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Come Get Y'all Omegaverse (BNHA/MHA)

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I know there's a lot of folks out there that're into Omegaverse stuff, don't try to fool me lmao I see y'all. I feel like a lot of the stuff I've seen aligns pretty well with some of my kinks and I just think that's neat. So here's the deal; I have no clue what the fuck I'm doing, and if you have even a teeny tiny idea for a ship I could write, pls drop a comment!


important things to note:

- no student/teacher, no underage (I can age up characters, just no smut with underage folks)
- large age gaps r on thin fuckin ice (it's really a case by case basis w that stuff)
- I'm a gay man, and have no experience with female/female sex (I don't find it gross, I think it's great y'all do ur thing, I just don't feel comfortable writing it), so only male/male or male/nonbinary ships for this guy
- y'all probably know this is gonna be mostly porn, which it is, but I ain't here just for that I'm down for some fluff too
- crack ships are very much welcome
- pls give me ur crack ships im desperate


yee, and i cannot stress this enough, haw.

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Shinsou hated being away from his alpha for so long, moreso now that they were both in the hero course. He could smell Shoto absolutely everywhere; the training grounds, the locker rooms, in the hallways for christ’s sake! Not that he didn’t like his fellow class B students, they had become a sort of family for him, but…

“Hey Todoroki!”

…class B wasn’t the problem. He forced himself to keep himself quiet as he watched the green-headed omega and his floaty beta approach Shoto, engaging in friendly conversation. They’re just being friendly, he had to remind himself. Still, he gripped his lunch tray tighter and followed his classmates over to the normal table.

A growl bubbled from his throat as he continued to watch the interaction, getting him a strange look from Monoma.

“You got an engine in there?” Monoma quipped, poking him with the blunt end of his fork.

Shinsou didn’t answer, just growled again when he saw Midoriya place a hand on Shoto’s arm. Shoto didn’t appear to take the hint, laughing along with something the gravity girl had said and following them over to their own table.

“It’s not their fault you’re both idiots.” Monoma nudged him again, finally getting him to look over.


“You haven’t told anyone about you two besides me, and I’ve kept my mouth shut.” Monoma stated proudly, sitting up straighter.

“For once.” Shinsou grumbled, picking at his food. It was true, he and Shoto had agreed on keeping their relationship on the low after Shinsou had expressed his nervousness about his omega status being found out.

“Hey!” Monoma pouted. “Listen, you want people to stop flirting with him? Tell people you’re his beta, that’ll – “

“That would just encourage more omegas fawning over him.”

Monoma huffed, crossing his arms. “Well, what are you gonna – “

“I don’t know!” Shinsou’s head fell into his arms, a frustrated groan escaping him. “I don’t know, Neito, I – “ he stiffened, a strong sweet smell permeating the air from where he’d last seen Shoto.

His head shot up, eyes narrowing when he found the source. He didn’t blame Midoriya, Shoto was definitely a desirable alpha, but damnit he was HIS. A low rumble started in the back of his throat as he stood up, ignoring his friend’s sputtered words behind him. He stalked over to their lunch table, catching Uraraka’s eyes. She gave him a confused look before her eyes widened in understanding when he leaned forward against Shoto.

“Oh, hello Shinsou.” Shoto greeted, turning around briefly to give him a small smile. “Would you care to eat with us? We were just talking about – “

“Shoto.” he rumbled, pulling his boyfriend to his feet with a rough tug. “We have plans. Now.”

“Wh – !” he didn’t give Shoto a chance to finish his thought, dragging him out of the cafeteria out to a secluded corner of the campus, stopping once he was sure there was no one else around. “Hitoshi, what is this?” Shoto asked sternly, folding his arms in front of him.

“You didn’t even notice what they were doing. I know it’s partially my fault, but damnit you just let them – “

“Let them what? Talk to me? I’m allowed to have friends, Hitoshi!”

“Yeah but friends don’t court each other!” Hitoshi exploded, hands going into his messy hair. “Do you know how horrible that felt, watching that omega try to spread his scent all over you?!”

“Court…” Shoto frowned, eyebrows furrowing. “Midoriya and Uraraka…?”

“Yes, they were trying to court you!” Shinsou said exasperatedly, starting to unbutton his shirt.

“Ah, what are you doing?”

He looked up to shoot a glare at Shoto, violently sliding his pants and underwear off in one swipe.


“You’re going to claim me, right now.” Shinsou demanded, the way Shoto was eyeing him up shyly already sending heat to his groin.

“Hitoshi, I know you’re angry about what just happened, are you sure you – “ he cut Shoto off with another glare.

“Alpha.” he barked out, bracing himself against the wall of the building and thrusting his ass out towards Shoto. “Your omega needs you. Now.” he stared back at Shoto, breathing hard in anticipation.

He didn’t want to think of what he would do if Shoto refused, because by all rights he was being very unreasonable right now even considering everything that had happened. He could’ve calmly talked the misunderstanding out with his alpha instead of demanding to be fucked, but here he was and there was no going back.

Shinsou let his forehead fall against the wall, dreading every new second that passed. Shoto was going to leave. And he should’ve guessed as much, he was being such an ass of an omega right now, he should be following orders like a good b –

“Ah!” he cried out as something warm and wet dragged across his entrance, squirming around to try to get a good look behind him. “S-shoto?” he whined when he felt the tongue enter him, keening when a hand began stroking his thigh comfortingly.

“Yes, Hitoshi?” Shoto purred, standing up to nip at Shinsou’s ear. He pressed his still-clothed crotch into Shinsou’s needy hole, wetting the front of his pants – not that he seemed to care.

“A-alpha…” Shinsou whined, fumbling behind him to try and undo Shoto’s belt. He heard a low chuckle, followed by the clinking of metal and a zipper, soon feeling a large intruder prodding at his hole.

“Do you want me to – “ Shoto began, Shinsou shaking his head quickly.

“No prep, I need you right fucking now – nnh!” Shinsou winced as Shoto slid in slowly, the slick he’d built up over the past few minutes only able to help so much. It burned, but god was he ready to be filled. He whimpered, pushing back against his boyfriend, trying to get him to start actually fucking him.

“So needy…” Shoto smiled against his neck, littering it with kisses and teasing his teeth over the sensitive skin just below Shinsou’s ear.

“Stop playing around,” Shinsou growled, taking matters into his own hands and starting to thrust himself against Shoto’s cock “if you don’t start – aah!” he gasped as his thrust back was met with one from Shoto, driving his cock deeper into his ass. “God, just like that…”

“Mm, just that?” Shoto teased, keeping his pace slow. “If you say so…”

“N-no!” Shinsou whined, struggling against the hands pinning him to the wall. “S-shoto please – “

“Please what?”

“Fuck me!” he shouted in frustration, sending a weak glare behind him. “I want you to fuck me, mark me, make me yours for everyone to see! Is that so fucking hard?!”

He felt Shoto’s breath catch in his throat, and gasped himself when his lover’s pace quickened and his hands moved from holding his arms to gripping his waist with bruising force.

“Y-yes, god yes,” Shinsou panted out, squeaking when Shoto’s mouth latched onto his neck once again, this time leaving bites and sucking small hickies along his skin. “F-fuck, Shoto I’m – “

“Shh, I’ve got you.” Shoto whispered, driving his hips hard against Shinsou’s.

Shinsou whined, only able to hold himself at this point and take Shoto’s cock slamming into him deliciously deep. It wasn’t long before he was cumming, Shoto following closely behind with a harsh bite to his neck. He didn’t know if he cried out or not, he was much too focused and absent-mindedly rocking back against his alpha in the afterglow of his orgasm, turning around to nuzzle against him affectionately.

“I’m officially yours, and you mine.” Shoto whispered, holding Shinsou tightly to his chest.

“Mm…” Shinsou hummed happily, almost giddy as he noticed their scents mingling together, much stronger than they’d ever been. Subconsciously, he reached up to gingerly feel the bite Shoto had left on his neck, unable to keep himself from grinning when he felt the punctures with his fingertips.

“Was I too rough?” Shoto mumbled into his hair, rubbing Shinsou’d back slowly.

“M mm, next time be even rougher.” Shinsou chuckled as he felt Shoto’s left side heat up, knowing if he looked up he’d find his alpha blushing up a storm.

They weren’t technically late to class, they both made it back from lunch just as the bell rang, but they did receive strange looks from their classmates. Shinsou exchanged a knowing smirk with Monoma, who clapped him on the back before sitting down at his own desk. Shoto, on the other hand, spent the majority of the period sending hurried notes to Midoriya and Uraraka, embarrassedly explaining that he was already in a relationship. They apologized profusely, agreeing to still remain mutual friends.

Shinsou waited for Shoto when the day ended, giving him a look.

“So, my heat’s in a few days – “

“Hitoshi!” Shoto flushed bright red, dragging his boyfriend out into the hall. “You shouldn’t say things like that so freely…”

“What? Just thought I should let my alpha know. Y’know, so you can prepare and all that. Oh, my room’s on the third floor of the dorms by the way.”

“Why would I…oh…” if possible, Shoto blushed darker, putting his hands over his face in embarrassment.

“Is that a no?”

“N-no, I…you’re going to kill me, Hitoshi.”

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“Kacchan!” Izuku yelled, dodging a hit from one of their classmates. They’d graduated from one-on-one training to two-on-two, sometimes even bigger teams. Now that they were third years, they were expected to be able to handle more complicated fights. Izuku knew he was up to it, but being paired up with Katsuki was…an experience.

“I know! Move to the fucking side!” Katsuki yelled back, sending a blast towards Asui. She let out a surprised ribbit and jumped away, safely clinging to the side of a building.

Their relationship had gotten complicated over the years. Both insisted on calling each other rivals, which Izuku supposed they still were, but their interactions had become much friendlier. That thought in mind, Izuku followed Katsuki’s demand and skidded to his left. A large blast swept through the area he’d just been standing, pushing both Asui and Sero further towards the border of the fighting area.

“Oh…” Izuku let himself relax a little, sending his teammate a friendly wave. The boy in question huffed, stalking over to him. Izuku found himself leaning forward, perking up attentively as Katsuki’s scent got stronger the closer he came. He brushed it off as simply noticing his friend walking closer, it had happened before, he reasoned.

“Couldn’t let you get fucking fried, could I?” Katsuki explained, waving a hand at the smoke cloud he’d created. “Should hold ‘em for a minute. Got a plan? Hey – Deku!”

Izuku blinked slowly, confusion taking over. Why wasn’t he moving as fast as he should? Why did his limbs feel so heavy? And why did everything feel so…warm? A frantic jab to his ribs had him squeaking, bringing his eyes up to meet Katsuki’s.

“Oi, what happened?” concern had crept its way into Katsuki’s expression, his eyes darting around to look out for their classmates.

“I-I don’t – hah,” Izuku winced, trying to move. Panic filled him, everything felt dizzy and slow and warm, and he didn’t like it one bit. He looked up pleadingly, tears threatening to spill from his eyes. God, he hated feeling like this. He hadn’t felt this powerless since – oh fuck.

Since his last heat.

“K-kacchan, um,” he struggled to sit up, scrabbling at the ground in vain.

“Stop. Here, stay still.” Katsuki grunted as he picked him up, tossing him over his shoulder.

“Found ‘em!” he heard Sero yell triumphantly, letting out a squeal as he felt himself and Katsuki be dragged by the boy’s elbow tape.

“Oh no, we’re over the line Deku, guess we lost. What a shame. See ya losers tomorrow.” Katsuki said blandly, turning on his heels and walking out of the fighting area with Izuku still over his shoulder.

Izuku’s mind raced. Had he forgotten his suppressants? No, he’s definitely taken them, he’d even put multiple reminders in his phone for it. He knew his heat was coming soon, hence taking the suppressants a few days ago, but maybe he had taken them a little too late to help? By his tracking of his cycle, it should be starting in a week or two, not now! Though, he supposed it had sort of snuck up on him, given all of the extra training and increasingly harder classwork.

It didn’t help that Katsuki was holding him like this, he was barely able to lift his head enough to get air into his lungs that didn’t smell like the alpha holding him. He’d always been attracted to his classmate, even more so now that their relationship had simmered down to a sort of mutual appreciation. He’d never acted on those feelings of course, and he squirmed uncomfortably to think of how badly he could screw up their tentative friendship if he tried to do anything now.

“Quit moving.” Katsuki growled, sending a shiver down Izuku’s spine. It shouldn’t have felt good, it shouldn’t have affected him so much, but there was no helping it. Izuku let out a mewl, fisting his hands in the back of Katsuki’s shirt. “Almost there, hang on.” he heard the blonde mumble, feeling a soft pat on his leg.

“Kacchan – “ Izuku said as he was carried into his dorm. He was shushed by a hand to his mouth, and wriggled as he was set down on his bed. “Kacchan I – “

“Stop.” Katsuki said gruffly, leaving the room.

Oh god, was he not coming back? That was probably for the best, Izuku could handle his heat on his own, and besides it would be embarrassing to be in the throes of it with his classmate sitting off to the side to watch…Izuku groaned, curling in on himself. Except that it wouldn’t be embarrassing, his mind reminded him. During his last heat, he’d fantasized about Katsuki catching him in the middle of his heat, splayed out on his bed like a package waiting to be unwrapped –

“Hey.” Katsuki was back, a glass of water and a glass of juice. He set them down on Izuku’s night stand and crossed his arms. “Drink.”

“But I’m not – “

“You will be.” Katsuki ground out, sitting down on the foot of the bed. “You know how many people die from dehydration during their heats? Drink.”

Izuku dipped his head obediently, opting to down the juice first. As he finished and reached for the water glass, he paused. “U-um, how did you know I was in – “

“How the fuck do you think I knew? Your goddamn scent changed, idiot.” Katsuki’s eyebrows worried together as he looked Izuku up and down. “You forget your suppressants or somethin’?”

