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Prince Omega

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Shoto Todoroki was supposed to be born an alpha – but at his birth, the doctors had checked him thoroughly for the trademark of the Todoroki alphas, and it was not there. A few families of strong alpha lineage had developed birthmarks such as these, in order to indicate at birth if the child was an alpha (that way, heirs to kingdoms and fortune could be announced at birth). But no matter how hard they looked, or how many doctors and nurses double-checked, they could not find that triangle of flesh that looked like a burn. Shoto simply wasn’t an alpha. The last of King Enji Todoroki’s children was a failure, and the king found himself wishing he had stopped at three children, because then he could declare that he had an all-alpha brood. But now, there was a non-alpha, and there was no denying it. Although the doctor’s said there could be a chance he would still present as an alpha when the time came, Enji knew better. But his wife, Rei, held their son to her breast, and he could tell she was desperate for that bit of hope that she had not failed her husband. But he did not care, in his eyes, Shoto was already a failure, and was doomed to disappoint him.

Shoto grew up in the shadow of his family. As the youngest child of King Enji and Queen Rei (for they would have no more children after him), and the only non-alpha of the children, he was set apart. Or rather, set aside. Shoto attended lessons, as his siblings did, and learned about politics, war, and diplomacy alongside regular studies – as his siblings did. But where they learned to take charge, to lead, to inspire the masses, and eventually rule in Touya’s case – he learned how to support them, to maneuver the court without being seen, and to handle all of that which happened behind the curtains. He was tended for, as in fed and housed, and the servants still cleaned his room for him and made sure he had a closet filled with clothing, but he was largely ignored by both servants, staff, court, and family. His mother, though perhaps still wishing he would still present as an alpha, had gotten over it. She followed his father’s example of looking at Shoto with disdain and disappointment, no matter how well he did in his studies. His parents had not tended to him as an infant, instead hiring a nanny who would only offer him the bare minimum of care, and only when absolutely necessary. His siblings, all older than him and busy enough as it is, did not have the time, or the desire, to play and care for him.

When Shoto was finally old enough to take lessons at the age of five, Natsuo was nine and was already becoming an elite socialite among his friends, Fuyumi was twelve and had just fully presented as an alpha and was starting to take her role as princess and right-hand to Touya seriously. Touya himself was fifteen, an alpha going through puberty and crown prince to the kingdom. None of them could spare the time and effort to tutor and coach a young child. It is not that they looked at Shoto the same way their parents looked at him, but they had grown accustomed to ignoring him, not that it took much effort. Shoto was always a quiet child, even his monochromatic eyes betrayed nothing but stillness within him. So, no one minded him, and Shoto grew on his own. He tended his own scrapes and bruises, refusing to cry or call out for help. He studied on his own, not willing to ask anyone for additional tutoring. He played on his own, often choosing to hike and explore the extensive palace and grounds, finding places that had long since been forgotten.

As he grew older, the court and press started to whisper about him, wondering what his dynamic was. Following the Todoroki lineage, most assumed he would be alpha or beta. With his quiet determination and intelligence, as well as his speed and surprising strength, some thought he would be alpha. When he failed to present by the age of thirteen, most assumed he would be beta as all of his siblings and his father had presented as alpha by that age. The rest were convinced by his demeanor. As always, even going into puberty, Shoto was calm, indifferent almost. His eyes continued to be blank, as if bored by the world and its happenings. He was even able to de-escalate situations, whether it was two alphas fighting due to hormones, or a dispute over who was right in a case of wrong-doing. These traits led everyone to believe he was beta, but it would not be confirmed until his eighteenth birthday, unless he happened to present beforehand.

When he was fourteen, he was able to convince his father to allow him to use and renovate the abandoned north tower in a home for himself, and for his future family – should he have one. Enji agreed, as it would mean Shoto would stay in the palace and work for the family as intended, but would also make sure he was away from the main family. Therefore, he would be out of site and out of mind but still usable. Within a year, Shoto had it renovated into a three-story home that housed a large living space on the main floor, with a guest bath, dining room, entertainment room, and a large kitchen. The second floor held additional bedrooms, to be used for guests or children. Four rooms total, each with a walk-in closet and attached bathroom. The third and final floor held Shoto’s quarters. A large master bedroom with an almost equally large walk-in closet, and a huge master bath with a bathtub big enough for four people and a detached walk-in shower that was also just as monstrous. Next to the bedroom was an additional room, Shoto’s study. It contained his desk and additional chairs on one side, with bookshelves lining the wall behind his office chair. To the other side were two couches in the corner closest to the door, one on each wall with a coffee table centered in front of them. In the center of the room was grand piano, behind it was a large window. The piano was faced so the pianist would sit with his back to the window, allowing him to see the rest of the room.

Shoto was proud of his home, and spent many hours in his study. He would read and study his subjects there, and would practice his piano. No one had bothered to teach him, but he had learned regardless and thought he was quite good for being self-taught. The servants only came to clean his home, for he tended to do most things for himself – including cook. He found early on that requesting food from the kitchens resulted in one of two things. They would either forget his request and he would go hungry, or he would get his food at a late hour and it would be cold and bland. So, he learned to cook for himself, which led to him requesting specific groceries. When he realized the servants would not actually grant his requests, he started going on his own, hiding beneath the hood of his jacket and going by public transportation to get the things he wanted. It seemed no one in the palace knew, or if they did – they didn’t care. And apparently the masses did not keep tabs on the youngest prince’s features, as no one ever recognized him, even when he let his hood down. Shoto shopped for himself, cooked for himself, and ate all his meals in his tower that was placed far away from anyone else in the palace. He found himself alone, firmly encased in solitude by the age of fifteen. He didn’t mind, really. He knew he was just a beta, just a stepping stone for the alpha’s in his family. Just a tool to make sure the royal family stayed in power and that the kingdom remained the way it was. His life had been this way since the beginning, and he knew it would never change.




Shoto had few friends, well, one friend. A young lord named Izuku Midoriya. He sometimes stayed at the palace, as a ward of sorts, since his father, the late Lord Midoriya, had been a loyal vassal and military commander to the king. The late lord had perished in the last war, before Izuku had been born, and so the king permitted his widow, Inko Midoriya, to bring the boy to the palace on occasion in order to learn the ways of the court. Inko herself was not permitted to stay, as she was an omega, and the only omega permitted in the castle overnight was the queen herself (and Enji was loathe to even allow that at times). So Izuku spent his time with the closest in age of the Todoroki’s – Shoto. Since they were about four years old, Izuku would come by for a week or two at a time once or twice a year. Shoto would sit in silence as the young boy rambled on and on about various subjects. As they grew older, Izuku started to change. Shoto didn’t realize when it started, but Izuku was never outright aggressive, and was actually more submissive than anything. Even as young as eight years old, Izuku showed signs of submissiveness, and he always seemed frailer than the other boys their age.

When Izuku turned ten, Shoto was allowed to visit the Midoriya mansion in the town over to celebrate the boy’s birthday. There were other boys there, some more important the others. Shoto remembers the crown prince of Baku being there, one Katsuki Bakugou. An aggressive, volatile little shit. The Queen of Baku, Mitsuki Bakugou, was there as well, both the royals bearing blonde hair and aggressive red eyes. The queen was an alpha, and her son probably was too. Shoto was surprised the queen was here in this mansion and not at his father’s palace, but he knew it was not his place to question such things. Additionally, there was another adult alpha there, a man by the name of Yagi Toshinori. Izuku introduced the man to Shoto, calling him his dad, at which the older, emaciated, blonde man started to tear up. Shoto did not understand why this was significant, for in his short experience of ten years, fathers did not care about their sons enough to cry at their sweet words.

The boys all had fun throughout the night, and most (including Shoto for once) had been permitted to stay the night for a sleepover. After all the boys fell asleep in random places in one of the Midoriya’s entertainment rooms, Shoto lay awake. As always, he found it hard to sleep, but tried to let the soft breaths and loud snores of the young boys lull him into sleep. He then heard a quiet whimper to his right, where Izuku was curled in on himself, supposedly asleep. When his friend whimpered again, Shoto got up and checked on him. What he found was a very sweaty, hot-to-the-touch boy, who was grasping his stomach, clearly in pain. Shoto panicked, not sure what to do, and looked around the room, seeing red eyes peering at him from one very awake Katsuki Bakugou. Without a word, the other prince rose and quickly left, coming back not two minutes later with Inko and Yagi on his heels. The rest of the night was a blur, with all the kids being woken up and picked up by parents or other chaperones. In the morning, only Katsuki and Shoto were left. Katsuki because his mother was friends with Inko and was staying for a few weeks. Shoto was there because the palace had declined to pick him up in the middle of the night, and there was no one at the Midoriya’s who could take him the two-hour drive back.

When Shoto suggested he could take a cab or train, even Katsuki looked at him like he had three heads. There was no way they were going to let a young prince take a cab or a train. Shoto didn’t argue with them after that, and just waited in the entry way while Katsuki played video games in one of the other rooms. The other prince clearly thought Shoto was a waste of space as well, and even the adults seemed to ignore him. Finally, at noon, a driver from the palace appeared. Yagi came down, and whispered a few words to the driver, who nodded and turned to go back to the waiting car, not even motioning to Shoto. Shoto stood, picked up his bag, gave a curt nod to the alpha who eyed him sadly (as to why, Shoto did not know), and then left the Midoriya mansion. He climbed into the backseat of the plain, white sedan his family always used to transport him, and headed home.

Weeks turned into months as Shoto waited for Izuku to call him, text him, anything. Shoto held his phone is his ten-year-old hands, wondering if his friend had finally discovered the truth about him. That Shoto was a waste of space, an inherent failure and disappointment to all who would ever know him. Eventually, a letter came. Explaining that Izuku was an omega, and could not longer come to visit Shoto, and that Shoto could no longer visit Izuku. Izuku apologized, saying that his family was also going to move to Baku at the end of the year, as the climate was better for Yagi, who suffered from an old lung injury. Izuku promised to write him more, and that they could at least exchange letters, as he did not think King Enji would like it if Shoto was using his cell phone to speak with an omega every day.

They wrote, exchanging a letter every month or two. Izuku filled his letters to Shoto with details about his days and his life, like he would if he were sitting next to him. Over the next six years, Shoto found it increasingly hard to find things to write back to Izuku and his own letters grew shorter and shorter. Without the other boy in his life, Shoto was alone and things continued as they had been. Since Shoto did not want to make Izuku sad by telling him this, but could not find himself to lie, he started sending recipes with instructions instead, or bits of piano music he had written. He was desperately trying to share the small amounts of happiness he had with Izuku, in the only way he could, but Shoto still felt – or rather he knew that Izuku would grow tired of him someday.

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It happened shortly after Shoto’s sixteenth birthday. He had woken that day with a slight fever, but thought nothing of it as he got ready for his daily lessons. On his walk from his home in the north tower to the palace library, he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his abdomen. Not wanting to raise alarm, he calmly leaned against one of the walls, waiting for it to pass. It did not pass. Time seemed to slow for him, as the pain grew more agonizing every second, and as his temperature started to rise even higher. Betas and alphas alike ignored him, as they had always done. What seemed like an hour, was actually five minutes, but now the corridor was empty and Shoto’s vision started to blur with the pain, and his hearing grew muffled. Another sharp pain ripped through him, like someone was taking a jagged knife through his abdomen, and he let out a lone cry of pain and fell to the floor, barely holding onto his consciousness. His cry must have alerted someone nearby, as he heard footsteps and shouting coming closer and closer.

What Shoto could not see were the two alpha males who had caught his scent, and the two beta males who had heard his cry. The betas got to him first, luckily, and managed to keep the alphas away until they regained their senses. It was unlikely they would have actually done anything to the prince, but with a scent like that appearing suddenly, they had to be pushed backed. But that scent meant only one thing, and even the betas could tell. Shoto Todoroki was definitely not an alpha, not even a beta.

“So, he is an omega after all,” came the booming voice of Enji as he walked up to the scene in front of him. “I knew it,” he spat, glaring at his son on the floor. Shoto was barely conscious, and could not distinguish that his father was there, let alone the words he was saying. “Take him to the dungeons,” the king instructed. “No one will visit him, and he will not leave until I say. Put him in the farthest block, in the farthest cell. Two guards need to be posted at the block’s entrance.” With that, the king turned on his heels and walked away, anger and disgust rolling off him as the betas bowed to him and obeyed. They lifted Shoto unceremoniously - he cried out in pain - they did not care. They rushed to the abandoned dungeon, taking him to the deepest block, to the darkest cell, and dumped him onto the musty, hard cot.

Shoto curled into himself, facing the cell wall. Barely registering where he was, and not coherent enough to take note that they left him with no blanket or pillow, just a cup to get water from the sink with, a few cans of soup, and a spoon. Shoto was dying, he had to be. His fever was too high, the pain too unbearable for him to not be dying. But he was confused. If he was dying, wouldn’t they have taken him to the hospital? Why was he shuttled away to a god damn dungeon cell instead?

Oh. I guess, maybe that is why? I’m a waste of space, and this is their chance to get rid of me. No one needs a beta son when they already have three capable alpha children.

He still did not understand what was actually happening to him, but resigned himself to his fate. Even delirious with fever, he figured that if he should die in that cell, there was not much he could do other than accept it. His family despised him, ignored him, and he knew they would not waste their time to save him.

For ten days he felt the fever taking over his body as the pain ripped him in half. He could not bring himself to eat, and struggled to even fetch himself water or relieve himself. He was glad the cell actually had a sink and toilet for such things. On the eleventh day, he woke with no fever, and only soreness remained in his body that whispered of the agony he had been in for the last ten days. He managed to eat some soup, finally taking note that he had only been provided four cans of vegetable soup. Shoto only ate one can that day, since he was unsure of how long he would be left in here. He ate one can every morning for the next three days, and with no food left he wondered if he would still die in this cell. Except of starvation this time. Shoto had taken the last several days to figure out his situation, and to realize what had happened. He wasn’t ill, he had presented. Late, very late for… for an omega. But he was an omega now, and there was no turning back.

How come I presented so late as an omega? Most male omegas begin their change around eight years old, their body slowly easing into the change. They experience their first (but not sexual) heat around ten or eleven, their first sexual heat hitting sometime after puberty, usually around fifteen or sixteen. But I had none of that. No scent, no fever, no pain… not until now anyways. What does this mean? And for it to last ten days… most omegas have a three to four day heat, maximum. And I’ve already hit puberty, does this mean my next heat will also include the desire to fuck an alpha? And my family… if they wanted me dead before, hated me as a beta… Surely, they will find a way to get rid of me now that I an omega. Father will never look at me again. I doubt even mother, an omega herself, will ever wish to see me now.

Later that day - the fourteenth day - the same day Shoto ate his last can of soup, a beta came for him. He was glad it was Fumikage, the man was the eldest son of the Tokoyami’s, and was nineteen now. He had been hired at eighteen by the palace as part of their personal guard, specifically as a guard to Shoto. Not that the royal family cared about what happened to Shoto, but public appearances must be met. The beta was strong for his size, and had a large beak like nose and beady red eyes. Like Shoto, he was quiet. The silent walk from the dungeons was actually a comfort to Shoto, as it gave him a sense of normalcy. He followed Fumikage up the dungeon stairs and through the palace, and was surprised that they were not going to the throne room.

I thought they would want to get this over with as quickly as possible, no better way than a death sentence issued for some made up charge of treason. They could end me right now, but I wonder why they aren’t.

The beta led him along, and Shoto started to recognize the path they were taking. He was being taken to the north tower, his home. Silence continued as he was led, their footsteps echoing off the stone floors and walls of the oldest, and mostly abandoned, portion of the palace. It is why Shoto picked it, it was a place no one else went, and where he could enjoy solitude because he wanted it, not because everyone in the room would be ignoring him. When they came to the entrance of his tower, he saw that the double mahogany wood doors had been replaced with a large, steel one. A metal door with heavy locks, meant to be locked from the outside. As they got closer, he noted the firm seals around the doorframe, seals meant to keep any scent from inside getting out and vice versa.

I chose this place so I could be free to be on my own, when I wanted to. It was meant to be a sanctuary away from the people who hated me, and intentionally pretended I didn’t exist, even when I stood next to them. But it is clear now, what my tower has become. My home is now my prison, and like a fucking princess in one of those fairy tales, I will be unable to leave. They’ve taken the one thing I was able to make for myself, and they have turned it against me.

Fumikage opened the large door, with effort, and motioned Shoto inside. “The Queen is inside, waiting. She will… she will explain things to you.” His voice was quiet, as if the beta was ashamed that he was tasked with bringing the prince to his new prison. The man’s gaze fell at Shoto’s feet, and he refused to look up into the prince’s eyes. Shoto sighed, preparing himself as best he could, given he was exhausted, hungry, and still weak from his ten day heat and following four days in the dungeon cell. He straightened his back and squared his shoulders, making no comment to the beta as he stepped into the tower.

No point in thanking him, or saying goodbye, not anymore. He knows what is going to happen, and knowing my father and mother… this is probably the last time I will see him. The last time I will ever see the outside of this door.

Inside, his mother sat at one of the couches, waiting for him. Her eyes met his with a steely glare, causing him to stop for a moment. Only long enough for the door to shut behind him, but it was enough for his mother to grin at him. Not the kind of grin a mother gives to her son after missing him for two weeks, no. The grin of a predator that just saw weakness in its prey. Her grey eyes analyzed him, searching him not only for weaknesses, but also faults.

“Mother, I–“ Shoto began before his mother interrupted with a hiss. He had never heard her hiss before, not even when Enji berated her during their family meals (of which Shoto had not participated in since he was eight), or when other nobles whispered behind her back for being omega. He took a step back, eyes wide.

“You,” she spat, her mouth forming from hiss into snarl, “are no son of mine. No filthy omega, especially a male omega, is a son of mine. I am your Queen, as I am the Queen of Zenia – wife to your King.” Her eyes held his, and his mind grasped at what she was telling him.

Even though half of me is you… I have one grey eye, like you. Half my hair is white, like you. Half of me is also of the king. A turquoise eye, and half red hair as proof. Yet, you tell me that you – that you are not my mother and father…

“My apologies, your Highness.” Shoto ensured to school his face, not willing to betray himself to her, and kept his voice even as he bowed to her from where he had stopped halfway between the door and the couch. “I will not make such a blunder again.” She grinned even wider, obviously pleased with how easily he backed down and accepted her declaration – no – her rejection of him as their son.

“I’m glad you understand your position, now, sit.” Rei Todoroki motioned to the couch opposite of her and as Shoto moved to sit, she poured them both some green tea from the kettle that sat on the table between them. “Now, I will explain your new circumstances to you, to ensure their will be no further blunders. Not that you will have much opportunity to make them anymore.” She picked up her mug as he sat down, leaving his on the table, offering no further hospitality to the prince.  For the first time in his life, Shoto wished he did not keep his hair short. He longed for a long red and white curtain of hair to hide his face behind, so he could have an excuse to not look into the eyes of the woman he knew as his mother. For those eyes held nothing but hatred, contempt, and disgust when they were directed at him.

“As you can see,” she continued after sipping her tea. “We have changed your door. I’m sure you did not miss that it locked from the outside.” Shoto nodded, but remained silent, his face passive and cool, his eyes blank as ever. “You are to stay here for the foreseeable future. Since you are known as a prince to the public, you are not easily forgotten, so there is no way for you to be quietly removed. We have told them you are ill, and it is unknown if or when you will fully recover, and thus you are on bedrest for your health until you are well again, if you ever are.”

I wish I could laugh, without giving myself away. It is ironic, because I am ill – in a way. I am an omega, the weakest link, absolutely worthless in the eyes of the king and queen. To them I AM ill, irrevocably so. And since they cannot kill me outright without suspicion, they are hiding me away.

The queen continued to gaze at him as she explained his new world, his new life, probably hoping he would react in some kind of way. As usual, he did not, and he could see the frustration building in her. “As such, you will have no visitors here, and you will not be permitted to contact the outside world. We have already removed any devices you could use to do so, but have left you a standard TV and DVD player in your main living area.” Shoto turned his gaze to the only remaining electronics, a flat-screen and DVD player, as promised. He internally sighed, he had spent a lot of time perusing the internet in his free time, trying to read and learn as many things as possible on his own. It is also how he found new recipes, and he used his laptop to write piano music. Now, he would have none of that.

“Additionally, you will no longer have servants who will tend to your home. You must manage that on your own from now own. The house has been stocked with cleaning supplies and food already. If you look by the door, there are two chests attached to the wall to the left of the door. The left chest is actually a small refrigerator, the right chest is not temperature controlled. On Mondays, a servant will come and drop off any necessary items, including the last weeks-worth of newspapers. Apparently because you are an omega is not good enough reason to not allow you to receive the news. You can attempt to request additional items by leaving a note in the right chest by 8PM on Friday nights. The servants have access to the chests from the outside, so that they do not have to come inside at all.”

Shoto wanted to die, or curl up and cry, or just simply run. But he couldn’t. The door was closed, and he was trapped. He turned his gaze from the chests back to the queen, and she looked downright smug. As if this was the best outcome she could hope for, as if she was delighted in her own son’s imprisonment.

I thought, of anyone, she might understand. She is an omega too. But I guess years of being around fath- the king, has changed her opinion of her own secondary gender.

“Any questions?” She asked, sipping her tea, her eyes practically dancing with glee as she watched Shoto absorb the information.

“No,” he coolly responded. “I only wish to express I am disappointed.” She gave him a sharp glare, almost surprised that he was starting to show some rebellion, as she set her mug down.

“Disappointed?” the queen growled at him; he could see her starting to rise off the couch. Though he was newly presented, he could smell the rage pouring off of her, finally grasping that the pungent scent was the queen herself.

“Yes, disappointed,” he continued without breaking his façade of calmness and boredom, further irritating her. “Because as an omega, and as the woman who birthed me, how could you condemn me – and take pleasure in doing so? Especially when the only crimes I have committed was not being born alpha at birth, and presenting late as an omega?”

She launched herself at him, dragging him from the couch and onto the floor next to the coffee table. She dug her knees into him as she wrapped her right hand around his throat. He flailed, trying to get free, but in his weakened state the queen could easily overpower him. He started to panic then, his passive mask finally breaking. He didn’t notice as she reached for the tea kettle with her left hand, and readjusted her right to hold his face still.

“I hate you because I am an omega, and because I gave birth to you,” she stated, and began to pour. The boiling tea struck his face, on the left side – near his eye. He screamed and quickly shut his eyes, attempting to at least save his vision. He struggled more, but in vain. “I love that man, the king.” Still, she poured the liquid, making sure it poured evenly and for as long as possible, burning him more and more. “I shouldn’t, but I do. And all he ever gave me was touch.” She paused, a single tear falling from her face, as she continued to burn her son with the tea. The tear was for her, not him. He continued to scream, and flail, but ended up biting his tongue. He stopped screaming.

I am going to die, if she doesn’t stop soon! I am lucky I closed my eyes in time, and that I didn’t just bite my tongue off, but I’m going to die, and I can’t get her off, and I can’t make her stop. Why won’t she just kill me already? I don’t care anymore! Just MAKE IT STOP!

The tea, as if hearing his silent pleas, stopped pouring. He heard the kettle smash to pieces after she threw it on the floor, but she kept him pinned, but now her hands turned into fists as she aimed for his face. “And now,” -punch- “he won’t ever” -punch- “touch me again,” -punch- “and it” -punch- “is all” -punch- “your” -punch- “fault” -punch- “because YOU” -punch- “just HAD” -punch- “to be” -punch- “a fucking” -punch- “OMEGA!” -punch-

 Just as suddenly as she had assaulted him, she leapt off of him and left. Shoto’s ears were ringing, and his face was melting, and he didn’t even hear the door shut for the last time, and didn’t hear the locks slam home, sealing away the outside world.

I didn’t die. But I will if I don’t get up. Get up. Get up. Get up. Get up. GET UP.

Shoto forced himself up, the world spinning as he stood, and he struggled his way into the bathroom, turning the tub’s faucet as cold as it would go, dunking his burning face under the ice-cold water. He felt the relief as his skin stopped actively burning. But he could also tell there were bruises and cuts all over his face, on top of the burn. The burn would for sure scar, he knew. There was no way it wouldn’t.

Not that scars matter anymore. If there is no one to see it, then there is no reason to care about how bad my face has been mutilated.

Eventually, Shoto was able to pull himself away from the tub and found the first aid kit. He treated himself as best he could, but knew that if he was not trapped here, he should go to a hospital. But he also knew that his family would not care if he died here, in fact they would probably let his body rot here. They would make his tower to become not only his prison, but his grave. If he could, he would prevent that last part.

Chapter Text

Year One: Sixteen Years Old


Shoto’s first couple weeks locked into the tower were a bit of a blur, his mind desperately trying to wrap itself around his situation, and his body reeling with the pain from the queen’s assault and the lasting effects of a long, agonizing heat in a dungeon cell. He had stumbled upon the fact that it was more than just the front door that had gone under recent renovations. He had tried to open a window at one point, only to find it would not move. So Shoto went and tested all the other windows and found they were all sealed shut, permanently.

Probably to prevent me from getting out rather than to prevent someone else from breaking in.

Like clockwork, every Monday basic foods (rice, chicken, eggs, bland cereal, and a small selection of vegetables) were dropped off into the chests, along with his week’s-worth of newspapers. He attempted to ask for additional items every Friday, but it seemed all he could do was request it, and that the servants were choosing to deny him. Two months passed, uneventful, and he found himself spending most days re-reading newspapers and old books or cleaning his tower from top to bottom. He liked the smell of bleach over his own scent, as his own scent made him sick. It smelled like rotten fruit, and while he was getting better at suppressing it, he hadn’t fully accomplished that. So, he chased the smell out with bleach and ammonia. He was glad he already had white bedding and towels, so he could bleach them every other day to keep his scent out of them.

He had been in his tower since late January, and come mid-March one Monday, he checked his chests and a found a few surprises. For once, a few of his requests were met, and waiting for him was a blank journal and a packet of blank music-score paper. More importantly, there was a small envelop with his name on it. In Izuku’s handwriting. Shoto put the food and other items away, and his hands shook as he walked up the stairs with his letter.

I wonder if Fumikage had the shift this time… he is probably the one person in this palace willing to show me an ounce of kindness.

Shoto entered his study and sat in his office chair, setting the unopened letter on his desk, taking a moment to stare at it. In just two months, he realized that even the company of people who hated him was better than no company at all. He missed the sounds of people’s voices, he missed being able to be productive and work towards a goal. Even if the goal was helping the alphas of his family, and even if that family shunned and ignored him. It was better than this utterly complete isolation. Shoto picked up the letter and carefully opened it. Once opened, he caught a slight scent coming from it. It was a little sweet, but was earthy… no… grassy almost. Like a meadow freshly grown and blooming in spring. It was crisp and welcoming, and was so much better than his own rotten fruit scent.

This must be what Izuku smells like now. The sweetness is because he is an omega, but the rest of it is so very him. It is bright and welcoming and so full of happiness that it drags you right along with it. Just like him.

Shoto felt a tear rolling down his right eye before he knew it. He hadn’t even read the letter yet, but just being able to smell Izuku, even if it was just barely a whiff, was enough to break him. He took a breath, and another moment, and cleared his tears from his eye. Unfolding the letter, he began to read.


Dear Shoto,

I have heard about your illness and I hope you get better soon. I suppose that explains why you did not write me back after my last letter. But I wanted to write you again anyways to let you know that I am thinking of you and that I hope you get better as fast as possible. It must be scary, to be so sick. No one seems to have any details about what you have, so it seems like your family and the palace are being very tight-lipped about it. I really hope it is nothing too serious, but please do not hesitate to tell me about it. I can’t visit you, I live too far away and Zenia is not as friendly to male omegas as the rest of the world, as I am sure you know. But I will do my best to be there for you in spirit, despite the distance.

For me, something exciting has happened. I am sure you remember the crown prince of Baku, Katsuki Bakugou. Him and I are officially dating! Since we are only sixteen, both the queen and my mother agree that we shouldn’t start actually courting until we are of age. But I am really excited and happy about this, I have liked him for a very long time (as you are well aware of, since I’ve been writing to you about him since we were ten). He hasn’t always been the easiest alpha to understand and get along with, but he is a genuinely nice person, and I hope that someday you can meet him again in person, whether it is as my boyfriend, my mate, or whatever we may be to each other.

Yagi is still doing good; Baku weather is immensely better for him compared to the rainy and snowy cold-ness of Zenia. I have no idea how you manage to stay there every year, all year, without going to some place with a more temperate climate. I know you like the rain, and the snow when it comes down in droves during the winter, but I can’t stand it for long anymore. Mom sends her regards, as always. I know you didn’t really get to know either of them, but they always want to know how you’re doing when I receive your letters.

I want to know what you do, Shoto. I know you cook, and I know you play piano. But that is not all of who you are, but that is all you send me. And I’m not saying that is a bad thing, because I love that you share those things with me. That doesn’t mean I don’t want to know the rest of who you are, Shoto. Or what your life is like. I don’t remember everything from our childhood, as I only got to spend a few weeks with you here and there. But please know that you can tell me anything, you can tell me everything. You are so much more than what you have given me in your letters over the last few years, and I want you to share it all with me. I want to know it all. You are my best friend Shoto, please do not be afraid to open up to me, I will not run away from you.

Please get well soon.


With Love,


Shoto finished the letter, holding it in his hands, his body shaking with silent sobs. His tears freely flowing from his right eye, his left remained dry. He lifted his left hand to his left eye, taking note of the dryness.

I guess I got more than just the burn. Looks like this eye will never shed another tear. I’m lucky that it didn’t seem to damage my eyesight, as far as I can tell.

Shoto looked back at the letter, still crying, still trying to pull himself back together. Izuku still took the time to write him another letter, even though Shoto had not been able to reply to his last one before he presented and was locked away.

Now he will never know. I won’t be able to write him back. I won’t be able to tell him what is really going on. And... and I doubt he will write again, if I fail to reply twice in a row. How I wish I had been honest beforehand, instead of trying to shield him from my own misery. I had I chance to let the truth out, to have someone on the outside know – and could therefor be suspicious of my sudden “illness.” But I ruined that before it could ever become a reality. I won’t blame him if he washes his hands from me, after repeatedly not getting any replies to his letters. I would do the same. He deserves so much more from a friend than I am able to give him. He deserved much more than what I gave him before, too. I really am just a shit person. A worthless friend, and a filthy omega on top of it all. Maybe I deserve to be locked away, I’d probably only do more damage than what I was worth if I was let loose into the world again.

A few days after receiving that first letter, Shoto was hit with his first heat since he presented. It went much the same as the last, only this time he spent it on the landing of the second floor, as it had hit him suddenly. He had been too feverish and in too much pain to move, and spent ten days on the floor. Since he was dehydrated during his heat, he hadn’t needed to relieve himself. Though he was surprised, and slightly relieved, that he did not produce any slick and did not have the urge to fuck an alpha this time either. After it was over, it took him a full three weeks to fully recover.  

A few more months passed by, much the same as the first two had. And he found his heats came every two months (so May and July) and that they took ten days, and were as painful as his first. And that he still did not produce slick or experience a “sexual” heat. On occasion, a few of his requests would be met and he would receive a nice surprise in the chests on a Monday. It wasn’t consistent, so whoever it was didn’t have a set schedule or rotation, but he appreciated them none-the-less. He was able to write some more piano music because of them, and had taken to writing songs and poetry in the notebooks. August came, and Shoto received another letter in his chest. Again, the letter was addressed to him in Izuku’s handwriting. Shoto wasted no time in putting everything away and rushing up the two flights of stairs to his study.

He wrote me again! But why? I didn’t write him back, again. Why hasn’t he given up on me already?

Despite his nerves and the need to rip open the envelope to read the letter, Shoto calmed himself and carefully opened it, preventing any rips in the envelop. He wanted it to remain as pristine as possible. Again, the letter held Izuku’s scent, just barely. Shoto found himself breathing it in, letting it wash over him. He still liked it better than his own, not that he smelled his own very often anymore. He was getting better at suppressing it, and only trace amounts came out in his sleep or when he found himself getting upset. He unfolded the letter and began to read.



I again send you well wishes, as it appears you are still too ill to reply to my letters. This concerns me, as you have never not replied to me, and now it has been twice in a row. Please write me back, even if it is just to tell me that you are doing better. Or even if you aren’t doing better. You can write me back to tell me that, too. Yagi and Mom are also worried about you, even Katsuki asks if I have received any letters from you. No one in Baku seems to be able to get ahold of anyone from Zenia about your condition, and there have been no press releases since the initial announcement about your illness in January. We are all worried, so please, please write back Shoto.

We all – Me, Katsuki, Mom, Yagi, even the king and queen of Baku – wish you well and hope you are getting better. I wait for your reply, whether it carries good news or not.



Izuku Midoriya


Shoto felt the tears falling from his eye again, but this time he did not try to stop them. There was no point anymore, no point in trying to maintain his façade of calmness and indifference. There was no one there to see, to judge. No one there to look at him and call him weak.

I’m so sorry, Izuku. Please don’t worry about me. Please, please don’t. I’m not worth the worry, and even if I can’t tell you that, even if I will never be able to tell you anything ever again, please figure it out. Forget me, my friend. Tell Yagi and Inko to forget me. Tell Katsuki and his parents to forget. I am just the last prince of Zenia, once thought as a worthless beta but now a filthy omega. I’m not worth your time, your worries, or your tears. I know this, so surely you must too.

Shoto could tell his distress was causing his scent to leak out. He folded the letter back into the envelope and put it in the desk drawer that held all the letters he ever received from Izuku. He stood up and walked to his bathroom, stripping and stepping into the shower where he washed his body with scent-removing soap and scrubbed his glands with an abrasive brush and the soap until they were raw and he could smell nothing from any of his glands – not the two on his neck nor the two on his wrists. Not a trace of himself or Izuku was left.

More months passed, with two more heats coming in September and November (still no sexual heats), and the days seemed to run into each other. He only kept track of Mondays and Fridays, and he still occasionally received notebooks and blank sheet music paper. Once, he found a small chocolate bar stashed among the groceries, and he kept it in the freezer, only nibbling on it here and there, saving it for as long as possible. In early December, he received another letter from Izuku. Like the others, he took it to his study to read, still confused why the omega kept writing to him when he was not getting any replies.



I hope you are doing well. I know Christmas is coming soon, and I know you never really enjoyed it, but I hope you can find some joy in it this year. As always, my family will be spending it with the Bakugou royal family, but this year is a bit special since it is my first Christmas with Katsuki since we started dating. He makes me very happy, Shoto, so don’t worry about me. I hope that someday you can find someone like that – who will be worth your time.

I don’t know how to say this, without it coming out wrong, Shoto. But, even if you are ill, I don’t understand why you won’t write back. It hasn’t been an issue for six years, since we had to resort to this form of communication, but now… now all you give me is radio silence. Maybe I should have seen it coming? Over the last several years, your letters how grown shorter and shorter and more impersonal. I want to believe that you sent recipes and music because you wanted to share what you loved… but now… now I don’t know what to believe. Maybe you were just sending something because you felt you had to.

But I won’t force you anymore, Shoto. I won’t make you feel bad for not wanting to write back. This is my last letter. I still hope you get better, and I hope you have found someone who you think is worth your time.



Lord Izuku Midoriya


The tears didn’t come this time, instead Shoto felt relieved – even as his heart was breaking. He breathed in the last traces of Izuku’s scent as it started to fade, knowing it was likely the last time he would ever smell another person ever again. Or any scent, for that matter. He had finally mastered the ability to suppress his own scent, and even when he was distressed or having nightmares, he remained scent-less like he had been before he presented.

Goodbye, Izuku. My only friend, I wish you only the best. I hope you and Katsuki have a long and wonderful life with each other, you deserve it. You deserve the world, Izuku. But you are better off without me. You may not know it, but it is true. I don’t even care if you hate and resent me now. Because you finally did what had to be done, and now you can forget me and move on.

Shoto placed the letter in the desk drawer with the others, and for the first time, he locked it. He took the key and placed it in a random book on the bookshelf, not taking notice of which one it was or where it was placed.

That chapter is closed now, like the others. There is no point in dragging the past into the present anymore. Especially when there is no future. At least, not for me. Not anymore.

Shoto turned and went back downstairs and picked up one of the newspapers from last week that had been delivered with the rest of the goods. On the front page, he learned something new. His eldest brother, Touya, had gotten married over the weekend to an alpha woman named Andrea. He closed his eyes, clamping down on his emotions and willing his heart to stop breaking.

Of course, they wouldn’t bother to notify me. I didn’t even know he had been seeing anyone, let alone was engaged to be married. It is going to be like this from now on, I have to remember that. They are still living their lives; the only difference is now I am out of the picture. I am no longer a younger brother they have to include based on expectations. They no longer have to pretend to love me. Everything I learn about them will be learned like this, through the newspaper. I have no right to anything else, and I should be grateful I even get to have newspapers.



Year Two: Seventeen Years Old


Life continued for Shoto, he barely realized when his birthday came and passed on January 11th, not even bothering to wish himself a happy birthday. His heats also continued as they had been, coming every two months, and lasting for ten days. He didn’t even know if he was going into pre-heat before his actual heat, as it seemed to hit him suddenly. But, at least now, he could somewhat plan ahead. He had one mishap where he spent a heat in a bathroom, that had been the one in January after he turned seventeen. But he learned to count the days and track it, and had not spent a heat on the floor or in the bathroom since.

Every once in a while, he continued to receive surprises in the chests on Mondays. He stopped making requests, though. He really didn’t see the point anymore, since he knew he wasn’t going to receive any letters from Izuku, there wasn’t anything to look forward to. His burn had healed fully, finally. As he expected, it left a nasty, red scar on the left side of his face, over his eye. His hair was a bit longer now, it had grown a couple of inches and now covered his eyes and nose, and almost his mouth. Shoto didn’t feel the need to cut it or maintain it beyond washing it regularly.

He continued to receive the newspapers every week, and he learned that his brother, Touya, and his wife had their first son in October. His name was Yata, and while Shoto did not know if the boy had been born with the Todoroki alpha mark, he would bet money on it. Otherwise, such a public announcement would not have been made. He also learned that Fuyumi was engaged to a man named Kai. Another alpha. The article did not say when they would be married.

One sibling married, a nephew born, and a second sibling engaged. And not a single newspaper article asking where their youngest brother is, no one is concerned about a presumed beta prince and his potentially life-threatening “illness.” They truly are living as if I had never existed. At least I have been allowed to live, as a male omega I could not ask for more. They should have killed me when they found out, I’m just a waste of space and resources at this point.



Year Three: Eighteen Years Old


Shoto turned eighteen and he didn’t even realize it. He didn’t really care, not anymore. Time passed in a blur, his only source of news coming from the newspapers, as usual. Fuyumi was married that February, on Valentine’s Day. His hair grew longer, and his heats happened every two months as usual – January, March, May, July, September, and November. As always, they were agonizing and he wanted to die. Always ten days in which he could remember nothing but pain and nightmares induced by his fever.

He started having nightmares more frequently now, too. He had some nightmares after his mother attacked him and burned him – reliving the moment in his sleep and waking up. He never screamed out – he hadn’t made any sounds since the attack itself. Not a scream, not a sob, not a word or even a hum. He hadn’t really taken note of his own silence, but then again, he didn’t care anymore.

But the nightmares were bad, now. They included others, not just the queen. Sometimes he would dream that Enji was whipping him for some minor infraction – giving him fifty lashes like they did in the good old days. Sometimes it was Touya and his alpha friend, Shigaraki Tomura, threatening to sell him off to some powerful, but cruel and abusive, alpha. Fuyumi and Natsuo even made appearances in his nightmares, trying to kill him in ways that looked like accidents. But those weren’t the worst ones. No, the worst were the ones with Izuku, and he always remembered them vividly. Izuku with a knife to his throat, Izuku choking him, Izuku calling him a filthy omega, an omega slut. Izuku confirming with his own voice that Shoto was a shit person, a bad friend, and a waste of space.

Then the nightmares starting following him when he was awake. He would seem them lurking in the corners of his home, his prison. Waiting for him to turn around or fall asleep so they could attack him.

They… they can’t be real. No one is here but me. It is just me. Only me. No one else. They aren’t real. They aren’t real. They aren’t real. They aren’t real.

No matter how many times he tried to convince himself, they were always there. Camping out at the edges of his vision, hiding around corners and in the shadows. He couldn’t sleep, and when he did, the nightmares were always waiting for him, more vivid and real than life itself. Somewhere in his mind, he realized he was probably going insane. But he found, as with most things now, that he didn’t really care.



Year Four: Nineteen Years Old


Hello, Izuku. Fuyumi, Natsuo, Touya.

Shoto mentally acknowledged the people standing around his home in the corners and shadows as he cleaned from top to bottom, as he always did. He didn’t know what day it was, or what month. It didn’t matter. He was in his study, and had recently decided to push his piano into the corner, facing the far wall, and pushed one of the couches up next to it. The back of the couch pressed against the right-side of the piano. Underneath the piano was a single pillow and a single quilt. That’s where he slept now.

Only I sleep there. No room for anyone else. Just me. Only me. No one else.

He continued his way through the house, cleaning every room, every surface, the smell of bleach, ammonia, and other chemicals wafting through the three-story tower. He had read, at some point, that Touya had another son, and Fuyumi was pregnant, and Natsuo was engaged to an alpha woman. Her name was Lillian, he thinks. But he didn’t really pay attention, only grasping at the titles of the articles.

Also, Shoto had run out of notebooks and blank sheet music paper. Like Izuku’s letters, those small surprises had stopped coming too. Even the food delivered got worse, it was all now instant noodles or something like that. No more fresh produce or meat. Though, he did get a twenty-pound bag of rice the last delivery.  

His hair was long enough to put into a pony-tail now, but when it was untied it fell to his shoulder blades. It was all one length, having evened out on its own. Shoto was paler now than he had ever been, and due to the lack of sleep his eyes held heavy bags beneath them, and the lack of nutrition was causing him to lose weight. Not that he noticed. He didn’t look in the mirrors anymore, only when he was cleaning. And even then, he never looked at himself, too busy watching the people who he could see in the reflection.

They want to hurt me, but can only hurt me in my sleep. Only in sleep. They try when I sleep, so I sleep under the piano. Where they cannot get me. But still they get me in my dreams. They kill me in my dreams, hurt me, sell me. But only when I sleep.

Shoto had also closed all the curtains in the tower, keeping it as dark as possible. Only turning on lights when needed. He slowly ate less and less as well, opting to curl up under the piano for hours, staring into the darkness where he could hear them searching for him, but unable to sleep because then they would find him in his dreams.


Year Five: Twenty Years Old


My name is Shoto. Shoto Todoroki. Shoto. Shoto. Shoto. Shoto Todoroki. Shoto. Shoto. Shoto. Shoto Todoroki.

His new internal dialogue when he woke up. He was starting to forget who he was now, but somewhere in the back of his brain he knew who he was.

Shoto. Shoto. Shoto. Shoto Todoroki.

He was getting older, he knew. But he did not remember his age, or his birthday. He ate instant noodles for dinner, when he ate dinner. He would go days without eating, not realizing the pain in his stomach was from hunger.

Pain in stomach is because I am an omega. Omega bad. Omega bad, deserves pain.

Some days were better than others, and those were the days he would eat, shower, and clean the tower. Even though he no longer held any kind of scent, he still cleaned with ammonia and bleach, the chemicals mixing together in the stale air of his home. His hair was hard to comb out, but he didn’t want to cut it, so he left it tangled unless he showered. It was longer now, to the middle of his back.

He still saw people lurking in the corners and the shadows, but now they no longer held faces. Only the people in his dreams held faces now, as they killed him, hurt him. As they insulted him, and spoke to him about the truths of omegas.

Omegas bad. Bad. Bad. Omegas bad. Deserve pain. No family. No love. Omegas bad. Omegas filthy. Shoto is an omega slut. Waste of space. Omegas bad.

His newspapers stacked against the chests, mostly ignored. Natsuo had gotten married at some point, and Fuyumi had her kid. But he didn’t care anymore. He didn’t remember why he had tried to keep tabs on them in the first place.

Nothing matters anymore. Its just me. Just me. Me and the ones in the shadows and the ones in my dreams who hurt me. Just me. Only me.



Year Six: Twenty-One Years Old


Shoto didn’t bother to clean anymore, he could barely be bothered to eat and relieve himself. His heats came and went, and blurred into his life like every other day did. He was always cold, so cold. But he stayed under his piano, with his one blanket and his one pillow.

I want to die. Omegas bad. Omega dies. Yes? If I wait long enough, I will die. And death means no more sleep. No more people in my dreams to come hurt me.

His nightmares were every night, and he would wake from them, tensed and arched into a silent scream. As always, his voice was not there, it left him when his family abandoned and condemned him. His long hair was tangled, nearly matted, at this point, but when he manages to shower and comb it, it falls down to his ass, the red and white now dulled from years of isolation, exhaustion, and malnutrition. His hipbones and ribs protruded, and where he once had firm muscle and physique, he was nothing but skin and bones.

He struggled to walk up and down the stairs, his make-shift bed under the piano being on the third floor and the kitchen down on the first. At some point, he decided to move the microwave to his study, keeping his instant noodles up there. He was glad he had the forethought to install a trash shoot on all three floors when he renovated the place. He wandered downstairs once a week, on Mondays, to get his items.

He didn’t read the papers at all, just took them out and stacked them with the others. They were gathering dust, but he didn’t care anymore. He didn’t live down here anymore. He didn’t know what month or day it was, the only indication of the time being the position of the sun outside, and only the change of seasons gave him any idea of what month it might be.

Some winter month, he came down and stacked his newspapers and grabbed his instant noodles. Had he cared, or been lucid, he would have seen the front-page article of the newest paper. It read:

INTERNATIONAL NEWS: Baku and Other Nations Launch Investigation Against King Enji and the Kingdom of Zenia for Location and Condition of Prince Shoto Todoroki.

Zenia claims the youngest prince of King Enji and Queen Rei has been suffering with a major illness for the last six years and has been bedridden and unable to have visitors due to the illness. Queen Mitsuki Bakugou and King Masaru Bakugou initially brought up the young prince in this year’s international political summit. King Enji vehemently stated at the time that Shoto was ill, and that he would not cause him distress just to assuage people’s interest in him. Other countries have joined Baku in their concern for the young prince, as there has been no word of him or from him since the initial press release six years ago. Some think he may have presented as an omega, though unlikely. But if so, they are aware of how Baku treats male omegas, despite the Dynamic Accords of 2010, which prevent the mistreatment of omegas on an international level.

Queen Mitsuki has requested that an envoy and medical team from Baku be allowed to go to Zenia and visit with Prince Shoto to ensure his health and well-being. King Enji has yet to provide comment about the investigation or Queen Mitsuki’s request.

Chapter Text

Monday, January 10th, 2033


BREAKING NEWS: Baku Sends Envoy with Medical Personnel, Political Representatives, and Chairman of the International Dynamic Accords Committee to Complete Investigation on Prince Shoto Todoroki’s Location and Condition.

Queen Mitsuki of Baku has officially sent an envoy of medical professionals and political representatives (along with the chairman and a handful of enforcers of the International Dynamic Accords Committee) to Zenia. She stated that Baku has received a confirmed report that Prince Shoto presented as an omega six years ago, and has since been held in confinement within the palace. In order to protect the whistle-blower’s well-being, their identity has not been revealed.

The International Dynamic Accords Committee, which upholds the Dynamic Accords of 2010 (signed by all countries of the world – including Zenia), has agreed to cooperate with Baku’s investigation and has sent their Chairman, Tsunagu Hakamata, with several enforcers to go with the Baku delegation to Zenia. They anticipate to arrive at the palace tomorrow, January 11th. Some may find it ironic that the investigation, and search for the Prince Omega, will happen on his own 22nd birthday.

The Baku delegation is large, both with political representatives and medical personnel. Baku royalty - King Masaru and Prince Katsuki - as well as the Prince’s betrothed (and old friend to Shoto Todoroki) – Lord Izuku Midoriya are heading the delegation. Yagi Toshinori, former general and advisor to King Enji of Zenia and step-father to Lord Izuku will also be attending. Additionally, Eijirou Kirishima and Denki Kaminari are coming along with the Prince and his betrothed, as their pack-mates and future court members. Doctor Shouta Aizawa and Doctor Hizashi Yamada – mates and partners in their omega/alpha specialized practice – are also coming, along with Doctor Taniko Iida and her son, Tenya Iida. Doctor Taniko Iida is the leading Psychologist in Omega Psychology and her son is pursuing his doctorate degree in Alpha/Omega Psychology, and is also a good friend and future court member to Prince Katsuki and Lord Izuku.

Delegates from other countries will also be present, but are not taking an active role in the investigation. They will remain in the throne room with King Enji and the Todoroki family and court while the investigation into the situation and search for Prince Shoto takes place.

We have received reports from Baku that all members of the envoy will be wearing body-cams throughout their visit to Todoroki Palace, in order to capture any and all evidence. But there is has been no report if any of the footage will be made public afterwards.

Shoto was curled up under his piano, as he had been for the last several weeks. He was exhausted, and couldn’t bring himself to eat. His last meal of instant noodles was a faraway memory at this point, and the only reason he hadn’t died of thirst yet was because being thirsty for too long ended up being painful. He only drug himself to the bathroom to refill his water and relieve himself, not wanting to soil the only blanket and pillow he used. But showers and anything else were out of the question. He slept, for how many days – he does not know. But his body seemed to weigh him down, and prevented him from waking up, even during the worst of his nightmares. He was unable to escape them, unable to open his eyes as he was trapped in a sleep as deep as death itself. His birthday came as he slept, and he had no idea what was happening in the outside world.

“Where is he, Enji?” King Masaru’s voice was soft, and low, but no one could mistake the power – and downright anger – as he addressed the other king. When Enji offered him nothing but a sneer, Masaru growled. “This isn’t a game, Enji. You can’t fight it; we know the truth. Now, where is Prince Shoto?” His voice grew louder as he stepped forward, growling at the larger alpha. Even his son, Katsuki, had not seen his father like this before and the rest of the delegation looked on in absolute shock. Enji appeared to look bored as he sneered at the dark-haired alpha, as if daring him to a fight.

“Enough of this.” A clear, firm voice rang through the hall – the Chairman of the Dynamics Accord Committee – Tsunagu. “If you will not cooperate, King Enji, I am within my power to detain you. Royalty or not, you signed the accord like all the other countries, and international law gives me the right to enforce it. Just because I am a beta does not mean I can’t take you down.” The blonde, dressed head to toe in denim of all things, stepped forward from the back of the room, where he was observing the alpha kings of Baku and Zenia face off. “Now, stop pretending you don’t know why we are here and take us to the boy.” Behind the chairman were five other betas, his enforcers. All skilled enough to be there with him, and to help maintain international laws when it came to secondary genders.

“No.” Enji stated, and Queen Rei (sitting in her own throne to Enji’s right) smirked. The other Todoroki children stood to his left with their spouses and children, standing silent but firm. Showing solidarity with their father and king.

“No?” Masaru and Tsunagu asked in unison.

“No,” He reiterated. “You will take my word that my son,” he said the word like it was poison in his mouth, “is ill. And that he has been bedridden for six years, and is too weak for visitors and such… ruckus.” Katsuki found himself holding back Izuku, who was stiff and letting out a low hiss. Before things could escalate, a black-haired beta male, with beady red eyes, and a beak-like nose, interrupted the whole affair by opening the throne room doors with a loud thud.

“There is no need to fight, I know where he is.” The beta said, calmly, clearly, and with a certain authority that only a few betas (like Tsunagu) held. Masaru turned to him.

“Fumikage Tokoyami…?” He asked, uncertain but hopeful.

“Yes, I am Fumikage. The one who sent you the report. Follow me, and I will show you where he is.” Yagi approached the young beta and handed him a harness with a camera attached, the man slipped it on without question and turned around, heading out of the throne room. The rest of the Baku delegation followed, ignoring King Enji as he screamed.

“Fucking traitor! I hired you when your family had nothing! NOTHING! I will ruin you, you god damn worthless beta son of a bitch!”

Fumikage led them to the north tower, and there was a collective gasp as the group took in the sight of the heavy metal door. Fumikage went to open the door, but Masaru stopped him. “Let the Chairman take some photos, for additional evidence and documentation.” The beta nodded and stepped back, and one of the enforcers – a blonde male – started taking photos of the door. Getting close up shots of each lock and the seals before nodding to Fumikage, who then unlocked the door and opened it with a grunt.

The group took another sharp intake of breath as a wave a stale air hit them, mixed with the scents of chemicals, especially of bleach. There was no scent of an omega, well, no scent of anyone in the tower. It was like the stale air and cleaning chemicals had smothered it. Fumikage entered first, and immediately went to the chests. When he opened them, he saw not only yesterday’s weekly shipment, but the prior week’s as well, sitting untouched. He looked at the group, his face grim.

“This isn’t good. There is two-weeks’ worth of items in these chests, meaning he didn’t come get them yesterday or last Monday, as they are only delivered once a week, on Mondays.” Everyone looked at each other, trying to figure out what to do, when Izuku spoke.

“W-when he first rebuilt the t-tower,” he stuttered, unable to hold in his emotions, “h-he told me that h-he put his rooms on the t-third floor. W-we should start th-there.” Katsuki rubbed circles in his fiancé’s back and nodded in agreement. The five enforcers led the way, taking photos of every room as the ascended. This also made sure that they actually checked all the rooms on the first and second floor before getting to the third.

First, they entered the bedroom, finding it neat, immaculate, and empty. They checked the closet, and no prince. The bathroom showed signs of someone recently using it, giving them all a bit of hope that they would find Shoto Todoroki still alive. Finally, they entered the study. One by one they entered, at first it was too dark for them to see. They heard nothing, and smelled nothing. Well, nothing except bleach. Turning on the lights, everyone blinked for a minute and then scanned the room. It was empty too. There was no prince, no Shoto Todoroki in the tower.

Then Izuku screamed.

Izuku backed into Katsuki, crying, screaming, one hand over his mouth, the other pointing at the piano. Heads turned to the corner, first taking in the unusual sight of a couch pushed up against a grand piano. Then, those eyes lowered and saw the pair of pale, thin legs sticking out from underneath. Legs that did not move, despite the shrill cries and sobs of Izuku. Katsuki turned his love into his chest, squeezing him tightly, his own red eyes not leaving the sight in front of him.

Doctor Aizawa and Doctor Yamada approached with two enforcers, the enforcers continuing to take photos as they got closer. Both doctors stuck their heads under the piano, seeing a tuft of red and white hair poking out from underneath a white quilt. More importantly, the quilt was gently rising and falling. He was alive.

“He’s alive.” Dr. Aizawa confirmed as he retreated from the piano. “Asleep, but alive.” There was a collective sigh of relief, and the two enforcers bent down to take photos, the flashes of their cameras going off to illuminate the dark space under the piano. Izuku turned away from Katsuki, looking at Shoto’s legs.

“He’s alive…” Izuku whispered, and Yagi came over and silently put a hand on the omega’s shoulder. The Iidas, with Eijirou and Denki, had held back, not wanting to crowd the enforcers or the other doctors.

“We will need to wake him up as gently as possible.” Dr. Yamada said, and Dr. Aizawa confirmed with a nod of his head. Together, they turned to Izuku. “You are the only one he is going to recognize,” Dr. Yamada pointed out.

“Get under there, kid, and say hello.” Dr. Aizawa said as he pulled the omega from Katsuki’s arms and pushed him toward the piano. “It helps that you are an omega, too. But he might act weird, still. We don’t know his mental state, but unless he is going to hurt you, don’t retaliate.” Izuku nodded and climbed under the piano with his old friend, carefully making sure he did not hit him with any of his own limbs.

He laid down next to the other omega, who was fully wrapped in a white quilt, his head resting on a lone pillow and only a skidge of red and white hair was visible. “Hey, Socchan.” Izuku whispered, with no response from the other man. Tears fell down his face as he tried again. “Shoto, I’m here. Wake up, buddy. Please. We’ve come to get you.” Still, no response. Izuku tentatively reached out, touching his friend on his shoulder that was wrapped in the quilt and slightly shaking him. “Socchan, wake up.”

From zero to one-hundred, Shoto went off like a bomb. A very, very silent bomb. But a bomb regardless. He shot up, curling his legs into himself, barely missing the underneath of the piano with his head. The blanket came with him, covering the left half of his face and the rest of his body. A wide, grey eye started at Izuku as Shoto breathed heavily. Confusion and fear took over him as he looked at his childhood friend.

Izuku? No. No. It can’t be. It’s just me. Only me. But how did he get under the piano. Only I can be here. The shadows can’t get in here. Only me. Just me. Maybe he is real?

Shoto sniffed the air, taking in the scents of the alphas, betas, and omegas in the room.

More than just Izuku? Who? How many? Are they going to hurt me? Are they real? No, can’t be. Only me, here. Only me for years and years and years. Just me.

“Shoto…?” Izuku interrupted his internal ramblings, Shoto met the sad gaze of his friend. He could get lost in those green eyes, just as he had gotten lost in his scent, from those letters from long ago.

Scent. Scent is real. The shadows do not have that. The nightmares do not have that. I can’t touch the shadows when I’m awake either. Touch and scent. Touch and scent mean they are real.

Shoto whipped an arm out, grabbing Izuku’s left hand and bringing the omega’s wrist to his nose. Shoto did not realize that two pairs of eyes were watching from the entrance of his piano/bed. Eyes that grew sad when they saw what he was doing, eyes that looked each other in understanding. Dr. Aizawa and Dr. Iida, both being omegas who specialize in caring for omegas, knew what Shoto was doing. The prince took a tentative sniff at Izuku’s wrist, then a longer one, then another – he was practically burying his nose into his friend’s scent gland.

Sweet. Grassy, earthy. Like a meadow in spring that just came to life after the last thaw. And I can touch him. He’s real. This Izuku is real. He is real. He came to me. I don’t know why, but he is here. I am not alone anymore.

Shoto let go of Izuku’s wrist and lifted his hand to his friend’s face. Still saying nothing, but his breath evened out as he cupped his friend’s cheek. “You remember me, Shoto?” Izuku asked, tears trailing down his face. Shoto nodded, a single tear coming out of his right eye. “Can you follow me out of here? We’re gonna get you some place safe, I promise.” Shoto nodded again, and followed his friend out from under the piano. He went much slower, being as weak as he was, and clutching his quilt, keeping it in place over the left side of his face.

If they are all real, that means they can all see what I have become. I will follow Izuku, because what else am I to do? But I don’t want them to see the burn. If they see it, they will see what a bad omega I am, and they will leave me here.

When Shoto emerged, all eyes were on him. He curled into himself, trying to hide behind and under his white quilt. He looked all over, seeing so many faces he did not recognize. And seeing a few he did.

Izuku I remember, he is real. I checked. Katsuki is real, maybe. I think I can smell him but there are too many scents to check. I remember Yagi, but don’t know if he is real. And Fumikage… Fumikage… I don’t know why he is here. Even if he is not real, he has never been a shadow or nightmare before.

“Shoto,” Izuku called, and Shoto met his eyes. Izuku motioned to another male with longer, black hair, a scruffy chin, with bags under his eyes. The male was an omega, he could smell it, even if he wore a scarf over his neck. “This is Doctor Aizawa. He needs to take a look at you. And they,” Izuku pointed to a few betas with cameras, “need to take photos of you. Okay?” Shoto looked at Izuku, then at the doctor, then back at Izuku. He nodded, and Doctor Aizawa approached him, slowly.

“I know there are a lot of people here, most whom you don’t know. But we are here for you, Prince Shoto. They need to be here as witnesses, but no one is going to hurt you.” Aizawa gently pulled him towards the center of the room where it was clear, now that the piano was against the wall. “Can you let go of the blanket? I know you’re cold, and the blanket feels safe, but I need to look at all of you.” Shoto shook, half in cold, half in fear. But he did as was asked, unwrapping himself from the blanket at handing it over, but not before he pulled some of his hair forward to cover the left side of his face. His hair was long, going past his waist, past even the bottom of his butt cheeks. Aizawa noted the movement, but did not draw attention to it, yet. His eyes analyzing the prince, taking in the bags under his eyes, the dullness in his long hair, his sunken cheeks, skinny limbs, and clothes that hung from his frame – hiding the bones that protruded under pale, sickly skin.

“Look, I can tell you don’t know what is real or not anymore.” Shoto stared at him in shock, as did most everyone in the room (except for Dr. Iida and her son, Tenya). Shoto took a step back and curled in on himself again.

No, no. He knows I’m insane. He knows. He knows.

“It’s okay, Shoto.” The omega bent down a little to look him in the eye. “It isn’t your fault. We can help you. But first, you need to check to make sure I’m real, no?” The doctor offered his wrist, and Shoto grabbed it, bringing it to his nose and taking a whiff.

I can touch him. I can smell him. He smells sweet, because he is an omega. But he smells like soap – like laundry detergent. It is kind of nice. Real. He’s real. He knows I’m crazy, but he’s real.

Shoto released the man’s wrist, and stood up a little, his hair still covering his face. “Now, can I tie up your hair? I know you are hiding something underneath, and you need to let me see.” Shoto shook his head no.

No, no. I can’t let them see the burn. It is evidence that I am a bad omega. I don’t want to be abandoned again. I can’t let them see it. No. No. No. No. No. No.

Shoto started to shake a little, until the doctor placed his hands on his shoulders. “Shoto, it is not your fault. Whatever you are hiding under there, I need to see. If it’s an injury, I need to make sure it’s okay. We aren’t going to be mad at you for it, whatever it is. Can I please tie up your hair?” Shoto started at him with his grey eye, trying to decide.

He wants to see. He is real. He wants to help? He says he wants to help. He is not a shadow, not a nightmare. Real. Let him? Yes or no… yes or no… yes…?

Shoto nodded, and then hung his head low, looking at the ground while his hair was pulled up into a loose bun. He heard several sharp intakes of breath as his burn was revealed.

“The fuck?!” Katsuki growled, taking one look at the burn, and finding the sight of it filling him with rage. It wafted throughout the room, burning like a wildfire among the shocked scents of everyone else.

“Calm yourself, son.” Masaru said and placed a hand on Katsuki’s shoulder, giving him a pointed look and then turning back to Shoto. “We can’t get mad, not right now. Look.” Katsuki turned to look at Shoto, and his rage died. The emaciated omega stood, cowered in on himself, eyes downcast but with his neck displayed in submission as he shook. He didn’t whimper, and no scent came off of him, but the tears pouring out of his right eye, and his uncontrollable shaking told no lies.

“Fuck,” Katsuki whispered. “Look, Prince Shoto, I’m sorry. I’m not mad at you. I promise. I am angry at whoever did this to you.” Everyone in the room seemed to be in agreement, as heads were nodding.

Alpha mad. He’s a powerful alpha too. A prince, like me, but better. Alpha is better than omega. The other omega said they wouldn’t get mad at my burn. But he took one look and was filled with so much rage I could smell it! I knew I shouldn’t have shown them, now they now. I’m a bad omega. Bad, bad omega. Omega bad.

Shoto shook harder, his eyes starting to glaze over a bit as he lost his grip on his sanity. He sat down, unable to continue standing, and wrapped his arms around his legs, pulling himself into as small of an object as possible. He kept his neck displayed, and his tears rolled down his right cheek and he rocked back and forth. Still no sound, not a whimper or a cry, and not a whiff of scent came from the clearly distressed omega.

Omega bad. Omega bad. Omega Bad. Omega Bad. Burned because omega bad. Thrown away because omega bad. Even the shadows and nightmares know. Omega bad. That’s why they came to me in my sleep and hurt me.

Dr. Aizawa shot Katsuki a look of death, a look that practically screamed that the prince was in for it as soon as Shoto Todoroki was safe and on his way to recovery. Dr. Iida looked at her son, Tenya, and nodded at the big alpha male. “Go,” she said. “You know what to do.” He practically saluted as he calmly made his way from the back of the group to the omega on the floor. The group looked between the doctor and her son, curious as to what they had planned. She gladly gave an explanation while Tenya inched towards the omega.

“It is clear that Prince Shoto is suffering from more than just physical wounds and illness, his mind has been broken by his forced isolation. Omegas, especially newly presented omegas, absolutely need the socialization of others. Without it, they go insane, quite literally. We call it Omegan Isolation Syndrome. He is one of the worst cases I have seen, and he is displaying the text-book symptoms. Tenya is also studying alpha and omega dynamics in relation to psychology, and is well versed on what can help an omega who is experiencing O.I.S. Since Prince Katsuki so kindly set him off with his alpha rage, he needs to replace the bad experience with a good one. With an alpha who smells, sounds, and feels comfortable, kind, and most importantly – safe.”

Katsuki had the decency to look ashamed as Tenya finally reach the omega prince and crouched down, almost sitting on the floor. “Prince Shoto, you don’t know me, but my name is Tenya Iida.” His voice was deep and soothing, and he purposefully let out just a trickle of calming alpha pheromones, hoping the omega would smell it, and open up just a little.

Alpha. Alpha was mad. But this… this is a different alpha? This alpha… not mad? Why is he not mad? I am a bad omega. Bad omega means mad alpha. I can hear him - his voice is nice. But I can’t tell what he is saying. But he smells nice. Like a cold rain in autumn, the kind that makes you want to curl up under a blanket and read a book.

“Shoto? Can you hear me? My name is Tenya, I’m here to help you, I won’t hurt you.”

Tenya. That’s a nice name. He says he is here to help. But I don’t even know if he is real. How do I know… Oh… Yeah… Touch, smell - equals real. If I can touch and I can smell his scent, he is real. I need to know.

Shoto’s gaze refocused, and he turned his head towards Tenya, gazing silently at the alpha as he continued to shake. Tenya gave him a small smile and lifted his arm, palm up, offering his wrist to the omega. “Go on,” the alpha urged. “Take a touch and a whiff and make sure I’m real.” Tenya let out more of his scent, it was strong and dense, coating the entire room with calmness and a certain level of protectiveness and safety.

The omega slowly reached out, holding Tenya’s hand, as if he was uncertain if the hand – and the alpha attached to it – were real. Still, he brought the man’s wrist to his nose and took a tentative sniff.

The rain is back again. I could get lost in it. It isn’t the kind of rain that speaks of floods and lightening, no. It is the rain that lulls you to sleep on a cold autumn night, the rain that you watch as it drizzles outside, causing the oranges and reds of fall to blend together in harmony.

Shoto took a long, deep breath. His nose practically buried into the alpha’s wrist as his entire body relaxed.

This alpha – Tenya – is real. He is safe. I can only smell him right now, like he is drowning out the other scents. I don’t want to let go. He smells better than the bleach I used to get rid of my own scent, better than Izuku.

Tenya let out a low chuckle as Shoto nuzzled his face into his hand, trying to get the alpha’s scent all over. “Well, that went well.” He turned to his mother, and she nodded at him again and then she turned to the rest of the room, leaving the prince to her son.

“I think it is time we get this show on the road. We unfortunately have to take him down to the throne room. Enji must face what he has done to this poor boy, and the members of the delegation from other countries must see him with their own eyes before we start cleaning him up and making him better.” She sighed, but was met with murmurs of agreement. “Tenya will carry him, he has a strong scent and has very good control of it. I suggest we surround him with both alphas, betas, and omegas as much as we can - to try and prevent another episode while we are in the throne room. But I doubt we will be successful.” She looked at Shoto, who was still holding Tenya’s wrist to the right side of his face, avoiding his left. “Seeing how sensitive he is of the burn, and how it is very likely one of the people in that room did it to him, I will be surprised if he doesn’t slip from reality.”

Everyone grimaced, and Tenya stood, bringing Shoto with him. The omega was light in his arms (too light), and he pressed the prince’s face into his shoulder, so Shoto could bury his face into the scent gland on his neck. Dr. Aizawa tucked Shoto’s white quilt around him, making sure he was tightly wrapped and warm. The betas led, the five enforcers following Chairman Tsunagu out the door. Then, Dr. Iida, flanked by Yagi and King Masaru. Then Tenya, holding Shoto, with Izuku and Katsuki to his right, and Denki and Kaminari to his left. Behind walked Dr. Aizawa and Dr. Yamada, with Fumikage bringing up the rear. The group was doing their best to shield Shoto from the outside world as much as they could, but Tenya could feel Shoto shake in his arms - even as the omega buried his nose into the alpha’s neck.

They are taking me. I heard talk about the king. Please don’t take me to him. The queen will be there if you do. And I can’t! I can’t face them! I am a bad omega and they hate me! She burned me and they abandoned me! They don’t want me! Please don’t take me to them, don’t leave me with them. Please, please, please.

Tenya squeezed Shoto, offering some reassurance with the touch as he bowed his head to whisper in the omega’s ear. “Don’t worry, Prince Shoto. The cavalry is here. We came for you, and we will not let you go. I will not let you go.”

Chapter Text

They arrived at the throne room, finding it much like they had left it. The delegates from the other countries were pressed against the edges of the room, not wanting to interfere with what was about to happen. At the head of the room, still up on the dais, King Enji sat on his huge throne, Queen Rei sitting in her own, smaller, less grand throne to his right. To the king’s left stood his three alpha children, with their respective spouses and children of their own. In the last six years, all had been married. Touya had two kids of his own already – a third on the way. Fuyumi had one, and was in the early stages of pregnancy with a second. Natsuo’s wife held a couple-months old babe in her arms. The entire Todoroki court was in attendance as well, but like the political delegates, they hung on the edges of the room. The only cameras present were those in the hands of the beta enforcers that followed Chairman Tsunagu as he led the group toward the thrones. His head high and his gaze icy.

The group filed in, surrounding Tenya and Shoto, the prince still safely tucked away in his blanket, the only sign it was him was the large, loose bun of red and white hair poking out of the top. The group came to stop in front of Enji and the rest of the Todoroki’s, Tsunagu glaring at him while King Masaru of Baku moved forward to stand next to Tsunagu on his left, Yagi Toshinori doing the same to stand at the chairman’s right.

“King Enji Todoroki of the Kingdom of Zenia, father to Prince Shoto Todoroki, I hereby charge you, Queen Rei Todoroki, Crown Prince Touya Todoroki, Princess Fuyumi Todoroki, and Prince Natsuo Todoroki and their families and all related staff and court members with the international crimes of Omega Abuse, Forced Omega Isolation, False Imprisonment of an Innocent, Lying to an International Governing Body, Violating International Law, and Accessory to Crime.” Tsunagu stated, and the entire room froze with shock. He took a breath and continued. “Additionally, charges may be changed, dropped, or added prior to the trial in accordance with what is found during the investigation and medical review and rehabilitation of Prince Shoto Todoroki.” Enji sneered at the beta, angry alpha pheromones pouring off of him.

“You dare to come into my country, and my home, only to infiltrate it and then accuse me of such crimes? I have told you, time and time again, that Prince Shoto was ill, yet you insisted on locating him and brought him here anyways. Now that you have, if he is that little bundle in white in that big alpha’s arms, then even you can see he was ill enough to not even be able to walk. Shame on you for making him go through this.” Enji’s words were like silk, trying to convince everyone in the room of his story, of his version of events. Meanwhile, his pheromones told a different story – the story of an angry alpha, not of an alpha being protective of his child, but of an alpha who was mad that someone else dared to try and prove him wrong in his own territory.

Masaru and Yagi were practically trembling with anger next to Tsunagu, both alphas struggling to reel in their instincts to not only defend the Prince Omega, but to put an arrogant, selfish, bastard of an alpha in his place. Tsunagu placed his hands on their shoulders, trying his best to show that even if he was a beta, this was his battle and he was going to win. The alphas took a step back, still suppressing growls and their angry pheromones, but also acknowledging that they believed in the beta. Behind them, Tenya was letting his scent run rampant, it was strong and heavy, but it wasn’t angry. It screamed safe. It was filled with an urge to protect and comfort, and he was doing it on purpose because the fragile bundle in his arms was shaking furiously at the scent of angry alphas. It was everywhere now, Enji’s pheromones losing control as did the rest of the Todoroki children. All three alpha siblings to Shoto were releasing angry alpha pheromones in droves, their alpha spouses joining them. The scent was so strong, that the younger children began to fuss. Even the betas in the room could smell and sense the change in the room.

“Control yourselves,” Tsunagu stated. His voice tinged with a bit of anger and bite. “You are all royals, so act like it.” He chastised king, queen, prince, and princess alike. The younger Todoroki’s and their spouses looked ashamed and reeled in their scents. Meanwhile, Enji poured his on, and even Queen Rei – omega as she was – poured in her own angry scent in with her husband’s. Enji snarled as he stood up.

“Show him to me.” The red-haired king demanded, his large stature and being on the dais showing off just how powerful of an alpha he was. “You have not said it, but your words imply it. You say that he is an omega, and has been mistreated, even imprisoned. Show him to me, to us, and prove it.” At his words, Masaru and Yagi snarled.

“How dare you –“ Masaru began, when Tsunagu turned back to him, offering the king of Baku a stern glare.

“Fine.” Tsunagu said, with a waive of his hand. “Tenya,” he turned to the big alpha male who was diligently, and carefully, holding onto Prince Shoto. “Bring him to the front.” Tenya nodded, but his eyes betrayed his apprehension. He could tell that Shoto heard what was demanded, and knew what was coming next, as he shivered even more, a weak hand gripping at the front of Tenya’s shirt underneath the quilt. Once Tenya stood next to the chairman, he refused to look at Enji, instead he looked to the blonde beta, waiting instruction.

“Look at me, boy.” Enji growled at the large, black-haired alpha male who was holding onto the white bundle. Tenya silently refused, keeping his eyes on Tsunagu. “BOY,” he growled again, throwing in more of his alpha pheromones to try and get him to submit, to answer. “You will address me properly and introduce yourself.” Tsunagu nodded at the young alpha, and he turned his head only, still shielding the man in his arms with his own body. But the slight shift caused some of the young alpha’s scent to drift towards the king. It wasn’t hostile, but it was strong, and it was defensive.

“Tenya Iida, second son to Doctor Taniko Iida – the leading omega psychologist in the world, who is also here today – and to Lord Tenjirou Iida – attorney general for Baku and court member of Baku.” Tenya introduced himself with short, curt words, offering no hospitality or ounce of respect to the king while simultaneously informing Enji that it was not just Tenya who though of him this way, but the entire Iida family. Enji’s lips curled into a snarl at the young alpha’s disrespect, but he chose to leave it at that.

“Show him to me,” the king demanded again, nodding at the white bundle in Tenya’s arms. Tenya turned to look at Tsunagu, who gave him a slow nod. Tenya sighed and lowered his head so that only Shoto could hear him.

“I know you’re scared,” he started, trying to reassure the shaking omega. “But I won’t let them hurt you. I will be right here, and you can even hold onto me if you want. It will be okay. I hate that we have to make you do this, but its necessary for everyone to see. To know what your family has done to you, what they have put you through. Is it okay if I take the blanket off and set you down?” Tenya felt the hand squeeze his shirt a little tighter before he felt Shoto nod, his loose bun starting to shake loose from where it peeked out over the top of the quilt. Tenya gently pulled the blanket away, handing it to his mother, Dr. Iida, as she had stepped up beside her son. Shoto was still tucked against his chest, hiding his face. His bun had come loose with the blanket, and it tumbled down as Tenya set Shoto down, holding onto the shaking omega as he stood in front of him, gathering himself to face his family for the first time in six years. Still, the prince did not make a sound, and not a whiff of pheromones could be smelled from him. He was silent and scentless as ever.

“I can’t even smell him,” Enji stated. “How do you even know he is an omega? We all know what omegas smell like, and he certainly doesn’t smell like one.” Before Tenya could retort, his mother spoke up, offering an explanation.

“Oh, he is definitely an omega, King Enji. Though, if I recall, you were there when he presented six years ago – according to the report we received.” The king growled, but Taniko did not care, and she continued on. “But, let me give you a medical explanation that I am qualified to give as a doctor in psychology. He is experiencing O.I.S. – Omegan Isolation Syndrome. It is caused when omegas, particularly newly presented omegas, experience long periods of isolation. We haven’t had any cases this bad since the Dynamic Accords of 2010 were signed. If you don’t remember, you signed them too, to end that despicable war you started over the supremacy of alphas.” The proud omega stood tall, quilt in hand, and stared down the alpha king as he snarled at her. “But anyways, for Shoto it appears that he is displaying text-book symptoms, including the suppression of his own scent. Now, we don’t know why he decided to do this, but he has. Which is why you can’t smell him. Now, you wanted to see him, yes? Shall we show you his face, so you can see what you and your family have done to him? You can already tell he is literally skin and bones beneath those baggy clothes, and the length of his hair, and the dullness of it, already indicate the time he has spent alone.” Enji continued to glare, but nodded.

“Fine, turn him around so we can see and make a judgement for ourselves.”

Shoto turned slowly, his head bent down to allow his hair to conceal his face again. He kept his left hand gripped into Tenya’s shirt as he faced his family, not willing to let the alpha go. Tenya stood close behind him, offering him comfort.

“Raise your head, Prince Shoto,” Tenya whispered to him as he brushed the prince’s hair back from his face, revealing his eyes, and to Shoto’s fear, his burn. Keeping his head up, he adverted his eyes to the ground as the throne room was enveloped in minor chaos as people took in the sight of the Prince Omega. Whispers of “who” and “how” circled around the room as they looked at his burn, then at his hollow cheeks, pale skin, boney frame, and the slight tremor that continued to course through his body as he stood, being analyzed from every corner of the room.

That,” King Enji spat, and Shoto looked up at his father, his grey and turquoise eyes meeting with two turquoise ones, “is no son of mine.” Shoto stared at the King, trying to ignore the shadow-image of his father that was approaching him from the side.

A bad prince is a bad son who is a bad omega. Whether he is the one in front of me, disowning me, or the one from the shadows – it does not matter anymore. Father has always hated omegas, omegas are bad. I am an omega, omega bad. Omega bad. Omega bad. Omega bad. Omega bad.

Shoto’s eyes drifted from the king in front of him, the king from the shadows. Back and forth, back and forth, unable to tell which was real, and which was not. But he couldn’t find it in himself to bother trying to check – the king would never consent to allow Shoto to touch him, let alone smell his scent gland. Trying to ignore both kings, he turned to the queen, who still sat in her own throne, practically drinking in the sight of her last-born, as if his suffering was a well-aged wine. Strangely enough, there was only one of her, and her appearance was clear as day, as was her scent. It terrified him.

I didn’t realize it then, that the rank scent in my home – my prison – was her. But now that I can smell it again… it smells like black licorice, only enticing to certain kinds of people. But otherwise bitter and terrible. Father seems to tolerate her, for whatever reason. But if what she told me is true, then he no longer beds her, no longer claims her. She is but a trophy, a piece of art that is worthless unless she is paraded out for the masses to see.

Shoto lifted his hand – his father, mother, and siblings watching closely as the youngest Todoroki pointed at Queen Rei, hand shaking. Shoto looked back at Tenya, then at Tsunagu. He then used the same hand to tap his burn scar, and then pointed back at the queen. She looked shocked, then angry, rising from her feet. Shoto shrank back instinctively, a memory of her leaping from his couch to assault him flashing through his mind. Her scent spiked, causing Enji’s to spike, whether he wanted it to or not. A bonded alpha and omega will always respond to each other’s scents, even if only the omega bore a bonding mark – like Rei did in their case. She practically flew down from the dais, gunning for Shoto. The enforcers stepped in front, trying to stop her, but she was too fast. Tenya pulled Shoto into him and turned, exposing his back to the angry omega queen while protecting the prince. She crashed against the big alpha, her nails and teeth carving into his clothing and skin as she screeched. It didn’t last long, as the enforcers were able to pull her off and throw her back onto the dais. While this happened, Touya, Fuyumi, and Natsuo stood silent, watching the scene in front of them. Fuyumi and Natsuo turned to Touya, as did their spouses.

“Touya,” Fuyumi stated softly as their mother was being cuffed by enforcers and their father struggled to maintain himself. “What do we do? We are your pack; we have to follow you. But… look at Shoto. Look at what we’ve done, even if we weren’t the one’s who did it, we were complacent. Omega or not, no one deserves that. You saw how he kept looking to the side, to nothing, as if he could see something the rest of us could not. I’ve read up on O.I.S. before, it is a big reason father met a lot more opposition in the Alpha War than he thought he would.” She paused, trying to gauge Touya, finding him as unreadable as their little brother had once been, before he was forced to disappear. She continued anyways, “It causes the omega to go insane. We can’t help him; we don’t have the means to. Zenia is alpha-dominated, and we don’t have what he needs here… and… and it would be cruel to make him stay.” Next to her, her husband – Kai – gripped her shoulder and nodded in agreement, Natsuo joining him. Touya eyed them carefully, then turned his gaze to his crazed mother and barely contained father. Fuyumi was second-in-command of their alpha pack because of birth right, but she had also earned the title over his own wife, her own husband, and their younger brother and his wife. She was the brake pedal while he was the accelerator, balancing each other out.

