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Tell Me No Secrets

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At age five you could read minds.

By the age of six years old you had already learned how to deceive the men working for the lab. Nobody would ever suspect a small child learning such a thing and yet you were no ordinary child.

By age seven you had learned how to manipulate the minds of the men around you with a few words.

By age eight they had caught onto what you were doing and made it so you couldn’t talk. You knew you had to be smarter and sneakier.

By age nine you figured out you could make them bend to your will with a touch. Nobody touches you anymore.

By ten you could make them bend to your will with a thought if you concentrated hard enough.

By eleven you knew you had to make them forget.

It took three whole years.

At age fourteen, you made them forget. Then you disappeared.

The man is in his 40s and balding with a round belly and white lab coat. You gaze at him almost in boredom as he deletes your files from the computer and the surveillance footage. You had been eating away at every mind in the facility for the past few weeks. Your plan is foolproof. When he is finished you know you need to do one more thing. You have him lead you to Martin Brenner. You follow him into the room before you make the man before you collapse into an unconscious state. Brenner gets up at the sudden disturbance and gazes at you in shock. You tilt your head in contemplation before you open your hand indicating you want the file. You watch as his eyes glaze over and he reaches in his desk for your file.

He goes to hand you the file and you grasp his hand making the man freeze.

“You are to forget me. You will never think of me again. You will forever leave me alone.”

You turn on your heel and walk away. After years of reading the minds of the workers and studying their every move within the lab you knew your way out. For a moment, guilt washes over you as you hear the forlorn yells a little girl as she screamed for her ‘Papa.’ That man is not her papa and you want to take her with you, as bad as it is in here, you know little of out there and that world is no place for a child of ten.

You do a sweep of the lab making sure you haven’t forgotten anything. The gloves they forced onto you in order to control you, now just help you not to leave any traces behind. When you get to the guards you have them wipe all the new surveillance footage before you wipe their minds and walk casually out of the gates and into the forest.

You understand the concept of family. You had seen them in the minds of the men. You saw happiness and love in family. You saw safety and security.

You walk through the woods until you get to a road. Since you don’t have a car you just start walking.

You aren’t sure how much time has passed when a car comes speeding toward you but you’re surprised when a familiar face is staring back at you. Melanie Summers is a labtech at the facility and someone whose memory you had a harder time of erasing.

“Get in,” She says with finality.

You regard her for a moment and wonder if you should trust her. A gentle probe of her mind and you know.

You get into the car and she rushes off down the road.

“I can’t believe you actually made it out….” she says more to herself than you, “How did you do it?”

You regard her silently for a moment. You had spent years muzzled like a rabid animal so you couldn’t speak. They didn’t talk to you. Melanie had been the only one to treat you like a person. She had lost a child and apparently you reminded her of her daughter.

“I plan for long time.”

She nods in understanding, “Where are you going to go?”

“Anywhere that is not there.”

Talking hurts too much so the next time she asks a question you just shrug your shoulders. Perhaps you should be more grateful to this woman who is risking her life to help you, or maybe you should leave and never return. ‘I’ll stay with her until I know where to go, then I’ll leave…’

That had been the plan anyway. That had been three years ago now and now high school almost made you want to go back to the lab. Teenagers are cruel and your odd mannerisms had made you quite the target for snide remarks and judgement. Imagine going to high school and knowing exactly what everyone thinks about you.

Mostly echoes of ‘freak’ or ‘weirdo’ haunt your mind through every interaction. Every minute thing about your appearance and mannerisms to the fact that you are smart attracted the disdain of your peers.

You had somehow garnered teachers pet status due to your intelligence and your boredom. Well, perhaps not that last bit…

This is why you get paired up with Steve ‘The Hair’ Harrington in your science class. This makes you want to actually poke your eyes out with a spork. The plastic ones from the cafeteria… spork.

You heave a sigh as you glance to your right and roll your eyes at the male sitting next to you as he tries to balance a pencil on his upper lip.

“So what are we doing?” He asks eventually when you don’t offer to speak to him.

You turn and look over at him before you shrug and continue to look through your science book.

