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War of Change

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There was a club hidden in an alley that only few and specific people knew about. People were going to write history books about it. People were probably already writing history books about it.

It all started at the club.

The club itself wasn’t anything special, but the people that frequented there were what made this club so unlike the other ones.

The club’s name was ‘Tienxia’; a Chinese word meaning “the world” or “under the sky”. Where shadow and light coexist. Fitting, considering the people that frequented the club were only heroes and villains.

And that’s how it started.

Dabi found it ironic, he really did. The few times he thought about it, that it.

He had stumbled upon it one night several months ago. It was a cold night and while Dabi usually thrived in the cold, he could feel himself shivering with bone deep exhaustion.

He needed to drink and to get drunk if only to forget how fucked up his life had become. Only for tonight.

And that’s when he met Hawks for the first time.

It wasn’t hard to spot Hawks in the crowd inside the club. He stood out, big red wings on his back like a neon sign, screaming; Hey! You know me!

He was sitting at the bar; the chairs empty on both his sides because who would be stupid enough to sit next to the number two hero?

Dabi was stupid enough.

But maybe Hawks was stupid as well, for he only raised an eyebrow and drunk the rest of his drink when Dabi sat next to him. And when Hawks raised two fingers to the barman, Dabi only raised his own eyebrow in return, but accepted the drink.

And if one drink became two, and two became three, and three became four, well, only the barman and them knew about it.

The history books would leave this out, but both Dabi and Hawks continued to meet at the club in the following weeks. They never spoke a word to each other, only nods towards new bruises and scrapes, and shrugs in return. But it was enough.

And when Hawks first spoke, Dabi felt that something was going to change.

“I want to get in the league,” the number two hero had said one night, and Dabi was proud to admit that he had managed not to choke on his drink.

Dabi was suspicious. One of the unwritten rules in the club was that you were to leave your profession outside. No one talked about work inside. It was a safe space. And Hawks had respected that for months. But it was changing now.

“Outside,” Dabi had almost growled, standing up and leaving, knowing that Hawks would pay for both of their drinks. He was a hero after all.

When Hawks went to the corner of the alley where Dabi was standing, the villain didn’t let him speak for he immediately shoved him to the wall, his free hand covered in bright blue flames.

“Talk,” Dabi had said. “Now.”

“Or else?” Hawks had challenged. Dabi felt something pointy on his side and he glanced down to find one of Hawks bigger feathers, sharp and almost breaking skin.

Dabi had huffed, putting out his flames and Hawks had taken back his feather.

“Why would the number two hero want to become a villain?”

Hawks had shrugged in return, his stance relaxed. He was leaning against the wall as if he was simply conversing with a friend and not a villain who could easily kill him.

“The system is corrupted. I want out.”

Dabi had raised his eyebrow at that. Maybe Hawks was onto something.

“And why do you say that?” Was Dabi’s question.

“That’s a level 3 question, I’m afraid,” Hawks had answered with a smirk.

Dabi had almost snorted. “And what level am I?”

Hawks had faked thoughtfulness for a few seconds before replying. “Well, you haven’t killed me yet, so I’ll say you’re almost at level 1. Good job!”

“I don’t trust you.”

Hawks had nodded, his stance no longer relaxed, but he did not seem concerned. “Smart. I don’t trust you either.”

Dabi had taken a step back, his hands in his pockets. “I’ll be in contact,” he had said before leaving.

And that was it.

They’ve continued to meet in the club. Sometimes, Dabi wouldn’t be there and other times, Hawks would be the one missing. Sometimes, they wouldn’t go to the alley behind the club and other times, Hawks would tell him things about the heroes. Who to look out for on a specific place and day, where to not go. And in return, Dabi would tell him about the league, tell him things about how fucked up they all were, watching closely to see if Hawks would grimace in disgust, ready to defend and protect people who had become something akin to a family.

And maybe that was what made it hurt so much.

Dabi’s deal with the league was peculiar at best. He was an avid follower of Stain and that was everything the league knew about him. They didn’t know his real name, why he became a villain or what his favorite breakfast food was. And that was for the best. If they knew who Dabi really was, they wouldn’t hesitate to kill him.

Being a villain meant that you constantly had to stay informed about other villains. Dabi was usually good with keeping in touch with the new villains in the scene, but apparently, not so much.

It happened when he was walking to his apartment at night. It was a small one, one bathroom, something that resembled a kitchen and a living room that was more of a bedroom. It had blood splatters on the floor, both Dabi’s and not, and questionable stains on the walls that he never wondered about.

They ambushed him in a barely lit alley, three of them, all equipped with quirks useful only to cause pain.

And pain they caused. Dabi was skillful enough to cause them some burns, but overusing his quirk always caused negative things. Soon enough they overwhelmed him, laughing and taunting, calling him weak and helpless. And when they were done, one stepped in front and whispered;

“Shigaraki doesn’t let anyone leave the league.”

They left him there, lying on the ground, his head swimming dangerously. It was hard to breathe and he knew that he had a fever from his quirk.

He heard movement from his right, a pair of feet coming towards him, red eyes staring unblinkingly at him. But Dabi wouldn’t use his fire even if he could.

“Help,” he whispered, feeling his eyes close against his will. “Help me.”


“Is it possible to remove his skin grafts?” Aizawa Shouta asked.

Recovery Girl looked at the unconscious villain for a long moment before sighing.

“It’s possible,” she said slowly. Dabi’s chest was rising and falling, his skin covered in bandages and his hair was matted with blood and sweat, sticking to his forehead.

“He has to heal from all that first, though. And I’m not doing such an invasive surgery without his consent,” she added, Shouta nodded along.

They exited the room, Chiyo politely refusing a cup of tea, leaving Shouta alone with Yamada Hizashi. 

Hitoshi had thankfully kept Eri with him in her bedroom. No one knew if Eri had ever met Dabi while staying with Overhawl and no one had asked her, but they would have to soon.

“He’ll live.” Shouta sat next to Hizashi on the couch, sighing when Hizashi snorted.

“That’s comforting,” Hizashi said, voice heavy with sarcasm, before sighing and leaning back on the couch.

Finally, Hizashi turned to look at Shouta, only to find his husband already looking at him.

“Why did you help him, Shou?”

It took a long moment before Shouta replied.

“He knew who I was,” Shouta said. “He knew who I was and he still asked for help.”

Hizashi sighed in acceptance. “Okay.”

Hitoshi found Shouta in his bedroom. The older man was sitting on a chair next to the bed, watching Dabi.

“Loud dad said you were here,” Hitoshi said as a greeting, though he knew that Shouta had heard him come in.

Shouta’s only acknowledgment of Hitoshi was a small hum.

Hitoshi stared at Dabi. It was weird watching someone who had spread so much horror in his friends look so small.

“Did he have to take my bedroom?”

“You have the dorms.”

“You know he’s a villain, right?”

Shouta looked at him briefly, his eyes moving back to Dabi.

“Your point?”

Hitoshi shrugged. “I don’t have one. Just making sure you’re not going dark side.”

Shouta snorted and said nothing. Hitoshi took the seat on his desk and stared at Dabi as well.

“Is it a secret?” Hitoshi asked after a few minutes.

“You can tell your class but no one else.”

Hitoshi nodded. “Good, I don’t think I can keep a secret from Denki,” he said, almost like an afterthought.

Shouta raised an eyebrow at him, making Hitoshi blush.

“Oh shut up! Like you are better with loud dad!”

Shouta let a small smile escape. “Never said I was.”

They went back to looking at Dabi.

“What’s wrong with him?”

“Concussion, four broken ribs, multiple lacerations on his torso and abdomen, most likely coming from a knife quirk and a fever.”

“Fever? From infection?”

Shouta shook his head. “Recovery girl said it’s most likely due to overusing his quirk. It’ll go away on its own.”

Shouta glanced at Hitoshi. “I’m sure you’ve figured it out by now, but overusing your quirk isn’t good for your body. That’s why you get headaches and I get dry eyes.”

Hitoshi nodded. “But setting yourself on fire is kinda extreme, don’t you think?” He asked, pointing at the visible skin grafts.

Shouta stayed silent.

A few minutes later, Hizashi slowly opened the door. “Naomasa is here.”

Both pro hero and student stood up. Naomasa was sitting on the couch, an untouched cup with tea sitting on the table in front of him. He was looking kind of uncomfortable and if it was any other situation, Hitoshi might have found it amusing.

