank you for not treating me like some weakling. RELEASE!"

She touched her fingers together as she shouted the last part and suddenly shadows started to get bigger under him causing Katsuki to look up in shock as all the debris he had created was falling down. He raised his aching arms skyward not seeing round face nearly touching him when he let out a massive explosion destroying the falling debris and the resulting force he created launched her back.

She was too tired to continue and Katsuki had won, the crowd was a mix of cheers and boos but he ignored them in favor of hearing his boyfriends and parents cheering for him. Midnight congratulated him before sending him off as Cementoss began to fix the stage then set up for the next match.


Izuku was nervous, he was going up against Shouto. He did the breathing exercise that Amakiji-sempai had taught him to steady his nerves. There was a knock on the door to the waiting room he looked up as the door opened and in the doorway was his brother. 

"Hey Ototo, you ready for this?" Izuku gave a strained smile, false confidence on it but it did not seem to fool Shrike. He sat down next to his little brother and rubbed his back offering supportive words.

"Look kiddo I know you are nervous about this match, but you can't go easy on Peppermint. It would be disrespectful to him and to you as a would be hero. Give it your all alright? Now go kick your boyfriend's ass." With that Shrike ruffled Izuku's hair. Izuku felt a little better after that, he left the room as he heard Present Mic calling out the match. 


Izuku stood facing Shouto who looked just as nervous as he was, Izuku could feel his heart hammering in his ribcage as Midnight called for start Izuku had to roll out of the way as a line of ice shot out from Shouto.

Quick as a flash Izuku stripped off his gym top and called out his Orochi quirk, they helped him dodge the increased ice attacks. He used Shogeki to blast away the ice before it could get close to him. As he dodged another ice blast he used Kinu to tie Shouto up and then Kinzoku to coat his legs up in metal lifting jim up from the ground to prevent anymore ice attacks. 

Shouto struggled against the webbing and metal he could have gotten loose if he used his fire quirk, but he would never use it in battle. He refused to be like that bastard he would win with his mother's power. Izuku was looking at him with a disapproving stare, Izuku dropped him to the ground with a thud. Shouto looked up at greenette in confusion.

"What are you doing Shouto?" The bicoloured boy was furthered confused by this. "You're not fighting with everything you got. Do you think it's okay to only give it a half-hearted attempt when everyone else is giving it their all?" Shouto grit his teeth and struggled into a sitting position. 

"It's not that simple, I will win this with my mother's power and not his. I will never use his power! I refuse to be like him!" Shouto shouted out, he tried to break free of the silk and metal but it was to no avail. 

"You are not him!! You will never be like him because you're a hundred times the hero that bastard could ever hope to be! IT'S NOT HIS; IT'S YOUR POWER SHOUTO!!!"

Shouto began to remember something from his childhood, a memory of him and his mom. He felt a a sudden warmth spark on his right side that grew into an inferno, he was free from the restraints as his flames melted the metal and burnt the silk. A fierce and wild smile appeared on Izuku's face as his snakes all lined up ready to attack. Shouto stood up his right side burning bright he returned the smile. 

"Thank you, Izuku." The two boys attacked Midnight and Cemetoss tried to stop the fight but it was no use the two clashed in a massive explosion covering the stage with smoke. As it began to clear they saw Shouto had made an ice wall to catch himself from going out of bounds. The bicoloured boy got up he rushed to the center stage calling out Izuku's name, he was limping and holding his side.

Shouto barely had a chance to see something rush at him, in a split second he swore he saw hands with claws black as night and eyes filled with an eerie, predatory look in them as he was tackled to the ground a weight holding him down and suddenly sinking into the ground before it hardened trapping him. He looked up to see Izuku with some minor burns and something in his eyes that scared Shouto. 


Midnight's voice calling out to the two seemed to snap Izuku out of his state and with a blink of his eyes the bloodlust was gone just like that. The smoke cleared away completely to reveal Shouto trapped in the ground not able to continue marking Izuku as the winner. A loud cheer rose up from the stands, Izuku used his green eyed snake to release him from his trap. Shouto was wheeled away to Recovery Girl, his leg hurting to much with Izuku in tow. 

They would have the tiebreaker next, Eijirou and Tetsutetsu had to compete in an arm wrestling match to see who would face off against Katsuki, while Izuku would be going up against Iida. 


It was a true battle of manliness, neither teen giving slack both using their quirks to the maximum. With one mighty effort and the cheers of his family giving him more reason to push hard Eijirou won the tiebreaker, he sent poor Tetsutetsu to the side with the power behind his arm. As he was declared the winner he offered his hand to Tetsutetsu who took it. 

Midnight couldn't help but gush at the two boys display of hot bloodedness. Eijirou would be going up against Katsuki. He shot a grin at his boyfriend who smiled back, a fierce and competitive smile.


Shouto tried not to cry out as Izuku slowly took his cock in his mouth his tongue running around the sensitive head. Recovery Girl had patched them up and left them to go get some supplies before the next match could begin so they were alone in the temporary infirmary. Without hesitation or warning Izuku had gotten up from his cot and pulled Shouto's gym pants and underwear down, taken his soft member in his mouth and began to lick and suck until he was rock hard. 

A hand stroked the exposed right side of his chest, calloused fingertip rubbed his nipple, Shouto was having a hard time concentrating as Izuku deepthroated him. He would not last long like this. Izuku stopped and pulled up with a pop, he took his pants off and mounted Shouto, sliding down on his cock in one motion. This time Shouto let out a cry of pleasure as he entered Izuku. 

The greenette rode Shouto like a man possessed, his eyes were clouded with lust as he kept driving down on to Shouto making him cry out.

"Izuku! Izuku! Izuku!" It was like a mantra, he was praying to him worshiping him as Izuku drove down hard Shouto grabbing the greenette's hips and thrusting upward with a primitive scream Shouto came like his life dependant on it, filling his boyfriend. 

All he could see was white, the blood was pounding hard in his ears and he was breathing deep lungfuls. His vision slowly came back as he felt Izuku slide off him and fix his pants. 

"Izu..." He didn't get to finish as hungry lips made contact with his, a tongue slipped inside Shouto's mouth and he willingly surrendered to it; soft mewling noises escaping as they broke apart for air. 

They both lay in each other's arms, Izuku snuggling into Shouto's chest glowing with happiness. Shouto was feeling rather spent after the quickie they just had, but he was so satisfied right now. 

"That was good Shochan." Izuku muttered feeling sleepy, both boys took a power nap, unaware that Ren and Mitsuki had come to check on them only to find them curled up with one another, both women took out there phones taking several pictures to send to the others. 

Chapter Text

Katsuki let out a massive blast bt it was to no avail against Eijirou's hardened skin, Eijirou threw a wicked haymaker catching Katsuki square in the face knocking him back. Both of them were tiring, Eijirou rushed in for a finisher but Katsuki let out a smaller explosion near his side causing some damage. Eijirou hobbled away holding his side Katsuki took the advantage taking Eijirou down pinning him. Struggle as he might he could not break free and accepted defeat. 

Midnight declared Katsuki the winner, the ash blond helped Eijirou up and walked with him to Recovery Girls office. As the two entered the temporary nurse station they spotted Umeko waiting for them, she rushed over to Eijirou she began to fuss over him and he was blushing waving her off while trying to hide a grimace of pain. Katsuki felt guilty as he watched his boyfriend's mom worry over her son. He was sure he saw her shoot a glare his way once or twice, which made the knot inside him twist even more.

Recovery Girl patched both boys up as best as she could and sent them off, they walked back hand-in-hand.

"Hey shitty hair." Katsuki stopped them before the entrance.

"Yeah?" Katsuki was looking down at the floor, Eijirou waited for him to continue. 

"I think your mom hates me now, for the whole hurting you during the fight." Katsuki rubbed the back of his head looking away from the floor but avoiding Eijirou.

"She doesn't hate you, she just gets that way with all of us ever since dad passed away." Eijirou said it so casually it caught Katsuki off guard, Eijirou never talked about his dad.

"I'm sorry." Was all Katsuki could say; Eijirou wrapped his arm around Katsuki pulling him close. 

"Don't be, it happened a long time. Mom has moved on from it but she has this protective streak in her ever since it happened; I guess seeing me get hurt brought it up."

"That just makes me feel worse." Katsuki buried his face into Eijirou's shoulder. The redhead rubbed soothing circles on to Katsuki's back, he nuzzled into the ash blond hair.

"Come on let's go cheer our greenette on."  


Izuku stood facing Iida, he left his shirt off since he rather not destroy another one. He was making a plan on dealing with the speedster and judging by Iida's deep concentration he was trying to figure out how to deal with Izuku's quirk.  Midnight gave the signal to begun and Iida rushed forward with blinding speed he went for a kick to Izuku's head but missed as he began to sink into the ground that Izuku had softened. 

Izuku thought he had it in the bag but Iida used his engines to launch himself off the ground breaking free from soften ground and landing a few feet away. Izuku used Kinu to try and rope the teen but Iida dodged every attack launched at him, he even launched himself forward with terrifying speed and connected with Izuku's stomach flinging him backwards a few feet.

He landed with a thud and felt his lunch try to escape his stomach. Shakenly Izuku stood up and forced his bile down, he dodged another kick then used Shogeki to shock Iida, the contact stunned him making the taller teen wobble back his knees trembling. Izuku landed a punch to Iida's face knocking him back. 

Izuku did not let up making sure to keep Iida on the defensive driving him towards the out of bound line, he used Shogeki and Mizu to create impassable puddles of shocking water but Iida did manage to get in a good kick or two on Izuku making him fall back. The greenette was becoming frustrated with this dance so he opted to end it.

Using Doku, Izuku made a large fog cloud of poison at its weakest but Iida did not know this so he was forced towards the edge, Izuku was going to lunch his plan when Iida surprised him by using his Receptor Booster and shot forward causing a huge air current to blast away the poison cloud, he nearly launched Izuku out of bounds when Kinu shot a string of silk at the ground serving as an anchor to prevent him from going out of bounds and using Mizu to forced a stalled Iida over the line with a stream of hot water.

Midnight declared Izuku the winner of the match a loud cheer erupting from the crowd as Izuku wobbled away from the stage his stomach hurting from where Iida had kicked him. Present Mic announced a short break before the final match that would be Katsuki vs Izuku.


"Come on it's a pretty easy bet, Midoriya is going to take this." Denki said with a smirk on his face, Hanta just shrugged his shoulders

"But Bakugou is a power house, he took down Kirishima, and Uraraka, did you see him during the race and in the Cavalry Battle he is a monster in combat."

"But Midoriya-kun is more versatile with his strange quirks. Kero~" Tsuyu chimed in; Ochako agreed with her as did Momo.

"Come on Bakugou will go for the win even if he is dating him." Kyoka spoke up twirling her earphone jack.

"You fucking extras I am standing right here!?!" Katsuki shouted at his classmates. They ignored him and kept making bets on who would win, sparks flew from the blond's hands.

"You need to head to the waiting room Katsuki." Shouto defused the situation by speaking up, Katsuki let out a breathe and was about to head off when he was stopped by Shouto who gave him a peck on the lips and Eijirou who also gave him a kiss before sending him off. 

Katsuki was bounding with energy as he made his way to the waiting room but he was also pissed off at the extras in his class talking about him like he wasn't there, he growled and kicked the door to the waiting room causing the occupant to let out a yelp of surprise. Katsuki stood there with a foot raised and a dumbfounded look on his face as he looked into the room to see Izuku sitting at the table with a deer in the headlight look. 

"Hah? Deku what the fuck are you doing here?" 

"What do you mean 'what are you doing here?' This is waiting room 1." Izuku spoke up after his heart stopped racing from the sudden intrusion.

"No it isn't! It's..." Katsuki looked at the sign by the door to see Waiting Room 1. "Okay so I was wrong on this one." with that Katsuki turned around about to leave when he felt something wrap around his waist pulling him in and against a warm body. 

"Kacchan, don't go easy on me. You got that?" Izuku pulled aside Katsuki's shirt to expose the scar that he left on the shoulder, he laid a kiss on it causing the blond boy to shiver in pleasure. 

"Yeah, I am going to give it my all, so you better do the same Deku." Katsuki turned to face his boyfriend, he was still shirtless, Katsuki lowered his mouth to the matching scar on Izuku's shoulder kissing it as well before locking his lips with him. They made out for until they heard Present Mic announcing the last match. They walked out fingers entwined until they had to part ways to enter the stage from opposite sides. 



Mitsuki and Masaru as well as several other heroes in the stands cheered loudly for the blond teen. Eijirou and Shouto cheered as well, as did the Baku Squad.


Mitsuki, Masaru, Eijirou, and Shouto's cheers were drowned out as the stands erupted into a cacophony of cheers, the Todoroki's and Kirishima's cheers were also lost in the uproar. Shrike was grinning like a maniac at the cheers, looks like his little brother had made quite the impression, Big Boss was also watching the broadcast as well with deep interest in the green teen; if Izuku was anything like Shrike he would definitely need training and guidance less he became like Shrike was before Dairiten found him.

Midnight raised her flogger then shouted for the match to begin. 

Katsuki launched forward with several explosions closing the gap fast, his best bet would be to beat Izuku's quirk with speed to prevent him from using the snakes. He went with a big right swing but was surprised as Izuku caught his fist and then flipped them over his shoulder then onto his back knocking the wind out of him. He recovered in time to blast himself away as Izuku used that white snake to launch silk at where he was a few moment ago.

He flipped himself up and dodged a punch from Izuku but got hit by one of the snakes pushing him back. The one with red eyes launched himself at Katsuki making him step to the side, a sharp pain in his arm looking at it he spotted the one with grey eyes had bitten him. He blasted the snake away but as he reoriented himself to face Izuku he was lifted up his body not responding to him.

"Sorry Kacchan, but I win." Izuku had a competitive look in his eyes and that got some blood flowing to Katsuki's nether region. Katsuki gathered every ounce of will he could and let out the biggest explosion he could muster, the resulting force freed Katsuki by knocking Izuku back. As Katsuki landed he sent several smaller blast towards Izuku smoke filled the stage, he couldn't see where Izuku was but no movement was detected which worried him.

He wasn't going easy but that didn't mean he wanted to hurt Izuku. There was a beat of silence, Katsuki was standing still straining his ears to hear Izuku coming. Midnight called out to the obscured area of the stage. 

"Midoriya? Are you still conscious? Respond please." No response Midnight was about to declare Katsuki the winner, suddenly the smoke was blown away by a powerful gust.

The entire stadium was dead silent, Katsuki's eyes were wide with shock, and he would never admit it outloud but fear. Standing there was Izuku, his arms up to the elbow was black as pitch and his fingers had grown deadly looking claws, he also had two small black horns growing from his forehead, but the most shocking thing was the two big and black bat-like wings growing from his back. 

"Izu..." Katsuki did not get to finish saying anything because in a blink of an eye Izuku had crossed the stage and grabbed Katsuki around his throat lifting him up with ease. Up close Katsuki could see Izuku's eyes looked animalistic, slithed like cat eyes and in them he could see something he would never have thought Izuku capable of having.


Katsuki tried to wiggle free from the steadily tightening grip at his throat, a very demonic looking smile appeared on Izuku's face as he tightened the grip just a bit watching Katsuki begin to panic before he threw the blond hard making him hit the wall with a nasty sounding crack. Katsuki was out of bounds.

Midnight recovered first from the shock of seeing the greenette like this and declared him the winner, Izuku's knees hit the floor his new features dissolving into black mist before Izuku bent over and threw up some black looking bile then falling over unconscious. Midnight called the robots over to cart Izuku to Recovery Girl and Cemetoss went to check on Katsuki. He was dazed from the impact, and by the look of his crooked arm it was broken, he too was sent off to Recovery girl. 

The Stadium was quiet as the grave, no one knew how to react to this outcome, The Todoroki, Kirishima, and Bakugou families all got up and rush to the infirmary to check on the boys while Present Mike tried to break the tension over the stadium. Shrike was the first to the infirmary already dialing a number he memorized by heart. 

Chapter Text

Izuku was in that strange place once again, there was Incubus sitting on his throne he looked rather smug, he sat there surrounded by six, rather beautiful looking men in what appeared to be in different designer looking outfits. Izuku approached the throne Incubus saw gently stroking the violet eyed man with brunet hair under his chin. 

The brunet turned to face Izuku, as did the six others and suddenly the greenette was surrounded by beautiful men, they all looked at him with coloured unblinking eyes. The brunet with violet eyes leaned close to Izuku's face then suddenly flicked out a white, long, forked tongue that tickled his nose. Startled Izuku moved back and bumped into a very solid body, turning around he saw a big and buff man with grey eyes in what looked like a custom cut armani suit in tones of grey.

The larger man leaned down to stare into Izuku's eyes, a white, thick, long, and forked tongue slid out to taste the air around Izuku. The greenette spotted a kanji monogram on the lapel of the larger man's suit. 'Kinzoku' it read, it finally dawned on Izuku, this was the Orochi quirk, so it had manifested like Incubus in this representation of his subconscious mind.

Looking at each of the men Izuku saw that each one also had a kanji monogram on their clothing. The violet eyed brunet had a button down that looked like it was made of some expensive material in shades of lavender with some tight black pants that had scale patterns, on the breast pocket was the kanji for Doku.

A green eyed man with sandy brown hair in a v-neck and cardigan nuzzled against Izuku as did a man with pink hair in a loose tank top, board shorts and cerulean eyes, the blue eyed one looked almost like Shouto, except for the pink hair, lack of scar and mono coloured eyes. Their kanji read Doru for the green eyed man and Mizu for the blue eyed one.

A few feet away posing rather sexily was a man in a blood red shirt, leather biker jacket, and tight leather pants. His black hair was slicked back, he had crimson red eyes and a lecherous smile on his lips, a golden kanji that read Shogeki was on the back of the jacket, it was circled with carnelian gems. The snakes in human forms all gently touched Izuku and flicked their tongues to taste the air around him, Izuku felt a little awkward as he stood there surrounded by his quirk as they moved around him he spotted a figure in shimmering white standing a few feet away, a petite smile on her painted lips; this one stood out from all the others as the figure was clearly female.

She wore a kimono of sheer white with silver designs of snakes winding around it. She had pale skin with very long silk white hair that seem to dazzle as if her hair had tiny diamonds in them, her eyes were a beautiful deep indigo, the only splash of color aside from her eyes was her blood red lipstick; on her obi was the kanji in pale gold reading Kinu.

Incubus shot Izuku a languid smile draping his naked self across it making it, Incubus beckoned Izuku over with a lazy wave of his arm. Izuku was a little hesitant but he walked forward the Orochi walked with him like bodyguards, as he stood in front of the quirk who seemed to conjure a picture of someone, it was Iida Tenya why was Incubus showing him this. 

Incubus pointed at the picture with his clawed finger and drew a heart to frame Iida's face, was Incubus telling him he wanted Iida as a lover? Why though? Izuku suddenly felt strange like he was being tugged upward, the area he was in started to melt away. Izuku last saw Incubus' glowing eyes with a smile like a cat before eating the canary as he showed Iida's picture once more before he suddenly bolted upward struggling to breathe.

There was suddenly an incessant beeping noise, a rush of movement, there was something covering his mouth causing Izuku to panic he tried to claw it off but he was suddenly held down. Izuku began to scream in terror as he was held down, a bad memory crashing to the surface of a similar situation. A sharp jab was felt in his arm as he thrashed his legs tears streaming down his face as he tried to break free, he suddenly felt his body weaken. 

Izuku's head felt fuzzy and his breathing was shallow, the pounding in his ears died down to the point he could hear his brother's voice speaking calmly and softly, a hand stroking his hair, his breathing steadied and he welcomed unconsciousness. 


Izuku woke up once more this time, with no panic, the thing over his mouth was gone but he felt oxygen tubes in his nose, the beeping of the heart monitor was accompanied with the soft hiss of the oxygen machine pumping air into him. He looked around the room and spotted two people sleeping rather uncomfortably in the two seats in the room. One of them stirred and in the low light Izuku saw messy red hair, red eyes locked with Izuku's green ones, Eijirou was up from the chair, crossed the room, and hugged Izuku with a very tight hug a sigh of relief escaping him.

"Zu you're alright. I was really worried you threw up all that black stuff then when you woke up the first time, you were screaming and thrashing the doctors had to sedate you." Eijirou's voice cracked a little as he tried not to cry. The second person got up to reveal himself to be Aizawa-sensei, the man had some serious eye bags at the moment crossing the room he stood next to the greenette's bed. 

"Izuku how are you feeling?" the pro asked his rather deadpan face was layered with worry. 

"I'm..." Izuku took a moment to really think about his condition. "Fine, I don't feel bad or anything. Nothing hurts as far as I can tell." Aizawa didn't look convinced he pressed the button on the side of the bed to call the nurse, after a few minutes the nurse came in saw Izuku awake and came over to check over him, asking general questions, taking his blood pressure and temperature. 

Izuku was feeling really thirsty and without a missing a beat the nurse picked up the pitcher near the small table filled a cup placed a straw in it letting Izuku drink his fill, she fluffed the pillow and help Izuku get comfortable. The ways she did everything made Izuku think she might have a quirk that let her anticipate patients needs, she told Izuku that she would get the doctor to come in a bit to have a talk with him. 

"Aizawa-sensei where is Shrike? I think I heard his voice earlier." Aizawa dragged the chair over to the bed and sat in it getting comfortable to tell Izuku some hard news.

"Your brother is the ICU." Izuku tried to sit up but Eijirou gently pushed him back down. "He used a quirk of his to heal you up, you were throwing up this thick black tar, as well as bleeding from your eyes. This quirk let him create this ooze with healing properties and he used a great deal of it to make sure you stopped throwing up and staunch the blood from your eyes, the draw back it turns out is the ooze uses the water in his body to create it." 

Izuku felt a pang of guilt in the pit of his stomach. Eijirou took over for Aizawa.

"He was severely dehydrated when he finished patching you up that he was rushed to the ER, the doctors there hooked him up to several bags of saline and IV drips keeping him alive and hydrated. Last I checked on him he was conscious, bit loopy and giggly." 

Izuku let out a held breathe, his brother was alive at least. 

"Eijirou where are Shochan and Kacchan?" 


Izuku was making his way down to the ICU to see his brother, the doctor had given him a clean bill of health he was released from the hospital the next day, U.A. had given the students a week off to move into the dorms and recover before the Hero course students began their internships, speaking of which Nedzu had congratulated Izuku and Shinsou personally telling the two boys that they had been transferred to the Hero Course, Shrike had been moved into the section that allowed visitors, Izuku greeted the nurses at the station before entering his brother's room.

The bed Shrike was laying in was moved into the seated position, he had at least five IV bags on a hook dripping into his arm. He looked a little better than yesterday when he looked like he had been wrung out. His brother wasn't alone thought there was a man in a fancy suit with a shaved head. It sounded like they were arguing he caught a few snips of the conversation before they noticed he was in the room.

"You could have died, Mozu don't you ever think?" The man had a deep and rumbling voice. Shrike tried to wave away the comment but his arm sort of flopped weakly, Shrike's voice was rough as he spoke.

"What did you want me to do, let him die? I would gladly give my life for him Boss, he's my little brother; the only family I have." 

"What are we to you then Mozu? Are we not your family?" 

"Don't make me choose here Big Boss, you won't like the answer." The air held a tension that was broken when Izuku cleared his throat. The man, Big Boss, stood up said his goodbyes then left without so much as a side glance to Izuku.

"Did I interrupt something?" Shrike shook his head, Izuku sat down in the empty chair, an odd silence between the two brothers. Izuku reached into his pocket and drew out the first place medal showing it off to Shrike. Aizawa had given it to him when he returned to the dorms, Shrike settled into the bed fixing his eyes on the medal.

"Guess I owe you some answers, fill that cup with water make sure you keep it at the ready cause this is a long story." 


Izuku was taking the train back to the dorms he was still processing a great deal of informations, the sun was starting to set so Shrike, or Mozu his actual name, was right it was a long story. He was watching the video of the last match of the sports festival this one was undoctored.

Izuku felt like he was watching some horror movie, there he was or should he say Incubus was, the quirk had taken Izuku over during that last hit, his heart dropped into his stomach as he watched himself pick up Kacchan and fling him as thought he was a rag doll against the wall with a sickening crunch. Mozu had pulled some powerful strings to erase not only the footage of this quirk manifestation but apparently his friend had erased the event from everyone who attended or watched the video. 

Izuku was not sure how he managed that but he learned it was best not to ask. Izuku got off the train and walked to campus getting to the dorm as night had fallen, he walked through the front door he was suddenly washed in the sounds of several people talking, laughing, and joking; as well as Kacchan's shouting at Kaminari, Ashido, and Sero who had drawn on his arm cast rainbows, a unicorn, and a sparkly flower. Izuku smiled at the scene, despite the huge knot of guilt in his stomach for being the cause of that injury, Shouto was there drawing a small grenade on the cast.

He crossed to the stairs ignoring the commotions waving at a few of his new classmates who waved back. As he made his way up the stairs he bumped into Iida, the taller boy had a deep sadness to him as of late, Izuku had learned from Eijirou that Iida's older brother had been badly injured by some guy calling himself the Hero Killer, Stain.

Izuku could relate to Iida as his older brother was also hospitalized as well. Izuku had been avoiding Iida ever since the whole Incubus showing him an image of him, he was not looking to add more to his happy poly group. 

"Oh Midoriya, I'm sorry I was not looking where I was going." Iida had sunken eyes with dark circles showing how little sleep he had gotten lately. 

"It's okay Iida-kun, I was sort of spacing as well. is your brother doing?" Izuku wanted to kick himself for touching such a sensitive subject. Iida had a hollow smile in place.

"He is going to live." Izuku was about to say something when Iida started to shake. "But...but his career as a hero is over, his legs are paralyzed." A sob escaped Iida, Izuku couldn't stand by and see someone be hurt, physically or emotionally he pulled Iida into a hug and let the bigger boy cry his tears of frustration, sadness, and relief. Izuku rubbed soothing circles on Iida's back who began to calm down.

Iida's tears subsided and he stood up straight, adjusted his glasses before bowing to Izuku asking his forgiveness for breaking down like that, Izuku waved it off.

"Iida-kun I know how you feel, my big brother is also in the hospital." 

"I'm so sorry Midoriya here I am burdening you with my emotional weakness and I have not considered your distress about your brother." Iida bowed again to Izuku asking forgiveness causing Izuku to feel a bit awkward. "I feel so helpless." Iida said after a while.

"Iida-kun if you ever need someone to talk to I AM HERE!" Izuku did a pretty good All Might impression which caused Iida to give a genuine smile and laugh. Izuku would do his best to help his classmate, as well as keep Incubus from trying to collect Iida; from what Mozu told him his quirk may grow into a dangerous thing if he did not find a way to keep it in check.

"Thank you Midoriya, I'm glad to have someone like you as a friend." Iida made his way down but not before telling him he had a letter for him at his room. That got Izuku's attention, as he made it to his dorm he saw an envelope taped to his door his surname written in a very neat and formal script, a sticky note with his teacher's sloppy handwriting stuck on it as well.

'This was dropped off by courier earlier today, turns out someone was impressed with your victory.' -Aizawa.

Izuku took the envelope off the door opened it taking out it's content, his eyes growing wide.


Katsuki was about to smack dumbass in his dumbass face when a huge scream cut through the whole dorm, everyone's blood froze, Aizawa burst out of his room and was the first up the stairs capture weapon already unfurled, Iida was next and then Katsuki followed by Shouto and the rest, they got there at the same time Eijirou burst from his room his skin hardened rushing to Izuku who was frozen in place with huge eyes staring at something in his hand.

