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It’s a surprise that Soo managed to go down to the lobby while looking so distraught. He doesn’t bother sparing anyone a glance, even when he bumped into a lot of employees on his way out.

He doesn’t notice Jongin sitting on the building lobby, his face relaxing when he sees the shorter’s expression. Baekhyun is beside him too, but unlike the former, he’s oblivious of his friend’s odd silence. Baekhyun hisses while walking towards Kyungsoo.

“What took you so long? You didn’t text or call! I thought those goons murdered you!” he frowns as if Soo owes him a lot for worrying, “And Jongin is late!”

Jongin’s gaze lingers on him, looking so worried, before glancing at Baekhyun.

“It’s okay…” he says gently, then looks at Kyungsoo again. “Chanyeol can cover.”

Baekhyun’s brows furrowed, “Chanyeol?”

“My workmate.” Jongin says passively, taking a step towards Kyungsoo. “Hey…”

Soo gulps, blinking rapidly before coming to realization that he’s not in front of his father anymore. It’s time to suppress it all again. He can’t just breakdown every time he thinks of it. He’s never allowed.

But he’s on the edge of failing when he looks up and the first thing he sees is Jongin’s worried gaze at him. Soo feels the strong urge to let out a sob, but he bites his lip hard, until this urge turns to a painful bile stuck in his throat.

Kyungsoo tries to give a reassuring smile.

“Who were those men?” Jongin asks him with creased brows, so he figures out Baekhyun wasn’t really able to keep his mouth shut. Baekhyun comes closer to hear what they’re talking about.

“Soo, the SUVs we saw just left. We saw them just now!” Baekhyun’s voice is still filled with panic, “I almost thought they took you with them!”

He takes another glance at Jongin’s serious face before forcing a grin.

“They’re my father’s clients.” he lies, managing not to stutter in between. “You’re being a drama queen. Come on, I’m starving.”

The three of them make their way outside. Baekhyun keeps rambling about how scared he was with those people, but then he eventually gets over the incident and shifts the topic, much to Kyungsoo’s relief. He almost thought it’s all forgotten until he feels a loose grip around his wrist when Baekhyun walks ahead of them outside, not noticing that he’s talking to himself because Jongin pulled Kyungsoo back.

Soo looks at him, then to his hand on his wrist. Jongin still looks worried. Kyungsoo hates how his usual tactics don’t seem to work on this man. It’s like he knows him more than anyone else.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” Jongin asks seriously, but it’s hard for Kyungsoo to dismiss his hand holding him.

“Yeah,” he clears his throat, “Of course.”

Jongin’s eyes linger on him. Soo gently pulls his hand away, just in time as Baekhyun goes back to where they are.

“Damn you both, I keep on blabbering and you weren’t there behind me all this—”

Kyungsoo’s palm finds its way to his face.

“Let’s go.” he says, faking a smile while walking outside as if his heart doesn’t feel like jumping off his chest.



It is probably the hardest pretending he ever did. Kyungsoo managed to laugh and talk throughout the ride, but there was never a second that it didn’t hurt. He always had to be mindful of the expressions he made, or the smiles and laughter he gave. As someone who’s been doing this for so long, he became so convincing. He knows not to overdone it, or else it wouldn’t appear so true.

It has always been the same goal since he can remember; be the carefree, contented, rich kid that everyone expects him to be. Even if he never felt like it, it used to be an easy job. But now, it becomes more and more unbearable. This is something beyond his ability to pretend.

Possible scenarios are already lining up in his head. If someone as big as his father is involved in this, it would be an even bigger scandal once it comes out. He thinks of their company, his mother and sister. It feels like an acid dripping from his throat down to his chest. And even how much he despises it, refuses it, he thinks about his father. Their lives would be destroyed just because of his father’s greediness.

He didn’t even notice that he had to gasp a huge air because of holding his breath for so long. Soo immediately shuts his eyes tight when he realizes they started warming again. He knows Jongin looks at him again because of this, so he tries his best to keep his eyes dry.

“Hey, what happened to you?” he hears Baekhyun behind him, who noticed him as well.

Kyungsoo casually rubs his eyes, then to the bridge of his nose before faking a yawn.

“My eyes are a little tired.” he clicks his tongue, looking outside before chuckling. “And you bore me.”

