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If Time Stood Still

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"Am I seeing things correctly or are my eyes deceiving me?" was the first thing Hyunjin heard upon entering their home.

"What are you going on about this time?" he groaned while placing his coat down on a nearby chair.

"Don't play dumb with me, you know well what I'm talking about. Your goddamn face, your name, is everywhere right now Hyunjin."

"My fucking God Seungmin, are you serious right now? I just got home and this is the first thing you're really gonna bring up?"

“What's happening?" a little girl popped out behind her brother's back who was peeking his head through the kitchen while hiding behind the walls.

"I think dad and papa are fighting."

“Again?" the little boy just nodded as they watch what's happening from the corner of their eyes.

"Yes, and you should've at least expected that!"

"And what do you want me to do about it?"

"Confirm it!" Seungmin threw the rolled newspaper on his hand down in front of Hyunjin.

"You already know the actual answer. Are you telling me that you're gonna believe some false rumor that's going around?"

"That's the thing! It's spreading, Hyunjin. Spreading like goddamn fire! For God's sake, we have children and you're really out here doing this thinking no one would know!"

"But I'm not! You're so quick to believe shit right away when you don't know one thing about what's happening to me right now."

"Oh so you solve it by shoving your dick up another person's ass?!" Seungmin pressed his palms flat down on the counter that's dividing them.

"Have you got no fucking clue? You're not the only one with complications right now. I barely have time to be home every single day yet you're out in some fucking place not making enough time and effort to look after your own children." he continued.

"We should go, I think they're gonna start making a huge mess again." the little boy suggested.

The little girl followed her brother up to their room, not muttering a sound along the way.

The little girl closed their door as they both sat still on their beds.

"Why do you think they do it?" she brought up out of the blue.

"Do what?"

"Fight. Every time dad comes home, him and papa always seem to shout at one another."

"I'm not sure. I think there's something wrong with grown ups. Even in the shows and movies dad's in, there's always a fight."

"Lots of them." the little girl added.

"At least while I'm away I'm able to provide for this family."

"And I'm not?" Seungmin furrowed his brows with squinted eyes. "I expected you to be working while you're away, not fucking some random girl in your hotel room or something."

"I've already told you that whatever's going around is false. How else am I supposed to make you believe what I'm saying?"

"How am I supposed to believe what you've said when a woman was spotted walking out of your room two days ago? You were even seen going inside the building with her!"

"I think we live in a movie."

"Why do you think that?" the boy asked while cleaning his glasses.

"The families I see on tv are happy while the ones on movies are not."

"You think we're not a happy family?"

"A little. I haven't seen papa and daddy happy together in a while."

"I guess that's true. And when they are it's not even them being happy with one another, they're only happy for us."

"Ok and so what if I entered the hotel with a woman? That doesn't prove anything other than the fact we entered the place together and she left without me."

"Are you trying to fool me? I'm not dumb Hyunjin, we both know the damn well that you've been seeing that woman for quiet a while now."

"You're acting like there's still something going on between us that one rumor got your head all fucked up." Seungmin stared at Hyunjin straight in the eye in disbelief.

"I wish they would just stop arguing all the time. I don't like it when papa's sad and saying he's okay when he's crying. It makes me cry too." the little girl's voice began to tremble and she knew for a fact that tears are about to form in her eyes.

The little boy got up from his bed and made his way to his sister. He sat down next to her, patting her back as she wipes the falling tears.

"Don't cry. You know, daddy said things happen for a reason. I think they have a reason to why they do it."

"Is it the same reason for every fight they have?"

"Maybe. But we'll never know."

"How come?"

"Papa said that what happens between them and dad is not something we need to worry about."

"Just say you want to end it." the younger spat out in a hush tone.

"End what?"

"Us. Let's split up." Hyunjin stood completely still before he let out a dry laugh.

"Are you serious? You were just complaining about how I'm never around a second ago and now you want us to part ways?"

"I'm tired, Hyunjin. You and I are both tired and you know it." the raven haired male exchanged looks with the brown haired one.

"It's for the best. Like you said, there's clearly nothing going on between us anymore so why should we stay together?"

"Maybe you're right." Hyunjin sighed as his eyes wandered down at the countertop, "Maybe it is for the best."

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"Minji, Hyunmin, dinner's ready." a young maiden knocked on the children's room.

Hyunmin stood up as the lady opens the door for them. As they were about to reach the stairs, Minji took a glance on the other side of the hallway. She saw an open door with a bright light escaping from it. It was Seungmin's office.

"Should we call papa before we start eating?"

"Sir Seungmin suggested we give him time to himself. It's best we leave him alone for now."

"What about daddy?" Hyunmin added.

"Sir Hyunjin's currently not home."

"Does that mean we're eating alone again?"

The maid gave a small nod, "I'm sorry Minji."

"But it's been a long time since we've eaten with either papa or daddy."

"Hyunmin, you do know your fathers are going through a difficult time right now. They want to be left alone for the most part and there's nothing we can really do about it."

"But it's never been like that."

"Like what?" Minji confusingly asked her twin.

"Usually when daddy and papa fight, they still eat with us, sometimes only papa, but today neither of them are gonna be with us. We only eat alone when they're away."

"You heard what Miss Lee said, they want to be left alone."

"But why?"

"Hyunmin I'm sorry, but I can't give you proper answers. You two should go ahead and wash your hands." the twins ran to the washroom in the end of the hall to their left, racing to the kitchen after doing their task.

"What did I tell you two about running in the house?"

"Sorry Mama Shinyoung."


"Did you wash your hands?"

"Yes!" they nodded.

"Did you dry them?" Mama Shinyoung rose a brow.

"I did, Minji just ran here without drying."

"You snitch-"

"Hey, hey, don't fight."

"We weren't gonna, I'm just telling the truth."

"But my hands are dry now, see?" Minji walked around the counter approaching the woman to show her dry hands.

"Very well then. Go ahead and sit down, I'll have your dinner out in a second."

The two obeyed, sitting down in the right side of the table.

"Mama Shinyoung, when did daddy leave?" Minji brought up.

"Around an hour ago I believe, but I'm not that sure."

"Why does he always leave when him and papa fight?"

"Well, they both need time away from each other to try and calm themselves."

"Why can't they just say sorry after fighting? If they tell Hyunmin and I to say sorry after we fight how come they don't do it?"

"Minji, adult fights are different from how children quarells. They're more serious than the ones you two get in to."

"But they both still lead to trouble, don't they?"

"Yes they do but the trouble isn't as big for children."

"Oh..." Mama Shinyoung placed a plate and a bowl in front of the twins. They said their blessings before digging in.

Mama Shinyoung couldn't help but notice the slight glint of sadness in Minji's eyes.

"Minji, why are you all of a sudden curious about the fight? You never talk or ask questions about their other fights."

"I just think that this fight is different from their other fights."

"But fights are caused by different situations."

"I know, but I heard papa talking about a woman when Hyunmin and I left after we knew the fight was gonna get serious. What do they mean by that?"

"That what?"

"The woman, who is she? Is she daddy's girlfriend?"

"Minji, heaven's no! Why would you even think of that?"

"I just thought- since papa was mad about it- I shouldn't have asked shouldn't I?"

"It's not bad to ask but that was very concerning."

"I think she's just sick." Hyunmin butted in.

"Am not!"

"You two, what did I just say?" Minji and Hyunmin soon stopped bickering and continued finishing their dinner, "After you're done go upstairs, your bath will be ready by then. Lee will be up waiting for any one of you."

Hyunmin finished first, he bowed down and bid Mama Shinyoung goodnight. The old lady smiled and gave him a pat on the head before Hyunmin dashed out.

"Minji, I'm really concered about you." she spoke while removing the strands of hair out of the little girl's face, "You're never this quiet or upset over anything that involves your parents."

"I'm just- scared."

"Scared of what?"

"Daddy leaving us forever one day."

"Why would you think Hyunjin's gonna leave you?"

"Daddy's never home. When he is, they usually fight and daddy goes away even then. Does daddy not want to be around us anymore?"

"Of course Hyunjin wants to be around you, your brother, and your father. Hyunjin loves all of you very much."

"Then why does he leave?"

"He needs to be oftenly left alone."

"Why? Are we causing him trouble? Did we do something wrong?"

"That's something you don't need to worry about. Right now, you need to finish your dinner." Mama Shinyoung stood up and grabbed Hyunmin's dishes before going to the other side of the kitchen.

