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undo it (minsung)

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“chan..” jisung croaked out.

he didn’t know how he was even able to speak.

chan didn’t reply.

all jisung could hear was a sigh from the other line.

“jisung, i told you. i don’t want to talk.”

“fine, but at least let me know what happened to my best friend!”

“and you still have the nerve to call him your best friend?”

jisung heard a ding, the called had ended.

jisung had decided that chan was an asshole, but he was even worse.


why could he hear voices.

no, that wasn’t a monitor was it?


it was.


minho didn’t want to be back here.

he had never hated people doing their job more than he did right now.


it had been a few weeks since minho’s attempt. chan visited him everyday. he had even taken minho’s phone to make sure that he got the rest he needed.

there was no sign of jisung.

minho didn’t know if that was a good thing or not.


jisung didn’t know how many times he called minho’s number.

so he started doing the only thing he could think of. writing a song to apologize.


“chan. please just give me my phone.”

“minho, you need to rest. you could’ve died, please don’t take on too much.”

“if this is about jisung, get over it. let me use my phone.”

chan didn’t give it back and minho didn’t want to tell him that he wasn’t happy about not dying.


my sungie 💕 (7:16 pm)
i miss you

me (7:17 pm)
stop texting him

my sungie 💕 (7:17 pm)
chan? seriously?
he can handle his own phone
stop keeping him in a cage

me (7:19 pm)
fuck off jisung.
you shouldn’t be talking.



a nurse had given minho an envelope. his name was written out in red pen.

to minho,

i can’t believe
you’ve got my questioning an answer machine

another chance is all I’ll ever need
and I swear that I’ll forever be yours

‘cause I apologise about a thousand times but
i can never undo what I did, what I did to you
and I can never rewind every time that I hear the truth
i been taking it back to what we had
don’t know how to react if I lose you

you gotta let me undo it
you gotta let me undo


me (6:55 pm)
why are you wasting your time on me?

my sungie 💕 (6:55 pm)
i love you minho
i wish i could undo everything
i wish I could have seen how much you were hurt
i could have helped

me (6:56 pm)
i told you not to blame yourself

my sungie 💕 (6:56 pm)
i know.
but i do

me (6:58 pm) jisung
come see me
i don’t care what chan says

my sungie 💕 (6:59 pm)
i’m on my way minnie


“i love you minnie”

“i love you too sungie.”

jisung knew that this wasn’t a magic cure. it wouldn’t be the last time he held onto minho to make sure he wouldn’t leave.

but that’s okay.

they had each other.