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My *Sero* Academia / Boku No *Sero* Academia

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It was one sunny day in Musutafu, Japan; cicadas were buzzing in the summer heat- atop trees whistling in the warm wind. Having just gotten his Provisional Hero License, Hanta Sero is smiling ear-to-ear with all the endless possibilities that are now granted to him. Currently, he walks in stride down the streets of town in his Hero Costume, without a care in the world for who is blinded by his radiating light of confidence and happiness. 


“It feels good to wear my costume around- not bound by the limitations of my Hero status! I feel like an actual Hero now! Hehe” said Sero in a chipper tone. 


Sero was a very friendly person, and also that of a social butterfly; in his neighborhood borough he would often just walk around saying waving ‘hello’ to the local shop owners, and helping old women cross the street safely. That was the type of humble person Sero was innately- but there was a contrasting feeling within his plainstakened expression. Deeply- and often something he tries to mitigate- he was a bit of a showoff. Whether it would be doing funny little jokes with his friends, or going above the requirement in training- he had a desire to prove his abilities to his peers. One could say- this could minutely materializes in a form of jealousy; wanting to be the frontliner instead of the sidekick. As Sero walked down the street- feeling like a bonafide Hero- he wondered if that chance to be a frontliner was now. Sero was also a simple guy; he didn’t desire strongly the #1 Hero spot- but just more notoriety, or purpose. Sero, as this all subconsciously goes through his mind, looks down and pulls out his phone.


“Oh crap! The store is about to close! I didn’t know I spent that much time walking around!” said Sero alerting himself. He then looks around the street he is currently walking on. “I’m practically across town from the store I wanted to go to to buy some groceries… What to do…”. Suddenly, he looks at his elbow, and has an idea.


If I use my Quirk- I’ll be able to get there in no time! ” thought Sero as he grinned- forming an idea. His Quirk: Tape, he formed the idea that he could use it to sling himself across town! He went into an alleyway, and found a fixed letter that was against a building, and started to climb up it.


“I hope nobody looks down the alleyway and thinks I’m up to something weird…” said Sero as he started to second guess his actions. He sighed, and continued upward. 


As he got to the top of the top of the building he took in a deep breath of air, and took in the scenery- looking outward to the surrounding area. He walks to the edge of the building top he is on, and then gets into a stance- widening his legs.


“Okay- the store is to the north of here, so if I shoot my tape towards…” said Sero as he scans the buildings ahead of him until he finds a suitable one, “... That one, then I can just keep that system going until I get close!” Sero then shot his tape across the ways, and as the ends hit the building they stuck to it. He then tugs on the tape he shot to make sure it was secure, and started to grin excitedly.


“Okay- here we go!” shouted Sero as he jumped off the building. Onlookers below shrieked- believing he was about to fall to his demise. Sero then retracted his tape through his elbow, and as he did he shot towards the tape he stuck to the other building. Sero looked down to the few citizens watching him. “Everything’s fine- I’m a Hero!” He said reassuring them. Sero shot through the sky- like an arrow shot from a bow- northbound, and as he got a bit closer to the building he initially shot he stuck his tape, and then shot out another line towards another building.  


“This is kinda like the process I did during the Foundational Hero Studies- the rescue race! That was before the end-of-term test; I think I’ve improved a bit since then, hehe!” Sero said as he chuckled. Sero repeated this process- latching onto one building after another- while keeping his safe distance above the city ground. Sero, at one point, shot out both lines of tape from his elbows, and used them like a swing as he grabbed the tape with his own hands. He started to freefall; as he did a gravity-less feeling rushed all throughout his body. “Woo-hoo!!!” yelled Sero as adrenaline rushed throughout his body, and he felt a sense of euphoria.


Citizens below looked up as Sero slinged himself across town- amazed by what he was able to do. Little kids would point their fingers to the sky and say, “Mommy! Look at that!”, while others would sometimes snap pics- thinking they were seeing some weird animals. Sero, hearing these little comments, smiled to himself. At one point, Sero glanced over to a street corner where people were about to cross the street. He noticed that an oblivious old man was about to cross a street- a street which its light was still green! A car, also not paying attention, was currently driving forward. Sero got alerted and thought, “ Woah! That car might hit that man! ”. Sero then dived down- like falcon- towards the man. The man, finally looking up from the street, look towards the car, and got startled. 


“O-Oh no!” the man shouted. Onlookers got shocked as well, and some tried to run for the man- but all would of been too late. However Sero swooped in, grabbed the man, and brought him to the other side- seconds before the car came to a screeching halt past the walkline. Sero set the man down as the crowd around him cheered and clapped for him. “Oh- thank you!!! I-I guess I wasn’t paying attention to where I was walking- I’m so sorry... Are you a Hero?” said the old man as he shook Sero’s hand.


“Yes I am- and yes, you need to watch where you are walking okay? There are signals that tell you when you can and cannot walk for a reason- it’s so you don’t get needlessly hurt or worse! Just pay attention from now on” said Sero as he smiled at the old man. 


“I will!” said the old man. 


“He's' like some Tape-Man, did you see him swoop down” said an onlooker.


“Yea- he was like flying through the sky. That was pretty badass” said another onlooker.


“Wait- that’s a Hero? S-Should I ask for his autograph?” one teen girl asks her group of friends. Sero, heeding all these comments giggles intensely to himself. Suddenly, he thinks about the store closing, and shots another line of tape towards a building.


“Sorry- I have to go. Have a nice and safe day everyone!” said Sero as he leaves- not staying to reap the fanfare he most definitely deserves...




As he re-situated himself atop the buildings he swung around one tall building in an arc trajectory; as he reached the other side of the building he let his tape go- unsticking it from the building walls- and backflipped through the air. “Ha ha ha ha~” laughed Sero as he did tricks in the air- showing off a bit. Sero re-fixed his position with a great smile on his face, but as he looked down a shocked look donned his face in his stead.


“Woah- what is going on down there?...” asked Sero to himself. Sero was peering down another alleyway from the sky, and saw shady-looking people in the alley way terrorizing another man. However, as Sero took a closer look he realized that he recognized the man the shady men were slowly approaching with knives in hand.


“K-Kaminari!?” shouted Sero in disbelief. 



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Worried about his friend being in danger, he drops down from the sky with fear in his eyes. He lands, right in between three men wearing black coats and black masks- concealing their identity, and Kaminari- who looks scared out of his mind. Kaminari, looking at who landed, suddenly gets a burst of hope.


“S-Sero!!!” said Kaminari as tears almost escape his eyes.


“Kaminari- I’m here! What’s going on?” asked Sero. One of the men in front of Sero then grunts.


“Another kid? Who the fuck are you?” said one man. 


“I should be asking who the heck are you ? Are you guys Villains?” ascertained Sero.


“S-Sero, be careful! They aren’t just grunts you can take down easily like in a game- they banged me up and took my phone” said Kaminari. Sero then turns around to see Kaminari’s face with a bruise under his right eye, and that he wasn’t in his Hero Costume.


“K-Kaminari!” shouted Sero. He then turned to face the three men. “You hurt my friend! That’s it- you are done! Give me his phone!”. The man in the middle then laughs.


“Oh, well if you want it- you can have it” said the man as he took out Kaminari’s phone from his pocket, and threw it towards Sero. Sero, confused, attempts to grab it.


“No Sero! Don't touch it!” yelled Kaminari. However, it was too late; Sero had grabbed Kaminari’s phone in both his hands.


“Huh? But why?” asked Sero. Suddenly, the man who threw the phone laughed. He then reached out his hand- covered in a blac leather glove, and made a finger motion with his index finger as if he was telling someone to ‘come here’. As he did this, the phone suddenly shot back to the man! Sero, startled, didn’t let go of the phone instinctively. However, as the phone came back to the man’s hand he then cut him with the knife on Sero’s left arm.


“Ahh!” screamed Sero.


“No! Sero!” yelled Kaminari as he rushed forward towards Sero.


“You better not move an inch- unless you want what happened before to happen again!” said one of the men as he pointed to his own right cheek, and laughed. Kamiinari gritted his teeth, but still approached Sero. Sero held his arm, let go of Kaminari’s phone, and backed away- into Kaminari as they collided. Kaminari hugged onto Sero, and looked down at his arm.


“S-Sorry…” said Kaminari with guilt.


“Don’t be! What the hell is this guys’ deal? He a Quirk-user?” asked Sero. the man in the middle then laughed.


“You dumb wannabe Heroes; you just saw me pull this phone back to my hand- what do you think you fucking idiot?” teased the man. Sero then got angered, and closed one eye as he started to feel the cut from the knife. “But I’ll enlighten you- My Quirk is Magnet Pull; any magnetic object that I touch with my palms I can pull back to the hand that initially touched it. My hands also hum when metal is around; in this alleyway my hands go haywire. While I can only do two objects at a time- one for each hand- it works indefinitely” continued the middle man.


“What? Kaminari- just shock his ass!” said Sero as he looked at Kaminari. However, Kaminari donned a doubtful expression.


“... I tried. It doesn't work. I don’t want to keep attempting and short circuit… I don’t know why…” said Kaminari. Another man then laughs.


“That’s because the boss is like a lightning rod of sorts; because his palms are like magnets, they can also attract other electromagnetic forces. Basically- for you dumb kids to understand- he can resist electricity” said the man. However, the middle man then stabs the man that was talking in the side! “Ahh!!!” this man screams as he is stabbed.


No one said for you to speak about my Quirk!” said the boss man. He then approached Sero- who backed up more. “But yes- that is why that little useless lightning shooter is only going to shoot blanks as far as I’m concerned. Though- seeing how he is about to piss his pants right now he probably isn’t foreign to that concept”. Kaminari hearing this, gets really embarrassed and looks down. Sero senses Kaminari’s moral is lowering, and gets more annoyed.


“So what do you want with him?” asked Sero.