Minji was furious more than upset. She wasn't getting the answers she needed and she dislikes it when people sugarcoat things for her. She just wanted to know why.

Why her family seems to be a bush of roses.

Beautiful, yet, full of complications.


"Papa," Seungmin saw his daughter with messy hair and a hairbrush on hand hiding behind the small gap in the door

"Did you need something princess?"

"I just wanna ask if you can brush my hair." Minji looked down, fiddling with the brush.

"Of course, come in." Minji's face lit up, pacing towards the bed.

Sbe hands the brush to Seungmin who began untangling her newly showered hair. "Ms. Lee said she could do it but I wanted you to do it."


"Cause I haven't gotten to spend time with you today."

"I think that was a good idea." hearing Seungmin's words made Minji smile. "I apologize for that as well. I promise to make more time for you and Hyunmin. Papa's just been busy lately."

"We know. Mama Shinyoung keeps telling us that, but it's okay. We know that you and daddy are very busy when you're working. Work's very important so you shouldn't be sorry. And I think you're tired as well and I don't want to make you exhausted papa."

"How'd I end up with such a thoughtful daughter?" Seungmin squealed whilst pinching his daughter's left cheek.

"Maybe you got lucky?" Minji shrugged.

"Maybe." Seungmin beamed. He began to hum to a sweet and pleasing tune. One soft stroke after a note.

"Papa," he hummed. "Did daddy leave again?"

Seungmin shut his eyes for a brief second before heaving in a breath. "I'm afraid so, princess."

"Is he gonna come back?"

"Of course, this is his home, why wouldn't he come back?"

"But this is also our home."

"Yes, I know that-"

"Then why did you say this is daddy's home?"

"Well, your father did purchase this place, not me. I only moved here when we got married."

"Papa, why do you and daddy always fight?"

Seungmin stopped momentarily, hesitating to answer, "It's nothing sweetheart."

"But it isn't nothing. Whenever you guys fight, daddy leaves and you cry. I don't like seeing you cry papa, it hurts me too." Minji fiddled with the blanket.

"I'm sorry if our arguments hurt you, pumpkin. It's just that- we grown ups have reasons when we fight, just like everyone else. It's like how you and Hyunmin fight over the last cookie, or what tv show you two wanna watch. The only difference is that the ones daddy and I are involved in are bigger problems."

"I guess that's true." Seungmin smiled flatly, "But still."

"Still what?"

"Why did you and daddy marry if you guys are just gonna fight everytime you see one another? Does daddy not love you? Do you not love daddy?"

"It's not that we don't love one another, I love him with all my heart, it's just that... love isn't permanent, princess."


"It means that not everything will stay the same forever."

"Are you and daddy gonna split up? Because I don't want you guys to split up."

"Minji, why would you think of that?"

"It's just that you and daddy fight so often, daddy's never home, you guys aren't happy together anymore, and daddy probably has a girlfriend, and I don't want us to be like the families on tv."


"Please don't split up!" Minji faces her father with tears trickling down her cheeks.

"Minji, sweetheart," Seungmin embraces his daughter gently as she burries her face on his chest, "Your father and I are not gonna split up. No need to fret."

"Promise?" hearing Minji's little plead built guilt upon Seungmin.

He can't promise something that was most likely going to happen very soon. He doesn't know how to tell the children. He knew everything his daughter had let out was very much true and he had no other choice but to lie to make things simpler.

"I... promise." he pressed a kiss down on his daughter's head while stroking her hair. He too could feel liquid forming on his shut eyes trying to escape, "I promise."

"Ok, love you papa." Minji tightened the hug while Seungmin places little pecks on her head.

"Love you too princess but you should go to sleep now, it's past your bed time."

"But I'm not tired yet." Minji wiped her dry tears away.

"Minji, it's almost midnight. It's not good for children to stay up."

"But I can't sleep, papa."

"Do you want me to sing a song for you?"

"Yes please."

"Alright," Seungmin presses his back against the headboard, Minji's head comfortably snuggled up on his chest. "What should I sing?"

"Our favorite goodnight song."

"Ok, let's sing that." Seungmin begins to softly mutter words in harmony as Minji hums along.

Not long after, Seungmin could feel a slow paced puffing stomach. Drowsy lids falling down very slowly. The father and daughter stayed like that for a couple of minutes, nothing but peace and comfort filling the room.

After Seungmin was sure that his daughter was safely in dreamland, he carried her onto their room, making sure he wasn't making any sound to wake the little boy sleeping on the other side of the room.

He lays her gently onto her bed, warmly covering the dainty body with a blanket.

Before he left the room, Seungmin made sure to give both of his children a goodnight kiss on the top of their heads.

He plugs in a small nightlight and draws the curtains close, taking a good look at the brightly glowing moon shining down upon the window before turning away.

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"Papa? What are you doing up?" Hyunmin asked while rubbing his heavy eyes.

"I'm making breakfast."

"I know, but- why?"

"Can't I just make a little morning meal for my family?" Seungmin leaned in to give Hyunmin a kiss on his forehead.

"Of course you can," Hyunmin awkwardly smiled, "I just got surprised is all."

"Well, life is full surprises now isn't it? Is your sister awake?"

"I think so? She was covering herself up in her blanket when I last saw her."

"Maybe I should wake her up, it's almost ten anyhow."

"I'm awake!" Minji exclaims cheerfully.

"Goodmorning, cupcake."

"Morning papa. Are you making breakfast?"

"Surprising, isn't it?"

"No, not at all. It's just been awhile since the last time you've made breakfast for us."

"Well, expect to be fed well these upcoming days, I'm staying for the week!"

"Really?! No going out of country? No clients, no anything?!"

"Nope, none of any of that. This week, I'll try to catch up with everything I've missed and we could go to anywhere you guys wanna go to."

"Anywhere?!" Hyunmin's eyes lit up.

"Uhuh. Anywhere." Seungmin smiled smuggily.

"Is daddy gonna be with us?" Minji brought up.

"I'm not sure, princess." Seungmin answered ambivalently.

"How come?"

"Your father's kind of busy at the moment-"

"Is daddy away again?"

Seungmin pressed his eyes shut, slowly nodding his head up and down.

"Where has he gone to?" Hyunmin was now concerned.

"I'm not sure myself. Mama Shinyoung tried to contact him, so did Miss Lee. I even asked the guards if he has come back but they got nothing."

"What about you, papa? Have you tried looking for daddy?"

"Minji, let's just say your father's not gonna be around for a while." Minji froze in place.

"So it's true..."

"What's true?"

"Papa and daddy are gonna split up-"

"No they're not." Hyunmin laughed, nervously. He looked at his stunned sister and back to his father, "You're not."

"Hyunmin, it's not-"

"She knew and I didn't?! Why? Why are you guys gonna split up? Are you guys not happy together anymore?"

"I-I just kinda guessed that they were. I didn't really think they're gonna split up- Papa, say you aren't and tell him that I was wrong."

"Minji, as much as it breaks my heart to tell you two the truth, your father and I are going to get a divorce." the whole room fell in silence. Seungmin couldn't even look at his children without the guilt built upon him. "I'm sorry."

"No, please don't papa!" Minji jumped down from her stool, hugging Seungmin legs as she cries. "We don't want our family to be broken up!"

Seungmin began to cry as well. The little girl kept begging and begging her father to tell her that their parents weren't gonna seperate ways. Pleading that they should stay.

Seungmin reached down to hug his crying daughter, trying to calm her down even when he himself is tearing up.

Hyunmin was just lost for words.

The atmosphere of the room suddenly changes when Seungmin's eyes lands on his husband, who was standing in the kitchen door frame, watching what's currently happening. "What's going on here?"

Minji let go from Seungmin's grip and ran towards Hyunjin, "Daddy, please tell papa that he's lying and you guys aren't really gonna split up!"

Hyunjin looked down at his mess of a daughter and back to his husband. Seungmin didn't bother on trying to face the other, he knew what was gonna happen afterwards. He knew Hyunjin was gonna lie to the children and he knew what was gonna happen once the children are all calm and quiet.

Being with Hyunjin used to be a dream. Seungmin would be on cloud nine just by the sense of Hyunjin being around him. Now, every minute spent with his husband was a nightmare. If you leave the two of them together in one room, they would most likely try to slit each other's throats out- or ignore one another. Not saying one word to the other.

"Of course, papa's just joking." Hyunjin tried to silence his daughter by carrying her and gently rubbing her back. "We're not gonna seperate."

"Promise?" Minji sobbed.