Naomasa stood up when he saw Shouta. “Eraserhead, Shinsou-kun,” the detective greeted, receiving two similar nods back. Naomasa fought a small smile.

“Should I go with Eri?” Hitoshi asked.

“If you want to,” Shouta shrugged. “You’ll find out either way,” he said, casting a small look on Naomasa.

To his credit, the detective looked unbothered by having a high school kid sit and listen. Hitoshi’s respect for the man grew.

“For starters, I’m going to need you to tell me everything that led to you finding Dabi. Anything you saw or heard, no detail is small or insignificant,” Naomasa said, looking at Shouta.

Shouta nodded and started talking. He talked about how it was towards the end of his patrol and he was walking towards home, being on the lookout for small things when he heard loud laughing from an alley. It wasn’t anything unusual, it was close to three AM, drunk people were thriving this time of night.

He had decided to get a closer look, just to be on the safe side, when he heard something hit the wall, a pained moan and more laughter. When he got there, the three people were gone and Dabi was almost unconscious.

“How do you know it was three people that did this?” Naomasa asked.

“I heard three different voices, none of which was Dabi’s. There could have been someone else there that stayed silent, but I don’t think so.”

Naomasa nodded. “And then?”

“He asked for help.”

Naomasa’s eyes got a little wide at that but he nodded.

“I took him here. He was unconscious all the way, I made sure. He doesn’t know where he is.”

“Figuring out where he is once he wakes up is inevitable,” Naomasa said. “Don’t keep it a secret from him.”

“Are you arresting him when he wakes up?” Hizashi asked.

“Dabi’s situation is strange,” Naomasa said with a sigh. He wasn’t taking notes anymore and it almost looked like he wasn’t talking as a detective this time. “He’s only ever killed villains and,” he hesitated, looking around the room as if someone else had walked in. His eyes fell on the three people in front of him, his gaze heavy. “What I’m about to tell you is top secret. Not a lot of people know about it. Only me, a handful of other officers and two pro heroes.”

Hitoshi looked at his parents. “Is it really okay for me to hear this?”

Shouta’s mouth was in a hard line, thinking things through, but Hizashi was the one to speak.

“Even when Dabi wakes up, he’ll be too weak to be moved,” he said, his voice serious. “And frankly, this is the safest place for him to be. Both for his safety and ours. So, if he’s going to spent the near future living with us, then I’d like everyone here to know what we’re dealing with.”

Shouta looked at Hitoshi. “You can’t tell anyone about this.”

The boy nodded and they all turned to Naomasa.

The detective took a deep breath and started talking. “You know about the murder of pro hero; Snatch, right?” It was a rhetorical question, Naomasa was sure they knew, but he had to start somehow. “Dabi was the one who murdered him, but I guess you knew that too.”

Hitoshi didn’t, but both Shouta and Hizashi nodded so he stayed silent.

Naomasa didn’t hit around the bush. “After some investigation, we found out that Snatch was part of an organization known as The Liberation Army.”

“Destro is dead.”

Naomasa nodded at Shouta, agreeing. It had been on the news for several days after, everyone saying he had died in prison from old age. No one knew more about it and no one wanted to.

“After Snatch’s death, we were sorting out his finances because he had no known family. We stumbled upon several large amounts of money being sent in his account every month. We traced it and we found out that the money was coming from a business in the city Deika. The CEO of that business has ties to The Liberation Army.”

Hizashi let out a whistle, though it was far from a cheery sound. Hitoshi felt like his head was going to explode from all this information. If heroes were getting involved with The Liberation Army, then did that leave anyone who wasn’t corrupted?

“Did you bring him in?” Shouta asked.

Naomasa shook his head with a sigh. “I went and questioned him. He said that he was just paying Snatch the money he deserved for being a hero.”

“What about him having ties to The Liberation Army?” Hitoshi spoke for the first time, almost regretting it when all three adults looked at him.

Naomasa gave him a small smile. “He denied any ties with them and I can’t arrest people without proof even if I know they’re lying.”

Hitoshi nodded. He had heard about the detective’s quirk and how he was basically a walking lie detector. You could never lie to that man, he’d know.

Naomasa got a small envelope out of his pocket. Hitoshi could make out the outline of something circular, but couldn’t take a better look.

“I’m actually here for another reason, as well,” he said, looking at the envelope. “We’re always creating new quirk suppressants that are not impractical like cuffs.” He passed the envelope to Shouta who opened it, a black ring falling on his open palm. It was just a small piece of black metal, unassuming and bare and if Hitoshi didn’t know better he’d think that it was a piece of garbage.

“We’ve already tried it so we know it works. The special thing about this ring is that the person wearing it can’t take it off. Only the person that puts it on them can take it off.”

Hizashi looked at the detective in shock. “How did you make this!?”

Naomasa shook his head with a small grin. “I’m afraid that’s classified. Just know that there are many quirks all around the world.”

A while later, Naomasa left, leaving the family to think the new information through. Hitoshi was the first one to stand up.

“Can Denki come over?” Hitoshi asked.

Both his parents nodded.

“Don’t tell him about The Liberation Army,” Shouta reminded him.

Hitoshi nodded and took out his phone, opening his private chat with Denki.

Purple Kitty 💜: can you come over?

Sparkles ✨💛: but babe im watching anime

Purple Kitty💜: my parents arent home

Sparkles✨💛 : that’s a lie and we both know it

Purple Kitty💜: worth a try

Purple Kitty💜: but like can you come over I need to tell you sth

Sparkles✨💛 : AM I IN TROUBLE

Purple Kitty💜: no

Purple Kitty💜: at least as far as I know

Purple Kitty💜: did you do sth to be in trouble?

Sparkles ✨💛: I DON’T REMEMBER

Purple Kitty💜: just come over

Sparkles✨💛 : be there in 5 😘 😘 😘 😘 😘 😘 😘 😘 


Shinsou put his phone away with a small sigh and a grin. “He’ll be here in five.”

“I’m going to talk to Eri,” Shouta said, standing up. He looked at Hizashi. “Can you keep a look on Dabi?”

The pro hero nodded and stood up as well. Soon, Hitoshi was the only one in their living room. Until the bell rang.

Hitoshi opened the door, greeting Denki with one of his small smiles, ones that he only ever wore around him.

Denki greeted him with a smile of his own, big and showing pearly white teeth, before giving him a small kiss as well.

“Where are you going?” Hitoshi asked, raising an eyebrow.

“To your room?” Denki answered, confused. “I mean, if you wanna hang out here, it’s fine with me.” He shrugged.

Hitoshi bit back a groan. Talking was really not his thing. “What I wanted to talk to you about is in my room.”

Denki gave him a suggestive eyebrow wiggle making Hitoshi snort and roll his eyes.

“Let’s just go to my room before I regret this,” Hitoshi muttered, loud enough for Denki to guffaw next to him.

Hizashi was sitting on the chair Shouta occupied earlier, his eyes on his phones, though both teenagers knew that he was paying attention to the sleeping villain.

“Why is there a villain sleeping on your bed?” Denki whispered, staring wide eyed at the said villain.

“That’s what I wanted to talk to you about.”

Denki looked at Hitoshi and then at Hizashi before letting his eyes fall on the sleeping villain. “What is going on?”

“Well,” Hizashi started, his voice sounding way happier than it should have in the situation. “First of all, he’s hurt so you don’t have to worry about him attacking us. To make a long story short, he was ambushed last time and Shouta found him and brought him here.”

“Why?” Denki asked.

“He asked for help,” said Hitoshi.

Denki nodded and looked at Dabi again. “He looks so small.”

Hitoshi agreed with a hum.

Dabi was late.

Hawks finished his second drink of the night, his right side uncomfortable cold due to the lack of a certain villain.

While it wasn’t unusual for either one of them to not be at the club a couple nights in a row, Hawks was feeling inexplicable nervous.

He signaled the barman for another drink, chasing for that warmth Dabi usually brought with him.

The history books would leave this one out as well, but as Hawks drowned his third drink down, it was the moment he realized that he wanted to know if Dabi was okay. And he wanted to help him if he wasn’t.

Chapter Text

Hawks was back at the club. The barman gave him a long look when the number two hero sat down heavily on his bar stool, a groan leaving his mouth as he put his head in his hands. He didn’t have to say anything; the barman knew his order by heart.

God, Hawks needed a break.