“N-no, I…I’m not sure…what about you? Isn’t your rut supposed to start soon?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know.” Katsuki huffed, turning away. After a quick pause, he gave in. “It…started yesterday.”

“Wh…” Izuku’s eyes widened. Katsuki had been in rut for a full day and he – jesus he hadn’t even pulled himself from training?! “Kacchan that’s – !”

“Stupid, I know! Just, lemme be okay?” Katsuki grumbled.

Maybe that’s why Katsuki had smelled so strongly, well that and Izuku being in heat made him more receptive to an alpha’s scent but of course that wasn’t – oh. Oh no oh god oh fuck that couldn’t be it, nonono this couldn’t be happening. But…everything he knew about heats pointed him in that direction. Crap.

“K-kacchan?” Izuku said in a small voice, forcing himself to sit up.


“My heat is, um, it’s early.”


“So, um,” Izuku wrung his hands “you remember middle school? What they said about heats and ruts?”

Katsuki groaned, leaning back against the wall. “Don’t remind me. Shit was awkward as hell, worst day of my life.”

“O-okay, but, w-when an omega’s heat is early it can be because of two things. I know I’m not pregnant, s-so it’s because of, um…” he wavered, not wanting to say it out loud.

“Because of what?” Katsuki cracked an eye open, giving Izuku a strange look.

“W-well, when an omega is attracted to an alpha, and that alpha goes into rut, it um…it can trigger the omega’s heat?” he squeaked out, bracing himself for any sort of reaction. God, he’d said it. He’d actually said it.

“You can’t just say things like that.” Katsuki scratched out, barely above a whisper.

“B-but it’s true! I still even have my notes from that lecture, I could – “

“Stop, hold on.” Katsuki’s voice wavered, and Izuku noticed him shifting uncomfortably.

“Kacchan are you okay?”


“No?” he frowned, his concern overwhelming his urge to curl back up in a ball.

“No.” Katsuki nodded, running a shaky hand through his hair. “Y’know why? Because right now, and for the past few months, all I’ve been able to think about is you. And I promised myself when my rut started I wouldn’t lay a hand on you, but now here you are with,” he gestured to Izuku “with your cute fucking face and your stupid words and your sweet fucking scent I’m – god, do you have any idea what you’re doing to me?!”

His mouth dropped open. Izuku took a moment to take everything in, making a split-second decision he knew he wouldn’t regret, he’d waited for this for too long. His heat hadn’t progressed to the point where he couldn’t think, he reasoned with himself as he crawled out from under his covers and lay down on his bed. Before he could protest, he tugged Katsuki down with him, letting out a small huff as the boy’s weight fell on top of him.

“What are you doing?” Katsuki’s breath came out ragged, brushing against Izuku’s face in hot puffs.

“Mate me.” Izuku whispered, squirming as the heat in his pants spread. He knew he was absolutely dripping by now, and squirmed more as he felt his slick slide down the crack of his ass, though it wasn’t entirely unwelcome.

“What – “

“Please,” Izuku whimpered, unconsciously rubbing himself against Katsuki “please Kacchan, I’ve wanted you for so long, please just – mmph…” his eyes fell closed as lips pressed against his, tentatively at first. Despite his throbbing arousal, Izuku enjoyed the oddly romantic moment, melting into the kiss as Katsuki snaked a hand down to his hip, holding him gently.

They parted, looking into each other’s eyes.

“This is your last chance to back out,” Katsuki warned, holding back a moan at Izuku grinding up against him.

“I want you!” Izuku mewled, almost crying in relief when Katsuki carefully slid his pants down to his ankles. “Kacchan, please fuck me, please I need you to – nnngh!” he cried out, Katsuki’s hand sliding over his clothed crotch feeling a lot better than he’d care to admit.

“Then I’ll take care of you.” Katsuki said breathlessly, dipping down to litter kisses across Izuku’s neck. His hands traveled the body beneath him, touches careful and soft against scarred skin.

Izuku keened at every new sensation, relaxing his body enough for Katsuki to be able to comfortably wedge himself between Izuku’s thighs, pressing a knee into his crotch.

“K-kacchan – !” Izuku whimpered, squealing in embarrassment at how wet he was. Katsuki could definitely feel it, he wouldn’t be surprised if the knee of Katsuki’s pants ended up soaked through from just that little touch, god the thought of ruining Katsuki’s clothes made something possessive in him purr. People would know he was Katsuki’s omega, and that Katsuki was his alpha – a shiver ran through him again, making him moan at the thought.

“Lift your hips.” Katsuki said against his lips, gripping the edge of his underwear. Izuku obliged, and gasped as his cock and cunt were exposed to the cool air of his dorm room. “Oh…”

“I-I know, heat makes me sloppy, um,” Izuku squirmed under Katsuki’s gaze “d-don’t look, it’s – “

“Beautiful.” Katsuki breathed, slowly bringing his head in between Izuku’s legs.


Katsuki didn’t answer, just brought his mouth even closer to Izuku’s dripping cunt. He sniffed for a moment, and Izuku craned his neck in time to see Katsuki’s eyes just about roll back in his head.

“Kacchan, y-you don’t have to – aah!” he gasped, Katsuki’s warm tongue dragging across his labia. “Mmn, K-kacchan…” he moaned, unable to stop himself from bucking into his friend’s face. He choked as the tongue easily slid into him, moving around slowly. “Mnnnh, K-kacchan that’s – nngh! Haah, mn, d-don’t stop – !” Izuku squealed, feeling his muscles clamp down hard, a wave of slick gushing from him. He relaxed, panting, as Katsuki stared at him.

“Did you…?”

Izuku nodded, face burning red. “H-heat makes you m-more sensitive to – oh!” he keened, pushing down against the finger that had just entered him. “K-kacchan…”

“You didn’t cum though…” Katsuki said, running a finger up Izuku’s cock with his other hand.

“T-that’s because there was no – nngh!” he moaned as another two fingers pushed their way into him, aided by the natural lubrication his body was readily providing.

Izuku felt tears spill onto his pillow as Kastuki curled his fingers inside him, thrusting in and out of him gently. He writhed beneath him, letting all sorts of embarrassing sounds come out of his mouth as his second orgasm wracked through him.

“K-kacchan, stop teasing,” he pleaded, nudging Katsuki’s hard-on with his foot “I-I need…” he trailed off, eyes transfixed as Katsuki stood up to strip himself.

“Like what you see?”

Izuku nodded quickly, spreading his legs even wider. As an afterthought, he wriggled out of shirt so that he was completely bare before the alpha, every part of him flushed with need.

“I’ll try to go slow, but I know you can stop me if I do anything you don’t like,” Katsuki said as he climbed back on top of Izuku, giving him a look “right? Tell me you’ll stop me if it hurts.”

“Y-yes, I will, please just – “ Izuku whimpered, reaching down to spread his labia with his fingers.

Katsuki lowered himself, lining the head of his cock up with Izuku’s dripping entrance. Izuku let out another loud whimper, prompting Katsuki to finally push into him, pulling a relieved groan from the omega.

“Kacchaaaaaan…” Izuku keened, squirming against the broad chest pressed into him. “Please move, please Kacchan I can’t – nnnnnnnngh! J-just like that, aahh, so good Kacchan, keep goi – nnh!” he arched his back, silently urging Katsuki to go faster.

As if reading his mind, Katuski thrust in harder, bracing himself against the bed. Izuku’s head swam, his senses filled with Katsuki; his scent, his touch, everything led back to Katsuki in that moment. He felt safe under him like that, caged in by strong arms on either side of his head.

It could have been seconds, it could have been hours, Izuku didn’t care either way. All he was concerned with was Katsuki’s face screwing up tightly, and the flow of warm seed that filled him shortly after. He moaned, rocking back and forth gently in an attempt to milk more cum from Katsuki’s cock, letting out a squeak when another spurt entered him.

“I-Izuku…” Katsuki gasped out, lowering himself beside the omega. Izuku was still seeing stars, but hearing Katsuki say his name like that had him squirming with need once more.

“Kacchan, say that again...” he pleaded, turning on his side to rub his cock against Katsuki’s thigh.

“What, your name?”

“Y-yes…” Izuku mewled, closing his eyes tightly as Katsuki’s hand closed around his aching member.

“Okay…Izuku.” he whispered into the smaller boy’s ear, licking the shell. “Such a good omega for me, Izuku…”

“A-alpha….” Izuku moaned into Katsuki’s chest, knowing he was moments away from finishing “Katsuki, my alpha, nngh, please – nnnnnnnnnh!” he cried out, spilling into Katsuki’s hand messily, panting hard.

He nuzzled against Katsuki’s chest, warmth spreading through him at the low chuckle that got him.

“T-thank you…”

“We’re not done yet.” Katsuki growled, sitting Izuku up. Izuku’s eyes went wide. No, no three times was more than enough, even if he was in heat – oh. A discarded shirt slid along his belly, wiping the cum from his skin. “I want you taking a shower as soon as we wake up. Just ‘cause you’re in heat doesn’t mean you can be nasty.” Katsuki rumbled, laying them back down and tugging the covers over their bodies.

“When we wake up?” Izuku asked hesitantly, curling instinctively into Katsuki’s side.

“Yup. You need your fucking rest, your body’s on overdrive producing hormones and shit – hold on.” Katsuki bolted upright, grabbing the glass of water still sitting on the side table and thrusting it into Izuku’s hands. “Drink.”

Izuku giggled, downing the glass quickly so he could burrow back under the blankets with his alpha.

“Let me know if you need anything else.” Katsuki whispered to him, running a hand through his sweaty curls. “I’m serious. Nerds like you shouldn’t keep shit to themselves, tell me if you need food or…more water, or something.”

“Yes, alpha.” Izuku purred, closing his eyes. He smiled, feeling Katsuki huff and wrap his arms around his smaller frame. He’d definitely be able to make it to the end of the year like this, and he’d make sure Katsuki knew he could rely on Izuku just as much as Izuku could rely on him. He sighed happily, letting sleep take him.

Chapter Text

Todoroki shook the water from his hair, stepping out of the shower stall and wrapping his towel around his waist. He tried his best to ignore the gasps and grunts from the stall next to him, which would have been easy enough if the mingling scents of firewood and cinnamon hadn’t been permeating the air. He’d tried taking care of himself during his shower, but there was only so much he could do. He sighed, ready to go out to the locker room and dress himself when the curtain suddenly drew back, revealing his two classmates entangled together.

“H-hey Todoroki!” Kirishima greeted, smiling sheepishly. “This, uh, isn’t what it – “

“It’s what it looks like.” Bakugo growled, digging his nails into Kirishima’s skin.

“Bakubro – “ Kirishima cut himself off as his eyes drifted down Todoroki’s body. He sucked in a quick breath, leaning over to whisper something to Bakugo.

“I’ll leave you to it then…” Todoroki said slowly, turning to leave.

“Oh no you don’t.” Bakugo’s hand shot out to grab his arm. Kirishima swatted at him, sliding off of Bakugo’s cock to sidle up next to Todoroki.

“What he means is…would you join us?” he asked cheerfully, gesturing to their shower stall. “Might be a little cramped, but…”

Todoroki nodded, wordlessly removing his towel and hanging it on a free hook.

“Really?! Sweet!” Kirishima cheered, getting shushed by Bakugo.

“I’ve seen you looking at us before, omega.” Bakugo grunted, pulling Todoroki into the stall roughly. “You the one jerkin’ it to us earlier?”

“And if I was?” Todoroki challenged, meeting his stare. Just because Bakugo was an alpha and he was an omega didn’t mean he had to put up with his macho bullshit. He was still a student of the hero course, and he wouldn’t be intimidated by the fiery blonde.

“I’ll give you something to think about for next time.” Bakugo whispered huskily against his ear, dipping down to bite along his neck.

Todoroki moaned, his legs almost giving out. If Kirishima hadn’t been there to support him from behind, he’d surely have a few bruises by now.

“A-ah!” Todoroki choked back another moan as Bakugo sucked a patch of his skin. Looks like he’d be leaving with bruises either way.

“Don’t be so rough with him, Katsu.” Kirishima whispered, coating a finger in conditioner and sliding it into Todoroki. Said boy gasped, then leaned back into the touch, groaning weakly.

“He can handle it.” Bakugo grunted, smashing his mouth against Todoroki’s in a heated kiss before pulling back. “Can’t you?”

“You think I can’t?” Todoroki shot back, break off into a moan at Kirishima adding another finger.

“See? He’s fine.”

Todoroki whined at the fingers leaving him, and let out a confused noise as he was turned around with his back now to Bakugo and Kirishima dropping to his knees.

“Kirishima – !” Todoroki began, letting out a choked noise as Kirishima swallowed his cock whole, taking him in up to the hilt. He didn’t have too long to appreciate it by itself, as Bakugo was pushing into his entrance a bit painfully. “S-slow down – nnh….” his head fell back against Bakugo’s chest as Kirishima swirled his tongue around his cock, forcing his body to relax.

Bakugo’s cock slid in, taking Todoroki’s breath right out of his lungs. Jesus fucking christ, he couldn’t tell if it was the position or just the owner of the cock in him that made him feel so full.

“Hnnh…” he gasped out, finding his hands resting themselves in Kirishima’s wet mop of hair, helping him bop against his cock.

“Like that, half n half? Both of us on you at the same time?” Bakugo growled, slamming into Todoroki with reckless abandon. Todoroki nodded, gasping as Kirishima sucked him particularly hard.

Everything happened so quickly, it was hard to keep track; Kirishima continued to suck him off without mercy, and Bakugo’s thrusts stuttered into one last hard thrust, filling Todoroki with cum. Todoroki leaned heavily against Bakugo, panting.

