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Prayers Answered

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You see him coming towards you and you think, “This is it. I’ll finally be asked if I want to buy a watch like in all the TV shows.”

He walks into the streetlight and you see him. You recognize him as Luna Sea & X Japan’s Sugizo, but you’re reluctant to make assumptions. Why would he be in this random alley? Maybe he’s just a cosplayer.

It’s when he opens his coat that you realize it’s him. “Do you want to donate to support Syrian children?” he asks. You’re kind of disappointed that it’s not watches, but the situation is surprising enough that you’re satisfied with it.

You donate some money and he does a little spin for you. His coat slaps you like a hide cosplayer’s wig did in the train station, but you don’t care because it’s Sugizo.

He leaves, and you think about what just happened. It’s the first time in your life you feel that you might have spoken to God.