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To fix broken kids

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Izuku held on to the little girl and boy in his arms, protecting them from the on slot of attacks, some quirks and others guns. The girl whimpered as a bullet flew by, Kouta shrieked as it grazed Izuku.

"Nii-san, are you ok?" she sounded panicked and he didn't want that right now, at the moment he had a sprained ankle, a bullet that went through his shoulder, most likely a few broken or bruised ribs, a few grazes with bullets, and a head wound he didn't know the extent of.

"I'm fine Eri," Izuku looked up and saw the high building "Hold on tight please." The girl and boy tightened their arms around the boys neck and shoulders as he started to scale the building from the fire escape, it didn't take long before they were up the building since Izuku had been trained to.

"Izuku," He looked down at their faces with a smile, he had a split lip with blood running down his face, but he still smiled "Are they still following us?" Before he could answer Kouta he started running again, then came a few more bullets. She whimpered and Kouta hugged her closer with Izuku tightening his grip around them both.

"Everything's going to be ok , i wont let them touch either of you." He kept running, the adrenaline was pumping so he couldn't quite feel the pain at the time.

"What about you? You're hurt and bleeding, if you let me i-" "No, I'm not letting you do that to yourself, don't worry ok?" He smiled at her while Kouta looked like he was going to cry along with her, it was interrupted by another bullet flying by and grazing his leg. He didn't grunt or even hiss, he just smiled wider.

After running and dodging for an hour they had finally gotten some good distance, the only problem now was to find some place to hide. He kept running a crossed roofs when he spotted an opening and looked to the two kids in his arms.

"Eri, Izumi, i need you to hold on tight, this might hurt a little." She nodded her head and gripped tighter with Kouta doing the same, even drawing a little blood but he didn't mind. He ran until he got to the edge of where it was, he looked behind them 'There getting closer Damn it!' He looked down again and took in a deep breath. He turned his back to the ground with the two on his chest, he looked down to them before jumping off the edge, he flipped twice before landing on his back scrapping it against the cement. He grunted as he landed before scooching himself against the wall. Eri was about to say something, Izuku clamped his hand over he mouth gently as they all ran past them, Izuku waited till he heard nothing before letting her mouth go.

"Nii-san! you need help you're really hurt." She looked like she was going to cry as she held onto his shirt with Kouta looking over his injures.

"Eri, I'm fine, I'm more worried about you, you ok? What about you Izumi are you hurt?" She nodded her head slowly, not believing it he lifted her up and started looking her over, he noticed a few scraps. He gave her a look that made her chuckle lightly as he began to fix her up with the little first aid supplies they had. He did the same with Kouta and cleaned them both of the slight blood he got on them.

As soon as he finished he stood up again shakily and picked up the two in separate arms. He began to walk out of the alley to see no one there, he walked around the city until he felt someone watching him. 

He had learned to trust his instincts so he whispered to both of them.

"Someone's watching, if something happens run and don't stop." Both nodded their heads slowly with tears forming, they just got him back they can't lose him again.


Aizawa just wanted to go to bed, it was already almost getting to 5 am and he still had to teach in the morning to a bunch of stuck up students that he would probably expel since he was in the mood.

He was thinking about heading home finally when he heard gun shots, he perked up and called the police.

"This is underground hero Erasure Head, shots have been fired on XXXX street, I need back up." Luckily it wasn't long till back up arrived in the form of Midnight, Ingenium, and a few police cars.

"Erasure Head what is it?" Midnight asked already serious about the situation. 

"I heard shots fire over there," He pointed to where they were already heading "It sounded like they were chasing someone and it wasn't normal gun fire, there was also quirks it sounds like."

"Are we sure it isn't any police?" Ingenium asked as they all ran seeing sighs of guns and scorch marks as they ran to the location where they heard more people running.

"If it was they would have told me when I called." 

They finally made it to the area seeing a group of men looking around widely before settling on the heroes, some had masks while others didn't.

"Do they look like cops?!" Midnight yelled as they began to take down the group with a little help from police.

"I get it!"


They had finished off the group and were now asking questions.

"Who were you chasing?" Aizawa asked in a cold voice, sounding terrifying. One of the villains began to shack, he focused his questions on that one getting a fast reply.

"Three kids!"

"Why?" The villain tried not to answer as the others were being loaded into cop cars "Why?!" Aizawa asked again this time almost yelling.

"I don't know! All I know is that they escaped and the boss wanted them back!" Aizawa glared harsher at the man as Midnight and Ingenium finally joined.

"Do you have a way of tracking them?" The villain nodded his head and slowly pulled out a small phone looking device.

"Everyone that works for the higher ups and watched them has one, the chip is on the oldest's neck." Aizawa took the device as the police began taking the man away.

"We wanna go after them?" Midnight asked seeing the light not to far from them.

"Not everyone, if these kids just escaped and got chased they're not going to like a big group and think it's a possible threat." Aizawa explained as he began moving.

"You want our help?" Ingenium asked this time.

"Maybe, if something goes wrong we'll have to knock them out and get them help, but Tensei go home with you brother and get sleep." The hero nodded before leaving them.

The two soon made their way to where the tracker was, they perched on a building looking for the kids when Midnight gasped quietly.

"Aizawa," She slowly pointed to a slowly moving body, once Aizawa's eyes adjusted he saw three people, one bigger than the other two and carrying them, but that's not what made her gasp. It was the fact that the taller one seemed to be dripping blood on the concrete and not breathing properly. They got closer and saw the older lean down and whisper something before tilting his head slightly and then finally speaking.

"Hiding in the shadows isn't going to work," He set the two children down and turned to face them with a wolfish smile "I can see you." As he said that they finally got a good look at him and it wasn't pretty. He had a white button up ,'now almost red' Aizawa thought, with a black vest, black gloves covering his hands, and black pants. But that wasn't what surprised them, it was all the bleeding wounds from his head to his legs and now the obvious scars littering his arms and a slash a crossed his cheek.

 Once he admitted that he could see them they jumped down trying not to scare them, and half failing seeing as the two kids hid behind his legs with tears in their eyes.

"We aren't going to hurt you." Midnight tried to explain showing her hands in a surrender gesture.

"That's what the last guy said, now tell me who you are." Midnight  was caught a little off guard but Aizawa stepped up and noticed the boys eyes immediately fly to him while putting a hand to his side shielding the kids.

"My names Aizawa Shouta, other wise known as Erasure Head, This is Kayama Nemuri AKA Midnight. Now who are you?" The boys eyes shifted a crossed them before quickly going to the children before back to the heroes.

"So you're all pros," Hearing that the little girl seemed to almost perk up while the boy seemed to glare a little and hold onto the hand the girl wasn't holding on the older boys "What do you want then?"

"We heard gun fire and found a group of men," Aizawa noticed the slight flinch the older boy gave while the two others hid more "We captured them and asked who they were chasing, they told us three kids and that the oldest has a chip in his neck." 

"Had, I took it out near here." He explained rubbing his neck slightly, he pulled it back down to his side showing blood.

"That explains why it didn't show you here," The boy nodded his head, he whipped the blood onto his pants before putting it back down for the little girl to hold. "Would you mind coming with us? You need medical treatment and we can help you." At that the girl seemed excited while the little boy glared and tugged on the older ones hand.


Izuku crouched down to be face to face with the two children and turned his back to the heroes.

"Nii-san we can get you help! We could be happy and ok!" Eri whispered excitedly, Izuku only smiled, he only ever did with them at this point.

"I don't think we should," He looked to Kouta while Eri looked a little betrayed "We just got you back! They want to take you again! What if you don't come back?!" Kouta was close to tears at this point.

"Izumi, what did I promise when I left?" Izuku asked resting his hands on the boys face.

" promised you would be back, but you were gone for so long! I don't want to lose you again We-I-." Izuku silenced him by wiping his tears away.

"Izumi, I made it back, I always will.....but if they can help you and Eri then," He looked to both of them, Eri nodded quickly wanting to help while Kouta did it slowly with a few more tears. He stood back up and his face went blank hiding emotions "Fine, but you can't separate them and they get treatment first." Midnight was about to say something but Aizawa beat her.

"Fine." The boy nodded and leaned down to pick up the two before Midnight stopped him.

"We can carry them for you, you're already injured we don't want to worsen it." The boy glared at them until the girl spoke.

"It's ok Nii-san! She can carry me right?" Midnight was a little shock from the Nii-san but nodded her head. He turned to the boy who shook his head no.

"You can carry her but he wants to stay with me." He picked up the little boy who clung to him like a koala bear, Midnight smiled as she picked up the little girl that smiled at her.

"Ok, we can lead you to a place called UA, it's a hero school and we have a woman named Recovery Girl there that can help." Aizawa said as he pulled out his phone to tell them they had quests.

"What's the fastest way there?" Izuku asked looking at the buildings.

"Well normally by car but we may have to go roof tops, will you be ok?" Izuku jumped at the question and nodded his head leaning down to Kouta.

"I've got you, I'm not going any where." Kouta nodded his head but didn't loosen his grip any. Aizawa and Kayama climbed their way up, Kayama looked down expecting to need to help the boy but he was already getting onto the roof with ease.

They started their way there with Izuku near Kayama in case something happened and he needed to grab onto Eri.


While they started running Kayama began talking to the girl in her arms.

"What's your name honey?" She asked looking down slightly, the girl thought about it for a second before answering.

"Nii-san doesn't like us talking to other people but.... he says to trust heroes, so my name's Eri." She said with a smile. Kayama was a little surprised, the boy didn't seem older than 13-14 but he seemed smart for someone his age, then again with the scars, wounds, and men they captured she could guess he had to grow up fast.

"Your Nii-san sounds smart, can you tell me his name?" The girl stopped smiling and looked down sadly.

"He doesn't let us tell people his name, but he always says to call him Phoenix, they call him that to." Kayama nodded her head.

"Then who's the other boy?" The girl perked up again.

"He's my brother too! I'm allowed to tell you his name! His name is Izumi!" She said, Kayama asked her a few more questions as they went like what her favorite color was, if she liked animals, what she liked to do, and the normal but her answers didn't help Kayama feel any better. For color she said green and black because it reminded her of her brothers, but for animals she explained that she hadn't seen many but that 'Phoenix' had told her about something called a koi and had some how showed her an image of it and she liked it, and for things she liked to do it was 'watch Nii-san and Izumi try and create things' which didn't make sense but she figured it was a quirk.

They finally made it to the school, Aizawa entering a code to let the other three in with out setting off the alarms. They were quickly greeted with Recovery Girl, Nedzu, and Detective Naomasa. Aizawa sighed and noticed the oldest quickly looking defensive and ready to run then grab the little girl.

Though he seemed to know who Recovery Girl was right away.

"You always bring the trouble makers don't you Shouta?" Recovery Girl teased as she got closer. Kayama had handed Eri back to the boy ,who seemed to calm down more now that he had both of them.  "My my deary, you're hurt aren't you?" She asked getting closer to the three, the boy looked down at the woman and nodded.

"Help these two first." Was all he said meeting eyes with the woman.

"Ok, follow me please." The boy followed with out protest as Recovery Girl lead them into the school.

"Do we know who they are?" Naomasa asked the two heroes.

"The little girls name is Eri, the little boys is Izumi, but she wouldn't tell me the older one's name only that 'they' called him Phoenix." Kayama answered.

"How'd you figure that out?" Aizawa asked with a quirked eyebrow.

"Eri told me while we came over here, she looked like she wanted to say his name but she didn't, they're also apparently brothers and sister."

"They don't look alike." Naomasa commented.

"You would be correct, they likely adopted each other from where ever they came from." Nedzu explained as they started making their way into the school as well.

When they made it back into the infirmary they saw Eri and Izumi both sitting on the bed in a few bandages with some gummies while 'Phoenix' stood in a corner watching them before his eyes shifted back to the heroes.

"Eri and Izumi will be all better, just a few scratches and bruises," She turned to 'Phoenix' getting his attention by pointing at him with her cane "But you young man, you need medical treatment now so sit down." He looked to the teachers first before walking over and sitting down on one of the beds, the two others almost immediately going over to him and sitting beside him. Recovery Girl sighed as she looked at them.

"I'm sorry sweeties but i need room to work on him," The two looked at her, Eri looked worried while Izumi glared "Why don't you go with them while I help him ok?" Izumi glared harder while Eri seemed ok to move. 'Phoenix smiled a little and tapped them both on the shoulder.

'It's ok, I'll be fine, go with them for a few and if anything happens scream and I'll get you out.' He signed, the heroes were a little surprised to see the boy use sign and for the others to understand him. The two nodded their head and jumped down walking up to the heroes.

"How about we get you some food ok?" Midnight asked leaning down to be at their eye level. The two looked back to 'Phoenix' who nodded his head.

"Ok!" Soon it was only Recovery Girl and 'Phoenix' in the room, Recovery Girl turned back to the boy.

"Can you tell me of any injures you might have?" She could already see the blood, but the boy seemed smart enough to know of more. He nodded his head before answering.

"Sprained ankle, bullet straight through the shoulder, head wound, bruised ribs maybe broken, and bullet grazes, possible quirk injures." Recovery Girl nodded her head taking down the information.

"I see, can you take your shirt off for me?" The boy seemed a little hesitant but slowly took off the vest and button up, he seemed to be in pain taking it off but continued, Recovery Girl was shocked by what she saw and a little horrified. The boy seemed to have lost a lot of blood and looked pail, but what shocked her was the scatter of scars all over his chest and uncovered arms but what really did it was the glowing veins on his chest. She quickly went back to her job and started cleaning the wounds.


The group made it to the lunch room where they grabbed some made lunches and sat down to eat. Eri and Izumi seemed to investigate their food before they decided to was safe to eat.

"Did someone put something in your food before?" The Detective asked, the two seemed caught of guard as they were about to eat but answered anyway.

"They would put things in Nii-san's food that made him feel bad." Izumi answered while Eri looked sadly at the food.

"It would make his chest and back glow though before he would struggle to breath," Eri took a deep breath before continuing "He would be weak and then they would take him away for a while." The adults were shocked, it sounded like they used quirk suppressants that had a horrible back lash.

"Do you know what they would do to him when he left?" The Detective didn't like to pry but he needed to before they went back to the other for more questions.

