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Attached here is the list you've requested

I am a robot

Soo had to roll his eyes because of the message attached. Did Seonho really think someone would track this and hunt him down? It's just a list of names, for Pete's sake.

A list that can cause a scandal for one of the most powerful businessmen in the country right now. It's not risky at all.

His eyes are directed to his laptop screen while the file downloads. No matter how dumb Seonho is most of the time, he's very reliable when it comes to these inside sources.

He can definitely use this.

Once the file opens, Kyungsoo feels a slight disappointment upon seeing fewer names than he expected. It's more than twenty, from what he can approximate, but he honestly expected almost a hundred. But then he shrugs and takes it as a blessing in disguise. The fewer they are, the better and faster he can investigate.

He's familiar with the names of some people in the list. They're either known socialites or celebrities. As a former chaebol kid, he even interacted with some before. And needless to say, he's beyond shocked that these people would even consider dating someone like Jongin. He expected better from them.

The list is comprised by both women and men. Soo's gaze lingers on the latter. It's a long moment of both disbelief and intrigue. A part of him finds it hard to believe that Jongin would be openly bisexual even when it comes to his rumored relationships and hookups.

Wow. Good for him.

Seonho included the year and duration for each of the involved person. Basic denominator is that all of them didn't last long and most were never even confirmed. For sure he paid a good price for it, Kyungsoo thinks. That bastard CEO knows his image is a big factor to his success.

But he can't silence everyone with his money. Soo's lips contort into a little smile before going through the list again. Tomorrow, he's spicing up his boring, overworked life here.



"Whoever did this to my pencils, I will make sure you'll pay for this."

It's only Monday morning and Mia is already whining on her seat for everyone in the department to hear. Soo suppresses a laughter. She was too dumb to realize the first time Dongwook and him messed with her pencils so they had to do it again. After the third time of breaking all the lead, she finally figures out she's being pranked.

Took her long enough.

"I swear, this will literally reach the higher-ups-"

"For fuck's sake, it's a broken lead. You literally have a sharpener in front of you, Mia." Seojin says from her cubicle that gathers a lot of chuckles around.

"You think it's that simple?" the said woman gasps in disbelief, furious that the response is coming from the team she initially sabotaged and no one from hers even tries sympathizing. "If you can sabotage my pencils like this, you can literally poison me, too."

"Yeah, literally, we're trying to work here." Minji pops up her head from her cubicle just to show Mia her rolling eyes. Soo can't help chuckling this time. He appreciates the fact that his project teammates easily go along with it even if they don't participate on the actual pranking.

"Okay," Mia shrugs and looks at Kyungsoo's direction after hearing his amused chuckle, "I already have an idea who did this anyway."

Soo shifts his swivel chair to lazily face her side, playing his pencil in his fingers.

"Me too." he says seriously that Mia's face relaxes, "Want me to help you file a complaint? Oh, I got you a company format sample by the way."


"In between your bulk files." Soo answers with a blank face even when his teammates laugh from their places because of this, "I sneaked it."

Mia fumes with anger again, especially when Dongwook faces her too.

"It almost flew away Mia. I saw it. God, it was magical." Dongwook says with a mocking hand gesture, now even the other people hearing them are already amused.

"You're ganging up on me!" she yells loudly that makes it even funnier. How is she crying over her pencils like that when she's the first one to sabotage their actual project output?

"What's happening here?"

Everyone seems to rush back to their work upon hearing an intimidating voice. It's suddenly all the sounds of paper and pencils, too afraid to get involved.

Soo can hear the high heels walking past behind him, towards Mia's desk. He still has the hint of grin on his face even when he's back to sketching.

"Who did this?" Soojung asks seriously. Silence is the only response she got.

Mia's murmuring proceeded. It's only a matter of time when Kyungsoo hears the steps walking back towards him.

"Mr. Do, can I talk to you?" Soojung stands beside his cubicle. God, even her perfume is intimidating. Scary. "Do you, by any chance, know who might-"

"You think I did that?" Soojung raises a brow when she got cut off so casually.

She chuckles in amusement, "Well... I didn't say tha-"

"I did." now she falls completely speechless when Soo doesn't even bother denying it, "You're right, I did."

It's Kyungsoo's turn to raise both his brows when the said architect finds it hard to form a response. He's quite disappointed, actually. Among everyone, she should be the one to know how unpredictable Kyungsoo is.

"Okay..." Soojung sighs, trying to maintain a professional smile. "First of all, we're all grown-ups in this office. This is such a childish thing to do."

Soo looks around and sees everyone watching them subtly. He nods politely, then.

"I will apologize to the pencils." he says before the side of his lips curls up.

Soojung looks at him intently.

"Are you going to take this seriously, Mr. Do?"

He looks at Mia, who still looks victimized but is totally enjoying the sympathy given to her.

"Sorry... Mia." Soo almost sounded so genuine that he catches the way Dongwook raises a brow at him, but then he gives a little sinister smile. "I won't target the pencils again..."

Mia's eyes widen from the subtle threat, gasping and looking at Architect Jung for help.

Soojung simply smiles in sarcasm, and Soo looks at her straight in the eye.

"It naturally occurs on you, doesn't it?" it's kinda priceless seeing Soojung suppressing her irritation, "Making a scene. Even before."

Kyungsoo tilts his head, chuckling.

"Why are we bringing up the past, suddenly?" to be fair, he doesn't expect this response from a professional boss over a simple pencil issue. Is she that worked up? "Isn't that a childish thing to do?"

The architect shrugs and meaningfully looks at everyone.

"Oh... I don't need to bring it up. Everyone here already has an impression of you about that..." she says that causes Kyungsoo's smile to falter a little, "...I think?"

Soo glances around him, catching some people whispering at each other. Some avoided his gaze.

He stares at her testing smile, trying not to show the sudden confusion. What does that mean?

"Anyway, I'll let this one slip for now. But anyone who tries a stunt like this again will surely not go unpunished." Soojung shrugs when she finally saw the reaction to satisfy her, "I hope you realize some people here, like me, aren't simply your boss but also major stockholders. We have all the right to dismiss you from this company, in case you're disturbing the office peace." she seriously tells everyone even if the last few words were obviously emphasized for a certain person alone. She looks at Kyungsoo, "Understood?"

Soo nods once, "Officially intimidated."

She pauses and smiles a little threateningly.

"I can easily let this reach Kai, too."

It amused Kyungsoo even more. He raises both his brows while faking a shock.

