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You Can't Say I'm Not Here (Because You of All People Should Know That I'm Standing Right In Front of You)

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It was finally time for All Might’s hero training class, and Uraraka was brimming with excitement. Not a single student hadn’t felt a shiver of fear go down their spine when Aizawa~sensei had threatened expulsion. 

A boy named Mineta Minoru had been the one who had gotten last place, in 20th. He wasn't expelled, though, as it had apparently just been a logical ruse set up by the Erasure Hero. But there had been something else that had caught the attention of a few students. 

“Who’s ‘kyuban’?” Kaminari asked, pointing to the board of the 5th place student. 

“Your classmate,” Aizawa~sensei had said flatly, as if there was nothing more to it. Which was strange, because they hadn’t seen or heard of a classmate like this before. 

So when All Might stated the random pairs, Uraraka didn’t know what to do when she was told that her partner was Kyuban. Was this a joke that the teachers were pulling? Did they maybe decide that there wasn’t anyone worthy enough to be in the hero course for the last spot, so instead they made a fake person in order to fill it’s place? Would that mean that the person who ended up getting teamed up with Kyuban would have to do all the work. 

Uraraka gasped slightly, swirling around when she felt a tap on her shoulder. “Oh!!” she cried, looking at the boy in front of her. He was slightly taller than her, with round eyes and curly hair. He wasn’t exactly transparent, like you would expect a ghost to be, but he wasn’t exactly opaque either. He had some sort of… misty, hidden feeling despite the fact that Uraraka couldn’t see what was behind him. He wore a costume that was as white as the rest of him, (and Uraraka was honestly surprised she could tell his irises from his sclera) but there was a hood on his jumpsuit with bunny ears. He was like snow!! 

“Wait!! Aren’t you the one who saved me at the entrance exam?” she asked him, and he nodded. Uraraka was happy. Present Mic had told her not to worry about the boy with the strange colorless appearance, but as she hadn’t seen him at all on campus, she had begun to worry if what Present Mic had said was true or not. Not that she had doubted him or anything!! She had just been worried, that was all. “Thank you!!” 

Urarak blinked, turning to her classmates in surprise when she saw them watching her with strange, confused expressions. “What?” she asked them. 

“Uraraka~kun,” Iida started, seeming to compose himself. “Who are you speaking to? There’s nobody there.” 

“What are you talking about?” Uraraka asked, then gestured to the pale boy next to her. “He’s right here!! Here, can I -”  she brought her hand forward in order to touch his shoulder, and he once again nodded, so she grasped his shoulder tightly, making sure that she made a sound as her hand lightly smacked him. 

“Did you hear that?” she asked, her hand still on his shoulder. “And here, I’m grabbing his shoulder right now!! Do none of you see him?” She frowned when the rest of her class shook their heads. 

“Do not worry, Uraraka shoujo,” All Might said, looking towards her. “I can see him as well. The short boy who lacks color, right?” 

“I am not that short,” Kyuban grumbled under his breath, once again surprising Uraraka and causing her to jump forward. 

“Woah!!” she exclaimed. “You can talk?!” 

Kyuban chuckled, rubbing the back of his head awkwardly. “It’s nice to meet you too, Uraraka Ochako.” 



 Uraraka Ochako, Volume 1, Chapter 7



“You look nervous,” Uraraka said a few minutes later, while she and Kyuban were memorizing the blueprints the building that they were supposed to infiltrate in order to capture the bomb. 

Kyuban shrugged. “I know Bakugou from before,” was all he said, not looking Uraraka in the eyes. 

“Do you two have some sort of history or something?” she asked him, and she started backtracking when he flinched. “Sorry, it’s okay if you don’t want to tell me!! I shouldn’t have asked!!” 

Kyuban shook his head, giving her a smile as he pulled his hood over his head. It was white and colorless, just like the rest of  him, but his mouthguard, and the fabric around his eyes were varying shades of grey. They were still light grey, but compared to the rest of the boy himself, they seemed almost black. Actually… now that Uraraka thought about it, he kinda looked like those black and white photos, where you know that in reality, there was color, but the camera wasn’t able to pick up on it. But it was… a lot whiter than the photo should be. Like, if his hair had been a dark green or something, Uraraka would have expected it to be some shade of grey, but no, it was bright white. 

Was that what Kyuban’s quirk was? 

“It’s okay,” Kyuban said. “You were curious. That’s not your fault.” 

Uraraka smiled back, her guilt fading at the boy’s face. “So, you’re like his fated rival or something?” she asked him, a small smirk on his face as she teased him. 

His cheeks turned a light shade of pink through the hood, and Uraraka was surprised as the sudden color seen on him. (He was like a white blood cell from Cells at Work, oh my gosh) 

“Maybe,” was all he mumbled. 

A few minutes later, Uraraka and Kyuban were making their way into the building through a window. “Successful infiltration!!” Uraraka said as her feet hit the floor. 

Kyuban nodded. He didn’t hunch over like she was, attempting to make herself smaller in order to hide her form better. (She was still mostly standing, though, so she could scout and move along with him. 

“There are lots of blind corners, so it’s best to be careful,” he stated. Uraraka nodded in agreement, before a thought struck her. 

“Hey, you can make yourself invisible, right?” she asked him, since that was what he had done earlier, when she and All Might were the only ones able to see him. 

“Something like that,” Kyuban responded, glancing back at her to check and see if she was still following behind him through the corridor. “Why?” 

“Do you think that you could make me invisible as well?” she asked him. 

Kyuban seemed frozen for a second, before he nodded. “I can try.” 

It wasn’t even a minute later that Bakugou came storming into the hallway, looking for the two of them, wanting to ambush the two heroes in training. 

“Oh my god!!” Uraraka cried out in surprise, cursing herself as she brought her hands over her mouth in order to keep herself from talking. She had just given away their location!! 

“It’s okay,” Kyuban said, turning towards her, his rabbit ears swaying slightly. “He can’t see or hear us. Iida won’t be able to either. The rest of the class, of course, can still see you through the cameras, and All Might can see me as well.” 

“Oh,” Uraraka said, sighing in relief, but she let out another squawk of fear as Bakugou  walked right through her, sending chills through her spine. “Oh my god.” she murmured, once he had turned the corner, and she stared at Kyuban with wide eyes. 

“Like I said, Kyuban stated, a chuckle in his voice (oh, he was laughing at her, the jerk), “it’s something like invisibility.” He turned away, gesturing towards the corridor in front of them. 

“Those are his footsteps,” he said, pointing to the ground. And he was right. On the ground in front of them, the steps that Bakugou had taken were glowing on the ground like glitter. Uraraka wondered if the others in her class could see them through the monitor. 

“So we can just follow them to the bomb?” Uraraka asked. Kyuban nodded. 

They followed the footsteps in silence, something that Uraraka didn’t really like all that much. So she opened her mouth to make conversation, hoping that what she was about to ask wasn’t a sensitive topic for Kyuban. 

“Is your real name Kyuban?” she asked him. 

The boy with hair that looked as white as snow shook his head. “No. It’s not.” 

“Is there a reason you don’t use your real name?” she asked him as they turned another corner. 

Kyuban seemed to think for a few seconds, before responding, “Yes.” 

Uraraka wondered if he would elaborate, but he kept his mouth closed and kept walking, opening a door to a staircase, and she thanked him as he held the door open for her. 

“Can I ask why you chose the name Kyuban?” she asked him, and Kyuban nodded, walking through the door himself and then climbing up the stairs after her. Distantly, there was the sound of screaming and explosions, but the two of them chose to ignore it in favor of following the footsteps to the bomb that Bakugou had left behind. Or no, he hadn’t left them behind. Kyuban had done something to them to make them visible. 

“Because I’m the Ninth,” Kyuban stated flatly, opening the door into the next floor’s corridor, where they could hear Iida talking about his plots, pretending to be a villain. Uraraka laughed at the blue-haired boy’s antics, but she also wondered what Kyuban meant by stating that he was the ‘ninth.’ What was he the ninth of? Maybe the ninth child of his siblings? Wow, that would mean that he had 8 other siblings, all older than him. 

Uraraka slapped her cheeks, shaking her head. Kyuban might’ve raised an eyebrow at her, but she couldn’t see it through his hood. It would do no good to assume things about her classmates, especially if they were wrong! 

A few moments later, they were walking into the room where Iida was waiting for them, and Uraraka grinned as she touched the bomb without Iida even noticing. 

“THE HERO TEAM WIINNNNSSS!!!” All Might shouted into their earpieces, and Iida swirled around, his eyes (probably) wide underneath his helmet when he saw Uraraka there with a grin on his face. 



 Uraraka Ochako, Volume 2, Chapter 10



It was later in class that Uraraka was approached by three other students in her class. 

“Yo!!” the red-headed boy called to her. “I don’t know what you were talking about with the weird guy, but like, that was so cool!!” 

The girl with pink hair and skin next to him nodded, absolutely beaming. “It was so cool, and it gave me the chills when I saw Bakugou walk through you!!” 

The boy with slightly spiky brown hair and big lips also nodded. “It was really cool how you did that. Was that your quirk?” 

“My quirk?” Uraraka questioned. “No no no!! That wasn’t my quirk!! Actually, most of it was Kyuban!!” she said, her face somewhat red. “The only thing I did was float us in through the window!! He’s the one who made us invisible and made Bakugou’s footsteps visible!!” 

“That trail you were following was Bakugou’s footsteps?” A fourth voice inquired, and from behind Ashido, Uraraka saw a girl with green hair and big eyes. “I’m Asui Tsuyu, by the way, but you can call me Tsuyu.” 

“Oh, that’s right!!” the red-head said. “I’m Kirishima Eijirou!” 

“I’m Mina Ashido!!” 

“And I’m Satou.” 

“Oh!!” Uraraka smiled. “It’s nice to meet you!! And yeah, from what Kyuban~kun said, we were following Bakugou’s footsteps, because Kyuban~kun said that Bakugou probably came from the bomb!!” 

“You’re the only person in our class who’s interacted with our mystery student!!” Ashido said excitedly. “What was he like?” 

“Uh, well..” Uraraka turned her head, scanning the classroom for the colorless boy that she had teamed up with earlier. “Where did he go?” 