“It would be unwise to go against so many countries,” he murmured. He eyed the Baku delegation, the enforcers and chairman from the International Dynamic Accords committee, and the various political representatives from countries all over that dotted the throne room. “If we wish to keep Zenia in one piece, even if we cannot save father, we must save ourselves. And we can only do that if we let them take Shoto, whether or not I want to let them.” He grimaced, as he was of the same mind of his father. Touya found omegas to be worthless, male omegas even more so. Male omegas lost everything, their ability to plant their own seed, the ability to defend themselves, the ability to be or do anything other than to be fucked and bred. He looked at Shoto, who stood trembling in the arms of the alpha his mother had attacked, and only felt revulsion and disgust. “But,” he began again. “Father is right. Shoto is no son of Enji Todoroki, and thus, he is no brother to us.”

Touya stepped forward, walking up to his father and pushing him back, forcing the king’s legs to hit his throne and making him sit down. “Stay.” He commanded his father, his king. Enji wanted to retaliate, but his son’s alpha command over-rode him. The king sat, staring wide-eyed at his eldest, fear and pride mixing together as he took in the crown prince. “Stay.” The prince re-iterated, reinforcing the alpha command against his father. He turned to his mother next. “Be still. Stay, and be quiet.” She immediately stilled in the arms of the enforcers, who put her back in her own throne, her hands tied in front of her. Everyone in the throne room turned to look at him, including Tenya and Shoto. Most came from countries where alpha commands were illegal, if not socially unacceptable. Zenia was no such country, and alpha commands were permitted. Though none had dared to try and alpha command a king before. Touya turned to the delegation to address them.

“Chairman Tsunagu,” he started, looking down at the blonde beta from where he stood on the dais. Touya was just as tall and broad as his father, a spitting image of Enji, but was much younger, and had more control over his emotions. “I apologize for my parents’ outbursts. I hope you do not mind if I take over this… conversation… for them at this point. I not only speak as Crown Prince of Zenia, but as Zenia’s future king and current head alpha of the Todoroki Royal Alpha Pack.” Tsunagu eyed him, but nodded. Satisfied that the prince was able to speak and make decisions on behalf of his king and kingdom. “Your accusations are… not what we anticipated. I will admit, my siblings and I were aware that Shoto had presented as omega, but as none of us had ever been close to him as children, we were not involved in the affairs afterwards. We knew he was sequestered into the north tower, but since he had made that his home already, we thought nothing of it and did not realize what was going on. Otherwise, I would have stepped in.” Touya paused, gathering his breath and thoughts for what was coming next.

“We agree that Shoto’s condition is not acceptable, and myself – and my pack – agree it would be in the interest of all parties to release Shoto into your care.” Tsunagu looked at him, both in shock and amusement. The beta was smart, he knew, and was probably already putting together what he was going to say next. “As far as the charges you present, it is clear that Queen Rei is willing to attack Shoto, and he has indicated she was the one who burned him. As for King Enji, I am also aware he was present when Shoto presented and made all arrangements and decisions when it came to his care. But the rest of us were merely ignorant of the circumstances and had no active role. So, I urge you to only seek punishment for them. With that, I have a proposition.”

Tsunagu grinned, “And what might that proposition be?”

“King Enji Todoroki and Queen Rei Todoroki will be removed as Zenia’s ruling monarchs, to be replaced by myself and my wife, Andrea Todoroki.” The delegation from Baku turned to each other, whispering, while the rest of the throne room erupted into shouts – particularly the Zenia nobles in attendance who were fiercely loyal to Enji and could possibly loose their positions in court with the transfer of power. He continued after the sound died a bit. “But they will remain in the confines of the palace for the duration of their lives. Additionally, while I agree that Shoto’s condition is deplorable, the Todoroki’s have a certain standard to uphold. We would like to erase him from our books, and he would renounce all claims to inheritance and titles. Shoto would be allowed to keep the title of Prince Omega, as it bears no significance to us other that that he was born a person of importance prior to presenting. This would mean he would no longer be considered a royal of Zenia, though we cannot strip him of his surname.” Touya clasped his hands in front of him, indicating that he was done. Enji’s glare was boring holes into his back, but he would bear it. For his pack and his kingdom, he would do just about anything – even overthrow his own father as king.

The throne room grew eerily quietly, and Shoto peered at his brother from behind Tenya, the alpha continuing to guard him even though he himself was hurt. Tsunagu, Masaru, Yagi, Katsuki, and Dr. Iida stood in a tight group, discussing their options. Finally, they stood and Masaru and Tsunagu stepped forward. Katsuki and Yagi stepped back to stand with Izuku, Eijirou, Denki, and Fumikage. Tsunagu spoke first.

“We accept your conditions, but have a few of our own.”

“Of course,” Touya replied, expecting this.

Tsunagu continued, “We will accept the resignation of King Enji Todoroki and Queen Rei Todoroki as the reigning monarchs of Zenia, to be replaced by you – Crown Prince Touya Todoroki – and your wife – Princess Andrea Todoroki, as punishment for the treatment of Shoto Todoroki and the clear violation of the Dynamic Accords. Additionally, we agree that both former monarchs shall remain in the Zenia Royal Palace unless given exception by the International Court. The committee will not press any charges against any other members of the Todoroki family and court. Furthermore, we agree that it would be best if Shoto Todoroki was released into our care, and Baku has agreed to take him in as a permanent member of their court and country. As a sign of good faith, he will relinquish his titles and claims to any positions or inheritance in or from Zenia, including his own citizenship. We agree that you may remove him from the Todoroki Royal Family, but request that historical documents remain unchanged – per the Dynamic Accords of 2010, all record of abuse based on dynamics must be retained and accounted for accurately in order to inform the people and prevent such discrimination in the future. Regarding Fumikage Tokoyami, he will be taken in by Baku – as will his family – and you and your country are not to retaliate against him for reporting this to us. Additionally, as repayment and reconciliation for his pain and suffering, and for future medical costs and daily living, we request that Zenia pay one Shoto Todoroki a one-time sum of fifteen million dollars, untaxed.” Before Touya could reply, Masaru started to speak.

“Additionally, Baku will take full responsibility for Shoto’s care and rehabilitation. As such, as Tsunagu stated, he will become a full court member in time, and will be recognized as a citizen of Baku. He will be granted a place in my son’s, Prince Katsuki’s, pack – should he accept the offer. Shoto will also be granted the title of Prince by the Royal Family of Baku – as we believe all dynamics are equal and will continue to treat Prince Shoto as royalty, even if he is no longer a royal of Zenia. We also retain the right to remove ourselves from any trade negotiations with any countries – including Zenia – if found guilty of violating the Dynamic Accords or this new agreement.” King Masaru’s threat was veiled, but it was there. Accept our demands, or lose your trade deals with us and many other countries. Touya stood in silence for a moment, milling over his options – or lack of options.

“Very well, I agree. We will have the documents made up shortly.” Touya turned to his pack, “Fuyumi, Kai, please go fetch the supplies and required personnel. We will do this here, while everyone is present.” Both alphas nodded, leaving their child with Natsuo as they went to go do as they were told. Touya turned back to the Baku delegation, reigning in the urge to glare at Shoto where he stood behind the big alpha. “I can have them bring in some chairs for you, if you would like. But I think it is best we get this done immediately, then you all can be on your way.” He said coldly.

This time, it was Yagi who spoke. “I agree. Also, please keep Enji and Rei as they are for now. You can deal with them once we are gone.” Touya nodded, looking back to see matching glares of anger from both the former king and the former queen. Chairs were brought out, and the Baku delegation made themselves as comfortable as possible as they waited for the document to be drafted.

Tenya guided Shoto to sit in a chair, Shoto was glancing all around, pausing on both people and on random spaces of air – as if he saw things that weren’t actually there. The only place he did not look was where Rei and Enji sat, pinned to their thrones by Touya’s alpha command. The omega was shaking, and Taniko came over and handed the white quilt to Tenya. “I think it might be best if you scent the blanket before giving it back,” she whispered before stepping back, giving them some space while still observing. Tenya did as he was told and rubbed the quilt along his scent glands on his neck before tucking it around Shoto. Shoto relaxed a bit, slouching into the chair and burying his nose into the fabric. He continued to scan the throne room, eyes still wide and fearful.

So many people. So many scents. But I understand what is going on. I do. I do. Touya forced father and mother to submit, though the alpha command was scary to witness. And Tenya! Tenya’s hurt!

Shoto snapped back to himself for a bit, his eyes finally meeting with Tenya’s. Shoto placed a hand on Tenya’s shoulder, then pulled the shoulder, as if trying to rotate the big alpha. He obliged, showing Shoto his back, where his coat and shirt had been torn into by the ex-queen, and where the blood was starting to dry around the scratches. Shoto didn’t touch the scratches, instead he pulled against his shoulder again, asking him to turn to face him. When he did, Tenya was met with a very distraught omega. Shoto grasped his face with both hands, his right eye pouring tears while his left remained dry. Tenya hadn’t noticed it before, with all the chaos, and he brought his own hand to wipe at the one wet eye – choosing not to bring attention to Shoto’s scar.

“I’m okay.” He said as he whipped the prince’s tears away and pushed more of his calming scent out. “She didn’t get me that bad, just a few scratches. They can patch me up once we leave.” Shoto shook his head, as if trying to tell the alpha that he found that unacceptable and he would get treated right away. They were both shocked when they heard a chuckle from behind Tenya, well a pair of chuckles. Shoto stared over his shoulder while Tenya turned to look at who was there, though he knew their scents already.

“Eijirou, Denki.” He greeted them, then turned to Shoto. “The red-head with shark teeth is Eijirou Kirishima – alpha – and the blonde with the black lightning bolt is his boyfriend, Denki Kaminari – omega. They are good friends to myself, Izuku, and Prince Katsuki.” Shoto’s tears stopped and he released Tenya’s face, opting to curl into the blanket, gripping it close to himself. Tenya looked at the alpha and omega pair, and sighed. “Do you guys mind offering your wrists, he needs to check that you are real. I have a feeling he was seeing double of a few people up on the dais.” Kirishima and Denki both grinned like idiots.

“Of course, dude!” Kirishima said and offered his wrist. “Super manly of you to survive all this, Shoto my man!” Shoto hesitated before taking the alpha’s wrist and smelling it.

His scent is as loud as he is. Its very musky… very … manly? Why do I get the feeling he would like it if I told him that he smelled manly? Whatever. But it isn’t bad. Yes, musky, but also kind of like teakwood. He smells like a really strong cologne. Real. Definitely real. I can touch him and I can smell him, therefor he is real.

Shoto release the red-head’s wrist only to have the blonde shove his own wrist in front of his nose. Shoto fell back in his chair, surprised and trying to get away from the sudden intrusion on his space. He looked at the other omega, finding that he had withdrawn his wrist and looked a little sheepish. “Uh… um. Sorry ‘bout that. I got excited.” He grinned and offered his wrist again, except allowing Shoto to reach out and grab it this time. Like with the alpha, he sniffed at the omega’s scent gland in his wrist.

Electricity? How can someone smell like electricity? His scent seems to carry a spark to it, and he has underlying tones of copper and metal? He almost doesn’t have any omega sweetness, it is barely there, like an undercurrent to the electricity he is outputting. How weird.

Eijirou must have seen the confusion on his face, because he laughed. “His scent is weird, ain’t it?! Fucker smells like god damn electricity!” Shoto let go of the blonde omega, who immediately slapped his alpha on the shoulder.

“At least I don’t smell like some pre-teen who just discovered AXE body spray!” Denki huffed, but turned his head to hide a grin from his alpha.

“Awww… Denk… don’t be like that…” Eijirou whined, reaching out for the omega’s wrist who just playfully slapped him away.

“I’ll be just like how I want to be, thank you very much.” The omega turned up his nose and huffed, but his eyes glittered with amusement.  

Shoto looked at Tenya in confusion, he had never seen alphas and omegas interact in such a friendly way before. Tenya shrugged, “Those two are always like that. Things are different, in Baku. We treat everyone as equals, it is a much better place for omegas than Zenia.”

“Damn straight it is!” Katsuki stomped up, dragging a worried looking Izuku behind him. Shoto shrunk into his chair and Tenya automatically moved so he was standing between the two princes. Katsuki stopped abruptly and let go of Izuku, raising both hands to show he meant no harm. “Sorry, sorry. I forgot. Let me re-introduce myself to him, Tenya?” Katsuki asked, he would never show any sign of submission, but the fact that he even asked was good enough for Tenya. The bigger alpha nodded at Katsuki and turned to Shoto.

“Hey Shoto, Izuku came with his fiancé, Prince Katsuki. I know he got angry earlier, and he is kind of scary–“ Tenya heard a quiet “hey!” from Katsuki when he said that, but he ignored it. “But he means well, and wants to come say hi and introduce himself so you can check to see if he’s real, is that okay?” Shoto looked up at him, unsure, and then saw Izuku looking at him from over the alpha’s shoulder. Izuku smiled at him, and he caught a whiff of Izuku’s fresh meadow scent, it mixed pleasantly with Tenya’s own rainy scent. Feeling eased, he nodded and Tenya stepped aside, allowing the loud, blonde alpha to approach.

Katsuki crouched in front of Shoto, bringing them to eye level. “Look, I’m sorry for getting mad earlier. I wasn’t mad at you. I’m mad at who did this to you. You may not know me very well, but I love Izuku, and Izuku cares about you. So, I do too.” He offered his wrist and kept talking, his voice was rough, but he was speaking softly, so only those nearby (Izuku, Tenya, Eijirou, and Denki) could hear. “I have really strong protective instincts, and they kind of took over before I could get a handle on them. I consider you a part of my pack, whether you want to be or not. And since you’re coming home with us, it looks like you’re stuck with us, all of us. That means not just me, but Izuku, Eijirou, Denki, and of course – Tenya.” Shoto looked at him, comprehending his words, but still uncertain. He reached for the man’s wrist anyways, pulling it to his nose so he could verify that he was real. That his words were real.

Fire. He smells like literal fire. Well, campfire. Kind of cozy, actually. But his anger smelled like danger, like wildfire. He is real, though. And if what Izuku told me in those letters is true, then he really does care about those in his circle. In his pack. He says I am pack, along with Izuku, Eijirou, Denki, and Tenya. But they barely know me, even Izuku doesn’t know who I am anymore. But… but I have to trust them, to trust this prince. If Izuku trusts him…. Izuku’s never been wrong about people. I guess… I guess I’ll trust him too.

Shoto let go of his wrist, and then patted the blonde alpha on the head, offering a small smile.

“What the fuck?” Katsuki whispered to the air, but didn’t make any move and kept his voice even and his scent neutral. Shoto continued to pat him, like he was a dog. The rest of the pack started to laugh, drawing the attention of the rest of the Baku delegation, who also started to giggle a little. “Tenya, what the FUCK is he doing?” He asked, still not moving in fear of setting off the emaciated omega again.

Tenya chuckled, “I think this is him saying ‘okay’. Saying that he trusts you are real, that your words are real, that he is going to believe you.” Katsuki’s red eyes met with Shoto’s, and Shoto stopped petting, withdrawing his hand and offering it to the other prince. Katsuki took it and shook it, not commenting on the weak grip as Shoto nodded in confirmation of Tenya’s words.

Soon, Fuyumi and Kai returned with a table and the documents. It was read and re-read, some editing was done, and even Shoto was given the opportunity to read it and nod his head in approval. Then, it was signed. First Touya and Andrea, as the new rulers of Zenia. Then Chairman Tsunagu and King Masaru. Several delegates from other countries also signed, having made phone calls out to their countries to gain permission. Lastly, Shoto Todoroki signed it, unlike King Masaru Bakugou and his brother, now King Touya Todoroki and the other lords and ladies who signed (even Tsunagu signed as a lord), he left his without any title. Having been officially stripped of his royal status in Zenia, he felt it appropriate to sign it with just his name.

Nothing but a name, no title, no anything. I am not a prince of Zenia anymore, and Touya, Fuyumi, Natsuo and their families are no longer my family. This document proves it. I will be erased from the Todoroki’s history, except for being a small blight addressing omega abuse. All that will be remembered of me here is that I was born a Todoroki, but presented as an omega, and that I am a failure. Omega bad. Omega bad. Omega bad.

Shoto struggled to write his name on the document, his hands (and entire body) were extremely weak due to his years of isolation. Additionally, he found that he was having difficulty trying to spell his name. Tenya had stepped up behind him, allowing Shoto to lean against him for support, and then Tenya grabbed his writing hand, guiding it as he help him steady his hand. In his ear, Tenya whispered the spelling slowly, waiting for Shoto to finish each letter before moving onto the next.

With the document signed and copied accordingly, it was done. Zenia had a new ruler, a prince was disowned then adopted by another country, an omega was set free, and it was all done within a day. Shoto was sitting back in his chair, a little shell-shocked. He still didn’t really know how long he had been alone. He knew it had to be a while, given his hair and the size of his siblings’ families. Tenya stood behind him, hands on the chair – a comforting, strong presence. Izuku walked up, holding out his wrist and Shoto checked to make sure he was real. Feeling the warm skin and smelling that sweet, sweat meadow – he looked up at Izuku.

“Happy Birthday, Socchan.” Izuku said, tears falling from his eyes, and he went to embrace Shoto, but Shoto scooted back, causing the chair the slide on the floor and bump against Tenya.

Birthday? Birthday…? I have a birthday? When was it... I… I don’t remember. I know I had just turned sixteen a bit before it all happened, but I don’t remember my birthday anymore. I don’t even know how long it’s been. I don’t know how old I am. Not anymore. Not anymore.

“Shoto?” Izuku asked while Tenya stabilized the chair and let out more of his comforting scent. Shoto was lost, his eyes glassy and unfocused, staring into the void. “Shoto, Shoto, come back to us,” Izuku pleaded, eyes watery with tears. “Socchan, I really mean it. Happy Birthday. I-It’s January 11th. Your birthday, remember?”

January 11th… oh, yeah. January 11th, that is my birthday. I forgot. I forgot.

He started to come back to reality, a bit, so Izuku kept talking through his tears, crouching down to look Shoto in the eyes. “Yeah, it is January 11th, it’s your birthday. The last birthday we spent together was my own, when I was ten, and you remember how that turned out.” Izuku let out a choked sob, and Katsuki came up behind him, placing his hands on Izuku, standing tall while his omega crouched, crying, in front of his childhood friend. “I-it’s 2033, Shoto. You just turned 22, Socchan.”


Shoto started thrashing, and hyperventilating, as he came crashing down into reality at the news. Most omegas would be scenting in distress, at least whimpering – if not crying. Shoto merely thrashed, hyperventilated and overall silently panicked.

SIX YEARS. Six years?!? Six… Six years I’ve been gone. Just… gone from the world. It took six years for them to notice, to realize, to DO anything. Was… was I that forgettable? They must just be here because the law requires them to be, since it sounds like someone reported it. They aren’t here for me. No. No. No. Not for me. I’m a bad omega. They left me for six years, they should have left me there to rot and die. Bad omegas deserve to die. I would rather die then be used as a tool for some kind of political gain… No. No. No. No.

Shoto shut his eyes, tears pouring from his right, and he curled in on himself, trying to get under the blanket, to bury himself. The world was cruel, and it hurt. And he had spent six years alone and he didn’t even remember that. Izuku cried harder, watching as Shoto switched from reality to crumbling in on himself. “I-I’m so sorry, Shoto. So, so, so sorry. I d-didn’t know! I stopped writing you after one year, I-I’m so weak. I should have known, Socchan, I’m your best friend. I should have thought it was something like this, I could have prevented all of this had I just done more than assume you didn’t care about me.” Shoto heard his words, but didn’t acknowledge them. Katsuki pulled Izuku up into his arms, turning the smaller man into his chest, allowing his omega to smell him, cry into his chest, and calm down. Tenya stood above Shoto, observing. He knew not to touch, having seen Shoto recoil away from the other omega. There was not much they could do until he resurfaced a little.

At the head of the room, King Touya Todoroki cleared his throat. “Now, that this is done, all of you who are not citizens or ambassadors to Zenia have twenty-four hours to leave the country. Shoto may take what he wishes from the north tower.” With that, he left the dais, dragging Enji with him, his wife following with their children. Then Fuyumi with her child, her husband Kai was carrying Rei, and Natsuo brought up the rear with his wife and babe. With the alphas leaving, and the throne room clearing out, only a few servants remained behind with the Baku delegation. Chairman Tsunagu turned to King Masaru, they clasped each other’s arms.

“It is done, and we must head back to HQ.” Tsunagu said, nodding to the rest of the delegation and he started to leave with his enforcers. “I will send you a copy of all our investigative material, please do the same.” The beta turned to look at Shoto, who was still curled up on the chair, under his blanket, separated from reality. His eyes grew sad, and almost haunted. “Please take care of him, you have the best resources available to deal with a case as severe as this.”

“Of course,” Masaru replied. “Thank you for getting us here, and helping, so we could get him out. It isn’t what we were hoping to find – far from it. At least it is resolved for now, and we can focus on him and what he needs.” Tsunagu nodded at the king, and his enforcers followed him out the throne room. Masaru turned to his delegation. “We will spend the night at the old Midoriya Mansion, it is a bit of a drive, but it is the safest place and is closer to the airport we came in from.” Masaru looked at Shoto, and sighed. “We need to try and see if there is anything he wants from his tower. Tenya, Eijirou, Denki, and Fumikage – could you take him? I think a smaller group of people will help him stay focused. And, sorry son, you and Izuku seem to trigger his emotions and we want him to remain calm so he can gather up the things he cares about, okay?” Katsuki and Izuku nodded, Izuku still trying to suppress some sobs. Denki and Eijirou nodded, and Fumikage offered the slight tilt of his head. “We will wait for you at the front entrance, be back in thirty minutes.”

“Yessir,” Tenya confirmed, and turned to Shoto as the large bulk of the delegation started to leave. “Prince Shoto, can you look at me, please?” He saw Shoto shake his head in a ‘no.’ Tenya sighed, and taking a risk, he placed a hand where he knew Shoto’s head was, and started softly patting it. “Come back to us, please. We aren’t going to leave you. What did I tell you before? Hmm?” Shoto lifted his head a little, allowing the quilt to fall, exposing his eyes as he looked at Tenya, still lost but at least curious. “I told you we came for you, and we won’t leave you. No one here is going to leave you, not anymore. I will not let you go; do you understand?”

He did say that before. But why did it take so long? Why can’t I remember? Why do I see doubles of some people, and some people I know aren’t real? How come the nightmares come to hurt me? How come my family hates me? Why did my mother burn me? Why did I present as an omega? Why? Why? Why?

Tenya continued as Eijirou, Denki, and Fumikage shuffled awkwardly, waiting. “Shh, shh. It is going to be okay. I’ve got you, even when things are scary. Even when you can’t tell what is real. I will always be here, I am real. And even if you can’t remember that, I will always let you check. A touch and a whiff to make sure I am who I say I am.” With that, he held out his wrist to the omega, hoping he would take it. He had noted that when Shoto got to smell specific individuals – instead of just random scents all at once – he seemed to come back a little and stay lucid for a bit. Shoto tentatively reached out and took it, bringing it to his nose.

Real. Real. The rain is back. The rain, so nice, so calm. Real. Real. This alpha is real. And he is not mad. He says he will always be there, always. He knows I’m insane, has to. Alpha is not stupid. But alpha has a name. Tenya. Tenya. Tenya Iida. Safe. Real. Safe. Real.

Shoto took a deep breath, closing his eyes as he inhaled the alpha’s scent, letting it drape across him like a thick blanket of safety. When he opened his eyes, they were clearer, and Tenya smiled. “Good job coming back to us, Shoto. I’m proud of you. Now, is it okay if I lift you up? We are going to go back to the tower – don’t worry, we aren’t leaving you there. We just want to see if there is anything you want to take with you?” Shoto nodded once, allowing Tenya to scoop him up bridal style, burying his nose into the alpha’s neck. The other three followed as they quickly walked back to Shoto’s tower.

They entered the tower, Eijirou taking the lead – his keen nose letting him know that no one else had entered the tower since they left. Tenya looked to Shoto, who looked around the tower, as if he couldn’t believe in its existence. “Anything you want to grab?” Shoto turned his face to look at him, then pointed up. “Second floor?” Shoto shook his head. “Not the second, so the third.” Shoto nodded, and the five of them went up the stairs, Tenya not even breaking a sweat despite being slightly injured and carrying the omega. Once on the third floor, Shoto pointed to the farthest door, the study. Inside the study where they initially found the prince, Shoto tried to wriggle out of Tenya’s arms. The alpha barely managed to set the omega down before he fell down. Shoto immediately went to the desk, and pulled on the lowest drawer on the left.

It didn’t budge.

He tugged again.

It, again, did not budge.

He shook the handle – no result.

Shoto paused for a moment, thinking, while the other four men watched in confusion, letting the omega figure it out. They didn’t want to interrupt, as it was the most lucid they had seen him be all day. Then he shot up, and bolted to the bookshelves behind his desk and started pulling out books at random. He would pull out a book, open it by the binding, turn it upside down, and shake it. When nothing came out, he would toss it across the room. After about twenty books, Shoto slumped, sitting on the floor, crying while aimlessly trying to open the drawer. Tenya went and sat with him, trying to figure out what he was trying to do. Looking at the drawer, he saw it was a simple lock. Apparently, Denki had seen the lock as well, for the omega was suddenly crouched in front of the drawer, fiddling with it.

“Don’t worry, Denki’s got like… this super power.” Eijirou said, looking at Shoto. “More like, slightly illegal, if used inappropriately. But still manly.” Shoto tilted his head like a confused puppy, and Eijirou stifled a giggle. “He can pick most basic locks, so he can get your drawer open and get you what you want.” Shoto looked at Denki, eyes wide with wonder and hope. Still, no one knew what was so important that it was locked away with no key.

“Anything else you want?” Tenya asked, and Shoto looked at him, then back at the bookshelf, pointing to a row of folders of sheet music and handwritten journals. “Just those and what is in the drawer?” Shoto nodded. Fumikage left and came back with a box, him and Eijirou collecting the music and journals as Tenya comforted Shoto and Denki broke into the desk drawer. A few minutes later, Denki let out a sound of triumph. He turned to Shoto and handed him a stack of letters.

“Here ‘ya go, Shoto.” The blonde omega said as Shoto grabbed at the letters, quickly going though and counting them, making sure they were all there. The four men looked at him as he counted, and sighed when he visibly relaxed. “Who are they from, Shoto?” Denki asked since he could see each letter was addressed to the prince. Shoto gave a small, sad smile. He handed a letter to Tenya, the last one, and when he opened the letter he pointed to the bottom. Lord Izuku Midoriya.

Tenya and the rest of them took a sharp breath, realizing they were looking at the last letter Izuku had sent Shoto. Even if they hadn’t heard what Izuku said in the throne room, they all knew of the letters. Even Fumikage was aware, since he was the one who made sure they got delivered – not that Shoto knew that. Tenya carefully folded the letter back into the envelop and took the rest from Shoto and carefully placed them in the box, knowing that both Shoto and Izuku would want them perfectly preserved. Fumikage carried the box out of the palace, while Tenya carried Shoto. Eijirou and Denki flanking them as Shoto left his childhood home for the first time in six years, and hopefully the last time.

Shoto looked over at the palace entrance over Tenya’s back one last time, before he was gently placed into a seat inside a large limo, where the rest of the delegation waited for them. Tenya sat him next to Izuku, who looked at him with red-rimmed eyes, before Tenya slid himself into the limo on Shoto’s other side. The combined scents of rain and meadow relaxed him - even if he was still confused and a little scared - and he fell asleep before they left the palace grounds.

Chapter Text

“You’re a worthless omega, a worthless son, and you deserve to die.” Rei Todoroki said, as she poured tea over his face. Shoto screamed, but nothing came out. He tried to call for help, but his voice refused. He struggled against her, but found he was unable to move. He cried, feeling cold tears coat the right side of his face while feeling the familiar burn of boiling tea on his left.

“Shoto! Shoto! Wake up! Socchan!”

He felt someone shaking him, calling to him from outside, and he wanted to call to them, wanted to find them, but he couldn’t. His voice was gone and he couldn’t move. They continued to shake him, almost violently now.

“Shoto! Please! It’s only a nightmare! Wake up!” Shoto snapped awake, he would have bolted up right and scrambled away, but he found he was too weak to do so. His left hand jerked to cover the left side of his face, still feeling the pain in his burn. With his right eye, he searched the room, realizing he was no longer in the palace or in a limo. Shoto was laying on a couch in a large room, and he could see one Izuku standing next to him, hand on his shoulder. Another Izuku was in the corner, grinning maniacally at him. In the other corner stood Rei Todoroki, tea kettle in hand, eyes crazed.

“Bad friend, Shoto, that’s what you are.” Whispered the Izuku in the corner. “A bad friend is a bad omega, you know that.”

“You are a bad son, a bad prince, and a vile, disgusting, male omega.” Joined his mother from the corner.

Shoto’s eyes glazed over as he looked from the Izuku in the corner to his mother, ignoring the Izuku in front of him completely. He started to shake and ended up closing his eyes and covering his ears, but it did not help, it never did. He couldn’t see them anymore, but he could still hear them. Over and over and over again, they told him he was a bad person, a bad friend, a bad son, a bad prince, a bad omega. He curled in on himself, laying on the couch, eyes screwed shut, hands over his ears, and tears falling out of his right eye.

Bad omega, bad omega, bad omega. I am omega and omega is bad. Omega bad. Omega bad. Omega bad. I deserve pain for being omega. They all agree. They left me alone. Just me. Just me. For years and years and years. Years I can’t remember anymore. Omega bad, the nightmares are right. The shadows are right. Omega bad, omega bad, omega bad.

“H-he was having a nightmare and I w-woke him up because he was thrashing a-around really v-violently. When he woke up, he b-barely acknowledged me. He kept looking between the t-two corners, and now he is doing t-this.” Shoto could hear the voice of the Izuku who had been standing next to him, registering that it was different from the Izuku in the corner. The Izuku who stood next to him sounded scared, nervous even. But the Izuku in the corner and the Rei in the corner were much louder, much stronger, and they drowned out anything else.

“I see.” Said another familiar voice, feminine and calm, but he couldn’t place it. “Can you go get Tenya and Doctor Aizawa for me? I believe Tenya is in the drawing room, getting patched up by Doctor Yamada.” Shoto heard footsteps, and then a door opening and closing. He kept his eyes shut, ears covered, and continued to shake – afraid of the Izuku in the corner and the Rei in the corner. Still their voices haunted him, telling him he was bad and deserved to die and that he was nothing, nothing to anyone.

Omega bad, omega bad, omega bad. They speak the truth, I know. I know. I am bad. I am vile. I am disgusting. I am worthless. I deserve pain. I deserve to die. I want to die. It hurts. It hurts. Everything hurts. I can’t remember things, and it hurts. They come to me in my dreams, and it hurts. They follow me into the day, and it hurts. I’m broken. I know. Insane, I know. Broken, bad omega. Broken. Bad. Broken. Bad. Broken. Bad.

A few minutes passed, and he heard several pairs of footsteps as more people came to the room. Whispers were being exchanged and he could not tell what was being said, especially over the words of the Izuku and Rei in the corners. Then, a large hand came to rest on his head, slowly patting him. The hand was warm, and familiar? Then the owner of the hand spoke. “Shoto, come back to us. I know you can.” The voice was familiar too, and he felt like he could breath a little better, a little freer. “That’s it, I know you can do it. Remember what I told you?” The warm, low, quiet voice asked, while the hand continued to pet him. Then, he started to smell rain.

Rain? That doesn’t make sense? I am inside, yes? There can’t be rain inside. Not possible. Rain. Rain. Where does it come from, the rain? But the rain doesn’t feel bad, or smell bad. No, it smells good. It smells safe. Safe and warm. Safe. It smells like alpha. Strong, safe alpha. Alpha… alpha… Tenya. Tenya. Tenya Iida. I remember! This is alpha, Tenya Iida. He said he would always be there. Always, always. But he wasn’t here when I woke up… I don’t know why. Wait. I do know why. I remember. Tenya was hurt! And he said he would get treated later. And the lady-voice told one of the Izuku’s to go get him, and that Tenya was being treated by a doctor. So, he did not leave me. He would have been here otherwise. Alpha said he would always be here. Always, always. Even if I can’t remember, he will be here.

Shoto unclasped his ears and opened his eyes, coming face to face with the large alpha. Looking at his face, he saw the alpha wore glasses, and his eyes were a deep, dark blue. His eyebrows actually turned up a bit on the outside, and his hair was styled into a sharp undercut with the hair remaining fairly long on top. “There we go.” Tenya said warmly, continuing to pat Shoto’s head. “I knew you could do it, good job. I’m proud of you, Shoto.” Tenya offered Shoto his other wrist, and Shoto quickly took it. Smelling his gland and confirming he was real. Shoto looked around, still seeing the Izuku and Rei in the corners. They were still talking to him, but they seemed dampened and he could barely hear them. Other people were in the room now, the other Izuku had returned with two men. A dark-haired omega – he remembered him from the palace – and a blonde-haired alpha with a ridiculous mustache. Both were wearing doctor’s coats. Standing behind Tenya was an omega woman, who looked somewhat like the big alpha. Shoto pointed, shakily, at Izuku. He needed to confirm which Izuku was real. Tenya nodded.

“Izuku, you first. I think he needs to check you before anyone else. He keeps looking at the corners, like you said, and it is probably because he is seeing another you and someone else.” Izuku walked up slowly, offering his wrist to Shoto. Shoto took it tentatively, letting out a relieved sigh when he confirmed that this Izuku was real. He maintained his weak grip on Izuku and looked at Tenya.

I need to tell them what I see while I am back to reality for a bit.

He opened his mouth to speak, to say anything, and all that came out was the sound of air. He tried again, but there was no sound. He used his free hand to grasp his throat, and looked down in alarm. It was one thing to not open his mouth and not speak, but to actually try and have no sound come out was absolutely terrifying.

“Well, shit.” Said the dark-haired male doctor. He approached the terrified omega on the couch. “Remember me, Shoto? Doctor Shouta Aizawa.” He offered his wrist, and Shoto let go of Izuku to take the doctor’s and confirm he was real. “This,” he pointed to the blonde alpha, “Is Doctor Hizashi Yamada, my mate as well as partner in our medical practice. We specialize in Alpha/Omega care.” The blonde stepped forward, also offering his wrist to the omega. Shoto took it and smelled his gland.

The dark-haired omega smelled slightly sweet and like detergent, I remember smelling him before. But his mate, this alpha, smells like pine-sol. I wonder why both of them smell like cleaning products. It’s not unpleasant, just weird.

He let go of the alpha and the omega female stepped forward this time. “Doctor Taniko Iida, I’m Tenya’s mother.” She also offered her wrist. “I specialize in omega psychology. We’re all here to help you, Shoto.” Shoto took her wrist, he was still shaky but he wanted to confirm that they were all real.

She smells sweet, like an omega. But she also smells like roses. It’s very nice. Not as nice as Tenya, but still nice.

When Shoto let go of her wrist, Dr. Aizawa spoke. “Shoto, we need to do a full medical evaluation of you before we move you tomorrow. I would prefer to stabilize you and move in a few weeks, but the new king of Zenia has ordered everyone out of the country in twenty-fours hours, so we don’t have much of a choice.” Dr. Aizawa sighed. “But first, we need to get some kind of food in you. Who knows when your last meal was, and it is clear you probably can’t remember.” Shoto looked at him wide-eyed, and then turned to Tenya, silently pleading the alpha to stay with him throughout whatever was happening next. Tenya responded by patting his head and giving him a smile. Shoto sighed with relief. Dr. Yamada handed a bowl of something to Tenya, who took it with his free hand.

“Get him fed, we’ll leave you and Izuku to it. Send Izuku down when Shoto’s done eating and we’ll come back and get started.” Dr. Yamada said, following the two omega doctors out of the room.  Izuku helped Shoto sit up on the couch while Tenya set the bowl down on the coffee table and brought over a chair and a cup of water. Izuku tucked the white quilt around Shoto’s shoulders and brought it forward to cover his legs, leaving the blanket cocoon open in the front so Shoto could use his hands. Tenya sat in the chair that was now directly in front of Shoto and held the water in front of him.

“Think you can drink this for me?” Tenya asked, and Shoto nodded, starting to feel sleepy again. Just being up for a few minutes had already drained him. “Okay, I’ll hold the cup for you, you just need to suck on the straw, okay?” Tenya held the cup out to Shoto, using his other hand to hold the straw to his mouth. Shoto obediently opened his mouth and clasped his lips around the straw, sucking weakly. When the cold water hit his mouth, he swallowed, closing his eyes and savoring the feeling of the cool liquid satisfying his thirst. He hadn’t realized how thirsty he was until he started drinking the water. Before he knew it, Tenya was pulling the water away. Tenya caught his look of confusion and explained, “You can’t drink it too fast, or you’ll get sick.” Tenya handed the cup to Izuku to hold, and reached for the bowl. Think you can eat some soup? It’s chicken noodle. Mom’s recipe, I promise its good.” Shoto nodded again, and Tenya carefully fed him the soup, spoonful by spoonful. Shoto would have groaned if he could, it tasted great.

 I can’t remember the last time I ate something this good, something that wasn’t instant noodles. I can tell it is homemade, and that it was made with love.

Shoto started crying while eating, overwhelmed with the taste and the care he was being treated with. Tenya kept hand-feeding him, and Izuku wiped his tears away and helped him drink water between each spoonful of soup. Neither man commented on his tears, offering only the comfort of the scents and presence. But it was enough, Shoto felt safe wrapped in the smells of meadows and rain, and for the first time in a long while he felt satisfied after finishing his meal. He didn’t feel sick or empty after finishing the soup, and his thirst had ebbed. When they were done feeding Shoto, Izuku took the bowl and cup away, exiting the room. When he came back, the cup was full of water again and the three doctors followed him in. He had to check all four of them again, to make sure they were real since they had left. He also noted that the Izuku and Rei in the corners had disappeared during his meal.

“Let’s get this started,” Dr. Aizawa said, and the group got to work evaluating Shoto. He had to strip, so that Dr. Aizawa and Dr. Yamada could take his measurements and check for any other injuries. Tenya and Izuku had offered to leave – being the only non-medical professionals in the room – but Shoto had clung onto them and shook his head. So, they stayed for the hour-long process, watching as Aizawa and Yamada took stock of his physical health. Tenya’s mother, Taniko, started asking Shoto questions that could be answered with a simple nod for a yes and shake of the head for no. Tenya watched his mother work with Shoto, it was an invaluable experience he could use after he himself gained his doctorate and started working with patients. By the end of it, Shoto was falling asleep on the couch again, wrapped in his blanket.

“He needs a good bath, another small snack, and more water before we let him sleep. We have a room set aside for him, but I don’t know if he will want to sleep alone or with someone.” Taniko said, pausing to look at Tenya. “He seems very attached to you, son. Which isn’t that uncommon, given the severity of his case and you being the alpha we used to provide comfort and safety for him. But Aizawa and Yamada are also suspicious of his behavior, and of yours.” She eyed him again. “I have never seen you this protective over anyone, not even over Izuku or Ochaco. We will just have to see how things play out.” With that ominous statement, she left the room, leaving Izuku and Tenya alone with a drowsy Shoto. Tenya lifted him up, carrying him bridal style to the bathroom, Izuku following. Together, they tag teamed the limp, sleepy omega and bathed him. Tenya allowing Izuku to take care of his more… intimate… parts. Afterwards, they went back to the room from before and set him on the couch. Izuku was about to leave to get some food for Shoto, when Katsuki, Eijirou, and Denki busted inside, causing Shoto to startle a little.

Tenya and Izuku served the two alphas and the omega with steely looks, and all of them raised their hands in apology, bearing sheepish grins. “Sorry…” they murmured in unison. Izuku sighed. Those three would always be a little stupid when left to their own devices. Each approached and offered Shoto their wrists, which he took in sleepy turns, confirming their identities. Eijirou and Denki also had things in their other hands. Denki had a bottle of apple juice, and Eijirou had a package of peanut butter crackers.

“The docs said he needed food and liquid, and they approved these snacks before we grabbed ‘em.” Katsuki said, and Tenya took the items from his friends, turning to Shoto. They all watched the big alpha bring the juice to his lips slowly, carefully tilting the bottle so none would spill. They watched as he gingerly held the crackers to Shoto’s lips, watching the omega nibble on each one obediently. Katsuki grabbed Izuku’s wrist, pulling his fiancé close. “I’ve never seen him like this,” he whispered. “I’ve seen Tenya be protective of people, especially you and Ochaco, but… not like this.”

Eijirou and Denki nodded. “Reminds me of you and Izuku a bit.” Denki commented, and the other three looked at him, both surprised and incredulous.

“I do not act like that around Deku.” Katsuki retorted.

“Lies,” said Eijirou. “Any time Izuku is sick, you act like a mother hen. Just. Like. That.” He nodded towards Tenya, who was still unaware of the conversation happening behind him, his entire focus on the frail omega on the couch.

“Kacchan, do you think… they’re fated mates?” Izuku started. Katsuki shrugged.

“It’s possible, we already know that. There is no way to prove it though, unless both can feel it or until they mate. And given Shoto’s condition, we don’t know if he will be able to recognize that or be willing to ever mate.” Katsuki said, and the three of them turned to Shoto, sadness and worry reflected in all of their eyes. Shoto had finished his snack and drink, and his eyes were drooping. Tenya scooped him up, turning to leave, only to find his friends were still in the room.

“Uhm…” he cleared his throat. “I think it is time to get him to bed, but I don’t think he is going to let me go.” He looked down at the man in his arms, who was firmly holding onto his shirt with both hands. Katsuki and Eijirou chuckled.

“I think I have a plan, if you want to hear it.” Katsuki said, and Tenya nodded, a blush creeping up onto his face as the omega nuzzled into his chest, sighing with contentment. “The Midoriya Mansion has a pack room, unusual for Zenia, but they have one. The bed is big enough for all six of us, if you want. I think it would be good for Shoto to sleep with the pack, and wake up surrounded by people and scents he is starting to get familiar with.” Tenya stared at the blonde prince, the head alpha of their pack. He took a deep breath and nodded.

“I think so, too. I was not aware they had a pack room here, and I would feel better to have more people present than just myself and Prince Shoto, even if everyone would be understanding of the situation.” Eijirou and Denki rolled their eyes.

“Ever the proper gentleman, ain’t ya.” Eijirou teased as he and Denki led the way to the pack room. Once inside, they were greeted by a large room, dressed in soft greys and greens, and an absolutely huge bed in the middle. Tenya gently set Shoto down in the middle, crawling in next to the omega who immediately curled himself into Tenya’s chest. Tenya automatically curled around him, wrapping his arms protectively around the omega. Izuku laid on Shoto’s other side, pressing his back against the prince omega. Izuku mirroring him and curling into his own alpha, Katsuki. On Tenya’s other side, Eijirou had laid on his back, and between Tenya and Eijirou laid Denki, who was practically halfway on top of Eijirou, his nose buried into his alpha’s scent gland. The room quickly filled with soft breaths and quiet snores as all six pack-mates fell asleep, all finding comfort in their shared warmth and scents.

In the morning, Yagi was the one who found the pack – still fast asleep. He took a moment to snap a picture, it was just too adorable not to. They boys may all be men, and in their low twenties, but to him, they were still children. He didn’t fail to notice how Shoto and Tenya were wrapped around each other, the Alpha’s arms protectively encasing him, and the omega with his head tucked into Tenya’s shoulder, his nose close to the Alpha’s scent gland on his neck. Yagi gave small smile at the sight before padding over to Katsuki’s side of the bed, not wanted to startle anyone awake.

“Young Bakugou,” he stated and placed a hand on the alpha’s shoulder. Both Katsuki and Izuku blinked awake, Katsuki turning his head to look at the older alpha. “It is time to get up. I did not want to startle the others, so I will leave it to you two to wake them up.” Katsuki and Izuku nodded, both still a little too drowsy for words, and Yagi left the room, silently closing the door behind him. They both turned to look at their pack-mates, smiling at the sight of Tenya and Shoto, both who were still firmly asleep. On the other side, they could see Denki starting to stir, and soon they saw a frizzy, blonde head pop up, with a red-one joining him. They wore matching grins as they also took note of Tenya and Shoto.

“I guess it is time to wake up the sleeping beauties,” Katsuki said with a smirk. Izuku nodded and scooted toward Shoto, Katsuki following. Eijirou and Denki did the same, scooting towards Tenya. “Gently, now, we don’t want to startled them.” Katsuki instructed. They all nodded and let their scents out slowly, all of them holding undertones of safety and comfort. Katsuki and Izuku focused on Shoto, running their hands through his hair and lightly scratching his scalp. Denki and Eijirou were doing the same to Tenya. Tenya came around first, letting out a content hum before he opened his eyes.

“I forgot how nice you guys can be in the morning,” he mumbled sleepily. He resisted the urge to pull the sleeping omega into him and nuzzle him, knowing that was probably crossing some unspoken line. “Shoto, time to wake up.” He said instead, and started rubbing small circles into the omega’s back as Katsuki and Izuku continued to pet his hair and gently scratch his scalp. Shoto woke slowly, finally opening his eyes and blinking in the morning light. He didn’t startle awake, and he realized he didn’t have a nightmare last night.

This is the first time, that I can remember, that I haven’t had a nightmare… and that I haven’t woken with my heart pounding and gasping for air.

He took in the scents of the pack, instinctually knowing that all of them were real, without having to check each one individually. He grinned, happy, and nuzzled into Tenya, taking the big alpha by surprise. Tenya’s hands stuttered for a second before continuing to rub circles as he embraced the omega tighter, letting his instincts take over as he nuzzled and scented to omega’s hair. The other four members of the pack laughed, and joined in on the morning cuddles, taking Shoto’s willingness as a green light to enjoy the moment of peace and quiet together. Tenya pulled away for a bit, looking at Shoto, admiring the slight smile the omega wore, and the alertness in his eyes. “C-can we scent you?” He asked, nervous as hell. He really wanted to scent the omega, and wanted the pack to scent him to. “I think it would help you, especially since we are traveling a long way today.” Without hesitating, Shoto nodded eagerly and sat up. Tenya grinned, the rest of the pack wearing matching grins.

Tenya went first, sitting in front of Shoto and taking his wrists first, scenting them with his own. It felt weird to scent an omega who could not scent back, but it brought his inner alpha some satisfaction that the omega smelled only like him, even if it was only for a moment. He then tilted Shoto’s head to the side, rubbing his own neck glands along Shoto’s, one at a time. Thoroughly coating the omega in his scent. Next was Izuku, doing much the same. Then Katsuki, Denki, and Eijirou. Tenya couldn’t help but go a second round, his inner alpha demanding that he be the primary scent on top of the pack’s. The others hid knowing grins behind their hands, sharing glances with each other. Shoto grinned up at the alpha, sharing the most genuine smile he had worn in a long, long time.

Pack. We are pack. And they are real. And I will always know they are real, as long as we stay pack. And alpha – Tenya – will always be there, too. Because they were here, I slept without nightmares, and woke without shadows in the corners. For the first time in a long time, I woke happy and content and sane.

They all showered and dressed – Denki and Izuku helping out Shoto this time, bringing him some of their own clothes to wear. Tenya carried him down the stairs, refusing to let the omega over-exert himself. Then, they ate breakfast with the rest of the group. King Masaru, Yagi, Dr. Aizawa, Dr. Yamada, Dr. Iida, and Fumikage joining them. Like the night before, Tenya hand fed Shoto, ensuring the omega ate and drank his fill. It did not go unnoticed by the others that the six young men were now officially pack, and that Shoto smelled like all of them, but was suspiciously smelling quite like Tenya over anyone else.

They quickly cleaned up and packed, and before they knew it, they were boarding the Bakugou’s royal plane at the airport. Tenya practically carried Shoto from the limo to the plane, never letting the omega out of his sight. On the plane, he got Shoto situated in a seat next to his, making sure he had plenty of water nearby as well as his quilt – heavily scented by Tenya. “The flight will be about ten hours, so sleep as much as you can. And if you need something, let me know. Wake me up if you need to, its okay.” Shoto nodded, and after the plane took off and stabilized, Tenya helped him unbuckle and get comfortable. The omega opting to curl up and rest his head on the alpha’s thighs rather than lean the big, leather seat all the way back.

Halfway through the trip, Tenya woke abruptly. Shoto was still laying on him, but he was writhing, and he was hot. Too hot. Way too hot. Shoto had his eyes closed, but he was panting. He was curled in on himself, gripping his stomach, but his legs were writhing back and forth. “Dr. Aizawa!” Tenya shouted. “Something is wrong with Shoto!” The plane erupted in orderly chaos as Dr. Aizawa and Dr. Yamada came over and Eijirou helped Tenya lift Shoto off of him and laid him down on the floor.

“Fuck,” whispered Dr. Aizawa. “He’s in heat,” he stated to the concerned group. “This is unusual, even for O.I.S. cases, he should have exhibited pre-heat behavior, and given his current age, he should be experiencing a sexual heat and producing slick. Even if he presented late, six years is too long for an adult male omega to go without a sexual heat after officially presenting.” Dr. Iida nodded in agreement as Dr. Yamada set up an I.V. drip, skillfully sticking Shoto with the needle without causing unnecessary stress. Dr. Aizawa continued to examine Shoto, prodding him gently with fingers and using his stethoscope to listen to his heart and lungs. He poked his abdomen in several places, noting which places seemed to cause Shoto more pain.

“Fuck,” the dark haired-omega whispered again. He turned to Dr. Iida, “Go to the pilot, tell him to radio the airport. We need to have a helicopter on standby to transport him immediately after we land. Also have him tell the pilot to contact Dr. Chiyo Shuzenji at Recovery Hospital. Tell her she needs to be ready for emergency surgery in four hours – male omega, aged twenty-two, severe O.I.S., and going into Omegan Shock.” Taniko immediately paled but rushed to the cockpit to deliver orders. Shoto continued to pant and writhe in pain and Aizawa sat back, sighing. He turned to the group, Dr. Yamada placing his hand on his back. “For those of you not versed in medical knowledge, Shoto is going into Omegan Shock. O.I.S. is primarily a mental disorder that causes some physical symptoms. But Omegan Shock means that some, if not all, of his reproductive organs are dying rapidly.” He paused, allowing the group to absorb that information. “Right now, all we can do is keep him alive and try to offer him comfort, but I doubt we can do much to ease his pain. We can’t give him any kind of pain medication right now, as it will cause him to further destabilize. He will have to have surgery immediately, once we land. We will try to save what we can, but it is likely he will lose at least an ovary, if not both, and possibly his uterus.”

Izuku and Denki immediately started to cry at that point. As omegas, the thought of not being able to reproduce is absolutely heart shattering. “I need you all to understand that he may die, despite our efforts. His heart may stop beating on this plane, but we will do our best to resuscitate him and keep him alive. I need you all to keep your heads about you, we need to focus on him, only him, until we know he is back in the safe zone again.” The group nodded, Yagi taking Denki and Izuku to the back of the airplane. Sitting with the two omegas and allowing them to cry on him. Yagi would be of no help; he had no medical knowledge and his old war injuries made him physically weak. The only thing he could do was comfort the young omegas who were too distraught to be of help. “Tenya, Eijirou, Katsuki.” Aizawa turned to the young alphas. “You three are in charge of watching him and keeping him comfortable. That means scenting, lots and lots of scenting. Especially you, Tenya. But since you are all alphas and he is familiar with you and you are now pack, all three of your scents should help him since he is still technically in heat.” The three men nodded, taking positions. Tenya sat by Shoto’s head, bringing the omegas head to rest in his lap. Katsuki sat to his right, taking Shoto’s right hand, rubbing the scent glad on his wrist with his thumb. Eijirou did the same, only on the left. All three alphas began pumping out their pheromones, trying to ease Shoto’s pain.

Aizawa and Yamada hooked up sensors to watch his heart rate and breathing, adjusting the monitors so they wouldn’t be too loud. Dr. Iida came back, whispered something to Aizawa and then slipped past Tenya, patting him on the head, and going to sit with Yagi and the other omegas. King Masaru sat with the young alphas, providing support for them without interfering. For the next several hours, Yamada would walk back and forth from the cockpit, relaying communications and ETA for their arrival. The pilot was going as fast as he safely could. Shoto had seemed to relax with the three alphas, but was still clearly in pain. But his heart hadn’t given out, and he was still alive when the landed in Baku’s capital – Dragon City - at the International Airport.

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Shoto was air-lifted from the airport to the hospital, Dr. Aizawa, Dr. Yamada, and Tenya going with him. The others would follow behind on the ground. They lost him once in the helicopter, but managed to resuscitate him with the shock paddles. Tenya could do nothing for the omega, other than be there. When Shoto’s heart stopped beating, he swore his did too, only to start pounding again when Shoto was shocked back to life. Once at the hospital, Shoto was wheeled away to an operating room, Aizawa and Yamada following a short, older woman. Tenya was left alone in a private waiting room. He paced, he knew his scent was out of control, but he couldn’t reel it in. So, he paced and let his distressed pheromones pour out of his body. It would be another hour before the others arrived.

Katsuki and Eijirou entered the waiting room first, catching Tenya’s distressed and agitated scent. As his pack-mates, and fellow alphas, they were the ones who could most likely calm him down, or subdue him, if it was necessary. When they entered him, Tenya turned to them, eyes desperate and pleading. Instead of yelling or even attacking, as some alphas were prone to do, he immediately sagged into himself and started crying. Katsuki and Eijirou rushed to him, embracing him, and allowing the big alpha to lean against them and cry into their shoulders. Tenya didn’t even know why he was so upset, so invested into the omega in the operating room. He had known him for a little over twenty-four hours, and here he was. Crying, desperately falling apart, over the thought of him being in pain and possibly dying. Tenya was supposed to be a strong alpha, reasonable and calm. Yet here he was, falling apart at the seams, being held together only by the strong hands of his fellow pack members.

Denki and Izuku entered next, and joined the group hug-and-cry while Fumikage entered with Yagi, both looking uneasy at the group of five men who were holding each other, their mixed pack scent laced with distress and sadness. Dr. Iida and King Masaru were missing, but Tenya didn’t notice. The pack managed to get the alpha into a chair, moving five other chairs so that they sat in a close-knit circle instead of in a line against the wall. Tenya held his head in his hands as he breathed, trying to compose himself. “His… his heart stopped once on the ride over.” He started, breath catching and tears starting anew. “I-I couldn’t do anything. There was nothing I could do, but watch. Watch and hope as Dr. Aizawa and Dr. Yamada brought him back with the shock pedals.” Eijirou placed an arm around the larger alpha’s shoulders, squeezing him tightly. Denki and Izuku each placed a hand on his knees, squeezing him reassuringly, offering their support. Katsuki mirrored Eijirou, draping his arm across his shoulders to the other side. Tenya sighed, shakily.

“My heart stopped, when his did. I swear it did.” He whispered, not really believing it himself. “I don’t know why I am reacting like this, guys. I don’t. I barely know Prince Shoto, but I feel I must protect him. I must be there for him. That… That he is mine, even though I know he isn’t.” He admitted and he felt his four friends squeeze him tighter. He openly sobbed now, scared, distraught, and confused as he was. Yagi was eavesdropping on the conversation, not that the pack noticed. But he smiled a little, even if it seemed out of place. Fumikage was busy on a phone call with his own family, making sure they were safely getting out of Zenia.

“It was like that for me,” Katsuki said after a minute. The group turned to him, and Tenya lifted his head. “We were kids, of course, but even though Deku annoyed the shit out of me, I felt the need to be close to him at all times. To protect him from everyone who wasn’t me. It took me a long time to get my head on straight and ask him out, but yeah. It’s… natural. I think.” Katsuki looked away, slightly blushing. Izuku used his free hand to grab his fiancé’s hand and rub small circles into the back of it.

“Same,” said Eijirou. “Except I knew exactly what it was and went for it.” He grinned, looking at Denki. “We may not be engaged or mated or anything like that yet, but I know he is the one for me.”

“Stupid alpha,” Denki murmured in embarrassment as he hid his face in Eijirou’s shoulder.

“You may be like Kacchan and I,” Izuku started. “We both know we are fated mates, even if we aren’t mated and bonded yet. We can both feel it. And, what your describing, sounds a lot like the unconscious pull I had towards Kacchan, especially after we both presented. Even though we weren’t dating yet, I felt pulled towards him and I couldn’t figure out why.”

Tenya stared at them, incredulous. “I don’t know about that…” he said, but was interrupted by Izuku before he continued.

“You don’t have to know, right now. Just… don’t fight it, okay? Go with it and what happens, happens.” Tenya nodded, and the group relaxed a bit, resting in comfortable silence as their scents evened out. At some point, Taniko Iida came back, with her husband in tow. Taniko and Tenjirou both stopped and spoke with Yagi before going to embrace their son. They did not stay long, but brought snacks and drinks for those who were staying. As they were leaving, King Masaru came with Queen Mitsuki, Yagi also pulled them aside before they approached the group of five men huddled together, whispering something to the queen and king before letting them approach the young men.

“Boys,” the queen said, drawing their attention. “I know this is rough for all of you, especially you, Tenya.” She gave the alpha a sympathetic look. “It has been about four hours since he went in, and I’ve been told it will probably be a couple more hours.” She saw Izuku open his mouth, surely prepared to bombard her with questions. She held a hand up, “Unfortunately, that is really all I know. It looks like it is still touch-and-go with him at this time.” Katsuki nodded at his alpha mother and hugged his fiancé closer, ensuring he wouldn’t try to ask more questions. “Meanwhile,” she continued. “You need to try and rest, so you can be there for him when he gets out. Okay?” The five young men nodded at their queen, and she grinned. “Good!” She knew that the pack was distressed, especially given the fact that her son hadn’t given her any shit and hadn’t even called her a hag. She turned to her husband. “Stay with them, Masaru? I have to go back to the palace and keep the press back while continuing to maintain communications with the proper authorities involved in Prince Shoto’s case.” The quiet alpha male nodded, kissing her on the cheek.

“Go ahead,” he said. “Yagi and I can take of things here. But take Fumikage, he needs his rest and needs to get things prepared for his family.” The queen nodded and motioned at the young beta who was sitting quietly in the corner. He gave the other a curt nod and followed her out of the waiting room.

Several hours later, nine hours total of Shoto being in the operating room, Doctor Yamada came into the waiting room. He gave a weary grin at the men who all turned to him simultaneously when the door opened. “He made it.” The group visibly relaxed, and Tenya brought a shaking hand to the bridge of his nose, willing himself not to cry. “It was touch-and-go with him, and we did almost lose him a couple of times, I won’t lie to you. But,” he stopped and looked Tenya directly in the eyes, “he is in the clear, now. We found a few things, and he did lose one ovary. We were able to save the other, but his uterus appears to be damaged as well. We didn’t need to remove it, though, so only time will tell if it will be functional.” Denki and Izuku cried, sad that this meant Shoto still may not be able to conceive, but happy that he at least still had a chance to try, if he wanted to.

“Can we go see him?” Tenya asked quietly, his eyes watery but filled with hope, and a certain desperateness that only alphas had when it came to their omegas. Even if Shoto Todoroki was not Tenya Iida’s omega. Technically. Yamada nodded.

“You may, though he is still technically in heat, so only pack members can go see him until that is over. We don’t know how long his heat will last, since he has spent six years dealing with them alone and he couldn’t remember before and certainly isn’t coherent enough now to try to remember.” Everyone in the room nodded, acknowledging that they understood.

“We’ll be here, boys.” Yagi said as him and Masaru leaned back in their chairs. “Come get us if you need something.” Yamada led the five young men down the hall to a large private room.

“Now, he is probably still unconscious, but should be coming around soon. So, no loud noises. Shouta – er, Dr. Aizawa – said you guys can start lightly scenting the room, so he wakes to familiar scents. Just don’t directly scent him or his bedding until he wakes, ‘kay?” They all nodded and he opened the door, letting them in and then quietly closing it behind them. They all turned to look at the sleeping omega in the bed at the center of the room. He looked almost peaceful, if it weren’t for the various wires and tubes attached to him.

“Remember, calm scents.” Katsuki reminded them all as he started to let out his own campfire smell, soon joined by the meadow, electricity and cologne scents of Izuku, Denki, and Eijirou. Tenya took a deep breath and let his own scent out, filling the room with the scent of rain. It easily overpowered the others’ scents, and they let him. They were pack, but Tenya clearly considered himself Shoto’s alpha, and they did not mind. The pack sat like that for another hour or so, waiting for Shoto to wake up.

He finally started to stir, his nose twitching as he came to. His mouth opened before his eyes did, taking in deep gulps of air. He was taking in the scent of his pack, and he visibly relaxed as he recognized the scents of the people. The omega opened his eyes slowly, and Tenya quickly came over to his side. “Hey,” the alpha whispered, smiling through a small trail of tears. “Welcome back.” Shoto gave a small smile back, reaching out with his hand and the alpha took it. The others came to stand around the bed, all of them openly crying now.

“Glad to see you awake, man.” Eijirou said, standing at the foot of his bed with Denki. Denki nodded, not able to talk while crying. Izuku was in a similar state, standing on his other side with Katsuki.

“Nice to see you decided to stick with us, half and half.” The blonde alpha said, his eyes watery but refusing to let the tears fall.

I barely know these men, yet I feel like we are all bonded together now. We are pack. And that will never change.

Shoto realized that even though he was in heat, he was not in as much pain anymore, and he did not see any of the shadow people. He turned to Tenya, using his free hand to tap his scent gland on his neck, tilting his head to expose it.

“Do… Do you want us to scent you, Shoto?” Tenya asked, tentatively. His inner alpha absolutely preened at the omega’s request, but he still did not want to overstep any boundaries. Shoto nodded, vigorously. Tenya went first, the others taking their turns after him. Each man was careful and meticulous as they scented the omega’s wrists and neck. They were so focused that they did not notice a new scent filling the room. It was sweet, and a little off, but it was there. When Tenya obliged his inner alpha and went to scent Shoto a second time after the rest of the pack had their turn, he scented his wrists first but paused when he got to Shoto’s neck. His nose was right next to the gland on Shoto’s left side, and he could smell something sweet. He pulled back a little, looking at Shoto’s neck. And he saw it then, just a little bit. The omega was producing oil on his gland. Tenya was overwhelmed with joy, and his instincts over-rode his sense of proprietary.

The big alpha swooped back down to Shoto’s neck, and he licked his gland. The omega sucked in a breath of surprise, but didn’t push him away, instead his wrapped his hands around the alpha. Tenya pulled the drop of oil into his mouth, savoring it as he inhaled more of the omega’s slight scent. It was sweet, a little too sweet – almost like rotten fruit. But underneath was his true scent – peppermint. Tenya knew then that he would climb mountains and swim oceans for the omega, just to get the chance to smell and taste his true scent – without having to filter out the rotten fruit one. Tenya shuddered and resisted the urge to continue tasting the gland, instead he moved to scent the omega – for real this time. As he rubbed their neck glands together, he shivered. He could feel the omega scenting him back, trying to leave traces of himself on the big alpha.

The rest of the pack had noticed the change in scent, especially when Tenya had decided to lick Shoto’s gland. They did not interfere, knowing that getting in the way of an alpha who was submitting to his instincts was a bad idea. They also noticed that Shoto was actively trying to scent the alpha back, allowing his peppermint smell to come through just enough for the rest of them to smell it too. They all grinned. Shoto had gone through hell and back for six years, and this was a sign that he would be able to move forward.

They took turns keeping Shoto company while he stayed in the hospital for the next several weeks. Well, Katsuki, Izuku, Eijirou, and Denki took turns – along with Yagi and Inko, Taniko and Tenjirou Iida (sometimes they also brought Tenya’s older brother, Tensei), Mitsuki and Masaru too, even though they were royalty. Fumikage also dropped by often, checking in on the prince and making sure he was doing better. Tenya, on the other hand, was an almost constant figure in the room. Leaving only to shower and grab food – choosing to bring the food to the room. And when he left, he only did so when at least two other members of their pack were present. Not that he didn’t trust the others, but they weren’t pack. No one seemed bothered by his possessive behavior, and no one made a comment about it either.

Shoto slept a lot, as his body was making up for not only six years of malnutrition and mistreatment, but also going through Omegan Shock and the resulting surgery. The frail omega also started to eat more every day, able to eat in larger quantities and heavier foods as time went on. His scent did not get much stronger, and did not change much from that first day, but the pack continued to scent him at least once a day – if not twice. Tenya scented him as much as Shoto would let him, and Shoto tried his best to scent him back. Dr. Aizawa and Dr. Chiyo Shuzenji had explained everything to them all, on a day where Shoto was awake, alert, and aware. Shoto had lost an ovary – it was literally rotting inside his body. They found that it was under-developed, and was probably the reason he continued to experience non-sexual heats that were painful. Male omegas only started experiencing full sexual heats after their bodies had successfully transitioned, most starting the hormonal process around eight or nine, and then presenting around ten or twelve, and then taking about four years of experiencing non-sexual heats until they were about fourteen or sixteen.

Shoto had recovered enough to detail his heats down on paper, telling them he experienced them every two months for ten days each, with no pre-heat symptoms, and that all his heats were as painful as his first. The doctors explained that only his first heat should have been that bad, and the rest should have been only mildly uncomfortable. Because even though his body was changing and moving things around, only the first major shift was supposed to hurt as the others took place over time. The theorized that because he presented late, showed no signs of being an omega prior to presenting, and because he presented around the age when he should be experience sexual heats already that his body had tried to enter a sexual heat first, prior to altering his hormones and anatomy. This caused things to go haywire, so only one ovary fully developed while the other remained underdeveloped. This caused his body to try and force it to mature for six years, causing the painful heats. This in turn damaged his remaining ovary and uterus, as the influx of hormones, fever, and literal pain caused those organs distress over time. Luckily, Shoto’s uterus and second ovary survived and were fully developed, along with his second entrance. Shoto had needed further explanation of his own anatomy, as his family did not see the need to educate their children on male omegas.

Dr. Aizawa and Izuku tagged teamed the explanation, chasing everyone else out – including Tenya. It was basically a day-long crash course on male omega anatomy, dynamics, sex, and pregnancy. Shoto had turned red when Aizawa started explaining sexual intercourse to him, explaining a male’s prostate and the pleasure it could bring, as well as where his second entrance was located inside his rectum, and how it would only up during his heat – and only if he experienced a good pre-heat. Izuku had explained, kindly, that a good pre-heat would mean his alpha would have taken good care of him, helped him build a nest, and would have performed certain… sexual encounters before his heat truly began. They both took turns explaining sex, how to have safe sex, and how it would feel. Describing the difference between how it felt to be fucked in his ass versus when an alpha penetrated his second entrance. They also explained masturbation upon discovering that Shoto had never actually performed the act – having felt no desire to do so before. So, they explained he could jerk himself off, use his own fingers to fuck himself, or he could use toys. Izuku took over the explanation about toys and lubes, while Aizawa took the opportunity to explain the different forms of birth control available to Shoto.

Shoto had asked about slick, male omega’s natural lubricant, writing down that he had never produced slick before. Dr. Aizawa assured him that he had checked to make sure he had the proper anatomy to perform like any male omega, and that it may take some time before he started producing it since they had just removed his bad ovary. They also explained how sexual heats worked, and how he could recognize pre-heat behavior in himself. Aizawa noted that Shoto’s heats were more frequent and longer than most omegas, who only had heats every three to four months for three to five days – not including pre-heat. He also said that might change for Shoto throughout time, but he wasn’t sure. They discussed what nests were, allowing Shoto to write down any questions he had so they could answer them. Towards the end of the talk, they brought up alphas and ruts. Explaining that ruts were to alphas as heats were to omegas. Except alphas generally had a little more control during ruts, as omegas really fell apart during heats and alphas were supposed to protect and provide for their omegas during their heats. Aizawa emphasized that Shoto did not have to share a rut with an alpha if he did not want to, and did not have to share his heat with an alpha either. Izuku nodded, adding that it was up to Shoto to decide what he would be comfortable with and when. With their conversation done, and it being dinner time, they left and Izuku returned with the rest of the pack.

Shoto had tucked his notes away on the bedside table where none of them could see them, he was a little embarrassed to have had such a talk when he was twenty-two and already an adult. As always, the pack took turns scenting him. He appreciated it, as it helped keep him tied to reality. While he didn’t slip as often as he had when they first met him, he still saw some faceless shadows and still experienced nightmares on some nights. Tenya, of course, went first and last. He was careful with the omega today, knowing the conversation he had just had probably embarrassed the omega. Tenya turned to the omega, holding in a laugh as the omega was positively beet red after the scenting.

“It’s okay to be embarrassed, Shoto.” Tenya said. “We’ve all had the talk,” he looked over at the rest of the pack. “In fact, we’ve all had it multiple times. All of us had it at least once when we presented, of course. And then again when we were eighteen, and a third time – oh boy.” The group laughed in unison.

“That was the worst!” Denki explained, and Eijirou bent over doubled, laughing to hard to talk.

“Yeah, the hag really took it too far that time.” Katsuki said.

“It really wasn’t that bad guys…. I found it rather informative.” Izuku interjected.

“You would, Deku.” Katsuki said as he nudged his omega with his shoulder.

“Anyways,” Tenya turned back to Shoto. “When Katsuki decided to make a pack with all of us, all of our parents – I mean ALL of them – sat down with us. Even Dr. Aizawa and Dr. Yamada were there. They gave us a very thorough sex talk, including pack heats/ruts, and forced us all to get birth control right then and there. We all get monthly shots, to prevent any unplanned events.” Shoto looked at them wide-eyed, and then pulled out a piece of paper and a pen.

He wrote: “What is a pack heat/rut?”

“You crawled into that one, my man.” Eijirou said.

“I did most of the work already, this is on you, Tenya.” Izuku said, hiding a grin while Katsuki and Denki chuckled to themselves. Tenya turned bright red.

“I-uh. W-well.” He stammered. “Uhm. Its when the pack all goes into heat and rut at the same time, its.. its, uh, unique to Alpha-Omega packs. And we share the heat-rut, meaning we spend it together, helping each other out.” He looked away from the omega, embarrassed. “It helps solidify our bonds as a pack, and makes sure that no one goes to long without – uh – help. Since heat waves and rut waves don’t always line up, even if it is just you and your mate.” Shoto stated at the pack, still wide-eyed, but with his mouth slightly open. He started writing again.

He wrote: “I’m assuming you guys do pack heat-ruts, then. How often?”

Katsuki saved Tenya that time, offering a response. “Once to twice a year, we all have four heats or ruts per year, except for Tenya here. We usually spend two ot three with our mates and one to two as a pack. Tenya, on the other hand, has no mate. So, he joins in on the pack heat-ruts, but spends the rest alone. He is kind of like you, he has frequent ruts that run long and are pretty intense. You can ask him about that later, okay?” Shoto nodded, turning back to his paper.

He wrote: “So, you’ve all had sex with each other then?”

Eijirou laughed, “Yes, we’ve all fucked, Prince Shoto. Even Mr. Uptight and Gentlemanly over there.” He pointed to Tenya, who turned even more red. Shoto himself blushed even more, but once again turned to his paper.

He wrote: “Thank you for telling me and answering my questions. But I’m hungry now, can we get dinner?”

The pack laughed, and both Tenya and Shoto returned to their normal colors as they debated what to eat for dinner, finally agreeing on cheeseburgers from a local diner. Eijirou and Denki going to get them and sneak them up into the room. Strictly speaking, Shoto was supposed to eat hospital food. But hospital food sucked.

While they ate, Shoto stole glances at Tenya when the alpha wasn’t hovering over him – making sure the omega ate. He couldn’t help but trace the lines of his jaw and wonder what kind of body was hidden under his clothes. He knew he shouldn’t be thinking if the alpha that way, but something inside of him was pulled to the huge alpha. He just couldn’t quite name it.

Chapter Text

Shoto had spent about seven weeks total in the hospital when Dr. Aizawa decided that he could be released. Partially because he was getting tired of having the pack there almost 24-7, but also because Shoto would be having another heat soon – if his body kept up with the two-month pattern it established. Dr. Aizawa and Dr. Iida both agreed it would be best for him to have his heat in a place he could calm home and start building a permanent nest. They both knew that Shoto had never built a nest before – having felt no urge to or squashing the urge to (the omega had not clarified to either doctor) - and that Shoto hadn’t really had a proper heat before. Only very, very painful ones. While they figured he would experience mild discomfort – like cramping – they were almost certain that since they removed his bad ovary, they would stop being so painful. The doctors and the rest of Shoto’s pack wanted him to have a good heat for once, and so they wanted to take him home and get him situated.

So, on Wednesday, March 2nd of 2033, Shoto Todoroki was released from Recovery Hospital. Luckily for Shoto, the press in the country of Baku was quite respectful to the royal family, so no cameras were waiting for him when he was wheeled out. Tenya, of course, was the one pushing him. The alpha had fussed over Shoto all morning, making sure he was ready and comfortable, tucking the omega’s white quilt around his legs before allowing anyone to leave the hospital room. The pack squeezed into a black SUV, Katsuki driving and Izuku in the passenger seat. Eijirou and Denki piled into the third row, allowing Tenya to lift and gently place Shoto into the middle row. Tenya carefully buckled the omega in, and placed his blanket over him again before giving the wheel chair back to a nurse and walking around the SUV. Tenya climbed into the other side, and Katsuki took off as soon as his door was closed. Shoto thought they were taking him directly to Bakugou Palace, but apparently, he was wrong. Instead, they pulled up in front of a large two-story building. It looked like one of those warehouse stores – like Ikea – but not quite because there were actual windows on both levels and all around. Shoto looked at Tenya, confused and a little alarmed. Tenya reached out and took his hand, giving it a light squeeze.

“Don’t worry,” the alpha said while letting out some calming pheromones. “This is a nesting store, basically the Ikea of nesting materials and goods.” Shoto just looked at him, even more confused. Izuku turned around in his seat, leaning over the center console to look back at Shoto.

“Basically, it has tons and tons and tons of blankets, bedding, pillows - anything and everything you could ever need or want to built the perfect nest.” Izuku smiled at him, “We want you to pick out your own things, you deserve to be able to make the best nest.”

“Yeah!” Denki chimed in from behind. “You can touch and sniff and squeeze everything, to see if you really like it too. This is where me and Eij got our supplies, and lots of stuff in the pack room at the palace comes from here.”

“And,” Katsuki added while turning off the engine. “I’ve rented out the entire place, so it is just us and a few of the staff for as long as you need.” When Shoto took a sharp breath, likely of shock, Katsuki grinned. “Perks of being crown prince, it doesn’t take much to get what I want.”

“Do you want to bring your quilt with you?” Tenya asked. Shoto looked at his white quilt, and while he found it familiar and soft, he didn’t actually like it that much anymore. He grabbed it anyways, and moved to open his door to get out. Tenya pulled him back. “Shoto, what are you doing?” Shoto pulled against Tenya, still reaching for the door.

“I think he wants to get out on his own, Tenya my dude.” Said Eijirou, still trapped in the back seat with Denki. Shoto nodded his head, and pulled again.

“But –“ Tenya started again, but then Shoto pulled again. Tenya also realized that the omega’s scent was starting to grow agitated. Tenya sighed in defeat. “Fine. At least let me get out first and open the door for you, that way I can catch you if you fall or stumble.” Shoto huffed, but nodded and released his grip on the door. Tenya let go of his hand and got out, doing just as he said he would. With the door opened for him, and Tenya’s hand held out to help him down, Shoto gingerly lowered himself down from the SUV. He used both Tenya’s hand and the step attached to the side of the SUV, but he did it. He stood on shaky legs while the other four got out, not having used his legs the last seven weeks, not to mention how much he didn’t use them for six years before that. Shoto had his quilt under his arm as Tenya helped him walk to the front of the store, the other pack members forming a bit of a circle around them, with Katsuki in front, Eijirou in the back, Denki to the left, and Izuku to the right.

Once they got to the front, Shoto pulled Tenya towards a trashcan. The pack was confused for a moment, until Shoto unceremoniously shoved his quilt into the trash with a huff. They all grinned and laughed a little at the scene, but Shoto looked a little smug – proud to get rid of that chapter of his life. He let himself lean against Tenya as they entered, and tried to smile at the staff who greeted them. Tenya looked at him, seeing he was already starting to flag. “Want me to carry you, or do you want us to wheel you around in a chair?” Shoto shook his head, instead burying his face into the alpha’s chest. “You got to pick one, Shoto. If you want to look at everything and be awake enough to make decisions, that is.” Shoto huffed instead of giving an answer.

“Oi, half and half,” Katsuki half yelled at him. “If you don’t pick, I’m going to carry you, and I’ll carry you upside down in a fireman’s carry.” Shoto heard a dull smack, likely Izuku punishing the blonde alpha for being so rude.  Shoto huffed again, but lifted his face to look at Tenya, holding a slight pout in his mouth. He then lifted his arms and set them around the big alpha’s neck. Tenya grinned, pushing his nose into the omega’s neck and taking a whiff at his scent gland – smelling both the slight rotten fruit scent and peppermint, but also a tinge of happiness. Tenya scooped him up bridal style before turning to the group.

“Let us get going, then.”

The staff let the pack wander alone, both Katsuki and Eijirou were pushing a cart each. Shoto was a bit confused at that.

Just how many things do they think I want? Also, who is paying for this?

His scent must have betrayed him, as it had started to do more often as the weeks went on – even if it was only Tenya who picked up on it.

“Don’t worry, Prince Shoto.” He whispered in the omega’s ear. “The palace is funding this trip, and even if they weren’t, you were given enough money from your country to purchase the entire store and then some, if you wanted to.” Tenya laughed a little, and Shoto visibly relaxed. The group first approached a section dedicated to beds – frames, mattresses, the works. Shoto stared, a little awed at the selection. He had taken his time choosing furniture for his tower when he was fourteen, but this was like nothing he ever saw. Immediately he saw a huge king-sized bed that was displayed in the center of the section. It was a black four-poster canopy bed. The head of the bed had a headboard of black silk – stuffed with foam – that connected to the canopy portion. It also came with two detachable half-walls that were made of the same black wood as the frame.

“The half-walls can be added and removed as wanted,” explained Izuku when he saw Shoto eyeing the bed. “The walls are handy for nesting, especially if you want an extra sense of security.” Shoto nodded, and then looked up at Tenya, then back at the bed. It was fully decorated, with black bedding and a black curtain, black pillows lined up on the headboard and against the half-walls. He used one hand to tug on Tenya’s shirt before pointing animatedly at the bed.

“Want to lay on it?” the alpha asked, and Shoto nodded. Tenya set him down on the bed, and the omega immediately crawled all over it, finally trying to bury himself in the blanket and pillows. Before the pack realized it, they were looking at a pair of mis-matched eyes among a sea of black.

“I guess he likes it,” Denki laughed and the rest joined him. Katsuki went over to the side of the bed, taking note of the model and color.

“Do you like the mattress that’s on it, Shoto?” Katsuki asked as he typed the bed frame information into his phone. Shoto nodded, and Katsuki took down the mattress information as well. “Good, let me send this over to the staff so they can get started on shipping the bed and mattress ahead of time, that way it’ll be set up and waiting for us at the palace once we get there.”

“Good idea, Kacchan.” Izuku said. “That way we can get him nice and comfy right away!” Shoto started unburying himself from the bedding, slowly crawling out from the pillows and blankets. Once he was finally free, he sat at the end of the bed with his hands held up to Tenya. The alpha grinned and obeyed, lifting the omega back up into his arms. They went around like that, with Shoto touching literally every blanket, quilt, sheet, and pillow. He quickly filled both carts, a color scheme became apparent very quickly. Black and dark navy blue with just a hit of white. He also picked out a lot of quilts, his favorite one being a light weight, but large (king-sized), navy-blue one. He had made Tenya scent it immediately, and then tried to hold onto it for the rest of the shopping spree, only to begrudgingly allow it to be set in one of the carts after almost dropping it for the twentieth time.

Once they reached the registers, Katsuki, Izuku, Eijirou, and Denki helped the staff ring it up and pack it up neatly. Once done, Katsuki flashed a card and then the four went and helped the staff load the items into the back of the SUV. It was a little tight, but they made it work. A few items had to be thrown into the third seat with Denki and Eijirou, and Shoto was adamant on keeping the navy-blue quilt with him in the middle seat. Tenya had set Shoto in the center, allowing the omega to fall asleep on his lap while having the large navy-blue quilt tucked around him and having the excess spill out onto the floor of the SUV.

They reached the palace fairly quickly, servants came out to help unload the SUV and even though it wasn’t even noon, Shoto remained fast asleep. The surprise shopping spree had wiped him out, and he didn’t wake as Tenya removed him from the car and took him through the palace. Since Shoto’s bed had just arrived, his room was not ready – they wanted to set it up with him anyways – Tenya took the omega to his own quarters instead. The pack all live in a separate wing of the palace, away from the hustle and bustle. But each of them had their own quarters, a set of bedrooms and living space. Each member, or pair, having enough room to live and have a family, should they choose to remain in the palace. Knowing Shoto would feel at ease surrounded by his scent, Tenya laid him on his own bed, watching as the omega promptly buried himself in the bedding, bringing his own quilt along with him. Tenya then left, choosing to join the rest of the pack as they brought all of Shoto’s nesting material to his rooms.