"More intimidation. I'd love that." oh, how much he loves watching Soojung so pressed about his natural sarcasm. Soo feels like he'd love it more to see her burst one day, "Will you let him know about the pranks, Architect? Let him decide about my punishment... I think I deserve it."

He'd want her to tell her boyfriend about all of this so they can humiliate him in front of everyone next time. Now that would be a duo. Getting publicly scolded by either of them is getting boring now for Soo.

"The CEO is too busy for unnecessary things..." she says with a sly smile, "and people."

Soo nods in awe. Just look offended so she can finally be happy.

"Get back to work, everyone. No more pranks." she struts out, obviously having enough of Kyungoo's feisty responses, "I'll let Junmyeon monitor you here every now and then."

The junior designer shamelessly grins.



"How d'you know about me and Kai?"

This bistro is a lot classier than the one he went to last Friday. This lady knows a good taste, or maybe she's just richer than the first two.

Kim Kai's taste was consistent- gorgeous, intelligent and rich people who for some reason, still easily get fooled.

"Mmm... it was a topic before among my employees." for tonight, Soo is a charming boss, too. His fashion choice seems to intrigue the said model that it wasn't hard for him to lure her into a conversation, "That's why I recognized your face. They thought you were really pretty."

And also the drink he ordered. It was an unusual combination that surely attracts anyone who hears it. It's a sexy mix, he's never wrong. But then again, he was bartending in New York. That's how you make use of your work experience.

"Well... do you agree?" the model grins at him.

"Of course." he looks at her while casually resting his chin on his palm, "That's why I was shocked upon hearing it then. I mean... that businessman isn't really worth the hype, isn't he?"

He sounded like he already made his mind about it. But then, he really did, right?

The woman chuckles in disbelief, shaking her head even. "Oh, gosh... you have no idea."

"Why? I wanna hear it." he asks after a sip and the model's eyes widen as if the truth is already too obvious to still speak about, "Ugh, he sucks on bed, does he?" she blinks when he sounded certain again so he clears his throat subtly, "I mean... he must? I think?"

"Are you kidding?" she gasps and Soo can feel another dilemma coming based on how her smile becomes too dreamy. Just like the others, "He's like the best fucking man I've ever met. God, I'm just reminded of my terrible fate of not ending up with him."

"Wait...hah..." he forces a chuckle and starts praying that at least one useful negative information comes up. Please, just one, "What I heard was you guys hooked up..."

"Yeah, we did..." she looks up like it was the best time of her life, "Gosh, you know when someone's such a beast in bed but is like a total prince charming outside?"

Soo grits his teeth while keeping a smile.

"But... I'm sure he's a bit of an asshole too, right..." now his chuckle sounds so hopeless, "I mean, that's what I heard people saying..."

The model shrugs proudly.

"Well they didn't hook up with him. They didn't try sleeping with him in his enormous mansion and experience being taken care of by such a big, hot businessman like a complete gentleman that he is." she takes a sip from the drink she ordered, which is the same one he had. "You know, I'm kinda mad that they make him appear like a total jerk with these rumors and press because he's such a total dream guy. God, what a babe."

What a jerk, you mean.

"You do realize that maybe he did that to play with your feelings, right?"

"Oh no, Kim Kai never hooks up with someone without making it clear there's no strings attached. Just pure fun and bliss." she simply responds. Kyungsoo squints his eyes because of this, "I mean... I wasn't looking for anything serious either when we went out but now that I think of him, I may have considered marrying him. It's too bad I heard he's starting to get serious with someone now."

He lets his glass touch his lips before speaking.

"With whom?"

"I heard he has some serious thing with one of his business partners." Soo falls silent, thinking about one girl everyone would agree upon. "Lucky woman."

He doesn't answer anymore, too occupied by the last few words more than the actual purpose of this conversation. He only looks up when the model starts waving at someone from the entrance.

"Hey, I need to go there now. What's your name, again?" she flirtingly touches his arm while smiling.

Soo doesn't bother looking at her anymore now that everything has gone pointless, "Kyung."

"Wait." she shifts her head sideways to look at him properly, "You know what, you kinda look familiar?"

Before she could actually recognize him, Soo keeps his gaze down and looks at his phone.

"Oh no, my driver's there. Need to go, too. Enjoy dancing!" he stands up and cuts off whatever she's about to say to storm out of the place.

Realizing there's no driver or car to actually drive him home, Soo furiously taps on his phone while crossing the street to grab a cab from the other side. It's been days of working on this goddamn plan and he doesn't have anything useful yet! How is that even possible? One of them has to have something awful and true to say about that damn magnate.

Come on, at least one honest person!

"You. Are you even sure of this list you gave me?" he hisses as soon as Seonho picked up the phone, "Are you sure these people aren't just a bunch of liars?"

"That's what my insider gave me. Why? What's the matter?"

Soo brushes his fingers through his hair, grasping it with frustration.

"I don't trust everything they're saying." he grits his teeth when he remembers all the disgusting words they used to describe that jerk, "Ugh! It's already my third prospect and it's still the same!"

"Huh? Why? Are they denying involvement with the CEO?" Seonho asks in confusion but Soo simply groans, "What? Soo."

"They're all saying he's a gentleman or that he's perfect, prince charming, nice and caring like-" he cringes when the words escape his own lips, "and- basically a freaking sex god I mean... that's bullshit, right?"

"We both know that's obviously true."

"Shut up!" he snaps in exasperation, pursing his lips while his chest heaves deep. "You know what I can conclude from this?"

"You're on the third person out of thirty and you already have a conclusion?"

"That he pays them directly!" he declares, dismissing the mock from Seonho's tone. This is the only explanation he can think of, "Yes, what I wise guy he is! Why would you even risk paying the media to stay silent when you can easily fool and bribe your prospect instead? Right? And oh maybe the sex is so good that they disregard the fact that he's a complete asshole!"

Seonho responds with a heavy sigh after everything he said, like he's tired of it.

"Remember when I told you this is pointless?"

Soo gasps at him, "He's a scumbag and he deserves to be exposed!"

"This won't go anywhere." Soo can tell he's munching from the other line and it infuriates him even more. How could he eat so casually? "My insider told me yesterday that... actually, I don't think I should tell you."

Kyungsoo's eyes rounded.

"What? What is it?!"

Seonho briefly pauses, "You've becoming too obsessed with this exposing Kim Kai thing."

"Tell me!"

The man from the other line lets out another sigh of defeat, like the information is useless for him anyway.

"The daughter of Hanseoh Group's President is kept away from the public because she's pregnant. Unmarried."