“Alright Kiri, your turn.”

Todoroki looked around hazily, registering Kirishima now standing in front of him, smiling at him as he held him gently around the waist.

“Ready?” Kirishima asked, lining himself up with Todoroki’s hole. He nodded, eyes widening as Kirishima entered him and began pounding away quickly.

“A-ah, you – ah – Kirishima – !” Todoroki tried to string together a sentence, but with said redhead slamming into him so hard and Bakugo back to biting his neck, he could do little but accept his fate of death by pleasure. He came with a shout, slumping against Kirishima as he continued to pound into him at a steady pace.

“You’re gonna fuckin’ kill him.” Bakugo grumbled, gently lifting Todoroki off of Kirishima’s cock.

Kirishima whined, quickly stroking himself. “I was just about to finish though!”

Without thinking, Todoroki tugged himself free and kneeled down, opening his mouth to Kirishima. He moaned as a hot cock slid in against his tongue, and he closed his lips around it, trying to bop back and forth a few times. Todoroki knew he was probably the worst person to be giving a blow job, but it made him giddy to hear Kirishima’s appreciative moans and to feel hands tugging his hair.

Soon, there was cum shooting down his mouth and he swallowed it, much to his regret. To bitter, much to bitter, fucking hell. He coughed, hearing a chuckle from above him.

“Don’t fucking laugh, if he drowns it’ll be your fucking fault shit hair.” Bakugo growled, pulling Todoroki to his feet.

“I’m not made of glass.” Todoroki rasped, coughing a few more times before glaring up at Bakugo. “Weren’t you the one saying it was okay to be rough with me?”

Kirishima squirmed, pressing himself into Todoroki. “Can we keep him, Bakubro? Please? Manly please?”

“It’s his fucking decision. Just because we want him doesn’t mean he’ll say yes.”

Todoroki looked between the two of them, shocked. He’d assumed they’d just wanted a quick fuck, they…actually wanted him in their triad? His mind spun, and he kept panting under the hot spray of the shower as he clung to Bakugo to keep himself up.

“You…want me as your omega?” he asked hesitantly, looking up to meet stern scarlet eyes.

“What the fuck else?” Bakugo bit, making a face and thinking for a minute before kissing Todoroki’s neck. “Only if you want us as your alpha and beta. We’re a package deal.”

“I think I’ll take that package.”

Chapter Text

Aoyama shimmied up to his beta, trailing a finger down the taller man’s chest and looking up into his eyes mischievously. Iida chuckled, nudging his study materials to the side as his omega dropped into his lap. He wrapped an arm around Aoyama, holding him close for a moment before placing a kiss on his forehead.

“Do you require my attention, Yuuga?”

“Oui~” Aoyama shifted so that he faced his partner, their lips inches apart. He held a finger against Iida lips, however, when the man tried to lean in to kiss him. “I have a request, mon amour.”

Iida perked up. “Anything, ask away!”

“Would you…share me?”

“I don’t think I understand what you mean.” Iida cocked his head to the side, eyebrows furrowed. “Are you talking about finding an alpha?”

“Non, non! I am happy with you as you are, mon cher. If we are to ever find an alpha, it will happen on its own and will be a mutual decision between us.” Aoyama explained hurriedly, remembering their earlier conversations about staying romantically exclusive to each other. “Know that I love you, Tenya.”

“Help me to understand, Yuuga.” Iida urged softly, petting his hair. Aoyama let out a happy purr, and it took him a moment to remember what he’d been talking about.

“You see, mon amour, I do not dislike our passionate encounters,” Aoyama lowered his head, eyes dropping to the floor “but there are…things I feel you wouldn’t be comfortable doing to me, a-and things one man cannot sate alone…”

“Mm?” Iida continued running his hand over Aoyama’s hair, giving him a reassuring squeeze.

“I-I want to be used, I…” Aoyama squirmed on Iida’s lap, feeling himself flush. “You alone is a wonderful experience, mon cher, though I cannot help but wonder what it would feel to…service multiple partners at once.” he felt Iida’s breath hitch, and for a moment panic set in. He shouldn’t have said anything, it was a stupid idea to bring up knowing how much his beta loved him and how much he loved his beta in return, he shouldn’t want to fuck other people he –

“The thought of seeing you like that is…more enticing than words can portray.” Iida said quietly after a moment.


Iida nodded, blushing a little himself. “I would be lying if I said I hadn’t thought about something similar before, being able to see all of you as you’re wrapped in the throes of passion…” he took a steadying breath, closing his eyes for a moment. “Who were you thinking of asking?”

“A-ah, um,” Aoyama chewed at his lip, thinking. He had thought about it, but hadn’t prepared to get so far into Iida agreeing to anything. “We should…choose together, oui?”

Over the course of the afternoon, they went down the list of the boys in 3-A (and some of 3-B), narrowing it down to a few suitable candidates. Bakugo was out of the question, he was fiercely protective – and exclusive – to Kirishima, so that meant Kirishima was out as well. Midoriya had been both of their first choices, and Aoyama couldn’t hold back his squeal of glee when the green-haired boy sent a nervous reply of confirmation to Iida’s invitation almost immediately. Had it not been for Aoyama catching Midoriya’s scent during one of his ruts, he might not have known the boy was an alpha. He supposed it made sense, because despite his somewhat shy and stuttering demeanor Midoriya did make for a rather good leader.

Shinso was another top contender, with his quiet mysterious demeanor both alluring and intriguing for an alpha. Iida was hesitant about asking Kaminari, though only because of their plan to rendezvous in the open showers by the locker rooms. His argument of electricity + water = electrocution may have been a valid concern their first year, but Aoyama reasoned that the boy had mastered his quirk enough by their third year that there was little to worry about. If they asked Kaminari that meant they definitely had to ask Sero, the two betas were a package deal in most things, sexual encounters being no exception.

Aoyama joked about having three holes and two hands, and insisted that they ask one last person to join them to fill up all the spots. Iida rolled his eyes and thought for a moment, then nodded.

“You choose, mon cher.” Aoyama giggled at Iida’s intense thinking expression. “Having trouble?”

“N-no, I just…” Iida worried at a stray thread on his sheets “I worry if I suggest an omega, it would seem as if I am not faithful, but of course I – “

“Non, mon cher,” Aoyama stretched up to kiss him firmly “I know you love me. I am your omega after all,” he winked “and I know you well as a person.”

“Right…” Iida still looked to the floor “how about, ah, Ojiro?”

“Oui! He is always so sweet to us in class.” Aoyama smiled, already typing at his phone. “Marvelous, mon cher~”





Aoyama and Iida stood at the entrance to the showers, Iida peering down the hall nervously. His omega’s hand on his was the only thing keeping him from pacing said hallway, and Aoyama patted it reassuringly.

“It is okay, mon cher. If you are uncomfortable we can let them know we’ve decided against it.” he said softly, rubbing his thumb over Iida’s palm. “Oui?”

“N-no, I’m okay with it.” Iida let out a shaky breath. “Just…worried. I don’t want them hurting you…”

“I trust our friends, however…” Aoyama shrugged “I wouldn’t mind a few bites here and there~” he giggled as Iida’s face went from pale to flushed, his beta lost for words. “Non, non, I joke.”

“Do you?”


Iida sighed, pulling Aoyama into him protectively. “If you want out at any moment, do not hesitate to call for me. I will be right there with you.”

Aoyama nodded, his eyes widening when he spotted a small cluster of their classmates walking towards them. He squealed quietly, wiggling in Iida’s arms. In his excitement, Aoyama may or may not have encouraged his body to put out more of his omega scent, which, all things considered, was that really a crime? He certainly didn’t think so, and by the looks on the faces of the boys approaching them, they didn’t seem to mind either.

Midoriya was the first to greet them directly, waving shyly from beside Shinsou.

“Bonjour!” Aoyama scurried behind the group, practically pushing them into the locker room. “Rapide, plus rapide!”

“Somebody’s excited!” Kaminari laughed “You in heat or something, man?”

“Non, just horny~” Aoyama winked, stepping past him once they were all inside.

Iida cleared his throat, drawing all eyes to him. “Gentlemen, as you know we have called you here to – “

“Fuck Aoyama senseless?” Sero questioned, holding up his phone after a glare from Iida “Hey, his words not mine!”

“…yes, ehem, to satiate Aoyama’s urges to – “ Iida continued only to be cut off once more, this time by Aoyama.

“Non, fucking me senseless works. In fact, I insist upon it~”

“Iida, you were saying something?” Midoriya said, sending attention back over to the tall beta, who nodded his thanks.

“Yes, as I was saying, you all know why you’re here. Keep in mind that if, at any point, you feel uncomfortable, we will not hold it against you if you leave. On that same note, if any of you do anything to harm my Yuuga…” he sent the group a hard stare, wrapping an arm protectively around Aoyama’s waist.

“You’ll kick our asses.” Shinsou supplied, nodding understandingly.

“Oui. And also keep in mind,” Aoyama winked “I bite, mon amours.”





It had taken a while for everyone to get sorted, especially since Iida insisted on everyone’s clothes being neatly sorted by their lockers so that it would be easy and hassle-free whenever people decided to leave. Now with their clothes off, folded, stacked, and with half of the boys already blushing messes, they proceeded into the tiled shower space. A few stalls dotted one wall, but the remainder of the room was occupied by open showers.

“Come now, we are too far along for you to be shy~” Aoyama teased, removing himself from Iida’s side. Iida had insisted on remaining dressed, saying that he would be providing assistance and nothing more. Nothing that he needed to be naked for, he’d reasoned, though Aoyama wasn’t so sure about that.

“Stupid question, but who’s goin’ first?” Kaminari broke the half second of awkward silence, getting a giggle from Aoyama.

“Mm, since you asked…” Aoyama crept towards him, lowering to his knees. He licked his lips, trailing a finger up Kaminari’s length and looking up at him. “You do not mind, oui?”

“N-no,” Kaminari said shakily, sucking in a quick breath at Aoyama slowly sliding him into his mouth, suckling on the tip before making his way further down along his cock.

“Ah, wait, wait!” Iida said suddenly, racing back out into the locker rooms, returning with a thick roll of…something. Aoyama glanced over at him curiously, holding Kaminari’s cock loosely in his mouth. “Erm, washable yoga mats. For comfort, you see…”

Aoyama had to giggle at his boyfriend’s blundering thoughtfulness, taking a moment to stand up so that Iida could place down the mats before he got back to business.

“Nngh! Sero what the hell – “ he heard Kaminari gasp above him, looking up to see the blonde locking lips with his classmate.

He’d always been excitable, Aoyama was well aware of his rampant sex drive, but somehow knowing that there were so many eyes on him made him hotter than ever before. He flushed hard, feeling himself already leaking slick onto the mats Iida had set down. Ah well, at least he’d be plenty lubed up for whatever came his way.

“Kaminari, do you mind, um, kneeling down?” a tentative voice asked, appearing to be moving closer to them as it spoke.

Aoyama followed Kaminari’s cock down as he shifted, ending up with his ass partially lifted in the air. He gave it a wiggle, giggling when whoever had spoken let out an embarrassed squeak. Had to be Midoriya, then.

“Aoyama, do you mind if I…?” Midoriya asked, touching the blonde’s thigh softly. Aoyama nodded as best he could, letting out a moan as a hand brushed over his cunt. “S-sorry, was that – “

Aoyama didn’t let him finish, pushing back into the flustered boy, getting more of his slick on Midoriya’s hand.

“I-I guess you don’t mind if I…do this…?” Midoriya asked, lowering himself down. His first lick at Aoyama’s dripping cunt was barely a lick at all, more of a poke. He got braver, though, eventually building up the courage to smush his face against Aoyama to properly eat him out. That had Aoyama squirming, moans barely contained by Kaminari’s cock.

“S-shit dude, I’m about to – nnnnnh, c’mon man!” Kaminari whined at being pulled from Aoyama’s mouth by Sero, seconds away from cumming.

“I’ll make it up to you…” Sero said with a grin, pulling Kaminari into him for a heated kiss. Aoyama smiled, remembering the first time he had caught the two making out in what they’d probably assumed had been an empty classroom.

He didn’t have much time to dwell on it, though, as Midoriya’s mouth had wandered up to his ass, bringing a trail of slick with it. He groaned as the tongue entered his tight ring of muscles, practically crying out when said tongue was replaced with a finger.

“I-is this – “ Midoriya began, stilling his finger. He admired the alpha’s concern for him, though wondered if the poor boy would ask every time he did something different? That might become slightly frustrating, but at least he was gentle.

“Oui! Continue, please,” Aoyama begged, closing his eyes for a moment as another finger entered him, already stretching him deliciously.

Upon opening his eyes, he was met with a lovely sight; Shinsou and Ojiro embraced tightly, Shinsou’s hands running up and down the omega’s body. Ojiro kept letting out small squeaks and chirps, thrusting his hips against Shinsou’s leg but – oh now that was interesting, Aoyama’s eyes widened. Ojiro never made contact, held back by a seemingly invisible force.

Shinsou caught Aoyama’s eye and, with a smirk, slowly disentangled himself from Ojiro, whispering something in the omega’s ear to make him blush and sputter a hushed response, shaking his head frantically.

“If you would like some help, monsieur Ojiro, I am happy to assist.” Aoyama stuck his tongue out playfully, gasping suddenly as he felt something much larger than a finger enter his ass.

“S-sorry, I-I couldn’t wait any longer, I-I made sure to use lots of lube…” Midoriya panted out, thrusting into him lightly.

Aoyama moaned, nodding his approval before beckoning Ojiro over with his hand. “I have eyes monsieur, I can see you want to use me…so please…” he opened his mouth invitingly, letting out a happy squeak when Ojiro shyly shuffled over to him with a small nudge from Shinsou. Aoyama gave him a wink before swallowing his cock, enjoying the sharp gasp he pulled from the other omega. He understood now why Iida insisted on calling him cute, the sounds he was getting from Ojiro were positively adorable to hear, pleasantly needy and wanton.