"Deku! What's wrong? Why did you scream?!" 

Izuku turned to face the blond a massive grin threatening to split his face was plastered on Izuku, he showed the blond boy a VIP Pass to the new Hero Land Theme Park. 

Chapter Text

Izuku sat at the table in the common room with a pout, Katsuki was sitting down next to him trying to avoid the puppy dog eyes Izuku was giving him.

"Kacchaaaan." Izuku whined but Katsuki would not give in.

"I can't go Deku, I have a broken arm, I can't ride the rides there." Izuku flinched when Katsuki mentioned the broken arm. "Stop that! It was an accident from the Sport Event. I know you didn't do it on purpose so stop feeling guilty. Recovery Girl was very clear on me not doing anything extraneous, or she would strap me to the infirmary cot." 

Izuku turned to Shouto who had to look away as Izuku turned the puppy dog eyes to him.


"I'm sorry Izuku, I already promised to spend the day with my mom." Izuku had the cutest pout on his lips at the moment, the envelope he received the VIP pass in also came with three other passes for Hero Land, they were dated for today. He had planned to go with all three of his boyfriends but Shouto and Katsuki could not go, so Eijirou and Izuku had an extra ticket.

"Hey maybe you should invite Iida." Sero spoke up from the couch where he and Kaminari sat playing smash bros. "He looks like he needs a day of fun, it might keep his mind off his brother for a moment." Izuku considered it, Izuku wanted to help his new classmate, but at the same time he was scared of what Incubus wanted Iida for. Still deep to his core Izuku could not let anyone suffer, so he bucked up and headed upstairs to knock on Iidas door. 

There was no response, which was weird Iida was usually the first one up. He knocked again but no answer that made Izuku worry.

"He's not here, he went to the hospital to see his brother." Izuku jumped at the sound of a new voice, turning he spotted Ojiro exiting his room.

"Oh hi Ojiro-kun, when did Iida leave?" 

"I think it was after breakfast, you were sort of still asleep at the table." Izuku blushed a little at the mention of that. He was so excited by the tickets he hardly slept that night too giddy.

"Haha yeah sorry." The greenette rubbed the back of his head, his hair was growing back into its wild state; not sure why he was apologizing, it could be because he was still a little awkward around Ojiro cause of the blacked out sex they had. Ojiro let out a small chuckle, offering a smile to Izuku.

"It was really cute though." Izuku blushed harder at that, he excused himself and headed back down to the common room. 

"Hey Zu." Eijirou wrapped his arm around Izuku's waist as he entered the common room snuggling into the greenette's nape. 

"I don't know how you four can date each other so easily, if it was me I would not be able to handle it." Kaminari said getting his ass handed to him in smash bros, Sero doing a victory dance. 

"That's cause your a dumbass." Katsuki spoke up, earning him a laugh from Jirou who sat down at the table with a glass of juice. 

"We just work together." Shouto said, he looked at his phone getting up, he was going to be picked up in a few minutes so he walked over to Katsuki giving him a peck on the lips then gave one to Izuku and Eijirou before heading off to the main entrance. 

"Bakugou-kun is all smiles. Kero~" Tsuyu gushed at the blond who was smiling after Shouto, he sputtered and muttered for her to shut up. 

"He does lessen his rather abrasive attitude when he's with an of you three." Yaoyorozu said standing next to Izuku observing Katsuki get teased by Tsuyu, Jirou, and Kaminari.

"Kacchan is a good person, a bit rough around the edges but that's part of his charm." Izuku smiled fondly at his blond boyfriend. 

"Oui, Monsieur Midoriya is very correct in this, his rough attitude is all part of Monsieur Bakugou's attractiveness." Aoyama spoke up from behind Eijirou in the kitchen, his indigo eyes lustfully looking at Katsuki, Izuku was sure that the French teen was undressing his boyfriend mentally.

An intense feeling of jealousy overcame the greenette and he wanted to smack that look off the blond's face. Eijirou held Izuku closer whispering something in his ear.

"Zu, you're growling." That stunned the greenette had he really growled at the blond? "Hey since you have that extra pass I have an idea on who we can invite, you know them already and they will be super excited to with us." Izuku nodded, he did not trust himself to speak, the fact that he had physically growled at someone concerned him, maybe it was Incubus, he would have to ask Shrike about it.


The trio made their way past the entrance way into the theme park Izuku's eyes were wide as dinner plates taking in all the sites, but his weren't the only ones. 

"This is so cool!! Thanks again for bringing me Izuku-nii!!" Yoshio hugged Izuku before taking his brother's hand and Izuku's hand, the three of them walking to the first attraction, with an excited 5 year old. They got several looks from others all of them thinking how cute they looked like a little family. 

The three of them rode various rides, and played the carnival games, they sat down at the outdoor table of a food cart Yoshio was eating an All Might Burger with gusto, Eijirou and Izuku with their own watching the five year old eat like a shark, Izuku found it adorable it was similar to how Eijirou ate beef bowls. 

"Thanks for this Izuku, mom told me Yoshio has been upset ever since I moved into the dorms, he got like this when Tatsuo moved out, so this has been great for him. Mom also said he has been asking about you as well."


"Yeah he wanted to hangout with his future older brother." Eijirou said with a big toothy smile. As they finished their meal Eijirou took Yoshio to the restroom to clean up all the sauce on his face and hands, while Izuku waited on the bench nearby. The greenette couldn't help but smile dreamily at how today went. Sure he would have loved it if all four of them could have been together but this was just as great.

"Look at you smiling like a fucking idiot." Izuku jumped at the voice but before he could turn to face the speaker a hand closed around his neck with one finger raised. "Hello little brother." Shigaraki spat the word out with so much venom. Kinu slid up from Izuku's shirt hissing at the dry skinned man. She lunged at him but Shigaraki closed all five fingers around her body cutting her off. 

Pain coursed through Izuku like he was on fire before he could stop himself he screamed out in agony, his vision blurring. He spotted Kinu's upper half thrashing about, her mouth open as if to scream. 

"Izuku-nii!!" Yoshio's cry of terror cut through the park drawing more attention to the situation, park security had arrived but stopped when Shigaraki spoke.

"Come any closer and I kill him." To proved this true Shigaraki disintegrated a trash can. Eijirou could only look on his horror, if he tried to get close Shigaraki would kill Izuku. What could he do, his mind was racing. 

"Let Izuku-nii go!" Yoshio rushed forward his quirk activated, it was similar to Eijirou's except his skin was covered in obsidian like stone, Eijirou lunged forward to try and grab his little brother but he missed him by an inch.

Eijirou and Izuku watched in paralyzed as Yoshio rushed forward, Shigaraki had a cruel smile on his face he reached out to the boy. Without even thinking Izuku threw is left arm up, he gritted his teeth as the skin began to dry up and become destroyed, he called up Kinozuku using him to push Yoshio back and away from the villain. The little boy dropped his quirk, he was crying and screaming at the villain as Eijirou picked him up, his older brother was pale, shaking as he watched Izuku's arm decay into dust.

"Well that was a rather stupid thing to do, spending time with heroes has made your head all soft, well Sensei can't be ad at me for your stupidity. Kurogiri, let's go." A swirling black portal opened behind them Shigaraki dragged Izuku through it. Eijirou dropped Yoshio and dead sprinted forward his arm just brushing Izuku's remaining arm before the portal closed. He fell to his knees in absolute disbelief as to what had happened.

"Aniki!" Yoshio rushed up and hugged him crying, Eijirou wrapped his arms around his little brother trying to calm the little boy, holding it together barely himself, tears bit at his eyes but he had to be strong for Yoshio.


Izuku woke up and threw up immediately, his head was spinning like crazy, his body hurt like hell, and he felt something was missing, oh right his left arm was gone. The days event came back to him, he cried both in pain and relief, Yoshio was okay at least and that is what matters.

"Ah your awake, I was worried that you may have slipped into a coma, I had to heal that nasty wound as well as remove that defected quirk." Izuku's body went rigid at the sound of a voice he had not heard in a long time.


"Is that anyway to greet your father? Come here my boy, give your dad a hug." All For One stood from his chair arms spread out, the shadows of the room hiding his face. Izuku tried to call up Orochi but he felt an intense emptiness. His eyes widened the revelation, the quirk was gone.

"What did you do?" Izuku's voice cracked trying his hardest not to cry, he would not cry in front of this monster. He saw All for One's mouth twist into a frown, he walked forward just a bit.

"I had to remove it, it was going wild. It did not allow any of the doctors to come close to you so I removed it, I was going to give it back but it seems to have disappear the moment it left you." All for One walked forward once again which caused Izuku's heart to begin to hammer. He had to escape, he had to find a way out of here, All for One was just a few feet away now, his arm extending out.

"Stay away." He hated how weak he sounded, All for One stopped just inches away.

"Now Izuku don't be like that, I am simply going to give you a quirk to help that missing arm. Do you really not trust your own dad?"

'I want to get away, I need to get away. Please I want to get away from here.' Izuku thought this over and over, he was spiraling into a panic attack this was not good.

All for One almost touched Izuku when his head snapped up to look at where All for One's eyes used to be, he hesitated as he felt a terrifying aura begin to emit from his son, one that filled him with such dread. The metal pipes around him began to groan as they were wrenched from their place the area around Izuku suddenly became dense like a black hole was pulling him forward. All for One staggered back as there was a loud pop, as things settled down he used his Outliner Quirk to look for Izuku but he was nowhere to be found, just a lot of metal where he once sat.


Pain. Too much Pain. Missing, no stolen. It was stolen from us. Need. Need more, we need more. There is one near us, strong. They have strong quirk, no two of them here strong quirks. FEED!!

"Hey? Are you okay? Young man are you okay?" 

"I'll call an ambulance." 

A strong scent filled the alleyway were Chi and Kai found the collapsed young man with a missing arm. The smell was of wild roses, jasmine, and lavender, Chi felt lips connect with hers, she felt her mind go blank giving in to the unimaginable pleasure of the kiss. Kai was about to pull this guy off his girlfriend but as he touched his shoulder he was overcome with a desperate need to touch him more, he felt lips kiss along his neck and a sharp sting against it feeling teeth bite into the sensitive skin causing him to shout out in pure ecstasy. 

Chi and Kai woke up in the alleyway, not sure why they were there, or why they decided to nap there either. Neither paid attention to the healing bite marks at the nape of their necks.


Katsuki was pacing back and forth he wanted to hit something so badly. Eijirou was sitting on the couch his little brother buried in his chest finally calming down, Shouto had an arm around the redhead's shoulder whispering reassurance to him. Tsukauchi was there taking Eijirou's statement once more, they had brought him back after securing the crime scene at the theme park, he was in such a state of shock they couldn't get a word out of him until he was back at the dorms.

Aizawa had made calls to the teachers and to Izuku's godparents who where on the way here along with Eijirou's mom. Tatsuo was there in uniform he had accompanied Tsukauchi and as much as he wanted to hold both his brothers and tell them it was going to be alright but he was on the clock right now, he had to be professional.

As they were finishing up taking statements the door burst open and arguing could be heard. 

"You are in no condition to be walking about!" 

"Fuck my condition, Vulture. My little brother was just kidnapped and is in that fuckers clutches." 

Shrike wobbled into the dorm clutching the back of the sofa to keep himself from falling down. A well tanned man with a twirled moustache followed the assassin in. He helped him stand up and walked him over to the armchair sitting Shrike down. He looked like he was about to drop dead then and there.

"How the hell do you know that Deku was taken?" Katsuki decided to focus on Shrike, he needed a distraction before he started to blow things up.

"I saw the news report, as well as a video someone took of the whole thing and posted it online, the sick fuck." Vulture went to the kitchen filled a glass with water and came back.

"Drink it, doctor's orders." Shrike drank it down in one go.

"So let's go get my brother back."

"You are going nowhere. You can barely stand as it is, I'm calling Big Boss." Shrike tried to complain but stopped when he spotted a figure appear in the doorway.


Shrike shot up and rushed over to Izuku who fell forward he managed to catch the greenette before hitting the floor but he also collapsed being caught by Tatsuo and Izuku being caught by Aizawa.

"Call an ambulance, now" Aizawa ordered and Yaoyorozu took her phone out dialing the number for emergency services. Aizawa gently laid the greenette down Tatsuo did the same for Shrike then he kept Katsuki, Shouto, Eijirou, and Yoshio back so they would not crowd the boy. They all looked at him, he had blood around his mouth, his clothes looked dirty. 

"His arm!" Kaminari pointed to where Izuku's left arm should have been but instead there was a swirling mass of inky black with what appeared to be red eyes floating in it.

 "What the fuck?!" Katsuki shouted out, and everyone seemed to share that same sentiment as they watched the strange new appengage shift and swirl.

Chapter Text

Katsuki and Mitsuki were raising hell demanding to see Izuku but the guards outside the room did not budge, they did not budge. Masaru and Eijirou pulled the two angry blonds back towards the waiting room, Mitsuki was pacing back and forth muttering angrily. Katsuki was sandwiched between Shouto and Eijirou he was on the edge of breaking down and crying being kept away from the edge by Shouto's warmth and Eijirou's solid body.

No one but Shrike, the doctors, or these guys from Dairiti were allowed to enter the room, which really pissed Katsuki off. Shrike had been set up in the same room as Izuku the idiot had caused damage to his body by leaving the hospital way too early and making his way to the dorms, the moustached man that had been with him was a doctor it turns out, he was the one overseeing both the brother's care. He exited the room and Katsuki, Mitsuki, Shouto, and Eijirou all rushed forward talking over one another asking questions.

The moustached man held up his hands to silence them. 

"Per favore, sistemati." The italian hero said, he removed his gloves to stroke one side of his moustache with a flourish. "I have good news and odd news." the four of them stood there waiting for the man to speak again, he cleared his throat to speak the tension was heavy in the air. "He is awake and seems to be relatively in good health, aside from his missing arm. Which has been replaced by something entirely new, we are not sure what it is at the moment."

"Alright but you said odd news, what is this odd news?" Mitsuki was besides herself with worry for her godson, Masaru gently hugged her. Vulture nodded solemnly before answering.

"He is not himself." He said with a shrug.

"What the hell does that mean?!" Shouto asked rather angrily, this caused some looks they never seen the bicoloured boy so mad before. The events of the last few days were getting to him, he felt useless which pissed him off Katsuki shared this sentiment, they had spent the night comforting Eijirou who felt so guilty for not being able to help Izuku that he broke down several times during the night sobbing. He had also had several depressive episodes in the last two days that had left Shouto and Katsuki in distress not knowing how to help their redheaded boyfriend. 

"Well are not sure, but he just seems a bit off. I do not personally know the young man, but from all the things Shrike goes on and on about him he does not seem like his usual self."

"Can we see him?" Eijirou spoke up finally, Vulture nodded. He lead them to the room the guards stepped aside for them. As they entered the spotted Shrike sitting in a chair across from Izuku who was sitting up on the bed cross legged, staring intently at his brother. Shrike had a deep scowl on his face. "Izuku!" Eijirou walked with a quick stride across the room but stopped when Shrike conjured a glowing hand to stop him. 

"Quirk: Hardlight Hands- Creates various hands composed of photon manipulated to have mass." Izuku spoke up and his voice sounded wrong, empty and robotic.

"Deku are you alright, what's with you voice?" Katsuki was very concerned especially when Izuku turned to face them and he saw his eyes, the sclera was black. His eyes looked like Ashido's except green irishes instead of yellow. Izuku sprung up from the bed and a sudden pop he disappeared, then he was standing next to Katsuki making him and everyone else jump as he suddenly reappeared without a sound. 

Izuku took Katsuki's unhurt arm in his right hand touching it and then bringing it to his eyes, tasting the palm with a lick causing Katsuki to shudder at the wet sensation. Izuku cocked his head to the side in what appeared to be thought before speaking.

"Quirk: Explosion- Emits nitroglycerin sweat from palms that can be ignited, causing explosions of various intensities and size." 

"Izuku what is wrong?" Shouto watched the whole thing he reached out gently touching Izuku who turned to him, reached out and touched Shouto's left side.

"Quirk: Cryomancy- Generates and manipulate ice." Izuku then touched his right side of the face. "Quirk: Pyromancy- generate and manipulate fire." izuku cocked his head once more thinking once more before speaking again. "Updated; dual quirk detected. Half-Hot Half-Cold." 

Eijirou turned to Shrike who was watching Izuku with hard eyes. 

"What happened to Izuku, why is he acting like this?" Eijirou asked despair in his voice, it was his fault wasn't it. For not saving Izuku; he could feel guilt creep its way up from the pit of his stomach.

"Well it is and isn't Izuku." Was all Shrike said, he stood up rather shakily having to rely on Eijirou's help to move across the room. He took Izuku by the shoulder and guided him to the mirror by the sink in the room. As Izuku looked at his image he cocked his head once again, he spoke.

"Quirk: Analyzes- Can identify quirks and update internal database based on sight, smell, touch, sound, and taste. Quirk: Protean- Artificial quirk; Body's cellular structure has been altered to create and house new quirks." Izuku then looked down at the swirling mass of darkness with red eyes floating in it. "Quirk not registered, new quirk combination of Umbramancy, and Hemomancy. Combination of quirks have created a new quirk. New name update; Faustian Burn." 

"This doesn't explain why he is acting like this." Katsuki didn't like how Izuku was acting, like a robot. Nor did he like the look of the strange swirling mass where his missing arm was. Shrike let out a sigh, he turned Izuku to face the people in the room and with a shaky flourish of his arm he introduced them.

"This is Prometheus. Izuku's original quirk, and who is currently piloting Izuku." The room was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. Shouto spoke up first breaking the silence.

"What are you talking about?" 

"Okay get me a chair cause I am about to drop to the floor. This is a long ass story and I don't want to repeat it so make sure you listen and hold questions until the end."


Izuku was back in his mindscape, things seemed odd, for starters the usual darkness was replaced by strange floating blood red bubbles that floated lazily through the inky murk, he also noted a new addition aside from the bubbles, a massive Lion's mane jellyfish the same colour as the bubbles, it emitted an eerie red light from it's bell, he also noted that the bubbles were coming from the jellyfish. 

He looked around the mindscape and noted that it felt strangely wrong, it dawned on him he was missing the Orochi quirk. He felt an overwhelming sense of loss and sadness fill him. 

"You need to move on from that, the more you dwell on it the more control this one will have over you." Izuku was startled out of his thoughts by a voice, he looked around and saw who it was. There on the throne were Incubus usually sat was someone new, Incubus was on the floor bound and gagged by tendrils of darkness that were being emitted from a large black cat with luminescent green eyes. The cat in question was lounging atop the throne.

"Who are you?" Izuku asked the figure on the throne, the figure was humanoid in shape, but the shape was all it was, the rest of him? it? was white and blank, the figure stood out among the darkness and black stone of the throne. Upon further observation Izuku noted there was writing on the body.

"Do you not know your own quirks, boy?" The figure let out a sigh that seemed to rumble the place around them. "I am the one responsible for your abilities and power. I am Protean or as I was dubbed by my creators Prometheus. You are my holder yet you allow this one here to control you." Protean pointed to Incubus who struggled against the bonds but to no avail.

"I don't understand. How are you communicating with me? None of the other quirks could do that, how is Incubus controlling me? What is that cat and jellyfish doing here?" He had so many questions his head was spinning. Prometheus waited for Izuku to calm down before answering his questions.

"I am able to communicate with you because I am your original quirk, despite me being artificially created, I helped create this space within your mind as a way for you to understand and learn from your quirks, but ever since the creation of this parasite it has been using you to feed itself. Granted it has help keep you alive." 

Incubus let out a muffled growl but was swatted by the black cat. Izuku looked at the quirk on the ground who looked back at him with pleading eyes, Izuku also noted that the crown was missing. 

"So this entire time I was being controlled by Incubus, so when I felt weak and needed sex it was Incubus doing. But you're in control right now does that mean I won't need to feed?" 

"I shall explain this once more, so listen to me closely boy." Prometheus said with a weary sigh. "We are not to be sitting on this throne, you are. The throne represents control, sitting here will allow you full control of your quirks. Meditation will allow you to enter and leave here to learn more of your quirks. You have a few you have not yet met."

Prometheus gestured to the cat who was not sitting atop of Incubus now with a wide grin showing off sharp teeth that seem to glow in the dim light of the mindscape. "That is Umbra." He then gestured to the jellyfish. "That is Hemo. They have combined their powers to allow you a new quirk one that will allow you to have your arm again, get to know them. Magnetism, Analyzes come forth." Prometheus called two more quirks forward.

From out of the dark came what looked like a knight in armor, but the armor was made of different metals with this armor came a man in scholarly robes with a very large book floating in front of him and a quill writing as they walked forward.  "Magnetism Manipulation and Analyzes, these are the first two quirks you created." 

Before Izuku could ask anything else Prometheus rose from the throne and stood next to Izuku, now that he was up close he saw that the writing was the names of quirks residing within Izuku, he saw Incubus' name across his chest in what appeared to be a cuts instead of ink. "Take your throne, stay in control boy. If you allow that parasite to drive it will end with the deaths of your loved ones. 

Prometheus guided Izuku to the throne and sat him down, before he placed the crown upon Izuku's head as soon as it touched his head he felt the room spin and go dark.


Shrike finished telling the entire sordid tale of his and Izuku's quirks. Mitsuki and Masaru were both in deep shock, hearing what their godson had been put through left them speechless. Shouto had tears in his eyes as did the other two, he turned to look at Izuku who was still standing there observing them with those blackened eyes. Shouto was the first to move as he saw Izuku sway and then fall forward, he rushed forward catching him.

Everyone else moved to see if Izuku was okay, Vulture grabbed his medic bag telling Shouto to lay him down, taking a stethoscope to listen to the greenette's heart. Izuku stirred as he felt the cold press of the medical instrument to his chest. He opened his eyes to see his godparents and his boyfriends looking down at him with concern. He have a weak smile to them.

"Hey what did I miss?" His voice sounded hoarse.


It had been a six days since the whole incident and Izuku was ready to leave the hospital. Mozu had recovered enough to be discharged, but he had been coming by to help Izuku with using his new quirk, Faustian Burn. 

His classmates had stopped by during the time, Uraraka, Asui, and Koda had brought him stuffed animals with get well soon cards, Ojiro had brought him some comics and Izuku had asked him to show him how to meditate properly, Hagakure sat with him and the two of them caught up on the latest gossip of the school. Jirou brought her mp3 player and the two of them layed around listening to some good tunes. Yaoyorozu brought him a book on classic heroes of the pre-quirk age, Sato baked him some super delicious cookies.

Tokoyami had also brought him a book this one umbral based quirks, the two of them talked at great lengths about the nature of their quirks, Kaminari and Sero had shown up with their Switch and Smash Bros. to entertain Izuku, Kaminari had also talked about how cool Izuku's arm looked. Shouji had come by with Iida to deliver his school work, the two of them stayed to tutor him on his missed subjects. Iida looked a bit better, but there was still an edge of anger to him. 

Shinsou had brought some sweet plum candy for him, Shouto and his family had stopped by to visit Rei and Fuyumi fussing over him, fluffing his pillows and getting things for him, Natsuo and Touya told Izuku stories of baby Shouto. Katsuki and his godparents had also stopped by, and while his godparents went out to get them food he and Kacchan christened Izuku's hospital bed. 

Later in the evening Eijirou and his family showed up with flowers and a get well balloon. As soon as Yoshio saw him the little boy rush forward and tackled/hugged Izuku sobbing and crying trying to talk but unable to make words. Izuku just hugged him and thanked him for trying to save him. Yoshio bawled his little eyes out when Izuku called him his hero. 

After all the visitors were gone he began to meditate they way Ojiro showed him, he used the technique to enter his mindscape. Before when he entered this place he would be like he was waking up, but now he could just appear sitting on the throne. Looking around it wasn't as dark anymore, it was rather light and airy now. Hemo still floated through the air followed by the trail of blood red bubbles. Umbra was sitting atop of Incubus still the trail of darkness still bounding the parasitic quirk who was glaring at Izuku. 

"Ah good, you are taking the first step into become who you are destined to be." Prometheus spoke up from where he stood next to Magnetism. "The next step is to fully embrace each of your quirks true power. I managed to help you escape from your father's lair using Magnetism Manipulations to create a wormhole allowing you to teleport, now I shall teach you to utilize this power. Are you ready? There is no going back once you start." Izuku couldn't help the fierce smile, very similar to Kacchan's own grin when presented with a good challenge.

"Let's do this!" 

Chapter Text

Izuku was excited he had been back in U.A for two days, thanks to Iida and Shouji bringing him his school work and tutoring him he was all caught up. Today was the day for internships, he had missed out the first day of when they got to choose, Izuku came second to the amount of internship request that were sent Shouto was the one with the most. 

"I bet you're super excited for this internship, huh Midoriya?" Kaminari spoke up from where he was standing next to Jirou. He could see the greenette vibrating with excitement, Shinsou gave out a chuckle at his best friends jittery energy. 

"If you shake any harder people will think you're a chihuahua." Izuku pouted at his bestie who couldn't help but laugh at the cute expression.

"Of course he's excited Dairiten is on par with the All Might Agency, most of the heroes from that agency are in the top ten." Yaoyorozu looked up from her book catching the contagious smile from Izuku's face. The greenette certainly brightened the room with his presence. 

"If most of the heroes from the Dairiten agency are in top ten how come your hot ass brother not up there?" Kaminari asked the greenette leaning on the desk beside his. 

"Well that's because..wait, what? How did you refer to my brother?" Izuku narrowed his eyes at the blond. Katsuki, Shouto, and Eijirou all heard the blond and turned to pay attention to Kaminari. 

"Well your brother is rather hot." Kaminari said this with a rather perverted look in his eyes. Izuku just stared at the electric teen, in complete disbelief.

"Dumbass, don't make me smack you stupider." Katsuki growled.

"Aww, you're just jealous of him, Bakugou." Katsuki made some rather indignant noises, his palms sparking. Eijirou stepped between Katsuki and Kaminari, the latter completely unaware of the dangerous look in the ash blond's eyes. 

"Kaminari does have a point, your brother has that bad boy aura to him, those scars give him an air of badassery." Hagakure spoke, they couldn't see it but she had a dreamy look on her face. 

"He also has an amazing ass." Ashido had a lecherous look on her face, as she daydreamed about Shrike's ass. Izuku looked at her with utter dismay, he was so not expecting to hear these things about his brother.

"He also has those arms, fuck I want him to wrap me up in those massive biceps then just fu.." 

"KAMINARI, SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!" The whole of 1-A fell dead silent at Izuku's outburst. Izuku's Faustian Burn was writhing around like sinister snakes, Izuku had a heated look on his face as he glared at the blond. 

"I'm sorry Midoriya, I didn't mean to upset you." Kaminari had his hands up in surrender. He'd seen what that left arm of Izuku could do to things and he was hoping he did not piss off the greenette enough to cause him to use that quirk on him. Shouto took Izuku by the hand and gave it a squeeze the greenette took deep calming breaths his quirk reforming into an arm.

"No, I'm sorry Kaminari I shouldn't have yelled, I guess it was just so weird having people think of my brother like that. To me he's just this big annoying dork." 

"Aww love you too, Ototo." Izuku knew that voice anywhere and looked to the doorway of class 1-A, there leaning against the door jam was Mozu, wearing some tight jeans, pale green shirt and a biker jacket. 