Soo falls speechless for a while.

"Who's the father?"

"No one knows." Seonho casually answers like it's not a big deal. He doesn't know how Soo's lips began curling into a sinister grin, "They never respond or talk about any of it."

"Ah..." he responds meaningfully.

"Soo, you are not sure that Jongin is related to this. God, this is why I didn't want to tell you."

"I think I got it..." he smiles with the thought.

"No, you don-" he gets cut off when Soo basically drops the call, back to the game with just a simple and vague information. But no, he can feel that there's something more about this. And he'll find that out.

Kyungsoo has always known all the places rich people always go to. That being said, he has an idea where a pregnant woman would spend her time if she's hella rich, and if she's desperate to hide from the public.

Again, being a chaebol once had its perks and they come handy sometimes.



"Those are such cute designs."

The pregnant woman checking out the onesies looks at the man that spoke beside her. He said it so randomly that she had to blink a few times before finally smiling when he seems to be harmless.

"They are..." she smiles more when Soo finally flashes his irresistible cheeky smile. He knows pretty well how to play.

"First baby? How far are you?" he asks after glancing at her huge baby bump, and then chuckles sheepishly. "Sorry, if I'm being nosy. I just easily assume someone's a new mom when she's pregnant. You kinda have that glow."

The woman laughs lightly because of the simple compliment. Soo subtly takes a good look at her and compares it to the image he saw from that online article headline. It seems like it was taken such a long time ago.

A little sly smile situates itself on Kyungsoo's lips. The daughter of Hanseoh Group's president is indeed very pregnant. It's much more interesting because according to the list Seonho gave him, she's one of the most recent people Kai was linked to. And now she's suddenly this close to giving birth? Hmm.

"Ah... you're right. It's my first baby. I'm due next month."

"Wow... that's so nice! Congratulations." he says genuinely although he doesn't stop from outlining his plan in his head to eventually get to the point, "It explains why you're doing all the shopping now, huh..."

She nods while checking another pink onesie. Soo observes it and gets an idea.

"Yeah, it's getting harder and harder to do things."

He carefully looks around, "Is your husband with you?"

The way she pauses a little makes him stop, too. Soo examines the way she forces another smile that turns out uneasy. Aha.

"I-I usually shop on my own..." she stutters a little that gets him nodding slowly, "He's a very busy man."

With his lips pursed as he maintains a neutral expression, Kyungsoo's eyes linger on the clothes she continuously chooses from.

"Ah..." he smiles again, "Since it seems like you're having a girl cause of the clothes you're choosing, I hope she gets your features. She'll be really pretty."

The woman laughs gently, caressing her tummy with a genuine beam on her lips.

"That's very nice of you, thank you..." her gaze falls to it, "I think I won't mind if she gets a lot from her Dad, too... she'll be even more beautiful, if ever."

Kyungsoo smiles bigger when he gets closer to the point he has to make. This is quite easier than he expected.

"Really? Why, what does he look like?" he asks, sounding too curious that the girl looks at him. He needed to elaborate, "I mean... like, what features of him do you want her... to have?"

She glances up dreamily, eyes crinkling with joy.

"Hmm... probably his eyes? His skin tone? Also probably his face structure..." now Soo can't help himself from raising a brow in intrigue, "Those are some of what I could think of..."

Kyungsoo looks so much more amused. What are the odds that all the said traits actually matched someone he's thinking of? He tries to suppress a smirk.

"Wow... I can tell she'll be a beautiful baby." he nods convincingly, giving her nonstop compliments that seem to make her talk more. "Then I assume you're more talented than your husband because those are all physical traits?"

"Oh hell no... he's so much more talented than I am." she laughs airily as she speaks further without really minding it, "If our baby grows up getting his talent then I'd be the only one of us who can't draw."

Soo smiles even more.

"That's interesting..." you are so busted, Kim Kai. "Then I guess your husband is an architect?"

Her eyes rounded in surprise.

"That's right. How do you figure that out?" he shrugs casually so he won't be too suspicious, "And he's not... actually my husband. I mean... not yet. But hey, you're such a good observant."

"Mostly instincts." he smiles proudly.

"So how about you? Do you have your baby, too?"

"No..." he quickly comes up with an alibi on why he was here in the first place, "But uh, my best friend had her first baby, so I'm looking for a christening gift."

"Ah..." she nods slowly while looking at him, "I almost thought you're already a dad. You seem to know a lot about babies."

Soo simply flashes a timid smile. It's the first time he hears about being a father material. He wants to respond that he's simply desperate for information that he can be anything. Never in his life will he ever like babies. He hates babies.

He looks at her big baby bump again.

Hates them.

"Gosh, I've searched every shop in this area and I didn't find any crib I like." she sighs in frustration and an idea immediately strikes the man.

"Actually, I think I can help you with that." he tells him when he finally comes up with a concrete plan on the same spot, "I know a place that does customized furniture, including cribs."

He knows he's still as convincing as before when she doesn't hesitate knowing about it.

"Really? Oh my, can I get the address?" the woman says, too relieved about the solution on her dilemma. "I've been looking for a good shop that does customizing!"

Soo doesn't waste time on putting the address of this furniture shop he knows by heart on her phone. She beams big when he gives it back.

"Here. I really recommend this because I've been their customer for so long. Excellent service." Soo suppresses a sly smile, "Piece of advice though, they're always packed. The only day the shop is almost empty is lunch time of Wednesday. They can accommodate you better." he slowly raises a brow when she slowly nods, "So that's tomorrow... will you be going?"

"Yes, of course! I can drop by cause I'm not busy." she sounds too excited that Kyungsoo can guarantee this will not go wrong. He simply needs to get another person there tomorrow.

"Is your husband going with you?"

She blinks uneasily again.

"Uh... I don't think so." Oh, but he is. Soo smiles a little, "But hey, thanks for this again. I didn't even get your name!"

He parts his lips and thinks of the most random name he can lie about. For some reason, Chanyeol is the first person that comes to his mind.

"Chan...hyun." he says and blinks upon realizing where the second half came from. It's okay, right? It's just a made up name, anyway.

"Soojin." the woman offers her hand and Soo accepts it with a nod as if he's not aware at all, "Thanks for this Chanhyun! I owe you a lot."

Soo's lips curl into a smile. You're doing me a favor.

"Don't worry about it." he tells her and hands her a cute onesie he found that has her eyes widening in happiness, "Enjoy crib shopping tomorrow."