When she blinked, he was there in front of her, sitting on a desk, staring at her with wide, innocent eyes that you might find on a puppy. 

“You called?” he asked as she shrieked, and jumped backwards, into Kirishima, who was kind enough to catch her. 

“Woah, what happened?” Satou asked. 

Uraraka shook her head, before sighing. “That scared me,” she said, looking at Kyuban. “How do you just keep appearing out of nowhere? Actually, you’re not even wearing the school uniform, are you?” 

Kyuban had a smile on his face as he shook his head. “No, I'm not,” he agreed. “But do you think you could keep a secret for me?” 

Uraraka took in his appearance. He was wearing some sort of robe, like the kind you’d find on ghosts, similar to a kimono. But the pockets on his arms (I think they’re like pockets, because that’s where I think you’re supposed to put stuff in Kimonos, but basically like, the dangly things that are underneath the arms) were much longer than they should be, reaching almost to the floor despite the fact that he was sitting somewhat cross-legged on the desk. 

“Are you talking to Kyuban, kero?” Asui asked. 

Uraraka nodded. “None of you can see him?” she asked. She turned her head when Kyuban chuckled. 

“They’ll see me when it’s time,” he said, ominously. 

And when Uraraka blinked, he was gone again.

Chapter Text

After Mineta was slammed onto the deck of the ship in the shipwreck zone, Asui herself climbed up the ship and onto the deck. 

“Hello, Asui~san,” a voice she didn’t recognize said, and she raised her head in surprise, despite her expression not changing. There was a boy sitting on the edge of the ship, looking down into the water below, watching the villains. He was varying shades of white and grey, and Asui was surprised that she could even tell his irises from his sclera, but she didn’t mention it. She wasn’t sure if the kimono-like robes he was wearing was his hero costume, as the other day, Uraraka~chan had mentioned that the boy had had a hood with bunny-ears as his costume. But that didn't matter right now, in this situation.

“I’m assuming that you’re Kyuban~chan, kero?” Asui asked, turning towards him. Mineta looked at her as if she was crazy, but she ignored the purple-headed pervert, as it was Mineta. 

“Yes,” the boy said flatly, before standing up, and Asui felt a small shiver of fear go through her. He had a look on his face that she had seen before, when she had stopped a suicidal teen at her middle school with her tongue. But he turned back towards her, a serene smile on his face. She decided not to mention it for the moment. 

“You also got moved? I would’ve assumed that your quirk would prevent that,” she stated bluntly, with the honesty that she would soon become famous for. 

Kyuban shook his head. “The warp-gate villain didn’t notice it, but I was sent through as well.” He turned towards her. “Would you like to hear about what I think is currently happening?” 

Asui looked back towards the water, where the villains were still waiting. They hadn’t seemed to react at the colorless boy, which meant… she was probably the only person who could see him. She turned towards Mineta, but he had stopped looking at her with a strange look, as he understood that she was talking to Kyuban. Though he still going it plenty strange, judging by the look of fear in his eyes. (Though that might've been from the fact that there were villains out they, waiting for them in the water.)

Kyuban had been the reason that his team had won the practical other day, and he seemed intelligent.. Asui thought for a moment, then nodded her head. 

“Yes, kero,” she said. “That would be good.” 

“They know our schedule,” he said, and Mineta’s eyes widened when he heard the same words enter his head, as if he were a telepath. “The simplest explanation is that they caused the media rush in the other day in order to gain their intel. It’s as Todoroki said. They’ve been waiting for this chance, and it appears that they have prepared well.” 

“But, but!!” Mineta cried. “There’s no way they could ever kill All Might!! He’ll thrash them once he gets here!!” 

“Mineta,” Asui said, turning towards him. “They must’ve figured out a way to kill him. Otherwise, why come here just to get beaten? I wouldn’t put it past them. That one guy promised to kill us too.” Mineta’s face was gradually filling with fear as Asui continued speaking. “Who says we can even hold out until All Might gets here? Even when he does show up, who says he won’t be killed?” 

She turned her head at the sound of Kyuban murmuring something under his breath, before he sighed and raised his head towards them. 

“If there’s a chance that they have a way to beat All Might, well, then…” he tilted his head, a serene smile on his face that could deceive anyone, if it was fake. Asui wasn’t sure. “We have a fight to win, don’t we?” 

Before Mineta could begin panicking, Kyuban turned towards him. “Mineta. See those villains down there? They’re clearly suited to aquatic combat, right?” 

“So the ringleaders must have recruited their team knowing about USJ’s different environments,” Asui commented. 

Kyuban nodded. “Exactly. Their intel told them that much. But with all their careful planning, there’s one thing that stands out. The fact that they zapped you into the flood zone, Asui~san. Essentially, what I’m saying is that they don’t know what our quirks are. If they’d known about you having frog abilities, they would’ve sent you to the feity zone. It’s because they don’t know about our quirks that their strategy was to scatter us and overwhelm us with numbers. They’ve got us beat when it comes to numbers and experience, so the best way for us to win is to exploit the fact that they don’t know our quirks.” 

Asui nodded. What he said sounded right, and it made sense. 

“I can jump really high,” she said, deciding to explain her quirk. If Kyuban could come up with a plan using that information, well, then she wouldn’t hesitate to give it. “And stick to walls. My tongue can stretch to a maximum of 20 meters. Also, I can spit up my stomach to clean it, and secrete a poisonous fluid. I say poisonous, but it really just stings a little.” 

“S-secrete!!” Mineta said, his face turning red. 

“Those last two aren’t that useful. Just forget about them,” Asui stated. 

Kyuban nodded. “You’re very strong,” he said. “I apologize for underestimating you.” He had underestimated her? When? He brought his hand to a fist to look at it, to explain his own quirk. “I would rather not explain my quirk, but..” he paused for a moment before continuing. “A certain aspect of it allows me to use super-strength. It’ll break my bones, but I don’t need functioning limbs in order to move, so it doesn’t pose much of a problem.” 

The two of them turned to Mineta. He pulled one of the balls on his head off, then attached it to the wall of the ship. “It’s really sticky,” he stated. “If I’m feeling good, it’ll stick there all day. A new one’ll grow in the old one’s place, but if I take too many, I’ll start bleeding. They’ll bounce off my own body without sticking to me.” 

When neither Kyuban and Asui said anything after his explanation, Mineta started to tear up. “Like I said,” he started shouting, “We just gotta wait to be rescued!! My quirk is terrible for fighting multiple opponents!!” 

“Not at all,” Kyuban said, and Asui turned towards the colorless boy. “It’s a great quirk. We just have to think about how we can make use of it.” 

At that moment, one of the villains sawed the boat in half using their quirk, causing a large grating noise that Asui didn’t find pleasant. She watched as Mineta panicked, throwing his purple balls into the water below. 

“Ahhh!!” he cried, tears flowing out his eyes like a waterfall as he pointed to the villains down below, the villains that they were slowly approaching as the boat began to sink. 

“Mineta~chan,” Asui started, “Did you really come to become a hero?” 

“Shaddup!!” the purple-haired boy shouted. “You’re crazy for not being scared!! We were just freaking middle school kids a couple of months ago!! I never thought we’d be in a life or death situation so soon!! Ahhh, I wish I could’ve just gotten to grope Yaoyorozu’s Yaoy-oppai before I died!!!” 

Kyuban sighed at what the boy said, and Tsuyu turned her head towards him. He gave her a small smile, despite the situation they were in. 

“The moment when the enemy thinks they’ve won represents your best chance,” Kyuban stated. “If didn’t know, All Might once said that during a documentary interview. I have an idea on how we could win.” 

A few seconds later, Kyuban was jumping off the edge of the ship, his hand extended in order to apply his super strength onto the water. The villains didn’t react, not seeing him, and neither did Mineta, but Tsuyu watched as he only flicked in finger in order to cause the water to shoot away from where Kyuban had attacked. 

“Mineta!!” Kyuban shouted as the villains started getting sucked up in the whirl-pool that the strange student had created. 

Mineta, with tears in his eyes, started throwing the balls on his head into the water, so that when the villains reached the center, they would all be stuck together and unable to move. As that was happening, Asui grabbed Mineta and leaped off the boat, hoping that she would be able to land in a part of the water that the whirl-pool wasn’t affecting. 

“By delivering a strong shock to the water’s surface,” she heard Kyuban say, and she was surprised by the fact that he hadn’t landed in the water himself. “It spreads, and once it rushes back into the center..” 

He turned towards her, shaking his head when she started to extend her tongue to grab onto him. 

It was when she and Mineta were standing in the water that she heard a voice from behind her. 

“Good job, your two. You cleared the first challenge.” Kyuban had a smile on his face, and he wasn’t wet from the attack earlier. He wasn’t even in the water, instead… somehow floating above it on toes? 

What even was his quirk? 

Asui frowned when she saw the broken finger on Kyuban’s right hand. He hadn’t been lying when he said that his limbs went out of commission when using the super strength aspect of it. But right now, there were other matters at hand to focus on. 

“So, what should we do now?” she asked the boy. 

Kyuban nodded at her, as if she had said the right thing. “For now, calling for help is our top priority. If possible, we should follow the shoreline and make for the exit, avoiding the plaza altogether.” 


「あなたの“個性“ オールマイトに似てる」

Asui Tsuyu, Volume 2, Chapter 13  


It was after the heroes had arrived that Asui saw Kyuban again. He had disappeared for a while earlier, after he had saved her from the villain with multiple hands covering his body. She hadn't been able to see what he was doing, but looking at him now… 

He had a broken arm, and that finger from before was much more broken than it had been earlier, from the attack at the shipwreck zone. 

"Shouldn't you go with Aizawa~sensei and No. Thirteen to the hospital, kero?" she asked, turning towards him. She noticed her classmates and teachers watching her strangely, but she didn't mind all that much. After all, the injured student in front of her was a higher priority. 

"I'm fine," Kyuban said, the smile on his face never leaving, though this time it was a little sad. "I wanted to check on everyone. In a few minutes, I'll make sure to go to Recovery Girl." 

"That's reassuring," Asui stated. Knowing that her friend would be getting treated for his injuries was a great reassurance, and it was then that she finally took the chance to look at her fellow classmates, who were all mostly unscathed. 