A couple hours later, Shoto woke up. He was a little confused as to where he was, especially since there was no one else in the room.

Did they leave me again? I thought they said they were taking me home? They even took me to that store with all the nice bedding… They said they would help me nest! Why am I alone again? Are they going to leave me here?

He then caught the scent of rain, and realized he was actually surrounded by the scent. He relaxed a bit, laying back down into the pillows. He nuzzled the blankets and realized he still had his new quilt with him.

This feels so nice. So much better than the hospital. Makes me want to purr, it feels so good. Smells so good. Smells like alpha, like Tenya. God, he smells too good. I wish I could purr, even just a small one. But I can’t make any sounds, not anymore. I never even learned to purr in the first place.

He sighed, switching between being content while surrounded by Tenya’s sent, and being upset that he couldn’t express just how content he was. He was about to get up and wander around when Izuku and Denki came into the room, followed by the three alphas. One look at Shoto buried in the bed had the omegas grinning and the alphas looking away, a little red in the face. Shoto considered just laying there forever, but decided he was excited to go build his own nest. He wondered if it would be better than Tenya’s bed. He sat up, staying wrapped in his quilt but allowing the other blankets to slide off of him.

“We’re going to have a late lunch,” Izuku said, and saw Shoto’s face fall. He was so ready to go build his nest. “THEN we, well Denki and I, are going to help you build your nest.” Shoto grinned at him and started to get out of the bed. Tenya went to go fuss at him but was stopped by Eijirou and Katsuki.

“I know ya wanna be manly,” Eijirou said, “but ya gotta let the man gain his strength back. I’m sure he can make it from the bedroom to the table down the hall.”

Katsuki nodded in agreement. “Year, four-eyes. Let half-and-half be a little independent, yeah?” Tenya sighed and then relaxed in defeat. But that didn’t stop him from carefully eyeing the omega as he stood up slowly, wrapping the large blue quilt around him like a cape. Most of it trailed behind him as he made his way down the hall, the two other omegas following him and preventing Tenya from hovering. Denki and Izuku guided him to the table and helped him sit, convincing Shoto to let them fold the quilt so it could be set aside. The pack joined him for the simple meal of sandwiches and fruits (prepared by the one and only Katsuki Bakugou). Tenya, being the over-protective alpha that he was, made sure Shoto ate his fill and he refilled the omega’s cup of water every time it dropped below half-full. Afterwards, they led him (Tenya again having to be scolded to let the omega walk by himself) to his quarters. He was next door to Tenya, they had put him in a smaller set of rooms that only had a master bedroom suite, living space, study, and a guest bath.

I like that it doesn’t remind me of the tower at all. It is brighter and more open, and the windows open too! Also, there is no empty space. It is just big enough for me to have privacy or to let them come hang out with me here. I like it. Even if it doesn’t have its own kitchen, that’s fine.

“So, you’ve got your essentials here.” Katsuki started to explain. “I call this suite the bachelor pad because it really is only for one person, maybe two if they are real close. It doesn’t have its own kitchen because there is the pack kitchen down the way. This entire wing is meant for a pack, as Baku has a tradition of forming Alpha-Omega Royal Packs. The hag didn’t because she ended up choosing another alpha as a mate. But we’ll show you the communal spaces later – including the pack room.” Shoto nodded and they entered his new room. He had to stop for a moment, staring at his new space. The bed fit perfectly in the room, and it looks like they had already put on the first layer of sheets for him. Again, Shoto found himself wishing he could purr.

“So,” Izuku stepped forward. For whatever reason, all three alphas were camped out by the door. “Denki and I will help you build the nest while they,” he pointed to the alphas, “wait.” Shoto cocked his head, confused. “You’ll see, once you start building. They are only here to scent things, should you ask them too.” Shoto was still confused, but he shrugged. Denki then handed him a plastic-feeling sheet.

“This is a bed liner,” he explained. “It’s more helpful during sexual heats and ruts – when there are a lot of fluids involved.” Had Shoto cared to look at Tenya at that moment, he would have been met with a very red and very flustered alpha who was being teased by the other alphas. “For you, its really just practice but also helps protect the base of the bed from your sweat. But when you start having sexual heats, you’ll want to layer these in with the sheets and blankets so you can strip the bed in layers, ensuring you don’t have to sleep in sweat, slick, and cum.” Shoto nodded, understanding, but that did not keep his ears from turning red from embarrassment at the omega’s explanation. Denki set the liner aside, and Shoto realized there was already one in place under the sheets. He wouldn’t need to layer it this time, but they made sure to educate him anyways.

Thank god for Izuku and Denki. I would be so lost on how to do this otherwise.

The omegas started helping him building, showing him different ways that they adjusted blankets and arranged pillows but allowing Shoto to make the final decisions and touches. Shoto also ended up shoving a lot of things at Tenya, demanding they be scented. He also made the others scent a few things, but once he was don’t arranging everything, a clear pattern was made. Most of the bed smelled like Tenya, especially towards the headboard. Towards the foot of the bed, it was a mix of the pack, but there was more Izuku than the other three. They all took a moment to stand back and admire the nest, pillows pilled high against the headboard and side-walls, blankets -especially quilts – stuffed in corners and folded and scrunched to create extra-squishy spots.

Fuck. This… this feels so god damn right. Why didn’t I ever nest before? Why am I so broken? Why? Why? Why?

Shoto’s eyes started to glaze over, and he started to shake a bit as he lost touch with reality. He had done well all day – especially at the store – but realizing he had denied so much of his omega nature made him feel exceptionally broken. Izuku and Denki cooed at him, but no one dared to scent the omega’s space – especially since his nest was completed. They laid him in the bed, and he immediately disappeared into the nest, head buried into the quilts and pillows. Eijirou and Katsuki held Tenya back, the alpha was struggling to not answer the pull of his instincts to comfort the omega.

“Oi,” Katsuki hissed in his ear. “Shoto or not, he is an omega. That is his nest. You fucking know you, especially as an alpha, cannot go into an omega’s nest when not asked to do so.”

“I know. I know.” Replied Tenya, trying to relax. “But I need to comfort him. Í have to.”

“No, you do not, stupid alpha.” Said Denki, pulling back with Izuku. “You have helped him out a lot since we got him out, but he still needs to learn what it means to be an omega. A strong omega. That also means learning how to nest, and that his nest is his safe place, and is a place he can go to be comforted.”

“Plus, he needs to realize he does not need and alpha, does not need YOU, every time he is upset or loses touch with reality. He needs to believe in himself.” Izuku added.

“C’mon, man.” Eijirou said, pulling Tenya towards the door. “Let him figure it out. We have to. He’s manly, he’ll be fine.” Tenya reluctantly allowed himself to be pulled out of Shoto’s room, barely holding back a whine when Izuku closed the door. The pack went as far as to take Tenya not to his own quarters next door, but to the back room on the opposite side of the wing. They sat him down on the bed, Katsuki and Eijirou sitting on either side of him, Denki and Izuku sitting on the floor in front of him.

“So, no bullshit.” Katsuki glared at him. “You skipped rut last time.” When Tenya went to protest, Eijirou cut him off.

“Dude, I could smell the suppressants on you. Don’t lie. It’s not manly.” Tenya huffed.

“But, seriously, Tenya.” Izuku looked up at him from the floor. “Your ruts are so… intense. You know better than anyone that missing one means you aren’t going to be normal until you rut the next time. And that the next time is going to be especially bad and that it will come unexpectedly and you won’t be able to plan for it.”

“So, did you do it so that you could stay by Shoto’s side while he was in the hospital?” Denki asked, cocking his head to the side.

“Yes,” the big alpha admitted. “His heat actually triggered my pre-heat, and I begged Dr. Yamada for the shots.”

“Shots?!” Katsuki explained. “You mean you had to get multiple? Fuck, Tenya! You know that more than one dosage to stop pre-rut is dangerous! What the fuck?”

“I know, I know. Yamada was uncertain about it, too. He even drug Aizawa into it, they had to have a long discussion. In the end, they agreed with me. My presence was doing wonders for Shoto, and it would set him back too far to have me go missing for ten to fourteen days to go and have my rut.” Tenya paused, pinching the bridge of his nose and refusing to look at his pack mates. “They only allowed it because Shoto’s health was in critical condition and they were constantly monitoring me and taking blood samples.”

“How many shots, Tenya.” Katsuki asked. When Tenya remained grim and silent, he asked again. “Tell me, Tenya. Don’t make me pull rank here. How. Many. Shots.” Tenya sighed, looking at his hands.

“To stop my pre-rut, Yamada and Aizawa gave me five doses.” Izuku gasped, Denki looked wide eyed, Eijirou shook his head, and Katsuki cussed under his breath. “But wait, there’s more.” Tenya said with a dry laugh. They all turned to him again.

“What.” Katsuki blurted. “You took five doses, and there is MORE?”

Tenya shrugged. “You know how bad my ruts are, how intense they are. So, they stopped my pre-rut with five. But for the next three days of my pre-rut, they had to give me a shot every morning to keep it from starting up again. Then, during the ten days my rut should have taken place, they had to give me a shot every eight hours. So, in total, I was given thirty-eight does of the strongest alpha suppressants on the market in fourteen days.”

“Tenya,” Izuku whispered. “A normal alpha needs one shot to stop their pre-rut, and only have to redoes every other day – and only one dose on those days. For a normal alpha, who has 1-3 days of pre-rut and 3-5 days of rut, that means 2-4 doses total.”

“You’re telling us that your rut is that uncontrollable? But you’ve shared your rut with us before – as a pack. I don’t recall you suddenly becoming an uncontrollable, horny, alpha.” Denki said.

“Yes and no,” Tenya said. “I’ve always taken a form of suppressant during the ruts I’ve shared with anyone.” Katsuki eyed him.

“What the fuck do you mean?”

“My family realized it quickly, after I presented – even before I started having sexual ruts. I am unusually aggressive during my ruts, and to add fuel to the fire, we discovered another problem after my ruts grew sexual.”

“And what is the second problem?” Denki probed.

“I… well…” He paused, trying to not be embarrassed as he explained it. “I have what is called Knot Delay.” Tenya had yet to look up, his eyes planted firmly on his own feet.

“What is it, and how does it make it all worse?” Asked Izuku.

“Since I am already aggressive during rut, it just makes me that much worse. Knot Delay means it takes me for fucking ever to even start forming a knot, and even longer to let it bloom – but I cum like usually, I just don’t knot and I stay hard until I do knot. Which means I stay hard and unsatisfied for a very, very long time. Making me even more irritated and aggressive when I’m in rut. Which makes me a very dangerous alpha when I am fully in rut. Which is why I have always taken some suppressants when sharing a rut. They aren’t strong enough to actually stop it, but its enough to keep me from getting too aggressive. The downside is that it means I don’t knot AT ALL during those ruts – making it so I don’t really get it all out of my system.”

“Shit.” Eijirou said. “I couldn’t imagine not being able to knot during rut, or even having to wait to knot. So… you just… remain hard and keep going?”

“Pretty much.” Tenya said.

“That explains why you can just keep going round after round during pack heat-ruts, then.” Izuku said.

“Now that I think about it, I’ve seen, heard, and felt you cum plenty of times – but you’ve never knotted either me or Izuku.” Denki mused. “I always though you were just respecting our alphas.”

“So did I,” Katsuki admitted. “Not that I’d care, the point of a pack heat-rut is to make sure we’re all satisfied in the end – on top of strengthening our pack bond.” The blonde alpha turned to Tenya. “But you’re saying you’ve never allowed yourself to fully experience a rut with us, what about Ochaco? I know she shared at least one rut with you while you two were dating.”

Tenya grimaced. “Exactly one rut.” He clarified. “It’s part of the reason we ended it, actually.”

“Wait, what?!” Izuku cried out. Katsuki hushed him, allowing Tenya to continue.

“It was even a suppressed rut, I never told her the truth though. Even that was too much for her, she said I was too intense and that she couldn’t imagine having to do that every two months for the rest of her life. When I told her that I could just handle my ruts like I always did – alone – she said no. Said it wasn’t fair to me to have to do that, and that she was sure there would be someone who could handle it.” Tenya sighed. “So, we broke it off, and then she found happiness in Tsuyu.”

“Dude, you should have told us.” Eijirou said, moving to one-arm hug the bigger alpha. “We’re a pack, we ain’t gonna shun you for something like this. You know that.”

“I know, I know. I was just… ashamed… I guess.” He mumbled and leaned into the comfort of Eijirou’s contact. Katsuki hugged him from the other side, and the two omegas stood up, jumping onto the alphas, pushing them back on the bed. They ended up in a big dog pile of hugs, and started to scent each other, comforting their big giant idiot of an alpha.

What they didn’t notice was a quiet omega who had followed their scents after calming himself down in his nest. They surely didn’t notice that he arrived right before Ochaco was mentioned, and left only a few seconds later. Hearing only enough to get upset again. Shoto quietly ran back to his quarters and back to his nest, burying himself inside. Now regretting that the nest smelled mostly of Tenya, as it both comforted and upset him now.

He already has someone. Of course, of course. It was stupid of me, to even get attached. To even find him… attractive. Of course, a prime alpha like him already has someone. I’m stupid. A stupid omega. Stupid omegas are bad omegas. Omega bad, omega bad, omega bad. No one needs a bad omega. No one wants a bad omega. Bad omegas are alone, stay alone. Just me, always me.

“You’re right.” Said Tenya, well not-Tenya. Shoto knew it was shadow figure with the voice of the alpha. But he couldn’t stop it from talking. He couldn’t stop himself from listening to it. “Bad omega, eavesdropping. Stupid omega, thinking you could have me. I only helped you because it was expected of me. Bad omega, imagining it could be anything other than that.”

The pack eventually went back to check on Shoto towards dinner time. They saw only a lump under the blankets, with only quiet breathing responding to Izuku’s call of “Socchan?” Deciding that the omega had fallen asleep, they opted to leave him be – placing a tray of snacks and drinks on the floor at the foot of the bed since Shoto had the side-walls up on the nesting bed. In the morning, they found the snacks eaten and drinks empty, but the omega man was still buried under the mound of blankets, not responding to any calls of his name. But they could see the mound of bedding moving with each breath, so they left him as he was for the morning.

Come afternoon, Tenya started to grow worried. “I can’t smell him”.

“No shit, sherlock. He’s buried in his nest that is full of YOUR scent.” Katsuki pointed out.

“Yeah, I know. But… even after he finished it, I could still smell him – just a bit. But now, now it’s like before. When he was suppressing it on purpose.”

“I also don’t like how he’s been asleep this whole time.” Izuku said. “Should we call Dr. Aizawa, and your mother?” Tenya mulled over it.

“I’ll give mom a call, see what she has to say.” He said and pulled out his cellphone to place the call.

After explaining the situation, she told him to sit tight and wait. Since he was nearing his heat, he could very well be entering pre-heat, making him exceptionally sleepy. But he was instructed to call her back with any developments. There were no fellow developments that day. The omegas would check on him, receiving no response, so they left drinks and snacks. When they came back a few hours later, they would find the drinks and snacks devoured. Shoto remained buried in his nest though, offering no input as to what was going on.

Omega bad. Omega bad. Omega bad. Omega stupid. Stupid for thinking alpha was safe. That alpha smelled good. That alpha was attractive. Stupid, bad omegas don’t get to have alphas. Omega bad. Omega bad. Omega bad.

After another day of this behavior, the omegas allowed Tenya to enter the room, but firmly told him not to go into the nest. They stayed with him as he entered the room slowly, Katsuki and Eijirou standing in the doorway – just in case.

“Shoto?” Tenya asked. “Shoto, are you awake?” No answer. He looked at Izuku with pleading eyes, Izuku nodded and Tenya let out a bit of his scent. “Shoto, its me. Tenya. The rest of the pack is here too. We just want to make sure you are oka–“ Tenya cut off, well almost choked himself as he covered his nose and mouth. He started backing away. “Get me out. Get me out NOW. NOW!” Katsuki and Eijirou jumped into action, dragging the bigger alpha out the door by his arms. At first, they though he was getting sick. Then they caught it. The scents. Peppermint. Very sweet peppermint. The scent of an omega entering heat. Then, they smelt the thunderstorm scent coming from Tenya.

“FUCK!” Screamed Katsuki. “We got to get him out of here now, Eij!” They pulled harder as Tenya started trying to fight back. The two alphas were barely able to over-power him, dragging him back to his own suites and throwing him into his heat room. The alpha had confessed he converted one of his room into a safe place to rut without suppressants. They pulled him in, Katsuki then switching to hold the alpha’s arms behind his back while Eijirou muzzled him.

“We’ll take care of you, big guy. Just… try not to hurt yourself.” Eijirou said, Tenya growled at them in response and they quickly let go of him, both sprinting for the door, bolting it shut just in time to hear the dull thud of Tenya trying to break it down.

“Good thing he picked the room with stone walls and changed the door to steel. Fucker wasn’t kidding when he told us he was aggressive.” Katsuki said, leaning heavily against the door, Eijirou doing the same. Then they heard Tenya growling as he paced the room, his scent was heavy enough to get passed the door, indicating he was patrolling and scenting the room. “Let’s get him some food and drinks while he is busy doing that.” Eijirou nodded and they passed by Shoto’s while on the way to the pack kitchen.

“He’s in heat.” Izuku confirmed, having smelled them coming by but not letting them into Shoto’s quarters. “He seems uncomfortable, but no pain like last time. I already informed the doctors about both Shoto and Tenya. They think we can just leave it for now, just make sure they are fed and watered.” He sighed. “But Tenya was right, I think. Shoto’s been suppressing his scent for the last few days, that rotten scent he has is a little stronger than usual. We’ll have to try and get the reason out of him once his heat is over.”

Katsuki nodded. “Alright. You tend Shoto, me and Eij got Tenya. Think we are gonna keep him company through the door, so, see you in ten days.” Katsuki laughed, half-joking half-not as he kissed his fiancé and continued his journey to the kitchen.  Izuku sighed, him and Denki had already stocked up for the long haul. Both of them planning to stay with Shoto.

It would be a long ten days for the pack.

Chapter Text

Shoto remained curled up in his bed, face buried into the pillows that smelled like alpha – like Tenya. He had also moved some of the things that smelled like the rest of the pack towards his head, trying to balance out the smell. Tenya’s scent was so, so comforting. But, the thought of the alpha being unattainable hurt more than it helped sometimes. He wanted the scent to envelop him, but he couldn’t stop himself from crying at the thought of Tenya being with someone else. Someone who wasn’t him. At the same time, he knew he was unworthy of the alpha in the first place.

I’m a bad omega, I don’t deserve an alpha, I never will. Always alone. Always, always. Just me. Always me. Even if they are nice to me, someday they will leave, the always do.

“Shoto?” Izuku called from the foot of the bed. Shoto hadn’t noticed that Izuku and Denki had entered his room. He also didn’t notice that he was loudly crying – sobbing even. It was the first real sound that the other two omegas had heard from him. “Why are you crying, Socchan?” Izuku asked, his voice tinged with worry. He released his scent, trying to calm the trembling, sobbing omega with his meadows and sunshine smell. Shoto just started crying harder, his right eye releasing more tears, and his nose running even more than it already was. Denki and Izuku could only see the omega under the blankets as he cried, and could only hear the sobbing sounds and sniffling.

“Can we join you in the nest, Shoto?” Denki asked, stepping forward and placing a hand on the bed. “We know this is rough on you, but we want to help. We could scent and cuddle you, if you would like? You’re in heat, and being alone hurts when you’re in heat. We know.” Shoto lifted his head to look at the other men, and then slowly nodded. They both climbed in from the foot of the bed, Izuku on the left and Denki on the right. They both joined Shoto under the blanket, Denki choosing to spoon the prince while Izuku pulled the thin omega to his chest.

“Breath in, Shoto. Take in our scents and relax. You’re not alone, I promise. We are here for you - we always will be.” Izuku said, rubbing circles into Shoto’s side as Denki played with his long hair. Shoto did as he was instructed, taking a long shaky breath – trying to stop his sobbing and hiccupping. He had to do this a couple of times before he was able to breath easy, his tears finally slowing. He buried his nose into Izuku’s chest and relished in the feeling of having Denki pressed against his back.

Safe. Pack is safe. Izuku and Denki are good omegas. Safe omegas. They’re so kind to me, so patient. They know I am broken – so very broken. Yet they ask permission to enter my nest, and cuddle me and allow me to selfishly cling to them. Izuku left me once, I know he did. But I don’t blame him – he did not know. I also never expressed how much I cared for him.

Shoto pressed harder against Izuku, trying to squash the new sadness that threatened to overcome him, threatened to make him cry again. He wrapped one arm around the omega, holding him tightly, while the other grasped at his shirt in a tight vice. Denki started to purr, a very quiet purr, but Shoto felt it more than he heard it. It vibrated in the blonde’s chest, making its way to Shoto’s back, and to his heart. Izuku started cooing to him, still rubbing circles into Shoto’s side as Denki petted his hair and scalp. Shoto trembled – but for a good reason this time. His heart felt lighter, and he felt calmer. He could feel the tension leaving his body.

“That’s a good boy, Shoto. A good omega.” Izuku cooed, placing a soft kiss on the top of his head. “You’re doing so well for your first real heat. Me and Denki are so proud of you.” Denki chirped in agreement before continuing his purr.

A… A good omega? Me? A good omega? No. Never. Always bad. Omega bad, I was told as much. My family hates omegas, I could never be a good omega.

Shoto tensed up again, and his scent flared with distress. Izuku and Denki kept up their actions, now scenting the air a little more, mingling the meadow and electricity scents to form a cloud of safety and protection. Izuku and Denki wrinkled their noses at the rotten fruit scent that still hung over Shoto’s natural peppermint, but they made no comment on it.

”Shoto, whatever they told you before, don’t listen. You are a good omega. I know you probably don’t believe it, but we will tell you that you are until you do. Because it is true. You are a great person, Socchan. A beautiful human and a good omega.” Izuku stated, his voice filled with certainty and love.

“I agree.” Said Denki from behind Shoto, still pressed against the omega’s back. “You are an awesome dude, and as Eij would say – very manly. Don’t listen to the words your family told you, don’t listen to the lies your brain tells you. Because you deserve happiness, you’re a good omega. A very good omega.” Denki placed a kiss on the back of Shoto’s neck, though his long hair got in the way. He then started his purring again, letting it ease Shoto’s heart. Shoto nodded slowly, still uncertain, but wanting to believe their words.

Good omega. Omega good. Good omega. Izuku and Denki both say it, so it must be true. Must be real. They are real, I know. I can smell and touch them. They are also pack - I can always tell that the pack is real. The pack is safe. The pack tells the truth. Pack says I am a good omega. A good omega… I must believe them. Must trust them. I’m a good omega.

“Can we scent you?” Izuku asked as Shoto finally relaxed completely, his breathing calm, and his tears gone. Shoto nodded again, and Izuku pushed him onto his back. Denki and Izuku were still on either side of him, but both of them propped up on either side. “Don’t get scared, but we are going to scent you at the same time. One of us on each side, then we’ll switch. Scent us back as best you can. Okay?” Shoto nodded, signaling that he understood.

They each took hold of one of his hands, rubbing their wrists together. Shoto could feel their oils and scent transferring to him, and willed his to do the same. He smiled as he could faintly smell his own scent, trying to ignore the fact that it still smelled rotten. Izuku gave him a small smile, and Denki clapped him on the shoulder.

“That’s it!” Denki said, encouraging Shoto. “You tried that time, I could tell. You’ve been able to do your neck before, so the wrists are new. Good job!” With that, the two omegas leaned forward, rubbing their neck glands against Shoto’s. Again, their scents mixed pleasantly. Shoto was able to put out more scent through his neck glands, and while this made that rotten fruit scent stronger, he could tell his own true scent was coming out better as well. The omegas took their time nuzzling their friend before switching sides and repeating the process. By the time they were done, Shoto was feeling drowsy but content.

“Looks like we should get you a shower and some food before you fall asleep on us.” Izuku chuckled as Shoto just blinked at him sleepily. Denki and Izuku helped him out of the bed and to the bathroom, where they stripped him and set him in the tub. He let out a small sigh as the warm water soothed him. He hadn’t realized how achy he was until the water started taking it away. Izuku and Denki shared a glance when the omega had sighed – as it was the second time they had heard sounds from the prince since they got him out of Zenia nearly two months ago. They got him cleaned up and dressed in a pair of light and soft shorts and a soft tank top. Then they got him to his living space, where they sat him down and fed him cold soup and water. He felt hot, and was starting to sweat a bit, and the aches and cramps were starting to return. Denki felt his forehead when he noticed the sweat.

“Looks like the fever is starting, which means he is probably starting to get cramps.” Denki said, and Izuku nodded. They then helped the omega back to his nest, allowing him to crawl in and get comfy before joining him. They played with his hair and rubbed his back until he fell asleep, feeling comfortable and safe in his nest and with his friends. Tenya’s scent was still prominent in the nest, but he let it comfort him instead of worrying about why it made him feel a tinge of sadness.

In Tenya’s quarters, things were going less smoothly. Katsuki and Eijirou had brought the large alpha some food and water, sliding it through the hole at the bottom of the steel door. They had to slam it closed before Tenya tried to crawl out through it, hearing his snarls and growls from the other side as he pounded on the door.

“Jesus fucking Christ,” Katsuki exclaimed as they both sat against the wall outside the room. Unlike omegas, alphas did not find comfort in anyone other than their omega during their rut – unless it was during a shared heat-rut, then all pack members were okay. But this was not a shared heat-rut, so any traces of any alpha (including pack members) were going to set Tenya off. “He is one aggressive son of a bitch, huh?”

“Yeah, man.” Eijirou agreed, sighing. “But I didn’t realize it would be this bad. I’m glad he recognized what was happening and told us to get him out.” The red-head paused. “I don’t know what he would have done to Shoto, had we not been able to get to him in time.”

“I don’t think he would have hurt him, its not in his nature. And, truthfully, I’d rather not think about it. That didn’t happen and they are both safe. That is what matters.” Katsuki replied, eyeing the door as he heard Tenya step away, the sounds of chewing and slurping replacing those of anger and desperation. Eijirou nodded.

“I just hope he’s okay in there. I know his ruts last ten days – and he is used to that – but he suppressed his last rut and I don’t want him to hurt himself.”

“Nothin’ we can do until he’s done, Eij. Unless we want to become mincemeat ourselves.” Eijirou shrugged at Katsuki, acknowledging that his friend was right. 

Thirty minutes later, they heard the awkward sounds of an alpha in rut. Knowing that their friend was desperately trying to jerk himself off to completion as many times as humanly possible, Katsuki and Eijirou decided to move into Tenya’s living room so that they would not have to hear it. Even if they had shared ruts with each other and done pack heat-ruts, there was something taboo about listening to a man as he masturbated alone.

Inside the room, Tenya was doing just that. His dick was hard as stone, and he went without lube this round, preferring the rough friction of his palm as he wasted no time chasing his own orgasms. All he wanted was to knot, and as he laid on the single bed, pants pulled down just enough to release his cock, hand pumping furiously, he wished he was a normal alpha. He had already cum once in his pants, just from the slight friction of his erection pressing against his boxers as he had patrolled the room and scented it. He came a second time after a good 5-7 pumps of his cock, and was chasing a third. A normal alpha would have started forming a knot by now, even with just their hand. But Tenya’s Knot Delay issue meant he was still stiff as a rod after multiple orgasms, and had no relief of a knot in sight. As he ejaculated a third time, his cum splattering onto his shirt – joining the cum from his second release – Tenya wished he had the forethought to remove his clothing first.

With his dick still angry red and at attention, he stood up and stripped, throwing the clothes in a hamper in the corner. He tugged at the muzzle on his face, taking this clear moment to check that it was firmly in place. He was glad that Eijirou was no stranger to muzzles and had been able to safely get it on him. Tenya then walked to the attached bath, opting for a shower as he tried to relax – well mostly relax. There was one part of his body that he knew would be helplessly stiff for the foreseeable future. The warm water helped him relax his shoulders and back, but it also raised his temperature – in more way than one. He started panting, no longer able to keep the need to rut at bay.

With one hand bracing against the wall, the water hitting his broad shoulders and back, he gripped his cock again. He did so almost painfully tight, opting to take his aggression and frustration out on his dick. Torturing himself, he moved slowly. Dragging his hand over the shaft, refusing to squeeze his balls or pay attention to the head. He gained momentum slowly, forcing himself to not just pound away. No point in rubbing himself completely raw on the first day of ten, and he would move slowly as long as his head was clear enough to allow him to. He moaned, open mouthed, as he thumbed the slit, shivering a little as the tension built in his abdomen and groin. Suddenly, thoughts of a certain red- and white-haired omega filled his brain, and Tenya groaned. Keeping the image of the omega being the one man-handling his erection, he continued to move slowly. When he couldn’t take it anymore, he pumped himself harder and quicker, thinking about how the omega would probably have to use two hands to cover the same amount Tenya did with one. The alpha came hard, his cum splattering against the tile as his hips bucked on their own. He hadn’t cum like that in a long time, and he grinned. He would have felt bad for using the omega as material for his masturbation session, but Tenya’s brain was rut-addled again and he did not care. The alpha dried of and returned to his bed, continuing his activities there and continuing to fantasize about the male omega next door.


Shoto’s heat remained much the same for about seven days. He had a fever, cramps, and aches – and was still getting upset and crying every once in a while. Of which, Izuku and Denki were at a loss for. They did not know when the omega was getting upset – seemingly at random – while buried deep in his nest. They could only do their best to soothe and comfort him as he cried and as his body heaved with sobs and hiccups. There we improvements to some things, though. Shoto’s scent was getting stronger, and now the peppermint was stronger than the rotten fruit – though the rotten fruit was still there. Also, even though it came in sobs, hiccups, and the occasional sigh, Shoto was making sounds. Actual sounds, and that was leagues better than the silence they had been met with for the last two months.

On the seventh day, Izuku and Denki went to check on Shoto after letting him nap for a while. What they walked in wasn’t something they had expected to see – yet. Shoto was tightly holding onto a body pillow, nose buried into it. But that wasn’t the shocking part. The shocking part was that Shoto was dry humping the pillow.

“Isn’t that one of the pillows Shoto had Tenya sit with and scent for thirty minutes?” Denki asked, turning to a red-faced Izuku.

“I-I…uh… yeah. Yeah, it is.” Izuku confirmed.

“I think his ‘pup-heat’ stage ends after this heat. For him to be dry humping a pillow that smells like an alpha…” Denki grinned.

“I know, I know. It means his… everything… is working properly.” Izuku sighed. Izuku was about to say something else, but Shoto let out a small, shuddering sigh and then went limp. “D-did h-he just…?”

“Cum all over the inside of his pants because he got horny over smelling an alpha while in a supposed ‘pup-heat’ and decided to hump a pillow?” Denki supplied with a grin. “The answer to your question is yes.”

“I-I guess we should get him cleaned up.” Izuku sighed and approached the blissed-out omega, Denki right beside him. Shoto looked at them, a little dazed, but still gripped the body pillow defensively. Denki laughed.

“Bro, for one, that is not an alpha, it’s a pillow. Two, did you have fun?” Denki laughed even harder as Shoto came back from his high, realizing what he had done – and that his two friends knew – and the omega turned red, almost red enough to match his scar.

“It’s okay, Shoto. It’s natural.” Izuku reassured him, glaring at Denki. “We’ve all humped a pillow, or two… or twenty, right Denki?” Denki himself turned a little red at that comment.

“I-it was one time! Eij was gone and my heats were still unpredictable!” The blonde countered, whining a little.

“Then don’t make Socchan feel bad about it. We’ve all done it, especially before we got comfortable with our own bodies.” He turned back to Shoto. “Want to get washed and changed?” Shoto nodded, getting up from the bed and allowing the other omegas to help him walk to the bath – he felt weak due to his heat and the resulting fever and cramps. They helped him wash and change, throwing his soiled clothes into a hamper.

“Three days left,” Denki said as they all crawled into the nest. “I don’t know about you, Izuku, but I’m jumping Eijirou’s bones once this is done. Ten days is too long.”

“No, I’m with you. Also, I think being around Shoto while he’s in heat (even if its not a true sexual heat) has thrown us both into pre-heat.” Izuku said and Denki took a whiff, noticing that both of their scents had grown sweeter. He had been so focused on Shoto and his changing scent to notice.

“Fuck, you’re right.” He sighed. “Guess that means we will have one day to prepare ourselves, huh. Might be best to do a pack heat-rut, even if it means doing it without Tenya.”

“I think so too. We haven’t had enough time to get ready for it, and we aren’t going to have the pre-heats we are used to having. I’ll text Kacchan and let him know.” Izuku pulled his phone out from somewhere in the nest, texting his fiancé.

To Kacchan: So, Denki and I had our pre-heats triggered by Socchan’s heat. We figure we will have 1 day to get ready, after Tenya and Shoto are done. Both of us agree a pack heat-rut would be best, even without Tenya.

From Kacchan: Fuck. Yeah. Okay. Eij and I have been on edge too, Tenya’s pheromones leak from under the door they’re so damn strong. Eij and I can prepare the pack room in the meantime. We’ll take turns watching Tenya since we can’t actually join him.

To Kacchan: Okay. Love you, see you in three days. :*

From Kacchan: Deku. <3

On the tenth day, both Tenya and Shoto were at the tail-ends of their cycles. They weren’t quite finished, but neither were trying to masturbate or hump themselves to death, and their scents were almost back to normal. Katsuki, Eijirou, Izuku, and Denki all agreed it was safe to let them out and about, as long as one alpha was with Tenya and one omega with Shoto until they were in the all clear. Katsuki and Izuku took baby-sitting duties, helping to clean and feed the two after their brutal cycles. Eijirou and Denki to maid duty, helping to clean up and tidy their rooms and wash the post-cycle laundry.

Katsuki and Denki brought Tenya and Shoto to eat in the pack kitchen together, setting them up at the island so that Katsuki and Izuku could prepare lunch while continuing to watch them both. Tenya was leaning on the counter, pressing his face into the cool surface, practically falling asleep. Shoto wasn’t much better, eyes growing droopy as he leaned against the back of his stool.

“What do you want to eat?” Katsuki asked them, even though he knew he probably wouldn’t get an answer from either. Tenya gave a thoughtful hum while Shoto opened his eyes a bit more, and bit his lower lip.

“-eef stew.” Tenya mumbled, not lifting his head from the counter.

“Hah?” Katsuki stared at him, Tenya grumbled and sat up – pushing his glasses up on the bridge of his nose.

“Beef stew.” He reiterated. “I want beef stew.”

“You always want beef stew, you god damn giant.” Katsuki replied before turning to Shoto. “That good with you?” Shoto shrugged, not really caring.

“Beef stew it is, then.” Izuku confirmed, slipping on an apron before he went and pulled out ingredients as Katsuki got the cooking equipment ready.

“It’s not gonna be a slow cooked stew, but it’ll be good.” Katsuki said, taking a package of beef from Izuku and unwrapping it. “And you better love it, since I’m making it for you.”

Shoto and Tenya watched Izuku and Katsuki cook, both starting to wake up at the aromas. Izuku was about to start chopping some vegetables, holding the knife wrong and putting himself at danger, when Shoto let out a sharp yelp. Izuku and Katsuki stilled immediately, turning to the omega. Tenya just turned his head, looking at the omega with wide eyes.

“Shoto…?” Izuku asked, and Shoto covered his mouth – embarrassed. “No, no!” Exclaimed Izuku, hands waving frantically – with the knife still in one of them. “Don’t be embarrass-“ Shoto interrupted him with another sharp yelp, getting of his stool and walking around the island. “Shoto…?” Izuku asked again, but the omega simply held out his hand, looking pointedly at the knife.

“I think he wants you to give him the knife, Deku.” Katsuki said with a sneer.

“O-oh.” Izuku said, looking sheepishly at his fiancé. “Okay.” He handed the knife to the other omega, who just huffed and then pushed Izuku out of the kitchen. He pointed at the stool he had vacated. “Okay, okay. I’m going. I forgot that you’re like Kacchan in the kitchen.” When he finally sat, Shoto gave a satisfied nod before turning to the vegetables Izuku had been about to mangle.

“Does he cook?” Tenya asked Izuku, still awed that the omega had made a sound at all. “And when did he start making sounds?”

“Ah, the sounds started during his heat. Though they were mostly crying sounds and the occasional sigh – we honestly don’t know why he kept getting upset. But this was the first omegan sound he’s made so far. As far as the cooking, he used to send me recipes in our letters, telling me what he liked about them or what he did to change them. At least… until the letters stopped.” The last bit, he said under his breath, and Tenya reached over and squeezed his hands.

“I understand now.” He paused. “Also, don’t bang yourself up about the letters. I’m sure he understands too.” Tenya smiled at him, trying to reassure his friend. Izuku smiled back at the alpha, though a bit sadly.

“I hope so.” He replied. Tenya squeezed Izuku’s hand, then returned to watching Shoto chop the vegetables. He was so proud of the omega for finding some of his own sounds, but was worried that he had been getting upset while in the safety of his nest.

Before they knew it, Shoto had chopped all the vegetables and Katsuki had cooked everything up and it was all ready. The group moved to the nearby table, Izuku serving them all since Katsuki and Shoto had cooked and Tenya promising to help Izuku with the dishes. Soon, Eijirou and Denki joined them – being lured by the scent of the stew.

The pack chatted and laughed, all of them relaxing after ten long days. They all noted that Shoto smelled more pleasant, and stronger. His peppermint scent coming out on its own, and only small twinges of the rotten scent clung to it. Tenya also appeared better than usual after such an intense rut, but no one but the alpha himself would be able to guess why. Since Tenya didn’t really notice the difference, he didn’t bother to think what could have made things change for him. Both Eijirou and Denki had demanded Shoto yelp for them when they were informed that he had not only done it once, but twice in their absence. Shoto had happily obliged – the omega was over the moon that he was able to finally vocalize something.

Tenya and Shoto were then informed that the next day, the other four would be preparing going to do a pack heat-rut for the four to five days following. Tenya wasn’t upset that he wasn’t going to be included – in fact he was glad. He was worn out from his own intense rut, and it would be a good opportunity to get Shoto fully settled and to spend time with the omega. It also meant the alpha was in charge of keeping Shoto fed and happy, and that made his inner alpha very glad.

Chapter Text

The next day, Shoto woke and found that he was drawn to smells of breakfast coming from the pack kitchen. His own bed only smelled like him – Denki having washed all the bedding with scent-erasing detergent. Feeling better after resting most of the previous day, he was able to get up, shower, and dress without assistance. He then made his way down the hall to where that delicious smell was coming from. Once at the kitchen, he found that Katsuki was cooking – well trying to cook. Izuku was sitting on the counter nearby, teasing the alpha by grabbing his butt or sneaking a kiss whenever he could. Eijirou was sitting at the table, with a lapful of Denki. Denki was nuzzling him between pieces of fruit that Eijirou was hand feeding him. Tenya was sitting at the counter, trying to ignore both parties while he sipped some coffee and scrolled through the news on his phone. He looked over at Shoto when the omega entered, offering him an apologetic smile.

“Izuku and Denki are in pre-heat, making them exceptionally clingy. Also, Katsuki and Eijirou are in pre-rut, making it so that all they want to do is fulfill their omegas’ desires. Hence, this.” He waved at the room, eyeing both pairs. Shoto nodded, understanding. He took a sniff at the air, and it hit him. Both Denki and Izuku smelled much sweeter than usual, even the smell of bacon frying could not mask it. Katsuki and Eijirou smelled much more… intense. Like they were ready to explode at any time, Katsuki changing from a campfire to a roaring bonfire and Eijirou really upping it on the musk and teakwood. He walked further into the room, but stopped before sitting. He didn’t really know where to sit.

I don’t want to sit at the table, not that I care they are affectionate, but I don’t want to interrupt. Same with the kitchen. And sitting next to Tenya… I don’t think is appropriate, considering he already has someone.

“Shoto?” Tenya asked. “You can come sit next to me, if you’d like.” Shoto shook his head no. “Is there something wrong?” Again, the omega shook his head no. “Would you sit at the counter if I moved to the table?” Tenya probed, and Shoto stood still for a second. He didn’t want to displace the alpha from his seat, but he really wouldn’t feel comfortable otherwise. He slowly nodded his head in consent. “Okay, then I’ll move.” Tenya said, and collected his phone and coffee, opting to sit at the table – choosing the farthest seat from where Eijirou and Denki were practically making out now. Shoto moved, and sat at the counter – making sure he didn’t sit in the seat Tenya just vacated.

“Coffee?” Izuku asked from his perch on the counter, his fingers barely missing Katsuki as the alpha walked by. Shoto shook his head no. “Tea?” He nodded. Katsuki wordlessly pulled a mug down for Shoto, filling it with hot water from the electric tea kettle. Izuku leaned over and set several tea bags in front of Shoto, ranging from earl grey to rooibos, to green tea, to rose tea. Shoto chose the earl grey, and Izuku put the other bags away. “Sugar? Shoto nodded, and sugar was placed in front of him. He looked up at Izuku again, trying to figure out how to ask for milk. He drank his tea with milk and sugar, if they didn’t like it, they could fight him. He tried to pantomime opening the fridge and grabbing the milk, when that didn’t work, he tried acting like he was milking a cow. Izuku and Katsuki still didn’t understand. He was about to get up and brave the kitchen himself, when Tenya spoke.

“He’s asking for milk, for his tea.” He said, going back to looking at his phone. Shoto hadn’t realized the alpha had been watching his antics, and he blushed. Like before, Katsuki silently put the milk in front of him. Once his tea was steeped, he added the milk and sugar, sighing in contentment at the taste. He hadn’t had tea in over six years, the last time being when his mom… he froze, holding the tea up to his lips, but not sipping. His eyes glazed over.

When mother burned me. I didn’t even drink the tea that time, so it was even before then when I last had tea. But mother burned me with tea. Because omegas are bad, even though she is an omega. She’s a female omega though, male omegas are worse that female ones.

“Shoto?” Tenya called, and while the other four pack members hadn’t noticed the omega’s slip from reality, Tenya’s call brought their attention to him. He was shaking slightly, tea cup still in hand. His free hand had unconsciously gone to his burn, but he had turned pale and his eyes remained glassy. “Shoto?” Tenya called again, when he didn’t get a response he started to stand up.

Why did she burn me? Was having an omega son that horrible? Am I that bad of an omega? A failure of a son, a prince at birth but no longer…

Shoto started to cry, tears falling from his right eye as sobs started forming in his throat. Tenya was on him in an instant, steadying his hand and setting the mug down so it wouldn’t spill.

“Tenya,” Izuku called as Katsuki stepped between Izuku and the crying omega, the alpha snarling at Shoto, who was pouring out distress pheremones. “We want to help, b-but we can’t.” Izuku’s scent grew sweeter by the second. “We’re going to t-take the food to the p-pack room, take care of him – okay?” Katsuki scooped up Izuku and the food, Eijirou doing the same to Denki and the fruit.

“I will, I promise.” Tenya said as the other four members of the pack left, leaving behind a wave of heat and rut pheromones. The scents further agitated Shoto, causing him to cry harder. His chest heaved with sobs and hiccups. Tenya tried to embrace the omega, to pull him into his chest, but Shoto slapped his hands away and stood up from the chair. Shoto shook his head as he cried, unable to contain the tears or the sobs. The omega then turned and fled, heading for his quarters, for his bed. His bed that wasn’t a nest anymore because the bedding had to be washed.

I wish I had my nest back. I want my nest. I want it back. I want it back. I want it back.

“What’s going on?” Tenya asked the empty room. Shoto hadn’t rejected him like that before, even at the very beginning when they first met. It then clicked in Tenya’s head – whatever was making Shoto upset during his heat had something to do with him.

“You know you aren’t worthy.” Said the shadow-Tenya at the foot of the bed. “You are nothing, you are worthless, and I already have someone.” He continued. Shoto knew this Tenya wasn’t real. He knew, but the words echoed in his head, the same words he heard in his nightmares, the same words he told himself. “What is the point in pining after me? You disgusting omega slut.”

I know, I know. I’m worthless, I’m disgusting. A bad omega. First mother burned me, then they abandoned me, then even Izuku stopped writing letters. And even as I hope for more, for better, I know. I know I won’t have happiness. I won’t have love. Bad omegas don’t get those things.

The shadow-Tenya laughed as Shoto curled in on himself, wishing his nest was back in place. As it was, he only had a pillow and a sheet to use. He desperately tried to hide under the sheet, but it didn’t stop the voice of the shadow-Tenya. “You will see, you will see. They will all leave you, in time. You will be alone again.” The real Tenya had caught Shoto’s scent as it wafted from his room, and came running. It was full of fear, desperation, and rejection. His natural peppermint – which had been so strong just yesterday – was being drowned in rotten fruit.

“Shoto?!” Tenya cried when he saw the trembling omega hiding under the sheet. He was still crying – even louder now, and was trying to cover his ears with his hands. Tenya approached the bed, unsure if he should climb in without permission. “Shoto? Shoto?” When the omega offered no response, he made a decision, and he climbed into the omega’s bed. Hoping that because the nest was no longer in place that the omega would not freak out. Tenya gathered the omega, bundling his small frame into the sheet. The alpha leaned against the headboard, setting Shoto in his lap, pressing the red-and-white head into his neck, encouraging the omega to breath in his scent. He let out calming pheromones, hoping to chase away whatever was upsetting the smaller man.

This Tenya is real. Real. Very real. I can smell him; I can touch him. Real. The other one is fake. Remember what Izuku and Denki said. Ignore what my family said. Ignore the things my brain tells me – which means ignore the shadow people too. Pack is real. Pack tells the truth. Trust in pack.

Shoto took a shaking breath, his sobs coming to a halt, and his tears slowing down. But as he breathed in more, the scent of rain filled him. Just as it calmed him, it also upset him.

Why? Why does he do this? He already has someone! I can’t… I can’t be sitting on his lap like this, having him scent me when he already has someone. No, no, no!

Shoto pulled away, but found that Tenya’s arms were holding him firmly so that he couldn’t. He tried to pull away again, and again found that he was unable to. He felt the tears coming down his face again, but he didn’t sob. He pushed on Tenya’s chest, like a silent plea to let him go.

”No.” Tenya said. “Not until you tell me why you are upset. Why being around me, around my scent, makes you upset and makes you cry. I would like to fix it, if I could.” When Shoto refused to raise his head and look in the alpha’s eyes, Tenya used one arm to lift his chin. Using one arm to keep him from moving away, Tenya forced Shoto to look at him with the other. “Please, Shoto. I care about you, more than I should for how little we know each other. Please, please tell me what is wrong.” Shoto’s lip quivered as the tears poured down even more. He shook his head no, or tried to. Tenya’s grip on his chin allowed for little movement. “Shoto, tell me.” Tenya demanded this time, not easing his own stare – peering right into Shoto’s soul. The omega shivered and closed his eyes. He brought one of his hands to Tenya’s cheek, making motions with it. Making letters.


“Who is Ochaco?” Tenya repeated the sentence back to Shoto, eyes wide. Shoto nodded. “Did… did you overhear the conversation I was having the others that first night we were back?” Shoto nodded, eyes still closed, tears still falling. Tenya sighed, letting go of Shoto’s chin, placing his arm back around the omega. He leaned his head back against the keyboard. “I don’t know how much you heard, but I guess I might as well tell you everything.” Shoto shivered again, this time out of fear for what he might hear.

“Ochaco was my girlfriend – was, as in past tense. As in no longer.” Tenya started, and Shoto immediately turned red with embarrassment. He had made a big misunderstanding, and had been so upset over it. Tenya squeezed him, sensing his shame through his scent. “It’s okay, I’m not mad. But I said I was going to tell you everything.” Shoto nodded, allowing Tenya to finally pull him to his chest. Shoto rested so one ear was directly over the alpha’s heart, listening to it as the other listened to his voice. “We dated for a little over a year when she decided we should share our rut and heat – she’s an omega, you see. She wanted to make sure we were compatible in all ways before we moved any further in our relationship. We’re both pretty serious people, so I agreed. Problem is, I am extremely aggressive during my ruts. To the point when I hurt other people, even myself. So, I usually take a form of suppressant when I share my ruts with anyone – this includes the pack shared heat-ruts. Because I also have a disorder called Knot Delay – where it is very difficult for me to form a knot – it makes me even worse. So, I take the suppressants when I’m with others for a rut, it keeps me from getting aggressive. But I am not able to knot at all when taking the suppressant – which is a result from the suppressant and my Knot Delay issue combining. Even so, my ruts will still last ten days and I am still very… intense. If you know what I mean.” He paused, chuckling a little bit. Shoto liked how he could hear the rumble of it in his chest with his ear pressed to the alpha’s heart.

“Anyways, we shared one heat/rut together and then she ended it. She says she was having doubts before then, but that it just… solidified it. She couldn’t handle it. Said it was too much, even though she was an omega in heat herself. For at least part of it, anyways. Her heats only last about three days, so for the other seven she was dealing with me without being able to be in heat – which is rough on anyone, omega or not. I offered to spend my ruts alone, so she wouldn’t have to. She still ended it, though. Said it wasn’t fair to me, and that there would be someone out there who could handle it, handle all of it. Kicker is, she doesn’t even know that I was suppressing my rut then. She has no idea about my real ruts, or my Knot Delay issue. I even kept it secret from the pack – until that day we brought you home. They got mad at me because they knew I skipped a rut, by using too many doses of strong suppressants, while you were in the hospital. Because of that, I was on edge all the time, and was acting strangely – especially around you.” He paused again, looking down at the omega in his arms. He smiled, as Shoto looked peaceful with his eyes closed, listening to Tenya’s heart and voice, his red-and-white-hair falling into his face and pooling onto his back and the bed. Tenya continued, realizing Shoto wasn’t asleep when the omega opened his eyes and started up at him when he had been silent for too long.

“I was super protective of you, if you remember. I didn’t want to let you out of my sight, I stayed with you at the hospital almost 24-7.” Shoto nodded, acknowledging that he remembered. “So, the pack called me out once we got home. We left you in your nest because you were upset about something and Izuku and Denki insisted that you had to learn that your nest was your safe space and that you didn’t need me to calm down. Katsuki and Eijirou had to basically drag me away, I just felt that I had to be there for you. That I had to help you, to calm you. I was basically acting as if you were my omega, but you’re not.” Shoto made no move, though hearing the alpha both admit he had thought of Shoto as his at one point made his heart race, just as hearing that he wasn’t the alpha’s omega made it drop.

“And then you must have heard us discussing the bit about Ochaco, and gotten upset. I would ask why, but I think I know.” He paused, lifting one hand to pet the omega’s head and scalp. “We left you like that for a few days, figuring you were in pre-heat and just sleepy. But when I went to scent you after you wouldn’t answer us for a few days, it must have triggered your heat. Which, in turn, triggered my rut. Luckily, I realized what was going on and had Eij and Katsuki get me out of there in time.” He paused again, as if trying to suppress the though of what would have happened had he not gotten out in time. “I’m glad you ended up being safe, though. But I’m sorry that my scent in your nest made you upset the whole time.” Shoto shook his head no, moving one hand to grip the alpha’s shirt.

No, don’t apologize! I feel so stupid now! But, even if your scent made me upset, it still comforted me. It still made it better.

“Okay, okay.” Tenya relented after Shoto kept shaking his head no. “I won’t apologize for that then.” Shoto stopped shaking his head and grinned, Tenya felt it since the omega was now firmly pressed against his chest. He let out his scent even more now, allowing it to engulf the bed and the room. Shoto also tried to let his out, it was still weak but it had evened out while Tenya talked. The peppermint was heavy, and the rotten fruit was there but even less so. Like it was slowly fading away over time. Tenya smiled.

“You know, you’re such a good omega, Shoto.” Shoto jerked up right, staring into Tenya’s eyes. His own were uncertain, fearful, and full of sadness. “I mean it,” Tenya said. “You have been through so much, so much that was done to you due to no fault of your own.” Tenya cupped one of his cheeks. “And look at you, learning how to yelp, getting back your sounds, letting your sent out and allowing it to grow. You smell so good now, Shoto. Like peppermint, and it grows stronger and purer every day. I am so proud of you. So proud.” Shoto’s eye started to tear up, but it was happy tears.

Pack doesn’t lie. Trust pack. Trust alpha. Trust Tenya. He said he would be here for me, and he has been. I was an idiot who misunderstood, but he isn’t taken. And he is so good to me, and I want him. He makes me feel safe. Makes me feel happy.

“You are not only a good omega, but a great one. You are also just an amazing person; I can tell you think of others more than of yourself. You have more strength than a thousand suns, you know. Being able to continue on, after everything.” Tenya paused, wiping the tears away from Shoto’s face. “And like a moth to the flame, I can’t stay away from you. I will always be here.” Shoto reached up with both hands, cupping the large alpha’s face, looking into his eyes with wonder, happiness, and dare he think it – love. Tenya smiled at Shoto, it was a brilliant, kind, heartfelt one. Shoto returned in kind, and he felt that this alpha was real. More real than anything else in the world.

Shoto let out a low, quiet purr. It was barely audible, but it resonated in his chest and screamed his happiness. Tenya snapped out of his smile and stared at the omega in shock. Before either one knew what was happening, Tenya had pulled the omega closer, bringing their bodies together as much as he could, and kissed him. Shoto shuddered at the sudden contact, and Tenya pulled away.

“I-I’m S-“ he didn’t get to complete his apology before Shoto abruptly kissed him back. It wasn’t deep or passionate, but it was full of honesty and gentleness. A true first kiss for a true prince. They pulled apart, both blushing like a pair of teenagers. Shoto rested his forehead against Tenya’s, taking in the alpha’s scent as he searched his eyes. Tenya’s blue orbs betrayed only trust, love, and a desire to care and protect the omega in front of him.

So, this is what happiness feels like. I don’t know if it is love, but I am happy in this moment. Right here, right now I know. I know I am happy. I know that this is real, more real than anything else.

Chapter Text

Shoto woke the next day, much like he had the last day. He hadn’t remade his nest yet, but there was still the lingering scent of rain, of Tenya, on his sheets from yesterday. He burrowed his nose into his pillow, trying to chase the comforting scent of the alpha. After a few minutes, he begrudgingly got up, the smell of brewing coffee rising him. After showering and dressing, he brushed his long hair.

I really let my hair grow out, didn’t I. It goes past my butt, even. I think it looks better now, though. I really like it, even if it shouts to the world that I’m an omega. Plus, its starting to get really shiny and soft now, so different from how it was when they removed me from Zenia.

He stood in the mirror, looking at himself as he tied his hair in a high pony-tail, leaving a few strands out on either side in front of his ears. For once, he focused on himself and did not see any shadow-people looking back at him through the reflective surface.

I’m still thin, though. I used to have a lot of muscle, before I presented. I trained really hard to keep my body in shape, to keep up with the alphas in my family.

He sighed and turned away, leaving the bathroom and following the coffee smell to the pack kitchen. The pack room was near the kitchen, and even though it was only mid-morning, he could hear the grunts, cries, and moans coming from the four people inside. He blushed, knowing that his four pack-mates were chasing pleasure and satisfying each other. Tenya looked up when he entered the kitchen, smiling at the omega and looking at him as if trying to memorize everything about him.

“Morning, Shoto.” The omega offered a small smile and nod to the alpha, despite still being a little flustered from hearing what was going on in the pack room. Just as he went to sit down next to Tenya at the counter, they heard a loud “ALPHA!” being screamed – it sounded like Denki. Tenya also turned red, now matching Shoto. “Sorry, they’re… uh… loud.” Shoto nodded meekly, trying to clear his head from the image of Eijirou knotting Denki. Tenya glanced at the omega for a moment before speaking again. “Want to have breakfast somewhere else?”

Before Shoto could answer, another loud scream – this time from Izuku - followed by a loud roar – from Katsuki – interrupted them. Shoto turned to Tenya and nodded exuberantly. Tenya laughed and stood up, offering his hand to Shoto. Shoto took it, and Tenya led them out of the kitchen – past the pack room which had grown suspiciously silent – and out of the wing the pack occupied.

“We can grab breakfast with King Masaru and Queen Mitsuki. Yagi and Inko are probably there as well.” Shoto didn’t nod, but squeezed the large alpha’s hand instead. Tenya stopped abruptly, pulling Shoto into a semi-concealed alcove in the wall. “Want to scent each other before we get there?” Shoto nodded shyly. He was feeling a bit uncomfortable, this being the first time he had left the pack’s wing since he got to the palace two weeks ago. Tenya used his free hand to caress the omega’s cheek. “Its okay to be nervous, even a little scared when you do new things, go to new places, and have new experiences. I’m here with you, though. I won’t let anything bad happen to you, okay?” Shoto nodded, pressing his face into the large alpha’s hand, relishing the warmth and strength he provided. “Good, now wrists first.” He obliged, holding his hands out to the alpha, who rubbed their wrists together. Their scents intermingled, rain with peppermint. The rain drowned out the remnants of the rotten fruit scent that Shoto held, making it seem like it was never there in the first place.

Next, the neck glands. First one side, then the other. Both men taking time to nuzzle against each other, rubbing their scents all over one another. Shoto let out a content sigh as Tenya hummed, being very pleased with how well their scents intermingled. His inner alpha puffed with pride – everyone nearby would know that this omega was off limits. That this omega was his.

Shoto and Tenya made their way to the royal dining room, Tenya opening the door for Shoto and guiding him inside. Waiting inside was the King, Queen, Inko, and Yagi – as Tenya had predicted. They seemed surprised to see the two younger men, but welcomed them anyways.

“I’m assuming those four are having their own fun?” Queen Mitsuki said, a bit of mischief in her voice.

“Dear, no need to be so crass at the dinner table.” Masaru chided her, but he held his own mischievous grin. Whoever though Mitsuki was the trouble-maker clearly never took the time to get to know Masaru. The King and Queen were thick as thieves in reality. Inko and Yagi merely sighed and rolled their eyes at their friends.

“Come at sit with us, Prince Shoto, Lord Tenya.” Yagi said, standing and waving to two empty seats. Inko stood as well, moving to embrace a startled Shoto. He let out a small yelp when she squeezed him, causing Tenya to laugh a little.

“I’m so glad to see you out and about, Shoto.” The omega woman said.

She smells kind of like Izuku, only more floral than grassy. But still like a meadow, and still sweet – she is an omega after all.

“We were all worried about you, and I’m glad you are doing better.” She gave him one last squeeze before letting go. Inko stood close to him for a moment, giving him a good sniff. “I see that Tenya’s been taking good care of you, too.” She grinned, giving the big alpha a wink. Both younger men blushed, Masaru and Mitsuki laughed in the background.

“Let’s stop teasing the young men and let them join us for breakfast.” Yagi implored, and Tenya led Shoto to a seat, pulling the chair out and pushing it in for him after he sat down. Tenya taking the seat to Shoto’s left.

“I know Tenya takes coffee,” Masaru started, “but what would you like to drink, Shoto? Coffee? Or do you prefer tea?” Shoto stared at the King, his eyes going slightly glossy at the mention of tea.

I really, really like tea. But I can’t… I can’t bring myself to drink it. Not after… not after what mother did. She burned me. Burned me with the tea. Told me I was a bad omega. I’m a ba-

His inner dialogue was interrupted by Tenya, who had pulled Shoto to his neck, prompting the omega to breath in his scent. “Breath, Shoto. Ground yourself. Listen to me.” His voice was low, and it seeped into Shoto’s skin, into his soul. Calming him. He took a shuddering breath, letting the rain scent of the alpha calm him even further. He kept his head buried against Tenya’s neck as the alpha spoke to the rest of the group. “He… he had an incident like this yesterday, too. It seems he wants tea, actually prefers it. But he remembers something, something bad and he gets like this. Yesterday, he was touching his burn mark when his eyes turned glassy and he lost touch with reality.” Tenya started rubbing circles into Shoto’s back as the omega’s breathing gained a steady, calm rhythm.

“Shoto?” Mitsuki called to him. “Can you answer a question for me?” Shoto took a deep breath and nodded. Tenya helped him turn around and sit properly in his chair, the alpha throwing an arm around the back of it. Shoto looked at the queen, signaling he was ready for the question. “When we found you, you indicated your mother was the one who burned you.” He nodded to affirm that her statement was correct. “Did she… did she burn you with tea, sweetheart?” Shoto closed his eyes, a lone tear falling from his right as he nodded slowly. Tenya moved his arm to the omega’s shoulder, squeezing him into a side hug. The four older adults all looked at each other, equal parts in anger and sadness.

“How… how could a mother do that to her own son?” Inko asked, her own eyes watery with tears. Shoto looked at her, catching her eye. He shrugged.

“We… won’t ask how she did it, if you don’t want us to.” Masaru said, his eyes soft and full of caring as he looked at the Prince Omega, safely tucked against the side of Tenya. Shoto shook his head, and pointed to a tea kettle that was on the table. He then pantomimed grabbing his throat, and pinning him down, then grabbing the tea kettle and pouring, and pouring, and pouring. When he was done, he was shaking and crying again. Tenya, forgoing any sort of decorum or politeness, pulled him onto his lap. Circling the omega with his strong arms, scenting him as the smaller man cried into his shoulder.

“That bitch.” Growled Mitsuki. Masaru clamped a hand on her shoulder, making her calm down.

“What’s done is done.” Said Yagi, holding a crying Inko. “All we can do now is be here for him, and help him heal. It’ll take time, wounds as deep as his don’t disappear overnight.”

They all fell silent as Tenya started cooing to the omega. Four pairs of eyes watched the pair, neither Tenya or Shoto had their eyes open. Tenya too focused on calming the omega, and Shoto too focused on trying to calm down to realize what Tenya was doing. Alphas didn’t just coo, it was something reserved for their mates, for their omegas. Shoto buried his head more, trying to get more of Tenya’s scent, and trying to settle himself into the deep coo of the big alpha. The omega let out a small sigh, though he was still crying.

The four older adults looked back at each other, not saying a word. This was something special, they knew. It would be rude to interrupt, and they knew if they left it would only make the young pair feel bad about their actions, which they shouldn’t. The four older people were in silent agreement – they were happy that these two had found each other, even though the circumstances in which they did were unsavory.

Shoto had eventually regained himself, and the pair had sheepishly disentangled. No one commented on what had happened, and they ate breakfast while idly chatting. Shoto opted for a glass of orange juice instead of tea or coffee, finding that the juice was second-best to tea and came with no dangers. After breakfast, Tenya led him through the gardens on a pleasant walk. The alpha had insisted Shoto start exploring and going on walks to build his strength again. The omega had started to flag towards the end, so Tenya scooped him up and took him back to the pack wing – quickly walking by the pack room before they could hear anything embarrassing. Shoto had pointed to Tenya’s rooms before the alpha had a chance to ask, and they found themselves curled up in Tenya’s bed. Facing each other, Shoto had his head tucked into the alpha’s chest, while Tenya had his arm wrapped around the omega, holding him close and rubbing his back. Shoto inhaled the thick scent of Tenya that engulfed the alpha’s bed, feeling safe and content. He let out the smallest of purrs, and Tenya smiled, brushing a soft kiss against the top of the omega’s head.

The next three days flew by in a similar manner, Shoto and Iida joining Masaru, Mitsuki, Inko, and Yagi for breakfast, then taking a walk until Shoto got tired. Then they would nap until lunch, where Shoto would make something quick for the both of them in the kitchen – all while trying to ignore the sounds of sex flowing out of the pack room. Then they would walk around the palace, Tenya pointing out things of interest and showing Shoto where to find certain rooms. They would then eat dinner with Masaru and Mitsuki, sometimes joined by Tenya’s parents or brother. They all expressed their happiness at seeing Shoto moving about, sating that he looked much healthier. No one mentioned how intermingled Tenya and Shoto’s scents were, or that the two were always just touching each other, even when at the dining table. It was just a slight contact at the knees or elbows, or pinky fingers intertwined. But wherever the pair went, they went together.

Their four pack mates emerged after four days, all looking like they had been run over by a truck. Tenya guided them to the baths and cleaned the pack room while Shoto made them a meal. By the time the two omegas and two alphas returned, the pack room was clean and dinner was already set out at the table. Shoto was finishing filing glasses of water for everyone as Tenya brought over a pile of grilled chicken and steaks, setting them at the center of the table. Shoto waved at them to sit down, but the four were too tired to really comprehend his hand motions, and stood at the doorway confused.

“He wants you to sit and eat,” Tenya translated.

“I don’t know how you do it, man.” Eijirou said as he and Denki sunk into their chairs. Katsuki grunted in agreement, and Izuku nodded.

“We speak the same language.” Tenya retorted, emphasizing his statement with the movement of his hands. “We speak with our hands.” They all broke out into laughter.

“Fuck,” Katsuki exclaimed. “That’s priceless.”

“Lady Iida did always tell you to find an omega who talked with their hands like you do.” Izuku said before digging into a piece of steak. Shoto and Tenya looked at each other, catching each other’s eyes before blushing and looking away. Eijirou took a deep breath, about to bite into his own piece of chicken when he paused.

“Wait a second.” He sniffed again, eyeing Tenya and Shoto. “Tell me something, you two.” The rest of the pack turned to Eijirou, then to the pair. Katsuki, Izuku, and Denki’s eyes all widened a bit after taking a sniff of the air. “When did your scents become so… intimate smelling?”

Shoto’s hands stilled where they were cutting up his piece of chicken. “I-I uh… uhm.” Tenya stammered. “We didn’t… we didn’t do anything like that, Eijirou.” Katsuki raised an eyebrow.

“Hah? Then what DID you do, because something clearly happened, the shift in your scents prove it.” Katsuki said, waving his knife a bit as well. Shoto continued to stare at his food, a little embarrassed that the pack was making a big deal out of the change in their scents.

“We just… scented… and shared a kiss.” Tenya whispered.

“What?!” Denki and Izuku yelled in unison.

“It was a bit after you guys left, he-he was upset. And I found out he had been crying during his heat because he though I was with Ochaco still – he overheard part of our conversation in the pack room. I had to tell him the truth, and I kind of confessed my feelings for him, then he purred and so I kissed him! I stopped and apologized, but then he kissed me back! I don’t know! It just happened! But we haven’t done anything else other then scent or cuddle! I promise!”

“He purred?” Izuku whispered. Tenya nodded.

“He did, I was so surprised. Instinct just… kind of took over. I was so happy to hear that purr, and I kissed him.”

“Stupid alpha.” Denki said, but without malice.

“The fuck, Tenya.” Katsuki said. “Do you even know if he wants this? That he wants you? That-“ Katsuki was interrupted by a sharp yelp from Shoto. They group looked at him, seeing that Shoto was serving Katsuki a very angry glare. Katsuki clamped his mouth shut as angry pheromones fell off Shoto in waves.

“Now you’ve done it.” Said Eijirou, leaning back in his chair to watch the free entertainment that was about to take place.

“Look, Shoto, I didn’t-“ Katsuki was cut off again, but instead of a yelp, Shoto let out a low growl, showing off his teeth. Denki whistled.

“Damn, our boy is growing up fast. He learned to yelp, purr, AND growl in the span of a week.” The blonde omega grinned as Katsuki, the Crown Prince of Baku, was being forced to sit down and shut up by the smaller and frail Prince Omega. Shoto pointed to a pad of paper and a pen that was nearby, Tenya having decided to place them throughout the pack’s wing for Shoto to use. Izuku got up and handed it to him, seeing as Tenya and Katsuki were frozen in place by Shoto’s actions, and Eijirou and Denki were enjoying it all way too much. He began writing as soon as the pen was in his hand.

“Don’t you dare assume things, Prince Katsuki. I recognize you are the head alpha of this pack, but please don’t go around thinking you know my what I am feeling. I’m sorry for yelping and growling at you, but you made me very mad. Insinuating Tenya would force anything on me, on anyone. You should know better than that. Tenya is a kind man, a wonderful alpha.”

Shoto paused his writing, giving Katsuki and the pack time to read it. Tenya blushed a little more at his words. Shoto gave Katsuki an apologetic smile before continuing.

“You all make me feel very safe and loved. You are my pack, I can’t – I won’t – deny that nor will I ever give it up. But Tenya… he gives me more. More that I can’t explain. So please, don’t think I don’t want this. It’s new, and unfamiliar, but I’ve never felt like this before and I want to find out more. I want more.”

Katsuki held his hands up in defeat. “Okay, okay. I get it. I’m sorry for assuming things, Tenya, Shoto. Just, be safe about it and come to us if you need help or anything.” Tenya smiled, and Shoto nodded. Izuku moved to embrace Shoto.

“Whatever happens, I’m happy for you, Socchan.” He whispered in his ear. “Denki and I will always be here if you have any… questions.” Shoto turned red at the insinuation, but nodded and hugged his friend back. After that, they seemed to calm down and everyone got back to dinner. Though the Eijirou and Katsuki couldn’t refrain from teasing the much bigger alpha about his new relationship.

Afterwards, Shoto was cleaning the dishes as the alphas decided what movie they were going to watch. Izuku and Denki were helping to clean up as well, putting away the left overs and cleaning the table. When they were done, they approached Shoto, both choosing to lean against the counter.

“So,” Denki started. “You and Tenya, huh?” Shoto blushed, not turning away from the sink but he nodded. “Did it feel good to kiss him?” Shoto nodded again, turning redder. Denki laughed a little. “Good, that means it’s worth it.”

“I can tell you two have been scenting a lot, too.” Izuku added. “I think it helps with your scent – I can barely smell the underlying rotten fruit scent. It’s almost gone.” Shoto smiled at that, happy to hear that he wasn’t the only one who thought his scent was changing for the better. “Shoto, we need to discuss something more serious, though.” Shoto stiffened before finishing the last dish and setting it aside, turning to his friends.

“It may be uncomfortable to talk about, but we have to.” Denki elaborated, taking the lead. “Izuku and I agree on this, and we WILL be talking to Dr. Aizawa later too.” Shoto cringed on the inside, preparing himself for sex-talk 2.0.

“You need to spend your next heat alone.” Izuku stated. “It is probably going to be your first sexual-heat, and you need to establish a baseline for what is normal before you start sharing your heats with someone else. And, we will have to get you on birth control.” Shoto paled and shook his head. He hadn’t even really though about heats and sex, especially with Tenya, yet. “I don’t care if you don’t think it will happen soon, you need to be prepared. Most omega contraceptives need to be in place for one full heat-cycle before they become effective. So, we need to get it done before your next heat.” Shoto stared at his feet, embarrassed.

My next heat will be sexual… does that mean I’m going to be humping pillows like I did last time? But I didn’t produce slick last time… will I produce it this time? How will I satisfy my urges… especially the urge to be filled… to be knotted and impregnated without an alpha present…

Denki must have heard his inner dialogue. “We’re gonna take you to a sex store, Shoto.” He said. Shoto jerked up to look at him, eyes wide. “Don’t look at me like that. We need to get you proper toys, and YOU need to use them and get used to them BEFORE your heat.”

“We’ll make a day out of it,” Izuku confirmed. “We can go tomorrow. Denki and I always go to this special omega spa after our heats, and we wanted to take you. We can go to the store afterwards, okay?” Shoto nodded. Uncertain still, but knowing his two pack-mates wouldn’t take no for an answer. Plus, the idea of a spa sounded nice, and the toys… well. He would be lying if he said he wasn’t a little excited.

Chapter Text

The next morning, Shoto woke early, deeply snuggled into his nest. The pack had helped him rebuild it the night before, and while it still smelled strongly of Tenya, there was more of a mixture with the other four members of the pack as well. The only thing missing this early in the morning was the alpha, Shoto wished Tenya would sleep with him at night (strictly for cuddles). The big alpha, however, denied the omega – saying it was improper. Shoto decided he didn’t actually want to get up yet, so he buried down into his nest more, relishing in the scent of his friends and his… boyfriend?

Are we a couple now? I mean, we kissed, we know each other’s feelings, but we haven’t really talked about it much. Do I call him my boyfriend? My alpha? Or are we just… friends?

Shoto rolled around in his blankets, confused and frustrated. He knew his hair was just going to get wild and frizzy, and would be an absolute pain to brush out considering the length, but he didn’t care. It felt good to release his frustrations out by kicking around in his nest, even if he was going to have to rebuild it later. He eventually stilled, lying on his belly, huffing into a pillow, annoyed.

Am I even capable of things like that? Real relationships? Love? Bonding? SEX?!? I know I’m broken, Tenya knows I’m broken, hell the whole god damn world knows I’m broken. Who… who wants a broken omega when they can have a better one? A good omega? I’m broken, I’m bad… a bad omega. I… I’m not capable of being loved, bad omegas don’t get those kinds of things. I know, I know. I’m a bad omega. Bad omega. Bad…

Shoto didn’t realize he had slipped from reality, it just kind of snuck up on him. He didn’t hear the soft knocks on his bedroom door, nor the slight smell of rain that came from the crack under the door. Shoto was lying still, the only thing betraying his lost mind was his quick, rapid breathing. The omega didn’t notice as someone entered his room, setting something down on the floor by the bed before crawling in next to him. Shoto took no notice of the dip in the bed from his weight, nor the change in temperature when he was gathered into strong arms.

Tenya had approached the omega’s room, wanting to surprise him with a gift, instead finding the smaller man deep in the clutches of his insanity and panic, things that seemed to keep their claws dug deep into the omega. Tenya had set his gift down at the foot of the bed before climbing into the nest with Shoto. He didn’t bother asking for permission, Shoto was too far gone to even recognize the alpha was there, even though Tenya was pumping out calming pheromones. Tenya decided to sit against the headboard, gathering the omega into his lap much like he had done a few days before at breakfast. He pressed the omega’s head into his neck, encouraging Shoto to smell his scent while he wrapped his large arms around him, securing him and protecting him.

When Shoto didn’t start calming down, and instead started to shake, Tenya started cooing again – barely realizing he had started doing it. This time, he didn’t close his eyes, instead keeping them wide open as he cooed – watching for any change in the omega in his lap. They stayed like that for a while, Tenya lost track of time. It was apparently too long, as the rest of the pack came looking for the pair. At first, Katsuki had given Tenya a look – as if asking the bigger alpha what the hell he was doing with a lap-full of omega. But Izuku had grabbed the blonde alpha’s arm, whispering to him and also to Eijirou and Denki. They had all turned back to the pair, now realizing that Tenya was cooing to Shoto, and that Shoto was still not really there.

Without preamble, they all climbed into the nest as well, Katsuki and Eijirou taking position on either side of Tenya, propped up against the headboard like he was. Denki and Izuku sat between their alpha’s legs, all of them leaning towards Shoto and Tenya, enveloping the pair in arms and scents. Eijirou and Katsuki didn’t coo, but they let a low rumble out of their chests – a mix between a purr and a coo. Denki and Izuku purred, pressing their chests against Shoto’s sides, willing him to feel and hear them.

Bad omega, bad omega. Bad omegas don’t get happiness. Don’t get love. Bad omegas don’t deserve those things. I know, I know.

Shoto was still shaking, and now he started crying. Subconsciously, somewhere, he could feel the presence of his pack. But it was like wading through waist-deep mud. He buried his head into Tenya’s neck without realizing it, choking on his own sobs and desperately sucking in air. The pack kept up their ministrations, their purrs, rumbles, and coo mixing together as pleasantly as their scents did. Rain, meadows, fire, teakwood, and electricity all calling to Shoto to return to them.

Bad omega, I know. But pack says I’m good. Tenya says I’m good. A good omega. Why do they lie to me? I though pack was good, thought I could trust pack. But I am a bad omega, I know, I know. So why do they say I am a good omega?

“Shoto,” Tenya called, breaking his cooing but still pushing out his scent and rubbing the omega’s back with his large hands. “Shoto, love, come back to us. Come back to me. We won’t leave you – I won’t leave you. You’re a good omega. I promise. I’m not lying to you. Shoto,” the alpha pressed a chaste his to his head, “come back to us, I know you can.”

Who is calling to me? Did they call me… love? Like a pet name? No, no. Can’t be. Bad omegas don’t get pet names, don’t get called ‘love’. No, no.

“Shoto,” Tenya called again. “You’re so strong. So beautiful. A good omega. The best omega. Come back to me. I will always be here, I told you so in the beginning.”

A-alpha? No, No. I’m a bad omega, bad omegas don’t get alphas. I know, I know. B-but… this alpha smells… familiar? Like rain… rain…. I smell other things too, but alpha is the rain. The rain that comes to get me. The rain of the alpha who said he would always be there. Always, always.

Shoto stirred a little, his hands moving from Tenya’s chest (where they had gripped his shirt) to gently circle around the alpha’s neck. Shoto also nuzzled Tenya’s scent gland, where his nose was buried into his neck. His breathing started to even out, though he was still crying loudly.

“That’s it.” Tenya whispered, placing another kiss on Shoto’s right cheek, taking away some of his tears. “Come back to me, Shoto.”

Alpha is here. Like he said. He said to ignore the words my brain tells me. Ignore the voice. Alpha said so. Alpha… alpha… alpha has a name. T… Tenya. Tenya Iida. Alpha also has a pack. Pack is safe. Like alpha. Pack is real. Pack also says to not believe the words my brain says. Believe what they say. Trust in pack, trust in alpha.

Shoto calmed even more, though he hadn’t fully come back around yet. His crying was quiet now, he was no longer sobbing but tears still rolled down his cheek. His grip around the alpha’s neck tightened, and his scent started coming out again – the pack just now realizing that his scent had been suppressed during his episode. Izuku and Denki started nuzzling Shoto’s sides, scenting him in order to encourage him to continue to let his scent out. Katsuki and Eijirou reached behind Tenya’s head to rub at Shoto’s scent glands in his wrists, massaging them to relax the glands and encourage his scent to come out. Tenya nuzzled Shoto back, causing their scent glands to come into direct contact. Tenya’s scent mingled with Shoto’s, and the little omega sighed, his tears finally coming to a stop although he didn’t open his eyes yet.

Tenya. Tenya is alpha. Tenya is real. I smell him. I smell Izuku too, and his alpha, Katsuki. I smell another pair… Denki and Eijirou. All pack. All real. All safe. Believe in pack. Trust in alpha.

Shoto slowly opened his eyes, feeling a little disoriented but still safe in the arms of the big alpha and surrounded by his pack. He sighed again, pressing his nose back into Tenya’s neck, smelling the alpha’s scent directly from the source. He heard the low rumble of Tenya’s laugh, felt it where their chests were pressed against one another.

“Good job, coming back to us, Shoto. Coming back to me. Such a good omega. A strong omega. A beautiful omega.” Tenya said, taking the opportunity to shower Shoto with affectionate words, trying to chase away the cruel ones the omega’s brain fed him. Shoto never told them what happens when he loses his sense of reality, but Tenya knew. He could tell from the way Shoto looked at himself in the mirror, the way he walked, the way he avoided eye contact sometimes. Yes, Tenya studied alpha/omega psychology, but he could not deny that there was more to this than just his academic studies. He just knew things about Shoto without Shoto having to tell him.

Shoto nodded against Tenya, taking the moment to try and scent the alpha back. His scent was weak, it always was, but he wanted his scent to be on this alpha. To be on his alpha. He aggressively rubbed his gland against Tenya’s, trying to make his scent stronger. He heard a few low laughs from Eijirou and Katsuki, who could see what he was doing from their positions next to Tenya.

“He’s trying to claim you, man.” Eijirou said, smirking.

“Well, trying to scent you so that no one can mistake that you are his.” Katsuki clarified. Tenya blushed a little, but did not stop the omega’s actions, instead, he shifted them so Shoto could do the same to his other side.

“I don’t think Tenya minds.” Denki said, giving Tenya a knowing look. Of course, he couldn’t get past the wry omega.

“I agree.” Said Izuku, who gave Tenya a pointed look. “You both clearly want to stake a claim on each other, that much is evident through your scents and how aggressive you a BOTH being right now with your scenting.” Tenya gave a small grin. He certainly was scenting the omega back as much as he could, relishing in the feeling of their glands rubbing together and their scents intermingling. Izuku continued his tirade. “We can’t dance around what to call this.” He looked at Katsuki, who nodded in agreement. “So, are you dating? Are you boyfriends? Are you going to officially court him? Because I swear to god that if you hurt my best friend… I will kill you.” Izuku huffed and crossed his arms, staring down the much larger alpha. Shoto had stopped his ministrations to listen to the green-haired man’s rant, looking between Tenya and Izuku.

Wait. What. Dating? Boyfriends? COURTING? I-I want to know what he wants. What he sees this as, what he sees me as. But… But what if the answer isn’t what I hope it will be. What if he doesn’t want –“

Shoto’s inner dialogue was halted when Tenya spoke. “Of course, I am taking this seriously. I…” the alpha looked down at the omega, meeting grey and turquoise eyes with his own blue ones, not realizing that Shoto was paying attention. Shoto eyes could bore holes into his soul, and Tenya knew he would not mind one bit. “I want to date him, to be his boyfriend, to court him officially. But only if he will have me, its not something I can decide on my own.” All eyes turned to Shoto at this point, waiting for a response, a reaction.

