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Come Get Y'all Omegaverse (BNHA/MHA)

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Shinsou hated being away from his alpha for so long, moreso now that they were both in the hero course. He could smell Shoto absolutely everywhere; the training grounds, the locker rooms, in the hallways for christ’s sake! Not that he didn’t like his fellow class B students, they had become a sort of family for him, but…

“Hey Todoroki!”

…class B wasn’t the problem. He forced himself to keep himself quiet as he watched the green-headed omega and his floaty beta approach Shoto, engaging in friendly conversation. They’re just being friendly, he had to remind himself. Still, he gripped his lunch tray tighter and followed his classmates over to the normal table.

A growl bubbled from his throat as he continued to watch the interaction, getting him a strange look from Monoma.

“You got an engine in there?” Monoma quipped, poking him with the blunt end of his fork.

Shinsou didn’t answer, just growled again when he saw Midoriya place a hand on Shoto’s arm. Shoto didn’t appear to take the hint, laughing along with something the gravity girl had said and following them over to their own table.

“It’s not their fault you’re both idiots.” Monoma nudged him again, finally getting him to look over.


“You haven’t told anyone about you two besides me, and I’ve kept my mouth shut.” Monoma stated proudly, sitting up straighter.

“For once.” Shinsou grumbled, picking at his food. It was true, he and Shoto had agreed on keeping their relationship on the low after Shinsou had expressed his nervousness about his omega status being found out.

“Hey!” Monoma pouted. “Listen, you want people to stop flirting with him? Tell people you’re his beta, that’ll – “

“That would just encourage more omegas fawning over him.”

Monoma huffed, crossing his arms. “Well, what are you gonna – “

“I don’t know!” Shinsou’s head fell into his arms, a frustrated groan escaping him. “I don’t know, Neito, I – “ he stiffened, a strong sweet smell permeating the air from where he’d last seen Shoto.

His head shot up, eyes narrowing when he found the source. He didn’t blame Midoriya, Shoto was definitely a desirable alpha, but damnit he was HIS. A low rumble started in the back of his throat as he stood up, ignoring his friend’s sputtered words behind him. He stalked over to their lunch table, catching Uraraka’s eyes. She gave him a confused look before her eyes widened in understanding when he leaned forward against Shoto.

“Oh, hello Shinsou.” Shoto greeted, turning around briefly to give him a small smile. “Would you care to eat with us? We were just talking about – “

“Shoto.” he rumbled, pulling his boyfriend to his feet with a rough tug. “We have plans. Now.”

“Wh – !” he didn’t give Shoto a chance to finish his thought, dragging him out of the cafeteria out to a secluded corner of the campus, stopping once he was sure there was no one else around. “Hitoshi, what is this?” Shoto asked sternly, folding his arms in front of him.

“You didn’t even notice what they were doing. I know it’s partially my fault, but damnit you just let them – “

“Let them what? Talk to me? I’m allowed to have friends, Hitoshi!”

“Yeah but friends don’t court each other!” Hitoshi exploded, hands going into his messy hair. “Do you know how horrible that felt, watching that omega try to spread his scent all over you?!”

“Court…” Shoto frowned, eyebrows furrowing. “Midoriya and Uraraka…?”

“Yes, they were trying to court you!” Shinsou said exasperatedly, starting to unbutton his shirt.

“Ah, what are you doing?”

He looked up to shoot a glare at Shoto, violently sliding his pants and underwear off in one swipe.


“You’re going to claim me, right now.” Shinsou demanded, the way Shoto was eyeing him up shyly already sending heat to his groin.

“Hitoshi, I know you’re angry about what just happened, are you sure you – “ he cut Shoto off with another glare.

“Alpha.” he barked out, bracing himself against the wall of the building and thrusting his ass out towards Shoto. “Your omega needs you. Now.” he stared back at Shoto, breathing hard in anticipation.

He didn’t want to think of what he would do if Shoto refused, because by all rights he was being very unreasonable right now even considering everything that had happened. He could’ve calmly talked the misunderstanding out with his alpha instead of demanding to be fucked, but here he was and there was no going back.