“Hehe, we just wanted to rob the fucker! All his ass had was this dumb phone- no money. But he went and shot at us with electricity- revealing he is a Hero- and I have a sour spot for fucking wannabees. What fucking Hero walks around broke? So, Now he can die- and alongside your weird elbow ass too!” said the boss man as he laughs. The three men then start to follow the middle man as they walked slowly and menacingly towards them.


Not while I have anything to say about that!” said Sero. Nervous, he goes to reach for his phone in his pocket.


“I can tell you have metal in your pockets- you about to pull out your phone and call the cops? Awe- you scared and about to piss your pants too? Maybe I can cut a hole in your bladder and help you out a bit! Hahaha!” said the boss man as he waves his knife around.


Agh… So Kaminari can’t hurt him… He probably cannot hurt the others either if the middle dude can shield them. Seeing as the middle guy was referred to as ‘boss’ the others are probably lackeys- probably weaker Villains that probably don’t even have Quirks… “ thought Sero trying to ascertain the situation. He then clenches his fists and thinks more, “ I was going to reach in my pocket to call for help- but he might apprehend me! If I touch my phone- he will charge straight at me before I even have a change to dial! And if he gets his hands on it I'll be fucked like Kaminari... I want to apprehend them- but what is also important is Kaminari’s safety. Should I run? Is that Hero-like?... Would I be thought of as a coward to Kaminari if I ran?... But they have his phone! And I said his name… He might be in danger later if I don’t do something now!


“Sero- all the guy can do is nullify my Quirk and attract metals. He hit me because he threw me off with the phone thing.  If you constrict his hands I can shock the others and that can give us an opening!” said Kaminari behind Sero- who holds onto him in slight fear, but brims with a Hero’s determination to defeat their enemy. Sero, hearing Kaminari’ suddenly snapped what doubt he was mustering within out of him. To Sero in that moment, if Kaminari didn’t even plan to run away- who was more shaken by this than he was- Sero couldn’t afford to run. Kaminari’s plan- to Sero- was sound. 


“Okay. I’m gonna rush him. Be ready and follow behind me!” said Sero.


“With you around- I’m ready for anything!” said Kaminari. Hearing his, Sero blushes. 


“Ha! You fucking little kids! Fine! Let’s see if you can win. But I think you should get used to the scenery in this alley- for it will be your coffin!” said the boss man as he rushes toward Sero. Sero, filled with determination, rushes towards the Villains as well- ready and willing to save Kaminari, and defeat these Villains all at once.



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“Sero- duck!” said Kaminari as he watches the middle man lunge to stab Sero.  Sero, seeing this, ducks per Kaminari’s call. Sero then rolls between the man's legs, shoots out his tape around both the man’s ankles, and trips him. 


“Wha-!” the bossman shouts as he falls to the ground- releasing Kaminari’s phone and dropping his knife.  


Kaminari, seeing him drop both items, thinks; “ He said that he can only do two at a time… If I had that type of power then weapons that I have on me would also be metal… That knife! ” Suddenly, Kaminari charges forward, and instead of grabbing his phone- grabs the man’s knife! However, the man sees this. Shocked he would go for the knife and no the phone, he goes to pull his knife back with his Quirk. However, that was part of Kaminari’s plan. As the knife pulled back to the boss at a quick speed, Kaminari faced the knife towards the boss. As he did this, it cut straight through the man’s hand!


“Ahhhh!!!” the boss screamed. 


“This is Sero’s payback!” said Kaminari- cutting him like he cut Sero’s arm. 


While this was happening, Sero had planted back on his feet, and rushed towards the other two grunts running towards him with knives as well. Sero jumps in the air, and kicks them both in the air- each getting kicked with one of his feet- and they fall back. Sero then retracts his tape- that is still wrapped around the boss’ legs- causing him to be dragged back towards Sero. Sero then backflipped in the air- which he used to swing the boss towards the grunts. As they all collides they all fell to the ground; the boss with a knife now straight through his palm.


“Kaminari! Charge this way!” said Sero as he then throw the boss in the other direction- towards Kaminari. Kaminari hears this and runs towards Sero- picking up his phone along the way, and as he does this Sero lifts the boss over their heads and slams him on the ground past him. Kaminari then uses this as a means to use his Quirk: Electrification , to shock the two grunts on the floor. They spasm out- being overwhelmed by the electricity being sent through their bodies, and they lay there on the floor passed out.


“Yes!” said Kaminari excited that he defeated them. He turns around to see Sero- who stands there in a shocked state. This is because as the boss falls to the ground the second time- this time a gun flies out of his coat! Sero sees this, and tenses up- realizing that he had a second weapon. The boss takes the knife out of his hand, and cuts Sero’s tape, and pulls the gun on the floor towards him as he points the gun at Sero on the ground. As Kaminari’s turns around, the boss points the gun straight at Sero! “S-Sero… moaned Kaminari as he worries for his safety.


“Y-You fucking Heroes are dead now! I won’t let a bunch of wannabe Heroes defile me! Sticky Magnet !!!I was just gonna go easy on you- maybe cut you up a bit so you know not to fuck with us, but now you are fucking dead dead!” said the boss- now revealing his Villain name as Sticky Magnet. Sero, shocked at a gun pointed at him, backs up a bit. “Don’t fucking move! You are fucking stupid!”


Agh… Sticky Magnet? That’s something to search him back with if I ever make it outta here…” thought Sero. To Sero in this moment, be possessed nothing that could really stop a bullet. So, he felt cornered in this moment. Suddenly, Kaminari got an idea.


“S-Sticky Magnet… You are not going any further than this!” said Kaminari- mustering up determination and confidence.


“Huh? The pisser is acting tough? Ha! Do you see this fucking gun bitch? You’re done ” said Sticky Magnet. Kaminari then reaches out his hands


“I haven’t ever pissed my pants! At least- I hope I never did when I’ve short circuit… Sero- trust me, go forward!” said Kaminari. Sero, not wanting to look behind him, gets surprised by his words.


“W-What?... What could you do right now?...” said Sero doubtful. Kaminari then blushes a bit; embarrassment creeping up his spine from Sero’s unsure faith.


“What’s faster- lightning, for a bullet?” asked Kaminari. Sero suddenly shot up in his stance.


“But I’m in the middle! You might hit me!” said Sero.


“Trust me!” shouted Kaminari- demanding Sero’s faith. Sero blushes, and clenched his teeth.


“...Ahh!!!” yelled Sero as he charges forwards towards Sticky Magnet, and goes to shoot out his tape towards him- attempting to grab the gun with his tape. In this same motion, Kaminari throws his phone! Sticky Magnet- seeing all this happen- isn’t amused.


“This isn’t the first time I would have shot a kid- don’t think I have sticky fingers!!!” said Sticky Magnet as he pulls the trigger- sounding off a loud bang that some onlookers get startled by. As the bullet flies towards Sero, Sero gets very nervous seeing it, and flinches as he attempts to dodge at the time as approaching. At this same split second, Sero sees a phone fly past him. Kaminari then makes a ‘gun’ with his fingers, and shoots out his electricity towards his phone! Sero sees a bolt of lightning flash past him hitting it, and as it does it discharges lightning in front of Sero. The bullet then gets destroyed by the lightning hitting it, and breaks apart before hitting Sero; this also causes the phone to be destroyed as the lightning hits it.


  Sero, amazed, couldn’t speak. “Oh my god… He used the phone like a makeshift Sharpshooting Gear.... He believed he wouldn’t hit me and instead the phone, and that allowed him to discharge lightning in front of me safely…. Oh, this HAD to be pure luck… Or- did Kaminari really plan THAT precisely?...” thought Sero. Unsure of how it all came about, he chose to not focus on it, as this gave him an opening! Sero then continued to shoot out his tape, stuck it to the gun, and released it from his hands. However Sticky Magnet was not about to let him take it that easily...



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“Give it back!” Sticky Magnet screamed as he used his Quirk to pull his gun back towards him. However, Sero retracted his tape at the same time; this causes the gun to freeze in the air from the struggle.


“K-K-Kaminari!” said Sero unsure of what to do. Kaminari then ran towards Sero.


“I’ll destroy the gun!” said Kaminari as he gets close enough to the gun to shock it- destroying it. Seeing this, Sticky Magnet gets angered.


“No!!!” Sticky Magnet screamed as he charges forward with his knife- prepared to cut them down. Kaminari then gets another idea, and stands there with confidence.


“I’m no longer shook by you… When Heroes come together- for justice- our might is infinite. Plus Ultra!” shouts Kaminari as he goes to shock Sticky Magnet once more.


“Ha! You fucking idiot! Didn’t you hear me when I said that I resist that shit?” said Sticky Magnet snarkingly. Kaminari then grinned. 


“Initially, I wanted to penetrate you with my electricity- but I had a thought; "some magnet's magnetic pull can be enhanced with a charge"- correct?” questioned Kaminari, confusing Sticky Magnet. However, as Kaminari did this, other metal objects from around the alleyway start to converge onto Sticky Magnet- as he attracts them all towards him. Things like garbage bins, rods, and parts of ladder that rip off the sides of the buildings. As these are collide with him it damage him greatly, and traps him.


“What? B-But I can only attract things that I touched! Only two things at that!” said Sticky Magnet. Sero, seeing this, started to wrap his head around this.


“Is Kaminari’s electricity exciting this guys Quirk- and making it do more than he initially can? Perhaps if this Villain properly trained his Quirk, he could attract metals towards him.


“What? There’s more to my Quirk?...” said Sticky Magnet as he seems to contemplate something in his mind. 


“Anyways- good thinking Kaminari!” said Sero as he pats him on the back, “You really saved my ass back there”


“No- if you never showed up, Sero I would probably be dead… I completely gave up almost before you arrived. You save me” said Kaminari as he blushed and looked down. Sero then gets annoyed, and raises Kaminari’s chin up with his hands.


Don’t doubt yourself. As long as I’m around- you will never have to give up. We will carry each other- ‘kay?” said Sero with a smile. Kaminari, hearing Sero’s words, blushes.


