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Noxed Out and Knocked Up

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It was nearly the middle of the night, and here he was, not sleeping. He had more important things to  see than the inside of his eyelids. Like the chilled rain hitting the roof. The way the streetlight, distorted by the water on the window, fell on Brian’s face. Jesus. Or the way that he was here at all.

That any of them were here at all.

That now nestled on the East Coast was the entire Toretto clan. Plus, one on the way.

“Yah okay?”

Dom looked up.

Brian blinked at him, squinting in the dark. His long limbs were curled up against the near mountainous heap of blankets to escape the winter cold even this far south.

“Are you okay?” Dom shot back.

Brian scootched forward until their foreheads could lean together. “I asked first.”

“I’m good.” Dom chuckled. “Now, how are you?” He ran his hand over the back of Brian’s head.

He hummed and leaned into the contact. “Tired and sore. But I’m good.”

Dom stroked his head. He coulda lost this. He almost did. The fucked-up years in jail, the semi jackings, and this fragile thing right here. Anything coulda tipped all this the wrong way. Shattered.

“Now who’s thinking too hard.” Brian murmured.

Dom clenched his hand and pressed their heads together tightly for a second. “I love you.”

Brian inhaled sharply. His eyes came open. Damn those beautiful blues.

“I love you too.”

They stared, locking eyes like they couldn’t look away.

“Shit.” Brian swore suddenly.

He started struggling and Dom grabbed him and hauled him out of the bed with grunt. Brian paced around the room contorting himself with gritted teeth.

“Are you sure this many Charlie horses are normal for pregnant people?” Dom check again.

Brian nodded. “Yes.” He sighed as his cramped foot finally relaxed. “Ouch.”

Dom blinked at the realization the Brian was wearing the massive hoodie Dom had had on all day.

“We need to clean the house t’morrow.” Brian mumbled, rubbing his face.

“Why?” Dom almost moaned.

It felt like they’d cleaned the house three times a day for a week or two now. Brian froze and got one of those looks on his face. Dom could have punched himself and it would hurt less.

“I don’t know. Nevermind, sorry.”

Dom hauled himself into a sitting position and grabbed Brian’s hips. “I gotcha. I gotcha. Tomorrow it is.”

“Thanks. Jesus fuck I never used to-” Brian gestured to his face.

Dom nodded. “The doc said hormones and all that. You’ll come back to yourself. Or maybe not. Maybe we’ll both be something new. Or whatever comes along. You know?”

Brian pressed his face to the top of Dom’s head. Dom ran his hands over the tight skin of his stomach and down Brian’s back, pressing into the tight muscle. Brian moaned.

“Still sore?”

“A little.”

He held out a hand and Brian took it tiredly.

“C’mere.” Dom helped him down onto the bed.

Brian grumbled and tucked the blankets back around himself. He prodded at Dom until the man had shifted to exactly the right spot. Which was apparently propping up his back tonight. Dom reached over and ran a hand over Brian’s stomach.

Their kid was in there.