"Were you talking to Kyuban~kun?" Uraraka asked as she walked over to where the frog girl and the anomaly were standing. 

"Yes," Asui nodded. 

Uraraka frowned in what Asui guessed was disappointment. "I can't see him anymore," she mumbled. 

"It's probably better that you can't," Asui said, and a few of her other classmates also turned to her in order to join the conversation about the mystery student. "He's heavily injured, and it's not the prettiest sight." 

"Oh no!!" Ashido cried. "Is he okay?" 

Asui nodded. "He just told me that he's going to go to Recovery Girl, once he's checked on everyone." She paused, and if it weren't for the fact that she had a frog quirk, her eyes would've widened with a realization. 

She turned towards the colorless boy, who was surprisingly still there. "I forgot to say this, but thank you for saving me when the hand villain tried to turn me to dust." 

Kyuban's smile widened. It was a sweet, innocent smile, the type you'd find on a kid when they were having a good dream or eating a new food that they enjoyed for the first time. 

"You're welcome. It's my job, after all." 

When Asui blinked, he was gone. 

Chapter Text

Tokoyami had been curious about the anomaly-like student in his class all day. He neither visible nor tangible to his classmates, except for those few times that he had chosen to interact, which had only happened twice before. The first time had been when Kyuban had teamed up with Uraraka during All Might’s training. The second time had been during the USJ attack, when Kyuban had apparently also gotten transported into the same shipwreck zone as Asui and Mineta. 

There had, of course, been other opportunities for the anomaly to reveal himself to the rest of his classmates, but it appeared that he had been speaking with them telepathically, instead of showing himself. When asked, he had given a vague answer, something about “all in due time.” 

There was an edge of mystery shrouding this student, something that Tokoyami himself wished he could do. Kyuban was like a cryptid in a group chat, and that was something that Tokoyami absolutely respected, to the point where he was also eagerly awaiting the time that Kyuban would interact with him. 

He had hoped to catch a glimpse of the apparently colorless boy today, the day of the Sports Festival, but instead of showing himself, he had apparently wrapped a white headband around his head, which was how the audience (and his fellow students) were supposed to identify him. Tokoyami was a little surprised that the headband hadn’t fallen off of the student’s head, but he must’ve done something to make sure that it would stay in place. 

It had been what Present Mic had used the entire time to identify the boy, calling him to attention for most of the while during the obstacle course, especially since the boy had been in first place for most of the race, and had ended that way. Present Mic had assured the audience that yes, Kyuban was wearing the school’s athletic outfit, but had the ability to hide it in this festival that allowed the use of quirks. 

In fact, Kyuban had been the one to give the athlete’s oath at the beginning of the Sports Festival. Tokoyami had been unsure how he would go about it, but the student in question had just carried a whiteboard onto the stage with him, that said nothing but the words “Plus Ultra!!” It suited the school, Tokoyami thought, though he wished that he could have heard what the boy might’ve actually said. 

It was a few minutes later that they were all standing in front of the podium, listening to what Midnight had to say about the next event. When she called the Kyuban would have 10 Million points, almost all of the students turned towards the white headband that had been floating in the air. 

Tokoyami hadn’t any idea what to do when the students had started teaming up. He had kept himself shrouded in darkness, a loner by choice from the rest of his class, so he had no one to go to immediately for this team event. So he only watched as Uraraka talked to the floating headband, and saw that they were approached by the eccentric pink-haired girl from the support course. They had been lost in conversation for a while, to the point where Tokoyami wondered if both girls speaking to him could actually see him, or if they were only hearing his voice through their heads, like Mineta had claimed he had been able to do during the USJ attack. 

As he had been watching them, he had also seen that they were coming closer to him, who was clearly alone with no team. Maybe they had decided that they wanted another player just for the sake of it, and had come to ask him? Well, Tokoyami wouldn’t refuse, as it would be ample opportunity to speak to another one of the cryptids. 

What he didn’t expect, though, was for there to suddenly be a boy with hair as white as snow standing in front of him, right after he had blinked. The boy was indeed wearing the jumpsuit of UA, with the white headband that the teachers had used to identify him wrapped around his head. Unlike what Uraraka and Asui had said, his clothing was not all white, as he had apparently kept the jumpsuit the original blue that it was. Though his skin was just as white as his hair, and the boy with the bird head found it surprising that he could even tell the boy’s irises from his sclera. It was also strange that the boy’s pupils were not black, but the same shade of grey that could be found on his cheeks marking freckles. 

“Hello,” the boy started, and Tokoyami nodded in kind. “I was wondering if you’d like to join our team. Assessing all the power we have, I believe we’re lacking in defense. I was wondering if you would be willing to provide that defensive power with your quirk by joining our team?” 

Ah, so they hadn’t just come to him in hopes that they would just get another player on their team. They, or at least Kyuban, had had actual strategy on his mind when approaching him. That was another thing that Tokoyami could respect. 

“I’ll accept your invitation,” the boy with feathers black as night responded. Then, curious, he asked, “Can our other teammates see you as well, or is it just me?” 

“You can see him?” Uraraka asked, and Tokoyami nodded. “I can’t, and I don’t think Hatsume~san can see him either.” She turned towards Kyuban, who to her was only a floating headband. “Can you only be seen by one person at a time? Wait, no, that doesn’t make sense, since All Might said that he saw you when I saw you..” 

Kyuban gave her a smile, that she couldn’t see. “All in due time,” he stated. 

“I was wondering another thing,” Uraraka started. “Why want Tokoyami’s defense?” she turned towards the bird boy in question. “No offense, of course. But you can make yourself, and your teammates, invisible and untouchable with your quirk, right? So why not just do that so that nobody can take the headbands?” 

Kyuban nodded. “Yes, I could do that,” he agreed. “But that wouldn’t be any fun. There are also other things to consider. The Sports Festival is a way for students to be scouted by pro-heroes for internships and as side-kicks. If I take all the credit for the reason as to why our team won, then the heroes will be less interested in you all. Plus, the reason Hatsume~san even teamed up with us is because she wanted an opportunity to show off her babies. If nothing else, I want to at least provide that.” 

“That does sound right,” Tokoyami nodded. “It’s very heroic to consider others like so.” 

The boy’s cheeks turned pink, which surprised Tokoyami, as he had expected the boy to remain colorless the entire time he would be visible. “I guess so,” the boy murmured, rubbing the back of his head a little awkwardly. Was he not used to compliments? 



Tokoyami Fumikage, Volume 4, Chapter 28


A little while later, they were in the air, made weightless by Uraraka’s quirk, and pushed upwards by the force of Hatsume’s baby. 

To Tokoyami’s surprise, only a few of the multiple teams actually came after them. The rest were focused on getting headbands from other teams, outright ignoring the team with the largest number of points. It probably had something to do with the fact that nobody knew exactly what Kyuban’s quirk was. Tokoyami knew that the boy could make himself invisible and intangible, as well as make footsteps that people took previously visible, from when he had been in the monitor room with his class and All Might, but other than that, he knew next to nothing. 

As he was thinking, Dark Shadow smacked away one of Jirou’s earphone jacks, so that she wouldn’t have access to Hatsume’s device and pump her heartbeat into it in order to destroy it. “Well done, Dark Shadow,” he told his quirk. “Be sure to cover our blind spots.” 

“Gotcha!!” his spirit friend responded. 

“Good going, Tokoyami,” Kyuban called from above him. The boy seemed to be sitting on air, floating just above the horse that he, Uraraka and Hatsume were making. They had assumed the position in order to make it seem as if the boy was sitting on top of them, while in reality, they weren’t supporting any weight other than their own. 

“You’re the one who chose me,” Tokoyami called back to the colorless boy, but he still couldn’t help the pride that came from the compliment. 

“We’re landing!!” Uraraka shouted, a few moments later, Tokoyami’s feet were once again on the ground. 

“How do you like my babies?” Hatsme asked from Tokoyami’s right. “Cute, aren’t they? That’s how I made them!!” 

“They’re making us mobile,” Kyuban responded. “Your babies are wonderful, Hatsume.” 

“Aren’t they?” the pink-haired girl responded as Uraraka muttered something under her breath that Tokoyami didn’t hear. 

As they continued to dodge attack after attack, listening to Kyuban’s instructions, Tokoyami couldn’t help but find himself enjoying the game. It didn’t mean that he was physically smiling, as he wasn’t, but he couldn’t help the small bit of glee that came every time they dodged another team’s attempt to steal their headbands, or took off into the air. They had had a little trouble with one of Mineta’s goop things earlier, but Kyuban had… somehow been able to dispose of it, in order to make sure that Hatsume’s baby was still working well. Tokoyami wondered why, as Kyuban had stated that he would do his best to not use his quirk in order to make sure that they got the most attention possible. 

“It was so that Hatsume’s baby can still be analyzed by the watching support companies,” Kyuban said, only a moment after Tokoyami had finished that thought. 

“Can you read minds, as well?” Tokoyami asked the boy as they dodged another attack from Bakugou, who’s headband had gotten stolen and was now turning his team towards the poor schmuck from Class 1-B.  

“I just had a feeling,” Kyuban responded from above. “I’ve never tried to mind read someone, actually. It might be useful.” 

“What do you mean, you’ve never tried?” Tokoyami asked, as Todoroki’s team approached them, taking out multiple of the teams by freezing the ground. “Do you even know the limits to your own quirk?” 

“No,” Kyuban responded. “I haven’t actually turned my quirk off for about a  year or two, now.” 



Tokoyami Fumikage, Volume 4, Chapter 29


The game ended with their points getting taken away by Todoroki, but Kyuban had smiled, saying that there was no problem, revealing quite a few headbands in his grip. 

“How did you even get those?” Uraraka asked him, and Tokoyami nodded, wanting to ask the same question. 

“My quirk,” he stated. “I just grabbed a few at the last second, since I saw that I hadn’t been able to grab the 10 Miillion Point band.” 

“Please remind me to never get on your bad side,” Tokoyami murmured, and Kyuban laughed from where he was standing. 

“Don’t worry,” Kyuban said, and Tokoyami tilted his head slightly in confusion. “You’ve seen me,” Kyuban elaborated. “Which I think means we’re friends now. And once you’re my friend, you won’t ever be on my bad side.” 

