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Come Get Y'all Omegaverse (BNHA/MHA)

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“Could you be any slower? We’ll never make it home at this rate!”

Katsuki knew it was partially his fault, he’d agreed to take the bastard on a hike for whatever fucking reason – oh, right, Kirishima had cancelled on him. Bastard.

Why the hell hadn’t he just stayed in his apartment?! It wasn’t his fault that quirk-stealing asshole had overheard their conversation and butted in, in fact that was a common occurrence around the agency. Monoma, Butter-in-er of Conversations, the Ninth.

“Remind me why I invited you again? Oh wait, I didn’t.” Katsuki growled, flicking Monoma a glare.

“Because I’m such a charming alpha to have around~” the man winked, throwing an arm around Bakugo’s shoulder. “And you are simply a delectable omega who just so happens to be all on his own – “

“You fucking wish.” he snarled, shoving Monoma off of him. Was he hot? Yeah. Was he also an unbearable pretentious asshole? Yeah.

Did that make Katsuki want to fuck him any less? No.

“Oh, but I know for a fact that you’re single!” Monoma chirped happily “I just so happened to overhear our colleagues talking you and, well, I don’t mean to brag, but Eijiro himself said that you two weren’t a thing. Seeing as he’s the closest person to you, one can naturally assume that you have no alpha~”

“Don’t need one.” Katsuki huffed, stepping out into the parking lot.

“Hm, yes, but,” Monoma suddenly grabbed his waist, pulling Katsuki against him “do you -want- one?”

Katsuki couldn’t suppress the shivers that ran up his spine at Monoma’s lustful whisper. Of course he didn’t need an alpha, Ground Zero answered to nobody but himself damnit! But the thought of Monoma telling him what to do, the thought of acting like a ‘proper’ omega for once…it sent his mind racing.

“Well, I can still drive you home.” Monoma shrugged, walking off towards his car. Katsuki trailed behind, lost for words. How the hell was he being so calm about that, especially after what he’d just done! Practically moaning into Katsuki’s ear like that – christ. “Stop.”

“Eh?” Katsuki scowled, hand hovering over the passenger side door. “Fuck you mean? How else am I ‘sposed to get in?”

“If you want me to drive you home, JUST drive you home, sit in the back.” Monoma said nonchalantly. “Otherwise…”

“What, you’ll leave me stranded here?”

“No~” Monoma purred, leaning over the front of the car. “You can always sit in the front if you want~”

Katsuki eyed him warily. He had a pretty good idea that Monoma was hinting at what he’d said before. Sitting in the back was still an option, he reminded himself. Plus, he was definitely stronger than that stupid fucking alpha, if worse came to worse he could always blast himself out of the situation. Right. Stupid fucking alpha. Stupid handsome sexy alpha. Fuck.


Nothing happened for the first fifteen minutes of the car ride. So much nothing, in fact, that it had Katsuki almost squirming in his seat. Had he read the situation wrong? Was Monoma actually just being an ass, had his offer just been a joke? He huffed. Even if it was, the view from the front seat was still pretty nice. He could see that they were heading back into the city soon, the highway signs said they had about –

“Fuck’re you doing?” Katsuki demanded at the hand on his arm.

“Mm, believe it or not I’m driving.”

“I mean your fucking – nevermind.” he wasn’t sure if he was pissed at himself for not moving his own arm, pissed at Monoma for not moving his hand, or just pissed in general that it had taken this long for anything to happen. Probably all three, to varying degrees.

Monoma chuckled, keeping his eyes on the road. Another few minutes passed, and Monoma’s hand began to wander. It ended up resting on Katsuki’s thigh and, as much as he glared daggers at the alpha next to him, he didn’t entirely mind it.

“Oi, you just passed my…” Katsuki stared at Monoma as they whizzed right by Katsuki’s apartment complex. “The hell…?”

“I didn’t say who’s home I was driving you to.” Monoma said with a twinkle in his eye. “I think you’ll find my place much more enjoyable anyway.”



It was alright. Nothing fancy, but it looked comfortable. And smelled amazing, goddamn being around Monoma had given him a little bit of a sense for his scent, but good lord his apartment reeked of it – and Katsuki was loving it. God, since when had Monoma’s scent made him get wet? Since when had ANY alpha’s scent got him wet?

“Oh? And just what is it do you think we’ll be doing here?” Monoma raised an eyebrow, sniffing in Katsuki’s direction. He smirked, walking over to the omega in his doorway and pulling him inside properly. “Tch tch tch, naughty boy, you know it’s impolite to assume.”

“Who said I was assuming anything?” Katsuki said defensively, crossing his arms. Like hell Monoma could smell his arousal, he had to be bluffing. Even if he was though…he had been right. Katsuki had expected them to…er, for Monoma to…

“Y’know you’re cute when you’re trying to think.” Monoma smirked from the couch. He patted the seat next to him, stretching out on his own cushion. “Come.”