"No," Izumi answered this time a little angry "But when he did come back he always looked awful and wouldn't talk for a while, then he would just burst." Naomasa was about to ask what that met before Nedzu stopped him.

"Let's have them eat so they may see Phoenix again." The two children looked to him finally noticing he was there, Izumi looked at him with a quirked eyebrow while Eri gasped in surprise.

"Are you a mouse?!" She asked excitedly.

"Am I a mouse? Am I a bear? I am the principal!" Eri giggled and clapped her hands while Izumi continued to eye him suspiciously. After that they all began eating their food, though the adults began to panic when both children started crying.

"Are you ok?" Aizawa asked softly to the surprise of the others. They both nodded before scarfing their food down quickly.

"It's really good!" 


Recovery Girl finished wrapping his head wound when she stepped back looking at her work, his entire chest and arms along with legs were covered in bandages and had been cleaned. He didn't make a noise the entire time unless she asked a question, though she didn't get much from him other than he had a very high pain tolerance and knew a lot about medical training.

"Ok, I've treated what I can with out my quirk but I need to use it to make it heal quicker ok? Do you know what my quirk is?" The boy nodded his head.

"Recovery Girl, quirk, speeds up the persons normal healing process by kissing them on their body and using their energy to heal them, the person looses energy and can possibly slip into a comma if to much energy it used." She nodded her head a little surprised, it sounded like he had done research on her almost.

"Correct, would you like to wait for your siblings to come back or now?" Phoenix thought about it for a minute before answering.

"Now would be best, but can I have my shirt back?" She shook her head no but walked over grabbing an extra shirt for him to use, he thanked her putting it on along with the extra pants. 

"Ok, I'm going to use my quirk, you might be out for a few hours." He nodded his head as she kissed him allowing him to fall asleep on the bed.

It wasn't long until the others walked back in, when Izumi and Eri saw him asleep they panicked a little and jumped into the bed with Eri checking his breathing and Izumi checking his pulse. Once they were sure he was ok the nodded their heads and leaned against his side with one of his arms draped a crossed their laps.

"He should wake up in a couple of hours, one or two if we're lucky." Aizawa dragged a chair to near the bed so he could watch the kids and make sure they're ok.

"Is he ok?" Midnight asked looking to the three.

"Well....he's no longer as bad as he was when he came in but he's far from ok, he had many injures as is but he was covered in scars, signs of malnourishment and dehydration, as well as what looked like quirk suppressants with a terrible back lash due to his quirk possible." As Recovery Girl explained Naomasa took notes to put in the case file.

"Eri, Izumi," The two looked to the principal who was smiling "Can you tell us your quirks?" the two couldn't have been a little more than four, but with the possible situation it was likely their quirks were forced out.

"Oh mine is called rewind! Nii-san named it when it first appeared! He said it allows me to bring someone body back to a pre-previous? previous state!" Eri explained excitedly with conformation from Izumi as she did.

"I can create and manipulate water, I got mine recently so he hasn't named it yet, he doesn't know about it yet since he wasn't around when it happened." Izumi explained while Eri smiled sadly at him.

"That is quiet impressive! You both have very strong quirks for someone your age! Do you know what Phoenix's quirk is?" The two looked a little scared to answer.


Izuku hadn't actually fallen asleep all that much, he had mostly been relaxed to the point it seemed he was asleep. He was glad that Eri and Izumi had remembered to always make sure he was alive if they found him laying down with his eyes closed.

When they had started asking questions about the two's quirk he was surprised to hear that Izumi had a quirk and was sad that he hadn't been there to see it or help him name it but he knew he would some how make up for it.

Then he heard them ask about his quirk or quirks he knew the two wouldn't answer unless given permission from him, he heated up his arm letting them both know he was awake and that it was ok to answer.

"He has two, he is a lot better at explaining how they work though." Eri explained leaning into Izuku's side.

"One is he can control and create fire." Eri perked up  as Izumi said that.

"Yeah! It's really pretty to! He can change the colors!" Izumi smiled at her before continuing with the second one.

"The other one he just calls survive, he says it lets him take care of us better but he uses a lot of words we don't quiet get yet." 

"Can you say some of the words?" Aizawa asked, he was a teacher after all.

"Um one of them was infrared," "Insomnia." "and pack bonding." Eri explained with the help of Izumi.

"Well infrared let's people see heat signatures, insomnia doesn't let people sleep well, and pack bonding is when someone forms a relationship with something like family." Aizawa explained, making sure to get nods from the two confirming that they understand.

"Can you explain it better now?" Midnight asked.

"Maybe, it let's him see in the dark, heat signatures, he doesn't sleep much to make sure we're ok when we sleep, it makes him be able to last longer in most places and sit-situations." Izumi explained while Eri nodded her head along.

"It sounds like Phoenix cares about you to a lot." Nedzu added with the two agreeing.

"He's really nice! He always makes sure we get what ever we need!" Eri praised, Izuku shifted is arm slightly in the form of a hug to both of them. The two leaned into his side more, Aizawa noticed it and had a slight smile on his face as he watched.

Izuku finally took the chance and sat up letting them know he was awake, the two perked back up seeing him awake.

"You should have been asleep for at least another hour." Recovery Girl said walking over and giving him gummies. He looked at them for a moment before eating them with a nod from the two next to him.

"Survive." Was all he said, letting them know it was because of his quirk.

"I see, so you we awake the entire time?" Nedzu asked a little impressed, Izuku nodded his head sitting up more and getting comfortable.

"How are you feeling?" Recovery Girl asked looking him over a little to make sure he wasn't bleeding.

"Fine." He looked to Izumi and Eri and lifted his hands 'Are you both ok?'

"Yep! They gave us food and asked questions!" Eri cheered as she moved to sit in his lap. He looked over to the boy and signed again.

'I'm sorry I wasn't there to help with your quirk.' Izumi glared at him but sat next to him.

"I don't care." Izuku smiled and ruffled his hair before going blank and looking to the heroes and Detective.

"Do you have any-" "We understand sign if it's easier." Aizawa interrupted, Izuku stared at him for a minute before nodding his head and signing.

'Ok, do you have any other questions that I can answer?' 

"Yes, can you tell us your name?" Izuku stared at the detective trying to think if he should tell the man their names.

"Midoriya Izuku, Kouta Izumi, and Eri." He spoke since it was easier to answer by speaking.

"Can you explain your quirks in more detail?" He nodded his head lifting one hand up for them to see, the teachers noticing the man cuts and scars on his palm, he then lit it on fire before moving his other hand making it turn into what looked like a koi on fire. Eri smiled at it as it 'swam' around her and Kouta.

'I can create and manipulate fire, pyrokinesis, but it works more like a phoenix, I have wings that I can make appear all I have to do is form them in fire then they appear, they are pretty much invisible and nonexistent other wise.' 

"That sounds interesting Midoriya, would you mind showing us?" Nedzu asked a little curious about the sight.

'I would have to do it out in more room, it scares them sometimes.'  

"Ok, what about survive?" 

'It allows me night vision, infrared, higher senses, more agility, better reflexes, higher stamina, I need less sleep, and my eyes change color depending what I use. If I use infrared my eyes turn red, if I use night vision they stay green but they tend to glow.'

"I see, do you know how old you are?" Izuku stared at the Detective again and narrowed his eyes before going blank again.

'No I think I am 13 though.' Aizawa wasn't surprised that he didn't know his age if anything they learned was true then the two kids had been there for maybe two years and he was likely way longer.

"Ok, thank you so much, we'll do some research and tell you what we find Nedzu, have a nice day." Naomasa stood up and left, Izuku watching him as he did.

"Well it has likely been a long night for you three! why don't you all get some sleep and we'll leave Aizawa with you in case you need anything!" Nedzu said getting up along with the others leaving Aizawa and the kids.

Eri and Izumi both got comfortable on Izuku, who just smiled down at them while they drifted off to sleep. He was used to them fall asleep on him since he had a high body temperature naturally. He looked to Aizawa who sat in the chair near the bed almost like he was waiting for an attack. Aizawa looked back at him.

"Do you think you could sleep?" Izuku was caught a little off guard making his eyes widen but he nodded, he could always sleep, he just needed to make sure that they were ok first. "Ok, then get some sleep, I'll make sure that their ok, so sleep." Izuku stared at him before nodding his head and laying down getting more comfortable, he wasn't used to a bed, and letting the two lay on his chest.

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Izuku didn't sleep long, 2 hours maybe, but when he did he didn't move for a minute and just laid there. 

After shifting the two children to the bed and not on him he sat up and looked around the room. It was silent, only hearing the quiet snores of the two next to him. When he looked around he saw Aizawa sitting in the chair with one eye open looking at him with a quirked eyebrow.

"You didn't sleep long," Izuku just shook his head "Do you want food? You probably haven't eaten in a while." Izuku looked to the two next him before shaking his head and signing.

'I'm fine.'  Aizawa looked at him unimpressed before standing up.

"No you're not, what do you want? I can grab it and come back." Izuku's eyes widened.

'I'll eat anything, just make sure there's enough for them too.' Aizawa sighed.

"Kid, there's enough food to feed them to with you getting a good amount ok? Do you have a favorite or something?" Izuku was still confused as to why they wanted him to eat so badly.

'No I don't, you can get me anything.' Aizawa sighed again but left to get food anyway. Izuku watched as the door closed then looked down to the two sleeping bodies, they had a few bandages on them but it seemed they were all healed anyway.

Izuku looked at his still gloved hands, he hadn't let them try to take them off when he was asleep, he slowly took the gloves off and looked at the scars. He always thought his hands were horrible after the incident.

"It's ok Izuku! Mommy still loves you! This isn't your fault!" "We love you Izuku."

He shook his head allowing the memories to leave from his head, he turned his hands tracing the scars with his eyes. When he heard Aizawa getting closer he quickly put his gloves back on and stared at the door waiting for the adult to enter.

When he did he had a small tray of food and set it on the table for Izuku to grab. Izuku was a little shocked when the hero didn't just hand it to him but he didn't think anything of it.

'Thank you,' He signed grabbing the tray and eating some of the food.

"No problem kid." Izuku looked at him a little surprised again.

'What did you call me?' Aizawa lifted an eye brow.

"Kid?" Izuku nodded his head before going back to eating the food on the tray. "Do you not want me to call you that?" Aizawa asked a little confused, Izuku shook his head no "No you want me to stop or No you don't mind?" He held up two fingers letting Aizawa know he meant the second one.

Aizawa nodded his head and leaned back into his seat relaxing slightly, he was also surprised to see that the kid ate silent meaning he didn't make a single noise when he ate. He didn't question it as he sat silently, at least until his phone started going off in his pocket. He saw Izuku jumped a little but he lifted his phone showing him what it was before stepping out to answer it.


"What is it Zashi?" Aizawa asked a little pissed, he wanted to have the kid calm down, not get more riled up.

"Sorry Shouta, is it a bad time?" Aizawa sighed, he couldn't blame the other man for not knowing.

"Sorta, but what's up?" 

"Nem told me you had three kids with you and I wanted to see if I could help, I know you don't always do well with younger ones so I wanted to make sure you were doing ok."  Aizawa thought about it for a minute.

"Yeah I might need you, I know Naomasa wants to do more questioning later today, I might be able to calm down the oldest but the younger two I might need you on." 

"Of course! Should I bring stuffed animals for the younger ones?" Aizawa opened the door and signed to Izuku.

'My friend wants to know if he can bring stuffed animals for them.' The boy looked for a minute before answering.

'Eri likes koi, Izumi likes bunnies.' Aizawa nodded his head and closed the door again.

"If you want you can bring a stuffed koi and stuffed bunny."

"Oh were you talking to them? I didn't hear it." 

"That's because the two youngest are asleep and the oldest seems to be selectively mute and only talks when he needs to."

"Ah ok, I'll remeber that, see yah soon Sho!! I love you!" Aizawa huffed out a laugh.

"Love you to Zashi." Aizawa hung up and walked back into the room to see Izuku looking confused. "Right, that was my husband, he's better with kids than I am so he asked if he could come to help with your case." Izuku nodded his head and looked to the two still sleeping peacefully. 

"Before anything happens do any of you have living relatives you know?" Aizawa asked getting the boys attention.

'Eri doesn't, Izumi has an aunt I think, I don't have any blood but I do have an aunt uncle and someone who was a brother to me.' Aizawa nodded his head 'he seemed angry about Eri though'.

"Do you want the people you know to know you're alive an if they can see you?" The boy looked taken back at the statement before looking to the two sleeping.

'If they're ok with it then I will.' Aizawa nodded his head a little weirdly, 'why would they care if he talked to someone he cared about?'

"Ok, we'll talk about it more later, try getting some more rest at least." Izuku just nodded his head and laid down again, he didn't expect to actually sleep but if he did he wouldn't mind.


Izuku didn't know when but he had fallen back asleep apparently and he was being woken up by Eri and Izumi whining.

"Nii-san!! Let us go we can't get up!" Eri whined trying to move his arm, he opened one eye and smirked down at them before tightening his grip on the two next to him. Eri shrieked and giggled while Izumi just smiled at him.

"Izuku! Come on." Izuku smiled and moved his arms for them to get up and move. He sat up slightly seeing two other adults in the room besides Aizawa, his eyes widened a bit before he went back to blank.

"Good to see you awake kid," Izuku looked down a little trying to hide his blush at being called kid "This is Yamada and Kayama." Izuku lifted his head again and nodded, he remembered Kayama from that night but she wasn't in her hero costume anymore.

'I remember her,' he then pointed at Yamada before signing 'And that's present mic?'

"That's correct little listener! And I brought gifts!" Yamada then showed that bag he had and pulled out two stuffed animals "A little birdy told me you liked bunnies and koi!" The two kids beamed at the presents before taking them and hugging them closely.

"Glad you like them," Kayama said squatting down "I helped pick them out!" She declared getting an eye roll from Aizawa.

"What?! No you didn't!" Eri and Izumi laughed while the two adults play fought. Aizawa walked back over to his chair and sat down near Izuku.

'You and the kids need to take a shower, do you want to wash them yourself or do you want help?' Aizawa asked as the two started playing with the heroes. Izuku watched them thinking about it for a second.

'I can get Izumi and myself, but i think Eri would be more comfortable with Miss Kayama.' Aizawa nodded his head before standing back up.