He closed his eyes, enjoying the feeling of having two cocks in him at once. That may have been a bit of a mistake, because he had to put 100% of his focus into not biting down on Ojiro’s cock when three fingers slid easily into his cunt. He tried to maneuver himself around to glare at whoever had done that, and got a low chuckle from Shinsou in response. Of course, that alpha seemed like the teasing type.

“Sorry, I just noticed nobody was playing with this lovely hole here,” Shinsou drawled, wiggling his fingers around inside Aoyama “and, well, it seems like you’re enjoying the attention. Ah, Ojiro, you may cum now.”

A high-pitched moan from Ojiro startled Aoyama into taking him deeper, and he cursed himself as he almost choked on the hot load that coursed down his throat not seconds later. He coughed a few times as Ojiro pulled out, the omega apologizing profusely and petting his hair.

“Sorry, sorry, I-I couldn’t move all that much, here…” Ojiro hesitated for a moment before bending down to kiss the stray cum from Aoyama’s lips “…as way of thanks, I figured I should clean you up…” Ojiro mumbled, tail curling around one of his legs self-consciously.

“Nonsense, you did beautifully Mashirao.” Shinsou purred, his words gaining a small wag from Ojiro’s tail. “Sero, Kaminari, are you two busy right now?”

“Hm? Not really…oh!” Kaminari perked up, looking back over to Aoyama. Sero tossed an arm around his friend, chuckling a comment of something along the lines of ‘did you really forget why we’re here?’

“Mm, Midoriya?” Shinsou tapped the short boy’s shoulder, making his thrusts stutter to a stop. “Would you mind laying on your back?”

“U-um, I guess?” Midoriya shot him a confused look, about to say something else until Aoyama slid on top of him in the same position, his slick now freely dripping down to his pucker. “O-oh, that’s what you mea – nnnnght!” Aoyama slid himself back onto the boy’s cock, letting out a sigh of relief as he was filled once again. “A-aah, t-that’s…an intense angle, u-um give me a second to get used to it…”

“No problem, i was going to ask you to wait anyway. Sero?” Shinsou beckoned the gangly boy over, motioning to Aoyama’s cunt.

“Y-you want me to…?”

“I haven’t seen you receiving any pleasure yet. Seems only fitting.” Shinsou shrugged, making his way over to Ojiro to whisper something else in the boy’s ear. Ojiro let out a laugh, swatting Shinsou’s arm and whispering something back.

“You good with two inside you, buddy?” Sero asked Aoyama, lining himself up. At Aoyama’s nod, he pushed in slowly, groaning at the slick wet heat that was the omega’s cunt.

Aoyama let his tongue lol out as both Midoriya and Sero sped up their thrusting, and it was only after a minute or two that he opened his eyes to see Kaminari giving him the most pitiful look he had ever seen. He let out a breathy laugh, beckoning his classmate over.

“Monsieur sparky, come here and let’s finish what we started earlier, shall we?”

The look on Kaminari’s face could have lit an entire building by how bright it was, the boy bounding over with more energy than Aoyama felt he’d ever have in his life.

It was a tad awkward considering that Aoyama was perched a bit precariously on top of Midoriya, but somehow they managed to situate Kaminari’s cock in his mouth. With Aoyama’s hand for assistance, the electric teen was cumming in no time, sending pleasantly tingly shocks down Aoyama’s spine.

Midoriya was the next to go, and honestly Aoyama was impressed with how long he had held out, he was going to make some omega or beta very happy one day. He smiled at the sensation of his ass being filled, moaning along with Sero as he, too, came to his end.

“I know you probably – hah – want it inside but – “ Sero panted, sliding himself out of Aoyama’s cunt and stroking himself to completion. After he’d regained his breath, he apologized with a pat to Aoyama’s sweaty head. “Sorry, have a thing with Kami, neither of us can finish inside anyone’s cunt until…what was it?” he called to Kaminari across the room, frowning.

“Until we both get mates, bro!”

“Right, that.”

Aoyama nodded more as an afterthought than out of understanding. He still hadn’t cum once, but he felt too thoroughly fucked-out to even move. So he lay there on the mat, Midoriya having slid out from underneath him a few minutes ago to clean himself off.

Iida clicked his tongue, surveying the room with disappointment. Aoyama looked over, chirping happily when he saw Iida walking towards him, undoing his belt with a huff.

“Tenya!” he mewled, wiggling around on his back. “Tenya, please, I haven’t – “

“I know, I’m sorry Yuuga, that was very rude of them. I shall have to talk with them later. But for now…” Iida placed a kiss squarely on his mouth, holding his body above Aoyama’s with one arm to finish undoing his pants, letting his cock spring out with a sigh.

“Oui, please mon cher…” Aoyama begged needily, cunt throbbing at this point. He allowed himself to moan loudly as Iida entered him, desperately rocking back into him to meet every thrust. “Tenya, Tenya, je t’aime tellement Tenya, aaah~” his back arched as Iida continued to pound into him, sweet moans now the only thing falling from his lips.

They came together, Iida with a low groan and Aoyama with a squeal of delight, holding each other tightly. It took Iida only a few seconds to regain his composure, and he stood up with a panting Aoyama in his arms, fucked-out and just about ready to fall asleep.

“You should all be ashamed of yourselves,” Iida scolded as he entered the locker room, addressing those still present. “Were you not taught to allow your omega to finish first? It should always be in the forefront of your mind to look after those you are copulating with!”

“I enjoyed it, mon amour. Don’t be so harsh on them.” Aoyama giggled, curling a hand in Iida’s shirt. “Mm, I could use a nap. We both could, oui?”

Iida nodded stiffly, sending a hard stare around the room. “Can I trust you to at least clean up here? The yoga mats belong in the storage closet – only after they are properly sanitized, Kaminari! And another thing – “

Aoyama smiled to himself, closing his eyes. His beta’s rantings made for quite the soothing rumble in his chest, and Aoyama found himself slowly falling asleep focusing on it along with Iida’s heartbeat, thumping proudly against his ribcage.

“Kaminari, I saw that, that is no way to roll those up I – oh good heavens! Sero, could you go assist him? Midor – Midoriya, please refrain from – oh, nevermind. Ojiro? No, you are not in trouble don’t look at me like that, I just wanted to know how you are faring after – “

Aoyama popped one eye open, unable to hold in a giggle. He wasn’t sure why they hadn’t done this before.

Chapter Text

Staring at the tailed alpha from across the common room, Bakugo wondered just how much gloating he could get away with before Ojiro retaliated. Just because he was an omega didn’t mean he was going to let himself be pushed around, quite the fucking opposite. He’d made it into UA, he’d made it to the top of the class, and he’d made a name for himself along the way.

Maybe not necessarily the best reputation, but he’d be damned if his second gender got in the way of his success. Now, did he like that he had to hide he was an omega? Absolutely not. But was it necessary in keeping up his image? Yes. Speaking of, he should really think about reapplying his scent-masking spray, he’d probably sweat most of it off earlier during training.

Grunting to Kirishima as way of acknowledgement, he stood to head up to his dorm. He hadn’t intended on overhearing anyone’s conversation as he passed, but…

“Gosh, you’re pretty banged up!” Hagakure exclaimed, presumably prodding at one of Ojiro’s bruises. Ojiro winced, swatting her away gently with a chuckle.

“It’s nothing I haven’t gotten before, although I don’t think I’ll be pairing up with Bakugo for a while after today.”

He really shouldn’t have said anything, should’ve kept his damn mouth shut, but who was he to back down from a challenge like that? Well, not quite a challenge outright, but it was implied!

“Scared about what I’ll do to ya next time?” Bakugo sneered, leaning over the back of the couch his classmates were sitting on.

Ojiro frowned, tail twitching agitatedly. “I was mostly kidding. You’re a formidable opponent, and of course I’d love to practice with you again, but…y’know you’re kind of an ass.” he sighed, turning back to Hagakure (he assumed…he could never be sure where that girl was, even with her floating clothes).

Bakugo bristled. Was he really just being brushed off like that? Ojiro had been the one to say something about him first! To be fair, it had almost sounded like a compliment, but…goddamnit, he at least wanted to get some sort of reaction from that stuck-up monkey-lookin bastard.

“I dunno, sounded pretty serious to me. You’d think an alpha like you wouldn’t hesitate to jump into a fight with a -lowly beta- like me, right? Guess you’re just not brave enough.” Bakugo taunted, heading towards the elevators.

The least he could do was have the last word, thought he didn’t feel as fulfilled as he’d like. And to have to call himself a beta…he gritted his teeth. The scent-masking spray could only do so much, and he was grateful to have a way to hide his omega status but…fuck. Whatever, he could deal with it until he graduated. And then keep dealing with it while he was a pro hero. And die with his secret.

He sighed, stepping into the elevator, about to hit the button when a weight slammed into him.

“Mashi!” the rest of Hagakure’s concerned shout was cut off by the doors closing.

Bakugo whirled around to stare down his assailant, jamming down the 4th floor button. “What the fuck?!”

“You can’t say something like that and expect no retaliation!” Ojiro huffed, crossing his arms sternly.

“What, you wanna fight?” Bakugo grinned, hands already crackling “’Cause I’ve got nothin’ better to do – “

“What? No, I just want to ask why the hell you’re so aggressive towards me!”

Bakugo stilled, barely registering the elevator dinging and opening its doors. “…what?”

“You know for a beta you’re really damn aggressive, always picking fights when you don’t need to.” Ojiro sighed, tugging him down the hall.

Bakugo dug his heels into the carpet, because hold the fuck up this was not the 4th floor. Had they stopped at the 3rd? Fuck.

“Oh for fuck’s sake – “ Ojiro rolled his eyes, tugging him along harder. “You don’t like people in your room so we’re going to mine. And yes, we need to talk, stop making that face.”

If he was being honest with himself, Bakugo was more surprised by Ojiro swearing than his authoritative tone. Which, he realized, he didn’t mind. The swearing or the tone, that is. In fact, he felt…oddly comforted in being lugged into the alpha’s room, his scent somewhere between baked apples and cloves.

“ – never facing them, just fighting with no regard for – are you listening to me?” Ojiro fixed him with a stern glare.


“For the love of – see, this is why people from other classes avoid you!” Ojiro let out a frustrated breath, running a hand through his hair. “They don’t get to know you so of course all they see is your bitchy outside – Katsuki!”

Bakugo’s head snapped up, his mouth falling open. Ojiro looked absolutely livid, and he’d be lying if he said the combination of his intense stare and authoritative tone didn’t turn him on at least a little. And what was with that first-name usage? Was he really being that much of an ass for Ojiro to spring that on him?

“As a beta, you should be someone people look up to, not – “

“Stop calling me that.” Bakugo growled, keeping their eye contact.

Ojiro cocked his head to the side, eyebrows furrowing. “Why?”

“Because I’m not my fucking gender, alright?! I don’t care how other people think I should act, I’m doing just fucking fine on my own! I’m not – “ he stopped, scowling at the strange expression on Ojiro’s face “What.”

“You…smell different?” Ojiro frowned, tail swishing back and forth. “Kinda…sweet? Um, not important. As I was saying, you need to – “

“ – leave, right now.” Bakugo said quickly, stomach dropping to somewhere around the dorm’s basement. He didn’t actually know if they had a basement, but that’s what it felt like. He turned to go, grasping the doorknob in his hand. So close, almost there…

“Hold on, I’m not just going to let you – “

Bakugo growled, baring his teeth at Ojiro. No matter how attracted he was to his classmate, there was no way he was letting him know he was an omega. Obviously he’d been too stingy with his spray today, and he needed to go reapply it Right Now.

“Hey…” Ojiro held his hands up placatingly “I said I only want to talk things out, stay a moment longer – “

“You don’t understand, I need to go. Now.” god, he was beginning to be able to smell himself now. Burnt sugar smells good my ass, Bakugo thought to himself with a scowl. It was disgusting. Not only did his fucking nitroglycerine swear smell awful, his omega scent had to perfectly match up to it. How lucky for him.

“Bakugo – “ Ojiro froze, eyes widening. Shit.

“Yup, I’m leaving! Have a good fucking day!” Bakugo yelped, opening the door. He was so close to freedom, so fucking close –

“Katsuki.” Ojiro said softly, grabbing his wrist. God fucking damnit. Shit. Fuck. Son of a bitch. How many other swears were there? He could go all day with how much despair he felt right in that moment.

The door clicked closed as Bakugo was tugged away from it. He groaned in frustration, thrashing to try to release himself from Ojiro’s hold.

“I’m not going to tell anyone!” the tailed boy exclaimed, calming the other down a little. “It does explain a lot though…”

“Don’t.” Bakugo sat down on the bed, gritting his teeth.


“Don’t fucking say anything. I’m an omega, so what. Gonna look down on me now? Fine. Just know I’ll beat your ass extra hard next time we – “

“Katsuki.” Ojiro barked, shutting him up. “That’s better.” he sighed, sitting down next to him. “I don’t think less of you, you realize that right? I’m frankly astonished you’ve made it so far into UA – “

“ – because I’m an omega? Gee, thanks.” Bakugo bit out, but quieted after another glare from Ojiro.

“No. I was going to say, I’m surprised how long you’ve gone without anyone finding out. I’m not going to blow your cover, it’s your secret to keep or tell, not mine, but we still need to talk.”

“You wish.” Bakugo smirked, moving to stand up.

Ojiro was having none of it. He smacked Bakugo back down onto the bed with his tail, using his body to hold him down. “We. Are going. To talk.”