"What are you doing here?" Katsuki asked his eyes narrowed at his boyfriend's older brother. Shrike gave Katsuki a big grin, Izuku knew that was not a good smile, it was a smile that came before Shrike said something teasing. 

"Sup Second-Place." Shrike kept eye contact with Katsuki who looked like he was about to have an aneurysm. Izuku took hold of Katsuki's hand and Eijirou hugged him from the side, Shouto placing a hand on his lower back, whispering calming things to Katsuki. Class 1-A was waiting for the blond to explode, Katsuki let out a long breath he was holding and flashed a big smile to Shrike, that caused a wave of surprise through all the students and even Shrike was taken aback. 

"I'm going to be the number one hero, and when I become the Number One. I will marry Izuku, Shouto, and Eijirou. No one will tell me otherwise and I definitely don't need your permission or anyone else's, got that Gikyodai? "

Shrike pushed off the door jam and strided across the room to stand before Katsuki, looking down on the smaller male. His yellow eyes boring into Katsuki's red ones. The blond was terrified of the older man at this moment, he kept a cool appearance but his heart was hammering really hard, he was sure Shrike could hear it. 

Shrike leaned down just enough that their noses were almost touching, in a deadly serious voice Shrike spoke.

"Careful Katsuki, you're making me like you." Katsuki blinked slowly not sure he heard Izuku's brother right.

"Hah?" Katsuki flinched when Shrike slapped his hands down on Katsuki's shoulders.

"Of course there is one little flaw in this plan." Shrike had a playful tone now, smiling wide showing off his sharp canines.

"What's that?" 

"Izuku is going to be the Number One Hero." It was Katsuki's turn to flash a toothy grin.

"Well then I guess I will be the Number One Hero's husband." 

Shrike let out a very loud and genuine laugh, he patted Katsuki on the shoulder before going to Izuku, picking up his bags.

"Well say your goodbyes Zu, cause for the next week you'll be training your ass off. I'll meet you downstairs in the parking lot, good thing I didn't bring my motorcycle."

"You drive a motorcycle?" Kaminari asked the assassin his eyes lighting up. Shrike gave him a wink before walking out the door.

"I sure do, perhaps I'll give you a ride in ten or so years." Kaminari pouted a little at that. Izuku glared after his idiot of a brother. He gave each of his boyfriends a kiss goodbye, said goodbye to his other classmates, as he said his goodbyes to Iida something kept gnawing at him, the bespectacled teen was on edge, there was a look in his eye that worried Izuku, Ochako told him before leaving that Iida took an internship in Hosu, were the Hero Killer was last seen, where his brother was attacked. Izuku wanted to confront Iida, to make him swear to not do something dangerous like go after Stain, but Shrike came back and dragged him off, Katsuki smacked the back of Kaminari's head as soon as Izuku was no longer in sight.

"Ow!! Bakugou that hurt." 

"Stop drooling over Deku's shitty brother. I swear dumbass, you stay away from him." Kaminari stuck his tongue out at him.

"You already have Midoriya, no fair in trying to also keep his brother to yourself." Bakugou did not like what Kaminari was implying, and soon Kaminari was running for his life as Bakugou chased him down with Shouto and Eijirou in hot pursuit to stop the ash blond from murdering the electric teen. Aizawa signed as he watched the four boys run pass him unwinding his capture tool grabbing all four before dragging them back to class 1-A. He would miss these brats when they graduated. 


"Welcome to Dairiten, Little Brother." Shrike said as he and Izuku walked into an impressive lobby, the whole thing looked expensive and sleek. There was even a large fountain in the center with real koi fish in it. Izuku was taking in the whole sites as he followed his brother to a set of elevators. He saw all kinds of workers in different uniforms going about their business, he even saw a few heroes in costume come in and out. Shrike pressed a badge to a pad next to the elevator doors causing them to chime and open.

As they boarded the elevator Mozu gave Izuku his own badge with his picture and name on it. When did Mozu take his picture? 

"Keep it on you at all times, that serves as your ID and keycard for the upper floor." After a few minutes the elevator stopped at the top floor and the two of them stepped off and into a posh looking hallway lined with doors. "Come on kiddo, my apartment is this way."

"Apartment?, you live at the agency?" Izuku followed Mozu to a door marked 2B.

"Yup, it's rent free, secure, also the whole place is soundproof, which would be useful if I could actually invite guest to my place."

"TMI Aniki!" Izuku did not want to hear about Shrike and his ''guests''. Shrike huffed at Izuku.

"Oh forgive me madam, I didn't mean to offend thy virginal ears. Go ahead and use your badge to open the door." Izuku did so and the door slide open, he walked in with Shrike bringing in his bags.

It was nothing like he imagined it to be, he expected his brother's place to look like a gun shop or a knife show but it was very modern, and warm. The walls were a nice wood colour with big floor to ceiling bookshelves filled to the brim with all kinds of books. There was also a large entertainment system, a big and super comfy looking black couch and some arm chairs.

Shrike lead Izuku to a spare room across from his, it was Spartan but bigger than his dorm room, with a desk, chair, empty bookshelf, a dresser, and a closet. What caught Izuku's attention was the King size bed that had fresh sheets and blankets, All Might themed. 

There above the bed was a handmade banner that read "Welcome Izuku"

"So you like?" Mozu asked from the doorway entering the room and setting down Izuku's bags. "Cause I was thinking that you can come stay with me during holidays and summer, you know if you want to or whatever." Mozu shoved his hands in the leather jacket and tried to act cool. Izuku smiled at his older brother, yeah he was a big dork, kind of annoying but he was sure that was how all big brothers were, at least that is what Eijirou told him.

"I'd like that, Aniki." Mozu turned away from Izuku to hide the goofy grin starting to form on his face, he was walking out before calling back.

"Oh change into your hero costume, I'm going to properly introduce you to the team and my boss." With that Mozu left to go get changed as well.


Izuku walked out in his hero costume, it was a dark green jumpsuit fitted to his body, with a balaclava like hood attached to the neck, and a mouth piece that served as a respirator, he also had a utility belt for first aid items and emergency supplies. The left sleeve was cut off at the shoulder allowing his Faustian Burn quirk freedom to transform without destroying his costume everytime he used it. 

Shrike was in his gear and waiting, he let out a whistle of approval at the sight of Izuku.

"Nice costume baby bro, ready to meet the people who will make your life a living hell with their training?" Izuku was a little nervous after that, he knew that the number 3, 4 and 10 heroes where from this agency and that meant they would also be here to not only observe Izuku but train him as well.

"Yeah, I'm ready."

"Oh before I forget, what's your hero name?" Izuku had missed the class with Midnight in choosing a hero name, but he had the name already picked out as soon as he began training with Prometheus in his mindspace. 


"I'm The Adaptive Hero, Protean. Also known as Midoriya Izuku, it is a great honor to meet you all." Izuku bowed to the people before him.

"Ah un buon nome, We have meet before my dear bambino, but not properly. I am Lorenzo Avvoltoi, better known as the Immunity Hero, Vulture." 

"You're little brother is just the sweetest thing, how is he even related to you Shrike?" An Amazonian of a woman asked leaning down to look Izuku in the eye, her's were a beautiful honey gold colour. She had short hair the colour of coffee, with skin just a shade darker. "I'm Nichelle Miller, also known as the American Amazon, but call me by my hero name Mockingbird." She had a hint of a southern accent that made her Japanese sound almost musical. 

"Should have been Whooping Crane." Shrike said just loud enough. Mockingbird turned to him arms akimbo before speaking with a feral grin disguised as a smile.

"Awe you're just mad that a girl is taller than you." Shrike scoffed

"For your information, Miller, I prefer my women on the taller side."

"Oh so your just mad all those pickup lines failed on me then?" Nichelle's tone was teasing. She was trying to get a rise from the shorter hero, since it was what he did to her all the time. Before Shrike could retort a smaller woman spoke up.

"Arrêtez!!" She sent harsh looks to both the other heroes who had the good graces to look chastised. "That is no way to set an example to our young intern. Salut, I am Esmée Mésange, I go by the hero name Chickadee. It is a pleasure to meet you." Izuku shook her hand, he could feel how powerful her hand was just from that one touch. He was sure that the small brunette woman could easily snap him in two, he would make sure to stay on her good side. 

"We have also met before, you can address me as Big Boss, or just Boss." Izuku nodded and with that the imposing man headed off to his office allowing the other heroes to put Izuku through the wringer. Big Boss kept a neutral face but he was smirking inwardly, he was keeping tabs on the boy tracking his progress at school, of course Shrike knew none of this, if he did then Big Bosses plans would be in jeopardy. The boy had made excellent progress with Prometheus.

"Only a matter of time." The bald man said to no one in particular.  

Chapter Text


Shouto had arrived at the Twin Flame hero agency, he had chosen this agency for the two hero twins that ran it, both of them had fire based quirks. Shouto needed to get a better grasp on his fire quirk and both Riku and Ikumu were excellent teachers. They had him train on control, and accuracy, He had been nervous that they would be like his father but he could not be more wrong. Riku was a playful guy with fatherly advice to give at every chance he could give to Shouto.

Which the bicoloured boy listened to with great ernest. Ikumu was never shy with the praise, she would help Shouto with pointers, correcting his stance, and sparring with him. Everytime she would praise and encourage Shouto as he progressed. He was smiling a lot more lately, he wondered how the others were doing.

It was three days into his internship when there was a call for heroes, Shouto and the fire twins had to face the oddest villain, he had a skull for a head, and purple skin, he was unleashing a weird greenish smoke from his mouth. They tried to use fire against it, the results were explosive. Shouto switched over to using his ice quirk to create barriers preventing the smoke from escaping into the fleeing civilians.

The barriers started to melt, so the smoke was caustic in nature this was bad, Shouto made another barrier between him and the villain but again it was melting fast. Ikumu was calling for a retreat when a powerful gust of wind blew through pushing the smoke away the win then switched directions creating a dome of wind keeping the smoke around the villain. Shouto looked up to see two newcomers.

The two of them were flying up high, the one in a red uniform with what appeared to be a large gauntlet on his left arm. He bowed rather enthusiastically to Riku and Ikumu, his head hitting the ground hard. Shouto stare was wide eyed at the teens loud attitude, he reached into his pocket to pull out a handkerchief walking over to the boy as the twin heroes went over to help the other hero who was sucking up the smoke into a special pack, the hero twins cuffed the skull headed villain with quirk suppressing handcuffs.

The villain raised both his hands and shook them while making some odd noise, before being escorted away by the police. Shouto walked to the bigger teen holding out his handkerchief to him. The bigger teen had a hard look while staring at Shouto, did he do something to make the other boy mad? They had just met.

"Your bleeding, here." Shouto felt nervous but not sure why, he gave the bigger teen a smile, like how Izuku would. The look on the bigger teens face changed from hard to one of shock with a blush on his face. "Oh right I forgot to introduce myself, I'm Todoroki Shouto, hero name well...Shouto. I haven't found a good one yet." His smile never left Shouto's face. 

The taller teen snapped to attention and bowed just as hard as with the twins

"I'm Yoarashi Inasa! Hero Name Gale Force!" he smashed his head into the ground, as he straightened up he was bleeding a lot more. Shouto had him lean down, he held the handkerchief to Yoarashi's bleeding head, using his left hand to apply a cooling effect. The entire time Yoarashi was looking at Shouto like he was something new or strange.

"You should hit your head on the ground like that, you could really hurt yourself." Shouto softly chided as he pulled out some bandages to wrap the wounds. 

"You're so different now, I remembered you had a look so cold before but now you have this passion burning in them." Yoarashi said uncharacteristically soft, this made Shouto look away from the bandage.

"We meet before?" 

"It's nothing don't worry about it, thank you for tending to my wound." Yoarashi nearly bowed again just as hard when he felt Shouto catch his head before it hit the ground.

"You can't be a hero if you're unconscious." another smile, Yoarashi felt his heart skip a beat at that smile, he said his goodbyes and left with his Hero mentor Slipstream. He couldn't help but think of Shouto and that smile.


This was absolute bullshit, he was not liking these stupid ass jeans he was forced to wear. Then Best Jeanist had gone and combed his hair, he looked like a dork. He was sure he was going to pop a vein from gritting his teeth everyday. He chose to come to this agency for two reasons, the first was because Best Jeanist was the number three hero and the second was the old hag had brow beaten him into taking this internship.

Apparently they two of them were old friends. He was on patrol a few people recognizing him from the sports festival, they stopped him to congratulate him. The thing that made the patrol a bit bearable was the group of kids that raced up to him, calling him cool and amazing. They even asked for his autograph, that caused him to smile.

"Oh you can smile, I was beginning to worry you only knew how to scowl and grimace." Best Jeanist said after the kids left, Katsuki told him to shut it; the combed hair puffing up into his usual spiky style.


"Tetsutetsu, you chose Fourth Kind as well!" Eijirou's red eyes lit up with excitement at seeing his best friend had also joined with the Fourth Kind agency. 

"Of course I did, he's a good hero." Tetsutetsu and Eijirou locked hands in a manly handshake before entering the agency and getting to work. 

Both of them were on cleanup duty with Fourth Kind making sure the local playground was cleaned up, Fourth Kind gave a good lecture on the importance of maintaining and helping the community. 

"A hero does more than just save people, and fight villains. They must also be pillars of the community and inspire others to be pillars as well." 

Tetsutetsu and Eijirou both agreed with their mentor's words. They continued to clean up when a group of kids walked by, with their teacher.

"Big Brother!" One of them called out Eijirou looked up to see Yoshio in his kindergarten uniform waving at him with vigor. Eijirou waved back with a toothy grin, the other kids all stopped as well all of them excited at seeing heroes.

"Yoshio your big brother is a hero?"

"That's so cool Yoshio-kun"

"Wow he looks kinda scary."

"He looks so cool!"

The kids swarmed around Eijirou and Tetsutetsu all asking questions a mile a minute, their teachers trying to round them up.

"Big Brother what are you doing here?" 

"Oh Real Steel, Fourth Kind, and myself are here to clean up the park. A hero has to help the community as well as people." 

"We want to help!" A little brunette spoke up jumping up and down in excitement. The other students agreed, begging the teachers to let them help in turn they looked to Fourth Kind to see if it would be alright, the four armed man nodded.


A groan escaped from the greenette as he laid on the floor, this was the fifth time Chickadee had flipped him, she was a brutal instructor. When she found out he didn't have any form of formal fighting training the Frenchwoman took it upon herself to teach him, and boy he really wished he had listened to his brother when he said that he should train with him and Mockingbird instead.

He got up his back aching, the smaller woman had not broken a sweat, unlike Izuku who was drenched in it. His muscles hurt so bad, even his Faustian Burn seemed to hurt and it was composed of shadows so how did that work he was not sure. 

"Come on mon vert ami, you need to use your size and quirks to your advantage." She got into another fighting stance and Izuku did as well. Shrike and Mockingbird had come into the room dressed up in their hero costumes. They watched as Izuku blocked fast strikes but was swept off his feet by a low kick, Shrike made a sympathetic noise as he watched his brother hit the mat.

"You are not going to beat her like that little bro, Esmée's quirk is Peak Performance. Makes her the pinnacle of human athleticism, so she is basically superhuman. You need to fight dirty." Shrike said from where he was sitting on.

"That is some villainous advice, aniki." 

"No, Shrike is right sweetie. You can't beat Esmée in a straight up fight you need to be smart about it." Mockingbird took a sip of her iced coffee as she watched Izuku stand up dusting himself off before getting into another fighting stance. 

"Listen to your elders. They are both right you need to fight me like I was a villain, and a villain does not care to fight fair, so neither should you." Without warning Chickadee rushed forward going for an open palm strike to Izuku, he caught her arm trying to flip her but as he did, she twisted at the last minute landing on her feet then picked up Izuku with ease throwing him.

As he sailed through the air he activated his trap. Chickadee let out a shout of surprise as she was coated in a red and sticky substance that began to harden. She was effectively trapped. Izuku landed awkwardly using his Faustian Burn to catch himself but still falling. 

"Woah Zu, where were you hiding this?" Shrike walked over to Chickadee knocking gently on the hardened stuff, Chickadee tried to break free but she was unable. Izuku held up his left arm.

"I found out what these red things are for." 

"So it's some sort of hardening goo?" Mockingbird laid a hand on it, up close she could smell a hint of copper on it. Izuku rubbed the back of his head sheepishly.

"It's not goo, it's blood." Mockingbird withdrew her hand quickly upon hearing that but Shrike looked concerned.

"Izuku this seems like a dangerous quirk to be using, are you woozy? That was a lot of blood." Shrike was going into protective big brother mode so Izuku cut him off.

"No, it's not my blood, but I can make it using my arm, a new one just sort of bubble up when I use one." 

"That is très intéressant, but could you please free me." Chickadee was growing nauseous from the coppery smell from the hardened blood. Izuku raised his left arms and extended the shadowy fingers to touch the hardened blood absorbing it back into the arm, releasing the Frenchwoman. 

"Alright kiddo, go shower up your going on patrol with Mockingbird, make sure you take your badge and hero costume with you. I will be back home later tonight, there is some food in the fridge." Shrike ruffled Izuku's newly grown out hair making the curls even wilder. 

Patrol was fairly uneventful, they waved at people and several had stopped to greet Izuku for both winning the Sports Festival, and some even praised him for his actions at the amusement park, keeping Yoshio from being hurt by sacrificing his arm. The highlight was Izuku meeting a retired hero who praised Izuku's heroic actions, he even offered pointers. 

"You're quite the popular one." Mockingbird smiled at Izuku from where they were sitting, they had took a quick break near a café, Mockingbird taking a sip from the cup she had ordered, Izuku had gotten some as well.

"Not as popular as you, that was like the 20th guy to come up and ask for your autograph."  Izuku teased a little, Mockingbird let out a laugh.

"Oh you are definitely Shrike's little brother." Their break was cut short as the sound of an alarm went off and two villains burst out of a jewelry store a bag laden with diamonds. Mockingbird and Izuku jumped into action, the villains were a man with blue skin and a scar under his eye, and a woman with light green skin, black hair and glowing green hands.

The blue skinned man pulled out a weird looking gun firing it at them as they approached, Izuku used his Faustian Burn to form a shield. The beam hit the shield and did nothing to the mass of writhing shadows. 

"Protean, you take care of the blue guy, I'll take care of the green gal." Mockingbird stomped her foot on the ground causing a pillar of earth to rise up between the two villains separating them, the American Amazon vaulted over Izuku's wall and began to fight the woman who seemed to throw that glowing energy from her hands.

Izuku used his shield to advance forward blocking each blast from the villain's gun, as he was close enough he launched a blog of blood at the blue villain hardening around his hands, he then shot some at the villain's feet tripping him. The blue villain was cursing in English, Izuku then turned to help Mockingbird.

The two women were locked in an intense battle, Mockingbird was using her earth manipulation to keep the green villain off balance, but she was quick on her feet dodging the pillars of earth. Izuku waited for the right moment before he shot both of them with a shot of blood, hardening it trapping both of the women.

"Ah, Protean you were supposed to catch the villain not me." Mockingbird was trying to wiggle free as was the green villainess but neither could break free. The police arrived taking the blue villain into customy, they got to Izuku who was freeing Mockingbird. The police took the green villain into custody but not without her almost breaking free, Mockingbird and Izuku combined their quirks encasing her legs and arms. It took a team of police officers to mover her in her entombed state. "Not bad Protean, we make a good team. Maybe after you graduate you can be my partner."


Chapter Text

The internship was halfway done, when Izuku couldn't shake a very bad feeling, deep in his gut, he was sitting at the counter in the kitchen eating dinner when he felt a sudden dread creep over him, he took out his phone dialing Iida's number but he got his voicemail, Izuku opened the class discord sending an message to everyone.

HeroFanboy: @everyone: Please tell me someone has heard from Iida.

HardBoi: Sorry, Zu. I haven't heard from him at all.

Peppermint: He has been rather quiet on here, last night Kaminari and Seto were sharing all kinds of those pictures that Eijirou and Izuku like so much. He usually comes on to lecture them. 

KirbyGrl: He has been acting rather weird, ever since his brother was released from the hospital. Like he has this brewing anger.

LrdExplMrd: There is no way four-eyes would do anything reckless, it is physically impossible.

ScotchTape: I didn't think about it to much but I have caught him scouring news feed with this scary look on his face.

Kero~Kero~: Midoriya-kun is something wrong? 

HeroFanboy: It's this unshakable feeling, I feel like something is deeply wrong. 

Izuku looked up from his phone as Mozu exited his room, his brother was wearing an old Pokémon shirt, and some lounge pants. He stifled a yawn, pouring himself a black coffee, the assassin downed it in one go. Izuku was impressed, his brother had gotten in late from a mission.

"What's up Ototo? You look upset." Mozu set the coffee cup down to look at his little brother. Izuku debated whether he should tell him or not. He decided to tell his older brother, maybe he was just nervous about training with Chickadee again.

"I have this strange feeling, I think maybe something bad is going to happen to one of my classmates." Izuku did not meet Mozu's eyes.

"Is this like a gut feeling, something deep in your stomach that just can't be shaken off?" Mozu asked him, Izuku nodded. Mozu poured another cup of coffee, downed it. Then told Izuku to go get dressed in his hero costume. 


Both of them were on the train to Hosu, Shrike was in his hero gear as was Izuku, he was checking his phone to see if Iida had sent him a message or a call, but nothing. The train came to a sudden stop, Izuku looked up from his phone to suddenly see a hero crash through the train. The passengers began to panic. Izuku moved over to the hero, using the first aid training Vulture taught him to make sure the man was still alive.

Through the hole came in a monster, Izuku readied his arm to defend but Mozu dropped kicked the thing out the hole.

"Stay here." With that Mozu jumped out the train after the monster. Izuku felt his phone vibrate, it was Shouto. No message just a location, without thinking he left the train heading to the alley that Shouto was in for some reason. He felt slow, the alley was a ways away. Izuku focused, he thought of the location, tried to visualize it.

He couldn't so he did the next best thing, he opened the map app, looking for the nearest shop. He spotted a bakery, holding that place in mind Izuku called up Magnetism Manipulation using the same technique that Prometheus used, he felt pressure around him and heard the pop, before he felt fresh air fill his lungs. He wobbled a bit as he got up and headed to the alley, not stopping to celebrate his successful teleportation. 


Shouto created another wall of ice blocking Stains knife. Iida kept telling him to run away that this wasn't his fight, Shouto ignored him and fired back a stream of fire at the Hero Killer who dodge easily.

"Todoroki, please save yourself." Iida pleaded with the bicoloured boy but Todoroki ignored him continued holding the hero killer back.

"You call yourself a hero, coming out for revenge, putting your comrade in danger like this. Your brother should be ashamed." Stain hit a nerve which was what he was going for, the dual quirk user lowered his guard turning to speak to the boy paralyzed on the ground. Stain closed the gap knife ready to drive into Todoroki's eye, pain blossomed as Stain was launched backwards. He rolled into a crouched, blood running down his nose. 

Stain looked to to see what had hit him, a garbage can lid. The lid in question lifted up and flew back to the entrance of the alleyway, Stain saw another person standing there the garbage can lid in his hand.

"Get the fuck away from them you bitch!" Iida recognized that voice it was Izuku. 

"Midoriya-kun! Take Todoroki and go. There is no need for you to get involved."

"Iida, SHUT THE FUCK FUCK UP!" Iida was stunned hearing how angry Midoriya was. "I expected this from someone like Katsuki, or My brother, hell even me. But you are supposed to be the Class Representative. So why in the bloody fuck are you here in this dirty ass alley, on the floor, trying for revenge. I know you're mad about what this piece of garbage did to your brother. So tell me Tenya, what the fuck made you think that you could take this guy down if he was able to kill so many Pro Heroes?"

Iida took the tongue lashing from the greenette, tears stinging at his eyes.

"I'm sorry Midoriya."

"apologize to me when we get out of here alive." 

Stain was analyzing this newcomer, he was shorten than the other two, but had some wicked aim given how hard and accurate he had hit him with the lid. He also had a wicked looking left arm, looking like something off a heavy metal cover. Stained readied another knife springing forward going straight for the green haired kid, he slashed out but his knife was knocked away from his hand by the green kid swinging the lid with surprising speed. 

Stain was then kicked in the face hard, then nearly burned by the other kid. Stain pivoted as he landed throwing a knife but it went wide missing the teens. He dodged as the lid came flying at him, a wild smile on his face.

"You missed, brat." Izuku returned a nasty smile that gave Stain concern.

"I didn't miss." Stain didn't have time to understand what that meant as he felt something hit him hard in the back of the head. He lurched forward hitting the ground, tucking and rolling Stain drew out his katana, running forward at full speed he swung at the half-redhead. The greenette didn't have time to react, but his blade didn't hit the boy. The one with glasses jumped in the way, it would seem his Blood Curling wore off on the kid. The blade dug deep going through the arm and into the chest cavity.

A dead silence fell through the alley, Stain let the body fall to the ground, one down, two to go. He drew out to more knives ready to kill the other two boys when his nose picked up the scent of roses, and lavender. He turned and was met with a terrifying visage, the greenette had sprouted wings, he also had black horns coming out of his forehead. Stain had no time to react as he felt sharp teeth sink into his throat. 

'Fuck he's fast!' Satin tried to stab the kid but he hit the left arm, it passed through causing no damage. The teeth dug deeper ripping through the arteries, darkness began to creep into Stain's vision. He blacked out, going limp.

Shouto watched in shock and horror, Iida jumped in front of him taking the sword, he fell down, Iida's eyes had glazed over, he stood there unable to move at all. He was suddenly overcome with a powerful scent of roses and lavender. He only saw a blur of movement, it was Izuku but there was something different about him. He had wings and suddenly there was a memory bubbling up in his mind; the sports festival, Izuku with a wild look of bloodlust in his eyes. It all came back to him.

Shouto couldn't speak as he watched Izuku tear into Stain's throat with his bare teeth the Hero Killer fell to the ground bleeding. Izuku turned around and Shouto felt scared of the greenette, he moved towards Shouto who scrambled backwards until he hit a wall his heart hammering. But Izuku did not go for him instead he straddled Iida's dead body, he leaned down connecting their lips. 

Suddenly both of them were covered in an aura of green flames, Shouto watched in amazement as the fire grew into a bonfire, it lit up the alleyway before it began to die down going from a bonfire into a small orb of burning green, Izuku pushed it into Iida's chest. As soon as the fire was pushed into Iida he jerked up taking in a deep gasp of air.

He was alive, Iida was alive. Izuku collapsed on top of Iida the wings and horns disappearing as did his Faustian burn quirk leaving him with only his right arm. Shouto walked forward on shaky legs, He fell to his knees near the two boy, he could see Iida's chest rise and fall with ragged breaths, the sword was gone and all that was there was the thin scar from where it had entered. 

Shouto was startled by a ringing, it was coming from one of Izuku's pockets. Shouto took Izuku's phone out of the pocket and saw the image was of Shrike and Izuku posing for a selfie, the name above read as Big Brother. Shouto answered the phone.

"Hello? Shrike come quick, Izuku and Iida they need help. I think...I think Izuku killed Stain."

"Okay keep calm Peppermint, send me the location I will be there with back up, just keep and eye on both of them." Shrike hung up.


Shouto was sitting in the back of the ambulance while Izuku was being tended to by a group of paramedics on a gurney, he was okay physically but he was unresponsive. Iida had been sent ahead to the hospital. Shrike leaned up against the ambulance door.