‘Great… I got stuck with the freak… I hope she doesn’t go all Carrie on everyone…’

You heave another sigh at the thought that drifts from his mind. You shake the thought away as you turn from him and gaze out the window. You open your science book to a page about chemical reactions and slide it over to him.

“I’ll handle it,” you say with finality before you close the book and stuff in your bag a moment before the bell rings.

‘Like hell am I babysitting this overgrown child,’ you think to yourself as you get up and walk away. You ignore him as he shouts after you.

“Look,” Steve says as he goes to grab your shoulder.

You whip around and throw his hand off of you.

“Don’t touch me.”

He holds his hands up as he takes a step back, “whoa… sorry… I just wanted to tell you I want to help.”

You regard him quietly for a moment, “if that’s what you wish.”

“Uhh it is?” He calls as he falls into step next to you.

You just nod in acceptance.

“We should probably meet up then? You could come over and we could do the project at my place?”

You can practically feel the wince at the suggestion.

You just nod once again, “okay.”

“Okay cool… well… I’ll see you soon.”

You nod and watch as he rushes off down the hallway.

You make your way to your next class quietly and feel a frown as the voices of the new student, Billy, and his cronies Tommy and Carol meet your ears. Billy hadn’t bothered with you, but Tommy and Carol love to make comments and shoulder check you as you walk down the hallways. Even better if you are holding books to knock from your hands. You had thought of using your powers on them multiple times, but you knew that while in Hawkins staying as far below the radar as you can is important.

“Billy! I don’t think you’ve met this… freak yet have you?” Tommy yells loud enough for you to hear as you go to pass them. Tommy makes it a point to step directly in your path. You regard him cooly for a moment before you make to get around him. You can see Billy out of the corner of your eyes watching the event unfold. Sure he’s handsome but his mind is angry. You made it a point to stay as far out of it as you could. Nothing good ever comes from minds like his.

You gaze back at Tommy in abject boredom and you make to get around him again.

“Where do you think you’re going?” questions Carol in her shrill voice as she walks up to you.

You turn towards her voice, “Away from you.”

You smirk at the outrage on her face as you attempt to get around the pair a second time.

“What was th-”

“Let her pass,” A deep velvety voice cuts off Tommy.

The duo turn to regard their companion in confusion, “But Billy!”

“I said…” he says as his voice drops dangerously low, “Let her pass.”

You regard him in confusion as the words ‘fucking asshole,’ floats across his mind.

“Thank you…” you say softly.

He turns and nods at you as he continues to stare the other two down. You don’t stick around to see what happens next. You don’t question why, Billy Hargrove, the guy who seems hell bent on making Steve’s life a living nightmare would be nice to you. Then again, you aren’t the biggest fan of Steve Harrington anyway. He may be nicer now that he is dating Nancy Wheeler, but that doesn’t erase the past.

You put the two males from your mind as you make your way to your final class of the day. Billy walks in a few moments before the bell and takes a seat in the back closest to the door. His gaze shows his boredom as he regards the English class with minimum attention. You don’t pay much mind to him and when class is over you head for the door.

You are almost home free when you hear your name being called by none other than Steve Harrington.

“So…. Would you be free this weekend to work on our project?”

“Why are you so excited about this?” you finally ask after a moment of being confused by the male’s presence.

“I’m… not doing so hot in science and I need a good grade…. This is like what? Thirty percent of our grade? I figured this would help…”

You just nod in understanding, “We can work on it this weekend.”

You say nothing more on the matter as you walk away from him.

“Ok! Bye!” he yells after you, his discomfort obvious.

You just hold your hand up to signal you heard him.

You get out the doors in enough time to watch Billy peel out of the parking lot. You contemplate for a moment the fact that he had been somewhat decent to you today, but don’t dwell on it long. The walk back to your house is odd to say the least. You notice an odd group of kids speeding past you on their bikes. One child in particular catches your attention.

‘It must be nothing… surely it’s nothing… it’s not back…he’s-’

Panic rolls around inside of his brain and as you regard him, you feel a presence you haven’t felt in 3 years. The hairs on the back of your neck stand on end and you resume your casual walk home, but this time just a little bit faster than before.