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Sometimes it's Not Fine

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Sometimes Jimin was able to forget that his entire friend group was made up of werewolves.
Then Jungkook would growl or Taehyung would randomly shift into a fluffy brown wolf. Then, Jimin would hear the sternness in Namjoon's voice and watch as all the fighting around him would instantly stop. Or how everyone seemed to want to cuddle Seokjin in the third week of every month. When Yoongi was on edge, Jimin knew that showing a bit of his neck would calm the elder down. And that when dancing with Hoseok, he knew he should take more breaks (which he never did).

Sometimes Jimin didn't notice that everyone he cared about were werewolves and he was the singled out human. Jimin just wished it happened more often.

Jimin tried not to notice when they would all huddle together and whisper. Or exchange looks when they thought Jimin wasn't looking. Or when Jimin asked what was wrong, it was "just a werewolf thing". He knew they weren't being malicious, but it still hurt.

Jimin tried to forget about the codewords they used. And how he had learned their meanings in just a few months. Like 'going for a ride' was code for their monthly shifting or saying that something was rough meant it was werewolf business. Secretly, Jimin was glad to know the codewords. It made him feel a bit more in the group. Although also so much further from them.
Jimin would like to think, the guys noticed when Jimin would get quiet after they would cut him out of conversations. But really, Jimin knew better. Hoseok had tried to explain it once. Saying that werewolves could smell the feeling off each other so they could be kind of terrible at physically reading people's emotions. Jimin just remembered nodding and saying that everything was 'okay'. Jimin guessed that werewolves weren't great at verbal cues as well.

But Jimin didn't blame his friends because he knew they tried. Sometimes. And Jimin knew he was partially at fault as well. They had said that they were all trying their best too and who was Jimin to say otherwise. So Jimin bit his lip as he smiled.

"Jimin," Taehyung said squishing Jimin's cheeks together. "Why are you always biting your poor lips,"

"Bad habit," Jimin mumbled.

“You’re lips are so pretty though,” Taehyung said shaking his head.

"You really need to take care of yourself," Namjoon tsked. Jimin knew this edge and the effect it had on the others. Jimin thought that this might be the only perk of being the only human in the group.

"He isn't pack," Taehyung said lightly. "You can't force him like you forced me to stop eating ice cream,"

Jimin bit harder at the remark.

“That was because Jin was making a big dinner and I didn’t want you to ruin your appetite,” Namjoon said patting Taehyung’s head fondly. He turned to Jimin, who had continued to bite at his lip."Stop, Jimin" Namjoon said looking at the younger’s nearly bruised lips.

"I'm Home," Jungkook bellowed as he slammed the front door open cutting at the heavy silence that had filled the room. Jimin didn't have a strong sense of smell like the wolves did. But, Jimin could tell that Jungkook had been working out for a while.

"Oh... Jimin's back," Jungkook said moving so Namjoon was between him and Jimin.

"His class ended hours ago," Taehyung said rolling his eyes knowing how Jungkook had been actively avoiding Jimin for the past week.

Jimin glanced over at Jungkook, who still had the wary look of guilt fresh in his eyes. "Hi Kookie," Jimin said softly. Like speaking to a young frightened child.

"Hello," Jungkook said with a curt bow. Jimin saw the way that Jungkook's eyes widened at the large bruise on Jimin's upper arm. Quickly covered it with his hand, Jimin swore he could see the events from last week flash in Jungkook's mind.

It had all been because of a stupid remark Jimin had said. Jungkook had laughed and with a shove told Jimin to "shut up," And in the process shoving Jimin a bit too hard. Even if Jungkook was human, Jimin was sure he would still crash into the wall. Although not enough to actually dent it.

"Ouch," Jimin had hissed and dusting some of the dry wall from his hair. He ignored the hot sting that seemed to run to his bone. In reality he had had much worse with all the dancing stunts that he did. But none of that mattered to Namjoon.

"Jeon Jungkook," Namjoon had growled in a way that Jimin had never heard before. "Get over here. Now."

"Sorry Jimin," Jungkook said his voice barely above a whisper. All the amusement was replaced with guilt and fear.

"It's nothing," Jimin said ignoring the pain.

"It's not nothing." Namjoon had said grabbing Jungkook arm. "Jimin’s only a human. You know how weak he is. If you aren't careful, Don't touch him,"

"Sorry," Jungkook had said head hung low and eyes to the floor. "Sometimes i forget-"

"He's human, Jungkook. He isn't like us at all." Namjoon had said turning towards Jimin. "You better not forget that either, Jimin."

"I can't." Jimin had said quietly turning away from the angry pack leader. Getting thrown into the wall had hurt. But what Namjoon still stung. Even today, a week later.

Jimin saw the way the guilt still flooded Jungkook's eyes and had decided it was best if he gave the younger space. But that meant staying out of the packs shared apartment, and Jimin's temporary housing for the weekend as much as possible. "Thanks for letting me stay the night, Namjoon." Jimin said hugging his bag close.

"Least we can do." Namjoon said. "Since Jungkook’s the reason why you need your apartment renovated."

"Still it means a lot." Jimin scratched his head. "I know how much you value your privacy so-"

"It's just for the night," Taehyung said pulling Jimin into a careful embrace. (Jimin ignored the sharp intake of breath that came from Jungkook). "You won't be able to get any secrets out of us,"

"Still. It means a lot. If I had somewhere else, I would have gone." Jimin said seldomly, which sobered Taehyung up. "But I can still just do an all nighter in the studio! No problem."

"I said if you did that again, I would eat you up, lil’ Red." Hoseok said popping out of his and Yoongi's shared room.

"Hi Hobi," Jimin brightly smiled and ignored the curious look he got from Taehyung. "Are you going to the studio with me,"

"Sorry Red," Hoseok said patting Jimin's head. "Yoongi wants me to finish my verses. It might be an allnighter.”