He wheezes when Baekhyun presses his nape, making sure the latter’s voice surrounds the whole car again to prove him wrong. With that, Kyungsoo successfully drew the attention away from him and just continued laughing. Because that’s what they say, right? Fake it ‘til you make it.

Soo would trade anything just to escape this life.

Baekhyun, being the hyperactive he is, hops out of the car as soon as they arrive. He starts taking pictures of the diner’s aesthetic signage, Soo shakes his head while taking his seatbelt off before looking at Jongin who’s still beside him.

“What?” he asks, eyes rounded while he looks at Jongin.

“Just eat your dinner, then go home.” Jongin says seriously, making Kyungsoo chuckle. But he stops when he sees the same seriousness on his driver’s face.

“Why? I thought I’m allowed to wait for you?”

Jongin sighs, his eyes looking the same as they were back at the company lobby.

“You seem tired.” the grin on Kyungsoo’s face falters a little, “Just… go call Mr. Han and let him—”

“I’m not tired.” Soo cuts him off, “I don’t wanna go home yet…”

He gulps when Jongin’s gaze lingers on his face.

“Are you—”

“Yes, I’m sure.” Soo reassuringly raises his brows, then he opens the door to follow his friend outside. “And I told you my plates can’t wait.”

He grins at the handsome tanned boy before completely going out of the car. Baekhyun is still not done with taking pictures of the same signage, his brows slightly creased while looking for a good angle.

“Come on.” Soo walks in.

As soon as he steps inside the diner, he sees Chanyeol with his blonde undercut hairstyle behind the cashier counter, flashing his usual boyish smile at a customer ordering. The tall guy’s gaze unintentionally glances at them, but it goes back and lingers a little longer. Kyungsoo looks at where he’s looking; his friend cluelessly looking around for a good place to sit.

“Hey man, sorry.” Jongin tells Chanyeol while finding his way to the counter.

“No worries, dude. I can take the counter for tonight.” he says before smiling at Kyungsoo, then looking at the other boy with him.

Kyungsoo grins a little.

“Should we order?” he asks Baekhyun. From his peripheral vision, he sees Jongin’s workmate straightening up.

Baekhyun’s lips protruded while looking at the menu above, “Hmm, sure.”

“Hi.” Chanyeol smiles at them when they walk to the counter, “Looking good today, Soo.”

Soo figures out how he smiles at him with courtesy before looking a lot longer at his friend beside him. He waits for Baekhyun to finish choosing his food before doing god’s work.

“As always,” he jokingly rolls his eyes, then turns to his friend beside him. “hey. This is Jongin’s workmate by the way. Chanyeol.”

He’s not even done with his words and the guy already has his hand offered to his friend. Baekhyun blinks rapidly while staring at his hand, before proceeding to finally take a good look at his face. Right then, his cheeks redden a little.

“Hi, I’m… Baek.” he mutters, a little uneasy when he realized how good-looking the man smiling at him is. He throws a subtle look at Kyungsoo, eyes widening. He takes Chanyeol’s large hand yet immediately pulls away. Soo finally grins genuinely.

Chanyeol narrows his eyes, “Babe?”

Soo can’t even help snorting when his friend doesn’t respond. Kyungsoo has gotten used to Chanyeol because of hanging out here countless of times whenever he waits for Jongin but he’s pretty sure his friend is stiffening beside him.

“It’s Baek.” Kyungsoo chuckles at Chanyeol, guiding them towards a good path. He can almost feel Baekhyun sinking down beside him.

“Oh, sorry. It rhymes.” the tall guy nods once before chuckling deeply.

Soo keeps himself from laughing when glancing at Baekhyun while Chanyeol takes their order, neatly sneaking in flirty remarks that Baekhyun completely falls silent beside him which is unusual. And there he thought Baekhyun was the confident, social-butterfly one, but now it’s like he completely sunk down to the floor.

For some reason, Kyungsoo feels a little lighter. Watching his beauty of a friend had his confidence all thrown out of the window because of a flirting waiter makes him satisfied. It’s funny because they’re not really that different from each other. Struck by guys way out of their league. Hah.

They sat down and Baekhyun glares at him when he gets the seat not facing the counter. Soo shrugs innocently, grinning inside.

This is hitting two stones at a time. Yes, Kyungsoo thought, he’s his friend. But maybe Baekhyun won’t have to pop out of nowhere in between him and Jongin all the damn time if he finally gets busy.