"How you holding up?" Shouto took a moment to answer he was still trying to replay the scene in his head, trying to make sense of it. It had to be a trick of his mind right? That's it a trick of his mind, but he couldn't shake the image of Izuku tearing at Stain's throat.

"Will Izuku be in trouble for killing Stain?" Shouto finally asked, Shrike let out a sigh.

"The Hero Killer isn't dead, Izuku missed the carotid artery. So no, he'll get a lecture from Chickadee, and a hard training lesson from me for running off when i told him to stay. But I can't be too mad at him, he did what anyone would do in that situation and go save his friends. Still I was scared shitless hearing he had run off, especially with all these monster running around."

Before Shouto could continue the conversation there was a shout of panic as one of those Nomu things grabbed Izuku off the gurney flying away with him. Shrike dashed after him pulling out a long black javelin before he could throw it someone moved passed him, leaping up and killed the nomu by stabbing it deep in the brain. They all fell Izuku put was caught by Stain who stood on top of the nomu, Izuku over his shoulder. 

Stain's mask had fallen off, and an intense aura of murderous intent radiated from him paralyzing everyone in place, Shrike struggled to move pass this to reach his little brother who was still unconscious. 

Stain let out a guttural scream, his vocal cords had been damaged by Izuku's bite so all he could do was scream, but soon the screams and aura stopped. Shrike bolted forward the javelin inches from Stain's already destroyed throat but the Hero Killer did not move. Shrike could see that the Hero Killer had bleed out, the scream had reopened the wound on his throat. 

Shrike took his brother away from the dead man carrying him back to the paramedics, he kept his cool demeanor but internally he had been scared beyond all reason thinking as he saw his brother be carried off.

"I am so getting you chipped, kiddo." Shrike said softly as he hugged Izuku tighter to him. 

Chapter Text

Tenya ran his hands under Izuku's hospital shirt, his fingers traced along the scars on his right side, he felt Izuku moan against his lips. He wasn't sure how it had gotten to this point. Izuku and Tenya had been admitted to the hospital after the Stain incident, the green hair hero-to-be was unconscious for at least a day and when he woke up the first thing he did was chew Tenya out good and proper.

Tenya took the dressing down, he apologized but Izuku was not down.

"Seriously Iida, how could you possibly be that stupid?! What did you think would happen?! This guy killed Pro hero, Pros! Iida." Izuku's chewing out took a sudden turn and he began to cry. "You could have died, you idiot. What do you think that would do to your brother, or us?"

Tenya felt something deep in him telling him to comfort Izuku, to hold him. He had to make him smile, that sadness was hurting him, making him feel ill. He stood up from the bed he was sitting in and drew Izuku into his arms; Izuku calmed.

"I'm so sorry, Midoriya. I'm so sorry. If you and Todoroki had not shown up I would be dead. So thank you for that." Izuku whimpered into Tenya's chest burying deep into it, his single arm wrapped around Tenya's neck. The hug then lead to where they ended up, with Izuku sitting in Tenya's lap their lips locked together in a heated kiss. They pulled apart after a few minutes to catch their breath. Tenya never felt this way about anyone, he had thought of asking Uraraka out once but she was in a relationship with Asui. At least she had let him down gently. "Does this mean I'm forgiven?"

"Don't push your luck." Izuku said but his tone was not harsh. They remained in each other's embraced until a harsh voice interrupted the peace.

"What do you think you are doing?! Get off my son you little faggot." Both boys jumped apart they turned to see Iida's father with a very red and angry face glaring daggers at Izuku. 

"Dad! There is no need for that." Mr.Iida turned his anger to his son and told him to shut up, be told Izuku once more just as harshly to get off his son, Izuku complied watching the angry father with caution. Tenya stood up to address his father. "You don't know Midoriya, do not say those things about him." Mr. Iida looked like he was about to turn purple before he spat some more nasty words.

"I know exactly who he is, he's that faggot whore that probably slept his way into U.A." The hateful look he directed at Izuku made him feel scared, it reminded Izuku of one of his unstable johns when he was a Rent boy. Tenya wasn't having it.

"You don't talk about Midoriya that way, he is none of those things!" Tenya shouted back at his dad, surprising Izuku and his dad. Neither had ever heard the teen shout in anger. His dad just got angrier.

"So you're also fucking this slut?!" This took both boys by surprise, that seemed to be all the confirmation that Mr. Iida needed and he just went off on Izuku he ranted at him calling him all kinds of things. "You may have fucked your way to the top but I will not let my son be touched by something as filthy as you. Just like that useless faggot cripple that dare call himself my son." This was the last straw for Tenya and he got between his dad and Izuku blocking the smaller boy from his father's hate filled gaze.

"Get the fuck out, Izuku and Tensei are ten times the hero you will ever be!" This stunned the angry father but only for a moment as he reared back his arm to strike his son, Izuku moved with surprising speed to shove Tenya out of the way the fist almost making contact with Izuku's face when a scarred hand caught the man's wrist.

"I know you did not just try and hit my little brother." Mozu spoke with such a deadly tone the air in the room seemed to grow extremely cold. Tenya's father seemed to lose all the fight as he stared into the murderous yellow eyes of a very pissed off older brother. Mr. Iida tried to speak but Mozu squeezed the the man's wrist bringing him to his knees in pain.

Both boys could hear the bones protest as Mozu continued to apply pressure. Mr.Iida was begging Mozu to let him go, the fight he had was gone now replaced by fear.

"What are you doing here, Senbi?" A cold female voice spoke from the doorway. The boys turned to look at the newcomer, it was Iida's mom, and she did not look happy to see the man before her. She crossed the room ignoring her ex husband's pleas for help as she picked up the room's phone, dialed the front desk and asked to have security come up to the room to remove an unwanted guest.

It took only a few moment for security to arrive, cuff the man and escort him out, he tried to say something but Binka, Iida's mom, shut him up with a single look, he turned to shot a nasty look at Izuku but he caught sight of Shrike opening the flap of his coat showing off a nasty looking hunting knife and he turned to face forward as he was lead out. 

As soon as the man was out of sight Binka let out a shaky breath turned to her youngest son and scooped him up in a tight embrace. 

"I'm so sorry Tenya, I should have told the hospital to not let him in." They hugged for a few minutes before she held him at arm's length and chewed him out for doing something so stupid. Tenya took it like a good son, apologizing just as much as he did with Izuku. "Honestly I don't think I could handle it if something had happened to you." Tears began to flow and Tenya felt really guilty.

"I'm so sorry mom, I wasn't thinking clearly. I let my emotions rule my judgement. Also Izuku already chewed me out pretty bad." Binka turned to see the greenette bowing to him, thanking him over and over for saving her son. "Tenya, what did he say to you?" She asked her son. She knew her ex husband had a nasty tempter, he had been a verbally abusive bastard, especially to Tensei when he had come out as pansexual, it had gotten so bad he even struck Tensei. That lead to the divorce and his verbal abuse spread to Tenya, blaming him for the divorce. 

She knew that her youngest son had suffered greatly from it, the nightmares and depression. She wanted to make sure he didn't relapse like in middle school, she did not want her son to go through such a dark episode again. Tenya looked really uncomfortable, he avoided his mother's gaze. She gently took his face in her hands asking him once again, the pained look in his eyes told her already it was bad. Before Tenya could say anything they heard voices in the hallway.

In came Tensei in a wheelchair that was being pushed by Mockingbird who was flirting with the older Iida boy and he was flirting back just as much. The former Pro hero turned to his little brother who walked over to hug his brother, as soon as the hug was done Tensei began to chew Iida out. 

"Are you absolutely out of your mind?!" 

Tenya held up his hand to stop his brother.

"I already got dressed down by both mom and Midoriya, please I don't need to hear it from you." Tensei crossed his arms and scowled at his younger brother.

"Well you're getting dressed down by me so listen up got it?!" Tensei really laid into Tenya after he was done he drew the boy into another hug tears flowing from the former pro hero as he told his brother to never do something that stupid again. 


Binka was livid, she had to excuse herself, Tenya had finished telling her and everyone else in the room what Senbi had said, she was in the ladies restroom. She slammed her fist into the one of the stalls leaving a large dent in it, she felt better as the sting in her fist faded.

"Wow that must be that mom strength I hear so much about." Mockingbird had walked in to the restroom to check on the woman, at the request of Tensei. 

"I'm sorry, I am just so upset. That bastard had a lot of fucking nerve to come here and pull this shit, I have a restraining order against him and you bet I'm sending his ass straight to jail."  

"Or you can set Shrike loose on him, he is ready to go commit murder. They'll never find the body that's for sure." Binka let out a laugh, she was sure the other woman was joking, but then again the menacing aura that was coming off the man she was sure he would do exactly what Mockingbird was suggesting. 

The two women had returned to the room in time to see the two Midoriya brother's arguing. 

"What the hell is this Shrike?!" Izuku was gesturing at a band on his right wrist, it was covered in images of cute bears with All Might themed costumes. Izuku activated Faustian Burn then tried to remove the band, to no avail.

"The thing is quirk proof kiddo, and after this little stunt you pulled it was either this or the baby harness, and since I couldn't find a harness big enough for you; kid tracker." shrike gestured at the band.

"So you don't want me to save my friend?" Izuku asked really mad. Shrike leaned in nearly nose-to-nose.

"I want you to stop and think. If you had sent me a message saying you needed backup I would have gone with you, and Stain would have been dealt with faster. So until you graduate you will wear that kid tracker. End of Discussion." Izuku shot a glare at Shrike, you could feel the anger radiate off his smaller frame.

"Midoriya your big brother is just really worried about you, it's in our nature to get a little over protective." Tensei spoke up hoping to diffuse some of that anger.

"Tensei is right, he was the same way when Tenya was little."

"He's still like that now." Tenya supplied, Izuku's shoulders slumped a little and without any prompting Tenya drew Izuku into another hug, the moment the greenette made contact with Tenya he seemed way calmer, the anger burning away.

"Okay, I'll wear the damn thing."

"It's not so bad Zu, it has an emergency beacon, you just squeeze the top button twice and I will come a running to help, also I got it All Might themed." Izuku pouted earning him a hair ruffle from Shrike.


Tenya and Izuku were back at U.A they had missed the last two days of their internship from being in the hospital, their involvement in the Stain incident was swept under the rug, the official report stated that Mockingbird and another Dairiten agent had apprehended the serial killer. They walked side by side, hands brushing against one another, they were still trying to figure out this new relationship between them.

Ever since the incident Tenya seemed to understand Izuku's moods almost on a psychic level, always offering a hug or a touch when it seemed he needed it the most, and Tenya seemed to heal faster now. They would also need to talk with Eijirou, Katsuki, and Shouto. The latter seemed to be avoiding them for some reason. 

The two of them entered Class 1-A seeing Kaminari and Sero tease Katsuki, who had a new hairstyle, the ash blond was ready to murder the two boys when Izuku came to the rescue.

"Kacchan, you look different." Izuku's tone was teasing and light, Katsuki rounded on him and angry pout on his face. 

"Don't you start, Deku."

"What? Me start something?" Izuku hugged Katsuki, leaning close to his ear, "I would never start something, well if I did I would definitely make sure that we finished it. By the way your hair makes you look really sexy." Katsuki was blushing as Izuku whispered in his ear. 

"Oh look Bakugou is blushing" Kaminari said with a Cheshire grin on his face, Katsuki tore himself away from his boyfriend to turn to the blond shouting at him his anger causing his hair to puff up into its natural spiky state.


Izuku was standing in front of Shouto, it was lunch time and Shouto had avoided him practically until now. Something was wrong, Izuku waited patiently for the bicoloured boy to speak.

"I think we need to take a break from one another."

That was not something that Izuku was expecting the other boy to say.

"Shochan, why? Did I do something wrong?" Shouto avoided his eyes, he kept his gaze down, fidgeting.

"No, it's just..." Shouto didn't know how to tell the greenette that he was scared of him, that he had nightmares of the scene in the alley, of a strange memory of the sports festival, of Izuku with black claws, wings, and horns. Izuku with bloodlust in his eyes; Shouto just kept looking down.

"Shochan, it's okay. I said I would date you as long as you wanted to date. If you want to not date anymore it's okay, you don't need to give an explanation or anything." Izuku had a big and kind smile, his green eyes shining with understanding. Shouto felt guilty for thinking that Izuku would hurt him, but something deep in his core told him that there was something beneath that beautiful smile, something dark and dangerous.

"Thank you, Izuku. I'm sorry. I have to sort somethings out, which needs to be done alone." Shouto bowed before leaving, he had tears in his eyes but held them back, he would miss him. Eijirou, and Katsuki. 

"If you ever need help Shochan, I'm here for you, as is Eichan and Kacchan." Shouto nodded and left. Izuku wiped some tears away, he was sad that Shouto was leaving but the two would still be friends.


Shouto waited at the park bench, fiddling with his phone waiting for the person he had called to met him here. The sun was about to set and he wanted to get home to help his mom and Touya with dinner. 

"Sup, Peppermint you wanted to talk?" Shrike sat down besides Shouto, he was wearing an old All Might t-shirt and his tight jeans with boots. Shouto took a few minutes before he asked something.

"I..." Shouto licked his dry lips. "I broke up with Izuku." Shrike lifted an eyebrow at that.

"How come?"

"I'm scared of him." Shrike took a moment to process this.

"Sorry but you're scared of Izuku? The guy would throw himself in front of a train to save you."

"I know, it's just...the whole Stain incident, he seemed to transform and I keep having this nightmare where it had happened at the sports festival, he had this blood thirsty look in his eyes aimed at me." Shouto took a deep breath to continue. "He was fully willing to hurt me, while he was in that state." The bicoloured boy hugged himself.

Shrike sat back, he was trying to think of a way to help the teen through this. Shrike signed he turned his full attention to Shouto.

"Okay Shouto, I am going to let you in on a big secret but only because you are someone Izuku trust, and I know you won't hurt him with this information." 

Shouto listened intently as Shrike told him of what might be happening with Izuku, about how his quirks were mutating. The biggest bomb shell was that Izuku could end up being taken over by his quirks.


That night Shouto talked with Katsuki and Eijirou about the break up, Eijirou took it better but Katsuki sulked like a child, still the blond accepted Shouto's reason and they remained friends. Although it would seem Tenya had been added to the list of boyfriend given how the two acted around one another, Katsuki grumbled about adding another nerd, while Eijirou gently patted his shoulder. 

Shouto would be lying if he said he didn't miss sleeping next to one of the boys, but this was better because now he could help Izuku, by watching out for the signs of quirk decay or even take over as someone outside the boyfriend zone. He would protect his friend, before he could fall asleep his phone pinged, there was a text message from Yoarashi, a small smile forming on Shouto's lips, his sexual relationship with Izuku had ended but perhaps he could have a romantic one will bloom.

Chapter Text

Izuku was tired of all this. He looked on with deadpan eyes as Katsuki and Tenya were arguing once more, this was the fifth time today. 

The argument sprouted from something as stupid as Tenya leaving some spare clothing in the same drawer as Katsuki did in Izuku's room. 

“What fucking gives you the right?! You shitty Four-eyes!” 

“Izuku said it was okay.” 

“Who said you could use his first name?!”

”He did.”

Izuku’s eye was twitching the only thing keeping him from hitting both of them was Eijirou who he was currently cuddling with, trying to watch this new Hero History Show, they were doing a piece on History’s first ever Quirkless hero group.

”It’s pretty manly the way he can take down those bad guys but why is he dressed up as a bat?” Eijirou commented trying to keep the greenette from killing the two boys behind them fighting in the kitchen. 

Izuku heard the familiar stomp of boots, he let out a sigh as the ash blond let out an angry rants. 

“Deku I don’t want shitty four-eyes things in our room.” That was the straw that broke the camel’s back. 

“Our room?” Izuku’s tone was way too similar to his brother’s when he said it “Since when has it been ‘Our room?’ Because last time I checked it was still my room, and in my room I get to decide who can keep extra clothes and who can’t.” 

Izuku was mad. A mad Izuku was a dangerous Izuku. 

“I just don’t want his stuff touching my stuff is all.” Katsuki should have just kept his mouth shut but he was still riled up from the argument with four-eyes. 

“Oh, is that all? Well that’s a easily fixed solution.” Katsuki missed the green haired boys deadly tone, smiling cocksure that he had won. “I’ll just take your stuff out.” 

That left Katsuki’s mouth agape. Tenya didn’t hold back a noise of triumph which was a mistake. “Your stuff can go back to your room as well Tenya.”

The taller teen could feel Izuku’s mood and it was really dark and angry, he had the good graces to look ashamed. Katsuki was doing an impression of a fish, mouth opening and closing. 

“Deku, wait that’s not what I meant. I’m sorry.”

Izuku stood up, taking Eijirou with him and pulling him along. He stopped before Katsuki his eyes cold.

”It’s not me you should be apologizing to, Katsuki.” The blond flinched at the use of his first name. “Until you are ready to act like a mature individual and talk to me as to why Tenya having things in my room bothers you, you and him are not allowed to bunk with me.” 

With that Izuku headed into Eijirou’s room redhead in tow, the moment they were in the room and Eijirou closed the door Izuku went at it with the punching bag. 

He worked his frustration out on it until his arms stung. Eijirou scooped up the greenette bridal style and placed him on the bed, he stripped off his shirt and pants then laid down next to Izuku who was also in only his green briefs. He buried his face into Eijirou’s chest inhaling the wonderful scent that was his boyfriend. 

“Those two are going to drive everyone crazy.” He grumbled into the well sculpted chest. Eijirou stroked Izuku’s hair, it has grown back to its previous curly mess and Eijirou liked it better that way.

”Things will be better in the morning.” With that Eijirou turned off the lights and the two of them drifted off to sleep. 


Things didn't go well in the morning Izuku woke up dressed and headed down for breakfast where he could hear Tenya and Katsuki growling at each other in angry whispers, the rest of his classmates stood outside the kitchen watching the two, both of them had their hands on the coffee pot, glaring daggers at one another. 

"They been like that for a while. Kero~" Tsuyu was rather impressed at the two boys just standing there and glaring all the while angrily muttering.

"Okay I am done with this shit." Izuku spoke loud enough to break the two teens apart. Katsuki tried to come over to get his good morning kiss but the angry look in Izuku's eyes stopped him. "No. You don't get anything until you do what I asked."

With that Izuku grabbed the coffee pot, poured some in his Cat mug and walked away to fill it to the brim with sugar and creamer. Katsuki looked like he had been gutted, Tenya wanted to say something sympathetic but the blond gave him a harsh tsk, and walked away.

This went on for most of the morning and afternoon, Katsuki ended up going to the nurse when he was distracted during hero training, he was trying to get Izuku to talk to him when one of the bots smacked him a tad to hard into the wall; before he passed out he caught a glimpse of Izuku looking really worried.

Katsuki had to stay in the nurse's office until school ended to make sure he didn't have a concussion. He was frustrated, he didn't know how to get Izuku to forgive him; well he had an inkling but that would mean that he would have to ask four-eyes for his forgiveness and that burned Katsuki's pride something fierce. He needed to talk to someone but he didn't know who.

Katsuki was walking through the shopping district of Musufatu his mind working overtime on the Izuku issue, he didn't like his boyfriend mad at him, but he couldn't just say sorry to four-eyes either, he started it it first with coming in to their lives like that. Octodad and metalhead didn't do what four-eyes did and they also occasionally sleep with Izuku. He was fuming the angry scowl on his face made people avoid him until he felt a hand land on his shoulder.

He turned around ready to blow up the person touching him only tho see no one there. He was confused until he felt another tap on his shoulder he looked over and saw a disembodied glowing hand, it waved to him then pointed to something behind him. Curiosity over took him and he looked to spot Izuku's older brother.

Shrike waved at him from a table at a Café, Katsuki wasn't exactly looking forward to seeing the older man but he didn't get a chance to walk away as the floating hand pushed him over to the assassin. 

"Hey Boom-boom, what's with the murderous look?" Shrike asked a little too cheerfully. Katsuki grumbled, he suddenly sat down as the hand pushed a chair unto the back of his knees. "Aww, come on don't be like that. Let Big Brother Shrike buy you a drink and listen to what has you all mad." 


Shrike listened as Katsuki unloaded all his stress and anger in a stream of words and curses. Katsuki took a deep breath, feeling better after speaking about it, he took a sip of the cinnamon flavoured coffee.

Shrike set his coffee down before speaking. "Did you tell any of this to Izuku?"

"What? No." Katsuki said a little confused, Shrike sighed.

"And you wonder why he is mad at you. Look Katsuki, I know you aren't the best at expressing your emotions in a healthy way, but you need to communicate with Izuku. You need to tell him how you feel instead of fighting with Iida constantly."

Katsuki took another sip of his coffee, he didn't want to admit that Shrike was right, but he had to ask. "How?"

"You go up to him, say 'Izuku, I'm really sorry how I have been acting.' then you tell him why you acted the way you did and ask Tenya for forgiveness for being so mean to him."

"But he's the one trying to replace Shouto!" Katsuki said harshly, fresh wave of anger.

"Is he?" That took the wind out of the blond's sail. Katsuki took a minute to really think about it, and no Four-eyes wasn't trying to replace Shouto, but it felt like that to him and he wasn't sure why.

"I guess not, but it feels like it."

"Why do you feel that way?" 

"I..I don't know and it is pissing me off." Katsuki felt trapped in his own pride, he needed the help but hated asking for it, his insecurities eating at him.

"Look why don't you take a peace offering to Izuku and while on the way back you just think about what you want to say to him."

Katsuki nodded quietly, finishing his drink. 


Izuku was sitting on Katsuki's bed, Tenya was sitting next to him, just enough space between them as Tenya was respecting Izuku's wishes in regards to being in the doghouse. Katsuki looked like he had swallowed something bitter. He wordlessly handed something to Izuku, it was a small white box.

The greenette opened it to see an All Might themed cupcake, with blue royal icing and two sugar hair antennae, Izuku smiled at the cupcake but quickly composed himself. Katsuki was opening and closing as he was trying to find the words to starts with. Izuku sat there patiently waiting for his blond boyfriend to speak.

Katsuki took a deep breath recalling what Shrike had told him, to be honest and open. It wouldn't be easy but here goes nothing.

"I don't want four-eyes to replaced half-n-half." Katsuki just blurted it out, Izuku and Tenya sat there for a beat. Katsuki continued before they could respond. "I feel like he dumped us because of something I did, and now he's here getting a space in the drawer where Shouto kept his stuff along with mine and Eijirou's." Katsuki had angry tears rolling down his eyes, he felt so weak opening up like this. Izuku was up on his feet and strided across the room taking Katsuki in his arms kissing his tears away from his cheeks.

"Kacchan, it's not your fault, Shouto didn't dump us, and none of it is your fault." Izuku stroked Katsuki's hair soothingly. "Didn't Shouto talk with you?"

"I heard he broke up with you and I knew what was coming so I kept away from him, I couldn't handle the fact he didn't want to date us anymore." Katsuki's voice was hushed and pained. 

"Kacchan, Shouto just had some things he had to work some stuff on his own. He still loves us Kacchan, and Iida isn't his replacement." Iida spoke up from where he was sitting.

"Bakugou-kun, it is not my intention to upset the relationship between you, Eijirou, or Izuku. It is also not my intention to replace Todoroki-kun. Izuku and I, well our relationship is more emotional than physical. I enjoy hugging him and offering my support and him doing the same, I don't have any sexual feelings for him."

Katsuki was a little confused by that but he felt rather foolish for thinking these things. He mumbled a sorry to Izuku who kissed his cheek, Izuku told him he should also apologize to Tenya. Katsuki looked at the taller teen and it took a few minutes for him to actually say.

"Sorry." Katsuki's throat burned with the word, but Tenya smiled and he also apologized for his behaviour towards him. 

"Now let's go talk with Shouchan." Izuku took Katsuki's hand and lead him to the bicoloured boy's room, the blond was nearly hyperventilating as Izuku knocked on the door, he nearly bolted when the door opened but Izuku had a strong grip.


It was an hour of yelling, arguments, cryinging, and intense breakup sex, but Katsuki and Shouchan had their closure. Izuku lead Katsuki back to his room were Tenya had laid out the futons with Eijirou, the two of them were on top of it with Tenya tutoring Eijirou on some subjects he was having issues with. The four of them studied a bit, around 8:30 Katsuki decided to sleep, Izuku curled up in Katsuki's arms, with Eijirou being big spoon to Izuku. 

Tenya went to get up but Katsuki stopped him.

"The hell are you going four-eyes? Strip and you can be big spoon with me, but only this time." Tenya smiled softly before stripping down to his boxers, placing his glasses on Katsuki's desk and drawing Katsuki to his chest, the blond stiffened a bit but soon he relaxed against the warmth of Tenya's body. 

Chapter Text

Izuku was bouncing up and down with excitement in his seat, Aizawa-Sensei had stated that they would be doing a search and rescue exercise in the USJ. Shinsou and Izuku were the only ones that seemed excited, the rest of the class was not as thrilled to be returning to the USJ. Izuku was the first one in and out of the locker room in record speed, already in his hero costume and running out to the bus to wait for the rest of the class. 

"At least Midoriya is excited." Kaminari said stripping off this uniform and getting his hero costume. The other boys all chuckled commenting on how he was like an excited kid on Christmas. 

"I have a bad feeling about today." Eijirou had a strange nagging feeling in the back of his head, The others turned to him.

"Why do you say that?" Ojiro asked, he too had a strange feeling about today but he wasn't sure why.

"I too have had a dark and ominous feeling on this day, a storm cloud gathering around us in a feast of darkness." Tokoyami spoke up fixing his black cloak.

"Lighten up, big bird. Ei you sure you're not just really nervous because that's where the whole villain thing happened?" Katsuki asked leaning next to Eijirou's locker. The redhead slipped off his shirt and putting on the gear shaped vest of his hero costume. He had a frown on his face, Katsuki took Eijirou's face in his hands and kissed him to wipe away the frown. It worked, the redhead had a small smile on his lips afterwards. 

"It should be very safe now Kirishima-kun, the teachers scouted the area and declared it safe, they even upped security. So no need to be nervous." Iida said with a wide grin on his face, he was in full costume with his helmet in hand. "Besides, Izuku is really excited to go see the USJ for the first time, and to be doing hero training, so let's not spoil this for him with our sour mood."

"Four-eyes is right, as much as it hurt to say that, the USJ is safe now and Deku is really excited about this, so come on." Katsuki finished dressing and walked out of the locker room Eijirou and Iida following him. 


"Midoriya-chan you look like you're about to vibrate out of your seat. Kero~" Tsuyu spoke up seeing the greenette practically shaking between Kirishima and Katsuki. Eijirou had to laugh at that, as did Katsuki. 

"Froggy is right, Deku. You're going to shake apart the whole bus at this rate." Katsuki wrapped an arm around Izuku's shoulder with Eijirou wrapping his arm around his waist. They could feel the excitement radiating off of him, the guy could power a small city from the amount of energy he was outputting. 

"Sorry I'm just so excited, this is the first time I ever get to see the USJ. I read up on it plenty of times and now I get to actually see inside it. We also get to do some hero training!" Izuku's grin threatened to split his face.

"We are here, everyone file out and line up." Aizawa called out.


"Welcome once again to the USJ." Thirteen greeted the students, Izuku was wide eyed and trying to take everything in. Katsuki couldn't help but gaze at his boyfriend with adoring eyes. Kaminari snickered at the blond and received a smack for his troubles.