Shoto nodded. Vigorously. And kept nodding. He did not stop until Tenya cupped his cheek and gave him a chaste, but caring, kiss on the lips. Shoto literally relaxed into the alpha, pressing his forehead into Tenya’s and once again taking a look into the deep blue eyes that promised nothing but hope, love, and safety. He let out a small, short purr – a sign of his happiness and agreement to their relationship.

Tenya Iida. My boyfriend. My alpha.

After the early morning situation, the omegas got Shoto up and ready for the day, pushing all alpha’s out of Shoto’s quarters. “Go away. Omegas only for the rest of the day!” Denki shouted when he closed the door. A second later, a small slip of paper was slipped under the door, Izuku saw it and grabbed it, recognizing the writing as Tenya’s. It said:


There’s a backpack at the foot of Shoto’s bed, please give it to him for me and have him take it with you on today’s adventures. Don’t let him open it until you are in the car and on your way.



Izuku grinned, padding silently to the bedroom and finding a navy-blue cloth backpack. It was simple, but well-made. When he lifted it, he found that it wasn’t too heavy. Shoving his own curiosity aside, he took the backpack and set it at the door so it wouldn’t be forgotten, but also so that Shoto would not be able to open it before he was supposed to. Denki emerged with a freshly showered and dressed Shoto, the red-and-white haired omega wearing a borrowed white button up from Izuku that was a little loose on his still too-thin frame, and a pair black jeans from Denki that would have been skin-tight on him six years ago, but actually hung a little loose on him now. His shoes were also Izuku’s, a pair of black-and-white checkered Van’s. His hair was pulled up into a tight and high pony tail – it being extremely long and thick enough to make Ariana Grande jealous. Izuku clapped his hands together.

“You look great! I can’t wait to take you out and about today!” he said, but Shoto looked apprehensive. “Trust us, Socchan. You’re going to have a great time.” With that, he handed Shoto the backpack, the navy-blue bag providing a nice contrast to Shoto’s otherwise white-and-black attire. Shoto looked at it, curious. “It’s from Tenya, but you can’t peek inside until we are in the car, ‘kay?” Shoto nodded, sliding his arms through the backpack’s straps. With that, the omegas were off. Izuku and Denki led Shoto by the hand out of the wing, out of the palace and into a large black SUV. Piling into the second row together, with Denki behind the driver’s seat, Izuku behind the passenger’s seat, and Shoto in the middle, their driver (a non-descript beta male) pulled away from the palace and headed out the gates. There were a few journalists at the gate, waiting for an opportune photo – but the tinted windows of the SUV allowed for no such thing.

“Open the bag,” Denki probed after a few minutes of silence. Shoto eyed the backpack, shooting Izuku a cautious look.

“Go ahead,” he encouraged. “Tenya’s note specifically said to open it in the car, so it won’t be anything embarrassing. Shoto nodded, and unzipped the backpack. He immediately saw something navy-blue and fuzzy, and he was hit with a small wave of Tenya’s scent. He grabbed at the material, pulling out a teddy-bear. It wasn’t big, being small enough to transport in the bag without getting squished, but still being large enough to squeeze in a hug – which Shoto did immediately. He buried his head into the navy-blue bear, taking a deep inhale of Tenya’s scent. It was evident that the alpha had spent a long time – over several days – to deeply imbed the stuffed animal with his scent. Denki giggled at the sight.

“I take it that’s his first courting gift to you,” the blonde omega said. Shoto peered at him, curious. Denki waved his look away. “Keep looking in the bag, there should be more, if this is what I think it is.”

“It is,” Izuku said, almost certain. “Keep looking in the bag, Socchan.”

Shoto set the bear in his lap, and continued to look through the bag between his feet. Inside were a few more things, some of a more practical nature than others. He first noticed a reusable water bottle, it had both a water filter in it and a little mesh cage where he could put fruit in - to infuse the water. The bottle was also navy-blue, and was made of an insulated metal. Denki had laughed when he showed it to him,

“That’s Tenya for you, always practical.” Izuku grinned, but said nothing. Shoto next pulled out small quilt, also navy-blue and smelling of the alpha. The quilt was obviously meant for travelling, being a little smaller than a twin-sized blanket. Shoto had nuzzled it before allowing Izuku to fold it back up for him. Next was a packet of hair ties – a mixture of red, white, black, and (surprise) navy-blue. Denki again laughed, murmuring about practicality. Shoto didn’t care, he needed hair ties anyways and these were in the colors he would actually use. Next was a head-band, it was one of those hard ones – meant for being pretty and not for exercising. It was navy-blue denim, with white lace. It was simple, but pretty regardless. Shoto stuck it on his head, though his hair was pulled up. Izuku had laughed at that.

“We’re taking that off before you exit this vehicle, young man,” Izuku said while laughing. But his eyes grew wide at the next thing Shoto pulled out, it was a black velvet case. Before he opened the case, Shoto pulled out an envelope, the last item in the bag.  Shoto’s hands stilled over the black case, that was very clearly a jewelry case – though too big for a ring or earrings. He looked at Izuku, then at Denki, then back at Izuku.

“Go on,” whispered Denki. “Open it.” Shoto did so with shaking hands, but they stilled once he had opened the case. Sitting inside on a satin pillow was a bracelet. It was gorgeous. Vibrant, red rubies and deep, blue sapphires were chained together with silver, alternating between the two gems. At the center of the bracelet hung a charm. On the front of the charm the Iida family crest was engraved – a shield with an open book placed in the center. On the back it just said “Shoto & Tenya” in simple lettering. Shoto stared at the bracelet, trying to fully wrap his head around it.

This… this is an official courting gift… this shows that I am his. That he is courting me, officially. That he wants me, and wants everyone to know that.

Izuku silently reached over, taking the bracelet and carefully clasping it around Shoto’s right wrist. Since engagement and wedding rings would go on the left, it was tradition to wear the courting bracelet on the right. Denki was also speechless. He had said the teddy-bear was an official courting gift, but he didn’t expect Tenya to do this. At least, not yet. But then again, the big alpha was a serious one, and he was always full of surprises. Shoto held his arm up, admiring how the bracelet shined and the gems sparked in the light.

“The letter,” Izuku said – nudging Shoto. “Read the letter, Socchan.” Shoto nodded, picking up the almost forgotten letter. It read:

Dearest Shoto,

I hope I did not surprise you too much with my gifts, but I hope that you will accept them as a symbol of my genuine desire to court you. I know some of my gifts are a bit… practical, but all were given with you in mind and I hope you enjoy them all. The stuffed bear I spent several days on, scenting it as often as I could for as long as I could. I’ve been preparing these gifts since before you left the hospital – I knew even then that I wanted to be with you. That I wanted to seriously court you. I can’t really explain how I feel, but it is like I can’t NOT want to be with you. I’m drawn to you, more than I’ve ever been drawn to another before.

The bracelet was a newer development, after your last heat and my last rut and our first kiss. I hope you wear it every day and that it brings a smile to your face and helps to remind you that I will always be here.




Shoto’s eye teared up as he read it, and he buried his nose into the bear that still sat on his lap. He carefully folded the letter back up and placed it back into the envelop. He the placed it into a smaller, inner pocket of the backpack to keep it safe. Denki and Izuku then embraced him from both sides, nuzzling him with happiness.

“He’s a good alpha, Shoto.” Izuku said. Shoto nodded.

“I know you’re already part of the pack, but I’m so happy for both of you.” Denki added. The three omegas sat like that for the next fifteen minutes as the driver silently drove them to their first destination. Shoto couldn’t help the butterflies that took flight in his stomach every time he looked down at his new bracelet.

The SUV stopped, after parking in a private, underground parking garage. Izuku helped Shoto re-pack his backpack, the teddy bear being the last item safely tucked inside before he zipped the bag shut. Shoto looked at the other omegas curiously as they got out of the SUV, the driver now acting as a body guard as they approached an elevator.

“I know we said we were going to a spa,” Izuku said, “but first – we are going shopping.” Shoto entered the elevator, a little shocked. He was also panicking a little. Shopping meant stores, stores meant people and he wasn’t entirely sure he could keep himself from having an episode in a crowded place.

“Breathe, Shoto.” Denki said, grabbing Shoto’s hand and giving it a squeeze. We are only going to three stores, and we prepared ahead of time. It’ll only be us.” Shoto relaxed a little, knowing that there wouldn’t be a horde of people he’d have to wade through. The elevator dinged, opening up to a small courtyard – that was entirely empty.

“I made Kacchan pull some strings, and pay some people, to get this place cleared out for the next couple of hours. Like Denki said, we are only going to three of the shops, but I thought it best to clear out the whole place anyways.” Izuku grinned before grabbing Shoto’s other hand, dragging him towards a store. When Shoto looked up, he was a little shocked. It was an electronics store – specifically a cell phone store. Shoto was a little confused, maybe Denki needed a new phone or tablet… or something. They entered the store, and a lone employee greeted them. A beta male, but Shoto hid behind Denki and Izuku anyways. “It’s okay Shoto, we got you.” Izuku said, giving his hand a squeeze while Denki approached the man.

“We need to get him,” Denki pointed at Shoto, “a cell phone.” The man nodded.

“Anything specific in mind?” He asked.

“Not really, but it needs to have good text-messaging quality. He can’t speak, so he won’t be using the phone for calls but will be typing on it extensively. Additionally, we would like it so he could take it anywhere with him without worrying about damaging it – the pool, the shower, hiking, wherever. Also, it needs to have fast processing for games and internet searches. It does need to be user friendly as well, cellphones have progressed a lot in the last six years.” The man nodded again, taking mental notes on Denki’s requests.

“I think we have a phone that will fit your needs, over here.” He motioned, walking over to a display. He picked up a thicker phone, handing it to Denki first. “This is one of our newer models, it’s a bit thicker than most phones these days, but that is because it was built for durability. It is waterproof up to 50 meters, shock resistant, and has the newest core processors. It comes with cameras on both sides, and the phone is fully customizable to the user. There are also many cases available that will aide in keeping the phone safe and protected.” Denki turned it on, swiping a few things and tapping on some others before giving a satisfied nod. He turned to Shoto, handing him the phone.

“Give it a whirl, Shoto.” Denki said, and Shoto tentatively took it, still half-hiding behind Izuku. Shoto tapped the screen, awed with how fast it responded. Phones were fast six years ago, but this was something else. He was happy the basic design of smart-phones hadn’t changed much in the last 15-20 years, manufacturers deciding to focus on internal components rather than changing the design. He clicked into a few apps, including the texting app and the notes app, finding he liked the feel of the programs and the keyboard already. He handed it back to Denki with a nod. Denki smiled. “We’ll take it, and a case.”

“Perfect, let me show you the cases we have for it.” The man led them to another display, filled with hard and soft cases. “I suggest a hard case for the durability, we can also put a screen protector on it. Of course, there is the otter-box option, but most people don’t like how ugly they are.” He laughed a little. “But I’ll leave you guys to it while I get a phone ready for him.” The man walked away, disappearing into a back room before re-surfacing with a small box in hand. He sat at the front desk, taking out the new phone and setting it up.

Shoto turned to the cases, he had a lot of options and it was a little overwhelming. Denki and Izuku must have sensed this, for they immediately started picking out a few options - a lot of which just happened to be navy-blue. Neither omega even touched the otter-box options. They each placed 5-7 options on the floor in front of Shoto, allowing him to step back and compare them. It was a lot easier this way, with only a handful of choices (already filtered down by quality and what he would like by the other omegas). He ended up settling on a navy-blue and black hard case. Denki put the spares back on the shelf as Izuku led Shoto up to the counter where the beta waited.

“This is the one he wants.” Izuku said, gently taking the case from Shoto and setting it on the counter. “We’d like a screen protector for it as well.” The beta nodded, taking the case. He then took out Shoto’s new phone, carefully placing the screen protector before putting the case on. He placed the phone on the counter, allowing Shoto to grab it himself. Shoto was glad that the beta was kind enough to notice his discomfort at direct contact with strangers.

“All the paperwork is in here, standard contract per prior arrangements with Baku Palace.” The man said, handing over a small paper bag containing papers and the box the phone came in. Shoto didn’t really pay attention, too busy fiddling with his new phone. Izuku handed the bag to their own beta body-guard/driver. Denki giggled as he watched Shoto play with his new electronic device, and noted how quickly the omega was already placing his desired apps and tools.

“We’ll set up your contacts later tonight, ok?” Denki said, Shoto looked up and nodded. Shoto locked his phone (already having set up a passcode) and slipped his bag off, carefully slipping the phone into a small pocket on the front before slipping the bag back onto his shoulders.

“Thank you for your excellent service, as always.” Izuku said to the beta employee before they turned and left the store, making a beeline for another store immediately. Izuku drug them into a clothing store next – Omega Select. Shoto glanced at the sign, immediately realizing this was a clothing store for omegas, specifically male omegas. He stiffened a little. He had never, not once, tried to wear traditional “omega” or “women’s” clothing prior to presenting as an omega, and had not had the chance since. Izuku turned to him, grabbing both his hands and looking him in the eyes.

“This store is specifically meant for male omegas, Shoto. But we’re bringing you here so you can look and experiment with all types of clothes. They don’t just carry feminine clothing here. We don’t want you to force yourself to be something you aren’t, but I think you will be surprised with their selection and what you may end up liking.” Shoto nodded, feeling a bit better knowing that this store didn’t just carry dresses and skirts designed for omega men, but would also carry more masculine clothing that would fit his body. He let himself be led into the store, where they came face to face with two omega men. One had purple hair and dead eyes, while the other had black hair and was wearing a giant grin.

“I’m Sero Hanta,” said the black-haired omega, “and this sour-looking fellow next to me is Shinso Hitoshi. We’re are the owners of the store, though Shinso handles most of the designs and I handle the sales.” Shoto looked at both omegas, unsure. Shinso seemed to be eyeing him back, although doing so sleepily. Sero didn’t seem to notice. “We’re happy to have you all here, Lord Midoriya, Lord Kaminari, and Prince Todoroki.” Shoto visibly flinched at the use of his last name and title, but did his best to hide it. Izuku, of course, noticed.

“Relax, Sero.” Izuku stepped in front of Shoto, shielding him briefly. “Call us by our first names, I think we all prefer it that way.” Denki nodded.

“Yeah, it’s not like Izuku and I haven’t known you two since high school.” Denki laughed, and Sero joined him, relaxing.

“Fair enough, so why don’t you three follow us? We’ve already pulled some clothing items from the racks that you might like?” Sero turned to head to the back of the store when Shinso stopped him.

“Not Shoto, Sero.” The tired omega said. The group looked at him warily, Shoto using Izuku as a human shield again. “You can take Izuku and Denki, but I’ve got Shoto. He needs to walk the floor himself, feel the fabric, find what speaks to him.” Shoto peeked around from Izuku, again eyeing the tired omega. He tapped on Izuku’s shoulder, causing the man to turn to him. Shoto tapped Izuku wrist, then tapped his own nose.

“What… oh. OHH. Sorry Socchan, I forgot. You barely interacted with the beta at the last store, so I guess you didn’t need to check.” Izuku apologized and then turned to Sero and Shinso. “Actually, before we do anything, Shoto needs to check to see if you are real.”

“What?” Sero asked, a little taken aback. Shinso shushed him.

“I understand. I didn’t realize his condition was so severe. He’s doing quite well, given the circumstances.” The indigo-haired man said, and turned to Izuku. “What does he need us to do?”

“You just need to offer a wrist – he’s going to grab your hand and sniff your gland. We’ve come to realize that he needs to confirm both touch and scent to be 100% certain that you are, indeed, real.” Izuku explained and Shinso immediately offered his wrist to the frail omega. Shoto stepped out from behind Izuku and carefully took the man’s wrist, bringing it to his nose before taking a deep sniff. Sero watched, half in awe and half in shock. Shinso didn’t just let people touch him, but here he was. Letting the prince omega take a direct sniff from one of his glands. Shoto sniffed again, trying to catch the scent and identify it.

He smells clean, kind of like Doctor Aizawa. But, different, somehow. Oh, that’s it. Where Aizawa smells like detergent, Shinso smells like a dryer sheet. How funny.

Shoto let out a small smile at the other omega, thanking him silently before letting go of his arm. Shinso shrugged, as if telling Shoto it was no big deal. Sero then offered his own wrist, still shocked that the prince needed to confirm that people were real. That the poor omega couldn’t trust his own eyes anymore. Sero felt a pang of sadness wash over him, but made sure it didn’t affect his scent. He didn’t want to make the other man upset. Shoto took his wrist gently as well, bring it to his nose.

Very sweet smelling, he is. Almost like candy – but not quite. He smells like fruit – like strawberries. It’s nice.

Shoto let go of his arm, nodding at the omega in thanks. Izuku let out a small sigh. “Well, with introductions finally complete, I guess we can get started. Shoto?” Izuku turned to him. “Do you feel comfortable exploring the store with Shinso alone?” Shoto looked at the omega in question and nodded. He was real, he had confirmed it, and the omega seemed to know more than he let on. It strangely made Shoto feel at ease. “Okay, if you say so. Just so you know, our driver is up front by the doors and we’ll be in the back by the dressing rooms.” Shoto nodded again, and Izuku and Denki took off after Sero. Shinso approached Shoto.

“Follow me, I’m gonna take you aisle by aisle. Touch whatever you want to touch. Smell whatever you want to smell. Hand me anything, and I mean anything that catches your eye. Got it?” Shoto nodded, glad the omega had given him explicit instructions to just… do what came naturally to him – and not hold back. Shoto touched fabric after fabric, finding that he found wool to be too scratchy, and silk was absolutely divine. Light cotton fabrics were another favorite as well, and he was enjoying some of the denims that were available as well. He was naturally drawn to blue, reds, black, and white – Shinso steered him towards some other colors (including greys). Before he knew it, Shoto had handed Shinso all sort of clothing, but he had yet to approach the more… feminine section of the store. Shinso sensed his discomfort.

“Just, go and see.” Shinso said, grabbing his arm after sliding another full rack of Shoto’s choices in a section near the dressing rooms. He had grabbed another empty rack and pulled it behind as he led Shoto towards the more feminine clothing. He guided Shoto’s hands to fabric, encouraging him to feel the clothes and to try and imagine how they would feel on his body. How he would feel wearing them. They were passing some blouses and frilly shirts when Shinso spoke again. “I’m not telling you that you have to wear these clothes, Shoto. But don’t be afraid if you like them. Don’t trample on your own desires. They way to healing is the way of being yourself, even if it is scary or uncertain.” Shoto looked at him, and blinked. He hadn’t really thought of it that way. His eyes scanned the section of clothes, and lingered on the side wall where the long dresses were hung.

I don’t know about skirts and blouses. But… the dresses… they look really nice. Some look comfy, others a super elegant. I don’t… I don’t think I would mind trying on a few of those.

Shinso saw where his eyes were sticking and grinned. He guided him over to the dresses, allowing the omega to touch and sniff and pull them out as he pleased. Shot passed by a light cotton dress in a navy-blue, and then went back to it. He pulled it off the rack and stared at it, awed. It was high necked, but sleeveless and had a deep slit down the left side. He turned to Shinso and grinned. Shinso grinned back, taking the dress and hanging it next to a few others Shoto had picked out.

It turned into a runway show, once they got started on Shoto’s clothes and having him try them on. They started with the more masculine clothing he picked out, Izuku and Denki preventing the omega’s wardrobe from becoming entirely navy-blue and black by veto-ing certain pieces and forcing other pieces onto the prince. Eventually, he had two full racks of shirts, two racks of pants, and an army of shoes. His wardrobe was almost complete. Izuku and Denki didn’t see the rack of dresses, Shinso deciding to make it a little surprise for them. When he walked out in the first dress, Izuku was dumbstruck and Denki fell out of his chair.

Shoto walked out in in a long sleeved, cream colored, lace dress that hugged his body and ended at the knees. It had a modest scoop neckline and he wore a pair of matching cream colored 2-inch wedge heels. “DUDE!” Denki yelled as he gathered himself from the floor. “WHAT THE FUCK. YOU LOOK SO HOT.”

“It’s not fair,” whined Izuku. “I couldn’t pull that off. You look really good, Socchan.” Shoto grinned at them before turning to see himself in the mirror. Shinso had forbade him from looking at himself before revealing the dresses to his friends. He was shocked. He was still thin – too thin – but, damn. Denki was right. He looked fucking GOOD.

“This dress is an original design,” Shinso said, walking around Shoto to make sure it fit right. “Meaning I can alter it if you change sizes, which I’m sure you will as you regain your health. It has plenty of room for me to make changes and let it out.” Shoto grinned at the omega designer, thankful that he would be able to keep this dress even as he gained more weight back. “I take it you want to keep it?” Shinso asked, Shoto nodded.

It repeated like this a few more times, Shoto walking out in the dress and Denki and Izuku losing their shit. They though he looked great in each dress, stunning actually. Even Sero was a bit speechless, the black-haired omega couldn’t believe how the man who walked into the store – having to check if they were real people – was this happy, practically glowing as he showed each dress to his friends. No wonder Shinso demanded Shoto be able to walk the floor and do as he pleased. It all ended when Shoto came out in the last dress.

Navy-blue and floor length, it barely kissed the floor when he walked. His matching navy-blue pumps clicked on the floor, a flash of white flesh peeking out from the long slit every other step. The fabric didn’t cling to his skin, but it showed off all the right bits. His arms were bare, allowing the bracelet on his right wrist to flash brilliantly. Denki and Izuku were speechless. The man in front of them wasn’t just a man, not just an omega. He was the fucking Prince Omega, the finest of them all. Shoto swirled, then stood to look at himself in the mirror. He felt a tear roll out of his right eye, and Shinso handed him a tissue.

“I-I… wha… wow.” Izuku said, breathless.

“If this was the only thing you walked out with today, I would consider it a win.” Denki said, completely awestruck.

“You-you got to wear that for Tenya,” Izuku said. “It pairs with the bracelet so well, and…”

“He will be more star-struck than we are.” Denki finished for him.

“This one is another original design,” Shinso said, turning Shoto to face his friends. “But unlike the lace one, this one is made with minimal seams and fabric, so I can’t do many alterations as he fills out more.” Shoto’s eyes fell at that statement, because it meant he would have a limited amount of time to wear and enjoy this dress. “BUT,” Shinso continued. “I am willing to remake this dress – same exact design – once you’ve reached a healthy, maintainable weight. On me, as a reward and congratulations for getting better after everything you’ve been through.” Shoto turned to the man, and flung himself at him. He wrapped his arms around the other omega in a fierce hug, his peppermint smell spiking with happiness. Shinso laughed. “I can smell your scent now, Shoto. I haven’t been able to this whole time. I’m sure it was there, it’s just so muted. I’m glad you are happy with my offer. Now let go of me and get out of my store so I can take a nap. You’re exhausting.” Shinso was teasing, but Shoto let go and gave him a big smile anyways.

Sero and Shinso packed up all the garments and shoes the trio had purchased (Izuku flashing a fancy metal credit card at them). Then, Shinso pulled Shoto aside while Sero helped Izuku and Denki arrange the bags on a cart the beta driver/body-guard could push. “You’re probably wondering why I knew so much about what you needed,” Shinso said to Shoto, and Shoto nodded. He had been curious as to how Shinso knew what he needed and how to read him like a book. “I don’t just run this store. I also help Dr. Aizawa – I’ve got a nursing degree and I interned under him.” Shoto nodded again, understanding. “Sero is a little dumb, so he doesn’t know. Would get mad at me for overworking.” Shinso laughed. “I don’t care, though. I love making clothes, but I also want to help people – especially omegas. Omegas like you who have gone through so much.” Shoto stared at him, awed at this man with so many facets and skills. “If you ever need anything, text me.” Shinso said, pushing a business card into his hand. “I may be able to help you in ways your pack can’t, or if you are too shy to go to Dr. Aizawa or Dr. Iida.” Shoto nodded, taking the business card and placing it into his bag – next to his phone. Shinso then led him back to the group.

“Well, that about does it.” Sero said. “Now, off you go to your next place or whatever, and hurry up so we can open shop again.” Sero stuck his tongue out at the group as they walked out, the beta male struggling just a little to push the cart full of clothes and shoes. The beta diligently followed them, Denki leading this time. Shoto was flagging a little, all the excitement over the clothes was a little much for him – though he had enjoyed it.

Denki turned to him and grinned as the rounded the corner. Shoto looked up at the sign of the store in front of them, unable to ascertain it contents since the windows were blacked out – literally. The sign was crisp, clean, and professional looking. It said Α&Ω Toy Store. Shoto turned to walk away.


Denki and Izuku grabbed him, making him face the store. “We told you we were going to get you some toys, Shoto.” Denki said, Izuku helping him pull/push the reluctant omega towards the door. “Trust us, and you’ll thank us later.” Shoto gave up as Denki opened the door and Izuku pushed him in. Shoto blushed as he looked at the walls and shelves filled with anything and everything sexual and indecent.

I guess I have no choice. Might as well check it out and see if… if there’s anything I like.

Chapter Text

Denki led the way into the store, with Izuku pushing Shoto from behind. They were quickly met by a woman, her nametag said Midnight. Shoto doubted that was her real name, but he found he really didn’t care. He was already embarrassed, so he wasn’t about to make it worse by fussing over something as silly as a fake name for a clerk in a sex store. To make it better, or worse, the woman wore a black mask over her eyes – pairing nicely with the wicked grin she wore.

“Boys!” She half-shouted, holding her arms out wide as she sauntered over. “It’s good to see you again! I see you brought a friend along this time!” She looked at Shoto, grinning even more at his obvious embarrassment and reluctance to be there. Denki grinned back as he nodded, and Izuku also smiled – but a little less devilishly than the blonde.

“We did,” Izuku said, pushing Shoto forward. “Meet Shoto Todoroki. We’re here to get him some toys.” Shoto blushed hard, his ears turning red. Denki and Midnight laughed at him.

“No need to be shy, my young prince. You’re in good hands here.” Midnight went to approach Shoto, but he shrank back instinctively.

She’s so… flamboyant. Is she even real? She must be? I mean, Denki and Izuku are talking to her… but… I don’t know?

Midnight stopped, looking at Izuku for an answer to Shoto’s behavior. “Oh! Ah, yeah. Uhm. Shoto needs to check if you are real?” Izuku said, as if he wasn’t really sure. Midnight rolled her eyes at the green-haired omega.

“Should have told me that before I got all loud and approached him, shame on you. On both of you.” The woman chided them and Shoto laughed internally as he watched his two friends lower their heads in shame. Real or not, he liked this woman. She turned to Shoto. “Sorry about that, Prince Shoto. I should have realized. Here,” she said – offering her wrist to the omega without needing to be prompted. Shoto stepped forward and took it, bringing it to his nose.

She’s obviously not stupid, and must have experience with deranged omegas like myself. Surprisingly, she’s an omega too. Fierce and bull-headed, I like her. Her sent is strong too, not too sweet, though still sweet enough to know she’s an omega. She smells like leather… huh. A strange scent for a strange omega.

He let go of her wrist and nodded, turning to give Izuku and Denki a bit of a side glare. Shoto wished he could speak, so he could tell them off too. But his words had abandoned him at some point during his isolation, so he would make do with his eyes. Midnight laughed when she caught his look. “Seems like Shoto isn’t impressed with you two, either.”

“Sorry, Socchan.” Izuku mumbled while Denki gave him apologetic eyes. Shoto huffed and rolled his eyes at them, turning back to Midnight. Denki and Izuku relaxed a little, realizing that Shoto wasn’t that irritated with them.

“I would ask what he is here for, but considering he has Tenya Iida wrapped around his little finger already,” she said – pointing to Shoto’s new bracelet, “and from what I know about his case and cases similar to his, he’s going to need a wide array of toys and products.” Shoto paled, but Denki and Izuku nodded.

“That’s right,” the blonde said to the woman. “From what we gather, he hasn’t really explored his own body at all and he is probably going to have his first sexual heat on his next one – which will be in a little under two months.”

“Also,” Izuku added, “he is spending at least one of his sexual heats alone to establish a base line of what is normal and so that we can ensure he is safe and has birth control before he does anything… more… with Tenya.” Midnight nodded in approval.

“Good, you guys are normally idiots but you are being smart about this.” She turned to Shoto. “I know its overwhelming, and embarrassing, but its all perfectly natural. Luckily, you have two friends with plenty of experience – and can actually make sure you are properly… prepared for Tenya – when the time comes. Plus, you came to the right store!” She grinned again and walked away before Shoto could try and inquire about what she meant on being “prepared” for Tenya meant.

The black-haired woman led them to an aisle in the middle of the store and stopped. Shoto stared at the display in front of him, trying to make sense of what he was looking at. Denki and Izuku stood a bit behind him, eyeing their friend, trying to gauge his reaction. Midnight waved at the shelves and stood proud as she explained the products to Shoto. “In front of you is a wide selection of lube. We’ve got the edible kind, the water-based kind, the slick imitation kind, even cum-imitation kind!” Shoto’s eyes grew wide at the though of slick imitation lube. He didn’t even know what slick felt like, his body having not produced it yet. “I only stock the best of the best, you know. So, it is all high-quality, and the flavored ones actually taste as promised. Right, Denki?” Shoto turned to see Denki blush a little before responding.

“Y-yes.” The blonde stammered. “They taste really good, actually. Eij really likes them too.” Shoto turned back the rack, eyeing the flavored lubes.

I wonder which ones taste good… Which ones would Tenya like?

He shook his head a little when he realized where his train of thought was going. Of course he wanted to please Tenya… but it was a little too early for that. “Pick any flavor you want, don’t hold back. I’ve even got testers if you want a taste – I keep them locked up so gross people can’t spread germs and what not.” Shoto nodded before perusing the flavored lubes some more. He tentatively picked a few – strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, and peppermint. He missed the shared look that Denki and Izuku had when he selected the peppermint one. Midnight also had a glint in her eye – she had not missed the slight hint of peppermint coming from Shoto either.

“Good choices,” she said. Do you want me to go grab the testers so you can taste them before you buy?” Shoto nodded, and she grinned. “Smart boy, I’ll go get them. In the mean-time, pick out a few other lubes. Be sure to get at least one water-based and one silicone-based, and don’t knock the slick imitation ‘till you try it.” Shoto blushed again as the woman walked away. Denki tugged him back over to the other lubes.

“I recommend these,” Izuku pulled up next to them, holding two water-based lubes. “Different brands, but both Katsuki and I really like them.” Shoto nodded, deciding to accept his friend’s recommendations. Izuku had also apparently grabbed a basket for their adventures, so he slipped the lube into it. Denki also slipped a bottle of lube in as well – a silicone-based one.

“Eij likes that one a lot,” he explained. “Plus, it comes with a pump so you don’t have to squeeze it out. We like to keep it in the bathroom.” Shoto suddenly realized that Denki and Eijirou probably had a lot of bathtub and shower sex. “Just no using it with any silicone toys, number one rule to silicone lube.” Denki advised. Shoto just nodded.

“He’s right,” Midnight said as she walked back with the four test samples for Shoto. She handed them to him while she explained. “Silicone lube can damage your silicone toys, so it’s a no-no.” She turned to Shoto, who had yet to taste the lube he had been handed. She had given him a little plate, and a plastic scraper (like one of those gelato spoons), and there were four little dots of lube on the plate. Midnight pointed to one of the clear dots, “Strawberry. Try it first.” He tentatively dipped the plastic utensil into pink lube and brought it to his lips. He tentatively stuck his tongue out and licked it, looking at it in surprise.

This is weird. Its slippery and feel weird, but it tastes just like strawberries!

Midnight laughed when she saw his face. “I take it you like it! Try this one,” she pointed to the one next to the strawberry, “its vanilla. Then try the chocolate one, it’s the one right next to it.” Shoto did as instructed, and found he liked both flavors equally as much. “Now, mister sneaky.” She said as she eyed him with an evil glint in her eye. “Your scent may be weak, but I know why you chose that peppermint – and it wasn’t for you.” Shoto blushed and adverted his eyes. She poked his cheek, making him turn to look at her. “Try it anyways.” She prompted. So he did.

Oh. Ohhhh. This, this is what my scent could taste like? Without the rotten fruit scent? Is this what Tenya tasted that one time he licked my gland in the hospital?

His eyes grew a little teary at the thought, Midnight grinned kindly this time. “I know what you’re thinking. And the answer is yes and no. You have a peppermint scent, so you will taste like peppermint. But your mate will taste more than just your scent, you know. YOU are more than just your scent, Shoto.” Shoto nodded, allowing Midnight to slip one bottle of the strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate lubes each (and two bottles of the mint) into the basket Izuku was carrying. She then selected a bottle of slick-imitation lube. “This is a slick-imitation lube. What’s special about this one is that it can be used alone, but it has also been formulated to mix with flavored lubes – allowing you to customize it however you want. Like, if you wanted peppermint flavored slick-imitation.” She winked, and Shoto was just a little overwhelmed with the idea of being able to simulate the taste and feel of his own slick. She slipped it into the basket before he could answer.

Next, the woman led them to a wall full of dicks. Literally. They came in all shapes and sizes, some being alpha dildo’s with knots, some without knots, some looked just like your average beta penis. Some vibrated, some moved, some had suction cups at their base– some had all three.  Without preamble, Denki went and grabbed a red dildo off the wall. It was obviously and alpha model, even though it did not have a knot. It was probably about ten inches long? Maybe 2-2.5 inches in diameter? Denki plopped it in Shoto’s hands.

“This is Eijirou’s dick.”


Izuku then came up to him, holding a similar looking orange dildo. Denki took the red one and Izuku placed the orange one in his hands. It was little shorter, may nine inches, but was girthier at 3 inches in diameter.

“This is Katsuki’s.” Izuku said.


Midnight came back with one of the largest dildo’s in the store, it was navy-blue and pushing 13 inches in length, 4 inches in girth. She handed it to Shoto after Izuku took back the orange one.

“That’s Tenya.” The blonde and greenette said in unison. Shoto held the penis-shaped silicone toy in his hands.

Shoto broke.



Since Shoto had stayed eerily quiet for way too long while staring at the dildo that represented how BIG Tenya, his potential future mate, was – the other three omegas had just added a variety of dildo’s and vibrators to the basket, making sure he had enough toys to slowly build up to the monstrosity that was in Shoto’s hands at the moment. He had come around a few minutes later, silently adding the big navy-blue toy to the basket before Midnight led him over to the butt-plugs. Denki and Izuku added comments, but mostly allowed Shoto to choose on his own. He selected a matching set of black ones of varying sizes, and also selected a larger navy-blue one that had a blue rhinestone at the base. Soon enough, Midnight was ringing up their purchases (Izuku and Denki having bought a few of their own), and she bagged them in discreet, nondescript black shopping bags.

“Have fun~!” She yelled when they left and Shoto meekly waved her goodbye. Before too long, they were back in the underground garage, filling the back of the SUV with their clothes and other purchases. Shoto climbed into the center, like he was before, completely exhausted and overwhelmed with everything. His mind kept wandering to the navy-blue dildo that was now safely packed away with his other purchases of the day.

I know we aren’t there yet, but how the hell is he ever going to fit? Isn’t it going to hurt?

His mind turned and turned as they drove out of the garage, heading towards another unknown place to Shoto.

“Socchan,” Izuku called, breaking Shoto from his whirlwind thoughts. Izuku patted his lap. “How about you take out the blanket and bear Tenya got you and lay in my lap? You can take a nap while we drive to the spa. It’ll take about 45 minutes.” Shoto nodded, feeling the exhaustion sweep over him. He unzipped his bag and pulled out the fluffy blue bear and the quilt, moving to lay his head in Izuku’s lap. Denki pulled Shoto’s feet into his own lap, patting his leg.

“It’s 12:15 right now, and they’ll feed us lunch when we get there. Just relax and sleep, Shoto.” Denki said, and Shoto nodded, pulling the blanket over himself and nuzzling the bear while Izuku played with his hair, having untied it from the high pony-tail it had been in all day. He slowly drifted to sleep, not being able to pay attention to the quiet conversation the other two omegas were having, instead opting to let their voices lull him into slumber.

When he was sound asleep, face firmly nuzzled into the bear with his right wrist (and bracelet) in clear view, Izuku adjusted Shoto’s hair so it framed his face and Denki took a picture. Denki looked at his work and grinned, handing his phone to Izuku, who smiled and handed the cell phone back.

“Send it to Tenya, Denki.” Izuku said, Denki nodded.

“He’s gonna go nuts when he sees how cute his little omega is, surrounded by his own gifts too.” Denki typed a quick message to the big alpha, then hit send.


To Big Dick:

Try not to die.

1 attachment


From Big Dick:



A second later, Denki received another text – though not from Tenya this time.


From MY dick:



To MY dick:

I sent him this.

1 attachment


From MY dick:



Then Izuku’s phone let out three quicks dings.


From Kacchan <3:

( ˃̣̣̥ω˂̣̣̥ )


From Kacchan <3:

I’m not crying, you’re crying.


From Kacchan <3:

God Damn It.

45 minutes later, they were being dropped off at a spa – it was tucked away in the suburbs and placed on several acres of land so there was nothing but the sound of the wind in the trees and the birds on their branches. The beta man drove away with the SUV, his presence wasn’t needed here and he could go back to the palace to deliver there things and get some rest before he was set to pick them up in six hours, at 7pm. Shoto walked between Izuku and Denki, backpack filled with Tenya’s gifts and his new cell-phone, as they approached the entrance to the spa’s building. They hadn’t tied Shoto’s hair back up, allowing it to flow in the light breeze. It swayed gently, the long locks brushing against Shoto’s back, butt, and upper thighs.

Waiting to meet them were two women, one with dark-purple hair in a short, asymmetrical bob, and the other with black hair pulled into a spiky ponytail while leaving her with bangs to one side. “Momo, Jiro!” Izuku exclaimed, reaching to embrace both of them at the same time. “I didn’t expect to see you both here!” The black-haired woman spoke first.

“When we saw you made an appointment for yourselves and Prince Shoto, we had to come and make sure you received the finest care at our establishment.” She explained, giving both Izuku and Denki a smile.

“Plus,” said the other woman, “I am the best hairdresser in the country, and he,” the purple-haired woman pointed to Shoto, “has not only some of the longest hair I’ve seen, but the most in need of professional care and treatment.” Shoto took a step back, half-hiding behind Denki. He did not like being pointed at, at he felt the woman was accusing him of something.

“Now, now, Jiro.” The black-haired women said, pushing the other’s arm down. “Don’t point at him like that while talking as if its his fault.” Jiro had the sense to look ashamed, but offered no apology.

“Ah… well.” Izuku shifted uncomfortably at the new tension in the air. “Before we do anything… uh.. Shoto needs to check you.”

“Check us?” Jiro asked, incredulous. “What do you mean?”

Izuku stalled, taken aback by Jiro’s attitude, luckily Denki seemed unfazed. “He needs to check to see if you are real.” The blonde explained. “Because of what happened to him, he has a hard time telling what is real so he needs to take your wrist and sniff it.” His voice was hard, and uncharacteristically defensive. “Shoto needs to check both scent and touch in order to know 100% that you are real so that he can relax. Got a problem with it?” Denki crossed his arms, staring Jiro down.

“No… No, I don’t have a problem.” She said, backing down. “Sorry. I didn’t mean to…”

“No, you didn’t mean to but that doesn’t make it any better.” Denki interrupted her. “We came here to show Shoto what it means to relax, and to be pampered, like an omega. We don’t need you to ruin that by making him feel bad for things he already struggles with and couldn’t control in the first place.” Izuku stared at his pack-mate, a little astonished the normally airheaded, goofy omega was being stern and serious. Apparently, Jiro was thinking the same thing, as she turned to Shoto.

“I’m sorry, Prince Shoto. I meant no disrespect. I know it doesn’t make things right, and I’m not trying to make excuses, but hair is my passion. Your hair clearly has the potential to be beautiful, given its ability to grow so long, and it struck a nerve in me to see it so lackluster when I know its potential and true beauty.” She offered her wrist to him at that point, trying to emphasize she truly meant no harm. Shoto hesitantly stepped out from behind Denki, taking her wrist. He gave it a tentative sniff, noting that she was a beta. He had confirmed she was real, and quickly let go.

“I’m sorry for her behavior, Prince Todoroki,” Momo said, stepping forward. She stopped when she saw Shoto flinch at the use of his last name. She turned to Denki and Izuku. “Does he not like the use of… his last name?” She asked, pausing to find a way to ask about his last name without actually saying. Denki and Izuku were about to answer, when Shoto nodded. Momo turned back to him. “Then I’m sorry for using it. Is Prince Shoto better?” He nodded again. “Very well, Prince Shoto. It’s my pleasure to meet you, I promise we will take good care of you.” She offered her own wrist, which Shoto took and sniffed. Surprised to find that she was a beta as well. With that, she turned around and walked towards the entrance, dragging Jiro with her. “Follow me, gentlemen.”

She led them inside, going straight past another beta woman at reception. The other woman had smiled and waved at the three omegas, only stopping briefly to openly stare at Shoto. It unnerved him a bit, but Izuku had grabbed one hand and Denki the other, helping to ground him and reassure him. Momo led them to a small café, well it was a restaurant but had a café feel. She seated them at a circular table for five, her and Jiro joining them. “What would you guys like to drink?” She asked, handing them all menus. “We have cucumber water, coffee in all forms (like cappuccino, frappuccino, iced, cold brew, etc.),” she said etcetera with a wave of one hand, “Perrier, juice, tea (ice or hot) –“ she was cut off after that, Izuku and Denki both reaching to try and stop her before she said the dreaded word “tea”. But they had been too late.

Denki and Izuku turned immediately to Shoto, who had gone completely still. His eyes went a little glassy, and his hands were gripping at the table cloth. His breath came in short, quick breaths. “Oh no,” whispered Izuku as he got up from his seat and approached Shoto slowly.

No, no, no. Tea hurts. I love tea. I loved tea. But it burns, it burns. Mother made it burn. Burned for being born omega. Omega bad. Tea burns. No, no, no.

“What’s happening?” Jiro asked, taking a step back from the situation at the table.

“I think he’s having an episode.” Momo said, whispering to her. “I think it has something to do with tea?” Denki shot them both a look when he heard the word tea again, both women blushing with shame.

“Denki,” Izuku called from where he was kneeling next to Shoto, trying to get his hands to unclench from the table cloth. “Can you open his pack and grab the bear?” Denki nodded, and moved behind Shoto, unzipping the bag the now hung on the back of the chair and retrieving said teddy-bear.

Why? Why did she make the tea burn me? All I want is to drink tea again without having this happen. But no, I’m a bad omega. Whose mother hates him, and burned him with tea. I’m a bad omega who can’t drink tea anymore. Bad omega, bad omega, bad omega.

“Shoto, we’ve got your bear. Remember? Tenya gave it to you this morning.” Denki held the bear out to the frail omega, holding it in front of his nose, hoping the strong scent of his alpha would help bring him back.

Bad omega, bad, bad, bad omega.

Izuku had successfully unclenched Shoto’s hands, moving them to the bear. Shoto instinctually grabbed it, pulling it into his chest and burying his nose into it without even realizing he was doing it.

Rain… rain… rain. The rain that comes to get me. Keeps me safe.

Shoto’s breath started to even out. “There you go.” Izuku hummed, rubbing his friend’s back as Denki petted his hair.

Rain… The rain belongs to alpha. Alpha keeps me safe, says he will always be there. Alpha has a name. Tenya. Tenya gave me courting gifts, Tenya wants me, I want Tenya. Tenya has a pack. I have a pack. Pack is safe. Trust in pack. Believe in pack. I can smell pack now, well two of them. Meadows and electricity. Izuku and Denki. That’s right. Today is an omega day. Trust in pack. Trust in Izuku an in Denki. Have an omega day, a fun day. Go home to Tenya in the evening.

Shoto closed his eyes and took a deep breath, taking in the scent of rain that was embedded in his navy-blue bear and catching a bit of Izuku and Denki’s scents as well. He relaxed, feeling his mind return to reality. He could feel Izuku’s hands on his back and Denki’s in his hair. He smiled, he loved being touched like that – soft and caring.

“That’s a good omega,” Izuku whispered and Denki hummed. “So proud of you Shoto, you came back to us. So strong. Such a good omega, you make us proud.” Shoto opened his eyes and gave soft smile at Izuku and Denki, who smiled back at him.

“Tenya would be proud of you, seeing you come back so fast like that.” Denki said, making Shoto beam. He looked down at his right wrist.

I can only do it because I know he’s there.

Shoto took a moment to look at his friends’ wrists, noting that they both wore bracelets on their rights as well. Izuku’s was thick silver band with a simple clasp, engraved with tribal markings. Izuku also had a matching engagement ring on his left hand, the silver band also engraved with tribal markings but sporting a large diamond as well. Denki had a simple carbon-tungsten chain, the black metal being matte and flat. Hung from it was two charms, a red dragon and a yellow lightning bolt.

I almost forgot that both of them were being courted as well, and are practically mated. Izuku’s going to get married soon, too. I bet it is going to be a beautiful wedding.

Shoto shook his head, keeping himself from getting distracted by his own thoughts. He could tell Momo and Jiro were looking at him, looking at him with pity. He didn’t want their pity. He knew many, many more people would continue to look at him like that – but he was choosing to ignore it for now. Shoto picked up the menu instead, reading the drink options. Denki and Izuku both took a moment to make sure he was okay, offering to tuck his bear into his bag for him, but Shoto shook his head. He kept the bear on his lap, firmly tucked under his left arm. The other four sat back down, engaging each other in conversation while they waited for Shoto to make his choice. Momo had settle on a Perrier, Jiro and Denki each deciding on iced coffee, and Izuku deciding on cranberry juice. Shoto held the menu out to Izuku, pointing at the cucumber water.

“Cucumber water for Shoto, then.” Izuku confirmed with Momo, who waived another beta girl over – their waiter – and gave her their drink orders all together.

“Does he just… not talk?” Jiro asked, and Shoto turned away from her, a little upset at the question. Denki shot her another look, and Momo tried to intervene, but was a little too late.

“Could you not?” Izuku asked, his voice a little angry. Jiro held her hand up defensively.

“I’m just asking, y’know?” Izuku just stared at her, angry eyes boring into her.

“You’re seriously asking such a rude question about him, after he just…” Denki said, exasperated.

“Well, it is kind of important information if we are going to be taking care of him today. We need to know how to communicate with him, and ask him questions and shit.” Jiro responded defensively.

“Now, now.” Momo interjected. “Everyone, calm down.” She scowled at all three of them. “There is no need to fight. I think its clear that Shoto cannot communicate with his voice, Jiro, as so I agree that your question was rude. However,” she turned to Izuku and Denki. “I also believe that Prince Shoto is capable of communicating in other ways, and can speak for himself. Isn’t that right, Shoto?” She asked, turning to the third omega. He looked her in the eyes and slowly nodded. He reached behind him into his bag and pulled out his new phone. They still hadn’t entered any contacts, but he unlocked it and opened up a notepad app he had downloaded earlier. Izuku and Denki smiled apologetically at Shoto.

“Sorry, dude.” Denki said. “I got caught up in getting angry for you that I forgot you are perfectly capable of communicating and defending yourself.” Izuku nodded along, showing he felt the same. Shoto smiled back at them and shrugged. He didn’t mind them getting angry and defending him, it was much faster than him dragging out his phone and typing on it. Shoto typed on his phone for a few minutes while the others sat in silence, before sliding it over to Momo and Jiro to read. It read:

“You are quite rude in the way you phrase your questions, Jiro. Though I understand you do not intend for them to be hurtful. However, it makes me uncomfortable and makes it difficult for me to trust you and stay grounded when you act in such a way. It is reminiscent of the way I have been treated before. To answer your question, I cannot speak. No, I do not know why. Dr. Aizawa assured me that my vocal cords and throat are healthy, so him and Dr. Iida are in agreement that it is a psychological thing. Neither know if I will ever be able to speak again. I prefer to be called Shoto, or Prince Shoto if you insist, but please do not use my last name. I am no longer a member of that family and do not wish to be reminded of it needlessly.

All I ask is for you two to be patient, and to understand that I am not always… here. I need to verify my surroundings and the people in it, and the only ones I trust that are real 100% of the time is my pack. If you leave the room and come back, I will have to check you again, each time. Every new person who interacts with me will need to be checked as well. Izuku and Denki help keep me grounded by being where I can see, touch, hear, or smell them. Also, the bear I am holding smells like my alpha, as does the blanket in my backpack. Those items will help me as well, just in case I lose myself again while I am here.

I am in your care.”


Momo and Jiro read what he typed, both looking back at him and nodding before sliding the phone back over to him. “I understand, and I’ll do better.” Jiro said, and Momo nodded again, agreeing with the other woman. Shoto offered them both a small smile before setting the phone face down on the table. Their drinks were delivered and the group ordered their food, Shoto ordering a smaller lunch of a simple chicken salad and some fruit. Izuku and Denki eyed him, not necessarily pleased that the skinny omega was eating frugally but deciding not to bring attention to it. They ate their lunch in peace, the two women making small conversation with the omegas. It was mostly Denki and Izuku responding, but the group would pause and wait for Shoto if they saw he wanted to type something to them, figuring out that he would tug on Izuku’s sleeve as a signal. Eventually, around 2PM, the group got up. Momo and Jiro led them through to a private changing room, assuring the three omegas that no one but them would have access to this room while they were here. She even provided each of them with a bracelet, attaching it around their left wrists. It gave off an electrical signature, opening the doors to the changing room.

The women left the omegas to strip and change into soft cotton bathrobes and slippers. Denki and Izuku had to convince Shoto to not only pack his bear in his bag and to put the bag away, but to allow them to remove his courting bracelet like they had. Once he allowed it, Izuku placed all three bracelets in a hidden safe, along with their cellphones and wallets. Not that the spa had such problems, but omegas were known to be protective of their valuables and the spa provided the safes as a way to ease their omegan clients.  The safe could only be opened with the bracelets around their wrists, which could only be removed by Momo. Once successfully stripped and changed, the three omegas exited the room, Denki made sure it closed securely behind them. Momo and Jiro waited for them and then guided them to a large open bathing area. At the moment, they were the only people present even though it was clearly built to comfortably hold 10-20 people.

“Take your time to get clean and relax in the mineral bath. Just tap your bracelets three times in a row to call someone.” Jiro said, and the girls left them again. Izuku and Denki both tag-teamed Shoto, helping him strip again before leading him over to some open-air showers. They helped him scrub his body and wash his hair before setting him into the large mineral bath. The bath was warm, and smelled nice, so he immediately relaxed into it – sinking himself down so that only his nose and eyes remained above, his hair flowing around him freely. Izuku and Denki then help each other wash, taking the liberty to wash each other’s hair and back, relishing in the close contact from their pack-mate. They then joined Shoto in the bath, leaving him in his corner spot while they took to either side of him. They giggled when he blew bubbles in the water at them in greeting.

They weren’t left alone for long, soon other male omegas entered – four of them to be precise. They were a little loud, and Shoto pushed himself into the corner, trying to keep small and unnoticeable. It didn’t work. For one, the fiancé of the future king was sitting to his left, and second, a loud blonde was sitting to his right. The four men immediately crowded them when they finished showering, slipping into the big mineral bath with loud splashed.

“Are you Izuku Midoriya and Denki Kaminari?” One asked, he had blonde hair and pretentious features. Izuku blushed, but Denki grinned.

“Duh!” said the blonde while he slipped forward in the water, silently becoming a barrier between Shoto and the newcomers. Izuku reached for Shoto under the water, pulling the frail omega closer to him. Shoto instinctually pressed himself against his friend, not caring they were naked, and keeping most of his own body under the water still. The four new-comers’ eyes drifter to the omega hiding behind the blonde and the paused, all four a little dumb struck.

“P-Prince Shoto?” One of them asked. The other three sharing equally shocked looks. Shoto stared back at them, his eyes void of emotion – reminiscent of his look before he disappeared from the world. Shoto’s old attitude of being apathetic and aloof coming back to defend him when he felt trapped and uneasy. They all took a step back from him.

“A little bit of a bitch, eh?” Commented the third man, earning a harsh look from both Denki and Izuku. The man held his hand up in defense. “Just saying, we try to introduce ourselves and he looks at us like we are nothing and refuses to talk.” The fourth man didn’t say anything, just nodding in silent agreement.

I don’t like these omegas. They scare me, they’re bullies. They smell bad. Sweet, too sweet. Like mother, their scents will only attract the kind of alphas who are mean – just like them.

Shoto shivered a little, remembering his mother’s black licorice scent. Under the water, he tapped his bracelet three times. He was done. Izuku felt his motion, and gave him a light squeeze, silently agreeing with his decision. Denki stood between them, glaring at the newcomers.

“Don’t talk about him like you know him.” Denki said. “You know nothing about who he is or what he has been through. Just leave us be, we just want to have a good, relaxing day.” The four shrugged, the first blonde one snorted.

“You’re nothing but a king’s lackey, Denki Kaminari. We don’t have to listen to you.”

“But you do have to listen to us.” Said a cold, but familiar voice. All seven omegas turned to see Jiro and Momo, Jiro having been the one to talk. “You four,” she said pointing at the newcomers, “had best leave Denki, Izuku, and Shoto be. Or, I will have to ban you from our establishment – permanently.” The other four omegas had paled, knowing Jiro as a harsh woman but never actually incurring her wrath. They backed away, nodding. “Good. Now, you three can follow us. Momo has your towels and I’ll go get your robes and slippers.”

Izuku stepped out in his naked glory, followed by Denki. Neither seemed bothered by the other four omega men or the two beta women. Shoto stalled, still hiding under the water. Momo handed towels to Izuku and Denki who quickly started drying off. She approached the edge of the water and crouched down to talk to Shoto. She offered her hand to him. “Go ahead and check me first, Shoto.” He did, taking her wrist and confirming she was real – the four omegas watching curiously as the exchange took place. “Good,” Momo said. “Now, don’t be shy. The only people here who don’t have what you have are Jiro and I. We’ve seen it all, anyways. Plus, we’re female betas, as is the rest of the staff here. Since we cater to omegas, we make a point of only hiring female betas – the least likely group of people who can or will try to harm you. We also perform thorough background checks and have a zero-tolerance policy.” She stood up, offering a towel to him still. “Come, step out and dry off.” Her voice was soft and encouraging, and Shoto nodded.

Shoto slowly stood up, using the side of the large bath to pull himself up. He felt a little weak from the hot water, but he could manage. He heard the slight gasps from the omegas behind him as his body was revealed. Despite having spent over two months in recovery, he was still very thin and sickly looking. His ribs were still pronounced, as were his hips, elbows, and knees. His skin was still ghost white, and when he turned, they saw the scar over his left eye. Shoto ignored them as they observed him, the reality of his condition finally sinking into their thick skulls. He again felt the stares of pity, resented them, and ignored them. Jiro came up to him, offering both wrist and robe, and he sniffed her gland, confirming her as real before pulling the robe on and slipping his feet into his slippers.

“Come,” Jiro said. “It’s time for your hair cuts.” The three followed her, Momo bringing up the rear after giving her own lecture to the four other omegas who remained in the bath. When she caught up with the group, Denki was sitting in the barber’s chair, facing the mirror with Jiro primed and ready with her scissors. “The usual?” She asked, Denki grinned. Jiro worked quickly, trimming his hair and touching up the black die that created the lightning bolt on the side of his head. His roots had started to show, but she would make it perfect again. While Denki waited for the dye to set in, she cut Izuku’s hair. While his hair was unruly, he kept the same hairstyle from high school and didn’t need any dyes or treatment. So, he was done by the time Denki was ready to wash out the die. With the two shorter-haired omegas done, she pulled Shoto into the chair.

She stood behind him, pulling his hair so it flowed freely down the back of the chair, almost long enough to reach the floor. She pumped the pedal so it lifted the chair up a bit and the rested her hand on his shoulders. “Do you like it long?” She asked, making eye contact with him in the mirror. He nodded.

I really like having it long, its nice. But this might be too long, though.

She ran her hands through his hair. “It didn’t look like it before, but you have a lot of dead ends. I’d like to cut all of that off first, but that means taking a couple of feet off.” She stared at him through the mirror again. “Ideally, I’d like to bring it up to your mid to lower-back. It’ll allow me to get rid of the dead stuff, as well as keep your hair a manageable length. Is that okay?” He nodded again, feeling a bit of relief as she explained her reasoning to him and asked him for permission. She then brushed the hair away from his face. “Do you want bangs?” He shook his head no. “Okay, then do you want to keep the front as long as the back?”

Like all one length? I… I don’t know…

He shrugged – he really didn’t know. “I could also do layers, it will add texture to the back, but it will shorten the front. That way, if you wanted to have some of it come forward to frame your face or to leave down when you pull it up, it won’t be ridiculously long. How about that?” Shoto thought about it for a minute, then nodded. Liking the idea of having more texture and movement in his hair. Jiro smiled. “Alright. Well, I’m going to turn you around now, so no peaking.” She did just that, Shoto only able to feel as she cut his hair, and only able to see the long strands falling to the floor. When she finished cutting, she rinsed his head and then applied a deep conditioning treatment before wrapping his hair in plastic, then a towel, and then setting a heating pad on top of his head (set to low).

“Thirty minutes, then we rinse.” Jiro said. “And no peeking.” He would have nodded, but the arrangement on his head felt precarious. He looked over at Izuku and Denki, the pair just grinning and giving him a thumbs up. They had just finished getting manicures and pedicures from a pair of beta women. Momo came up to him then, having left the room to grab a few things. She allowed him to sniff her glad, before pulling a chair and rolling desk up to him. She sat in front of him, pulling his hands onto the desk.

“How about and manicure and pedicure while you wait?” She asked, he grinned. She then had one of the beta girls bring over a tub of warm water filled with aromatic oils. Momo tucked it under the desk, pulling Shoto’s feet and placing them inside. Shoto sighed because it felt good, and she grinned before getting to work on his hands. “Do you want polish?” She asked him, and he nodded. “What color-“ she tried to ask but was interrupted by a shout from Denki.

“Navy-blue!” Izuku laughed, but nodded. Momo turned to Shoto, he blushed a little but nodded. “Sparkle?” She inquired; he shook his head no. “Want an accent nail?” He nodded, curious to see what it would turn out like. “Can I choose the accent?” She asked, he nodded again, she grinned. He ended up with dark navy-blue nails, his ring fingers on each hand had a navy-blue base, but she had placed a white stripe about 1/3 of the way from the tip of the nails, painting the tips themselves black. He grinned at the result, and while his hands dried, she made quick work of his feet. With feet and legs scrubbed with sugar-scrub and massaged with oils and hot rocks, she dried them and then painted his toes like she had his hands, adding the same kind of accents to his big toes.  

Just as his toes were dry, Jiro came back and led him back to the wash station where she rinsed out his hair. Then it was back to the barber’s chair where she blow-dried and styled his hair. When she was done, she grinned – her grin being matched by Momo, Izuku, and Denki. “You ready to see?” He nodded and she spun him around to face the mirror. Shoto stared, stared, and stared some more at the man he saw in the mirror.

My hair is so… so SHINY.

He reached up and touched it, marveling at how light and soft it felt. He turned to Jiro and grinned, his scent spiking with his happiness. Jiro grinned back. “Some of my best work. I’m glad you like it.” He nodded, getting up from the chair and pulling both Jiro and Momo into a hug. The two beta women were shocked for a moment, but quickly recovered and hugged the omega back.

“I hoped you liked being pampered,” Momo said. “You deserve it.” Jiro nodded before they let him go. “Now,” the black-haired woman said. “Time has flown and it is 6:30, I believe your ride arrives at 7. So, go get changed and get your things, we’ll meet you in the café.” Izuku and Denki nodded, giving there thanks to the two women and basking in Shoto’s happiness. The led the way back to their changing room, Shoto practically bouncing between them.

“He’s so happy,” Izuku whispered to Denki.

“I know, I’m glad we brought him here.” Once at the room, Denki opened the door, and they all got dressed in relative, but happy silence. Shoto was more than happy to put his bracelet back on, the silver, blue, and red going nicely with his newly painted nails. He happily showed Denki and Izuku, who giggled at their friend’s joy. They left and met the girls in the café, Shoto again checking their status as real people. They joined in a group hug, and when they pulled away, Jiro and Momo handed Shoto a bag each. Looking inside, he found lots and lots of beauty products. Jiro supplied him with hair care products, making sure he left with the best money could buy.

“It will help your hair heal and grow healthy.” She explained. When he pulled out the styling products, she showed him an envelop she had included. “That’ll tell you how to use them, but Denki and Eijirou can always help you.” Shoto nodded his thanks before turning to Momo’s bag. She had included a bunch of skin care items, including face cleansers, face lotions, hands lotions, body lotions, body oils, bath wash, bubble bath, and another envelope explaining on how to use all the products.

“I know you didn’t get to grow up as an omega, but we’ve found that many omegas – men included – enjoy having a self-care routine. I wanted to give you the products and opportunity to discover that on your own.” Momo said, giving him a smile. “Don’t hesitate to ask for opinions from your friends, even Dr. Aizawa has an established care routine.” She winked, leading them to the door. “Drive safe!” She called as Jiro waved them goodbye. The three omegas waved back, entering their waiting SUV and falling asleep on the 45-minute ride home. All of them exhausted – but in a good way.

Chapter Text

When they got back to the palace around 8PM, the three alphas were waiting for their omegas at the palace entrance. Denki and Izuku had promptly flung themselves out of the SUV and into Eijirou and Katsuki’s arms, both alphas indulging their mates with deep kisses.

“Have a good time?” Katsuki asked, and Izuku smiled broadly and nodded before going in for another kiss. Shoto was a little slower getting out of the SUV, still groggy from waking up after the hour drive home. He was being careful, making sure he held onto the hand grip and carefully placing his foot on the chrome step-down before starting to get out. He felt exhausted, though strangely relaxed and content from the day’s activities. He safely made it down to the ground, and the beta quietly closed the door after handing Shoto his two bags from the spa and his back pack. He looked up, first seeing the two pairs holding each other and sharing some… not so chaste kisses then seeing Tenya walking toward him. The alpha was wearing a stupidly large smile, and Shoto couldn’t help but smile back before turning to quickly walk towards him. When he reached the big alpha, Tenya took his bag from him, including the back pack, and set them gently on the ground before enveloping the small omega in his large arms.

“I’m glad you like the gifts.” Tenya said before pulling back and grabbing Shoto’s right arm, bringing his wrist and courting bracelet into view. The alpha bent his head down and place a soft kiss on Shoto’s wrist glad, where the bracelet was resting. Shoto blushed as the alpha did this, feeling Tenya’s lips pull into a grin against his skin. When Tenya pulled away, he licked his lips – picking up the slight remnants of oil that Shoto’s gland had left behind on them. Tenya pulled him close again, this time to scent him. “You taste good,” the alpha whispered in his ear before pressing their neck glands together. Shoto shivered.

I wonder what all is there when he tastes me. Is it just peppermint, or is more… like Midnight said?

Shoto scented Tenya back as they switched sides and then scented their wrists as well, before they heard a loud cough behind them. They abruptly turned, faces red, to see their four pack-mates eyeing them with eyebrows raised and stupid grins on their faces. “Might want to get inside before the staff starts talking.” Eijirou said, and Denki snickered. Tenya nodded curtly and Shoto turned away, embarrassed. He hadn’t even realized that him and Tenya were having a moment outside… in front of the palace… where everyone could see. Tenya picked up Shoto’s bags, helping the omega sling the backpack back on but carrying the other two bags for him as they walked inside. Once they got inside, they retreated to the pack wings, Shoto following behind Tenya, but keeping a loose grip on the back of his t-shirt. One inside the pack wind, Shoto could smell something delicious and his stomach rumbled. He hadn’t eaten since lunch, and he had eaten a smaller meal than he should have. Tenya laughed at the sound.

“Don’t worry, Katsuki made dinner. We’ll put your bags up and then come back to eat, okay?” Tenya said, leading Shoto towards his quarters to put his bags away. Shoto nodded, following the alpha, his hand still gripping the back of his shirt. When they got to Shoto’s quarters and to his room, Shoto had to stop for a minute. He had forgotten all the shopping they had done that morning, and the evidence was right in front of him. They hadn’t touched his nest, but the servants had set the bags of clothes all over the room. Everyone knows not to touch an omega’s nest, but it is also a bit of an unspoken rule to not put away anything for them either. Omega’s tended to be territorial, and were often very picky with how things were laid out and organized. Shoto saw the non-descript black bags from the sex store tucked into a corner, and he hoped Tenya would not notice them.

“Looks like you and the boys did some shopping.” Tenya teased, and then held up the two bags he was holding. “Where do you want me to put these?” Shoto pointed to the bathroom, and the alpha walked away to set them inside. Shoto took that moment to set a bag of clothes over the sex store bags, and took off his own back pack, setting it at the foot of his bed. Tenya came back a minute later. “Ready to go eat?” Shoto nodded, making his way to the alpha and allowing him to take his hand and lead him back to the large kitchen in the communal pack area. Shoto felt overwhelmed with all the stuff in his room, and the daunting task of putting it all away, but he willed himself to put those feelings aside. He wouldn’t be able to work on it tonight – he was too tired.

The pack ate together, Katsuki having made spaghetti and meatballs, admitting that Eijirou had managed to put together the side salad and that Tenya had almost burned the garlic bread. Shoto was seated next to Tenya, finding comfort in the way the alpha intentionally brushed shoulders or knees with him the whole time. Tenya also kept feeding him bites of his own food, watching attentively as the omega chewed and swallowed the food. Shoto had again only grabbed a small portion of food, and it had not gone unnoticed by the pack. He didn’t realize what the big alpha was doing until he started to feel full and realized he still almost had his whole plate left in front of him still. Tenya had stopped feeding him from his own plate then, but kept a watchful eye on his omega to make sure he still cleaned his own plate.

As the meal came to an end, Denki and Izuku cleared the table and plates, forcing Shoto to stay seated with the alphas as they did the dishes. Shoto couldn’t hide his growing exhaustion from them, and they weren’t going to allow him to push himself just because he wanted to feel like he was still doing his part of things. Shoto had huffed when Tenya gripped him around the waist, preventing him from getting up to help the other omegas. “There aren’t that many dishes anyways, Shoto. Just sit and relax, there’s no need to push yourself. Today was a big day for you.” The omega had rolled his eyes, but allowed his body to relax against the alpha who had scooted his chair to be closer to him.

When the dishes were done, Shoto was practically falling asleep and Tenya carried him back to his bedroom. Shoto vaguely remembers using the bathroom and changing into his pajamas, and feeling Tenya’s warm, large hands tucking him into his nest before he fell asleep.

Shoto was walking through a misty forest, alone. He shivered. All around him he could hear voices, but he could not distinguish them. He could not tell who they belonged to or what they were saying, but they terrified him anyways. He picked up into a run, his thin body groaning with the effort. He hadn’t run in years, hadn’t done anything more than walk. He wanted to scream.

Where’s Tenya? Izuku? Katsuki? Denki? Eijirou?

He wanted to call out to them, to find them, but when he went to scream there was nothing. Only air, as usual. Even now his voice abandoned him. He suddenly entered a clearing, the mist handing out at the edged, leaving a lone, dead tree in the center. As he approached the clearing, he saw two figured handing from the branched on either said. As they swung in tandem, they turned to face him. Staring back at him were the former King and Queen of Zenia, the man who had sired him and the woman who had birthed him. Enji and Rei Todoroki started at him with dead eyes – a pair of turquoise and a pair of grey to match his own mis-matched pair of eyes.

“You killed us,” the corpses said in unison.

“You should have died in my womb,” Rei said, her mouth opening and closing mechanically.

“You should have died in your tower, like you were supposed to.” Enji growled, his malice still evident even after death.

Shoto couldn’t scream, but he could cry. Lifting his hand to his right cheek, he touched his tears and then looked at his hand. It was covered in blood. He was crying blood.

Shoto started awake, panting. He reached up to touch his cheek, finding it dry.

It was a dream. Just a dream. Just a dream. I’m okay. I’m okay. I’m okay.

He struggled to control himself, curling into himself in his nest, his breaths coming quick and shallow. He caught site of the bracelet on his right arm, and tried to take a deep breath.

It wasn’t real. It wasn’t real. This, here, right now. This is real. See, I’ve got my bracelet. The bracelet Tenya gave me to court me.

He flipped over the charm, rubbing his finger over the engraving of their names together, and remembering Tenya’s letter.

He will always be there for me. Always there. He may not be next to me, but he is with me. Always, always. Just like pack. I am safe. It was just a dream. Only a dream. Not real.

It took him about twenty minutes to calm himself down, and he realized it was only six in the morning. He doubted the others were up, and if they were, they seemed to leave him be until eight or nine, trying to encourage him to get as much sleep as he needed. Shoto decided to get up and put his nervous, anxious energy to use by putting away the bags and bags of clothing and other… items… away. He spent the next two hours or so like that, organizing his closet by clothing item type then by color, then by fabric. He found a set of drawers in the closet that seemed specifically designed to hold the toys that he had been forced to purchase. He organized them like as well – first by size, then type of toy.

He left the big navy-blue one in its own drawer at the bottom. In all, he found he had an assortment of toys – Denki, Izuku, and Midnight making sure that he had everything he could every even think of wanting or needing. He kept the top drawer for his various lubes and some cleaning solutions he found was put into the bags, he also decided to store some towels in that drawer as well. Just in case. In the second drawer was the more… manageable toys. He had decided to dedicate that drawer to the smaller dildos, vibrators, and butt plugs – figuring that would be where he was going to start when he grew some courage. He was honestly a little shocked with all they had bought him, he had a full set of drawers dedicated to sex toys and lube now. Shoto wasn’t sure if he could work his way to the behemoth in the bottom drawer, but he found himself glad that his friends had taken the initiative to try and help him out.

When he was done with the clothes and toys, he moved to the bathroom. He pulled out and examined each product that Momo and Jiro had gotten him, deciding carefully where each one would go. Izuku found him like that, sitting on the flood in front of the cabinet sink, organizing the last of Momo’s skin care products. Izuku tapped on the bathroom door. “Socchan?” Shoto looked up at his friend, noticing that Izuku’s normally cheerful demeanor was gone. Shoto eyed him, concerned. “Come with me to the pack room? Please?” The other omega asked. Shoto nodded, standing up and following the omega. He noticed that Izuku was still in his pajamas – and Shoto was too – but it still worried him that he was being summoned so early in the morning. Once in the pack room, he saw that the other four were already there. The four men were sitting on the bed, looking at the screen of a laptop that Tenya had perched in his lap. Katsuki reached out for Izuku, who went to sit in his lap. Shoto stopped in the doorway, trying to understand what was going on. Eijirou shift so there was a space next to Tenya. Tenya looked at him, giving him a small, sad smile and patting the now empty spot.

“Come sit, Shoto. There’s something you need to know.” The alpha said, and Shoto moved slowly, cautiously. He sat quietly next to the larger man and turned to him. “Its probably best if you read it yourself.” Tenya said and shifted the laptop so it now sat in Shoto’s lap. Shoto looked at the screen, reading the article that was open.


BREAKING NEWS: Former King and Queen of Zenia Found Dead Late Last Night

The former King of Zenia, Enji Todoroki, and his wife, Rei Todoroki, were found dead in the royal palace late yesterday evening. The King and Queen were dethroned and replaced by their eldest son, King Toya Todoroki (alpha), and his wife, Queen Andrea Todoroki (alpha) this past January when Prince Omega Shoto Todoroki was recovered from the palace and released into the custody of the Dynamic Accords Committee and the country of Baku. Citing mistreatment of the Prince Omega by the royal family of Zenia caused him to be malnourished and suffering from O.I.S. – Omegan Isolation Syndrome.

Regarding the deaths of the ex-monarchs, it has been confirmed a double suicide. Both were found hanging in the gardens from a large tree, and it appears each one left a note in their respective chambers. The contents of these letters are so far unknown, and the funeral services have yet to be finalized and announced. It is uncertain whether the Todoroki Royal Family will invite or allow the exiled Prince Omega Shoto Todoroki to attend the services of his mother and father.

Shoto stared at the screen, blankly, for a minute after finishing the article. The pack, in turn, watched him. Their eyes searching him for a reaction, filled with concern for their newest pack mate. Shoto then closed his eyes, letting out a long breath.

I think it is best I not tell them about my dream last night. But I think I want to go. To the services, anyways. They might not have treated me well, but they were still the ones who sired and birthed me. Plus, this is the only closure I’m ever going to get.

He handed the laptop back to Tenya, his facial expressions schooled into his bored, aloof look he wore for so long back in Zenia. Without a word, he stood up and exited the pack room. The pack looked at each other alarmed, not expecting Shoto to revert suddenly back to his teenaged self. They did not move to follow him, silently deciding to give him some space.

Shoto went back to his rooms and decided to take a shower, which he did. He felt kind of there, kind of not there. Like his body and brain were fighting over if he was to stay grounded in reality or if he was going to slip and float away. He washed, using some of the new products from Jiro and Momo, not really caring if they felt nice or smelled good. He dressed in some of his new clothes, choosing a pair of dark grey slacks and a black cotton button up. He rolled the sleeved up to his elbows, showcasing his still very thin, pale arms. More importantly, it allowed his bracelet to stand out.

He decided to braid his hair, allowing the single french braid to fall down his back before slipping on some black dress shoes and slipping a matching black belt around his waist. When he exited his rooms and went back to the shared pack area, he found his mind to be empty. No whispers were bombarding him, there were no shadows waiting for him around corners, but there were also no thoughts at all, no emotions either. He found the pack waiting for him, all freshly dressed and showered themselves. Though they were all in casual clothing – jeans and t-shirts. Shoto didn’t really care if he seemed over-dressed, this was how he had dressed every day before.

“We’re to have breakfast with my parents.” Katsuki said, leaving to lead the group to the queen’s private dining room. Shoto followed them, with Tenya walking silently behind him. He could feel the alpha’s eyes on him, but he had nothing to say. Even if he did, he didn’t have his words anymore and he didn’t feel like trying to write them out. The alpha reached out to grab Shoto’s right hand, and the omega allowed it. Silently permitting the alpha to slip their fingers together, feeling the larger hand squeeze his smaller one. He felt eased by the action, but did not know why. He did not think he felt out of sorts or anxious over the news of the death of his parents. He felt… numb.

Breakfast was quiet, the king and queen offering their condolences to the quiet Prince Omega. He remained as he was, aloof and unemotional and no one was able to really grasp what was going on inside his head. Not even Tenya knew if the man needed comforting or space, or something else. Shoto ate his food diligently, eating whatever was put on his plate. Which ended up being quite a lot due to Tenya’s strong sense to provide and protect his omega, especially during what could be considered a difficult time. At the end of the breakfast, Shoto quietly stood and bowed to Masaru and Mitsuki before leaving, not waiting for his pack or alpha to follow. The pack ended up staying behind again, this time to speak with Masaru and Mitsuki about the situation, about Shoto, and what may or may not need to be prepared if Shoto decided to attend the funeral ceremonies of his estranged parents.


“Your work was done efficiently. Has the news been published already?” Toya asked, not turning from where he faced the mirror getting dressed for the day.

“Yes, my king. I made sure the announcement was made as early as possible. You don’t have to worry about anyone turning out any… alternate stories.” A grey-haired alpha replied from where he kneeled on the floor.

“You have served me well, Tomura.” The king of Zenia replied, his wicked grin reflecting in the mirror. “I am certain I will have more work for you.”

Shoto had returned to his quarters, choosing to seclude himself in his nest with his new cell-phone. He was currently laying on his side, perusing the news for any more updates on his parents and the situation surrounding their deaths. He wanted to know every detail, as if knowing would make him feel something about them.

I should be relieved, or maybe angry? They hurt me, and they got off essentially without punishment, and now I will never be able to confront them or ask them why they did it. But I feel nothing, it feels like it is just a distant story from some far-off land. Not news that my parents killed themselves on the same night.

He sighed when he found no other leads or information outside of what he already knew. Placing his phone on a pillow near the head of the bed, he rolled on his back. He was still dressed in the slacks and button up, but he found he didn’t care if he made them look all wrinkled and disheveled. He laid like for several hours, before falling asleep. Sleep was better than staring at the ceiling, anyways.

Tenya came and found him like that, just splayed on his back in his nest, not even taking advantage of the nests many blanket and pillows, nor the comforting scents of his pack and alpha that were well imbedded in those fabrics. The omega was asleep, but woke as Tenya approached.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you.” The big alpha said apologetically as he stood at the foot of the bed. “Can I come in and lay down with you?” Shoto didn’t nod, but he moved over to create room for Tenya. The larger man took it as a ‘yes’ and climbed in next to the omega. “Are you doing okay?” He asked once settled, wrapping his arms around Shoto. Shoto shrugged, and pressed his face into his chest. He really didn’t know. Tenya rubbed his back, opting to do that instead of ruining the omega’s braid by petting his head. “It’s okay if you don’t know. It has to be hard; they were your parents but they treated you cruelly.” Shoto nodded slightly, acknowledging that Tenya had hit his predicament right on the head. “I’m here for you, so is everyone else. Just let us know what you need and what you want to do.” They fell into comfortable silence after that, Shoto just enjoying the warmth and scent coming from the alpha. He wasn’t tired anymore, but he didn’t feel like getting up or doing anything.

Tenya eventually broke the silence. “Not to stress you out or anything, but we have to go visit Dr. Aizawa and Dr. Yamada in two days. It’s time for your 3-week check-up and they also want to do all of our 3-month check-ups at the same time.” Shoto nodded again, showing he understood but not lifting his face from where it was still buried in the alpha’s chest. “I know that… Denki and Izuku have… talked… to you about certain things. About us, and what the future may entail.” Shoto took a sharp breath, he wasn’t sure he wanted to have this conversation right now. Tenya squeezed him, trying to reassure him. “But I want you to know, we move at your pace. You do what you are comfortable with, what you need or want to do. I don’t expect anything from you, and I won’t force anything on you.” Shoto let out his breath, suddenly relieved and letting out a lot of tension.

Oh. He… thank god. I don’t know when… or if… I will ever be ready for that. For HIM. But I want to try. I really do. And it makes me feel better that he is willing to go my pace, willing to wait and be patient.

Shoto looked up at the alpha, giving him the first smile of the day – even though it was now late afternoon. It was small smile, still a little sad, but it was full of gratitude. The alpha smiled back in kind before Shoto pushed his chest, forcing him to roll onto his back. Tenya sat up, bracing himself on his arms just in time to watch Shoto move to straddle him. The omega took the alpha’s face in both his hands, taking a moment to look into his blue eyes. Once again affirming that Tenya held nothing but love, support, gentleness, and protectiveness for him in his eyes. Shoto leaned forward and kissed the alpha, soft and gentle like. Tenya leaned forward, adding more pressure, more heat. Shoto pulled back at first, but Tenya reached up with his right hand and placed it behind Shoto’s head, pulling him back down for another.

Their lips met again, a little more hotly this time and Shoto felt Tenya grin again. The alpha moved his lips, asking – but not forcing - the omega for more. Shoto obliged, doing his best to reciprocate the motion. Then, Tenya sucked on his lower lip – even nibbling on it a little bit – and Shoto opened his mouth with a small gasp. He could feel Tenya grin again before he pulled back, looking Shoto in the eyes. Shoto was panting a little, his heart racing with excitement. Part of him wanted to pull Tenya back in, part of him wanted to stop before it got too heated. Tenya gave him another soft smile and caressed his cheek.

“Like I said, I won’t push you for more than you are ready to give.” The alpha said, rubbing his thumb over Shoto’s cheek. Shoto turned into the hand, placing a soft kiss into his palm before nuzzling into it. Tenya then pulled him close, this time into a hug. “We’ve haven’t scented all day.” He mumbled sadly into Shoto’s hair, and Shoto found himself wishing he could laugh. He hadn’t realized it either, and he felt silly that the alpha was pouting a bit at it. He responded to the alpha’s veiled request, and adjusted his position in Tenya’s lap so that they could scent one another. He pressed his nose into Tenya’s neck, resisting the urge to take a taste.

It is too soon for that… I think. I’m not ready for that. Not yet.

Instead, he pressed their glands together, taking his time to rub his scent into Tenya’s, finding that the feeling of their scents intermingling calmed him. Calmed him from what, he wasn’t sure, but he suddenly felt even more at ease. Like the day had been secretly sapping away all his strength and suddenly it had stopped. Tenya decided to lay back down, bringing Shoto with him. They stayed like that for a while, with Shoto laying on top of Tenya, his head pressed against the alpha’s chest as his legs splayed to either side of the alpha’s waist. He was basically laying on Tenya’s stomach and chest, essentially dead weight, but the alpha made no complaints. Instead, he held Shoto closer to him, pressing the small omega into his chest, and forming a protective barrier around him with his large arms.

Safe. So very safe. I don’t even know what to feel, what to do right now. But he is here anyways. Always here for me. Like he said he would be.

