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Come Get Y'all Omegaverse (BNHA/MHA)

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“Do I really have to wear this?” Todorki held up the skimpy outfit skeptically. He’d agreed to do anything the alpha said while he was on shift, but this was a bit over the top wasn’t it?

Bakugo shrugged, plopping down onto his couch. “If you don’t want to get paid, that’s fine by me – “

“Alright, you made your point.” Todoroki snapped. “I’ll be right back, -master-.”


The omega stopped, turning to look quizzically at Bakugo. “To change? Why else.”

“Why not do it right here?”

The look he was giving Todoroki was hard to place, somewhere between smug and hopeful. it was an odd combination to be sure, though somehow not unsuitable on the alpha’s strong features – no, stop that, Todoroki scolded himself. He had a job to do.

He huffed, unceremoniously stripping his pants and shirt onto the floor. Ignoring his master’s gaze was a lot harder said than done, but he managed to stay turned away as he slid on the much-too-short black and white maid dress. Where had he gotten this, party city?! Jesus it was tight, almost uncomfortably so.

Unpacking his cleaning supplied, Todoroki grumbled as he started off towards the bathroom.

“Oh Shoto, you forgot something~” Bakugo smirked, holding something up in his hand. “This came with it, I can only assume it’s meant to be worn under.”

Todoroki sighed, walking back over. “Master, I doubt that I would have missed anything in that bag that – “ he froze, taking a good look at the item. It was a black strappy thong, much too small to hold anything in place on anyone, nevermind their genitals. “No.”

“No?” Bakugo mused, stretching the waistband playfully. “It looks like it’d fit…besides, you’ll have your dress over it, what’s it matter?”

“Fine.” Todoroki snatched it from his hand, tugging his briefs down. He stepped angrily into the thong, pulling it on as quickly as he could. Bakugo had been right, the frills of his dress did cover the thong, if only barely. Now that he was wearing it, it felt almost…good? Sort of free, in a way. His cock was still pressed against him as it had been in his briefs, but having his cunt out in the open was oddly comfortable.

“So? How’s it feelin’?” Bakugo smirked, making Todoroki flush hotly.

“Wouldn’t you like to know.”

“Mhm. How ‘bout starting in here today?”

Todoroki sighed, going back to his supply box and getting the duster. God, wearing a frilly maid dress that showed his ass, carrying a feather duster, what was he in a fucking porno?? Grumbling to himself, he began de-cobwebbing the walls, having to step on top of chairs and such in order to reach the higher ones.

“Looks pretty comfortable from here.” Bakugo commented, almost causing Todoroki to topple off of the stool he was standing on. He whirled around, expression murderous; that bastard had probably been looking up his skirt the entire time. He ignored the way that thought made him shiver, instead huffing and turning back around to dust the already sparkling-clean painting beside him.

“I think you missed a spot over here.”

Todoroki turned to see Bakugo jutting a thumb behind him, the narrow space between the wall and the couch. He narrowed his eyes, putting the duster away and silently walking over.

“Saw a bag back there the other day, be a dear and get it for me.”

He bristled, sniffing indignantly before kneeling on the couch. Carefully looking over the edge, the omega huffed as he saw nothing out of place. “Master, there is nothing.”

“Nah, just gotta look harder.”

Todoroki rolled his eyes. If that’s the way it had to be, then so be it. He leaned over the back of the couch to peer further into the dark space, yelping at the sudden hand on the back of his thigh.

“Relax, master’s just keeping you steady. Wouldn’t want such a cute omega to fall over, now would I?”

Todoroki’s cheeks burned as he mumbled something in response, stretching a hand out to feel for – well he’d be damned, there actually was a plastic bag back there. His hand closed around it, and he was about ready to pull himself up when the hand on his thigh slid over his cunt.

“Master?!” he asked sternly, now held in place by what he was sure was Bakugo’s other arm.

“Yup, that’d be me.”

He shuddered as the hand traced his ass, giving each cheek a light smack before letting him up. Standing back up with a glare, he shoved the plastic bag into Bakugo’s laughing face as he turned on his heel and made his way into the bathroom. With the proper cleaners, of course.

Just as he finished cleaning the toilet and was about to start on the tub, his nose caught wind of an incredibly nice smell. Todoroki had to bite his lip to avoid saying anything, because he knew exactly who was to blame. Bakugo had to be doing that on purpose, the bastard loved teasing him. Well, he wouldn’t give in to such trivial taunts! He wasn’t some horny teen omega, they were adults damnit and he needed to finish his job quickly if he was going to make it out of this alive.

Leaning over to pour cleaning fluid into the bathtub, his eyes widened in shock. Good fucking lord was he wet. No, not just wet, he was absolutely fucking -sopping-, the few threads Bakugo had called underwear absolutely soaked around his cunt.

His cock twitched at the realization, making him scowl at himself. As he scrubbed down the tiles, he couldn’t keep his mind from drifting to the alpha sitting in the living room. He scolded himself for wishing Bakugo would come up behind him silently, grab his ass, and –

“You missed a spot.” Bakugo whispered against his ear. Before Todoroki could react any more than letting out a squeak, his arms were pinned to his back and he was pushed over the sink. His head fell onto the mirror with a soft thud, not that he noticed. He had much more pressing matters to attend to.

“W-where?” he stuttered out, breath catching in his throat when Bakugo trailed a hand up his leg, teasing a finger at his entrance.

“Right here…seems pretty messy, too…” he breathed huskily.