“Yea!” said Kaminari. He then looks to the ground. “Heh- guess my phone’s a dud now”


“Yea! You destroyed your phone for me? Oh man… Don’t worry- I’ll get you another!” said Sero.


“It’s fine really…” said Kaminari trying to play it off. However, Sero can tell Kaminari didn’t really wanna destroy his phone despite it being to save Sero. 


“Well- let’s worry about that later. Sticky Magnet, you are done! I’m calling for backup!” said Sero as he pulls out his phone. Sticky Magnet tries to move his arms to pull the phone, but forgot that he never touched the phone- and thus can’t.


“Agh!!!...” shouted Sticky Magnet as he finally felt defeated. Sero started to call the police on his phone, and as he did Kaminari noticed activity down the alley.


“Sero- look” said Kaminari as he pointed. Suddenly, they seen The Normal Hero, Manual, appear.


“What’s going on here?! Bystanders reported gunfire around this area” asked Manual. He ran down the alley towards Sero and Kaminari.


“We apprehended multiple Villains! He need backup!” said Kaminari. Manual froze in his tracks as he fixed his gaze to the metal structure made by Kaminari- seeing a person within it- and two others laying on the floor. Manual recognized Sero and Kaminari, and then started to grin.


“Ah, well good work. You two just gotten your licenses- correct? The Provisional License Exams just passed, and I heard many from U-A passed. I’m glad that we have more Heroes out in the force to keep the peace! The police is around the corner- I’ll go retrieve them!” said Manual as he goes and gets the police to arrest the Villains.



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“Huh, well good work for apprehending Sticky Magnet! The police were zeroing in on his place of operation, but you made their arrests far progressed! From what we gathered- he might be affiliated with other villainous groups out here… Anyways, I hope that the bandages around your arms aren’t too tight...” said Naomasa Tsukauchi , a police detective for the Police Force, to Sero and Kaminari. 


“Hehe, no prob. Just what Heroes do. And nah- they are fine. It’s just a little cut. But, who is that Villain?” asked Sero.

“Not much is known of motive, cause, or his background. But, hopefully with him in police custody we will figure that out soon enough. What I do know- in terms of his track record- is that he is wrapped up in some villainous ring of groups that cause the public strife" said Naomasa.


"Yea; those other dudes caleld him 'boss'!" said Kaminari. Naomasa then hums to himself.


"Interesting... From my intel, he isn't the leader of any of the villain groups we have been looking into; besides the League of Villains that is. Nonetheless, his role in whatever system he is must list him high enough to have lackeys..." ponders Naomasa. Suddenly, Sticky Magnet starts to laugh.


"Nice deduction!..." he says. Naomasa then sighs.


"Nonetheless, Sansa Tamakawa, could you bring him over here?” asked Naomasa. Sansa, a police officer, had handcuffed Sticky Magnet in non-metal cuffs. As he and the other police rounded up the three Villains he brought Sticky Magnet over. “You know- we don’t even know what the guy even looks like- I need to record this for the documents” continued Naomasa. He then takes off Sticky Magnet’s mask- and reveals his appearance to be a fair-skinned man, with long silvery-white hair. Kaminari get shocked by his appearance.


“H-He’s hot!” said Kaminari. Sero elbows Kaminari and blushes.


“What? Not the right time dude!” said Sero.


“Ow! Sero my face hurts- I don’t need anymore wounds! What I mean is- usually Villains are like, ugly. Or deranged. But, he doesn’t look that way!” said Kaminari. Sticky Magnet laughs.


“Stereotyping Villains as ugly, deranged, people? Some are just people- no different than you, you stupid kid” said Sticky Magnet in an annoyed tone. Sansa then tightens the cuffs.


“Do not insult the Heroes!” said Sansa. Naomasa than takes a pic of Sticky Magnet’s face.


“Hm... I don’t even think I’ve ever seen his face on any of our records, but we will soon find all of that out- as well as your your real name. My Quirk doesn’t really fair well for liars; I’ll find the truth sooner or later if I’m granted enough time with you- for I am the True Man” said Naomasa. Suddenly, Sticky Magnet gets shocked.


“Oh! I’ve heard that name before. Fuck!...” said Sticky Magnet understanding his situation.


“But I gotta say- a Magnetic Quirk is fairly valuable. Despite his grievances I question however; how bothersome this person really was if he was apprehended by student Heroes… Then again, these Heroes are not jokes. If only you were a Hero and your Quirk was put to good use… I think there is only one other Villain I know of that has a Magnetic Quirk… Anyways, good work” said Naomasa.


“But, with this new responsibility of you being able to use your Quirks I also stress heavily that you should not act solely upon your own volition- Sero and Kaminari” said Manual as he walks up to them with a stern face, “I told Iida- one of your classmates-  this same thing awhile ago. You might run into a situation where either you act on your own- or something you don’t want to happen will. But, you must not just go off doing what you will with your Quirks. If you do- there’s no difference between you and these Vigilantes. Even though you have your license- that fact doesn’t change in the slightest”.


“I tried to contact help as soon as I could!” said Sero.


“I understand. However, from what you report you could have ran away with Kaminari once you secured his safety. As a Hero, our main focus is the safety of others- not the defeat of Villains. Just remember that, okay?” said Manual. Sero, looking a bit guilt, nods his head ‘yes’.


“Well, you helped with my investigation- so even if there were signs of that, I will overlook that fact. You will too right, Sansa?” asked Naomasa.


“To me- You reacted to Villains in the act, and no casualties were created. Had you not reacted, there might have been one less Hero standing here. But Manual’s words are true in the bigger picture” said Sansa. Sticky Magnet chuckles. Hearing him laugh, Sansa tightens the cuffs once more. “Something funny?” he asks


“I laugh. Berating a Hero for ‘Hero-ing’? What stupid noose you people have around us Quirk users…” said Sticky Magnet.


“Okay, get model-face and his lackeys in the car. We are gonna bring him in for questioning; I am curious what his correlation is with other reports that we have... Heroes, keep on ‘Hero-ing’” said Naomasa and he and Sansa walk off to the police cars in the blocked off street.


“Well, I have to go meet Backdraft somewhere- the police will handle the clean up here. I think you both should vacate from this area asap. See you all later” said Manual as he goes to walk off.


“Sero, don’t worry about what he said too much. It’s not like we were out here chasing after them. You were protecting me- and only I will know how you felt in that moment” said Kaminari trying to reassure Sero- if there was doubt within him. Sero looks over, blushes, and smiles.


“Yea…” he said reassuringly. However, Sero thought, “ But… What if they had gotten away, and had Kaminari’s phone? They probably could hack it and figured out a bunch of stuff about him. If anything were to happen to him… I don’t know what I would do… I would wanna run after my friend! It’s one thing to feel the high from the praise, but there are rules to this stuff. But, this is just my start! ”. Kaminari watches Sero as he smiles to himself in thought, and he is curious about what he might be thinking about.


“Anyways Sero- where were you going when you found me?” asked Kaminari.


“Crap!” Sero shouted as he remembered, “I gotta get to this store to buy some food!”


“Oh really?” said Kaminari.


“Where were you going, bro? How did you even end up meeting them?” asked Sero.


“I was just walking through the alley to take a shortcut back to the dorms. Then they cornered me…” said Kaminari.


“Ah… Well, I just wanted to go get some food; wanna come with me to the store, and then we can head back?” asked Sero.


“Sure. but, you were going to the store in your Hero Costume?...” questioned Kaminari. Sero, looking at his Costume, laughed in embarrassment.


“Yea… I just wanted to walk around feeling like a Hero is all. Stupid, right?” said Sero as he blushes. 


“N-No! It’s not at all” said Kaminari as he approaches Sero. Sero, gazing into Kaminari’s eyes, blushes.


“Okay then… How’s your face?” asked Sero. Kaminari then feels his cheek.


“It’s alright… Honestly the pain went away after I started using my Quirk- maybe from the adrenaline rush, but it’s coming back now that I’m focused on it. Maybe we can buy some ointment at the store?” said Kaminari.


“Yea! I’ll buy! Let’s go!” said Sero. And with that, Kaminari and Sero headed to the store.



Chapter Text

Sero, with the company of Kaminari, made it across town to the specific store that Sero wanted to go to. Along the way, It was an interesting site to onlookers however; Kaminari, who was in normal clothing, looked as if he was being escorted around by a Hero- despite being one himself. He looked from side to side to people starting feeling a bit inadequate. Sero, looking at Kaminari’s face, started to catch onto what he might be feeling a while ago.


“... Would you like me to change, Kaminari?” asked Sero.


“You brought civilian clothes with you?” questioned Kaminari.


“N-No… But, maybe I could stop by a shop and get a shirt or something…” said Sero as he blushes.


“You don’t need to do all that ‘cause I look out of place. Plus- you’ll be carrying groceries anyways; why add more things to carry?” said Kaminari. Sero sighed, and looked forward.


“Yea… Well then let’s make this quick” said Sero.


“Okay” said Kaminari. 


They then entered the grocery store at the other side of the street they were on. As soon as they walk in, Kaminari is mesmerized by all the different types of produce that is densely clustered around the store; filled with contents he had never even heard of before. and as they enter they are greeted by the clerk.


“Good afternoon! Welcome!” said the clerk.


“Hello!” said Sero.


“Good afternoon” said Kaminari.


“Are you looking for the usual Sero? They should be in the back aisle over there- just restocked!” said the clerk as they point in a direction.


“Oh really? Thanks!” said Sero as he walks in the direction the clerk pointed, “Come on Kaminari” as he waves back to him. Kaminari, a bit nervous, follows Sero.


“Huh… That clerk even knew your name” said Kaminari as he looks at some chips that pass by him.


“Huh? Yea. I frequent here a lot for what I look for, so they became acquainted with me” said Sero.


“So, what is it that you want?” asked Kaminari.