“Is he really like that?” Baekhyun mumbles while keeping his eyes at Kyungsoo, obviously trying not to let his gaze fall on somewhere else.

“Who? Chanyeol?” he gains another glare from the other when he asked the obvious, “Ah, yes. He’s a proud flirt.”

He pretends to dismiss the way his friend’s shoulders heave down a little.

“Oh… okay, so it wasn’t just me…” Baekhyun mumbles, as if it’s a relief.

“Disappointed?” Baekhyun immediately snorts in disbelief, “He’s flirt by the counter, though. So if he’s still looking at you now, then he probably really likes you.”

True enough, Baekhyun looks at the far corner once again, then immediately looks back at Kyungsoo’s face while gulping. Soo doesn’t need to ask. The former purses his lips, as if trying to suppress something.

“Hey,” Jongin walks to their table with a tray on his hand just when they got in another deep conversation, “your order.”

He puts down the plates of their meal, along with a slice of strawberry cheesecake and a bowl of three big scoops of vanilla ice cream with sprinkles. The both of them stare at the extra, although Soo’s the only one quick enough to shrug.

“Uh… we didn’t order these?” says Baekhyun, smiling sheepishly at Jongin. The handsome waiter only gives him a small smile before glancing at the far corner. The both of them turn to look at Chanyeol, who’s currently getting a customer’s order with his usual boyish smile. When he sees them looking, he raises a brow in amusement.

“It’s free. Enjoy your meal.” Jongin says before going back.

Soo starts eating his own food, hiding a smile when he watches his friend staring at the delicious desserts in front of him, blinking slowly.

“Is…this for the both of us?”

“No. You’re the only new customer here, so it’s all yours.” he says while eating, “I got mine long time ago.”

Baekhyun parts his lips, “Ah…so new customers usually get desserts.”

Soo grins at him.

“I didn’t get that much though. I didn’t get the expensive desserts, too. What a bummer.”

“Soo, you know I don’t like playboys.”

He lets out a bark of laughter when Baekhyun went straight to the point. The latter looks at him seriously, obviously conflicted about the free desserts.

“They’re a big bunch of personified headache, high blood pressure and early aging. I never want to deal with them. You know that.”

“Yeah, I know.” he nods once and sips his iced tea, “And you’re not the type to play dumb either. You could’ve told him off sarcastically, because Byun Baekhyun hates playboys. Now you’re acting like a shy schoolgirl—”


“I’m just saying… Chanyeol is naturally flirty. But I don’t think he’s dating anyone at the moment so it’s not fair to label him as playboy.”

“But that’s how you define a playboy! They flirt with everyone.”

“And you can’t accept the fact that you find him hot and you want to make babies with him.”

“Realistically, that’s not even possi—”

“Oh shut the fuck up, Baekhyun. Fine, you don’t like him. Will you eat? Your ice cream is melting.”

He frowns and starts eating his food, too. Baekhyun subtly glances at the cashier’s way every now and then, playing innocent when he sees Kyungsoo’s eyes on him.

“What if I pretend I’m dating?” he mumbles out of the blue, earning him an eyeroll from Kyungsoo. “Yes, that’s what I’d say if he tries flirting with me again.”

“Sure, whatever.” Soo sighs in annoyance. He finished his food and Baekhyun hasn’t eaten half of his own. Soo takes a scoop from his ice cream and Baekhyun frowns even more. “Or I could just tell him myself that you’re not interested. He’d take the hint, for sure.”

Baekhyun falls silent while chewing his food. His lips slightly protruded while staring at the desserts again.

“Strawberry and vanilla are my favorite though…” he says and Soo rolls his eyes for the nth time since he sat in front of him.



The both of them stayed until closing because Jongin needed to work for a few more hours. As usual, he insisted they go home first, but being the stubborn kids they are, they stayed and even helped with some packing needed. It’s a good thing they stayed though, because they keep the place from falling into a dreadful silence. Jongin, and even Chanyeol seem so tired for the day that they barely say anything.

Baekhyun laughs with Kyungsoo every now and then but he glances at the tall waiter as subtle as he could, obviously weirded out that he’s suddenly lacking with sneaky remarks. Before Chanyeol can even catch him looking, he’s already focused into something else, seeming nonchalant.