The next day comes by so fast and before he knows it, he's in their only family car even before 8 AM. Taeyong, their young driver, weirdly stares at him through the rearview.

Soo carefully watches the cars coming in the parking lot entrance, trying his luck if he'll spot the CEO's car. The young driver remains silent while waiting for whatever he'd ask him to do, but he sure is weirded out by Kyungsoo's fidgety state.


"Sshh!" he hisses at the boy before sinking lower to his seat when he finally sees the familiar Range Rover, as if he'll be seen from the outside of a tinted car. He's panicking too much that he suddenly lacks common sense, "There he is!"


"Taeyong, give me your phone."


"Just give me it!"

The young boy gets afraid by his snapping that he quickly pulls out his phone from his pocket and gives it to the impatient man. Soo takes it and mindlessly composes a message to be sent to the number he got from his own research.

Hey, this is Soojin. Can I meet you this lunch? I have something very important to say.

Here's the address. Please don't ask. I just need you to come.

He bites his lip while finishing the message along with the complete address of the furniture shop. He had to make sure Jongin arrived at the firm first because then he won't have to dig further and will actually wait for the time and place agreed upon.

Kyungsoo barely blinks an eye until the driver's phone rings for a call. It's Jongin's number.

"Oh my god..." his eyes widen while staring at the ringing phone. He didn't actually expect him to call! He just had to reply to his text, goddammit.

Taeyong looks even more confused by everything that's happening, but he stays silent on the driver's seat, watching his boss furiously tap on his cell phone once the ringing stopped.

Soo slightly perspires while typing another text, afraid that Jongin might call again and he'll accidentally answer it. Or worse is if he's already tracking the device now. This is why he should stop being friends with Seonho because he acquires his paranoia.

It's about the baby. I can't answer right now. But just meet me at this shop.

He anxiously nibbles his nails after sending another text, hoping that Jongin would just buy it. If he doesn't, then Soo would have to reconstruct another plan all over again!

The young driver finally clears his throat.

"Uh, Kyungsoo-hy-"


"O-Okay..." he looks down in defeat.

Soo straightens up on his seat when a message comes from the businessman's number.

I'll come.

He finally sighs in relief and smiles a little. That's it. No change of plans. Kyungsoo doesn't reply anymore to avoid saying more suspicious things.

"Hey, so don't ever text this number... or answer his calls, you hear me?" he tells the young driver who's frantically nodding, "Forward me his messages if he texts you. Or send me one if he calls. Go back here at exactly 11:30."

"I can't..." he frowns when the young driver defies through a low mumble, "I have a class until 1PM, hyung..."

"What?" he exhales in frustration but Taeyong simply nods. Now that he's looking at him, he's reminded of the same person again and he's even more annoyed, "Tsk. Fine!"

"I can cut classes, though..." the driver timidly smiles.

"Absolutely. You should do that."

"But I have a favor... to ask, hyung..."

Soo creases his brows in disbelief. Is this driver actually bribing him for a favor?

Taeyong blinks upon seeing his reaction, "I-It's school related..."

He rolls his eyes, "Fine! What is it?"

"Can I ask some of your sample blueprints? It's for my interior designing subject..." he says sheepishly. Soo's expression relaxes a little, "and maybe if you can give me some advice, too for finals... because I really like your designs..."

The young driver looks a little afraid when he falls silent for a moment. Something hits him hard that he needed to clear his throat before answering.

"What's your course?" he asks, finally intrigued about the boy that's been driving him back and forth for a couple of weeks now whenever he comes to the mansion.

"Architecture... like you." Taeyong answers timidly, "I'm actually accelerated."

Soo purses his lips before gulping.

"I didn't ask." he rolls his eyes before giving his phone back, "Fine, I'll lend you my portfolio. Just make sure you're here by 11:30 later." he says and catches a glimpse of a smile on the driver's face before he goes out of the car.

"Thanks, hyung!" he hears the boy yelling but he doesn't look back, dismissing every memory that for some reason, won't stop coming back to him.

Soo just basically did an half-assed work until 11:30 came. When it did, he finally stood up with nothing but his phone so he wouldn't get too much attention... or suspicion. Taeyong has texted him, saying that he's already downstairs and that Jongin never texted or called again. Which is good, right?

It's just really unfortunate because he just had to be noticed by one of the senior designers on his way out. He tries to maintain a casual smile.

"Hey." his boss raises his brows, "Are you going out for lunch? It's not twelve yet?"

Soo chuckles lightly.

"I asked Junmyeon..." he says and prays hard Junmyeon won't actually show up from somewhere, "My Dad's getting discharged from the hospital. I need to go and settle the bills."

The designer looks preoccupied that he easily lets it go with a shrug.

"Oh... alright. See you later!"

For fuck's sake, his father has been discharged almost a week ago.

He exhaled a huge breath when no one else noticed his flee. He got out of the office and was driven by the same driver, who actually did cut classes for this, and drove to the address of the said furniture shop.

For the record, he wasn't lying when he told Soojin that the place barely has people on a Wednesday noon. It's always empty, actually. Not all people want to go luxurious furniture shopping every day. Except Soo, probably, if he isn't broke.

He strictly ordered Taeyong to stay in the car even when he brought the boy's phone with him inside. After carefully looking around, Soo managed to make his way towards the corner near the baby area. He didn't have to wait too long because he sees a familiar pregnant woman walking along the said hall after a few moments.

Kyungsoo remains on the same spot and tries not to be noticed. He shopped here before and knows that people barely go to this area. It should be safe. From here, he can clearly see a shop saleslady talking to Soojin, probably for the customized crib she'd like. Both of them smile when she starts caressing her tummy with the same gentle smile like yesterday.

He grins a little even when there's a noticeable tug in his chest. Aww, Daddy's on the way, little girl.

Once the public and some major investors find out that KJI's CEO knocked up some girl and is secretly hiding her and their child because he's not willing to commit, that would be a major effect on his image. It'll surely happen soon. Most traditional businessmen hate irresponsible people, they don't trust them. As someone from a former chaebol family, he already knows how their minds work.

The driver's phone vibrates a few minutes past twelve.

I'm here, where are you?

Soo swallows hard, glancing at Soojin before typing a response.

I'm along the babies' section.

He fixes his face mask, not having to wait too long when Jongin appears near Soojin, who also seems taken aback by his sudden arrival. From where he is, he can see the businessman saying something to the shop employee before she bows politely and walks away. Now Soojin's back is facing his direction but he can see the worry on Jongin's face.

