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“And we are live!” The Presenter happily half-shouts half-yells. The clapping sound effects played as the camera leant down to see Pro Hero Deku and a orange-haired lady with tight clothes.

“Today I am here with the number one hero Deku,” Deku waves to the camera, smiling lightly.

“We asked people to tweet out your questions for our favourite hero and boy, did we get a few interesting ones.” She smirks, whistling lowly.

“So Deku, tell us about your old relationships. Any gems of yours that you’d recommend?” The interviewer asks Deku, the camera focusing on him for his answer.

“Well, I’ve had quite a lot of relationships in the past.” Deku chuckles, rubbing his hands together awkwardly.

The interviewer shrugs. “We have time.” She said in that silky smooth voice of hers.

Deku takes a moment to think about who his very first partner.

“I had my first relationship when I was 14, my first year at Yuuei High School. Great school by the way. Todoroki Shouto was my first ever boyfriend. And god, he was dreamy.” Izuku said, making everyone laugh.

Todoroki smiled at his phone. Since Uraraka told him that Deku had a Live Special, he couldn’t help watching it on his phone even though he was on hero duty. He was crotched on top of an old warehouse, wearing all black and ready to finally reunite with his brother. He quickly turned his phone off and put the face mask back on his face, ready to finally execute the plan.

Todoroki was a great first boyfriend. After the Sports Festival, Todoroki made his move by asking him out before the whole school even had a chance. And besides, he was probably better than the rest of them. He would hold his hand whenever he got close to the boy, Todoroki just needed that extra comfort in his life. He always used to only kiss him on the neck. Todoroki was so proud of Izuku that wherever they went whenever someone walked past, he would affectionately kiss Izuku on the cheek. On dates, Todoroki would always take him to the Gardens near the school. He only did it because Izuku loved smelling the flowers. And for the time being, he was a great boyfriend.

“We only broke up because of his dad, Endeavor. If he didn’t break us up then we would have been together for a lot longer.” Izuku said sadly.

He quickly cheered up though. “We’re still friends to this day actually. And I really hope his dad doesn’t watch this.” He said, earning a laugh from the interviewer.

“After that, a lot of people seemed to be on edge when they heard me and Todoroki weren’t together anymore. Kirishima, aka Red Riot, was the next one to ask me out. We were to write an assignment about our hero. Kirishima wrote one about me. It was quite sweet actually. Afterwards, he asked me if I liked his speech. I said yes and he asked me out. Kirishima and I lasted for longer than Todoroki and I.”

Kirishima was another great boyfriend. Every morning on weekends, he would come over to Izuku’s dorm room to cuddle. Almost every week he would take Izuku on small dates over Tokyo. Their favourite was star gazing. Todoroki was always jealous of them and had a small grudge against Kirishima for dating Izuku. Everyone thought that they were a cute couple, the cutest apparently to Mina. Bakugou was on edge the whole time they were dating, ignoring Kirishima for that time.

“That was until after 3 months of dating, I just wasn’t attracted to him anymore. Kirishima is a great guy but I just didn’t like him anymore.” Deku explained.

After those 3 months, the two broke up. Izuku didn’t know but Kirishima would cry every night for weeks in his bedroom over their breakup.

It was a shame Izuku had lost another partner but now other people had a chance to ask him out.

“The next person who asked me out was Kacchan, surprisingly. You all know him as the second top hero Ground Zero. He realized all of the crap he did to me when we were younger. He knew it was bad and apologized to me which I appreciated a lot. He told me that he had fallen in love with me but only realized it now. I felt sorry for him and returned his feelings. It was stupid of me to do so.” Midoriya said slowly, wondering if he was even allowed to say this on television.

Bakugou was surprisingly a good boyfriend. He would only tolerate Deku and only Deku. And whenever someone even looked at Deku, he would bark at them to stay away from his boyfriend. Deku always told him that he didn’t need to tell everyone they saw that they were dating. But Bakugou was so happy that Deku accepted him that he couldn’t help himself. Surprising teachers and their students, PDA was banned after the two of them dating. Although, they always managed to sneak in a kiss or two when the teachers weren’t looking. Bakugou’s dates were always movie dates. They normally went to action movies about Pro heroes, but once they went to a horror movie. Deku clung onto Bakugou throughout the whole thing and that was the night Deku finally got laid. But, the pressure of everyone around them disapproving of their relationship was too much for Deku.

“But when we were happily dating, a lot of people who knew us from childhood disapproved of our relationship and they strongly showed that. Even people who simply knew about our background. No matter how much Kacchan scared them off, they kept coming back. Eventually I just couldn’t take it anymore and broke up with him. It hurt. It really did. Although it hurt Kacchan more than it hurt me. He finally felt like we were over our past.”