Again, Tenya broke the silence. “I know it is bad timing… but it would be best to announce our courting before you make your first public appearance or before someone catches a picture of you.” Tenya sighed, clearly miffed at the prospect of someone taking a picture of Shoto without permission. “If we wait too long, and people catch on, there might be nasty rumors. It is best to come out with it ahead of the press.” He looked at the man laying on top of him, who was now looking right back at him. Shoto reached up, past his head, and grabbed his cell phone from where he left it previously. He typed on it for a moment.

“I do not wish to let bad things interfere with the good things. I am not scared to let the world know about our relationship. It is in the nature of royalty and nobles to have their personal lives known, and like you said… It would be best to get ahead of the press. What do we need to do?”

Tenya smiled at the omega, “Always straight to the point.” Shoto shrugged, as if to say ‘of course I am’. Tenya laughed at that, and Shoto raised an eyebrow. “Alright, alright. So, we need to have the palace and my family send out a joint press release. Normally it would be my family and your family… but given the situation…” Shoto nodded, releasing Tenya from having to say it out loud. Shoto understood. “Then, we are going to have to do some kind of official interview. Usually with one of the more recognized magazines. They like to do both an interview and photoshoot – Katsuki, Izuku, Eijirou, and Denki did theirs together since they started courting around the same time.” Shoto started typing on his phone again.

“I don’t mind doing an official press release, but I am uncomfortable with a interview and photos right now. I don’t want to break down in front of them and I don’t want my body documented the way it is right now. I want to be better, healthier, before we do that.”

Tenya gave him a firm squeeze. “I will speak with Masaru and Mitsuki, and see what we can do. Okay?” Shoto nodded, setting his phone down. He was done talking right now, all he wanted was to forget the world existed and to be held by his alpha. Tenya obliged him, letting him lay on top of him in comfortable silence for as long as he wanted.

Chapter Text

Shoto found that the next day went by similarly to the last, filled with apathy. He spent most of the day in bed, with Tenya coming in to check on him and bring him food, sometimes the alpha would stay to cuddle with the omega when it was clear he could not sleep but still could not bring himself to leave his nest. Tenya had indeed spoken with Mitsuki and Masaru, and both the queen and king agreed that if Shoto did not want to do an interview and photo shoot for a magazine, then they would not be forced to do so. Instead, the monarchs suggested including a simple photo with the official press release. Tenya had brought the idea to Shoto, who simply said he would think about it. The alpha hadn’t pushed the omega for an answer, they had some time before they would be forced into making the press release about their courtship.  

Then the day for the check-ups came, they were to be at Dr. Aizawa and Dr. Yamada’s medical practice at 11am sharp – Aizawa was not fond of tardiness. The pack had been assured that they were the only appointments during that time, and the only people present would be the two doctors and their staff. Denki and Izuku had come to get Shoto around 8:30, making the omega get up and shower. They helped him braid his hair, and Denki chose his clothes for him while Izuku made sure Shoto’s teeth were brushed. They got him dressed and made sure he had his backpack and cellphone, having made sure the pack had any items Shoto would need/want and that his cellphone was updated with all the contacts he would need. The two omegas were clearly worried about their friend, sharing concerned glances when Shoto just… went with the motions. He allowed them to pull and push his body into the clothes, allowed them to guide him to the pack kitchen without resistance.

Tenya took over once they got to the kitchen, his face also shadowed with concern for Shoto. It was clear that he was not entirely there, but his face was unreadable. “Its like he’s gone back in time,” Izuku had said. Katsuki had also agreed.

“I remember your tenth birthday party, Izuku. He just… sat there with this bored look on his face. At the time I thought it was because he found himself to be above everyone else. Though, looking back on it, I don’t think that was the case.”

Izuku had nodded at that. “I always knew him to be quiet, and private, and just thought he was taught to be like that. Like it was expected of him.”

“A defense mechanism, then?” Denki asked.

“From what?” Eijirou asked. “We know he was locked up after presenting at sixteen, but he was considered a beta before then. It couldn’t have been that bad?”

Shoto just stared blankly at the table in front of him, sitting like stone in the chair that Tenya had placed him in. He heard his friends’ words, but they passed between his ears and he could not understand them. Out of the corner of his eyes, he saw shadows hiding, but part of him just… didn’t care. He didn’t care that the shadows were there. He didn’t care that he was sitting at the dining table waiting for breakfast. He didn’t care about the food.

“I don’t know.” Izuku sighed. “He never talked about himself, his home, or his family – even when we were kids before I moved to Baku. After that, our communication was only through letters. Yagi and Mom felt that it would only anger Enji if he found out that an omega, a male omega, was texting his youngest son daily. So, we switched to letters.” Izuku teared up. “At first, it was like normal, y’know? Then, he seemed to lose interest, I don’t know. He started sending me these short letters with recipes written inside, or bits of piano music he wrote.” Izuku took a breath, trying to compose himself. “T-then the letters stopped, and Zenia put out the press release that Shoto was sick.”

Shoto lifted his head at this, recalling the first of Izuku’s letters that came to him after he was locked in the tower. Tenya then quietly set a plate of avocado toast and fruit in front of Shoto, along side a tall glass of water. “Eat,” the alpha said – grabbing Shoto’s hands and manipulating it so it picked up a piece of fruit and brought it to his lips. “Open.” Shoto opened his mouth, and Tenya moved Shoto’s hand so it placed the fruit on his tongue. “Close, chew, then swallow.” Shoto again did as he was told. He knew he was eating a piece of strawberry, but he found it to taste like nothing. He was half-tuned into what Izuku was talking to while he obeyed Tenya’s commands to eat. The alpha didn’t have to move his arm for him again, but he had to gently command the omega to pick up the food, place it in his mouth, chew, and swallow.

“Finally, when I had sent three letters without a response… I sent my last one. It was the December of his sixteenth year, almost a year after he had been locked away without anyone noticing.” Izuku’s tears were flowing now, and Katsuki rubbed his arm to comfort him. The pack knew that Izuku felt guilty for his actions, and needed to talk about it. They had been waiting for him to finally over-flow, and it just happened that today was the day. “I… I wrote to him and told him I wasn’t going to write anymore… s-since it seemed like he didn’t c-care anymore. A-and that I-I hoped h-he w-would find some-someone worth his t-time.” Izuku struggled to talk between his tears and the sobs that were starting to spill out. Shoto had heard Izuku’s words between the quiet commands he was receiving from Tenya. The omega looked at the greenette, who was still crying in Katsuki’s arms. Eijirou and Denki were also nearby, trying to provide comfort to the crying man as well. Tenya looked torn, between making sure Shoto ate and wanting to comfort his friend and pack-mate. Shoto looked down at his now empty plate, then back to the members of the pack.

I don’t know why he is crying about the letters. He did what I expected him to, did what I wanted him to. I wanted him to forget me, to move on. I was happy that he had done it.

Shoto pulled his cellphone out of the backpack, pulling up the pack-chat that Denki had added for him.

“Box.” He typed and hit send. A second later, five phones let out a dull ring, Eijirou was the only one to check it. Seeing the message from Shoto, he turned to the omega who was still sitting silently at the table, still just being there without really being there.

“Box?” Eijirou asked and the rest of the pack turned to Eijirou, noticing he was looking at Shoto curiously. Shoto nodded, and typed again.

“The box from my tower.” Another five dings echoed around the room.

“From your tower… at the palace, right? Okay…. I guess I’ll go get it.” Eijirou was still confused, but he left and returned a minute later with the box. Tenya had picked up Shoto’s dishes, and Eijirou set the box down in front of him in their place. Shoto had to stand in order to look into the box, but he reached in and started sorting through a few things. He pulled out the stack of letters they had found in the desk drawer in his study and set them on the table. He pushed them in the direction of Izuku.

“M-my letters… to you?” Izuku asked, sniffling. Shoto nodded. He then picked up the last three, and set them apart from the others. He tapped the letters, then his nose, then pointed at Izuku. Izuku didn’t understand, so Shoto repeated the motion. Izuku was about to ask Shoto to just use his phone and type it when Tenya spoke.

“I think he is trying to tell you that those three letters smelled like you.” Shoto nodded at the alpha’s words. “I think that was important to him, that he could smell you indirectly like that.” Shoto nodded again and then pulled out one of the many journals in the box. He flipped to a page, and then turned the book and set it on the table so they could read what was written. Inside was a poem – one of many – the hand writing was clean, almost perfect. Clearly Shoto’s handwriting. Shoto pointed to the one that was on the page he had opened to. It was titled My Friend. The pack was silent as they each read the words presented to them.

My friend, my friend, my only friend.

We were little when first crossed paths, a lord and a prince.

Two young boys who met once in a blue moon.

Our time together eventually cut short.

Like the kings of old, we wrote letters to one another.

But now your letters have ceased, though mine ended first.

The world knows me to be ill, and you know no better.

For a long while, my letters grew lackluster.

I do not – cannot – blame you for stopping your letters.

I hope you have found the one who is worth your time.

Your love.

Your kindness.

Your tenacity.

Your loyalty.

My chapter with you has ended, as have all my other chapters.

But you have many more waiting for you.

I am glad you put yourself before me.

Live, and live well, my friend.

You have done what I hoped you would.

Forget me and move on.

Forget me and live – long and beautifully.

Forget me and love – deeply and passionately.

Forget me and be free.  

My book is closed, but yours has just begun.


My friend, my friend, my only friend.


Izuku stared at the poem while the others finished reading. Shoto stared blankly at the page, knowing what was written but not being able to find a reason to look elsewhere. All he knew was that Izuku had been crying over the letters, or over having stopped the letters, and Shoto didn’t understand why.

I knew the world had abandoned me, and it was only right that you should as well. I took it as a sign that you were finally, finally putting yourself first. I knew very well what it looked like – that I had lost interest in being your friend. I expected it to be this way, for all my chapters to close and remained closed. It would have been easier, that way, I think. Even though I have gained so much since you came back for me, I still wonder if I am worth all the fuss.

Shoto looked up when he heard Izuku starting to cry even harder now. “S-Socchan!” He stumbled over his words again, the tears and sobs getting in the way. “Y-you didn’t blame me? Didn’t hate me? Why?” Shoto shrugged before grabbing the notebook from the table, closing it and placing back in the box. Tenya moved to stand next to Shoto at that point, a little concerned that the omega wasn’t showing any emotion – even after revealing something from his past.

“Shoto, are all your notebooks full of poems?” Shoto shook his head ‘no’ before grabbing an identical book and handing it to Tenya. He opened it, and his eyes went wide. He went to sit down and set the notebook on the table where the pack could see. This book had no poems, just the same words over and over and over again – the words scrawled messily, very different from the notebook of poems.

Omega bad. Omega bad. Omega bad. Omega bad. Omega bad. Omega bad. Omega bad. Omega bad. Omega bad. Omega bad. Omega bad. Omega bad. Omega bad. Omega bad.

“Shoto…” Tenya said after a minute. “Do you still think this?” Tenya stared at him with eyes full of concern. Shoto shrugged. It didn’t really matter if he did or not. He was still crazy, still insane, no matter what he though of himself. The proof was in the shadow-images currently filling his peripheral vision. Tenya moved to stand again, bringing the notebook with him and setting it in the box with the letters, random sheet music, and the other identical looking notebooks. Shoto stared blankly as the big alpha carefully placed everything back, making it organized again after Shoto had rummaged through it.

“Damn,” whispered Eijirou. Shoto wasn’t paying attention anymore, opting to zone out in order to drown out both those who were real and those who were not.

“Is he going to be okay?” Asked Denki. Izuku shrugged before turning to Tenya. The big alpha side-eyed Shoto, noting the blank look on the omega’s face.

“In time, I think so. He’ll need therapy… and lots of it. Mother and I decided to wait until his physical health improved before starting it. It can take a lot out of an omega to relive and sort through trauma, and I think we are getting a glimpse of what it does to him. Of what it may do to him as he goes through therapy.” Tenya pursed his lips into a stiff frown. “I hate that he has to do it, but unless he does… he won’t get better in the end. His improvement would stagnate, and in all honestly the way he has been the last couple weeks would probably be the best he could ever be without proper therapy.” Katsuki sighed at this.

“We’ll be here for him, you know that. You’re here for him too. We’re all in this together, as a pack.” Katsuki said, squeezing Izuku tightly. “We’ll do whatever is necessary to help him.”

Eijirou and Denki nodded emphatically, agreeing with the prince. “I know.” Tenya said quietly. Again, eyeing Shoto who remained as he was, eyes distant and his demeanor unreadable. “I’m just worried.”

The pack did make it to their appointment on time, barely getting seated into a large waiting room by a young male nurse when Dr. Aizawa and Dr. Yamada appeared, rushing the six men through the doors and into the examination area. A few nurses helped to measure the heights and weights of the six men, and it did not go unnoticed to Dr. Aizawa that Shoto had to be pulled and placed, like a doll. Shoto hadn’t even asked to check the scents of any of the newcomers, something that Dr. Aizawa did not think was improvement at this point.

“How long has he been like this?” Aizawa asked as he got them all settled into a large examination room. Dr. Yamada flitted about, checking temperatures and blood pressure while Aizawa grilled the pack on Shoto’s unusual behavior.

“Since the news of his parents.” Katsuki answered. “At first, he seemed more responsive, but Izuku said its like he reverted back to his old self suddenly. To who he was before he presented. Then he just… stopped?” Tenya picked up from there.

“He’s experiencing apathy, I think, among other things. Doesn’t have motivation to do anything, just wants to sleep, or if he can’t sleep, he just wants to lay in his nest all day. I’ve been making sure he eats and whatnot, he’ll do what you tell him to do.” Aizawa nodded, taking notes.

“Other than the last couple of days, how are his eating habits?” The doctor questioned. “He hasn’t gained as much weight as I had hoped he would by now.”

“He’s eats like a bird.” Denki said. “Takes small portions and eats light, unless Tenya is around to force food into him. So, he usually gets a least one larger meal a day, thanks to Tenya hand feeding him.” Aizawa sighed.

“And how was his heat?”

“Long. Ten days – no sign of preheat other than some moodiness.” Izuku said. “But he didn’t appear to experience any pain like last time, just mild discomfort. Denki and I kept an eye on him and made sure he ate and drank water the whole time.”

“Did he have any sexual urges? Any ejaculations?” Izuku and Tenya blushed at the doctor’s frankness. Luckily, Denki was there to answer.

“Yes, definite sexual urges and a few ejaculations, though he never actually directly touched himself.”

“Do you know what triggered it?” Izuku glanced at Tenya, and the big alpha had to turn away in embarrassment. Denki laughed.

“Oh yeah,” said the blonde omega. “Tenya’s scent. It was particularly strong on this one body pillow.” Aizawa nodded, the room filling with awkward silence as he took notes. Shoto sat in his assigned place, not even noticing they were talking about him. Which probably saved him from suffering a large amount of embracement in front of his pack.

“Next heat will probably be sexual then.” Aizawa looked up at Shoto, then back to Denki and Izuku. “I heard from Shinso and Midnight that you went shopping the other day, so I’m sure he’s well prepared.” Denki grinned in answer. Aizawa then stared at Tenya, forcing the alpha to shift uncomfortably. “I also noticed the bracelet Shoto is wearing.” Tenya nodded. “Have you two performed intercourse?”

“N-n-no!” Tenya stammered. Dr. Yamada laughed from where he was taking Eijirou’s blood pressure.

“Good. He will need at least two heats under his belt before he starts having intercourse with anyone. Masturbating and toys are okay, though.” Aizawa said, and Tenya turned even redder – if that was possible. “His hormones need to level out, and I can’t give him any birth control until that happens. So, he needs to have a sexual heat first, then get the birth control, then have another heat before the birth control is effective.” Aizawa noticed that Yamada had finished with getting all of their stats down and cleared his throat.

“Alright, the five of you. Are you ready for your shots?” They all nodded and Yamada brought out a tray of five syringes – two were red and three were blue. The alphas were injected with the blue, the omegas with the red. “You five are child-free for the next three months. Congratulations.” Droned the black-hair omega. “Now, Tenya you’re with Yamada. Shoto’s with me. We’re done with the rest of you. Go wait in the waiting room.” Tenya sighed, getting up and following Yamada out to a different examination room. Aizawa watched the other four leave before taking Shoto by the arm and leading him to a smaller, more private room.

“Up on the table, Shoto.” Aizawa commanded. Shoto looked at him blankly for a moment before obeying. “Now, I know you are kind of here, kind of not here. But, do your best to nod yes or no when I ask you a question.” He paused for a moment. “Do you understand?” Shoto looked at him for a long second before slowly nodding. “Good. Now lay back please. I need you to lift up your shirt, and the just slide your pants down your hips a bit. I need to take an ultrasound of your uterus and ovary.” Shoto did as he was told, moving silently. Aizawa pulled over the ultrasound machine, getting it ready before turning back to Shoto. “The gel is going to be cold,” the doctor warned before spreading a generous amount of the viscous liquid onto Shoto’s abdomen. He placed the ultrasound reader on his stomach, pressing it against his skin and moving it around. He paused and turned to the screen, pointing.

“Here you can see your ovary and uterus.” He then pointed to blank section of the screen. “This is where your other ovary was, we had to remove it. Do you remember that?” He turned back to Shoto, Shoto nodded. “Good. Now, it looks like your remaining ovary has recovered nicely from the Omega Shock episode you had. Which is good. But your uterus still shows some tissue damage. It won’t affect you negatively now, but if it does not heal fully it could affect your fertility or cause miscarriages.” He paused to take a few photos through the ultrasound. He turned back around to his patient and wiped of the gel. “You can put your clothing back in place now.” Shoto did that, and then went back to laying still. “I’m going to be writing all this down and sending it with you so you can read it later. Understand?” Shoto nodded. Aizawa sighed. “Do you think you are going to want kids, Shoto?” Shoto stared at him, then shrugged.

What a weird question to ask an insane person. I certainly wouldn’t want kids now, and who knows how insane I’ll be in the future. I’m sure Tenya would like pups, but I don’t know if that is the best idea. The pups would have an insane person as a mother, and that’s no good. If that’s the case, Tenya would be better off marrying a proper omega.

Aizawa sighed again. “I know you aren’t in the right frame of mind to answer that, but I wanted to see.” He turned back to his notes. “I’m going to prescribe you a few medications. Some are just supplements, but one of them is a pheromone booster. I can smell you, just a bit, but it would greatly improve your health if your pheromones got to a better level.”  Shoto just stared at him. Aizawa, again, sighed. “We are going to set you up with monthly check-ups from here on out. Understand?” Shoto nodded. Aizawa stood up. That’s it for now, let’s go.” Aizawa exited the exam room, and Shoto followed diligently. Aizawa brought him back to the waiting room, telling him to sit next to Izuku. He handed Izuku a file with the prescriptions and notes.

“I’m prescribing him some supplements and a pheromone booster. He is to have monthly check-ups with me, and its time to get him into therapy. He isn’t really at the weight I wanted him to be at before he started, but his behavior today indicates that he needs to start sooner rather than later. Have Tenya contact his mother when he’s done with Yamada.” With that, the dark-haired doctor turned and disappeared into the back of the office. A short while later, Tenya emerged and Izuku gave him the run down. Tenya had immediately called his mother, addressing Shoto’s condition with her while they drove back to the palace. He ended the call as they arrived back home.

“Mother says she can start him next week, two sessions per week.” Tenya said as he the SUV came to a stop. He got out and immediately helped Shoto down, the omega still not responding to the world around him. Katsuki nodded.

“Good, is she able to come here or will we take him to her?” The blonde alpha asked as they walked into the palace.

“She will come here – it’ll be easier on Shoto.”

“I’ll make sure there is a room available that is private and away from curious eyes and ears, just tell me the days when you know.”

“Will do.” Tenya said, still guiding Shoto as they walked. “By the way, any word on services for Shoto’s parents?” Katsuki shook his head.

“No. Dad is currently waiting for a reply from the Zenia ambassador.”

“I see.”

“No.” Said the red-haired alpha male, fixing his steely eyes onto the white-haired female in front of him.

“But Toya, he’s still our brother!” Pleaded Fuyumi from across the table. Her husband Kai next to her, but not interfering.

“The answer is no. He may have been born from the same parents, but he is no longer a part of this family. His name has been removed from our books and the family tree – you know this.” Toya’s voice was cold, and held authority much like his late-father’s had.

“I know.” She replied. “But I think he deserves some closure after what happened, and this is the only thing we can offer him now that they are gone.” Her eyes filled with tears. Toya just sighed.

“It does not matter. My decision is final. I will not let that… disgrace… back into the country. I’ll keep him out of Zenia for as long as it is in my power, Fuyumi. Our family has faced enough decline without parading around a broken omega on top of it.”

“Fine.” Fuyumi finally crumbled to her brother’s will. Kai patted her on the back. “But when the world questions you, remember that I tried to make you look like a decent person first.” With that, she got up and left – her husband dutifully following her.

Chapter Text

“You killed us.”

Shoto startled awake, panting and wide-eyed. He had shot up from his slumber, and was now sitting with the blankets pooling around his waist.

I killed them. I killed them. I killed them. Omega bad. Omega bad. Omega bad.

“That’s right, Shoto.” Said a shadowy figure in the corner, his spikey red hair barely visible in the dawn’s light. “You killed our mother and father, you disgraceful, disgusting omega.” The shadow stepped forward, and the older alpha grinned maniacally as he approached Shoto’s nest, resting a hand at the foot of it. “I wonder what I should do with you.” The man then started climbing into the bed, into his nest. Shoto hissed at the figure. “How should you be punished for your sins, little brother?” Shoto hissed again, scrambling backwards and hitting the headboard.

No! No! No! Get out of my nest! Out! Out! Out!

Shoto trembled as the figure moved closer, watched as turquoise eyes filled with hate and bloodlust consumed him. He let out a high-pitched whine.


The man reached out to grab his ankle, to pull him out of the safety of his nest, when Shoto’s bedroom door busted open and five men barreled inside, Tenya leading the charge.

“Shoto!” The big alpha called, and Shoto heard him, heard the call of his alpha and whined in response – unable to move, still trembling and pressed against the headboard. Tenya clambered into the nest behind the red-headed alpha, then passed right through him.

No! Get him out! Out! Toya doesn’t belong here! Get him out of my nest!

Tenya couldn’t see the shadow that Shoto was so terrified of. The alpha knew the omega was staring at something, that much was clear. Also, Shoto was pouring out distress pheromones and was still letting out high-pitched whines. Tenya pulled the omega to him, letting out deep coos. “Its okay, its okay, its okay.” He held the omega tightly, pressing the smaller man’s nose into his neck while he poured out his own scent. “Its not real, Shoto. Its not real. I’ve got you. Breathe. Breathe.” Shoto pushed back, still whining, still distressed.

No, no! Get him out! Out of my nest! Get him out! He doesn’t belong! Alpha, get him out! He doesn’t belong in my nest! Get him out for me! Out!

“He can’t hear you, Shotoooo.” Toya sneered, Shoto could still hear him even if he couldn’t see him. “He can’t see me either, little brother. Only you, only you.” The red-haired alpha let out a laugh.

“Breathe,” Tenya instructed again, taking an exaggerated breath of his own. Shoto felt the rise and fall of the large alpha’s chest against him, but could not bring himself down from his hysteria. He continued to struggle, trying to push away, trying to get Tenya to see. He whined louder now, letting out more of his distressed sent, filling the room with bitter mint and sour, rotten fruit.

No, Alpha. Its not safe. Get him out, out of my nest. Please, Alpha, please. I want him gone. I don’t want him here. I want him out. Alpha, please make him go away. Please, Alpha, please.

“Breathe,” Tenya’s low voice commanded, reverberating through his chest and heart. Shoto shivered. “Breathe,” he commanded again, taking another exaggerated breath – trying to encourage Shoto to follow his pace. “I can’t see it, Shoto. It’s not real.” Shoto’s whine tapered off – though he was still struggling in Tenya’s arms and was still hyperventilating.

Not… real. Alpha says not real. I… trust Alpha. Alpha always here. Always, always.

“There we go,” whispered Tenya, who then placed a soft kiss on Shoto’s head as the omega started to still. “Not real. I promise. I won’t lie to you, you know that. I’m always here for you. I always will be. Now, breathe in…” the alpha again took and exaggerated breath. “Breath out…” he exhaled, smiling as the man in his arms struggled to calm down and follow the pattern he was setting. Shoto began pressing himself against the alpha, instead of trying to push away. He kept his nose buried in his scent gland, chasing Tenya’s calming smell. He started crying as he came down from his hysteria, openly sobbing against the alpha’s neck, his breathes heaving with chocked hiccups instead of fear now. He couldn’t hear Toya anymore, and registered that he had been fake – a shadow.

No… Why am I like this? Why? I just want to see the world for what it really is. I want to be able to trust my own eyes, my own ears! I just want to live normally again.

The other four men then joined them in the nest, having waited for Shoto to stop freaking out in total fear before adding their own calming scents to the mix. They surrounded Shoto, pressing against him and Tenya – creating a safe cocoon of warmth and pack-scent. Shoto just cried, slowly moving from open, loud sobs to silent tears. All the while Tenya cooed to him, Denki and Izuku purred, and Eijirou and Katsuki let out their signature half-purr, half-coos. Eventually, he calmed down, burying himself into Tenya’s chest and refusing to let go of the alpha.

“Socchan, we need to get you showered and dressed. You got to let go.” Izuku said, gently trying to pry one of the omega’s hands loose from the iron grip it held on Tenya’s shirt. Shoto shook his head, he was not letting go. Izuku sighed and looked at Tenya. “I don’t think he is letting you go any time soon. But he’s all sweaty and gross from panicking, and I know a shower would do him good.” Tenya shrugged.

“Guess I’ll have to shower him then.” The alpha replied, only turning a little red at the prospect. Katsuki let out a chuckle.

“Good luck with that, seeing as he is 100% going to koala bear you the minute you stand up.”

“What is… this koala bear thing you speak of?” Tenya asked tentatively. It was Eijirou’s turn to laugh.

“Means he is gonna grab onto you like a koala bear, legs and arms clinging to you with a death grip.” The red-head explained. Tenya blushed a little more at the prospect of having the omega hanging off of him as he walked around. The four other members of the pack laughed in unison before taking turns scenting the remaining alpha and omega and taking their leave.

“Good luck~!” Denki called out as he left, Tenya hearing them leave Shoto’s quarters and closing the entrance door behind them. Tenya scooched to the end of the bed, finally able to swing his feet down to the ground and finding himself with a lap full of Shoto. As Katsuki had predicated, Shoto had wrapped his arms and legs around Tenya when he stood up, fiercely refusing to let go of the alpha. Tenya moved his hands so they supported Shoto under his butt – Tenya turning red with the action and Shoto not giving a peep.

“Let’s get showered and cleaned up, okay?” Tenya said, tentatively asking the omega for permission before moving to the bathroom. Shoto nodded, his face still hidden against the alpha’s chest. Tenya walked to the bathroom, convincing Shoto to let go so he could set him down on the toilet. “I’m gonna take your clothes off now, okay?” Shoto nodded again, and Tenya went to take of the omega’s shirt. Shoto obediently lifted his arms, allowing Tenya to pull the sleep shirt over his head. It was thrown into the hamper nearby. “Pants next, lift your hips for me.” Shoto braced himself with his hands and lifted his hips as asked, Tenya deciding to remove both sweatpants and underwear in the same motion once he saw how hard it was for Shoto to make the maneuver. Tenya ignored the man’s lower half, distracting himself by putting the clothes in the hamper then turning on the shower. He let Shoto sit for a minute while he checked the temperature, making sure it was just right.

“We’re gonna get you showered and clean, then I’m gonna get you into the tub to soak while I shower.” Tenya said, turning to the omega and offering his hands. Shoto took them, allowing Tenya to pull him up and guide him to the shower. “Stand under the spray for a minute, I’ll be there in just a second.” Shoto obeyed, allowing the pleasantly warm water to soak into his hair and run down his naked body. Tenya joined him not a minute later, fully naked. Shoto knew he should not look at certain… parts… of the alpha, but couldn’t help himself. The man had turned to close the shower door, and his ass was just….

Damn. He’s really built. I can tell he works out. A lot.

Then Tenya turned to face Shoto, his own cheeks flushed red with the close proximity of their naked bodies. Shoto glanced down, and was a little dumfounded. Even flaccid, Tenya’s dick was BIG. Tenya noticed Shoto’s gaze, and blushed a little more. He knew he was well endowed, but it had been a while since someone he was romantically interested in had looked at him like that. Tenya chanced his own look at Shoto, and was surprised to find that instead of a small “cocklette” like Denki and Izuku, the omega in front of him was of equal size to a beta male, maybe even a little larger. Definitely not what was to be expected from a male omega. Tenya swallowed. He needed clean thoughts. Pure thoughts. He wished he could turn the shower cold, but Shoto needed warm water to get clean and relax. Tenya felt his dick twitch at the sight of the naked omega, but willed it to stay DOWN.

“Okay,” he cleared his throat. Bringing Shoto’s gaze back up to his eyes. “Let’s get you clean.” Shoto nodded, turning a little red at being caught staring by the alpha. Tenya started with his hair, having the omega face away from him as he sudsed up the hair, then having him turn back around to rinse so it wouldn’t get in his eyes. He left the conditioner in to soak into his long locks while he scrubbed his body down with a loofa and some body soap. Tenya took his time scrubbing each arm, his back, chest, and legs. He paused before scrubbing Shoto’s butt or crotch, the omega giving a small nod in permission before he quickly, but thoroughly cleaned those areas for the omega. When he was done, he rinsed Shoto’s body and hair, then left him to stand under the water for a bit while he filled the tub. Once again, he made sure the temperature was right, and he found some Epsom salts and oils to add to the water, creating a nice lavender-chamomile scent. He placed a thick water-safe cushion at the back, and then went and fetched Shoto out of the shower.

“Just sit and take a soak while I finish up.” Tenya said as the omega settled into the tub, Shoto giving out a small but satisfied sigh. Tenya grinned at the relaxing omega and got back in the shower. The bathroom was a wet mess from all the getting in and out of the shower, but it didn’t matter. Tenya turned the water to cold, thankful that Shoto hadn’t seemed to notice his half-hard erection. He bought back a low hiss when the cold water hit him, but soldiered on with his cold shower. Soon enough, he was done and he stepped out and wrapped a towel around his waist. He glanced over at the tub, meeting eyes with Shoto who was watching him carefully.

“Stay in the tub.” He commanded, Shoto lazily nodded and sunk down into the tub, keeping only his eyes and nose above the water and allowing his long hair to hang over the back of the tub so it wouldn’t get wet – he didn’t want the Epsom salts to dry it out. Tenya came back with a few products from under Shoto’s sink, two wash clothes, two large towels, a hand towel, and a stool, which he set by the tub behind Shoto’s head. Tenya sat on the stool and calmly ran his hand through Shoto’s hair, scratching at his scalp as well. Shoto blew bubbles in the water in appreciation as he closed his eyes, relishing in the feeling of Tenya’s hands on his head. Tenya let out a low laugh at the bubbles, but kept up his ministrations, allowing the omega to enjoy his touch while relaxing in the bath.

A few minutes later, Tenya pulled him up so he was sitting with his head and neck above the water. Shoto tilted his head back to look at the alpha sitting behind him, giving him a small smile when he met the alpha’s blue eyes. “I’m glad to see your smile, Shoto.” Tenya said, earnestly. “It’s one of the most beautiful things in the world.” Shoto blushed, and was about to slide back down into the tub when Tenya caught him. “No running away, I’m not done with you yet.”

Tenya then proceeded to wash his face with a few of the products Shoto had gotten from Momo. Shoto hadn’t been able to experiment with them yet, but Tenya seemed to know what he was doing. Tenya exfoliated Shoto’s face with a sugar scrub, gently wiping it away with a damp wash cloth before applying a light, foamy cleanser. The alpha used his hands to massage the cleanser in, and once again wiped it away with the damp washcloth. He then applied a cooling mint and cucumber clay mask, allowing it to dry and laughing when Shoto tried to smile when it was hardened. He again washed it away with the washcloth, and then dried Shoto’s face with the hand towel, tapping his skin dry. He then softly applied a rose-scented toner and a light moisturizer, his touch gentle and caring.

Tenya’s inner alpha was jumping with joy at being given the opportunity to bathe and pamper the omega, and it showed. Tenya’s eyes absolutely beamed with happiness at the omega’s now relaxed state – a significant improvement from how the morning had started.
“Time to get out,” the alpha said, helping Shoto to stand up and step out of the tub. He quickly wrapped Shoto’s still damp hair in one of the large towels, and used the other one to dry him before wrapping it securely around the omega’s waist. Tenya led him out into the bedroom, helping him into a pair of boxer briefs before settling the omega down onto the edge of the bed. Tenya left him briefly, coming back dressed in pants and a simple t-shirt. Tenya had run down to his rooms to grab some clothes, but had literally RAN so as not to leave the omega alone for more than a minute.

When he came back, he briefly popped into the bathroom again, emerging with a bottle of body lotion. It was a simple lavender-honey lotion and Tenya carefully rubbed it into Shoto’s legs first, massaging each muscle and encouraging the omega to relax even more. He then coaxed the omega to lay back, paying attention to the omega’s arms, chest, and belly. He the flipped Shoto over, rubbing the lotion into his back and working out any remaining kinks and tension. Tenya was slightly surprised at the closeness he felt giving Shoto a massage like this, without it being sexual at all. He enjoyed just being there for the omega, pampering him, and making him feel better. When he was done, Shoto was a limp noodle, half-dozing with a grin on his face.

Tenya helped him get dressed in some comfy clothes – a soft t-shirt and some basketball shorts – before slipping his bracelet back onto his right wrist and leading the omega out of his quarters and to the pack kitchen. By the smell of things, it was clear that Katsuki was cooking up a mean brunch. “Let’s get some food in you, yeah?” Tenya said before entering the pack area, Denki and Izuku were fussing over the music while Eijirou pretended to help Katsuki prepare the food (really, he was just bothering the blonde alpha to no end).  Tenya guided Shoto to the table and sat him down before meandering over the island counter, leaning over to it to talk to Katsuki as he flipped some bacon. After exchanging a few words, Katsuki barked an order and Eijirou, who then went and grabbed two glassed and a bottle of cran-rasberry juice and handing them over to Tenya who took them and returned to Shoto. Tenya poured two glasses of juice, setting one in front of the omega before sitting down next to him. “Drink,” the alpha urged and Shoto quietly picked up the glass, his hands a little shaky as he dutifully brought it to his lips and took a couple of sips. The alpha reached out and helped him set it down before placing a reassuring hand on Shoto’s knee, rubbing small circles with his thumb.

Izuku and Denki bounced over, both omega taking the time to scent and nuzzle Shoto, who returned it in kind. He really liked scenting, it felt good, felt right. Felt the best when it was Tenya, but pack was good too. Katsuki and Eijirou brought over the food – veggie filled omelets, bacon, fruit, and toast (avocado optional). Tenya built a plate for Shoto, making sure there was more food than the omega would ever grab for himself. They ate in relative calm, allowing the music in the background to fill any silences. Tenya, of course, hand-fed Shoto between his own bites of food, making sure that Shoto ate his entire plate and drank all of his juice.

Later that day, Shoto was still clinging to Tenya. He wouldn’t let the alpha out of his site, holding onto his shirt or hand even as the pack took a walk around the palace grounds. The pack had agreed to take daily walks together, encouraging Shoto to get out for longer and longer each day. If he started to struggle, Tenya would simply pick him up and carry him bridal style for the rest of the walk. Shoto often pulled or pointed towards things he found interesting, whether it was a flower in the gardens or an interesting picture on the walls – and today was no different. Given that it was starting to warm up, and Baku being a warmer place than Shoto was used to, they opted to stay indoors today.

That is how they found themselves in an unused room, with Shoto crying while he played piano. They had stumbled across it, really. Normally the doors were closed, but this one had been left open. The piano had caught Shoto’s eye, and for the first time that day he let go of Tenya and quickly made his way into the room, promptly sitting at the piano and opening it. Before he had a chance to hit the keys, Katsuki had received a phone call. After answering and exchanging a few tense words with the other person, he turned to the group.

“That was Dad,” the blonde prince said. “He just got word back from Zenia’s ambassador.” He sighed. “King Toya has decided to hold a very small, private ceremony for the previous monarchs and…” he paused, looking at Shoto who stared right back at him. Shoto’s eyes were unreadable, as they had been so often these last couple of days. Tenya went to place a hand on Shoto’s shoulder, guessing what Katsuki was about to say. “…And Shoto is not allowed to attend. King Toya has made it abundantly clear that he does not want Shoto anywhere near Zenia or the rest of the Todoroki family.” With that, Shoto had promptly turned to the piano, striking an angry chord on it. It made the pack flinch – it was the first sign of anger they had seen the omega show.

“Socchan…” Izuku started to call out to his friend when the red-and-white-haired omega hit another angry cord. It was loud, and it screamed where Shoto could not. Then, he began to play. The notes screeched his agony, swapping between sadness and anger. Torn between the pain of losing family and the pain of losing a chance at closure for all the suffering they gave him. He cried, openly but silently. His tears running freely down his right cheek as he fervently hit the keys on the piano, mixing songs together in a mash-up of chaos and pain. The entire pack watched, entranced. They were unable to stop Shoto from playing, every time someone reached out to him – including Tenya – he shrugged them away. He would play through his agony, he would use the porcelain keys to scream, to shout, to voice his feelings where he could no longer do so himself. When he was done, he bent over the keys, sobbing quietly, but his body shaking with tremors.

“Shoto,” Tenya said as he sat on the bench with the omega and held him. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” The pack joined him as Shoto finally let his sobs be heard, and the omega let them hold him, embrace him, comfort him as no one in his own family had ever done.

All I wanted was closure. That’s all I wanted. But Toya denies me even that. My siblings deny me, just as my parents had done.

Shoto had allowed Tenya to carry him back to the pack-wing, but had insisted (in his own silent way) that the pack nap together in the pack room. None of them had objected, even if it was still just early afternoon. The frail omega already looked exhausted, and he clearly wanted to be near the pack – not just Tenya. They settled much like they had their first night together, except this time they were all pressed together with Shoto at the center. Their scents were heavy, laying a thick, protective blanket over the shattered omega.

King Masaru, Queen Mitsuki, Yagi, and Inko had found the six men like that – though four out of the six were awake. Only Shoto and Tenya had actually fallen asleep, the others opting to silently relax with them instead of getting up. They were all still pressed together, but Shoto and Tenya were tangled together with them facing each other and Shoto being held tightly in the big alpha’s arms. Inko looked at Izuku, concern in her eyes.

“Rough day for Shoto?” She asked quietly, Izuku nodded.

“Started this morning.” Katsuki added, lifting himself up from the bed a bit. “We caught his distress scent and heard him hissing and whining from his nest, we thought someone was trying to hurt him.”

“But when we got there, no one was there.” Denki whispered from where he was cuddling Eijirou.

“He was terrified, though. Pressed up against the headboard, trembling.” Eijirou commented, his voice thick with concern. Tenya had woken at the conversation, and finally stirred.

“That’s because he sees things that aren’t there.” The big alpha clarified, and the older adults turned to him.

“What do you mean?” Mitsuki asked.

“He’s got O.I.S., darling.” Masaru tried to clarify, a little annoyed at everyone’s ignorance. Apparently not all of them took Dr. Iida’s advise to read up on the disorder. “One of the symptoms is audio and visual hallucinations, right Tenya?” Tenya nodded.

“Damn,” Mitsuki said.

“Are his particularly bad?” Asked Yagi.

“Yes,” Tenya confirmed. “I’ve been talking with Mother, and she agrees that Shoto’s case is one of the worst we’ve ever seen – probably the worst since the Dynamic Accords were signed back in 2010. Even the studies I’ve read and the research both of us have poured over don’t have any cases as severe as his.” Tenya sighed. “He won’t tell me about them, so its just a hunch. But I think his are worse because his hallucinations are of people, and its people he knows. Most omegas with O.I.S. have random hallucinations of objects, animals, sounds, and sometime random people – but not usually people they know.”

“Why do you think its people he knows?” Yagi inquired further.

“In the throne room, he kept looking between Enji, Rei, and two spots behind them. Also, his behavior when they are really bad – its like the hallucinations are speaking to him directly, telling him all the right things to hurt him. I think its why its so debilitating to him.”

“Oh,” Inko whispered. “The poor boy. Oh Shoto, honey. I’m so sorry they did this to you.” Shoto didn’t stir, still fast asleep and unaware of the conversation the nine people were having around him.

“I’m probably going to take the next year or so off from my studies.” Tenya said as he looked at the sleeping omega. The others turned to him in surprise.

“But, your doctorate!” Izuku exclaimed, though quietly as to not wake Shoto.

“I know, but… he is more important. His health and well-being mean more to me than my doctorate. I would put my entire career to a halt if it meant his happiness. I don’t care about that stupid piece of paper. Plus, if I’m going to be honest, having first hand experience with his case will only help me. Even if it is just a bonus to the situation, helping him recover from O.I.S. and sticking close to him will do more for me both academically and professionally than any classroom.” Masaru had nodded to his, but otherwise everyone remained quiet on the matter. The alpha’s reasoning was sound, and once Tenya made up his mind there was no turning him around.

Little did they know that Shoto had woken, only he had kept still when he realized Tenya was talking. So, he feigned sleep, and listened in – catching the very last bit.

Tenya… he really is only here because its beneficial to him. I… I thought he cared about me. But, just like everyone else, he is only helping me because its useful to him. I wonder what he’s going to do when I am all “better”? Will he toss me away like my family has done?

Chapter Text

The next days seemed to crawl for Shoto, he still felt lost – as if his tether to reality was a thin thread that was already frayed. One strong gust of wind and he would be let loose, doomed to wander the skies like a stray kite until he came crashing down again.  Every morning he woke, shaking and terrified. The nights were haunting him again, his nightmares then following him into the day. He dreamt of the misty forest, of how the voices of unknown strangers followed him, of his mother and father hanging from the tree, of them blaming him for their deaths. Their words growing crueler and their bodies more gruesome each time. He would wake before dawn every day, tangled in his blankets, his body damp with sweat, his heart racing, and his breaths coming shallow, frantic, and uncontrolled. But he didn’t make any sounds. Not after the first time when Tenya had busted into his room to save him from the unseen threat.

I don’t want to force them to take care of me. I know I’m insane. I know its not real. I know, I know, I know.

Today was his first appointment with Tenya’s mother, Dr. Taniko Iida. As usual for the last several days, he woke paralyzed with fear. In his dream, his mother and father had tried to reach him, but the ropes around their necks held them – causing their bodies to tear at their necks with their struggles. He had woken when Rei’s body was removed from her head, falling limply to the forest floor below her. But when he woke, the shadows were there. Toya was sitting casually against the headboard, Fuyumi sitting at the foot of the bed, and Natsuo was standing by the door. It felt like all their eyes had turned red, and their expressions were dark and menacing.

“Little brother, why bother?” Asked the shadow-Toya, who grinned mercilessly down at the cowering omega next to him. “You’re insane, always will be. Always, always. Why bother trying to get better? Especially since that alpha of yours is going to leave you if you do manage it.” Shoto shuddered.

I know, I know, I know. I’m insane, but that also means I know you’re not real. I know, I know, I know.

Toya let out a loud bark, Fuyumi let out a giggle, and Natsuo just grinned. “Little brother, little brother,” chided the red-headed male. “Real or not, I will torment you in this life and the next. Omega whores don’t get peace, they don’t get to be loved, they don’t get to feel joy and happiness. It is as father taught us, Shoto. You know that to be true, whether or not I am.”

I know, I know. Omega bad, omega bad, omega bad. I’m insane, I know, I know. Maybe it would be best for alpha to leave me now… or for me to leave...

“That’s right, little brother. Leave, and don’t come back. Go die, for all we care. The world is better off without you. Your precious Tenya is better of without you, you know. He even said he’s only staying by you because it will help him academically and professionally.” Toya sneered, still sitting in Shoto’s nest.

I know, I know. Omega bad, bad, bad. Worthless. Leave… yes. I will leave. It is for the best.

With that idea firmly lodged in his head, Shoto got up and left his rooms – subconsciously grabbing his blue bear and a blanket that smelled strongly of Tenya.

“Tenya, where is Prince Shoto?” Taniko Iida’s voice carried over the commotion, soft yet full of authority as she addressed her son. She talked to him as a doctor in that moment, not as the alpha’s mother.

“I don’t know.” The big alpha whispered. “We thought he was just sleeping in, but when Izuku went to get him he was gone.” He looked down at his watch, it said 12:30PM. “We’ve been looking for him since nine.” Around them, the castle bustled frantically. Servants, attendants, court officials and even some low lords and ladies were scouring the palace and the surrounding area for the missing Prince Omega. At the center stood Queen Mitsuki, ruler of Baku. She was calm, but loud. Quickly barking orders and to her side stood King Masaru, her consort and right hand. He handled messengers and people running up to them, who were giving reports or making inquiries. The rest of Tenya’s pack had taken off, in pairs, to search the castle as well. Izuku and Katsuki using Izuku’s innate knowledge of Shoto and Eijirou and Denki using Eij’s strong sense of smell to try and track down their lost pack-mate. They left Tenya behind, telling him to hold the fort since he was too agitated to be of much worth.

“Any chance of kidnapping?” Taniko asked her son, he shook his head.

“No, he took his bear and we think he also took a blanket, judging by the empty spots in his nest. If he was kidnapped, he wouldn’t have been able to take them. Plus, there was no distress scent in his rooms. Even if he tends to suppress it, he can’t when he is really, truly scared and upset.” Tenya pinched the bridge of his nose. “I just don’t understand. Where did he go, and why did he leave in the first place?”

Taniko placed a hand on his shoulder, finally offering him some motherly comfort. “Who knows, Tenya. Until we find him and ask, we will never know. Even then, only if he tells us. You know as well as anyone that the brain is a cruel mistress, and Shoto’s has him firmly trapped in hell itself.” Tenya sighed sadly.

“I know it does. I just… I can’t help but feel like its my fault this time.” He turned to his mother – the older omega surprised to see tears in the normally stoic man’s face. “I just want him safe; I just want to help him.” Taniko fully embraced her son, pulling him down into a tight hug.

“They’ll find him, he’ll be okay. When he gets back, we will start helping him get better. We’ll help him heal. You, me, your pack, the palace – the whole of Baku is here to help him.” She petted his hair gently, not caring that she had to stand on her toes and Tenya had to bend down in order for her to do so. The mother held her youngest son as he cried quietly into her shoulder, the stress and worry over his boyfriend finally overwhelming him.

Tenya doesn’t know how long he stood in his mother’s embrace, but suddenly the doors to the hectic throne room busted open. Eijirou was running in, followed by Denki. “They found him!” Eijirou shouted, out of breath. Tenya was on him in a minute.

“Where?!” Tenya asked, frantic. When Eijirou didn’t answer immediately, he reached out and shoot the red-head by the shoulder. “WHERE. IS. HE. EIJIROU.” He asked/commanded again. Suddenly, Tenya was being pulled away from his pack-mate, and he turned to snarl at the offending person. How dare they get in the way of him finding his omega. The people nearby flinched backwards at his feral snarl, Denki going to hide behind Eijirou – who was one of two men closest to Tenya who stood their ground.

“Calm down, Tenya.” The voice was even, calm, tempered. Tensei. Tenya couldn’t hold back another snarl, even though it was his own brother holding him back.

“Do not presume to tell me what to do when it comes to my omega.” Tenya whipped out between his snarls, leveling his older brother with an angry glare.

“We don’t have time for this – you stupid alpha!” Shouted Denki, his anger at this situation over-riding his fear of a furious alpha. Tenya turned, his head whipping around to stare at the omega, Eijirou tensed. Tenya was his pack-mate, sure, but right now he was an out of control alpha staring down his beloved mate. Denki didn’t care, he kept yelling. “Shoto and Izuku are hurt, so if you want to keep acting like this – FINE! But if you actually want to help them, then stop this shit and calm down!” Tenya immediately paled, all fight in him gone. Shoto was hurt, Izuku too. What had happened?

“They’re both okay…” Eijirou started. “Katsuki’s with them, and for some reason Shinso showed up too? They aren’t in any life-threatening danger but…” he trailed off, looking uncertain. Dr. Iida stepped forward.

“But what, Lord Kirishima?” She asked. “Please don’t hesitate to tell us the details, we need to know.” By now, Masaru and Mitsuki had gotten the room cleared out, everyone scattering now that the omega had been found. They joined the small, yet tense, group to hear the rest of the story.

“Shoto… Shoto was hurting himself. When Kats and Izuku found him, they tried to get him to stop. Then he attacked Izuku, biting his arm. Luckily Kats got them separated, but Shoto won’t let anyone near him. Shinso showed up and apparently got Shoto to stop trying to hurt himself, and that’s when Denki and I showed up – I could smell Izuku’s blood. Then we booked it here.” Eijirou finished, his face pale and distant as he recalled the blood of his pack-mates. Tenya was clenching his fists, shaking with the effort to not rampage through the castle, looking for his wounded omega.

“Where is he?” Masaru asked, stepping forward.

“In the piano room we found the other day.” Denki replied. “Really, we should have thought of it in the beginning.”

“Interesting.” Dr. Iida said. “Was he under the piano when you arrived?” The blonde and red-head nodded. “Just like when we found him…” She pondered to herself, but out loud.

“We had best go to them, then.” Tensei said, leading his younger brother by the arm. “I don’t know about you guys, but Tenya isn’t going to be able to calm down until he sees Shoto.” The rest of the group nodded and followed, Eijirou and Denki catching up with Tensei to lead them to the room where Shoto was.

When they got there, it was a disaster zone. There was blood on the floor, and Katsuki was cradling a sobbing Izuku while eyeing the piano, keeping an eye on the guilty party hiding beneath. Izuku was clutching his right arm, near the shoulder, but the wound had already been cleaned and bandaged. Probably by the purple-haired omega who sat lazily near the door.

“Finally,” said Shinso, rising from the floor. When Tenya moved to approach the piano, Shinso stood in his way. “No.” He said, receiving a growl from the much larger alpha. “I don’t care how threatening you sound, or how much you want to comfort Shoto. You are not what he needs right now.” He eyed Dr. Iida as she walked in the doorway. “But your mother is an entirely different story. If you would, Dr. Iida. He’s under the piano still.” She nodded, brushing past her son and making a bee-line for the piano. Shinso turned back to Tenya, eyeing him. “Lord Tensei,” he addressed Tenya’s older brother without breaking eye contract with the younger, yet bigger alpha. “You can stay, but please have Eijirou and Denki take the other three outside.” Tensei nodded, and Tenya stiffened.

“Calm down, brother.” Tensei said, his grip on his younger brother going firmer. “Listen to Shinso. He is telling you what is best for Shoto, so do as he says.” Eijirou took Tensei’s place, guiding the now somewhat compliant alpha out of the room while Denki went over to Katsuki and Izuku, helping the alpha get the greenette up and into his arms. Katsuki then carried Izuku out the door, not sparing another glance at the piano. Denki followed them, giving Shinso and Tensei grateful looks. Masaru and Mitsuki had followed them out, only briefly checking on Izuku and Katsuki before leaving to contact Dr. Aizawa about the situation, intending to bring the omegan doctor to the palace if necessary.

“How bad is Izuku’s wound?” Tensei asked the omega, while watching his mother slowly trying to coax Shoto out from under the piano.

“Not great, but not the worst. Shoto bit him pretty hard, took a chunk out of his right arm near his shoulder. It’ll probably scar, but it won’t need stitches.”

“Do you know why he…” Tensei trailed off, stopping before saying the words everyone didn’t want to hear.

“Why he was hurting himself and then attacked Izuku?” Shinso finished for him, halving no qualms about talking about difficult things. Tensei flinched at the words, but nodded. “Who knows.” Shinso admitted. “But he’s terrified, on top of being miserable, sad, and insane.” Shinso looked up at the elder Iida brother, his eyes burning into the alpha. “I can’t imagine living in his world, where he can’t trust his own eyes, his own ears. In a world where he sees shadows everywhere, and the shadows are of people he knows, and who knows what they say to him.” He glanced back at the piano, pausing momentarily before continuing. “What kind of world does he see, does he live? Where his nightmares become reality, and he can’t stop the flood of insanity and negativity that he drowns in.” Shinso sighed. Tensei looked at him curiously.

“I don’t know Shoto’s pain, and I probably never will.” Tensei said, seeing that his mother was not making much progress with the omega under the piano. “But I do know that I care for him, like a little brother. I know that Tenya cares for him, that his pack cares for him. I don’t know if Shoto can understand that, but I hope that someday… someday he will feel the joy and happiness he deserves.” Shinso nodded.

“As do I. I’m glad he texted me, it was a simple word, but I tracked his phone and got here just in time. He reached out, even in the throws of panic, depression, and insanity. That gives me hope for him, it means he wants to get better, whether he realizes it or not.”

Tense stared at the omega, the puzzle piece of how the purple-haired man got there in the first place finally falling into place. “What did he text you, if I may ask?”


Katsuki had thought Izuku was dying, with the amount of blood that was pouring out of his wound. If he wasn’t so panicked over his fiancé, he probably would have killed the guilty party. Luckily for Shoto, Katsuki’s inner alpha screamed at him to save Izuku. It commanded him to get Izuku away from the insane man under the piano, and keep him alive. Then, for whatever god damn reason, Shinso had shown up. The purple-haired omega was a godsend, really. He was able to calm Shoto down enough to ensure he would stop hurting himself, and he had been able to patch up Izuku. Assuring Katsuki that the omega would be okay. Izuku hadn’t stopped crying since, clinging to his alpha and ignoring the world around them. Katsuki remained on alert, his instinct’s telling him to guard his precious cargo from anyone who even thought about coming nearby. Denki had been an exception, his inner alpha recognizing the omega as pack and letting him guide the two out of the cursed piano room.

Outside, he was met with a shaky Eijirou, who grabbed Denki the minute he could. Tenya stood away from the pack, isolating himself after taking one look at Izuku’s condition. The large alpha stood near a window, staring blankly out into the courtyard outside. “I’m sorry, Katsuki, Izuku.” Tenya said after several quiet moments.

“What are you sorry for?” Katsuki retorted, not liking how Tenya refused to look at them. Tenya didn’t answer, instead he continued to look out the window – lost in thought. Katsuki was about to berate him even more, but Izuku started crying harder again, releasing more distress pheromones. Katsuki squeezed him tighter, encircling his upset mate with strong arms and scenting him heavily. Today was a fucked-up day. Eijirou and Denki looked torn between comforting their longtime friends – Katsuki and Izuku – or consoling the obviously agitated alpha who was their pack-mate. They chose Katsuki and Izuki, the pair pressing close to them and mixing their scents with Katsuki’s to calm the distressed omega in his arms.

Tenya took a glance at the four men huddled together, and despite the circumstances, he grinned. It was a small, sad one – filled with pain and apology. His pack-mates didn’t see him look, nor did they see his small, small grin. Tenya found himself wondering what the future would hold for him. He worried, he always worried. It was who he was – he thought of the future and planned several steps ahead in preparation for both the best things and the worst things.

But he hadn’t prepared for this.

Shoto attacked Izuku, hurt the omega who was supposed to be his best friend. Yes, Shoto wasn’t always there, and maybe sometimes Shoto wasn’t Shoto anymore. But who was the real Shoto? What else would he do? What would the red-and-white-haired omega become once he was better? Tenya’s heart told him that all would be fine, that Shoto, in his core, was a good person. An abused one, filled with fear, desperation, and sadness – but good. His brain, however, repeated the implication of a violent omega, trapped in his own insane world.

Even so, Tenya knew. If they made him choose, between pack and Shoto, he would choose Shoto. He didn’t know why, he just knew.

“Shoto, dear, please.” Dr. Iida was pleading with Shoto now. The omega was hiding under the piano, though unlike the piano in his study back in Zenia, this one was in the middle of the room so there was nowhere for him to press up against. So, he huddled in the center, cowering in on himself. The white blanket he managed to bring with him was spotted and soaked in blood – some of it Izuku’s but most of it was his own. His clothes were torn in places, and his hair was matted with blood. Down his cheeks ran scratch marks, and there was a myriad of scratches and bites all over his body. Some worse that others, all self-inflicted. In his arms he clutched his navy-blue bear, trying to bury his nose in it. Trying to smell the alpha he cared for.

I can’t smell him anymore. It smells like blood. Just blood. Just blood.

“Shoto, come on out, dear. I won’t hurt you. We need to get you patched up.” The older woman was now releasing calming pheromones, trying to coax Shoto into coming out. He didn’t move. The omega didn’t even look at her, it was as if he couldn’t see her. As if he wasn’t there anymore, and that reality was a faraway place.

I wonder if this is death. Or if I’m just –

“Broken,” a familiar voice finished for him. Next to him, sitting cross-legged under the piano with him sat Izuku, bloody and teary eyed.

I’m so sorry, Izuku. I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.

“How could you, Shoto?” Asked Izuku. “I thought we were friends, but you hurt me. Why, Shoto?”

I don’t know! I don’t know! I don’t know!

“Don’t lie, Socchan.” Scolded the other omega as he pulled a bloody hand away from his arm. “Look at it.” Shoto did, and inside the wound he saw himself staring back, deranged and wild. “You are nothing but a burden, a hindrance, a mad-man who can’t control himself. You deserve pain and suffering – death would be too lenient.”

I know, I know, I know. Omega bad, omega bad, omega bad. I deserve pain. Pain is what I deserve. Worthless omega. Insane omega. Hurts friends for no reason. Omega bad, omega bad, omega bad.

Izuku nodded, “That’s right Shoto. You’re a bad, worthless omega. A horrible friend, and an even worse person.”

I know, I know, I know.

Dr. Iida sighed, watching Shoto interact with a figure she could not see or hear. She watched as Shoto took one last sniff of the bear in his hand, a lone tear sliding down his right cheek before he set the blood-stained bear onto the ground. He looked up at her – no, through her. To him, she wasn’t there. In his world, she didn’t exist. But he was moving, as if to get out from under the piano. So, that at least was improvement.

“Are you ready to get out?” She asked, only hopeful he would respond to her. He did not, but he silently crawled out from under the piano, leaving a small trail of blood on the floor. He stood shakily, and Tensei stared in horror at what he saw. The Prince Omega had outright mangled himself with his own nails and teeth, not a single part of his body was left unmarred. Shinso just gritted his teeth, silently swearing that Enji Todoroki was already dead so he couldn’t kill him himself. Shoto moved towards the door, faster than they had anticipated. He sprinted out the door, flying past the four men who were huddled outside. They startled and broke apart when the omega ran by,

“What’s going on?!” Eijirou asked as he got up, then Tensei and Shinso flew by. Tensei turned back as he ran past his stunned little brother.

“I don’t know!” Tensei yelled. “But we need to stop him!” Tenya snapped to, falling into a sprint and easily catching up and surpassing his brother. He was a fast runner, after all. “Get to him, Tenya! Go!” Tensei urged the larger alpha, and Tenya increased his speed, gaining on the omega who had an early start.

For such a frail thing, Shoto was booking it – and booking it fast. As if hell itself were on his heels, he pumped his legs and arms, feeling the burn in his muscles and taking large, gasping breaths of air. He thought he was going to die.

Can’t. Can’t die. Must suffer. Pain. Pain. Need pain. Punishment. I know, I know, I know.

Before Tenya could reach the omega, he stopped at an open window, looking down. They were on the ground floor here, but this window happened to drop off a steep hill. He looked up, seeing reality for the first time that day. He saw Tenya barreling towards him, reaching out to him. Shoto felt bad that the alpha was trying so hard for him, and with empty eyes he turned back towards the window and jumped, Tenya’s hand just missing him.

I’m sorry. This is my punishment. I won’t die, though. I’m just making my body match my brain. Broken, broken, broken. I know, I know, I know.

“Shoto!” Screamed the alpha, crying as he watched Shoto tumble head over heel down the large, steep hill.

“FUCK!” Tensei said, the first curse anyone had ever heard from the well-behaved alpha. He had caught up with his younger brother as Shoto leapt out the window. “Fuck, fuck, fuck. Tenya, lets go.” He grabbed his stunned little brother by the arm, stepping through the window himself and dragging Tenya with him.

At the bottom of the hill, Shoto had come to rest against a large tree, his body crumpled together. Tenya got to him first, reaching out to hold the now silent omega. “No, no, no.” Tenya said as he rocked him in his arms. “No, Shoto, no.” Tensei checked for a pulse while Tenya broke down with the battered omega clutched tightly to himself.

“Tenya, he has a pulse.” Tensei said, but Tenya didn’t hear him. He placed a hand on his brother’s shoulder, stilling him. “He’s alive, Tenya. He’s alive.” Tenya let out a choked, heart-wrenching sob.

“Shoto, why would you do this to yourself?” Tenya asked again, receiving no response from the unconscious omega.

From the window, Taniko Iida stood and behind her was the rest of Shoto and Tenya’s pack, followed by Shinso who watched with tired, but eagle-like eyes.

“We have to save him.” Said a quiet voice, and the group turned to its owner. Izuku was now standing, though still very close to Katsuki.

“Hah?” Katsuki asked, incredulous at his injured mate. His injured mate who was hurt by the very man he wanted to save.

“That’s not Shoto. We need to save him. We need to get him back.” Katsuki looked like he was about to argue, but didn’t get a chance when Izuku spoke again. “We will never know his pain, I know that now, Kacchan. I don’t know how much help we can even offer him, or how much he can heal.” He paused, taking a deep and shaky breath. “I don’t care that he hurt me. As far as I’m concerned, that wasn’t him. You didn’t see his eyes, Kacchan. He always used to hold some degree of pride and dignity for himself, but his eyes…” Shinso finished his sentence for him.

“They hold nothing but loathing for himself, pain so potent it burns like poison, and emptiness so vast and dark it swallowed him whole.”

Chapter Text

BREAKING NEWS: Shoto Todoroki, Former Prince of Zenia, Taken to Hospital After Incident Involving the Future Queen of Baku, Izuku Midoriya.

Earlier this afternoon, paramedics were called to Baku Palace following an incident involving Prince Omega Shoto Todoroki and Lord Izuku Midoriya (who is the fiancé to Crown Prince of Baku, Katsuki Bakugou). Reports confirm that Shoto Todoroki was unconscious at the scene and was rushed to Recovery Hospital. Izuku Midoriya was also injured, but declined further treatment.

Baku Palace has issued a statement, confirming the injuries of both parties and stating that it was Shoto Todoroki who injured Izuku Midoriya. The Palace stated that the Prince Omega’s mental illness is what caused this incident, and that it was their lack of preparations that allowed this to happen. Shoto’s primary physician, Doctor Shouta Aizawa could not be reached for comment, but a representative from Doctor Taniko Iida’s office provided a statement at our request. Per the office:

“Dr. Iida had not anticipated the severity of Shoto Todoroki’s illness, as it is the most severe case of O.I.S. seen in over two decades, if not longer. The medical world is, at a whole, not prepared to care for such an extreme case and we are continuously learning from our mistakes and making changes to provide him the best care possible. We take responsibility for what happened today, as it was up to Dr. Iida and her staff to anticipate the needs of Prince Shoto and we have failed to do so. Our primary goal is to help him heal, and to improve his condition so that he can return to normal, daily life. Our goal has not changed, but it is clear that we need to do better, and we shall.”

Additionally, it appears Shoto Todoroki’s injuries are extensive, but not life threatening and he did not require any intensive care or surgery as a result of today’s incident. We will update this article as new information becomes available.

Shoto did not wake until the next day, and when he did, he woke slowly and with heaviness in his limbs. A strange change from how he usually woke up now – panicked and being chased by his nightmares. Weirdly enough, he realized he had not had a nightmare this time. He opened his eyes and saw that he was not in his room, not even in the palace he had called home for the last several weeks. The walls were white and sterile, and he was alone. When he went to sit up, he found he couldn’t, his arms were tied firmly to the sides of the bed. He didn’t fight them, just laid back down as he recalled the events of the day before.

That’s right. I… I attacked Izuku. I hurt myself and attacked Izuku. That’s why they have me restrained. Makes sense. I would do the same if I were them. I’m a violent, insane omega. It’s best this way.

He sighed and took stock of his body, looking over the many cuts, bruises, scratches, and bites that littered his body. He noted his right leg was in a cast – up to his mid-thigh. It was one of those 3D printed ones – in a nice navy-blue – that could be snapped off and on. Shoto realized they probably did it so that the deep wounds on his right legs could still be cleaned and cared for under the cast. His ribs hurt, as did his left wrist. He finally noticed that even though his left was tied up like his right, his left wrist also had a brace on it.

I must have sprained it, rolling down the hill like I did.

His head hurt to, and he realized that he must have been asleep for a while, as the light in the room indicated it was mid-morning and he remembers it being early afternoon when he leapt out the window. He took a moment to eye the empty room, finding it brought him discomfort and sadness.

It doesn’t matter anymore, really. I would do the same. I hurt Izuku, my pack-mate. I don’t deserve a pack, not anymore. It really is for the best if they leave me alone. If they forget about me. I can’t hurt them if they aren’t around.

He stared back up at the ceiling, reveling in how lucid he felt in that moment. For now, he heard no strange voices, saw no shadows that didn’t belong. His mind still turned towards the worst, he still hated himself, still felt deserving of punishment and pain, still felt worthless – a burden… but he was coherent. He was thinking, truly thinking, without his insanity ripping his own mind away from him. And there was no one there to witness it except for the four white walls around him.

He was like that for a while, Shoto didn’t care. There was a clock in his room, but he didn’t bother. The world would keep on going, passing him by like it always had no matter what he did. It was like that even before he turned sixteen, and it would continue to do so. Dr. Aizawa came, and found Shoto awake, staring silently and eerily calm at the ceiling. Even though Dr. Aizawa had knocked before entering, Shoto did not turn to look at him. The battered omega kept his gaze up at the ceiling as Aizawa pulled up a rolling chair and made a pointed cough. Still, Shoto paid him no mind.

It doesn’t matter what I do. Pain will follow me everywhere as my atonement. This emptiness inside won’t ever go away, no matter who stands beside me. I might as well let everyone do as they wish, there’s no point in fighting, in struggling anymore. I’m not sure there was ever a point in the first place.

“Shoto,” Aizawa called, Shoto ignored him. “Shoto, look at me.” When he didn’t, Aizawa grabbed his chin and turned it towards him. Aizawa’s eyes bored into Shoto’s. “That’s better.” The older omega huffed, but didn’t let go. “I can tell by the look in your eyes that you are actually present this time, so no ignoring me.” He let go of his chin, and Shoto obeyed and kept his face turned to the doctor.

No point in fighting, remember?

“If I release your wrists, will you hurt yourself again?” Aizawa asked, looking for any response in the omega laying lifelessly on the bed. Shoto provided none, his face unreadable and his eyes were blank. Clear and present, but blank. Aizawa sighed. “I guess we’ll have to keep it this way then, until we know for sure.”

I’ll be this way forever. I will always chase pain to atone for what I am and what I’ve done.

Aizawa looked down at the chart in his hands, and creased his eyebrows. “I hate to say this, Shoto, but we have to keep you here – confined – until the end of your next heat. We wanted to focus on your learning to get comfortable with your body and being a place that is comfortable to you, but that’s just not possible now.” He eyed the prince, who continued to look at him with disinterest. “I can’t even tell if you care, but I’m sorry either way. But we can’t predict your behavior at all, we can’t anticipate your needs. We can’t help you unless we are with you 24/7 now.”

I’ve traded one cage for another, and that’s okay. This is for the best; father had the right idea anyways. Lock me up and keep me from mixing with normal people. Omega bad, and now I’m an insane omega, a violent one too. Its best to lock me up, keep me away.

Shoto betrayed none of his inner feelings or thoughts, and even his scent was being repressed again. This did not go unnoticed by Aizawa. “Shoto, we are not trying to lock you up. Once we know its safe, we will allow you to roam around and bit. Even before that point, we can allow visitors.” That gained a reaction from the omega. Shoto slowly shook his head ‘no’ at the last statement. Aizawa looked at him, curious. “You don’t want visitors?” Shoto looked at him, and nodded. “Shoto…” The doctor tried to plead with the omega, but the prince turned his head away, choosing to stare up at the ceiling. This conversation was over, and Dr. Aizawa knew there would be no further discussion on the matter. He could not force Shoto to accept visitors, and it seemed the omega had chosen solitude.

“Let me see him, please,” pleaded Tenya to the omegan doctor in front of him. Aizawa shook his head and sighed. It had been a week since the incident, but Shoto continued to refuse to allow visitors.

“I’m sorry, Tenya.” Aizawa meant it, for once. “Shoto is refusing visitors at this time, you know I can’t allow it.” Tenya crumbled in on himself, and Aizawa felt a stab of sadness course through him. Dr. Yamada and Tensei Iida were with them, and the other alphas consoled the young man.

“He’ll come around eventually, I’m sure of it.” Yamada said, clasping a hand on Tenya’s right shoulder. “Just give him time.”

“How much time?” Whispered Tenya, staring at his hands, hopeless. Yamada didn’t haven an answer. Tensei pulled his larger, younger brother into a hug.

“Mom is still working with him every day, don’t give up on him, little brother. He still needs you, whether he knows it right now or not.” Tensei did his best to console the other man, not knowing how to prevent his little brother’s heart from breaking. Part of him wanted to hate the omega who was doing it, but he couldn’t blame Shoto for his mental illness. He could only support Tenya as long as Tenya was supporting Shoto.

Aizawa gave one last apologetic look towards the Iida brothers before turning and heading back into the hospital with Yamada. Neither doctor made a comment on the fact that the rest of Tenya’s pack was suspiciously missing since the day of the incident. Not a single word had arrived from the other four men, not even to ask if Shoto was okay. Usually, the royal pack was tight-knit, traveling together. Hell, they even scheduled their appointments with Yamada and Aizawa together. It was unusual for them to leave Tenya alone during such a difficult time.

In the hall, they met up with Tenya’s mother. Dr. Iida had been with Shoto again that day, and she had a tense look on her face.

“Something wrong?” Yamada asked her as they approached.

“No…? Yes? Its so damn hard to tell with him.” She sighed, pinching her nose just below where her glasses set – a habit Tenya probably picked up from her.

“Shoto is definitely hard to get a read on.” Aizawa agreed, having his own frustrations with the omega himself.

“And when he DOES give a response to anything, its just to deny himself things that would actually be good for him!” She quietly exclaimed, frustration reaching its peak. Aizawa cocked an eyebrow, asking for more details. “I told him that we could release his bonds, and he refused. Even though I think he would be fine. Then I asked if he wanted additional bedding or pillows for nesting, since his next heat is only a few weeks away. Again, he said no. Well, shook his head no. You know what I mean.” She waved her hands, exasperated.

“I do know.” Aizawa confirmed. “I have repeatedly asked if he would like visitors, as he has people who want to see him. But he keeps saying no.”

“By people, you mean Tenya.” Taniko said sadly. “He asks about him every day, even though he knows better than anyone that I can’t tell him.”

“He’s the only one to come, so far.” Yamada admitted to Taniko, and she laughed, dryly and knowingly.

“I know. Tenya’s told me. Apparently… Katsuki doesn’t want Shoto to come back to the pack.” Aizawa pursed his lips, but said nothing.

“I can understand, Shoto attacked his mate and Katsuki is the head alpha. His instincts are telling him to protect his mate and pack from a dangerous individual.” Yamada said. “But he should know better than to let his instincts take over like that.” The blonde alpha sighed.

“Tenya is considering removing himself from the pack, because of it.” Taniko admitted. “He told me he would choose Shoto over the pack, every time, even though they’ve only known each other for a few months. When I asked him why, he said he didn’t know. He just knew he would.”

“I think they’re fated mates,” Aizawa commented calmly. Yamada and Taniko turned to him.

“What do you mean?” Taniko asked.

“Ever since they’ve met, Shoto has turned to Tenya for comfort and security. At the beginning, I though it was just because of the situation and how we used Tenya to provide a “safe” alpha in the first place. But… after hearing about his behaviors from the rest of the pack, and watching him this last week, I’m almost certain.” Yamada looked at him curiously.

“What has he been doing this week that makes you say this?” The blonde asked his mate.

“For one, whenever an alpha comes into the room, he looks at them with this… disappointed look before hiding behind that stupid indifferent mask of his. But more importantly, every time I know Tenya is here in the waiting room, when Shoto’s door opens he turns to it and takes a small sniff.”

“You mean… he can smell Tenya even though Tenya is all the way in the waiting room?” Yamada asked and Aizawa nodded.

“Does he only do it when Tenya’s here?” Taniko asked, and Aizawa nodded again.

“Also, just from what people from the palace have told me, Shoto relied heavily on Tenya or an item that smelled liked Tenya to keep himself tethered to reality.” Aizawa added.

“Though its not unusual for omegas to get attached to an alpha’s scent, I would have to agree that his dependency is… unusual.” Conceded Taniko.

“And, let’s not forget that their cycles synched almost immediately.” Yamada said, off-handedly. The three doctors turned to each other, not having to say anything more to know they were all thinking the same thing. Tenya Iida and Shoto Todoroki were probably fated mates. And they were probably doomed to suffer heartbreak – but the three doctors would do their damnedest to prevent it.

“No.” Katsuki’s voice was firm. Another week had passed, making it two weeks since the incident. The blonde alpha stood firm, and his voice was hard and cold. “Absolutely not. How many times do I have to tell you?” The were standing in the middle of the pack kitchen, and Izuku was standing chest-to-chest with him, both males bristling with anger and agitation. Denki and Eijirou were standing on the other side of the kitchen island, both tense and ready to pull apart the quarrelling couple if needed.

“No! How many times so I have to tell YOU?!” Izuku screamed, shoving a finger into the larger alpha’s chest. “I don’t blame Socchan for it, so why are you?” Katsuki growled at his fiancé.

“Because it is my JOB as your alpha and as the head alpha of this pack to eliminate dangers and keep you all fucking safe!”

“YOU THINK SHOTO IS A DANGER?” Izuku screamed again. “He is hurt, Katsuki. Or did you forget about the broken prince we pulled form Zenia? It’s not his fault! We are his friends! His pack! We should – “ He was interrupted by a door opening and closing loudly. The four men turned to face the newcomer, finding Tenya walking pointedly towards where his and Shoto’s quarters were. He stopped and looked at them when Izuku had suddenly stopped screaming at Katsuki.

“By all means, don’t let me intrude on your conversation. Lord Izuku, Prince Katsuki.” The large alpha said curtly but courteously as he bowed and turned to walk away again.

“Wait! Ten –“ Izuku tried to yell after the other alpha when he was stopped by Katsuki

“Leave him.” Katsuki said, his grip firm on Izuku’s arm. “He made his choice.” Izuku turned on him.

“BECAUSE YOU FUCKING MADE HIM MAKE ONE, YOU STUPID ALPHA!” Katsuki blanched at the newfound anger in Izuku’s voice, his red eyes meeting with angry green ones. He let go of Izuku.

“I made my decision for the good of the pack, he made his own choices. Don’t blame me for his decisions.” Katsuki rebutted, further inciting Izuku. Izuku let out a growl of his own.

“As far as I’m concerned, Shoto is still a part of this pack. And we WILL bring him home.”

“No, he is not, and no, we will not.” Katsuki stood firm in his decision. Baku Palace would continue to care for Shoto Todoroki as they had promised, but the omega would not return to the pack. He had caused too much damage and was too dangerous. Izuku was about to yell again, when Tenya resurface, carrying two duffel bags and a large quilt that suspiciously looked like it came from Shoto’s nest that had remained untouched since the incident.

“Where are you going, bro?” Eijirou asked, the first time he had dared to talk since Katsuki and Izuku had started fighting. Denki peered at the large alpha who had bags under his eyes and a somber look. Tenya turned to the pack, giving a sad smile – much like the one they had missed during the chaos of two weeks ago.

“Back to Iida Manor.” He replied, his voice firm but quiet.

“But, why?” Denki asked. “This is your home.” Tenya looked at Katsuki and Izuku, both had turned to him but were still bristling at each other.

“I’m not so sure anymore.” He re-adjusted the bags on his shoulder. “I knew two weeks ago that I would choose Shoto, if forced to choose.” He explained. “Though I care for you all, and in my heart, you will always be pack. But I cannot live where he is not allowed to be.” He sighed, pushing his glasses up his nose. “Additionally, if Shoto’s presence or my own causes you guys to argue like this, it isn’t worth staying and trying to make it work. I don’t want to get in the way of your happiness either.” Before any of the others could reply to him, he turned and left, leaving the remaining pack-members in stunned silence.

“Why did you make him choose,” whispered Izuku, tears rolling down his face. “It would be like asking you to choose between me and Baku.” Katsuki turned to his omega, the tension in his body disappearing. Izuku looked up at him, “Which one would you choose?” he asked. “If your family told you that it was either me or Baku, which would you pick?” Katsuki paused for a minute before answer.

“Shit.” He whispered back. “I’d pick you.” Izuku stared at him, his eyes boring into Katsuki as Katsuki looked away, shamed.

Tenya had dropped his things off at Iida Manor, his father meeting him at the door and greeting him with comfortable silence. Tenjirou Iida might be a tough man in the court room or while advising the Bakugou family, but the black-haired alpha was actually more sincere and calm like his eldest son, Tensei. Tenjirou gave him a firm clasp on the shoulder when Tenya left again after arriving, carrying a large navy-blue quilt with him.

“I’m sure he’ll see you today, son.” The father said to his youngest boy – now a man unfailingly in love with an omega. Tenya just smiled sadly, the smile not quite reaching his tired eyes, before he turned and got into the car that would take him to Recovery Hospital. He had been visiting every day for the last two weeks, even if Shoto wouldn’t actually allow him to see him.

On arrival, he found Dr. Aizawa, who shook his head. “Shoto still won’t take visitors today.” Tenya sighed.

“I understand, but… could you give him this?” He handed out the blanket. Aizawa took it, immediately realizing the quilt had both Tenya and Shoto’s scents firmly imbedded inside it.

“This is from his nest.” Aizawa said, not asking. Tenya nodded.

“I know he said he didn’t want any extra bedding… but I thought…” The alpha trailed off awkwardly, unable to voice his thoughts properly.

“I’ll give it to him.” Aizawa said. “Maybe it’ll trigger something for him. Even if he doesn’t take it, I am going to thrown it on him.” Aizawa turned and stalked off with the blanket, planning on doing just that. Tenya watched him go, hopeful that the blanket would help Shoto in one way or another.

Aizawa did as promised when Shoto initially refused the blanket. The omega was still tied to the bed though, having refused to let himself be set loose. So, Aizawa took advantage and threw the large quilt on top of him, burying the omega beneath it. Shoto immediately and instinctively took a deep breath when the blanket landed on his head, covering his nose and mouth.

Rain, oh god the rain. I miss it. I miss it. So, so much. It belongs to alpha, to Tenya. He said he would always be there for me. Always, always. But I’ve been keeping him away, yet he still brought me this. I can tell. His scent is fresh where mine has dulled. This is from my nest. He went and got it for me. He is still waiting. He is still there.

Shoto struggled against his binds now, wanting to wrap his arms around the blanket and bury himself inside it. “Hold on,” Aizawa said, moving to undo the restraints. Once both hands were free, Shoto immediately clung onto the blanket and turned on his side. He cuddled into the blanket, wrapping his arms and legs around it and burying his nose into the fabric.

Tenya, I miss you. I miss you. Alpha, please. I miss you. Don’t leave me. I’m a bad omega, I know. Selfish, I know. But don’t leave. Wait for me. Stay with me. Tenya. Please.

Aizawa stood, stunned. Shoto hadn’t shown an ounce of emotion in the last two weeks, but now he was cuddling and nuzzling a blanket that smelled like his alpha. On top of this, Aizawa saw his right eye tearing up, and Shoto was subconsciously letting his scent out again. It had grown sour over the last two weeks, since he was repressing it. But Aizawa didn’t care about the rotten fruit smell, because the peppermint was still there too. This was a small victory for them, for Shoto. He would take all the small victories he could get. Yamada came in then, and seeing the sight, he smiled. He put his finger to his lips when he pulled out his cellphone.

“Just one,” whispered the alpha. “For Tenya.” They weren’t supposed to do things like this, but they both knew they young alpha in the waiting room needed something, anything to lift his spirits. They had heard from Taniko that Tenya had moved out of the palace this morning, and Aizawa had seen the look of desperation in his eyes when he brought the blanket. Yamada took the picture quickly, without Shoto noticing and left just as quietly as he came.

Aizawa sat in a chair close to Shoto’s bed, Shoto only eyeing him briefly before returning his attentions to the blanket. “Smell good, huh?” Aizawa asked, chuckling when Shoto actually responded with a small nod. “I reckon you miss him, your alpha.” Shoto nodded again, and Aizawa sighed and closed his eyes. “There was a time I wasn’t doing too good myself, you know.” Shoto turned to him, his attention on the doctor though he was still breathing in the scent of Tenya from the blanket. Aizawa opened one eye, and saw he had the omega’s attention. “I’ll share a secret with you, but only because I know you can’t tell anyone. It was a long time ago.”