"Eri, Kouta," The two children looked at him and away from the other heroes "We're going to go to the showers to get you both cleaned up ok?" Both nodded while Izuku stood up and walked over to them.

'Miss Kayama is going to make you all pretty ok Eri?' The girl smiled and nodded letting Kayama pick her up. Izuku picked up Izumi and followed the heroes to the showers they had on sight, once they made it there Kayama took Eri into the girls while Aizawa double checked with Izuku.

"You sure you got it kid?" Aizawa noticed the slight blush this time but Izuku nodded his head going in.

"You're such a dad Shouta!" Yamada cried as he draped himself on his husband, Aizawa blushed and shoved his husband to the ground.

"No I'm not, shut up." He started walking away with Yamada following and laughing.


"Izuku," The boy looked to Izumi "what should we name my quirk?" Izumi knew that would get the other boy to talk more since it was only them.

"Well you said you can create and manipulate water right," Izumi nodded as they got undressed "So you have hydrokineses, pretty much the opposite of my pyrokinesis, so why not..." Izuku paused for a minute and turned back to Izumi "Do you remeber your parents Izumi?" The boy looked caught off guard but nodded.

"Kinda, I remeber they were really nice to me and always tried to protect you!" Izuku smiled and lead the boy to the showers.

"Well your parents were heroes remember," Izumi nodded, Izuku made sure to tell him a lot about his parents "They were the heroes Water Hose, what if you named your quirk after them? You don't have to of course we could always think of something else if you don't like it but-" Izumi stopped him know the other boy would ramble.

"I like it," Izuku smiled down at the boy as he started washing the boy's hair "I'll name it Water Hose then."

It wasn't long till both boys were done and getting dressed, Izumi still had to get dried though since Izuku just raised his temperature and the water turned into steam. When they walked out they were greeted with Eri and Kayama standing by the door, when Eri saw them she launched herself at Izuku who caught her and smiled.

"Nii-san! Miss Kayama made me all pretty! But I didn't let her do my hair cause I like it when you do it!" Izuku carded his hands through her still wet hair, he was glad the gloves let him use his quirk on his hands still, and dried her hair more.

"Of course Eri, I'll make sure to do it." Eri smiled wider hearing Izuku talk again and sounding more relaxed than before. Kayama noticed that the boy talked in front of her but didn't say anything other than smile.

They walked back into the nurses room seeing Yamada and Aizawa talking while sitting on the other bed. The two other adults looked up at them and smiled, though you couldn't tell with Aizawa.

"Nii-san can you do my hair now please?" Izuku was about to respond but Yamada gasped and stood up.

"Hold on I have hair clips that you can use!" He ran out of the room leaving the kids confused before he busted back in again with a small box and set it in front of Eri and opened it letting the two youngest look inside it "You can pick out some to use!" 

"Wow! Izumi help me pick some!" Both of them looked through the box as Kayama handed a brush to Izuku to use. Izuku smiled as he heard Izumi, Eri, Yamada, and Kayama pick ones out and decide if they should use it or not.

"You're pretty good at that kid," Izuku looked to Aizawa and then the hair in his hands "Were'd you learn to do that?"

"My mom taught me a while back, guess I just remembered." Aizawa was shocked that Izuku had spoken instead of signed but nodded his head. He started braiding it sort of sloppily till Aizawa sat next to him and started showing him how to do a tighter braid.


Nedzu had been talking to Detective Naomasa in his office on what they were going to do with the children in Recovery Girls office.

"We obviously can't separate them though since the three are already so close to each other, if we did it could affect them mentally." Nedzu nodded agreeing with the Detective.

"Even though Kouta seems to have an aunt in the Wild Wild Pussycats that would like to see him again we wouldn't be able to let them have all three since it's likely Erasure Head, Present Mic, and Midnight have bonded with the group." 

"Well I have more questions to ask the oldest since we don't know much about what happened to him or the little girl, then we can talk to them about what they want our last step to be." The two left the office and went to the nurses office to talk to the group.

When they opened the door Nedzu smiled seeing the group all some how fit on one bed. Aizawa and Izuku were both doing one braid giving Eri twin braids while the other four looked through a box and pulled out mostly flower and cat clips that the other two were putting in her hair.

"Well this is a surprise!" Everyone looked to the two standing in the door way a little surprised.

"Nedzu, Detective." Aizawa nodded to them as he went back to braiding the hair in his hands.

"It's good to see you three doing better do you remember me from last night?" The three nodded their head at him "Good, now this wont be as fun as what you're doing but I need to ask more questions ok?" The other two nodded their head while Izuku only glared at him with untrusting eyes.

"The questions are going to be a little difficult possibly, I'll be asking about your time at the place ok?" Both Izumi and Eri flinched a little before Izuku put his arm by them to hold but other wise they were fine, but Izuku glared more and he could feel the warmth in his body getting ready to attack.

"First things first, how long were all of you there?" Eri and Izumi looked to each other not knowing what to say, they hadn't known how long either were there, just that it was a long time.

'Eri was always there, Izumi was there for two years' The adults noticed how he didn't answer for himself, they would have to ask him about it later.

"Do you know why you were all there?"

'Eri's uncle was one of the people keeping us, Izumi was kidnapped when his parents were kill.' Izuku made sure that they couldn't see what he was sighing but that the adults could.

"Was there a reason that Eri's uncle kept her?" Eri answered it this time.

"He hates quirks, mine is able to get rid of them." Izuku tightened his hold on the little girl letting him know he was there for her.

"Did they ever do anything to you or Kouta?" Eri and Kouta shook their head. They never really bothered the kids unless they did something they weren't supposed to.

"Ok, thank you Eri and Kouta, why don't you two go with Kayama and Yamada?" The two looked to Izuku who smiled at them.

"Don't worry, I'll catch up with you two once we're done ok?" They both smiled at him and followed the two heroes out leaving the principal, Aizawa, and the detective.

"Ok Midoriya, we need you to tell us about what happened while you were there and how long you were there ok?" The detective said leaning forward a little. Izuku looked to Aizawa who nodded and sat closer to the the child.

"What do you want to know?"

Chapter Text

Izuku didn't remember what it was like outside of the cage, the only thing that hadn't broken him yet was his mother and father there for him and the thought of his best friend again.

His mother said that he was 5 now, meaning he had been there for a few months now. They had taken him and his parents when his quirk manifested, apparently it was powerful and they wanted him as a soldier for them.

"Hey honey," His mother spoke quietly to wake him up "Happy birthday, I know this isn't the best situation but....I'm happy that you aren't alone." He hugged his mother as they both silently cried before his father woke up and hugged them both.


"That was the day-" He stopped talking and lifted his hands 'That was the day they began "training" me and my quirk, if I didn't do what they said they would punish me or my parents.' Aizawa's eyes widened, he didn't know what to do so he lifted his hand and placed it onto the boys head. He jumped at first but then leaned into the touch heavily.


Everyday they would drag him out of the cage away from his parents and would make him over use his quirk to exhaustion. He hated it, if he didn't have a quirk he would be fine and still at home where it's warm.

"Get up brat!" They were coming for him again, great, he stood up tiredly still feeling the ache and pain in his bones.

They dragged him over to an open area, last night they had separated him and his parents, he hoped that they were ok. He walked into the open area with the people leaving him, he looked around the room and saw blood and scorch marks.

"Good evening Midoriya Izuku," He turned to see a man with a metal beak on "Your parents will be happy if you do this for us." He nodded his head numbly as they walked out of the room.

He looked around expecting someone to come in and attack him again, but this time a green mist seemed to fill the room. He watched it confused until he breathed it in, when he did his lungs felt like it was on fire, he began to scream making his quirk activate and begin to burn the gas around him.

When the gas stopped burning he felt something on his back, he turned and saw a pair of grey ash wings on him.


'That was when I first got my wings, they were testing something new and wanted to see how I reacted, they didn't know it would activate my quirk more.' Aizawa began running his hand through the boys hair. It seemed to calm him down as he started to lean more on the adult. He lowered his hands and started speaking.

"For a while they just did the same things over and over again, hurting me or my parents if I didn't kill someone," All the adults looked in shock for a second "I never did kill anyone though," Aizawa let a breath he didn't know he was holding out "They ended up trying to destroy my hands once they realized none of the threats worked on me." the boy looked at his now shaking hands as Aizawa tried to comfort him.

"At some point they brought in another boy, a little older than me at the time, they called him Dabi but he said his name was Touya," Aizawa recognized that name, it was the missing Todoroki "He had a fire quirk and they would always have us fight each other but we never really did, He made it out around the time I was ten I think." That meant the older Todoroki was out and about still and kicking.

"At some point they brought in Eri, apparently they had wanted me to be her keeper, make sure she stayed in line. I listened to them but made sure Eri was taken care of and got as much of a normal child hood as possible," He took in a breath and lifted his hand again 'For a while after she came they started training me more knowing I wouldn't let them get near her, they didn't threaten to hurt her though she was to important.'

'At some point they also threw Izumi in, when he came in he was crying and covered in blood though, his parents had just been killed in front of him,' Izuku sighed sadly before continuing 'After that they continued with the training.' Izuku said finishing his story.

"And what of your parents?" The detective asked.

"They killed them."


Aizawa's eyes widened, the way the kid said it sounded so horrifying. Almost like he didn't see a point to it.

"I see, thank you Midoriya, we'll leave you alone now." Nedzu and the detective walked out of the room leaving Aizawa alone with the kid.

"Kid," Izuku turned his head to the adult looking tired "You ok?" He looked Aizawa in the eyes before looking down at his lap "Ok, you're not," The kid began to shack and hyperventilate slightly "Hey hey breath it's ok, can I touch you?" Izuku nodded his head letting Aizawa wrap his arms around him and run his hands through his hair.

"It's ok kid, breath with me in and out, in and out," he kept talking until Izuku's breathing started to even out "Good good, few more breaths ok?"

"Right right, sorry," The boy seemed to calm down but didn't move away from the adult "I just......I don't know.....sorry." Izuku slowly started to sit up but Aizawa could tell that he didn't want to, he held on tighter to the boy who fell onto the mans chest.

"Don't worry about it kid," He slowly laid down onto the bed letting Izuku get comfortable "Take a nap kid, I'll wake you up when the other get here." The boy nodded his head slowly already falling asleep.


When Hizashi, Nemuri, and the kids got back to the room they expected to maybe see the two talking or sitting silently, what they didn't expect was for both of them to be asleep with the younger laying on the older's chest.

"Oh my god," Both adults pulled out their and started taking pictures "He's such a dad!" Yamada whisper yelled trying not to wake up the two.

"Miss Kayama," the woman smiled and looked down at the two children "Why is he holding Nii-san?"

"Well your Nii-san holds you when you're upset and sleep right?" Both of them nodded their heads "Shouta is doing the same for him."

"Is Izuku ok?" Izumi asked a little scared.

"I'm sure he's fine, just a little tired is all." Eri and Izumi nodded and sat on the edge of the bed not wanting to wake up their brother since he didn't get much sleep in general.

"Kouta," The boy looked up to the woman "We heard you have an aunt that wants to see you, would you be ok with seeing her and her friends?" Kayama noticed the boy look to the sleeping figure on the bed before looking back to them.

"Will they take me away from Izuku and Eri?" After saying that the little girl looked scared and grappled onto the other boy.

"They can't take away Izumi!"


Izuku had woken up slightly when the group walked in, he didn't open his eyes already knowing that he would end up falling asleep again with how comfortable he was at the moment. He hadn't heard most of the conversation and didn't find it important until he heard Eri.

"They can't take away Izumi!" Hearing that he shot up grabbed the two holding them close and raised his arm letting small flames dance around it. He glared at the shocked heroes that were now standing with Aizawa sitting up looking shocked at the scene.

"Izuku calm down, what happened?" Aizawa asked looking at the group trying to find a way to calm down the boy.

"They-they wanna take I-izumi away! They can't do that Nii-san!" Eri yelled still holding onto the younger boy. The flames on Izuku's arms grew more and he hardened his face looking like a cornered animal.

"Eri, Izuku, we don't want to take him away. He has an aunt that wants to see him we asked if he wanted to see her, we wouldn't let them separate you ok?" Kayama tried to calm them down by explaining everything.

"But what if they try!" Izuku lowered his hand letting the fire burn itself out and slowly let go of the two children.

"Eri it's ok, we wont separate you and your brothers ok?" Hizashi added squatting a little to get to eye level. Eri looked at them before turning to the two boys and held on tighter to Izumi as Izuku hugged them both to his chest.

"O-ok." Izuku looked down to Izumi and nodded his head slightly letting the boy know it was ok.

"So if they do see me they wont take me away?" All three adults nodded their head.

"They wouldn't be able to take you unless you wanted to and I'm assuming you don't want to," Aizawa said getting a head shack from Izumi before continuing "So they would only keep in contact with you and visit, but otherwise they wouldn't do anything you didn't want." 

Eri looked nervous but still held onto Izumi while looking to Izuku for conformation.

'It's ok Eri.' He signed leaning back a little onto the bed trying to relax his body a little.

"Speaking of it, Izuku do you want to see the Bakugou's?" Izuku jumped a little and looked to Aizawa a little surprised "Nedzu sent me a file of who they were while you slept." Izuku nodded his head slowly before lifting his hands.

'Would they even want to see me?' All of them froze before Kayama and Hizashi stood up.

"Ok Kouta, Eri, let's give them some time to talk while we talk about you seeing your aunt ok?" The two children let their eyes drift to the other adults and nodded their heads before following them out the door. Aizawa turned back to Izuku and tried to look the boy in the eyes even if the boy wouldn't meet his.

"Izuku, why wouldn't they want to see you?" Aizawa thought to himself while the boy tried to think of an answer 'if they're as important to him as it seems they are and as close to the family as it says why wouldn't they want to see you?'.

"Be-because, they knew me when I was a kid, when I hadn't been with villains for almost 10 years, when mom and dad were....." The boy trailed off now looking at his gloved hands with silent tears rolling down his cheeks.

"Kid, I might not know them personally but....... you care about them and what they think and I'm gonna go out on a limb and say they care about you. So of course they'd want to see you." Izuku let out a shuddered breath before whipping his eyes and lifting his head, but not meeting the others eyes still.

"Ok, I'll see them, god i miss them." The boy whispered out the second part, Aizawa assumed he wasn't meant to hear so he didn't comment on it.