“Oh! I can’t believe I never mentioned it! Well, I try to eat very healthy; to keep my skin hydrated, as well as my body feelin’ right so I can perform to the best of my abilities. I just know that this store often gets a certain selection that I like- for cheap and in bundles even. It’s also near my parents’ house, so when I used to live at home I would come here mostly. During my stay at Heights Alliance- while the school meals are good, I just like my home brewed creations that I can create here” said Sero.


“Oh really? What do you like to eat?” asked Kaminari.


“Come on bro- you should know!” said Sero as he looks over to Kaminari with a chuckle.


“W-Well, we eat out, but often when me and Kirishima eat out you don’t like to come ‘cause you be on your diet, and we like to be fat pigs sometimes! Hehe. I’m also… Not really paying attention to what goes in your mouth all the time you know…” said Kaminari.


“Well, maybe you should...” said Sero.


“Huh?” said a confused Kaminari.


“N-Nothing. I like Oranges, Soybeans, foods with low fat, or high in protein. Things like whole eggs, leafy greens, salmon, boiled potatoes. Really ripe fruits and vegetables. Or just the ones that look healthy overall. Got it memorized?” said Sero as he touched his index finger to his forehead.


“Sure… I’ll keep that in mind whenever I chef it up back at dorms” said Kaminari. Sero then turns the corner, and proceeds down a food aisle.


“Here- these soybeans? You can only really buy them on this side of town, because of the companies that only sell to smaller businesses in the area. The food here is ground in town, or even in house. Because of that, you can expect the produce to be less produced- as many big companies need to have genetic foods to compensate for the amount they have, and to retain people buying them with- say taste. I care about quality over quantity, so I’m fine with the trek to get some good food” said Sero as he picks up some cans soybeans, black beans, canned soups such as vegetable and chicken noodle, as well as apple cider vinegar. 


Kaminari, looking at all the things he is buying, starts to think, “ All those beans? Sero is gonna be tootin’ all night if he eats those… ”. Sero looks over to Kaminari.


“I know what you are thinking- if you cook them right then you don’t have that problem. Well, at least I don’t” said Sero. Kaminari chuckles embarrassingly.


“If you say so” said Kaminari. Sero continues down the aisle, and picks up some nuts. Kaminari, looking at the nuts he is buying, gets confused. “Wait- ain’t nuts high in fat?” asked Kaminari. Sero chuckles.


“Well, not as much as one would think. It’s healthy fats. As well as a good source of fiber, and protein. Just don’t eat them as snacks- they are high in calories. However, I did plan on eatin’ some on the way back… You want some of my nuts too?” said Sero as he holds out the nuts in his hand.


“Eat you nuts?... Um, I’ll put a rain check on that” said Kaminari.


“Hm, well suit yourself” said Sero. He then continues through the store and buys a couple other items; oats, brown rice, quinoa, full-fat yogurt, and coconut oil. Sero, before going to the front, turns down the medicine aisle, and picks out some ointment.


“This is for you,” said Sero. Kaminari, grabbing the ointment, blushes.


“M-My face doesn't hurt that much anymore really…” said Kaminari.


“Still- the police were able to bandage me up, but they couldn’t really do anything about your pain. So, I am. You hold it ‘kay?” said Sero with a smile. Kaminari, giving in, holds it with zeel in his heart. They then go to the clerk up front with all of his things. As he Sero and Kaminari stand in line, Sero then turns to Kaminari.


“If you want any snack of your choice- this is your time to buy ‘em” said Sero. 


“Really?? Okay!” said Kaminari excited. He then goes off to get some chips, candy, and beef jerky. He sets it all next to Sero as he gets to the front of the line- who silently judges his unhealthy choices. He shrugged it all off as he pulls out his wallet.


“Such a diverse selection you have today,” said the clerk.


“Yea- you gotta switch it up sometimes you know? Hehe” said Sero. As the clerk scans for all Sero’s food Kaminari stands there- like a kid- smirking as he awaits his snacks for the road. The clerk bags them up, and sets the bags next to Sero as Sero pays for the food.


“I’ll carry some of ‘em Sero” said Kaminari as he grabs the bags that have their contents already placed within. 


“Oh really? Thanks!” said Sero as he smiles. Sero finishes his transaction, and grabs the rest of the bags that the clerk bagged.


“Have a nice day!” said the Clerk,


“Thanks, you too” said Sero.




Chapter Text

Sero and Kaminari walk down the street with bags in hand. Kaminari, by this point, has already dug into some of his chips as he holds all his bags in one of his elbows. He eats them intently as he looks around the street humming to himself. Kaminari then looks to Sero, who he starts to believe is awfully quiet. “ Hm… He’s focused on something. I wonder what he is thinking about… ” Kaminari thinks. Kaminari attempts to break the silence...


“You know- even though I wouldn’t have chosen to almost die today- I’m glad that it was spent with you” said Kaminari- who quickly alerts Sero’s attention and caused him to blush, “Kinda sounds all like some crazy adventure story right?” 


“Y-Yea. I’m just glad that you are safe. But shoot- we do got a long ways until we get back to dorms…” said Sero.


“We can just take the train” said Kaminari.


“Yea, but in my Hero Costume… I don’t know if I wanna do that” said Sero.


“Heroes take the trains sometimes” said Kaminari not really seeing the problem.


“Yea… I mean, I suppose…” Said Sero as he shrugs his shoulders. Kaminari, seeing that Sero doesn’t want to do that, starts to feel down.


“We can walk… But if you don’t wanna walk- I don’t know what to do…” said Kaminari.


“Well… I swung here. Would you feel comfortable hoppin’ on my back?” asked Sero.


“Your back? And you swung ?” said Kaminari feeling a bit unsure.


“Yea. Like- through the skies using my Quirk. I think I can do it with you on my back” said Sero.


“Uh… Well s-sure… I’m not gonna be too heavy?” asked Kaminari.


“Well, I don’t think I ever have carried you before, but I mean with all those chips you are eating- maybe” said Sero. Kaminari then gets offended slightly, and hits Sero’s side.


“Hey! I’m not eating that many! And I’m very thin!” said Kaminari defending himself.


“Hehe, I’m joking man! I’m strong enough to carry you regardless” said Sero.


“Yea, well let’s see!” said Kaminari. He then kneels Sero down, and hugs Sero’s back. However, Sero starts to get embarrassed.


“H-Hey! Can we go into an alley or something and do this? And not so aggressive!” said Sero.


“Trust me- after today I wanna stay clear of any alleys for awhile thank you” said Kaminari as he climbs onto Sero’s back, and locks his legs around Sero’s waist. Sero, blushingly, lifts Kaminari up as he holds onto his thighs.


Kaminari is pretty lean… Doesn't have a lot of meat on his legs. I wonder if his ass is as boney… ” thought Sero. Suddenly, he shook his head. “ No! Why am I think that???... ” he continued to think.


“Are you okay?” asked Kaminari. 


“I’m f-fine. Let’s just go” said Sero.


“But Sero- you think you can hold onto me tighter? I’m kinda scared about this honestly…” confessed Kaminari.


“W-What?” said Sero as he blushed from shock, “I won’t go that fast I swear”


“I know but… Still” said Kaminari.


“... I gotchu” said Sero. He then holds Kaminari’s body tighter- folding his arms back and gripping more closer to his ass. “Hold on tighter to me as well” Sero continues. Kaminari then grins.


“Okay~” said Kaminari as he grips harder. As Sero adjusts Kaminari on him he manages to get a feeling of Kaminari’s ass; he is guilty about falling to the temptation, but also satisfied at the results.


Hmm… yea, his ass has something to it… ” thought Sero as he falls into the trap that is Kaminari’s booty…



“Hey, you guys are back!-...” said Kirishima as he, Mineta , and Midoriya all sit on the couches together. Across from them is Bakugou - who sits alone reading a book. They all look over as Sero and Kaminari walk in, and instantly notice that Kaminari looks a bit banged up, and that Sero is weirdly in his Hero costume. 


“Woah! What happened to you guys?!” asked Midoriya.


“It’s a long story but… I basically was about to get mugged- probably worse- by some idiots, and Sero saved me!” said Kaminari. Sero blushes a bit.


“Hehe… I just happened to pass by” said Sero. 


“Wow! That’s awesome! I’m glad you guys are alright!” said Kirishima.


“We got the Police involved and everything; apparently the dudes that we fought might be roped up in some bigger things. I’m just glad that I’m putting my Hero License to good use!” said Sero. Bakugou then scoffs.


“Hmph. Well good for you! Hey battery pack; didn’t momma tell you not to be wondering in back alleys where the ‘big scary guys’ would attack you?” asked Bakugou- taunting him.


“Kacchan! Kaminari could of been seriously hurt! I’m sure you guys fought them back!” said Midoriya.


“Yea- it was a bit hard because one of the dudes almost made my Quirk useless, but Sero’s quick thinking helped” said Kaminari as he then looks over to Bakugou with a snooty face, “Looks like other Heroes are sure getting their Hero’s work in! Bakugou- you actually have the capacity to read?! Didn’t know that you could become the #1 Hero by just reading a book all day! You are just jealous ‘cause you failed. Better watch out before Sero usurps your rude ass!”


“K-Kaminari!” said Sero out of shock.


“Huh?!” said Bakugou as he throws his book and gets up from where he was sitting, “Don’t get any fucking bright ideas- because I’m still waiting for the Provisional Hero License Course to start- that I still can't kick your ass!”. Kaminari laughs as he seemingly hits a soft spot for Bakugou; since his failure at the Provisional Hero License Exam, there isn’t much he can really do hero-wise since he and Todoroki are the only two in their class that do not have licenses. As such, a lot of his time is allotted-until classes officially start- to sitting around, or trains. IN this window period, other Heroes have done work- like Sero- and subconsciously, this makes Bakugou a bit envious of Kaminari and Sero for being able to fight Villains. Sero sighs as he hears this, and Kirishima goes over to pat Bakugou on the back.


“Bakugou, don’t start anything now- it’s not worth it. Sero, Kaminari-  don’t mind him” said Kirishima.