Todoroki shivered, biting back a groan. “I must not have noticed, master. I-I…” he faltered, weighing his options. Fuck it, why not. “Master could help clean it, i-if he wanted…”

“Mm, making me do your job for you,” Bakugo swatted his ass, chuckling at Todoroki’s yelp of protest “disgusting, you’re getting off to this aren’t you?”

“N-no, I would never – nnngh!” the omega moaned, arching his back at the next slap to his perky cheeks.

“Seems pretty into it,” Bakugo growled, wiggling a finger over Todoroki’s cunt “almost like you wanted this all along, now wouldn’t that be scandalous?”

“Nnnngh…m-master, don’t tease…” Todoroki whimpered.

“Whatever you say, Shoto.”

Todoroki cried out as three fingers thrust into him without warning, his hands clenching into fists as Bakugo set a brutal pace. His toes curled, and he had to fight to keep upright. When his eyes began to close, Bakugo brought a firm hand down on his ass, causing him to clench around the fingers pounding into him.

“Eyes up. I want you to see how much of a slut you are.” Bakugo let go of Todoroki’s arms in favor of tilting his face up by his chin. Todoroki quickly braced himself against the counter, moaning when one of Bakugo’s fingers slid past his parted lips. “Look at you, fucking pathetic. All I did was tease you and put out a bit of my scent.”

“Naht….naht taruh…” Todoroki tried to protest, another finger prodding into his mouth to drown out the rest of his garbled speech.

“God, you’re so wet…” Bakugo groaned, easily adding a fourth finger into the omega’s dripping cunt. Todoroki shuddered, closing his lips around the fingers in his mouth to have something to suckle on as he was fucked.

He struggled to keep his eyes open, staring into his reflection as Bakugo finger-fucked him from behind. It was hard to make out the details of Bakugo’s face, as tears had started to well up in Todoroki’s eyes from the overwhelming sensation of almost being fisted. Still, he could see the drool now dripping from the corner of his mouth, and the bright blush that painted his cheeks and nose. All of that was Bakugo’s doing, he reminded himself with a moan. Bakugo had done this to him, Bakugo was still doing this to him and he -absolutely loved it-.

“Mnnnhgh!” Todoroki groaned, trying not to fall over as he felt his cunt walls clench. Bakugo seemed not to care, fucking him through and past his orgasm, only stopping when Todoroki bit down on his fingers.

Bakugo swore, pulling out of Todoroki on both ends with a hard slap to his ass. “Goddamn omega. I was gonna be gentle, but you fucking asked for it.”

Before he knew what was happening, Todoroki was once again scrabbling to find purchase on the counter as something much larger than fingers entered him. He hadn’t even heard Bakugo zipping down his pants…oh god, had he had his dick out this whole time?

Todoroki’s thoughts scattered as Bakugo thrust into him, not stopping until he felt the alpha’s hips up against his ass. He moaned, pushing back instinctively.

“Just came and ready for another? What a good little slut you are.” Bakugo growled, pulling Todoroki’s head up by his hair. “Say it.”

“Master?” Todoroki gasped, barely able to follow along as his cunt was pounded into again. Bakugo tugged harder on his hair, getting the omega to whine and meet his eyes in the mirror.

“I want to hear you say what you are.”

“I-I’m…I’m a slut?” Todoroki panted, squirming when Bakugo gripped his hip tightly with his other hand.

“Are you fucking asking me or telling me, slut?” he growled, biting down on Todoroki’s exposed neck.

“A-ah! T-telling…I-I’m master’s dirty slut – nnnh!” Todoroki cried, rocking back into Bakugo’s thrusts desperately.

“That’s better. You know what your reward is?”

Todoroki gasped as Bakugo thrust in harder a few more times, stopping to hold him tightly against him. The omega whined as he felt Bakugo empty himself into his cunt. Todoroki was sure he’d cum at least twice during that second round of fucking, and whimpered when Bakugo spun him around to grab his dick.

“I’m gonna make you scream for me, little omega.” Bakugo hissed, dropping to his knees.

“M-master, please, I-I’ve had enough, I – aannnh!” Todoroki’s eyes squeezed shut, his hands shooting out to tangle in Bakugo’s hair.

He could still feel the cum in his cunt, whimpering as it dripped down his thighs, the thong doing absolutely nothing to keep it inside. His cock, on the other hand, was on fire; Bakugo had the tip in his mouth, swirling his tongue around nonstop as his hand jerked Todoroki off just as quickly.

“Master! Master please!”

Bakugo popped his mouth off, still jerking Todoroki vigorously. “What do you want? Gotta tell me, slut.”

“Please master, let me cum!” Todoroki shouted, practically screaming when Bakugo’s tongue returned to torture his poor cockhead. “Please, master please I need to cum, please – !”

“Cum for me, Shoto. Show your master how much you appreciate him and give him a snack, mm?”

Todoroki nodded feverishly, crying out as Bakugo swallowed him whole. True to his word (or, er, nod), the omega came down Bakugo’s throat seconds later, whining out a mixture of ‘master’ and ‘Katsuki’ on his tongue.

He must’ve squeezed his eyes shut really tightly, because suddenly everything was dark around him.




“Oi.” something soft against his cheek made him stir. “Jesus, I thought you fucking died! Don’t scare me like that, dipshit.”

“Hrmn?” Shoto slowly opened his eyes to find himself in his alpha’s bed, aching all over but satisfied. His ass stung pleasantly, and he hummed as Katsuki rubbed it gently.

“Was it how you wanted?”

“Mhm,” Shoto nodded happily, burrowing further into their blankets to get closer to Katsuki. “It was perfect.”