"Ok, I'll tell Nedzu, in the mean time let's talk to the others about meeting Kouta's aunt and Eri meeting the others after all you're a package deal."


Katsuki sat in his room reading a book, it was in the morning on the weekend. He would have therapy Sunday and he wasn't exactly looking forward to it, ever since Izuku, Uncle Hisashi, and Aunt Inko disappeared his parents made him go to therapy. Not that it helped any, sure he was angry a lot and they said he blamed himself for it, but he didn't think it was helping.

His parents went to since they were all close to the small family but they always made sure he went. It didn't help that the people at school treated him like a feral animal and he didn't really have anyone, but it didn't matter to him, he just wanted Izuku back. He was even starting to believe that the other boy was dead like people told him but he never listened.

He put down his book and put his head in his hands 'When I'm a hero I'll find you, I promise.' he stood up and put his book away when his door burst open revealing his dad.

"Jesus old man knock!" 'Katsuki." The boy stopped and finally took in the the state of his father, looking happy but tears rolling down his face. "They found him."

Katsuki stood there as his book fell to the ground with his body soon following. His mother ran into the room and the adults hugged their son as they all cried, once it was out of their system they all stood up with neither letting go of Katsuki.

"When can we see him?"

"They said later today, but they warned us.... they said he was different than he used to be and that there were two younger children with him." Katsuki stepped away and rubbed his face.

"I don't care if he's fucking changed or got two other people now! He's still my best friend." The two smiled at their son and nodded their head.

"We know Katsuki."


Izuku sat on the bed watching as his fire danced around his fingers and arm, Kouta and Eri were out with Kouta's aunt. The group had met and talked with the three a few days before and decided that Eri and Kouta needed to get out and see what the world was really like not inside a cage, and going with the Wild Pussy Cats group seemed like the safest and most ideal to him.

Sure he was anxious about Eri and Kouta not being in running distance but he didn't think the group would take them away or hurt them but it was just a thought he constantly had when he couldn't see them.

Aizawa and the other heroes had been nice enough to get them some actual cloths to wear for a few before actually going out and picking there own, so Izuku was in a black hoodie and sweatpants with his gloves still on. Eri had gotten a white dress with Kouta in a polo and  shorts.

"You ok kid?" He jumped a little burning his sleeve slightly not realizing that Aizawa walked in but turned to the man and nodded his head.

"Nervous."  was all he said as he conjured more fire and moved his hand with it.

"Kid," Aizawa sat down next to Izuku and turned the boys quirk off "I'm not gonna tell you to not be nervous but they care about you ok?" Izuku nodded his head and leaned his head against the other male who simply messed with his hair.

"Aizawa, They're here." Nedzu spoke over the com letting the other know. He stood up letting his hand rest on the boys head before walking out of the room and to the main gate. When he got there he saw the three standing there with two looking happy but the youngest looking scared.

"Hi we're Mitsuki and Masaru Bakugou and this is our son Katsuki." Both adults offered their hand while the boy nodded at him.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Aizawa Shouta or pro hero Erasure Head." The two nodded at him before he sighed and started leading them into the school and talking "I'm assuming that Nedzu has already told you that he's not the same," He saw Mitsuki nod out of the corner of his eye "He also doesn't talk much, usually uses sign which you probably don't know."

"Actually Aizawa, we do," Mitsuki interrupted the man "Our son is hard of hearing due to his quirk, so we know it, just not super fluent." Aizawa nodded his head and continued walking.

"Well due to his mental state we'll let you in one at a time unless he says he's ok with having all three of you together, I'll be right back" Aizawa walked into the room seeing Izuku looking at him "Do you want them one at a time or all together?"

"One at a time." 

Chapter Text

Izuku was nervous as hell knowing that they were actually there, he had honestly expected for them to not come and want nothing to do with him. He was messing with his gloves a little when Aizawa had come in to ask if he wanted to see them one at time or not. He waited for the first one to enter and he wasn't surprised to see Mitsuki there.

"Hey squirt," He figured Aizawa had explained he might not be the same to them, so he opened his arms letting her know it was ok, she almost knocked him over when she hugged him "I missed you so much kid."

He held her loosely still not used to the contact and tried not to flinch to much when she hugged him. He looked to Aizawa where he could already see the worry and signed to him that it was fine.

"I missed you to Aunt Mitsuki." She jumped back but still held onto him looking at him surprised, he figured it was his voice since it was still a little rough,but she only smiled and hugged him again.

"I'm sorry I was never able to help you, I'm sorry you lost your parents Izuku but we'll always be here ok? Never think other wise." Her voice still sounded stern but he could still feel the love she was sending him.

"I know Aunt Mitsuki, so how are you Kacchan and uncle Masaru?" The woman than began talking about all the things they had done and different stories that happened.

"One thing though is.....I haven't seen Katsuki actually smile since you've been gone," Izuku looked to his hands almost angrily "It hit him the hardest but......we're more than happy to have you back squirt, I'm gonna let your uncle take over." He hugged her one last time before Masaru walked in.


The visit with Masaru was about the same as Mitsuki, he was still quiet and nice as Izuku remembered. Izuku was terrified though, the two had talked about Katsuki a lot to tell him how things had changed and Izuku didn't think Katsuki would actually like to see him.

"Aizawa, can you not be in here for this one?" The man stared at him for a second looking for something before nodding and sending in Katsuki and closing the door.

Neither teens looked at each other, not wanting to meet eyes for different reasons.

"I'm sorry." They both spoke at the same time making them look up and meet eyes finally, both looked terrible, eye bags and red eyes looking shocked before Katsuki started laughing.

"You look awful," Izuku was a little taken back but smiled remembering the bluntness of his best friend.

"Yeah well you don't look good either Kacchan."He watched the blonde freeze at the name, but before he could apologize the other spoke in a cracked voice.

"it's been so long since I've heard you say that," Katsuki took a few steps forward before hugging the other tightly like he would disappear again "I'm sorry I never saved you Zuchan." Izuku gripped the other just as tightly as he felt tears coming to his eyes.

"I'm sorry I ruined your life Kacchan," He felt the other try to speak but Izuku didn't let him "Your mom and dad said that when I was....gone..that you don't smile any more, you close yourself off, and that you didn't make any friends," Izuku berried his face into the others shoulder "Please don't do that again I'm not worth it."

"The hell you talking about Zuchan," Katsuki shifted so that Izuku's face was now in his chest "I stopped because there wasn't a reason to smile, you're my best friend and I lost you....and I-i didn't want to go through it again, to lose someone or even think of you as gone. So I'm sorry that you are worth it." Katsuki grew quiet at the end still holding onto Izuku, the boy felt like crying but he couldn't right now.

"Thank you Kacchan, I missed you." 


Aizawa was standing in the hall way as the other two adults talked to each other with small smiles on their faces when Mitsuki turned to him. 

"You mentioned two other children, where are they?" He was a little surprised, he didn't think they would want to see them and only Izuku.

"They're out with one of the kids aunts, why do you ask."

"Well we were just curious, we figured they must be important to Izuku and we wanted to meet them." Masaru explained with his wife nodding a long.

"Mh, well they'll be back soon." As soon as he said that he heard giggling down the hall and looked to see the wild pussy cats messing around with Kouta and Eri.

"Hey Erasure head, we're back, hows the other kitten?" 

"He's fine, talking to one of his friends," He moved so they could see the other two adults "This is Mitsuki and Masaru Bakugou, they were close with the kid." Both adults stood up and introduced themselves to the others while the two other children stared at them in curiosity.

"Hello there, you must be Eri and Kouta," Mitsuki offered her hand to the children who looked at it before shaking it slowly "I'm Izuku's aunt, well honorary aunt, and this is my husband Masaru." The two looked to each other then back to the adults.

"It's nice to meet you to! But where's Nii-san?" Eri asked a little nervously.

"He's talking to our son Katsuki, don't worry he's a little rough but would never hurt Izuku." Mitsuki explained seeing the two relax a little.

"They've been quiet for a while, I'll check on them," Aizawa walked over to the door with the other two children following close behind him. When he walked in he saw the two huddled together sleeping, Eri and Kouta walked into the room and got on top of the bed looking at the other person on the bed a little confused. "They're asleep."

"Well it was fun hanging out with Kouta and Eri but we need to head out." The Pussycats said good bye and soon left leaving Mitsuki, Masaru, and Aizawa with the other kids.

"They look rather peaceful." Masaru commented as he sat down on one of the chairs in the room. Eri and Kouta went over to the side that Izuku was on and started poking him, he opened his eyes quickly before he spotted the two kids and smiled at them.

"Nii-san who's that?" Eri asked still whispering to not wake up the other boy.

"Do you remember me telling you about someone named 'Kacchan'," The two nodded remembering that he would tell stories sometimes when they had trouble sleeping "That's him." Eri gasped in amazement will Kouta looked surprised.

"Can we talk to him?" Izuku nodded and shifted his weight to sitting up making the other boy wake up.

"What is it Zuchan," Katsuki opened his eyes more and saw the two children pretty much sitting on Izuku's lap "What the hell?" Izuku glared at him and flicked his ear.

"Don't cuss, This is Eri and Kouta I told you about them." Katsuki sat up more letting go of the other finally.

"You're Kacchan right? Does that mean that your Nii-san's brother?" Eri asked excitedly bouncing on Izuku's lap.

"Uh....I guess?" As soon as he said that Eri tackled him and hugged around his neck.

"That makes me your little sister! But I can't call you Nii-san too, so I'll call you Katsu-nii!" Katsuki was caught off guard while Izuku only smiled at them with the other adults looking surprised too.

"I told them about you," Izuku said getting their attention "And Eri decided that if she ever met you that she was going to be your little sister." Katsuki looked down to the girl that was still hugging her and smiled slightly and hugged her back with one arm.

"Look at  you brat, you didn't scare her off!" Mitsuki teased letting the others know of the groups presence.

"When the hell did you get here?!" Izuku rolled his eyes as the boy cussed AGAIN but didn't say anything wondering when the others got there too, usually his quirk would have told him they were there.

"When you two were asleep, the others wanted to check on you." Aizawa explained nodding at the two children sitting with the teens. Izuku nodded his head as Katsuki continued fighting with his mom and his dad looking slightly disappointed at the two.


Aizawa, Mitsuki, and Masaru had left the room to talk about what would happen next with Izuku, Katsuki was supposed to go with them but had decided to stay with Izuku, Kouta, and Eri. Eri had asked Izuku to do her hair again so she was sitting in front of him facing away from him while Kouta and Katsuki kept staring at each other.

"Why are you two staring at each other still?" Izuku asked not even looking up from Eri's hair.

"We're having a staring contest to assert dominance." Katsuki answered still glaring at the small child.

"Why are you establishing dominance?" Izuku finally looked at them confused. Eri looked at them too interested but not enough to mess up her hair.

"Because you're my brother." Kouta claimed still not looking away from the older teen.

"Kouta you're both important to me, you don't need to fight for dominance." Izuku tried to reason but neither listened and only stared at each other more intensely.

"Do I have to compete too Nii-san?" Eri asked looking worriedly at the teen behind her.

"No Eri their just being silly." Izuku said smiling fondly and rolling his eyes at them.


"Nice to finally meet you Mr. and Mrs.Bakugou, I'm happy you were willing to visit Midoriya after we told you." Nedzu greeted as they entered his office.

"Of course we were going to, we missed the little squirt and if we didn't Katsuki might have killed us." Mitsuki joked lightening the mood a little.

"Ah yes of course your son, speaking of him what does he wish to be when he is older?" Nedzu asked, the two adults looked at each other then back to the principle.

"He's always wanted to be a hero, at first it was to be like All Might like every kid, but when Izuku disappeared it was to save him." Masaru answered, it wasn't really a surprise to Aizawa or Nedzu.

"And I assume he was going to apply to UA?" Aizawa asked stepping closer to Nedzu's desk.

"Yeah, the brat has an amazing quirk and decided to apply here when he was done with junior high." Mitsuki asked with pride in her voice.

"Fantastic! Then I trust it would not be a problem then for Midoriya to apply here either." Nedzu suggested to the surprise Aizawa, Mitsuki, and Masaru.

"You want Izuku to apply here to?"

"Well yes of course! He's very protective of Kouta and Eri so why wouldn't he want to protect them and others? Unless you know something we don't?" Nedzu asked with a glint in his eyes.

"Of course not, it's just when they were younger Katsuki and Izuku both wanted to be hero's or a hero duo." Masaru explained.

"Ah I see." 


Kouta and Katsuki had finally stopped staring at each other and now were simply laying around on the bed.

"Zuchan," Izuku turned a little to face Katsuki who looked serious "Do you still want to be a hero?" Izuku's eyes widened at the question "You don't have to answer now but I want to know."  Izuku thought about it for a second just staring at Katsuki until he answered.


Chapter Text

A lot had happened in the last two years of Izuku,Kouta, and Eri being with the heroes. For one, Eri and Kouta had opened up more and played all the time finally able to be a kid, they trusted all the heroes that worked there, the Wild Pussycats, and the Detective that visited them to update them on the case. Second, they had all gone to a normal health, well as normal as you can get after everything but they were doing good. Izuku had started to sleep more with random naps during the day, a lot of the time teachers would find him under Aizawa's desk, under Nedzu's desk, in empty classrooms, and any where else he had passed out at.

He still seemed always on edge though, if someone moved to fast while he was asleep he would wake up and have flames on his arms ready to attack, if someone saw him eating he would have trouble continuing, and if someone touched him that he didn't see they would end up on the ground in seconds.

When school had begun again when they first arrived it had been hell trying to deal with him, he didn't sleep as much, or at least they didn't see him, he didn't eat, didn't let Eri or Kouta out of his sight, and almost always had his quirk activated in some way. The only students that had actually helped him get a little more relaxed was a group of first years that would watch Eri and Kouta if they knew he needed sleep or needed a minute to get some emotions out without scaring the two younger ones. The way they had met was a little strange after all.


Mirio, Tamaki, and Nejire were walking to the teachers lounge looking for Aizawa, they were the only three left after he had expelled everyone else and they wanted to know if they had any other work to do other than train.

They had knocked on the door once before Mirio opened it with his usual smile.