"Promise." Hyunjin then places a small peck on her head, gently wiping the falling tears down on her rosy pale cheeks. "No more tears, okay?"

"Okay." the little girl smiled.

"Well, I did not expect you to be home so early."

"Good morning mama Shinyoung." Hyunjin greeted as he places Minji down.

"Nice to see you again, Hyunjin. Now, why don't you two just sit down, I'll have breakfast settled."

"No, mama, it's ok-"

"Actually, that'd be great. I've been meaning to talk to Seungmin anyhow."

Seungmin places the whisk down in an irritated fashion. He already knew where this was gonna go.

"Can't I at least make food for my children? It's been a real long time since I've been able to."

"Seungmin, I'll have it handled, don't worry." Mama Shinyoung gives Seungmin a small signal, telling him to talk to Hyunjin with her eyes.

Seungmin sighs in defeat. "Alright, but I'm making dinner and no one better complain."

The children laugh, "We won't."

Seungmin smiles, admiring the bright and smiling faces that were just disturbed a little while ago. As his head turns, he already saw Hyunjin gone.

"I'll be back before you guys know it. Don't eat without me." Seungmin squeezes the twins cheeks before he started walking back up to their room.

He contemplated whether he should go inside the room or not. God knows what was gonna happen on the other side of the door, but he knew he needed to face his husband one way or another.

"What is it that you wanted to talk about?" Seungmin asked straightforwardly.

"Why did you tell the children?"

"They needed to know sooner or later-"

"And it couldn't have been later?!

"They already knew this was gonna happen."

"And how do you know that?"

"Last night Minji was crying to me about how she didn't want us to split apart. They started speculating things when they saw what happened in the kitchen yesterday, or maybe longer than that."

"You can't say that. Why couldn't you have just made something up?"

"Have you got no brain? You just witnessed your daughter bawling her eyes out a minute ago and you're telling me that I should've lied?!"

"Yes! It would've been better off that way!"

"Better off that way?! You really are a heartless being, Hwang Hyunjin. A cold, spineless, and selfish one at that. You only care about yourself. How you feel and how it affects you. You've never cared about anyone or anything. Everything always has to be about you and you only."

"You're the one to talk. Your dumbass couldn't have kept a simple situation to yourself. Everyone always has to know. You're talking about how I hurt people just because I could "care less" about them when in reality I'm doing it for the sake of keeping them safe! You, on the other hand, can't refrain yourself from talking. What do you think they're able to do? Save you? Do everything for you? The only thing you're getting from doing all that is attention. But who can blame you? That's all you've ever wanted."

"The attention. I like the attention?" Seungmin scoffs.

"And was I wrong? You've always wanted people to be on your side, to defend you, to care for you when you had it all. You know, I hated it when you did that. But now I understand."

"Understand what?"

"You're just a needy bitch." Hyunjin caught hold of Seungmin, aggressively pressing his lips onto him.

Seungming tried pushing him away but Hyunjin's already got him trapped on their bed.

"Hyunjin- stop. Hyunjin I said stop!" Hyunjin didn't listen to any of Seungmin's whines. His lips travelled from Seungmin's jawline down to his neck and collarbone.

At this moment Seungmin didn't want it. He didn't want any of it. He didn't like the idea of Hyunjin pretending nothing's happening between them. He hated the fact that Hyunjin would take the opportunity to use moments like this to take control over him.

"Please stop! Hyunjin, please! Stop it- Get off of me!" Seungmin was able to push Hyunjin off by his chest, backing away from him in fear.

"So it's like that?"

"You're a monster..." Seungmin trembled.

"You're just weak. You've always had the tendency to push people away and I should've expected that. Doesn't it run in your family?" Hyunjin placed his fingertips under Seungmin's chin.

"You're fucking vile." Seungmin whispered, not making any eye contact with the other. He sat there in gaze. Eyes welling up in tears. "I can't believe you would even stoop that low."

"It's just the truth, sweetheart. It hurts, whether you like it or not." Hyunjin placed a small peck on the younger's lip before he got up and left the room.

Seungmin rested his back against the bed's headboard, hugging himself while letting his tears stream down.

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"Mama Shinyoung, how come daddy and papa didn't eat breakfast?"

"Yeah! They said they were gonna eat with us!" Minji meddled.

"I'm not sure, but they'll be going somewhere while you guys stay with your uncle Felix today."

"Ooh, maybe they're going on a date, and they'll finally apologize and everything will be okay again!" Minji cheerfully exclaims, throwing the doll she was currently brushing the hair of away.

"I hope so too. Their fight is making me sad even thought it doesn't look like it does."

"Now, now. What did we talk about last night?"

"We know, it's just that it really is sad. Why do grown up fights have to be so serious?"

"And take forever to finish? Minji and I just fight for minutes before someone breaks it up and forces us to say sorry."

Minji nods, "Yeah, and how come they can't do the same?" she scoffs, "Adults are so weird. They tell us to do things because it will make our lives better, but they don't even do what they tell us to do."

"They do make lives a bit better, but it doesn't always work for everyone." Mama Shinyoung explains.

"I'm just hoping that by the end of the day our family will be back to normal." Minji shrugs.

"Are the twins done getting ready?" Miss Lee pops out from the door.

"Yes they are." Mama Shinyoung answered as she adjusts Hyunmin's coat.

"Alright then I'll take them downstairs, your parents are waiting." Minji held on one of Miss Lee's hands with Hyunmin following along.

"Bye mama Shinyoung! See you later!" Minji waved.

"Bye!" Hyunmin added.

"Bye and have fun with your friend."

"We will!" the twins responded.

"Miss Lee, who's driving us to uncle Felix's?"

"Your dad is, from what I know."

"Didn't mama Shinyoung say they were going out though?"

"They are, they're just gonna drop you two off."

"I wonder where they're going. Do you know where they're going?" Hyunmin asked.

"Sorry Hyunmin, I don't."

"Maybe we could ask while we're in the car." Minji suggested.

"Let's try. But I have a feeling they won't tell us."

"Of course they won't. They always talk about something else rather than answering our questions."

"Why do they do that? Why do adults do that?"

"Maybe it works the same way as adults not doing what they tell us to do."

"What? It makes things better?"

"That's what mama Shinyoung said." Minji could hear her brother huff.

The children were able to see their fathers from the windows, but both seems to be ignoring one another and it made them worried.

"Don't tell me they fought again." Minji complained, "I'm tired of it!"

"It's like we can't have a day without hearing them fight or argue."

"From the looks of it they didn't fight." Miss Lee initiated, "They probably just got into an argument."

"It better be. I don't really want to hear them fight the whole ride." Hyunmin muttered.

"There you guys are." Seungmin's frown suddenly disappeared, "Thank you Lee."

The young lady nodded, "Have a safe trip sir Seungmin, sir Hyunjin." she bows before heading back.

"Alright, let's settle you guys in-" Seungmin was about to lift Hyunmin up until he held his hands out.

"No, we can do it."

"Oh? Can you really?" Seungmin teased.

"Yes really! It's just buckling up, and it's not that hard to get up the booster seat." Minji added.

"Well, then I'd like to see it."

"Ok!" the twins ran towards the car, aggressively pulling the doors out but they were locked.

"Woah there, careful with the car." Hyunjin laughs at the sight of his children trying to pry the car doors open. He eventually presses the remote to unlock the car and the twins hurried into their respective seats.

Minji was the first to successfully fastened her seatbelt while Hyunmin caught up a few seconds later.

"See?" they boasted.

"So I do." Seungmin places his hands on his knees, squatting down to the car door's height, "My babies are growing up."

"We're not that old!"

"Yeah, besides, we're only five."

"But only for one more week." Hyunjin cut in as he enters the car.

"Oh right-"

"It's our birthday next Thursday!" Minji shouts.

"See, you're growing up!" Seungmin restates whilst positioning himself into the car, "Great, now it's raining. I'll be back, I'll just get an umbrella."

"Don't, there's already a spare one in the trunk. Is everyone settled in?" Hyunjin asked, looking at the rear view mirror.

"Yes." the children answered.

"Ready?" he turns Seungmin.

"Yeah." the other responded but his eyes were down on his phone.

Hyunjin leaned in on Seungmin's left ear and whispers, "I'm sorry, okay?"

"I know, you've told me already. Can you just drive? I want the children to enter Felix's home dry."

"I will in a second but why does it seem like you're not accepting my apology?" Hyunjin places hungry pecks onto the side of the younger's neck.

"Because I don't. And, can you quit it? I told you to stop touching me, especially with the children around." Seungmin harshly whispered.