“Hey… can you just drop me off back to your company building?” Baekhyun asks Kyungsoo on their way outside, “I can just get my car there. My house is out of your way and it’s late.”

Chanyeol gives him one last glance before silently waving goodbye at them when he spots his motor on the side. Soo can tell that he assumes Baekhyun isn’t really interested, the reason why he completely stopped flirting. He fights the urge to smack them both on the head.

“Chanyeol!” Soo shouts, not missing how Baekhyun looks at him wide-eyed. He dismisses it and continues to talk to the man who’s in the middle of fixing his helmet, “You’re going home?”

The blonde guy nods at him, raising his brows in confusion.

“You pass by Hannam, don’t you?”

“Soo!” Baekhyun hisses under his breath.

A hint of amusement passes by Chanyeol’s eyes, though he still seems a little reluctant about it too.

“UN Village?” he asks, his deep voice can be clearly heard despite the sound of engine. Soo nods, “Yep, I’m just across Itaewon, so along the way.”

Baekhyun sighs in defeat, almost sinking down the floor behind Kyungsoo.

“Can you drop Baekhyun off?” he smiles timidly, even when he’s sure as hell Chanyeol won’t say no. It’s just his friend, the problem. Baekhyun and his denial ass, “I mean… if it’s not much of a hassle. Hannam isn’t along our way.”

Chanyeol parts his lips in awe, as if he just redeemed the confidence he had when they first entered the diner this evening.

“Sure.” he says with a nod, “If he doesn’t mind my rusty, old motor though.”

Kyungsoo looks at Baekhyun beside him, who looks like he just had the biggest conflict of his life. When he gulps repeatedly, Kyungsoo answers for him.

“No, he doesn’t. Your motor is cool, and it’s fine for him.” he says and catches Jongin’s amused grin beside him, “Right, Baek? Go on, it’s late.”

Baekhyun remains stiff on his spot, contemplating the choices his friend made for him. He doesn’t know if he’ll be able to deal with embarrassment for almost an hour just because he’s tongue-tied in the presence of this man and his big sexy motorcycle is not even helping. He’s suddenly thinking of disposing all his sports cars at home.

“Seriously dumbass, he’s being nice. Go, it’s late.” Soo hisses at him under his breath when he doesn’t move.

“Are we pushing through? My little sister’s about to kill me.” Chanyeol raises his brows, making Baekhyun flinch and walk to where he is. The taller suppresses a smile and hands him another helmet. Kyungsoo watches them with a grin while Jongin starts the car beside him.

“Safety first.” Chanyeol says before Baekhyun accepts and wears the helmet. He narrows his eyes, “You’re not dating anyone, right?”

“What?” Baekhyun croaks out with rounded eyes.

“I mean… I just don’t want any conflict in case somebody sees us.” he reasons out lamely, “I had the experience. I just don’t wanna get beaten up in front of your house. Who knows if there’s a boyfri—”

“No,” Baekhyun says with a frown while the helmet almost covers his eyes, “I’m single, and I need to go home.”

Chanyeol laughs lightly, “Good.”

Baekhyun cluelessly hops on the motorcycle, sending Kyungsoo a deadly look. Soo winks at him, causing him to miss another sentence from the taller in front of him.

“What?” he asks over Chanyeol’s shoulder.

“I said hold tight or you’ll fall.” the taller says louder while stepping on the pedal.

“Oh… s-sorry.” he mumbles before reluctantly holding on his waist. The thunderous sound of the engine becomes louder before they completely drive away.

Soo watches them until they’re out of sight, a trace of smile still on his lips. You’ll thank me, Byun.

“Hey,” he turns around to see Jongin sneaking his head out of the car window, “let’s go?”

Jongin doesn’t fail to catch the lingering smile on his face as soon as he hops inside. He starts driving.

“Enjoyed matchmaking?” he asks that Soo only responded with a grin, “You should’ve warned your friend. Chanyeol likes fooling around. He’s got the looks, doesn’t he?”

“Not this time.” Soo answers confidently, “I’m never wrong.”

The huge beam on his face stays longer, Jongin watches it absentmindedly.

“What?” Soo narrows his eyes.

The driver looks back to the road with his lazy grin, “Nothing.”

Kyungsoo lets out a satisfied sigh before looking outside.

