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My *Sero* Academia / Boku No *Sero* Academia

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It was one sunny day in Musutafu, Japan; cicadas were buzzing in the summer heat- atop trees whistling in the warm wind. Having just gotten his Provisional Hero License, Hanta Sero is smiling ear-to-ear with all the endless possibilities that are now granted to him. Currently, he walks in stride down the streets of town in his Hero Costume, without a care in the world for who is blinded by his radiating light of confidence and happiness. 


“It feels good to wear my costume around- not bound by the limitations of my Hero status! I feel like an actual Hero now! Hehe” said Sero in a chipper tone. 


Sero was a very friendly person, and also that of a social butterfly; in his neighborhood borough he would often just walk around saying waving ‘hello’ to the local shop owners, and helping old women cross the street safely. That was the type of humble person Sero was innately- but there was a contrasting feeling within his plainstakened expression. Deeply- and often something he tries to mitigate- he was a bit of a showoff. Whether it would be doing funny little jokes with his friends, or going above the requirement in training- he had a desire to prove his abilities to his peers. One could say- this could minutely materializes in a form of jealousy; wanting to be the frontliner instead of the sidekick. As Sero walked down the street- feeling like a bonafide Hero- he wondered if that chance to be a frontliner was now. Sero was also a simple guy; he didn’t desire strongly the #1 Hero spot- but just more notoriety, or purpose. Sero, as this all subconsciously goes through his mind, looks down and pulls out his phone.


“Oh crap! The store is about to close! I didn’t know I spent that much time walking around!” said Sero alerting himself. He then looks around the street he is currently walking on. “I’m practically across town from the store I wanted to go to to buy some groceries… What to do…”. Suddenly, he looks at his elbow, and has an idea.


If I use my Quirk- I’ll be able to get there in no time! ” thought Sero as he grinned- forming an idea. His Quirk: Tape, he formed the idea that he could use it to sling himself across town! He went into an alleyway, and found a fixed letter that was against a building, and started to climb up it.


“I hope nobody looks down the alleyway and thinks I’m up to something weird…” said Sero as he started to second guess his actions. He sighed, and continued upward. 


As he got to the top of the top of the building he took in a deep breath of air, and took in the scenery- looking outward to the surrounding area. He walks to the edge of the building top he is on, and then gets into a stance- widening his legs.


“Okay- the store is to the north of here, so if I shoot my tape towards…” said Sero as he scans the buildings ahead of him until he finds a suitable one, “... That one, then I can just keep that system going until I get close!” Sero then shot his tape across the ways, and as the ends hit the building they stuck to it. He then tugs on the tape he shot to make sure it was secure, and started to grin excitedly.


“Okay- here we go!” shouted Sero as he jumped off the building. Onlookers below shrieked- believing he was about to fall to his demise. Sero then retracted his tape through his elbow, and as he did he shot towards the tape he stuck to the other building. Sero looked down to the few citizens watching him. “Everything’s fine- I’m a Hero!” He said reassuring them. Sero shot through the sky- like an arrow shot from a bow- northbound, and as he got a bit closer to the building he initially shot he stuck his tape, and then shot out another line towards another building.  


“This is kinda like the process I did during the Foundational Hero Studies- the rescue race! That was before the end-of-term test; I think I’ve improved a bit since then, hehe!” Sero said as he chuckled. Sero repeated this process- latching onto one building after another- while keeping his safe distance above the city ground. Sero, at one point, shot out both lines of tape from his elbows, and used them like a swing as he grabbed the tape with his own hands. He started to freefall; as he did a gravity-less feeling rushed all throughout his body. “Woo-hoo!!!” yelled Sero as adrenaline rushed throughout his body, and he felt a sense of euphoria.


Citizens below looked up as Sero slinged himself across town- amazed by what he was able to do. Little kids would point their fingers to the sky and say, “Mommy! Look at that!”, while others would sometimes snap pics- thinking they were seeing some weird animals. Sero, hearing these little comments, smiled to himself. At one point, Sero glanced over to a street corner where people were about to cross the street. He noticed that an oblivious old man was about to cross a street- a street which its light was still green! A car, also not paying attention, was currently driving forward. Sero got alerted and thought, “ Woah! That car might hit that man! ”. Sero then dived down- like falcon- towards the man. The man, finally looking up from the street, look towards the car, and got startled. 


“O-Oh no!” the man shouted. Onlookers got shocked as well, and some tried to run for the man- but all would of been too late. However Sero swooped in, grabbed the man, and brought him to the other side- seconds before the car came to a screeching halt past the walkline. Sero set the man down as the crowd around him cheered and clapped for him. “Oh- thank you!!! I-I guess I wasn’t paying attention to where I was walking- I’m so sorry... Are you a Hero?” said the old man as he shook Sero’s hand.


“Yes I am- and yes, you need to watch where you are walking okay? There are signals that tell you when you can and cannot walk for a reason- it’s so you don’t get needlessly hurt or worse! Just pay attention from now on” said Sero as he smiled at the old man. 


“I will!” said the old man. 


“He's' like some Tape-Man, did you see him swoop down” said an onlooker.


“Yea- he was like flying through the sky. That was pretty badass” said another onlooker.


“Wait- that’s a Hero? S-Should I ask for his autograph?” one teen girl asks her group of friends. Sero, heeding all these comments giggles intensely to himself. Suddenly, he thinks about the store closing, and shots another line of tape towards a building.


“Sorry- I have to go. Have a nice and safe day everyone!” said Sero as he leaves- not staying to reap the fanfare he most definitely deserves...




As he re-situated himself atop the buildings he swung around one tall building in an arc trajectory; as he reached the other side of the building he let his tape go- unsticking it from the building walls- and backflipped through the air. “Ha ha ha ha~” laughed Sero as he did tricks in the air- showing off a bit. Sero re-fixed his position with a great smile on his face, but as he looked down a shocked look donned his face in his stead.


“Woah- what is going on down there?...” asked Sero to himself. Sero was peering down another alleyway from the sky, and saw shady-looking people in the alley way terrorizing another man. However, as Sero took a closer look he realized that he recognized the man the shady men were slowly approaching with knives in hand.


“K-Kaminari!?” shouted Sero in disbelief.