"Mirio maybe we shouldn't be here, I don't want to be here." Tamaki clarified as he followed behind the blond.

"Come on Amaijiki! If he isn't here we could find out something fun!" Nejire tried to encourage as she closed the door behind her. They looked around the room and didn't see anyone.

"The teachers must be having a meeting! We'll wait here then!" Mirio declared as the three walked to the couch and sat down.

What they didn't notice until now was that someone was under Aizawa's desk, it looked like a student but too young to be a student at UA, Mirio stood up to wake the person up, but when he did the kid jumped up into a fighting position low to the ground with small flames on his arms. He swept Mirio's legs out from under him making him fall and the kid jumped on him with a flaming hand near him.

"Who are you and why are you here?" He asked still sounding tired.

"Well hi there! My names Mirio Togata, this is Tamaki Amaijiki and Nejire Hado." Mirio was still smiling even though he could get hurt "We're here because we were looking for Aizawa sensei! Why are you here?" He asked still smiling. The kid looked at him for a minute before putting out the flames and getting off of Mirio and going back to sitting on Aizawa's chair and not meeting their eyes.

"I was sleeping." He answered looking up a little more with a glare.

"But why under a desk?" Tamaki asked, sure he was a little scared but the kid seemed rather nice and more scared then he was. The boy moved over a little showing a blanket and pillow.

"Do you just sleep there all the time?" Nejire asked with a smile just as bright as Mirio's. He nodded his head before she started asking more questions "Why though? Are you Aizawa's son? What's your quirk?" She kept asking questions with him answering a few until the door opened revealing Aizawa and a few others walking in.

"What are you three doing here? Shouldn't you be working on the packet I gave you?" He asked sounded a little irritated with the boy moving out of his seat and just standing there until Present Mic gave him a chair.

"Oh! We finished! And we wanted to ask if there was anything else we could do, then we ran into him! Well more like he tackled Mirio." Nejire explained quickly but Aizawa was able to understand fine.

"Fine then, go change and meet at ground beta we'll train some more with special moves." Aizawa said starting to stand up the boy following "You coming with?" The boy nodded his head and followed their teacher out the door.


After that the three would watch Eri and Kouta or let Izuku randomly appear and fall asleep near them, turned out he liked being near other sources of heat when asleep or in general.

Nedzu had even turned an old class room into a sort of nap room that had black curtains, fair lights, coffee, and the entire room was like a nest. Usually if you needed to find Izuku, Eri, Kouta, Aizawa, Mirio, Tamaki, or Nejire they would most likely be there either sitting on a couch with Izuku near or laying down with him.

Anytime Katsuki visited to he would be found there with the two holding onto each other like they might lose each other. No one ever really questioned it or bothered him about it either.


"Hey kid, do you want to be in the hero course this year?" Aizawa asked looking under his desk slightly, he had to deal with the forms for the recommendation students and if Izuku wanted then he would recommend him.

"Yeah, I should be in the right age to do so since Kacchan is." Aizawa still couldn't get over the fact that he had such a cutesy name for the explosive blond and vise versa. 

"Ok, Nedzu and I are making you a recommendation student then, less work and people for you to deal with." Izuku nodded his head shifting a little under the desk before they continued on in silence.


"So Midoriya has decided to go the recommendation route?" Nedzu asked looking at the forms with Aizawa now in his office.

"Yeah, he should be able to do it easily from what we've learned, he's been trained well and can fight a pro hero and win so I don't see why not." Aizawa answered.

"Hm, you are correct, I just worry about Endeavors son." Aizawa quirked an eyebrow at the principle "His son has a fire and ice quirk but only seems to use his ice side, if his father sees another fire user and decides to try and us Midoriya it will not go well for anyone."

"If he tries to touch my kid he's gone." Aizawa said with out hesitation making Nedzu smirk.

"So he's your kid?" Aizawa blushed a little and hid in his scarf.


Izuku already didn't want to be here, he had been with Kouta, Eri, and Katsuki but then Aizawa had gotten him and told him to wait in this large room for the others to appear. He hated it, there was only two other people and they were both glaring at him.

And of course it was one of his least favorite heroes Endeavor and his son Todoroki Shouto. Of course Izuku knew who both of them were after his run in with Dabi or more known as Todoroki Touya, but it didn't make him anymore comfortable. So he just kept his head down and did the counting exercises Midnight had taught him.

It wasn't long till other people started to come in, now their was a girl with a black ponytail and who Izuku knew was her mom, a boy with black hair that he didn't recognize and another man following him, some other people Izuku didn't look at with Aizawa following in after them.

"My name is Aizawa Shouta, I'll be your teacher this year if you get into the 1-A hero course," he side eyed Izuku for a moment with a nod from the boy that he was ok "You're parents will be following me into an observation room, you'll have time to all talk to each other and you'll hear a buzzer when it's time to start." All the adults walked out with some of the kids looking around nervously, though Izuku, Todoroki, and the black haired boy all seemed fine.

A few of the possible students flocked to Todoroki, at least until he glared at them all and walked away. They all then went to the girl Izuku knew as Momo Yaoyorozu and began talking to her since she seemed nice.

"That guy is such a dick, like his dad." Izuku looked to the person now standing next to him against the wall "My names Inasa Yoarashi, who are you?" He asked a little to loud for Izuku's taste but seemed nice enough.

"Midoriya Izuku."He said back still not looking up to meet his eyes.

"Oh, what's your quirk then? Mines whirlwind!" Izuku could assume that meant he could create tornado like wind.

"Pyrokinesis and Advanced Senses." Izuku still didn't meet his eyes but could tell the other was getting super excited.

"Wow another double quirk user! That's quiet impressive my friend! I'm passionate about this kinda stuff! To be a hero you have to put your full heart into it to succeed! You-" Izuku listened, finally looking at him, as he continued on a tangent about passion, though Izuku was a little confused by the end.

"That was long." Izuku said with a dead tone.

"Haha! Yes! I do happen to go on tangents a lot it seems!" He rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly with a laugh.

"It's fine, doesn't bother me, I don't really like talking." He explained seeming to make the other relax a little.

"That's perfect! I happen to talk a lot if you haven't noticed." Izuku listened as he talk more about anything that seemed to come to mind, Izuku felt a little weird about it, he remembers when he would talk like that to his mom and dad, maybe he would be able to talk like that again soon.

Before Inasa could continue though there was a loud buzzer making all the teens look around.

"The test is an obstetrical course." Izuku remembered as he took of sprinting with Inasa and the others behind him. The course was simple, to him anyway, you had to get up five walls that all varied in height, get past a few small robots, go over or under or in a huge tunnel that led to the end of the course. They had said that there were other traps not known but Izuku could sense anything until he looked on in infrared and saw small objects he recognized as mines.

Once him, Inasa, Todoroki, and Yaoyorozu all got over the walls and the other two were jumping onto the ground Izuku stopped Inasa.

"Mines, watch where you step." Inasa smiled and nodded his head as they both finally jumped down joining the other two that had been caught in a mine, Inasa followed after Izuku with him giving a warning where a mine was as they made it to a few of the robots with Inasa taking care of them so Izuku could look out for mines.

Once they finally got to the tunnel they were by themselves with the others still on the onther parts.

"What now?" Inasa asked catching his breath. Izuku looked with Night vision seeing more robots hiding in the tunnel with other traps around them.

"Going over or under will take to long, go through but stay behind me." Inasa nodded his head as he followed after the smaller boy going through the tunnel. Izuku let the other keep a hand on his shoulder so that he would know where he was going since he couldn't see in the dark like Izuku.

When they came a crossed the robots Izuku decided to finally use his quirk, since he hadn't used it the entire time, and lit up the tunnel and taking down the robot in front of them by melting it. When the tunnel was lit up he hear Inasa gasp.

"How have you been able to not hit anything yet?" He asked still shocked as Izuku had them going again, not wanting to fall behind.

"My other quirk is called survival, I can see in the dark infrared, and my senses are dialed up to 11 you could say." He explained making Inasa dodge another robot allowing him to hit it without hurting the other.

"That's quiet amazing!" He praised as they finally made it out the other end of the tunnel. 

Unsurprisingly to Izuku they were the first ones out, though Inasa seemed super happy about it. Izuku and Inasa walked closer to the group of adults that waited there for them. Izuku sent a nod to Aizawa and Nedzu while Inasa smiled and waved to the person there for him.

"You two cheated!" Izuku looked over to Endeavor who had shouted with some of the others nodding while Aizawa and Inasa's person looked pissed.

"And how did we cheat?" Izuku asked, people bigger then him may make him go quiet, but when he's pissed he wont hesitate to defend someone else.

"You worked together and got him through there with out him doing it himself!" Endeavor declared as he stomped closer to the two students. Aizawa looked ready to step in but Nedzu stopped him with a smile.

"I've read the rules of this exam, there is none saying that we can't work together Endeavor." Inasa defended stepping in front of Izuku a little. Izuku noticed that Endeavors hands were on fire now and he was getting to close to Inasa for Izuku's comfort. 

Izuku stepped forward a little and put his hand near Endeavors before taking control of the flame and pulled it towards himself and extinguishing them in his hand and glaring at Endeavor.

"Endeavor, I believe that the two are correct! It doesn't say you can't work together in the rules and it's even better if they work together! IT means they have the capacity to work with a stranger! That was the reason to give them time to talk to each other. I think you're all just angry that they did better than your own children." Nedzu finished with a glint in his eye that made Endeavor back up the the other adults leave the two alone.

Izuku nodded his head in thanks while Inasa smiled and thanked him loudly. The two walked off more to the side waiting for the others to finish the course. When the others did finish the course many of them were looking at the two angrily, likely seeing them working together. Todoroki walked up to the two and Inasa tried to be nice but was ignored.

"I'll beat you." Izuku looked up slightly at Todoroki but didn't answer, some how Izuku saw something that set him on edge, not about Todoroki but something emotionally that looked raw.

Chapter Text

After the exam most of the people left except for Izuku and Inasa. The two were walking down the halls when they heard someone shout behind them.

"Nii-san!" Izuku turned around just in time to catch both of his little siblings running at him. He kept right up and smiled at them before ruffling their hair.

"How did you do?" Kouta asked looking serious. Inasa decided it was time for him to speak up.

"Your brother did fantastic! If it wasn't for him I don't think I'd be able to have passed!" The two looked at the taller boy with wide eyes before Eri smiled and jumped into his arms.

"Hi! My names Eri! Did you help Nii-san?" She asked looking at him with puppy eyes. Inasa smiled and ruffled her hair.

"If I could! Your brother helped me if anything!"

"You don't have to say that Yoarashi, you did well to." Inasa only smiled and shook his head.

"Oh no Midoriya! You're the reason I did good! But I must be leaving  soon," Inasa pulled out his phone and handed it to Izuku "Put your number in so we don't lose contact." Izuku looked at him weirdly, if they both passed then they would be in the same class, but thought nothing of it and put him number in. The school had been kind enough to get Izuku a phone so he could call or text anyone but he barely used it unless to talk to the big three, Katsuki, or Aizawa, the school was working on getting Eri and Kouta a phone for emergencies but they hadn't yet.

"Sure thing, don't forget." Inasa smiled and waved goodbye as he left. "Now how did your teachings with Nedzu go?"


"You don't want to go to UA?" Izuku asked over the phone as he laid on the couch in the nap room with Eri and Kouta laying on him.

"No sadly not, but don't worry! I'll make sure to keep in contact! I just don't think that if i have the same class as that Todoroki kid I'll explode!" Izuku hummed in understanding as he looked down to still see the two sleeping.

"I guess I understand why you don't like him, his dad more or less threatened us and he ignored you while declaring war on me."

"Exactly! He was so rude! Just like his father!" Izuku didn't say anything, he didn't know much about Todoroki but that look he wore, something was off about it. "Well I have to go Midoriya."

"You can call me Izuku, almost everyone does, I prefer it."

"Sure thing Izuku! You have to call me Inasa then." Izuku hummed again before Inasa hung up and said goodbye.

"Nii-san?" Izuku looked down to see Eri with tears in her eyes looking at him confused.

"Hey it's ok Eri, I'm here I got you." Izuku pulled both of the kids closer and held them as she calmed down, Kouta didn't wake up but Izuku could tell by the shaking that he wasn't sleeping well either "I got you Kouta, I'm not leaving."


Izuku was under Aizawa's desk again as the teachers went through forms and any paper work left, he was listening to some songs that Present Mic said he would like, and trying to relax a little. He had heard that there was going to be another teacher coming in and Izuku was worried, he already knew the staff here and trusted them enough to not worry about being weak in front of them. He heard the door open and had already heard the two pairs of footsteps walking down the halls so he wasn't surprised, he was surprised by the voice though.

"I am here! As the new teacher!" Izuku jumped a little and hit his head making Aizawa look under the desk with a raised eyebrow.

'I need to get out of here' he signed looking determined and scared. Aizawa looked with wide eyes but nodded his head and got up walking over to Present Mic.

"Kid needs a distraction to leave." Present Mic nodded his head with a smirk as he stood up and screamed with his quirk activated at a low volume.

"AAALLLLLLLL MMMIIIIIGGGHHHTTT!" Everyone covered their ears and squeezed their eyes shut except Nedzu, Aizawa, Present Mic, and Izuku who stood up and slipped out of the room without being noticed by the large hero. Nedzu looked curiously at the teen that left, he already knew what was happening when he heard the thud from Aizawa's desk but he also loved to see a little chaos.


"Aizawa don't you think it's time All Might meets the children? After all they'll be around a lot and we wouldn't want them to be shock or scared about see him." Nedzu said with a glint in his eyes. Aizawa glared at the mammal who only look on innocently while All Might looked confused.

"Sorry to interrupt but what children? Besides the students of course." All Might asked looking nervous.

"We have three children staying with us, though only one of them is old enough to attend UA and will be in 1-A." Nedzu explained.

"I don't think it will be the best idea Nedzu," Aizawa spoke through gritted teeth, of course Nedzu would notice Izuku's reaction "After all he might scare the youngest, doesn't matter who he is." Aizawa was now glaring at All Might, he had never liked the number one hero after all.

"Well with their brother there I'm sure they'll be fine." Nedzu began leading All Might to where he knew the three would be while Aizawa followed ready to make them leave if needed.

"Why would I scare them? Usually children love to meet me." Aizawa only glared at the bigger man more at that.