“Your crush got the lead part in my play, by the way.” he says nonchalantly, smiling fading a little when he remembers the last conversation he had with Soojung.

Jongin looks at him in confusion.

“Soojung?” Soo raises a brow, and Jongin only blinks at him before looking back to the road. “Her first role is a lead one. Impressive, right?”


“Yeah, you should get her a bouquet or something. She looks like the type who likes pretty things. Tell her it’s to congratulate her, then sneakily ask her out. Bam!” Jongin looks at him, unamused. “What?”

“Your ways.”

“Why are you such a coward?”

“I’m not a coward.” Jongin flashes a raw smile, “I told you before there’s no point trying if I obviously have no chance on someone. Let that topic go.”

“But what if she secretly likes you too?” Kyungsoo can’t even believe himself and his ability to manage a convincing grin, “Then you’re throwing your chance!”

Jongin only chuckles at him. He hasn’t seen anyone this lazy on pursuing someone he likes. Is it because Jongin is aware he’s hot so he’s so confident to slack off?

“Come on, what if?” Soo leans a little closer to emphasize his point.

Jongin stares at his face closer to him, blinking once before shaking his head.

“That’s impossible.”

Soo forces a grin, something bitter is rushing down his chest while he watches the trace of smile on Jongin’s face while he’s looking at the road. If you only knew.

But then one day, he will, right? He would eventually find out about Soojung’s feelings. And then what happens to them, afterwards?

Actually, no— what happens to Kyungsoo, then?

He leans back on his seat when chest becomes a little heavy. Jongin glances at him because of this.

“God, you’re hopeless.” Soo grins while looking outside, “As hopeless as my driving.”

“That’s why I told you to get another lesson, right?”

“I had hundreds of them and I still can’t drive.” Soo pouts unconsciously, “Good thing I’m rich.”

“You should learn how to drive. It’ll come handy.” Jongin says.

“I know… but I just don’t like it.” he says with frustration, “It’s probably the last thing I’ll be interested to learn. It’s exhausting, plus I hate traffic rules. Learning signages and road colors, it’s dumb.”

Jongin shrugs, “How is it different being on the passenger seat?”

“I just like to watch sceneries outside and I can’t do that if I drive because all you have to do is watch if you’ll hit somebody.” he explains wholeheartedly, “I feel like you have to be so patient and composed to do it, and that’s not how I am. I’ll kill everyone if I drive.”

Jongin chuckles, “Point taken.”

Soo looks at him and smiles back. He just can’t wait to reach home and kiss him senselessly. It’s crazy how random their conversations are and it’s the most comfortable silences in between. Almost like a married couple.

Ah, if only.

“And you still urge me to get a girlfriend when you don’t even want to learn.” Jongin says with so much amusement, “Who’s gonna drive you home if I date someone?”

Kyungsoo almost rolls his eyes. It can be so simple and easy. He thinks to himself but only ends up smiling when he didn’t say it out loud.

“Well, I guess I’ll look for a more handsome driver.” Soo mutters with a hint of smile. He looks outside, “It’s not like you’ll be my driver forever anyway.”

Jongin smiles at the road, “You bet.”

They reach his apartment in no time, carefully walking in the halls because it’s almost midnight. Kyungsoo walks a meter ahead while Jongin trails behind.

“It’s late, do you want to just check my initial draft then the final ones can follow tomorrow?” he asks Jongin who only looks at him.

“Anything you prefer.” he responds in a deep tone.

Soo gulps when he feels the sudden heat rushing all throughout his body. His hand slightly trembles while pressing the pin to his unit. He only asked to initiate a conversation because the both of them know it’s going to be pointless.

He walks inside first, followed by Jongin who closed the door. He turns on the air conditioner, but the remote drops from his hand when he feels a hand on the both sides of his waist. Soo turns around and feels a warm breath close to his face, his knees wobble.

Once he caught his gaze directed at him, his hands find their way to Jongin’s collar— hastily drawing him closer by his nape, then to his hair. He squirms a little when the taller holds him tighter around his waist, clashing their lips together as soon as the air conditioner runs.

His bag drops on the floor and they don’t even bother checking if the door was locked. He managed to drag them to the closest couch without looking, laughing hysterically against Jongin’s lips when they stumbled on it. The taller shuts him up with another impatient kiss, straddling his weight on top of his body.