“No problem.” Jimin said pushing down the tiny voice that screamed that Hoseok had promised to show Jimin how to do the move he had been struggling with. “Maybe during the week,”

“We’ll see,” Hoseok said grabbing two glasses of water and a couple of oranges from the table. “This song is really kicking our butt,” And as quick as he appeared, Hoseok was already back inside his room.

“I’m going to go to the studio,” Jimin said.

Taehyung glanced at Jimin and the flatness in his voice. “You want me to walk you over?”

JImin forced a short laugh. “You have a paper to write, you can’t get out of it.” Jimin said.

“I-” Namjoon began.

“Papers. Grade them,” Jimin shot back. “And Jungkook needs a shower.” Jimin added before Jungkook could even pretend to be interested in joining him. “See you guys later,” Jimin waved and hurried out the door.

Part of Jimin was glad that none of them pressed him to go with him. He ignored the sting as he walked out the door and he heard Namjoon, Jungkook, and Taehyung start to whisper. Taking a Deep breath, Jimin pull in his airpods and blasted the music. “Everything was fine.”

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At the studio, which was only several minutes away from the pack’s apartment, Jimin got to work. All he needed to do was perfect that last spin in the choreography. Sure, it would be easier if Hoseok showed him and gave him some pointers. But Hoseok would be so proud of him and Jimin could take as many rests as he needed.

The planned hour practice turned to three. Because with each move, Jimin realized he needed to practice more. And with all the practice, his endurance would improve and then Maybe he would be able to catch up with Hoseok. Finally Jimin turned back to the dreaded spin. After a couple of failed spins, Jimin finally thought he got the move.

Just Maybe, if he turned this way at this beat he would make it. Wrong. Jimin felt something jolt in his leg and he fell hard on his already bruised side. The hot burn of embarrassment made the fall hurt so much more. And build up of emotions from the last few days had burst.

Jimin sobbed.

After 2 years, he finally let his carefully constructed walls crumble. Some part of Jimin’s brain reminded him that the walls weren’t perfectly soundproof, so he tried to muffle the sobs with the back of his hand. But he let the fat bitter tears flow.

His mind immediately went to the nights when Jimin knew he was an outsider. The way one night Taehyung would be sprawled out in Jin’s lap with Jin fluffing and playing with his hair and then the next he was sharing kisses with Jungkook (only when he thought Jimin wasn’t looking). Or how Namjoon would squeeze Jin’s thigh and glance towards the bedrooms and then they suddenly had to check on something. Then after only a few moments, Hoseok would say he would go check up on him. Then the three would return, looking as if they had fought wild animals.

After some research, Jimin learned that being a part of a pack wasn’t only emotional but physical. The moments of loving embraces and soft whispered they all shared finally clicked for Jimin. He then knew that in every single way he was not a part of a pack. And Jimin guessed he never would be.

Jimin took a deep breath after a few moments and pulled himself up from his spiraling thoughts. Aside from the whole pack dynamic thing, the six werewolves were the best friends that Jimin could hope for. The all connected with Jimin in a way that made him feel even more whole than what he was. The way Yoongi would whisper teases Jimin or how Jungkook seemed to hover around Jimin, made Jimin feel as if he was running at 200 percent. It all felt so right. But it was due to clicking with them so well, Jimin wanted to get closer than an arm's length. But Jimin knew this. It wasn’t anything new and it could do it like always.

Jimin glanced down at his phone and saw that it was nearing midnight. He really should get back to the apartment. The thought of sleeping at the studio really did cross his mind but the idea of how worried his friends could be, made him stand up. A toxic thought of them not even noticing him gone floated through his head, but Jimin quickly swatted it away. He was tired. And sore. And after a good night's sleep, everything would be fine. Jimin gently stood up, not putting any weight on his sore leg, and tried to take a step. “Damn,” Jimin huffed. He could do this. The apartment wasn’t that fair. And if on cue, thunder rumbled.

The short 7 minute walk was at least 20 with the limp that Jimin sported. And the downpour of rain didn’t help. “It’s fine,” was the mantra in Jimin’s head. Finally he arrived at the apartment and in the first stroke of good luck, the door was unlocked (Jimin felt sorry for any crook who tried to steal from a group of werewolves).

Jimin hobbled his way to the bedroom ready to pass out, hoping for it to be a dreamless night. Hours earlier, Taehyung had made it a point for Jimin to sleep in his and Jungkook’s room with the. He had even went so far as to offer the bed for Jimin, which Jimin of course kindly declined.

Jimin had expected to see the duo either asleep or quietly playing on there phones, so Jimin was extra quiet. But what he saw made all the feelings he felt in the studio gurgle at his throat. Both Jungkook’s and Taehyung’s beds were pushed together to create a monster bed that could perfectly fit six sleeping werewolves.

Jungkook was in the center framed by Jin and Taehyung who was squished against the wall and drooling on Jungkook’s shoulder. Namjoon’s hand must had slipped under Jin’s shirt at some point though the night and was now resting on Jin’s toned abdomen. Finally, Yoongi was wrapped around Hoseok’s side, whose legs were tangled with Namjoons. Yoongi was clinging so tightly that it would be impossible for him to fall off the bed without taking Hoseok with him.

Dropping his bag, Jimin rushed towards the living room. Sleeping on the couch wouldn’t be that bad. Jimin felt a haze cover his brain and decided against a shower. He was a guest and he didn’t want to wake anyone up (and he didn’t want them to know that he knew about their midnight cuddles), Jimin’s sleep deprived brain supplied. So with his soaked hoodie, Jimin tried to dry himself off the best he could, but he was left damp at best. “This is fine,” Jimin whispered flicking some more water from his head.