“I’m not some fucking dog.” and yet, Katsuki followed his instructions, sitting down next to the alpha a bit stiffly.

“Never said you were,” Monoma whispered, bringing himself closer to Katsuki “but you can still be a good boy, can’t you?”

His tone had Katsuki holding back a whimper. Fuck that was hot.

“Good boys get treats, after all…” Monoma drew a finger down Katsuki’s side, leaning more into his space “…do you want to be my good boy, Katsuki?”

“No promises I’ll be good.” Katsuki growled, grabbing Monoma roughly and ramming their lips together. He’d been waiting for an entire fucking 45 minute car ride for -something- to happen, and goddamn it if Monoma didn’t want to make the first move then Katsuki would. And did.

Katsuki gasped as his crotch was grabbed just as roughly, holding back a whine at Monoma rubbing over his cunt.

“F-fuck…” Katsuki breathed, looking into Monoma’s suddenly stern eyes.

“You are only to move when I tell you to.” Monoma said, beginning to unbutton Katsuki’s shirt. “Understood?”

“Whateve – nh!” he winced as one of his nipples was tweaked. “Fuck you – ah!”

“The proper response,” Monoma purred in his ear “is ‘yes sir’. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir bastard.” Katsuki growled, gasping as Monoma pinched his other nipple and bit his collarbone. It didn’t feel deep enough to draw blood, but fucking god yeah that definitely hurt a bit.

“You’re a disobedient one.” Monoma scolded, motioning Katsuki up off the couch and into a different room. “Don’t worry, I can work with that.”

Katsuki scoffed, deciding to leave verbal responses to a minimum for now. Monoma ordered him to undress, which he’d normally make some snide remark to but honestly, his cock really did need to be free from its prison.


“Yeah yeah, I’m – oi!” Katsuki yelped at the slap to his ass, falling forwards onto the bed.

“That’s close, but I want you on top of it not hanging off the side.” Monoma chided, jabbing his side. “Up.”

Katsuki grumbled, but sprawled out on his back across the bed. It was nice, especially with an emerging pro hero’s salary. Pretty squishy, lots of give to the mattress, and some soft blankets –

“No, turn over.”


“I said turn over. Don’t make me repeat myself again.” Monoma’s voice was dangerously low, and Katsuki eyed him suspiciously as he flopped over onto his stomach. What could that bastard possible want him in this position for? He was lying on his dick, and his nipples were in no way accessible for the alpha to toy around with – just what the hell did he think he was doing?

He sucked in a breath as something coarse wrapped around his ankle. So that was how it was gonna be, huh? Well, even tied down he could still put up a fight. Sure, he wanted to get fucked, but no way in hell was he letting Monoma win in this. Fuck no, absolutely not.

“There, all nice and spread out for me. Roll your wrists for me?” Monoma traced his fingers over Katsuki’s back softly “Mm, not too tight? Still circulating blood and everything?”

“Fuck you.” it sounded less threatening when said into a pillow, but with all four limbs tied to the bedposts he couldn’t exactly turn his head that well.

“Mhm, that’s the plan~”

He squirmed as he felt his cunt wet itself even more. God he probably looked like a mess – he definitely felt like one.

“Keep this in here for a while, okay?” Monoma hummed, shuffling around somewhere off to Katsuki’s left.

“Fuck are you – nnnnnngh!” he moaned out as something slid into his cunt. It didn’t feel any bigger than an egg…oh god had he actually put an egg inside him?! Who the fuck did that?!?!

“Relax, it’s just a toy. I’ve got plenty more~” Monoma whispered, dipping his fingers into Katsuki’s cunt.

“Nnnh, Neito what the hell are you – nh!” a finger circling his asshole answered his question for him. He wasn’t sure whether to curse or thank his cunt for producing so much slick. His mind decided on ‘thank’ as Monoma’s finger slid into his pucker.

A strange sensation to be sure, but not the worst he’d ever felt. He was unable to hold back a moan as Monoma began slowly sliding it in and out.

c l i c k

“Oi, what was tha – haaaaah…” Katsuki moaned, an entirely new sensation from inside his cunt leaving him panting against the sheets.

“Oh my, that’s only the lowest speed…shame, guess you’ll be begging me to stop by the end.”

“Y-you…hah…wish…nnnh!” Katsuki arched his back as much as he could as something smooth and circular slid into his ass, immediately starting to vibrate the same as the toy in his cunt.

“Lovely!” Monoma clapped his hands together, shuffling around for something else. “Ah, there it is…would you be a dear and stay like that for a moment? I’ve got a phone call I simply can’t miss. Ciao!”