“When I get mine, I’m gonna totally leave your asses in the dirt!” said Bakugou as he walks off- shrugging Kirishima’s hand off of him. 


“Oh my…” said Sero disappointedly. 


“Well… Sero, I see you got some bags. You went shopping too?” asked Midoriya.


“Yea!” said Sero as he starts to walk over to the kitchen area, “I wanted to stock up on some of my goodies!”.


“You got any snacks?! Give ‘em up! Share!” said Mineta as he scurries over to grab one of Sero’s bags. 


“H-Hey! Stop it! You might drop-” said Sero as he tried to grab the bag Mineta grabbed. They tug-of-war’d at the bag for a second, but a second too long; inside the back were his eggs, and Mineta- grabbing at the bag as he did- causes the bag to rip! The eggs dropped straight on the floor, and cracked everywhere.


“Oh no!” shouted Midoriya as he sees the egg yolks splattered across the floor.


“Mineta!” shouted Sero.


“S-Sorry!...” said Mineta- feeling guilty. Sero grunts.


“Agh- just don’t go around grabbing stuff, ‘kay?” said Sero- trying to hold back his anger.


“Here- let me help you” said Kaminari as he goes to grab paper towels. Sero looks over, and blushes.


“T-Thanks…” said Sero. 


“We can help too!” said Kirishima.


“Yea!” said Midoriya as they both chime in.


“I-I’ll help too…” said Mineta- reluctant to help due to causing the issue and not wanting to anger Sero even more so. However, Sero looked over to Mineta, smiled, and began to work on cleaning up the mess.




They helped clean up the mess as best as they could; didn’t want their dorm to be reeking of expired eggs, or for anyone to get salmonella. As they work hard to properly sanitize the place, Kirishima takes a break to stretch out his back, and check his phone.


“Gosh! This has taken longer than I thought…” said Kirishima.


“Yea. Wish some Heroes in the room helped us out a bit, and didn't’ just watch us…” said Kaminari- clearly directing his comment at Bakugou, who was still on the floor- but had distanced himself even more so from them since he walked away. Bakugou snarls.


“What?! I had nothing to do with that! You should have that raisin doing all the work! Leave me alone!” said Bakugou as he turns away from the group. Sero grunts hearing this.


“Kaminari- stop” said Sero. Kaminari chuckles.


“Okay okay- I’m sorry” said Kaminari.


“He’s just… Going through his own stuff…” said Kirishima attempting to defend Bakugou, “... But the way, Kamianri- did you ever do your turn yet in our game we were playing on the phone?” asked Kirishima. Kaminari’s face lit up- then got disappointed.


“Oh- I… I uh… Kinda got my phone destroyed during the robbery attempt. I guess it’s better than it getting stolen, right? Hehe…” said Kaminari- trying to not show his sadness over his phone show. Sero, looking at Kaminari, starts to get really guilty.


Oh man… I gotta really do something about his phone! Tomorrow… I should try and see if I can find some part-time job just to gain some more money until our next allowance… I mean, I did want more spending money anyways ” thought Sero as he looks back to the mess he is still trying to clean.


“Oh really? Well, no worries! When you get a new one- we can keep playing! And it's’ just a phone, right?” said Krisihima.


“Hehe, yeah…” said Kaminari as he turns his head back downward.  Sero looks back over, and as he analyzes Kaminari some more- he then gets a sense of determination.


... I’m GOING to go find a job tomorrow! ” thought Sero- finding some resolve in making Kaminari happy.



Chapter Text

The next couple of days of Sero’s life were tumultuous to say the least; that is when considering his journey in finding a job. He would spend most of his time searching around catalogs he would find in advertising magazines, and going on various sites that were advertising job listings. Sero was looking for pretty much anything that would fit into their already busy schedule, but what surely made it a bit harder for him was the simple fact that not many places were actually ‘looking’; but merely collecting resumes, or simply just not actually looking. Nonetheless, Sero trucked on.


Over this period of time, Sero started to become a bit reclusive; partly because of his focus on trying to find something that would work for him. But, it was also because of his feelings of guilt of why he was trying to find work to gain more income, and because of that he didn’t really want to immediately tell anyone why he was finding a job as well. Most of all, he didn’t want Kaminari to know; to worry, or to stop him. Why Sero felt so strongly to make something up to Kaminari- that Kaminari himself said was ‘fine’- was a fact that Sero himself would not be able to comprehend the reason of just yet; he just knew that he had the desire; a gut feeling of a friend who simply just wanted to help. Thus, every time it got hard to keep going, he would remember his resolve- and continue on.




One day, in the afternoon, Sero is chilling and doing the same old thing in his room; scrolling aimlessly online for add postings for leads through his phone as he sits on his bed. He looks at a variety of job types; from retail, construction, arts, to manufacturing. Of those he could actually do, not many opportunities really rung a bell of much interest; even though Sero wanted a job for Kaminari’s sake, he didn’t want to work somewhere that he doesn't like. Sero then sighs, and keeps scrolling away. Sero then manspreads his legs apart, and sticks his left hand into his pants as he gets a bit comfortable; making is hand a bit warmer in the process.


“Agh! I’m just having like- no luck with this shit! I scroll and scroll, and I am finding nothing that are good fits! Like, for crying out loud; I can take down villains that threaten the safety of mankind- but can't find a salary job to save my ass! Agh, calm down Sero... Y-You know what? Lemme just look at places near me, and see what’s around that might want a Hero as an employee…” said Sero as he opens up his GPS app on his phone. He then sighs to himself, and recollects his annoyance. “Okay… Calm down, Sero… You just have to keep trying, and you will find something… I mean, it is not like an opportunity will just fall into my lap. Let me just keep looking…” he continues as he moves around the GPS map to see any nearby locations to the Heights Alliance that show up as businesses or establishments on the map. Enveloping his hand further into his boxers, he scrolls further out on the map; switching the radius he is looking for places at. He looks towards locations that are around the of his family home. Suddenly, he zeroes in on a pizza place that is somewhat within the vicinity of both his homestead and Heights Alliance; one he has not really heard of before.


“Hm… Don’t think I've been to this place before to eat… A pizza place? Must be like a family owned place… I wonder if it is a pizza place that is actually run by Italians… Is that racially profiling to assume that?... Eh, well I’ve tried every other place around here basically; I guess it would not hurt to try and see if they are hiring?...” ponders Sero as he looks at the place on the map. Sero then clicks on the icon for the pizza place, and it brings up a field of their contact information. Sero sees various information; such as the name, address, as well as the number to call. “Hm… I am pretty sure when I was searching for places I did not see this place looking for help. Well, they are open; worth a shot?” Sero questions. 


Convincing himself to just take the leap and call, Sero then clicks on the number in the contact, which then brings him straight into call. Sero then brings the phone to his ear as he patiently waits through multiple dial rings until thankfully someone picks up! As the call is connected, Sero hears many people talking at once, and the bustling of silverware and cooking machines. Suddenly, a man’s voice is heard clearing their throat.


“Hello, Risako’s Pizzaria . How may I help you?” asked the man through the phone. His voice was fairly burly-sounding, and a bit raspy to Sero; as if he had just got some smoking, or has been talking for awhile without drinking enough water. He also had a hint of an Italian accent; masked by the fanfare of people trying to ring out orders. Hearing all of this at once did surprise Sero a bit, but he remained stoic. Sero then cleared his throat in preparation to speak.


“H-Hello, sir. My name is Hanta, and I was wondering if you were hiring?-” 


“Hold on- you said that you wanted 2 medium-sized pizza’s? One plain full sheet, and the other half pepperoni and half sausage?” said the man, completely cutting Sero off on the phone.  


“I-I’m sorry?” questioned a very confused Sero. Sero then thought, “ Uh… Is he taking someone’s order?... ”.


“Hello? Sorry, I was taking someone’s order. O-Okay, sir I will ring your order out. It should take about 45 minutes for it to be ready for ‘ya. Hey! Can you help me out and ring this guy out?!” said the man once more. 


Sero then starts to think, “ Wow… Must be pretty busy over there at this time of the day… ”. Suddenly, the man over the phone starts to sigh.


“I’m sorry, sir. You caught me at a busy moment- but you have my undivided attention right now. How my I help you?” asked the man.


“It’s alright. But, I was wondering if… You were hiring?” asked Sero. There was  a brief pause in the phone, but then the man spoke.


“Are he Hiring, you ask? How old are you?” asked the man.


“Um, 16?” responded Sero


“Hm… Come down to the restaurant now ” declared the man. Suddenly, Sero shot up in surprise, and his eyes widened.


“E-Excuse me?! You w-want me to come down there right now, sir?” asked Sero.


“Well I hope you aren’t hard of hearing at 16;  Yes, I’m a bit busy- so see you soon,” said the man. Suddenly, he hangs up the phone. 


“H-Huh!?” said Sero, astounded by the man hanging up on him after dropping a bombshell on him like that. Sero then becomes increasingly perplexed on what just happened. He then starts to think, “ W-What was that?! Does he want me discuss my potential employment of mine in person? I wonder if they do same-day interviews… Well, one thing is for sure; the man was too busy to speak to me properly over the phone- but to order me to head straight to him… I-I mean, I AM the one bothering him for a job... “. As the phone app brings him back to his phone’s home screen he glances at the current time, and starts to sigh.


“Well, I do have time to go across town to where the pizza place is… I ain’t got nothin’ to lose I guess!” said Sero.



Chapter Text

Sero then gets his things together- such as his wallet, money, keys, and identification in case he needs it- on places them on his bed. He then starts to get dressed to leave for the pizza place. Looking over, he sees that he has a bunch of clean clothes that he has yet to stash away into his drawers. He goes over and picks out an eggshell white shirt, and his pair of favorite green pants. He then puts them on, and goes over to his mirror. He then looks in the mirror- analyzing his current outfit- and starts to frown.