Lying down on the couch, Jimin grabbed one of Jungkook’s hoodies that was laid on haphazardly on the couch. With a sniff, Jimin tried his best to cover himself with the oversized hoodie. He already knew what to say if they asked in the morning. The hoodie just fell on to him through the night. A total accident, Jimin nodded. And felt his eyes grow heavy.

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Yoongi was the lightest sleeper of the pack and was notorious for sneaking off in the middle of the night in order to get some quality sleep in his own bed. That's why he always chose the spot near the end of the bed. And tonight was no different, as soon as Taehyung started mumbling something about Jimin that Yoongi decided he was better off in his own room. With a practiced wiggle, Yoongi was out of Hoseok’s arms and sneaking through out the door.

Yoongi was almost to his room when he heard the shift of fabric coming from the couch. “The hell,” Yoongi muttered peaking over the couch. “Jimin?” Yoongi asked, mostly to himself. Yoongi watched as the shaking bundle curled in closer into himself. “Jimin, Wake up,” Yoongi said shaking the human’s shoulder and revealed that Jimin was soaked to the bone. “WHy are you wet? Jimin, please wake up,” Yoongi said as the shaking becoming a bit more insistent.

Yoongi watched as Jimin blinked his eyes a few times before focusing on worried werewolf. “Sorry for waking you up,” Jimin slurred and rubbed at the sleep in his eyes.

Yoongi’s eyes widened. Why was this the first thing that the kid would say. Immediately, Yoongi was on the other side of the could crouching next to Jimin. “Why are you wet?”

“It was raining,”

“You should have at least toweled off,” Yoongi said feeling the wolf inside him flare up protectively. Yoongi pulled off his own hoodie and tucked Jimin in for the meantime.

“I would have woken you all up,” JImin nodded and pulled the hoodie closer to him.

“But we were up waiting up for you,” Yoongi said slowly. Thinking back about the pack meeting that had happened a couple hours earlier. Jimin had been the center of discussion. Yoongi has thought that they needed to have a talk with Jimin while Taehyung said that Jimin needed a bit of space. Yoongi hated how he hadn’t advocated for his gut feeling more.

“You were all asleep,” Jimin said with a sniff. “You all looked so cute. Cuddled together. So warm,”

“You saw that?”

Jimin yawned as another shiver ran through him. “It’s not the first time,” Jimin said waving Yoongi towards his bedroom door. “Now go to sleep. It's too late.”

“You’re shaking.” Yoongi said.

“I’m cold.”

Yoongi pressing his hand against Jimin’s burning cheek. “Jesus, Jimin.” Yoongi said eyes widening. “Do you have a fever,” Yoongi had remembered last year one of the humans he produced with has come to work sick. Jooheon cheeks had been the same flushed pink and the man had radiated heat. Yoongi remembered how Jooheon’s boyfriend, Lee Hoseok, had to come pick him up half way through the day when the Jooheon had almost passed out from just going up a set of stairs. The event was vivid in Yoongi memory with how angry Jooheon’s boyfriend was. Not only did Yoongi literally think that the human was going to murder him (Lee Hoseok was a muscular guy okay), the severity of fevers was imprinted in his mind.

“I’m fine, Hyuung” Jimin said. “Just need some sleep,”

“You are not fine.” Yoongi said lowly. “Can’t humans die from a fever.”

“Not me,” JImin said softly. “I’m tough.”

“Bullshit.” Yoongi smiled a little. But it instantly dropped when Jimin’s head rolled to the side. He was fine just a moment ago. “Jimin? JIMIN?”

Yoongi gently shook Jimin shoulder to wake him up.

Jimin blinked his eyes open. “I’m fine. Just tired. I just need asleepy,”

“You are not going asleepy,” Yoongi said realizing how far out of his depth he was. He needed someone with any sort of emotional intelligence. “JIN WAKE YOUR ASS UP,” Yoongi screamed down the hall.

“Shhh-” Jimin said grabbing Yoongi’s hand. “Everyone is asleep,”

“Not anymore,” Jin said appearing in a daze. His hair still somehow perfect. “Why are you screaming?”

“Jimin’s sick. ”

“He’s what?” Jin said his voice becoming shrill.

“He’s hot and he isn’t making any sense,” Yoongi said not even looking up. All his focus was on Jimin.

“Oh my god,” Jin pulled out his phone and immediately started googling.

“Why is everyone yelling?” Namjoon said side to side with a bleary eye Hoseok.

“Jiminie is sick,” Jin said.

“What?” Namjoon’s eyes lit with fire.

“Not sick,” Jimin called out. “Just asleepy,”

“He’s sick.” Yoongi said if Jimin has at all convinced the other that he was not ill.

“Why is he sick?” Namjoon’s eyes laser focusing on the human.

“He walked home in the rain I think. He’s soaked.” Yoongi answered.

“Where did everyone- oh?” Taehyung said emerging from the room. “Why is everyone out here? And why is Jimin on the couch? I told him to sleep with me?”

“Why didn’t he just shower?” Namjoon asked.

“Said he didn’t want to wake us up,” Yoongi said.

“We were all waiting up for him though?” Taehyung said glancing at everyone’s dark expressions and finally realizing something was wrong. “What happened?”

“He’s sick.”

Sick?” Taehyung eyes went wide.

“Yeah. He walked home by himself in the rain.” Yoongi said wanted to add that someone really should have picked him up,

Hoseok had finally woken up enough to take in the situation and had peeled himself off Namjoons side. “I should have-” Hoseok started but was quickly cut off by Namjoon, who had immediately smelt Hoseok’s distress.

“Let’s deal with the now, and worry about that later,” Namjoon said softly. He squeezed Hoseok’s shoulder.

“Kay,” Hoseok said quietly. Taehyung slipped behind Hoseok and wrapped his arms around the older all the while whispering reassuringly into Hoseok’s ear.

