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Katsuki's Gay Predicament

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It took about three months before Katsuki realized he has never gone on a date with Shouto. 


Sure, they were boyfriends but they never actually dated. Isn't that a thing people do with their boyfriends? Go on dates? Hold hands and shit? Katsuki is just as new to this as any other hormonal gay teenager. He assumes Shouto is equally as oblivious to this kind of thing if not more than him. Katsuki was never gay before. Or maybe he just wasn't sure until he met Shouto. Because he's pretty fucking gay for that guy. Fuck. Feelings are so weird


Feelings that were all mushy and gross were never his forte but it doesn't stop him from lying awake at night pondering. He asks himself stupid ass questions that, for anyone else, he would dismiss on the regular. But this is about Shouto. His boyfriend. He can never really dismiss him even if he tried. It's kind of disgusting. He wonders if Shouto likes coffee. He wonders if he should buy more colors of that one turtleneck design that Shouto is so overly fond of. He wonders if he can just grab Shouto's hand for no reason. He wonders how Shouto would react to that. 


He wonders if Shouto also noticed they've never gone on an official date. If he has, he never said anything. However, it doesn't mean Katsuki shouldn't try. 


"Hey," Katsuki nudges the sleepy figure of his boyfriend with a slight shake of his leg. Shouto hums lowly. Katsuki lets the sound wrap around his heart and squeeze it. "Do you like coffee?" 


Shouto opens one eye to stare up at Katsuki. It's the bright blue one. After a few seconds, Shouto closes his eye again and shrugs. 


"As long as it's iced." 


Katsuki isn't sure what he was trying to achieve by asking that question. 


Katsuki tries again after a few days. 


They're cooling down after a spontaneous race on one of the training fields. Shouto's hand is dangerously close to his own and Katsuki's face scrunches with all the inner turmoil. This is a thing, right? It shouldn't be too bad. It's just a hand. Why is he so worked up over Shouto's hand


"Katsuki, are you alright? You look constipated." Apparently he's so worked up that his entire face is contorted to look like he's about to take the biggest shit of his life. Fantastic. His boyfriend is the most beautiful person in the world and he's stuck looking like he should have gone to the bathroom five hours ago. Katsuki schools his features to appear more calm, which really just results in his usual scowl. Shouto frowns in his direction, stopping in his tracks with a hand (a hand) on Katsuki's bicep. 


"Are you feeling sick?" That wretched hand now transfers to Katsuki's forehead, the gesture followed by a slight furrowing of different colored eyebrows. Katsuki feels like all the nitroglycerin in his body is going to actually explode. Shouto's hand is so warm on his skin. Katsuki huffs to dispel any tension left in his body and grabs Shouto's hand as it leaves his forehead. Like hell you're going anywhere. 


They're in an awkward position for a while, hands raised up in between them like they're about to do some sort of ballet. Katsuki wonders if Shouto would like to see a ballet together. 


Katsuki blinks a few times before he switches sides and lets their clasped hands fall between them. Katsuki decides he likes the feeling of holding Shouto's hand.


"What kind of music do you listen to?"


Shouto tilts his head at the sudden question. Katsuki squeezes his hand. After a while, Shouto shrugs again. 


"I listen to whatever you play on shuffle." 


Katsuki barely stifles a sigh. 


Heaven knows, Katsuki has tried several times already in the past month.


He asks Shouto random questions, trying to figure out what would be a good date idea for the both of them. He's learned very interesting but very useless information about his boyfriend that would give him any fucking suggestion about where to take him on a date. It's driving Katsuki insane. They're about to reach their 4 month mark (not that he's counting) and they haven't gone on a date. They've done everything from hand holding to sleepovers to studying quietly next to each other. But a date? Katsuki doesn't think any time he's spent with Shouto outside of school work would count as a date. 


It pains him to realize this but… He needs help. 


However, whom he's going to ask for help from is an entirely new predicament altogether. Katsuki is gay and oblivious. His gaydar isn't exactly functioning. He didn't even know Shouto swung that way until the day he confessed. He's not exactly an expert on who to ask for, dare he say it, relationship advice. 


He first thought to go to All Might but he dismissed it almost immediately. Asking his childhood favorite hero for advice on his love life is not an option. No matter how desperate he is, he's not going to stoop that low. Next, he thought to ask Kirishima. Shitty hair is most definitely gay, what with how he looked at Kaminari every second of everyday. But they're the googly-eyed, disgusting kind of couple that makes Katsuki want to punch a wall. Twice. He'd rather let Shouto freeze him to death than become that couple.


Deku isn't an option either since he's pretty sure the green-haired boy doesn't know what a relationship is, let alone be able to give advice about it. They're a bit more… civil with each other now but they're not close enough yet for Katsuki to come knocking on his door to talk about where to take Shouto on a date. Deku would probably just blush and stutter. Katsuki doesn't have the time nor energy to deal with useless mumbling. The rest of the boys in his class are painfully straight, so they're out. 