Soo smirks beneath the cover on half of his face, pulling his own phone out to click the camera. He knew it. This is Jongin's little secret, huh? Well, not anymore. Soo will definitely send this to Seonho first, just to let him see how wrong he is.

He zooms in to get a clearer photo but stops when another man comes to the picture, wearing a suit just like Jongin. Soo puts down his phone, brows creasing when the said man gives the pregnant Soojin a tight hug, placing a kiss on her hair.

His jaw almost drops to the floor.

"What the..."

No, no, that can't be possible.

Soon enough, the man becomes known to him as one of KJI's stockholders and Jongin's friend, Ravi. Soo knows him because he leads some big projects in the firm.

And he's... he's the...

Jongin fondly smiles at them, but there's a clear conflict on his expression. Soojin is also shaking her head every now and then, probably telling them that she didn't send the messages at all.

My god, Do Kyungsoo- the idiot that you are!

Kyungsoo heaves exasperatedly and moves to the corner to text Seonho. He's still shocked from the revelation.

To: Seonho


Seonho is probably on his bed, playing some stupid online game in New York because he instantly replies.

From: Seonho

You're the only one who assumed

His response is nonchalant, like he already expected Soo to figure it out sooner. Meanwhile the other guy is still frustrated, looking back over his shoulder to see if they're still there before typing a reply.

To: Seonho


From: Seonho


Now he calls him by his full name. He's surely mad. Understandable. Soo slaps his head especially when another furious text comes from Seonho.


Afraid that he'll mess up again if he doesn't listen to him, Soo actually starts walking back to the shop exit. He makes sure he's keeping his head down so they won't notice him until he successfully goes out.

"Hi, Sir! How may I assist you?"

Fuck, seriously. A saleslady enthusiastically tries assisting him. Too enthusiastic that her tiny voice is surely audible even from the distance. Kyungsoo mumbles continuous profanities while shaking his head frantically. He quickly steps out of the shop, praying so hard that no one recognized him from that little fiasco. He didn't know how a certain gaze follows his way.

As soon as he got inside the car where only his driver waits, he pants heavily and tosses him his phone back. Taeyong simply watches him with concern, but Soo looks at him and he has no choice but to immediately drive away from that place.

Seonho calls him for the second time, and Soo stares at the screen after ignoring the first call. When he realizes he actually needs a scolding, he finally answers.

"Did he see you?"

"N-No..." Soo stutters because if he is to be honest, he's not really sure of that. "I don't think he did..."

"What the fuck, Kyungsoo?! What were you thinking?!"

Seonho was really fuming. It was indeed a solid lecture.

Kyungsoo ended up treating his young driver for lunch at a fast food chain along their way- both for the purpose of clearing his mind and avoid suspicion from the people in the office if he goes back looking so distraught and pale. He barely even touched his food and Taeyong could only give him an awkward glance, preventing himself eagerly from asking what went on.

Before going back to work, he made sure to wear his jacket and zip it until his neck to cover the shirt he was wearing in that shop. He was doing well on acting so normal until his knees just had to wobble a little when he saw the senior designer discussing something with Junmyeon and Jongin as he got out of the elevator. The pace of his feet slowed down, but he forced himself to sneakily walk past them even if the CEO already saw him.

"Hey, Soo!" and it just had to be the senior who caught him earlier, too. "How's your Dad? Is he home now?"

Junmyeon is casually smiling at him, but their big boss... is watching him seriously, his brows slightly furrowed. Soo avoids his eyes and forces a smile at the said designer.

"A-Ah..." he chuckles nervously and comes up with the most basic lie, "No... the discharge got postponed because he needs to be observed for... a few more days." he says and waves at them before someone could even ask anything else. He sits back in his cubicle with heart raging against his chest. Damn, that was close.


From: Seonho

That was the last one, Soo. Stop with this shit already

Soo stares at his screen for a while, then back to the list of details on his laptop. It seems like Seonho really shares the same brain cells as him and he knows everything he's up to.

Because right now, he's looking at this one specific name from the list. The only one he actually knew before. His only chance. Hara Jeon is an old acquaintance of his because she was also from a rich family and they were in the same social and party circles before. Soo believes he's close to what he wants, and Hara is the best person that could give him that.

To: Seonho


He'll get her to spill the beans. If he doesn't, then that's where he'll stop. Soo wants to promise Seonho that, but he doesn't want another lecture for today. He decided Seonho will just have to know when it's done, when the secret is here.

He will never be the type to give up so easily.

"Hey." Dongwook walks to his desk in the middle of his break from designing for a few hours. He has this sly smile, "She told me my spiderweb lockscreen is disgusting. So look at what I did..."

Soo laughs silently and glances at Mia, who's applying another layer of lipstick on her lips. They chuckle silently and looks at the realistic insect drawings by Dongwook himself, which seems to be the one that kept him busy for the past few hours.

Recently, he found an equally prankster workmate in his team and they've been having the same target since then. It's the only fun thing he's ever done here that's the same when in New York. Seems like Seonho was never the Jim Halpert between the both of them, after all.

"Pft- that's awesome..."

"I saw this prank from the internet... we'll do some on her cubicle napkins and under her table lamp." Dongwook says and Soo grins even more, nodding his head frantically. He could already imagine her reaction.

"What about on the corners of her windshield?" Soo adds a suggestion.


Kyungsoo's big smile fades a little when he sees someone standing at the door near his corner. Baekhyun is there with a hint of hopeful smile, while his assistant stands behind him.

"Hey, guys!" he calls everyone even when his eyes linger at Kyungsoo before everyone else, "Can I have your attention for a minute?"

Everyone pauses from what they're doing to listen; talk about being Byun Baekhyun. His little friendly smile is just so charming, but it's obvious how he blinks a few times when Soo focuses on the pen in his hand instead of watching him like everyone else.

He speaks nonetheless.

"You've been working really hard for this project for the past few weeks and KJI hasn't properly welcomed you. Like, the fun way." he chuckles and tries his best to be as convincing as he can even if he doesn't really need to, "So... we prepared a small party for you later at the event hall on the 20th floor. We got everything covered. All you need is to have fun and take a break from working!"

Some designers gasp in disbelief while others are already mumbling to each other about going and whatnots.

The marketing director looks at the only one who's back to working on his designs.

"It's gonna be fun!" Baekhyun adds and expectantly waits for more reaction.

"Mr. Byun, will there be hard drinks?" Dongwook asks shamelessly, still leaning on Soo's cubicle. The latter had to look up because of this to gently shake his head in disbelief but he accidentally meets the director's eyes instead.