Tokoyami frowned slightly. “What if I told you to jump off a building, or something of the sort?” 

“Tokoyami!!” Uraraka scolded. 

Kyuban only laughed again. “You won’t. And even if you did, you still wouldn’t be on my bad side. There’s a prime example of that.” 

“A prime example?” Tokoyami repeated. 

Kyuban just gave Tokoyami a serene smile. “All in due time,” he repeated, before turning around. Tokoyami glanced at what he was looking at, and it was Todoroki, who was walking into the hallway, separated from their classmates. 

“I have something I need to do,” he said, and when Tokoyami blinked, Kyuban was gone.

Chapter Text

Shinsou didn’t know what to feel when he found out that he was paired with “Kyuban.” There had been rumors of the mysterious student all throughout the school, and earlier in the day, Present Mic had announced his presence by declaring that he would be visible with the headband he wore on his head, but other than that, he knew next to nothing about the student. 

So his tactic on walking over to the student in order to intimidate them wouldn’t work… or would it? He saw the floating headband a little ways away from the stage, and he walked over to it, wondering what would come if he just confronted the anomaly. 

“Kyuban,” he said, looking at the headband. “That’s you, yeah?” 

“Over here,” a voice called from behind Shinsou, and the lavenderette turned, his expression not changing when he noticed the colorless boy sitting on the stage. He was sitting somewhat cross-legged, with his right leg dangling off of the stage. He was leaning on his left hand, and his left arm was placed on his knee. He had a small smile on his face, but Shinsou had seen enough fake smiles that he didn’t believe it. (Despite the fact that he couldn’t actually tell whether or not this kid’s smile was real or fake, which freaked him out a little.) 

The boy was wearing the UA jumpsuit, which was the only color to be found on him. He was made up entirely of shades of white and grey, to the point that Shinsou found himself a little bewildered that he could tell his sclera from his irises, but he didn’t comment on it. 

“I thought that the headband was supposed to be on your head,” he called to the boy, raising a purple eyebrow, his hands still shoved in his pockets. 

“Eh,” the colorless boy shrugged. “I just had a pretty shitty conversation with someone, and didn’t feel like standing.” The smile on his face somewhat crumpled, his eyebrows pressing down onto his eyes, but his lips were still turned upwards as he spoke. 

Shinsou didn’t physically react, but if his guard had been lowered ever so slightly, his eyes would’ve widened. After years of being known for having a villain’s quirk, he had thought that he was pretty good at telling when people were lying, or just trying to butter him up. So when the colorless boy in front of him didn’t try any of those things, and all he could tell from his tone was brutal honesty, Shinsou couldn’t help the small smile that appeared on his face. 

“I feel ya,” he stated, finally pulling his right hand out of his pocket, bringing it forward for Kyuban to shake. “Shinsou Hitoshi. I’m looking forward to our match.” For once, Shinsou found that he wasn’t lying. Usually, he was just faking whatever bullshit he pulled out of his mouth, in the hopes that people would stop bothering him, but for once he had meant what he said. 

The boy leaned down, grabbing his hand and shaking it. “Kyuban,” he said, the smile on his face growing a little happier. “I’m looking forward to our match as well.” 

Shinsou hummed, shoving his hand back into his pocket once Kyuban had let go. “See you then,” he stated, turning around and walking away, planning on getting lunch so that he wouldn’t be running on empty later in the day. He ignored the odd glances he got from the other students, as he was used to them, but it seemed that the students of Class 1-A weren’t as confused. 



Shinsou Hitoshi, Volume 4, Chapter 33


“If I were to ask you a question,” Shinsou started soon after Present Mic had called the start of the match. “Would you answer?” 

The colorless boy tilted his head, bringing his hand to his chin in order to think over an answer. They stood there like that for a few seconds more, with Kyuban thinking of what to answer. 

“It would depend on the question,” he finally said, after Shinsou had noticed out of the corner of his eye that the crowd (plus Present Mic) was starting to grow a little restless from watching them do nothing but stand there. 

Shinsou couldn’t help the small shiver of glee that went down his spine when he felt the opportunity, mentally grabbing a hold of it, and pulling the mysterious student under the influence of his quirk. 

“Thank you,” Shinsou said flatly. “Do me a favor, will ya? Turn around and walk out of the ring.” Shinsou watched with a blank face as Kyuban turned around, his eyes really only a shade of white to the point where Shinsou couldn’t even see his pupils anymore, as he slowly took steps towards the edge of the ring. 


It was when Kyuban was a few steps away from the edge of the ring, that Shinsou spoke up again. “You probably wouldn’t think so, but,” he paused for a moment. “This quirk of mine is like a dream. Right. You lose.” 

It was just as Kyuban was about to step across the line that it happened, Shinsou’s eyes widening in surprise. Suddenly, the ground underneath Kyuban’s left hand seemed to shattered, like an explosion had been let off, and Kyuban was directly in front of him, seemingly floating in the air a few feet off the ground as he looked at Shinsou. 

“How?” Shinsou asked. He felt scared, knowing that someone could just break through his control. While he had always been called a villain for his quirk, and knew not to trust others, his quirk had always been the one thing that he could trust, and now, if it wasn’t working… 

Shinsou knew that he would undoubtedly have a panic attack, or at least an existential crisis later. But that wasn’t the problem that he currently faced. “You shouldn’t have control. What did you do?” 

“Ojiro told me that your quirk came undone on him when he was hit with a force,” Kyuban stated flatly. “So I used the strength aspect of my quirk in order to break my fingers.” 

At first, Shinsou had been confused as to why the boy had responded again, because that was just asking for Shinsou to brainwash him again, but the lavederette’s eyes widened when he realized that the strange pull, the rope that he was always offered in order to brainwash someone never appeared, in order for him to grab. He couldn’t brainwash him?”

Shinsou couldn’t help but glare at the boy, despite the fact that he had genuinely found the colorless boy’s disposition somewhat nice only around an hour earlier. 

“With a quirk like that, you’ve probably never had to suffer,” Shinsou stated, a smile making it’s way on his face. But his voice couldn’t mask the anger he felt trembling through him. “I’m jealous though. Just moving that finger must mean you’re the real deal. Thanks to my quirk’s nature, I couldn’t enter the golden gates!! You wouldn’t get that. You’re naturally blessed.” His eyes narrowed even further, his smile fading. “You people.. Born with your awesome quirks… getting to follow all your dreams!!” 

When Kyuban landed on the ground, and started to make his way towards him, Shinsou punched the boy in the face, and a resounding crack could be heard throughout the stadium. His nose was bleeding from the force of that punch, the red standing out like paint on a blank canvas. 

“Just two years ago, I was quirkless,” Kyuban told Shinsou, and he used the boy’s moment of surprise in order to push him out of bounds. 

“Shinsou is out of the ring!!” Midnight shouted. “Kyuban moves on to the second round!!!” 

“Hey, Shinsou?” Kyuban asked a little while later, when the two of them were walking out of the ring together, Shinsou’s hands once again shoved in his pockets. Shinsou hummed, wondering what the colorless boy wanted to ask, but not meeting his pale eyes. “Why do you want to be a hero?” 

Shinsou shrugged, this time deliberately turning his head away from him so that Kyuban wouldn’t be able to see his face. “We don’t get to choose the things that we naturally admire.” 

As Shinsou walked back, he heard a voice call to him from above. 

“You were awesome out there, Shinsou!!” when the boy in question raised his head, he saw his classmates. If Shinsou hadn’t been as good at hiding his emotions as he was, his eyes probably would’ve watered. 

“You had us on the edge of our seats!!” another one of his classmates called. “You’re the shining star of us general studies guys!!” 

“You did just as well as the guy who got third in the obstacle course!!” 

Shinsou was frozen, even as he listened to the heroes talk about how he deserved to be in the hero course, how U.A. was making a mistake for having him in general studies. 

“Here that, Shinsou?” a voice called from behind him, and he turned to see Kyuban smiling at him. The boy didn’t have the white headband on his head anymore, as it was clutched in the grip of his left hand, the hand that had broken two fingers in order to undo Shinsou’s brainwashing. 

“Y’know,” Shinsou started after just staring at the other boy for a moment. “I gave you my full name, but I never got yours.” 

Kyuban froze for a moment, only staring at Shinsou with eyes that were slightly wider than Shinsou had ever seen, before sighing, shoving his hands into his own pockets and leaning upwards to look at the sky. 

“Y’know,” Kyuban said, “If you were any of the people in my class, or even one of the teachers, I would have given you some vague answer like, ‘All in due time,” he lowered his head and gave Shinsou a sheepish smile. 

“And what’s the reason I’m getting special treatment?” Shinsou asked, raising an eyebrow. “Taking pity on me or something?” Of course, Shinsou knew that couldn’t be true. It had probably taken the boy a lot of courage to admit that he had been previously quirkless, something that Shinsou knew wasn’t a lie. And Shinsou felt a little bad about what he had said now, knowing just how the quirkless were treated in this day and age. 

“Nah,” Kyuban shrugged. “I want to be your friend. And I don’t think that you’d let me be your friend if I just gave you vague answers like I do with my classmates. You value honesty and credibility more than anything else, don’t you?” 

Shinsou nodded. What the boy had said wasn’t wrong, after all. He did value honesty, especially after the fake friendliness that his previous classmates had offered him, in the hopes that he wouldn’t use his quirk on them. 

Kyuban once again extended his hand, mimicking the gesture that Shinsou had made earlier. “Midoriya Izuku,” he stated flatly. “It’s nice to meet you, Shinsou Hitoshi.” 

Shinsou couldn’t help but return the grin as he shook Midoriya’s hand.



Shinsou Hitoshi, Volume 4, Chapter 34


Unknown Number: 




who is this? 


Unknown Number: 

We fought today in the Sports Festival. 



oh, it’s you

how did you get my number? 


Unknown Number’s name has been changed to The Anomaly


The Anomaly: 

I wanted it. 



that’s not terrifying or anything


The Anomaly: 

I would hope not. 




i can’t tell if you’re serious


The Anomaly: 

Good. :) 



alright then

can i ask you a question? 


The Anomaly: 




i looked up your name after you gave it to me

are you really..? 


The Anomaly: 

Oh. Yes. 