Just as he's about to Google where to go, he's found himself standing in front of Jirou's room. He isn't exactly sure why his limbs led him to a person he's barely interacted with since the start of their time in UA but… Here he is. In front of Jirou's room, a fist hovering over the mahogany door. Katsuki grumbles how ridiculous this is before the door opens without him having to knock. Jirou stands in front of him behind the door, an eyebrow raised in confusion and intrigue. Katsuki suddenly thinks maybe this isn't a good idea. 


"You're breathing really loudly outside my door, Bakugou." Okay. Rude. But who was he to judge people on their manners? Katsuki shoves his hands in his pockets with a slight scowl. Jirou matches the scowl with minimal effort.


"I need advice." Jirou's other eyebrow joins her right one, now in a picture of complete surprise. Here Bakugou Katsuki was asking her for help. "I didn't know who else to go to." 


"You're… Asking me for advice?" Jirou stands against the doorframe this time, crossing her arms and looking Katsuki up and down. If Katsuki weren't so desperate he would have just stormed away in anger. But he is desperate. And gay. Desperately gay. "What for?" 


Katsuki takes a deep breath and looks around to see if anyone else is walking around the hallways. Once he's sure the coast is clear, he looks at the shorter female and tries to downplay his scowl a little bit. "Can I come in?" 


Jirou stares at him for a few more seconds before she steps aside with a mutter of "Don't blow anything up or whatever." 


"A date?" 




"You want to take him on a date?" 


"Yes. I thought I made that pretty clear, punk rock." 


"And you're asking me about it?" 


Katsuki threw his arms up in frustration. "Fucking yes! How many times do I have to repeat myself for you to understand that?" 


Jirou chuckles which makes Katsuki fume. What's she so happy about all of a sudden? He voices this out with a growl but Jirou continues to laugh. "I'm just glad I was even an option for you, Bakugou. Truly," Jirou puts a hand over her heart in fake solemnity. "I'm so honored." 


"If you're not going to help me then don't waste my time—" 


"I didn't say that I wasn't going to help you. Hold your horses, blasty boy." Katsuki is already half-way to the door when Jirou spoke up. He clenches his fists a bit before he turns around to see Jirou smiling smugly at him from her position, cross-legged, on her bed. Jirou pats the space next to her on the bed and Katsuki hesitates before sitting on the stool next to the drumset. Jirou stares at him for a bit before shrugging. Katsuki couldn't stop the thought that Shouto shrugs like that too, and crosses his arms. 


"You know, Bakugou, you coming to me for relationship advice is something I didn't expect but I'm not particularly surprised either." Jirou opens a mini-fridge underneath her bedside table and tosses Katsuki a glass bottle. Mike's Hard Lemonade. Katsuki scowls. 


"We're not allowed to drink alcohol on campus." 


Jirou opens her own bottle with a roll of her eyes. "And you call Deku a nerd? Relax, there isn't much in there. It's mostly just bitter lemonade. Drink up, you look like you need it." Katsuki opens his bottle and takes a swig before leaning forward in his seat. Jirou is holding her own bottle between two delicate fingers. After a few minutes of oddly comfortable silence, Jirou finally speaks again. "Your little gay dillema is actually the perfect excuse for me to ask Momo out. So, my solution for the both of us is that we go on a double date." 


Katsuki almost chokes on his lemonade. A double date? He didn't think that was an option. Well, he considered it but his only other couple option would probably leave them in the middle of the date. He really can't think of many ideas that entails a double date, though, so he stays silent and let's Jirou continue. The short haired girl smiles at him, raising her bottle up before taking a swig. 


"Glad to know you're not opposed to it. Now," Jirou scoots to the corner of her bed, leaning forward with her almost empty bottle swinging slowly between her middle finger and thumb. "Do you know how to ice skate, Bakugou?" 


Katsuki furrows his eyebrows. "Um no. What does that have to—" Jirou interrupts him with a single raised finger. 


"Does Todoroki know how to ice skate?" That confuses Katsuki even more. 


"Of course he does! Why would—" Then it clicks in his mind. Oh shit. His eyes widen slightly and he stares at Jirou with a glint in his eye that he can definitely label as fucking impressed. "Fuck. You really get me, Jirou."


Jirou laughs, an honest to goodness laugh, and Katsuki finds himself chuckling along with her. Go figure, huh? "Saturday, after lunch then?" 


Katsuki gives Jirou a smirk, raising his bottle of hard lemonade for a toast. Jirou mirrors the action with a smirk of her own. "It's a double date, punk rock." 


He should really talk to Jirou more often.