"Today you will be doing a search and rescue exercise each of you will take turns being the rescuer and rescued, so for the first ones to be rescued will be Midoriya, Uraraka, and Iida. Follow us to the landslide disaster area." Aizawa lead the class to the area with a deep canyon, he instructed Izuku, Ochako, and Tenya that each of them would be playing a role.

"Uraraka you will be an unconscious civilian, Iida you will be a civilian with a broken leg, Midoriya you will be a civilian with an injured arm. At that Izuku turned off Faustian leaving him with only his right arm, a grin on his face. Aizawa had a microscopic smile on his face. 

'The cheek on this kid.' Aizawa laughed internally at his problem child. The trio got into position and Tenya got into his role with gusto, calling for help and really selling the injured civilian role. Ochako was trying so hard to not laugh but Tenya was just so funny in his role. 

"Alright, Yaoyorozu, Todoroki, Bakugou, Tokoyami you three must rescue the three of them, and go." Aizawa said in his deadpan voice.


"We are not blowing up the canyon Katsuki, it would cause a landslide." Shouto chided the blond for his suggestion. Katsuki huffed.

"So what do you suggest Half-n-half?" Shouto took a moment to think.

"We can make a pulley system." Yaoyorozu said as she began to assemble the materials that they had been given to complete the assignment. Tokoyami helped her set up the gurney.

"Where are we going to set this system up?" Shouto asked looking around to see if they could use something to anchor the rope. Katsuki came up with the idea to have Shouto make a pillar of ice to use as a way to pull up the gurney. 

The pulley was set up, they wound the rope around the pillar of ice with Shouto and Katsuki pulling and lowering the rope, Momo was at the lip of the cliff guiding the rope from the second ice mound, they lowered Tokoyami along with the gurney so he could assess the civilian's injuries and use Dark Shadow to help guide the gurney a it went up. 

Iida was still in full actor mode, Tokoyami had a small smile at their class representative's acting. He loaded Uraraka first as she was the unconscious one, he had dark shadow help lift Uraraka with the gurney as Momo and the boys pulled up. 

"Uraraka you're supposed to be unconscious." Momo chided her. 

"I can't help it, Iida is just so funny when he gets so into his role." She couldn't help but chuckle, nearly busting out laughing as Iida was profusely thanking Tokoyami, his voice carrying upward. They lowered the gurney down again this time getting Iida, Izuku watched Dark Shadow at work.

"Tokoyami-kun your quirk is so cool." Tokoyami was glad that Midoriya could not see his face as a dark blush crept across his beak. 

"Your arm is similar to Dark Shadow is it not Midoriya-kun?" The bird headed hero was rather fascinated by Izuku's shadowy arm, it had a rather dark appearance, almost demonic but somehow it fit the sunny greenette, perhaps it was a reflection of something within Midoriya, something dark and mysterious.

A book waiting to be read and its mysteries revealed, that is what Midoriya was to him. He was broken out of his waxing poetics by the gurney nearly hitting him. He helped Midoriya into the gurney then strapped him in so he would not fall out. 

As Midoriya was pulled out of the canyon Momo unstrapped him and helped him over to the other civilians.

"My Hero." Izuku batted his eyes at Yaoyorozu who laughed a blush across her face.

"What about us?" Shouto asked

"Yeah Deku, we helped lift you up." Katsuki said arms crossed with a pout. 

"Yes, yes you two are also my heroes." Izuku gave each of them a hug. Tokoyami lifted himself up with Dark Shadow, he also got a hug as did Yaoyorozu. 


"Good job Hagakure, Asui, Shinsou, Koda. Next Midoriya, Sero, Kaminari, Ashido you will be rescuing Bakugou, Shinsou, and Jirou." Aizawa called the groups to take their places. Katsuki was playing the civilian with a broken arm, Aux cord was unconscious, and the eggplant was the one with a broken leg. Katsuki was curious to see what Izuku was going to come up with.

Him and eyebags saw someone repelling down the cliffside, it was Sero. He landed and headed over to the civilians, he asked who was injured and did a decent job of using the first aid kid he brought down to stabilize Katsuki's "broken" arm and eyebag's "broken" leg. There was a loud pop and then Izuku appeared as his from thin air stumbling and nearly face planting. He rightend himself and with a huge grin he shouted out.

"I am here!" Katsuki had to hide his face, his boyfriend was being a cute dork and he couldn't help the goofy smile spreading across his face. Eyebags gave a smile similar to Aizawa.

"Oh thank goodness, the heroes are here." Jirou failed to hide her snicker, Sero and Izuku picked her up gently and placed her on the gurney, Sero made some tape and Izuku disappeared once more with that popping noise with the tape in hand and then threw them downward creating streamers, Sero secured them to the gurney and Izuku reappeared. Sero used his quirk to head back up to help guide the gurney, Izuku stayed at the bottom using Faustian to help lift from beneath similar to how Tokoyami did with Dark Shadow.

His teammates got Jirou up and off the gurney setting her down on an open area free from rocks, Ashido doing first aid procedures. Next was Shinsou Izuku helped load him and off he went, once the gurney came back down Izuku flashed Katsuki a mischievous grin, before the blond could ask Izuku lifted him bridal style much to his surprise.

"When did you get this strong?" 

"I've been working out, Kacchan." Izuku laid him on the gurney, secured him then used Faustian to lift him up as the BakuSquad pulled the tape up, when they got him up the lip of the cliff they all had shit eating grins on their face, he yelled at them but it just made them grin harder. 

Izuku teleported back to the top. Aizawa made a note in his datapad before speaking.

"Excellent work everyone, you managed to rescue the civilians without incident. Now we will be moving onto a new exercise, this will be like hide and seek, four of you will be seekers the rest will need to hide somewhere in the disaster area, among the buildings and the likes, so here are the seekers. Hagakure, Shinsou, Shouji, and Midoriya, the rest of you find a hiding spot; you have 20 minutes to hide. Go!"


Izuku sat on the ground by a destroyed car, he was meditating focusing on Faustian. He had learned from Prometheus that each of his quirks had hidden abilities aside from their main use that could be unlocked after some mental training, he had gotten better with Magnetism Manipulation hidden ability Molecular Manipulation, which allowed him to not only teleport but to bend photons around him to make him invisible, he was still working on that one cause when he tried using it he can make himself look opaque so more training was needed.

Faustian's hidden ability was one dubbed Summon Servants, he focused his arm becoming a swirling cloud that detached itself from him and reformed into a drove of jet black jackrabbits, with solid emerald green eyes. They sniffled around a bit awaiting orders, Izuku told them to search out, nine of them bolted out with amazing speed in different directions, all but one who hopped along Izuku. It would sit up its ears twitching here and there, suddenly it put a paw on Izuku's leg and lead him to one of the other hares who was sitting near a covered hole. He removed the cover to reveal Ojiro down in the hole who waved up at Izuku.

"Hey Ojiro-kun." Izuku recalled the two hares creating a thin rope using it to draw up the tailed teen. 

"I'm I the first one found?" He asked a tad dejected. Izuku shrugged he wasn't sure if the others found the other hidden teens, Ojiro looked at Izuku's missing arm and the two black jackrabbits by his feet. "What's with the rabbits?" he asked as they hopped around his feet sniffing him.

"They're hares, and I made them." Izuku said with a smile. Ojiro bent down to touch one of the hares, as he touched it he drew his fingers back, they were cold to the touch and it left his fingers feeling tingling, like touching Tokoyami's Dark Shadow but a lot colder and more tingly. 

"How did you make these?" Ojiro stood up trying to be subtle wiping his hand on his gi, the tingling sensation fading. 

"They're made out of my Faustian arm. Of course while I have them out I don't have use of the arm." As Izuku was explaining the hares tapped Izuku's legs and they lead him and Ojiro to a building were another of the hares was sitting, staring at a scared looking Koda, as the animal loving teen spotted Izuku and Ojiro, he waved them over in a panic.

"Koda-kun what's wrong?" Ojiro asked as he approached the teen, Koda flailed his arm and pointed at the hare, shivering. "It's just a hare Koda." Koda shook his head vigorously looking with fear at the still hare. Ojiro looked at the animal, it was just there unnaturally still, looking at Koda. 

As Izuku got close to the hare it moved to hop around with the other two around Izuku, sniffing here and there. The hare then did the same thing as before, tapping Izuku and then bolting off followed by the other two and Izuku hot on the trail. Ojiro followed with Koda hiding behind him, they were walking along when suddenly about seven hares came bolting towards Izuku, Koda let out a squeaky scream at the sight of the other hares, but they dissolved into a cloud of smoke and reattaching to where Izuku's arm was. 

"Midoriya do you feel that?" Ojiro asked as the ground shook, suddenly a building exploded sending shards of concrete to rain down near them. Izuku used Faustian to shield himself and his classmates, there was a second impact, a large imposing figure loomed before them as the dust cleared. 

It was a villain. He wore an armoured outfit with blades along the shoulder, and an intimidating mask more blades long the mask's sides. But what caught the three boy's attention was the person in the villain's grip. It was Shouto.

"Well look what we have here, more little heroes." Ojiro was forming a plan to try and escape to warn Aizawa-sensei, he was having a flashback to the first USJ Incident, panic rising in his chest. A strong voice cut through Ojiro's panicked mind. 

"Ojiro-kun, Koda-kun go and get Aizawa-sensei. I will hold this guy here." Izuku's voice was cold and hard as steel, he was glaring murder at the villain holding Shouto, who seemed to be unconscious. 

"We can't leave you to face this guy alone Midoriya-kun." Ojiro stood next to Midoriya in a fighting stance, Koda also stood besides Izuku a confident look upon his face.

"Isn't that cute, the little heroes are banding together, well get ready kids. Cause I'm bringing the hurt." The villain got ready to attack but before he could he barely managed to dodge Iida who had come speeding  out of nowhere to deliver a spinning kick, he barely clipped the blade on the villians mask breaking it.

"Izuku, Ojiro-kun, Koda-kun. Fall back, Kaminari is contacting Aizawa-sensei, we need to go."

"We can't he has Shouto." Izuku launched himself at the distracted villain going for Shouto who was clutched in the villain's hand. Before he could reach the bicoloured boy the villain yanked him away before delivering a powerful punch to Izuku, who covered himself in Faustian blocking the nastier of the blow but he was launched back hard. 

Tenya tried to attack the villain as well, followed by Ojiro who tried to knock the villain down with a lash of his tail. It was to no avail as the villain knocked back Tenya with a backhand and jumped over Ojiro's tail. The villain slammed his free fist into the ground suddenly from that one punch it caused a massive shockwave to fly out launching the students outward and destroying all the buildings in it's path, not just destroyed but obliterated to dust.

They were joined by more of their classmates, who looked on in horror and shock, the entire area was now an open plain, the villain stood there in the epicenter laughing boisterously. 

"Where did this guy even come from?"

"He's terrifying, look at what he did! Kero~" Tsuyu took hold of her girlfriend's hand, she was really scared right now. If this villain could wipe out a huge part of the city, what could he do to them, this was the first incident all over again. 

"Katsuki! Tenya! Sero-kun! I need you were are getting Shouto and taking this guy down." Eijirou rushed up next to the three boys, he spotted Koda helping Izuku up who was holding his side. 

"What's the plan?" Ashido came up she was ready to fight, she was so not going to let this villain hurt her classmates. 

"We need to get Shouto away from him and tie him up using Sero's tape, Ashido can you make an acid that's really weak?"

"Of course, just point where you want it." eijirou had got his plan into motion he had her make a straight line of the weak acid leading to the villain who dodge thinking he was being attacked, perfect. As soon as the villain moved he hardened had Katsuki jump on his back piggyback style then use his explosion to propel the two forward.

The duo got the jump on the villain snatching Shouto from his hand, before he could react the villain was bound by several roped of tape, then Tsuyu got in on it by launching her tongue out to wrap the villain, Ochako rushed forward to the villain who was on the verge of breaking free and used her quirk on him.

As he floated Tsuyu pulled forward sending the villain into a nearby rock, stunning him from the impact. Kaminari jumped on the villain then delivered a shock strong enough to taser the bad guy.

Izuku for good measure used Faustian to pin the villain to the rock, but as he got closer the villain spoke in a too familiar voice. Izuku ripped the mask off and everyone gasped.

"Hello young heroes! I am Here!" All Might spoke out with a huge grin on his face. The students of class 1-A were stunned, and then mad.

They shouted at the Number One hero.

"Are you kidding me!? Why would you pull this stunt?!"

"You had us scared!!"

"This is no way for the Number One Hero to act"

"Because of you Deku got hurt!! I should blow you straight to hell!!"

Aizawa just watched from a distance with Thirteen.

"Should we go save him from your students?" Thirteen asked, Aizawa shook his head. 

"No he dug his own grave, I told him it would go over badly with them, but he insisted so he can get himself out of this one."


The students of Class 1-A, except for Izuku, were throwing glares at the blond hero who was holding class, All Might had apologized profusely but the students were still miffed with him for the whole villain attacking in the USJ thing, but they did forgive him the next day after he brought in some really good sweets, and excused them from some pop quiz. 



Chapter Text

Kaminari and Ashido were looking very dejected barely touching their food. Eijirou was trying to comfort them, Momo tried to comfort them as well.

"Will you two stop moping, if you pass the practical exams then your scores in the written will go up on a curve." Katsuki scoffed at them stabbing a piece of spicy meat and taking a bite. 

"And I heard from Toogata-Sempai that the practical exam involves robots, so it should be fairly easy." Izuku chirped up.

"See Kaminari-kun, Ashido-kun. You two have nothing to worry about." Tenya spoke up, this seemed to put the two at ease, they were fairly sure they had failed the written exam.

"Aren't you worried as well Kirishima?" Kaminari asked the redhead who was eating with gusto, Eijirou swallowed his food before answering.

"Nope, I am sure I did well on the test. Izuku, Katsuki, and Iida helped me study." He resumed eating, missing Kaminari's glare. 


Class 1-A were all in their hero costumes waiting outside of the practical exams area, there stood the teachers all lined up with mischievous grins on their faces. Nedzu popped out of Aizawa-sensei's capture weapon.

"Hello students, I am sure you are all excited to begin." Nedzu's solid black eyes gleamed with a hidden agenda. "I should mention that there has been a change in the test."

This sent a wave of unease through the students, Nedzu then announced the changes; they would be doing their practical exams against the teachers, and two special guest as well.

"Who are the two guest?" Iida asked his arm shooting straight up as he asked. 

"That would be us." A voice spoke next to Iida's ear causing him to jump forward. The class turned around to see two females heroes in their hero costumes, Izuku recognized them right away it was Chickadee and Mockingbird.

"Heya Baby Bird, how's it hanging?" Mockingbird shot Izuku a wink making him blush sheepishly.

"From the way Bakugou moans so loud I would say it hangs long." Kaminari said under his breath, Jirou smacking him on the arm since she was standing next to him. 

"The fuck was that dumbass?" Katsuki hadn't heard exactly what the shock blond said but he was sure it was something dumb enough to earn him a punch.

"Ah so this is infamous Bakugou Katsuki." Chickadee stood just a hair shorter than Katsuki but she had such a intimating aura for being so short that Katsuki was sweating bullets staring down at her. "A warning for you, mon ami. If you hurt Izuku, you will deal with me. compris?" 

Katsuki just nodded vigorously, Eijirou had a big grin on his face sidling up to his and Izuku's boyfriend.

"Man, I'm almost jealous at how you get all the death threats about Izuku, what am I? The harmless euchnic." 

"Awww, don't feel bad hun, if you want chickadee and me can bury you alive if you hurt our Baby Bird. How's that?" Mockingbird's tone was joking, but her eyes said otherwise. Eijirou immediately regretted his decision to speak.

"Well if the big sister formalities are over we should allow Monsieur Nedzu explain what the students will be doing." Chickadee strided across the way and stood next to Snipe in a parade rest stance. Mockingbird next to Midnight. 

"You will be placed in teams of twos, you will then be assigned to one of the teachers your goal is to either place these cuffs on the teacher capturing them or one of you making it through the gate at the end of the area. You will have 30 minutes" 

"This seems a little one sided." Tokoyami spoke up.

"The teachers will be wearing special weights that reduce their strength to be more fair in this test, now here are the assignments." Nedzu pressed a button and a holoscreen appeared showing the lineup.

Kaminari & Ashido vs Principal Nedzu, the two of them felt that all hope was lost. 

Aoyama & Uraraka vs Thirteen

Koda & Jirou vs Present Mic

Tokoyami & Asui vs Ectoplasm

Sero & Shinsou vs Midnight

Shouji & Hagakure vs Snipe

Sato & Kirishima vs Mockingbird

Todoroki & Yaoyorozu vs Eraserhead

Bakugou & Midoriya vs Chickadee

"Now load up on the buses and you will be taken to your exam areas." Aizawa said before leaving each student being driven to their exam area by the teacher they were facing.


Eijirou was deeply regretting speaking up to Mockingbird, cause she was not holding back her quirk kept Eijirou and Sato at bay, creating massive pillars of earth and stone. They managed get close to her which turned to be a mistake as she covered herself in earth creating a golem suit that pinned Eijirou and Sato, they had failed this test. 

Eijirou sat dejectedly in Recovery Girls temporary office, Izuku was sitting next to him and Katsuki sitting on the other side, he was sandwich between them, putting on a brave face for them but he just wanted to cry and hit something. Izuku placed soft kisses long Eijirou's jaw. Katsuki nuzzling into the redhead's neck, the attention was helping him feel a bit better, but deep down he just wanted to curl up and hide for awhile.

"It's okay Eichan, I know you passed the written so you will get a passing score for the exam." Izuku tried to cheer his boyfriend up, Katsuki made a noise of agreement.

"I just feel so unmanly failing like that, I should have thought it through, came up with a plan or something instead of just rushing ahead." tears began to spill, he was just so frustrated with himself. Izuku and Katsuki gently kissed the tears away, hugging Eijirou hiding him away while he cried. 

After a few more minutes of soft kisses and reassuring whispers Eijirou had calmed down and it was Katsuki's and Izuku's turn to take their exam. Eijirou wished them luck telling them he would be cheering from the sidelines, as well as watching from the monitor set up in Recovery Girl's office. 


Katsuki was nervous, the hero they were up against one of the top 10, and she scared him. Scared him more than Shrike scared him and that was saying something, cause the guy had an air to him like he had killed people before, but this woman. 

Izuku took a whole of Katsuki's hand to bring him back to the present.

"So what's the plan nerd?" Katsuki asked with a wide grin.

"Well we make it through the gate before she find us."


"I know it's not your style Kacchan but there is no way we will be able to take her on, even if there was seven of us she could take us all down easy." 

"She's that tough?" The competitive side of Katsuki was raring to go against such a strong opponent. 

"Shrike is scared of her, he says the only reason she doesn't take the number two spot is that she is serving as a sort of gatekeeper to the top ten, if you can't meet her requirements you might as well not bother trying for top 10." That gave Katsuki pause. If Shrike was scared of her then maybe he would have to swallow his pride and go for the escape route. He didn't like it one bit.

"Alright Deku, we go with your plan."

The signal was given and the duo entered the exam area. It was an urban setting, tall buildings and alleyways, the moment they entered they booked it, but it would seem that their plan was not to be as they tripped a trap that was laid by her. A flash bang went off temporarily blinding them, that is when she struck like a viper.

Katsuki felt her fist impact against his solar plexus, he collapsed to the ground trying to breathe. Katsuki tried to raise his hand to fire off an explosion but it was suddenly wrenched painfully behind him.

"Caught off guard, mon ami." Before Katsuki could retort she flipped away as Izuku used Faustian as a whip to try and catch her. As she twisted in midair Chickadee threw a small black ball that explodes upon impact with the ground filling the area with acrid smoke, obscuring the immediate vicinity. Izuku felt a kick connect with his side launching him away then the sound of a series of explosions followed Katsuki drove her back. He ran slightly wobbly, grabbed Izuku and they both ducked into an alley.

"So now, la chasse, she begins." Chickadee sprinted to where the alley the boys ducked into.

"Shit she moves fast." Katsuki was still hurting from the punch.

"And she is not holding back, I haven't been kicked like that since when I trained with her during the internship." 

"You have gone soft, bébé oiseau, I will have to have you come back for more training." Both boys looked up as Chickadee dropped done between them, before they could react she lashed out, kicking Izuku and punching Katsuki forcing them apart. Katsuki used his quirk to propel himself forward he was going to try and over power her with speed.

At the same time Izuku fired off a metal trash can lid at her, Chickadee spun on the spot catching the lid and then flinging it at Katsuki, hitting him square in the head knocking him down. She then faced Izuku leaping at him, her Peak Performance quirk making her an unstoppable force when she decided to cut loose.

Chickadee was caught off guard when Izuku disappeared with a loud pop. She skidded to a halt then turned to where Katsuki was struck down but he was gone, she couldn't help the smile.

"Bien joué, Izuku. But I will find you and your mari d'être." Chickadee rushed out of the alley thinking that the two boys had managed to escape out. As she disappear from sight Izuku dropped his camouflage, sliding along the wall until he was sitting next to Katsuki who had a goose egg of a bump on his head, and Izuku had a nose bleed from exerting himself. 

"You were not kidding, she hits like a fucking runaway truck." Katsuki was seeing stars still, a headache forming. Izuku drew out the first aid kit in his belt bandaging Katsuki's head, giving it a kiss to make it feel better. "Okay we need to make it to that gate."

His prideful nature roared at him, but was silenced by the screaming pain in his head. He had suggested that they could try going invisible again but Izuku only managed to pull that off due to the extreme stress of the situation, Katsuki suggested teleportation but Izuku never tried teleporting with another person so he wasn't even sure he could. They came up with a risky plan, one that Katsuki had tried to shoot down but it was their best shot.

They split up and Izuku went about making a great deal of noise drawing Chickadee to him and teleporting before she could reach him, Katsuki found the gate and his pride was screaming at him not to go through, to go back and fight. But he swallowed and stepped forward.


Izuku blocked another punched his arm hurting from the impact, he shot a couple of red bullets at Chickadee who dodged them closing in once more this time with a roundhouse kick.  Izuku barely dodged it, her steel toe boots clipping his temple, sending shards of pain throughout his head. Stumbling back Izuku dropped into a mantis boxing style, he delivered several powerful forearm strikes to Chickadee, even landing a successful blow to her side.

"I see your big brother taught you his fighting style, well let see what else he taught you." Chickadee leapt forward fast, she went for the uppercut but soon found that her attack was a mistake as Izuku took the blow and covered her with some of the hemo orbs he had in his Faustian arm, she was stuck now, she was waiting for Izuku to cuff her but she saw she had knocked him out cold. 

Chickadee began to chip away at the red ooze breaking it little by little, when the sound of explosions filled the air, she craned her neck to see Katsuki launching himself forward with his explosions but he flew right by her to Izuku. He picked him up and bolted, but not before he shot her a very conflicted look, he looked like he wanted to fight her but the blond shook his head, bit his lip and ran. She freed herself and booked it after the two.

Chickadee spotted the two nearing the exit gate, she pushed herself forward almost on top of the two, when Katsuki used his quirk to launch Izuku forward then turned to face her throwing a hard right hook. The French Hero took hold of his arm then flipped him like a pancake, as Katsuki hit the ground he felt something grab him and yanked him along the ground at a fast pace. 

"Que!!?" Chickadee looked over to the gate, she had expected Izuku to be out of the gate to win, they only had 10 minutes left to finish the exam. Their stood Izuku, awake and using his arm quirk to reel his teammate towards him. Chickadee drew out a sticky bomb tossing it at Izuku, it exploded coating the greenette's legs with glue sticking him to the ground. Izuku finished reeling Katsuki but now he had the stuck issue. 

Chickadee rushed at them, before she could even get close Katsuki unleashed a huge explosion with a grunt of pain, Chickadee heard the gate yel out that they had passed through. 

"Bon travail, vous deux." Chickadee said with a smile.


It was Eijirou's turn to comfort both his boyfriends as they were all bandaged up, Katsuki was grumpy due to his arms being in slings with cooling sleeves on, the last explosion had really strained his arms so Recovery Girl had given very strict orders to not use his arms until he had rested for at least 2 days. So Eijirou had taken to his caregiver role with great enthusiasm, he helped Katsuki and Izuku dress, and wash. 

"I can feed myself, shitty hair." Katsuki grumbled but he opened his mouth regardless as Eijirou spoon fed him some curry he had made for them, Izuku watched in amusement as he ate his own food. 

Izuku's phone began to ring after lunch. 

"Hey baby bro! Heard Chickadee really made you and blasty work for your practical exam. So how is the blond grump?" 

"Oh hey Mozu, he's doing okay, Eijirou is looking after him. I got lucky with some bruising and my arm sprained."

"How is red? I heard from Mockingbird that he didn't pass his practical exam." 

"Yeah he was rather down, but he has been doing better ever since he got to take care of both of us." 

"Glad to hear it, so Izuku how about I take you out for some celebratory katsudon I know a great place, and maybe we can even go on a brother vacation, since summer vacation is coming up."

"Sorry Mozu, Aizawa-sensei said we are going to do some sort of training camp."

"Aww, that sucks. I wanted to hang with my baby bro, hey I have an idea how about I tag along with you guys for the training camp, I can help train you guys in hand-to-hand combat and I am sure Chickadee would gladly volunteer."

"'m going through a tunnel, I can't hear...zztz..zt." Izuku hung up the phone then pocketed it, he shuddered at the thought of another training session with Chickadee. 


"Boss we got the latest data on the subject." One of the scientist spoke up delivering a flashdrive to Big Boss.

"Good work, how are we getting along with the blood samples?" Big Boss was looking at a large screen with an Image of both Izuku and Mirio.

"We found some blood samples from the hospital but they are not infused with the current quirks we would need to take it from them when we have a chance." The scientist said looking over some data.

"We can get a blood sample from Mirio by using a simple ploy to have him donate blood, as for Izuku. Our mole has said that the students will be heading off to some sort of training camp."

"Well then I guess we will have to send out field operative." Big Boss said with a grin. The other scientist all felt a shudder as the boss addressed the blond woman sitting in the opulent couch besides the boss' desk.

"Gladly Big Boss, it has been a while since I have gotten to play dress up." She said with flashing her vampiric teeth.

"You were always such an accomplished actress Kukabara."

"Please, boss, call me by address me as Toga Himiko from now on." Kukabara said with a truly cruel grin upon her face. 


Chapter Text

"You want me to go undercover as a villain?!" Touya wasn't sure he had heard the detective right, his boyfriend Hawks had a sour look on his face he was not liking this proposition. 

"I know it will be dangerous but we will have you in disguise, all you will have to do is find the location of the hideout then report back to us, in and out." Tsukauchi said, he offered a reassuring smile.

"I don't like this, it's super dangerous. Touya isn't a hero; he's civilian." Hawks took Touya's hand in his, squeezing it.

"I'll do it." This shocked the winged hero and Tsukauchi gave a nod, then handed Touya a card with an address and number to go to for a disguise and debriefing. Hawks and Touya were taking a stroll in the park, hand in hand; a few kids and people stopping to ask for photos with Hawks or autographs.

The two of them found a nice place in a hedge maze to make out, but it wasn't for long as Hawks pulled away with a concerned look on his face.

"Sora what's wrong?"

"I just have a really bad feeling about you going undercover. I don't want anything bad to happen to you, especially if something goes wrong I wouldn't be able to save you."

Touya kissed Sora's nose before putting back his face mask on, he was still a little awkward about showing his burns; Sora loved kissing the burns and telling him how he was beautiful he was, the big dork. He took Sora's hand once more leading the winged hero out of the maze continuing their walk.