Hyunjin's head turned to its side to see the children's faces in shock. Eyes widened, cheeks flusterred and jaws slightly agape.

"Eew." was all Hyunmin could say.

"You weren't supposed to look!" Hyunjin innocently played along.

"I told you they're ok again!" Minji squealed quietly.

"No they're not."

"Yes they are! Why did daddy kiss papa's neck then?"

"Because he can." Hyunmin answered snobbily, "Besides, that's not kissing."

"It is too!" Minji fought back.

Hyunjin smiles upon hearing the children's small conversation.


"Yes princess?"

"You love papa, don't you?"

"Of course I do angel, why'd you even ask?"

"Because you guys always fight and it makes it look like you guys hate each other. Why do you guys fight so much if you love one another?"

"Minji, adults fight for different reasons. We just don't fight over little things like-"

"I know, papa told me last night. Even mama Shinyoung explained it to me when I was having dinner."

Hyunjin was now getting a bit concerned about his daughter. It isn't normal for a five year old to be mildly affected about the relationship between her parents. Or, so he thought.

"Sweetheart, is it okay if daddy asks you something?"

"Of course."

"Minji, I can't help but notice that you seem to be very jittery about what's happening between us grown ups, you seem to be a bit bothered as well. Is there something you really wanna talk about but feel like you can't?"

"How did you know?"

"From the looks of it, you look like you have so many things to say. You know, you can always tell us right? Both your papa and I."

"Can I really?"

"If you'd like."

"Okay," Minji prepared herself by taking a deep breath before she could continue, "After hearing and seeing you and papa fight so much I started to think you guys are going to split up because that's what most parents do on tv."

Both Hyunjin and Seungmin now had their full attention on Minji. Hyunjin especially.

"Every time you come home, the first thing you and papa do is argue and fight. Always. Then yesterday, on our way up to our room, I heard papa say something about a woman. I thought you were cheating on papa after hearing that, and you've gotten a girlfriend and that you would leave us."

Minji's words felt like a needle to the heart. Each sentence was like pulling strings of emotions, playing around with them as if they were a puppet.

Seungmin was trying to hold himself from crying because he'd figured that he's cried more than enough for the week, but it still didn't stop him.

Hyunjin noticed the other was trying his best to not make his tears obvious, which failed miserably, but he too was beginning to understand his husband's pain. It was unpleasant. It hurts.

"But today you said you guys aren't gonna split up so I guess you guys do still love one another. I don't know why I was so sad about everything, I guess I was just afraid that we're gonna be torn apart."

"And we won't be, never will."

Seungmin's lifted his head up from surprised. There was no way those words came out from Hyunjin's mouth.

"Hyunjin, what are you-"

"I'm sorry if daddy's been a dick. I'm sorry for always being rude to your papa, and I'm sorry for making you and your brother feel isolated."

The entire family was now focused on Hyunjin. It was rare for any of them to hear Hyunjin open up, let alone, apologize.

"Daddy really didn't mean to hurt anybody, especially your papa, but life is hard right now. The world is going against me and that's why I've been acting like a selfish ignorant. Truth is, I don't want to lose any of you from my life. Ever." Hyunjin placed his hand on top of Seungmin's. Lacing their fingers together.

"You guys mean so much to me, and I'd go insane if I lose any of you." he tried to laugh without making it seem like he's weak. "But I guess it's too late for that now, isn't it?"

"What's too late?" Hyunmin interrupted.

"You know how you guys are going to your uncle Felix's house? And how your papa and I will be out for the day?"


"Seungmin, I should've listened to you at the start. It's better to get this over with sooner rather than later." Hyunjin brought Seungmin's hand up to his lips, tears dripping along around the spot where he left the kiss.

"Hyunmin, Minji, your papa and I... we're-"

"DADDY WATCH OUT!" Minji yelled in horror as a trailer truck was heading right towards them.

Before Hyunjin was able to drive away from the incoming vehicle, he was a little late to do so. Ending up for both the family's car and the truck to stumble upon a steep cliff.

Chapter Text


"- Au-august. Was that right papa?"

"Yep! Now, let's put them all together." the little girl nodded.

"My na-name is Seo Yoobin. I am five years old and my birthday is on August nineteen, two thousand twenty-six."

"Very good!" the freckled face made his way to the other side of the table to hug his daughter.

"Did I do well on it papa?" Yoobin holds her paper up with words written in English.

"You did more than well angel, you did great!" the father and daughter touch noses as he pecks the little one's star dusted rosy cheeks.

"Love, can you come here for a second? It's urgent."

"Oh?" Felix stood up, dusting his pants in the process, "I'll be back, you just stay there okay Yoobin?"

"Yes papa." Yoobin went back to eating her fruits while coloring as Felix leaves the kitchen.

He stopped by the living room when he saw his husband making his way downstairs. "You needed me?"

"Love, I really don't know how to break this to you." the older one stood in front of the younger.

"W-what's going on?" Felix began to worry.

"Promise me not to panic." the older held on the younger's shoulders.

"You're making me nervous, just tell me-"

"Please tell me you won't panic. Please."

"I'm confused- Changbin, tell me what happened-"

"Felix, it's Seungmin."

"What about Seungmin?"

"His family, they got into a car accident. A severe one. They apparently crashed with a truck which caused for both vehicles to end up in a ditch on a nearby forest."

"Are they alright?" Felix's words trembled.

"Their car was found underneath the truck. The family is being brought to the hospital right now but are in a really bad condition. We're not certain about whether they will make it or-"

Felix clung himself onto Changbin. He began to break down. The other was sure that his shirt would be drenched in tears in any second now but it didn't bother him.

"They'll be okay. They're gonna be fine." Changbin repeated as if it were a mantra, placing gentle kisses on top of the younger's head.


Hyunjin woke up in pain. He felt like his whole body had been stabbed by several daggers, inside and out. He tried to sit up but it hurts to do so.

"Oh, I advise you rather not try."

"Why not? I need to see if my family's okay." Hyunjin managed to speak up.

"They're currently being treated. We assure you that they're fine, Mr. Hwang."

"Where are they? Where's my husband and the twins?"

"Mr. Kim-"


"- is situated three rooms down. The children, however, are still currently being operated."

"Still? I don't understand- how long have we been here?"

"You were brought in around eight hours ago-"

"Then why are the children still being operated? Shouldn't they've been fine by now?"

"Mr. Hwang, I'm afraid I'm not the right person to discuss this matter with."

"What do you mean?! You're a nurse! You have every right to know about your patients current state, that's your job. What do you even get paid for?!"

"Easy on the maiden, nation's actor." a brown haired male walked in, "I'll handle him." he tells the nurse, who immediately walked out.

"What the hell are you doing here?"

"In case you haven't noticed, this hospital's under my family's name."

"Right, well, your employees are shit."

"Not from what I've seen they're not. Now, I'm here to talk about you and your family's current situation and condition."

"Ok... since when the hell did you become a doctor? Better yet, you've earned a PhD?"

"Glad to see you haven't changed. And yes, I do have a PhD but that's besides the point. Can you also keep your temper under control?"

"I have no idea whether you've noticed but my family and I were just in a car accident. How the hell am I supposed to keep it under control?"

"First, you don't have to be so aggressive about everything. Secondly, yes, I have noticed that your family was just in a car crash. I actually have some news about them."

Hyunjin didn't care about the stings he received upon jolting up from the bed, he just wanted to know how his family was doing. And what he wants to hear is along the lines of they're doing fine.

"I don't know how to tell this to you properly, but I'll just say that I've got good news that are slightly unfortunate." Hyunjin was about to speak up until he was interrupted by the doctor.

"Look, before you say that we're doing a shitty job because you're receiving news that is slightly unfortunate, I need you to understand and cooperate with me for a second."

"How'd you even know I was gonna say that?"

"Really Hwang? You really think your former best friend would forget about how you are?"

Hyunjin pursed his lips before exhaling, "I guess you're right. The former kind of hurt though."

"Well, I guess that's just how life goes. So, about your family. They're all okay now, they're gonna live, you can take the weight off your chest. Seungmin's now resting, he'll be awake at any point of day now."

"Okay, that's nice to hear. What's so unfortunate about it though if they're all fine?"

"Hyunjin, it's the twins that we have a problem with."

"Oh, so things aren't fine? What the hell, Jisung? That's not unfortunate. If there's a problem it most certainly isn't unfortunate. It's a bigger deal. I should be more than concerned-"

"Calm down. Like I said, the twins are gonna live. It's just that they fell into a coma, both of them. We don't know for how long but I can confirm that they'll get to see another day again."