I’m trusting that you’ll be able to keep a secret? 



yea, sure


The Anomaly: 

Good. All will be revealed in due time. 


Chapter Text

Todoroki sat in the hallway of UA’s stadium, leaning against the wall. His hands were clasped together between his raised knees, and he was glaring at the floor as if it had personally wronged him. It hadn’t, of course. 

He had used his fire against Kyuban’s team. He had sworn off of it, using that power, but he had used it in his panic, when he had seen the boy reach for the 1 Million Point band on his head. Luckily, the anomaly hadn’t, which was why Todoroki’s team had been in first place, but the strange student had still managed to grab a bunch of other bands in order to pass the second stage. 

The other teen… made him angry . He had seen him since the first day, and when the class had pointed out that there was a student on the board that they hadn’t seen take any of the tests, Todoroki had been confused. 

He had never approached the boy, of course, as it went against his motto of “I’m not here to make friends.” He had also never concerned himself with the boy. If the anomaly decided that he was never going to show his face, despite the option too, then he probably wouldn’t have the popularity needed to rise in the ranks. He had thought quite the same for Hagakure, actually, but when he saw her giant gloves and boots, he had wondered whether or not to take that claim back for her. 

As of right now, he didn’t like his strange, colorless classmate. Seeing him in the UA PE uniform had been weird, since that still had it’s normal color. Kyuban hadn’t worn the school uniform to school often, but when he did, it was just as colorless as the rest of him, so.. 

Of course, those had been thoughts that Todoroki had had earlier in the day. 

RIght now, all he could do was grip his left hand tightly in his right, blinded by anger and frustration. 

“The dining hall will be packed if we don’t hurry,” a voice that Todoroki was only slightly familiar with said, sitting down and leaning against the wall opposite to Todoroki. 

“Why are you here?’ Todoroki asked, raising his head slightly so that the glare he had been giving the floor was now aimed at Kyuban. 

The boy didn’t smile, like Todoroki has seen him do to so many of his classmates. Even to Shinsou, to whom Kyuban had been oddly casual, hadn’t been spared the smile that he would give to those who could see him. 

“I’ve sat in white a few places like this,” Kyuban said, gesturing to the hallway they were sitting in. “Of course, I was always crying. And the thing is, back then… I had this thought that things might’ve been easier if I had someone to listen.” He gave Todoroki a smile, finally, but it was small, his teeth not visible. “This might only be me projecting myself onto you, but… maybe you want… need someone to listen?” 

“I’m not you,” Todoroki said, his eyes narrowing even further. 

Kyuban shrugged. “I never said you were,” he stated. He turned his head to the right, in order to watch the trees blow in the wind. “I just offered to be someone who could listen. I don’t talk to many people, so I think that you wouldn’t have to worry about me telling anyone else.” 

Todoroki stared at the boy in front of him. He was still wearing his gym uniform, his hands in his lap as he watched the trees outside. Todoroki had seen this boy ever since the beginning of the year, unlike his other classmates. He hadn’t ever known why, but thanks to it, he had gotten to know the boy’s appearance pretty well. 

Kyuban had curly white hair that was somewhat reminiscent of snow. His skin was the same shade, and the only other color had to be the grey of his shadows, and the freckles that dotted his cheeks. Though it was honestly so hard to tell the color differences (other than the gym uniform) that Shouto was surprised he could tell the difference between his sclera and his… 

His eyes were green. It was a super light shade of green, more of a white with a slightly green tint to them, but… They were green. 

And he didn’t know why, but it was this revelation that caused Todoroki to open his mouth and start speaking. 

“You overwhelmed me,” he stated, looking back down at the floor. “So much so that I broke my own pledge. Iida, Kaminari, Yaoyorozu, Tokoyami, and Uraraka… None of them felt it. In that last instant, I was the only one feeling that pressure.” He paused for a moment, trying to get his thoughts in order. “I’ve experienced All Might’s true power up close, remember?” 

“So…” Kyuban prompted. “What are you saying?” 

“I felt the same pressure coming from you,” Todoroki said, finally letting go of his left hand so that he could look at it’s palm. “Not quirkwise, but… the look in your eyes. You were confident. You knew that everything would work out for you, or no… you knew that you would make everything work out, just like All Might does, whenever he says ‘I am here..’” 

Todoroki raised his head to look at the boy with green-tinted eyes. 

“Are you All Might’s illegitimate love child or something?” 

At that, Kyuban, who had been listening attentively, let out a small chuckle. “Nah,” he said, turning his head back to look at Todoroki. “I a boy can wish, but… it’s not like that.” 

“That’s an interesting way to phrase it…” Todoroki murmured. “There’s definitely something you’re hiding.” 

Kyuban shrugged. “Yeah. There’s a lot I’m hiding.” 

Todoroki nodded. “You know, my father is Endeavor. The second greatest hero of all time. So if you’re somehow connected to the number one guy, then… it’s all the more reason for me to crush you.” 

Todoroki didn’t say anything further for a while. 

“Is that really all you want to say?” Kyuban asked, tilting his head. “Are you sure there isn’t anything more?” 

Todoroki sighed. “My dad… he’s a powerful bastard who only thinks of becoming stronger. Yeah, he’s gone all out to make a name for himself as a hero, but… he’s always seen that living legend, All Might, as a roadblock and an eyesore. My father could never beat All Might on his own. So he came up with another plan. Quirk marriages. You’re heard of them, yeah?” 

Todoroki watched as Kyuban nodded, albeit a little sadly at the topic. Did the boy lacking color already know this story? Even if Todoroki hadn’t told him? 

Nevertheless, Todoroki decided that he would continue his story. “They started becoming a problem during the second or third generation after quirks appeared. Strong individuals would choose a partner and force them into marriage for the sole purpose of passing on a strengthened version of their own quirk. Those earlier generations were lacking in ethics. With his wealth and fame, my father made my mother’s family agree to the marriage. All to get his hands on her quirk. Raising me as a hero could exceed All Might, just to fulfill his own ambitions.” 

“I’ve always hated it. Being no more than a tool for that human garbage. As I remember it, my mom was always crying…” he brought his hand to his scar. “‘I can’t stand to see that left side of yours’.. She said, before throwing scalding water in my face.” Todoroki noticed that Kyuban slouched a little bit, but the colorless boy didn’t say anything. “In short, not using my left side against you was my revenge on him. Never using my rotten father’s quirk… no… by rising to the top without it… I’ll have denied him everything.” 



Midoriya Izuku, Volume 5

Chapter 39 - Todoroki Shouto: Origin


“So everyone can see you know?” Todoroki asked the boy who was standing at the tip of his giant ice attack. Todoroki didn’t know how he got there, but he just was, standing there by the toe of his right foot, a calm expression on his face. He didn’t have a smile on his face, which was something that kind of annoyed Todoroki. Did Kyuban think that he wasn’t worth it, unlike the other people who could see the anomaly. 

Todoroki could only watch as he saw his ice get shattered into pieces, from only the force of the colorless boy’s toe. Kyuban landed gracefully on the ground, but there was no denying the fact that his shoe had been absolutely obliterated. And if Kyuban had any color, his toe probably would’ve been the most purple looking thing in existence. It was red, though, as a few cuts had opened his in the skin, where blood was flowing, a bright red. 

“I guess you could say that. But I probably look like just a bunch of blurry smudges in the air,” Kyuban stated. 

Todoroki frowned, before shooting his ice forward again, but that blast was once again destroyed by one of the anomaly’s blasts. Though this time, the blast came from his right hand, outstretched… albeit a little crookedly. One of his fingers was now broken, also bleeding slightly, but it was where his arm wasn’t broken that was shaking, as if outstretching it was a struggle. 

That was strange, since Shouto hadn’t ever noticed the boy having any problems with his arms before. Hell, he had seemed perfectly fine earlier, when he had shook Shinsou’s hand, after their conversation in the hallway. And he had seemed perfectly fine even before then… 

Was it to throw him off? 

“You’re trying to stretch the match out?” Todoroki decided to ask. “I won’t let that happen.” 

Another ice blast was stopped by Kyuban’s power, shattering across the arena. 

It was like this that Todoroki continued, launching ice attacks, or sneaking up on the boy in order to launch surprise attacks on the boy, to either knock him out or to push him out of the ring. 

It was a little while later that Kybuan’s hands were both broken beyond belief. Todoroki wondered why the boy hadn’t made himself intangible, like he had done during the match with Bakugou and Uraraka, but he decided that he would take it. It didn’t concern him, anyway. 

What mattered was beating this strange classmate with only his ice, in order to deny his father of fire. 

“With both hands destroyed, you can’t fight anymore,” Todoroki stated. “Let’s end this.” 

“Who’s to say I’m done?” the boy called out to him, when Shouto sent another wave of ice towards him. Shouto’s eyes widened when he brought forward his broken right hand, and sent another wave of power that shattered all of Shouto’s eyes. 

Shouto barely caught himself from getting pushed out of the edge of the ring with his own ice. 

“You…” Todoroki glared, seeing Kyuban’s (even more) broken fingers. ‘Why go that far?” 

“You’re shivering,” the boy said sadly. “Todoroki.” 

He raised his head slightly, so   that only one of his green-tinted eyes was visible, the other hidden by his hair. “Quirks are still just physical abilities. You must have a limit to how much of that cold you can bear. Of course… you could always use your left side to thaw yourself out, right?” Kyuban brought his broken right hand forward, forcefully curling it into a fist, despite the pain that Todoroki had no doubt he was feeling. 

“Everyone’s giving it their all,” the boy continued. “To win, to achieve their goals. To make it to the top. But you’re saying you’re going to win with only half of you power? You are aware you still haven’t put a single scratch on me? So give me all you’ve got. Come at me!! ” 

That’s fine… a familiar voice said in Todoroki’s head. You’re not… 

Todoroki narrowed his eyes. Why couldn’t he remember what came after those words? 

“What are you planning?” Todoroki demanded. “Everything I’ve got..? Did my bastard of a father pay you off or something? You’re pissing me off!!” 

Todoroki rushed forward, assuming that the boy in front of him wouldn’t be able to get him close range, based off of the scope of his attacks earlier. 

So he didn’t expect it when he was punched in the gut, and sent flying back. 