“Did he come here today?” he asked as the barman put his drink in front of him. The barman shook his head and Hawks bit back another groan before taking a small sip of his drink, letting out a small pleased sigh afterwards. Sue him, but he enjoyed his margaritas and there was nothing anyone would ever say or do to make him stop.

He had been looking for Dabi all day, flying over places where he knew Dabi had been before, careful eyes looking for any sign of trouble or in a worst case scenario; a body. He found neither. Hawks was exhausted.

He finished his margarita quicker than he would have liked, leaving the money on the table. “Keep the change,” he said to the barman, giving a tired wave as he exited the club.

Hawks was a corner away from his apartment when his phone rang. He took one look at the number calling him and almost dropped his phone with a curse. He quickly answered.

“Heya boss!” he cheerfully greeted, his free hand clenched tight on his side.

“Hawks,” the voice on the other end said, voice soft yet caring no trace of kindness. Hawks bit back a wince.  

“Something’s wrong, boss?”

“Have you made any progress in your mission?”

Hawks let out a small, awkward laugh. “Yeah, plenty of progress! Anything I know, you know. But you see, I haven’t seen my informant for a few days so I’m just laying low.” 

The voice on the other end hummed. “I have information that the league recently broke out a person who can make bombs just by touching things. Learn everything you can. I’ll be in contact.”

And with that, they hanged up. Hawks cursed freely while putting his phone in his pocket.

Dabi, where the fuck are you?


Back at UA, all the teachers were gathered in Nedzu’s office, the principal enjoying his cup of tea, everyone having lost the count of how many cups he had drunk already.

Everyone got silent when All Might entered, murmuring a sheepish apology for being late. He wasn’t.

Nedzu put down his cup, clapping his paws once. “Now that everyone is here, let’s start!”

“Yamada isn’t here yet,” Snipe pointed out.

“He’s not coming,” Aizawa said.

Midnight opened her mouth to ask why, but Nedzu spoke before she could.

“Everything will be answered in time, I assure you. Now, I believe that Eraserhead has something to tell us.”

Aizawa let out a small sigh, wishing that this would be the last time he had to repeat the story.

“Towards the end of my patrol last night I heard fighting in an alley. I went to investigate and found the villain Dabi seconds from becoming unconscious. He asked for help. He’s currently unconscious in my home and Hizashi is watching over him,” he calmly said, biting back a snort at the shocked faces of his coworkers.

“What the fuck,” Midnight breathed out, speaking for almost everyone in the room.

“And you didn’t go to the police station?” Vlad King asked. “Why?”

“Naomasa came by earlier and told me some things about Dabi that prove that staying at UA is safer both for him and for us.”

“What kind of stuff?” Ectoplasm wondered.

“That’s classified,” Aizawa said.

“And what happens when he wakes up?” All Might spoke for the first time.

“Recovery girl came by this morning. He’s badly hurt, both from the people who assaulted him but also from his own quirk as well. And Naomasa gave us a quirk repressor too.”

“How bad?” Midnight asked.

“Broken ribs, concussion, lacerations on his chest and abdomen and a fever from overusing his quirk,” Aizawa listed.

“Damn, you think his appearance has something to do with his quirk?” Hound Dog asked.

Aizawa shrugged. “It’s possible.”

“Obviously, this is top secret,” Nedzu started. “The students of 3A will be informed of Dabi being in UA due to previous encounters,” he turned to Vlad King, “It’s your choice whether to tell your students or not, but please inform them if you do, that they are to speak to no one about it.”

Vlad King nodded, “I’ll think about it.”

Nedzu poured some more tea in his cup, everyone silently observing and thinking the same thing; how deep is this tea cup!?

“What happens now?” Ectoplasm asked after everyone was quite for a few moments.

“We need to figure out who will be keeping watch on Dabi. None of us here can,” Aizawa said.

“Any suggestions?”

Aizawa had in fact a suggestion.

“Edgeshot,” he said, “I know him and I trust him and he usually works late in the afternoon so he can watch Dabi during the mornings when we’re teaching.”

No one seemed to have any objections, agreeing one after the other.

Soon, only Nedzu and Aizawa were left in the office, the principal finally putting his tea set aside.

“Aizawa-san, I have a proposal for you.”

Aizawa’s hum was all he needed to continue.

“I think it’s time for me to start teaching young Eri.”


Shouta was watching over Dabi. It was almost a full day since he had brought the villain back to his home, and the guy had given no indications of waking up. Shouta was happy about that. It gave him more time to think about what would happen once he did.

He had talked with Edgeshot earlier that day. The pro-hero had agreed on the position, though he had said that he would only be available for a week as he was going on a mission after that. Shouta was fine with it. He guessed that Dabi would be awake by then and they would figure something out. They always did.

The door to the room opened, Hitoshi coming in, eyes on his phone and fingers moving quickly on the screen.

Hitoshi looked at the villain. Still asleep. He then looked at Shouta. “Where’s loud dad and Eri?”

“Eri insisted on buying a new dress Nemuri showed her a couple days ago,” Shouta answered.

Hitoshi hummed and sat on his desk chair, turning around so he was facing both his dad and Dabi.

“Any progress?” he asked.

“His breathing has gotten better,” Shouta said. “Recovery Girl came earlier. She said that she won’t heal him fully until he wakes up so as to not keep him under any more than he needs to.”

“What happens when he wakes up?”

“Depends on how cooperative he is. Naomasa will find something for him to do.”

Hitoshi nodded like he was in thought. “Will I be allowed to be here when he’s awake?”

Shouta looked at him with that special gaze of his, the one that made Hitoshi feel like he was having every little secret of his bare in the open.

The pro hero sighed. “As long as he’s wearing that ring, he’s not a threat to anyone. And I’m sure you’ll be useful when we need to question him.”

Hitoshi smiled. It was a smile he had started to wear more often, only in company of his family and Denki. Shouta felt his own lips quirk up into a small smile as well.

Both spent minutes in silence, watching the villain breathe before an idea came to Hitoshi.

“Can I take a photo?” He asked. “To send the group chat. It’ll be easier to explain that way.”

Shouta didn’t reply, but he didn’t deny either so Hitoshi took out his phone, opened his camera in selfie mode and put on a peace sign, before taking the photo.

Both Shouta and Hitoshi wore matching faces of indifference while it was clear that whoever was on the bed was Dabi.

“And send,” Hitoshi said, putting his phone back in his pocket, smirking and ignoring the oncoming vibrations.

Shouta snorted but his face quickly lost all traces of humor at the faint sound of groaning coming from the bed.


The Better Purple: image.file

Walking on Acid: Shinsou theres a villain on your bed

Hard for You: Shinsou WHY is there a villain on your bed???????????

I’m in Shock, Electric Shock: ohh we telling?

Walking on Acid: YOU KNEW?!?

I’m in Shock, Electric Shock: ye


Legtm: Bakugou-kun! no swearing! I’m sure that there’s a perfectly fine explanation for this situation as Aizawa-san is also present in the photograph!


Ice Ice Baby: I would like to know as well.


Ice Ice Baby: ok

Mom Friend: Guys! Calm down! Kaminari, what do you know?

I’m in Shock, Electric Shock: only that Aizawa found Dabi badly beaten yesterday night and brought him back.


The One Keeping Us Together: your insults really need some work there buddy


Walking on Acid: ohh nice one im stealing

Green and Proud: do you know anything else Kaminari-kun?

I’m in Shock, Electric Shock: nothing more Midobro. Im sure hitoshi will answer when he comes back

Hard for You: @The Better Purple plz come back quick I don’t know how much longer I can keep Katsuki from going to your place

Walking on Acid: ohh I see we’re using first names *nudge nudge*

The One Keeping Us Together: plz never write *nudge nudge* on the group chat ever again

Walking on Acid: yeah ok

Jack Off: I don’t think this is the time for that guys

Mom Friend: Kyouka is right guys! This could be something serious!

The Better Purple: I’ll keep this short guys so pay attention.

The Better Purple: Sleepy Dad found Dabi towards the end of his patrol being beaten. When he found him Dabi was almost unconscious and he told Sleepy Dad to save him. Sleepy Dad brought him back. Naomasa came by and gave him a quirk repressor. Dabi will be staying here for the foreseeable future

The Better Purple: oh and he woke up like five minutes ago. Bye




Legtm: Bakugou-kun! This is your teacher you’re talking about! And a pro-hero one as well! I’m sure Aizawa-san was fully aware of his actions!

Green and Proud: guys im sure we can ask more tomorrow at class!