Bakugou, who was watching the special started to tear up slightly. High school romance always sucked. But after him and Kirishima started dating, he eventually got over Deku and focused on his relationship with Kirishima. Kirishima watched it from Bakugou’s lap. Kirishima looks up at Bakugou and kisses him on the cheek for comfort.

“He must of been heartbroken.” The interviewer said. Deku nodded. “He was. But he’s over it now. Now that he’s married Red riot he’s all right!” Izuku exclaimed happily.

“Next one was Jirou Kyouko, aka Earjack. My first ever girlfriend. Everyone including me was surprised that she liked me. She told me afterwards that she had been questioning her sexuality lately and wanted to see if she was a lesbian or not. And that’s how we got together.”

“God I wish that were me.” The interviewer lady sighed.

Jirou was actually a really good first girlfriend. Izuku was the more innocent one in the relationship so that caused a lot of flirting and teasing from Jirou. They had more of a friendship bond than a romantic relationship so a lot of people mistook them for best friends. Jirou used to sing in her band with the Bakusquad, writing songs about her boyfriend. To which she sung out loud. They didn’t have dates much but when they did, Izuku would always take her to her favourite rock-themed cafe. Eventually, Jirou came out to him as a lesbian.

“After 2 months of dating, Jirou came out as a lesbian. Of course, I accepted that fact and we broke up. She was a really good first girlfriend.” Izuku smiled. That was a better break up story than him and Bakugou’s.

“Who was the lucky boy or girl who dated you next?” The lady asked, very interested in Izuku’s story.

“Invisible girl, to me, Hagakure. She was my second girlfriend. Even though she was invisible, she was pretty cute in my opinion.” Deku giggled.

“She asked me out on the way back from a school trip when I accidently fell asleep on her boobs.”

“How do you accidently fall asleep on someone’s boobs?”

“I literally have no idea.”

Hagakure was a great girlfriend. She always made Izuku laugh. She felt so lucky that an amazing guy like him would like someone like her, since she always thought bad of herself just because nobody could see her. She thought nobody would date a girl that they couldn’t see. Izuku wasn’t like that, after breaking up his last girlfriend he enjoyed cuddling with someone again. Cuddling was their favourite activity to do together. Sometimes when they were in class, the PDA ban rule was still up from when Bakugou and Izuku dated but since Hagakure was literally invisible she could easily sneak a kiss without being caught. Their favourite date spot was at the park. It was where all the flowers and garden blossomed in the spring. Izuku loved it because that was where all the dogs, no matter what the seasons were. They broke up in the end because she just couldn’t handle her hero studies and having a boyfriend at the same time.

“Me and Hagakure only lasted for a month before breaking up. Our relationship didn’t last very long but I did like it.” Midoriya admits sheepishly.

“If I was with you, I wouldn’t even break up with you.” The lady flirted. Izuku rubbed his hands together awkwardly again. Of course, a lot of people said that to him.

“M-my next partner was Charge Bolt, Denki Kaminari. This was probably the most enjoyable relationship I had so far. Sorry guys if you’re watching this by the way!”

Denki asked Deku out there at the end of the year. His reason was similar to Jirou’s. He was questioning his sexuality. He wanted to see if he did like guys. Deku agreed to go out with him and became his boyfriend.

This was Denki’s first relationship so he was kinda oblivious to what to do when you have a partner. To Deku, that just added to his cuteness. They went out on dates regularly, going to Ice cream shops, going to parties and the like. Denki was a very funny and enjoyable person. Denki makes a good electric blanket. Like, he’s warm and buzzes. So when Izuku ever felt depressed or even the slightest bit sad Denki used to just flop on top of him and start purring and buzzing. The rest of the Bakusquad would join in because he’s a package deal so normally they would all fall asleep together. The two boys would cuddle a lot and end up asleep in each other’s arms a lot. They ended up breaking up because Denki realized he loved another. The purple haired boy who lost to Izuku in the sports festival. Izuku understood and let him go. Shinsou and Denki are still together to this day.

“We broke up in the end because Denki liked another more than me. Those two are still together to this day.” That made Deku happy just thinking about that.

“At this point, I’m so intrigued by this story of yours Deku. Please, tell us more.”

“Well, if you insist. My next partner was the hero Pinky, Ashido Mina. Us going out was kind of a happy mistake really. As Bob Ross would say.”