Hyunjin sat in silence. He was glad knowing that they're all safe but he's mad at himself for getting them into such situation.

"You alright Hyunjin?" the said name hummed in response. "You spaced out."

"Oh... yeah, I'm fine." he gave out a small smile.

"You know," Jisung sat down in a couch near Hyunjin's bed, "If you need to talk to someone, I'm always here to listen. I know we're not that close as we used to be, but I still consider you as my friend. I still care about you."

"So I can open up to you without you judging me?"

"Since when did I judge you about opening up?"

"I don't know, since middle school?"

"Well, I'm more serious now. I'm a mature, responsible adult now. I've grown, I'm a man." the two fell into laughter.

"No, but seriously, I won't judge you. If you wanna cry, cry. If you want a hug, I'll give you one. You're a human too. You have feelings like everyone else and I'm not one to mess around with them."

"Dr. Han," a nurse strolled in with a medical cart, "You're needed in room 109."

"Alright." Jisung exhales as he stands up, "Make sure Mr. Hwang here gets his wounds cleaned up. Also, he's able to roam around if he'd like."

"But sir, isn't he still in need of-"

"He just needs to be careful with his neck, but other than that he's okay." Jisung changed the tone of his voice, making it a bit more stern, yet soft.

"Yes doc." the nurse bowed down.

"Wait, am I not discharged yet?" asked Hyunjin.

"No, you will need to stay for at least two days before you're fully dismissed."

"I see."

"If you need anything you could always call for a nurse or me."

"Like I'd need anything from you." Hyunjin scoffs as Jisung mocks.

"I'll be out and going." Jisung bids.

"Sir, I'll need you to look at this direction so I could replace the bandage on your forehead." Hyunjin did as what he was told.

"Uh, didn't Jisung say I'm able to roam around whenever I wish?"

"Well, yes-"

"I'd like to see Hwang Seungmin."

"But sir, your wounds-"

"Forget about the wounds- and- can we take whatever this is off?" Hyunjin was about to remove the tape on the back of his hand until the nurse got hold of his hand.

"Sir, I'm afraid you can't take the IV off. You'll need to commute with it around. It might give you some slight discomfort, but it's the only way we're able to let you walk around freely."

Hyunjin didn't protest any longer and gave in, "Fine. Let's just get this over with, quickly."

"Okay..." the nurse mumbled while cleaning the wound on the right side of Hyunjin's neck.

Hyunjin hissed at the pain.

"I'm sorry." the nurse apologized.

"It's fine, it's not your fault anyhow." the nurse smiled.

"I know this isn't really my place to say this, but you shouldn't let fame get in the way of the ones you love." she spoke.

"I- How'd you know about that?" Hyunjin asked in shame.

"It's everywhere on the media. I heard about it on the news during my morning shift yesterday. You've got a beautiful family, sir. You've practically got a perfect life. If I were you, I wouldn't take any of that for granted and I know you wouldn't too."

"I wish I could say the same thing. I didn't know how lucky I was to have everything I've got in life until a couple of hours ago. My daughter really had to open my eyes for me." Hyunjin chuckled in a low tone.

"Children are truly one of life's mircles. But please don't be too hard on yourself. Anyone could've done the same thing." the maiden helped the other stand up, guiding him to where his husband was located at.

The nurse opened the door and from behind Hyunjin could see the other peacefully at rest.

"Dr. Han said that you shouldn't be standing up for so long, I'll need you to-"

"Is it alright if I sit by him?" Hyunjin cut off.

"I suppose. We'll just need to find a more comfortable seat."

"Any chair is fine, I just want to stay by my husband's side."

The nurse nods, bringing a chair that was situated near the door next to the patient's bed. "Is there anything else you need?"

"No, that's all. Thank you." Hyunjin thanked.

"If anything ever comes up, tell us. If there really isn't anything else, I'll be taking my leave." the nurse bows down before leaving.

Hyunjin turns his body to Seungmin's direction. He held on the younger's hand with his free hand, kissing it like he did before the unexpected happened.

"I know you might not be able to hear me right now, but I just wanna say sorry for everything. Truth is, today was an awakening for me. I'm not saying that because of what just happened, I'm saying it because I now truly understand my actions and how wrong I was." Hyunjin sighs.

"What happened today was horrifying and I do not want to experience it again. I know it was just karma coming back at me but he could've done it without dragging the rest of you into it. It's my sin, it's my own wrongdoing. I deserve to be in the position the twins are currently in and eventually die in the process." Hyunjin has his head down on the extra space beside Seungmin's arm.

"I deserve to die, but I guess neither hell or heaven wants me so they made me stay. I can never forgive myself for everything that I've done but Seungmin, darling, all I'm asking from you is to give me another chance." he loosened the grip on their hands.

"Give me another chance to redeem myself. I'll prove that I can change. I'll be a better husband from here on out. I promise I won't waste a second of it. I promise to give you the love you deserve. I'll become the best father for our children and I'll quit acting. I'll quit the show business as a whole if it means I get to have you and my family back."

"Okay." a hoarse voice was heard, the grip was tightening. Hyunjin looked up to see a slightly smiling Seungmin.

"But you don't need to do all that. Just show me that you'll be a different person from who you were before is enough. Prove to me that you'll be a better father and husband, and maybe you'll have me back in your arms."

Chapter Text


Friday: March 16, 2018

"And that concludes the end of the debate. It comes with a heavy heart to see one team down, but as we all know there can only be one." the class secretary conveyed as her eyes wandered around the room.

The room was becoming more tense, with the class representatives discussing about the matter mixed with the bickering of the students in the jury.

A couple of minutes passes by, the murmurs from the students were getting louder until it was interrupted by the sound of the gavel.

"Everyone please settle down. The people have spoken and I've got the results." the room sits in silence, attentively giving their attention to the front of the room.

"Bringing this meeting to an end, the student council has settled into giving some of the school's profit to the art departments rather than the athletics." once again, the room was in a quarell.

The secretary again uses her mallet to gain the attention of the audience, "Meeting ajourned." she officially concludes.

Several students can be heard celebrating and some complaining from a distance. The rest of the student council were just in relief that the whole thing was over. Several members giving a slight pat on each other's back and congratulating the winning side.

"Congratulations on winning." the president of the senior class held a hand out.

"Oh- uh, thank you." the vice president happily accepts the other's hand, gently shaking it.

"Though I have to say that it was a tad bit unfair."

"Excuse me?" the vice president's eyes pierced through the other.

"I'm not saying that your side didn't deserve to win, I'm just saying that we've given better points than you guys have." the tall male chuckled.

"And just when I thought you were actually sincere about something." the younger scoffed, hauling his hand away from the other's grip. "You could've just ended it without adding any cocky remarks."

"Ah, but that's where you're wrong. They're not cocky if they're right."

"In which they aren't. You know what, I don't even know why I bother with you, nor do I have the time to argue with you. I'll just gladly take my leave, along with the victory my people and I have earned." the younger exits the room with a now irritated mood.

As he walks out, he was greeted by an awfully cheerful friend of his.

"Can you believe we actually won against the athletes and the class president?! It was like a double win in one- what's with the long face? Min, aren't you glad that we've won?" the freckled face asked in concern.

"I am, it's just..." the other stopped momentarily.

"It's just?"

"Hwang Hyunjin! He's getting on my nerves again! He said he's not saying that we didn't deserve the win, because we do deserve it-"

"Oh. What's so bad about that? He's surprisingly being nice for once."

"Yeah, that's what I thought so too, until he continued going on about how it was kind of unfair, and that they've got better points than we do. He might've just as well said that he thinks they deserve the money more than we do."

"It's just Hyunjin being Hyunjin, don't think too much about it." Felix hummed with a smile.

"I guess you're right. It's not that big of a deal, we won anyhow. I'm not gonna let a stupid argument ruin the first hours of my weekend."

"Do you wanna grab something to eat before we go? Changbin has late classes tonight."

"Sure, I need to cool off before I set foot in our home." the two suddenly stopped their tracks as they were greeted by rough wind slapping their faces, "Spoke too soon. And- it's raining? Seems like we're having a storm."

"So we can't go? I was actually looking forward to having frozen yogurt."

"Who said a little rain could stop the start of our weekend? I've got an umbrella back in my locker, it's big enough to fit the two of us."