“Okay!” Jin said looking up from his phone. “It’s either a cold or cancer,” The tension filling the room.

“I think it’s just a cold.” Yoongi said slowly. Maybe you should look up what we need to do? Like do we take him to the hospital or-”

“Right one second,” Jin said turning back to his phone.

“What is going on?” Jungkook grumbled. A blanket firmly wrapped around his body as the last member of the pack entered the room

“Jimin’s sick.” Taehyung said still wrapped around Hoseok.

“Is he okay?” Jungkook asked the blanket immediately removed. Jungkook jumped over the bed to reach Jimin. The blanket was quickly wrapped around Jimin’s frame.

“Thanks Kookie,” Jimin’s smile was full of sleep, and Jungkook’s heart couldn’t help but melt.

“Min,” Jungkook tsked. “Are you okay,”

“A lil cold and sleepy,” Jimin hummed. “And I'm tired and my brain feels like fuzz.”

“We think he has a cold,” Yoongi supplied.

“Jimin do you think you might have a cold?” Jungkook asked softly.

“Yeah,” Jimin said softly. “But don’t worry. I’m fine.”

Jungkook looked up at his older packmates. “What do you guys think?”

“Not sure. He’s human so-” Namjoon supplied. None of them were really used to interacting with humans on such a personal level. At most, there were coworkers. Jimin was the first person that the pack had collectively brought in.

“I”m not a weak human. I’m Jimin,” Jimin said sitting up with a determined look focused purely on Namjoon. Both Jungkook and Yoongi quickly supported Jimin, as he looked dangerously close to tumbling over.

Both Jungkook and Taehyung gave Namjoon a pointed knowing stare.

Namjoon?” Jin’s eyebrows raised to critical heights. “Did you call Jimin weak?”

“ Well-”

“Did you call Jimin weak?” Jin said voice iced cold.

“Jinnie don’t be mad,” Jimin said twisting to face jin

“I’m not mad at you, sweetheart” Jin said petting Jimin’s cheek, Jin noted how Yoongi was right about the fever. Touching Jimin was akin to a furnace.

“Or Namjoon,” Jimin said looking up at Jin with sad eyes.

“I’m ... just disappointed in Namjoon,’ Jin said the edge still in his voice.

“Oh okay” Jimin nodded as he relaxed back into the couch.

“You are so fucked, Namjoon.” Hoseok said, finally perking up a bit. He turned and pecked Taehyung on the cheek before reaching for his wallet on the table. “Come on Yoongi let’s get Jimin some medicine.”

“Medicine?” Yoongi said tilting his head.

“Yeah. Jimin told me about all this stuff humans use for pain and for when he gets sick. He said that we can just go to a pharmacy or something and ask for medication,”

“Right” Yoongi nodded. “That’s so obvious,”

“Don't worry,” Hoseok said. “You were taking care of him when we were all sleeping. You did amazing, babe.”

“Thanks,” Yoongi said resting his hand on Jimin cheek before going to the door. “Let get going. I think the nearest pharmacy is a 15 minute walk,”

“Then run,” Jin turned to look at Taehyung. “Google said we need to warm him up. Tae, go grab some of your warmest clothes for him. Namjoon run the bath. I’m making tea and soup.”

“On it!” Taehyung said running down the hall. “I’ll get the fuzziest socks I own.”

“Perfect,” Jin said shoving Namjoon towards the bathroom as Jin went into the kitchen to start boiling water.

“And me?” Jungkook said eyes wide.

“Just be with him.”

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Jungkook wouldn’t take his eyes off of Jimin. He watched every inhale and exhale as if it would be Jimin’s last. A solid 3 inches separated the two on the couch, and Jungkook would do anything to bridge the gap to let Jimin rest on his shoulder, but the guilty voice in his head made him stay back. Jungkook was just thankful that Jimin was still sitting up, although it looked like he was moments away from falling back asleep.

“I’m ready in here, Kook” Namjoon called out from the bathroom.

“Let’s go,” Jungkook’s hands hovered over Jimin’s for a moment before Jungkook decided against it. “Are you okay to stand?” Jungkook popped from his seat ready to help.

“Yeah,” Jimin said shrugging off the blankets and braced himself before standing.

Something that Jungkook’s eagle-like focused didn’t fail to pick up. Jungkook watched as Jimin used his hands to push himself up and off the couch and felt the panic shoot through him as Jimin immediately lost his balance. If it weren’t for Jungkook’s reflexes, He was sure that Jimin would be on the floor.

Jimin hissed in the pain that flared up his leg and held onto Jungkook tightly. “I thought you were scared to touch me,” Jimin tried to joke as he clung on the younger.

But was promptly ignored by Jungkook. “Did you hurt your leg too?” Jungkooks eyes were wide with worry as he sat Jimin back down onto the couch. “What did you do?”

“I fell and twisted something at dance. It’s fine though,” Jimin said. The pain snapping him out of the delirium of his fever.

“You walked home on a twisted foot? In the rain?” Jungkook said. gulping down his anxieties, Jungkook bent over and picked Jimin up with one arm behind Jimin’s shoulders and the over behind his knees. “What am I going to do with you?”

“Carry me apparently,” Jimin said shifting into a comfortable position. He tried to ignore how comfortable he was being held in Jungkook's arms.

“You know, I’m not scared of touching you right?” Jungkook almost whispered. “And even if I was, I would be more scared of whatever Jin would do to me if you hit the floor. It’s just what happened last week has made me kind of..”


“Wary?” Jungkook said shaking his head. “Or something. I just feel like I shouldn’t ever be the one hurting you” Jungkook admitted.

“It was an accident though,” Jimin argured.

“But I should be the one protecting you not hurting you. Even on accident.”

“You don't have to protect me,” Jimin protested.