“So now you’re on the offensive?” Todoroki shouted. How? He wondered. 

“It’s not just you that’s slowing down,” Kyuban said. “Your ice is starting to weaken as well.” 

“Why are you going this far?” Todoroki shouted back, as another one of his ice attacks was shattered by Kyuban. 

“Just trying to meet expectations,” the boy said, dashing forward. “A smiling… dependable hero… that’s what I’ve wanted to be, for a long time.” 


“That’s why everyone is giving it their all!! That’s why I’m giving it all I can!! For everyone!!” Kyuban said as he head butted the bi-colored teen, who slid back on the ground. “Your experience… your determination. I can’t say that I don’t understand, but… If you become number one without giving it your all… then I don’t really think that you’re serious about denying him everything.” 

“Shut up!!” Todoroki shouted back. 

“That’s why I have to win,” Kyuban said, and for once, Todoroki was able t see the look in his eyes. That same… unwavering confidence in his eyes that he had seen before in All Might. That he had seen before in Kyuban, when he had been fighting against the Nomu, waiting for All Might to come and save them. 

“I have to surpass you!!” Todoroki screamed. “I’ll show my father-” 

It’s your power, isn’t it? and Shouto couldn’t help the chill that ran down his spine when the boy smiled. 

You want to be a hero, right? The voice of his mother once again entered Todoroki’s mind. That’s fine. You’re not… bound by his blood. 

You decide who you want to become. 



Todoroki Shouto, Volume 6, Chapter 53

It was the next day of school, a little while after class, that Todoroki approached him. It wasn’t an important question, by any means, but he was curious. And Kyuban seemed to give off the vibe that he didn’t mind answering questions. Though he did generally give vague answers… 

“Yes, Todoroki~kun?” Kyuban asked. 

“Why’d you choose the name Deku?” Todoroki asked. 

Todoroki didn’t expect an actual answer. He expected maybe an “All in due time,” like Kyuban usually said. 

So he was surprised when Kyuban responded to his question with one of his own. “Why’d you go with the name Shouto?” 

“I, uh..” Todoroki stared at him for a few seconds. “It was what my mother called me.” 

Kyuban gave him a small, sad smile. “I did the same. Although my name isn’t actually Deku. It’s just a pun on my old name.” 

Todoroki nodded, looking down at the floor, contemplating. There was one more thing he wanted to ask. 

“How come I was able to see you since the beginning?” he asked. 

At this, Kyuban’s eyes widened slightly. “I didn’t know you could,” he murmured softly, bringing his left hand towards his chin. That reminded Shouto -  was Kyuban born left-handed? Or had something happened to his right hand that made it unusable for writing? He had watched as the boy wrote the word “Deku” on his whiteboard earlier, with his left hand. 

“I’ve only been able to use my quirk for about two years,” Kyuban told him after a while. “And I still haven’t explored everything. Nor do I have complete control over it.” He tilted his head and smile. 

“But I’m glad you were able to see me, though,” Kyuban’s smile widened into a grin. “I’ve been showing my form to people who I think can be trusted… so the fact that you could see me from the beginning of the year… well… I guess that means I trusted you subconsciously or something? It’s nice to know I can still do that. Thank you, Todoroki.” 

And suddenly, all Todoroki could see was the dark green of fluffy hair, and bright, piercing emerald eyes.

Chapter Text

Iida didn't know what he was doing. 

If anyone were to ask him, of course, he would deny it, giving them his reassurances along with his overexaggerated gestures. 

But the truth of the matter was that Iida didn't know what he was doing. 

He had chosen to go to Manual's hero agency simply because it was located in Hosu - he had hardly glanced at the other (and arguably better) agencies that has offered him internships. 

He knew that he had gone to Hosu out of a twisted desire for revenge - and he had even been warned by Manual that it wouldn't do anyone any good if he attempted to try and track down the Hero Killer. These were things that Iida should've already known. That the feelings he was carrying were blinding him from what he truly needed to see. 

But he couldn't see them. He couldn't, not after his older brother had been rendered paralyzed by that horrible, horrible man that had already committed too many sins. 

He had almost broken down his facade when Uraraka had spoken to him at the train station. He had seen the floating briefcase by her side, and had realized that it was Kyuban - his strange classmate had most likely made the briefcase visible so Iida could see that the boy wanted to offer his support as well. And while he was grateful, Iida couldn't help but think about how he didn't want them asking any questions, considering what he was planning on doing should he run into the Hero Killer. 

So he wasn't sure how to feel when something, no, someone , had stepped in just in time to save his life. His eyebrows had been tilted downwards in anger and the desire for vengeance as the Hero Killer, just as the man was raising his sword to deliver the finishing blow. 

It had been then that a strange boy, one who Iida had never seen in his life, had appeared and kicked the Hero Killer in the face, effectively pushing him a few yards away from Iida and the pro-hero nearby, Native. The boy had curly hair that stuck up from his head, and his entire color scheme as pale as a sheet. When he turned to look at Iida with a determined gleam in his eyes, Iida was surprised he could tell the difference between his scleras and irises. 

"What was that?" Stain asked aloud at the same moment Iida demanded, "Who are you?" 

The boy glanced back at the Hero Killer for a moment, then let his gaze fall towards Iida. "I'm your classmate, don't you remember?" 

It was at that moment, when Iida had a realization, that Stain let out a small gasp when the boy's white silhouette flickered. Iida could only assume that meant that the other two had seen the boy - if only for a moment. 

"There's more of you?" Stain growled. 

The boy, no, Kyuban , ignored the hero killer. "I'm here to save you, Iida," he murmured softly. There was also a voice transmitted into his mind - the same voice as the one that had just spoken, but it wasn't addressed to him. Hang tight, Native. Everything is going to be okay. 

Now this was something that Iida was familiar with. On multiple occasions in class, Kyuban had communicated with them not by showing them his appearance, but by instead transmitting his voice into their thoughts. Iida had at fist thought it an invasion of privacy, until the boy had explained that he wasn't hearing their thoughts - his transmitting didn't work both ways. 

Iida couldn't be sure, but from the sudden twitch made by the hero killer, it was most likely that Stain had heard the transmission as well. Ah, that was right!! Stain was right in front of him, and yet Iida wasn't doing anything despite taking his brother's name. 

"Stay back!!" Iida shouted to Kyuban. "This doesn't involve you!!" 

The boy flashed him a smile, something that infuriated Iida. Later, he would look back on the smile in his memory and see the sadness contained inside of it, but presently, his vision was too narrow for him to pick up on it. 

"If people were to say that when being attacked, heroes wouldn't be able to do anything," Iida heard in both from the boy's mouth and in his head. "And All Might says that one of the most important aspects of being a hero is to meddle in situations where you might not be wanted." 

At this point, it was rather strange that Stain had yet to move from his position, a few meters away from where Kyuban was standing. Iida expected the hero killer to have at least attempted some form of attack by now - and it was as he was thinking that that Stain leaped forward. 

What Iida could see that Stain couldn't, was that the hero killer had leapt exactly to the right of where Kyuban was standing - perfect for Kyuban to slam his fist into the villain's gut and send him flying. (If Iida had been any less blinded by his thirst for vengeance, he would've seen that Kyuban's arm was not destroyed, contrary to what the boy had casually mentioned after his fight with Todoroki at the Sport's Festival.) 

"I've called for back-up," Kyuban said, and this Iida didn't hear his voice in his head. "I'm going to save you and Native, Iida, no doubt - but I don't know if I'm strong enough to beat him on my own." 

"Then let me handle it!!" Iida demanded, feeling the muscles in his fingertips twitch ever so slightly in his attempt to make a fist. "He's mine!!" 

It was at that moment that the hero killer once again leapt forward (most likely to first gain information about how this invisible foe fought before creating a concrete strategy. But it wasn't Kyuban that stopped his attack. 

From behind them, or the certain area that Iida couldn't see due to his paralysis, a huge blaze of fire shot forward, not unlike a giant blowtorch.

"Next time," a voice that Iida new quite well, started,  "Provide more details other than your location. It took me a second to understand your meaning, which made me late." 

"What are you doing here?" Iida shouted as Todoroki walked forward, standing in his line of sight. (And next to Kyuban.) 

Todoroki stared at Iida for a moment. "I'm here to help save you," he stated, his voice flat. Or, to Iida, the difference in his voice was so miniscule that Iida didn't realize how Todoroki seemed much more determined than he ever had in class. (Or any other situation the two boys had been in together, for that matter.) 

Todoroki turned back towards the hero killer.

"More of you just keep appearing," the man said, tightening his grip on the tilt of his swords and crouching into a stance. "How many children are trying to play hero tonight?" 



 Iida Tenya, Volume 15, Chapter 136 


It was later that night, when Iida saws Kyuban again. He had been sitting on his hospital bed, staring at his bandaged hands, glancing at the sleeping figure of Todoroki every once in a while. He felt tremendously guilty for what he had wrapped his classmates into - and he swore to himself that he would do whatever he could to repay that debt he owed them. 

“It’s been a long day,” a familiar voice said, and Iida turned, surprised yet not surprised to see Kyuban sitting on the windowsill. When they had arrived at the hospital, the nurses saw a faint outline of him - barely enough to treat him, but not enough to really do anything more. Iida wondered why. Was the boy trying to hide his identity? It didn’t seem like a good way to publicize, but then again, the boy might be pursuing a career as an underground hero. 

“Shouldn’t you be asleep?” the boy, pale as a ghost, murmured. It was at this moment that Iida got a good look at Kyuban. He had seen his classmate earlier, sure, but that had been in battle, and he hadn’t given much thought to the fact that he was able to see his classmate. 

Kyuban had curly hair that was only a shade lighter than his skin - and his clothing seemed to match. He was all white, to the point where he wouldn’t seem out of place in the set of a horror movie. He also seemed… kinda transparent, despite the fact that he looked as solid as any other object might. Perhaps it was only his aura. 

“You should be asleep as well,” Iida responded. He didn’t want to admonish the very person who had saved him, but he also didn’t want to lie to himself about how he felt about the present situation. 

Kyuban let out a soft chuckle. “I’m aware,” he stated. “That doesn’t change the fact that we’re both awake.” 

Iida frowned, looking back down at his arms. What Kyuban stated was true - how was he to deny that he was awake, when he was conversing with the boy at that very moment? 