“Make me, then.” Bakugo spat, almost regretting his words when he saw Ojiro’s face. Almost.

“You think I can’t?” Ojiro whispered, face close enough for Bakugo to feel his hot breath against his ear. He shivered, letting out a silent whine. Fuck.

“Are you trying to fucking kill me?” Bakugo whispered back, groaning when Ojiro’s tail brushed against his crotch.

“Wha – no?” Ojiro’s face morphed from confusion to shock in an instant, his tail swishing back over Bakugo’s crotch. He flushed, moving to get up.

“Oh no you fucking don’t,” Bakugo growled, pulling him back down “you started this, and you’re gonna finish it. Remember training earlier, I can throw you off whenever I fucking please.”

“Oh, can you now?” Ojiro raised an eyebrow, leaning back down. “What if I do this?”

Bakugo had little time to think of a reaction before Ojiro crashed their lips together. He let out an uncharacteristic squeak as Ojiro simultaneously pressed a hand roughly to his crotch, pressing against his erection with his fingertips brushing against his cunt.

“Did you really get so hot and bothered from my scolding?” Ojiro broke their lips apart to ask. He frowned at Bakugo’s glare of a response, pressing his hand down harder. “I asked you a question, Katsuki.”

“Yes.” Bakugo grit out, sighing when Ojiro nipped at his neck and tugged down his pants.

“Good boy.”

Bakugo couldn’t help the whine that escaped him, nor the squirming of his body as Ojiro slid a hand over his cunt.

“So stubborn…”

Bakugo bit back a response, instead letting out an unsteady breath as Ojiro stripped himself of his pants as well.

“Seems like I need to teach you some manners.” Ojiro mused, laying back down on top of Bakugo. He teased a finger around the omega’s entrance, ignoring the frustrated whines coming from Bakugo. “Would you like that?”

“Fuck you.” Bakugo huffed, looking to the side. He probably shouldn’t have, as he had no way of expecting the harsh slap to the inside of his thigh that followed. He moaned, arching up into his unconsciously.

“Want to try again?” Ojiro smiled, rubbing the still stinging skin gently.

Bakugo glared, but nodded.

“Now, do you want me to teach you some manners?”

“Fuck you, -sir-.”

Another slap, this time to his other thigh. Bakugo’s cock twitched, as if his moans weren’t a dead giveaway that he was enjoying himself.

“Mm, better but still not good. Let’s try some commands.” Ojiro said, biting along the shell of Bakugo’s ear. “Think you can hold still for a full thirty seconds?”

“What kind of fucking question is – ngh!” Bakugo squirmed as Ojiro’s teasing finger finally slid into him.

“Be a good boy and don’t move, or I’ll have to punish you.” Ojiro said, pulling out his phone to time him. “Aaand, start.”

Bakugo steadied his breathing. He could do this. Hah, ten seconds down already and he was doing fine – oh fuck. He let out a whine when the finger started moving inside him, pistoning in and out quickly. Bakugo screwed his eyes shut, tensing himself to try to keep from moving, but all that was no match for the second finger that entered him. He pushed back into it, trying to drive them deeper inside his cunt.

“A-ah, you can’t just expect me to – nh!” he gasped, a slap coming down on the same spot as before.

“Guess we’ll have to start over.” Ojiro shrugged, resetting the timer.

“Why can’t you just fuck me alread – ah!” Bakugo winced at the next slap, though still enjoyed the sting it left.

“You don’t get to make the decision, Katsuki. Maybe if you ask nicely, I will.”

“Like hell!” he spat, though slid his legs wider for Ojiro to add a third finger. “I’m not going to fucking beg like some – “

“Like an omega in heat?” Ojiro whispered huskily, dipping down to lick along Bakugo’s collar bone. “Nothing wrong with that, you know. I think it’s hot…”

Bakugo sputtered, deciding to stay silent as Ojiro then commanded him to stay still again. He sat there indignantly as Ojiro’s three fingers worked hard to draw moans from him, but he was determined to keep still. Out of stubbornness or wanting to be fucked, he wasn’t sure. Maybe a bit of both.

“Good boy, managed to stay still for thirty seconds.” Ojiro praised, pulling a needy whine from Bakugo as his fingers slid out of his cunt. “Oh? Do you want more?”

Bakugo shot him a hazy glare, biting his lips for a moment before nodding.

“I want to hear you say it, Katsuki.” Ojiro lazily used the slick on his fingers to lube up his cock, trailing a finger up Bakugo’s when he’d finished.

“Bastard.” Bakugo meat it to come out as a growl, but to his ears it sounded more like a whimper. Damnit.

“That’s not a yes.” Ojiro sighed, pulling away. “Guess you don’t want to, what a shame…”

“Stop acting like you don’t want it!” Bakugo grumbled, averting his gaze as Ojiro chuckled.

“Yes, but I need to hear what you want in order to give it. Understand?”

Something about his tone had Bakugo nodding, face flushed considering everything they’d already done.

“I’ll ask again. What do you want?” Ojiro asked softly, brushing his tail down Bakugo’s leg.

“Fuck me.” Bakugo heard himself saying, cringing. “I-I want you to fuck me, and don’t you dare hold back, I can fucking take it – nnnh!” he let out a whine as Ojiro slid into him without warning. He glared up at the alpha, getting a chuckle and a nip to the neck in return.

“You said not to hold back…”

And hold back he did not. Ojiro’s thrusts had started out rough, but by the time Bakugo registered that he was, in fact, getting fucked like he wanted to, he knew he was definitely going to have bruises tomorrow. He laughed to himself; fair enough, he’d given Ojiro bruises earlier, he was only repaying the favor.

“I like that sound, you should laugh more often.” Ojiro panted, pressing a surprisingly soft kiss to Bakugo’s cheek.

“I-I…what? The hell are you – “ he cut himself off with a moan as Ojiro wrapped a hand around his neglected cock, pumping it in time with his thrusts. “A-ah, shit, I-I’m gonna – !” Bakugo cried out, biting down on his lip in an attempt to stay quiet.

“Let me hear you, Katsuki…” Ojiro purred, driving even harder into his cunt.

“A-alpha – hah – alphaaaa – nnh!” Bakugo came with a strangled whimper, breathing heavily. He didn’t notice Ojiro pulling out to shoot out onto his chest, only registering that he’d finished when the alpha wiped him down with a hand towel.

“I could get used to hearing that…” Ojiro mumbled thoughtfully, jumping when Bakugo grabbed him around the middle.

“Not a fucking word, -Mashirao-.” Bakugo growled, curling into the alpha’s side. He supposed if he was his omega, he should call him by his first name. Besides, he’d kept calling him Katsuki so it was only fair.


Chapter Text

He sniffed their air nervously. There’d been two distinct, overwhelming scents since the beginning of the week, and by the strength of them they had to be alphas. Ojiro glanced around the lunch room, looking around suspiciously at his classmates. It couldn’t be any of them, he was around them constantly and knew their scents by heart…embarrassingly so. He flushed, remembering the time he’d heard Kaminari from down the hall. They’d had a full dorm room between them, but the sounds coming from his dorm, not to mention the intoxicating smell of the beta’s arousal…

“Mashi? You okay?” Hagakure poked his cheek.

“Hm? Oh, uh, yes.” he frowned, poking at his lunch with his fork. “Just…smells weird.”

“Your food?” he heard a snuffling sound “Nah, seems fine to me.”

“No I mean…”

“Eh?” Hagakure turned in her seat, looking past Ojiro. “What do you want?” she asked protectively, looking as if she were ready to stand. Ojiro felt her small hand on his shoulder and was instantly comforted; his beta friend always made him feel at ease.

“I just want to talk to your omega there. Ojiro, right?” a deep, sleepy voice said.

“He’s not -my- omega!” she huffed, grip tightening on Ojiro’s shoulder. “We’re just friends. And if you want to talk to him, ask him yourself! He’s right here!”

“I…sorry, that sounded rude. I didn’t mean it that way.”

Ojiro tensed as an all-too-familiar face sat down on the other side of the table. Shinsou gave him a nervous smile, rubbing the back of his neck.

“So…about the sports festival our first year – “

Ojiro held up a hand, cutting him off. “If you’re here to apologize, stop right now. I don’t hold grudges, and it’s been a while since it happened. No need to say anything.”

“I’d like to believe you, but every time our classes train together you avoid me. I don’t want you to think I have anything against you, and I know that using my quirk like that was – “

“You did what you had to do.” Ojiro said stiffly, thankful for Hagakure’s hand sliding down to give his a comfortable squeeze.

She’d been the only person he’d been able to confide in after the sports festival their first year, they’d stayed up all night talking about…everything. How inadequate he felt for being controlled like that, how humiliating it had been, and how the omega part of himself embarrassingly enjoyed it to some extent. Of course he’d still been put off for Shinsou not even asking first, but all in all it hadn’t been the worst experience.

“I could have done things differently.” the tired teen said quietly. “I…I’ve learned a lot about my quirk in 2-B and…I guess I’ve sort of been avoiding you too, but I just wanted to say sorry properly.”

“You still don’t need to, but your apology is accepted.” Ojiro sighed, about to finally start eating his lunch. About goddamn time, he was starving. Still, the scents from earlier were only getting stronger, and it made his stomach flip uncomfortably.

“Oh, what’s this? Fraternizing with the enemy?” a sing-song tone rang out, only one possibility of who it could belong to.

“Neito, Class A aren’t our rivals.” Shinsou scolded the alpha.

“Oh hush, I grew out of that.” Monoma waved a hand at him dismissively, turning his attention to Ojiro.

“Did you?”

Monoma pursed his lips. “…maybe. But even if I did think of them as rivals, that doesn’t mean I don’t respect them.”

“At least you’ve changed -some- since last year.” Hagakure huffed, crossing her arms for a moment before jumping up suddenly. “Mashi! I’ve got something to show you!”

“Huh?” Ojiro cocked his head to the side. She hadn’t mentioned anything earlier, usually if she wanted to show him something it was on her phone, so why was she tugging on his sleeve insistently?

“Come ooooooon!” she laughed, but he could sense a bit of desperation to her harsh pulling.




Ojiro allowed himself to be dragged out of the cafeteria, tail perked up curiously as he was further pulled behind the building.

“You’re almost in heat.” Hagakure blurted, stopping him dead in his tracks.

“How do you – “

“Your scent changed a little bit last week, and at first I didn’t think anything was up but then those two alphas approaching you at once? You’re definitely going into heat soon, Mashi. You should take the rest of the day off today, go see Recovery Girl.”

“But…” Ojiro bit his lip “I don’t want to miss today’s training…how about I finish today, and then tomorrow and the day after I’ll stay in my dorm, sound good?”

“Mashi…” Hagakure’s tone was anxious. He felt bad about making his friend worry so much, but he trusted that nothing bad would happen in the next few hours. It was just half a school day, how much trouble could he really get in?

“I know I shouldn’t, I just don’t want our classmates to see me as weak and – “

“Mashi, it’s okay. I’ll keep an eye on you, and I’ll ask Denki to too.”


“I can’t exactly go into the boy’s locker room, that’s creepy!”




To nobody’s surprise except Ojiro’s, his heat hit him right as Aizawa dismissed them to get ready for training. Ignoring the building heat in his groin, Ojiro grit his teeth and followed his classmates into the locker rooms, hanging back while they changed.

“You good?” Kaminari gave him a sympathetic look, already changed into his hero costume.

“Y-yeah, I think…I’ll be sitting the rest of today out.” Ojiro said defeatedly, sitting down on one of the benches with a sigh.

“Hey, don’t look so down!” Kaminari patted his shoulder understandingly. “I’ve had to sit out a few times, y’know? ‘S not so bad! Besides, Hagakure said you’ve got a reason so I’ll be looking out for ya, man!” had…had Hagakure not actually told Kaminari why he needed to stay out of class? Just how much HAD she said? Ah well, couldn’t exactly change it now.

“…thanks. Would you mind telling Aizawa I’m not going to be there?”

“No problem!” the energetic beta waved to him as he jogged out to meet their classmates. “I’ve heard taking a cold shower can help sometimes!” he called over his shoulder, finally disappearing from Ojiro’s vision. Did that mean he knew? Maybe it was a thing for being sick too…though, wasn’t that hot showers?

Ojiro thought for a moment, shrugging to himself and stripping. It wasn’t like he had anything to lose, and he had plenty of time to give it a try now that his classmates were out training.

He trudged into the shower area, selecting a shower stall with a curtain…just in case. You could never be too careful with forgetful around, always forgetting things. Speaking of – Ojiro’s ears perked up at the locker room door opening. Probably Denki again, just in time to grab whatever part of his costume he’d forgotten, as usual. Last month, Hagakure had jokingly kept a tally of how many times Kaminari had run back into the locker rooms right before training started, and the results were staggering to say the least. Poor forgetful bastard, it was a wonder how he kept up with his grades enough to pass his classes.

“I don’t know why in the hell you wanted to train during our only free period, but plus ultra I guess.”

Ojiro froze. That definitely wasn’t Denki, and even worse it sounded like more than one pair of footsteps approaching. The smoky smell of incense filled his nostrils, along with some sort of…citrus-like smell? Whoever they were, they were definitely alphas and they had definitely been working out. Ojiro held in a groan as their scents went straight to his groin, and he winced as he felt his slick seeping out onto his thighs.

“C’mon Toshi, this way we avoid those Class A assholes!” ayup, that was Monoma’s voice, clear as day. Ojiro grimaced, willing his tail to stop thumping against the side of the shower stall. When he got excited, his tail was less than easy to control, but during heats good god was it impossible to get it to even slow down.

“You’re just afraid of Bakugo.”

“…and? I don’t see you clamoring for his attention! Guy’s an ass, and omega aside he’s fucking terrifying!”