Shouta Aizawa was a quiet, unremarkable thing at sixteen years old. An orphan and easily forgotten, he didn’t have many friends, or any for that matter. On top of this, he tended to sleep through class often. At night, he took walks through dark alleyways and barely-lit streets – his insomnia preventing him from being able to sleep like normal kids his age. He lived at the orphanage, but the caretakers did not mind him much. He was one of many, but one of the oldest. Many children had been orphaned by the Alpha War that plagued the world for the last several years, and had only ended the year previously when the Dynamic Accords of 2010 had been signed. Shouta had lost his mother when he was younger, her and an unborn little brother. His father, an alpha, had been drafted into the war at the beginning – in 2005. At first, some distant relatives cared for him – passing him around like an unwanted dog.

In 2007, he had received a letter from his father’s commanding officer. It would be the first and last letter he had received regarding his father since the alpha had been deployed to war. His father had died in action, his body unrecoverable. Inside contained a set of dog tags, worn and battered. His relatives then released themselves from their burden, sending him to an orphanage in Dragon City that had been established for the children of soldiers who died in battle.

But it was 2011 now and the war had been over for a year. The King of Zenia had lost his war to prove alphas superior, and instead of losing his head he was forced to fund a committee called the Dynamic Accords Committee. It would focus on the treatment and well-being of all dynamics, but mainly omegas who were still treated poorly in some countries. Countries like Zenia. Luckily for Shouta Aizawa, Baku had always been a country based on merit and freedom, and discrimination of any kind had been outlawed for a long, long time. This is what allowed him to wander at night without fear, as even the most deranged alpha wouldn’t dare to impose himself on an omega in Baku.

But Shouta was empty, and he knew it. At sixteen, he was supposed to be thinking of the future, of what he wanted to do. In front of him, though, he only saw pain and death. He didn’t think the world was worth living in, especially if there were still alphas and countries in the world who though omegas were nothing but bitches to be bred. So Aizawa wandered his way through the nights and slept his way through the days until he graduated from high school.

The Baku government decreed they would pay for the education of any orphan from the Alpha War, and would provide funding for masters and doctorate programs as well. Aizawa decided to take advantage of this, despite having no direction in life, and went to Dragon University, in Dragon City. He moved into the dorms, finding himself pleased to have his own room for once. Baku was not skimping on the funds they were providing to him and the other orphans. His dorm was co-op, the standard in Baku. Men, women, alpha, beta, and omega lived together. The rooms were scent-locked for heats and ruts, and everyone tended to respect each other’s space. Well, mostly everyone. There were two people, who were absolutely obnoxious in Shouta Aizawa’s opinion, who refused to let him be.

Nemuri Kayama and Hizashi Yamada. At first, Aizawa thought the omega and alpha were dating – only to find out later that Nemuri was not a woman who settled down with just one person and that Hizashi was very much into men. They, somehow, built a tense relationship with the icy omega, but were unable to crack his iron walls. Though they tried, and tried, and tried again.

It was their second year of university when Shouta was pulled aside by an academic advisor. He was still just a general studies student, and the government would require him to declare a major if he wanted to continue to have his education funded. Shouta didn’t have a clue still, his world was still just… empty. Full of shades and grey for as long as he could remember. He had returned to the dorms that day, and Nemuri and Hizashi had immediately picked up on his mood. Somehow, the two idiots had grown accustomed to his personality – especially Hizashi.

They tried to brainstorm ideas, but nothing seemed to pick his interest until Hizashi had asked if he wanted to become a doctor.

“We could open a practice together! I’m focusing on Alpha Care – you could focus on Omega Care – and we could work together!” The blonde had enthusiastically offered. Shouta had shrugged, thinking it over.

“I could do worse things with my time.”

The next day he declared his major – Medical: Specialization – Omega Care.

Hizashi and Shouta ended up spending the rest of their academic careers together, as friends. Shouta didn’t seem to notice the way Hizashi looked at him, or down right pined for him. Didn’t notice when Nemuri finished her bachelor’s degree in business and opened up a sex store and started gifting him sex toys that were a particular size. He never admitted that he used them, or that sometimes he imagined it was Hizashi instead of a silicone toy.

They finished school, and both went and worked at Recovery Hospital. Aizawa went and worked under the famous Chiyo Shuzenji – aka Recovery Girl – who had founded this hospital after her service in the Alpha War. Aizawa was excellent at what he did, though his bed side manner was lacking. But he had no passion, no drive. He just… did. No one complained, though. Because his work was still exemplary. Now that they were no longer students, Hizashi and Shouta had rented separate apartments on separate sides of town. Even though they worked in the same building, they worked in separate departments and rarely saw each other. Even Nemuri seemed busier now – her sex store opening up several new locations in the last few years. More and more Aizawa found himself alone when he wasn’t working, and even when he was working most of the staff let him be. Only Dr. Shuzenji ever approached him, and even she seemed to keep the topics about work.

He found himself wondering if it was all worth it, in the end. To continue on even though he saw everything in shades of grey, even food tasted grey now. He lacked joy – he lacked a spark for life that other people held. People like Hizashi and Nemuri who knew what they wanted and chased it, grabbed it, and held onto it. Meanwhile, he was just following along. He didn’t even choose his career, he just went with what Hizashi had suggested, finding it to be the most tolerable option available.

When Hizashi and Nemuri tried to call him, he ignored them. When they texted, he ignored them. The few times they came to his apartment and knocked on his door, he pretended to not be home. Hizashi even tried to hunt him down at the hospital, but Shouta had seen him and avoided him accordingly. When he was at home, he laid in bed, staring at the ceiling. His bed was never made, but he didn’t care. He also never made a nest, no one had ever taught him when he was younger, his relatives deeming it unimportant since they were all alphas or betas from his father’s side. Once at the orphanage, the staff had just assumed he knew and didn’t want to. Deeming him old enough to take care of himself.

One fateful day, he decided to walk home instead of taking the subway. He didn’t feel like dealing with the masses of sweaty, grumpy people. He found himself on a bridge, standing high over Baku River. He stopped and looked out at the water, seeing where the river emptied out into the bay, the sun starting to lower itself into the sea. It was a beautiful image, Aizawa was sure. But he didn’t see the blues of the water, nor the reds and oranges of the sunset. And he knew. If he could not see the world for its beauty, then he did not want to be in it anymore.

Aizawa set his bag down, the world paying him no mind as other pedestrians walked by him, brushing him with their shoulders. He turned to the railing and started to climb it. It had been built to prevent people from doing such things, but Aizawa was more fit than his tired exterior led on, and he scaled the eight-foot fence easily. At the top, he straddled the bar, taking in the view one last time. Begging for just a simple color to come through to him, to show him that it was worth it to live. He moved to stand, bracing his left hand against one of the big support beams as he turned to stare at the water one last time. Behind him, people started to notice. A crowd had gathered, and people were calling out to him, telling him not to do it. He could not hear them. He should have been able to smell them, as the crowd was getting distressed and there was a mass of twisted, curling, distress scent filling the bridge. But Aizawa, unknown to anyone, had not been able to smell anyone for a long time either. His senses were dulled and frayed – seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, feeling… nothing but grey for years and years. And he was done. Nothing was better than grey, he thought. He was about to step off, to end it all, when he smelled it. Pine-sol. He whipped his head around, trying to find the source.

“SHOUTA! NO!” A man’s voice screamed, and Aizawa saw him. Hizashi. He was running towards him, and Shouta realized the smell was Hizashi. He also realized the man’s hair was blonde, a flash of yellow in a sea of grey. Aizawa stilled his movements, eyes tracking Hizashi as he ran, the pine-sol scent growing closer and stronger with each step the alpha took. “STAY RIGHT THERE, SHOUTA! DON’T YOU MOVE!” Hizashi’s voice was so loud, so very loud. It carried over the crowd, over the sound of sirens and panic. Shouta thought he could hear every fall of Hizashi’s feet, and it felt like time was slowing down. His heart hurt, for a reason he did not understand when he saw the panicked, horrified expression on the alpha’s face as he raced closer.

Hizashi reached him, and started to climb the railing himself. “Stay there, Shouta. Don’t move. Please, I’m begging you. Don’t jump. Don’t do it. I’m coming to you, I’m gonna get you down. So don’t move.” Shouta didn’t move, just silently watched the alpha climb his way up to him. Aizawa thought it was strange, that suddenly he could see the orange of Hizashi’s ridiculous sunglasses, and smell the slightly intoxicating scent of pine-sol. He took a second to wonder how pine-sol could be intoxicating. He didn’t know. Hizashi reached him, and pulled him down before getting to the top himself. Causing the pair to fall backward, back onto to the bridge. Yamada wrapped his arms around Aizawa, shielding the omega from the fall.

“Don’t you ever do that again.” Hizashi whispered after getting up and wrapping Shouta in a deep hug. The alpha was crying, and his pine-sol scent was flaring out of control. It wrapped itself around the omega in his arms, shielding him from the sudden barrage of scents from the watching crowd. “Please, please, don’t leave me.”

Aizawa moved to hug him back, pressing his face into the alpha’s chest, reveling in the feeling of safety, comfort, and love from the man. The world was suddenly so full, so vibrant. Like Hizashi had finally unlocked something deep inside him.

“I promise.”

Aizawa finished his story, and opened his eyes, seeing that Shoto was now fully looking at him. The younger omega’s eyes were full of awe – and dare Aizawa say it – respect. He sighed.

“After that, Hizashi made me go to the hospital – as a patient. They diagnosed me with O.I.S. Just like you, though our cases are very different. The point is, I got better. Look at me now – I enjoy my job, I feel happy and fulfilled, and I have a wonderful mate that I love (though please don’t tell him, it’ll only inflate his ego).” Dr. Aizawa eyed his young patient. “I understand, more than most, the want to push everyone away.”

Shoto looked away, both thoughtful and a little ashamed. He took a look at the blanket Tenya had brought him, wishing the alpha was there but still feeling like it was better that he wasn’t.

“It takes time, and its scary, and its hard.” Aizawa continued. “It takes a village, Shoto. Don’t push away the ones who care for you, the ones who come to help you. I learned my lesson the hard way, so please learn the lesson from me so you don’t have to.” Shoto looked back at the doctor, and nodded. He clutched his blanket, taking in the warmth and the scent of Tenya.

I still don’t know though. I’m lucid now, and I want Tenya. But… what if I lose myself again. What if I hurt him? Or someone else? I wouldn’t be able to live with myself.

“Shoto,” Aizawa interrupted his inner dialogue. “Don’t over-think it too much. The accident was not just your fault, but also ours as your doctors. We failed to foresee certain complications and we failed in providing you with the care you needed. But, please give it some thought. Tenya would really like to come see you, he stops by every day.”

With that, Aizawa got up and tucked Shoto into his blanket, refusing to restrain his wrist again. The doctor ruffled his hair and then left, leaving Shoto to mull things over.

Chapter Text

When Doctor Yamada had showed Tenya the photo, opting to go show it to him in person rather than sending a text, Tenya had burst into tears. Yamada was quick to offer the young alpha support, embracing him in a warm hug. “I-I’m sorry, I just…” Tenya apologized between sobs. “I thought he didn’t want me anymore, I though it was over and-and I c-couldn’t…”

“Shh, shh.” Yamada whispered as he embraced the bigger man. “I know its tough, Tenya. I know, trust me, I know.” Tenya took several deep breaths, trying to calm down. “Why don’t we go into the office they’ve set aside for Dr. Aizawa and I while we are here treating Shoto. I’ve got a French press in there and we can talk over a cup of coffee.” Tenya nodded, and allowed Yamada to lead him back into a small but bright office. Yamada sat him down in a plain office chair. “Sorry there’s no couch, but since we’re only at the hospital to treat Shoto, it only has the bare minimum.”

“Its fine,” Tenya said, his eyes still watery but he was no longer sobbing.

“Now, lets get some coffee and we can have a chat.” The older alpha said, pulling out a French press and an electric kettle. “Give me moment and I’ll be right back.” Yamada left with the kettle and returned a minute later with it full of water. He placed it back on its base and turned it on, waiting for it to boil before pouring the hot water into the French press with the coffee grounds he pulled from the desk. Once the coffee was done, he poured two cups. “Do you still take your coffee black like your old man?” Yamada teased as he slid a mug over to Tenya.

“Yeah,” he said, gratefully taking the cup in his large hands and taking a careful sip. It was hot, but good. “Its good coffee, thank you.” Yamada sat back in his own chair, cradling his coffee and looking at the younger alpha, noticing the dark circles under his eyes and the sadness in his face.

“Tenya, I want you to know that I understand what you’re feeling right now.” Tenya looked up at the man, wondering exactly what he meant.

“What do you mean by that, Dr. Yamada?”

Yamada sighed, then took a sip of coffee before leveling his eyes at the dark-haired alpha. “I know what its like to be in love with an omega who has a mental health illness, like Shoto.” Tenya stared at him, bewildered.

“You mean… Dr. Aizawa…?”

“Yes,” Yamada confirmed. “He was diagnosed with O.I.S. back when we first started practicing, when we still worked here at Recovery Hospital before opening our own practice.” Yamada closed his eyes, his face growing grim. “I always knew something was wrong, ever since I met him our freshman year of college, but I couldn’t get past his exterior. He wouldn’t let anyone in, wouldn’t admit he was hurting. Then, he almost jumped off the Dragon Bridge.”

“WHAT!?” Tenya was shocked. Aizawa was so… put together. It was hard to imagine that the man had, at one point, tried to kill himself.

“I know, he doesn’t seem like the kind of man who would try that. But I got to him in time, stopped him. The rest is history, really. The point is, I understand how difficult it is to watch someone fall apart while you can’t do anything. Aizawa was like that for years and years, even before I met him. It took him wanting to die and almost going through with it before he decided to get help.” Yamada sighed, staring into his coffee. “So, I understand how much you are hurting right now, and I want you to know that you are not alone in this. If you have questions, or just need to talk, I’m here for you.” Yamada looked at Tenya, his eyes holding an almost fatherly look.

“Thank you,” Tenya said again. He felt relief that there was someone out there who he could turn to, who had been there themselves. “I do have a question.”

“Go for it.”

“Does… Does it ever go away? Or is he going to struggle for the rest of his life, even when he gets better?” Tenya asked, his voice sad and somber. Yamada gave him a small, sad smile.

“No.” He admitted. “Its been about ten years since Aizawa got diagnosed, officially, and sought help. He still has his bad days, days where he can’t get through them alone. O.I.S. is a lifelong disease, as I’m sure you know. The hope is that he will get better and will be able to have more good days than bad, and eventually very few bad days. But no, the bad days don’t go away.” Tenya sighed sadly.

“I just… I just want him to be happy.” The young alpha said quietly into his mug. “I want to see him smile and enjoy life. I don’t want him to hurt like this anymore.”

“I know, Tenya. But we can’t fix everything 100%, its just not possible. The only thing we can do is our best, and the best thing you can do is be there for him – good day or bad day.”

The next day, Dr. Aizawa went to check on Shoto first thing once arriving at the hospital. He felt strained, bouncing between taking care of Shoto at the hospital while still caring for his patients back at his own practice. Luckily, many of his clients were understanding and willing to reschedule their appointments for the afternoons – allowing him to spend his mornings with Shoto at Recovery Hospital. Also, Hizashi was an absolute godsend – as usual. The alpha made sure Shouta had a decent breakfast and packed him a good lunch on top of accompanying him to the hospital in the mornings. As a fellow doctor, Hizashi Yamada was able to help him fetch prescriptions, beddings, charts – whatever he needed to help care for Shoto. He would never admit it, but his mate was the sole reason Shouta Aizawa could function on a daily basis.

When the two doctors walked into Shoto’s room, they found the omega awake as usual. It seemed the Prince Omega was an early riser, but instead of sitting up to watch T.V. or anything, the young man spent his early morning hours laying in bed, usually staring at a wall or the ceiling. Today, though, they found him wrapped in the blanket Tenya brought him, a quiet, low purr emanating from his chest as he nuzzled it. The two doctors eyed each other, both wearing matching grins. Not only was the omega purring, but he was letting his scent out freely, not bothering to check it or suppress it. It still held sour notes, but the peppermint was stronger than yesterday. It was another small victory for Shoto, whether the omega realized it or not.

“Shoto…” Aizawa called as he approached, using a soft, calm voice. He did not want to alarm the omega and cause him to lose the bit of peace he had found this morning. Shoto looked up at him, his purr coming to a stop but not removing his face from where it was buried into the fabric. Yamada couldn’t help but let out a small laugh from where he stood in the doorway – waiting to get the all clear to approach from his mate. Aizawa looked back briefly to shoot him a warning glare. Yamada lifted his hands in apology. Aizawa turned back to Shoto. “I’m sorry he is an idiot. Is it okay if he comes in too?” Shoto’s eyes glanced over to the alpha before he nodded. Yamada approached calmly.

“Did you want to check us, Shoto?” Yamada asked, offering his wrist. The omega hadn’t bothered checking anyone in the last couple of weeks since the incident, and both doctors knew it wasn’t because he didn’t need to, but because Shoto had given up on getting better. They knew he probably still couldn’t tell who was real, but that the omega had just… stopped trying to tell the difference because he didn’t care anymore. So, they had made a point to offer their wrists every time, trying to encourage him to ask for the things he needed.

For the first time in weeks, Shoto nodded and a thin pale arm sneaked out from under the quilt to grab Yamada’s wrist first. He tentatively brought it to his nose and sniffed.

Pine-sol. That’s right. Dr. Yamada is an alpha, and he smells like pine-sol.

Shoto let go of the alpha’s wrist and then Aizawa offered his own, Shoto taking it in the same manner.

Sweet, omega of course. And… laundry detergent. I remember. These two strangely smell like cleaning products. Real, very real.

Shoto let go of Aizawa’s wrist, and found himself strangely relaxed. Like he had been on edge for weeks, on the precipice of panic, and finally, finally, he had backed away from the edge.

“There we go.” Aizawa encouraged, reaching his hand out to ruffle the omega’s hair. “Such a good omega, Shoto. We’re proud of you.” Next to him Yamada nodded, giving Shoto a huge smile. This was not a small step for Shoto, this was a BIG step. “Feel better?” The dark-haired omega asked his patient. Shoto nodded, looking at Aizawa with bewilderment. Another positive change – his eyes were starting to hold emotions again instead of blankness. Aizawa smiled at him. “You’ll feel better the more you ask for the things you need, you know. Don’t hold back, don’t be afraid to ask for things or express your needs.”

“That’s right,” added Yamada. “Part of healing is letting people help you. In order to do that, we need to know what is going on in that head of yours. Don’t hesitate on anything, okay?” Shoto nodded, a few things finally clicking in place for him.

Its… Its okay to ask? To ask for what I need, or want? I’m… not a burden to them? They are telling me this is part of healing, of getting better. Dr. Aizawa is telling me this, and he has been in my shoes before, he told me. I… I guess I need to work on that. Asking, telling, letting people help.

“Do you think you can let visitors see you today?” Aizawa asked, crouching so he was eye level with the omega who was still prone in his bed. “We can’t force you, but remember what we talked about yesterday? Remember who gave you that blanket? I’m sure he is going to come again today, and I know he would like to see you. He hasn’t seen you since the accident.” Shoto stared at him for a minute while he took deep breaths, still taking in the lingering scent of Tenya that was imbedded in the fabric of said blanket.

Rain, it belongs to alpha. It smells so good, so safe. I thought it would be best for him to stay away, because I’m very broken. But he keeps coming to see me – even though I won’t let him. He brought me the blanket – he is still waiting. I don’t know why he waits for me, but it makes me happy? I shouldn’t be so selfish… I should let him go. But I can’t. I just can’t. Every time I think of him, it hurts because he isn’t next to me. I want to see him. Alpha. Tenya. I want to see Tenya again.

Shoto took another deep breath, letting Tenya’s scent infiltrate his senses and his lungs, allowing it to ground him to reality. Allowing it to clear his head so he could think properly and analyze what it was that he wanted. He looked at Aizawa, and nodded. A lone tear rolled down Shoto’s right cheek, his emotions finally catching up to him after shutting them down for two weeks. Aizawa and Yamada almost cried themselves. This was a big, big step forward. For both Shoto and Tenya.

When Tenya arrived at the hospital later that morning, he did his best not to get his hopes up. Knowing that Shoto had accepted the blanket had given him hope that the omega would finally take visitors, but he didn’t want to cause himself unnecessary heartbreak. But when he got to the waiting room, Dr. Yamada was waiting for him – which was weird. It was usual Dr. Aizawa who came to bring him the bad news every day. He looked at Yamada, concerned.

“Is-Is Shoto okay?” Tenya asked, a little frantic. Yamada stilled him by placing both hands on the younger alpha’s shoulders.

“He is.” Yamada grinned broadly. “More than okay.” Tenya’s eyes grew wide, and a little watery.

“You mean…?” He whispered, not daring to hope.

“Yes.” Confirmed the doctor.

“Yes?” Asked Tenya, not entirely certain he heard correctly.

“Yes,” confirmed Yamada again. “Shoto is taking visitors today.” Tenya wrapped him in a bear hug, being larger than Yamada he easily picked him up and swung him around. Laughing while crying, filled with immense relief and joy. “Oi, put me down, you big buffoon.” Yamada said, tapping Tenya on the shoulder. Tenya finally set him down.

“S-Sorry, I just…” Tenya grinned though his tears. Yamada smiled back at him.

“I know, I know. Now, how about you go see him?” The doctor turned and led Tenya through the halls, taking him to Shoto’s private room. Yamada knocked before entering.

“Come in,” came Dr. Aizawa’s voice from inside. Yamada slowly entered, motioning Tenya to follow him. Aizawa had since gotten Shoto showered and dressed and fed breakfast, and the omega was sitting up in the bed, the quilt draped across his lap. Shoto immediately looked up at the door, his eyes zeroing in on Tenya’s large frame as he entered. Tenya stared back at him, his hand subconsciously gripping the strap of his shoulder bag in anticipation. They remained like that for a few moments, frozen in time, just staring at each other, unaware that the two doctors in the room were hiding their smiles.

Unexpectedly, Shoto was the first to break the trance. He threw his arms out, beckoning the alpha and let out a small whine. Tears started to flow out of the omega’s right eye, and Tenya’s heart felt like it was being broken and healed at the same time. He threw his bag to the side, it landed with a dull thump on the floor, before he rushed to Shoto – his own eyes filled with tears. They were both crying, both sobbing as Tenya sat on the edge of the bed and embraced his omega for the first time in weeks. The last time he had seen the man, he had been unconscious and broken, bleeding and bruised. Behind Tenya, Aizawa and Yamada silently took their leave, giving the young couple the space and time to reconcile.

Tenya grabbed Shoto’s face gently, looking into his eyes. Shoto did the same to him, and they sat, just staring, just sitting in each other’s space and enveloping the room with their scent without a word. Shoto was the one who leaned forward, touching their foreheads together and letting out a small whine. Somehow, Tenya understood the silent request as he took the omega’s wrists one after the other, scenting them thoroughly without breaking eye contact or forehead contact with the omega. When he was done, Shoto again initiated more contact, this time by leaning forward and down more, bringing their neck glands together. They both shuddered as they felt their glands making contact again. It felt so right, so perfect.

I missed you, I missed you, I missed you.

Shoto willed his emotions to get through as he rubbed his scent all over Tenya.

I’m so sorry I pushed you away, I’m sorry I made you wait.

Shoto switched sides, giving Tenya’s other gland similar treatment.

I can’t promise anything, but thank you. Thank you for waiting. Thank you for staying.

Tenya held him close, even after they were done scenting. The alpha buried his nose into Shoto’s hair while pressing the omega into his chest. Shoto was still crying, Tenya was still crying, but they did not need words to understand one another. It was strange, they knew. But it was right.

When Dr. Taniko Iida came that day for her daily appointment with Shoto, she was intercepted by Dr. Aizawa and Dr. Yamada. The blonde alpha held his finger to his lips as they approached Shoto’s room.

“There’s a surprise inside and you need to be quiet.” The omegan woman looked at both doctors, wondering why both of them seemed so… happy? Relieved? And what kind of surprise could be waiting in the room of an O.I.S. patient? She didn’t have time to ask before they reached their destination. Yamada opened the door slowly and quietly, allowing all three doctors to peek inside silently. Taniko took in a sharp breath of surprise, but held in the tears that pricked at her eyes.

Inside, Tenya had climbed into the bed with Shoto. The alpha was seated behind the omega, with the omega sitting between his legs and leaning back on him. Tenya had a few pillows propped up behind him, and had his arms wrapped around the man in front of him. Both of them had red, puffy eyelids but their eyes were closed – the pair having fallen asleep. She thought the position would be uncomfortable, but remembered Shoto’s right leg, and how it was almost entirely wrapped in a cast from ankle to mid-thigh. She smiled as they closed the door again, leaving the couple to sleep in peace.

“I think we can wait until tomorrow for his next session.” She whispered, also wearing a stupid grin like Aizawa and Yamada. “I have one question, why did he accept visitors today of all days?” Aizawa and Yamada shared a look and grinned.

“Trade secret.” Aizawa said. Yamada rolled his eyes. Taniko Iida was confused, but didn’t press for answers. She was happy for her patient, who finally allowed himself the things he desperately needed. She was also happy for her son, who had been miserable for weeks. She decided she wasn’t going to question how they got there, instead she would be thankful for it.

For the next few days, Tenya arrived bright and early at the hospital. He came early enough to spend breakfast with Shoto, and stayed past dinner until a nurse would come kick him out when visiting hours were over. Roughly another week passed like that, with Tenya being the only visitor outside of the doctors who were treating the omega. Tenya had brought Shoto his phone, as well as a new tablet. The tablet was a godsend, as it allowed Shoto to communicate with his doctors (and Tenya) better. Dr. Aizawa and Dr. Iida had both adopted to using the tablet, carrying one of their own and using a program that allowed them to see Shoto’s response as he typed it so that he did not have to type it out first and then show it to them. It especially helped with his therapy sessions with Dr. Iida.

Therapy sessions were hard for Shoto, and it didn’t help that Dr. Iida was adamant that Shoto attend them without Tenya. She cited the reasoning being that Shoto needed to learn to cope with his mental illness on his own, because there would be times where Tenya would not be there. He begrudgingly agreed. But that didn’t stop him from turning into a blubbering mess at the end of the sessions and returning to his room to seek comfort from the alpha. On top of therapy for his mental illness, Aizawa had decided to put him through some physical therapy as well. Shoto was still in the leg cast, so he could not walk, but they did other things to build his strength and physical health. Tenya always came with him to those appointments, learning how to help Shoto for when the omega would eventually be released.

No one asked after the pack, though their lack of appearance was noted. Shoto did not ask Tenya about them, and the omega did not tell Dr. Iida how upset it really made him. Though she, and the other doctors, were fairly certain that it actually hurt him quite a bit. In that one week, the staff learned a lot about Shoto, now that he was actually emoting and trying. For one, he could not talk but he could do other things. A poor nurse encountered his growl when she tried to pick up the navy-blue blanket from Tenya – intending to wash it for Shoto. She hadn’t realized he was awake, and he had growled menacingly before ripping the quilt out of her hands. The physical therapists had been shocked when Shoto had whined at Tenya, who was helping him stretch. The omega apparently did not like the deep stretch he was being pushed into, and that was his way of protesting. The icing on the cake was when a female omega nurse had come to check on Shoto early in the morning. She was relatively new, so she had to introduce herself to the patients when she entered the rooms.

“Hi, I’m Ochaco Asui, I’ll be helping you this morning…. Mr.” She glanced at his chart before looking up. “…Todoroki.” She had jumped when Shoto let out a low, menacing hiss. She saw the omega male looking at her with… anger? “I’m s-sorry if I –“ she was interrupted by another hiss. She then realized that the man smelled familiar… no. His scent was not familiar, but he carried a scent on him that she knew well. Tenya Iida.

Speaking of the devil, the alpha himself entered the room – a little frantic as he could hear Shoto’s hiss from outside as well as smell his slightly angry pheromones. “Shoto? Are you oka…” The alpha trailed off when he saw Ochaco in the room. “Ahh… ohh…. Uhm… Hi, Ochaco.” The alpha said awkwardly, looking between the angry man laying in bed and the flustered woman in front of him. Ochaco eyed the alpha before turning to the other omega.

“Mind explaining to me why he smells like you and why he is hissing at me?” She asked, her voice calm as she checked Shoto’s charts. She ignored the tension in the room, even though it was blatantly directed at her. Tenya sighed, before briskly walking over to Shoto’s side. He murmured something the omega, and while Shoto still look displeased he stopped hissing.

“For one, this is Shoto Todoroki, Ochaco. But please don’t call him by his last name, he doesn’t like it.” He sighed again. “Secondly, you’re not blind and your nose still works so I’m assuming you can figure out the answer to your first question on your own.” The alpha’s voice was uncharacteristically cold. Ochaco lifted an eyebrow at the pair, noting that Tenya had settled on the edge of the omega’s bed and was holding his hand.

“So, you’re dating a prince now, huh?” She asked. Tenya rolled his eyes at her.

“Yes, I am.” He replied bluntly. “And,” He pointed at Shoto. “He knows who you are and the relating details of our past relationship.” She blanched a little at that, surprised that Tenya had actually divulged that to a new partner so early on.

“So, he’s hissing at me because he’s jealous?” She asked, a little incredulous. The omegan man didn’t even know her. Shoto shook his head vehemently and took out his tablet, still angry at the entire situation. He typed for a minute before handing the tablet to Tenya.

“He says he’s angry because you walked in without knocking, didn’t look at him before eyeing his chart and introducing yourself, you used his last name, and you are suppressing your scent.” Tenya sighed before handing the tablet back to Shoto. “I know you’re new to this hospital, Ochaco, but there are some protocols I’m sure you are aware of.”

“I don’t know what you mean.” She said, a little defensively. The omega man had hissed at her because of how she did her job? Not because of some weird jealousy thing? Tenya sighed.

“I shouldn’t have to explain this to you, but I will because it is in Shoto’s best interest for you to understand thoroughly if you are going to be his nurse for the next two weeks.” Tenya turned to Shoto, and the omega seemed to finally relax – but only a little. He was still eyeing the new nurse suspiciously. “First, though, come and offer him your wrist.”

She stopped for a second, lost in thought as she recalled something one of the older nurses told her this morning. “When entering Shoto’s room, you must make eye contact when introducing yourself and then you must offer your wrist so he can check you before doing anything else.” The woman had advised Ochaco. Why Ochaco asked what “checking” meant, the woman had informed her that the Prince Omega had to check everyone to make sure they were real, as his mental condition made it so that he could not tell who was real or not until he touched and smelled them.

“Oh… ohhhh.” Ochaco said, her eyes widening with guilt. “I’m so sorry, Tenya, Prince Shoto.” She offered her wrist and Shoto eyed her before taking it and giving it a good whiff. He dropped it unceremoniously once he was done. She ignored the slight insult and turned to Tenya. “I’m sorry Tenya, I didn’t mean to insult him or treat him badly. I did know, they told me this morning and I forgot. It was my error, and it was unprofessional of me, and it won’t happen again.” Tenya sighed, the tension finally leaving the room.

“Its fine,” he said as Shoto leaned into him and nuzzled his neck. “Part of it is our fault, it’s the beginning of our cycles and we’re a little on edge.”

“You mean your cycles are synced? You’re both in pre-heat and pre-rut?” She asked, her voice a little worried – recalling her own heat/rut experience with the huge alpha while eyeing the frail omega with a broken leg. Tenya eyed her, eyebrow raised as he read her expression.

“Don’t worry Ochaco, Shoto and I do not intend to share our heats and ruts as of yet.” She let out an audible sigh, before asking the million-dollar question.

“Then why are your cycles synced already?”

“Honestly, I think it was on accident. I suppressed my January rut when we went and got Shoto out of Zenia because he went into heat right then. Then, his heat hit suddenly in March and it triggered my rut. We just happen to have matching cycle lengths, including the duration of our heat or rut.” He explained while Shoto picked at the edges of the sheet, a little embarrassed to be having this conversation with his nurse and Tenya’s ex-girlfriend.

“That’s… unusual.” She commented before reverting back to nurse mode. “Anyways, I’m assuming this is why I was assigned to him, though.” Tenya nodded.

“I knew you were a nurse that specialized in heat-care, but I didn’t think Dr. Aizawa would bring you in specifically.”

“Well, there aren’t many heat-nurses available who are of my caliber.” She boasted. “But I promise to take good care of him, Tenya.” She said it whole-heartedly. Despite the debacle of this morning, her and Tenya weren’t actually on bad terms and were still part of the same friend circle after their break-up.

“I know. We trust Dr. Aizawa’s decisions when it comes to Shoto’s care. It just… bothers me that I won’t be able to be here for ten days while we go through our heat and rut separately.”

“So, Shoto will be here, where are you going to go?” She asked while she looked over Shoto’s charts. Shoto seemed relieved that the topic was now turned to Tenya.

“I’ll be back at the manor, Dad and Tensei are gonna muzzle me and lock me in and make sure I don’t hurt myself in the meantime.” Tenya said, subconsciously rubbing his jaw. Ochaco saw that in Shoto’s chart, Dr. Aizawa had left bolded notes:

Shoto Todoroki - Male - Omega - 22 Years

*Please make eye contact and present wrist to patient upon entering the room. Allow patient to smell wrist gland and confirm you are real via scent and touch.

*Patient can communicate via written word, and is capable of hissing, growling, whining, and purring.

O.I.S. Patient - Mute, Auditory and Visual Hallucinations, Repressed Scent (true scent is peppermint but is tainted with a "rotten fruit" scent due to repression)

*warning* Patient has one record of self-induced injury and one record of violence towards another individual. Be cautious if patient appears distressed.

*advice* Patient finds comfort in their Alpha (Tenya Iida) and items that contain said alpha scent. 

Omegan Shock Surgery - 01/12/2033 - removed one ovary (right), left ovary in good condition, uterus saved but possibly damaged beyond repair

Current Injuries: Right leg - broken in three places, no surgery was required, cast to remain on until signed off by supervising doctor

First Sexual Heat, Will Need Extensive Assistance and Observation, Nurses and Doctor to be on call 24/7.

Pre-Heat Estimate: 4 Days (04/29/2033 – 05/02/2033)

Heat Duration Estimate: 10 Days (05/03/2033 – 05/12/2033)

Supervising Doctor: Shouta Aizawa

Nurses: Ochaco Asui (Day), Hitoshi Shinso (Night)

She eyed Shoto, finally realizing the depth of his illness and condition. He was a 22-year-old omega male, and was just now having his first sexual heat. Also, Aizawa was right on the money. It was 04/29 and Shoto had clearly just entered pre-heat with how openly clingy he was being with Tenya. No wonder Dr. Aizawa had bit the bullet and called her in. An O.I.S. patient with an insanely long and frequent heat would be tough on any nurse. But she was known for her exemplary level of care and stamina for the job. Additionally, heat-nurses were hard to come by. Only omegas could be one, but it wasn’t a sought-after job due to the intensive training and demanding hours. She did not miss that the night nurse was Hitoshi Shinso, the apparent (but secret?) apprentice to Dr. Aizawa. That meant the omegan doctor really was pulling all the stops for the Prince Omega.

Chapter Text

That afternoon, Ochaco told them that Shoto would be moved to a certified heat room, meaning it had a larger bed and attached bathroom, it would be scent-locked and would only be accessible by those with the correct key card. Hospital heat rooms were also made with advanced sensing technology and cameras, so Shoto could be monitored from outside the room if needed and he wouldn’t get twisted up in any wires. Ochaco had brought him a wheel chair, and Tenya offered to push him, but Shoto declined. The omega insisted he be allowed to use his crutches to hobble the short distance to his new room. It was nearby, just on the opposite side of the Omega-ward, but Ochaco and Tenya still fussed over him. Tenya, however, knew when to stop fighting Shoto on certain things, and resigned himself to carry the few personal items Shoto had in the room.

He struggled a bit, Tenya and Ochaco slowing their pace so that Shoto did not get left behind. After being bed ridden for a month, and only just recently starting some physical therapy, he had lost all progress from his time in Baku Palace. By the time they reached the designated heat room, Shoto was panting. The 3-minute walk had turned into a fifteen minute one, but the man had refused help. Tenya was quick to place the items he was holding down before turning to Shoto, handing the crutches to Ochaco before lifting him with ease and setting him down on the large bed. Tenya’s inner alpha had howled the whole time, screaming at Tenya to just pick up the frail omega and take him to comfort and safety. But Tenya had held back, knowing it was important to Shoto that he be able to make the trip on his own.

After getting Shoto settled on the large bed, Tenya climbed in with him. Shoto quickly latched onto the alpha, curling into the large man the best he could with a broken right leg. In turn, Tenya held him close, maneuvering Shoto so the omega was on his left side, facing Tenya, and with his right leg loosely placed over Tenya’s hip and thigh. This way, they could cuddle without putting any pressure or weight on the broken leg. Ochaco silently put things away in the room, allowing the couple to scent each other. With both of them only 3 or 4 days away from their heat and rut, it was best to let them spend as much time together before they would have to be separated.

Some may have expected Ochaco to be jealous of the Prince Omega, given her history with Tenya. But the omegan woman only smiled, happy. She had found the love of her life, in Tsuyu, after ending it with Tenya and she had no regrets. And seeing the two men together, even with Shoto being as frail as he was, she felt like Tenya may have met the one meant for him. It hadn’t been her, and at the time it had hurt that she could not handle all that he was. But perhaps the former prince of Zenia could, in time. They both deserved to have someone completely devoted to them, completely in love.

Dr. Aizawa had made the call that Tenya could spend the nights with Shoto, until his heat began. He felt it was for the best, since he knew it would be hard on both men to be separated for their heat and rut after spending their pre-cycles together. At least Yamada had been able to secure a rut room for Tenya in the hospital, making it so the alpha did not have to go back to Iida Manor for his rut. Tenya had looked visibly relieved, when they told him about the arrangement. The alpha had secretly been worrying and dreading about being so far from Shoto during his rut. Shoto had beamed, silent as ever, but reached out to nuzzle Tenya. It seemed Shoto hadn’t wanted Tenya to go far either.

Hitoshi had been the one to find them later that evening, not quite tangled in each other but thoroughly scenting the room and exchanging quiet kisses (and whispers in Tenya’s case). Hitoshi had let out a loud cough to announce his presence, and both men had jumped with surprise.

“Didn’t mean to interrupt, but I need to check Shoto’s vitals for the evening, draw some blood to test his hormone levels, and make sure he’s good to go for the night.” Tenya had blushed, slowly getting out of the bed and helping a similarly embarrassed Shoto sit upright.

“O-of course.” Tenya said, choosing to sit on the edge of the bed, one hand still holding onto Shoto’s smaller hand. Hitoshi Shinso, for once in his life, let out a small grin. The couple was honestly a sight to behold, with the hulking alpha reduced to stuttering boy at being caught kissing his boyfriend and Shoto calmly trying to act like there was nothing to be seen.

“I’ll be done quickly, so you two can go back to whatever it was that you were doing.” Hitoshi teased before approaching Shoto with his wrist held out. “Go ahead and check me.” Shoto did just that, taking a small whiff before grinning up at the nurse.

I remember you, wouldn’t ever forget you, Hitoshi Shinso. You made the dress I love so much. You also made me stop hurting myself, you came when I called. I won’t ever mistake you for a shadow.

Shinso had done as he promised, taking Shoto’s vitals and a bit of blood before helping the omega into the bathroom to shower and get ready for the night. Tenya insisted he was able to assist with those kinds of things, as he had before. Shinso had quickly turned him down, pointing out that both of them were in… easily aroused states right now, being in pre-cycle. Tenya had clammed up then, realizing that the male nurse was right. It was best if he didn’t see Shoto naked right now.

Tenya took the opportunity to get ready for bed himself, taking a bag of toiletries and his pajamas down the hall to a separated bathroom. He quickly showered and changed, returning to the room before Shoto was done. Tenya then pulled out a black case from one of his bags and opened it. Inside was the courting bracelet he had given Shoto, the omega had not been wearing it during the incident and Tenya had found it carefully set aside on Shoto’s dresser later. He wanted to give it back to the omega, wanted Shoto to accept it again. Things were… going well. But Tenya wasn’t sure if it was going well because Shoto was getting better or because their cycles were fast approaching. It was hard to tell, now that his instincts and emotions were thoroughly mixing together – just like Shoto’s must be. He put it back into the bag.

When Shoto came out, Hitoshi allowed Tenya to grab him and guide him back to bed. Shoto fully leaned on him, relaxed and drowsy from his bath. Tenya realized that Hitoshi had probably massaged his muscles after noting the slight sheen left behind by the lotion. It even looked like the nurse had taken the time to unclip Shoto’s cast to clean and moisturize his right leg (gently) before putting it back on. “Thank you,” Tenya said, earnestly. The purple-haired omega had been the one to stop Shoto before, and now he was going to help him when Tenya wouldn’t be able to.

“It’s what I do.” Hitoshi replied before leaving the couple for the night.

The next morning, they both slept in later than they normally would. Shoto also slept through the night, something that was still rare for him. He still had nightmares, though they were growing less intense the more he went to therapy. But having Tenya beside him the whole night, being enveloped in the alpha’s scent and warmth, had chased all the bad dreams away.

Ochaco came and switched out with Hitoshi, getting the report from the man that there had been nothing noteworthy over the night shift. Ochaco already knew that Tenya was spending the nights with Shoto until their respective rut and heat began, so she mentally prepped herself for any potentially scandalous thing she was about to see before entering into the heat room.  To her surprise, she found them just cuddled together, Shoto laying somewhat haphazardly across Tenya’s chest, with the alpha’s arms holding him tight. Shoto’s right leg was awkwardly sticking out of the blanket, but otherwise it was truly an adorable sight. Even in their sleep, they seemed to reach out for one another.  

Ochaco decided to go get their breakfasts from the cafeteria before waking them up. When she returned with the tray of food, the pair was awake. Well, Tenya was awake, and the alpha was quietly stroking the omega’s hair and whispering to him. It seemed that Shoto didn’t feel like getting up quite yet.

“Good morning, Ochaco.” Tenya said when he saw her. “Thank you for bringing us breakfast.” She nodded.

“Of course. It is best for you two to stay here, anyways. Your scents are getting quite strong and it might bother some of the other patients if you started wandering around.” She set the tray on a rolling table, pushing it over to the bed so that the table part was hanging over the bed. Tenya sat up, and coaxed Shoto up as well.

“Come on, love. Its time for breakfast.” Shoto sat up but shook his head. “Not hungry?” Tenya asked, and Shoto nodded. Tenya sighed. “I’m sorry, Shoto, but can you please try? You need to eat, its part of stocking up for your heat.” Ochaco watched silently. She agreed with Tenya, the omega needed to eat. There would be no skipping meals on her watch, he was already too skinny as it was. Even four months after his release from Zenia, Shoto had not gained a lot of weight. The incident and resulting hospitalization had not helped either, she supposed. Tenya coaxed the prince into eating by hand feeding him, only taking a few bites for himself here and there. Ochaco was surprised at how much Shoto actually ended up eating before finally putting and end to the meal by turning his head away from the incessant alpha.

“Okay, okay. I’ll stop now.” Tenya sighed and started to eat the rest of the food on his own. Shoto shifted to lay his head on the man’s shoulder, watching him eat. Ochaco busied herself by getting ready to take Shoto’s vitals and another blood sample. When the food was gone, and her duties complete, she let them be. These first couple of days would be easy for her and Hitoshi, since Tenya was here to help Shoto during his pre-heat. It would be the actual ten-day marathon of a heat that would test their limits. She considered her own heats, a bare three days of intense need and heat, and shuddered at the thought of it lasting ten days.

The second day of pre-cycle passed without event, Shoto and Tenya spending the day cuddled together and scenting. At some point, Ochaco had brought in a stack of pillows and blankets, and Tenya had helped Shoto build a nest. Shoto wasn’t able to stands without crutches, so he allowed Tenya to help place the bedding and pillows, making sure that everything was thoroughly scented by the alpha before it was set inside the nest. That night, Hitoshi came again to take his vitals and blood, helping Shoto bathe again afterwards. They were brought dinner earlier, and there was a fridge filled with drinks and snacks in the room too. That night, the pair pressed close together, enjoying each other’s warmth and the comfort of the newly formed nest.

Shoto was satisfied with the nest, even if he didn’t get to place everything the way he wanted – due to his broken leg. It smelled of Tenya and of him, it screamed safety and protection, leaked warmth and love.

Even so… Shoto felt something, or things, were missing. But he couldn’t quite place it.

The next day he woke late again, having slept through the night. Breakfast was already waiting for him, and he ate under the careful watch of Tenya. He actually felt hungry this time, so it didn’t take long for him to finish the meal on his own. Ochaco seemed pleased that he ate unassisted, and with a hint of eagerness. Unbeknownst to Tenya and Shoto, Dr. Aizawa had a very detailed log on Shoto’s behavior in his office, in which he allowed both Ochaco and Hitoshi to review the day prior. It seemed that Shoto rarely ate a full meal, and usually only when hand-fed by Tenya. The fact he did so, without having to be fed by the alpha, was a good sign going into his heat.

Sometime in the evening, things broke down. For whatever reason, Shoto had started crying and literally throwing blankets and pillows out of the nest. He wasn’t aiming at anyone, but he was tearing the nest apart anyways. This, in turn, had put Tenya on edge. His instincts taking over and the alpha was trying desperately to soothe the rampaging omega, with no results. Ochaco could smell the spikes in the scents of the two men, carefully monitoring the situation – prepared to intervene if necessary. She had already paged Dr. Aizawa, also sending him an email with a run down of the current situation. To her surprise, the doctor came with reinforcements. Aizawa was accompanied by Yamada, Hitoshi, and Tensei Iida. The first two weren’t THAT big of a surprise, but she wondered why Aizawa felt that Tenya’s older brother should be there when heat rooms were only supposed to let in certain approved people.

The situation itself had escalated a bit, Shoto was curled up and crying in the bed – now mostly empty. In addition, he kept hissing at Tenya any time the alpha tried to come near. Tenya was physically shaking, holding back his desire to just hold the omega, even if said omega was hissing at him. Both were operating on instinct at this point, Shoto having been triggered by something, causing him to reject the nest, and in turn, the alpha. Ochaco knew that Shoto didn’t really want to reject Tenya, but he was upset so his omega instincts were telling him that everything was wrong, causing him to shut down and turn everything away.

“Don’t go near him!” Tenya growled when he saw Yamada and Tensei come into the room. “Don’t you dare touch him!” The alphas stopped – hands raised in to show they weren’t here to harm anyone. Tenya’s scent spiked anyways, and Shoto physically recoiled away from him.

“Tenya,” Tensei said, keeping his voice calm and even. “We aren’t going to touch him, okay?”  Tenya kept his guard up, despite his brother’s words, moving to stand defensively between Shoto and everyone else.

“Don’t. Come. Near. Him.” Tenya growled, his teeth bared to the group.

“Tenya, calm down.” Yamada said, Tensei and him moving to the front of the group – in front of the three omegas on standby. “Don’t let your instincts speak for you. You know we are here to help Shoto, not hurt him.”

“Don’t care. Omega crying, must protect him.” Tenya replied, his use of ‘omega’ instead of Shoto showing how much his instincts had taken over. If they couldn’t get him to calm down, they were going to have to remove him before he hurt someone.

“What’s going on?” Ochaco asked. “Why is Tenya acting like this? He’s never been this aggressive?”

“That’s where you’re wrong, Miss Ochaco.” Said a new voice. Ochaco turned to see Tenjirou Iida enter the room quietly. “Sorry, I had to call your mother to inform her of the situation. I see we have a bit of a crisis going on here.”

“Understatement of the year, Lord Iida.” Aizawa said from where he stood behind Yamada. “I haven’t ever seen him get quite this aggressive.”

“Ah, you weren’t there for his first ruts. We didn’t have a designated rut-room in the manor until he presented.” Ochaco stared at Tenjirou, wondering what he was talking about.

“I still don’t understand why Tenya is acting like this, he’s normally so calm and collected!” She said, frustrated that the older men seemed to know something that she was completely unaware of. Tenjirou turned to her, a bit of a sour look on his face.

“That’s because the only rut you spent with him wasn’t one of his true ruts, Miss Ochaco. He was suppressing it, for your safety. In actuality,” the man turned back to his youngest son, who was still glaring, growling, and baring his teeth at them, “he is very aggressive during his ruts, dangerously so. We have to muzzle him and lock him up for the duration, and he still manages to completely destroy anything that isn’t bolted down.” Ochaco stared at the man who was her ex-boyfriend. Trying to comprehend what she was being told. Tenjirou interrupted her thoughts. “Yet you still had the audacity to tell him he could find someone who could handle his ruts, when you couldn’t even handle one of his suppressed ones. I wonder how that made my son feel, at that time it ruined him.” Tenjirou took a moment to glare at her, sending a cold shiver down her spine. Then he nodded towards Shoto. “But it doesn’t matter anymore. Because, thankfully, I believe he has actually found that person. So, as long as you do your job as you were hired to do, and keep Shoto happy, healthy, and safe during his heat, I will forgive you.”

Ochaco swallowed, finding her throat dry. She was an idiot, she suddenly realized. She never stopped to ask Tenya why his ruts were so intense, or even talked to him about it all. She had just decided to be done, that it was better, safer for both of them. She didn’t – couldn’t – regret dumping him when it meant she had found her mate and wife in Tsuyu not long after. She wanted Tenya to find the same, and everyone seemed to think that it was Shoto. So she would do what she did best, and she would make sure Shoto made it out of this heat okay.

Tenya growled again, low and menacing, when Tenjirou stepped forward. “Tenya, stop this. You’re scaring Shoto.” The older alpha pointed to the omega who was still on the bed crying, but now he was cowering, trying to scoot away from Tenya. Tenya immediately crumbled, throwing himself into one of the far corners, as if trying to keep himself away from Shoto. Like he thought he was a danger to the omega.

“I’m sorry, Shoto.” Tenya whispered, crying too now that the tension and aggression in his body had left him. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you. I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” He sunk down to the floor, sitting with his head in his hands as he cried. Shoto curled into himself as best he could with a broken leg, holding his arms around his body while he rocked and cried to himself.

Aizawa sighed. “Well, this is less than ideal. Their last day of pre-cycle is tomorrow, then we have to separate them for their heat and rut. It will be rough on both of them if we don’t get to the bottom of what happened and help them fix it.” Yamada nodded in agreement.

“First, lets get them taken care of. Tenjirou, Tensei, and I will take Tenya to a room nearby to calm down. The rest of you, stay with Shoto and try to get to the bottom of why he got so upset in the first place. It probably has to do with his nest, since he was rejecting it before he started rejecting Tenya.” The omegas nodded and watched as Tensei and Tenjirou tag-teamed Tenya, lifting the larger alpha and supporting him on each side. They half-dragged him out of the room, his cries echoing down the hall and his scent leaving a trail of despair behind him. It was clear that he thought he was the worst alpha, having scared his omega like that after Shoto had been upset already.

Hitoshi approached Shoto first, offering his wrist as he talked. “Hey, Shoto. I know you’re upset, its okay to be upset sometimes. How about you take a sniff of my wrist, hmm?” Shoto opened his eyes, the right was blurry with tears, before slowly reaching out and taking Hitoshi’s wrist. He gave it a quick sniff before retreating back into himself. Shoto sat on the edge of the bed, releasing some calming pheromones. Ochaco and Dr. Aizawa hung back, letting the young man take the lead.

“Shoto, tell me what’s wrong, please?” Shoto shook his head, burring his face into his arms, his scent still sour with despair and sadness. “You need to open up to us, or we can’t help you. Was something wrong with your nest?” Shoto nodded, small and slow. Hitoshi sighed before reaching out and pulling the omega towards him into an awkward embrace. Shoto remained as he was though, allowing the purple-haired man to hold him gently. Hitoshi knew at this point he was going to have to play the guessing game with Shoto.

“Was something wrong with the pillows?” Shoto shook his head. “The blankets?” Nope. “The scents?” Shoto stilled, and attempted to stifle a sob. Hitoshi shot a look towards Dr. Aizawa, both of them wearing grim looks. Ochaco was still confused.

“Is it because the pack-scent is missing, Shoto?” Hitoshi asked gently, stroking the omegas head when he nodded and burst into sobs again, his frail body shaking.

“God damn it.” Cursed Aizawa before he sighed, annoyed. “Hitoshi, I’m going to have to ask you to go get those boneheads from the palace.” Hitoshi nodded, slowly starting to unravel himself from the omega.

“I concur.” Said a low voice as Tenjirou entered the room, its locks disabled for the time being. Aizawa turned to him.

“How’s Tenya?”

“He’s… okay. Tensei and Dr. Yamada are with him, he’s begging for suppressants. Terrified that he hurt Shoto.” Tenjirou glanced at the omega, who was still crying on the bed. “But we are well aware that it would be detrimental to both of them to allow that, especially since he fully suppressed his January rut.”

“Did he say anything about the pack?” Dr. Aizawa prodded.

“Yeah, surprisingly.” Tenjirou said. “He’s been very tight-lipped about it all, really. Trying to focus on Shoto, but its clear as day that it’s hurting them both. They both need a pack – they need the support. So, if you don’t mind Hitoshi, I will accompany you to the palace. I’m sure that Mitsuki will slap some sense into her son if needed.”

Hitoshi nodded, finally standing up and grabbing a pillow and a blanket, forcing Shoto to uncurl from himself so he could tuck him in and place the pillow under his head. “’l will be back, so will Tenya. I’m going to bring your pack back with me too, just wait. Okay?” Shoto nodded, sobbing still, but understanding what was going on.

“I’m a bad alpha,” Tenya whispered where he was hunched over in a chair. “I hurt Shoto, I scared my omega. I’m a bad alpha.”

“No, you’re not, Tenya.” Tensei said, crouching in front of him, trying to get the larger man to look him in the eyes. Tenya had kept his eyes on the ground since leaving Shoto’s room, having completely crumbled in on himself once he realized how aggressive he had been. “Its not your fault, Shoto will understand.” If he didn’t, Tensei would never forgive the omega.

“No, I’m bad. No good for omega.” Tenya reiterated, slipping up in his speech as his instincts flared again. “Suppressants. Please. I don’t…. I don’t want to hurt him.”

“No.” Yamada firmly denied him. “Any more suppressants this year and it will be too dangerous for you. Absolutely not. Plus, you aren’t going to hurt Shoto, so it doesn’t matter.” Tensei nodded in agreement.

“Remember, Tenya? You and Shoto agreed not to share your rut for now, but its really good for him, and you, to spend your pre-cycle together. You’ve been such a good alpha to him, Tenya. Such a good alpha. Everyone knows it, and no one thinks you’re going to hurt him.”

For the first time, Tenya lifted his head, choking down a sob. “A good alpha? Me? Really?”

“Yes, really.” Confirmed Yamada. “You’ve given your heart and soul to Shoto, and we all know it. I know its difficult, with everything, but you’re doing so good. He’s does so much better when you’re around, you know.”

“Plus, you look so happy with him, little brother.” Tensei added. “You smile like you never did before, you’ve always been such an emotion bottler. It honestly brings me so much happiness to see you like that. Shoto too, he smiles more, emotes more, scents more, and does just so much more when you’re with him. Please don’t think you’re a bad alpha.”

“He… smiles around me?” Tenya asked, as if he had forgotten all the times Shoto had smiled at him.

“Yes, he does.” Tensei reached out and ruffled his little brother’s hair. “You’re the best alpha for him, I think. Just like he’s the best omega for you. Now, how about we go back to him? I’m sure he misses you.”

Tenya nodded, allowing Tensei to pull him up. Yamada felt extremely relieved. Thank the world for Tensei Iida. Like his father Tenjirou, the man could be intense but he was definitely patriarch material with how well he handled Tenya.

“YOU STUPID BRAT!” Mitsuki screamed and Masaru didn’t bat an eye when his wife, and the current Queen of Baku, straight up smacked her son on the back of the head. “I, no WE,” she pointed to herself and Masaru, “raised you better than to let your instincts speak on your behalf like that!”

“Oi, hag!” Katsuki tried to argue back, only to be met with one more of Mitsuki’s smacks. Yagi and Inko were there, as were Hitoshi and Tenjirou, the outsiders just watching as the queen served her son a lesson. Izuku stood with Eijirou and Denki, the three of them hanging their heads in shame.

“No back talking, brat!” She huffed and put her hands on her hips. “What are we going to do with you, hah? Some Crown Prince you are, not heeding your fiancé’s words and banning Shoto from the pack – effectively chasing out Tenya. Who, by the way, is the only god damn adult in your merry gang. AND, to make it BETTER, you forbade the other three from going to visit the poor thing in the hospital. What are you, an idiot? I thought you were a prince, a future king? Was I wrong? Did I misplace my son, Katsuki Bakugou? Do you know where he went because the bonehead standing in front of me certainly couldn’t be him.”

“Told you she would smack him,” Tenjirou whispered, leaning so that Hitoshi was the only one to hear him. Masaru noticed, though, and just shrugged. It appears the king had no qualms with how the queen was handling the situation. Sometimes you just had to hit Katsuki with common sense.

Sometimes you just had to actually hit him.

Mitsuki’s parents were probably laughing in their graves, telling her she deserved it for being such a hell-spawn herself.

“I think he understands now, dear.” Masaru said, stopping Mitsuki when she went in for a third smack. The queen huffed, but didn’t argue. “Now,” the king faced the pack, “what are you four going to do?” He was asking, but he expected a certain response and his tone showed it.

“Apologize to Shoto,” Katsuki mumbled. Masaru caught it, but he pretending not to.

“Oh, I’m sorry, what was that, son?”

“I said we’re gonna go fucking apologize to half and half! FUCK! OKAY?” Katsuki half-screamed, turning red with embarrassment. Izuku looked up and shot him a dirty look.

“His name is Shoto, Katsuki.” The omega quipped, Eijirou and Denki flinched. Izuku may be an omega, and may look fluffy and harmless, but hell hath no furry like an angry Izuku Midoriya on a warpath against his rival/fiancé. Poor Katsuki, he stood no chance against the smaller man when it came to winning an argument like this.

“Fucking fine! Shoto! God damn it!”

“Thank you, Katsuki.” Izuku stated back, the couple had been fighting for several weeks now. Izuku going as far as to stay in one of the unused suites in the pack-room.

“You will do more than apologize.” Yagi finally spoke, a little disappointed in the pettiness his two favorite pupils were displaying. “You will apologize, to Shoto and Tenya, and you will beg them for their forgiveness and you will accept it if they choose not to give it.” The pack took a collective gulp. Yagi rarely chastised them, and they could all smell the thick wave of disappointment coming off the emaciated alpha.

“Also,” even Inko was ordering them around. “Take some of his nesting materials to him. From what Hitoshi said, despite how you all have ignored him, he still misses you and your scents. He only has a day left to make a new nest and get ready for his heat, so take responsibility and help him.” Denki and Izuku paled at the realization. Hitoshi had told them all how Shoto had obliterated his nest earlier that day, and being omegas, they knew the implications of such an act so close to one’s heat. Shoto had rejected his nest, he was so upset at the lack of their scents. In turn, he rampaged and let his instincts take over, which would have started screaming at him that nothing and no one was safe now that he didn’t have a nest so close to his heat. This caused him to reject Tenya, not being able to tell that the alpha was safe. Had it been one of them, Katsuki and Eijirou would have probably elected to have a pack heat/rut in order to take care of them, enlisting Tenya to help. Omegas who got distressed during their pre-heat had bad heats, that was just how it was.

A soft knock at the door was all the warning they got before four young men entered the heat-room. Two shocks of blonde, a red, and a green was all that Shoto saw with his blurry eye, still crying – his right was filled with tears as he buried his left into the safety that was his alpha. He heard a low growl coming from the large man’s chest, and shivered.

Alpha is protecting me. Keeping me safe. Not scary. No. Safe. I was just upset before, and shocked. But no, alpha is protector. Keeps me safe. Always, always.

“Don’t come any further.” Tenya’s voice was low and menacing, and his large arms tightened around Shoto even further. Shoto realized he was getting more upset, and at first, he didn’t really understand why. He just knew he started crying more, his distress scent renewing itself as he sobbed. Then it hit him.

Oh. Ohh. Pack. Pack is here. I smell them. Fire. Musk. Meadow. Electricity. I missed them, but they left me. I would have left me too, after what I did. I don’t blame them, but I missed them. Only Tenya waited, only Tenya stayed. I know why they forgot me, but it hurt. It hurt. It still hurts. I don’t know what they want, now. It hurts.

“Woah, man. We aren’t here to fight.” Eijirou said, he would have lifted his arms up in surrender, but they were currently full of pillows from Shoto’s nest back at the palace.

“Don’t care.” Tenya grunted, letting out a wave of protective pheromones. “You upset Ome-Shoto. Go away.” Shoto couldn’t see the faces they were making, having fully hid himself against Tenya. He whimpered when he caught scent of fire, like it was igniting and starting to burn furiously.

“Don’t fucking be like that.” Katsuki said, blunt as always. He received an aggressive growl from Tenya in response, but the big alpha did not move from the bed. “Look, we’re sorry.”

“Sorry? SORRY?!” Tenya lost his composure, one of his hands leaving Shoto to punctuate the air as he talked. “NOW you’re sorry, Prince Katsuki? After what, four, five weeks? Shoto has been here for over a month, and none of you, NONE OF YOU, came to him. I get it, I do. He attacked and hurt Izuku, I can’t say I wouldn’t be angry if Izuku did that to Shoto. But you all were supposed to be his friends! AND YOU LEFT HIM.” Shoto cried as he heard Tenya get mad on his behalf, speaking words he could no longer say himself.

I couldn’t ever say it, but it hurt so much. I’m so sorry for what I did, I didn’t mean to do it. I didn’t even realize what had happened until it was already done. But I missed you! Izuku, all of you! AND IT HURTS. It hurts that you left me, forgot me. It hurts now that you are here. It hurts.

“Tenya…” Izuku tried to speak, but the alpha was not done.

“No, Izuku. Don’t you dare.” Tenya was also crying now, his scent of anger and protectiveness mixing with Shoto’s despair and sadness, creating a thick, suffocating cloud in the room. “You were his only friend, for a long, long time. You know that. You read that poem he showed us. You left him once, and now you left him a second time!” Izuku winced at the low blow, but Tenya wasn’t wrong. “He won’t say it, because Shoto thinks he deserves it, but how do you think he feels? His family abandoned him, the whole world abandoned him, and just when he gets people he loves in his life – a pack – he messes up and they ditch him.” Tenya took a deep shuddering breath, trying to reel himself in. Shoto clutched at him, trying to get closer, burying his nose into the alpha’s chest and squeezing his eyes shut.

I know I’m sick, I’m insane. I know, I KNOW. And I’m trying, I’m trying so hard. Every day I speak with Dr. Iida, I get my blood drawn, I have to have help being fed and bathed, I take the medicine Dr. Aizawa gives me. But it’s never enough, its not. I’m going to have bad days, always. Are you guys going to leave me every time? Is Tenya the only one willing to wait? To stay?

At this point, Dr. Aizawa and Dr. Yamada had come in to check on the group after hearing Tenya yelling. “He’s doing his god damn best,” Tenya continued – getting looks of shock from his packmates when he actually cursed. “He is trying so hard, every day. He hurts so much on the inside, all the time. He thinks he doesn’t deserve friendship or love. He told mom the reason he jumped out the window was because he wanted his outside to match his inside.” At this point, Tenya wasn’t being aggressive. He was sobbing, like Shoto, holding his spare hand to his face now, to hide his tears. “If you guys are going to leave him again, its best if you just forgot about the both of us. Right here, right now. He can’t, hell I can’t, do this all over again.” Shoto untucked his face from Tenya’s, only to reach up and pull the alpha’s face into his shoulder, making it so that they were crying into each other. Both were latched on, Shoto grasping Tenya’s shirt in his fists while Tenya squeezed him with both of his arms.

The two doctors stood silently at the door, agreeing with Tenya. The alpha was right, it would break them both apart if the pack came back to them and then walked away again. Tenya and Shoto were both men who held things in, despite feeling everything acutely. They were also pragmatic and humble, knowing that they could not make demands of people unnecessarily. So, they rarely asked for the things they needed. It made them easy to hurt, and both were not in a place to handle that kind of heartbreak again. Losing a pack was like being disowned by your family. If the pack wasn’t there to stay for the tough times that were inevitable, then it would be best for them to walk away now.

“I…” Katsuki fumbled for words. “I fucked up. I know.” He finally managed to strangle the words out. “Izuku wanted to visit, from the very beginning. I’m the one who forbade it.” Tenya looked up at the blonde alpha with red-rimmed eyes. “But, look. Fuck. I... we. We aren’t going to leave like that again. We’re…”

“We’re going to be here for you guys, no matter what.” Izuku finished for him, stepping forward and taking Katsuki’s hand for the first time in weeks. Katsuki’s breath caught in the back of his throat at the action, and Izuku gave him a firm squeeze.

“That’s right.” Denki said, pulling Eijirou deeper into the room. “Eij and I are sorry for not trying harder, too. We should have stuck up for you. But we want to be here for you, we want to stay as pack.” Eijirou nodded along, not able to speak because he was crying. Snot was running down his nose but he couldn’t do anything about it because he was still holding pillows. In fact, all four of them were carrying either pillows or blankets, all from Shoto’s nest.

Tenya let out a choked sob, and Shoto looked up at the pack, his scent shifting from complete sadness to holding a bit of hope. Izuku stepped forward and offered his wrist. Shoto shook his head, declining.

I can still tell you are all real. You are pack.

Izuku looked confused, almost crestfallen, when Aizawa piped up from the back. “Not a bad thing, Izuku.” The pack turned, finally noticing the two doctors. “He’s not rejecting you. That’s him saying he doesn’t need to check you because he already knows.”

Cue Izuku breaking out into tears, and before the pack realized it, they were all sitting on the bed, nuzzling and scenting each other. The nesting materials piled at the foot of the bed.

Chapter Text

That night, the pack helped Shoto rebuild his nest. Denki and Izuku were much better at placing the pillows and blankets in a way that Shoto was happy with. Not surprising, considering they were also omegas, and the fact that they had helped him build his nest at the palace. The alphas, as usual, were on standby, dutifully scenting anything that was shoved at them. That meant Tenya was spending quite a bit of time performing this particular duty. When Shoto gave out a low purr of satisfaction, the pack grinned. A purring omega was a happy omega. They had a few blankets and pillows left over, and Izuku started to gather them up.

”Do you to put these in the nest, Socchan?” Izuku asked, but Shoto shook his head. “Then, want me to put them away…?” No, again. Izuku was confused. If Shoto didn’t want them, but didn’t want to put them away, then what did he want to do with them? Shoto must have sensed his question, because he huffed and pointed at Tenya, Balancing himself on one crutch.

“M-me?” Tenya said, pointing at himself, wide-eyed. “What do you mean?” Shoto huffed again, before pointing aggressively at the nest, then the spare blankets, then back at Tenya. Tenya understood, finally. “You want me to have the blankets?” Shoto nodded. “You… want to build me a nest for my rut…?” He asked, tentatively. To have an omega build a nest for you when they weren’t going to share your rut with you was the next best thing. It was something Tenya had never asked from any of his friends, nor had he asked Ochaco for it. He had always taken his ruts in a sparsely furnished room, with only enough blankets to keep him warm, and just one pillow – his family found that by limiting the things he could tear apart, he couldn’t and wouldn’t tear apart everything. Shoto nodded, vigorously.

“I-I….” Tenya stumbled over his words as he found himself crying, overflowing with emotions. His pre-rut was making it hard to hold it all in, and he just couldn’t stop it. Shoto hobbled over, deciding to sit in the alpha’s lap (crutches abandoned) and nuzzled his neck.

You’re a good alpha. We can’t share our heat and rut right now, but you deserve to have some peace. I can’t do much, but I will do what I can. Because… I… I think I love you.

Tenya never finished his sentence, instead wrapping his arms around the omega and squeezing him, scenting him back. Katsuki and Eijirou grinned, themselves remembering nests built for them by Izuku and Denki respectively. They silently hoped it would help alleviate Tenya from some of the aggression and pain he went through during his ruts. Once Tenya had settled down, they all helped Shoto take the left-over blankets and pillows to the rut-room Tenya would be staying in. At the door, they handed Tenya the blankets and pillows, the alpha having to take a few trips from the door to the bed to deposit them. An alpha’s nest was very different from an omega’s, as he would find no comfort in any scent except his own and Shoto’s during his rut. The pack waved them good-bye, taking the opportunity to go home for the night.

Shoto stubbornly refused to let Tenya help him this time, glaring at the alpha until he sat in a nearby chair. Shoto hobbled on one crutch, doing his best to pull and tug blankets into position and to fluff and squeeze the pillows. At one point, he directed Tenya to go grab more blankets and pillows, which the alpha reluctantly did. He didn’t like leaving the omega alone, not even for a little bit. When he came back five minutes later, Shoto was laying in the half-completed nest, rubbing his face and neck into the fabrics and letting out his scent as much as he could. Tenya started to tear up again. He really couldn’t believe that Shoto was making him a nest, just for him, just for his rut. It tugged at him, and his heart felt like it was just too, too full. Shoto noticed him when he let out a choked sob, causing the omega to awkwardly scramble with his broken leg, trying to get out of the nest and to the alpha who had sunk limply into the chair, blankets and pillows cast aside.

Shoto finally hobbled to him, once again choosing to abandon his crutches for Tenya’s lap. He gently pulled the alpha’s head out his hands, guiding one hand to his heart, and the other to his face. Encouraging the alpha to feel his heartbeat and to look up at him. Shoto’s smaller hands caressed Tenya’s large ones as the alpha raised his head, finding Shoto’s eyes staring at him. He leaned forward and pressed the heads together, like Shoto had done before. He stared into the omega’s eyes, looking, searching. He was scared that this Shoto was not the same Shoto he would see at the end of their heat and rut. But he found that Shoto’s grey and turquoise eyes held nothing but love, sincerity, trust, and warmth.

Shoto leaned in, closing the gap between their lips. His lips were soft and warm, and again Tenya’s heart felt like it would burst. He didn’t know how it happened, but he had fallen so deep for the man in the blink of an eye. He kissed him back, slowly, sweetly. Neither one of them wanted to give in to their biology in that moment, keeping the kiss chaste. They were searching for affirmation, for love. Not lust. Not right now. Tenya was the one who broke the kiss, new tears falling down his face.

“Thank you,” he whispered, pressing their heads together. “I know you must think I’m the one keeping you together, but I think it’s the other way around.”

It is both.

Shoto placed a soft, quiet kiss on Tenya’s head before giving him another quick kiss on the lips. The omega then moved off his lap, picking up his crutches and hobbling to the bed. He then waved at the blankets, and Tenya understood the command. He stood and picked up the fresh bedding and pillows he found, setting them gently on the bed before Shoto pushed him back to the chair. Tenya watched as Shoto scented the fabrics before painstakingly putting them into the nest. He fought with his inner alpha to help the injured omega, but managed to stay seated. This is what Shoto wanted, therefor Shoto would have it.

Hitoshi found them around dinner time, bringing two plates of hearty food. He had been surprised to hear from Ochaco how Shoto was building a second nest for Tenya. It seemed the frail omega was more in tune with his instincts than they had believed. Hitoshi also took a wild guess that Shoto would want to spend the last night of their pre-cycle in Tenya’s rut-room, in order to allow the nest to absorb Shoto and Tenya’s combined scent. He had brought a change of pajamas from Shoto’s room accordingly. The nest was done now, and the pair was cuddling in the center. It was obscene how adorable they were, with Tenya’s large frame wrapped around Shoto’s smaller one as Shoto clung to his chest and nuzzled him.

“I brought food, and pajamas for Shoto.” Hitoshi said, announcing himself after taking in the disgustingly sweet scene. “Before you eat, I need to take both your vitals this time, as well as draw your blood.” Tenya nodded, helping Shoto up. There was a table and two chairs in the room, and he led the omega to one of the seats before taking the other. Tenya had hoped they would be able to eat in bed, but Shoto had given him a look when he didn’t move from the bed at the arrival of the food. No eating in the nest. Got it.

Hitoshi was quick, taking their vitals and blood in no time. He turned to the pair before leaving. “Be sure to eat all of your food.” He said, giving Shoto a stern look. “You need it, and I know Tenya will make sure of it.” Shoto huffed, but didn’t try to put up a fight. The other omega nodded, satisfied the man would eat his dinner properly. He made his way out, closing the door quietly behind him.

Shoto did indeed eat all his dinner that night, and was perhaps encouraged by the small touches and kisses Tenya gave him between bites.

That evening, they settled down into the newly made nest. Shoto purred while a low rumble emanated from Tenya’s chest as they held each other, heavily scenting the room, the bed, and each other. Shoto loved being scented by the alpha, loved the way their glands came together and their scents mixed pleasantly. Tenya had kissed him goodnight, slowly and languidly, Shoto matching him. They kissed for a while, before Tenya had to break away. He couldn’t allow it to get heated, even if he wanted more. Now was not the time.

“Goodnight, love.” Tenya whispered in Shoto’s ear as he snuggled the omega from behind. Shoto fell asleep easily in the man’s embrace, his heartbeat and breathing matching the alpha’s, his body relaxing into his warmth and scent.

In the morning, Tenya found he had a small problem. Or a not so small one. Depends on your perspective. He was still spooning the omega, and Shoto was firmly hugging onto the arm he had thrown over him. There was no escape, no getting away unnoticed. Shoto moved in his sleep, just a bit, but Tenya had to bite back a moan that crawled its way up his throat. Tenya’s dick was firmly trapped between himself and Shoto’s ass, and it was absolute torture for the alpha. To just… lay there, surrounded by pre-heat and pre-rut pheromones, with his arousal squeezed by the ass-cheeks of the man he lov….cared for, and not move. On top of it all, Shoto had his arm in a vice grip, holding it to his chest even though the omega was also cuddling a body pillow, his arms and legs wrapped around it. If he tried to move, Shoto would wake. If he didn’t move, Shoto would eventually wake. And Tenya knew his problem would not go away until he did something about it. Shoto moved again, his ass grinding ever so slightly against Tenya, and the alpha was too late in holding back his moan. It tore out of him, muffled when he turned his face into his pillow. Shoto stirred again.

“Ah-ah… Sho… Sho… S-stop moving. P-please.” Tenya panted, at this point giving up on not waking the omega and deciding to please with him to stop moving. At some point Shoto would wake and find out anyways, might as well try to prevent any mishaps. Shoto moved again, though this time it was because he was waking up. The omega had a tendency to wriggle when he woke up, and it was NOT helping Tenya. Tenya felt Shoto’s ass grind against him, the smaller man unaware of what he was doing. It sent shocks of pleasure and heat up Tenya’s spine, and he wanted more. But now was not the time. He had to be patient. Had to take things at Shoto’s speed.

“Hnng!” He moaned again, doing his best to keep from grabbing onto the omega and just rutting endlessly into him. “Please stop moving!” Shoto stirred again. “For… the … f-fuck!” Shoto was not pressing against him, and Tenya could do nothing but bury his face in the pillow and try to hold onto his composure until the man woke up all the way. Shoto pressed back on him again, but it was different this time. He heard panting coming from the omega, and after battling another wave of pleasure, he opened his eyes a looked at the omega. What he found did not help his situation. Nope. Not at all.

Shoto was panting, his eyes open and blown wide with lust. The pillow between his legs was being crushed between his thighs as he gyrated his hips, trying to get friction on his own arousal. Tenya froze. “Fuck.” He whispered, and then moaned when Shoto ground back on him forcefully. He tried to pull away, now that he knew the omega was awake. They shouldn’t be doing this – they had agreed to not have sex. Hell, even Aizawa said no sex for several heat cycles. But Shoto held his arm, refusing to let go. The omega turned his head, mouth open and panting. Tenya choked on the pheromones Shoto launched at him, filled with desire and lust.

“W-we can’t, Shoto. No sex, r-remember?” The alpha tried to reason. Shoto responded by grinding into the pillow and letting out a small moan. Well, fuck. “Is it that bad?” The alpha asked, and Shoto nodded, lifting his left leg and removing the pillow so Tenya could see the prominent boner that was pressing against the omega’s pants. Shoto quickly replaced it, sighing when the pressure against his dick returned. Tenya crumbled, giving into his instincts again. If this is what Shoto wanted, this is what Shoto would have.

Luckily for Shoto, Tenya was still not in full rut, and was therefor able to keep a clear mind. Shoto was also not in full heat, but his inexperience with sexual activities and arousal in general left him helpless when he was so clearly in need of relief in the form of pleasure. Tenya settled back down behind the omega, pressing his crotch against the round flesh of the omega’s butt. “We can’t have sex, but we can do this.” Tenya gave a small, experimental thrust, dragging his clothed arousal between Shoto’s cheeks, moaning when his shaft was squeezed pleasantly. Shoto also let out a surprised moan, Tenya’s movement having not only felt pleasant on his back side, but caused him to move against the pillow he was humping.

They continued like this, with Tenya increasing the force and speed of his thrusts, establishing a firm, but gentle, pace. Shoto was a panting mess, letting Tenya move his body for him. Tenya starting kissing the back of his neck, moving to his exposed scent gland. Shoto moaned when Tenya swiped his tongue over it, and Tenya quickened his pace when the taste of peppermint and arousal hit his tongue. It was one of the best things he had ever come to taste, and he could live for eternity on it. Shoto came first, wetting the inside of his boxers, the combined pleasure on his dick and ass bringing him to completion faster. Tenya was not far behind, feeling Shoto convulse with release brought him to the brink, and he only needed a few more thrusts to finish. When he did, he let out a roar, his inner alpha screaming with pleasure and pride. This omega was his. His, and no one else’s.

The aftermath was quiet, but sweaty and heavy with their scents and the smells of arousal and cum. Shoto was exhausted, but he turned to face the alpha anyways. His body felt heavy, but pleasantly sated. He grinned up at Tenya, when the alpha moved to scoot away – embarrassed and a little ashamed at his lack of control. Shoto scooted with him, not letting the bigger alpha get away. Shoto then reached out and grabbed the alpha’s hand, bringing it to his chest so the alpha could feel his pounding heart.

I didn’t know what I wanted, because I don’t know anything about all this. But this was good. I liked it. I liked it a lot. I want to do it again, sometime.

“Are you sure?” Tenya whispered back, as always, the alpha seemed to understand Shoto perfectly, even without words. Shoto nodded, bringing the hand up to his lips and giving the open palm a soft kiss. Tenya let out a rush of air, the tension leaving his body. He had been so worried he had done something bad, something unwanted to the omega that not even an orgasm made him relax. But Shoto wouldn’t let him worry, Shoto didn’t let him run away. No, Shoto made sure Tenya knew he was wanted, that what he did was good. Tenya’s inner alpha hummed with happiness. The omega couldn’t use his words, but he spoke to Tenya’s heart better than anyone had ever done before.

When Ochaco came to bring the breakfast, they had cleaned up and changed clothes. Shoto had allowed Tenya to help him in and out of the bath, but that was it. He had turned beet red, standing in front of the alpha, naked. Suddenly the memory of Tenya grinding against his rear causing him to flush and grow warm. He willed the image away, not wanting to accidentally get hard again.

But they didn’t fool Ochaco. They could clean up and put soiled clothes in the hamper, but that wouldn’t rid the scent-sealed room of their combined scents of arousal and release. She raised any eyebrow up at Tenya, in a silent question. She also knew that they were not to have sex, well, penetrative sex. In the elegant words of Hitoshi, “As long as he doesn’t stick it in, we won’t stop them. They’re both adults, you know.” Tenya had turned red at her implication.

“N-no. We didn’t do that, Ochaco. Just… something else. Please don’t ask anymore.” The alpha pleaded, she was going to press for more answers when she caught Shoto’s distressed scent. The omega was red with embarrassment, but also looked… angry? He was side-eyeing her, and it clicked in her head. She was another omega, and Tenya’s ex, and she was intruding on their sex lives. She took a step back, baring her neck to the omega in apology.

“I’m sorry Shoto, I did not mean to over-step.” The man relented, turning his gaze back to the alpha, watching as Tenya set up the table for them to eat breakfast. Shoto was sitting in the bed, waiting for Tenya to come get him when he was done.

“If you’re done,” Tenya said as he stood up straight. “Shoto and I would like to eat breakfast alone, please.” His voice was curt, but not mean. Ochaco realized her presence in their space was causing more harm than good. Both men were trying to reel in their instincts to just kick her out, and they probably both knew their time together was running short as their heat and rut swiftly approached. She nodded and left, leaving the two to themselves. She heard soft murmurs and heard the bed move, Tenya was probably carrying the omega to the table, his alpha instincts telling him to cater to his every whim.

She went and found Dr. Aizawa, who was in his office with Dr. Yamada. “How are they?” The omegan doctor asked, lifting his head from a file he was reading, Yamada standing behind him, reading it over his shoulder.