I Believe I can Fly: Deku is right, guys!

Mom Friend: Let’s just go to sleep, guys. We will know more tomorrow.

Legtm: Well said Yaoyorozu-san! It’s already late and we should all go to sleep!

Walking on Acid: ay ay captain


Dabi woke up with his head pounding. It was a familiar pain, one he had felt many times before, thankfully not as bad as that one time, but he still struggled to open his eyes.

The first thought that came to his mind was that Hawks must be wondering where he was. He couldn’t blame the hero, even though they never made any appointments, but he knew that it had been days since they last saw each other.

The second thing that came to him was how soft the bed he was lying on was. It has been almost a decade since he had slept on a bed so comfortable and he almost wanted to fall back asleep. But images from what happened the night before were slowly invading his mind.

He slowly opened his eyes, coming face to face with the man he saw last before he lost consciousness.

“You’re safe.” Came the gruff voice of Aizawa and Dabi instantly relaxed.

With a small sigh, he closed his eyes.

Chapter Text

Hitoshi was not having a great morning. Don’t get him wrong, he had woken up fine, in his bed at the dorms, checking his phone to see that he had almost forty minutes until the start of class, smiling when he received a good morning text from Denki. Everything was going fine.

And then he remembered that he had forgotten his school bag in his room back at his house. Back at his house that was all the way to the other side of the campus.

With a groan, he stood up and quickly got dressed, thanking whatever and whoever made him decide to shower before falling asleep.

The sight that greeted him when he entered the dorm kitchen was a usual one. Half asleep classmates clinging to their coffee filled mugs like they were a lifeline, Mina and Sero finishing their homework while Bakugou was glaring at them. It had become a sight that was almost calming to Hitoshi. The familiarity of it, how it almost looked rehearsed, every morning the same thing, same faces, same smiles.

Same kiss to his cheek and same smile as Denki stood beside him.

Same voice of Iida reminding them that they had only twenty minutes before the start of school and that they should really start making their way towards class.

“Go without me blondie,” Hitoshi said. “I forgot my bag at my house.”

Denki snorted.

Oh, but what an attractive sound it was, Hitoshi just had to peck him on the lips.

He quickly made his way towards his house, an imaginary Iida telling him to go faster in his mind which only resulted in him gasping for breath from both the pressure and his quick steps. It was too early for this.

Loud Dad and Sleepy Dad were already at the school, same as Eri who had started her weird, top-secret lessons with Nedzu. So, the only person at the house was Dabi.

And Edgeshot.

Edgeshot, who appeared right behind Hitoshi and scared the holy shit out of him.

“You’re Shinsou,” the No.4 hero said, voice calm, while Hitoshi’s heart was trying to make a home again in his chest.

“You’re supposed to be at school,” Edgeshot continued, oblivious to Hitoshi’s internal screaming. Or maybe he didn’t care.

“I forgot my bag in my room,” Hitoshi muttered, suddenly embarrassed.

Edgeshot gave a single nod and walked towards the room, and Hitoshi followed close behind, ready to just grab his bag and run.

Dabi was thankfully asleep and Hitoshi sighed in relief at the sight of his bag next to his desk.

But that proposed another problem. Was he supposed to say something to Edgeshot? Have a good day, perhaps? Take care? This is my room so don’t do anything I wouldn’t do? Fuck, Hitoshi was starting to sweat.

“You have four minutes before your class starts.”

He was brought back to reality by Edgeshot’s calm voice, and he let out a swear, prompting the hero to raise an eyebrow.

Hitoshi quickly made his exit, letting out a rushed goodbye to the hero, running like his life depending on it, because even though he was his son, Aizawa would not hesitate to give him detention for being late.

He sat on his desk seconds before Aizawa entered the class, Denki giving him a thumbs up from the desk next to him.

“You forgot your lunch bag,” Aizawa said. It was clear that he was speaking to Hitoshi, earning a few snickers from the class. But what was more clear, at least to Hitoshi, was that Aizawa hadn’t brought him his lunch.

Hitoshi let out a groan, letting his head fall on his desk with a loud bang while Aizawa started to explain what they would be doing today.

“I’ll share my lunch with you,” Denki whispered to him, oh so lovingly, giving him a smile that would light up entire countries. Big countries. Maybe Australia. God, Hitoshi was in love. And in need of a nap.

I love you, he mouthed at the blond boy, earning himself another blinding smile, before Aizawa’s voice had to shutter the serene fake reality he had created.

“You have fifteen minutes to ask me about the photo Hitoshi posted. I will not answer any more questions outside of class.”

Instantly, it was chaos. Everyone was desperate for their questions to be answered but all fell silent when Aizawa glared at them with red, piercing eyes.

Aizawa nodded at Momo.

“What happened exactly? Shinsou briefly explained at the group chat, but it was rushed,” she said.

“It was at the end of my patrol, I heard a commotion from an alley and went to check it out. I found Dabi almost unconscious and he asked for help.”

Momo looked like she wanted to ask more, but she accepted what was told with a nod.

More questions were asked, some were answered with sentences, some monolectic and some with a glare.

“Only one more question,” Aizawa said and before anyone could open their mouths, Bakugou spoke.


Everyone fell silent at the question. Out of everyone in the class, Bakugou deserved to know the most why Aizawa had decided to save a villain that played such a big role in his kidnapping back in their first year.

Aizawa seemed to know that as well.

He let out a sigh and started talking. “You’re in this class because you want to be heroes. You’re in your last year and among the best heroic students there is. Being a hero isn’t always about the spotlight. Or who is gonna be the number one. Being a hero means helping people who cannot help themselves, no matter the circumstances. Dabi asked for help. I helped him.” Aizawa looked at each and every one of them before letting out another sigh and zipping up his sleeping bag.

“Start an essay on hostage rescue due tomorrow.” Came his muffled voice as he lay on the floor behind his desk. “Don’t wake me up.”


When Dabi woke up a second time, his mind was clearer. There was no throbbing behind his eyes and he knew that he no longer had a fever. The bed underneath him was still soft and the weight of a blanket was comforting in a way he hadn’t felt in years.

Whispers made him open his eyes. He blinked a few times to get used to the light and when he did, he realized that there were two people in the room with him.

“There’s no fever, that’s good.” He heard an old female voice and he turned his head to the right and saw Recovery Girl. Dabi had heard things about her, how she could heal people with only a kiss. Was she here to heal him?

“Is he okay for a healing session?” Dabi didn’t recognize that male voice and he tensed up, looking at his left and seeing a blond man. He squinted at him, trying to put a name to the face and coming up blank.

“Who are you?” He rasped out, voice almost giving out from not using it and he gladly accepted the glass of water Recovery Girl put to his lips. There was a straw.

“Present Mic, dear listener!” He introduced himself, his smile more fake than not. Dabi couldn’t really blame him. He knew of the hero, but he hadn’t come in contact with him out in the road. Dabi was thankful.

He looked around the room. It was a usual bedroom, but it didn’t feel like it was just a guest room. It had personality, posters on the walls, a desk with a computer and scattered with papers. It felt like it was someone else’s room.

“Where am I?” he asked.

“You’re in UA,” Recovery Girl answered him. “Eraserhead found you and brought you here.”

Dabi nodded. He was far, far away from the League and that’s all that mattered.

He looked at Recovery Girl. “Are you here to heal me?”

She gave him a nod. “You have a few broken ribs and multiple lacerations all over. Your fever broke on its own, but that was from overusing your quirk, correct?”

Dabi let out a small sigh. “My body’s not made up for this quirk,” he said.

Hizashi and Recovery Girl shared a look, both mentally filing that piece of information for later use.

“You need to eat something before I heal you,” Recovery Girl said and turned to Hizashi. “Something easy on the stomach, maybe some fish or eggs.”

“I don’t like fish,” Dabi murmured, more to himself.

Hizashi rolled his eyes. “Eggs it is. I’ll make him a smoothie as well,” he said and left the room.

Dabi tried not to stare at Recovery Girl as she worked, checking his forehead and his pulse, writing on a notebook her findings.

“Why are you helping me?” He finally asked.

Recovery Girl put her notebook on the desk and sent him a look. “You asked for help,” she said. “Don’t get me wrong, young man, I do not like you and if it was any other situation I wouldn’t be the one healing you.”

Dabi nodded. He closed his eyes, trying not to flinch every time Recovery Girl touched him to check on his injuries.