Oh god they were getting closer, and their scents weren’t dying down any at all. With a start, Ojiro realized that his glands were probably excreting his scent close to the same amount, if not more. He grimaced, as soon as they actually walked past they’d definitely smell him, it was only a matter of time. He held his breath.

“What’s it matter? Second genders don’t matter when it comes to hero work.” a scoff came after, one he’d definitely heard before. Paired with the sleepy tone and drawled speech…Shinsou?

“Mhm, suuuuure.” Monoma laughed, presumably shoving Shinsou playfully if the small yelp was anything to go off of. “Unless he’s got a tail, then it matters. Remember, we agreed to share~”

Tail? He had a tail, Ojiro thought hazily as his hand slid subconsciously down to his entrance. He couldn’t take it anymore, he needed something inside him, even if it was just his finger. He bit back a moan, leaning against the wall of the stall as his tail continued to flick back and forth agitatedly. It wasn’t enough, not nearly enough.

“That’s only if he says yes! Jesus, have some tact, you horndog. Before anything, we need to properly court him, it’s only fair.”

“Yeah, yeah, but when he does – “

“IF he does, THEN we can – hold on.” the footsteps stopped, and Ojiro held in a squeak as he saw a pair of shadows underneath the curtain.

“I smell it too…” Monoma whispered.

God, he felt like he’d never be able to breathe properly again. Ojiro held his breath again, praying to the tail gods above that it would stop wagging.

Not only did it keep wagging, oh no, his tail had decided to declare war against him and brush against the shower curtain, sliding it aside so that it opened roughly, displaying him to the two boys in front of him.

Fingers still in his cunt, slick dripping down his legs, cock at full attention, Ojiro had never felt more embarrassed. He averted his eyes as Monoma’s mouth fell open. Shinsou raised his eyebrows in surprise, but otherwise said nothing.

“Toshi, Toshi, Toshi!” Monoma whispered harshly, smacking Shinsou’s side with the back of his hand as he stared at Ojiro.

“Shh! He’s probably embarrassed, stop looking at him like an animal!” Shinsou scolded, whapping the back of Monoma’s head.

“Stop hanging out with Kendo…”

“Hitting you isn’t exclusive to her, you know.”

“U-um,” Ojiro’s quiet whimper brought both boys’ attention back to him, and he shied away from their gazes. “I-I need some help…”

“Ojiro, are you sure.” Shinsou fixed him with a hard stare. “If you aren’t, we won’t do any – “

“Please just fuck me.” Ojiro whined, the heat in his groin now unbearable. “Please. I-I’m in heat, and it fucking hurts. Just please…” he squeezed his eyes shut, turning off the water and bracing himself against the shower wall.

A finger slid into his cunt and he whined, shaking his head vigorously.

“N-no, I’m ready, please it’s way too hot right now, I need you to fill me,” Ojiro didn’t know where he’d learned to say things in such a sultry tone before, but Monoma and Shinsou seemed to like it so who was he to complain.

He let out a sob of relief as a cock filled him, thrusting in and out easily. Ojiro’s tail continued to wag of course, but now it seemed cautious of the two alphas filling the small space and softened its movements. Traitor. He briefly considered asking who was fucking him when Kaminari’s cheerful voice called out from the entrance of the locker room.

“Hey, Ojibro? Hagakure said I should check in! I finished my set so Aizawa said it was okay, don’t worry I – “ Kaminari stopped abruptly, sounding only a few feet away from them. He heard a loud gasp, then growl building in the blonde’s throat, and turned awkwardly to wave a shaking hand to his classmate

“I-it’s okay Denki, I-I asked them for this – ahh!” Ojiro broke off into a moan as Monoma pressed deeper into him (ah, it had been Monoma fucking him, good to know).

Kaminari frowned, then sighed. “Fine, but I’m staying to make sure they don’t hurt you.”

“You could join?” Ojiro suggested, closing his eyes to avoid having to look at his classmate. Why had he said that, why had he had to open his stupid mouth, there was no way he would –


Ojiro nodded, yelping as he was lifted up gently, sliding off of Monoma’s cock with a whine.

“We’ll take care of you,” Kaminari murmured, lifting Ojiro up and sliding him down onto his own cock, eliciting a delightful moan from the omega.

“T-thank you…” he moaned as Kaminari began moving “b-but could, um, would it be possible for…uh…” Ojiro trailed off, trying to clamp down around Kaminari’s cock but…he sighed. He’d always been loose, that’s just how his cunt was, but sometimes it made for, erm, awkward conversations.

“I think I know, tell me if I’m wrong.” Shinsou whispered from behind him, breathing against his ear. Ojiro shuddered, already feeling the tip of the alpha’s cock at his entrance.

“Please!” Ojiro panted, nodding quickly. He rested his head on Kaminari’s shoulder, enjoying the grunt the beta let out as his cock met Shinsou’s inside him. “Nnnnngh, hah, please keep going, nnnh, Shinsou, aaah,” Ojiro gasped out, almost losing himself in the pleasure of being so thoroughly filled.

Shinsou matched his thrusts with Kaminari’s, kissing along the back of Ojiro’s neck whenever he squealed at a particularly hard push.

“Monoma, get the fuck over here,” Shinsou panted out, and Ojiro could see him beckoning the other alpha over.

Monoma chuckled, crossing his arms. “Looks like he’s already thoroughly stuffed, I don’t know what you want me to – “

“Can’t you see – “ Shinsou reached over Ojiro to pat Kaminari on the shoulder “ – this hard-working beta needs some attention?”

Kaminari’s eyes shot up in surprise, but he nodded slowly, grin forming on his face. “I’m down for being fucked if you’re down for fucking me!”

Kaminari’s hips stuttered as Monoma entered him. Ojiro could see the wince on his face, nuzzling against the beta’s chest in sympathy. Omegas tended to create slick like nobody’s business, heat or not, but betas…oof. It wasn’t that their cunts didn’t self-lubricate, it was just that they tended to need more preparation than most omegas.

That being said, after a few thrusts Kaminari had been turned into as much of a moaning, panting mess as Ojiro.

The four boys kept at it, Kaminari being the first one to finish, followed closely by Ojiro. Ojiro allowed himself to be held tightly by the redhead, whimpering as Shinsou continued to pound into him. It felt good to be so surrounded by alphas and a beta, Ojiro felt so…safe, held by Kaminari and Shinsou. Monoma he was less sure about, but when the boy dropped to his knees to suck Ojiro off, he moaned sweetly and didn’t hesitate in cumming down the alpha’s throat.

“So…” Kaminari started, helping Ojiro put his school uniform back on. “…cold shower didn’t work?”

“N-no, I didn’t get too far into it before…” Ojiro cast his gaze downward, flushing darkly.

“Hey hey, don’t be embarrassed! Heats happen, I’m just glad I could help.” Kaminari smiled at him, giving him a hug. “I think you should go back to your dorm though, you look exhausted man.”

Ojiro nodded, tying his shoes quickly and heading out of the locker rooms. He’d just started to wonder where Monoma and Shinsou had slinked off to when a cough caught his attention. He looked over to see Shinsou leaning against a wall, Monoma practically vibrating next to him.

“H-hey.” Ojiro stuttered, conflicted. They had helped him through his heat, very well in fact, but then they’d just…left.

“He couldn’t wait until after you’d finished your heat to give you our phone numbers.” Shinsou gestured to Monoma. “So…here.” he held out a folded piece of paper. Was that a blush on his cheeks? Ojiro smiled, accepting it.

“I’m okay for now, maybe not tomorrow but…” Ojiro trailed off, flushing. He’d have a hell of a day tomorrow, heat in full swing by that point.

“Kaminari said he’d be taking care of you, we won’t push ourselves on you.” Shinsou assured, smacking Monoma when his mouth opened to refute. “Shut up, we’re not taking advantage of him like that.”

“I didn’t even say anything!” Monoma defended, pouting.

“Your stomach moved.”

“Wha – the hell’s that mean?!”

Chapter Text

“We need an omega.” it wasn’t a question. Bakugo didn’t know how else to bring it up, so why not just go with brutally honest? Shinsou had said to be more open with his feelings, after all.

“Excuse me?”

Ah fuck he was giving him that look again, the what-the-fuck-did-you-just-say-to-me-you-piece-of-shit-I’ll-have-you-know (…and so on) type of look.

“Hey, shitlord.” Shinsou rapped a hand against Bakugo’s head. “Y’hear me?”

“Yeah yeah I fuckin heard you.” the alpha grumbled, shoving Shinsou off of his lap. Or at least he tried, the purple-haired fucker had a death grip in him whenever they cuddled.

“Then what did I say?”

“You – “ Bakugo went rigid, eyes glazing over. He willed himself to move, struggling to glare daggers at his boyfriend.

“Don’t look at me like that, you were gonna do some explody-thing.” Shinsou yawned, stretching out across Bakugo’s body. “Just for the record, I want an omega too. I just wanted to see the look on your face.”

Bakugo let out a growl, though otherwise remained still, held in place by Shinsou’s quirk.

“When I let you go, no explosions ‘kay? Too tired for that shit right now.” Shinsou said lazily, releasing Bakugo.

“The hell was that for?! And don’t forget who the alpha is here, you – mph!”

Shinsou pulled back from the kiss just as Bakugo was starting to get into it, smirking at the frustrated grunt from his alpha. “What? Didn’t you want to talk about finding an omega?”

“I did, but then you – fuck you.”

After a bit more teasing, they finally got down to actually talking about finding a good third. Bakugo skirted around saying any names, only hinting that they ought to be in the hero course, or at least familiar with it. A hero’s schedule wasn’t exactly made to sustain a normal relationship, less so with an alpha and a beta as heroes and an omega civilian. He groaned, thinking of the possibility of he and Shinsou both being on patrol or something while their omega went into heat…god that’d be terrible.

“ – would be a good omega to pursue, don’t you think?”

“Eh?” Bakugo froze, wilting under his boyfriend’s stern gaze. Shinsou sighed dramatically, falling back onto Bakugo’s bed. “Hey, I was busy thinking. Sue me.”

“See you in court then. I was -saying- that we know our classmates well enough by now to know who’s a good fit for us. I’ve also seen you looking around, you’re not subtle.”

“Wh – yes I am! I’m as subtle as they fucking come! I leave no clues, no hint of who I’m interested in!”

“Really. So when I saw you eyeing Mashirao’s ass in the showers, your eyes just happened to be wandering?”

Bakugo flushed, pressing his lips together. “…yes.”

“Mhm. And when you kept staring for the next five minutes, that was…?”

“Fuck you.”

“Oh stop pouting, I like him too. As it so happens, we’re studying together this weekend. Wanna join? Try to court him?”

Bakugo’s mouth went dry. How could Shinsou just say something like that so casually, he looked like he could be talking about the goddamn weather!

“Hey!” Shinsou snapped his fingers in front of Bakugo’s face, eyes softening. “Good, you’re still in there. We don’t have to, I was just suggesting.”

“No. I want to. I…” the blonde paused, laying down next to his beta. “I think you should be the one to ask. I know I’m…a lot.” he sighed, throwing an arm over his face. “And I don’t want to scare that fucker off, he’s one of the few who’s still…I dunno, I think he’s still scared of me.”

Shinsou chuckled, running a hand through Bakugo’s hair. “You’re a good alpha, Katsuki. And come on, you’ve been classmates for almost three years now, he’s not scared of you.”

Not scared, eh? Then how come Ojiro kept avoiding Bakugo all throughout the week?! Bakugo sighed as he spotted his classmate walk into the locker room, lock eyes with him, then quickly scurry out. Fuck. Bakugo did his very fucking best every day to not appear threatening, even letting Kirishima brush his hair down after some pleading on the redhead’s part. Despite his efforts, Ojiro continued to steer clear of him, which made Bakugo more than a little fearful himself. Did that mean Ojiro would only be interested in Shinsou? The two got along well, they’d become close friends somewhere in the middle of second year, and it was nice to see at least Shinsou getting along with him. But…what if Ojiro asked Shinsou to leave him? He wouldn’t actually do that, would he?

…would he?

“Hey smelly, wake up.” Shinsou bopped him on the head with his breakfast tray. “Sulking this early? Who pissed in your cereal.”

“First off, I smell great. Second, it’s oatmeal not cereal you shitstick.” Bakugo grumbled, shoveling his food into his mouth angrily.

“Oatmeal IS a cereal, and I was kinda kidding about the smell but…” Shinsou leaned into him after he’d sat down, taking a whiff along his neck and wrinkling his nose as he pulled back. “You do smell kinda weird. Are you – oh my god are you scared?”

“Shut up.”

“Kats I’m not teasing you, I’m actually concern – “ Shinsou cut himself off, reflexively sitting closer to his alpha as Monoma walked past them.

“Heyo~” the small alpha winked to them, waving. “Say, do you know if that adorable omega of your class is taken or not?”

“Wouldn’t call Deku adorable even if everyone else seems to.” Bakugo grunted, glaring at Monoma as he giggled. “What’s so funny?”

“Not him! I’ve seen the way he is around the floaty one and the speedster, no way I’m gonna break apart that perfect triad!” Monoma sighed dramatically, looking over to Izuku’s table wistfully. “Ah, a boy can dream, though…”

“Who were you talking about?” Shinsou asked curiously, much more used to Monoma’s eccentric attitude.

Ever since he’d been accepted into the hero course the boy had glued himself to Shinsou during training, maybe out of curiosity at first but it ended up becoming a rather pleasant friendship. However, Shinsou knew how Bakugo felt about him with other alphas, especially ones as bold as Monoma, so he kept himself at a respectful distance.