"Ah yes, usually but....Aizawa why don't you explain?" Aizawa wished murder was legal.

"The oldest was kidnapped by villains at a young aged and grew up surrounded by those people and was tortured, the other two were also brought in at a young age but the oldest was there to care for them, they don't do well with adults or people in power." All Might looked horrified, and Aizawa was glad, especially since Izuku seemed so scared of the number one that Aizawa wanted to know what was wrong now.

they finally made it to the room labeled 'Nap Room', there was soft music coming from the room with the sounds of two kids giggling while sounding like they were playing. All Might almost looked sad that they were going to interrupt them when Nedzu knocked on the door before opening it.

When they opened the door they was two children play fighting on the floor and a teenager sitting on a couch looking at them with wide eyes.

"Ah Midoriya, Eri, Kouta, this is All Might, he'll be a new teacher here." Nedzu explained, Aizawa watched all three of them closely, he saw Izuku get more on edge while the two kids looked scared and almost gravitated towards their older brother.

"It is nice to meet you Young Midoriya." All Might offered his hand to the teenager but he only glared at it before bringing his eyes to the hero. Izuku started moving his hands with Aizawa translating since All Might didn't know sign.

"He says likewise, and that he doesn't like people touching him unless he trusts them." All Might took a step back closer to the door to give the three room to breath.

"Ah yes of course! It was nice to meet you all!" Nedzu and him walked out with Aizawa staying in the room and turning to the three who seemed to calm down.

"What's wrong?" He asked getting close to the ground making himself smaller to seem less threatening to the three.

"One-one of the villains that kept....kept us was called All for One......he gives off the same power as All Might." Izuku explained taking a few gulps of air to calm down more.

"Is he the villain?" Aizawa didn't want to believe it, but he would if his kid told him so.

"No-no, just similar power." Aizawa nodded his head sitting down on the couch next to Izuku with Kouta and Eri climbing onto their brothers lap as Izuku leaned onto Aizawa.

"Get some sleep."


Though out the time Izuku dodged All Might like the plague. Eri and Kouta had seemed to relax around the man, but Izuku didn't seem to want to. Sure he still would sleep under Aizawa's desk and his usual routine, he would just nod at All Might before going of somewhere else. Aizawa didn't blame him either, the man reminded the boy of one of his captors and didn't want to talk to the man so he didn't push it.

Katsuki couldn't come to the school anymore seeing as if he did it could be counted as an unfair advantage, so the two just went with texting each other. The big three though would still visit and hang out with the three.

When it came for school to actually start though the three had a few issues, Kouta and Eri were going to be with Nedzu all day, then the three would stay in one of the rooms that UA had made for teachers to stay the night in in case they needed to. The only issue was that Izuku would be far enough away from them with large groups of people he didn't know that it was making him more anxious then he already would be.

He didn't like wearing the blazer either, he kept telling them it was to constricting so they left him alone. instead they settled for him to wear a vest similar to the school blazer that way he wouldn't be out of uniform, and if anyone asked him he would just tell them it was due to his quirk and that he could over heat. He ad his sleeves rolled up with his gloves on, the tie, vest, and the rest of the uniform but he still felt weird. He ignored it though as he walked into the classroom, he expected it to be empty but found Todoroki, Momo, and someone he recognized as an Iida, he didn't even glance at them as he walked over to where he knew his seat was and sat down pulling out his phone.

"Hello! My name is Iida Tenya! What is your name?" Izuku looked at the boy a little shocked but hid it.

"Midoriya Izuku." He answered still a little on edge.

"Ah another recommendation student! Well it is nice to meet you and I hope we can be friends!" Iida bowed making Izuku look confused.

"Why are you bowing?"

"It's polite! And I wish to build a good reputation with my classmates!" Izuku nodded his head with a small smile.

"It's fine you don't need to bow." The door was more or less slammed open and the two looked over seeing Katsuki glaring tiredly but he walked over and sat in front of the desk Izuku and put his feet on the top. Some other people began to come it at that moment.

"Good to see you Kacchan."

"Same to you nerd."

"Excuse me! It is impolite to put your feet on the desk!" Iida said waving his arm like a robot, Izuku just stared as the two seemed to start yelling at each other. His second quirk didn't help with the volume and only made it worse. He put his head down feeling a headache already come when someone tapped on his shoulder, he looked up and saw a girl with brown hair looking at him worriedly.

"Sorry, are you ok?" She asked trying not to be to loud.

"It's no worries, I just have a headache from the noise." She nodded her head in understanding.

"My names Uraraka Ochaco, what's yours?" 

"Midoriya Izuku." The girl smiled before looking to Katsuki with a gasp.

"Wait! You're the one that saved me from the zero pointer! Thank you so much!" She bowed shocking the three before Katsuki snapped out of it.

"It's fine or whatever." Uraraka smiled but jumped when someone spoke above everyone else.

"If you're here to make friends then leave," They all turned to see what looked like a yellow caterpillar on the ground until they stood up and walked up to the front of the room "It took you eight seconds to get under control, this is the hero course, there's no time to waste," He hit a button on a remote making cases appear "Put these on and meet me outside."

Izuku waited a minute before grabbing his and Katsuki's letting the two get changed before everyone else. He still wasn't comfortable changing in front of people so he went into a stall and changed before walking out with Katsuki next to him.

"So how is the brat and princess?" Katsuki asked as they waited for the others to arrive.

"They're doing ok, they're with Nedzu but...."

"But with a bunch of new people and you being far away from them it's making you go into protective mode." Katsuki stated simply  with Izuku nodding his head. The others soon arrived a little shocked to already see the other two out there.

"You all need to be quicker, no wasting time, we're doing a test, one you can use your quirks on." At hearing that almost everyone began cheering.

"This is gonna be so fun!" Someone cheered making Aizawa smirk.

"Fun huh? You're training to face villains and you think this is fun? Fine then, who ever gets last will be expelled." The class gasped and grew quiet, not wanting to be expelled on the first day.

"But you can't do that!" A small boy with stuff on his head yelled.

"Oh I can, UA is very different with there teaching and I can teach however I want, Plus Ultra."


"Bakugou," The blonde looked up at their teacher "Stand in the circle and throw the ball, what was your score in middle school?"

"About 67 meters."

"Try it with your quirk." Katsuki nodded as he caught the ball and walked up to the circle. He brought his arm back before throwing it and shouting 'DIE'. He walked back to the group with Aizawa showing them the score and talking but Izuku ignored him smiling at his friend.

"Die?" "Die."


The tests went about the same with Izuku keeping track of the scores, he already knew he wouldn't get last but it was an old habit of his he hadn't gotten rid of yet. Right now he was third right above Katsuki with Momo and Todoroki above him and the invisible girl was last at the moment almost tied with the guy from before. Izuku hoped it was the purple guy since he saw how he was looking at some of the girls.

Izuku hadn't used his quirk that much during the test except for the standing jump and 50 meter dash, his quirk didn't really help with any of them....well his first quirk, his second was almost always running and continued to give him boosts through out the test.

When it came to the endurance run he knew he was either getting second or first. He lowered his temperature with his quirk so he wouldn't over heat, he already had enough training to last house running with blood leaking out of him and at bad health so running with good health and uninjured was simple to him.

It ended up only being him and the Momo girl left as everyone had already dropped out, but neither of them seem tired, she had made a scooter and was just riding it around the track while he ran about as fast as he normally did, which if it was someone normal they would have tired out already. The two kept going until Aizawa finally stopped them.

"Ok that's it, we need to move onto the other tests." Izuku slowed down and finally stopped running and walked back over to Katsuki who put his hand on his arm.

"Bring your temperature back up." Izuku nodded and slowly raised it until it was back to normal and they continued with the other tests.

When it came to the ball throwing test Izuku walked up looking at the ball before setting it on fire making it look like a normal flame and no ball. He looked to Aizawa receiving a nod before he threw the ball as hard as he could, since his quirk let him control all fire all he had to do was make sure it stayed on course, it didn't matter if it went somewhere with no oxygen as it would just begin to take oxygen from around him to keep the fire lit. He stopped once he felt more oxygen get eaten away then needed and looked to Aizawa who showed an infinity sign on the screen. He calmly walked back over to the group and waited for the next person to go as everyone stared at him in shock.


"Change your cloths and head back to the classroom for your next lessons." Everyone walked back to the changing rooms before heading to the classroom. After Aizawa had revealed that no one was being expelled they all seem exhausted and hoped their next classes would be easier. Luckily they were though and they didn't do much but some students had noticed that the teachers seemed to know Izuku.

Once lunch rolled around Katsuki and Izuku sat with each other at a table quietly until two people walked up to the table.

"Hey! are these seats taken?" Izuku shook his head no letting Iida sit next to him and Uraraka next to Katsuki "Thanks! The lunch room can be chaotic!" Izuku nodded in understanding as he continued eating silently with Iida and Uraraka talking to Katsuki who was shouting back.

They finished lunch and headed back to the classroom and waited for their next teacher to show up, in the mean time they all talked.

"So Midoriya you're a recommendation student?" Uraraka asked, Izuku looked at her for a moment before nodding.

"So you're like crazy strong then?" She asked looking over the boy.

"Kinda? I know how to fight and I've trained with and without my quirk a lot." Uraraka gasped and started bouncing excitedly.

"You have to teach me some time!" She squealed.

"Sure, as long as Aizawa sensei is ok with it." Just then the door opened revealing said teacher.

"What an I agreeing to?" He asked tiredly getting the classes attention.

"For me to teach Uraraka how to fight." Aizawa looked at the two for a moment before nodding his head that he was ok with it making Uraraka squeal.

"Now that you've hand lunch you're going into fundamental hero studies and your teacher will be-" Aizawa was cut off as the door busted open.

"I am here! Coming through the door like a normal person!" Aizawa rolled his eyes and stepped out of the way going more towards where Izuku sat. All Might explained what they were doing then gave them the cases for their hero costumes and let them get changed again.

Izuku honestly didn't know what his hero costume looked like, he let his little siblings and the teachers make it since he was used to only wearing button ups and vests. He was pleasantly surprised when he opened the case. 

The first thing he noticed was a grey metal face mask (Like his actual hero one but it doesn't look like a smile), then a dark green short sleeved tight shirt with black lines going over it and the  same design for his pants, black gloves with metal knuckles built in them  that went to his elbow, steel bottom shoes that were black, and a hood on the back of his shirt. It was a pretty simple outfit, but then he saw the weapons. He had a container of throwing knives with holsters for them on his thighs and arms, a few smoke bombs along with flash and ones that actually exploded, luckily they were color coded for him, and finally a knife that went on the holster that sat in the back of his waist. There was also a cloak that could turn small enough to fit into one of the pockets on the suit.

When he walked out no one had noticed him yet, he pulled the mask and hood up before walking over to Katsuki.

"You're costume looks flashy." He commented making the other boy jump.

"Jesus Zuchan!" He shouted making the others look at him.

"Wow Midoriya you look cool!" Uraraka said walking up to the two.

"So do you Uraraka, though you don't look to comfortable." Izuku commented seeing her shift when he mentioned it.

"Y-yeah, I didn't think it'd be so skin tight." Izuku nodded in understanding before reaching into his pocket.

"If you want I have a cloak you could use?" Uraraka shook her head no while waving her arms.

"No Midoriya it's fine really! I need to get used to it anyway, it's not that bad." Izuku nodded again and turned to see Mineta looking at one of the girls again, and of course it was Momo. He shook his head and walked over taking the cloak out of his pocket and draping it over her while glaring at Mineta until he walked away scared.

"Sorry Yaoyorozu, I can take it back if you want but you looked a little uncomfortable." Some of the students looked shocked at him but Momo smiled.

"Thank you Midoriya! Is it ok if I do use it though?" Izuku nodded his head before walking back over to Katsuki and Uraraka.

"Wow Midoriya! You're like a big brother!" Izuku blushed a little at that and rubbed the back of his neck.

"Sorry, it's just instinct I guess."

"No no! Don't be sorry! It's really sweet, I'm sure everyone thinks it's cute!" Izuku blushed again but luckily it was hidden with the medal mask. Soon Iida joined them to while they waited for All Might.

"Midoriya! I must say that what you did was very heroic!" Izuku thanked him, and just as he did All Might and Aizawa both walked in getting there attention.

"You all look fantastic!" All Might shouted making Aizawa roll his eyes again before stepping up.

"Today you're going to be partnered up and going against each other as heroes and villains." All Might nodded before stepping next to him.

"Correct! The people playing the villains will be hiding a fake bomb on any of the floors in the fake buildings!"

"All Might sensei! How will the teams be chosen!?" Iida asked while waving his arms in the air.

"We will be doing lotteries! Since most heroes don't get to chose who they work with it will force you to work together in situations no matter who you're working with!" They began explaining the more in depth parts of the exercise before they grouped everyone up.

"Team A is Midoriya and Mineta, Team B is Todoroki and Yaoyorozu, Team C is Iida and Shoji, Team D is Ashido and Aoyama, Team E is Sato and Koda, Team F is Kaminari and Jiro, Team G is Bakugou and Uraraka, Team H is Tokoyami and Asui, Team I is Ojiro and Hagakure, and finally Team J is Kirishima and Sero!" All Might finished with a smile, the people grouped together walked to stand by their partner, when Mineta walked over scared Izuku glared at him before looking back to the teachers.

"Now  for the first round we have......Team A as villains and Team B as heroes!" When All Might announced that Izuku and Mineta were villains Aizawa shot a glance to Izuku to make sure he was ok. Izuku took a few breaths and nodded letting the adult know he was ok with it, after all who wouldn't be ok with being the one thing that made your life hell for almost ten years?

The villain team walked into the building to look everywhere and to place the bomb, they decided to place the bomb in the middle of the building. Izuku tried to think of what the two would do and he came to an idea, since Todoroki only used his ice side then he would likely freeze the building but Izuku could get them out.

"Hero team may now enter!" And just as Izuku predicted the building was almost encased in ice, all he had to do was raise his body temperature a little making it melt, he then walked over to Mineta and did the same.

"You go down and look for them and distract them, I'll take the bomb and move it to the top of the building." Mineta nodded nervously and rushed out of the room while Izuku picked the bomb up and moved to the top floor. He closed his eyes and listened closer to the sounds happening in the building, he was glad that his other quirk was coming in handy.