“... Is this appropriate attire for meeting a potential employer?... Should I… Dress more professionally? What if I’m just coming in to get a paper application or something? Agh, well even if I was- you would wanna look more professional anyways!” said Sero. And so with that, Sero insteads opts to put on something a bit more stylish. He goes over to his drawers, and pulls out the best looking white buttoned-down dress shirt he could find, and puts that on. “ The green pants I have on I think still suffices; Like business casual!… Hopefully he doesn't think Imma try-hard… ” Sero starts to think. He goes back over to his mirror to check himself out; contorting his body to check all his angles. 


“Eh, good as it’s gonna get!” says Sero aloud as he chuckles slightly. He then fixes his hair, and walks back over to his drawer- and goes to pick up a bottle of cologne to spray onto his clothing.


“Gotta smell presentable too!” he says as he sprays the cologne over his armpits, chest and a little on his neck. He then looks downward towards his crotch, and starts to him. “ Eh… For good luck! ” Sero thinks as he sprays a little on his crotch as well. He then puts his belongings he was taking with him into his pockets, and goes over to the mirror to do one last check of his appearance. Feeling like he is finally ready to leave for the pizza place, he goes to walk out his door. Suddenly, as he feels on his pockets to mentally do a double-check if he has things such as his wallet and keys, he realizes that he has forgotten one crucial item.


“Oh! I almost forgot my dang phone!” said Sero. He looks behind him to see that he had forgotten to grab his phone because it accidentally fell on the floor when he was moving around sporadically to get ready. “There you are!” he continued as he walked over to grab it. As he goes to pick it up, he notices that a text message comes through at the same time.


“Huh? A message?...” says Sero. He goes to check who sent the message, and sees the name ‘Den-Chan’ appearing at the top. Sero then chuckles slightly as he blushes; it is a text from Kaminari. 


“Oh my, I wonder what he wants…” said Sero. He then unlocks his phone to read the full message. The message reads as follows,


Hey there, buddy! What’s up?! I wanted to know if you wanted to go to the park or something in a bit. ‘Ya know, to get some fresh air? Been feelin’ a bit swamped with all the homework and whatnot this week, and wanna get outta this damn dorm for awhile! ” - Kaminari.


Seeing this text, Sero starts to get a bit nervous as well as a bit guilty. Sero then says aloud, “Tsk, ah man! I wanna go with Kaminari, but if I do I might miss out on a potential job offer! And, it’s for him…”. Suddenly, as Sero wallows in his perplexity, he received another text from Kaminari.


Are you free? ” - Kaminari


Sero then looks at the text, and starts to scratch his head on what to do. “I got to respond with something …” says Sero. He then starts to type a message to send back to Kaminari that reads as follows,


Hey bro, rn is not a good time. Gotta do something real quick. But maybe a bit later! I wanna forget abt hw as well man! ” - Sero


Sero, after he sends this, then sighs. He then starts to think, “ Agh… I feel like I am TOTALLY lying to him… But, I am doing so for a good reason- I suppose… ”. Sero then receives a response from Kaminari.


It’s alright, Sero. Hit me up later if you are free! ” - Kaminari.


“Well, I guess no one is hurt from this… Okay, let me get going to this pizza place. Don’t want to keep them waiting any longer!” says Sero. Sero then puts his phone into his pocket, and heads out the door…




As Sero walks about outside, he looks eagerly at his phone’s GPS app as it navigates him forward with the quickest path possible on foot towards the pizza place location. With his head fully in his phone, Sero starts to cut through various alleyways and streets as he approaches closer to his destination. Suddenly, the GPS AI starts to speak to him.


“In 15 seconds, please turn right” says the GPS AI to Sero. Hearing this, Sero groans as he follows command, and turns to head down a side street. Sero continues to walk forward, and starts to think so himself, “ Hm… It should only be about a couple more minutes… I wonder when the places will close? Let me check… Ah, it’s open for a couple more hours- I’m fine… Gosh, I wonder what working at a pizza place is like-


“W-WATCH OUT SIR!!!” shouts someone towards Sero as they immediately grab them from almost running out into ongoing traffic!


“H-Huh?!” says Sero as he looks up from his phone, sees that he almost ran out into the street, and panics. “W-Woah!” shouts Sero as the person that grabbed him pulls him backwards towards the curb; causing Sero to stumble and fall to the floor. Attempting to catch him, the person who grabs him falls to the floor as well; with Sero landing right on top of him…



Chapter Text

“Ouch!” the person who catches Sero shouts as Sero falls on top of them. Sero then looks back towards them with guilty filling inside them as they quickly move from off top of them.


“I-I’m sorry!” shouts Sero as he quickly moves to the side to get off of the man. He then looks over to see that he is a boy- who looks to be in his teens.


“Oof, oh my…” said the boy as he felt his chest. 


Feeling guilty Sero starts to think, “ Oh my, I feel SUPER guilty… I- wait… ” thought Sero before he was caught off guard as he analyzed the boy’s appearance, “ While he looks around my age, his appearance is… Odd... ” Sero continued to think. 


As Sero analyzes his ‘odd’ appearance further, he notices that he looks fairly unique- but was riddled with strange and foreign patterns. The boy is fair-skinned, but instantly noticed that he has red vertical lines that descended from the bottom of his eyelids down his cheeks in a column fashion; these red lines were complimented by his blood-red eyes. Contrasting that, this boy had snow-white shoulder-length hair, but with odd small horizontal blue lines that wrapped around his head in a row-like fashion. The boy dressed in a white trench coat, white sneakers, and had a black top and pants underneath. Most intriguing, Sero felt a calmness peaking through the blood-colored hue of his eyes as he continued to stare him down. The boy looks onto Sero- with a bit of confusion as to why Sero is staring at him so much. The boy then starts to sigh.


“Sir, you need to watch where you are going, man! Almost ran out into ongoing traffic!” said the boy as he got up from the ground himself, and dusted himself off. 


“Y-Yea, I feel so stupid… But, thank you for saving me! Oh- and sorry for falling on top of you…” said Sero.


“It’s fine. Here” said the boy as he reached out his hand to the still grounded Sero to help him back up. Smiling, Sero grabs his extended hand, and the oddly looking boy pulls him back up to his feet.


“Thank you!” said Sero. 


“You must be in a hurry somewhere; you seem to be in a rush” said the boy as he unhands Sero’s hand, and stares into Sero’s eyes intently.


“Yes, I am actually. I am trying to get to a potential job offer. The boy then starts to chuckle.


“I see. Well, It is nice to young people still striving to be a part of the workforce in this day and age” said the boy.


“Well, you are talking as if you have lived a long life; ‘ya look around my age!” said Sero. The boy then starts to chuckle some more.


“Hehe, assuming my age I see? Maybe I am over 84 years old!” said the boy. Sero then starts to scratch his head, and laughs nervously.


“I-I see… Oh! W-Where are my manners!” says Sero as he starts to bow to the boy, “My name is Hanta, Hanta Sero” he continues as he introduces himself to the person who just saved him from a potential car accident.


“Please, the gesture is not needed- Sero you said?” says the boy as he holds his hand out in opposition to Sero’s bowing.


“Yes,” said Sero.


“Sero… Hm… Well, it is nice to meet you Sero. My name is Raceae, Raceae Apyr ” said Apyr.


“Oh? That is a unique name you got; you from a round here?” asked Sero. Apyr then starts to look up to the sky as he rubs his chin- thinking about his question.

“Um… I guess you could say that, sure. Though, with how you seem to have your eyes glued to your GPS, you do not seem to be privy to this place; are you from around here?” asked Apyr as he pointed to Sero’s phone in his hand. Sero then laughs.


“Haha… I just do not know where this specific place is...Like, I have never been ‘ya know?” responds Sero, trying to cover his bases. 


“I see… Well, hopefully you make it to your location as soon as you can!” said Apyr.


“Thank you! I hope the same for you! Oh, and thank you for looking out for someone like me- who had my face in my phone like that; trust me, I normally do not do that!” said Sero.


“I would hope so! I will take your word for it, Sero. But you are welcome; you do tend to miss out on so much when you are focused on so little” said Apyr.


“Hm? What do you mean exactly?” asked Sero.


“Oh, just trivial jargon. I have taken up too much of your time; don’t wanna make you late” said Apyr.


“Oh! Right! I should get going!” said Sero.


“I understand. Well, I hope that you have a terrific rest of your day!” said Apyr as he waved to Sero goodbye.


“You too! Take care!” said Sero. 


Just then, the street light next to Sero turns red, while the crossing walk light shows that he can walk. Sero takes one final look back towards Apyr, and goes to cross the street. As Sero walks off Apyr looks onto Sero, and starts to smirk.


“Sero, eh? Hm…” says Apyr as he starts to walk off in another way…




Sero, aftering much navigation, manages to find himself at the front of Risako’s Pizzaria. Standing outside Sero starts to analyze the outside of the restaurant; an array of green, red, and white patterns attorn the outside; that showcase the Italian-based background that the restaurant exudes. It appears to be a building made of brick and wood, that had a window front with the name ‘Risako’s Pizzaria’ painted on it- as well as on the awning. The restaurant looks fairly old- compared to the other buildings around it. There were also a few outside seating tables; most likely for those who wanted to enjoy the nice breeze alongside a hot plate of pizza. Sero, filling up with excitement- but also nervousness- approaches the door to walk inside.



Chapter Text

As Sero walks in, he is immediately greeted by the aroma of pizza ingredients filling the area. He then sees some people sitting down at the tables and booths adorning the place; all eating an assortment of pizza-related foods. Sero then pans around, and notices the interesting cultural architecture of the interior design, which is fairly wooden and antique-looking; making it appear like it is a true Italian Bistro. He then looks forward to the main desk to the back, where he sees a few workers making food. He also sees a section of the front desk that looks like a cafe; stations where they can serve drinks, as well as little goodies for people to eat. Sero then sighs- releasing any nerve he had in the moment- and approaches the front counter. 


Walking up to the counter, Sero is immediately greeted by a slender-looking gentlemen, with icy-white hair cut into a caesar style, icy-blue eyes, and slightly red-tinted circle eyeglasses. The boy bows to Sero as he approaches the counter.