“I do,”


“Because you’re important to me,” Jungkook said face turning pink at the admission. “I mean, your important to us all-,”

“Hurry up,” Namjoon said peeking out the bathroom door to see what was taking so long. “Why are you carrying him?”

“He twisted his leg at the studio. That’s why he was so late.” Jungkook said sitting Jimin onto the side of the tub. A strong arm kept him from dropping in. “Jimin can we undress you so you can have a bath?” Jungkook asked softly. After a nod from Jimin, Jungkook began pulling off Jimin’s socks, revealing the slightly swollen ankle, then he pulled off the elder’s jacket.

“Why didn’t he wake anyone up,” Namjoon said finally getting a good look at Jimin’s feverish face. It made him look even more vulnerable than usual. “Shit,” Namjoon cursed.

“… he didn’t want to bother us.” Jungkook said trying to pull Jimin’s shirt off. “Said he knows we are sensitive to sounds.”

“I’m not a kid,” Jimin softly objected.

“Let me treat you like this for now, and then we can call it even for the wall thing,” Jungkook tried to compromise,”

“Then you won’t be scared to touch me,” Jimin goaded.

“I wasn’t scared to touch you,” Jungkook said with a soft huff.

“...fine,” Jimin raised his arms and allowed Jungkook to pull the soaked and cold shirt off.

“Thanks,” Jungkook said concealing the anger that flared in his gut. What had possessed Jimin to think it was a good idea for him to try and sleep like this. The feeling only intensified when Jungkook saw under Jimin’s shirt and the number of bruises that the human had.

The two watched as Jimin reached for a towel to wrap around his waist and tugged off his pants and underwear in one go, with Jungkook of course holding all of Jimin’s weight.

While Jungkook was able to barely hold in his emotions, which was only due to him being more focused on taking care of Jimin and helping Jimin sink into the tub. Namjoon exploded.

“It wouldn’t have been a bother,” Namjoon chasted turning towards Jimin. ““Why didn’t you call, Jimin? Is that why you got sick? You limped the entire way home in the pouring rain. Why would you even think about doing that? Don’t you-”

“It’s not fair.” Jimin felt the heat and relaxation from the water cloud his mind again. “I want to be your friends.”

Namjoong was so dumbstruck that his anger dissipated. “... what do you mean?”

“You’re all so nice to me and we have so much in common. And-” Jimin’s lower lip jutted out.

“You are our friend,” Jungkook said rubbing the wet cloth on Jimin’s back.

“Your my friend. But I'm not your friend.” Jimin stared at Jungkook. “Get it?”

“No,” Jungkook said searching Jimin’s eyes for more answers.

“I’m human.” Jimin stated.

“That doesn’t mean anything,” Namjoon tried.

For a moment, Jimin sobered up. “Don’t lie,”

“... Jimin”

“I tried my best,” Jimin nodded as tears welled up. “To learn stuff and I practiced,”

“Jimin,” Namjoon said softly. Thinking back, Jimin did a lot of non-human things. Just the week before, Namjoon had been annoyed at some paper he was supposed to be proofreading, and Jimin had just been there. He didn’t have to say anything, and whenever Namjoon would growl at some offensive thing the writer had wrong Jimin would tilt his head ever so slightly and expose his neck all the while gently touching his elbow to Namjoon’s.

Namjoon had thought that Jimin just knew instinctively how to act. But the idea of Jimin learning and practicing made his heart melt and burn at the same time. When was the last time he even tried to be human or really understand how a human felt. And more importantly, how Jimin felt. Sure, he and the pack had the basics. But in comparison to Jimin’s Werewolf knowledge, Namjoon felt clueless.

Namjoon paused trying to re-order his thoughts. But before he could say anything, He heard Taehyung’s feet patter against the floor

“I got the fluffiest warmest clothes I could find!” Taehyung said popping into the bathroom. “And Yoongi and Hoseok are back with the medicine,”

“Perfect.” Namjoon smiled weakly and glanced at Jimin sadly.

“Also Jinnie wants to talk to you,” Taehyung said grabbing a huge towel from the bathroom closet. “So like RIP, man”

“You do know I am the Alpha of this pack right?” Namjoon slipped past Taehyung.

“We all know who runs this household, hyung,” Jungkook said helping Jimin stand up.

“Why is he limping?” Taehyung said all but growling.

“Fell during dance. I was able to text Yoongi. So hopefully they got something for that,” Namjoon said.

“Good,” Jungkook was thankful that Namjoon had the foresight to do that. “Me and Tae can help Jimin get back to the couch if you want to talk to jin?”

“You really want me to die,huh?” Namjoon shook his head. Although he felt that the verbal beating Jin was about to lay on him was well deserved after what he had put Jimin through. But what was at the front of his mind was the conversation he needed to have with Jimin in the morning.

Chapter Text

Jimin woke up feeling hot and restricted. He tried to wiggle out of whatever had fallen on top of him. But, after a few moments he resigned to waking up. Opening his eyes, Jimin found himself with a faceful of Taehyung’s chest. “Tae?” Jimin asked, still unsure it was a dream.

“Morning,” Taehyung petted Jimin’s head and snuggled Jimin in closer. “How are you feeling?’

“Why am I-” Jimin glanced around to see that he was in Taehyung’s bed. And they weren’t alone. Both Jungkook and Hoseok had nestled themselves into bed as well. And Jimin was somehow in the center. Jimin paused. He tried to piece together what had happened the night before. But, Jimin’s memories were fragmented at best. “Did Jungkook give me a bath?” Jimin mumbled vaguely remembering soothing hot water and Jungkook’s soft voice as Jungkook carried Jimin to the bathroom.

“Yup,” Taehyung popped the ‘P”. “And Namjoon helped Then, we all took turns feeding you soup Jin made you,” Taehyung cooed at the memory.