Jongin slightly pulls away, letting his nose touch Kyungsoo’s while he stares all over his face. Soo looks back with his now half-lidded eyes, biting his swollen lip when he feels like palpitating again.

“And the plates?” Jongin mumbles while placing a gentle peck on the side of his lips. Kyungsoo can’t help smiling.

“They’re fine… somewhere…” he responds breathlessly every time another kiss travels down his jaw, “Too far… from my reach.”

His nose scrunches when he felt a little ticklish from Jongin’s moving lips against his skin. He has this habit of speaking or whispering in between kisses, and he’s pretty much aware of how it makes Kyungsoo crazy. The feeling of his lips moving against him is something beyond explainable. It frustrates him to see the hint of satisfaction from Jongin every time he catches his little reactions.

“Should I go get them?” he raises his brows, tauntingly pulling away. “So we can go to the business—”

“Shut the fuck up,” Soo hisses and pulls him down, earning him a deep chuckle. “just kiss me, driver.”

He parts his lips and lets his tongue in, circling his arm around Jongin’s neck as the latter kisses him deeper. It has always been just making out, whatever’s between the two of them. That being said, Soo couldn’t deny the desire in him growing more and more. He wants everything beyond this. Kyungsoo finally admits it to himself, but he doesn’t know if he’ll ever be able to admit it to the other.

Something hotter rushes all throughout his body, especially when he feels something hard against his thigh. Jongin’s kisses become hungrier, needier. But when Soo’s hand travels down to his crotch, he flinches a little and pulls away while heaving. He stares straight into the shorter’s half-lidded eyes directed at him, parting his lips in surprise.

Soo has never felt this way to anyone before. It’s like a guilty pleasure that can clearly destroy him if he plays it wrong. Neither of them acknowledges whatever they’re doing, and that’s what scares Kyungsoo the most. Because every single day, he becomes more selfish. He’s slowly wanting Jongin for himself alone.

Before Jongin completely decides to stop, he pushes him away and sits up from lying down. The tanned man watches him, leaning on the couch with labored breathing that instantly hitches when Soo starts unzipping his pants. He straightens up and grabs his hand, eyes slightly widening.

“What?” he raises a brow when he sees the stunned look on his driver’s face. Soo stands up and kneels between his legs, “No sex, I know. I’m just going to help you with this. It looks painful—”

“Soo.” Jongin breathes shakily, like he’s afraid to be caught. The way his hair messily falls on his forehead clouds Kyungsoo’s mind up even more.

“Don’t worry, it’s just a blowjob.” he smiles a little, but his heart starts rummaging when the other’s grip on his hand loosens up, and he’s able to hold his hard on and let it out from his boxers, “You’re gonna love it.”

His throat becomes a little dry with the sight, Soo gulps when he feels himself getting hard underneath his pants. Jongin breathes through his lips while watching his hand moving up and down his cock, drawing in a sharp gasp every time his thumb runs on his slit.

Jongin clenches his jaw while watching him with so much frustration, especially when Soo became too involved with watching his hand on his shaft that he almost spaced out. He gives Jongin a quick grin, running his tongue on his tip before taking him whole in his throat.

“Shit…” he cusses hard, heaving deep when he feels every inch of his dick inside Kyungsoo’s mouth. It doesn’t help when the latter makes a wet, gagging sound when the tip reaches his throat. Jongin’s slightly trembling hands travel onto his hair, guiding when his head starts to bob up and down. He continuously hisses profanities through gritted teeth.

The sight of Kyungsoo’s mouth taking him in so well makes it difficult to hold in. And even if it seems embarrassing, he feels like cumming in his mouth anytime soon. He tilts his head up, eyes shut tight. Soo watches him carefully, grunting against his cock every time he bobs deeper.

“Fuck—oh, fucking hell.” Jongin mumbles helplessly, arching his hips to fuck his mouth. His breathing becomes more labored when he feels himself nearing, “S-Soo…”

Soo dips his head with a faster pace, gripping the base of Jongin’s cock until it twitches in his mouth. He gives another deep bob before Jongin finally comes. He takes some in his mouth, pumping it later on with his hand, staining on it and his chin.