“... Welcome to Risako’s Pizzeria, how may I take your order?” asked the boy. Sero then starts to stutter over his words trying to make a response.


“Hi, uh… Well- uh… I am not really here to place an order; I called earlier about seeing if you guys were hiring, and was told to just head straight here?” says Sero. The boy taking his order’s eyes then lights up.


“Oh, you are the one the boss was mentioning…” said the boy as he turned to the back of the kitchen, “Mr. Risako, he is here” he then said. As he says this, out comes an older looking man; dressed in all white, and had brunette hair that was mostly snowed over by his greyed out hair- combed and gelled back into a style. He walked towards Sero, and started to size him up.


“So, you the one that called about hiring- correct?” asked Mr. Risako.


“Y-Yes” said Sero. Mr. Risako continues to look Sero up and down; noticing his circular elbows, and his odd expression. Mr. Risako then starts to walk around the counter to up front where Sero is.


“Right… Well, come take a seat in the dining area, and we can discuss you hiring right now” said Mr. Risako.


“Oh, really?! I didn’t know it was a same-day interview; I didn’t even apply…” said Sero.


“Well, I like to get to know the people before I have them fill out aimless paperwork… Cut’s down on time for me to sift through shit. Also, if I don’t even like you- there’s no reason for you to even put a pen to paper” said Mr. Risako. Sero then gulps as Mr. Risako’s response starts to make him feel nervous all over again. Hearing this, the boy at the counter starts to lean over the counter to speak to Mr. Risako.


“S-SIr… Please, watch your language in front of the guests…” the icy-blue haired boy said. Mr. Risako then clears his throat, and sighs.


“R-Right… I forgot… Agh… What’s your name, son?” asked Mr. Risako as he looks over to Sero.


“Huh? Me? M-My name is Hanta, Hanta Sero” said Sero.


“Sero, eh? Well Sero, I am the owner of Risako’s Pizzeria- Giorno Risako . And, let’s get this over with...” said Mr. Risako as he goes over to a table, and goes to sit. Sero then starts to think, “ He seems… A bit stand-offish?... ”. Reluctantly, Sero follows him to the table to go sit and talk. As they leave the front counter, the boy with the icy-blue hair starts to sigh. Suddenly, he feels a pat on his back.


“What’s with the gloomy face, Retoro?” asked another boy as he passed by, who dons a smirk on his face. Appearance wise, he has blue hair, with bangs that fall in front of his face. His hair is shoulder length, but the back extends down longer- like he has a grown out mullet- that is a lighter blue in color. Noticeably, he is somewhat shorter than Retoro when standing next to him. 


“Oh, it is just you, Cariso. The person who called about the job opportunity just showed up. Look, Mr. Risako is over there speaking to him now” said Retoro.


“Ah… Well, if the reports of all the villainous activity hasn’t scared him away from working here yet, I sure hope that the boss’s resentful demeanor as of late does not scare him off in its wake” says Cariso.


“Don’t speak ill of the person that has let a lazy worker like you keep their job!” said Retoro.


“Haha! Lighten up, Retoro; I’ve been pullin’ my weight around here as of late- since like over half our coworkers all have quit after the crime rate has gone up after all that Stain and All For One stuff with the Heroes…” says Cariso. Retoro then sighs.


“Yea…” he says, as he somewhat agrees with Cariso’s settlement. 


“While all of that crazy stuff has been happening, many jobs around here have been suffering; the ones that cannot rely on big names to pull people in- that solely get business on the safety and shared respect of the customers. To be honest, I thought about ditchin’ this place a couple times too for the same reasons…” said Cariso.


“W-What?! Don’t leave!” said Retoro.


“Hehe, why? You gonna miss me if I go?~” asked Cariso.


“N-No! Be quiet! It’s just that… Uh… N-No where would keep a sloth like you around! So be grateful that Mr. Risako has!” responds Retoro.


“Relax, relax you stoic robot; I was joking. But ouch! What I mean is that it just crossed my mind; I can understand not wanting to work around these parts if that is all going on- especially the delivery boys…” said Cariso.


“Well, I can agree on that… But a job is a job; sometimes you have to do things you don’t wanna do to get to where you want. Like, how we all don’t wanna put up with you all the time” said Retoro. Suddenly, before Cariso could make a rebuttal, another boy peers his head through the hot table where the kitchen is- one with red-headed hair and blazing eyes- and bangs on the side of the hot plate structure.


“Get back to fucking work, Cariso! You are distracting Retoro!!!” the red-headed boy shouts as he snarls at Cariso. 


“Agh! O-Okay, I’m going to go clean up the tables near the window- I’m going!” says Cariso as he hurries up. As Cariso hurries off, and the red-headed man goes back to cooking pizza in the back, Retoro looks back over to Sero and Mr. Risako, and sees them in mid-conversation. He then looks up to the big clock on the wall, and then sighs.


“I need to go on break anyways…” said Retoro.


Chapter Text


“So kid, tell me; why do you want to work at this pizzeria?” asked Mr. Risako as he gets out a bunch of papers, and a pen. He then starts to write some stuff down on the paper as he awaits Sero’s response.


“Me? Well, uh-...” said Sero, as he starts to sweat. “ Crap! Starting off with a hard hitting question! I didn’t think this through on what I will say! I have NO experience working in a place like this! How do I win him over?... ” thinks Sero. Sero then stares into Mr. Risako’s eyes, and starts to get a chill.


I can tell… He is someone that can easily see through someone’s bullshit. But, there is also an obliviousness to him… ” Sero continues to think. 


“Well?” asked Mr. Risako.


“Oh! Um, well… * sigh *... If I am being honest Sir, I am looking for work so that I can quickly save up money- and thought that working here would be an interesting and new experience. You see, I am actually a Hero that attends U.A. High School and-”


“U.A.? Really? You are a Hero attending there?” asked Mr. Risako, cutting off Sero.


“Huh? Y-Yeah, and while I am attending I do get allowances- but I am kinda in the current need to save up with work in my free time. Is… Heroes wanting day jobs weird?” said Sero.


“Hm, well- you do not always see it happen. Usually the donations and money they get back from the Hero Association would suffice. Quite unique” said Mr. Risako.


“You speak like you know a lot about U.A. Sir,” said Sero.


“My daughter goes there. She’s not in the Hero courses though” said Mr. Risako.


“Oh, so I probably would not know her then, I am in class 1-A… S-Sorry, I don’t mean to speak on your family during an interview!” said Sero as he gets nervous. Mr. Risako then chuckles.


“No no, you are fine. I am the one that brought it up. So you are a Hero; what do you do? You gotta Quirk, right?” asked Mr. Risako.


“Y-Yes. I’m sure you have noticed my elbows; they shoot tape out of them” said Sero.


“Tape?” asked Mr. Risako.


“Yeah. It has many uses; sticking things together, grabbing things afar, transportation, and it's durable!” said Sero.


“Hm… That might come in handy…” said Mr. Risako under his breath.


“Huh? You say something, Sir?” asked Sero.


“N-No. Well, I do think it is commemorable the feat of you being able to get into that type of class, but do not think that you will be getting special treatment because of it; when you enter my store, your outside occupation does not matter to me. What matter is what you can bring to the table, and how you can further the business” said Mr. Risako.


“I understand, and I wouldn’t have it any other way,” said Sero.


“I also have you know, that currently all the other employee’s here have Quirks- including me” said Mr. Risako.


“Oh, really?!” questioned Sero.


“Yes; we might be just making pizza like regular people, but we most surely all have our ‘quirks’ so to speak. So, you would fit right in in that regard” said Mr. Risako.


“Well, that is great to hear” said Sero. He then starts to think, “ Huh, he isn't so bad! He’s kinda chill! ”.


“Right. So, then let’s cut to the chase; do you have any experience working at a pizzeria?” asked Mr. Risako.


“I-... No, Sir. I have never worked in a place like this before- or pretty much at all. So, this would be my first time” said Sero.


“I see…” said Mr. Risako as he starts to write more things down on his papers, “So, just to clarify; you do not possess culinary experience, or general work with food?” asked Mr. Risako.


“Um, n-no… Unless you count preparing meals at home or with friends. I have a basic understanding on how to cook” said Sero, as he starts to feel unsure of himself.


“Uh-huh…” said Mr. Risako as he wrote more stuff down.


 “ Yeah, I have my work cut out for me here… Look at me; someone with no food experience trying to apply for this food job! Ugh… ” Sero then thinks.


“Do you have experience doing any type of customer service?” asked Mr. Risako.


Customer service, no. But, Community service yes; since Hero work is also a lot of that” said Sero.


“Ah, so you are philanthropic” said Mr. Risako.


“I guess you could say that,” said Sero. Mr. Risako then chuckles once more.


“Interesting…” said Mr. Risako as he wrote down more information on his papers.


I… Feel like it is going well? ” thinks Sero. 


“So, tell me about yourself” said Mr. Risako.


“Well, again I am a Hero studying at U-A, and I just got my Pro-License. So, I am taking an initiative to better our community by keeping things safe. And, I wanted to interact more with our community on ways to do that efficiently” said Sero.


“Hmm…” said Mr. Risako as he continues to write.


Okay, Sero; you are doing good at pulling things outta your ass, keep going! ” thinks Sero as he starts to feel hopeful. “And… Um… I think that the qualities and characteristics it takes to be a Hero would be perfect for a position here; wanting to go above and beyond, and service the public in any way you can!” said Sero.


“I see… Relying heavily on your Hero background I see?” said Mr. Risako.


“I-I…” said Sero as he started to bite his li, “ I don’t want to rely on my Hero background… But, most of my identity IS wrapped up in me being a Hero ” thinks Sero.


“It’s all that you would know, so I don’t blame you,” said Mr. Risako as he wrote more down on his papers, “So, what position are you looking to apply for?” asked Mr. Risako.


“Um, well- I was looking for any open position you were looking for, and I would try my best to accomplish the task,” said Sero.