“You did?”

“Mmhmm,” Hoseok murmured from behind Jimin. His voice rough with sleep and something else that Jimin couldn’t quite place.

“Of course we did,” Taehyung confirmed. “Then you fell asleep,” Taehyung pulled Jimin in close. “So I carried you to bed with me. exactly where you belong,”

“You didn’t-” Jimin began.

“I was so happy we could share the bed,” Taehyung said seemingly knowing what Jimin was about to say. “ I was looking forward to our sleepover, but then you got home late. And then you got the silly idea to sleep on the couch soaking wet.”

“What were you thinking, red?” Hoseok said pulling Jimin, along with Taehyung closer.

“I didn’t want to wake you up,” Jimin said relaxing into Hoseok’s touch. Jimin couldn't help but think he was dreaming with all the attention he was getting. “You all were so stressed and busy,” jimin was waiting to wake up on a damp couch.

“Trust me,” Hoseok said nuzzling into the nape of Jimin’s neck. Hoseok took in Jimin’s scent with a content sigh. “You’re always worth waking up for,”

“He’s blushing,” Taehyung said while drinking in how cute Jimin looked. Jimin’s red hair was still fluffy from his bath and his cheeks tinged pink.

“Good,” Hoseok purred.

“Snitch,” Jimin lightly punched Taehyung’s chest.

“Makes up for you not wanting to sleep with us,” Taehyung scolded.

“And trying to sleep soaking wet,” A half asleep Jungkook sat up from behind Taehyung and looked at Jimin, although his eyes threatened to close “Don’t do that,” Jungkook said flopping down again and falling into slumber.

“Sorry,” Jimin said feeling a flush of guilt. In the middle of the night it had seemed like a perfectly reasonable thing to do. But now, cradled between two protective werewolves, it was pretty ridiculous of him.

“You don't need to apologize,” Taehyung said tucking Jimin closer into his arms.

“I wanted to.” Jimin said softly. “I feel like I ended up causing more trouble than anything,”

“I’m sorry I couldn’t come to the studio,” Hoseok interrupted. His voice was barely above a whisper. The normal flirty tone in Hoseok’s voice was now just remorse. “I promised you that I would go, but I got caught up,”

“Its okay, You get busy.”

“That just a shitty excuse,” Hoseok near growled before deflating. “I’m sorry, I could have been there for you but-“

“Please don't apologize,” Jimin had done plenty of Apologizing in the past but he wasn’t sure how to react on the other end of one.

“I want to,” Hoseok turned Jimin’s words against him. “I should have kept my promise.”

Feeling a lump of emotions swell in his throat, all Jimin could manage to say was a shaky “thanks,”

“’m sorry,” Jungkook muttered in his sleep. “I’ll take care of you better, minnie,”

“Then we are all in agreeance. Taehyung said with a nod. “We’re all sorry. Now l want to cuddle,” Taehyung said pulling Jimin in. With the warmth surrounding him, Jimin felt himself drift back to sleep..


The next time Jimin woke up, Jimin found that he was still being held lovingly. “When are you going to let me go,” Jimin huffed looking up at, who Jimin assumed was Taehyung. But instead, he was being held by the youngest wolf in the group. “Jungkook,” Jimin said feeling himself heat up again.

“Kookie?” Jimin said softly trying to move out of Jungkook’s arms but was once again pulled in.

“Don’t worry you’re safe,” Jungkook sighed as he rubbed his cheek into Jimin’s hair. “I’ll protect you,”

Jimin felt a wave of content at those sleep driven words. But after a few moments, and a pang of hunger, Jimin realized he had to get out of bed. “Shoot,” Jimin looked to see that he and Jungkook were the only ones who occupied the bed at this point.

As if reading Jimin’s mind, Taehyung popped his head into the room. “You’re awake,”

“And stuck,” Jimin mumbled into Jungkook’s chest.

“I can see that.” Taehyung bounced towards the bed. “Need some help,” Taehyung said reaching for Jungkook’s arm. After a few moments of struggled Taehyung noted, “He’s really got you, huh?’

“Yup,” Jimin wasn’t opposed to the idea.

“Uh, how is everyone else doing?” Jimin said as fragments of the night before returned. “Did Jin get mad at Namjoon?”

“You should have seen it Jimin,” Taehyung laughed. “I actually thought that Namjoon was about to get ripped in half”

“Oh no” Jimin finally pulled himself from Jungkook’s hold, which caused the werewolf to groan in protest.

“Please he deserved it.” Taehyung steady Jimin, who looked like he was about to fall out of bed, “Jin’s going to be giving him micro punishments for a week.”

“Micro punishments..”

“Yeah like no morning kiss or no fresh coffee in the morning,” Taehyung said listing on his fingers. “I don't think it will be anything too too TOO bad,”

“That sounds like Jin,” Jimin glanced down. He was wearing Taehyung’s favorite fluffy grey sweater and a pair of pink fluffy socks. Jimin wrapped his arms around himself and breathed in. Jimin imagined It was Taehyung’s arms wrapped around him. He smiled.

“Speaking of coffee,” Taehyung said interrupting Jimin from his thoughts. “Let’s go get something to eat,” Taehyung pulled Jimin into his arms, indulging Jimin’s unspoken fantasy immediately, and pulled Jimin towards the kitchen.

Chapter Text

With every step away from the warm bed and towards the kitchen, Jimin felt the buzzing nervousness grow inside him. After last night, he wasn’t sure how the other’s were going to react. Namjoon had already seemed mad the night before, and Jin was a worrying mess. And to top it off, the idea of the duo fighting about him, made Jimin queasy. The only thing that kept him grounded was Taehyung by his side.

But, before even stepping into the Kitchen, Jimin heard Namjoon’s voice.