"Mineta where's the bomb?" That was Todoroki.

"Todoroki are you sure that we should do this? It might actually hurt him." Momo then, what was going on.

"It-it's on the top fl-floor!" By the sound of it Todoroki had frozen him. He stopped listening and took out two of his knives and sticking them in the walls in front of the door, he then wrapped take around them so that it was in front of the door and that anyone that ran through it would get wrapped in it. He then slide under the tap and walked to where he heard their footsteps. He stood in the hall a turn away from them and waited.

"Make this easy Midoriya and let us capture you." Todoroki said with frost covering his cheek.

"That's not how this works hero." He kept his answers short and cold with a blank look and calm stance.

"Then I'll have to freeze you." Izuku felt the ice coming more than he felt it, he simply raised his temperature again and melted the ice without even flinching or moving.

"How did you do that?" Izuku didn't answer and only kept his eyes on them, he could tell that Momo seemed like she had an idea on what to do but he wouldn't let her speak. Instead he pulled out a pair of knives that was tied together by the capture tape and threw both of them making them spread out almost like a net. He smirked when Todoroki dodged and let Momo take the hit meaning she was captured.

"Yaoyorozu has been captured!" Todoroki glared and turned almost violently to Izuku who only went back to a calm position.

"Watch your partner hero." He then turned around with a small smirk and wave before taking off down the hall heading towards the bomb, he heard Todoroki running after him and he smiled more. Once he was a little more ahead and close to the door he threw one of the smoke bombs so that the door was covered, he then slide under the tap again and waited on the other side for Todoroki.

"You really think some smoke will stop me?" Izuku then watched as Todoroki ran into the capture tap and fell to the ground.

"Todoroki has been captured! Villains win!" Izuku breathed out before going more relaxed and walked over to Todoroki unwrapping the tap so he could get up.

"Watch where you go and don't run in blindly, you could have won if you listened to your partner Todoroki." He smiled a little as he helped the other teen up.

"Doesn't matter." He shouldered Izuku out of the way walking out of the room, Izuku only looked at him walking away before following and letting Momo and Mineta out of the tap as well.

"Who can tell me who did what wrong?" Aizawa asked looking bored.

"Oh! Mineta shouldn't have given Midoriya's position away!" Uraraka answered jumping up and down.

"Todoroki shouldn't have ignored his partner and run in blindly with only one plan!" Iida said.

"Yaoyorozu should have spoken up more about her plan." Tokoyami finished.

"And what about Midoriya?" Aizawa asked with a quirked eyebrow when the class went silent, everyone looked to each other not having anything to say.

"So then Young Midoriya is also the MVP! He fit into the roll without revealing to much! And showed quick thinking skills as well as leader ship!" Everyone clapped except Todoroki and Mineta who both only looked at the boy who's eyes seemed to go sad at mentioning the roll of playing villain.

"Next teams go," Aizawa turned to the four "You all have something to work on just like everyone else, are any of you hurt?" The boys all shook their heads no but Momo just looked down "Midoriya take Yaoyorozu to Recovery girls office." Izuku nodded and waited for Momo to show she was ready to leave. Once they were down the hall Izuku turned to her slightly.

"Is it because you got cut on one of my knives?" He asked a little worriedly.

"No! But when I fell against the wall I hit my head on the ice." Izuku's eyes narrowed and he slowed down to look at the back of Momo's head and saw a little blood as she stumbled a bit. He caught her by her arm and he looked at her for a moment.

"Get on my back, I can carry you there so you don't get hurt more." Momo was about to protest but she saw the 'seriously?' look in Izuku's eyes and only nodded her head. Izuku lifted her onto his back easily and began walking to Recovery girls office, as they walked they got a few weird looks but Izuku ignored it.

When they were at the door Izuku could here both of his siblings in the room asking Recovery girl questions as she talked about first aid, he rolled his eyes playfully and opened the door.

"Ah Midoriya good to see you, who's this?" Both Kouta and Eri turned around and smiled running up to him but not jumping on him as they noticed the girl on his back.

"Nii-san who's this?" Eri asked looking art Momo who smiled and waved.

"She's one of my classmates," He set her on one of the beds before turning to Recovery girl "She hit her head pretty hard on some ice and is bleeding." Recovery girl nodded her head as she began asking the girl questions. Kouta got Izuku's attention making him squat to get to eye level.

"Is she gonna be ok Izuku?" Kouta may seem like a brat but he's always worried about people getting hurt.

"She'll be fine Kouta, after all Recover girl will fix her up right?" Izuku knew they always had confidence in heroes so they would never doubt them or him.

"Right!" They both shouted with big smiles, Izuku smiled himself and ruffled their hair.

"Midoriya," Izuku stood up and turned to Momo "If you don't mind me asking, are those two your brother and sister?" At that question both walked over and sat on either side of her.

"Yep! My names Eri and this is my brother Kouta! Nii-san takes care of us all the time! Are you a friend of Nii-san's?" 

"I um...." She looked to Izuku who stared for a minute then nodded his head "I....yes, though we aren't that close, we met at the recommendation exam." She explained smiling at them.

"Does that mean you're our sister?!" Eri asked excitedly while Kouta rolled his eyes.

"If you.....want me to be I wouldn't mind taking up the role!" She said excitedly making Izuku smile a little, he liked Momo, she was calm, smart, and apparently great with kids.

"So I'll call you oneesama!" Momo looked like she was about to cry but then hugged Eri close to her.

"Thank you Eri!" She then turned to Kouta and smiled before ruffling his hair "And you too Kouta." The boy blushed a little but hugged the girls side anyway.

"Midoriya, can you stay here with miss Yaoyorozu to make sure she doesn't pass out?" Izuku nodded his head and sat on the other bed letting Recovery girl leave to do other work she needed.

After a minute or two both of the kids fell asleep on Momo leaving her to smile at them with Izuku doing the same.

"Midoriya," He looked up to meet her eyes letting her continue "I meant what I said before, I would like to be your friend if you would let me, or as your other sister since you've been a brother to me." Izuku was shocked for a second.

"I um....sure, Eri and Kouta like you and I wouldn't mind another sister, they already have two older brothers anyway."

"Really? Who's the other?" Izuku chuckled.

"Kacchan, but you know him as Bakugou."

"Really? I didn't see him getting along with kid!" She whisper shouted as to not wake up the two kids asleep on her.

"Oh he's not, him and Kouta play fight a lot and he treats Eri like a princess but he's not the best at it." Both laughed for a minute before Izuku started telling more stories of the group being silly. Easy to say, Momo liked the idea of being a sister.

Chapter Text

At the end of the day Izuku walked Momo back to class since she was feeling better and her head was fixed by Recovery girl.

"You can call me Izuku by the way," Momo looked at him a little shocked "I prefer it."

"Oh! Well then you can call me Momo!" Izuku smiled and nodded his head before opening the door and letting her enter first.

"Oh my gosh Yaoyorozu your ok!" A girl with pink skin yelled dragging the girl into a hug.

"Oh, yes I'm quiet alright." She said as she patted the other girls back. The others check on the girl letting Izuku slip back into the classroom unnoticed to them and walked back over to where his seat and Katsuki were.

"Why'd you leave? You missed me winning!" Katsuki bragged making Izuku roll his eyes.

"I'm sure it was a great fight Kacchan, but i needed to make sure Momo was ok after the fight, she had a small concussion." Katsuki looked at him weirdly before asking him a question.

"You mean ponytail?" Izuku looked at him with a 'disappointed but not surprised' look before answering.

"Yes the girl with the ponytail, get used to her though since Eri and Kouta have adopted her as their sister and I'm her brother now." He said sitting down while Katsuki sat in his chair backwards to still face him.

"Damn, whatever she's not as annoying as some extras here." he said gesturing to the group that was still talking to Momo.

"Oh you made friends while I was gone?" Izuku asked teasingly making Katsuki blush and yell at him making Izuku laugh at him.

"Quiet down and leave, it's the end of the day." Aizawa said tiredly getting up and walking out of the room. Everyone looked at the door for a minute before getting their stuff around to leave, Izuku did it a little slower waiting for other people to leave first.

"See you tomorrow Zuchan." Katsuki said walking out with a group of people following after him as he yelled at them. Izuku finished putting his stuff away and started walking down to the nurses office. He opened the door and saw Eri and Kouta both drawing, walking up he crouched down and looked at the papers.

"What are you two drawing?" Both jumped not seeing him there at first but both smiled.

"We're drawing our family!" Eri declared showing him her almost finished picture, he picked up her's and Kouta's looking at them. He could already tell who was who by the names she and Kouta had given them, they even had Inasa there as Ina-san, but he laughed a little when he saw what they had Aizawa as.

"Why don't we go show these to the other teachers?" Izuku asked getting excited 'yes's from them. He picked them both up heading to the teachers lounge knowing most of them would be there.

He was glad when he didn't see All Might there but Aizawa was asleep, Izuku smirked and put the two down and whispered in their ears before they ran over to where Aizawa was laying.

"What's that about green bean?" He turned a little to see Midnight and Present Mic standing there with a few of the other teachers listening.

"Eri and Kouta drew a picture of their family."

"Oh! Are we in it?!" Midnight asked excitedly. 

"Yeah, it's the usual with Momo and Inasa added but they put Aizawa as something else." He smirked waiting to see Aizawa's react to the name they gave him.

"What did they put him as?" Present Mic excitedly.

"Dad." Just as Izuku said that Aizawa's eyes went wide and he crouched down to the ground looking like he had just died.


It was the next day after Aizawa's gift from the brother and sister and Izuku was living for it. They had started calling him dad now and anytime they did he would hide in his capture weapon and glare at them, but they didn't react and only smiled at him. Izuku simply watched from the side lines and would smile softly, he would never admit it but he loved the fact that his once small family was growing again, but he felt like it was going to blow up in his face for some reason, so he didn't say anything to Aizawa.

"How come you don't call him dad now?" Katsuki asked as they walked down the hall to the classroom, Izuku had been in the nap room and Aizawa had told him to wake up Izuku.

"I......don't know." Izuku looked down at the ground while Katsuki side eyed him, there was something that Izuku wasn't telling him.

"Don't sweet it nerd, I doubt anyone will notice anything different." They walked into the class room and saw a few of their peers sitting around and waiting for class to start, when the two sat down almost immediately Momo, Iida, Uraraka, and four people Izuku didn't know stood around them.

"Hi there! My names Mina Ashido, but you can call me Mina! This is Kirishima Eijiro, Kaminari Denki, and Sero Hanta." The pink girl introduced. Izuku looked at all of them for a moment before speaking.

"Midoriya Izuku." They all smiled at him before beginning to bother Katsuki, making Izuku smile, he was glad he had other friends.

"How was your morning Izuku?" Momo asked sitting down at one of the desks near by.

"It was fine, Kacchan had to wake me up though since I fell asleep again." Uraraka and Iida looked confused at the interaction but didn't say anything.

"Everyone sit down, we have something important to do," Aizawa said walking into the classroom tiredly, everyone looked panicked at the sentence but stayed quiet "Today we'll be choosing the class president." Everyone got loud again calling out who should be president.

"Everyone please! Why don't we vote, that way we'll know who really deserves it." Iida yelled getting everyone's attention.

"You have your hand up to Iida." Kirishima pointed out, making Izuku laugh quietly.

"Yeah and wont people just vote for themselves?" Kaminari asked looking around the room.

"Maybe so, but the people with more than one vote will be proven the most responsible and correct to serve." Iida said looking to Aizawa for confirmation.

"I don't care how you do it, just get it done before you go to lunch." And with that everyone began talking before voting on who they thought they should be president.

'Katsuki is a good leader but people seem scared of him, Uraraka is to nice and a little all over the place, Iida seems a little pushy......I'm voting Momo.' Izuku thought as he wrote down his vote and followed everyone else putting them in the box.

At the end when the votes were tallied Izuku was surprised seeing that he had four votes and Momo had two making them president and vice president. The two walked to the front of the class and shook hands. Aizawa stood up and saw who it was and was also a little shocked but didn't say anything.

"Good now that you're done let's get to the lesson."


"Who voted for me?" Izuku asked once everyone was sat at the table, though Katsuki was sitting with the group that had now dubbed themselves the Baku-squad even though it was the first week of school.

"I did, you are a very calm person and look out for others even if you're against them." Momo explained with a proud smile on her face.

"I voted for you too! You're so caring and you're like the classes big brother!" Uraraka declared.

"I voted for you as well, if I don't choose myself you seem like the next best person." Iida said, though looking a little sad.

"Then who was the other person?" He asked, there was only ever those three sitting with him now.

"I did kero." They all looked over seeing a girl with frog like features. She sat down next to Uraraka who looked more than happy to let her. "My names Tsuyu Asui, but call me Tsu, I've seen you interact with people in the classroom and you seem like one of the few level headed people here and you treat everyone kindly." Izuku blushed a little with all the praise but nodded his head and sat down finally taking a breath, he didn't like not knowing who was in his corner, but he didn't know how to feel about a lot of people supporting him now.

They all ate calmly until a blaring sound started, they all jumped up to see what was happening and Izuku felt like he was going into over drive, all he knew was that he needed to make sure that everyone was out of harms way and now. He didn't worry to much about Eri and Kouta at the moment since he knew they were with Aizawa but not everyone was.

"One of the third years said it's an intruder alarm, there's a place we need to go, follow the crowd!" Momo yelled getting the first years attention. Izuku joined her and made sure everyone was out before he followed after them, but before he did he looked out the window and what he saw made him want to scream. Red eyes looked into his and smiled, but it wasn't the same as before, it looked deadly, they then disappeared into the crowd letting a bunch of reporters in.

Izuku turned around and saw the wave of people all crowding and almost trampling each other, Izuku looked around for someone and saw Iida and Shoji trying to control the crowd. He went through the crowd and got to them and saw Uraraka nearby.

"Shoji, help Iida get over to Uraraka and let her use her quirk on you Iida, then get everyone's attention and tell them that's it's just the press and to calm down." They both nodded their heads and acted out the plan, once everyone had calmed down and went to an orderly fashion Shoji turned to Izuku and looked at him for a second.

"Are you ok Midoriya?" Shoji asked, Izuku jumped a little at the name, he hadn't realized he was lost in his mind. 