“Hm… Can you drive?” asked Mr. Risako.


“No, Sir. That’s one license I do not possess” said Mr. Risako.


“Hm, well count ‘Driver’ out…” said Mr Risako.


“Hehe…” said Sero as he nervously laughs.


“How did you hear about this place?” asked Mr. Risako.


“I just looked for places near me that I felt might be looking for new hires. I used the GPS to find this place” said Sero.


“I see, so you found this place on your own volition” said Mr. Risako.


“Tell me, Mr. Sero; what are your strengths? As a worker?” asked Mr. Risako.


“My strengths?... Well, I believe reliability is a great thing to search for; whether you are running a restaurant, or needing a good ally on the field. Because of this, I strive to be someone that is dependable. On top of being reliable I also want to be a leader; someone that takes initiative, and wants to make things happen. Worth ethic is important to me, so I always want to tackle every issue with the most quality” said Sero. As he says this Mr. Risako starts to smirk.


“Well, that is all good to hear” said Mr. Risako continues to write things down on his paper, “Okay then, so what do you think are your weaknesses?” he then asks.


“Huh? My… Weaknesses?...” questioned Sero.


Chapter Text

Weaknesses? He is REALLY hitting me with some hard ass questions! ” Sero starts to think, “Um… Well, if I were to say a weakness I have… It would have to be that I sometimes doubt myself. Which, I’m sure you can guess how that can be a real roadblock in my path; being my own saboteur. I also fear letting people down that are close to me. So, I try to tackle those issues head on, and persevere and find my own way” said Sero. 


“Hm… I see…” said Mr. Risako. He then flips a page in his files of papers, and looks back up to Sero. “So, do you have a salary that you would want to start off with?” asked Mr. Risako.


“Um, I am flexible.” said Sero. Mr. Risako then smirks.


“Ah…” said Mr. Risako as he started to write more down, “Well, most start out at the minimum wage, and work their way up with bonuses and raises. That alright?” asked Mr. Risako.

“Fine by me! I am still in school, so I do not get any type of wage for Hero work specifically because I just was authorized as a Pro-Hero. But, soon enough I will be getting such things if I work hard enough!” says Sero.


“What of your availability?” asked Mr. Risako. 


“I’m free around these times; in the afternoon essentially. And the night. More free on weekends; that type of thing” said Sero.


“Hehe, well we don’t stay open that late usually; only if it happens to be a day where we are either backed up or business is booming. But, a 2nd shift worker would suffice” said Mr. Risako.


“That’s good,” said Sero.


“When can you start specifically?” asked Sero.


“I can start… As soon as possible honestly. Things are a bit slow at the moment, so weekdays I have availability in the afternoons, and I’m free on weekends” said Sero.


“Okay…” said Mr. Risako. Mr. Risako then leans forward as he flips through other papers, and stays quiet for a few seconds. Sero, during this time, fidgets his legs in nervousness.  Suddenly, Mr. Risako looks back up at Sero.


“Okay, Sero- I think I asked enough out of you, so let me tell you more about this place” said Mr. Risako.


“Okay” said Sero.


“So, I’m sure you have been into a pizzeria before- or any place that sells fast food, so you should know that it is not a slow paced kind of job. Workflow fluxuates; it can be somewhat slow now, or we might have all the phones ringing off the hook and people lined up by the door. I have seen it all. It all depends on the time of day, what day, and what is happening that day” said Mr. Risako.


“Sounds like a job where you never know what might happen next,” said Sero.


“Nice description. I would say so. You also get nice regulars. But, besides that it is a hot environment, so be prepared for that. Can't have anyone dying on the job” said Mr. Risako.


“Hehe, right” said Sero.


“I was being serious”: said Mr. Risako.


“* Ahem * Y-Yes, Sir!” said Sero. Mr Risako then chuckles.


“Relax. The least that would happen to you is a heat stroke” said Sero.


“R-...Right…” said Sero.


“So, in terms of where I think you would fit in here, boy… That’s the issue” said Mr. Risako.


“Hm? How so, Sir?” asked Sero.


“Well, to be perfectly frank, son- I can’t trust you in the kitchen with the talents you told me about; or I should say the lack thereof ” said Mr. Risako.


“O-Oh… U-Understandable” said Sero.


“I know you said that you would want to be hired for any position that we have available, but I think we should not even speak upon one's revolving cooking. So, in terms of positions, you could start as a cashier perhaps” said Mr. Risako.


“Y-Yeah, I can do that!” said Sero.


“However… * sigh *...” said Mr. Risako as his eyes start to linger towards those who are working in the back, “If I am being honest, we need positions in all departments”.


“Oh?... “ questions Sero.


“You don’t need many to make this place run smoothly, but we had way more,” said Sero.


“And what happened to make ‘em leave?” asked Sero. Mr. Risako then chuckles.


“Don’t think that is something I should really discuss with someone who wants to stay and work” said Mr. Risako. He then thinks, “ ... But looking into his eyes… He seems… Different… ” 


“Oh, well I understand, Sir” said Sero. Mr. Rosako then sighs.


“Well… You are a Hero… Basically, there is a bunch of crime that happens when it gets late that gets in the way of business. Scares away customers, workers; the works” said Mr. Risako.


“W-What? Crime?! Have you contacted the authorities?” asked Sero,


“Yes, they do what they can on the streets that don't sleep. The Heroes they elect do as well. It isn’t ever enough to make crime go completely away, and you can understand that” said Mr. Risako.


“I do, Sir,” said Sero.


“But, yeah- that is basically what has been hammering away at my business as of late. Lost many delivery-boys as well” said Mr. Risako.


“Really?” asked Sero.


“Yea. N-No like they got harmed or anything, but they just quit. I at one point had to stop delivery orders all together due to not having anyone to drive- or needing those who could drive more so in store. That’s why people more than ever have to come in to get orders. But, in this industry- where many fast food places I am competing with all do deliver- it has affected our restaurants sales. And sadly at the moment, none of those guys working currently drive either. Agh ” said Mr. Risako.


“I see… Well Sir, I honestly didn’t want to use my Hero status as a thing- but I can also help with the crime problem” said Sero.


“Heh. Buttering me up saying that you will take care of the villains that affect my store?” asked Mr. Risako.


“I-... Uh… Well, I guess it is what it is, Sir” said Sero as he shrugs his shoulders.


“Hm... “ says Mr. Risako as he starts to ponder his option.


“And, while I can’t drive, my Quirk does allow me to get to places very quickly, Sir; perhaps I can make deliveries by hand?” suggested Sero.


“What- you delivering them like- on foot? You must be joking” said Mr. Risako.


“I-... Could be?” says Sero, as he starts to feel confident about his offer. Mr. Risako then stands up, as he chuckles. “... Sir?” asked Sero. As this happens, Cariso- working in the back kitchen- starts to peer forward through the lookway.


“What is the boss doing?...” asked Cariso.


“... Mind your business” said Retoro as he swats Cariso’s face back into the kitchen from the counter.


“H-Hey! Come on, man! Don’t tell me you are not interested! I wanna know if he will stay after he hears about all the good and bad of this place” said Cariso.


“Are you expecting him to reject working here?” asked Retoro.


“No. He’s kinda interesting. I would not mind working with him. He looks like someone that might stick around” said Cariso.


“Hm, well I guess we will see… Get back to work” said Retoro. Retoro and Cariso both watch as Mr. Risako goes to a table across the restaurant, and sits down. Suddenly, Retoro. starts to look puzzled.


“... Why is he sitting all the way over there during an interview? Are they done?...” question Retoro.


“... MiND yOUr bUISnESS ” said Cariso in a mocking tone, making Retoro look back at him with an annoyed look. 


“Ahem!” said Mr. Risako, as he eyes Retoro and Cariso. As they briefly catch each other’s gaze they then scurry to find things to do. Mr. Risako then sighs.


“... Sero” said Mr. Risako.


“Y-Yea, Sir?” asked Sero.


“The stack of papers I left there, I want to see you deliver them to me as fast as you can” said Mr. Risako.


“W-What?” said Sero.


“You said that you can use your Quirk to deliver. I want to see how fast” said Mr. Risako.


“I see; a demonstration for my interview… Makes sense…” said Sero. Sero then gets up from the table, and grabs the papers. Suddenly, He shoots out his tape from his elbows, and attaches it to the table that Mr. Risako is sitting at; shocking him.


“W-What?” questions Mr. Risako as he jerks up. Immediately,  Sero then propels himself forward with  great force towards Mr. Risako’s desk. Seeing this makes the others in the room not help but stare, and Mr. Risako’s eyes light up greatly.


“W-What?” questions Mr. Risako as he sees Sero whips towards him. As he does, the table gives into Sero’s force; flipping from the bottom up. 


“O-Oh no!” shouts Sero, getting scared as he is unable to stop. Sero then collides with the table side; hitting his forehead against it. “Ugh!...” said Sero as he and the table hit the ground. As Sero laid on the ground starry-eyed other customers in the restaurant started to laugh.


“Oh my gosh…” said Retoro as he turns his head in shame.


“That’s gotta hurt!” said Cariso. 


“A-Are you… Okay?” asked Mr. Risako as he fixes the table, and attempts to help Sero up off the ground. As he says this, Sero kneels up, and slams the stack of papers on the table;.


“... I-I delivered it!...” said Sero, as he thumbs-up’s Mr. Risako and grins as he starts to get a blood nose. Mr. Risako then looks at Sero completely puzzled. Then, out of nowhere, Mr. Risako starts to laugh heartily.


“You got me sold, kid. Cashier, Delivery-boy, or whatever; let’s see it happen” said Mr. Risako.


“Haha! Really?! Woohoo!!!” said Sero, as he starts to get extremely elated.


“Hired on the spot?... Wow…” said Retoro.


“Must be that desperate for workers” said Cariso. Sudden;y, they hear a banging on the stove in the back.

“Get BACK to work!!!” shouts the angry red-headed boy in the back, scaring Cariso and Retoro.