“Neito you bastard…” Katsuki panted, flipping him off weakly in his bindings as he listened to Monoma leave the room. Fucker.

The vibrations in his holes were pleasant, but god he wanted so much more. After what he was sure had to be 5 minutes, Katsuki started desperately rubbing against the sheets. It wasn’t the best, but hey it was something. His aching cock wasn’t complaining about the friction, and if he came before Monoma came back then that was his problem.

Katsuki was just about to come to the most unsatisfying orgasm of his life when the vibrators suddenly jolted inside him, speeding up. He choked, freezing in place to adjust to the new sensation. Oh god. Oh g o d did that feel so much better, thank fucking god.

Now if only he had something pounding him, he didn’t even care which hole at that point he just needed something to fuck him. Preferably a someone, but hey he’d take a machine over nothing. He let out a loud moan as the vibrators sped up again, the one in his cunt seeming to jump from 3 to 60 in an instant.

“Haaah…Neito…I-I can’t…just fuck me…” he said loudly, moaning in between every breath. he almost wept tears of joy when he heard footsteps coming back into the bedroom.

“You’re not exactly in a spot to be giving orders, are you?” Monoma mused, giving one of Katsuki’s asscheeks a squeeze. “If you say it correctly, maybe I’ll let you have something bigger in you. How’s that sound?”

“Y-yes…” Katsuki gritted his teeth “…sir…”

“Good boy!” the alpha praised, and Katsuki surprised even himself at the moan that left his mouth from hearing that. “Oh? Did that feel good, me praising you? Dirty boy…” god, he could hear the smirk in Monoma’s voice. “If you keep being good, you’ll get some more of that. For now, what was it that you wanted?”

“Fuck me, please sir,” Katsuki grumbled, wiggling in his bonds. “I need something in my – nnnnnngh!” he squeezed his eyes shut as the two vibrators sped up even more.

“Oop~ My bad, I guess my finger slipped. What did you say?”

“Nnh…p-please fuck me…haah…Neito…sir…alpha…I don’t fucking care I just need you inside me!” Katsuki cried, rutting desperately against the bed again.

All at once, the vibrators turned off and he let himself relax his muscles, breathing hard. He whimpered as the one in his cunt was tugged out slowly, being replaced by a much larger intrusion.

“Don’t worry Katsuki, this one will make you feel even better~”

Katsuki didn’t have time to reply as something else slid into his ass, something warm and deliciously thick and – ah, yup, that was a cock in his ass.

“S-sir, what – aaaah!” Katsuki moaned as the vibrators were turned back on.

The toy in his cunt had to be some sort of vibrating dildo, and the toy in his ass was back at the speed it had been earlier; maximum overdrive. Only this time, there was a hot cock sliding in and out of him to push it deeper inside. Monoma had a hard grip on his hips, and Katsuki couldn’t find it in himself to care about the bruises that would be there tomorrow.

“Enjoying yourself?” Monoma asked, laughing breathily when Katsuki only nodded in response. “Good boy, such a good cocksleeve. You like that, don’t you? Being my toy?”

“Y-yes sir…” Katsuki groaned, trying to press back into Monoma’s thrusts. “Nnnnh…m-mark me…please…”

“You’re sure? That means you’d be mine.” Monoma whispered, leaning down to nip at the back of Katsuki’s neck. “You want to be my omega slut?”

“Yes!” Katsuki howled, jolting as the vibrator in his cunt was switched to a higher speed. “You better mark me after putting me through all this or I swear to g – nnnnnnnnnnnnhhhgh!”

Katsuki let out a string of curses and garbled sounds as Monoma bit down on his neck, the alpha’s moans reverberating down Katsuki’s spine. He’d definitely drawn blood, and the omega held in a squeal of satisfaction at knowing the alpha – HIS alpha now – had been that excited to claim him.

“Fuck fuck fuck Neito – !” Katsuki came with a scream, collapsing and letting Monoma chase his own orgasm as he continued to fuck his ass. “S-stop…please…” he whimpered after a few minutes, the stimulation to both his prostate and cunt getting to be too much for him.

“Oops~” Monoma flicked both toys off, slowly pulling them out of Katsuki’s abused holes. “You looked so cute all filled up, I must’ve forgotten~”

“L-like hell…” Katsuki rasped, moaning appreciatively as his limbs were freed. He grumbled when he felt the bed dip down and Monoma pulling him into his lap, but allowed it as soon as he felt his alpha gently massaging his wrists and ankles.

“You know you could’ve told me they were tight…”

“Yeah, it was great.” Katsuki said with a content sigh, closing his eyes. “You better take good fucking care of your omega, if you don’t I’ll kill you.”

Monoma laughed, leaning down and kissing Katsuki’s forehead. “Of course.”