" What could go wrong? I'm just doing reconnaissance." Touya snuggled up to Sora as the two made their way home, both of them discussing what to have for dinner.

Unfortunately, the universe had heard Touya's question and decided to answer it a few weeks later.


Shigaraki sat at the bar with his DS held by four fingers, a severed hand covering his face, he was shooting glares at the recruits Giran had dragged in, some psycho looking blonde schoolgirl, and a burned marked punk that looked like a sea urchin with his hair all spiked up. Some large woman with gaudy fashion sense, a lizard, some guy dressed like a colorblind clown, some over-muscled roid monster, some masochist in a leather bag, and an idiot in a morphsuit with a split personality. 

Sensei was talking giving the usual rundown, captivating the new villains with his charisma. 

"What do you think of the recruits Shigaraki?" Kurogiri asked wiping down the bar, his glowing yellow eyes taking in the new villains. 

"A bunch of freaks, but that one that looks like he fell in a furnace at least looks intimidating." Shigaraki returned to his game, he was visiting some other player's town and he had finished cutting down all the trees in the town, stealing the fruit and trapping all the town's folks by digging holes around them. A creepy smile spread across his face before he hopped on the train and went to do this to another town. 

"Now we will be striking the heroes where it hurts, their students." 

"So you're going to storm the school? It seems like a really stupid plan." The burned sea urchin spoke up, with a hoity-toity tone Shigaraki hated the bastard right now, how dare he say such a thing to Sensei. 

"Nothing so bold, my dear boy."

"It's Dabi, I am not your dear boy." Sensei chuckled at this.

"Ah, the spirit of youth. Well, Dabi, I don't intend to attack the school, I intend to shake the confidence of the world regarding there heroes, by taking two of their students."

"Oh, who are we taking?" Toga asked in her bubbly tone.

"And if we are not attacking the school then where are we attacking?" Mr.Compress asked sliding his mask a bit off

"We are attacking a training camp in the mountain range run by the Wild Wild Pussycats, as for the who well that would be one Bakugou Katsuki, the boy has some hidden potential for villainy and the other student is my son, Midoriya Izuku."

Touya managed to hold his shock at the reveal of this information. 

"What? Do you have a kid hero? No, he has a mole kid!" Twice did several weird poses as he spoke, Toga laughing at his shenanigans. Now Touya would have to send this info to Tsukauchi, now why don't you get some rest. We have several rooms here for you because we will be leaving in three days."

With that Sensei signed off the tv going blank, Kurogiri made portals leading to the rooms they were assigned. Touya had to follow through with his character, he would have to send Tsukauchi a message when he could. He was trying to wrap his head around the information he heard earlier. 

Bakugou a possible villain? Izuku the son of a dangerous villain. What had he stumbled into?


Class 1-A was at the mall getting the things they needed for their trip, Izuku and Eijirou were getting some extra weights, while Katsuki and Jirou had gone off to get some other things, they all agreed to meet up at the food court after they finished their shopping. After they got the weights they meet up with Tokoyami who showed Izuku his favorite occult shop, Eijirou felt a little creeped out by all the voodoo stuff, but the greenette was captivated by the things.

"Wow, Tokoyami-kun you sure are an expert when it comes to the occult." The bird-headed teen blushed at the praise. The three of them left to head to the food court when they spotted Shinsou, Kaminari, Asui, and Uraraka in a pet store all petting the kittens. Shinsou was covered in cats, all mewling and batting his hair. They waved at them as they walked by.

They were close to the food court when Tokoyami stopped them pointing out something wrong, standing there was Katsuki and Aoyama as well as a third person who was behind Aoyama with his hand around his neck, Aoyama looked terrified and Katsuki looked like he was going to murder the hooded guy.

Izuku, Eijirou, and Tokoyami rushed over stopping short of the trio, the guy in the hoodie turned to face them and Izuku felt the cold fear rush through him. It was Tomura, a smile that could make the devil cry spread across his dry face.

"Well, hello little brother. Here to give another arm?" Shigaraki made a show of bringing his raised index finger close to Aoyama's neck. The blond boy let out a whine of panic, Katsuki's palms sparked his body tensed ready to rush forward. 

"Don't!" Izuku shouted which made Tomura smile wider.

"Beg, and I might let him live." Shigaraki never lost the smile, Aoyama was shaking badly now. 

"Midoriya-kun what is going on?" Shinsou and the others arrived seeing the gathering of students, he spotted Shigaraki holding Aoyama he began to formulate a plan to save the blond.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Shinsou asked hoping the dry skinned teen would fall for it but Shigaraki opened his mouth but the slammed it shut with a click, a nasty smirk on his face, he kept quiet. 

'Shit' was all Shinsou could think as the trap failed. Midoriya looked like he was going to murder the older man. 

"Let him go Tomura." The greenette spoke with a very dangerous tone, soft but lined with a steel edge. There was a twitch in Shigaraki's eye, he was not liking being told what to do, so maybe he should just kill this little French twink. Before he could his hand began to uncurl by itself.

'What the fuck?' Shigaraki wasn't sure why this was happening, his hand was completely open and the French boy ran towards the angry blond into an embrace, his hand was frozen in place, he tried to close it but it was not responding. He looked around in confusion then spotted the little bastard, his nose bleeding and his eyes unfocused and arm extended.

"How the hell?" Shigaraki never knew that the green bitch could do this, Izuku closed his hand into a fist and Shigaraki's hand followed suit, then Izuku made a punch to his face and Shigaraki's fist came crashing to his own making him stumble. Izuku dropped the quirk, collapsing to his knees and a girl kneeling to see if he was okay, before he could try to counter-attack he spotted security officers so he called out to Kurogiri who opened a portal and he walked through, not before he shot a nasty look to Izuku who was looking rather ill.


Izuku was not feeling all too good at the moment, laying down with Tenya, cuddling into the warmth of the bigger boy, he had no idea how he had pulled off the stunt with making Tomura's hand follow his own, but it had left him feeling drained. Aoyama was ever grateful to Izuku giving praise, and hugs to the greenette.

There was a knock on the door, Tenya got up from the bed making Izuku whine at the loss of the body heat, Tenya opened the door and was talking with someone, Izuku covered his head as the noise made him feel icky, the door closed after a few minutes and then he felt Tenya lay back down, as soon as he did he wrapped his arms around him snuggling deeper.

"Never knew how much of a cuddler you were Midoriya." This made Izuku open his eyes as the voice did not belong to Tenya but to Mezo, he wrapped his arms around Izuku cocooning the greenette in a warm embrace 

"Where's Tenya?" He asked sleepily, Mezo put his chin on top of Izuku's head.

"Aizawa-sensei called for him. So he asked me to come to keep you company."

"Is Kacchan and Eichan done talking with the police?" 

"Yeah, they will be here in a moment to cuddle with you." 

"Stay when they come, it has been too long since we got to do this."

"Okay Midoriya, I'll stay as long as you want me to."


"Shrike, this is bad." Vulture said looking at the x-ray, he turned to his colleague who was sitting on the examination table. "Your body is killing itself."

"Tell me something new, Vulture. I already know that my body is failing, you got an ETA on when I'll croak?" Shrike said all this with a sardonic smile, Vulture was not smiling.

"This could mean that Izuku could also be suffering this." That wiped the smile off the younger man's face.

"No, his is the refined version of mine, it shouldn't be hurting him." But Shrike wasn't convincing himself, Vulture laid a weathered man on the young man's shoulder.

"Bring him in for a check-up."

"He's going to some training camp, he won't be back until after summer break."

"Then I need you to go and check him over, if he is exhibiting any of the symptoms you are exhibiting then he needs to be hospitalized right away."

Shrike left the doctors office heading to his apartment, as soon as he was through the door his cell rang, it was Nedzu.


"Ah, hello Shrike how are you this fine evening?" The small mammal principal asked in a cheerful tone.

"Doing fine, so what can I do for you Pricipal Nedzu?"

"I was wondering if you wanted to be a chaperone for this training trip, given that trouble seems to follow Class 1-A and I would feel better if Eraserhead and Vlad King had another hero there to keep an eye on the students."

"Of course sir, I can pack right away if needed."

"Excellent, please meet with Eraserhead in the next three days to head out from the school to the training camp."

"You got it principal." Shrike hung up after saying goodbye and set to packing his things. 

Chapter Text

Izuku have gotten on the bus and immediately snuggled against Eijirou then slept. Katsuki, Tenya, and Eijirou were very concerned by this, even Shouto had gotten very concerned about Izuku's frequent napping. The greenette being asleep he did not see the additional passenger board the bus following Aizawa-sensei.

"What the hell are you doing here!?" Katsuki shouted out standing up from his seat, Izuku stirred but did not wake up. 

"I was asked to be a chaperone for Class 1-A, as per Principal Nedzu's request." Shrike leaned forward close to Katsuki's face. "Which means I will be training you guys as well."

Katsuki gulped hard, Eijirou looked a little pale, and Shouto started to sweat nervously. They had heard about how much of a hardass Shrike was when it came to training from Izuku. "I have such sights to show you."

Shrike said in a spooky tone before cackling like a mad man and sitting down near the front behind Aizawa-sensei.


The bus ride was pretty uneventful, the student's chatted with one another. Izuku slept on, Shrike had to finally ask.

"Has he been sleeping a lot lately?" 

"Yeah, he has." Eijirou confirmed, he swept a hand through Izuku's hair making the boy sigh in content at the touch. 

"How about nosebleeds?"

"Shrike, what's with all the questions?" Katsuki narrowed his eyes at the older man. 

"Yes or no?"

"Yeah like two, but what is with all the questions?" Katsuki didn't get an answer as the bus pulled into an overlook and Aizawa-sensei told them to climb out. Eijirou tried to wake Izuku who groggily woke up, he followed the others like a zombie. 

The students stood outside to see two heroes in cat themed costumes and a young boy with a hat sporting two horns. Izuku tried to listen to what the Wild Wild Pussycats were saying but everything was fuzzy and his head felt like it was stuffed full of cotton.  He felt a firm hand on his shoulder guide him back then the rumbling began.

"I think it's best if Izuku rest some more." Shrike said guiding the boy back to the bus. Aizawa had a concerned look on his face as Izuku curled up on the empty seat going back to sleep. 

"What's wrong with him?" Aizawa asked as he began to drive the bus to the camp.

"He might be dying." Aizawa nearly swerved the bus at the news, he didn't dare take his eyes off the road. "I'll turn around and we can take him to the closest hospital."

"No, he only has two of the symptoms, which might be flukes. If he starts showing the third one then we will take him to the hospital." 

"What is the third symptom?" 

"Bouts of uncontrollable rage and sadness, followed by his quirks going berserk." 

"So how long will he have if he shows the third symptom?" Aizawa was focusing on driving, trying to keep calm. He would not lose it, especially right now. 

"Well I still got a good three years left and didn't show any symptoms until I was 18, so he will have some time." At that Aizawa pulled the bus over so he can turn to look at Shrike. 

"Are you telling me that you are also dying?" 

"An unfortunate condition of having an artificial quirk shoved into my body. I was hoping that Izuku would be spared from this but he already started showing the first two symptoms which is extreme fatigue and nosebleeds. They'll last a good three weeks, so we will have to monitor him close." 

"What about you?"

"Kinda late for me since I already progressed past the third symptom. Unless I can find and kill Daddy Dearest, but even then I would still die."

"Why would killing All for One save you?" Aizawa was really curious now.

"Because I need his blood and quirk in order to fix the missing part in me to keep Prometheus from destroying my body. But I will be making sure that Izuku gets it so he keeps living."

"Is there no other way?" Aizawa sat at the driver seat and got the bus rolling again, trying to digest this new information.

"I've exhausted every angle, so no. There is no other way. All for One needs to die in order for my little brother to live." The trip to the base camp was filled with silence, save Izuku's soft snores. Shrike sat next to Izuku, putting his head in his lap to stroke the curly green hair.

Aizawa witness this from the rearview mirror, Shrike was willing to give up his own life for that boy, so would Aizawa. He would give up his life to make sure his students were safe. There had to be another way, some way for both brothers to live because knowing Izuku, he would blame himself for his brother's death. 


Izuku was sitting on the throne and immediately knew something was wrong, he couldn't see Incubus anywhere. Umbra was pacing back and forth in an agitated state, the air was filled with Hemo's red bubbles that seemed even deeper shade of red. Magnetism and Analyzes were over by Prometheus who was looking rather off.

"What happened?" He asked from his seat, the trio of quirks all turned to him rushing over, or tried to as Prometheus hobbled. 

"It's Incubus, he's not doing so well." Analyzes spoke up pointing to a small form huddled far off, Izuku left the throne walking to were the parasitic quirk was huddled. He looked like a dessicated corpse, Izuku could count the number of ribs, and Incubus let out a low hiss.

"feed us." His voice was like sand blowing across the dunes, dry and gritty.

"What's happening to him?" 

"You've haven't feed as of late and it's affecting him which in turn is killing you and the rest of us." Analyzes' tone was clipped and angry.

"Well, excuse me for having exams." It was a lot harsher than he had intended. Prometheus stepped between the analyzes quirk and Izuku, he spoke his voice sounding old.

"There is no need to fight amongst ourselves. Izuku you are experiencing a great deal of fatigue and strain on your body no?" Prometheus asked

"Yeah I have been a great deal more tired." 

"That is due to Incubus feeding off of you instead of the energy you would normally take from others, this is the cause of the issues. You must feed Incubus a great deal of energy and quickly if you don't then you will die."

"Where I'm I going to get that much energy that quickly?" The greenette asked and Analyzes just gave him a look that said 'You are an idiot.' 

"You're a smart boy, you'll figure it out. Or you can just let Incubus take control I'm sure he will find some nice boys to eat." Analyzes had a sarcastic tone the whole time before he was jolted awake by a shocking sensation.


Izuku bolted up alert, he spotted his brother sitting next to him with a finger dancing with black sparks. 

"Good, you're still alive. I was getting worried." Shrike had a joking tone but his body language read tense as hell.

"What are you doing here Mozu?" 

"I told you i am going to chaperone and help train you guys." A wicked big brother smile spread across his face. 

"Please tell me Chickadee isn't here with you." 

"I can ring her up if you want." 



 Izuku stood next to his brother using him for support, his eyes growing heavy with sleep. As the sun was about to set he could see the figures of his classmates emerge from the forest all beat up and tired. He could hear Mandalay say something but he can't make anything out, sleep kept pulling at him.

"Deku are you okay?" Katsuki was standing before him but he just began dropping, Katsuki wrapped his arms around him and helped guide him into the building. He sat Izuku down, at the table. Eijirou and Katsuki exchanged worried looks, they tried to get Izuku to stay awake but he was in and out of sleep.

The Pussycats Mandalay and Pixie Bob made dinner for Class 1-A which they tore into with gusto. They were hungry after fighting all of those earth monsters that Pixie Bob had made. 

"Come on Deku you need to eat." Katsuki held a small piece of food near Izuku's mouth, he took nibbles then started to sway. Eijirou held him up right and Katsuki feed him, the other students looked at Izuku with worry.

"Maybe Midoriya should sit out the training, he looks rather sick." Yaoyorozu stood up gently pressing a hand to Izuku's forehead. "He feels a little warm." 

"Maybe we should have one of the Pussycats to check him over, Pixie Bob is a trained paramedic. Kero~" Tsuyu was really worried about the green haired boy, he had been so sleepy ever since the mall incident. 

"I think that's a good idea Tsuchan." Eijirou picked Izuku up bridal style walking over to Pixie Bob.

"Umm..Ms.Pixie Bob, Izuku has been feeling off as of late I was wondering if you can look him over." Pixie Bob nodded leading Eijirou over to an office and having him lay Izuku down on a exam table. She took his blood pressure, temperature, and shined a light in his eyes checking his pupil. She had a frown on her face, she took a thestoscope from a drawer and listened to his heart.

"He seems to show signs of extreme fatigue, has he been eating?"

"Just small nibbles, he didn't even try and eat right now." Pixie Bob had a look of deep thought before she answered.

"Okay try and get him to eat something, plenty of clear fluids, then a soak in the hot springs should do him some good." Pixie Bob gave him a reassuring smile, Eijirou thanked her, lifted Izuku up and headed back to the dining room. Pixie Bob's smile fell, she walked to were Aizawa was sitting with the cute chaperone.

"Aizawa, can we talk about one of your students." Aizawa stood up and followed her to the office.

"What's wrong Pixie Bob?" 

"It's about the green haired student. His heart is very weak, he should be excused and taken to the hospital." 

"It's okay." Aizawa said. "I will keep an eye on him, if he is like this the next day I will send him to a hospital with his older brother, for now let him rest." Pixie Bob nodded understanding. The two of them walked back to the dining room seeing Kirishima coaxing Izuku into eating, and Bakugou had a cup filled with water and a straw near his lips, some of the other students had offered their help as well.

"Wow, Aizawa your kids sure look out for one another." Aizawa had a small smile on his face as he watched his students making sure Izuku was eating.

"Yeah they're a pain in the ass at times but they take care of one another." His tone was filled with fondness. 

"So is that guy single?" Pixie Bob asked shaking Aizawa out of his parental fondness turning to look at her with a quizzical look. Pixie Bob pointed to Shrike who was eating while keeping an eye on his little brother.

"I think so." That was all she needed to hear as she set upon him turning on the charm.


Eijirou and Katsuki helped Izuku washed before taking him to the hot spring, the three of them sat in the water, soaking in the heat. 

"Is Midoriya doing better?" Ojiro swam up to the three, Izuku looked a little more awake but still with a far of sleepy look.

"A bit, but he still seems out of it." Katsuki said taking a small towel soaking it, folds it before placing it on Izuku's head causing a sigh of content from the greenette. He snuggled closer to Katsuki, Kaminari was splashing around with Sero when they both stopped still sniffing the air.

"Hey guys do you smell that?" Kaminari asked taking deep whiffs, Sero was also taking deep pulls of air through his nose.

"Yeah it smells like oranges." Sero had a big goofy grin on his face, Tokoyami disagreed he said it smelled like apples.

"Non! It smells like Chanel pour homme." Aoyama swam following his nose the smell was coming off Izuku. "Oh Monsieur Midoriya, I was not aware you partook in this expensive parfum." 

"The hell you talking about Baguette? He smell like he always smell, like cinnamon." Katsuki said glaring at the French teen, he lowered his nose to Izuku's neck inhaling deeply. His boyfriend smelled like his favorite spice, not some hoity-toity perfume. He noted that the other boys had surrounded Izuku and Katsuki, Eijirou took a whiff of Izuku.

"He smells like delicious Korean barbecue."

"No he smells like cherry blossoms." Shouto spoke up getting close to Izuku, Kaminari was next he got close to Izuku he smelled like his favorite soda Electric Mango, when Izuku reached out circling his arms around Kaminari's neck then drew the electric blond close to him, pressing his lips to his.

Kaminari made a noise of shock but soon he was making content noises as he made out with the greenette, his lips tasted like electric mango making Kaminari kiss Izuku harder. Katsuki was a bit shocked at the balls on the blond but as he reached out to yank him away Izuku grabbed his hand.

Katsuki's world exploded into psychedelic colours and amazing scents, of touches that sent  him into screaming pleasure. Lips kissed him along his neck and spine, he was wrapped in ecstasy his mind drowning in pleasure.

He was no longer in water but he felt firm ground beneath him, his mouth wrapped around Izuku's cock. He sucked the greenette making him groan, Shouto was kissing Izuku's chest, Kaminari was sucking Shouto off, he spotted Eijirou fucking Aoyama making the French Twink cry in pleasure, Tenya was behind Katsuki slowly entering him, making the explosive blond shiver as he entered.

Next thing he knew he was driving it hard into Aoyama while Izuku fucked him, Eijirou making out with Kaminari, Tokoyami being blown by Shinsou, all the boys in Class 1-A were wrapped up in this orgy, not caring about any noise just the every increasing pleasure. 

The Sun broke over the horizon and they could hear Aizawa-sensei calling them to get up that training was going to happen in five minutes, Katsuki groaned he sat up his body was covered in bite marks, and sticky fluids, Izuku was sleeping soundly with a smile on his face, Eijirou next to him and Tenya was besides Shouto. All the boys had paired up and slept naked with one another. 

"The fuck happened last night?"


"Good morning everyone!" Izuku called out cheerfully, he was feeling a lot better now.

"Ah Midoriya-kun you look healthy." Yaoyorozu said spotting the greenette who was smiling wide.

"Yup, guess I just needed a good soak in the hot springs." 

"Maybe the other boys could use one as well, they look tired." Ochako said looking at the rest of the classmates, they all looked dead tired on their feet.

"Yeah maybe they stayed up too late." Izuku said, never knowing what had happened last night.  

Chapter Text

Things were going well, their training was hard but strangely rewarding. Shrike taught them and Class 1-B hand to hand combat, he was a strict teacher but gave praise when it was earned and scolded when he saw fit. He paired Jirou up with Izuku but the earphone jack girl was blushing wildly when she had to spar against him or any of the other boys in their class, maybe she was feeling under the weather.

"Jirou-chan are you okay, you're red as a tomato. Kero~" Tsuyu asked as she finished sparring with Sero, Jirou mumbled something unintelligible avoiding eye contact with Eijirou who was her next spar partner.

"Jirou you need to keep your eyes on your opponent, use your smaller frame to throw off Kirishima's balance. Good, use your elbow to aim for his solar plexus, Kirishima use your legs. You may be a brawler but that doesn't mean you can't use them." Shrike directed the two in their match, he then went over to correct Tetsutetsu and a boy with ink black skin.

Next was Izuku sparring against Katsuki, the two were going at like crazy, it was almost like a dance. A punch here and a kick there, an open palm strike causing Katsuki to stumble back but recovers with a wipe right punch that was caught and he was flipped real quick. As Katsuki laid on his back Izuku pinned him to the ground with a mischievous smile, Izuku lowered himself discreetly grinding against the blond's groin. Katsuki bit back a groan of pleasure to anyone not paying attention it would look like Katsuki was groaning in pain, and Izuku was just pinning him.

Jirou was blushing like crazy, the noises from last night were replaying over and over in her head, one of the down sides of her quirk was hearing everything very clearly, she kept that to herself of course, no need to let the other girls know that the boys had an orgy. 

"Okay you two keep it in your pants." Shrike called out from where he was helping Class 1-B, the two of them broke apart and Katsuki turned away to hide his growing erection, Aoyama was kind enough to provide cover for Katsuki. 

"Hey Eijirou, you and me should spar next." Izuku said, gently brushing against Eijirou's arm causing goosebumps to appear. 


Evening set upon them and both classes had just finished their quirk training they were very tired, but after they all showered they had to make their own food. Katsuki took charge of chopping vegetables, Ochako was helping him as well, Shouto and Yaoyorozu were lighting the wood under the outdoor stoves. Izuku was in charge of the cooking as he was the one with the most experience in cooking given he had used Youtube Tutorials and Shrike had taught him some more cooking techniques while he was interning at Dairiten. 

Jirou and Tsyu set the table while the others also set things up for the rice. Izuku stirred the pot adding the potatoes, carrots, and onions while adding some spices here and there, the smell was enticing, he was asked by some of the other students in Class 1-B for pointers which he gladly gave. 

"Wow, Kiddo if the hero thing doesn't work out you could be a great chief." Shrike walked up to the students to check up on them, some of the students of Class 1-B called out a hello to the assassin. 

"Hey sensei care to join us?" Tetsutetsu called out stirring the pot as Kendo added the potatoes. 

"Sensei huh? Well Aniki if the whole hero business doesn't work out you could be a teacher." Izuku said to his older brother as he finished the curry grabbing some pot holder but Shrike beat him to it, he had used his Mage hands to lift the pot up and set it at the table then using another to pick up the ladle to pour the curry on the plates as Hagakure placed the rice. Some of his other hands helped the class of 1-B to cut the vegetables and stir the pot.

"You guys worked hard today so I think you all deserve some pampering, so sit back and Sensei will help." Shrike said this with an air of pride. 

"Your quirk is so cool Sensei." Kendo said watching the glowing arms float about doing several task at once. Several other students agreed, Katsuki tsk at them.

"They're just big glowing limbs." He was about to take a bite of curry when an arm pinched him on the cheek, he swatted it but his hand went right through it. This confused him as he knew the arms had to be solid to hold and touch things.

"Now, now Katsuki no need to be all mad, here I brought you this." One of the arms floated to the plate and sprinkled red pepper flakes on it before setting it down on the table. Katsuki took another bite, he hummed with delight before sprinkling some more on it. Shrike sat down next to Tenya before he turned to see the young boy with the horned hat. Shrike waved him over calling out to him.

"Hey Kouta, want some curry?" Shrike sent a glowing arm to Kouta plate in hand floating before him, but Kouta glared at it trying to swipe at it but the arm moved out of the way. Kouta stomped off, Izuku asked Katsuki who the boy was.

"He's Mandalay's nephew, you were still kinda out of it. The little turd also punched Ei in the balls when he tried to talk to him." Izuku looked at where the boy had left, a frown on his lips. 

Later he learned that Kouta's parents had been the Hero Duo Water Hose, and they had been killed by some villain called Muscular. Because of that Kouta hated heroes and those wanting to be heroes, to us his parent's death had been in the line of duty but to him it was as if they had abandoned him. 

Today's training was just as hard as yesterdays, Aizawa and Shrike had set up several goals for them to meet by the days end. Izuku spotted Kouta around the edge of the training field watching them, but when he saw Izuku watching him he glared and walked away. 

"Izuku! Focus." Shrike shouted in time before a sand bag nearly hit him in the head, he used Faustian to knock it away. 


Evening came again and the student were making food for themselves or they would if Shrike hadn't come back with a freaking bear.

"Sensei where did you find that?" Tetsutetsu looked on in disbelief of the giant bear Shrike was carrying on his shoulders, he dropped it down and drew out a large bowie knife.

"Well I was fishing near the lake, when this big fella took exception to that and decided to come at me. So I took him down for dinner, anyone here ever have bear? Cause the meat is very high in protein. Very good for growing heroes."

Shrike began to skin and gut the bear, some of the students looked away, Shrike told them that knowing basic field dressing and hunting could save their lives in situations where they could be stuck in the forest or elsewhere. 

Shouto actually stepped up and had Shrike teach him how to cut the meat, this spurned the others to follow his lead and Shrike gave a lesson on field dressing a carcass. Once the meat was cut he took some of the spices they had and rubbed the meat before placing it on the outdoor grill, the smell was mouth watering. He had each of them in turn do the same with their cut of meat.

The camp was filled with a wonderful aroma, drawing out the teachers and the Pussycats.

"Shrike where did you get a bear from?" Aizawa asked surprised at the carcass be the stoves. 


Kouta snuck off to his secret spot, he didn't want to be near the idiot who called themselves heroes. Idiots all of them bragging about their quirks like that, Kouta clenched his fist hard, his nails digging into his palm. He was broken out of his anger by a voice.

"Hey Kouta, didn't you want some of the meat?"

Kouta turned to see the green haired boy with a plate of some really good smelling meat, rice, and sauce.

"No! Now go away." 

The green haired teen set the plate down next to Kouta before turning to leave.

"I'm sorry about your parents, they were really good heroes." 

"Shut up!, You're all freaking nuts... calling yourselves "heroes" or "villains" and going around killing each other like idiots. Talking about your Quirks all the time... all just to show off. Idiots" Kouta refused to cry in front of this guy.

"I know what you're going through."