“Y’know,” Kyuban started, stepping down from the window sill and walking - floating - towards where Iida was sitting. “You shouldn’t take sleep for granted.” 

Iida nodded, pulling his feet up over the edge of his bed, and turning so that he could lean against the wall. “You’re right,” he agreed.  

Kyuban sat on the bed, letting his legs dangle..  Or fade away, from what Iida could see. The boy was wearing a traditional kimono - it made Iida wonder where he had gotten such clothing. 

“When I was younger,” Kyuban said, “and had trouble falling asleep, my mom would sing to me.” 

Iida’s eyes widened slightly at the information. Almost no one had ever gotten any information about Kyuban’s personal life, and now, here he was, just sharing it with Iida. (The two exceptions to the rule were Shinsou and Todoroki, which had caused for quite a few blackmail attempts to gain information that Iida had had to put to a stop. Looking back on it now, Iida was surprised he had been able to do that through his desire for revenge.) 

“Do you want me to sing for you?” the boy asked softly. 

Iida watched his eyes, but it seemed that there were no malicious intentions. So Iida nodded, despite the fact that he wasn’t tucked in, that he was still sitting up, and his glasses were still on his face. 

“These are poems I’ve written,” Kyuban murmured. “So, sorry if they don’t rhyme.” 


It is sometimes the smallest things 

That bother us


Like a teacher

Preaching that intolerant educators

Bring nothing but harm

As he forces his will upon us. 













It is sometimes the smallest things 

That bother us 


Like when you make a mistake

Because too much was forced upon you

Because she didn’t care to tell you

Because there is a language barrier


Even though we speak the same tongue




















Is a name

Something important to most people?


Because my name

Is only a word

That requires three letters

And nothing more


I will respond

When called

But if anyone

Were ever to decide

To call me by a different name

I doubt it would feel any different


But I wouldn’t know

I’ve never changed my name

I don’t see any reason to

Because it will only be

Just another word. 

Chapter Text

Yaoyorozu didn”t know how to feel about her current situation. On one hand, she was taking the test with Todoroki on her side - which almost certainly meant that they were going to be passing their final exams. On the other hand, Todoroki was paired with her - and Yaoyorozu felt (with almost absolute certainty) that she was going to bring their pair down, that she would mess something up somehow that would cause them to fail the test. 

She hadn’t been able to do anything at the Sport’s Festival, after all - not even coming close to the greats in their class, like Todoroki, Bakugou, Kyuban, even Iida and Tokoyami. And her internship hadn’t gone any better, too. She had been hopeful when she had seen the offer from Uwabami, wondering if the hero had somehow seen greatness in her despite not making it far in the tournaments - so it had been a real blow to Yaoyorozu’s pride when she learned that the hero only wanted her (and Kendo) for her pretty face. 

Yaoyorozu had tried to learn something from that internship, she really had tried - but she knew deep down that all she had really gained was knowledge on how to pose in front of a camera with a perfume bottle in her hand. And while she knew that the media exposure she would get from the commercial was most likely a good thing, she hadn’t gained any knowledge or experience like she had truly wanted, despite that one time she and Kendo had been hopeful, when Uwabami had finally told them they were going to go on patrol. While she knew that the knowledge she gained then during Uwabami’s talks was invaluable, she couldn’t help but be upset from how she had gained no experience what-so-ever, only words that she could’ve just read in books in her extensive library. 

So she was torn, to say the least. She was excited to be paired with Todoroki, especially since their opponent would be Aizawa~sensei - the stolid boy was a huge reassurance. Yet at the same time, she was afraid - afraid of herself, upset with herself, to the point where she hoped that Todoroki would be the one to take charge so that they could pass the test. 

One thing that she was grateful for, though, (other than being paired with Todoroki), was that she wasn’t in Bakugou’s shoes. She would hate having to fight against the number one hero, All Might - especially with someone whom she couldn’t even see!! While she trusted Kyuban, especially after hearing stories from those who had already seen him, she also would want to be able to see her partner, and communicate with him as she would another member of their class. She had assumed that Kyuban would make himself visible to Bakugou once they found out who was testing with who, but that seemed yet to happen, as Bakugou was still looking around the area for Kyuban, and screaming angrily to “just fucking appear already”, so her assumption was proved wrong. 

“I don’t think you need to be so nervous,” an unfamiliar voice said from beside her, and Yaoyorozu jumped - almost bumping into Todoroki, who didn’t seem to mind all that much, shrugging away her apology. 

Yaoyorozu turned to look at the person who had spoken. She was a little surprised by his appearance, despite the descriptions that she had already heard from her classmates. 

Kyuban’s color palette seemed to just be a whole load of white - to the point where she was surprised she could even see him in three dimensions instead of him just being a solid white silhouette. What was rather unnerving was being able to tell his irises from his sclera. His curly hair reminded her of clouds - and his clothing, well… Yaoyorozu had heard from Uraraka how Kyuban seemed to have two different outfits - his hero costume, which consisted of a white bodysuit, a mouthpiece, and a hood with two rabbit ears, and his… kimono-like, but not quite traditional clothing that he apparently wore in place of the school uniform. 

What he was wearing now seemed to be a combination of the two. He was wearing the upper part of a jinbei, which hung over the pants that he was wearing - kinda similar to a bodysuit, but looser - more like sweatpants? He had on a pair of sneakers as well, a brand that Yaoyorozu had never seen before, making her wonder for a moment if they were home-made. The most noticeable part, however, of Kyuban’s costume was the hood that seemed to be connected to the jinbei, with two rabbit ears sticking up from his head. The hood wasn’t covering his face, like Uraraka had said it had been, so this was clearly a different hood from what he had supposedly been wearing before. 

It was an odd combination of assortments - something Yaoyorozu would expect to see maybe at a pajama party - but she knew that there were crazier hero costumes out there, and she quite liked the look. 

“I’m sorry?” she asked, having gotten distracted from studying his appearance. 

Kyuban gave her a smile, not unkindly. “I don’t think you need to be so nervous,” he repeated. 

“Nervous?” Yaoyorozu repeated. Had it been so obvious? She had thought that she had been keeping her composure and not letting anyone else see how truly down she was feeling, but here Kyuban was, seeing right through her - did that mean everyone else knew as well? 

“Yeah,” Kyuban responded. “I don’t think you have to worry about others catching on - you’re very good at keeping a calm demeanor.” He turned to look at their classmates in front of them, who were talking in their groups as they always did. Ashido and Kaminari seemed to be crying, begging Sero to understand their horrible situation, and Sero could only smile at them sheepishly. It seemed as if Asui and Tokoyami were already friendlily speaking with one another, as they had been paired for their test. The others were in similar situations - Yaoyorozu saw from where she was standing that Kirishima was helping Bakugou in his hunt for their elusive classmate - who, coincidentally, was standing right beside her. 

“I… suppose not,” she conceded. 

Kyuban smiled, but he didn’t turn away from their class. “I’ve always been rather good at reading people.” He paused for a moment. “I really do mean it though. That you shouldn’t be nervous, I mean. You’re one of the best students in this class - even if things haven’t been going your way lately, that doesn’t mean that you should lose all faith in yourself.” 

They were silent for a few moments after, watching their classmates. Todoroki hadn’t moved from Yaoyorozu’s other side, but he didn’t seem to think it odd that Yaoyorozu was talking to empty air - she silently wondered if Todoroki had already interacted with Kyuban before. 

Before she could ponder more about her two-toned classmate, her mind repeated what Kyuban had just said. 

“Are you a telepath?” she finally asked Kyuban, who let out a soft chuckle. 

He finally turned to look at her, a soft light in his eyes. “No,” he responded, and Yaoyorozu somehow instinctively knew that he wasn’t being curt. “I’ve figured out recently that that isn’t something I can do. I just assumed - since I’ve been in your shoes before.” 

“Oh,” Yaoyorozu responded, like one of the most intelligent members of the class she was. 

Kyuban smiled. “Just be confident - you’re smart, and you know that. You shouldn’t let yourself become conceited, but you also shouldn’t forget to treasure yourself, either. You can do it. I know Todoroki believes you can too.” 

Todoroki let out a noise of confirmation from her other side, surprising Yaoyorozu. She turned to look at the bi-colored boy, but he already seemed to be in another world, zoning off like he always did whenever his attention wasn’t required. 

When she turned to look at Kyuban again, he was gone. 



Yaoyorozu Momo, Volume 2, Chapter 11


It was after the tests were over, that she saw Kyuban again. She had led herself and Todoroki to victory (though it had taken a little while, and she was sure that Aizawa had let them win despite her mistake), and had regained her confidence - and was now looking for Kyuban, hoping that she would be able to thank him for his kind words before the day ended. 

“Looking for someone?” she heard when she walked into the infirmary, where Kyuban was waiting, bandages wrapped around his torso. His jinbei-like top was placed on the bed beside him, where he was sitting with his legs crossed over the covers. 

“Are you okay?” she asked, rushing forward, completely forgetting that she had searched for him in order to thank him after seeing him hurt. 

Kyuban gave her a smile. “It’s nothing I haven’t felt before. Tell me, who are you looking for? I’ve always been pretty good at finding people - I could help you.” 

“Oh,” Yaoyorozu felt heat rise to her cheeks. “I guess you really aren’t a telepath.” 

Kyuban shook his head. “No, but you saying that intrigues me. Why do you think so?” 

Yaoyorozu got a hold of herself, before bowing. “I wanted to thank you for your words earlier. During the test, your and Todoroki~kun’s belief in me helped me get over my fear of failing - and in turn helping us pass the test. So I can’t thank you enough.” 

Kyuban chuckled, and Yaoyorozu straightened up. 

“There’s nothing to thank me for,” Kyuban responded. “Only doing my job.” 

“Your job?” Yaoyorozu questioned. “You mean, as a hero-in-training?” 

Kyuban chuckled again. “I’ll tell you someday,” he said. “All in due time.” 

Yaoyorozu nodded. While she was curious to know more, she knew she wasn’t entitled to any answers from the pale ghost-like boy. Though there was something that she was wondering, and she hoped she wouldn’t be stepping over any boundaries. 