“I can’t believe how wet Jimin got the couch,” Namjoon took a long drink from his coffee while eyeing the damp furniture. Sighing at the burnt taste of the coffee (that he had to brew himself), Namjoon didn’t realize Jimin gotten up for breakfast.

“Sorry,” Jimin said stumbling into the room, with Taehyung still draped over him. “I’ll try and clean it later. I hope I didn't ruin it or anything,” Jimin was sure he would have been on the floor without Taehyung supporting his weight.

“I'm sure it’s fine,” Jin said shooting a glare at Namjoon “And if it isn’t, who cares? It’s just a couch after all,”

“Maybe not Micro-punishments,” Taehyung noted.

Namjoon all but flinched. “I didn't mean anything by it,” Namjoon explained. “I just can't understand why you would think it was a good idea to sleep soaking wet.” Namjoon looked at Jimin. “I was reading up on it last night and you could have died from any number of things.”

Jimin looked between Jin and Namjoon. “I’m sorry I worried all of you”

“All is forgiven,” Jin said leaning over the counter to tuck a stray hair from Jimin’s face. “From you at least,” Jin glanced towards Namjoon. “But, we have more pressing concerns, like what you would like for breakfast, Jimin,”

“I’m good with anything,” Jimin said. Bathing in the luxury of being spoiled, Jimin drank some of the tea that Jin had put in front of him. Jimin was happily surprised at how normal the morning was starting. “Everything you make is so delicious,”

Taehyung leaned over to whisper in Jimin’s ear, “Ask for french toast,” Taehyung’s hot breath tickled Jimin’s ear.

“French toast.” Jimin repeated loyalty.

“French toast it is!” Jin turned towards the fridge. “And Namjoon,”


“I think you should just focus on drinking your coffee,” Jin said.

“Right,” Namjoon said into his cup and took a big gulp of the bitter burnt coffee.

“How was your sleep?” Jin asked over his shoulder as he began to crack the eggs and pull the bread from it’s bag.

“Dry,” Jimin chuckled softly and peeked at Namjoon from over Namjoon’s coffee cup. The older was looking back and mouthed an exaggerated ‘sorry’. Jimin swore his cheeks would get a cramp with the amount of smiling he had done this morning.

Jimin’s smile faltered at the intrusive thought that they were only being nice because he had gotten sick the night before. That the strong werewolves just felt bad for the weak human, who got hurt over the smallest things. Jimin tucked his lower lip between his teeth and softly bit down in worry. Maybe tomorrow, everything would be back to normal. Him- alone in his apartments- while the members of the pack did their werewolf things.

It was the smell of french toast that brought Jimin back to the present, along with Jungkook’s tired voice.“I want bacon.” Jungkook rubbed away the sleep from his eyes.

“We are having french toast.” Jin said pulling half a loaf worth of french toast onto Jungkook’s face.


“Jimin wanted it.” Jin added quickly.

“I love french toast.” Jungkook nodded and sat down next to Jimin and Taehyung. “Good morning Jimin,”

“Morning Kookie,” Jimin said. “How was your sleep,”

“You mean asleepy?” Jungkook teased, but it went right over Jimin’s head.

“What?” Jimin asked at the bizarre word choice.

“Jungkook.” Jin warned and placed some french toast in front of Jungkook.

“Don’t worry about it. “ Jungkook grinned. “ And my sleep was amazing.” Jungkook nodded shoving half a slice of bread into his mouth. “You?”

“Really good.” Jimin nodded

“Good.” Jungkook cleared his throat. “You are uh- looking a lot better today,”

“That’s because you took care of me,” Jimin said a teasing note in his voice.

Tinged pink, Jungkook asked, “You remember?”

“ this and that,” Jimin said glancing towards Namjoon. “You too, Namjoon. I really appreciate it,”

“I did what I had to,” Namjoon said simply. “Do you remember that Jungkook’s was one who carried you like a princess,”

‘Shut it,” Jungkook was the pink intensifying.

“I remember vividly,” Jimin grinned.

Jimin tried to stand up but was quickly pushed back into his seat by Jungkook, “Stay.”

“I just wanted to get some jam,”

“Kay,” Junkook said going to the fridge. “Which kind?”

“Raspberry,” Both Namjoon and Jimin said at the same time.

“The new jar is on the door, Kookie” Jin saw that Jungkook was having some trouble finding the tiny jar and leaned over Jungkook to grab the jam, where in the process he pecked Jungkook on the cheek. “See?” Jin wiggled the jar at Jungkook before placing it in front of Jimin.

“Thanks Jin,” Jimin said reaching for the jam that was quickly snatched by Jungkook. “Oh sorry go ahead.” Jimin said sheepishly.

“I’m opening it for you?” Jungkook said as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. “I’m glad you’re looking better, Jimin”

“What are you talking about,” Jin said putting a refilled mug of tea in front of Jimin. “Our minnie always looks good.”

“So true,” Hoseok said popping out from Yoongi’s room with Yoongi following closely behind. “We finally got some much needed inspiration for the song and just had to finish it,” Hoseok said.

“Morning,” Yoongi said quietly pressing a kiss to Jimin’s head, causing the entire room to stop. “How are you feeling?” Yoongi continued as if it was the most natural thing in the world to kiss Jimin so domestically.

“Better,” Jimin said nearly choking on the french toast. “How was your sleep?”

“Perfect with you in our bed,” Yoongi shrugged grabbing himself a cup of coffee. Yoongi turned around to find six pairs of eyes on him. “What?”

“This isn’t what we discussed,” Namjoon said the threat in his voice.

“I’m just following my gut.”

“Well, I’m all for it,” Hoseok said taking two huge leaps towards Jimin while saying “I’m going to kiss you, is that okay Red?”

“Yeah” Jimin said still dazzled from Yoongi’s kiss.