"No! You don't!! My parents threw their lives away, for what? The villain got away in the end, they abandoned me!" Tears were falling, Kouta wiped them away.

"They didn't abandon you, they wanted to make the world safer for not only you but for everyone else. That's what heroes do. And I do know what you are going through, my mom was killed by...well she was killed by a villain. Don't give up on heroes Kouta." With that Izuku left to go back to the others. Kouta had a lot to process after that, he ate in silence at least the meal was really good.


"A test of courage!" Mina shouted out along with Eijirou, Sato, and Kaminari, but their celebration was cut short as Aizawa dragged them off to do their remedial lesson for failing their practical test. 

"Okay we will have you guys go into the wood path in pairs of two, which will be drawn from this box, then Class 1-B will be in there to try and scare you." Ragdoll explained the rules. "If you are brave enough to make it to the end I will be there with a special stamp for you." She held up the rubber stamper and sheets of paper. 

The pairs were drawn, but since they were missing four that meant Izuku would not have a partner. The first pair of Ochako and Tsuyu went in, hand in hand. They were followed by Shouto and Katsuki, then Mezo and Fumikage.

Before it was Izuku's turn he could smell smoke in the hair, he turned to see a blue glowing blaze growing in the distance.

"Mandalay there's a fire!!" Izuku called out to the telepathic hero, she sent out a message to try and get the students back when suddenly Pixie Bob was stuck by something metallic and she was stepped on by a woman in a tacky hawaii shirt and sunglasses, she was accompanied by a man who looked like a lizard.

"Surrender now little heroes for I, Spinner, the Acolyte of Stain will show no mercy to does who resist." The lizard man drew a sword made of several swords bound together. 

Before Mandalay or Tiger could react Shrike stepped forward to face the villains.

"Well aren't you a handsome one." Magne wanted to say more but Shrike held up his finger to stop her, he then swiped his finger down creating a holo-screen.

"Hey boss, yeah I'm here at the training camp. Things are going fine or they would be if we did not suddenly get attack by some wannabe Stain copycat and a fashion victim. So what's the protocol? Can I use lethal force? Not unless lives are in danger, well they are here threatening the students." A pause and Shrike nodded before ending the call.

He looked at Spinner and Magne who looked a little confused. Shrike spoke in a very cold tone of voice. "Restraint Level 0 lifted."

"What does that mean?" Spinner asked when suddenly his sword was destroyed and his arm sliced off cleanly, Shrike was behind him with a dark look in his eyes. Spinner let out a scream of pain and Magne looked on in horror.

"It means I have been granted permission to kill every last one of you." He turned to Magne and struck driving a knife deep into her shoulder and using it to vault over her driving another knife into the back of her knee dropping her down. "Mandalay grant the students permission to fight if they encounter any villains in the woods and have them return to the building where Aizawa is at, I will go look for Ragdoll." 

Shrike struck Magne in several pressure points causing her to lie way too still, he turned to Spinner who had passed out from blood loss. He dashed into the forest not seeing the look of horror on his little brother's face or the other heroes. Mandalay relayed the order to the other students, she tried to reach out to Kouta but he was just out of range.

"I know where he is, I will go get him." She tried to tell him to go back to the building but he was gone in a dead sprint to Kouta's secret spot.


Touya set fire to some of the trees just to make it look convincing, he was left alone with Twice. Touya was forming a plan to take out Twice and find his brother to make sure he was safe, he waited until Twice was ranting like a lunatic when he put him in a choke hold and held him until he passed out, he hogtied the villain and was going to head to a building he saw nearby. Rustling of leaves alerted him to someone hiding in the bushes, he called up some fire in his hands aiming for the bush when one of the student popped out.

It was a blond boy with indigo eyes, shaking like a leaf in a windstorm. 

"Calm down I'm Todoroki's oldest brother Touya, do you know where he is?" Touya removed the prosthetics from his face which seemed to convince the student.

"Why are you with the villains?"

"I'm undercover." Touya drew out the pin given to him by Tsukauchi that really convinced the student, the two of them headed to the white building where Touya was caught by Aizawa's capture weapon and dropped to the ground. The blond boy ran to his teacher and began to explain everything.

"Todoroki, Aoyama says your undercover. I'm guessing that fire is your doing."

"Yeah, sorry about that but had to make them think I was one of them. Could you untie me? I need to look for Shouto."

Aizawa let the young man go and the two of them went off to look for more students in the forest. Touya gave Aizawa the run down of the villains in the group.


"That's a cool hat, I'll trade you for my mask." Kouta looked on in frozen terror this was the man who had murdered his parents, Muscular. He couldn't more as Muscular reached down to him, tears pouring down his face, he was scared so badly he wanted his mom and dad, his aunt. Anyone please help!

Suddenly he felt himself pulled backwards really fast and into someone's chest. Kouta finally realized someone had saved him, Kouta looked up to see the green haired teen, the one who brought him the meat.

"Kouta are you okay?" He asked never taking his eyes off the villain, green eyes hard as diamonds. Kouta managed a weak yes, the greenette looked down at him and smiled, the idiot actually smiled. "Don't worry Kouta, I'm here! Now, go run to Mandalay I will keep this guy off your back."

Izuku pushed him behind him and stood like a guardian angel between him and the devil that killed his parents. Muscular laughed at Izuku, his quirk activating. 

"Oh look at you, a little badass. I'm going to break your arms and legs then slowly peel the kid apart while you watch." Muscular took a menacing step forward and was suddenly hit by an aura of pure menace, he hesitated at first looking down at the small green haired bug before him, no. There was no way this little shitstain could be emitting this aura, and another step forward and the aura increased.

"You should never have said you were going to hurt him, because now I am going to have to break you so you can't do shit." Izuku's tone was razor sharp and full of promises regarding pain. 

"You got balls kid, I will enjoy biting them off." Muscular had a massive evil grin contorting his face into an ugly visage. 

"Then I guess I will have to yank them out one at a time, cause you are not getting near Kouta, as long as I am breathing."

Muscular charged at him with the speed of a rampaging elephant which was a mistake, he stepped on to one of the blood mines Izuku set while he was distracting Muscular, the red orb exploded sending ribbons of red upward trapping the villain, but Muscular simply flexed hard snapping the threads, he grinned at Izuku and got hit in the face by a speeding blood bullet, knocking him back hard. 

"LITTLE FUCKER!!!" Muscular roared he charged again Izuku used his magnetism to create a barrier stopping Muscular long enough to fire off several more red bullets into Muscular's face, chest, and groin. The villain dropped but was not out, he powered up even more and now his red bullet did nothing, he fired the last one at hik to no avail, his barrier didn't stop him this time as he hit it so hard it shattered, it actually shattered.

"Kouta! Run!" Izuku noted the boy still there, Kouta was frozen staring at his parent's killers, who grabbed a distracted Izuku flinging him backwards away from the boy. Izuku hit the cliff wall hard, he heard something pop, his vision swimming. 

"No!" Kouta cried out seeing the green hero hurt, Muscular reached for him but then let out a scream of pain, he noted black threads pulling at his quick stopping his movement.

"I said as long as I am still breathing I will never let you touch him, I will protect him with my very life. Because that is what heroes do." Muscular saw the kids left arm was made of some shadowy stuff, the arm was extended and wrapped around his own quirk. Kouta looked at Izuku like he was crazy, there was no way he could beat this monster, he should run.

"Well then I guess I better make you stop breathing." Muscular reached for Izuku when he was hit by a stream of water, he turned to look at Kouta. "I know you, your the brat of those two worthless heroes, the ones who would have lived if only they had run away, the useless fucks." Muscular stalked towards Kouta.

"They were not worthless, my parents were great heroes, they wanted to make the world safer for me and everyone else, they stood up to bullies like you! You're the worthless one!!" Kouta felt nothing but rage and hatred towards this bastard, this monster who took his parents from him, heroes who only wanted to help others.

"Hahaha, another ballsy brat." Muscular wound up for a punch when he felt something strike the back of his knees buckling him, Izuku had used Faustian to cut through the muscle fibers and hit him in the back of his knees. 

"I fucking said you are not touching him, are you as stupid as you look, you roided out monster." Izuku was a bit woozy from hitting the cliff wall but he stood there defiant. Muscular swung at him and Izuku used Faustian to sling shot him under the villain and stood between him and Kouta.

"I'm done playing brats, now I will kill both of you!" Muscular went beyond his quirk limit and made his arm massive swinging it hard at both boys, Izuku positioned himself to make sure Kouta could not be hit, the blow rocked him hard and he screamed out in pain. 

"Stop! You're going to die!!" Kouta cried out, the teen just flashed Kouta another brilliant smile before turning to look at Muscular, who thought he had won, but he noted that freaky shadow arm begin to snake around the blocked arm, like evil snakes they spread out making thin vein like lines along his arm spreading to his body, he was covered in these veins. Muscular didn't know what the brat was up to but he needed to kill him fast.

"Congratulations, Muscular." Izuku said his tone light and playful which threw Muscular off.

"What?" The muscle villain's voice cracked a little, cold fear was brewing in his stomach and he wasn't sure why.

"You get to be the first person and the last who will ever see this move." Izuku smiled at Muscular and it wasn't like the smile he had given Kouta, this one was cold and cruel. Muscular pissed himself, he legitimately pissed himself when this kid looked at him, his eyes were demonic, black pits with only a single pin of green light in the depths of them.

"WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU!!" Muscular wanted to pull away but he couldn't, his body would not listen. Izuku leaned forward just enough so that only Muscular could hear him as he spoke in a terrifying soft voice, a voice you would hear in the bowels of Hell as you were torn apart by the minions of Lucifer. 

"A demon. Now let me show you my special move. INCUBUS KISS." Muscular could feel his strength to leave him, hus head was filled with both excruciating pain and overwhelming pleasure, he wanted to scream for the brat to stop and at the same time tell him to continue, his eye rolled to the back of his head, he was convulsing. His quirk began to wither away the muscular fibers turning to dust, the pain and pleasure only increased from there, he could feel his gums begin to wither, his teeth falling out. The tongue in his mouth turned to sand pouring out of his open maw, his actual muscles withered away leaving him looking like a dry corpse, but he was alive.

Oh god he was still alive, his last good eye was shriveled like a raisin, the only noise he could make was a high pitched whine, Muscular curled up in a ball, as the fire in his bones never stopped and he didn't want it to stop.

Izuku withdrew his arm back to its normal state then put Incubus back in his cage. This new ability he discovered after he he had accidentally withered an apple to dust, and it seemed to work well in this case, he had stopped just in time. But he didn't want to stop at the time, he had an extreme orgasmic sensation while he drained the life out of muscular, but he also knew he could give it all back and it would feel just as good to do that.

All of Izuku's wounds had healed from all that delicious energy he took from Muscular, he turned to look at Kouta and he wasn't sure if the boy would be scared of him after seeing him do that to Muscular but the boy was looking at him with pure adoration, Kouta rushed forward hugging Izuku hard, burying his face into Izuku's stomach and crying tears of relief, joy, and stress.

"Thank you, Mr. Hero. You protected me, and you avenged my parents thank you." Izuku picked up Kouta giving the boy a hug then positioning him in a piggy back position he made his way back to the camp.

"You can just call me Izuku, I'm not a hero yet." 

That didn't matter to Kouta, Izuku was already a hero in his eyes, and he would be his number one fan when he became a full fledged hero. 


Katsuki and Shouto were barely keeping this leather bound freak at bay, his quirk let him grow crazy long and sharp dagger from his mouth. The freak also kept calling out for flesh, which made Katsuki think of the severed hand they found, did this freaky fucker kill one of their classmates?

"Katsuki to your right!" Shouto used his ice quirk to block a knife that nearly got him. "We need to run."

"Fuck that, we need to take down this freak, for all we know he's killed someone. You saw the hand." Katsuki let out a massive explosion making the forest of knives that the leather bastard had made to shatter, Shouto used his fire quirk to push the guy back. Shouto grabbed Katsuki by the wrist and pulled him towards the forest to hide but their escape was cut off by Moonfish using his quick to block the path.

"I must have flesh!" The deathrow villain cried out but soon a streak of blue fire crossed above them and hit the villain causing him untold pain.

"Back the fuck off you sadomaso bitch." 

Shouto turned to the new two new people who had arrived to help them, it was Aizawa-sensei and.

"Touya?!" Shouto was shocked to see his oldest brother there, and dressed like a homeless punk, without his facemask or bandages, he knew Touya was still sensitive about his burn marks. Touya shot him a smile before he used his cremation quirk to destroy all the new blades Moonfish made, Aizawa directed the two students to move back.

They heard sounds of crashing and they were getting closer by the second. Suddenly through the trees came Izuku and Shouji, with a mandalay's nephew on Izuku's back, followed by Tokoyami's Dark Shadow that was going out of control attacking everything. Moonfish turned to look at the new arrival and was promptly crushed to the ground by the demonic quick's fist.

"Shouto, Katsuki make some light now!!" Both boys complied creating some very bright light shrinking Dark Shadow to were Tokoyami could control it.

"I'm so sorry, I let my emotions run wild, after seeing Shouji get hurt I just lost it." Tokoyami apologized, Izuku turned to look at Mezo.

"How bad are you hurt, Mezo?" Mezo raised one of his tentacles showing the bloody stump, he reassured everyone that he could regrow his tentacles so there was no issue.

"Good to hear Shouji, Izuku why are you carrying Kouta?" Aizawa asked the greenette, before he could answer Kouta spoke up.

"He saved me by taking down Muscular." Kouta chirped a little too happily. Aizawa and Touya's eyes grew comically wide.

"You took down that monster, how?!" Touya asked, there was no way the green haired twunk before him could have stood toe to toe with Muscular and come out with only his clothes dirty.

"Big Bro Izuku used his amazing quirk to take him down." Kouta spoke up again, he had claimed Izuku as his big brother and hero.

Before anyone could ask anything else Mandalay relayed another message to the group telling them to regroup at the main cabin.

"Wait, before we head back you guys need to know that the villains are here to try and take Izuku and Bakugou." Touya's words sent a shock through everyone, he suggested that the two of them needed to be in the middle for protection, Katsuki tried to complain but Izuku grabbed his hand then squeezed, this stopped him, they set off in a protective circle around the two boys, Kouta still on Izuku's back. Shooting daggers at Katsuki, he didn't know who this guy was but he wasn't sure if he was a good fit for his big brother.


Himiko let out a school girl laugh as she attacked Tsuyu and Ochako, she threw a knife pinning the frog girl by the hair to a nearby tree then went after Ochako, her mission was to find the green haired brother of Dairiten's Golden Boy for the boss, but she wanted to get some fun in, it has been a while since she got to play rough. 

As she tried to stab the girl with the brown bob, she was suddenly flipped and hit the ground hard.

"Wow, Ochako-chan you sure are good at this." She dropped her school girl act for a second when she stabbed the special gear she had been given into the girls tight to suck some of her blood. "Pity you never dealt with someone like me." Her voice cold and professional, Ochako was stunned by the needle that she was thrown off easily. 

"Now come on Ochako-chan, let us play as only two girls in love can!" She was back in her school girl personal as she attacked then she was hit by a glowing fist out of nowhere. She slide back, her cheek stinging. Out of the shadows came Big Boss' Golden Boy, Shrike. "Oh, how rude of you to hit a lady, you are so not my type." She giggled maniacally. But she was struck harder by another glowing fist, now she was mad.

"Give up now, and I will let you live." Shrike's tone was deadly serious this gave Kukabara pause, wait did that bald motherfucker give him Clearance Zero!? Oh she was so so going to slap that asshat around when she got back. 

Himiko decided that the best course of action was to run, too bad for her Shrike was a crack shot with throwing knives and he threw one which shredded her sweater.

"You fucker!! That was a really expensive sweater!" Her school girl persona gone she went full assassin going at Shrike with her knives, but he kept blocking her every blow, there was nothing in his eyes as he fought, just cold indifference. Now she could understand why Big Boss favored this boy over everyone else, he was the perfect killer with a look like that. She was suddenly brought out of her thoughts as Shrike sliced along her side destroying the school uniform top, she cursed.

She then cursed even louder as she noted that her tattoo was exposed, Shrike saw it and shit hit the fan.

"You! You're part of the Black Hand, Big Boss sent you?" Shrike was stunned enough that Himiko went for a kill shot, but she didn't get a chance as Ochako came out of nowhere slapping her hard across the face, gravity was suddenly gone for Kukabara, she floated helplessly but not for long as she was trapped by Shrike's Mage Hands.

"Talk now!" Kukabara just smiled sweetly as said she didn't know anything, a wrong answer as Shrike struck her hard in the face knocking a tooth loose, she swore at him in a way that would make a sailor gasp. "What the fuck are you doing here, and I suggest you tell me everything otherwise I will peel you like a fucking banana." 

Kukabara wanted to say something smartass but the look on Shrike's face made her reconsider, she knew of Shrike's reputation and body count, she rather not be counted among said bodies.

"Okay, okay. I'll talk, but you won't like what I have to say."


Shrike left Kukabara tied up on the forest floor, and he bolted to the rendezvous point, hoping that Izuku and Katsuki were okay, what Kukabara told him boiled his blood, that fucking bald bastard wanted to harvest his brother to make super soldiers. There would be blood for this, but that was later right now he had to make sure that Izuku and Katsuki was safe.

As he ran with Tsuyu and Ochako following closely, they meet with Aizawa, Shouto, Shouji, Tokoyami, Kouta, and.

"Touya?! The fuck are you doing here? Nevermind that can be explained later. Where is Izuku and Katsuki!?"

"That clown guy took them we were chasing him down but he is getting away." Shouji said, Shrike spotted the guy they were talking about.

"That's Mr.Compress, he can use his quirk to trap things in little marbles, he took Izuku and Katsuki." Touya quickly said, Shrike was thinking fast and idea popped into his head.

"Uraraka, Shouji, Tokoyami, Asui to me quick." Shrike explained his plan and they all got to it. Ochako used her quirk to lighten Shouji, Tokoyami, and Shrike, then Tsuyu used her tongue to slingshot the trio straight at the escaping clown. 

Mr.Compress thought he was getting away scot free but then he heard the sound of rushing air behind him, he turned to see someone gliding at him, he was about to book it hard when a glowing hand grab his ankle and drag him down to the ground, he crashed near the spot that Magne and Spinner where supposed to keep the heroes busy. What he saw was their corpses. 

Behind his mask Mr.Compress was nearly sick, he was going to call for Kurogiri to open a portal when an enraged voice spoke to him, he could have sworn it was the Devil himself come to claim his soul. 

"GIVE ME BACK MY  BROTHER, OR DIE!" Shrike's voice carried all around, and it was deadly. Mr.Compress called for Kurogiri a smile on his face as he stared at Shrike.

"Good one, heroes do not kill." he opened his mouth to reveal two marbles on his tongue, it was Shrike's turn to smile and it was the same cold and empty smile a shark would give you before biting your head off.

"I'm not a hero, I'm an Executioner." Mr.Compress did not have time to comprehend what that meant as Shrike pointed a finger at him and shouted. "BLACK LIGHTNING" A streak of ebony electricity shot out hitting Mr.Compress right through the heart, the lightning exited out the back.

Mr.Compress was only alive long enough to see the gaping hole through his heart before he fell forward the two marble falling out of his mouth and breaking open to reveal Izuku and Katsuki, they looked around confused. Shrike stepped forward to take his brother in a hug, but a portal opened up behind the two boys and two dry hands popped out grabbing both boys around the neck, middle fingers not touching them just yet.

Shigaraki stepped out of the portal with a wide and creepy grin. Shrike was ready to murder to the fucker when he just yanked them through the portal disappearing from sight, but not before the villain and the two would-be-heroes, heard Shrike let out a terrifying roar of anger.


Katsuki was shackled the moment that he was released, he finally got a good look around and saw a bar, filled with some low rank villains all jeering at him, Izuku was still grasped in that dry bastard's grip. Shigaraki pushed Izuku who stumbled forward but as he was free he turned to attack Shigaraki but before Izuku could land a hit Kurogiri intervened opening a portal to redirect Izuku's punch to Katsuki.

He grunted in pain, Izuku turned to him to apologize but before he could speak Shigaraki pulled out a remote, pressing a button that delivered a painful shock to Katsuki, Izuku yelled at him to stop.

Shigaraki just smiled wider and turned the voltage up, Izuku shouted at him again, and once more the voltage went up.

"Beg." Shigaraki said the vicious smile never left him.

Izuku dropped to the floor, bowing and begging. "Please, Tomura. Stop!" 

Shigaraki was about to press the kill button but Sensei's angry voice made him turn the shock collar off.

"WHo said you could do that?"

"Sensei, I'm sorry I.."

"I will deal with you shortly for this Tomura." Shigaraki gulped at the implication, he knew what happened to those who displeased Sensei. "Kurogiri, please bring my son and son-in-law to me." Sensei said cooly. 

"Yes, sir." Izuku was suddenly engulfed by the portal as was Katsuki, they ended up in a familiar room to Izuku. 

"Welcome home, Izuku, and Katsuki." All for One said moving into the light, Katsuki choked out a gasp at the sight of All for One's face. Hiashi's had a frown on his face, he addressed Katsuki. "Now that is no way to react to your Father-in-Law, Katsuki." 


Shrike had to be restraint by both Chickadee and Mockingbird, he had torn Dairiten's ground floor until he found the secret lab that Kukabara told him about, there was no one there except one very unlucky scientist, Shrike had nearly castrated the man, until Mockingbird and Chickadee stopped him.

"Where his he?!" Shrike was in the face of the scientist who was crying like a baby.

"Mon ami! Stop, we will handle this, you go check for clues." Chickadee escorted Shrike out and Mockingbird tagged along as he went to go and report what he had found to All Might who was leaving a raid on the location that Touya gave. 

"We'll get our Baby Bird back, Mozu. Then we will hunt down Big Boss and Vulture." Mockingbird punctuated this by punching her fist into her palm. 

"There is no where they can hide, I will tear Hell and Heaven apart if I have to." In full Big Brother Mode, Shrike was scarier than Chickadee.


All Might had the heroes and Shrike with his team outside the bar, he gave the signal and they attacked, All Might punched the wall away revealing the low rank villains and Shigaraki, they tried to scatter but Mockingbird blocked their escape and Chickadee knocked down several of them. Shrike went straight for Shigaraki, pinning his hand to the floor with two big knives.

"Where is Izuku and Katsuki?!" Shrike snarled, but a massive explosion near downtown distracted him enough that Shigaraki tore his hands free with a cry of pain, then tried to disintegrate Shrike but before he could touch the assassin he spewed some black stuff and disappeared. That should not have happened, as Kurogiri had been disabled by Edgeshot.

Suddenly they were surrounded by pale white nomus. Shrike used his Black Thorn to pin several of the nomus to the walls and ground. He picked up some chatter on his earpiece, there was an explosion at the second location, and he heard the words All for One. Shrike speed off as fast as he could to the second location, All Might followed him as well.

The two arrived to the devastated location, it looked like it had been hit by a bomb. He spotted two figures huddled together, It was Izuku and Katsuki. Izuku had used Magnetism to protect himself and Katsuki, he then used it to remove the shackles and collar. Shrike rushed to them but skidded to a stop as All for One emerged into view with some sort of helmet.

"Ah, the prodigal son returns, how are you Mozu." All for One, spread his arms wide in a welcoming gesture. Shrike felt his blood boil with pure, blinding, fury.

"Hello, Daddy Dearest. Tell me would you rather be cremated or buried at sea?" With that Shrike rushed forward, fully intending to kill the man there and then. He would free his brother from this monster, even if it cost him his life.

Chapter Text

Eijirou, Hitoshi, Momo, Shouto, and Tenya were all frozen in pure terror at the voice of the villain kingpin All for One. Momo, Hitoshi, and Tenya were shocked to learn that Shrike, Izuku's big brother was All for One's son. Did that also mean Izuku was his son? Eijirou was the first to recover and make a plan in getting Izuku and Katsuki out of there, he instructed Shouto to make an ice ramp, while he asked Momo to make a form of glider or propulsion item, she opened her dress and the boys politely turned away to give her privacy to use her quirk, she made a collapsable glider that he had Hitoshi wear.

He told Tenya to push off the wall as hard as he could and when they were at the apex of the ramp to use Recepto booster. He gave the signal and Shouto made the ramp, Tenya let out a burst of speed and with Eijirou pushing off hard as well they shot along the ramp, as they reached the tip Tenya used his engines at full speed launching them hard, Hitoshi then activated the glider to give them flight, Eijirou held out his hand calling out to Izuku and Katsuki.

There stunt caught the attention of All for One and Shigaraki, All for One aimed at the students and got a knife in the stomach for it courtesy of Shrike who took the distraction to strike before he could go for his father's neck he was pushed away and All Might came at him with full strength.

"I love you." Izuku said kissing Katsuki who didn't have time to react as Izuku used Faustian to catapult the blond straight at Eijirou who caught him, all the boys called out to Izuku who turned away to face his father, he would not let his brother and hero face this monster alone.

Izuku rushed into the fray and was intercepted by Shigaraki who tried going for Izuku's face, but he was not the scared and malnourished boy from their childhood, he was a hero-in-training. Izuku dodged underneath the arm and uppercutted the the dry bastard hard, he saw a tooth fly out and Izuku smiled with malice as Shigaraki dropped like a sack of potatoes.

Shrike and All Might were striking and evading in tandem, but All for One kept them at bay with his quirks. All for One just laughed at their weak attempts, he began to taunt them both, hitting them where it hurt emotionally, Shrike was fighting wild as he was beyond pissed, as was All Might especially after All for One reminded him how he killed All Might's mentor.

Izuku struck from behind using Faustian to aim for the helmet, but All for One turned and blasted the attack away with a large burst of air.

"Attacking from behind. that's not very fair now is it, son." 

"If you're fighting a fair fight." Izuku began to quote his brother, who appeared in a swirl of feathers besides All for One.

"Then you've already lost!" Shrike finished as he drove a large hunting knife deep into his father's side. The villain roared in pain and anger, he backhanded Shrike who then flipped midair to land in a cat stance before rushing once more.


"We need to go back, dammit Ei back me up." Katsuki struggled against Shouto's grip as he was dragged through the streets.

"He has a point, we need to go get him." Tenya sided with Katsuki, he didn't like leaving Izuku there, but they had made it half way to the city and they would not make it back in time.

"We can't go back, we would just be in the way." Hitoshi said pushing Katsuki from behind to make him walk forward, but Katsuki broke from Shouto's grasp to face the purple headed boy, he snarled in his face.

"I'm going back to save my boyfriend."

"Katsuki, cool it. We are all worried about Izuku, but if we go back then we will just slow All Might down and Shrike would not let anything happen to Izuku." Shouto spoke with a hard tone making Katsuki stop. 

"Oh my god! Look!" Momo pointed at the large screen on one of the building showing a live newscast, there was All Might looking like a scarecrow and Shrike was knocked to the ground shielding Izuku with his body.

"What happened to All Might?!" Tenya asked shocked as he heard All for One address the Number One hero, how he told the whole city to witness their hero and how he had lied to them all. 


"Shut the fuck up, All Might only kept this a secret so that everyone else wouldn't worry." Izuku shouted at the villain who only scoffed at Izuku for his naive belief in such heroes. They heard  woman from somewhere in the rubble, she was telling All Might not to give up, that it did not matter what he looked like, it was his heroic spirit that inspired the people. This seemed to relight the fire in All Might and he rushed forward to attack All for One, Shrike backed him up with Izuku firing red bullets at the villains.