"Every freaking drink you want, you name it." Baekhyun gulps and continuously reassures everyone when someone remains looking passive, "You can also bring some other friends. The more the merrier!"

"Damn... getting drunk on a workday?" Dongwook mumbles at Kyungsoo with an impressed look on his face, "I love this company..."

Soo only forces a little smile. This party will be the last thing he'll ever consider wasting his time for. He was never here to have fun, nor to satisfy an old friend's ego by having more interactions with him.

He remembers what Chanyeol said about the drastic change on Baekhyun's lifestyle. On Baekhyun. Now, he's starting to see more of it.

Baekhyun looks at the excited employees before settling on Kyungsoo.

"So... everyone's coming, right?" he says while blinking for a couple more times.

"Of course, Sir!"

"We'll be there right after five!"

He nods at the other's response and timidly smiles at Dongwook and Kyungsoo.

"Guys?" he asks even if he's obviously waiting for the response of one of them. Soo casually glances up from his sketches.

"I'm coming!" Dongwook tells him before wiggling his brows at Soo beside him.

Baekhyun has this hopeful look and Soo doesn't even know what it is for. If anything, he wants to chuckle sarcastically at this. He surely learned a lot from the friends he chose, huh? Acting-wise.

"I think I'll pass..." he says with a formal smile before going back to his designs. He doesn't see how Baekhyun's expression falls a little.

"Huh? Why? It's gonna be fun!" Dongwook tries convincing him too but he gets the same answer.

"I need to go somewhere after work." Soo would choose this important plan over anything.

How dare he turn down Byun Baekhyun himself? His fun party? Soo will always be professional while he's here. He's his boss. But he doesn't want anything to do with him anymore, and that's just that.

Baekhyun blinks rapidly when he doesn't show any sign of changing heart, "Okay... uh, so I'll... see you guys later?"

"See you, Mr. Byun!"

Dongwook has gone back to his cubicle and Soo can still hear the buzz around him in the midst of working. Everyone seems to have gone dysfunctional after a simple welcome party invite. He's not even surprised hearing Mia's intriguing voice among them.

"I can't believe Byun Baekhyun is inviting me to a party."

"It's the company's welcome party for us."

"Still! Have you seen the parties he always has?"

"We can finally add it up to our CV." he shakes his head and works on actual productive matters before partying tonight, but with Hara Jeon and the secrets he'll finally find out. That will surely be way more fun.

Five o'clock and most of the employees are already preparing themselves, getting ready for the said party. Some of them even went back home to look for better dresses, whining because they should've gotten the memo and prepared beforehand (read as: Mia and the girls she influenced).

Soo was the last one to stop working. He was one of the few people left in the office because everyone has gone downstairs. He thinks about going home first to change clothes before going to the bar where he could certainly find Hara. On his way out, he sees Junmyeon and Baekhyun talking with low voices. Junmyeon is the first one to spot him and smiles cheekily, while Baekhyun doesn't look as enthusiastic as he was before.

"Kyungsoo!" Junmyeon calls him when he was just pretending not to see them, "You're really not coming?"

Soo smiles sheepishly and shakes his head.

"No, sorry... next time."

Baekhyun has his lips pursed into a thin line, mumbling something before Junmyeon speaks again.

"But why? It's a big party." the manager says with dismay, but Soo simply shakes his head again. "Do you need to meet someone? You can just invite him here, too. It'll be fun!"

Kyungsoo looks at Baekhyun after this, but the latter has his gaze somewhere else. Soo flashes another apologetic smile at Junmyeon again.

"I need to go back to the hospital." he effortlessly uses the same old alibi, just to get over it. "Sorry, Junmyeon. Next time, I guess."

He doesn't owe anyone a good explanation, he tells himself. And besides, he has a secret to dig tonight.



Hara Jeon is wearing her silvery low-neck dress, strutting across the dance floor towards where Kyungsoo sits. Her body is to die for, and she knows it just by the way she smirks at everyone. Soo hides a sarcastic grin. What do you expect from rich heiresses? They have all the time in the world and majority of them spends it by getting wild in the clubs or working hard on their figures in the gym. Hara Jeon does both.

And she's also a lawyer. So you can say Kyungsoo was really bewildered upon seeing her name in the list of people that hooked up or went out with Kim Jongin. She wasn't usually the type to be easily impressed. Her standards stoop lower and that's the only explanation, Kyungsoo assumed.

He remains looking at his glass of whiskey, until he feels her presence beside him when her husky voice tells the bartender about her order.

"Hey." Soo simply says before casually looking at her.

She glances at him, a little bit taken aback by the greeting.

"Hi, there." she simply greets back before her eyes widen in surprise when she finally recognizes the man, "Wait... I know you!"

Kyungsoo chuckles.

"You should. Those parties years ago were too wild to forget."

Hara gasps.

"Kyungsoo?" she smiles big, still looking shocked upon seeing an old friend that shared the same habits before. "Oh my god, it's really you! How have you been? Where were you for so long?"

Soo shrugs. He already prepared his vague responses to all of this.

"Same old, same old. I studied in the States for a few years." he says, starting to figure out how he'll eventually get to that point of conversation. "And you?"

"Ugh, I am the same old, same old! Still here. Partying hard every other day." she rolls her eyes jokingly like she's tired of it. Who is she kidding? "You look so good. Let's go there to our table! Meet some of my friends!"

He smiles meaningfully, relieved that the woman is the one prolonging the conversation. He's sure he'll get what he came for.

"Sure..." he says even when she's basically pulling his hand towards one of the VIP tables where a lot of her unfamiliar friends sit. Most of them are guys, some foreigners. Kyungsoo fakes a friendly smile while Hara enthusiastically introduces him to them, probably thinking that he's still as rich as he was before.

"Sorry if I'll be rambling! I'm soooo tipsy now." she starts off once they sat on the couch while the others are having their own conversation, "But let's catch up? How's the US? Are you dating anyone now?"

Soo chuckles, "No... I enjoy being single."

"Oh god, same." she agrees without doubt, even lightly rolling her eyes. "Some men are just so shitty."

With a suppressed grin, Soo fakes an intrigued tone.

"That seems to come from an actual experience, huh?" he takes a sip in between when she only shrugged, "I heard you dated KJI's CEO?"

Hara squints her eyes, as if bewildered by the sudden mention.

"Kai?" she blinks when Soo simply nods, "I guess we went out a lot before."

Kyungsoo tries not to look so curious about it, roaming his gaze around the crowded bar while asking further. She's a damn lawyer. His actions should be a little subtle, at least.