“The one wagging his tail as we speak~ Tell me you don’t find that adorable!” Monoma exclaimed, looking longingly at Ojiro. “I suppose I could just ask him…I think I shall! Toodaloo~”

Bakugo felt himself go cold. Oh no. Oh hell no. He would not lose to that quirk-stealing bastard. Feeling a growl rising in his chest, he gripped Shinsou’s hand tightly to try to get a grip on reality. Ojiro was only talking with the fucker, nothing was happening, no inappropriate touches from Monoma or anything like that. Good.

He squinted, leaning over slightly. Had that bastard said something funny? Whatever it was, Ojiro was laughing, and Bakugo’s heart just about melted. Don’t get him wrong, he loved his boyfriend, but Ojiro’s smile was just…fuck, it was adorable. Monoma had been right about that, his classmate was cute as hell.





“What the hell are we doing in the middle of the goddamn woods?” Bakugo whispered to his boyfriend, hoping Ojiro didn’t hear. Shinsou rolled his eyes, speaking at a normal volume.

“We’re not in the middle of the woods, we’re under a tree. Great place to study, mm?”

Bakugo glared, about to say something else when Ojiro hummed happily, taking out his notes. “A great spot in the shade, too. Not too hot, not too cold.”

His words died in his mouth, coming out as a jumbled incoherent noise that had Ojiro giving him a strange look.

“Don’t mind him,” Shinsou waved him off, focusing on his notes “he didn’t have his coffee this morning.”

“I don’t drink coffee.” Bakugo grumbled, settling into his own work.

“Well you’re sure grumpy every day. Maybe that’s why.”

“Yeah, at least my hair doesn’t look like I’ve been hanging upside-down for three hours.”

Ojiro chuckled, and any frustration Bakugo had felt before immediately left him. He looked up wide-eyed, pencil dropping into the grass.

“Sorry, couldn’t help myself.” Ojiro was still smiling, and Bakugo just about died when he put a hand on his arm. “Ah, Katsuki? Your pencil…”

“Right. Um. Thank.” Bakugo said stiffly, accepting the pencil Ojiro placed in his hand. “Pencil. Yes.”

“Thank you, caveman Katsu.” Shinsou said dryly, flicking him in the knee. “Unga bunga.”

Ojiro laughed again, and for a moment Bakugo considered texting Izuku for tips on how to hide a goddamn blush.

“I wish I had something like you guys, you work so well together. I-I mean, relationship wise. No offense. I watched your last joint training and…um…” Ojiro frowned, tapping his pencil against his cheek “Katsuki was amazing of course, and you too Toshi, but…you kept flirting?”

Bakugo flushed darker, burying his face in his notes now. He felt ridiculous bent in half like that, but how the hell else was he going to hide his face?! It’d look weird if his hands just flew up there, and like hell he was going to copy Deku of all people!

“That wasn’t flirting, it was banter. And if you want to join us, we’d both be happy to have you.” Shinsou said nonchalantly. God fucking damnit where did he learn to be so smooth?! Bakugo felt like his heart was about to beat out of his chest.

“…join in your, er, ‘banter’? I’m not too good with that sort of thing.” Ojiro chuckled.

Bakugo felt a slight breeze from the boy’s tail swishing beside him and let out a small whine, hiding his face further in his notebook. God he hoped Ojiro hadn’t heard that.

“Down, boy.” Shinsou bopped his alpha’s head, getting Bakugo to look up with another whine. “Stop that, I’m getting to it.”

“Getting to what?” Ojiro tilted his head curiously, making Bakugo wonder how he even still had a pulse at this point.

“Sorry, he gets like this when he’s flustered. Still a good alpha, just really fun to tease. Don’t worry, he secretly liked it.”

“Hold on, I-i’m a little confused.” Ojiro laughed nervously, tail wagging faster. “If you’re gonna ask me to…um…what I think you’re asking, then…Monoma joked about that earlier today, and I’d really like to keep it to one fake relationship proposal per day, if that’s okay with you – “

“I’m being serious.” Shinsou said, taking Ojiro’s hand gently. “So it Katsuki. We’re happy together of course, but…to be honest, I think we’ve both separately had an eye for you for a while now. What do you say, Mashirao? Will you be our omega?”

Ojiro looked as if he was about to say something. Which, given the circumstances, he probably had a hell of a lot to say, but Shinsou cut him off with a sharp intake of breath, turning himself towards Bakugo.

“Hey, Kats, talk to me. Is it an attack?” Shinsou took one of his shaking hands, turning Bakugo’s face towards him with his other hand. “Breathe, just think about that.”

Bakugo nodded, shame coursing through him as his thoughts strayed from his uneven breathing to the omega sitting next to them. God, he probably looked pathetic, having a goddamn panic attack in the middle of a confession. He hadn’t even said anything!

“Is he okay?” Ojiro asked hesitantly, hovering a hand over Bakugo’s shoulder.

“Yeah, panic attack I think. Listen, you don’t have to answer right now if you – “

“Yes. I want to be your omega.” Ojiro said firmly, letting his hand fall to Bakugo’s shoulder, giving it a comforting squeeze. “Katsuki…he was really this nervous to ask me?”

Bakugo let out an involuntary whine, nodding. “I’m so fucking sorry.” he whispered, gripping Shinsou’s hand tighter. “Some alpha I’ll be, sure you don’t wanna change your mind? I won’t blame you if you – !” he yelped as he was scooped into the omega’s lap by his tail, falling against the (his?) omega’s chest with a thump.

“No takebacks.” Ojiro chuckled, nuzzling into his hair. “You’re mine now.”

Bakugo squirmed to turn around just enough to face Ojiro. “That’s supposed to be my line.”

He smiled into the kiss that followed, letting out a growl when Ojiro pulled away with a sheepish grin.

“Hey, wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t kiss Toshi too…”

Bakugo relented, letting Ojiro up. The omega leaned forward, giggling when Shinsou met him with just as much enthusiasm as Bakugo. The alpha in question found his eyes wandering to the firm ass in front of him. Hm…

“A-ah! Katsuki!” Ojiro gasped, letting some of his weight fall against Shinsou’s chest as he leaned further forwards, only encouraging Bakugo to grope him more.

“Yeah?” Bakugo grunted, trailing a hand up to the front of Ojiro’s pants. He smirked when he found a bulge already forming there and gave it a light press, grinning when it pulled another gasp from Ojiro.

“D-don’t stop – mmph!” Ojiro whimpered before Shinsou captured his lips once more, effectively muffling his next series of moans.

“Can’t be too loud, might get caught now,” Bakugo purred, sliding a hand under the hem of Ojiro’s pants. “Oh? Nothing under?”

He heard the omega pull away long enough to answer, gasping for breath. “N-no, my tail – nnah – w-won’t allow for it – nnnh!”

“Interesting…” the alpha mused, grasping Ojiro’s erection gently. He gave it a few experimental tugs, every squeak and squeal from Ojiro going straight to his own straining member. “I’ve heard omega’s cocks are more sensitive…that true?”

Bakugo looked up at an unexpected groan from Shinsou, smirking at the sight before him. Ojiro was still crouched over Shinsou, but the two had shifted to that Ojiro’s mouth was perfectly level with Shinsou’s crotch, ripe for the sucking of dick. Which he was.

Sucking dick, that is.

“Didn’t know you were like this, omega.” Bakugo growled, speeding up his hand. Ojiro moaned, pushing his ass against Bakugo’s crotch. “Anybody could walk over here, see you all needy like this…need for your alpha and beta, mm?”

He chuckled as he watched Ojiro try to nod with Shinsou’s dick in his mouth, only really succeeding in bobbing his head around awkwardly. Shinsou let out a loud groan and tensed, pulling out of Ojiro’s mouth in time to cum into the grass under them.

Shinsou didn’t bother wiping himself, stooping down to kiss Ojiro through his own orgasm, the omega letting out deliciously wanton whines and squeaks as Bakugo stroked him to completion. The three of them collapsed, laying on the cool grass in a heap together. Once he’d caught his breath, Ojiro prodded Bakugo in the arm groggily.

“Katsuki? I-I can suck you off if – “

“Nah, just hearing you was enough to…y’know.” Bakugo flushed, turning his head away indignantly. “Doesn’t matter, I’m just happy you’re with us now.”

“He’s a cute alpha, wait’ll you see how he’s like during rut.” he heard Shinsou whisper, letting out a non-threatening growl when Ojiro giggled in response.

“Who’s the alpha here?” he grumbled, pulling them both closer to him.

There was no way he was going to be able to cuddle both of them as well as he’d like, but damn if he didn’t try his hardest. He was at least touching both of them, and that was enough for him to fall asleep. Best goddamn afternoon nap he’d ever had, even if he did wake up sticky and sweaty, sticks and grass tangled in his hair and clothing.

Chapter Text

Well, he was fucked. Only metaphorically, unfortunately, Bakugo grumbled to himself as he shifted in his seat again. His baggy pants were doing a good job of concealing his boner, thankfully, but people were definitely beginning to suspect something with the way he kept squirming in his chair. Fuck having to deal with ruts, fuck Ojiro and Shinsou for sitting so close to him, and fuck Ojiro’s tail for always being in his peripheral vision, flicking away like the cute fucker it was.

He made a beeline for the dorms as soon as classes ended for the day, not bothering to tell either of his partners. They knew. They had to know, why else would he be acting like a fucking jittery chihuahua?!

Bakugo ignored the incessant buzzing from his phone, focusing instead on locking himself in his dorm with a groan. If someone had anything important, they could damn well tell him in person! Not that he’d open the door or anything, he’d already stripped down to his boxers and he was Not putting on any more clothing than necessary; it was too damn hot.

A soft knock at the door made him groan. Of course someone wanted to bother him, it was just his luck.

“Whoever it is, kindly fuck right off.” he heard a huff, followed by a click and the door opening. “How in the fuck – ?!”

“You gave me a spare, you weirdo.” Shinsou glared, tugging Ojiro inside after him. “Now, explain why you’ve been making our omega so nervous today.”

Bakugo scowled, plopping down in his desk chair. “Isn’t it fucking obvious?”

“You’re almost naked.” Ojiro frowned, sitting down on Bakugo’s bed hesitantly. “Is it really that warm? I suppose you do tend to overheat – “

“You’re in rut.” Shinsou stated, crossing his arms. “Stop being such an ass about it, just because we have an omega now doesn’t mean you need to seclude yourself.”

“I’m not.”

“Then what do you call this?”

“I’m just taking care of fucking busine – “ Bakugo felt himself freeze up and let out a whine. He hated how much he loved it, being at Shinsou’s mercy.

Sometimes he wondered who the real alpha was…then again, it was a beta’s job to take care of their alpha and/or omega, so…so….um….Bakugo tried to follow his train of thought, finding it harder and harder not to think about his aching dick. It’d be longing to be touched ever since he’d woken up, but he’d woken up too late to do anything other than get ready for the school day, and besides who had the time to deal with rut when they were in the hero course?! Certainly not Bakugo.

“Is he…?” Ojiro whispered softly, face painted with concern.

“Yup.” Shinsou nodded, unbuttoning his shirt and walking over to the bed. “Don’t worry, we’ve talked it over. It took goddamn forever to get him to admit he liked it, you know how stubborn he is, but…” he sat down next to Ojiro, sliding a hand up the omega’s thigh. “The first time it happened was an accident, but he ended up finishing almost instantly when I took control…figured he’d like it during rut.”

“A-and…you won’t do it to me?” Ojiro said apprehensively, letting Shinsou unbutton his shirt as well.

“Of course not,” Shinsou breathed, sucking a mark into the omega’s neck “…unless you want me to…”

Bakugo let out silent moans, watching his boyfriends make out wasn’t something he was a stranger to, but now with his sensitivity and smell increased he felt like he was going to burst right then and there. Ojiro letting out a delightful groan did him in, and he whined as he came in his underwear, making a small wet patch.

“Looks like he’s enjoying the show…” Shinsou purred, gently pushing Ojiro onto the bed. “Did you cum, Katsu? Answer honestly now.”

“Y-yes,” Bakugo panted, struggling to get himself to move on his own. He groaned as Shinsou tugged Ojiro’s pants off, god he desperately wanted to be inside his omega.

“Good boy.” Shinsou murmured, eyes falling closed as Ojiro’s tail wrapped around him, pressing him into the omega’s crotch.

“H-hitoshi, nnh, please touch me,” Ojiro whimpered, arching up against his beta.

Shinsou slid a hand down the omega’s body, following with his mouth. He spent some extra time with the blonde’s nipples, chuckling as his tail began thumping against the bed. Ojiro keened when Shinsou slid his mouth down to his cunt, ignoring Ojiro’s dripping erection.

“A-ah! Toshiiiii~” Ojiro moaned, gasping as Shinsou slid two fingers into his slick entrance. “Nnnh~”

“Need more, Mashi?” Shinsou teased, adding a third finger. Ojiro nodded, squeaking as Shinsou’s other hand grasped his cock. “How much more? Maybe…an alpha’s cock?”

Ojiro whined, craning his neck to look at Bakugo. “Y-yes…”

“Mm, you’ll have to wait a bit then…” Shinsou drawled, curling his fingers inside the omega’s cunt.

Ojiro squealed in protest, though let Shinsou help him sit up, leaning into the beta as he continued stimulating both his cunt and his cock at once. He caught Bakugo’s gaze and made an endearingly cute pout at his alpha.

“Katsuki, please – nnnnh!” Ojiro’s eyes fluttered closed and his head fell onto Shinsou’s shoulder.

Bakugo shivered, feeling himself almost at his end again. It never ceased to amaze him how much his rut influenced his stamina, he’d been almost scared the first time he came double digits during one of his ruts, and to be fair he’d been a bit sore the next day but that was about it. His cock strained against his underwear, begging to be let out.

“A-alpha, please, I need you,” Ojiro whimpered, sending Bakugo over the edge. He came for the second time that afternoon, groaning when he felt his erection still very much there.