"As though you could compare to me, boy. You are a failed experiment, limited in your power." All for One said aiming an attack at Shrike, who jumped out of the way. A crazed smile spread across Shrike's lips.

"You have a point, I should just use all my quirks at once."

"If you did you will die!" Hiashi attacked again but received a nasty surprise as glowing hand appeared with black spike shooting out of them at his father, blood was leaking out of Shrikes mouth, nose, and eyes but the assassin would not stop he opened all his quirks and revealed in the pain.

"Then I better take you down with me, Dad!" The last word was spat out with a glob of blood. All for One could not block the sudden onslaught of glowing arms, thorns, knives, and void energy, Izuku took is chance and use Faustian to wind around his father's legs and yank the villain down from his floating position. As he fell both brothers yelled out.



The Number One hero put everything he had into one last punch, his scrawny right hand became massive and muscular and he delivered his last attack, he could feel the embers of One for All flair into a roaring inferno.

"UNITED STATES OF SMASH!!!!!!!!" All Might delivered the blow directly into All for One's head destroying the helmet and the villain laid still.


"They did it!!" Eijirou shouted as the whole crowd cheered, they watched as All Might pointed out to someone, and said.

"You're next." A brilliant smile on his lips before the feed cut out.


Izuku watched wide eyed as All Might pointed to him, with a brilliant smile and said. "You're next." Izuku knew that All Might was saying, it was meant for him, but to anyone else it would seem he was saying that the criminals were next to be defeated. Izuku began to cry tears of relief and joy, he walked over to All Might to make sure that the Number One here was okay. He helped the older man by offering him his assistant in walking.

"Thank you, Midoriya my boy." All Might coughed up some blood, much to Izuku's panic. He looked over to Shrike to see if his older brother was okay and he was heading over to their fallen father, he was bleeding heavily from his eyes and mouth.

"Mozu!" He called out to him but Izuku was ignored, Shrike stood over All for One and drew a gun on him, All Might called out to him to not do it.

"Well, what are you waiting for?" All for One asked his first experiment. Mozu just looked down at him with utter hatred, when a nasty smile crossed his lips, he dropped the gun and gathered every bit of strength for one last quirk creation, he made a Quirk Removal Quirk. He knew All for One could not see him so he could not relish the look of horror as Shrike drove his fingers into his father's chest and began to take All for One.

"Death is to good for you." Shrike said through a throat wet with blood, he heard his father's anguished cries as he took his quirk away. Once he was done Mozu used a syringe to take some blood from the fallen villain then pulled All for One out of himself and into the syringe. Izuku was next to him as he was finishing up, All Might leaning on the younger man for support. "Take this, it will make sure your Prometheus doesn't kill you. Zu, I don't have long so let me just say I am so proud of you, and I love you so much little brother."

"Shrike what the hell? What do you meant you don't have long? Prometheus is killing me?" Shrike held up a hand to quiet his brother.

"Just use it, it will heal you up, and fill the missing piece of Prometheus so it can't do to you what it did to me. Tell Sparky if he breaks your heart I will haunt his ass." With that Shrike died.

"NO! Mozu! Mozu!"


Everything was floaty, and fuzzy. Was he in heaven? Pretty sure Heaven didn't smell like Chickadee's fancy perfume, Mozu opened his eyes to see Esmée dabbing his forehead with a washcloth.

"Oh No! I'm in the other place!!" Shrike's voice sounded a tad wet, and unused. Chickadee jumped when he spoke, she swore in French before pressing the nurse call button.

A nurse came in and the two women talked quickly before she left to go get the doctor.

"Welcome back to the land of the living, mon ami."

"Not that I'm complaining, but how I'm I alive?" He asked, which hurt, hell everything hurt, ALOT.

"Izuku, he injected you with that syringe." She said gently fluffing his pillow and about to press the morphine button.

"Oh he did that's nice...HE DID WHAT!?" The EKG monitor went crazy, and several nurses and a doctor came in with a crash cart, it took several of them and Chickadee to hold him down so they could sedate him, as he was trying to leave the hospital room to try and make sure his little brother was alive and well. 


"You think Shrike will like this?" Katsuki asked holding up a little plush bird of the same name. Izuku smiled at the plushie nodding yes and he also picked up some amaryllis from the florist to make a get well bouquet for his brother. The two paid for their stuff and exited the flower shop. 

"Hey Midoriya! Bakugou!" A loud and boisterous voice called out to them, the duo turned to see Shouto and his boyfriend Inasa who was waving vigorously and at them.

"Hey Shouto, hey Inasa." Izuku called back, they met up and walked together. Izuku and Inasa chatted about heroes and the new line up, Katsuki and Shouto chatted about their intern work for Best Jeanist.

"Yo! Izuku, Katsuki, Shouto, Inasa." Izuku looked over to see Eijirou and Tetsutetsu walking hand in hand, they were accompanied by the others of class 1-A. Izuku smiled at the redhead, Eijirou had broken things off with Katsuki and Izuku when they started their Second Year, sure the greenette missed him dearly as did Katsuki but they respected Eijirou's decision, he said he felt like he was intruding on something bigger that was developing between Izuku and Katsuki. 

Neither knew what he meant but they were glad that the redheaded hero wanted to stay good friends with them. Halfway through the semester Tetsutetsu and Eijirou became an official couple. 

"So Izuku, any word on your brother?" Denki asked as he took Jirou's hand in his, the two started dating around the time Tetsutetsu and Eijirou did, Momo and Hanta were also holding hands as was Tooru and Mashirao. It seemed everyone in Class 1-A began to date one another, well except Tenya he was focusing more on his grades before he decided to date. 

Shinsou and Hatsune made it official during the School Festival, people were sure she was just using Hitoshi as a test subject but the two were really good together.

"Not yet, I'm a little worried it has been nearly three years and he still hasn't woken up." Just as he said that his phone went off with an All Might ringtone. Katsuki smirked at his boyfriend.

"Still such a fanboy." 

"Hello?" Izuku listened for a moment before he bolted down the street, hailing a taxi.

"Deku, the hell?!" Katsuki called after him following his boyfriend as he waited for Katsuki to catch up. 

"Where are they off to in such a hurry? Kero~" Tsuyu's question was answered when a mass discord message popped up on their phones, it simply read 'He's awake'


"Mozu?!" Izuku tore into the room looking wild and out of breath, Katsuki followed after a few minutes, he hadn't run through the hospital like a madman.

Mockingbird and Chickadee where there sitting next to Mozu, who looked to be in a dreamy state. Mockingbird greeted the greenette, as did Chickadee.

"Heeeeyyy, baby bird. How you been?" Mozu's speech was a little slurred, he also let out a giggle. Izuku looked very confused he looked to the two heroes for assistance.

"Einstein here told him you used the syringe to save him before she told him you were okay, and he tried to go find you. So the doctor had to give him a shot." She turned to the table next to her with eight empty syringes. "or seven, to calm him down. He did, but now he's a little loopy."

Izuku spent the next couple hours sitting with his brother who was in a dream like state while Katsuki played gopher for the two brothers.

---The next day--

"My fucking head hurts, and I want some coffee." Mozu whined but Izuku held up a glass with orange juice for him with a straw.

"The doctor said you need more fluids and no caffeine until they discharge you from the hospital." Izuku fluffed his brother's pillow who was pouting like a child. "But if you don't cause trouble for the nurses then I can sneak you some of that green tea blended drink you love so much." 

"I wouldn't cause trouble if they would just let me have coffee." Shrike wined once more. Izuku chuckled a bit before he changed the water in the flowers Mozu had received from Class 1-A, Class 1-B, and even some from All Might. Speaking of the man, he was wheeled in by Aizawa who was followed by Present Mic.

"Hello my boys, I was very happy to hear you were awake Shrike." All Might offered a big smile, causing Izuku and Mozu to smile as well. The former Number One Hero had brought Mozu news about All for One.

"Nearly three years and he's still alive, he's like a bloody cockroach." Mozu growled this out, he calmed down as Izuku gently patted his shoulder. 

"He's been locked away in Tartarus under maximum security, and since you took his quirk away he has been rather docile." Aizawa told the assassin.

"Any chance of me just putting him out of his misery?" Mozu said with a dark tone. All Might solemnly shook his head, Mozu pouted once more.

For the rest of the visit Izuku and All Might catch Mozu up on the things he missed out on, Dairiten had been disbanded by Mockingbird and Chickadee who teamed up with Hawks to make a new agency called The Nest, which Izuku had been interning for. Izuku also caught Mozu up on his love life, about how Eijirou was now dating Tetsutetsu and Shouto was dating Inasa. 

The sun was setting now, and visiting hours was nearly over, Izuku was waiting until it was just him and Mozu. "Hey, Mozu do you have any plans when you get out of the hospital?" 

"Hmmm, good question. I guess I'm no longer an assassin now that Dairiten is gone, I'm no longer dying thanks to you being an idiot and using the syringe that was to save you on me, I have time."

"Are you still on that? The doctors cleared me of any danger, several times on your insistence. It was Incubus that was causing the issue, not Prometheus, I got that sorted thanks to meditation, with the occasional marathon sex with my fiancé."

"Ahh TMI, TMI!!" Mozu laughed but then it hit him. "Run that by me once more." Izuku had a soft smile as he reached under his shirt to pull up a black cord with a silver engagement ring that had a small inlaid circle of emerald in the center. Mozu's eyes were wide, he locked eyes with his brother.

"He proposed to me after we got our provisional licenses, he said he didn't care if he ever made it to number one as long as I was by his side then he was already number one." Izuku said this with such a love struck smile Mozu had to turn away as he was misty eyed.

"That is such a sappy thing to say, I am going to tease the fuck out of him." Mozu's voice cracked as he tried not to cry, his little brother was engaged and he was alive to see it happen, he was going to live to see him get married and maybe even have a kid. He cried silently, while he and Izuku talked about the engagement.

"We are getting married a year after graduation, I'll be working at The Nest, and I have been trying to talk to Katsuki about joining up but he has been hesitant about it."


"Yup, she has been on full mother hen mode ever since you went into the coma, so she may have given him the death glare here and there."

"What did she say about the engagement?"

"You are the only person who knows, we are keeping it a secret until after graduation."

"You know, I might ask Nedzu for a job as a teacher." Izuku snorted at that which earned him a light smack to the arm. "I'll have you know i got my degree in Engineering as well as teaching."

"When did you go to college?"

"Big Boss made me go when I was in my twenties, fuck nearly forgot about that bald motherfucker." Mozu growled, Chickadee said there had been no sign whatsoever of the former leader of Dairiten, though they did find Kukabara's body with her tongue cut out, The Black Hand does not like those who spill secrets. "We'll I can put him on the backburner for now, until I get a clue as to where he might be hiding."

 "I will be there to help you." Izuku said and the two delved into the details of Izuku's and Katsuki's wedding. 

----10 years later-----

"Auntie Ochako! Auntie Tsuyu!" A little blonde and green eyed boy of eight ran up to the two heroes hugging them.

"Hello there Toshinori, how have you been? Kero~" Tsuyu picked up the little boy.

"Oi! Brat, don't go running off like that." Katsuki walked into the Todoroki estate, followed by Izuku, the current Number One Hero. Toshinori giggled while hugging his aunt, he pointed at his papa.

"You sound just like grandma." Katsuki sputtered as his son said that, Izuku couldn't help but laugh at his husband's face. 

"Okay, little mister don't be mean to your papa, come here. Tsuyu handed Toshinori to his dad, the blond boy pointed behind Izuku and past Katsuki. 

"Uncle Mozu." The two heroes turned to see Mozu walk into the foyer of the Todoroki home he was ladened with gifts.

"Hey Mini Might, how's my favorite nephew?"

"I'm your only nephew." Toshinori said giggling, they all walked together deeper into the estate home coming to the living room spotting the rest of the party guest, Izuku set his son down and he ran to greet the rest of his aunts, uncles, and cousins.

"Glad you could make the christmas party this year Izuku." Eijirou greeted the two, with a a one year old baby in his arms. "I wanted to introduce you two, to your newest nephew Kuroko." He had a big proud papa smile, the baby boy had Tetsutetsu's silvery hair, but Eijirou's cherry red eyes. Unlike their first son, Ryu who looked a lot more like Eijirou, except he had Tetsutetsu's eyes. Speaking of which, the boy ran up to his two godfathers.

"Uncle Izuku, Uncle Katsuki." He hugs each of them before delving into a hyperspeed explanation of his school life, he was distracted by Toshinori, who called him over to where he was with Kireina, Mashirao and Tooru's daughter, and Myuji, Denki's and Kyoka's daughter.

Then comes Hitoshi and Mei with their son Suimin, who had his mother's bubblegum pink hair with his father's eyebags, followed by Shouto and Inasa, their twin sons holding on to their parent's hands. The red head Roku and the white haired Yuki. 

"Uncle Zu is here! and Uncle Kat!" Suimin definitely had his mom's personality as he ran to the two of them. 

"YA UNCLE IZUKU! I SAW YOUR TAKE DOWN THAT REALLY MEAN VILLAIN WITH UNCLE KATSUKI!!" Yuki shouted much like his father, everyone expected Yuki to be the more reserved one, but boy were they wrong, he was just as passionate as Inasa. Shouto just told his son to not yell inside the house. "But dad always says to say things with passion."

Shouto shot Inasa a playful glare who had the good graces to be embarrassed. Roku came over and shyfully talked with Katsuki, the blond smiled and chatted with his little and shy nephew. 

Tenya came into view from the hallway with his wife, a girl from Isamu Academy High School, Kashiko, and their son Tenkai, he had his mother's periwinkle hair but he looked like a mini Tenya, he even had the no nonsense attitude about rules like his dad.

"Hello Everyone." He greeted with a bow, Tenkai followed his father's example, Kashiko just laughed into her hand. She loved her big dorky husband and son. 

"Hey Tenya, now that you're here we can get this reunion started." Mina, the coolest aunt ever according to the kids, said from where she was surrounded by the kids as she was showing her latest villian take down to the munchkins. 

The party got underway, the former students of Class 3-A all recounted stories of their time time as interns, their kids were all captivated by the stories. 

"How about the time Izuku accidentally pants that Shindo guy." Denki laughed as he recalled the guy with the vibration quirk. Izuku smirked evilly, as he took a sip of the beer he had. 

"Yeah, 'accidentally'." Izuku used air quotes, Denki's eyes were wide.

"No, you didn't?" He was in disbelief, Izuku shrugged.

"He was a jerk, and he cheated on Mina, if she hadn't asked me to not hurt him, I might have just thrown him in a dumpster." 

This caused the girls to laugh, Tsuyu turned to Mina.

"You sure have bad taste in men, Minachan. Kero~" Mina sighed, she nodded.

"He was a pretty boy, it is my kryptonite. Also he kinda looked a little like Izuku." Mina said laugh as Izuku choked on his beer, Mozu laughed with Mina, and Kyoka joined in.

"That was mean Mina." Izuku said with a pout, Mozu playfully pinched Izuku's cheek. 

"Maybe he is another half brother." Mozu said, a tad tipsy. Izuku made a face at that.

"One of those is enough." He laughed at Mozu's exaggerated look of shock, and clutching pearls hand motion.

"Besides, Deku. You are way better looking than that as.." Izuku cut his husband off with a kiss. The kids all giggled or made the typical kid eww noise when ever they see adults PDA. 

"No swearing in front of the kids, at least not until they become Mozu's students." 

"How is the teaching life, Mozu?" Tenya asked, he and Mozu got into discussion of teaching techniques, as Tenya had taken a teaching position as well, he had been injured in a nasty villain attack, so now he had a bit of a limp from where the villain had torn his leg open. Lucky for Tenya he had Eijirou as back up. 

The party continued, with kids opening gifts, the former students trading war stories. Eventually it turned to talk of the wedding of the century.

"Ugh don't call it that, it was supposed to be a small thing, but then it gets leaked that the Number One Hero and the Number Two Hero decide to get hitched and the media goes nuts." Izuku said making a face, Katsuki's and his wedding was supposed to be friends and family only, but one crazed fan had sweet talked his poor sidekick, Kouta who took on his parent's Hero name as his own to keep the legacy alive, into spilling the tea of where the wedding was, no sooner had they both said 'I do' when the doors of the chapel had been crashed open and the media swarmed taking pictures, and fans all cheering or crying.

Although seeing All Might intimate the entire swarm in his powered down form was worth it, the man had been like a father to Izuku ever since the fight with All for One. Kouta had apologised non-stop, Katsuki wanted to smack the kid but Izuku forgave him, besides he had enough problems when perhaps Izuku may have let it slip that Kouta was trying to court Eri, the girl that Mirio and Izuku saved from a villain named Overhaul and current adopted daughter of Shouta Aizawa and Hizashi Yamada.

She was also interning at The Wonder Duo agency, the one that Katsuki and Izuku ran, and Mozu helped set up per his promise to Izuku for winning the Sport Festival during his his First Year. So Aizawa may have stopped by more frequently to make this boy who dared look at his daughter in that way, sweat a little. 

"Yeah and the reception was just as wild, remember Eijirou when Eijirou got a little too tipsy, then started stripping on a table." Mina said causing laughter to ripple through the group.

"I had enough single in my underwear the next days that I was able to buy everyone breakfast." Eijirou said handing Kuroko a baby cracker, which the baby happily munched on.

"Wait I remember you getting us breakfast from some really high end restaurant, how many singles did you have?" Tooru asked, Eijirou thought for a moment before he answered.

"About 6,5199¥" Eijirou said it so nonchalant but the rest of his friends were all dead quiet, looking on in disbelief. 

"Mon ami, you are definitely in the wrong business." Yuuga said, raising his wine glass. 

"Well if we ever need some extra cash we can always become strippers." Tetsutetsu said jokingly, but someone had heard that, and it got awkward.

"Dad, what's a stripper?" Toshinori had come back to the adult to show off the gift that his Uncle Mozu had gotten him, and heard his Uncle Tetsutetsu say Stripper. The adults were all trying to find the right words to explain this to the eight year old, Katsuki shot a death glare at his best friend and his husband, both having the good graces to be very embarrassed.

"Apparently it's what your Uncle Eijirou is, now how about I fix all you munchkins some hot chocolate." Toshinori completely forgot about the stripper thing at the thought of hot chocolate. "Want to help Half-n-half?" Shouto smiled and got up to help Katsuki make the kids their sweet hot drink.

"Still with that nickname?" Shouto asked a soft smile on his lips.

"Always Half-n-half."


The kids drank their hot chocolate and the adults continued their conversation, Izuku excused himself to take a breath of fresh air, he stepped out on to the deck and leaned forward on the railing looking out to the glittering lights of the city. He heard the door open and close he looked back to see his husband walk up to him and wrapped his arm around his waist.

 They stood like that for a while, enjoying each other's company in the silent winter night. Izuku never would have thought that his life would lead to this, just four years ago he was a malnourished, homeless, Rent Boy with no family to miss him if he were to die the next day, but now. He had a wonderful husband, a great kid, a surrogate father who cared about him, and an annoyingly protective, but loving older brother. 

Life was good, he should send a thank you note to the officer who arrested him on that day. He chuckled to himself, drawing Katsuki's attention.

"What's so funny?" Izuku just shrugged, intertwining his hand with his husband's, their gold wedding bands glinting under the Winter Moon, Izuku's had a small ruby in his while Katsuki had a small emerald in his, each gem in the shape of a heart.

"Do you remember our wedding vows?" Izuku asked out of the blue, Katsuki gave him a funny look.

"Of course I do." Katsuki snuggled closer to Izuku he took Izuku's wedding band off then spoke. "With this ring I give you my heart, to be only yours, now and forever." Katsuki then slid the ring back on Izuku's ring finger. Izuku then took Katsuki's ring off and did the same. 

"With this ring I give you my heart, to be only yours, now and forever." As Izuku slid the ring back on Katsuki kissed him with love and passion, the moment was broken by a pair of Ewws coming from behind.

Both heroes turned to see Mozu carrying Toshinori on his back, who was making a face at the kissing.

"Adults are gross for kissing."

"Agreed dearest nephew." 

They all laughed. Yeah, life was good.


                                                                                                            ~~~~~~The End~~~~~~~~

Chapter Text

"Trick o' treat!" Toshinori said as he held out his green plastic pumpkin out to Aizawa, who couldn't help but smile at the little blond boy's costume, he was dressed up as a Mimikyu. Aizawa dropped a handful of candy into the pumpkin, with a sly smile as he looked at the two pro hero parents, who were also dressed up for Halloween.

He was expecting Izuku to be dressed like All Might but he was actually dressed up in his husband's hero costume, and Katsuki, wore Izuku's hero costume. Hizashi was gushing at how adorable the little boy looked.

"What do you say Toshinori?" Katsuki asked his son. 

"Thank you, Aizawa-San." 

"Of course kid, got lots of candy?" The pro hero asked, Toshinori nodded causing the head piece on his costume to shake about wildly. The hero family waved goodbye to their former teachers continuing on their route through the neighbourhood, they ended up at Nichelle's and Tensei's house, the two of them had moved in together after dating for two years. 

"Trick o' treat" 

"Oh look at you, I swear you are cuter than your dad." Nichelle gushed at Toshinori.

"Hey Mockingbird." Izuku greeted his former trainer, Nichelle put her arms akimbo, fixing Izuku with a look.

"I done told you, Izuku. We are both pros, when off duty you can call me by my civilian name, Izuku sheepishly rubbed the back of his neck as Tensei gave Toshinori a small bag of candy. They said their goodbyes and as they left they heard someone call out to them.

"Uncle Izuku, Uncle Katsuki, Toshi!" Tenkai ran up to them almost out of breath dressed as a dragon. 

"Hello, Tenkai. Where are your parents?" Izuku asked, looking around for Tenya and Kashiko. Tenkai pointed them out, Tenya was in a suit of armour while Kashiko was dressed as a princess.

"Dad is having trouble with his costume, it's a  real suit of armour." Tenkai spoke with so much pride in his tone for his father's costume.

"Yeah that sounds like a thing four-eyes would do, wear a full and heavy suit of armour for authenticity." Katsuki was enjoying the show of Tenya moving rather clumsily. 

"Are you going to the Halloween Festival at U.A?" Tenkai asked Toshinori, who nodded.

"Yeah, but first we are going to go see Babachan and Jijichan."

"Okay, we will see you there, I got to go and help dad." Tenkai waved goodbye and headed over to help his dad.


"Well look at you squirt." Mitsuki said handing her grandson a full size candy bar, who was wide eye at the chocolaty treasure. 

"Hey mom, dad." Izuku greeted his in-laws, Mitsuki had been adamant on Izuku calling them mom and dad now that he and Katsuki were married, Mitsuki turned to her son.

"Hey, brat. Why did it take you so long to get here? Keeping my precious grandson away from me." 

Katsuki didn't rise to the bait, having Mozu as a brother-in-law really taught him to deal with familial teasing.

"We stopped by Aizawa-sensei's and Yamada-Sensei's house, as well as Tensei's house." Katsuki said entering the house as more trick or treaters showed up, Masaru handing out candy to them.

"Look at you, all mature." Izuku had to take hold of his husband's hand cause he knew that twitch in his shoulder. They spend a few minutes with Mitsuki and Masaru before they had to say their goodbyes, they were taking Toshinori to the U.A Halloween Festival. 


"That looks really scary." Roku said hiding behind his dad, he was dressed as Raggedy Andy, he looked at the haunted house set up by Mozu's students of class 1-B.

"HAHAHA, I LAUGH AT SCARY THINGS!! BECAUSE I SHALL CONQUER IT, WITH PASSION!!" Yuki shouted with his arms akimbo, he was dressed up like a lion. Inasa shouted along with his son, Shouto just let out a sigh, comforting Roku and telling Inasa and Yuki to lower their voice as they were drawing a lot of attention. 

"Are you trying to wake the dead, Windbag?" Katsuki said rather deadpan looking at Inasa who was dressed as Hercules and Shouto was dressed as a vampire. 

"Hey, Uncle Izuku, Uncle Katsuki, Toshinori!" Yuki shouted out as a greeting waving with vigor, Roku greeted them rather quietly still hiding behind Inasa.

"KATSUKI!! JOIN US IN CONQUERING THIS TRAIL OF BRAVERY!!!" Inasa shouted out, Yuki also shouting for his uncle to join them in conquering the haunted house. 

"Geez your, way too loud Inasa. But if you guys are going in count me in." Denki said walking up to the group with his family in tow.

"Wow Denki, Kyoka your group costumes look amazing." Denki was dressed as a pikachu, and Kyoka was dressed as a pokemon trainer, Myuji came up to Izuku she was dressed like a pichu.

"Uncle Izuku are you going into the Haunted House?"

"No, I'm not one for haunted houses, not after that ghost encounter." The last part was whispered under Izuku's breath. 

"I don't want to go into the haunted house." Roku was on the verge of tears thinking he would have to go into the house. Toshinori came up to Roku gently taking his hand telling him he didn't have to go in, if he didn't want to.

"How about you, Toshinori, Uncle Izuku, and me go look at the jack-o'-Lanterns." Shouto said which calmed Roku. 

"Well, Dad, Uncle Denki, and Uncle Katsuki will go and conquer the haunted house!!" Yuki shouted. They queued in line for the attraction, while Kyoko and Myuji joined Shouto, Izuku, and the kids in going to see the Jack-o'-Lanterns.

They arrived and saw Tetsutetsu holding Kuroko, Ryu standing next to him, the steel hero was dressed like the tin man from Wizard of Oz, Kuroko, dressed as Toto, and Ryu dressed as the scarecrow. They greeted the group, as they approached him.

"Hey Tetsutetsu, where's Eijirou?" Kyoka asked, not seeing the redhead. Tetsutetsu pointed him out among the people who set up for a pumpkin pie eating contest among them was Momo dressed like the Queen of Hearts, Eijirou was dressed like the cowardly lion. They watched as Eijirou was about to win only to be beaten by Momo who had won by two pies.

"Hey Ototo, squirt." As Eijirou and Momo joined up with the group Mozu showed up, dressed as Dracula. 

"Uncle Mozu." Toshinori hugged him.

"Hey Mozu, how are things going with the haunted house?" Izuku asked his older brother, Mozu had a smirk on his lips. He told him to follow him, out of curiosity the others followed the two to a little roped off area behind the haunted house.

There sat Denki, Katsuki, Inasa, and Yuki. All of them were pale, and looked rather shaken; Katsuki practically ran into Izuku's arms shaking like a leaf, Inasa and Yuki clung to Shouto, and Denki ran to Kyoka.

"Deku, your brother is a sadistic monster." Katsuki muttered into Izuku's shoulder. 

"I want to go home." Yuki said in a very quiet voice, Shouto found that very disconcerting, as Inasa was also silent. 

"What did you do?" Shouto asked the older man who shrugged rather nonchalant. 

"I did try to warn them that this was not some regular haunted house. But the fruits of my students labor, and they did not pull any punches." Mozu had a hint of pride in his tone. Izuku decided that it was best to head home, he lead his husband and child out, but before they left they stopped by a few games for Toshinori.

Izuku also made sure to stop by a candy apple stand, Katsuki wasn't one for sweets but he did secretly love these particular treats, so Izuku bought him one to make his husband feel better. 

At home they tucked Toshinori into bed, his costume and candy put away. Katsuki was a great deal clingy tonight as he refused to pull away from Izuku while they slept. Izuku slept peacefully, but Katsuki couldn't sleep he was wide awake clinging to his husband, cursing his brother-in-law and his brat students for building that damn haunted house.