"And was it awful?" he cringes a little like how she did when she was talking about shitty boyfriends, "I mean... based from what I heard from everyone. He seems like such a huge conceited, asshole."

She takes a sip from her vodka before smiling in amusement.

"They say that?" she laughs lightly, even shrugging to add more suspense. "Well... what do you think?"

What does he think? Kyungsoo tries smiling. He thinks he needs to be exposed after tonight.

"Personally?" he sighs and pretends to think, "I think he has the tendency... I mean, he's a rich playboy. But you... you dated him so I assume you know a lot more than anyone."

Hara is focused on her phone, only glancing at him when he finished talking. She has a small smile on her face.

"So everyone thinks he's a jerk... that's interesting." she hums and slowly nods, "Point taken."

Soo watches her sly expression, genuinely confused this time. Why is she acting like a smart lawyer now? Just when he's close to getting clear answers?

He blinks and forces a smile when she doesn't say anything else anymore.

"So... it's true then?"

She subtly glances at her phone on her lap before cheekily grinning at him.

"Why do you wanna know?"

For fuck's sake. Soo cusses internally. He actually starts getting concerned by her responses. Is he being obvious now?

"N-Nothing..." he stutters, actually considering to back out. "You know how curious I am sometimes."

To be fair, he thought Hara will be the easiest person to get some answers. She was usually drunk and an easy talker. But now there's slyness in both her actions and words that Soo can't even figure out whether it's a good or bad thing. But she can just simply answer if she has the same thoughts like the others, right? Say that Kai is also prince charming slash sex god. But she doesn't. And that's what's keeping Kyungsoo from stopping. He feels like she knows something they don't and with just a few more good push, she'll spill it.

He probably wants to prove Seonho wrong, too. He'll expose that CEO after tonight.

"Ah, Kai..." she sighs deeply before looking around their table, "You know what? I'll get us more drinks."

"I'll go with y-"

"Stay there with my friends! Find a hot one you like." she stands up and winks at him before walking back to the sea of people.

Soo is starting to get impatient. He thinks of simply waiting for her to get wasted from all the alcohol to easily get information, but how long will it take?

"Hey." one of her friends actually tried starting a conversation with him, but being too disinterested and frustrated, Soo simple fakes a smile before going back to constructing a plan silently. The man leaves him in defeat, slightly weirded out.

"All on me baby!" Hara comes back with a waiter behind her, holding a case of new drinks. Her friends coo because of the treat while Soo continuously tries to think of a plan.

Hara took a few photos with her other friends before sitting back beside Kyungsoo. She has a hint of smile on her face.

"Hey, Kyungsoo... actually, I have a lot to say about Kai." he tries to keep a normal reaction but he couldn't stop his eyes from lighting up upon hearing it. Hara shakes her head with an amused laugh and Soo is even more intrigued.


She purses her lips before looking back at him, raising both her brows suggestively.

"So have you heard about this scandal he's been trying to cover up since last year?" Kyungsoo draws closer when her voice becomes lower, "Gosh, if the media finds out, that would be chaos."

"Scandal...?" he mumbles, looking absolutely curious. "You know about this?"

Hara's lips curve slyly.

"Hooking up with one of the country's biggest magnate had its perks." she says with a nod, then she stands up and offers a hand to the bewildered man. "Come on, let's talk about it."

Soo looks at it but she ends up reaching for his hand and pulling him to the VIP stairs past two bouncers that didn't bother questioning them.

He gulps and looks back to their table while going up, "Where are we going?"

"Upstairs. I have another spot there. It's more quiet." she tells him with her hand still around his wrist. They stop right outside one of the tinted VIP rooms when Hara finally faces him, looking serious.

For some reason, Soo feels his heart raging against his chest. "Hara-"

"Sshh." she cuts him off, gripping his hand firmly with an intent stare that makes him gulp. "If this secret ever goes out, we're both done. Will you promise not to tell anyone?"

Soo frantically nods, his desperateness to hear what he wanted finally resurfacing.

"Of course!"

She smiles.


Hara opens the door and pulls him inside, where the lights are a little dimmer than downstairs. He squints his eyes a little, but they don't get the chance to adjust upon seeing a man watching him darkly.

"Wha-" his breath hitches, pulling his hand away from the woman who's smiling victoriously. Soo swallows hard, "W-What is this?"

She flashes the same smile at Kyungsoo before taking a few steps towards the other man in the room.

"Why don't you ask him about the secret yourself?" she tells Kyungsoo before placing a peck on Kai's cheek, "You owe me." she winks at the businessman before walking back to the door, giving Soo one last glance before closing it.

She just fucking set me up. The words repeatedly run in his head when reality wouldn't sink in. When it does, it's even worse because he only comes to realize there's no other people in the small room but the two of them.

With blood rushing exaggeratedly throughout his body, Soo barely moved an inch. He simply looks at Jongin, who's still in his office polo with sleeves folded up to his elbows, a few top buttons undone. The CEO grins a little, but the grim look remains in his eyes as he sits on the couch in front of the table of drinks. The room has become so suffocating, all of a sudden.

"W-What are you doing here..." he tries sounding brave but the way he stuttered is enough to show he's aware of his impending doom.

"Catching up with some old friends." Jongin casually answers while filling some glasses with liquor. Then he looks at Soo calculatingly, "And you?"

Even Soo's chuckle has a bit of trembling in it.

"How is t-that even possible w-when there's no one here but you..."

Crossing his legs, Jongin leans back on the couch watching him completely.

"The party's downstairs." he says, smiling a little. "This room is for privacy purposes."

Soo isn't that dumb. The way he watches him intensely is enough to figure out that he knows everything he's doing and all the shorter could do now is to deny with all his might and save his dignity.

Jongin taps the space right beside him and Soo stiffens even more, "Sit down here, Soo."

"I don't think so..." he replies coldly despite the rapid blinking. He gathers the strength to begin stepping back, "I'm leaving..."

"Sit here or you lose your fucking company."

He stops in no time, completely stunned by the lack of mercy in the man's voice. Jongin's lips are still curved into a small smile but his teeth are obviously gritted. His eyes won't leave Kyungsoo when the latter got no choice but to make his way towards the couch.

Soo sits on the farthest edge, preferring the possibility of falling on the floor instead of being too close to the CEO even when they're already a few inches apart.

Jongin gets the other glass from the table and hands it to him, "Here, drink this."

Soo exhales shakily, "I don't want to!"