Hosoek attacked Jimin with a fat sloppy kiss to Jimin’s cheek. The confusion only intensified as Hoseok’s kiss started an uproar.

“That’s not fair, I want to kiss Jimin too,” Taehyung whined.

“I want to kiss him too,” Jungkook said. “I’m his prince, Namjoon said so”

“Nuh-uh! He just said Jimin was a princess,” Taehyung countered. “That means any of use can be his prince.”

“I made breakfast, therefore I get kiss dibs obviously,” Jin said, adding to the fight.

“We all want to kiss Jimin,” Namjoon’s voice boomed.

“You do?” Jimin said eyes furrowing.

“We do.” Everyone but Namjoon nodded in agreeance.

“Namjoon?” Jin gave the leader a look.

“We all do.” Namjoon agreed. “But damn it, Yoongi, I didn’t want to explain it so suddenly,”

“Oh well,” Yoongi said hiding his smug look into his cup of coffee.

“... I think we need to talk,” Namjoon said looking between the pack and Jimin.

Chapter Text

“... I think we need to talk,” Namjoon said putting his cup of coffee down on the table with a serious look. Namjoon glanced at the rest of the wolves who nodded in solidarity with their pack leader. They all might not be ready for this conversation but they knew it had to happen. For Jimin’s sake.

“Talk?” Jimin felt something ugly curl in his gut. The morning had been amazing. It was natural and just felt right to Jimin. A dark thought ran through his head telling him that maybe he was just reading too much into the situation. But then a lighter, more rational, thought shone through. The kiss. Or rather kisses from the pack told a much different story. A story that Jimin was much more inclined to be a part of.

“Talk. Because we as werewolves don’t do it enough. And that’s not fair.” Jin said with a nod.

“You know how wolves use scents and body language to figure out how the pack members are feeling,” Jin said slowly.

“Right,” Jimin nodded. Thinking back to all the research he had done. It had something to do with werewolves advance scent and special biochemistry that came with being a werewolf. Jimin has even pondered to buy, the obviously scam, werewolf perfume at one point. But his better judgement-and dignity- had stopped him.

“ Sometimes, wolves rely on those abilities too much,” Jin continued. “It’s something that we just use without thinking and we just know what the pack is all feeling without telling each other,”

“But that isn’t very fair of us,” Yoongi said. “Assuming that you are fine when you said ‘you’re fine’ was … lazy of us,”

“And Mean.” Taehyung said softly. His eyes gleaming in emotion.

“I wish I could tell you how I feel with smell,” Jimin voice was barely above a whisper. The desire has been there since the first few meetings with the wolves. “I know it would make it easier/”

“That’s not what we are trying to say,”Hoseok wrapped his arms around Jimin and breathed in deeply. “You are the first human we have all wanted to get close to, Red,”

“And we all need to put more effort in.” Jin said looking between all the agreeing wolves.

“You’re more than worth it,” Yoongi agreed roping one arm around Jimin.

“And I think it would benefit in all aspects of our lives if we raised out EI points,” Namjoon said.

“EI?” Taehyung asked.

“Emotional intelligence,”

“Oh,” Taehyung nodded. “You mean getting our heads out of our asses.” And the little smile that came from Jimin made his heart flutter. And definitely worth the playful shove from Jungkook.

“No filter,” Namjoon shook his head but couldn’t help but smile. “But straight to the point,”

“We wanted to protect you by keeping you are an arms length”Jungkook reached to grab Jimin’s hand from across the table. “But now we realize that was wrong. We should have pulled you closer. We were all just so scared that the werewolf way would make you run away from us.”

“But we have no idea how to get closer than acquaintances with humans.” The exasperation dripping from Namjoon’s voice.

“The werewolf way?” Jimin said furrowing his eyes in confusion. There hadn’t been much on that in the books, essays, and websites he had scrounged for information. And from the look of frustration, Namjoon hadn’t had much luck in his research as well.

“I tried to look up the differences, but I couldn’t find any sustainable data,” Namjoon confirmed.

“... Is there any difference?” Jimin tilted his head. The thought hadn’t come to him before. But the answer couldn’t be that easy. Could it?

“...I’m not sure.” Namjoon said. Jimin almost laughed at how he could see the thoughts spinning in Namjoon’s head.

“Let’s just try,” Taehyung said simply.

“... try what?” Jimin asked slowly.

“To snuggle all night long,” Taehyung said.

“And to keep our promises no matter how ‘busy’ we are,” Hoseok said the hold on Jimin tightening.

“To pull you in close.” Jungkook squeezed Jimin’s hand. Then whispered. “Even though I’m terrified,”

“To trust our gut,” Yoongi nodded and pulled Jimin in for another peck on the cheek.

“And to take care of you.” Jin smiled and ruffled Jimin’s hair.

“To show you how important you are to us.” Namjoon concluded and left no room for interpretation.

Even so,Jimin asked “What do you mean?” Jimin had to confirm it. “I’m a human so-”

Namjoon cleared his throat. “You aren’t just a human. You’re our human.”

“I’m yours…” Jimin said. The words feeling right and made the negative thoughts that had tarnish his mind evaporate.

“If you want to be.” Taehyung said quickly.

“Especially after last night,” Jin added. “We realized that if we didn’t do anything we could lose you.”

“It broke our heart’s last night, Jimin” Hoseok said. “ seeing you so sad. We realized we should have acted sooner.”

“We’ve been wanting to ask for weeks now,” Yoongi said. “But none of us had the guts.”

‘Asking for what?” Jimin said. The yes dancing on the tip of his tongue.

“Jimin,” Namjoon said eyes glistening. “We want to formally invite you to complete our pack,”

“It’s all I ever wanted.” Jimin said feeling the hot tears rush down his face. But unlike yesterday, these tears were sweet.