“Why was it that I was able to see you today, and not Bakugou?” she asked. “He was your partner for the test, if I’m not mistaken, so wouldn’t it have made more sense for you to make yourself visible to him rather than me?” 

Kyuban’s smile didn’t waver. “Well, yes, that would’ve been the most logical conclusion to make - but there was one deciding factor.” 

“Could I ask what that factor is?” Yaoyorozu asked. Kyuban hadn’t shut her down yet - and she genuinely wanted to knowledge as to why Kyuban had decided to show himself to her (and maybe Todoroki). 

“It wasn’t time yet,” Kyuban responded, as vaguely as he always did. “He isn’t ready yet. I’m not ready yet. And you looked like you could use some words of encouragement. So I thought I would try to provide that.” 

“I see,” Yaoyorozu responded. “Well, again, thank you.” 

Kyuban chuckled, again. “I’ve already said that there’s nothing to thank me for.” 

Yaoyorozu shook her head. “Even if it’s your job, what you did was still a great service for me. So I want to thank you properly. And I want you to accept my thanks.” 

Kyuban’s eyes widened slightly, in what seemed like shock, before he composed himself and smiled. His cheeks were a bright pink, contrary to literally everything else about him. 

“Well, then…” he paused, awkwardly twisting his fingers together in his lap. 

“I guess... you’re welcome.” 

Chapter Text

Shigaraki didn’t know what he was doing here. He had stormed angrily out of the base, after the whole incident with Stain - Stain had completely overshadowed the Nomu that the League of Villains had sent out into Hosu!! And now, because of it, their League was being associated with the damn killer. Sure, it had been a while since then, but with the new people asking to be recruited, the event was back to the forefront of his mind. 

He hated it. He hated how the people who came to the League now weren’t people who wanted to be a part of the League of Villains, but instead people who were looking up to Stain, people who only came because they saw his league as a way to follow Stain’s ideals. He had stormed out of the base wearing nothing but a hoodie to shadow his face - hating that he knew deep down that Kurogiri was right. 

But he wasn’t ready to accept that just yet. He was still too angry and too raw, too confused to really grasp the situation like he should be doing, as the leader of their organization. 

So he found himself walking through the crowds at the Deika mall, swearing under his breath as he saw children at villain merch stores buying Stain masks. Why had he come here again? What was the point to all of this again? 

Then, in front of him, he saw one of the sources of his problems - standing there, in a large group, were the hero course students of Class 1-A. They seemed to be breaking off into groups - perfect timing for Shigaraki to grab that tall square one and demand answers from.

He knew what he wanted to ask, he knew that he could demand answers from one of the students because they were heroes - and they would do anything to protect the others at the mall, even if it meant being manipulated at Shigaraki’s hands. 

But as he moved to take a step forward, there was suddenly someone new standing in front of him. He hadn’t seen this boy before, but his mostly colorless appearance reminded Shigaraki of…. That was it!! At the Sports Festival, during the fight between Endeavor’s son and ... the invisible one!! The strange student had made himself visible to the crowd by being what appeared to be a white smudge - and Shigaraki came to the conclusion that this boy in front of him (who was rather short, shorter than he had thought he would be based off of the TV images), was most likely the on who had ruined his attempts to attack the frog girl, back at the USJ attack. This boy had ruined the entire attack, fighting the Nomu before All Might could even get there, somehow wearing it down to the point where it had been immediately obliterated by All Might. Sensei had said that they had one some sort of battle that day, that All Might was still incredibly weak despite what seemed to be an easy victory. Shigaraki wasn’t so sure. 

“Shigaraki Tomura,” the boy said, narrowing his eyes from where he stood. He wore an outfit rather similar to Shigaraki’s own: a white sweater over a pair of black sweatpants, and a pair of white sneakers that seemed to glow in comparison. The hood of his sweater was also pulled over the boy’s curly hair, two rather large bunny ears protruding from the top of his head. 

His narrowed eyes sent a small shiver down Shigaraki’s spine - and he was honestly a little surprised that he could tell the boy’s irises from his sclera. 

“Kyuban,” Shigaraki hissed in return. “I wasn’t expecting to see you here. In fact, I wasn’t expecting to see you, ever.” 

Kyuban’s expression didn’t change, nor did his neutral stance. “Fortunately, my life doesn’t revolve around your expectations.” He narrowed his eyes even further, somehow. “What are you doing here?” 

Shigaraki grinned. “I’m actually dealing with a problem right now - bumping into you has been a real blessing, since you might be able to help me fix it.” 

Kyuban’s eyes seemed to glow, an angry expression overtaking his face.“I won’t be helping you. Leave here.  Now.” 

“Are you so sure about that?” Shigaraki asked, leaning back slightly so that he was looking down upon Kyuban. “I mean, who’s to say that if you don’t help me, that I won’t touch any of the people here?” 

“You’ll be stopped,” Kyuban said, his voice not even wavering at the notion. 

“Well, yes, eventually,” Shigaraki agreed. “But I’ll be able to kill a few people before that happens, won’t I?” 

Kyuban was quiet for a moment. “Fine. What do you want.” 

Shigaraki smiled, pleased at having won. “I just need someone to consult with.” He started walking towards a nearby bench, glancing at Kyuban out of the corner of his eye to make sure that the boy was following. 

They sat down on a nearby bench. Shigaraki raised his hand so that he could place it on Kyuban’s neck, in order to make sure that the boy pale boy wouldn’t make any… unsatisfactory decisions, but his hand phased through the moment his fingers touched the boy. 

“You villains really never tire of threatening, do you?” Kyuban asked, laughing slightly as he brought his knees up to his chest. He then wrapped his arms around said knees, letting his head rest on them as he smiled at the villain. “We’ve already established that I’m going to cooperate with you. There’s no need to take precautions against me.” 

Shigaraki narrowed his eyes. “You changed your opinion rather quickly.” 

Kyuban shrugged, the smile never leaving his face. “Well, I don’t have a choice, do I?” he asked. “Plus, I have a job to do. Unfortunately, it seems that cooperating with you - just this once - has become a part of it.” 

Shigaraki didn’t really understand what the white-haired boy was trying to say, but decided that he didn’t care. If it were Kurogiri here instead of him, the mist-man might have cared more about how the boy was reacting and what he was speaking of, but Shigaraki never really tried to grasp concepts he didn’t understand from the beginning. 

Repressed memories were most likely the reason for that, but that was something only his subconscious knew. 

“Fine,” Shigaraki spat. He looked away from the boy for a moment, into the annoying crowd, so that he could get his thoughts together before speaking. 

“I hate pretty much everyone and everything,” he started, “but right now, what really grinds my gears is the hero killer.” 

“Wasn’t he working with you?” Kyuban questioned, the smile on his face fading somewhat. 

“I never really agreed to that,” Shigaraki stated, “even if society seems to think so. And that’s my problem. Everyone’s got their eye on the damned hero killer.” 

Kyuban let out a hum of acknowledgement, and Shigaraki wondered if the boy was actually listening to what he was saying. Were all heroes-in-training this cooperative? 

“Out attack on U.A…” Shigaraki continued,” the nomu I unleashed in Hosu… It’s all been overshadowed by him. No one’s noticing me, or the league. Why is that?” 

He remembered the time when Kurogiri had brought the cursed man into their bare, only to find out their equal distaste for each other. He felt a sting in his shoulder, as if just the memory could bring the past to the present. 

“He can grandstand all he wants, but in the end, all he’s doing is destroying what he wants.” He turned towards Kyuban again. “So what makes us different? Kyuban?” 

Kyuban left out a soft hum, seeming to think about the question for a moment. “What makes you different?” he repeated, then gave him a soft smile. It wasn’t the same kind of smile that he had given Shigaraki before, one that brimmed with confidence and certainty, (and kind of sent a few shivers down Shigaraki’s spine, which was probably the goal), but one that was seemed a little more… sad. 

“Well, I can’t accept what you do,” he started. “And I don’t understand why you do what you do, either. Well, actually… I personally, can somewhat understand why you do what you do.” He turned away, facing towards the crowd of people in front of them, living their day to day lives. Shigaraki’s eyes followed his gaze. “But they can’t.” 

“They don’t know why. And The Hero Killer, on the other hand, while people still can’t accept what he does, they do understand him, and what his motives are.” Kyuban ran a hand through his snow-white hair. “For both me and the hero killer, everything started with All Might. Hell, while we were fighting, he even saved me at one point. I didn’t even mean for him to see me.” 

He turned back towards Shigaraki. “So at the very least, Stain’s destructive, but he’s doing it for a reason. It’s not just for fun. Not at all. His methods may be wrong, but I think he’s at least trying to live by his ideals.” 

And suddenly, everything clicked in Shigaraki’s mind. 

“Ahhh,” he let out a breath. “It’s all so clear now. Feels like I’ve connected all the dots.” 

“Is that so?” Kyuban asked, seeming to not be bothered by the sudden change in Shigaraki’s behavior, which pissed him off, he could admit. 

Shigaraki nodded. “About why the hero killer pisses me off so much, and why you’re so damned irritating. I think I get it now. It’s all cause of All Might.” 

He grinned at the boy beside him, not even caring about who might see. It was at this that the boy’s eyes finally widened, and Shigaraki felt a shiver of satisfaction go down his spine. 

“What?” the boy questioned. 

“Right?” Shigaraki responded, “Right. That’s the conclusion here. Man, what was I so hung up on anyway?” Shigaraki let out a soft chuckle, feeling as if he were freed. “The reason these fools can smile and live their lives, is because All Might’s always got that grin on his face. Smiling wide, as if to say, there’s no one he can’t save!!” 

He laughed, turning towards Kyuban. “I’m glad we had this chat!! So glad!! Thanks, Kyuban!! I’m heading down the right path for me!!” 

Despite Shigaraki’s… whatever positive emotion Shigaraki was feeling, the pale boy next to him still seemed eerily calm. 

“Can’t say I’m glad to have helped you,” Kyuban started, “but that means I’ve completed my job.” He turned away from Shigaraki, once again looking into the crowd. 

“Can I ask you something?” he asked, just as Shigaraki was getting up to leave. Shigaraki turned towards him, but the boy didn’t meet his gaze. “ All for One … what’s he after?” 

“Dunno,” Shigaraki said, honestly.