“Fine, I think. They clearly sought some form of sexual release this morning, but Tenya assured me it was nothing… penetrative.” She was a nurse, but talking about her ex’s sex life was a little weird.

“That’s good, actually.” Aizawa said, and Ochaco was a little surprised. He looked up at her with a sly grin. “I authorized the overnight stays because something like this needed to happen between them. I had hoped it would have happened earlier, given them both some time and a few more… happenstances to get comfortable with each other in that way before entering their heat and rut. Especially Shoto. But I will take what we get.”

“If you don’t mind me asking, Doctor Aizawa, but why was it so important they get intimate with each other?” Ochaco asked, tentatively. She may be a nurse, who specialized in heats and omega-care, but she was still young and had holes in her knowledge.

“No, its good to ask questions, and we have time while we wait for them to finish breakfast.” Aizawa said, leaning back into his chair and setting the file down. Yamada leaned down and placed his elbows on the back of the chair, his head resting on the omega’s dark locks. “For Tenya, its because of his extremely difficult rut. It causes him to be aggressive, which in turn ends up causing him pain. But he also has Knot Delay – which I know you’ve heard of. There’s been very little research on either problem, but what has been done indicates that establishing a relationship with an omega and performing in sexual acts prior to the rut helps in alleviating some of the symptoms. Of course, if the omega shared the rut it would be even better, but even spending pre-heat together and allowing Tenya to indulge and accept his instincts could potentially do wonders for him. Alphas with Knot Delay often feel inadequate, or bad. On top of this, he has a naturally long and aggressive rut – making his mental state even worse.” Aizawa paused, allowing Ochaco to absorb the information before continuing. She decided to take a seat, realizing there was much, much more to this than meets the eye.

“Yamada here has been Tenya’s main doctor for ten years, since the man was thirteen. At that point, he had already been presented for two years – early for an alpha. Even his ‘pup-ruts’ were aggressive and violent, and when he was thirteen it got worse because he officially started having sexual ruts. To top it all off, his ruts are every 2-2 ½ months and last for ten days, with four days of pre-rut.” Yamada nodded as Aizawa explained. “It was a problem, for him and his family. We tried suppressants for him at one point, but discovered he needed extremely large doses to prevent a rut, and only a certain kind of suppressant helped to make him less aggressive. Both have negative side affects and cannot be taken on a regular basis, maybe once a year to fully suppress a rut, and two to three times a year to make him have a less aggressive one. Less if he fully suppresses one, then we’ll only let him suppress one rut and dampen another. Otherwise, it’s too dangerous.”

“How many suppressants does he have to take to fully suppress a rut?” She asked, and this time Yamada answered.

“Oh, no. We don’t give him the kind that come in pills, Ochaco. They don’t work.” The blonde alpha said, reading her shocked expression. “He gets medical grade shots, and I always – and I mean ALWAYS – strictly monitor him when he decides to do this. I also make him go through a full-body check up every three months when the pack comes in for their birth control.” Ochaco stared at him. In all the years she had known Tenya, even the time they were dating, she had never known.

“But to answer your question,” Yamada continued. “When he suppressed his rut in January for Shoto’s sake, he had a total of 38 shots.”

“38 shots in 14 days?” Ochaco asked, flabbergasted.

“Yes,” Yamada confirmed. “When he dampens his rut, like he did with you, he takes a different suppressant. It an implant I can inject into him, that slow releases for the full 14 days. Either way, he runs the risk of infection, among other complications, when he does this. It’ll also affect his sperm count down the road.”

“Then why? Why do it in the first place?”

“For one, he dampens his rut only when he is going to spend it with someone. In his case, it was once with you, and then he does it once to twice a year for the pack heat/ruts. He does it so he doesn’t hurt anyone. He’s terrified of losing control and causing pain to someone he cares about.” Yamada revealed, and Ochaco held in a gasp. Tenya had never once shown this side of himself to her, not once. Yamada smiled sadly. “Even the pack didn’t know, until this past January. As his doctor, I couldn’t convey the information to them, and he didn’t want them to know. The only people who knew was his family.”

“But… why? Why hide it? None of us were going to judge him.”

“We know, but he doesn’t.” Aizawa supplied. “When he was younger, his father, Tenjirou, and his grandfather, Tenjirou’s dad, were the ones who took care of him during his ruts. Tensei was in college and couldn’t take off two weeks so easily, and Taniko, being an omega, couldn’t safely care for him. And you can’t bring outside alpha’s in for ruts. So Tenjirou and his dad took turns, since you can’t leave such a young alpha on his own during their ruts. Especially ruts like Tenya’s. From what Tenjirou told us, his father had started showing his age and really couldn’t continue caring for Tenya during his ruts, but did so anyways.” Aizawa sighed, a little sadly. “Something happened, during one of his ruts. And Tenya’s grandfather got hurt, really badly. He recovered, but his health ultimately deteriorated due to his age and the injury, and he passed away a little under a year later.”

“His Grandpa Iida…” Ochaco choked on her own words. “He always talked about him like… like…”

“Like he was a saint?” Yamada asked. Ochaco nodded. “Because to Tenya, he was. The man, in his eyes, risked his health and his life to help his young grandson during his ruts. But it also means that Tenya blames himself for what happened, and ultimately, for his grandfather’s death. Though he won’t tell anyone that, we all know it.”

Ochaco sat silently, absorbing all of this. Trying to process that the Tenya Iida she knew what not the Tenya Iida she thought he was. “Is… is that why he is going into psychology?”

“Who knows.” Yamada shrugged. “Maybe its what he really wants. Or maybe he is trying to find a way to repay the world for a crime he did not commit.”

“Even Taniko, his mother and a psychologist herself, doesn’t know her own son’s motivations on his choice of education and career.” Aizawa added. “He’s as tight-lipped as ever, about himself and all that he entails.”

“Even during his pre-ruts and ruts, he wouldn’t get emotional. He’d get angry, aggressive, but never vocal or emotional. Until now.” Yamada said, his face distant and pensive. “Until Shoto waltzed into his life, Tenya was content with keeping everything inside. But now, I’ve seen him yell at his best friends, he’s taken a stand against what he thought wasn’t right, he’s opened his heart to someone. He’s… being surprisingly open and honest with Shoto.”

“He is,” Aizawa agreed. “And to top it off, he does wonders for Shoto too. It truly is a win-win, in this case.”

“So, Shoto is good for Tenya, and Tenya is good for Shoto, is what you are saying?” Ochaco asked, still trying to absorb all this new-found information.

“Yes,” the doctors replied together.

“Do you think that… being with Shoto, and being intimate – even just a little – will help Tenya that much?”

“I do,” Yamada confirmed. “It hasn’t been easy, as you know. But I’ve seen enough firsts with Tenya when Shoto’s involved to know that this rut will probably be one of his best, even if he isn’t sharing it with anyone.”

“Oh.” Ochaco said, a little too quietly as she stared down at her hands and tried to ignore her own feelings of inadequacy at that statement.

“Plus, it comes with the added benefit of helping Shoto.” Aizawa said, waiting for Ochaco to stop feeling sorry for herself because the rut she spent with Tenya couldn’t be counted among his best and she had just figured that out. When she finally lifted her head, he continued. “In Shoto’s case, he has been repressed – in more ways than one. Education, physical development, emotional development, sexual development... the list is endless when it comes to him. He has never had a normal heat, his last one was the closest to it. And that’s only because it was the first time he wasn’t in gut-wrenching pain for the whole ten days.”

“You mean…?”

“Shoto presented at sixteen, had ten-day long heats, and has them every two months, and for six fucking years he suffered through each one, alone, as it felt like his insides were tearing each other apart.” Aizawa spat, anger growing in his voice on behalf of his patient. “That poor man has felt more pain than you can ever realize, Ochaco. Both physically and emotionally. To make it worse, there are parts of himself he will never be able to recover, parts of himself that were meant to be but will never surface because of what his family did to him.” Yamada reached down and rubbed Aizawa’s shoulders, attempting to calm his mate down. Aizawa let him do it, and relaxed into the touch before continuing.

“O.I.S. kills omegas, usually, before it gets this bad. They kill themselves, after a year or two of complete isolation like he had. Especially when they are isolated immediately after presenting like that. Granted, most omegas are 10-12 when they first truly present, and are mentally weaker than a 16-year-old, but Shoto had no idea, no preparation. He thought he was a beta. Then BAM! Suddenly he’s an omega, and his body is on the fritz. It literally drove him insane. Even omegas with milder cases of O.I.S. have killed themselves after a few years, or tried to do so. Yet somehow, he lived. He didn’t kill himself. He didn’t go through Omegan Shock until he was rescued. Had that happened even a day or two earlier, we would have never met the man. We would have been too late.”

“But we weren’t too late, babe.” Yamada whispered, consoling the omega in front of him. Aizawa was getting visibly upset, but wouldn’t stop telling Ochaco what she wanted – needed – to know. Ochaco remained silent, allowing Aizawa to speak freely.

“He lost everything, everything that he was. When we found him, it was horrifying. He was nothing of the prince everyone had known, when he was a teenager. He was nothing of the boy Izuku told me about. And then his mother tried to attack him. Can you believe it? The woman was the one who scared him in the first place, and when she sees him for the first time in six years after locking him up, she attacks him! And Enji? No better, acting like Shoto was the scum on the bottom of his shoe. I don’t think Toya’s any better, honestly.” Aizawa huffed. “But I digress. Shoto is, still, very broken. He is ill, there is no way around it. But being around Tenya helped him in the beginning, and it continues to do so. At first, we thought it was because we used Tenya as a ‘safe alpha’ for him while we got him out, but it is clearly more than that.”

“We think they’re fated mates.” Yamada explained, when Ochaco looked confused. Her mouth opened into a silent ‘O’, surprised to hear that from the two doctors.

“But Shoto isn’t ready to realize that yet,” Aizawa said. “He needs more time, he needs to learn how to be a person, a man, an omega. No one was there to teach him these things when he was younger, I don’t think. From what Izuku said, Shoto’s always been very… closed off emotionally. I think his family ignored him long before he ever presented, and it wouldn’t surprise me. Enji would have been disappointed with anything other than an alpha. Tenya can help him with a lot of this, just by being there. But for this heat, we wanted Shoto to learn about arousal – outside of heat. Yes, he’s in pre-heat, but its not the same. We wanted him to experience it, feel it, understand it, and not be ashamed or scared of it. In order for him to have a good heat, a good first sexual heat, he needs to be comfortable with it. That’s why we wanted them to spend so much time together, why we wanted them to be at least a little intimate. It’s mutually beneficial for them both.”

Aizawa and Yamada opted to leave Shoto and Tenya alone until after lunch, sending Ochaco in to give them their food around 1 PM. She had swiftly come back, red in the face. Aizawa lifted an eyebrow at her. “Something wrong?”

“I-I think it’ll be time to separate them soon, before dinner time rolls around.” She said, trying to not think about what she had just seen.

“Anything to be concerned about?” Yamada asked, guessing she had witnessed something a little… embarrassing.

“N-no.” She stuttered. “They were just…” Yamada smirked.

“As long as Tenya isn’t fucking him up the ass, we can leave them be for a bit.” Aizawa said, very nonchalantly. Ochaco suddenly understood where Hitoshi picked up all of his habits from.

Chapter Text

It was right before dinner time, and Hitoshi must have taken over for Ochaco for the evening, because the omega knocked on the door before entering – stumbling onto a somewhat less embarrassing scene than Ochaco had at lunch-time. The room was completely saturated with the combined scents of rain and peppermint – laced with the thick aroma of arousal from both men. Currently, Tenya was laying on top of Shoto, but between his legs – being careful not to hurt his broken leg or settle too much weight on top of the omega. Lucky for Hitoshi, they were both wearing pants, though they were suspiciously missing their shirts. Tenya had Shoto caged under his arms while the alpha was licking and suckling on his neck – on his scent glands to be precise. Shoto, on the other hand, was panting heavily, eyes screwed shut with pleasure, legs wriggling, and hands splayed to either side – gripping the blankets fiercely. From what Hitoshi could see, Tenya was having a fun time leaving little hickeys and bite marks all over Shoto’s chest and neck, but the alpha had none. It seems Shoto wasn’t quite ready to do those things himself.

Before it could escalate further, Hitoshi cleared his throat.

It didn’t work. Tenya and Shoto were too lost in their hazes with it being literal hours before their heat and rut began. Hitoshi sighed, turned around and walked out. He returned a moment later with Aizawa, Yamada, and Tensei. When the four men entered, Tenya paused. He stiffened as he smelled the air – catching the scents of two intruding alphas. He slowly turned to growl at them, dismounting from the bed and standing between the group and Shoto. Shoto was still a little dazed, confused why the alpha had suddenly stopped, his closest hand subconsciously reaching out to the large man but only finding empty space. The omega let out a small whine, and he let out a small wave of distress. This further agitated Tenya, who bristled and growled at the newcomers yet again.

“Tenya, its okay. We aren’t here to hurt Shoto.” Tensei said, him and Yamada both raising their hands in the air and displaying their necks. Dealing with Tenya so close to rut – and now with an omega – was a real pain in the ass. He loved his little brother, truly, but it was difficult and dangerous at times. Part of Tensei thought they should have kept them apart for their pre-cycles, but Yamada and Aizawa had been adamant. Unfortunately for Tensei, this meant he was wrapped into helping because an alpha in rut could only be approached by alphas he knew were not a threat – usually pack members and family, or in Yamada’s case, a well-known alpha who was already mated.

“Tenya, remember, we talked about this before your pre-cycle started.” Yamada reasoned with the bigger alpha when Tenya still didn’t stand down. “We aren’t going to hurt Shoto, but we all agreed that it is best for you two to not share your heat and rut. Remember? For Shoto’s sake.” Tenya looked at Yamada, his eyes clearing up a bit before looking back to Shoto who was still laying on the bed. The man was still flushed red from their earlier activities, but he was no longer distressed and was instead taking the situation in with a firm calmness.

“For Omega?” Tenya asked, turning back to Yamada. “Why can’t Omega stay?” Yamada grimaced at Tenya’s use of ‘Omega’, his rut might be coming faster than they anticipated.

“Shoto, Tenya. He’s your omega, yes, but his name is Shoto.” Yamada reminded him, hoping it was just a slip due to their… activities today. “But Shoto can’t spend his heat with you, not this time. He needs to spend it alone, remember?” Again, Tenya looked back at Shoto. The omega started to lift himself up, moving to sit up in the bed instead of laying flat on his back. That seemed to break Tenya from his haze, as he quickly moved from defending the omega to helping him sit up.

“Be careful Shoto, easy now, easy now.” Tenya whispered to him as Shoto struggled to sit up. Being so close to his heat, combined with the effects of Tenya sucking on his glands and his general weak health, it took him quite a bit of effort to get propped upright. Tenya dutifully tucked a pillow behind him and pulled a blanket up to cover his legs. Shoto looked a little frazzled – like he’d been making out with his alpha – but Tenya didn’t mind. Hell, he loved the way Shoto looked, siting securely in the nest he had built for Tenya, smelling thoroughly like the alpha and arousal.

Yamada had let out a small sigh, thankful that somehow Shoto was able to bring Tenya out of the haze and that Tenya was using the omega’s name again. It meant they had some time to get both of them situated before it all started. He was about to call out to Tenya again, but Shoto seemed more put together than his alpha now, and tapped the large man on the arm and pointed at the group of four in the doorway. Giving the alpha a very pointed look. Tenya turned, and blushed, lowering his head sheepishly.

“Sorry, I, uh… lost myself for a bit there.” The young man said, bringing a hand to scratch the back of his head nervously. Shoto then leaned over and grabbed something from the nightstand nearby, once again tapping Tenya to get his attention. Shoto handed him his glasses and Tenya put them on before giving Shoto a thankful smile and turning back to the group.

“Its okay,” Yamada said. “Worried me a little, but glad to see Shoto can handle you.” Shoto turned his head, blushing himself this time. Aizawa let out a little laugh, Hitoshi joining him. Tensei just sighed. He wanted to get them separated already. “But, its time for dinner and I think we should move Shoto back to his room now.” Yamada continued, slowly entering the room. Tenya might not be in the haze anymore, but this was still his territory, he was still in pre-rut, and his pre-heat omega was still in the room. Tensei mimicked his movements while the two omega men stayed behind near the door, not wanting to add more pressure to the already sensitive situation.

“No.” Tenya replied, starting to get defensive again. “You can’t take him. This is our nest. He needs to stay.” Shoto tried to get the alpha’s attention again, grabbing at his arm but Tenya stepped out of the way just in time. “This is where he is safe. With me.”

“Tenya,” Yamada’s voice was calm but firm. “He cannot spend his heat with you. We have talked about this many times. It is in his best interest for him to spend it alone for now. For his health and wellbeing. You know this already.”

“No.” Tenya reiterated, once again moving to stand between the two alphas and Shoto, but not growling or getting into a defensive stance yet. Shoto squirmed on the bed, trying to get up to reach his crutches so he could get to Tenya. He was currently trying to untuck the blanket around his legs. 

“Tenya…” Tensei’s voice was decidedly less calm that Yamada’s voice, it was laced with a bit of aggression and that tone of ‘stop this right now’ that many children have heard from their fathers when they were misbehaving. “You are better than your instincts. Pull yourself together.”

Those were not the words to tell a man who had struggled for nearly a decade with his dynamic, his ruts, his instincts. Tensei missed the warning signs, as he was not a trained professional. Yes, he knew Tenya, he had helped Tenya through ruts before – but not closely, not in a long while. Yamada, on the other hand, had been intimately involved in all of Tenya’s ruts and relating issues with his dynamic. So when he saw Tenya’s jaw clench, he moved.

“GO!” Yamada yelled, pushing Tensei back towards the door, away from Tenya who had just launched himself at the alphas. On instinct, Tensei stopped and turned, creating a barricade in front of Hitoshi and Aizawa. Yamada, however, was tackled to the ground by one angry Tenya Iida. He had slipped back into the haze again, not being able to tell that the alpha below him was not the same man who had caused his rage. Tenya lifted a fist, fully intending to smash the doctor’s face in. Aizawa watched from behind Tensei, not able to move, staring in horror as his mate was pinned by the much larger, younger alpha.

“Tenya, no.” Yamada said calmly. “You don’t want to do this.” Tenya’s fist paused, but his eyes and scent were still wild, still aggressive. He had also clearly forgotten about Shoto, otherwise he would not have let his scent get so oppressive. Tensei went to go pull his brother off the doctor, but Yamada scolded him without moving, keeping as still as stone under his patient. “Don’t you do a thing, Tensei.” The doctor warned. “This is your fault, don’t make it worse.” Tensei stopped, angry, but reeled himself in. “Please just stand between Tenya and the others, as you are now.”

As it turned out, everyone else had temporarily forgotten about the omega laying in the bed too, as he was now swinging his legs to the side of the bed, still trying to get out. Still trying to get to his agitated alpha but unable to call out to him, and his distressed scent wasn’t enough. Tenya was still poised, still angrily scenting the room, his scent strong enough to cause Aizawa and Hitoshi to tremble.

“Tenya, its okay. Its okay.” Yamada assured him, still laying still, waiting to see if Tenya would throw the punch or not. Tenya let out a warning growl, stiffening once again, pulling his arm back. “Tenya, even if you do punch me, it won’t make it better. But its okay if you do. I won’t think less of you.” Tenya’s fist came crashing down, Aizawa started to move to his mate but was stopped by Tensei.

They expected to hear a growl, or the scream of Yamada, hear flesh hitting flesh, or the spurting of blood. They heard none of those.

They expected to see Tenya’s fist connect with Yamada’s face, they expected violence and blood. A rut-hazed alpha out of control. They did not see this.

Instead, the heard a dull thud as Tenya was knocked to the floor. A red and white blur seeming to have launched from nowhere.

Suddenly, Yamada felt a huge weight lifted off of him, and he sat up – stunned. Next to him, Tenya was sprawled out on his back, Shoto doing his best to sit on him (but with a full leg cast that wasn’t really possible). The omega was crying, his right eye flooding with salty tears, and his scent was potent with distress, sadness, and anger.

Tensei was shocked.

Aizawa was crying (with relief because his mate was unharmed).

Hitoshi, like Yamada and Tensei, was stunned silent.

Tenya was very confused. ”O-omega?” his voice trembled, staring up into the mismatched eyes of the man half laying/half sitting on him. He tried to sit up, but Shoto gave him a shove on his chest, stronger than what the alpha expected. He gave up trying to get up, and laid still under the sobbing omega, feeling the tears drop from the smaller man’s face onto his bare chest. Shoto was shaking his head at the alpha.

No! No! No! I know you’re mad! I am too! But calm down! I’m supposed to be the crazy one, stupid alpha!

“I-I-I…” Tenya stammered, slowly coming back to himself, his own eyes filling with tears. Shoto was staring at him intensely, searching the alpha’s eyes and face for any sign that he was rut-hazed again. Tenya let out a choked sob, but didn’t move to grab Shoto, didn’t move at all. After this, he would be surprised if Shoto wanted him at all. Who wants an alpha who gets rut-hazed during his pre-rut? Who wants an aggressive, out of control alpha? Shoto sighed, his own tears still falling.

No, no, Alpha. Still good. Still a good alpha. So strong. You protect me, I know. You keep me safe, I know. I don’t think you are bad. You are a good alpha. Best Alpha.

Shoto leaned forward, nuzzling Tenya’s neck and scent gland. His distress scent was still there, but he was trying to calm the big man. Trying to re-assure him that he was still a good alpha, that he still wanted him. Tenya chocked on a sob again. “C-can I, S-Shoto?” He asked, lifting his arms and Shoto nodded. Tenya gently wrapped his arms around Shoto, and Shoto adjusted so he was laying on top of the alpha more comfortably. Shoto did what Tenya had done for him many times, and started taking exaggerated breaths. Tenya was still crying, still hiccupping on his own sobs, still breathing out of control. But as Shoto breathed in and out, his own chest started to rise and fall at the same pace as the omega’s.

Yamada had gotten up, quickly going over to Aizawa and holding him. He scented the dark-haired omega, calming him and allowing Aizawa to check him over. Making doubly sure that the blonde alpha was okay. Hitoshi and Tensei watched as Shoto calmed Tenya down, using the same techniques the alpha had used on him.

“I’m sorry…” Tensei tried to apologize, but stopped when Shoto’s head snapped towards him. His grey and turquoise eyes were angry, and they were directed at him. Hitoshi did not miss this, and went to grab Shoto’s crutches, handing them to the omega and helping him up. Tenya sat up after Shoto got up, but not fast enough to stop Shoto from hobbling over to where Tensei stood, frozen. Hitoshi was curious what Shoto was going to do, and even Yamada and Aizawa had noticed the rushed thuds of crutches on tile.

None of them expected Shoto to do what he did. Shoto dropped his right crutch, supporting his weight on his left leg and left crutch. He then swiftly raised his right hand.


Tensei’s head whipped to the right with the sudden force of Shoto’s slap. Tenya scrambled to get up now, trying to rush to the clearly angered omega who had just slapped his brother – an alpha. Omegas didn’t just go around hitting alphas. Yamada’s eyes went wide as he quickly moved towards Tensei, preparing to stop the alpha from retaliating against the frail omega. Aizawa was similarly shocked – more so because of how hard Shoto’s slap had been. The man couldn’t even sit up in bed on his own, but in the last couple of minutes he had tackled one alpha and slapped another.

To their surprise, and relief, Tensei did not retaliate. Instead, he brought his own hand to rub at the fresh red mark on his left cheek. “I deserved that.” He said. And Shoto huffed, apparently agreeing with him. “I shouldn’t have said what I did, Tenya.” He apologized, his gaze meeting with his younger brother’s as the younger man slipped his arms around Shoto possessively, encouraging the omega to lean back on him.

“I think it might be best if we get your father, or someone from his pack, to assist me for the duration of his rut.” Yamada said, bending down to pick up Shoto’s discarded crutch.

“You may be right.” Tensei admitted, not missing the wounded look in Tenya’s eyes that continued to linger, nor the cold steel of anger in Shoto’s. He had fucked up, but he couldn’t fix it right now. “I will take my leave, and I will inform my father of the situation.” With that, the alpha slipped between Aizawa and the wall, quietly removing himself from the room. Both Shoto and Tenya visibly relaxed with Tensei out of the room.

“I’m really sorry, Doctor Yamada.” Tenya said, lowering his, his forehead resting on top of Shoto’s head. “I didn’t mean to attack you… I… I just…” his breath hitched, and Shoto reached up to pet his hair, soothing the big alpha.

“Its okay.” Yamada reassured him. “In this case, it really wasn’t your fault. Tensei did not act appropriately in the situation and it set you off. Don’t worry about it.” Tenya couldn’t meet his eyes, but his breathing evened out.

“Okay.” He whispered into Shoto’s hair.

“Anyways. Its still dinner time and we still need to get Shoto to his room. I think, considering things, we can let you come with us for dinner and a little bit afterwards. I don’t want you two to separate on a bad note.” Yamada said.

“I agree.” Aizawa said. “You two need to calm down, plus it won’t hurt to have you scent Shoto’s nest one last time.”

“Y-you mean it?” Tenya asked, lifting his head, his eyes hopeful. “I’ll even wear my muzzle if I have to.”

“We mean it.” Yamada confirmed. “But I don’t think you will need your muzzle. Just let us know if you feel yourself slipping again, okay?”

“I can do that.”

“Good, now since I know you aren’t going to let go of Shoto, give me his other crutch and you can carry him back.” Yamada reached out and took Shoto’s other crutch, and Tenya happily scooped the omega up bridal style, Shoto in turn buried his nose in the alpha’s neck after wrapping his arms around him.

Half an hour later, Shoto was being hand-fed his dinner by the ever-dutiful Tenya, though now they were in Shoto’s heat-room. Tenya had tried to set Shoto down on the bed, hoping the omega would let them eat in bed. Shoto had given him that look again, and Tenya gave up. Perhaps fully in the throws of heat, Shoto would let them eat in the nest. Tenya was not hopeful. Hitoshi was with them, and they heard a knock on the door before four familiar faces came in. Shoto looked up, and smiled once he realized it was the pack.

“Heard you slapped Big Bro Iida.” Denki said, with a wicked grin on his face. Shoto huffed, clearly still miffed at Tensei.

“Socchan!” Izuku was scandalized. Hitoshi laughed.

“Half and half’s got bigger balls than I thought.” Katsuki was grinning, always down for someone getting what they deserved.

“The biggest balls.” Eijirou corrected.

Tenya stared at his pack, still trying to rationalize that they were back in his life after everything. “What are you guys doing here?” He asked, making sure to keep his voice even and calm, as he felt his aggression trying to surface. Shoto noticed, and quietly placed a hand on his knee, where the pack wouldn’t see.

“Ah. Well.” Izuku started. “Your dad called us and explained the situation. He thought it would be better for us to come help you two – specifically Katsuki and Eijirou for you – than himself. Plus, it gives Denki and I an excuse to help out with Shoto.”

“Also,” Eijirou jumped in before Tenya could reply. “We feel bad for what we did to you two, and this is sort of our way of trying to be better? Like an apology?”

“O-oh.” Tenya setting, letting out a breath, his tension also fading away. Shoto rubbed circles into his leg with his thumb, and Tenya could smell the calming pheromones the omega was releasing. God, Shoto was too good for him.

“How long do they have left?” Katsuki asked, turning to Hitoshi. Hitoshi looked at his watch.

“Hmm… 30 minutes to an hour? We want to give them as much time as we safely can, considering all the drama from earlier.” The purple-haired omega sighed.

“Shoto,” Denki turned to the omega who was now done eating. “Did you want us to scent anything in the nest, or do you want us to leave that to you and Tenya?” Shoto turned to the nest for a moment, trying to decide. He didn’t know, so he shrugged.

“How about I get you into the nest, and then you tell us?” Tenya asked quietly, doing his best to not get too animated about anything. Shoto nodded slowly, and allowed the big alpha to pick him up and carry him over to the bed where he gently set him down. Shoto immediately started to burrow into it, rubbing his face over the pillows and blankets. He felt his inner omega preen at the nest, but also felt it wasn’t quite right. He whined, not knowing what it needed yet. Tenya stood anxiously at the side, Shoto’s whine setting him on edge.

“Just wait a bit,” Katsuki said, coming up and placing a firm grip on his shoulder. “Give him a minute to sniff around and figure it out.” Tenya nodded stiffly, focusing on keeping himself calm. Shoto whined again as he poked around the nest, his scent turning just a bit. Tenya was shaking with the effort to not immediately climb into the nest to comfort the omega. Another hand was placed on his other shoulder.

“Don’t worry, we’ve got you.” Eijirou said, and Tenya suddenly felt like a few missing pieces were put back in place and he relaxed. His pack was here. They knew him. They knew Shoto. They had their best interests in mind, and they would not let him do anything he would regret.

“Thank you.” He whispered, and he felt the other two alphas give him a firm squeeze in response.

Shoto did, indeed, figure it out. Eventually pulling Tenya in to lay down and scent the nest. The alpha obliging him with gusto. Shoto did not pull the other pack members into the nest but directed them to certain parts, allowing them to pull out a blanket or pillow only to scent it and hand it back so Shoto could place it back the way it should be. After thirty minutes, Shoto was content and had cuddled up next to Tenya, enjoying the waves of pheromones the alpha was releasing in order to imbed his scent into Shoto’s nest as much as possible.

It didn’t take long for Shoto to start feeling… odd. He felt hot, too hot. Like there was a fire burning inside of him. He knew that the only thing, only person, who could quell it was the alpha next to him. He didn’t know why he knew – he just knew. He pressed against Tenya and let out a small whine. Tenya immediately turned to him, his nostrils flaring and his pupils wide.

“Omega?” The alpha whispered, leaning in to sniff at the omega’s scent glands. He apparently liked what he smelled, as his let out a low rumbled and nuzzled him more. Shoto mewled, finding that having the alpha scent him right now felt absolutely divine.

“It’s time.” He heard a voice, Hitoshi? He didn’t know, he didn’t care. All he cared about was the alpha in his nest who felt good, who felt right.

“Oh yeah, definitely, judging by the smell.” That one was an alpha, maybe Yamada?

“Alright, Katsuki, Eijirou – you’re with Yamada. It will probably be difficult to get him out of the nest, but you can do it. The four of us will stick with Shoto, help him with the initial separation.” That was definitely Aizawa.

Separation? What separation? Are they going to take Alpha? NO! Alpha stays! Alpha is good!

Shoto let out a desperate whine at the realization, and hung onto Tenya. His body was on fire and the only places that didn’t burn was where the alpha was touching him. He felt Tenya being pulled away, heard soft murmurs of encouragement.

“I’m sorry, Shoto.” He heard Tenya say. “I’ve got to go, but I’ll see you when its over.” Shoto let out a choked sob.

No! Don’t leave me! Alpha! Please! No! Please don’t leave me! No, no, no!

Tenya let out a sob of his own. “I promise I’m not leaving you, it’s just for my rut. I’m coming back. I promise. Always.” He felt warm lips on his own, and he tried to reach out, but his right wrist was caught. Tenya pulled away, and he felt something being put around his wrist. It was cool, obviously metal. He didn’t know what it was, couldn’t register anything other than Tenya’s fading footsteps and scent, and the ghost of his lips on his own.

Shoto sobbed, whined, desperately clawed to get out of the nest, to follow his alpha. Four pairs of hands held him still, four voiced cooed, purred, and murmured at him, trying to sooth him. Four scents filled the room with calming scents, sweet omegan scents. He knew them all, detergent, dryer sheets, electricity, meadows. Aizawa, Hitoshi, Denki, Izuku. But the four omegas couldn’t fill the hole that was the size of one giant alpha, of his alpha.

Tenya, Alpha. Please, come back. Come back, please. Please don’t leave me. I can’t. I can’t do this without you. Please, Alpha. Please.

“He’s not calming down.” Denki said, and the other three omegas looked at him.

“I can see that.” Dr. Aizawa said, his voice dead. It had been 30 minutes since Tenya left – surprisingly it was easier to remove the alpha than to get his omegan counterpart to calm down afterward. He had assumed it was going to be the other way around.

“Socchan,” Izuku cooed, petting the omegas hair while he did. Shoto was still crying, but was no longer trying to crawl out of the nest. His scent was suffocating, filled with sadness, despair, and rejection. His inner omega clearly thinking that his alpha had left him for good. “Tenya will come back for you, after your heat has passed. Remember? No sex for you two yet. We have to make sure you are healthy and ready first.”

Shoto whined again, burying his face into a pillow that smelled particularly strong of said alpha. Hitoshi sighed. “Any ideas?” the nurse asked.

“Only one.” Aizawa admitted. “Denki, could you go to Tenya’s room – ask Eijirou if Tenya has anything … uhm… especially strong smelling yet?”

“You mean, if he’s humped or cum over anything yet?” The blonde omega barked, never one to beat around the bush. “Sure, I’ll go check.” He bounded out of the room, Aizawa rolling his eyes. Shoto continued as he was, and Aizawa rolled him over, making him face up so he could check his temperature.

“His fever is a little higher than I would like, but still within acceptable ranges for a heat. Hitoshi, could you go get some cooling packs, small ones to place in his armpits and the base of his neck.” Hitoshi nodded, also leaving the room to go get the required items. Hitoshi made it back first, helping Aizawa to place the three icepacks while Izuku continued to try and soothe Shoto. Shoto whimpered when he felt the cold icepacks against his neck and armpits, but the sighed as he realized they actually felt kind of good. It was the first relief from the insane burning he had felt since Tenya left

Alpha, its so hot. It hurts. It hurts without you. Why did you leave? Am I no good? Not even in heat? Alpha, why? Come back, Alpha. Please, Alpha.

Denki came back a bit later, holding a pillow away from his body. “Took a minute, but Tenya is unusually cooperative right now. Eij told him to hump a pillow for Shoto, and here we are.” He placed the pillow in the nest, close to where Shoto could smell it but not forcing him to touch it unless he wanted to. Shoto immediately zeroed in on it, his eyes flying all the way open and his pupils dilating immediately. He scrambled for the pillow, snatching it up and burying his nose in it.


“Is that…” Izuku’s voice was quiet, cautious.

“I believe so.” Aizawa said as a much sweeter, much more potent smell filled the room. Shoto barely registered it, enraptured by the scent of his alpha – his aroused alpha. The pillow carrying recent traces of his alpha and his rut, and it put his inner omega at peace.

Alpha is nearby. He did not leave. He just can’t be here right now. But he did not leave. He gave this up so I could have it.

Shoto mewled, feeling the heat race through his body. He felt sticky, and gross, and didn’t know why. He wanted his clothes off, because now his bottoms were not only constraining his erection, but they were unusually wet. He whined when he couldn’t wriggle them off – he refused to let the pillow go.

“Did you bring him some assistance?” Hitoshi asked, and Shoto did not see the blush Izuku had or the devil-like grin Denki wore.

“Of course we did!” Denki confirmed.

“It’s a good thing he is producing slick this time, otherwise we would have had to apply lube for him too.” Izuku said quietly.

Slick. I… slick?

Shoto stopped his wriggling for a moment, letting one hand travel from the blessed rut-scented pillow from Tenya and down to his pants, down his rear. He realized his bottoms were soaked, and he slipped his hand under the waist band. He moved slow, unaware he was being observed by his pack-mates and the two medical professionals. When he came into contacts with a wet, slick substance his breath caught.

I’m producing slick. Slick. Me. I… I’m able to produce slick. I’ve never…

Shoto let out a sob, realizing he wasn’t as broken as he thought he was. He was still insane, but he had thought he might never produce slick. Though he would never be a fully functioning omega.

“Shh, shh.” Izuku cooed again. “It’s okay, it’s okay.” Shoto nodded, burring his face back into the pillow that simultaneously quelled the fire within but made it burn hotter. It didn’t make sense to him, but he knew he was hard, he could produce slick, and it started to click.

He was an omega – this is what a heat was supposed to be like. All the pain from before, the six years of gut-wrenching agony – that was wrong. This, this was right. This is what an omega was supposed to be like during heat. Yes, it burned and hurt in his own way. But this was normal. For once in his life, something normal was happening to him.

Chapter Text

“How’s he doing?” Yamada asked as Katsuki closed the door behind him. It had been a day since Tenya’s rut had started, and the doctor had left it up to young alpha’s pack-mates to take care of him.

“Surprisingly well,” Katsuki said, following Yamada towards a nearby cafeteria. “He hasn’t torn up the nest at all, and is being pretty quiet. He hasn’t growled at me and Eijirou more than any other alpha would, and he is complying with any requests of him.”

“Huh. I wonder if it is the nest, or the time he spent with Shoto in their pre-cycle, or both. But if it means he is feeling more at peace during his rut, I won’t jinx it.” The older alpha said, smiling a little at the thought of Tenya finally, finally having a good rut.  The two reached the cafeteria, where Eijirou waved them over. He was sitting with Denki and Izuku, the two omegas looking a little tired but not worn out. “I’ll leave you here, I need to go check in with Dr. Aizawa.” Yamada bid him farewell, turning to leave the way they entered. Katsuki sat with a huff into one of the empty chairs, Eijirou knowingly sliding him a plate of spicy curry.

“Not as good as yours, of course, but decent enough.” Eijirou said before digging into his own – clearly less spicy – curry.

“Nothing is as good as what I make,” Katsuki grunted before taking a mouthful. It was kind of spicy, not spicy enough, but the flavor wasn’t horrible. Eijirou was right, it would do. “How’s Shoto?” He asked between bites.

“Horny, a little less upset that last night but still crying on and off. Refuses help, refuses to use toys, won’t touch himself.” Denki huffed.

“That’s why we keep asking for more… items from Tenya. Hoping to spur him on, plus I’m sure Tenya enjoys the exchange of fresh scents as much as Shoto does.”

“Oh, he does.” Eijirou confirmed. “Practically ripped the last blanket out of my hands, swore he was just gonna cum right then and there.”

Katsuki choked out a barking laugh.

“Well it was covered it Shoto’s slick.” Denki said, it was Izuku’s turn to choke.

“D-Denki! Eijirou! We’re… we’re in the cafeteria.” Izuku whispered sharply.

“So?” Denki countered. “They all know who we are, who Tenya and Shoto are, and what’s happening. We are literally in the Alpha/Omega section of the hospital, Izuku. Plus, most people here right now are medical professionals themselves, they are used to this shit. It’s what they do.” Izuku spluttered, but was unable to find an argument to counter the blonde omega.

“Anyways,” Eijirou interjected. “Who is with Shoto now?”

“Ochaco until six, then Shinso comes in. She told us to leave and take a break.” Izuku was practically pouting.

“Oi, stop that.” Katsuki chided. “She may have been a bitch to Tenya, but she is a heat-nurse, and Dr. Aizawa picked her himself. She knows what she is doing, so don’t get so damn butthurt that she told you to rest, stupid Deku.” Izuku huffed, still pouting.

“I just want to help Socchan, okay? She’s not even pack.”

“I know, but we have to do what is best for Shoto, not whatever we want.” Katsuki said.

“That’s ripe, coming from you.” Izuku countered, sighing. He continued before Katsuki could defend himself. “But you’re right. We’ve all messed up enough when it comes to Shoto and Tenya, we can’t make it worse now.” Denki and Eijirou nodded, mouths currently full but agreeing with the other pair.

“When their heat and rut are over, we’ll make it up to them.” Katsuki said as he reached out and grabbed Izuku’s hand, giving it a squeeze. “I promise.”

“Alright, Shoto.” Ochaco’s voice was soft, but commanding. “This has gone on long enough.” Shoto let out a low whine between pants. He was still on fire, his body like a furnace turned on blast. He had been hard since last night, not to mention the steady stream of slick pouring out of his ass. His pack-mates had tried to convince him to jerk-off, touch himself, to do something to try and relieve his heat-induced fever. He had refused, even causing Hitoshi to lose his cool. The only thing he would allow was the rotating items from Tenya they brought him, all of them fresh with his scent and rut – evidence of alpha’s arousal thick and heady on the fabrics. He would bury his face in them, unconsciously grinding his pelvis into the mattress or a nearby pillow, but never more. Never enough.

Denki had just brought him a blanket – a replacement for his own slick-coated one that was presumably delivered to his alpha nearby. He had wrapped his body in it, reveling in how it coated him in Tenya’s heavy scent, it was like a thunderstorm with the way his natural rain smell was mixed with heavy arousal and rut. His own body couldn’t help but respond to it, causing his dick to grow impossibly harder and a fresh wave of slick came out of him. He whined again.

It hurts, it burns. Alpha, need Alpha. Nothing is as good as Alpha. He’s the only one who can make this better.

“Come on, here we go.” Ochaco said, and he felt her unwinding him from his blanket. In his haze, he struggled but couldn’t put up much of a fight. Before he knew it, he was exposed to the air, and he shivered. At some point he had stripped of all his clothes, preferring the way his nest felt against his over-heated skin. He hissed as she flipped the last bit of blanket away from his hips, his straining cock being nipped by the colder air of the room.

“For one,” the female said, and he felt her grab his right wrist, “look.” He opened his eyes and found he was being presented with his own arm, but his breath stopped when he saw what adorned it.

My courting bracelet. When did he… Did he slip it on before he left?

His eyes traveled over the silver bracelet, the rubies and sapphires, coming to rest at the charm that swung lightly. On one side, the Iida family crest. The other engraved with ‘Shoto & Tenya’.

“See, now? He isn’t going to leave you. He is coming back for you.” Shoto let out a choked sob, but nodded.

Alpha will come back. He isn’t leaving me. He put my courting bracelet back on. He still wants me. Still wants me. I still want him.

“Secondly,” she said, moving his hand again, going south. “This is natural.” She forced his hand open, and then placed it onto his erection and the wrapped his fingers around it. He hadn’t noticed until just now, but she was wearing long medical gloves, longer than usual – they went up to her elbows. He moaned when his fingers wrapped around himself, involuntarily bucking up into his own hand that was held firmly in place by Ochaco. She forced his hand to move up once, then down, slowly. He trembled, overwhelmed by the simple movement. He half-moaned, half-whined. Unsure whether to enjoy it or be afraid of it.

“Shoto, you are in heat. I understand it is your first sexual heat, but you can’t just not touch yourself for ten days. Not only will it hurt, you could make yourself seriously ill by ignoring your natural urges.” She let him go, and was satisfied when he did not let his hand drop from where he gripped himself. “Now, I am going to conveniently leave you alone for a bit. Don’t be afraid of your own body.” With that, she snapped off the gloves and threw them in the trash before leaving the room – leaving Shoto to his own devices.

Shoto shivered, his hand still closed around the base of his dick. It was like Ochaco opened up the flood gates, and all he wanted was to pleasure himself. He had never done so, before. Even before he prevented, he hadn’t felt an urge to do it. And afterwards, well, every one knew about afterwards. Slowly, experimentally, he moved his hand. He slid his fist up the shaft, stopping at the tip and pulling back down. He moaned, and his eyes rolled back a bit.

Fuck me.

He picked up his pace, sloppily jerking himself off. It would be the first of many, and he let out a silent scream when he came the first time, his cum coating his abdomen. He looked down and realized he was still hard. So, he kept going, chasing his pleasure without abandon now, until he came. Again, and again. It soothed his fever, but he lost count of how many orgasms he tore out of himself. But finally, finally, he wasn’t unbearably hot. His skin was itchy still – though more so because of the slowly drying cum that plastered his stomach and thighs, and the slick that had accumulated on the bed beneath him. But he didn’t care. He didn’t even bother to wipe off his own hand before he fell back asleep, finally being able to rest for the first time since his heat started.

Hitoshi had found him later, when bringing him his dinner. The nurse was not surprised, having been given the run-down by Ochaco. But she had only covered half of what Shoto would need to do for his heat, it was Hitoshi’s job to help Shoto with the other. He sighed as he set the food down, wrinkling his nose at the smell of Shoto’s dry cum.

“At least we can give Tenya something good for the night.” He quickly grabbed a pillow that had been near Shoto’s hip, and he knew instantly it would be adequate. He could smell traces of Shoto, Tenya, and Shoto’s cum and slick without even trying. He walked over to the door and popped his head out. “Denki, take this to Tenya please. And bring back something equally ripe.” Denki let out a barking laugh before his footsteps faded away. When Hitoshi turned back to Shoto, the omega was starting to wake up from his brief nap. He blinked at Hitoshi, gathering his bearings.

“I brought you dinner, but I think you need a shower first.” Shoto turned red when he realized he was naked and covered in his own fluids. “Don’t be embarrassed Shoto. I’m a certified heat-nurse, I’m used to scene’s like this. But let’s get you up and cleaned, huh?” Shoto nodded and allowed Hitoshi to help him out of the bed, getting him into the attached bad rather easily. Hitoshi had brought a shower chair in the other day, realizing that Shoto would probably be too weak to stand for extended periods of time during his heat. Shoto sat still and allowed the other omega to scrub him clean while also being careful not to rinse away the lingering scent of Tenya from his skin.

Denki was waiting for them when they were done, brandishing a body pillow. “He has apparently picked up on what we are doing, and like a good alpha he has been… working on this masterpiece for his omega.” Shoto’s eyes immediately blew wide with arousal once he caught whiff of the pillow. Hitoshi and Denki shared a laugh.

“Put it on the bed, Denki, so I can feed him before the next wave hits.” Denki nodded, and carefully set the large pillow inside the nest. Shoto tried to tug Hitoshi towards the nest, wanting to get in it, wanting to smell the pillow that was absolutely drenched in Tenya, in rut-scent, in his alpha’s arousal. “Hold on, Shoto.” Hitoshi said, holding him back. “Food and fluids first, then fun.”

“Want me to stick around… to help?” Denki asked, hovering. “Izuku isn’t… good with these things, but I don’t mind. Plus, having a pack-mate here might… ease him a bit?” Shinso thought about it as he set Shoto down in a chair, hand feeding the frail omega his dinner. He had learned quickly that Shoto would not eat unless you fed him directly while he was in heat.

“Hmm. I think you might be right.” Hitoshi agreed, and Denki beamed. “Ochaco took care of the “front end” of things, but it won’t be enough – as you well know.” Denki chortled.

“The curse of being an omega and male, I suppose.” Hitoshi grinned back, all too knowing.

Shoto let out a small whine, wiggling in his seat. His food wasn’t finished yet, but his fever was returning. “Just a bit more,” Hitoshi encouraged, bringing another piece of fruit to man’s lips. Shoto obediently opened his mouth, allowing it to be plopped inside and chewed it.

“He really succumbs to that side of his omega, huh.” Denki said, settling into a chair on the other side of Shoto. They took turns feeding the omega the rest of his meal, Shoto still fidgeting in his chair but obediently eating. There was no way they were going to allow him to not finish a meal – even during heat. He was still too thin, much too thin.

Eventually, he finished his food, and he pulled at the pants Hitoshi had managed to get him in after the shower. “Guess its no pants right away, then.” Hitoshi said, before getting Shoto into the nest and helping him out of them. Once naked, Shoto immediately grabbed for the body pillow, pushing his whole front against it and inhaling deeply. He whined, and made little thrusts with his hips, seeking friction against the fabric. Hitoshi and Denki could smell the slick before they saw it.

“Its go time!” Denki joked, before reaching for a small black box on the nearby bed stand. Shinso stopped him and handled a pair of elbow-length gloves, having already slipped some on.

“You may be his pack-mate, but we still want to keep this as clinical as possible.” Hitoshi said before moving towards the bed. Denki dutifully slipped the gloves on and opened the box, inside were a few of the toys they had bought Shoto after his last heat. A few butt-plugs of various sizes. He had also grabbed the one Shoto picked out – the navy-blue one with the bejeweled base. It was a bit big, and Denki doubted Shoto would use it, but he had brought it anyways. Just in case. There were also a few other toys, all alpha dildos – some with inflatable knots too. He had picked the smaller ones, not wanting Shoto to get hurt.

“What are we going to start off with?” Denki asked before turning to look at the other omega. He had been so wrapped up in analyzing the toys, that he hadn’t noticed the change in the room – not in the sounds or the scents.

“His fingers, of course.” Hitoshi said calmly, having already coaxed Shoto into a relaxed position on his side with the body pillow pressed to his front. Hitoshi had Shoto’s right hand in his, having pushed Shoto’s bracelet up his arm and out of the way. The purple-haired man was already helping Shoto feel his own entrance, helping him to push a lonely digit inside himself. Shoto moaned at the intrusion, pushing back onto it slightly.

“O-oh.” Denki stuttered. “Didn’t realize you had already started.” Hitoshi gave a sly grin without breaking his concentration.

“This is what I do Denki, outside of making clothes.” He was helping Shoto thrust his finger in and out, slowly stretching him. “Not only am I heat-nurse, but I specialize is mentally-ill and traumatized omegas – many who have never had a healthy heat and don’t know what to do.” Denki stared at him, a little awed.

“I didn’t know.” He said.

“No one knows, except Dr. Aizawa and Dr. Yamada, those I’ve helped, and now you guys. So please keep it under-wraps.” Denki didn’t have time to answer, because Shoto let out another moan as Hitoshi guided another finger into the omega, helping him learn how to fuck himself with his own fingers. “There you go, Shoto. Such a good omega.” Hitoshi praised him, and Shoto trembled – both because of the newfound pleasure and that he was being a good omega. “Tenya would absolutely love to see you like this, opening yourself up on your own. Making yourself feel good.” Hitoshi let go of his hands, grinning when Shoto kept his pace up without help, thrusting his two fingers in and out of himself.

“That’s it, Shoto.” Denki joined in on the praise, following Hitoshi’s lead. “Open yourself up, such a good omega. So good.” Shoto moaned again and picked up his paces, the lewd sounds of his digits being thrust in and out of his entrance filled the room.

“Scissor your fingers, Shoto.” Hitoshi commanded, and Shoto obeyed, letting out another low moan as he did so. “Good omega. When you’re ready, add a third.” Hitoshi got up from the bed then, pulling off his slick-soaked gloves and putting on new ones. “Denki, please wash and dry two dildos – one with a knot and one without – and the smallest plug. Denki nodded, pulling out the requested toys and going into the adjacent bath to prepare them. Hitoshi turned back to Shoto, who was now thrusting his hips – gaining friction for his erection on the pillow while fucking his ass on his fingers. He turned his head when he realized Shoto was going to climax soon, ignoring the moan the frail omega let loose from his lips as his hips bucked wildly. Still, Shoto did not stop.

“Guess he’s getting the hang of it.” Denki said as he came back, getting hit with the smell of Shoto’s recent release. “He’s just going for it now.”

“Yes, he is, finally. Though I am a little concerned about the intensity, but nothing we can do about that except help him learn to handle it.” Hitoshi said, and was pleased to see Shoto add a third finger, thoroughly loosening his hole.

“Where’s Denki?” Eijirou asked when he found Izuku sitting alone in their assigned “room” – basically an overnight room with two queen sized beds.

“He’s helping Hitoshi with Shoto tonight.” Izuku said, blushing.

“What do you mean ‘helping’?” Eijirou asked, not catching on.

“Uh.. uhm.” Izuku stuttered, struggling to explain things to the alpha. “Shoto doesn’t… doesn’t know how to… uh… you know. Do the heat thing. O-Ochaco had to help him earlier… with… uhm. Touching… himself?”

Eijirou caught on, finally. “Oh. OH. OHHH.” He laughed nervously. “I get it, I get it. Sorry Izuku, I know you don’t like talking about those things out loud.”

“Yeah…” Izuku whispered.

“Even though I’ve literally fucked you, but its okay!” Izuku blushed again.

“Eijirou!” The red-haired alpha laughed.

“Sorry, sorry. Couldn’t help but tease you. But, nah, it makes sense that Denki’s helping out. He is the expert on butt-stuff, after all. Had to teach the rest of us how to do it properly.” Eijirou grinned, remembering both the first time Denki let him fuck him and the first time Denki convinced the alpha that he could top just fine. Denki was true to his word, and Eijirou felt no shame letting his omega plow him because his omega was good.

“Y-yeah. He was… a real help back when… when I started… you know.” Izuku admitted, still blushing. Eijirou grinned.

“I figured you learned from him, considering you two suck dick the same way. It’s fantastic, by the way. Please never change. Katsuki also thinks so.”

Izuku groaned, pulling the blanket over his head. “Goodnight, Eijirou.” He said, a little hotly. Eijirou grinned, but did the same in the other bed. Katsuki was taking the first half of the night with Tenya, and they’d switch out around midnight. He would be sure to tell him how much he riled up Izuku, maybe the omega would get a nice wake-up call.

Eijirou woke up before midnight, with hot lips around his swollen cock. “D-Denki?”

“MMmphhf.” Replied the blonde omega who was settled between his legs, head bobbing up and down.

“Babe, wha-whatchya doin’ down there?” The alpha huffed, trying not to moan because Izuku was still asleep in the other bed. Denki just moaned around his dick, dragging his tongue along the underside as he did so. Eijirou balled his fist into his mouth, biting on it to stay quiet. He felt Denki grin. Fucking slut. Denki let go with a loud pop, Eijirou’s dick coming back up to whack him on the chin. Eijirou now noticed Denki was not wearing pants as the omega crawled up him.

“I’ve just spent the last four hours in a room with an omega in heat, helping him learn how to fuck himself. So, I’m going to fuck your alpha cock like it’s a god-damn dildo until I’m done.” Denki whispered into his ear, before nipping the lobe. Eijirou shuddered, and didn’t get the chance to argue or agree when Denki sank down on him.

“Fuckkkk….” Eijirou hissed, and Denki’s eyes rolled back as his slid down the alpha’s shaft, impaling himself and relishing in the slight burn as his hole stretched over the sudden intrusion. Denki’s ass was flat against his hips, and he struggled to hold still. Denki would never forgive him if he didn’t let him have his way. But it was difficult. He too had spent a majority of the day near an alpha in rut, and while he wouldn’t go into rut himself it did make him more sensitive and just fucking horny as hell.

Denki then rolled his hips, and they moaned in unison. Fuck if Izuku was asleep. He could wake up and watch them, for all Eijirou cared. Plus, he was still planning on telling Katsuki to come and fuck the greenette when they changed shifts.

“So big, Eijirou.” Denki said as he lifted himself up off the alpha and slammed back down, their bodies meeting in a loud slap of flesh.

“Hng… Denki. Fuck. I’m gonna cum too soon, I’m sorry. But do what you gotta do, babe.”

“You know I fucking will.” Denki said and picked up his pace, riding the alpha hard and fast. The room quickly filled with their moans and the scent of their arousal. Izuku had indeed woken up, the pornographic sounds of his pack-mates having sex was making him horny too, but he pretended to be asleep. He was going to fucking pounce on Katsuki when he traded with Eijirou.

Eijirou, as he predicted, came first, and slid out of Denki – who let out an annoyed huff. “Turn over, alpha.” The omega commanded, and Eijirou shuddered. Omega or not, Denki was hot as fuck when he bossed him around, so he obeyed. He got on his hands and knees, wiggling his bare ass at the omega.

“Fuck me, Denki.” Oh, and Denki did. He was swift in pulling out some lube and prepping the alpha, but he was absolutely ruthless in fucking him. Eijirou like it rough, and Denki was more than happy to oblige. Soon enough, Denki came – and Eijirou was hard again. But that was quickly rectified when Denki gave his cock a few rough tugs, causing the alpha to cum onto the sheets below him. The two left quietly to take a shower, and only Denki returned – quickly stripping the sheets and remaking the bed before settling down.

Katsuki came in, not so quietly, and Izuku did not get the chance to pounce the alpha because the alpha was on him before he knew it.

“I knew you were fucking awake.” Katsuki growled in his ear. “I bet you’re all hot and bothered after listening to those idiots go at it.”  Izuku let out a mewl as Katsuki ground his hips into him.

“Ah-ah. Please, Kacchan.” Katsuki growled, and quickly stripped them both, grinning when he saw the slick already present between the omega’s thighs.

Denki laughed to himself when he heard Izuku give a surprised yelp, knowing that Katsuki had flipped the green-haired omega onto his belly. Katsuki wasted no time in plowing into his fiancé, both of them came several times before they fell asleep into a messy heap. Denki wondered how long those two would wait to have kids after they got married, considering how much sex they were having all the time now that they weren’t arguing anymore.

Shoto, over the next nine days, grew more and more comfortable (and brazen). He couldn’t stop, his body wouldn’t let him. He was jerking off or impaling himself with fingers or a dildo at all times. The fire in his body burned fiercely, and only grew worse with each passing day. The knotting dildos helped, but only temporarily. The plugs were better, honestly. Helping him feel filled for longer, quelling his heat for 2-3 hours instead of 30 minutes. But they weren’t enough. None of them were.

Until he decided to look in the box himself on the ninth day. He hadn’t realized Denki had brought it, but his breath caught when he saw it. It was perfect.

Ochaco found him around lunch time that day, actually asleep instead of getting off. She went to check on him when she saw the glint of a blue gemstone… in his ass. She blushed, not because she wasn’t used to such a sight as a heat-nurse, but because she had caught on that Shoto liked blue, specifically navy-blue, and seemed to associate it with Tenya. At least, that’s what Denki and Izuku theorized, having told her the blue bejeweled plug was the only toy he had really picked out on his own. She decided to let him rest, she would feed him lunch after he woke up on his own.

Tenya had felt oddly peaceful during a rut for once. Yes, he was wearing a muzzle, and he still felt a bit of aggression whenever Katsuki and Eijirou came to check on him. But it was the first time he hadn’t needed to be locked in for ten days. The first time he hadn’t destroyed the bed or the room. Currently, he was lazily jerking himself, while laying back in his nest. The nest Shoto made for him. It smelled like them both, and thanks to the constant exchange of pillows and blankets between the two, he had gotten to experience the small changes in Shoto’s scent as his heat progressed. He had let out a contented rumble when he smelled the first of his slick, and again at the first traces of cum. It was even worse when the smells suddenly amplified – signaling to Tenya that Shoto was actively getting off, was doing what omegas did during heat. Just as he was doing what alphas did during rut.

Also, he knew Shoto was jerking off and fucking himself because he was aroused, not just because of his heat, but because Shoto had things that smelled like Tenya. Of his natural scent, his rut, his arousal, his everything. It made his alpha preen, even if they couldn’t spend their heat and rut together, they were still helping one another, they were still there – sharing their experiences and their scents in their own way.

Tenya couldn’t wait to see Shoto again, scent him for real, and bask in the afterglow of his heat. He came at the thought, a deep rumble of satisfaction emanating from his chest.

On the tenth day, both men were exhausted, but it was over. They were released from their respective rooms, and directed (or helped in Shoto’s case) to shower and clean up. They took Shoto back to his original hospital room, helping him build a new nest of clean bedding, and leaving a few loose pillows and blankets for him so he could have Tenya or his pack-mates scent them. Hitoshi and Ochaco were present for this, shooing out Denki and Izuku before they could over-whelm the frail omega.

Katsuki and Eijirou were with Tenya, making him sit and talk with Dr. Yamada before going to see Shoto again. Understandably the alpha wanted to go see his omega right away, but he needed to have a post-rut examination with the doctor first. Yamada was genuinely happy when the alpha said that it was his best rut ever, he had felt safe and warm in the nest, and didn’t feel the need to patrol the room or destroy anything.

Dr. Aizawa checked in on Shoto with Dr. Iida, but only briefly. Thanks to Hitoshi and Ochaco, the two were well informed on everything that Shoto had experienced during his heat. Shoto refused to even look at the doctors when they started talking about masturbation, still embarrassed on how he used thoughts of Tenya to get off every time. They left him before he got too upset about it, and before he knew it, Tenya was being shoved in the room and suddenly it was empty – save for themselves.

Shoto let out a soft whine, holding his arms out from where he sat propped up in the bed. Tenya rushed to him, falling into the nest and kissing the omega on the lips.

“I missed you,” Tenya breathed and Shoto nodded before kissing him back. They stayed like that for a while, kissing and scenting each other. Tenya adding his scent to the nest and scenting the items set to the side and handing them to Shoto so he could place them. Tenya pulled him into his arms when he was done placing the rest of the nest together.

“Such a good omega.” His voice was low and slow with drowsiness. “The best omega. I’m so proud of you, love. You did so good. Your nest made me so happy. Your scent made me happy. It was the best rut I’ve ever had, thank you.” Shoto mewled, letting out happy scents as he nuzzled into his alpha.

Happy alpha, happy alpha! I made his rut better, even if we couldn’t share it. I love you, Tenya. I love you. I know I do. I know.

Letting exhaustion take them, they fell asleep – not knowing that their pack, the two nurses, and the three doctors were watching their interaction from a control room. All heat-rooms had CCTV after-all, and this was just too damn sweet to miss.

Chapter Text

Shoto and Tenya, well really Shoto, were released from the hospital a few days after their heat and rut had passed. Tenya was anxious about it, they had decided to return to the palace – to the pack wing – at Katsuki’s request. Tenya had agreed with Shoto, that they wanted to stay in the pack and Shoto felt most comfortable in Baku Palace. Additionally, Tensei resided at Iida Manor and neither man wanted to be close to the elder Iida son right now.

The pack had helped collect his nesting materials from the hospital, taking it to the palace the day before in order to get everything cleaned up. Shoto had given his okay for Denki and Izuku to dismantle his old nest at the palace, knowing the bed would smell musty and stale otherwise. Shoto had tried to force Tenya to let him hobble his way out of the hospital, but the big alpha refused. It was clear Tenya was still sensitive from his rut, and his inner alpha would not, under any circumstance, allow Shoto to walk/hobble on his own until further notice. Shoto hoped he would calm down soon, but understood. His own inner omega was thrashing at the loss of his nests, and all he wanted was to get home, make a new more perfect nest, and settle in with his boyfriend.

It was a pack effort to get Shoto settled back into the palace, the omega having been absent for many weeks. His scent turned sour when he entered his room, finding it stale and cold. Tenya had been quick to pump the room full of his pheromones, but the omega was still upset. It wasn’t until Denki and Izuku brought him all his nesting materials that he started to settle. He was getting good at hobbling on one crutch while tugging on blankets and fluffing pillows, but Tenya struggled with himself. He knew he had to let Shoto do his thing, to nest properly, but his instincts told him to get the omega in bed and settled immediately. Luckily, Eijirou and Katsuki were there, waiting in the sidelines with him as Denki and Izuku helped the crippled omega build his nest. Their calm presences nearby helped keep him calm and level headed.

“He’s the only one who nests all the time, I wonder why.” Eijirou pondered, slumped against the wall next to Tenya.

“Dunno,” Katsuki said from Tenya’s other side. The two smaller alphas were the bookends keeping Tenya together. “Maybe its because he never knew how to nest before?”

“Hmmm. Or maybe its from sleeping on the floor for who knows how long? It must be comfy, compared to that.” The red-head countered. Tenya was listening in, but was handed a blanket by Izuku before the greenette went to help Shoto adjust a pillow. As always, he dutifully scented it before handing it back.

“Could be. But Denki and Izuku only nest right before their heat and during. Izuku says it makes him feel safe and happy, but that it would be too much hassle on a day to day basis.” The blonde alpha shrugged, at a loss.

“Denki’s the same, but he keeps a few extra blankets and pillows on the couch – kind of like a mini-nest for when we’re watching movies.”

“I think,” Tenya said quietly, but both alphas turned to pay attention. “It is a bit of all of that, and more. Shoto never had a sense of security in Zenia, and he never indulged his omega. With how scary everything is for him, how bad every day can be, I’m not surprised he nests every day. Nor that he wants all of our scents in it, not just mine. Its like his nest is a physical reminder of the real world, and of the people who care for him.”

“Oh.” Eijirou said, a little sad. Katsuki turned to look at the omega, deep in thought. Both alphas had forgotten about Shoto’s mental state, having been absent for over a month and Shoto’s heat taking primary concern over his mental illness for the last two weeks.

“Plus, his nightmares.” Tenya added, letting out a sad sigh.

“Nightmares?” Katsuki asked. “You never told us he was having nightmares frequently.”

“I didn’t want to bother you, neither did Shoto.” Tenya admitted.

“Dude!” Eijirou said, a little angry. “You two can tell us everything, okay? I know we’re little shits, but we are friends, we are pack. We want to help you two!”

“Agreed.” Said Katsuki. “We want to do better, so please don’t hide those kinds of things from us.” Tenya nodded, not trusting his voice as he was getting overwhelmed with emotions quickly. His hormones were still trying to balance out after his rut, and it made him less stable than usual. He felt a warm hand rubbing his back, finding that Eijirou was comforting him while Katsuki let out a small wave of calming pheromones. God, he had missed his pack.

Shoto had finished his nest, and the pack found themselves crammed inside, the alphas service as personal cushions for their omegas as the group scented one another and let their pack-scent seep into the fabrics of the nest. Shoto purred, content.

Pack is good. Pack is nice. I’m glad they are back, that we are all together again. Tenya and I are not alone, not anymore, and never again.

Tenya’s chest rumbled in response to Shoto’s purr, and soon enough the other two omegas joined in Shoto’s purr, Katsuki and Eijirou adding their own rumbles to the mix. It was a glorious sound, fitting for a glorious scent that filled the room, matching a gloriously perfect nest.

“We should have Shoto make the pack nest next time.” Izuku mumbled from where he was cuddling Katsuki.

“He makes the best nests.” Denki agreed. Katsuki and Eijirou both let out low hums of agreement. Shoto smiled shyly, burying his face into Tenya’s shoulder – embarrassed at the praise but his scent hinted at how pleased he was.

“You make the best nests, love.” Tenya said, pressing a kiss to the omega’s temple. “You’re the best omega, the best boyfriend I could ever ask for.” Tenya’s heart stuttered when he felt Shoto’s purr increase above its usual low timbre. It was loud and clear, reverberating through the nest, louder that the combined purrs of Denki and Izuku. Tenya’s own rumble raised to match it, their sounds combining into a loving melody.

The pack eventually fell asleep, cuddled and tangled together in Shoto’s bed. The king-sized mattress barely fit all of them within the walls of the nest, but none complained. It felt right, to have the pack nesting and sleeping together like this after being separated. Shoto was nestled in the center, his still broken right leg thrown lightly over Tenya, the alpha placing a hand on his thigh, protecting him even in sleep.

“We wondered where you brats wandered off to.” Mitsuki’s barking laugh woke them, starling the six young men. A low growl came from Tenya, as he bracketed Shoto in his arms. The alpha not quite awake but not liking the intrusion of an alpha who was not a part of his pack.

“Oi, four-eyes. Calm down, its just the Hag.” Katsuki’s voice came from somewhere else in the nest, and Tenya twisted to look at him.

“But she is not pack. And Omega is still hurt.” Tenya retorted.

“Are you sure he isn’t still in rut?” Another voice asked, this time it was Masaru’s. The other alpha was calm, as always, but eyeing Tenya suspiciously.

“Nah, Dr. Yamada cleared him.” Eijirou said, sitting up and letting out some calming pheromones. “His hormones are still a bit out of whack, though.”

“Should we leave?” Yet another voice, this time Yagi’s.

“No, just give him a moment to wake up.” Denki said, stretching his arms.

“I think they should leave. Omega not safe except with pack.” Tenya interjected. Shoto was sitting up now, trying to turn around to face the alpha who was holding him still.

“He’s fine,” Izuku sighed. “Tenya, Shoto is fine. It’s just Katsuki’s parents and mine.”

“We just want to make sure everyone is okay.” Yet another voice, at least this time it belonged to an omega and not an alpha. Inko wormed her way between the three alphas to stand at the front. She looked over Shoto with the concerned eye of a mother and a fellow omega. Shoto was now tapping Tenya’s arm, trying to grab his attention. It wasn’t working, as the alpha’s focus was fully on the group intruding on the territory. Tenya was fully awake now, but had already let his instincts take the reins.

“Omega is fine. Without you. Please leave.” Tenya’s voice was sharp, a warning. He didn’t get to go through with his warning, because suddenly a pale hand smacked him in the nose. Tenya turned to the offender, finding it was the omega in his arms. A very petulant looking omega, wearing a scowl on his face, his scent tinting darkly with anger.

“Is he going to slap every Iida alpha he comes across?” Denki asked, and the other pack members bit back their laughter.

“S-Shoto? Why- what?” Tenya was confused, the slap being effective in bringing him out of his instinct driven haze. He finally saw the King and Queen, as well as Yagi and Inko. “When? What did I do? Please tell me I didn’t hurt you!” The alpha immediately released Shoto from his grip, as if he would burn the omega by touching him. “Oh god, I’m sorry Shoto! I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to!” He scooted away, but as always Shoto wouldn’t let him run away.

“What the hell?” Katsuki said, as he shifted out of the way of Tenya, the larger alpha only stopping when he hit the headboard of the bed. Shoto came with him, coming to lean on the alpha, his left leg bent under him with his right splayed out on the bed. Shoto grabbed the alpha’s cheeks with both hands, making contact harshly with the alpha’s face. The omega huffed before bringing their foreheads together, looking Tenya straight in the eyes.

No running, Tenya. You didn’t hurt me, but you wouldn’t let me go, and I had to find a way to get you back. I can’t run from my demons, so neither can you. But we are in this together.

“I-I…” The alpha stuttered. “You’re right. You’re right. I’m still sorry. But thank you.” Tenya closed his eyes, resting his head against the omega’s, letting Shoto scent the air around him to calm them both down.

“I will forever be in awe of Tenya’s ability to interpret Shoto.” Eijirou said, his voice filled with the same awe he spoke of.

The four older adults outside the nest relaxed, watching Shoto and Tenya interact. They were truly made for each other, able to calm one another and be the steady rocks they each needed in their lives. They were both broken, in their own ways, but they were each other’s glue.

After a minute or two, Mitsuki spoke again. “We had lunch prepared, and we invited everyone’s parents… So, the Iida’s, Kirishima’s, and Kaminari’s are here. We thought it would be a good time to have everyone meet Shoto, and to announce the courtship of Tenya and Shoto to them? Well those who don’t already know.” Tenya and Shoto stiffened.

“Is Tensei with my parents?” Tenya asked quietly.

“No,” Masaru assured them and both men relaxed. “Tenjirou informed us of the current situation, and Tensei left on a business trip this morning anyways.” Tenya nodded.

“How about we give you guys fifteen, no twenty minutes to freshen up?” Inko asked, and Izuku nodded.

“That’d be great, mom.”

“Then its settled. We will see you all in the dining hall.” Yagi said before he quietly ushered out the other three.

Denki and Izuku ended up helping Shoto take a quick shower and pick a decent outfit, as the omega himself was starting to panic a little.

“Hey, its okay. You’ve met everyone except Eijirou’s parents and mine, and I promise they’re cool.” Denki reassured him before the exited his room. Tenya was calmed down now, and actually let Shoto hobble his way through the palace to the dining hall. Though he stuck close and was prepared to help him at any time.

They arrived without incident, and Shoto stopped in the doorway, Tenya stopping with him after the other four had filed in and taken their seats. Shoto eyes the older men and women at the table, recognizing all but four. Tenjirou and Taniko gave him soft smiles, Taniko patting the two seats that were empty next to her, encouraging him. Yagi and Inko were busy hugging and scenting Izuku, Masaru and Mitsuki doing the same to a less than cooperative Katsuki. Eijirou was being embraced by red-headed alpha male and a black-haired beta woman, and Denki was being scented by two men. One was black haired alpha, the other a blonde omega.

Too many, too many. I can’t. I can’t.

Shoto started to hyperventilate, feeling his grip on reality starting to slide. Tenya stepped in front of him, blocking him from the others before embracing him, pushing Shoto’s nose into his neck gland.

“Breath, love. In… Out.” The alpha soothed him, taking exaggerated breathes.

I can’t, I can’t. It’s too much. Too many.

“In… Out.” Shoto tried, he really did. But his breathing just wouldn’t calm down, his body refused to obey. He heard talking in the background, but is was muddled, as if everyone was underwater. He started crying, but silently, as his scent screamed of distress and fear.

I don’t want to slip; I want to stay in reality. But I can’t! I can’t! And I don’t know why!

“It’s okay, love. No one here will hurt you. I’ve got you, remember? Try to breath for me Shoto. In… and out…” Shoto felt himself being squeezed by the alpha, felt the rise and fall of Tenya’s chest as he encouraged Shoto to breath.

Rain. Tenya. Alpha. Safe. Safe. Need to breathe. Breath. In. Out. In. Out.

“There we go,” Tenya cooed as Shoto’s breathing started slowing. “Such a good omega.” Soon enough, the rest of the pack came over, creating a sort of bubble around the distressed omega, letting their scents join Tenya’s.

Rain. Meadow. Fire. Electricity. Teakwood. Alpha. Pack. Safe. I’m safe. I’m okay. I’m okay. They’re real. Real. Real and safe.

“Thank you,” Tenya whispered to the pack as Shoto visibly relaxed and started coming back to himself. They all nodded, before backing up a bit, giving the omega room but still forming a protective barrier around him.

“I’m sorry, we should have considered his condition.” Eijirou’s father said, the red-head giving Shoto a sympathetic look.

“Don’t blame yourselves,” Taniko Iida said. “As his Psychologist, it should have been me who was prepared for this. Not you.”

No! No blaming! I’m to blame! I’m the crazy one! Me! Its me! I’m the problem!

Shoto’s scent spiked again with stress, and Tenya once again started cooing to him. “No Shoto, don’t do that. You are a good omega, the best omega. No one blames you for this, not a single person here does. So, don’t you go blaming yourself.”

But it is my fault! I can’t ever fix this, not all the way. I’ll always be insane! I’ll always have this problem! Its best if I just leave!

“Shoto, no.” Tenya said, firmly, rubbing their scent glands together. “No one wants you to leave. Plus, you are not alone. We are in this together, you and I. The pack too.” Shoto slumped, defeated, letting Tenya hold his weight as he cried it out. Tenya rubbed his back, scenting him and cooing to him gently.

“I didn’t realize…” Denki’s mother said, his face plastered with motherly concern. Inko nodded.

“We sometimes forget, how much pain he went through, how much pain he is still in.” The green-haired woman said.

“But Tenya seems to understand him on an instinctual level.” Eijirou’s mother commented, observing how the alpha was responding to Shoto’s silence as if they were having a conversation.

“Our Eijirou did say Tenya ‘spoke’ Shoto, I guess this is what he meant.” Her husband said, his eyes glinting with pride as he watched his son provide support to his pack-mates.

“I think he is settling back down,” Taniko said. “We all need to go greet him properly, like I explained. One by one, introduce yourselves, make eye contact, and present your wrists.”

They got Shoto settled down, and he agreed to stay for lunch. But he was adamant on properly meeting the others before sitting down. So, they were standing in the entry way, Tenya supporting Shoto from behind, his arms wrapped around his waist. Denki and Izuku stood to either side, Eijirou and Katsuki capping the ends. It was a defensive formation, but it helped sooth Shoto’s nerves and helped him focus on what was in front of him. Masaru and Mitsuki went first, Shoto already familiar with Mitsuki’s brimstone scent and Masaru’s ocean one. Next was Yagi and Inko, Yagi was earthy, and Inko carried the same floral meadow as before. Tenjirou and Taniko were next, Tenjirou smelling like books (paper and ink) and Taniko of roses. Next came the new comers.

“Eigo Kirishima, Eijirou’s dad.” The red-headed alpha male stepped forward, offering his wrist.

Musky, like Eijirou. But more sandalwood than teakwood.

“Biju Kirishima, Eijirou’s mom.” The black-haired beta woman stepped up next, and Shoto took her wrist.

Beta, so not too much scent. But I can catch a whiff of jasmine.

“Densyou Kaminari, Denki’s mother.” The blonde omega male stepped forward, before his alpha mate.

He smells like electricity too… what the hell is wrong with this family’s omegas? Though Densyou smells more strongly of copper than Denki.

“Ranki Kaminari, Denki’s dad.” The black-haired alpha male was the last to offer his wrist.

He, too, has a strange smell. More like charcoal or the dying embers of a fire. Not fire like Katsuki, but close.

With introductions made, they got settled at the table. Shoto sat quietly, observing, and allowed Tenya to feed him. After his episode, he didn’t feel hungry, but he would not deny the alpha.  

“So,” Mitsuki started, stopping to look at Shoto. “There is more to why we called you all here.”

“For one,” Ranki added, “we already know that Tenya is courting Shoto, and that Shoto has been added to the pack.”

“Secondly,” Eigo started, not letting any members of the pack put in a word. “We are proud of all of you for coming back together, as a pack, and learning from your mistakes. Its very manly of all of you.” The red-headed alpha grinned. Eijirou really was a carbon copy of his old man.

“But we have some news, specifically for Shoto.” Masaru said, and Shoto turned to the king, gripping onto Tenya’s arm in the process.

“Let me, Masaru.” Yagi said. “As of today, Prince Shoto, your father and mother were laid to rest in the Zenia Royal Cemetery.” Shoto closed his eyes, his heart torn. Part of him was glad to hear them finally at rest – away from him. The other part burned because he had not been allowed to be there. His family had not wanted him there. “Additionally, a letter arrived during your heat – from King Toya. I’m sorry, we did take the liberty to read it first, but… despite its contents, we agreed that you should read it.” Shoto was handed a letter, it was the thick paper he was well acquainted with – having been around it his entire life. The paper was used only for official communication from Zenia royalty. He hands shook as he unfolded it. When he did, he realized there was three pieces of paper in total. He read the top one first.

Prince Omega Shoto Todoroki:

I write this letter to you as the King of Zenia, current ruling monarch of our grand country, Zenia. I regret to inform you of the passing of your birth parents – Enji Todoroki and Rei Todoroki. As Zenia had already informed Baku about this, and the resulting decision to not allow you to attend their services, I suspect this comes as no shock to yourself.

However, it has been brought to my attention that you have formed a pack with the current Crown Prince of Baku – Katsuki Bakugou, his fiancé, and relating associates. While our country has released custody of you, we do not agree to your membership of this pack. Should it continue, we shall revoke not only the 15 million we were asked to pay you in reconciliation, but we will remove your honorary title of ‘Prince Omega’. We will also revoke your last name, prohibiting you from using it henceforth. In accordance with our laws, you will be completely disowned by the royal family, and removed from not only the family documents – a process that was already started on your extraction from your homeland, but from the history books of Zenia as well.

As you well know from your studies, in Zenia, no omega shall join a pack without the explicit consent of the head of their family. To break this law means you will be charged and punished accordingly should you ever enter the country of Zenia again.



King Toya ‘Dabi’ Todoroki


P.S. I have taken the liberty of including copies of the last letters of your birth parents, enjoy.

Shoto shook harder the more he read.

Fuck you, Toya. Fuyumi. Natsuo. Fuck. You.

He set the letter aside, feeling the stares of the group as they watched him switch to the other letters. He read one after the other, letting their words seep into his flesh, his bones, his heart, his soul.

To the World:

This is goodbye. I gave my life to my husband, and he threw me away. But I knew this, I knew who he was before I married him.

But the he was born. An omega. A disgrace. Filth. An abomination that should have died in the womb.

It is too late to rid him from the earth, so instead I end my shame.

- Rei Todoroki

A king once stood on the top of the world

Gazing down on those who trembled below

“Alpha!” They chanted

Until their chants turned from worship to scorn

An omega surfaced

Pale and broken

Born full of lies and treachery from the king’s own loins

The prince omega twisted the world into a dark one

And the king was cast aside

With nothing left to lose, the king decided to ascend

The first letter was written in his mother’s crisp cursive, the second in his father’s bolded print.

He didn’t know that King Enji wrote poetry, didn’t know that he shared something in common with his father. A tear rolled down his right cheek as he folded the letters back up.

“Shoto?” Tenya asked tentatively, but the omega didn’t response. He simply leaned back, and stared at the ceiling.

Toya is acting like he is giving me a choice, a choice between pack or family. But I have no family, I know that now. But pack… pack is real. Pack is here. Now. With me. I can smell them, I can hear them, I can see them. They are the ones who have chosen to stand by me – not out of obligation, but because they want to.

“Shoto?” Tenya asked again, his voice laced with worry. Shoto snapped back up, giving him a sad grin and silently pointed to a nearby piece of paper and pen. Someone slid it over to him. He wrote quickly, simply.

“I guess my name is Shoto. Just Shoto, now.”

Tenya let out a small cry, upset for his omega even though the man sat proud in his chair, unwavering. He pulled him into and embrace. “Just Shoto, but also so much more than that.” He whispered.

Mitsuki and Masaru looked at the ex-prince, the broken, frail omega appearing stronger than any man they knew. The poor boy’s family kept trying to tear him down, rip him apart, but here he was. Taking it all and yet surviving. Yagi cleared his throat suddenly.

“Your family did not treat you as family, and your parents did not act as such. But we,” he paused, looking at the pack and their parents. “We are you family now, Shoto. And all of us,” he motioned to the other nine parents, “are your parents now.”

Chapter Text

The days passed by freely now, and a couple weeks later Aizawa and Yamada had paid them all a house visit – giving Shoto and Tenya their check-ups while checking in with the rest of the pack as well. Shoto also got his cast removed, and Aizawa gave him a series of injections, one of which being the start of his birth control.