Hizashi came back almost ten minutes later, carrying a plate full of scrambled eggs and a huge glass filled to the brim with a disgusting shade of a green smoothie.

He helped Dabi sit up, the villain biting his winces as was moved.

“Eat slow and finish all of it,” Recovery Girl said.

Dabi took a bite of the scrambled eggs and if he was a lesser man, he would cry. The eggs weren’t anything special, just plain eggs with some salt and pepper. But he was so, so hungry, he had to force himself to eat slowly. The smoothie was what he expected it to be. Spinach with some fruit he couldn’t taste at all. He had to force himself to finish it.

But, he felt full and satisfied when he was done with him food and Recovery Girl looked pleased. They helped him lie down once again and Hizashi left with the empty plate and glass.

“I’m going to give you a kiss. You’ll feel tired, so you better sleep to speed up the healing process. You’ll take a shower once you wake up,” She said and pressed a gross kiss on the back of his hand.

Dabi felt his eyes grow wet and he closed them tightly. It had been so long since his mother had given him a kiss, it really shouldn’t be bothering him that much.

If Recovery Girl noticed a tear escaping, she said nothing. She only closed the curtains and left the room, just as Dabi’s breathing was slowing down.

Chapter Text

It was late afternoon when Hawks finally found his first clue.

Between hero work and looking for Dabi, Hawks hadn’t been getting too much sleep, something that was slowly coming to bite him in the ass, he was sure of it. But he carried on, chugging down coffee after coffee, clutching to sugary foods for extra energy as if they were a lifeline, slowly feeling himself shut down in misery and exhaustion.

But the moment he heard a group of three men talking about Dabi, he instantly felt awake.

It was towards the end of his usual patrol. He had chosen a quite route this time, a route he knew never had any trouble that would make him lose more than twenty minutes. And he was right again. He had only needed to break a couple of fights, something that a pro hero of his ranking would just scoff at and keep moving, but Hawks loved the small things. He loved how irrelevant they were, how human. Just a small fight because someone stole someone else’s parking spot.

The three men were talking, one obviously drunk even though it wasn’t even dark yet. They were laughing, shoving each other, the drunk one falling and laughing at his own expense. Hawks wrinkled his nose at them, and went to pass them, but then he heard their conversation.

“Man, that dude sure payed a lot,” one of them said, the soberer of the three, and the other two nodded solemnly. Or at least tried to.

“Just to beat a guy up,” the second said with a giddy laugh, as if he was replaying the moment in his head.

“Fucker gave me some burns,” spat the last one, the drunk one, leaning against the wall. “Ugly ass dude with those purple patches. How the fuck is he allowed to walk around like that?” He rambled on, the other two pretending to listen to him, but Hawks was had never paid more attention to someone speaking before.

They had to be talking about Dabi, he was sure of it. And he had to make a move fast if he wanted to finally end this chase.

Hawks was thinking about his options. He could either be polite or aggressive. But his answer was given by the three men.

Before he could make a decision, a purple mist surrounded the three men, Hawks unable to look through it. He knew what it meant and he had no way of stopping it. He cursed when the mist finally disappeared a few seconds later and the only thing left from the three men was ash on the ground.

“Fuck,” Hawks said, but moved no closer. He didn’t know if Kurogiri would come back. He had everything he needed to know except from where Dabi was. If he was dead, he would have found a body already, except if Shigaraki had taken care of it. But he wouldn’t do that, Hawks was sure. He would leave Dabi’s body untouched to act as a warning to everyone else. A warning that he wasn’t afraid to kill one of his own.

So Dabi must be alive. Or Hawks was bad at tracking down dead bodies. For his own mental peace, Hawks decided that the first option was the better one.

Back to square one, but with slightly raised spirits, Hawks went to Tienxia, the club taking the role of a safe heaven, offering a small muffler to the outside world with colorful margaritas and an indifferent barman.

There was a familiar face sitting at the bar this time.

“Edgeshot,” Hawks said, the pro hero looking up at his name, his eyes falling on the younger man.

Hawks walked to the bar and sat next to Edgeshot, the barman putting his usual margarita in front of him in seconds.

“You look awful,” Edgeshot said, always honest and always to the point. Hawks swallowed a snort. It was true, he felt awful.

“Haven’t been getting that much sleep lately,” he admitted.

Edgeshot hummed in response and drowned his beer, the barman putting another one in front of him almost immediately, Edgeshot giving him a polite nod.

They stayed in silence after that, Hawks touching the salt on the rim of his glass, putting his finger in his mouth and then again at the rim until all the salt was gone. 

Hawks wasn’t used on seeing pro heroes in the club. It was usually only small ones, the ones that were just starting out, but then again, he never saw rank A villains as well. Dabi was a first.

“I haven’t seen you around here before, you got lost?” Hawks said, finishing his drink and signaling the barman for another.

Edgeshot took a sip of his beer before responding. “A friend told me about it, seemed like a nice place to let the day end, no?”

Hawks agreed with a hum. Tienxia was really not what people would expect from a club that only heroes and villains went to. It wasn’t even a club to begin with, people just called it that. It wasn’t big but it wasn’t small either, warm interior with comfortable chairs and couches, making everyone feel like they belonged somewhere. Maybe that was why Hawks liked it so much.

Edgeshot looked at him. “Something is troubling you,” he said. Hawks swallowed a sigh. Did he really look that bad?

Hawks took a sip of his drink. “A friend of mine is missing,” he said. He didn’t know why he called Dabi a friend, but saying that he was just an acquaintance sounded wrong in his head.

“A work friend?”

“Kind of, I guess,” Hawks said.

Edgeshot finished his beer. “I hope you find them soon.” He didn’t order a new beer, but he also didn’t stand up to leave, Hawks felt his insides warm.

“What about you, Edgeshot? Any new missions you need help with?”

“Eraserhead has put me on babysitting duty for the week. Other than that, just my usual patrols I suppose.”

“Babysitting duty?” Hawks asked. Why would Eraserhead need a babysitter? And why would he ask Edgeshot to do it? Hawks was confused.

Edgeshot looked at him, his eyes serious. “I’m guessing the rest of the top ten will be informed soon, but know that the villain Dabi was found by Eraserhead and is currently at his house in UA.”

Hawks felt his mouth go dry. His eyes widened in shock, but inside his head; he was screaming.

Edgeshot carried on. “Dabi was ambushed my three men, their whereabouts are not known, and Eraserhead found him moments before he passes out. That’s all I know.”

The whereabouts of the three men weren’t a mystery anymore and Hawks revealed the things he had witnessed earlier to Edgeshot.

The number 4 hero let out a sigh. “That’s concerning for sure. I will talk to Eraserhead about what you saw as soon as I see him tomorrow.”

“Can I see Dabi?” It came out of Hawks mouth before he could even think of the words, willing his feathers to calm down as they ruffled, embarrassed.

“I think it’s for the best. I won’t be able to continue being in UA next week, so someone else should take my place,” Edgeshot looked at him. “I’ll tell Eraserhead to give you a call.”

And with that, Edgeshot stood up, putting money on the bar. He gave Hawks a nod and left Tienxia.

Hawks felt himself relax against the chair, finally after days. Edgeshot had covered his own bill as well so Hawks took a deep breath and left as well.

He would finally be able to sleep at night.

Dabi smelled. He was aware of the fact since the moment he could stay awake for more than two hours at a time. He smelled of blood and sweat with a hint of beer from when he fell on the ground before falling unconscious. He felt gross.

So when the hero Edgeshot told him that he could take a shower that morning, Dabi let out the biggest sigh of relief since the day he realized that he was finally away from his father. Washing away the filth, one would say.

“I’ll check up on you after half an hour,” Edgeshot said. “Yell if you need anything.”

Dabi wasn’t going to yell even if he needed something and he was sure that Edgeshot knew about it. It was probably just the polite thing to do.

But Dabi was taught to be polite to people who were polite at him so he gave Edgeshot a small nod. It was the best he could do.

He took off his clothes and left them on the floor -they were going to the trash anyways, there was no reason to be kind to them.

Finding the towels and all the other things he needed was easy. He chose the softest towel to the touch and the body wash that smelled the less. Choosing a shampoo was harder, they were all for people with long hair, products that helped to untangle locks. He chose the one he could pronounce the name of.

The warm water on his skin felt like waves of relief. It has been so long since the last time he could actually enjoy a shower with warm water. Every bath, every shower the past few years had been rushed, almost always with cold water. And while Dabi’s body was better suited for the cold, there was nothing that could rival a warm shower.