"Drink." Jongin declares again and Soo is now glaring at the glass before accepting it out of defeat. Possibly being drugged or poisoned is what runs in his mind but he doesn't seem to care anymore as he gulps it down once, wincing after. Jongin watches him in amusement before taking the empty glass away from him back to the table.

Drinking it in one go was probably to help him calm his nerves, too. God knows how chaotic everything is within Kyungsoo right now. This is the closest he's been to Jongin after so many years and it's making it hard for him to keep himself together. He almost thought the effect is long gone, but here it is, stronger even.

It should be long gone.

With that, Soo lets out a ragged breath and refills the glass he drank from. He doesn't care anymore.

"So did you get what you want?" Jongin watches him finishing the second glass while leaning back.

Soo gulps down the liquor without looking at him, "I don't know what you're talking about."

"Oh, you know it."

Soo grips the glass tighter when he feels the shameless shifting beside him. He could almost feel his breath on his ear so he retorts with a sharp side-eye.

"Move a-away..." he mutters threateningly but Jongin goes deaf for it.

"Did you get the scandals you're desperately looking for?" he mumbles suggestively, grinning at the sight of both Kyungsoo's hands fiddling on his lap, "Cause I assume you got the same answer from everyone."

Soo bravely turns his head to look at him sharply despite the close distance.

"That you're a fucking asshole?"

"That I fuck good." Jongin says without batting an eye, smirking when Soo frowns even harder. "So good that they can't even recover."

No one could ever compare to the sight of Kyungsoo seething in anger despite his cheeks flushing into deep shade of red.

"You're so full of yourself..." his eyes widen when he shifts closer and a hand runs from his nape down to the small of his back. Kyungsoo harshly pushes Jongin's leg that is already brushing against his own, "Stop moving closer, Kim Jongin. T-This is harassment!"

"You want to bring this to the court?" Jongin tilts his head, smiling even when his eyes become more and more dangerous as he shifts closer. "So I could tell them how you're trying to sabotage your own boss?"

Soo falls speechless this time. He could only glare at the table in front, not bothering to deny it anymore.

His heart feels like jumping off his chest when he feels a hand squeezing his thigh, a hot breath touches his ear.

"I know what you're up to, Soo. I always know it." he assures him grimly, feeling satisfied the more Soo stiffens with his touch.

"G-Get off..." his trembling hand slaps Jongin's hand on his leg, but the other shamelessly trails down on his lower back.

"What are you gonna do about it?" the businessman asks tauntingly, his eyes lingering on Soo's face alone.

Soo feels something dangerous rousing in him. Before it could even escalate, he bravely looks at Jongin right in the eye.

"You'll get what you deserve one day, Jongin. I assure you that." he says through gritted teeth and gets to see how the CEO's jaw hardens.

"Is that a threat?" he chuckles menacingly, "Are you threatening me now, Soo?" he asks, gripping the shorter's leg once more.

Soo starts feeling the pain in between his legs so he harshly slaps him across the face and stands up to walk towards the door. He yelps loudly when he gets dragged and pinned against the wall, strong legs trapping his own.

"S-Stop!" Soo yells at him angrily, "Get your fucking hands off me. Y-You don't have the right-"

He tries slapping him again but Jongin grips his approaching hand and traps it down, his other hand grasping his jaw to keep him in place. All of Soo's other attempts become futile when he feels a warm lips harshly clashing against his own. He whimpers against the taller's mouth and tries to shove his shoulder away with his other weak hand. Jongin effortlessly tilts his face with a single hand to let him access more of his mouth with his tongue. Both of Kyungsoo's hands start shaking uncontrollably.

Jongin kisses him deeper, harsh and unforgiving. He parts both of Soo's weakening legs to settle himself in between, rubbing their bodies even more.

"F-Fuck! Go away-!" Soo harshly breathes through his swollen lips when Jongin briefly pulls away to let him gather his breath even if it's barely possible.

It becomes more difficult for Kyungsoo to fight back when his hot kisses travel down to his jaw, down to his neck. His hands aren't even keeping Soo's clutched hands still anymore. They've traveled behind to his bum, gripping them hard that it seems like Jongin is basically fucking him with their clothes on.

He despises himself. He's disgusted by how he starts kissing him back, equally yearning like he's been deprived of it for years. But then technically, he was, right? There was a time of his life where he couldn't get enough of this same man kissing him, and he'd be lying if he says he never thought about those moments even when he was supposed to be moving on. When he was almost certain that this will never again. That's probably why even after more than eight years, he still lacks self-control when it comes to Jongin. His body craves for him wildly.

"You're right..." Jongin mumbles against his jaw, his big hand making its way in between his legs. He smiles unapologetically when he feels something hard against his hand, even before Soo pleadingly draws it away in shame.

"I'll get what I deserve soon. Even more than that..." his lips touches the shorter's ear as he grinds against his hard-on. Soo bites his lip when a weak groan unconsciously escapes, firmly gripping on Jongin's shoulders. "and I'll make sure you fucking watch while it happens."

Jongin rubs against him again that Soo can feel his head swirling out of ecstasy. Soon enough, he'll lose every bit of control left in him and he'll give in. Just like that, with all the pride and pain he fostered for so many years thrown out to the window. Just because he wants him so bad.

"S-Stop..." he moans breathlessly in between another deep kiss. But the way it sounded seems to plead otherwise.

Jongin only pulls away when Kyungsoo's hands travel up to his locks, as if it's an enough trigger to pull the both of them back to reality.

The businessman clenches his jaw when Soo tried to capture his lips for more, his half-lidded eyes looking at him in confusion. It woke something in him up that he needed to resort back to his rage before he completely does anything stupid one more time.

"Don't you try pulling that stunt again, you hear me?" he hisses even when Kyungsoo is still frozen from everything that happened. Jongin smiles without any humor, "You have nothing against me now, Soo. Meanwhile I can fucking ruin you. Don't you cross the line again."

He steps back and sees the mess he made properly. Soo's plump lips are all red and swollen, his clothes disheveled while he tries to close his thighs even when his knees are still wobbling. His boner is now too evident that he starts tearing up in embarrassment. For himself, and for all the things he was willing to give up mindlessly. He keeps his eyes on the floor.

Jongin runs his fingers through his own messy hair while he stares at him coldly from head to toe. The side of his lips curls up, looking satisfied upon seeing the usually feisty man clutching the hem of his shirt down while gulping repeatedly.

"I have everything you're desperate for." he says right after proving it, chuckling without remorse as he opens the door to leave like nothing happened. "Go home."