"Thank heavens." Felix heaves as they turn to go back to Seungmin's locker. "Do you have a lot of homework to do over the weekend?"

"Of course I do, why did you even ask?"

"Because, Mr. all AP classes, Changbin and I are watching Love Simon tomorrow and I just wanted to know if you wanna go."

"Why would you bring me along to your date? I don't like being a thirdwheel, it's too awkward."

"It's not a date date, Minho's also gonna be with us."

"Why is Minho going with the two of you in the first place?"

"He's the one who asked if we wanna go. He apparently knew I wanted to watch it so he asked Changbin if we wanted to join."

"Why would he even ask Changbin to see a movie with him when he knows he's got a boyfriend?"

"You ask too much questions." Felix grabs the umbrella out of Seungmin's locker, "He already bought two tickets. Apparently, him and Chan were supposed to watch it but you know the other."

"Always has plans."

"What? No! I mean- sure, he's always busy, but it's because he's dating your brother, doofus. I get that they're best friends and everything, but your brother and Chan had probably already planned on watching it one day."

"Or he's actually being a responsible college student and is not letting anything get in the way of his studies."

"He's a music major, what does he need to study about? The history of the lyre?"

"You make my head hurt, let's just go before this storm gets worse. We could probably catch the next bus if we speed walk."

The two got to bus stop just as soon as the bus arrived. Thankfully, there wasn't a long line of teens waiting to get home like it usually does and they were able to find a warm seat near the bus's exit.

It only took around ten minutes for them to reach their destination and they were able to enter the place dry, though what they did not expect was being greeted by a crowd.

"Hi Minho!" they made their way into the cashier.

"Hey Lix, Seungmin. What brings the two of you in this fine dining on a lovely afternoon?" Minho spoke elegantly, making the boys in front of him laugh.

"We're just here to grab a quick snack, maybe stay for a little while, then we're heading home." Seungmin spoke.

"Busy day today, why is that?" Felix blurted.

"No idea, maybe it's because of the new flavor we just got."

"Which is?"

"Yakult. It arrived on Monday, and since it's now the weekends, I guess people finally have the time to be able to try it."

"Is it good?"

"Duh. It's Yakult." Felix answered, "Since when did anything Yakult flavored tasted bad?"

"One bottle leaves my mouth dry, imagine a whole frozen treat."

"It actually is pretty good, the hype is well deserved." Minho added. "You should try it. It won't leave your mouth dry, trust me."

"Alright but can we sample it first?" Seungmin asked.

"Sure." Minho nods, grabbing two tiny cups from the storage underneath him. "You better not rip that cup open and fill it with a whole serve of yogurt like you did last time. I was lucky enough that I didn't get in trouble because it was my first day."

"That was just Felix, don't drag me into it."

"Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do. Plus, it's free. They don't charge you for how big your sample is."

"It's a sample. You're only suppose to fill it within the capacity of the cup."

"Whatever, let's go try it Min." Felix pulled the other into the machines.

They waited a few seconds before they could actually get to try the new yogurt flavor.

Felix hums, "I like it, I'm getting this. What do you think?"

"It's good but I'll stick with mango and vanilla for now."

"Let me guess, no toppings?" Seungmin nods. "Boooriiing."

"I don't want the cause of my death to be "ate too much sweets". Besides, it's not like candy and frozen yogurt go together anyway."

"But they do! Don't they Min- oh." Felix was caught by surprise when he felt arms wrap around his waist and a head resting on his shoulder.

"They do." the male spoke, placing a peck on the younger's cheek.

"What are you doing here? I thought you had classes?" Felix turns around, hugging the older one.

"I do, classes start in two hours. I just came by to grab something to eat before I go, didn't expect to see you and Seungmin here."

"So, you're hungry and you decided to come here?" Seungmin bluntly stated.

"It's the only place that immediately popped up in my head. Besides, I had a feeling this one's gonna be here." Felix awes at his boyfriends gesture.

"You two are sickening."

"Jealousy isn't good Minnie." Felix sang.

"Who said I was jealous? I'm just tired of dealing with the two of you in public."

"Uhuh." Felix didn't buy any of Seungmin's words.

"Alright, get your cups, I'm paying for the both of you." Changbin releases from the hug but didn't let go of Felix's waist.

"Wow Lix, you've gotten yourself quiet a sugar daddy there, haven't you?" Minho teases from afar.

"Shut up!" Changbin yells back.

"You guys embarrass me." Seungmin cringes, grabbing a cup while walking away from the two.

"For that comment, my boyfriend will not be paying for your treat."

"Don't be selfish Lix. He's just kidding Seungmin."

"I know." the brown haired teen turns around to face the two, "Your boyfriend's bad at acting."

"That's rude." Felix pouts.

"See what I mean?" Seungmin raises an eyebrow.

Changbin looks to his right to see the younger trying to look mad, but is obviously failing. He laughs and gives the freckled face another kiss on the cheek.

"I'm guessing you want the Yakult one?" Changbin asks, "I overheard your conversation when I just arrived."

"It's not okay to eavesdrop, Binnie."

"I don't consider unexpectedly hearing things as eavesdropping." Changbin says while filling Felix's cup with Yakult flavored yogurt.

"I guess that's true. Can I have gummy bears with that?"

"Two scoops?"

"As always." the younger smiles, now wrapping his arms around the older's waist.

"Felix, if you don't let your boyfriend do what he needs to do so help me I will throw this cup at you. I'm hungry."

"Okay, chill." Felix lets go.

"Leave your cups at the scale, you guys can find a place to sit at." the two oblige.

"Isn't Changbin the greatest?" Felix exclaims.

"Yeah. Glad to see that the two of you are actually in good terms after what happened last year."

"Let's leave that in the past, shall we?"

"Here you go. Plain mango vanilla mix for Seungmin, a carnival dessert for this kid right here." Changbin places the cups down.

"Thank you." Seungmin bows.

"Much appreciated!" Felix snuggles as the older sits next to him, taking a spoonful of the younger's treat. "Hey, that's mine! Get your own."

"How long are you gonna stay here? Aren't your classes starting soon?" Seungmin asks.

"Nope." Changbin shakes his head, "I'll head back once you guys go home. You know, I could drop the two of you off. The sun's about to go down anyway."

"Sounds like a plan to me." Felix speaks up.

"I'll pass."

"Why?" the couple exclaims in unison.

"I live like fifteen minutes away. Besides, the rain is already stopping and you've payed for my food, that's already a lot. Thanks anyway."

"Alright, but if your mind ever changes, just tell me."

"Speaking of which, I should head home. Consider this a small date." Seungmin stands up.

"Already? But we've only been here for like ten minutes." Felix whines.

"I'm giving you guys some time alone, be grateful."

Felix was about to talk back but ends up blushing at his friend's word, "I hate you."

"No you don't. Catch you guys later." Seungmin bids.

"Bye Minnie!"

"Thanks for the yogurt again, Changbin. Bye!"

"You're welcome. Get home safely!" the couple waves in which Seungmin waves back.

He was prepared to open his umbrella but then he realizes that the rain had completely stopped. The only drops that can be heard are the remaining water from roofs, overfilled gutters, and maybe shop signs.

Though it was only nearing five pm, the sky was getting darker and the wind was blowing stronger, strong enough to make his cheeks feel numb. He shivers for a second, hurrying towards the pedestrian crossing before it hits zero.

A couple of minutes later he's already far from the plaza. He turns right and sees the community park. It was quiet, the playground untouched, and no elders seating on the benches. The only people seem to be there are people with dogs.

He must admit, he's never seen so many dogs in one place all at once. There was around ten dog owners, a couple chatting with one another while their dogs are just obediently waiting for their owners to start walking them again.

It was a delightful sight to see dogs in raincoats and tiny boots. Seungmin had never seen them outside of commercials and advertisements.

As he passes by the park, Seungmin was about to cross the street until he hears a loud honk coming from his right.

It was a delivery truck coming towards, from what Seungmin could tell, a little child at full speed.

The child was frozen in place, probably too scared to move. Seungmin ran as fast as he could, telling the kid to quickly move but the kid wasn't listening.

Thankfully enough, luck was on their side because as soon as Seungmin grabbed the child, the truck passed by them. They stumbled on the ground and Seungmin could hear the child crying along with the truck finally stopping with a screech.

The driver of the truck comes out from the vehicle, quickly jogging towards the minors on the ground. "Are you two alright? I was trying to stop my truck as soon as I could but she just came out of nowhere."

"It's alright, I think she's fine, overall I think we're okay. Thanks for the concern."