“Now, you still can’t have penetrative sex. Your body still needs to have a few stabilizing heats before you are ready.” Aizawa had instructed him. “Plus, you need to go through a heat for the contraceptive to stabilize, then I will need to take a blood sample to ensure it is effective before giving you a boost dose. If all looks good, you should only need it every three months – like the others.” Shoto nodded his understanding, even though a low thrum ran its way up his spine at the thought of sex… with Tenya.

“Speaking of sex,” Aizawa continued. “Dr. Iida told me that you admitted to hey that you and Tenya haven’t been really… intimate since the end of your heat. Is there a reason for that? You were certainly quite active the few days before your heat.” Shoto paused, not really knowing how to answer It’s not that he wasn’t attracted to the alpha, because he was. Almost too much. And it scared him.

“Shoto,” Aizawa interrupted his thoughts after seeing the emotions flash across his normally stoic face. “You don’t have to be afraid. Feeling attraction and arousal is normal. Especially towards your alpha as an omega. Hell, I’d be more worried if you continued as you were before. You’re young, and really just now discovering your body and your sexual desires. If it feels like it’s a lot, that’s normal.” Shoto eyed him suspiciously, not really believing the omega but nodded anyways.

“Truthfully, Shoto. Having a healthy sex life is good for you. Especially you. Don’t run away from what you are feeling, okay?” With that, the doctor ended the visit – promising to return for Shoto’s next heat.

“Hey, Shh. Shh. Its okay. Its okay. I’m here, I’m here. I’ve got you, love. Breathe for me.” Tenya’s low whispers reverberated in the nest, caged in by its three secure walls. It was the middle of the night, and Shoto had woke suddenly, panicked and whining.

I killed them. I killed them. Its all my fault. Bad omega. Bad. Toya’s is going to come for me, he’s is going to hurt me because I’m a bad omega. I killed our parents, because I’m a bad omega. Bad. Bad. Bad.

“Breath, Shoto. In and out. Breathe.” Shoto could hear the alpha, but could not process the words, even though he being held against the large man’s chest, his thick arms wrapped around him protectively.

Bad omega. I’m bad. My family didn’t want me, and I drove my parents to kill themselves! I’m defective! Bad omega! I don’t… I don’t deserve an alpha. Bad omegas don’t get alphas.

“Love, come back. Come back to me, Shoto. You’ve are a good omega. So good. Remember the nest you made me for my rut? Or how you’ve calmed me even though I’ve let my instincts take over? I need you, love. You’re a good omega, the best omega for me. Come back. Breathe Shoto, breathe.” Tenya pulled the omega in tighter, increasing the amount of pheromones he was putting out and tucking Shoto’s head next to his scent gland. The omega’s eyes were open, but glassy, and he was still hyperventilating and crying. Tenya’s heart broke at the sight, Shoto had been having nightmares every night since he received the letters from Toya. All the alpha wanted was for his boyfriend to sleep through the night just once, and to wake well rested. As it was, the frail omega had dark circles on his eyes and was eating even less than usual.

No! He’s going to come for me, Toya is. He is going to hurt me, going to kill me. I know, I know. And I don’t want him to hurt you! Or pack! Or anyone else! Its my fault because I’m a bad omega! Just leave me! I’m a bad omega, you don’t want me.

“I am going nowhere, Shoto. I told you I would ALWAYS be here for you, and I am a man of my word. You are worth it, to me. I would burn the world to ashes if it meant you could live a happy life, love.”

A-alpha…. He… he thinks I’m worth it? Why? WHY? I’m not worth it!

Tenya rubbed their glands together, sensing that Shoto was now finally, finally starting to hear his voice. Shoto’s breath caught at the action before his sobs returned. “Because I love you.”

I… you… love me?

Like a damn finally broken, Shoto crumbled in his alpha’s arms, letting the calming scent of rain wash over him. Allowing the big alpha to hold him together. Tenya crooned to him, and Shoto pushed himself further into the alpha’s embrace as he shook with his sobs. The alpha rubbed his back slowly, trying to sooth him as the omega came crashing back to reality.

“Rough night?” Eijirou asked when he saw Tenya and Shoto shuffle their way into the kitchen for a late breakfast. Shoto looked exhausted, barely alive as he slouched in on himself, eyes as dark as a racoon’s. Tenya nodded.

“Nightmares again?” Katsuki asked in a whisper after Tenya settle Shoto at the table and entered the kitchen to grab himself a coffee.

“He’s been having them every night. Last night… was bad. It took more than usual to bring him back.” Tenya’s voice was quiet, but strained with worry. Before Katsuki could say anything, they heard Izuku’s voice – yelling.

“That’s it!” Izuku yelled, and Tenya whipped around – ready to go and protect his mate if necessary. The greenette was usually no threat, but with how bad the last couple of weeks had been for Shoto, Tenya was taking no chances. “I’m calling Momo to come and pamper you today, and tonight we are all sleeping in the pack room!” The future queen of Baku declared, with all the poise and grace of a man just woken-up. His hair was still tussled with sleep (and probably sex), but Tenya breathed a sig of relief. A day of pampering and relaxing would be good for his omega, and… sleeping with the pack would put him at ease, and hopefully Shoto too.

“Get Jiro too,” Denki added. “We could all use a haircut, and she can help our alphas with a bit of pampering themselves.” The blonde omega grinned, and all three alphas blushed a bit. They were used to caring for the other men, not being cared for.

“Done and done.” Izuku said, finishing out a text and hitting send. It pinged not a minute later. “They’ll be here in an hour.” Denki grinned. He loved that Izuku was so damn… efficient sometimes.

True to Izuku’s word, Momo and Jiro arrived at the palace within the hour, each carrying two bags of products and tools.

“To the pack bath, you filthy mutts.” Jiro joked as Momo ushered the six men down the hall, already familiar with the pack-wing’s layout. Tenya opted to carry Shoto, as the omega was dead on his feet. Shoto hadn’t been in the pack bath yet, and it was huge. It was more like… a large jacuzzi, as all six were able to sit and stretch comfortably in the bath. Shoto found he didn’t mind be naked around all of them, in fact he found a sort of peace with being so intimate with the other men.

“Sit and soak for 30 minutes, then shower with the products I laid out.” Momo instructed from behind a cracked door, keeping their privacy intact. “No funny business in there, understand?”

“Yes, mommm.” Eijirou and Denki replied in unison, and Katsuki barked out a laught.

“I swear to god if any of you come out of there smelling like sex and jizz, I am never helping you ever again. Even for your weddings.” Jiro yelled from the same direction.

“No! I need you Jiro! Don’t threaten us with that!” Izuku panicked.

“Then no funny business.” Jiro dead-panned, and Katsuki laughed harder even as they heard the two women walk away. Izuku glared at him and swatted the alpha’s hand away when he reached out.

“You hear the woman. No touching.” Katsuki pouted at Izuku, and Shoto’s eyes lit up with amusement. “Nope. Not going to work, Katsuki. That’s what you get for laughing.” Izuku huffed. Eijirou and Denki sniggered from their corner of the bath.

Tenya had originally set Shoto down a bit away from himself, but he saw that while Shoto was entertained by the pack’s antics, he was starting to fall asleep in the warm water. Tenya scooched over, and slipped himself behind the omega, allowing the smaller man to lean back on him and rest.

“I thought they said no funny business.” Katsuki said, pouting still.

“It’s not funny business if I’m keeping him from falling asleep and drowning.” Tenya pointed out, wrapping his arms around the now relaxed omega. Katsuki huffed.

“He’s got a point.” Denki said, and Eijirou grinned before sliding down more, submerging all but his nose and eyes in the warm, bubbly water.

45 Minutes later, the pack was relaxed, cleaned, and dried. The men went back out the living space, finding Jiro had set up a temporary seat to cut their hair, and Momo had prepared a station for manicures and pedicures.

“Alphas with me!” Momo said cheerfully, patting the empty seat she was next to. Eijirou went first, giving the beta woman permission to paint his toes a bright red. Denki sat with Jiro first, the woman making quick work of his hair and touching up his lightning bolt. Then it was Katsuki and Izuku, Katsuki NOT letting Momo paint his toe nails, and Izuku got a quick trim. Next was Tenya and Shoto, both taking longer than the others because Tenya liked pedicures quite a bit (and Momo knows this) and Shoto’s ridiculously long hair. Before they swapped stations, the broke for a quick lunch, Shoto was practically putty at this point too. He was sitting in Tenya’s lap, allowing the alpha to feed him his lunch, content to just lean against the alpha and obediently open his mouth and chew when prompted.

Then they switched, going in the same order as before. Except Jiro also took out a straight razor as well, giving each alpha a close shave on top of the haircuts. Momo gave the omegas a thorough pedicure and manicure, though none ever wore fake nails and only Shoto kept his fingernails a little bit long. When she got to him, she pulled out a nice navy-blue color along with white and black.

“Navy-blue, like last time?” She asked, and he nodded. Denki and Izuku shared a look before glancing at Tenya. By the time the two women were done with everyone, they all looked cleaned up and handsome, and they ended the pampering session with moisturizers and face masks.

Momo sidled up to Tenya, before they left, sliding a bottle of oil into his hands. It was a lavender based massage oil, he looked at her with his eyebrow raised.

“Lavender will help him relax before bed,” she explained. “Also, touch from his alpha will probably help as well. Katsuki told me that you and Shoto are close… but are not being intimate. Tenya huffed, a little annoyed his pack-mate was talking about his personal life openly like that. “I don’t mean to intrude, but it is kind of my job to help omegas be happy and relaxed. Use that oil and give him at least a back rub every night, it will help. Trust me.”

The two women left, leaving the pack to relax and have dinner on their own. For once, Katsuki requested dinner from the main kitchens instead of cooking himself, opting instead to cuddle with Izuku on one of the couches. The other two pairs were doing the same, enjoying the relaxed bliss. Tenya smiled as Shoto’s breathing relaxed, signaling he had fallen asleep. Tenya soon followed the omega, drawing comfort from the other man and his nearby pack-mates.

They were woken for dinner, and afterwards the pack agreed to just lay down in the pack-room together. Shoto was sleepy still, even after eating dinner (Tenya hand-feeding him again), so Tenya once again carried him to their destination. Shoto and Tenya settled on the center of the bed, the other two couples framing them. The two of them quickly fell asleep, Shoto using Tenya as his pillow. The other men did not stir, not wanting to disturb the two from their sleep – knowing they hadn’t gotten much of it lately.

Shoto slept through the night, and into the next morning Tenya woke with both surprise and relief when he saw the sun was up and Shoto was still resting peacefully next to him. The omega’s face was peaceful, reflecting that he had truly been able to rest for the whole night without nightmares – without fear. Tenya pulled him in more, snuggling into the omega and falling back asleep himself.

Shoto had woken when Tenya stirred, but was embarrassed because he had morning wood and not only was he in a bed with his alpha, but with his pack-mates as well. He had almost bolted out of bed when Tenya grabbed him, pressing them together. But that’s how Shoto found out he was not the only one with morning wood, and for whatever reason, that made him feel better. He decided to not ruin it, and simply pressed his hips back into the alpha, sighing contentedly when he felt Tenya’s stiff cock pressing between his clothed butt-cheeks. He then allowed sleep to take him again, not wanting to egg himself on any further.

Chapter Text

In the following days, Tenya made a point to pamper Shoto – taking Momo’s advice to heart on top of thoroughly enjoying a relaxed, pliable Shoto in the process. He hand-fed Shoto at every meal, and surprisingly the omega allowed it without arguing. It appeared that both alpha and omega enjoyed the simple intimacy in the act, and it ensured Shoto ate his fill – a fact that did not escape Tenya (or any of the other pack members). In the mornings, he often carried a still sleepy Shoto from the nest to the pack-kitchen, where he would settle him in a chair (while wrapped in one of his quilts), before grabbing their drinks and asking if Katsuki needed help with breakfast (of course he never did, he was Katsuki Bakugou after all). Shoto would accept his juice (always juice, never tea or anything else), and Tenya would sit next to him, reading the news while drinking his coffee – one large hand on Shoto’s thigh, rubbing calm circles with his thumb.

The next days passed by smoothly, and Tenya was always, always present. He did as he said he would, and had already stopped his classes in order to take care of Shoto. Katsuki and Izuku were often swept away for official meetings, introductions to bureaucrats, lessons on being monarchs, and for meetings with Mitsuki and Inko to plan the big wedding. Even Eijirou and Denki were gobbled up by their respective families to work and attend social functions (as any young lord should – according to Shoto). So, the two found themselves alone most days after breakfast, and sometimes in the evenings as well. Tenya took advantage of this, spending the time to have conversations with Shoto, learning about one another. He learned that Shoto had taught himself piano, and actually had quite the extensive knowledge about war strategy and ballroom politics. Shoto discovered that once upon a time, Tenya dreamed of becoming a writer but discarded it in favor of psychology in order to “impact and improve the world as much as he could”.

In the evenings, they would enjoy a quiet meal prepared by Shoto – whether the others had come back or not. Tenya had tried to convince Shoto that he didn’t need to make dinner every night, but the omega insisted. Tenya suspected Shoto wanted to make himself useful, feeling inadequate since he didn’t have any “real” work to do. If only Shoto would realize that getting better, getting healthier, was real work. But before settling into bed, Tenya would draw Shoto a bath – filled with bath salts and soaps (generally lavender and maybe sandalwood). Shoto would soak while Tenya showered, then the alpha would come and help bathe him. It was a testament to Tenya’s will-power that he didn’t jump the omega every night, as his cock was rock-hard within minutes. Afterwards, he would dry Shoto, help him into briefs and some pajama pants, and would then lay him on his belly in the nest. Then the alpha would spend a good hour giving Shoto a back massage with the lavender oil Momo had given him.

Shoto really, really loved being pampered by Tenya. For the first time in his life, he felt like a prince. The irony of the situation did not pass him, but he forced himself not to dwell on it.

Dr. Iida said I have to change my thinking patterns; I can’t let the negativity take over. Thoughts become words… or intent in my case. Intent becomes action, action becomes habit. I’ve got to start with my thoughts, and I can’t let the bad ones take over anymore.

As much as he loved being independent and head-strong, letting the big alpha manage him and their days felt right – at least for now. Tenya made sure he ate, and the food was always good and for whatever reason his boyfriend was really good at figuring out what he was craving without having to ask. Plus, being hand-fed gave Shoto excuses to “accidentally” nibble on Tenya’s fingers.

I love teasing Alpha. I can always tell when he is struggling to hold back. Curbing his instincts, allowing me to lead in that area even though he leads in others. He is strong, but gentle. And I… I want more of him… more than just chaste kisses and cuddles. I… I’m just scared.

The baths were glorious, and having Tenya gently scrub him clean was, truly, bliss. The alpha missed no patch of skin, and after a few embarrassing moments, he even cleaned Shoto’s privates and bum. Always gentle, always soft, always kind – despite the rather large tent in his own pants. Tenya never asked for more, even when he slowly, but thoroughly, washed the omega’s erect penis on several occasions. It was never sexual, even though they were both aroused. It was always an act of love, of care, of a desire to express intimacy and devotion – never lust and sex. Shoto was perfectly capable of cleaning himself, but Tenya persisted in his ministrations every night, devoting himself to showing his formerly abused omega that he was cherished, loved, and precious.

The massages were much the same, Tenya applied himself in turning the omega into putty in his hands every night that week. Shoto relished in the feel of the alpha’s hands all over his back, and the way the larger man straddled him – his big, erect, alpha cock pressing into his ass made it hard not to press back against it.

Since when did I become such a pervert?! I mean… yes… he’s handsome, and I love him, and he’s my alpha, and I am aroused… But that’s no excuse to go and… and rub myself all over him!

At night, they slept in each other’s arms - safely ensconced in Shoto’s rather elaborate and large nest. Shoto still woke often, his nightmares never seemed to leave him alone for long. But it was getting easier for Tenya to calm him down and coax the frightened omega back into sleep. It broke the alpha’s heart every night when he was woken up by Shoto’s terrified whimpers. The smaller man would wake from his hyper-realistic dreams, and wouldn’t know where he was – as his dreams still followed him into reality. Shoto wasn’t ever coherent enough to try and wake Tenya on his own, so he was often in quite a state by the time Tenya was alerted.

Tenya would coo to him, hold him, scent him, kiss him, and reassure him with words for as long as it took. Sometime it took minutes, sometimes hours. After the exceptionally bad nights, they would sleep in, and Tenya would always find a note on the fridge from Katsuki.

Breakfast is in the fridge, coffee in the pot. See you both at dinner. -Katsuki

Regardless of their duties, on the days the two of them missed breakfast, the rest of the pack would return back to the pack-wing early, making sure they all got to see one another. Making sure all of them got to scent Shoto before bed, giving him all the comfort they could, knowing that the pack scent would help keep Shoto calm for the night.

It was a Friday when Izuku and Denki pulled Shoto away from Tenya after breakfast. To his credit, the big alpha protested but was outvoted by the other two alphas. “It’s time for some alpha bonding!” Eijirou proclaimed as he and Katsuki took one arm each and steered Tenya out the door. Shoto watched, panicking a little.

No! No! You can’t take him! He needs to stay! Stay here! With me! He can’t go! No! Not even without a good-bye!

The pack suddenly stopped, all of them catching the sudden shift in Shoto’s scent. The alphas let go of Tenya, who promptly turned and rushed to Shoto, embracing him and scenting him.

“I’m not going anywhere, love. I’m here. It’s okay. I’m here.” Tenya soothed, kissing the omega’s temple. The pack looked crest fallen, they had hoped all they time with Tenya over the last week would have allowed Shoto to feel more secure. But it seemed like the omega could not be separated from his alpha for long periods of time still.

“Sorry, guys.” Katsuki said, rubbing the back of his head. “We got carried away. Didn’t mean to scare you.”

“I know,” Tenya said as Shoto buried his face into his neck. “I myself didn’t realize he would react this way at the prospect of being separated.”

“Socchan?” Izuku asked quietly. “We can all hang out as a pack, okay?” He saw the red-and-white head bob up and down, and they all let out a breath that none of them realized they were holding. At least Shoto seemed better equipped to recovery from his sudden attacks. Eijirou and Denki broke off to grab blankets and pillows from the pack-room, puling them on the floor in front of the large TV.

“Care to help us make a floor-nest to binge watch movies in?” Denki asked when he saw Shoto peering at them curiously from where he was still standing, encased in Tenya’s arms. Shoto shifted, uncertain and looked cautiously up at Tenya.

I want to go, but I don’t want to make alpha unhappy. I mean, I just made a scene and now he can’t go an do alpha things because I can’t handle him not being nearby. I’m such a worthless, stupid, needy, clingy –

Shoto’s thoughts were cut off by a quick kiss on the lips from his alpha. “Shoto, stop that. Go, on. I know you can’t resist the thought of building a nest for all of us.” Shoto beamed at him, though his eyes were a little watery. Tenya kissed his forehead before letting him go and giving him a little push toward where Denki and Izuku were now sorting out the blankets and pillows. “Go, I’ll be here. Helping Kats and Eij figure out drinks and snacks and whatnot.” Shoto nodded, and happily bounded over to the other omegas, his previous anxiety forgotten.

Tenya turned, finding the other two alphas staring at the three omegas, pure love and wonder on their faces. “I love watching them be just… free and happy.” Eijirou whispered. Katsuki simply hummed in agreement. Tenya grinned at his friends.

“Well, I guess it’s a good thing one of you is getting married soon and the other is close to popping the question.” He murmured as he walked by, heading to the kitchen to start sorting out drinks for the group.

“Hey! Don’t ruin the surprise!” Eijirou whined, equally quiet as he tore his gaze away from the three happy omegas, who were smiling as the put together the nest. The red-head followed the other two alphas into the kitchen. When he though about it, they were still doing alpha bonding and omega bonding, in a way. The omegas were preparing the nest together, as omegas liked to do, and the alphas were going to get the sustenance together, as alphas liked to do. They were all carefree and happy, and getting the bonding time they needed without having to separate for the whole day.

Eijirou decided he liked it better this way.

Katsuki did too, though he would never say such a sappy thing. But the future king liked the idea of having the pack together like this, even after they got married and started having pups. Even after he became king and started ruling. He didn’t want to lose this.

In fact, Katsuki being Katsuki, he refused to lose this. Both him and Izuku had discussed it in detail, thorough detail because Izuku would never let any detail slip by and Katsuki never half-assed anything.

Katsuki naturally felt protective of the pack as lead alpha, and that made Izuku lead omega – meaning he felt the need to care for all of their pack members. Both men followed their instincts on this, which were no longer viewing Shoto as an intruder, but as a precious pack-mate who needed love, affection, and protection.

After their second movie finished (a funny rom-com that had Shoto curling with silent laughter), they were interrupted by Izuku and Katsuki’s parents.

“We don’t mean to intrude on your fun, boys,” Yagi said as they entered, “but there are a few things of importance we wish to discuss with all of you.” Shoto immediately stiffened, his scent spiking with anxiety.

Last time we talked like this was when… when the Todoroki’s officially disowned and abandoned me. What else has happened? Can’t they just leave me alone?!

Tenya immediately strengthened his hold on the omega, pulling the smaller man into his lap and tucking his head into his neck so that Shoto’s nose was right next to his scent gland. The alpha let out calming pheromones as he held Shoto and rubbed his back, hoping to calm him before it got worse. “Breathe, love. Breathe.” He murmured.

What if they come for me? What if they come for you? I know I am a bad omega! How could I have forgotten! I’m stupid! Worthless! I don’t deserve you! I don’t deserve pack!

Shoto was hyperventilating and crying, and even as his pack-mates added their own scents and calming sounds, he continued to tremble – lost in the vicious circle of self-hatred his brain liked to trap him in. Tenya continued to hold him, letting out a low, rumbling coo. Standing in the doorway, unable to move, Yagi, Inko, Masaru, and Mitsuki stared in shock. The poor omega had gone from relaxed and peaceful to hyperventilating and hysteric in a matter of seconds. They were also stunned by the literal speed in which Tenya responded to his boyfriend’s distress, and how quickly the rest of the pack came to assist. Yagi was crestfallen, torn that his words would have such an affect on the boy, that they would cause so much unnecessary pain.

“Yagi, it is not our fault.” Masaru said and placed a hand on the emaciated alpha’s shoulder. “We should have all realized that he would react negatively to us coming to talk to him as a group like this – especially considering our last conversation with him.”

Yagi nodded, but his eyes were full of sorrow. Masaru squeezed his shoulder as Inko grasped his hand in hers. Together the four of them watched the pack rally around Shoto – trying to calm him and bring him back to reality.

“I told you, you are worthless.” Drawled a low, smooth voice and Shoto’s head shot u to stare at the source. He found Toya reclining in one of the chairs. “It was a good thing I disowned you when I did. Can’t have a male omega – let alone an insane, unpredictable one – in the family.” The alpha then barked out a cruel, cold laugh.

I know I’m crazy! I know! I know! I know! But leave me alone! Please! Please, just leave me be. Leave my pack alone. Leave my alpha alone. You abandoned me! I’m no longer a Todoroki! Stop tormenting me!

Tenya couldn’t help the tears that started to flow down his face when he saw Shoto staring at an empty chair, having a silent conversation in his head with someone no one else could see.

“Oh, but Shoto. You are still a blemish, you see. You still exist, the world still knows of you. We can’t have that, now can me?” Toya smirked, the grin on his face reflecting nothing but satisfaction.

No! No! No! Please, please no. I’m a bad omega. I know. But I promise I won’t do anything! I won’t even THINK about Zenia!

Shoto was crying, heavy sob ripping out of his chest even as Tenya tried to pull him back. “Love, Shoto, its not real. Whoever you see is not here. Come back to me, love. Come back.” Tenya murmured the words into Shoto’s ear as he scented the omega, his own tears making it hard to speak.

“It doesn’t matter, omega.” Toya said, his eyes cold and full of wrath. “What filthy, worthless omega want doesn’t matter. I am the king, and you are a dark taint – a mark of weakness – to our family and kingdom.” With that, the image of Toya stood up and walked toward the door where he suddenly vanished.

Shoto let out another sob before he collapsed, suddenly weak from the emotional exertion. He was crying even more heavily now, but also started trying to scramble away from Tenya and the others.

Don’t touch me! No. No. No. I’m a bad omega. Tainted. I’ll taint you, too. I’m no good. Bad. Bad omega. I don’t deserve any of you. Not Alpha. Not pack. I’m a bad omega. Bad omegas don’t get good things. Bad omegas don’t get what they want. Bad omega. Bad omega. Bad omega.

“Shoto, love, no.” Tenya whispered as he determinedly followed Shoto as the omega attempted to crawl on the floor across the living room. Shoto was still sobbing, tears running down his cheeks and he was shaking. Tenya was crying too, crying for his omega. His omega who was hurt and broken, but to him Shoto was perfect. Deserving of the world. Deserving of love even though he couldn’t see it.

“Shoto, stop. Stop, love. Come back to me.” He pleaded, and surprisingly Shoto stopped. The omega did not face him though, and instead curled in on himself. His body ws shaking, his sobs were high-pitched and heart-wrenching.

Bad omega. Bad omega. Bad omega.

Tenya embraced him, pulling the curled-up omega into his lap again. Enveloping him with his own warmth and scent. He allowed a barely audible coo out, but his chest vibrated heartily – it was strong enough for Shoto to feel it through his entire body. The omega kept his eyes closed, but buried his face into the alpha’s chest. A small movement – but a good one.

“Breathe, love. In… Out… Breathe and come back to me, Shoto. You’re a good omega. The best omega. You are perfect for me and I am here. As I promised. I will always be here.” Tenya hugged the frail man, desperate to convey Shoto’s worthiness to him. Desperate to break Shoto free from his own mind.

Rain…? Rain… I… Alpha? Why is he here? Is he… is he holding me? Wha… Why? I’m bad! Bad omega!

Shoto started trying to wiggle out of Tenya’s hold, trying to push him away. Tenya refused, keeping his firm grasp on the omega. “Listen to me, Shoto. You are loved. You are cherished. You are important and worthwhile. You are a good omega. Please, please come back to me. I know you can.”

I… I’m loved? Alpha? I… but… you…. rain? Why? I… want to believe you. I do. You said you would always be here. I know. I know I can trust you. You said… You said to ignore the voice in my head when… when its negative. But it keeps happening. I still feel bad. Bad omega. Bad omega. Bad omega.

Tenya felt the shift in Shoto, the omega was slowly relaxing, almost melting into the alpha’s embrace. But he was still tense, still confused. Tenya continued his murmurings, telling Shoto how he was good, he was loved, he was needed, he was wanted. Eventually, Shoto came back. He finally looked up into Tenya’s blue eyes, his own mis-matched pair glistening with tears and sadness but also held a brightness that indicated he was fully back in reality.

“So proud of you, Shoto. I knew you could do it. You are strong, love. Stronger than you realize.” Shoto merely nodded before tucking his face back into Tenya’s chest and taking a deep, shuddering breath. The pack then fully descended, the four other men wrapping the pair in a group hug and letting their combined scents create a blanket of safety and love.

They got Shoto moved from the living room to the pack room, where Tenya, Eijirou, and Denki got him settled in and comfortable while Katsuki and Izuku remained to talk with the four people who started the whole incident.

“What were you idiots thinking?!” Katsuki yelled, his temper flaring. “You think you can just… waltz in here and say shit like then when you know, you KNOW how sensitive Shoto is? Look at what happened because of your carelessness! I don’t care if two of you are monarchs and two of you are my future in-laws! Shoto is pack. My pack. And don’t you even fucking forget it, because I will damn sure rip you all from limb to limb if you ever do something like this to him again!”

The four adults looked adequately cowed, but Katsuki looked like he was about to go through a second round when Izuku stopped him by placing a calming hand on his bicep. “Kacchan, enough. I think they understand the gravity of the situation.” Izuku looked at his mom, who was crying, Yagi who was barely keeping his own tears from falling from his already wet eyes, Masaru and Mitsuki who stood solemn and with guilty faces.

“We didn’t mean to scare him.” Yagi whispered. His voice choking on unshed tears. “I’m so sorry, Katsuki, Izuku.” Katsuki glared still, but Izuku gave a small smile.

“We know.” Izuku said before Katsuki could go off again. “But it probably isn’t us you should apologize to. Its Shoto and Tenya.”

“We will.” Mitsuki said. “I promise, to you both. To all of you.”

“Do you think he will be up to talk with us? It is important, and while it can wait it is actually good things that might help him feel better.” Masaru asked, his voice deceptively calm when his own face look tormented with sadness and guilt.

“I will go and ask.” Katsuki said and stomped away with all the gracefulness of an angry bull. A minute later he came back and nodded at the group. “They’ve got him calmed down, and they have both agreed to speak with you in the pack room.” He turned again, and the rest of the followed the prince to the pack-room.

Inside the found Tenya sitting against the headrest with Shoto resting against his chest, sitting between the alpha’s legs. To their right sat Denki, who was pressed between Eijirou and Tenya and had his left hand clasped in Shoto’s right. There was space to their left, which Izuku immediately made a bee-line for, followed by Katsuki. Shoto immediately reached out with his left hand, and Izuku clasped it. Like a mirror image to Denki and Eijirou, Izuku pressed into Tenya and Katsuki pressed into Izuku. Shoto refused to look at the four other people, instead he tried to tuck his head into Tenya’s arms where the alpha was holding him across his chest. He really only managed to hide his chin with his efforts, but no one laughed or commented on the behavior.

Yagi stepped forward, his eyes still wet and sad. “Look, Shoto… Tenya. I was careless in what I said. We didn’t mean to scare you like that. I am so, so sorry.” The alpha choked on his tears a bit, but couldn’t get out any more words and so he allowed Inko to pull him down into a hug.

“We all feel terrible for what just happened.” Mitsuki took over. “We should have remembered that after our last big conversation, that popping in like that and announcing we needed to talk was not the best thing to do. For that, we do sincerely apologize and we will do our best to make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

“Damn right you will!” Katsuki barked out, and Shoto flinched away from the sound. Izuku used his free hand to smack the back of Katsuki’s head.

“Stop it, you territorial, protective bastard. You’re scarring Socchan.” The green-haired omega chided his fiancé before turning to their parents. “Thank you for the apology. I suggest in the future you should call or text one of us to give us ample warning and time for such talks.”

“We can do that.” Masaru agreed.

“Thank you,” this time it came from Tenya. His voice unusually quiet from where he sat, holding and watching his omega carefully. “I know you didn’t mean to cause such a reaction in him, but it hurt him regardless.” He sighed and looked up at the four older people. “I trust that you will make the best efforts to not do it again. He is working extremely hard to get better, but things like this just set him back.” Shoto pressed back into Tenya, reclining his head back to look up at Tenya as the alpha spoke. “Personally, it kills me to see him like that and I can only imagine what he feels. I’d appreciate it if it wasn’t caused by people we consider family.”

Shoto slowly lowered his eyes to also look at four of the people who proclaimed themselves his family, his parents, after his own had abandoned him. He gave them a small smile, forgiving them. After all, it wasn’t their fault he was crazier than a coo-coo clock.

“Anyways, we have some good news for all of you. Which is why we came here in the first place.” Masaru said, and stepped forward. He had a paper and an envelop in hand. He handed the paper to Tenya first. “Read it out loud for everyone.” Tenya cleared his throat, and then started to read.

Courting Announcement

The Iida family of Baku is proud to announce the offical courting of Prince Shoto of Baku (Ω) Palace by their second son, Tenya Iida (Α).

As the world is aware, Prince Shoto is now a prince of Baku – his status and title being recognized by Queen Mitsuki and King Masaru of Baku.

Prince Shoto has already been accepted into the Royal Pack, which is lead by Prince Katsuki and his fiancé, Lord Izuku, who are joined by Lord Eijirou Kirishima and Lord Denki Kaminari.

All families – the Bakugou, Iida, Toshinori-Midoriya, Kirishima, and Kaminari – welcome Shoto into their homes, their hearts, and their families and recognize him as one of their own, as a son, regardless of the courtship.

We are proud as a nation to welcome Prince Shoto into our lands and congratulate him and Tenya Iida on their beautiful courtship.

When Tenya finished reading, he handed the paper off to Eijirou and squeezed Shoto, who was crying (but tears of joy this time). The pack ended up in one jumbled heap of arms and legs as they cried in happiness together. The courtship was public now – everyone would know. And Shoto had been officially recognized as a citizen and son to nation. It took them several minutes to cry it out and celebrate, and the four adults watching them finally smiled a little. Shoto hadn’t wanted a photo or an interview, so the families had decided public declarations would be sufficient instead.

“This one is for you, Shoto.” Masaru said and handed over a pristine white envelope with the Baku royal seal. Shoto carefully opened it with shaking hands and pulled out the letter carefully before unfolding it and reading it. He was suddenly assaulted with the scent of meadows.

A Royal Invitation

Prince Shoto

As a dear friend and pack-mate to one Izuku Midoriya, you are hence-forth invited to the royal wedding between Lord Izuku Midoriya and his fiancé, Prince Katsuki Bakugou.


Additionally, will you please be my best man/maid of honor?


Shoto stared at the letter before turning to Izuku, wide-eyed and with tears in his eyes. He nodded vigorously.

Is this real? I’m going to be Izuku’s maid of honor? Best man? Whatever the fuck male omegas are at weddings?

Izuku leapt onto Shoto, laughing and crying with him. “Oh, Socchan! It wouldn’t have been a complete wedding without you!”

Behind them Tenya, Denki, Eijirou, and Katsuki shared a grin. A courtship announced, and a friendship solidified. Even after all that bull-shit.

All in a day in the life of one Prince Shoto of Baku.

Chapter Text

Shoto was neatly tucked between Tenya – who was spooning him from behind – and Izuku in the morning. The two omegas were facing each other, holding hands while their legs were intertwined. Tenya and Katsuki both woke early – both alphas liked to use the morning to their advantage. They shared a smile over their sleeping partners, admiring how adorable and peaceful the two smaller men were in their sleep. Tenya didn’t want to wake Shoto, but he did need to get up. He wanted to help Katsuki with breakfast and he wanted to get the bath ready for Shoto. The poor omega refused to leave the pack bed last night, even after all the happy news, and therefor didn’t get his nightly bath and massage. Tenya was determined to make it up to him.

It was then that Eijirou and Denki started to stir. As usual, Eij slept like a starfish on his back and Denk used the alpha as his personal pillow/mattress. Tenya used to worry that the two of them would feel left out when Izuku used to cuddle against him – and now that Shoto was adamant about being between Tenya and Izuku. But his worries were unfounded. Eijirou never really cuddled (the alpha was always finding places to flop down and stretch out), and Denki was okay with it – he got his cuddles in with the omegas at other times, and generally complained about being too hot to cuddle anyways.

Eijirou sat up and stretched, causing a sleepy Denki to grumble and roll onto his side – getting wedged between the two alphas.

“Stupid alphas,” the blonde murmured. “Gettin’ up so early, Jus’ fuckin’ leave an’ let us sleep.” He words were sleep-slurred and Eij grinned at his grumpy omega, before kissing his forehead.

“Stay here with Shoto and Izuku, Denk.” He said as he got up and out of the bed. Katsuki also started to slowly pull himself away from the slumbering Izuku. Tenya knew he should get up as well, but he really didn’t want to. He could honestly watch Shoto sleep all day.

“Go on, ya big oaf.” Denki mumbled, pushing on Tenya to get him out of the way. “I wanna cuddle with Shoto for once.” Tenya smiled and got up himself, slowly, still a little reluctant to leave his omega. The three alphas all chuckled as Denki sleepily slotted himself behind Shoto, throwing an arm and a leg over the sleeping man. Shoto and Izuku barely moved, both just shuffling together more until the three omegas were cuddle together – Denki spooning Shoto as Shoto shifted to bury his face into Izuku’s chest. Denki then quickly fell back asleep.

I don’t think any of them will be waking soon.” Katsuki said before pressing a gentle kiss to Izuku’s temple. He stood and walked to the door. “I think its best we leave them as they are. Plus, it’s good for omegas to have omegan cuddle sessions.” He grinned as he left, Eijirou following him. Tenya knew Katsuki said that to reassure him, because Tenya already knew that – he literally majored in Omega/Alpha psychology. But he appreciated it, as it did help settle his inner alpha and allowed him to take one last look at the sleeping men before he exited the room and closed the door gently behind himself.

The alphas broke off to go take showers and change, but they all reconvened in the kitchen thirty minutes later. Katsuki started shuffling through the fridge – trying to decide on breakfast.

“Oi, Tenya.” He called without turning around.


“Does Shoto like anything in particular for breakfast?” Tenya thought about it for a minute, going through all the foods he’d seen Shoto eat. It was hard to tell if he had any preferences, as the omega was generally happy to be eating – especially when Tenya was hand-feeding him. But Shoto did seem to enjoy food that required no etiquette – finger foods and sandwiches. Tenya figure that was probably Shoto’s way for denying the Todoroki’s – a big “F” you to the way they tried to turn him into their personal political tool before he presented.

“How about breakfast sandwiches?” Tenya provided. “Its easy, delicious, and we don’t need utensils.”

“YES!” Eijirou called. “Pleeaaasseee! With thick-cut bacon and cheese…” Katsuki chuckled (as Eijirou was practically drooling now) but nodded.

“That’ll work. But we can also cut up some fruit, too. I know all three of our omegas like chomping on fruit in the morning.” The lead alpha started pulling out ingredients before pulling out two cutting boards, two knives, a big bowl, and a variety of fruit. “Chop, chop, boys,” he commanded lightly – indicating that the other two alphas were in charge of the fruit. They both moved into the kitchen without complaint and followed the prince’s orders – chopping the fruit into finger-friendly sized pieces.

It was another hour before breakfast was ready, and the alphas made their way back to the pack room to wake the omegas. As they approached, they heard the hushed whispers and giggles of Izuku and Denki. Katsuki and Eijirou shared a grin before quietly opening the door – not making a single sound as they entered. Tenya followed them, similarly remaining quiet. He was curious as to what the omegas were doing and what his fellow alphas were going to so when they found out.

Inside they found a sleeping Shoto laying on his back with Denki and Izuku on either side, cuddling up to him while they played with his hair and stroked his sides and chest while whispering to one another. They were being quiet and gentle – in order to not wake up Shoto from his peaceful slumber. It seemed they were just enjoying his presence, cuddling up to him and treating him to soft touches that he clearly enjoyed (based on how relaxed he was) even though he was still asleep. Shoto’s face was incredibly relaxed, meaning he had remained nightmare free, even after the alphas left. Katsuki and Eijirou stalked up to the bed, almost going unnoticed until the two awake omegas picked up on their scents.

“Alpha!” The two cried in unison, sitting up with happy grins plastered on their faces as their alphas stopped slowly stalking towards them and started to walk briskly to either side of the bed. Eijirou and Katsuki then promptly scooped up their omegas, Eijirou opting for a fireman’s carry while Katsuki chose bridal style. Both omegas let out squeals of laughter.

“Don’t carry me upside down, Eij! I want to kiss youuu!” Denki whined. Izuku didn’t get a change to complain before Katsuki was already devouring his mouth. Tenya watched their antics with amusement, chuckling as the two pairs made their way out of the room. He had almost forgotten how playful omegas would get after some good omega bonding and cuddling (this in turn caused their alphas to be just as bad). Shoto started to stir with all the noise. He slowly woke and sleeping blinked his eyes open. He saw the two pairs leaving and slowly focused on the alpha staring at him from the foot of the bed.


Shoto smiled and held his arms out, not caring if Tenya opted to pick him up or fall on top of him. He didn’t care, he just wanted to be held by his alpha after waking up so pleasantly. He smelled like the omegas of his pack – and it was nice. But now he wanted to smell like his alpha. He assumed Denki and Izuku felt the same – remembering their eager squeals that woke him. Tenya grinned.

“Come here then, Omega.” His tone was low and loving as he opened his arms, inviting Shoto to come to him. Shoto shivered as a shock of love (and arousal) coursed through him. Shoto thought about slowly crawling on all fours to the foot of the bed… but quickly dismissed the idea in favor of swiftly launching himself into Tenya’s arms. Tenya caught the airborne omega easily, laughing heartily as Shoto wrapped his arms and legs around him and immediately started scenting him. Tenya happily scented him back, enjoying how strong Shoto’s peppermint was, and how the meadow and electricity from the other omegas only enhanced Shoto’s natural scent – masking any lingering rotten-fruit scent.

“Smell so good, Shoto.” Tenya said as he stood still, holding onto Shoto and rubbing their scent glands together. Shoto let out a low purr at the statement, and continues to vigorously scent his alpha. Eventually Shoto pulled back, a smile plastered on his face. Tenya beamed back at him. He loved this look on Shoto. Happy, relaxed, content.

“Come on, you two!” They heard Katsuki call from the kitchen. Still grinning, they shared a kiss before Tenya – with Shoto still wrapped around him – moved to leave the room. When they entered the eating area, they saw that the two other alphas were sitting but had laps full of their respective omegas. Izuku and Denki were clinging to and casually nuzzling and scenting Katsuki and Eijirou while the alphas fed them bits of fruit. The sight made Shoto happy – as the other two omegas were fairly strong-willed and independent, and rarely allowed their omegan instincts to take over. To see them accepting this aspect of their dynamic sent a bolt of joy through him, both in happiness for them and relief for himself because it was normal for omegas to act like this. It was also clear that the alphas were enjoying the rare treat of being able to hand-feed their loves, as it satisfied their alpha urges to care for their omega.

Tenya sat in one of the chairs, only maneuvering Shoto so the omega could easily twist his torso to grab food – if he so desired. But Shoto seemed just as happy as his fellow omegas to allow his alpha to hand-feed him his breakfast. Fruit was easy to feed to them, breakfast sandwiches less so. They ended up fixing the sandwiches for them, then handing them over to their omegas to munch on while sitting on their laps and snuggling into their chests. This also allowed the alphas some time to eat their own breakfasts.

Towards the end of the meal, Katsuki received a text. He let out a huff before turning to Tenya and Shoto. “The hag says Tenya’s family is here – including Tensei. Seems they want to talk with the both of you and spend the day together. Dad has already talked to them about last night… So, don’t worry if you don’t feel up to it.”

Tenya looked down at Shoto, who had his face pressed into his chest, as he hadn’t moved from where he was straddling Tenya at the table. “Are you okay with that, love? Or do you want to stay in? I don’t want to push you.” Shoto looked up at him and smiled. He used a finger to trace letters onto Tenya’s bicep.

I-W-A-N-T-T-O-S-E-E-T-H-E-M-T-H-E-Y-A-R-E-F-A-M-I-L-Y. Tenya smiled back before kissing him on the lips.

“No time for a bath then, so let’s go take a shower.” With that, Tenya stood up, taking Shoto with him. Shoto hung on, burying his face into Tenya’s neck and smiling. It was silly to let his alpha carry him around everywhere, but it felt nice and made his heart happy. His inner omega loved that Tenya was so strong, and was able to pick him up and carrying him as if he was no more than a sack of potatoes. They ended up showering together, forgoing Shoto’s usual bath. But Tenya still washed Shoto’s hair and body, like he normally did – worshipping the omega’s body with his attentions. There was a shift, though. Maybe it was the fact that they were showering together for once, or their close proximity to one another under the hot water, or maybe it was a side-effect of their instinctive behavior all morning.

Either way, Tenya’s touches were still gentle, but they were more sensual. He always caressed Shoto like he was a treasure, but now his hands lingered in certain areas, and his hands carried a certain pressure that caused sparks to light up all over Shoto’s skin. In turn, Shoto returned the favor, rubbing his hands over Tenya’s torso and back, and stealing kisses from the alpha when he could. They didn’t take it farther than that, neither one of them willing to cross the invisible barrier that was drawn – in case they weren’t able to contain themselves. So far, neither of their bodies had decided to react to their ministrations, but it wouldn’t stay that way if they continued. Once clean and dried, they dressed in comfortable silence. Tenya had moved most of his clothing into Shoto’s suite, opting to stay where Shoto’s nest was established. They each chose a pair of slacks and a dress shirt, both neatly tucked in but with the sleeves rolled up (neatly) to their elbows. Shoto had briefly considered wearing one of his dresses, as he hadn’t had the opportunity yet, but he still wasn’t comfortable wearing them in public yet. He resolved to wear one soon, at least in private, for Tenya.

They made their way to one of the parlors, where the rest of the Iida family was waiting for them. Shot let Tenya lead him by the hand, finding comfort in the shield that Tenya’s body provided. Though he was quite familiar with Dr. Iida at this point, as she kept two appointments a week with him at the palace – he was still wary of the other two alphas – Tenjirou and Tensei. Especially Tensei, after what happened last time.

“Tenya, Shoto, dears.” Taniko called to them, stepping forward to first hug Tenya then Shoto. Shoto gave her a small, thin smile. And she smiled backed. “Do you need them to greet you with their wrists, Shoto?” She asked. Shoto paused to consider it. He no longer needed her to do that, since he saw he so frequently. It also helped that she was an omega and the mother to his alpha. But today was a good day, and he felt that he could tell the other alpha males were real without having them offer their wrists. He shook his head no. Here responding grin was absolutely blinding.

“That’s great, Shoto! That’s progress.” He started at her, suddenly realizing that is was progress from where he had been.

I’m not as broken as I was before.

Tenya squeezed his hand and pecked him on the cheek before whispering, “So proud of you, love.” Shoto turned and smiled back at him, his own eyes a little watery from the overwhelming emotions. Today was a good day and he was getting better. There was proof now.

They ended up at Iida Manor for the day, where Shoto was given a tour of the main house and the grounds. The entire family went on the tour, all of them pitching in to point out small details and talk about they favorite parts of their ancestral home. It was nearly lunch time when they stepped into one of the entertaining rooms, and inside sat a beautiful black Steinway grand piano. Shoto took a sharp breath, remembering the last time he played and the catastrophe that ensued. At the time, his fingers itched to touch the keys and his heart ached for sound of music. His face must have reflecting his turmoil, as all four Iida’s acted at the same time.

Shoto squeezed his hand as Tensei and Tenjirou went to move the furniture so that it was facing the piano, and Taniko stepped closer to him, speaking – her voice soft and reassuring. “I’d love to hear you play, Shoto. We all would. Nothing bad is going to happen, okay? We won’t let it, and today is a good day – no?” He turned and looked at her, his eyes wide with both yearning and fear.

But what if I don’t want to feel what the piano will bring to the surface? What if… what if it makes me hurt so much that I lose control? That I lose reality?

Shoto was abruptly turned around, and he was met with Tenya gazing at him fiercely. “Listen to me, Shoto.” He said, his voice firm but full of warmth and love. “The piano can’t hurt you. And I know music is a gateway to the soul, and that can be terrifying, especially when you are so used to not listening to what your soul and heart are telling you. But we are here, for you. We want to hear the piano. Your piano. Sad, happy, angry, whatever it may be. Do not let your past dictate your future. Do not let your pain ruin the things you love and enjoy.”

Shoto stared at him, his eyes once again starting to water because he just felt so much in that moment. His gaze darted over to the other two alphas, who were standing a respectful distance away, but paying attention to the conversation. Tenjirou gave him a kind smile, and Tensei nodded. The message was clear. We are here for you. For your piano. We want to hear it - we want to listen to you. Shoto let the tears fall, silent sobs filling his throat.

This was what family is. This was what parents and siblings do for one another. They want to know me. They want to listen to me – even if it is my piano and not my voice. They are here to witness my emotions – agony, despair, madness, happiness, joy – and they aren’t going to shun me or hurt me for what feel. For what my voice – my piano – says.

My family was never like this. I’ve never had this. My family never heard my piano – they never wanted to. And then… then I presented. Then they didn’t even want me at all. But Tenya, and his family… they want to hear, to listen, to know. They want me to be me…

Tenya held him as he cried and as he wrapped his thoughts around it all. Around the Iida family and how they were his family now, too. When he finally stopped crying, he rubbed his eyes and looked up at Tenya, finding comfort in his alpha’s steady, patient gaze. Tenya kissed him on the lips, taking a moment to override Shoto’s emotions with his own, conveying his own love and pride in his omega. Someone (Tenjirou) cleared their throat, and they broke away, both a little flushed. Taniko hid her teasing smile behind her hand.

“Will you play for us?” This time, Tensei spoke, addressing Shoto directly and holding his gaze. “I know I’ve not been the best to you, or to Tenya, and for that I really am sorry. But I stand with my family on this, I would like to hear your piano, Shoto.” He paused, smiling at his little brother and his boyfriend. “It is a part of who you are, and if we are to be family, we must get to know one another.”

Shoto nodded, and Tenya gave his hand another squeeze before letting go and watching as Shoto slowly made his way to the piano. The Iidas all settled in on the couches, patiently waiting for Shoto to get seated at the keys and to find his bearings. He lifted the top and exposed the ivory and ebony keys, holding his breath as he took in their eternal beauty.

“Breathe, love.” Tenya’s voice floated over to him, and he instinctively took a deep, shaky breath. He was so used to Tenya helping him find his balance, helping him breath and come back to reality. To regain control. And Tenya was here, as always.

I can do this. Alpha – Tenya – is here. If all else fails, he will catch me. I will be okay.

He rolled his shoulders and cracked his fingers before stretching his hands across the keys. Then, he began to play.

He chose one of his own, that he had composed a long time ago. In a time when he still had his voice. Now he sung the lyrics in his head, but the keys sang his intent and emotions for him. It was soft, happy ballad. A song from childhood, untainted by the cruelty he suffered later. It was song of happiness, of freedom, of belonging. The song came to an end, and he paused after the last note, singing the last line softly to himself in his head.

And the prince always knew where home could be found.

Tenya was next to him, suddenly, wiping away tears he didn’t know had started again. “It’s okay, we’ve got you now.” He whispered as he slid onto the bench next to Shoto. He was shaking, too. Though Shoto didn’t know when he started shaking anymore than when he had started crying. Tenya pulled him closer, tilting his head down to rub their neck glands together.

“Thank you, Shoto.” Tenjirou said, solemnly. His eyes were closed, as if he could contain whatever emotions he felt from the omega’s piano if he just didn’t open them. On the other hand, Tensei was openly crying. To him, it was clear that this song was Shoto’s – not just something he played, but something he wrote. It was also clear to him that the reason this song was so painful was because it now represented all that the omega had lost… simply because he was an omega. Despite the original intent of the song, it was now melancholy and heart-wrenching to witness.

“Did you… Did you write this before… before you presented?” Taniko asked gently. She was the only one not struggling with her emotions, years of being a therapist trained her to not react until she had time – and privacy – to process them, no matter the condition or situation of her patient. Shoto simply nodded, and she closed her eyes – forcing her own emotional response down, for now. She opened them and looked at Shoto, and smiled. “Thank you for playing it for us. I know it means a lot to you, and I want you to know that it means a lot to us, too.”

They ended up sitting there for a while before one of the servants came and let them know lunch was ready. Taniko urged them all out ahead of her, saying she would follow shortly. She needed a few minutes to come to grips with her own emotions before their meal. Tenjirou ushered the boys out for her, and placed a soft kiss on the top of her head before leaving the room himself. Years of marriage had taught him that Taniko needed space to process after difficult or emotional therapy sessions with clients. He would handle the boys well enough until she was ready to re-join them for lunch and the rest of the afternoon.

Taniko sighed and slouched into the couch, covering her eyes with her arm. She felt sad, but even more so, she was angry. As a mother, as an omega, as a therapist… everything about Shoto’s situation and resulting condition enraged her. Despite her pacifist nature, she found herself wishing Enji and Rei Todoroki were still alive, just so she could exact revenge on them for Shoto. But they were already dead, and the only thing she could do now was help him heal and prevent the remaining Todoroki’s from hurting him further.

The rest of the afternoon went smoothly, as the five of them spent time either having conversations or playing card games. Tenya enjoyed teaching Shoto how to play poker, and Shoto enjoyed listening to the family banter. As the day drew to a close, they stayed for dinner as well.

“You know you are both welcome to stay the night. Tenya’s rooms are still set up, if you wish to stay.” Tenjirou offered as they were eating a simple desert of vanilla ice cream. Shoto looked to Tenya, who had turned to look at him. They then both shrugged, as if saying, ‘I don’t care, if you don’t care.’ The group burst out laughing at the sight.

“I guess that means you are staying the night.” Taniko chuckled, and the boys both just shrugged and nodded. Tensei watched the two younger men with a grin on his face. He truly did feel bad for how he had behaved previously, and watching them interact with another made it clear to him that nothing would separate the two. Yes, it was early in their courtship to be proclaiming such things, but blame it on instinct. The two practically oozed ‘Fated Mates’.

That evening, Tenya showed Shoto his rooms, well his wing really. The family had sequestered him to his own section of the manor because of his aggressive alpha behavior, and resulting intense scent when he was younger and not in control of it as he was now. But he wasn’t isolated, it just provided him his own space to go be alpha without disturbing the rest of the family. Tenya blushed when Shoto pointed out several bite and claw marks on the inside of some doors and on the corners of furniture.

“I already told you I was aggressive, especially during my ruts. Before they built me a solid, secure rut-room, they had to lock me in here.” He explained defensively. Shoto walked over and gently touched his face, guiding Tenya down for a kiss.

I didn’t mean to make you feel bad about it, Alpha. I was just teasing. I won’t do it again.

Tenya stepped closer to Shoto, pressing their bodies together and deepening the kiss when he placed one hand at the back of Shoto’s neck and the other at the small of his back. They kissed like that for several minutes, barely coming up from air. Shoto eagerly moved his lips against Tenya’s, taking in the pure taste of his alpha. Tenya decided to push for more, slipping his tongue in when Shoto parted his mouth a little. Shoto let out a silent gasp, but did not pull back. Instead, he wasted no time with exploring with his own tongue.

When they finally pulled away, Shoto was flushed and breathless, his eyes half-lidded and full of lust. Tenya plowed on, though, lowering his head to kiss and suckle on Shoto’s neck, lavishing his glands with attention. Shoto shivered, his body was filled with pooling heat that traveled straight from his glands to his groin. He mewled when Tenya sucked particularly hard, unable to stop the sound from escaping his lips. He felt Tenya grin against his skin.

“Like that?” The alpha asked, and Shoto nodded vigorously.

Like it? Fuck that! Don’t stop! EVER.

Tenya must have heard the silent command, because he continued to lick and suck on Shoto’s glands, tasting the unadulterated taste of his omega. So what if there was a little rotten fruit hiding underneath the peppermint? Tenya didn’t think it fucking mattered – because it didn’t. This was his omega. His Shoto. And this was the way his love tasted, and he would always love it, no matter what. Especially if it meant it made Shoto happy. In more ways than one. Tenya was already hard, a tent fully formed in his slacks, and Shoto was hard as well. Tenya wanted Shoto, badly. He knew that penetrative sex was out of the question until Dr. Aizawa cleared Shoto, but there was plenty of other activities they could partake in.

But he couldn’t push Shoto, he knew that, too. Shoto had to want it, and he needed to initiate it. Tenya couldn’t drive this relationship on his own, and he didn’t want to. He didn’t want Shoto to sit on the sidelines, only doing what he was told. No, Shoto had his own wants and needs, and he needed to be allowed the space to assert them. Tenya would always give him that space. Always.

It was when Shoto started moving his hips against Tenya’s, when he realized that Shoto was finally ready for intimacy. They had been a little intimate prior to their last cycle, but they had never gone past frotting with boxers on. Tenya moaned at the friction, serving Shoto with a tiny nip to his gland in retaliation. He felt Shoto shiver from it. Then the omega pulled his face back up, and proceeded to kiss the ever loving shit out of him. Tenya ate it up, little gasps and silent moans and all of it. His hands wandered, slowly unbuttoning Shoto’s shirt and slipping it off his shoulders. He ran his large hands over the omega’s bare skin, relishing in the other man’s physical responses. Then he felt Shoto doing the same to him, and before he knew it, they were standing at the foot of the bed in nothing but boxers, moving and grinding against one another as the kissed.

“Can I?” Tenya asked, pulling away from the kiss as he rested one hand on the band of Shoto’s underwear – asking permission to finally get rid of the last barrier. He saw Shoto gulp, but the omega nodded. Tenya slid them down slowly, kneeling down and helping Shoto step out of the briefs, and getting a good look at his love’s cock. He would probably love that cock forever, he decided right then. It wasn’t a traditional omegan cock, not a “cocklette” like Denki and Izuku sported. Shoto was easily beta-size, if not on the lower spectrum of alpha. He liked it.

He stood back up, and was surprised when Shoto returned the favor, stripping the alpha of his own underwear and taking several moments to gaze wantonly at his package. Tenya couldn’t help but grin. Denki had explained their little… trip to the sex store to Eijirou, who in turn told him. He knew what Shoto’s reaction had been when they first told him about his size, but it seemed that Shoto had gotten over the shock. Based on the hungry look his gave Tenya’s cock as he stood back up, meeting the alpha with a hot, needy kiss.

Tenya pushed him onto the bed, covering the omega with his own body. They continued to kiss, their bodies flush against one another as Tenya started to thrust slowly, rubbing their erections together. Shoto let out another mewl, the intense pleasure of the contact causing him to thrust back. Frotting with clothes had been nice, but actually having their bodies make contact like this was fucking great.

Tenya pulled away, grinning. “It gets better.” He said simply, reaching his right hand down to grasp both their cocks together. He kept thrusting, but also started to move his hand – paying more attention to Shoto’s cock than his own. It didn’t take long for Shoto to come, his hips jerking out of control as he released over Tenya’s hand and cock and onto his own stomach. Tenya groaned at the sight, and picked up his own pace as Shoto started to soften. Tenya came with a roar, his cum shooting onto Shoto’s belly and chest. Shoto, half dazed and coming down from his orgasm, lazily scooped up some of it onto his fingers, bringing it to his mouth.

ALPHA. Oh. Oh. This... this is what he tastes like.

Shoto shivered at the taste, while Tenya moaned at the sight, another jet of cum peppering Shoto’s belly. It seemed he wouldn’t need to go several rounds tonight; his cock was emptying it all in one go in celebration. Shoto watched through his eyelids as Tenya rode out his orgasm. The alpha was lazily stoking his own cock now, using his other arm to keep his weight of Shoto. Shoto’s inner omega preened at the sight.

Alpha is coating me with his seed and scent, AND he is emptying it all in one go. He has Knot Delay, so I’m surprised he reached such a powerful release on the first go, as it effects even his normal orgasms. He said he normally has to have three orgasms when he isn’t in rut before his erection will go down. But not this time, not with me.

Tenya was panting, and it appeared his dick was finally done pouring out his cum. He looked down at Shoto, who was sleepily staring up at him with a dreamy, satisfied look.

“I love you.”

I love you.

Chapter Text

“What is the meaning of this?” Toya stared at the attendant who had delivered the insulting invite to him.

“My a-apologies, your Highness. It was just delivered from Baku Palace… I th-thought it best to bring it to your r-right away.” The balding beta man stuttered from were he remained bent and bowed in front of Toya. The red-haired alpha grinded his teeth.

“Leave. Now.” He commanded using his alpha voice. The beta whimpered, but obeyed, staying bent at the waist as he backed out of the room. Toya clenched his teeth as he stared down at the thick, white invitation, with elegant forest green letters tinted with burnt orange accents.

From Our Palace to Yours,

We invite the Royal Family of Zenia and their entourage to the Royal Wedding of Crown Prince of Baku, Katsuki Bakugou, and Lord Izuku Midoriya of Zenia.

The Wedding shall take place the Twentieth Day of August of the Year Twenty Thirty-Three.

Please notify Baku Palace of your reservation and the names and number of attendees by the Thirty-First Day of July of the Year Twenty Thirty-Three.

It was a formality, not an actual well-meaning invitation to one of the most important weddings and social events to come in the next decade. The Todoroki’s were invited because they were royalty, and were technically the ruling family from the kingdom which their queen-to-be hailed from. None of the members of his family were actually listed in the invite, a calculated sleight no doubt. They didn’t even say call them by their family name, no. Just “The Royal Family of Zenia.” As if the mighty name of Todoroki meant nothing.

The Todoroki name meant something. It was a powerful name – a respected one. Hence why he had to remove such an abomination from its branches. One bad fruit would ruin the rest of the tree. He sighed and turned to his wife. “Andrea, please go get the rest of the pack.” She nodded and dutifully stood from the table to go and get the other adults from their alpha-pack.

She quickly returned with the rest of the pack behind her, Fuyumi and Kai, Natsuo and Lillian, and trailing behind them, slouched and with his hands in his pockets was Shigaraki Tomura – the only one present who was in the pack but not family. They all took their seats around the table, Natsuo and Fuyumi sharing a glance, while Kai remained a neutral, impassive look and Lillian reeked of nervousness. Shigaraki, as always, was his usual, creepy self. Toya threw the invitation down so the rest could read it.

“It seems we have been cordially invited to the upcoming wedding of Prince Katsuki Bakugou and one of our own traitors, Izuku Midoriya.” He spat, a low growl punctuating his words. Fuyumi carefully read the invitation then turned to her brother.

“We cannot simply ignore this invitation, Toya.” She said, calmly but firmly. “You disowning Shoto from the family after everything has made the world suspicious of you. I suggest sending myself and Natsuo, showing that – “

Toya cut her off with a growl. “Neither of you will be going.” His eyes were cold and hard. He would not be moved, but neither would Fuyumi back down.

“As you wish, Your Highness.” She said, barely containing a sneer. “But if you wish to have political reach beyond Zenia’s borders, you must show some form of compromise to the world or they will ostracize you as they did our father.” She paused, leveling him with a look. He did not interrupt her, but fixed her with narrowed eyes. “If you will not send me or Natsuo, then at the least send my husband, Kai. You know he is a good emissary, and is competent in formal settings such as this. He would not be married to me otherwise.”

Fine.” He acquiesced. “But, Shigaraki will be going as well.” Fuyumi was about to refuse, to say that the uncultured, out-of-control alpha would NOT make a good impression on the other dignitaries, but Toya silenced her with a hand. “One of mine and one of yours, dearest sister, or no one at all.” Fuyumi closed her eyes in defeat, Kai reached out and took her hand silently under the table and gave it a light squeeze.

“Then it shall be Kai and Shigaraki and the required guards.” She agreed, her voice not giving away her silent, seething anger.

“I’m glad you could see sense.” Toya said before standing up. “Come, Shigaraki. We have some planning to do, and we should speak with Teacher as well.” Shigaraki grinned, his paper-like skin struggling to stretch the required amount to form the disgusting twist of his lips.

“Yes, my King.” He said, following Toya out – leaving Queen Andrea behind with the others. The queen visibly deflated when her husband left the room, and she held her head in her hands. Fuyumi let go of Kai’s hand and reached across the table to grab ahold of Andrea’s.

“Do not worry yourself about him, he will come around again.”  Fuyumi tried to comfort the other woman, but it seemed she could not be consoled. Andrea lifted her head, her brown eyes filled with regret, sadness, and anger.

“I thought I married a king, not a dictator. Not… him.” She said, and then slowly closed her eyes. “I’ve given him three alpha sons, each one of them bearing the Todoroki Alpha Mark at birth. Now… Now he has thrown me away, only to use me for errands and to ease his ruts.” She sighed. “Toya won’t even lay with me on my rut, if it deviates from his.” She admitted. “I’m not allowed to spend more than meal times with my sons. Even my baby is fed by a wet nurse. I gave him what he needed, and now he does not care about what happens to me.”

Fuyumi stared at her sister-in-law, her queen, and her rage grew. Shoto’s condition could be blamed on their parents. But this… this was all Toya. She had hoped he had been able to grow past their father and would have become a better king, a better man, a better alpha.

She had been wrong.

“Dear lord, he absolutely reeks of Tenya, doesn’t he?” Denki teased as him and Izuku helped Shoto into his bridesmaid dress for the fitting. Shoto turned beet red, but also grinned. It was embarrassing, but he wasn’t ashamed.

Of course, I smell like alpha! We claim each other every night and sometimes in the morning. And since we can’t have actual sex yet, his cum has nowhere to go but all over me. So, naturally, I carry his scent everywhere.

“Stop teasing him, Denki!” Izuku chided. “It’s a good thing that him and Tenya are being so intimate now. Its healthy and we should be happy for him, and encouraging him. Not making him feel bad about it!” Denki barked out a laugh while he pointed out the smug look on Shoto’s face.

“I doubt anything we say or do about it is going to change the fact that he’s one smug, happy bastard.” Shoto turned to them and stuck his tongue out.

Nope. Nothing anyone says right now could make me doubt what I have with Tenya.

Izuku joined in the laughter, and soon all three omegas were smiling as they exited the dressing room to go stand on their respective pedestals where Shinso – and a few assistants – would be making the adjustment to their dresses. Both Shoto and Denki were in toga-like dresses that were forest green and ended right above their knees, each was cinched at the waist with a thick, rust-orange rope made of soft threads. Izuku, in the meantime, was decked out in his wedding outfit, Shinso bustling around him, making small alterations and tweaks.

“Are you nervous?” Denki asked Izuku, and Shoto turned his head to the conversation, listening closely.

“Yes and no?” Izuku said with a nervous laugh. “I mean, I am marrying Katsuki – and I can’t imagine anything I want more than that. But at the same time… I’m marrying Katsuki Bakugou, Crown Prince of Baku. It is a lot… and I’m taking on more than a husband, more than an alpha… I’m taking on a kingdom as well.” Shoto nodded, understanding the weight of that decision somewhat. He had been born and raised a prince himself, so he knew what it meant to take responsibility for a kingdom.

“I guess that makes sense.” Denki said. “But its also you and Katsuki, so the world should fall on their feet in either fear, awe, or respect regardless.” Izuku blushed, but didn’t deny it.

Denki sure knows how to put Izuku at ease. I wonder if I’ll be able to do that for them someday. Help them, reassure them, comfort them. They do it all the time for me and for each other. I want to be able to, someday.

Denki then turned to Shoto. “Hey, Sho.” He called, and Shoto turned to him. “Its July now, isn’t your next heat coming up?” Shoto looked up in thought, running a calendar through his head.


“Bingo.” Denki laughed. “I bet your pre-heat is going to start in a few days. Have you spoken with Dr. Aizawa yet?” Shoto shook his, a little upset that he had been so forgetful.

“Don’t worry.” Shinso said from where he was working. “Dr. Aizawa is aware and is prepared. I expect he will drop by the palace tomorrow with Dr. Yamada to discuss things with you and Tenya. Don’t fret over it, Shoto.” Shoto gave the purple-haired omega a relieved smile.

Shinso too. He’s so good at reassuring me. They all are. I think all the omegas in Baku are amazing. I want to be like them.

“All right, you all are done. Go get out of those outfits, but be careful of the pins.” Shinso said, finally standing up to his full height and stretching his back.

“Thank you, Shinso.” Izuku said with a happy smile. “You’ve done a wonderful job.”

“Just get dressed so you can treat me to some of Katsuki’s cooking, as promised.” With that they all stepped down from the pedestals, heading back to the changing area. Denki and Shoto diligently helped Izuku out of his outfit first, making sure none of the pins poked him or got moved. Then they helped each other out of their dresses while Shinso took Izuku and went over some finer details about his outfit.

It was then that Shoto’s stomach growled. The three other omegas turned to him in surprise, and he blushed.

“You’ve been with us for six months, and I don’t think I’ve ever heard your stomach growl, Socchan.” Izuku said, barely containing his teasing grin.

“Me either,” Denki added without trying to conceal his mirth.

“Now, now.” Shinso interrupted. “Just like teasing him for his sex life with Tenya, teasing him for his appetite is also prohibited.” He used his ‘doctor’ voice (as Izuku put it) and the greenette and blonde grinned sheepishly. Shoto frowned, trying to remember the last time he felt the normal kind of hungry. Not just… pain, or not wanting to eat, or being so empty for so long he didn’t know if he was hungry or not.

I don’t really remember the last time my stomach growled, or when I felt hungry because I hadn’t eaten since breakfast and had waited too long to eat lunch. I just remember being starving or not hungry at all.

“This is why it is prohibited.” Shinso chastised as he walked over to Shoto. He put a hand on his shoulder, turning Shoto to face him. “Listen, Shoto. Eat what you want to eat, when you want to eat it. Or when Tenya wants you to eat it – he is a good judge of when and how much you should be eating.” Shoto looked down but nodded.

I know I’m getting better, but its still hard. I sometimes can’t tell that I’m hungry, still. Tenya does help, though. When he feeds me… it feels like I don’t have to worry about if I’m eating enough, often enough. I’m just happy to eat what he puts to my lips.

“Hey,” Shinso lifted his chin with a finger. “None of that, okay? You are getting better, leagues better. I know gaining weight, getting healthy, eating enough is hard when you can’t tell if you are eating enough, often enough. But despite those two idiots, we are all here for you.” Shoto nodded, his eyes growing a little misty.

I just want to be able to do it on my own someday. To not have to have all of you watching over me. I want you to be able to trust that I can and will take care of myself.

Izuku and Denki came over to wrap him in a group hug, pulling Shinso into it too while they scented each other. “We’re sorry, Socchan.” Izuku said, his voice heavy with emotion. “But you are getting better, so sometimes we forget that we need to be careful with what we do because of how it affects you. And it isn’t your fault, either. Its ours for being inconsiderate.”

But I don’t want you to have to be considerate, to watch what you do or say around me.

“Don’t even go down the road of blaming yourself.” Denki said sharply, picking up on how Shoto’s scent changed, hinting at his thoughts. “You are who you are, and we love you no matter what. Part of loving you is being considerate to your needs. It is what family does. Just like how you tolerate Katsuki’s anger, or my dopiness. We all have quirks, and we all help each other with them. You are no different.”


Shinso smiled, relieved that Shoto’s expression and scent changed to happier notes, though that rotten-fruit smell lingered underneath as it always did. “Now, lunch?” Shinso demanded and the group laughed.

“Yes, yes.” Izuku said. “I’ll let Kacchan know we are headed back home.” Shoto smiled softly.

Family. Pack. Friends. This… This is what they do. They help one another, they joke around, they offer unconditional love and support. I… I don’t ever want to lose this.

“Shoto, calm down. It’ll be okay.” Tenya tried to reach out to the omega who was pacing in front of him, letting out distress pheromones. Tenya was sitting at the end of the bed, and was trying to get Shoto to lay down with him and relax, but the smaller man was just too wound up. Shoto spun on his heel and served Tenya an angry look, but there were tears rolling down the right side of his face.

They had just got done meeting with Dr. Aizawa and Dr. Yamada, to consult them about their cycle. Even though, going in, Shoto and Tenya were both aware they would have to spend their cycle apart at least one more time, the omega had not received the news well. Additionally, the doctors wanted the two of them to spend the heat at their clinic this time. Not at home, but not the hospital either, as their heat and rut rooms were nice, they didn’t exactly have all the tech the doctors liked to use. Also, it was inconvenient to go to the hospital for just two patients when they had a practice to run and other patients to tend to.

Aizawa also thought their heat and rut rooms were better, but maybe that was because their facility was only for omegas and alphas, and they specialized in their unique medical needs. Maybe Aizawa was just biased. Who knows.

Tenya sighed. “Love, we’ve been separated for our cycle before. And that was in the hospital. Take it from me, Aizawa and Yamada have a much better set up. You’ll like it, I promise.”

I don’t want to be separated! I want to be with you! Only you! I don’t want to be alone!

Tenya finally stood, capturing Shoto in his arms and holding him tightly into his chest. Shoto struggled to get free, but Tenya kept his grip firm – but gently. “Love,” he whispered into the omega’s ear. “Breathe.”

Shoto stilled, taking a long breath automatically on command. He started shaking then, finally not fighting against Tenya and instead pressed into him, gripping at the alpha’s shirt with both hands.

I don’t want to spend my heat away from home. Away from our nest. I don’t want to be alone. I want to spend it with you.

Tenya used one of his hands to tilt Shoto’s face up, causing their eyes to meet. “It’s the last one we have to spend away from one another. After this, we can spend all our cycles together. I promise.” Shoto nodded sullenly, and Tenya bent down and captured his lips in a gentle kiss. Shoto closed his eyes, trying to memorize the alpha’s gentle embrace. Hoping that he would never forget it. That he would never lose it.

Tenya pressed into him, slowly walking the omega backwards until the back of his knees hit the bed and he fell backwards into the middle of the nest, Tenya following after him. Tenya broke the kiss as he hovered over Shoto, his blue eyes dark with lust and love. “I will always be here. I promised you that.” He said, his voice low and husky. Shoto didn’t get an opportunity to reply to that before the alpha was nibbling on his lower lip, his large hands slowly divesting them both of their clothes.

Tenya had slowly moved down Shoto’s body once they were both naked, peppering kisses to his collar bones, sucking on his nipples, raking teeth along his stomach. By the time Tenya reached his destination, Shoto was already a wriggling mess of need.

“I’m going to make sure you have plenty of memories to pull from for your heat, Shoto.” He said, before licking Shoto’s cock from base to tip in one confident move. Shoto’s hips thrusted on instinct, and he let out a mewl. Tenya chuckled. “Just wait, it gets better.” Tenya then took Shoto in his mouth, sucking the tip as he pressed his tongue into the omega’s leaking slit.

I-I-I’m not going to l-last long….

Shoto could feel the way Tenya smirked around his length, almost as if the alpha knew what was going on in Shoto’s head. More likely was that Tenya could read Shoto’s body like a well-loved novel, he knew every movement of Shoto’s muscles and what they meant. Tenya bobbed his head, taking in more of Shoto and setting a quick pace with his mouth. To Shoto, it felt like both a millennia and only a second had passed before he started to cum, Tenya keeping his lips sealed around his cock as he swallowed all that the omega had to give.

Tenya pulled off of Shoto, wiping his mouth with a satisfied grin. Shoto was floating in post-orgasm bliss, but still managed to tug on Tenya’s arms, begging for a kiss. Tenya didn’t hesitate, crawling his way back up and kissing the omega fiercely. Shoto tasted himself on his alpha’s lips, but he didn’t care. It wasn’t a bad taste, and he could still taste his alpha under all of it, and that was what mattered. He barely registered that Tenya was humping against him, rubbing his hard cock against Shoto’s soft one.

Shoto was too enamored with Tenya’s lips, Tenya’s taste, and Tenya’s warmth to notice when Tenya covered him with his own release. They fell asleep like that, without cleaning up, with Tenya laying protectively over Shoto, his weight distributed as not to crush the smaller omega.

Unfortunately, that meant that was how they were discovered the next morning. Even if it was just their pack-mates, it was still embracing to be found naked in bed covered in cum.

“For fucks sake!” That was Katsuki, such a joyful morning person. “I thought you two weren’t supposed to be having sex yet?”

“Mmm… sex has many different forms.” Tenya mumbled from where he refused to move. He knew Shoto was awake below him, with how the omega was softly clinging to him, hiding under him.

“He has a point, Kacchan.” Izuku pointed out, though his face was as red as Eijirou’s hair.

“If I remember correctly, they can do anything except letting Tenya’s cock up Shoto’s ass.” Denki provided with a smirk, barely containing his mirth at his fellow omegas’ embarrassment at his bluntness and crassness.

Eijirou was non-plussed, just standing in the doorway with amusement plastered on his face. “At least we know we are all getting laid now.” The red headed alpha added.

“I… Fuck. Whatever.” Katsuki said. “Just… take a fucking shower before you come to breakfast. I don’t want to smell Tenya’s cum while I eat my eggs.” He grumbled before stomping away, Izuku and the others following him, leaving laughter in their wake.

“If you could smell Tenya’s cum, I wonder what happened to Shoto’s?” Denki’s voice drifted through the still open doorway.

“STOP IT. I DON’T WANT TO THINK ABOUT THAT RIGHT NOW.” Was Katsuki’s answering roar.

“I could smell that he orgasmed…” Eijirou supplied, as he had the strongest nose of them all. “I’m guessing Tenya had some extra desert last night…”

“Some peppermint cream?” Denki asked, and there was a low growl then peals of laughter and running feet.

“I’m going to MURDER the both of you!”

“Shoto, you’ll be okay. Pack has helped you with your nest, and you helped build a good nest in my room too. I’ll be okay and you’ll be okay.” Tenya said as he cuddled Shoto in the heat-room at Aizawa and Yamada’s clinic. “We’ve done this before, in a worse place. And it’s the last time. Once your heat is over, when your body has finally stabilized and Aizawa confirms your birth control is working properly, we will be allowed to spend our cycles together.”

Shoto only buried his face into Tenya’s chest, silent tears running down his right cheek. It had been a rough pre-heat for Shoto, he was moody and sad, having bouts of tears between setting up the two nests. Especially while he set up Tenya’s nest on his own – he couldn’t have any other scents in his nest in the rut-room, not while Tenya was going through rut alone. It broke Tenya’s heart to see his omega so distressed over being separated for their cycle, even though they would only be a few rooms a part and Aizawa and Yamada and the pack would be facilitating the exchange of nesting materials like last time.

Tenya stroked his long hair, cooing to him and letting out calming pheromones. He had hoped to give Shoto a good pre-heat, so he could have a better heat. But apparently that just wasn’t in the cards. At least the omega hadn’t reverted, mental health wise. He was still relatively strong there, not needing to smell anyone’s wrists to make sure they were real, and he no longer woke up staring into shadows and corners as if there was a monster lurking there.

There was a soft knock before Dr. Aizawa and Dr. Yamada stepped in. “He’s still upset?” Aizawa asked, and Tenya nodded sadly. Shoto did not acknowledge their arrival. Aizawa sighed. “I wished his pre-heat had gone better than this.” He admitted sadly. “But we will do what we can to put him at ease during his heat, I promise.”

“I know…” Tenya said, looking down at the omega in his arms and he held his precious bundle a little more tightly. His instincts were screaming to not let the omega spend his heat alone, that Shoto needed him now more than ever. His inner alpha was roaring at him, telling him he was a bad alpha for abandoning his omega like this.

“Your inner alpha doesn’t like it, does it?” Dr. Yamada supplied. Tenya nodded once again. Yamada gave him a reassuring smile. “Just remember, you are being a good alpha by doing this, by giving him space to have his heat alone. This is what his body needs, regardless of whether his instincts, or yours, recognize that.” He paused, eyeing the two of them with both care and the careful analyzation of a doctor. “We are here, for both of you.”

“Yeah…” Tenya’s voice trailed off as Shoto’s scent suddenly spiked with more distress. The alpha responded automatically, pulling the omega’s face up and pressing it to his neck while releasing his own pheromones. The room grew heavy with thunder-laced rain and sweet, thick peppermint. A hint of sour fruit trailing in as well. Aizawa and Yamada shared a look, it was growing closer to the time they would have to separate the pair, but they were trying to give them as much time as possible to bring Shoto to some sort of emotional normalcy before his heat hit. They left the room quietly, leaving Tenya to whisper and coo to Shoto, comforting him as only his alpha could right now.

“The next ten days are going to be rough.” Aizawa stated blandly. Yamada grimaced and rubbed the back of his head.

“Yeah, they sure are. Think we can call in Shinso and that other fellow…the alpha… Tetsutetsu? To work some shifts to help us out?” The blonde alpha asked his mate.

“Shinso is working on Izuku’s wedding outfit, as well as the outfits for the rest of wedding party. But I will ask him. Tetsutetsu, I don’t know. I haven’t gotten to work with him very often, and I don’t want to have to worry about amateur mistakes while all this is going on.” Aizawa said, contemplating their options. They would need extra hands; the question is where they could get competent help on such short notice.  

“Well, Shinso would probably still be willing to pick up a few shifts. You know that. He likes helping out at the clinic. And Tetsutetsu is excitable, but competent. He has been working over in the Omega/Alpha ward with Chiyo for the last month, getting experience. We could use this as a trial run, see if he’s a good fit for permanent hire. You know we need more staff.” Aizawa huffed.

“Fine, but I leave Tetsutetsu to you. He’s your responsibility.” Yamada grinned and slung his arm around the dark-haired omega.

“Yes sir!” The alpha said excitedly. Aizawa rolled his eyes.

“Mitsuki…” Masaro called solemnly from where he was reading a letter at the table.

“What is it, dear?” The queen asked, looking up from her own small stack of paperwork. He set the letter down in front of her and leaned back in his chair, closing his eyes and pinching the bridge of his nose. Mitsuki read the letter and frowned.

“They are actually sending people to attend the wedding.” She was flabbergasted. The invite had been a political necessity, but for god’s sake, she didn’t think they’d actual respond! Let alone send people to attend.

“Did you read the names?” Masaru asked. Mitsuki looked down at the letter.

“Kai Todoroki and Shigaraki Tomura.”

“Kai is the husband to Fuyumi, Shoto’s sister. He appears to be a relatively mild-mannered alpha, and I expect he won’t be a problem.” Masaru provided.

“But the other alpha?”

“He will be a problem.” Masaru confirmed, opening his eyes and sitting back up. “He has a known history of violence towards omegas, was brought up in the gangs of Zenia’s underbelly. Rumor has it that Toya found him while attending one of those illegal, underground omega-runs that we have been trying to track down in Zenia lately. Now he is practically Toya’s left hand man, his own personal guard, servant, assassin – whatever Toya wants him to be.”

“Fuck.” She whispered.

“Fuck indeed.” Masaru agreed.