Shinsou let his forehead fall against the wall, dreading every new second that passed. Shoto was going to leave. And he should’ve guessed as much, he was being such an ass of an omega right now, he should be following orders like a good b –

“Ah!” he cried out as something warm and wet dragged across his entrance, squirming around to try to get a good look behind him. “S-shoto?” he whined when he felt the tongue enter him, keening when a hand began stroking his thigh comfortingly.

“Yes, Hitoshi?” Shoto purred, standing up to nip at Shinsou’s ear. He pressed his still-clothed crotch into Shinsou’s needy hole, wetting the front of his pants – not that he seemed to care.

“A-alpha…” Shinsou whined, fumbling behind him to try and undo Shoto’s belt. He heard a low chuckle, followed by the clinking of metal and a zipper, soon feeling a large intruder prodding at his hole.

“Do you want me to – “ Shoto began, Shinsou shaking his head quickly.

“No prep, I need you right fucking now – nnh!” Shinsou winced as Shoto slid in slowly, the slick he’d built up over the past few minutes only able to help so much. It burned, but god was he ready to be filled. He whimpered, pushing back against his boyfriend, trying to get him to start actually fucking him.

“So needy…” Shoto smiled against his neck, littering it with kisses and teasing his teeth over the sensitive skin just below Shinsou’s ear.

“Stop playing around,” Shinsou growled, taking matters into his own hands and starting to thrust himself against Shoto’s cock “if you don’t start – aah!” he gasped as his thrust back was met with one from Shoto, driving his cock deeper into his ass. “God, just like that…”

“Mm, just that?” Shoto teased, keeping his pace slow. “If you say so…”

“N-no!” Shinsou whined, struggling against the hands pinning him to the wall. “S-shoto please – “

“Please what?”

“Fuck me!” he shouted in frustration, sending a weak glare behind him. “I want you to fuck me, mark me, make me yours for everyone to see! Is that so fucking hard?!”

He felt Shoto’s breath catch in his throat, and gasped himself when his lover’s pace quickened and his hands moved from holding his arms to gripping his waist with bruising force.

“Y-yes, god yes,” Shinsou panted out, squeaking when Shoto’s mouth latched onto his neck once again, this time leaving bites and sucking small hickies along his skin. “F-fuck, Shoto I’m – “

“Shh, I’ve got you.” Shoto whispered, driving his hips hard against Shinsou’s.

Shinsou whined, only able to hold himself at this point and take Shoto’s cock slamming into him deliciously deep. It wasn’t long before he was cumming, Shoto following closely behind with a harsh bite to his neck. He didn’t know if he cried out or not, he was much too focused and absent-mindedly rocking back against his alpha in the afterglow of his orgasm, turning around to nuzzle against him affectionately.

“I’m officially yours, and you mine.” Shoto whispered, holding Shinsou tightly to his chest.

“Mm…” Shinsou hummed happily, almost giddy as he noticed their scents mingling together, much stronger than they’d ever been. Subconsciously, he reached up to gingerly feel the bite Shoto had left on his neck, unable to keep himself from grinning when he felt the punctures with his fingertips.

“Was I too rough?” Shoto mumbled into his hair, rubbing Shinsou’d back slowly.

“M mm, next time be even rougher.” Shinsou chuckled as he felt Shoto’s left side heat up, knowing if he looked up he’d find his alpha blushing up a storm.

They weren’t technically late to class, they both made it back from lunch just as the bell rang, but they did receive strange looks from their classmates. Shinsou exchanged a knowing smirk with Monoma, who clapped him on the back before sitting down at his own desk. Shoto, on the other hand, spent the majority of the period sending hurried notes to Midoriya and Uraraka, embarrassedly explaining that he was already in a relationship. They apologized profusely, agreeing to still remain mutual friends.

Shinsou waited for Shoto when the day ended, giving him a look.

“So, my heat’s in a few days – “

“Hitoshi!” Shoto flushed bright red, dragging his boyfriend out into the hall. “You shouldn’t say things like that so freely…”

“What? Just thought I should let my alpha know. Y’know, so you can prepare and all that. Oh, my room’s on the third floor of the dorms by the way.”

“Why would I…oh…” if possible, Shoto blushed darker, putting his hands over his face in embarrassment.

“Is that a no?”

“N-no, I…you’re going to kill me, Hitoshi.”