"Should I take you two to the police station? The child's parents looks like they aren't present."

"Please no." Seungmin heard the little girl pleaded, "I don't want to go to the police station."

The driver and Seungmin looks down at the child whose head was down on the teenager's chest.

"I'll have it handled. She seems to be afraid of the police. I'll try to contact her parents."

"Alright. Well, I'll be going. Be safe out there."

"We will. Thank you." the man pats Seungmin on the shoulder before running back to the truck.

As the truck drives away, Seungmin tries to get up but the little girl was still holding onto him.

"Hey, it's okay. You're okay now. Did you hurt yourself?" Seungmin tried to take a look at her but she was too busy crying. Instead he scanned her arms, they seem to be fine so do her hands.

"Is it alright if I take a look at your face? I wanna know whether you're injured or not."

"Okay." the little one sniffs.

She removes herself off Seungmin, allowing the male to crouch down to her height. The little girl was wiping her tears away, while Seungmin was observing her face.

"You look okay. Are you hurt in any way? Any scratches or bruises you might have?"

"No. I don't have scratches or bruises." she answers politely.

"Can I ask where your parents are?"

"I- I don't know where they are, I just woke up in a bench in the park when I felt water dropping on me. I don't even know where I am. And I don't want to go to the police station because they might just take me in." the little girl looked down on the ground.

"You're scared of the police?"

"No, I just don't like going to a place full of them."

"Do you want to come with me so we can track your parents? We might be able to find them."

"My papa said I should be careful around strangers."

"Well, do you feel like you can trust me?"

The little girl finally faces Seungmin. She takes a few seconds to look at him. Seungmin caught her eyes widen for a moment until they went back to the ground.

"Yes, I can trust you." she answers. The teen warmly smiles, placing his coat around the kid.

"I'll bring you to my house, it's not that far from here. My mom probably already has dinner ready. You could stay for the night, if we aren't able to get any contact from your parents. I promise I'm a nice stranger. I won't do no harm to you." Seungmin held his hand out.

"I know." the little girl smiles, holding on to Seungmin's hand as they started walking. "Anyone who looks like my papa seems like they're nice people."

Chapter Text


Friday: March 16, 2018

"Rough day?"

"I guess." Hyunjin shrugs upon meeting his best friend while walking to his locker.

"I'm just gonna go ahead and guess that it had something to do with the debate. The art students won didn't they?"


"I had a feeling." the shorter male shrugged.

"I just don't get it."

"Don't get what?"

"Why the school board suddenly agreed on putting the swim team aside with nationals coming up. We can't even get sponsors, not with my parents disagreeing."

"I'm more confused about that more than the art department winning. Both your parents are filthy rich, yet they don't want to pitch in. Why's that?"

"You already know my parents want nothing to do with one another."

"What about the companies you model for?"

"Need I remind you, I model for high end clothing companies, not sportswear, meaning I can't get sponsors even if I tried."

"Why not?"

"They can't sponsor people just like that, they're too prestigious for that, they're the elites of the fashion industry. And, I didn't sign any of the contracts, my father did."

"Why not your mother's company?"

"Again, I work with high end companies. Brands that can only be seen during fashion weeks, not the local mall. The company my mom's family founded is one of them. Besides, my mom works with children's apparel and her business is only a branch under my great grandfather's establishment."

"Yeah, I did not get any of that." Hyunjin sighs while placing several books in his bag. "I still don't understand why your father can't sponsor you."

"He runs a news media company, get the memo!" Hyunjin began to playfully hit his friend with a rolled loose paper on top of his head while the other tries to cover himself.

"And so? What does that have to do with anything?"

"Everything! Their company is also one of the networks that will be broadcasting the event. They have a policy in which none of the programs can represent their own blood, which I understand because you know, rigging the scores and stuff."

"Your father would never do that though."

"Who knows?" Hyunjin sighs with shut eyes, closing his locker at the process.

"You mean to tell me that you don't trust him?"

"It's not that, it's just- my father's a very discreet man, unpredictable even. Do you need a ride?" Hyunjin switches the subject.

"Nah, I'm going to the studio. Chan said he's got another song written out for our next album."

"Why don't I drop you off? I've been meaning to see him anyway. I need to update him about what's been happening with the team ever since he graduated."

"I'll just tell him. I can sum it up in a word."

"Which is?"

"Failure. The team's a failure."

"Hey, we're not failing, we just don't have a place in nationals."

"Yeah, but when he was still here you guys were able to attend nationals without breaking a sweat! Wanna know why?"


"He was able to obtain sixteen gold medals in his entire high school career, winning three in his freshman year. Which, may I add, has never been done before. And that's just nationals. He was the district's gem!"

"I know, that's why I look up to him." Hyunjin's hand tightly gripped on a strap of his backpack.

"To think, our school went from being the feared competitors to barely making it to big events. Go figure." Jisung laughs dryly.

"I get it, our team's fucking trash."

"Don't say that, you guys are just lacking. Hell, the team has you and Choi San."

"Just San. He's the only one holding the team together, he's our backbone. You should've seen the other schools faces during regionals. They were really intimidated by him."

"I mean, who wouldn't be? Just looking at him makes my knees go weak."

"Don't worry, he's approachable. He's actually very soft and caring, the guy has a plushie collection."

"Really?" Hyunjin hums in response, "How do you even know about that?"

"He's very open to the team. He'll also listen to you if you need to get things off your chest. I knew voting him for captain was a good decision."

"Isn't he also the captain for the volleyball team?"

"Yeah, he also does taekwondo and he dances."

"Wow, ain't he the whole package?"

"He really is. Kinda makes you wonder how it feels like to be that talented, doesn't it?"

"What do you need to wonder about? You're just as talented as him."

"He's more impressive than I am. He can do all those things and still maintain his position as one of the top five in the school rankings."

"Yeah but from what I know he isn't the class president nor is he number one."

"He might as well be."

"Jesus fuck dude, brighten up a little! Stop being so hard on yourself. You're the smartest person in our class and our president, you're succeeding in life!"

"Thanks." Hyunjin manages to smile flatly.

"Thanks? Just thanks?! I don't want you to thank me, I want you to acknowledge what I've said. You're a great man, you're more than what people makes you out to be. Get that through your thick skull."

"Thanks Sung. I appreciate everything you've said, I really do. Think you can talk to the heavens to stop this rain?"

"What rain?" Hyunjin steps to the side, letting the other catch a glimpse of the weather outside.

"I'm guessing you'll be taking up on my offer of giving you a ride?"

"Looks like I'll have to anyhow. You got an umbrella?"

"I was just about to ask you the same thing, but I think we both know the answer to that. We'll just have to run through it."

"Great, we're gonna be soaked by the time we reach the student parking. Why'd we even go out this way?"

"Because this is the easy way out. We can go out to where the gym is if you-"

"Yeah, yeah- let's go that way." Jisung hurries back inside, hugging himself from the cold.

"Didn't I tell you to wear a thicker jacket? You're freezing."

"I told you, I don't own any jacket that is thick enough and that will go well with this outfit. If I knew the weather was gonna be like this, obviously I would change clothes."

"Don't you check the weather app?"

"I could ask the same for you."

"I did bring an umbrella, I just left it in my car."

"What type of dumbass decides to leave their umbrella inside their car if they knew the weather was gonna be like this?"

"This dumbass apparently." Jisung groans, rolling his eyes along with it, "Aye, in my defense, I arrived when it wasn't raining yet so you can't blame me. And, it completely slipped my mind."

"Whatever, let's just hurry before the rain gets worse. I don't wanna get there looking like a handsome mess."

"Sometimes I wonder where you've gotten your confidence from, because as far as your family goes, none of them are egotistical- aside from you." Hyunjin laughs.

Jisung huffs, catching up to the other, "I don't even know why I bother complimenting you. You don't deserve my generosity."

"You, generous? I'm the one saving you from the storm here."

"Aye, I didn't ask for you to drop me off."

"Yeah but I'm too nice to leave unfortunate people dying in the rain."

"Wow." Jisung uttered.

Hyunjin smiles, ruffling his friend's hair in an annoying fashion. "Youngest first."

"No, you go first. Your tall enough to block me from the rain."

"The rain doesn't pour down from the horizon, fool. Get in front of me."

"Why? So you could cover me with your broad ass upper body?"

"That's exactly what I'm gonna do." Hyunjin pushes the younger out. He removes his coat and raises it above Jisung's head. "You okay there buddy?"

"Y-yeah, just don't get too close!"