He can hear his driver’s ragged breathing above him. Jongin is still cussing between his breath even if Soo had already finished his dilemma. He flashes a look of disbelief, to which Soo only responds with a half-smile. He lets Jongin catch his breath and walks to his room to get them some tissue, along with the blueprints that are supposed to be dealt with, originally.

When he comes back to the living room, Jongin is already sitting properly, his hand running through his hair. Soo gets from the box of tissue before throwing him the rest so he can clean on his own. He wipes his mouth and hand while standing in front of Jongin, the rolls of blueprints between his elbows. Soo catches a pair of eyes watching him as soon as he finished cleaning himself, making him raise his brows.

“What about you?” he asks so seriously that makes Kyungsoo wheeze. Jongin frowns because of that.

I won’t be easily satisfied, so let’s not bother. Soo answers in his mind.

“I’m used to this. I get over so fast, don’t worry.” he says, talking casually about his boner. Soo doesn’t see the way Jongin’s eyes change.

“So…” he sighs and holds the blueprints in both his hands like nothing happened, “Do you think you should check my initial draft first or?”

Soo protruded his lips when Jongin lazily looks at both of the sheets, taking too long to respond. Before he could even snap at him to come back to his senses, he yelps as he gets pulled down to the couch, dropping the rolls of blueprints in his hands to the floor.

Kyungsoo cusses hard and is about to yell at him but he just… stops. His heart skips another beat when he feels Jongin’s warm breath on the side of his neck, while his arm lazily wraps around Soo’s shoulders. Soo feels his hard chest against his back.

He stares at the rolled blueprints on the carpet, lips slightly parted in awe. The thoughts jumbled in Kyungsoo’s mind, his words stuck in his throat. He tries shifting his body but the arm around him envelopes him even more.

“W-What are you doing?” he gulps when he stutters, “Hey, I just paid you to help me with my sketches!”

“Is that so?” Jongin mumbles in a low voice, making him cuss silently when he shivers. “Then aren’t you sad anymore?”

Soo blinks repeatedly, “W-What?”

“I know you’re not feeling good since we’re in your Dad’s office.” he hears him ask from behind, “What did he tell you again?”

Kyungsoo feels his heart bursting any minute. His eyes start getting warm but it’s not because of getting reminded by everything he found out today.

He bites his lower lip before gulping. So this is what it feels like when someone truly cares for you.

Quite amazing.

Soo is aware that he cannot just tell him everything so easily, but he can’t deny that hearing Jongin ask made him a thousand times better than he was for the rest of the day.

If only he’s mine. Soo curses himself over and over again; oh what he’d give to be on Soojung’s place.

But this one isn’t that bad either, is it?

“N-Nothing…” he chokes between light laughter, “He just told me I’m a brat who can’t draw. I got over it.”

Jongin falls silent and Soo doesn’t even know if he buys it. He tries to suppress his smile before attempting to pull away and stand up, but Jongin wouldn’t let go.

“Jongin, my blueprints…” he groans in annoyance even if his face says otherwise. Fortunately, the other can’t see it, “come on! I sucked your dick for this!”

He hears the taller clicking his tongue behind him. Jongin shifts their bodies sideways for a cozier position. Kyungsoo stops fighting, lips etched into a big smile while holding the arm around him.

“So you just came here to cuddle…”

Jongin hums, “As repayment for what you did.”

“But what I need you to do is check my drafts…”

“Tomorrow… I’ll do it.” he mumbles sleepily against Kyungsoo’s head, “Now I wanna sleep.”

Soo doesn’t say anything else, afraid that his smile would be caught from his voice. He exhales a deep breath, trying to close his eyes even when his crazy heartbeat surely won’t let him.

“Don’t ever listen to your father again.” Jongin says against his hair, making Kyungsoo chuckle. He can’t even figure out if he’s serious, “From now on, you only listen to me.”

Kyungsoo lightly grips his arm, “And who do you think you are?”

Jongin chuckles, placing a leg over him.

“I’m your driver.”

He grins big—no, you’re not. He wants to tell him. Kyungsoo has never been so competitive, let alone over a man, but now he forgets all about it. He doesn’t need to be Soojung, actually. Now that he tries blinking and opening his eyes, seeing Jongin still backhugging him to sleep, he figures out he’s just fine being himself.

Kyungsoo takes a quick, hard and fatal fall into this. So no, Jongin won’t simply be his driver and that’s just that.