So Dabi showered. And he scrubbed himself clean. And then he made the mistake of looking down at the water.

Recovery Girl had fully healed him now. Gone were the broken ribs and lacerations on his torso and sides, leaving tender skin that would go away in a day or two.

There was blood in the water.

In the back of his mind, Dabi knew that the blood was his from the attack a couple days ago. It was blood that had dried on him and was now finally washing away with the help of the water and the body wash.

Dabi knew that, he was sure of it, but it didn’t stop the flashback from attacking him.

The house was silent after it happened. All the kids were in their respective rooms, doors closed but never locked. Their father wouldn’t bother them anyways, there was no fear in that.

Fear existed in the aftermath. What would happen when it finally sunk in?

Touya’s skin was always cold, but this time, his fire was threatening to burst out, burn everything and everyone and leave nothing behind, not even ash. How did he let it get this bad? He was the oldest, wasn’t he supposed to notice things? Notice the moment their mother reaches her breaking point?

Touya didn’t go to the hospital with them, but Fuyumi did.

Shouto will be able to see, those were the good news. There was a scar the doctors could do nothing about, those were the bad news. Their mom wasn’t going to return to their home, those were the terrible news.

For Touya, the decision was already made. He already felt sick whenever he looked in the mirror, but that was the easy part. The hard part came late that night, hours after they were back from the hospital.

Their father was out, the house was silent and Touya’s door was slowly opening, a sniffing Shouto entering the room.

The white bandage was shocking right next to Shouto’s red hair and Touya could feel his throat closing at the sight of Shouto’s tear stained face.

Touya lifted his covers, an unspoken invitation that Shouto ran to accept.

The younger boy fell on Touya’s side, sobs wrecking his body and Touya could only hold him close and run his fingers through his hair, messing two colors together until there was pink.

“It hurts,” Shouto whimpered, breaking Touya’s heart and making his decision even more final. Touya was weak.

“I’m so sorry, Shouto,” he whispered, his own eyes watering but not spilling.

He kept Shouto close until there were no more sobs and only soft breaths.

“I can’t deal with this anymore, Shouto,” he said, the implications of it only known to Touya. And he would leave it at that.

Touya was so, so weak.

Dabi was snapped out of the flashback by a knock on the door. Had it been half an hour already?

He quickly turned off the water and toweled himself off, the softness of the towel barely registering.

But then he realized that he had no clothes.

He was going to have to speak to Edgeshot after all. He swallowed a groan and tightened the tower around his waist.

“I don’t have clothes,” he said, voice barely louder than his normal speaking voice.

The door was opened a few seconds later, as if Edgeshot had been waiting for it. The hero was holding some clothes, Dabi didn’t care whose they were, but they looked soft enough.

He took the clothes, murmuring a small thank you. He dressed up, his eyes staying on the unassuming black ring on his left index finger.

He finally felt safe in his own body, without his fire he was finally normal, as far away as he could be from him.

Dabi was weak.

Math was kicking Hitoshi’s ass. God, how much he hated it. One couldn’t possibly create the exact equation that could calculate how big that hatred was.

But Denki had promised him they would hang out when Hitoshi finished his homework and so, he was powering through it. At least, he had Eri keeping him company.

They were both in the living room, loud dad was looking after Dabi while sleepy dad was out doing whatever he did when he was out. There was probably a cat somewhere.

Eri was reading a book about quirks that principal Nedzu had given here for their special-super-secret lessons. She had furrowed eyebrows and Hitoshi looked at her before she voiced her question.

“Toshi,” she started, closing the book and looking up at him. She had gotten so much better at holding eye contact when talking to someone, Hitoshi was the proudest biggest brother that ever existed. “Why does using your quirk too much hurt?”

Hitoshi closed his notebook. Math could wait. He turned so he was sitting cross legged across from her and she copied the exact same pose with the most adorable frown on her face. Hitoshi’s heart swelled.

“You know how when you run a lot, your legs hurt afterwards?” he asked and Eri nodded. “That’s because your legs are tired and by hurting, your body is telling you to take it easy.” He slowed down, checking if she was following along before continuing.

“So, when you use your quirk too much, it will hurt. That’s why we train; so we can use out quirks longer and be stronger. But even then, we might overdo it at some point. That’s why sleepy dad had dry eyes and loud dad can’t hear that well,” he finished, giving her a smile.

“That’s why Denki has that funny look on his face when he used his quirk too much!” she added with a giggle, making Hitoshi laugh along. God, he loved the other boy.

Eri got silent then, looking at the door to Hitoshi’s room.

“Is that why Dabi is hurt all over his body?” she asked quietly.

Truly, Hitoshi didn’t know, and he told her as such. “Don’t forget that Dabi is a villain so it’s possible that someone hurt him and made him look like that,” he told her softly.

She was silent and looking at her hands while processing what he said so Hitoshi took the chance to text Denki and tell him to come over. He needed the sun right now.

Finally, Eri spoke. “What if Dabi is a villain because someone hurt him?” she asked.

Hitoshi didn’t know.

But Eri was back at her book so he didn’t try to search for an answer. He opened his math notebook once again, fruitlessly trying to solve the problems. They were probably all wrong but he didn’t care.

Ten minutes later, Denki was there. And Hitoshi could breathe once again. The sun was warm and Hitoshi was the cat that wanted to stretch under the sunlight.

Chapter Text

Naomasa Tsukauchi’s life was weird. Ever since he became close friends with All Might, every new day was competing with the previous one on which one would make Naomasa’s hair grey earlier.

So, imagine his surprise and shock when it wasn’t All Might who gave him new, life changing information. It came from Eraserhead from all people.

Eraserhead who had saved a rank A villain and had brought him to his own house in UA.

Fucking heroes, he thought, massaging his temples for the upcoming headache. He was going through all the information he had about Dabi, plus everything new Eraserhead had told him.

Apparently, Dabi had said that his body wasn’t suited for his quirk. He also didn’t like fish. He had shed a tear when Recovery Girl had given him a kiss to heal him. God, there was so much to think about.

Naomasa was thankful, he was going to UA to talk to Dabi later today.

Even if he didn’t find out anything else, confirming things they already kind of knew would be a big help.

It’s better to be 100% sure that something was true than to wonder and wonder. Wonder never lead anywhere.

Getting into UA was easy. The principal had given him a pass after the USJ attack two years ago and had told him to keep it and use it whenever he needed to.

So, there he was, outside of the Aizawa-Yamada household, ready to talk to a villain. There were so many things running through his mind, would Dabi comply? Would he give up secrets? What did his voice sound like?

Those questions were going to be answered soon as Present Mic opened the door and invited him inside with his signature smile. He was out of his hero costume and was wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt. How Naomasa wished he could be wearing comfortable clothes right now as well.

“Dabi’s in the room with Shouta,” Present Mic said and Naomasa thanked him before knocking on the door and entering.

Eraserhead was reading through some papers, Naomasa guessed they were student essays if the annoyed look on the hero’s face was anything to go by.

Dabi was a shock. He was sitting up on the bed and was reading a book with a soft look on his face.

“You’re here,” Eraserhead said, standing up.

Dabi looked at him with a smirk, closing his book with an exaggerated sigh. “Let’s make this quick, the book was just starting to get good.”

Eraserhead gave him a glare but said nothing. He nodded at Naomasa and that’s all the detective needed to start with his questions. He looked at the villain.

“I’m detective Tsukauchi Naomasa with the police. I’m here to make a deal with you.”

“And what do I win with this deal?” Dabi asked.

“Protection. The people who did this to you are dead, but we don’t know anything about the one who gave the order.”

Dabi was silent for a moment. “They’re dead?” he asked, but it was rhetorical.

“You know anything else about the attack?” Naomasa asked.

Dabi shook his head. “Only that they were three villains new to the scene and I’ve never heard or seen them before. One whispered something to me before they left but I was too out of it to remember what it was.”

Naomasa nodded at Eraserhead, Dabi was telling the truth.

“What were you doing before the attack?”

“Going to my apartment to sleep.”

“You have an apartment?” Naomasa was shocked.

“Not legally.”

Eraserhead rolled his eyes and Naomasa swallowed a sigh. He didn’t know what he expected.

“Do you have anything in your apartment that you’ll need? Clothes?”