Hyunjin laughs, "Don't get ahead of yourself, it's not like I'm gonna hide you inside my coat. Or would you rather we do that?"

"No! I mean- no. This is fine." Jisung exclaims, face burning up from the embarrassment. "Can we just hurry? This is getting awkward."

"What, you're suddenly uncomfortable?"

"Yes! You're my best friend for fuck's sake, I can't afford to catch feelings for you."

"And why's that? I'd make a great boyfriend."


"I was just playing." Hyunjin opens the door, letting Jisung huddle inside his car.

Hyunjin positions himself in the driver's seat. He looks over towards his best friend, who was fiddling with his fingers.

"Your face is red. That conversation really messed with you, huh?"

"What? No it's not." Jisung snaps out, turning his head towards the window.

"You're adorable when you're flusterred, you know?"

"Can we move on to a different topic, please?" the younger pleads.

"I'm just saying that it's rare for me to see you acting in such way. Usually you have a front face. I've been your friend for a very long time-"

"Since we were twelve to be exact."

"Yeah and even throughout those years, I still find it strange when you get flusterred because you seem to be different from regular old Jisung."

"What does that even mean? Of course you'll find it weird when I get flusterred because I don't get shy easily." Jisung sinks in his seat, "This is honestly the most awkward conversation the two of us has ever had. Usually our carpool conversations are full of laughing and venting."

"Why do you even find it awkward? This is just like our other conversations."

"But it isn't. It's like you're flirting with me, and that's not an everyday thing, Hwang Hyunjin. You're the one who gets flirted on, not the other way around."

"Well one of us had to do it." Hyunjin mutters under his breath.

"What?" Jisung rises up, giving his full attention to the driving male.

"What do you mean what?"

"What you just said- you're intentionally flirting with me?"

"I thought it would be obvious by now."

"You're actually flirting with me? Like, flirting flirting?"

"Do you know any other type of flirting?"

"Wait- so you're not playing or joking around?"

"No Jisung, I'm not playing or joking around." Hyunjin chuckles.

"But why?"

"Why what?"

"Why are you flirting with me?"

"Are you actually that dense?" Hyunjin kept laughing, relaxing his head and back against his seat.

Jisung lowers his head, playing with his fingers once again. "For how long?"

"Around six months ago during Changbin's birthday party before he moved out of his parents's place. Remember that one dude Chan said was his best friend and brought him to the party?"

"Lee Minho?"

"Yeah, him. When he asked to dance with you, I kind of got jealous. Especially when he was holding on to your hips, it's like he was grinding on you or something."

"Hyunjin, gross." Jisung giggled.

"I'm serious."

"Is that why you pulled me away when he asked if I wanted to have a drink with him?"

"Yeah, and I thought he was gonna drug you or something."

"As much as I appreciate you for looking out for me, he told me himself that he wasn't gonna put anything in my drink, not even alcohol. Chan also said that he's one of the nicest people he's ever met. The guy's got no bad intention."

"Oh- well, I'm sorry anyway."

"It's alright. As cheesy as this may sound, you were just being a true friend so thank you."

"So... I guess we're staying in the zone?"

Jisung nods. "It's not that I don't like you, I actually really do, I just don't think I'm ready for a relationship right now. I hope you can understand that."

Hyunjin smiles, placing a hand on top of Jisung's hand, "I'm willing to wait."

Jisung smiles back. At that point Hyunjin's heart had already exploded. He places a hand in between Jisung's jawline and ear, gently caressing the other's cheek with his thumb.

Jisung melts at Hyunjin's gesture, eyes slightly closing, the soft smile was still plastered on his face. Hyunjin wanted nothing to ruin the moment. He knew this will only be a one time thing until they actually become a thing, if they ever will.

Hyunjin eventually took his only chance of being able to kiss his best friend. Jisung's eyes fluttered open, Hyunjin expected him to retract from the kiss but instead the other went along with it.

It was only supposed to be a kiss. A small little peck. Their tongues weren't meant to be involved, arms shouldn't be around one's neck, just like how hands shouldn't be cupping the other's face.

They both knew they've been wanting this. It was a guilty desire for both. Now that they're doing it, it felt surreal. It was as if time stood in place.

However, reality isn't always sweet. The two jumped at the sound of a car beeping from behind. They stared at each other for a second, eyes creasing and once again falling into a fit of laughter.

Hyunjin goes back to driving, and for the rest of the ride he didn't let go of Jisung's hand. Not a little later, they soon arrived at the building where the studio was located.

Hyunjin parks across from the building, since the one infront was already filled. Jisung decided to stay for a quick moment, eyes focused on the free hand on his lap.

"I just want to say that I didn't regret any of what just happened. I'm actually glad you made the move. Is it okay if we don't put a label in our relationship just yet?"

"Well, technically, we aren't in a relationship yet."

"You know what I mean." Jisung lays his head on Hyunjin's shoulder, "Can I get a kiss again? It doesn't have to be on the lips."

"I thought you said no more kisses?" Hyunjin teases.

"Just one more before I go, please?"

"I hate how I can never say no to you." Hyunjin lifts Jisung's chin up, placing a peck on his lips, nose and forehead. "Happy?"

"More than happy." Jisung smiles.

"Maybe we should make it official." Hyunjin suggested.

"One day we will." Jisung kisses the older on the cheek before heading out.

Hyunjin sat completely still, a grin slowly forming on his face. He still can't process the thought that all that just happened within the span of minutes.

He watches Jisung jaywalks to the other side, waving goodbye to the male inside the car, in which he did in return. Jisung heads in and Hyunjin drives off later on.

It took around thirty minutes for the city to disappear from Hyunjin's sight. The light was quickly dimming and the rain had completely stopped.

Hyunjin's reached the area where his neighborhood was located, but as he was approaching the gate he was greeted by a person running across the road, causing for him to hit the brakes in such a haste.

He waited for the person to appear in front of his car in light of seeing them alive. However, whoever was passing by gave no response. This worried Hyunjin, he was sure he didn't hit them so he gets out of his car to check on what happened to the person.

Hyunjin expected for the person to be laying down unconscious on the floor. He didn't expect the person to be young child.

It was a little boy. He was crouched on the ground, shaking while covering his head.

"Oh god-" Hyunjin squats down to the boy's height. Placing his hands on each side of the child's shoulders. "Are you okay?"

The child removes his hands from his head, nodding for an answer. "Are you able to stand up?"

"I think so." the little boy stood up, slightly wobbling in doing so.

"Okay, thank god, you're alright." Hyunjin sighs in relief. "Where are your parents?"

"I- I don't know."

"You don't know?" the little boy nods again, "How'd you get here then?"

"I just woke up in front of a fountain in the park over there. I tried to find where I live but I remembered I needed a car to get inside the gate."

"You live here?"

"I guess so. The gate looks like the one we go through before we could reach our gate."

"You might be a child of one of our neighbors. Here, I'll bring you to my house for tonight so tomorrow morning we could start searching for your family." Hyunjin offers his coat to the child but he backs away.

"My papa said to never accept anything from strangers."

"Well, I'm not those types of strangers. You can trust me, you'll be safe with me."

The little boy was conflicted, "You promise?"

"Pinky swear." Hyunjin holds a pinky out.

The boy smiles, locking pinkies with Hyunjin. "Let's keep going then so you can switch out of those clothes. I'm sure they still have some of my old clothes when I was kid lying around the house."

As Hyunjin was about to secure the little boy's seatbelt, the kid refuses once again. "I can do it mister, thanks for the help."

"Oh- uh, you're welcome." Hyunjin closes the door, going around in front. "Are you okay back there?"

"Yep." the boy raises his thumb up. Hyunjin starts the car and as they were entering the neighborhood, the kid decided to speak up.

"You know mister-"

"Hyunjin, you can call me Hyunjin."

"That's funny, I was just about to say that you remind me of my dad."

"How so?"

"Well you both do pinky promises, you look like a better version of him, and you two are both named Hyunjin. Isn't that weird?"

"That's weird indeed... what does your dad work as? I could ask my parents if they know who he is so I can locate your home."

"Oh, he's an actor."

"Really? I didn't know a celebrity lived in our neighborhood, let alone a celebrity with the same name as me. Is he working under a pseudonym by any chance?"

"What's a sudo-name?"

"It's basically a different name people use to hide their real names."

"Oh..." the kid was confounded. "No, he doesn't have a different name. His name is Hwang Hyunjin and that's his only name."

Hyunjin stops his car for a brief second. "His name is what?"