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Maybe Pre Heats don't actually suck so much

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Pre heat was a bitch, Wei Ying would never understood how pre heat almost felt worse then the actual heat itself. Fortunately for him he had a mate so his heats were no longer as painful as they used to be when he was in his teens. Despite the cramps and heat flashes Wei Ying started making his way around the house in search of clothes and blankets to begin his nest, normally he’d have a nest kept year round but the result ended up in so many lost clothes and even bigger laundry loads.

Wei Ying dragged his feet into the laundry room and picked out every piece of Jiang Cheng’s dirty clothing, from shirts to pants, socks and especially his underwear. If it had his scent it was added to the nest, even Wei Ying had to agree the underwear seemed like a bit too much to nest with. However it was oddly one of the best things to hold his alpha’s scent, along with shirts since they were so close to the strong scent glands near the neck.

Dragging off the pile in his arms higher than his head he dumped them off in the bedroom before making his way through the rest of the house for any throw blankets or even pillows heavy with Jiang Cheng’s scent. Stuffing a few pillows under his arms he carried off two throw blankets and dropped them on the pile with everything else, last would be their bed sheets which he didn’t have to move far to get.

It took what felt like hours for Wei Ying to finally get the nest how he wanted, everything was exactly where it needed to be except, one thing was missing, three things actually. Pulling himself to his knees he wobbled his way through the house to search for his alpha, he hadn’t seen him since breakfast. “A-Cheng?” he whined.

After searching the entire house with no trace of his alpha he began to worry, why wasn’t he here? Where’d he go? Fear began to eat its way into the omega, there was no way he was abandoned suddenly right? Jiang Cheng and him fought a lot but it wasn’t anything that serious to warrant him abandoning his mate.. Right?

Too caught up in his thoughts he didn’t hear the front door open, the only thing to snap him out of his fears was the overwhelmingly heavy scent of his mate. “Jiang Cheng!” Pain forgotten he stomped his way over to his alpha and tackled him, luckily Jiang Cheng was used to this and caught the two before anyone could get hurt.

“What the hell--” The rest of his words fell off his tongue when he took in the other’s ragged appearance and sour scent, he took the other by his shoulders and pulled him back to look at his face. “I tried looking for you.. I looked everywhere and I couldn’t find you!” Wei Ying cried, fat tears began rolling down his cheeks and Jiang Cheng stilled. Shaking himself out of he pulled the omega back snug against his body and stroked his back with soothing circles, giving off a calming scent to ease the other’s worry. With a sigh he rested his cheek on top of Wei Ying’s head, so much for a shower.

“Wei Ying I went on my morning run.. I told you I would start them again.. Do you ever listen?” The last sentence held no real bite to it but he quickly regret even saying it when Wei Ying began to cry harder. Damn emotional pre heat’s. The omega said something but Jiang Cheng couldn’t make any of it out through the tears and muffling of his own shirt. “Come again?”

Wei Ying pulled his face back some to stare up at the alpha and tightly gripped his shirt. “Clothes.. Give me..” With a sigh Jiang Cheng pulled back and began to remove is overly sweaty clothes, he’d never understand how his mate was so content sniffing his gross sweaty clothes. But right now he couldn’t risk upsetting the other, he’d made that mistake before and never again.

With a hiccup Wei Ying accepted the shirt and shorts from his alpha before he continued to stare up at him. Jiang Cheng raised a brow at the other before crossing his arms. “What?” The omega reached out and let a finger curl around the elastic of Jiang Cheng’s underwear. “These too..” The alpha’s face quickly went red at the request, no matter how long they’d been together this was always the one thing that embarrassed him.

Giving a groan he rubbed his face and reached down to remove his underwear, reluctantly handing it to the other. “Here…” Wei Ying’s face light up before he scuttled off to the bedroom to add the final pieces to his nest. With his mate preoccupied for at least a few minutes he quickly made his way to the bathroom for a quick shower.

After his shower he entered the bedroom in only a towel and looked at the corner of the room to see Wei Ying sitting in the middle of his nest in a daze.”Wei Ying?” No answer. He walked closer to the edge of the nest but not setting foot in without the omega’s permission. “A-Ying?” Glossy eyes finally met his and Wei Ying was quick to pout. “You showered..”

Jiang Cheng snorted and rolled his eyes before crouching down to be eye level. “Obviously, I stank.” Wei Ying gave a soft huff and looked away, cheeks puffed out in a pout. “Did not..” The alpha stood and grabbed a pair of underwear before walking back to the edge of the nest and rested his chin on his hand. “We’re not having that discussion again.” he grumbled.

Wei Ying huffed and stood up on shaky legs, Jiang Cheng was quick to stand up and put his arms out to catch the other if he slipped. “Sit your ass back down, you need your rest before your heat arrives.” The omega crossed his arms and turned his head away refusing to listen. Jiang Cheng pinched the bridge of his nose and let out strangled groan, Wei Ying was such wild card for being an omega.

He didn’t like resorting to it but with no other options and the fear his mate would hurt himself he used his alpha tone. “Wei Ying stop being stubborn and lay your ass back down. Let me take care of you, dammit.” The omega in Wei Ying shuddered at the stern voice, he held himself before easing himself back into the nest. The two were silent for a moment before Jiang Cheng sat outside of the nest and crossed his arms. “I’m sorry..” the alpha sighed and looked at Wei Ying. “I know you don’t like that, but I just want you to sit your butt down.. Let me help..”

They didn’t always say what they wanted to, they had other ways of saying “I love you” or "Please", it was something they’d been working on. But after hearing how genuine his mate sounded, Wei Ying couldn’t be mad at him, not after realizing that his alpha does take very good care of him when he’s like this. Looking over at where Jiang Cheng sat outside of his nest he gave a soft huff and reached forward to touch his wrist. “I want to nap.. Hold me..”

With permission from his mate Jiang Cheng wasted no time crossing the barrier and pulled Wei Ying to his chest, after a few minutes of moving to get comfortable Wei Ying buried his face in the others neck taking a good inhale of his comforting scent. “Thank you A-Cheng..” Said alpha gave a soft snort and kissed the top of the omega’s head. “I love you A-Ying…”

Even though the words were muffled by his hair, a smile found way to Wei Ying’s lips. “I love you A-Cheng.”