Dabi seemed indifferent. “A few changes of clothes.” Then his eyes widened. “Wait, there’s a bag under the floor planks under my bed. I need that bag.”

“What’s in the bag?” Eraserhead asked, suspicious.

Dabi looked torn. “A picture of my mother,” he finally said, voice soft.

Naomasa shared a quick look with Eraserhead, both shocked. The detective nodded.

“An officer will go to your apartment tomorrow morning and will bring you your stuff.” He was going to ask for directions later, he had more important questions right now.

“You mentioned your mother,” Naomasa started. “Where is your family in all of this?”

Dabi looked like he was going to get sick, Naomasa really hoped he wouldn’t, he wasn’t good with puke.

“I don’t think you’re ready for this kind of answer.”

“You’re in no place to refuse to answer questions,” Eraserhead said, glare set on Dabi who looked worse by the second.

The villain took a deep breath. “I refuse to answer,” he said. Naomasa opened his mouth, but Dabi kept going. “At least for now. You will get your answer, but not now.”

There was something in Dabi’s expression that made Naomasa respect his decision and he nodded, shaking his head slightly at Eraserhead. For now, he wouldn’t mention Dabi’s family.

“I don’t have any more questions for you,” Naomasa said. “I will be back in a few days. You aren’t allowed to go outside or leave and someone will be watching you at all times.” Naomasa pointed at the black ring. “The quirk suppressor will stay on you until we decide you are no longer a threat.”

“This damn thing can stay on forever for all I care,” Dabi said, leaving Naomasa speechless.

He quickly snapped out of it, turning to face Eraserhead.

The pro hero stood up and walked to the door, Naomasa following.

At the door, the detective paused and turned to Dabi. “Tell me how the book ends next time.”

Naomasa left with a small smirk at Dabi’s baffled face.

Hawks was nervous. The fact that he was nervous made him even more nervous. He had no reason to be, Dabi wasn’t someone who made him nervous.

And yet, there he was, outside the gates of U.A, knees weak, thankful that he hadn’t eaten spaghetti.

He snorted at his train of thought, relaxing some, unclenching his fists.

Eraserhead had told him that he would meet him at the gates after classes were over and he would walk him to the house.

Eraserhead was five minutes late.

Hawks had been there for more than half an hour, chilling on a nearby rooftop, he was nervous.

It wasn’t Eraserhead who came to the gates. It wasn’t even a pro hero. It was a student with eye bags that could rival Eraserhead’s, Hawks guessed he could trust him.

The student looked at him with uninterested eyes and Hawks relaxed further.

“You’re not Eraserhead,” Hawks said because he was a little shit.

The student raised an eyebrow and opened the gates, Hawks walking in.

“Observant,” said the student. “I’m his son.”

Hawks almost stopped walking from the shock. “Eraserhead has a son?”

“Adoptive son.”

Hawks didn’t know what was more shocking. The idea of Eraserhead having a biological child or him choosing to adopt one?

“Name’s Hitoshi,” continued the boy. They were walking away from the main building, going towards an area with trees, Hawks could barely make out the house behind.

Hawks was too much in his head to appreciate the walk.

Did Dabi know he was coming? What would his reaction be?

Hawks felt like a giddy child that was going on a play date with his best friend.

They entered the house before Hawks realized it.

Hawks could describe the house with only one word. Bright. It was bright and well lived in, drawings on the wall and crayons on the coffee table in the living room. It was not the house of pro heroes. This was a house of a loving family. Hawks felt his heart break.

Hitoshi pointed to the second room down the hall. “Dabi’s in there. Loud dad is probably with him,” he said and then left to do what teenagers do. Hawks didn’t know, he never had a teenage phase.

Hawks walked to the door, stopped for a few seconds in front of it, wondering if he should knock, and then he did. Say whatever you want about him, but he had manners.

After receiving the affirmative, he entered the room. And he almost did a double take.

Like Hitoshi had said, Present Mic was the one who was inside the room, -it had taken a few seconds to realize that by saying “Loud Dad”, Hitoshi did mean the pro hero.

To his shock, Dabi was sitting on the desk at the corner of the room, a huge book opened in front of him, about what, Hawks couldn’t say.

Dabi had looked up as the door opened and they were now both staring at each, both of them shocked for completely different reasons.

It was starting to get awkward so Hizashi stood up and clapped his hands, making both hero and villain jump up and finally look away from each other.

Hizashi looked at Hawks with a genuine smile, the younger hero not knowing how to react to such a blinding sight. “I hope you found the house easily, Shouta couldn’t come, never taking a break from grading, that man,” he trailed off, Dabi rolling his eyes, clearly used to it.

Hizashi clapped his hands once again. This time, Hawks was prepared for it and he only felt his spirit leave his body for just a few seconds. “So! Introductions! Hawks, this is Dabi. Dabi, this is Hawks, your new guard,” he pointed at each as he talked. “I’m leaving you here so I can go cook dinner. Please don’t kill each other. Bye!” And with that, the pro hero was gone.

Dabi looked at him and stood up, holding the now closed book close to his chest. It was a book about prehistoric oceanic animals. Hawks didn’t know that Dabi liked those kind of books. Not that he knew a lot of things about Dabi anyways.

“So, you’re my new guard dog huh?” Dabi said, putting the book away and sitting on the bed.

Dabi looked different. He almost looked healthy. No dark bags under his eyes and his hair was clean and fluffy. Even his clothes looked to fit him for the first time since Hawks had met him.

Hawks slowly relaxed. “I’m a bird, I can’t be your guard dog.”

Dabi rolled his eyes.

Hawks took the chance to look around the room. It looked well lived, but not Dabi levels well lived. It was obviously someone else’s room. That Eraserhead poster over the bed was proof enough.

“Never thought you were an Eraserhead stan,” Hawks said.

Dabi gave him the middle finger.

“Why are you really here?” he asked a few moments later.

Hawks raised an eyebrow at him. “I’m your new guard, didn’t you hear Present Mic?”

Dabi waved a hand, dismissing his words. “If you’re planning on getting information about the league to give it to your supervisor you’re out of luck. I don’t work for them anymore.”

Hawks felt like someone kicked him in the stomach. “What are you talking about?”

Dabi looked amused. In that special way of his that screamed danger rather than happiness.

The hero tensed up, Dabi noticing it. “Relax,” he pointed to the black ring. “It’s not like I can hurt you right now.”

“How did you know?” Hawks asked.

Dabi scoffed. “At least pretend that I’m smart.”

When Hawks glared at him, Dabi crossed his arms with a sigh. “The number two hero comes into a club and tells a rank A villain that he wants to join the league of villains. Sounds like the beginning of a joke, don’t you think?” Dabi said, but Hawks didn’t find it funny.

Dabi carried on. “The hero tells the villain that he wants to get out of the hero society. ‘The system is corrupted’ he said. The villain agrees and says that they’ll be in contact. You see where I’m going, birdy?”

“No,” Hawks almost growled.

Dabi’s patience was nearing out. “If the number two hero really wanted to get out of the hero society then he would do it alone and quiet without the help of villains. If the number two hero wanted to expose the hero society of being corrupted then he would go to people he trusted, detectives, other pro heroes, not villains.”

Hawks was at a loss of words, but Dabi wasn’t done.

“If the number two hero truly wanted to get out of the hero society, then he would act smart. Be glad the villain you ended up with was me and not someone who loves the sight of blood just for giggles.”

“When did you find out?” Hawks asked. His hands were itching to grab one of his bigger feathers, turn them into swords and kill Dabi, quickly, quietly.

“I knew from the start,” Dabi said, the words spoken softly but Hawks felt them like they were a punch.

Hawks mind was full of stray thoughts, each one worse than the last, one word echoing almost as if someone was taunting him. Death, death, death, death, I’m going to die, the commission is going to find out, I’m dead, dead, dead.

“What happens now?” he asked, masking his fear with a well-practiced glare.

Dabi was looking at him like he had him all figured out. “I’ll continue to give you recycled information about the league. Unless the league puts word out that I’m dead, no one knows I’m out. Plus, I have a feeling your little hero commission doesn’t know that I am your informant.”

 “Why are you helping me?”

Dabi got more comfortable on the bed. Hawks got the feeling that out of the two of them, he was the one truly trapped.

“Don’t get me wrong, I don’t trust you. But something is telling me that you don’t have a choice. There is something really shitty about the whole hero society going on and you are caught in the middle of it with enemies on every side.”

Hawks felt like he needed something stronger than a margarita.