It was Christmas break for them all, Izuku was buying tampons for his mother when he saw Mina. She was looking very uncomfortable while talking to an older taller man. She looked like she was trying to get away from him. Izuku immediately noticed and walked over. He pretended that Mina was his girlfriend and kissed her on the cheek so it seemed real enough. Seeing how much muscle Deku had, the man immediately played it off that he was just asking her for directions and left. Mina hugged Izuku and offered to take him on a date for a thank you. Izuku agreed and that was their first date. After that, they became boyfriend and girlfriend. Mina was the best girlfriend Izuku had, in his opinion. When school was back on, everyone was surprised to know that Izuku had already gotten himself a girlfriend. Although, a lot of them weren’t surprised, Izuku had gotten a lot more masculine lately and frankly gotten better looking. Mina and Izuku were pretty PDA, like Izuku’s past partners. Instead of sneaking kisses in class, whenever Izuku would look over at Mina, which was quite a lot, she would make hearts with her hands and smile. Which made Izuku blush and cough loudly to try and cover it up even though everyone already knew. Their relationship came to a stop the exact same way his and Todoroki relationship ended. Mina’s father didn’t want his daughter to be dating this young in her life. Izuku respected that and broke up with her, saying it was ‘for the best’. Mina was quite sad and pleaded her father to let her date Izuku but he didn’t budge. In the end, they had to stay friends.

“Her father didn’t want his daughter dating that young in her life so I respected that and broke up with her. It was only the 3rd week into school so our relationship only lasted a month as well.” The lady had her head in her hands, staring at Izuku sadly.

“But that’s okay, we’re still friends now. My next partner, sorry if this is getting boring or anything, was Cellophane. Sero Hanta.”

Sero was a neutral boyfriend to Izuku, in his opinion. While playing truth or dare, Sero was dared to seduce his crush. The Bakusquad wanted to get in on it so they arranged for him and Izuku to meet in an empty classroom at night. Izuku, being the innocent cinnamon roll he is, thought nothing too much of it and agreed to meet him there. That was the second time Izuku ever got laid. They ended up dating. Sero surprised himself with that. Although they didn’t do much as a couple, they had a few spiderman kisses behind the school after training. They only dated for a month, Sero just didn’t like the idea of dating all of his friend’s ex. So they broke up.

“Since I had dated literally all of his friends, we broke up.”

“Aw, that’s sad. So far, your boyfriends have kinda sucked haven’t they?” The busty Lady asked although it was a question not needing an answer.

“My next partner was a girl, actually. Creati, Momo Yaoyorozu.”

Momo asked out the smaller boy after he saved her ass in a training simulator. She thought over this action over and over again until she just couldn’t get him out of her mind. Deku was constantly blushing when they were together. The two got a lot of jealous looks when Momo held his hand and walked down the hallway together. Deku would take Momo out on dates at the fanciest restaurant he could afford since she was from a wealthy family, but some nights they both settled down for McDonalds. Since everybody thought that Momo could get anyone she wanted, people wondered why she chose Deku and not someone in her league like Todoroki. But she was better than that. Momo was a great pillow for cuddling and spooning. Deku was always the small spoon and Momo found that adorable about him. Jirou clearly didn’t like the two being together. Kirishima eventually told Deku why. They broke up because Jirou liked Momo and Deku thought that they would be a much better couple. Only four months of dating which was much longer than most of his relationships.

“I broke up with her because Jirou had a crush on her and I thought they would make a better couple. And I was right, they’re still dating now.”

“That’s so nice of you Deku. Putting someone else’s happiness over yours is a true kind thing to do.” Deku blushes and smiles, rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly.

“I dated my best friend Uravity next. She had a crush on me from the start but it took her that long to ask me out. I thought that was hilarious and so did the class.”

Uraraka, at home, broke her pen in her grip. She was watching Deku’s special and remembering every relationship he was talking about and was anxiously waiting for her turn. She was definitely going to send Deku an angry meme later.

Uraraka and Deku dating was overdue and expected. She had had a crush on the boy for ages now. The whole class was kinda getting sick of her pining and trying to hide her jealousy of him and his partners. They eventually got together when Mina and Jirou set them up. Since they couldn’t get a piece of Deku anymore. Uraraka and Deku’s dates were always doing something active, like laser tag. Laser tag was a big hobby of theirs. They got pretty good at it too. They didn’t date for long before breaking up, like every other partner Deku had.

“Like everyone else, we broke up in the end.” Deku said, twisting his fingers around the hem of his Uravity-themed jacket.

“What was your mother’s reaction to all of your boyfriends and girlfriends?” The Lady asked. “Well, she was surprised on how much people wanted to date me at once. She always used to say that her little boy is so grown up and handsome now but after seeing how many people did think that, I think she was slightly uncomfortable.” Deku shrugged.

“ haven’t had a good chance at love have you, Deku?”

Deku just smiled warmly at her reply. “Don’t worry, it made me realize that I’m not capable of love. I’m actually aromantic.”