"Sorry.....yeah I'm fine I just...." He didn't finish his sentence as he almost fell making Shoji catch him.

"Midoriya?" He asked a little quieter not wanting to get the other peoples attention.

"Sorry, sorry, can you....take me to recovery girls office, and don't call me Midoriya....please." Shoji nodded his head helping Izuku up and carried him to recovery girls office a different way so no one would notice. 

Once they got there Shoji opened the door and set Izuku on one of the beds and waited for recovery girl.

"Do you wish to talk about it? I'm aware we didn't talk before this but some people want that." Shoji said as he pulled up a chair next to the bed.

"I.....I didn't exactly grow up the best and I....thought I saw someone I knew and then there were so many people and it was so loud it's like I was......." He got louder before quieting down realizing he was almost shouting at that point, he stopped and fell back onto the bed a little with his hands over his face.

Shoji wasn't quiet sure what to do, he had to admit he wasn't the best but maybe....

"Izuku," The boy tilted his head slightly letting the other know he was listening "I'm going to hug you ok?" He had read some where that if someone was panicking or having a flashback that you should help ground them and bring them back to reality, but to warn them in case they reacted violently. Shoji then wrapped his pairs of arms around the boy who was still covering his face, he felt the other teen slowly relax against him. The two sat there with Shoji simply letting Izuku fall against him. After a minute or two Shoji let Izuku lean back up and onto the bed.

"Thanks Shoji." Izuku said seeming calmer then before.

"It's no issue Mi- Izuku, I have been told I give good hugs." Izuku laughed at that before getting up.

"We should probably head to class though, they might be worried about us." Shoji nodded his head and followed the other out of the room, only to be stopped by two small bodies running into them.

"Nii-san! We heard you might be hurt! Are you ok?" Eri asked with Kouta already looking over their brother.

"I'm ok Eri, you too Kouta," He picked up Kouta to make him stop searching him before setting him back down onto the ground "Now why are you two here?"He asked making it sound like he was scolding them, even though he wasn't. Kouta and Eri giggled.

"We were going to surprise you before you came to class, but then we saw oneesama and she said you weren't here. So we came here!" Eri explained.

"Well I'm alright, just.....relaxing for a minute is all." 


Chapter Text

Izuku and Shoji were making their way back to the classroom when Izuku began speaking.

"Thank you Shoji, and for not telling my little siblings." Shoji nodded his head in understanding.

"It's no issue Izuku, I understand, we're friends after all." Izuku's eyes widened and he looked shocked at Shoji before he turned his head and looked at the ground.

"Still thank you." the two finally made it to the classroom and opened the door, the class didn't seem to be there but Aizawa was at the desk looking pissed.

"What are you two doing here, you should be with the others." He didn't even look up as Shoji went to his seat sitting down while Izuku walked up to the desk.

"We made sure everyone got out of the room, there was an issue and he took me to Recovery girl." Aizawa immediately looked up almost scared like.

"Are you ok? What happened?"

"Panic attack, I'll explain everything later, but when the others come I have to tell them something." Aizawa looked at him a little longer before nodding his head.


Everyone made it back with Katsuki quickly sitting down and turning to Izuku.

"Where were you? What happened?" Izuku smiled at his friends worry.

"It's ok, just got caught up with making sure everyone was out and just went back to the classroom." Katsuki looked him up and down before nodding his head and turning back to the front. Aizawa pointed at Izuku, he stood up and walked to the front.

"I don't think I should be president, I think Iida or Momo should be president." Izuku walked off and sat back down as if everyone wasn't looking at him. It was silent until everyone broke into shouts.

"What?!" "Why would you want-" "But you!" 

"Everyone be quiet!" Aizawa yelled while activating his quirk, everyone quickly quieted down. "Ok, Midoriya has made his choice, now Iida and Yaoyorozu you get to chose what you want."

"I think Iida should be president."


Once school was over with and everyone was leaving, Aizawa told Izuku to stay after so the others wouldn't think them talking was weird.

"Izuku, kid, what happened while I was with Eri and Kouta?" Aizawa asked looking like a worried parent, Izuku could have smiled at the care but he couldn't now with what was bothering him.

"When i was with....them....there was another person besides Kouta, Eri, Dabi, and me...he wasn't much older than me and he was constantly scared so me and Dabi always kept him company, but one day he was taken to 'Sensei' and when he came back....he was different, he had light blue hair instead of black and he seemed.....crazy and he hated heroes and anything related to them, he tried to convince us like the others to join Sensei's cause but we always refused.....he was going to hurt them so I...I jumped in front of them." Izuku moved his shirt showing a large scar going from hi shoulder to part of his chest.

"Kid-" "His name is Shigaraki Tomura, or at least what he goes by now, after.....everything.....he was the one who did that to the gate and he's planning something, we need to prepare."


Chapter Text

Izuku was walking back to the teachers lounge, he wasn't paying attention seeing as he was reliving something he wasn't fond of, so it was no surprise when he ran into someone. He fell back and rubbed his head where he had hit the person.

"Sorry about that, you ok?" He looked up to see a taller man with purple hair, he nodded his head as he stood up with the others help, when he didn't vocally respond the other seemed a little annoyed. "Look I'm not gonna mind control you, I'm not a villain." Izuku quirked an eyebrow.

"Why would I think you're a villain, I just was sorta zoned out, didn't mean to run into you." Izuku defended, he knew when he ran into a villain, this wasn't one.

"Right sorry, just a bad day." The teen quickly left confusing Izuku even more, he watched as the boy walked away still a little confused.

He then turned around and continued on his walk, it was quiet as almost everyone was gone except for the teachers.

"Young Midoriya! May I speak with you?" He froze at the voice but turned to face the blonde man. He nodded his head letting the man catch up. "I'm sorry to keep you but I have a question, I've been informed of your past and I wanted to know....was one of the villains named All for One?" Izuku's eyes widened and he grabbed onto All Might's shirt and dragged him into one of the empty classrooms.

"If you know that name then you can deflate, you're wasting your energy." The man looked shocked but turned into the skeleton form.

"How do you know about that?"

"I had talked to...him....before, he talked about an injury and how 'if we wanted revenge' it was going to be time soon to take it," All Might looked panicked "He's still alive."

"I realize my boy, are you aware of where he is?" All Might asked more serious now.

"No, it was mostly over screen or teleportation, I'm sorry I've been avoiding you, but with your powers being similar in presence...I couldn't."

"Don't worry, I understand, you've helped me so much, and I am sorry that we couldn't save you till now." Izuku looked at the ground and sighed.

"Shimura Tenko, remember that name." All Might looked shocked but didn't say anything as Izuku walked out of the room and ran down the hall.

He couldn't go back to Eri and Kouta, he needed to get out and do something before it killed him. One thing that a lot of the teachers didn't know was that the three all had their own rooms in the school, they all needed a code to get in but the three preferred sleeping together either in Izuku's room or the nap room.

He ran to his room entering the code, knowing the two wouldn't be there since they didn't know the code, he walked in and locked the door. Going to the closet he opened it grabbing black jeans, a black shirt, with a black jacket, and a face mask. He changed cloths before grabbing his phone and headphones and some money leaving the school. He knew at some point they would want to know where he was, so he made sure to keep his phone on.


He walked around the city not looking at anyone, he didn't want someone seeing him or recognizing him possibly. It was a quiet night after all, he was listening to quiet music, it was his favorite at the moment 'all the kids are depressed' by Jeremy Zucker. It was pretty sad but he needed that right now, he knew that he wouldn't get the emotions he needed out with out the song. It was getting darker, he was surprised he hadn't been texted yet, but he had to guess that Eri and Kouta were already asleep and they must think that he's in his room.

"Get back here brat! You need to pay for that!" He jumped at the voice thinking that they were talking to him, but it was changed when he saw someone running past him, it was a little strange seeing it was a girl and a boy, he was going to ignore it until he saw the red hair and blue eyes look at him before they continued running.

"Touya?" He asked quietly, he was about to follow when he noticed the man running after them, he had a large knife with him, Izuku followed after the group until they ran into a dead end. The man began walking closer with the knife raised, Izuku's eyes widened, he needed to act now. He pulled out some money before walking up to the man and tapping on his shoulder getting his attention.

"What the hell do you want?!" Izuku didn't jump, he knew better than that, he pointed at the food they seemed to have taken then held out the money. The man looked at him with a glare before taking the money and leaving the alley. the two stared at him before the girl ran up with a smile.

"Thank you so much! That was amazing you're my hero! What's your name? We should be friends!" Izuku was caught of guard by the excitement of the girl, he was about to answer when Touya interrupted him.

"Why the hell did you help us? You must know we can't pay you back." He seemed angry and it almost scared Izuku, he brought his hand up to his face mask and slowly pulled it down.

"Sorry Touya, didn't know it'd make you angry." The boys eyes widened and his eyes became shiny with unshed tears.

"Izuku, is that you?" The boy nodded, Touya pulled him into a hug and held him close "I'm so sorry, I'm sorry." Izuku was shocked by the apologies but he just hugged the other back.

"Group hug!" The girl yelled as she jumped onto the two joining the hug.

"Toga you brat! Get off!" The two began to play fight as Izuku watched on in shock. He watched them for another moment before he began laughing. The two looked over shocked and just looked at him, he calmed down a little and blushed seeing them look at him.

"S-sorry, it' ju-just you two are silly." He said taking a few breaths.

"Aw! We're keeping him!" Toga declared tackling the boy into a hug making him jump a little, he was stiff but slowly relaxed into the hug.

"Wait Izuku, if you're out here...what happened to the others?" Izuku smiled.

"We got out two years ago, some heroes ran into us and have been helping us ever since, but we.....we haven't been able to get Tenko yet....and he's still-" "It's ok Izuku, I know." Toga hugged onto him tighter seeming to sense his distress.

"He actually....attacked UA recently and....and I think he's planning something." Touya nodded in understanding while Toga seemed confused.

"Let's stop with the sad stuff! My names Himiko Toga! But call me Toga it's cuter!" She said smiling down at him.

"Midoriya Izuku, but call me Izuku please." Himiko nodded her head with a large smile, Touya smiled at the two interacting.

"Izuku, what are you doing out here anyway? I'm glad you helped us but....shouldn't you be with Eri and Kouta?" He asked looking almost worried.

"I didn't want to be there right now, I grabbed my phone and some money before leaving, they haven't texted me yet so assumed they fell asleep and that Aizawa went to bed with them and Yamada."

"Wait who's Yamada and Aizawa?" Touya asked with worry and protectiveness in his voice.

"Present Mic and Erasure Head, they're really nice, everyone at the school is, and I've made friends!" He cheered with a smile, he didn't remember the last time he felt like this, with no worries about his younger siblings, none of the people watching him, his friends safe at home....maybe it was better if he never went back, they were better off without him.

"Hey, I know that face, they obviously care about you ok? I bet they're worried right now." Touya said with an encouraging smile.

"Don't think they're worried about where I am, they probably think I'm in my room asleep or something." He smiled again to calm Touya down a little.

"Exactly, so do you wanna head back? Or hang with your best big brother?" Izuku laughed a little.

"Let's hangout for a few."


The three had hung out almost all night, he learned more about Himiko and why she was on the street with Touya and what happened to get her there, she didn't ask about what happened to him since she heard most of it from Touya. They were all walking down the side walk when Izuku asked them the question.

"You two should come back with me," They stopped walking looking shocked at Izuku "They would let you stay there and it would be nice to have you both around.....your brother is there too," He said pointing at Touya "I'm sure Eri and Kouta miss you too, and they would love to meet you to Himiko, you'd get along with Eri really well."

"'ve built something great...and of course I miss Shouto but.....we're doing fine on our own, so how about this! When ever you want to hang out just text us," He took Izuku's phone entering two number "We both have small time jobs and we're doing fine by ourselves, tell Eri and Kouta I said hi ok? And next time you visit bring my brother." Izuku looked shocked but understood, he knew Touya thought that he failed the four by leaving twice and that this was his way of trying to reconnect in a way.

"Right, I'll make sure to come back soon, and next time.......have a good night!" He hugged them both before leaving and going back to the school.

"He's gonna convince us to go with him one day isn't he?" Himiko asked with a smile.

"He's stubborn when it comes to people he wants to protect, we'll end up there in a week or two probably."


Izuku made it back to the school around 4 in the morning, he snuck back into his room and laid down on the large bed in the room. He plugged in his phone and put on some music letting him take a few breaths before choked sob escaped his mouth. He put a hand over his mouth as to not make noise, he could already feel the tears rolling down his face as he turned to his side.

"Dammit Izuku...." He whispered as he took a few breaths, he remembered some of the exercises that Aizawa and Tamaki had taught him. He tried to calm himself down with them but they didn't seem to be working at all.

"Hey Izuku! Aizawa said-" He heard a voice but it sounded so muffled like it was underwater. Next thing he knew there was a presence next to him, he panicked and ended up pinning the person to the ground by their throat "Izuku, breath, it's ok it's me, Mirio remember?" Izuku blinked some of the tears away and saw the blonde still smiling at him even though Izuku could have killed him. He jumped back and hit the wall before almost curling into a ball.

"I'm sorry, it's all my fault, I'm sorry I'm sorry." He kept repeating it even as the presence returned.

"Hey hey! It's ok! See? I'm not hurt, you didn't do anything wrong ok?" Izuku took a few breaths trying to catch the air he lost "Do you need me to get Aizawa?" He froze and shook his head no violently. "Ok ok, no Aizawa, what do you need me to do?" Izuku thought about it for a second.

"Hold." Mirio nodded his head in understanding and practically scooped the boy into his arms holding him close.

After that it wasn't long till Izuku finally calmed down and stood up with the help of Mirio.

"Sorry about....that." He said gesturing with his hands a little.

"Don't worry about it! What are older brother for after all?!" Izuku chuckled a little and shoved the older teen.

"What time is it now?"

"Well it's around 6:30, I was here early to check on you three and Aizawa said you should be in your room, I came here around 6:10 or so." Izuku looked down at his hands, he had been like that for almost two hours then.

"Right, I'm better now though, thanks Mirio."

"No problem Izuku! Just know I'm always here for you ok?" Izuku nodded his head as Mirio walked out of the room with a wave. Izuku waved back before turning around and begging to change his cloths.