Math was the bane of Hitoshi’s existence. It wasn’t even hard, he was just so past the point of caring about useless numbers and x’s and y’s that he felt like banging his head on his desk. He refrained because he didn’t think his dads would appreciate the dent it would leave on the wood.

Plus, he wasn’t too keen on losing face in front of Dabi of all people.

The man was sitting on the bed, my bed, he thought with a scoff, reading through some files detective Naomasa had dropped off along with the stuff from Dabi’s apartment.

Hitoshi was the one who had to guard Dabi that afternoon. Loud dad was at his radio station and Sleepy dad was out with Eri for her monthly doctor visit. Hawks was only there in the morning when both heroes were at the school.

“Give me a highlighter,” Dabi said and Hitoshi threw a yellow one without looking at him, the motion easy and done so many other times to his friends, it had become second nature.

He quickly shook his head at the thought. Dabi wasn’t a friend, he was a villain. One that didn’t say thank you for the highlighter.

Hitoshi went back to his math homework, writing down answers that he’d have to cross reference with Iida later that day, he was sure of it. As he finished, he shut his notebook and pushed it to the far end of his desk, exaggerating his distaste with a shudder.

“That bad, huh?” came Dabi’s voice.

Hitoshi turned around his chair and looked at the villain. His files where on the side, neatly stacked on top of each other, not a single paper out of place. He was playing with the highlighter cap and Hitoshi stared at those fingers, wondering how many people they have killed.

Dabi closed the highlighter and threw it back at him, Hitoshi barely managing to catch it before it hit him in the eye. He put it in his pencil case with a glare.

“What were you studying?” Dabi asked next, tone casual, no trace of murder in his voice. Hitoshi was suspicious.

“Math,” he answered, his distaste obvious in his voice.

“I thought everyone in the hero course was smart,” Dabi said.

Hitoshi scoffed. “That’s rich coming from you, you probably never even went to high school.” 

Dabi’s eyes got dark. “I was too busy surviving in the streets.” 

Hitoshi gulped. I fucked up, I got him angry, I’m dead.

But all Dabi did was shrug. “But I guess you’re right. I’d probably just combust from taking a look at your homework.” 

Hitoshi willed himself not to gape at the villain.  

Dabi studied him for a moment, Hitoshi trying not to twitch under his gaze, fidgeting and wishing for one of his dads to come home.

“You know,” Dabi said. “You might look a lot like Eraserhead but you’re clearly not his biological son. He would have been fifteen when he had you for you to be his and I don’t think he’s that irresponsible.” 

Hitoshi was at a loss. Was Dabi trying to have a conversation with him?

He opened and closed his mouth several times before finally speaking. “They adopted me two and a half years ago,” he said and waited for the mocking laugh.

Dabi shrugged. “Makes sense. What’s your quirk?” 

“I’m not allowed to tell you that,” Hitoshi answered honestly. Sleepy dad had told him to keep it a secret for as long as he could. There was always the possibility of them having to use it on Dabi and the less he knew about it, the better.

“Because you might need to use it on me, right?”

Hitoshi didn’t answer.

“So it’s not a mutation, unless that purple hair of yours have a thing to do with it.” Dabi was saying in a matter of fact tone. “Have to say though, who the fuck dies their hair purple?” 

Hitoshi gave him a glare. “It’s natural.”

Dabi jokingly raised his hands as if he was surrendering. But then he was back on track. “So it’s not a mutation, at least not one that gives you a tail or something. So it’s an emitter type of quirk. Probably something that has to do with your voice.” 

Hitoshi tried not to look alarmed. Dabi caught it.

“Relax,” the villain said, trying and failing to make Hitoshi relax. “I watched the sports festival in your first year. Didn’t have audio and it was on a bad stream site so I didn’t catch much.” 

Hitoshi really had no idea what to say. Dabi looked extremely pleased with that.

They both looked at the bedroom door as the front door was unlocked, a giggle and tiny feet running around making Hitoshi relax.

He sent a small look at Dabi, who ignored it, and stood up, finally relaxed that one of his dads was home.

He left the room.

The Better Purple: i just had the most bizarre conversation

Triangle: what did kaminari do

I’m in shock, electric shock: WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE ME EVERY TIME

Walking On Acid: because its you next question

GreenAndProud: What was the conversation about, Shinsou-kun?

The Better Purple: I was doing my homework in my room back at the house. Dabi was there.

The Better Purple: He was surprisingly civil? Didn’t try to kill me once

Jack off: you have low standards

Triangle: what did you talk about

The Better Purple: how much I hate math

Walking On Acid: PFFFF

The Better Purple: and then he tried to figure out my quirk

Walking On Acid: ....

Triangle: ….

I’m in shock, electric shock: ….

Mom Friend: This is concerning. Did he figure out your quirk, Shinsou-kun?

The Better Purple: I don’t think so? He figured out that it’s a voice based type of quirk but that’s as far as he got before sleepy dad came home

Fast™: Have you told any of your guardians, Shinsou-kun? That should be your first course of action!

The Better Purple: yeye i told sleepy dad. He told me not to reveal anything but not to worry about it too much

The Better Purple: it cool I guess

Triangle: anyways what movies are we watching tonight

Red and Hard: its animation night right?

Walking On Acid: let’s watch how to train your dragon!!!!!!!!!

Triangle: won’t that take a lot of time? There’s three of them

Walking On Acid: its Saturday! we can sleep in!!!!!!!!!!

GreenAndProud: How about Rise of the Guardians? Shouto has never seen it


Freddo Depresso:  I didn’t really have a good childhood

Triangle: we know this and we love you

Freddo Depresso: thank you?

Jack Off: So, we’re watching rise of the guardians and then all of how to train your dragon until we fall asleep?

I Believe I Can Fly: sounds like a plan!

The rarest of them all: kero

John Cena: I agree with Tsu!

Jack Off: …right. For anyone who isn’t online rn, we’re having a movie marathon at eight in the dorms living room. Bring your own snacks.

Sugar Baby: I’ll go make some cookies then

Walking On Acid: oh what would we do without you

Triangle: starve probably

Dabi was at the kitchen. It was night, though not late so everyone was sleeping, but late enough that it was quiet. He didn’t know if that was because the people in the house were quite, -believe him, he was shocked at Present Mic being quiet as well. The few times he had looked outside the window, he had seen trees, so he figured that had something to do with it.

Eraserhead, or as the pro hero had told him to call him; Aizawa, had said that Dabi could use whatever he wanted from the kitchen, unless something was labeled. And if he finished something, he was to tell them.

The mere idea of snacks was confusing, so Dabi had only grunted in response.

And yet, Dabi was in the kitchen, waiting for water to boil so he could make tea. He never let the boiler finish, always taking it of the stove before it whistled, something about the sound making his head hurt.

He always made his tea with one spoonful of honey and a few drops of lemon. People always got the idea that he smoked, but his voice had always been raspy. But the tea helped. Or at least gave the illusion that he was doing something to help his body.

“Where the fuck are the lemons,” he cursed as he opened another cupboard and closed it with another one.

“That’s a bad word.” A voice from behind him said but when he turned around, he saw no one. He looked down and found a girl looking up at him, a disappointed frown on her face.

“Who the f- hell are you?” he asked, wincing at his words. Better, but not good.

The little girl brightened. “My name’s Eri!”

He nodded and went back to searching for the lemons. Then he thought better of it and turned back to Eri, who was still looking up at him.

“Do you know where the lemons are?” He asked her awkwardly.

She seemed to brighten even more, Dabi thought he’d have to cover his eyes.

“They’re in the fridge! There’s already a cut one so you can use that one!” she said.

He thanked her with a nod and took half a lemon, squeezing it and letting a few drops fall into his tea before putting it back in the fridge.

She was still looking at him.

“You want something?” He asked, putting more annoyance in his voice that he was truly feeling. She didn’t seem bothered by it.

“Are you sick?” She asked.


“Loud dad always puts lemon in his tea when his throat is hurting,” she said.

“I’m not sick,” he said. At her confused face, he added. “My throat just always hurts.”

She nodded in understanding and opened a cupboard next to the fridge and took out a package of chocolate chip cookies. She took two out and handed them to him.

“Sometimes, I hurt all over and cookies always make it better!” She said with a smile before putting the cookies away and leaving.

He stared at the place she was a few seconds ago, the cookies feeling inexplicably heavy in his hand.

The cookies did help.