Shinsou whispered something to Ojiro, making the omega perk up and scramble to get on all fours in front of Bakugo. The alpha tried to voice his confusion before realizing that, yes, he was still under Shinsou’s control. He shivered, letting out a high-pitched whine as Ojiro slid his boxers off.

Oh thank fuck, he was still incredibly hard and now uncomfortably hot and sticky. His underwear hadn’t done much to help how unbearably hot he felt, and he gasped as cool air – at least it felt cool to him, it was more or less room temperate – hit his member.

“Go ahead Mashi, I’ve got you from behind.” Shinsou said gently, finally taking off his own pants and kneeling behind the omega.

“A-alpha…” Ojiro panted, tongue lolling out as he brought his face closer to Bakugo’s cock. The omega whined as he breathed in deeply, enjoying his boyfriend’s rutting scent more than anything. “Katsuki, I-I’m going to touch you, if that’s oka – nnnnnh!” Ojiro’s eyes went wide as Shinsou entered him, sliding easily into his cunt. “Haah…s-sorry alpha, I-I can’t wait any longer…”

Bakugo saw stars as his omega swallowed him down to the base, moans somehow escaping Ojiro’s stuffed mouth. Shinsou pounded into the omega ruthlessly, causing Ojiro to bounce back and forth around Bakugo’s cock which, combined with that thing Ojiro’s tongue was doing, had him cumming yet again into his omega’s mouth.

“I think…I think he’s tired enough…” Shinsou panted, still slapping into Ojiro with quick hard thrusts. “A-anyway, I don’t think I can – !”

Bakugo gasped as he felt Shinsou release him, moaning freely now at Ojiro sucking him harder as he was pounded from behind. Shinsou thrust in one last time, groaning as he came. Bakugo barely registered Ojiro still squirming around him until the omega slid off his cock and looked up at him pleadingly.

“A-alpha…” Ojiro whimpered, turning around to present himself to Bakugo. Shinsou nodded tiredly, sitting over on the bed with a content sigh.

Bakugo grunted, standing up to stretch his legs. He was exhausted, sure, but to have his omega presenting to him to nicely like that…

“Alpha!” Ojiro yelped, unprepared for Bakugo to slam into him so suddenly. His sounds quickly turned to moans as Bakugo picked him up to drive deeper into his cunt. “A-ah, alpha, mnnh, please! Please cum in me! I want beta and alpha’s seed in me~”

“Sure thing.” Bakugo growled, nipping at his omega’s neck.

Neither of them lasted long, Bakugo still under the effects of his rut and Ojiro having been teased for so long. They came one after another, Ojiro moaning out as Bakugo filled him with cum, wrapping his legs around Bakugo’s torso in an effort to ride out his orgasm for as long as possible.

When they’d both calmed down, Bakugo caught Shinsou’s sleepy stare from the bed.

“Can I fucking help you?” he growled, gently letting Ojiro down and wiping them both off with a discarded shirt.

“Yeah,” Shinsou yawned, scooting into the wall and patting the bed “I need 40 cc of snuggles, stat. So does Mashi.”

Ojiro nodded enthusiastically, wrapping his tail around Bakugo to nudge him onto the bed. “And since we both need cuddles, you should be in the middle!”

“Yeah yeah, whatever.” he grumbled, crawling in next to Shinsou. Ojiro followed, turning the bed from a little cramped to definitely not enough room, not that Bakugo cared.

He was content to giving an arm to each of his boyfriends, albeit with a huff about how the limbs were definitely going to fall asleep 30 seconds into them cuddling. Shinsou laughed, nuzzling into his chest.

“Yeah, I’m sure it’ll be terrible. Now shut up and let us hug you.”

Chapter Text

“’M goin’ out tonight. Don’t wait up. There should be some curry in the fridge for you when you get hungry.”

Kirishima winced at the door slamming shut. As long as he’s known Bakugo, the man had been an unbearable asshole, and yet…

He sighed, flopping onto their shared couch. He couldn’t help himself, he’d fallen for the alpha and he’d fallen HARD. Any little shred of kindness Bakugo showed him was held in Kirishima’s heart like a precious gem, and he knew he shouldn’t be reading into the blonde’s actions that much, but he really couldn’t help himself.

“Son of a bitch…” he murmured to himself, feeling his pants growing tighter. Hadn’t those health classes back at UA told them all that betas didn’t have to deal with this? Well, getting an erection wasn’t quite on par with going into heat or rut, but Kirishima felt it was just about as frustrating. Probably.

He didn’t feel hungry that night, only eating because he knew Bakugo would scold him if he went out to patrol on an empty stomach.

Just as he was about to leave, his ears picked up the sound of the apartment door opening. Katsuki hadn’t been gone for too long, maybe he’d just needed to do a quick errand? There was only one way to find out, and since he was on his way out anyway –

“H’lo.” Bakugo grunted, tugging an unfamiliar woman into their apartment.

“…hi?” Kirishima smiled at the shy wave from the woman, about to ask her name when Bakugo cut him off with a growl.

“C’mon, short stuff.”

“I’m 5’5”!” the woman protested, following Bakugo into his room. She flashed Kirishima an apologetic smile before she disappeared from view.

He winced at the second door slam of the evening.


The second time it happened, Kirishima didn’t have an easy escape. To be fair, he really should have seen it coming; Bakugo had uncharacteristically warned him he’d have someone coming over – though in Kirishima’s defense, he thought the alpha meant a family member or, er, plumber or something! Any possibility that WASN’T “fuck buddy” had crossed through his mind, which is why he was so startled to answer the knocking at their door to a flushed, squirming omega.

“H-hey!” they said breathlessly, sniffing the air. “Is Katsuki home?”

“Uh, yeah he’s in his – “


Kirishima spent the next few hours in his own room, silently thanking Denki for last year’s birthday gift of earphones.

It became a pattern, omegas coming over to their apartment. Denki made jokes about them living at a train station until he noticed Kirishima’s uncomfortable shifting. He’d changed the topic after that. Well, he’d changed it to possible future mates, which was technically a different topic, but not far enough away from the last one.

Sighing, Kirishima forced himself to sit through Denki’s rambling about this cute alpha girl he’d just met, or that pretentious omega boy at the coffee shop that he couldn’t help drooling over, oh but then again there was that mystery lady at the gym, he wasn’t even sure of her second gender he just knew that he was head over heels, and so on.

“What would you do if she were an alpha and already had a mate.” Kirishima blurted, almost as surprised as Denki at what had just come out of his mouth.

“Erm…y’know, I’m not sure?” Denki thought for a moment, twirling his hair absent-mindedly. “Honestly…dude you know I have no shame, I’d probably beg her to fuck me anyway.”

“Has that ever worked?”

“Not yet! But hey, there’s a first for everything right?”



Not taking Denki’s advice was probably the best way to handle things.


Kirishima could only keep himself composed for so long. And one fateful day, after a full goddamn hero work day (he lost track of how long he’d been awake for, his guess would be at least 30 hours), he saw what he’d been dreading.

Kastuki fucking Bakugo, chatting up fellow pro hero Deku, who just so happened to be one of the few omegas that had been in their graduating class. Kirishima gritted his teeth. He knew Bakugo’s continued rivalry with Izuku, he had to hear a rant about it almost every week, so what did that say about him if Katsuki was more willing to fool around with Izuku than him?

He didn’t bother changing at the agency, only stopping long enough to gather his things before heading back to the apartment. He got ready for bed, almost ignoring the knock on the apartment door roughly 20 minutes later. Almost.

His nose scrunched up in confusion; it wasn’t just Bakugo out there. There was almost a scent of…pine? Oh good fucking god – he blanched, swinging the door open forcefully.

“H-he forgot his keys, and made me walk him back for some reason – “ Izuku stopped in his tracks when he saw the look on Kirishima’s face. “S-sorry, I-I didn’t mean to intru – “

“You’re fine.” Kirishima grabbed Bakugo’s arm, pulling the alpha inside. “He’s the one I’m pissed at. You haven’t done anything wrong, Deku.”

“O-kay…” Izuku glanced between them worriedly. “I’ll…um…go?”

Kirishima nodded curtly, noting how Katsuki still hadn’t said a word to him.

“What the fuck was that.” Kirishima snarled as soon as the door had closed, pushing Katsuki against the wall forcefully.

“What the fuck was what?”

“You know damn well what! Yeah, I know it’s none of my business if you bring home omegas, but – what the fuck, Katsuki?!” Kirishima shouted, releasing his grip on Bakugo to pull at his own hair. “Do you have any idea how much it hurts to see you with your fucking one night stands? And Midoriya, I saw you flirting with him, I thought you hated him! Is it really just not in the cards for you to be able to fuck me just once?!”

Bakugo stared at him, mouth slowly turning up into a smirk. “Took you fucking long enough.”

“What?” Kirishima glared, crossing his arms. Wait. Oh fuck. Oh s h i t . His mind replayed what he’d said, and it took all of his willpower to keep his feet firmly planted on the floor and not sprinting out the front door.

The alpha pressed his body against Kirishima’s, almost purring as he trailed a hand down to his ass.

“You weren’t…with Izuku…?”

Katsuki scoffed, unzipping his pants. “Fuck no, I was just doing that to tease you.”

“That’s not how you – !” Kirishima stopped as he watched Katsuki continue to undress. The alpha put a hand on his hips, frowning.

“You wanted me to fuck you, right? Well I’m here, all that’s left is the fucking you part.”

Kirishima didn’t know what it was that came over him. He knew beta weren’t as receptive to scents as omegas or alphas, but somehow he felt his senses dying out and focusing only on the smell of Katsuki. He rubbed up against the alpha animalistically, unable to form a coherent sentence to save his life.

“God, if I’d known you’d be this excited…” Katsuki chuckled, pulling down Kirishima’s pants and smacking his ass. “Couch?”

Kirishima nodded, stepping out of his pants and stripping off his shirt before practically jumping onto the couch, ass jutting out perhaps more than was necessary.

“Good boy…” Katsuki growled, slapping one of Kirishima’s cheeks again. “Gonna beg for me? I’m not convinced you actually want it if you waited for so long…”

“Katsuki – nh!” Kirishima cried out as a finger entered him, slicked with spit but not much else. “Please….” he whined at the burn of the second finger, wiggling uncomfortably under Katsuki.

“Hold on, hold on,” he grumbled, grabbing Kirishima’s dick almost painfully tight and pumping it quickly, ignoring Kirishima’s squeaks of confusion. “Need lubrication somehow, right? And I ain’t about to just leave you here.”

Kirishima whimpered at Bakugo’s unrelenting pace, crying out as he came into the alpha’s waiting hand.

“There we go. Good boy, cumming so quickly for your alpha.” Katsuki praised, slicking up his fingers and rubbing the remaining cum on Kirishima’s pucker.

‘Your alpha’? Did that mean…?

“Alpha – !” Kirishima yelped as Katsuki slowly slid into him, making him pant at how wide he was being stretched.

“Ah, should’ve stretched you more…oh well…” Katsuki grunted, snapping his hips forward.

“F-fuck!” the beta gasped out, his fingers had never been able to fill him quite like this, nothing had. He ignored the burn of his ass, focusing instead on Katsuki’s steadily increasing pace.

“This what you wanted, Eijiro?” Katsuki asked, smacking his ass once more. “Huh?”


“You wanted me to fuck you like this, you alpha?”

“Yes! Please!” Kirishima yelled, squeezing his eyes shut as Katsuki pounded into him all the harder, grazing against something inside of him that had him seeing white. “A-ah, alpha I-I’m – !”



He woke to a hand stroking his head and something under his head. Pillow…? No, there was something hard about it, almost like a taut clothes line, but…somehow also squishy?

“Hey, c’mon wake up, you’re not allowed to pass out on me like that.” Katsuki whispered to him. A hand wrapped around him, pulling him closer. Ah, he was laying on Katsuki’s chest, that explained it. “You’re too fucking heavy for me to move again. Wake up you shit – “

“Shh, I’m sleeping.” Kirishima swatted blindly above his head, hopefully smacking Katsuki’s mouth a little.

“Oh thank fucking god. Listen, if this is gonna be a thing you’re not allowed to just die like that.”

“Who’s fault was it though?” Kirishima whispered back, curling into Katsuki’s embrace. A huff followed, earning a giggle from the beta. Seems that things didn’t need to change all that much.

Chapter Text

“Could you be any slower? We’ll never make it home at this rate!”

Katsuki knew it was partially his fault, he’d agreed to take the bastard on a hike for whatever fucking reason – oh, right, Kirishima had cancelled on him. Bastard.

Why the hell hadn’t he just stayed in his apartment?! It wasn’t his fault that quirk-stealing asshole had overheard their conversation and butted in, in fact that was a common occurrence around the agency. Monoma, Butter-in-er of Conversations, the Ninth.

“Remind me why I invited you again? Oh wait, I didn’t.” Katsuki growled, flicking Monoma a glare.

“Because I’m such a charming alpha to have around~” the man winked, throwing an arm around Bakugo’s shoulder. “And you are simply a delectable omega who just so happens to be all on his own – “

“You fucking wish.” he snarled, shoving Monoma off of him. Was he hot? Yeah. Was he also an unbearable pretentious asshole? Yeah.

Did that make Katsuki want to fuck him any less? No.

“Oh, but I know for a fact that you’re single!” Monoma chirped happily “I just so happened to overhear our colleagues talking you and, well, I don’t mean to brag, but Eijiro himself said that you two weren’t a thing. Seeing as he’s the closest person to you, one can naturally assume that you have no alpha~”

“Don’t need one.” Katsuki huffed, stepping out into the parking lot.

“Hm, yes, but,” Monoma suddenly grabbed his waist, pulling Katsuki against him “do you -want- one?”

Katsuki couldn’t suppress the shivers that ran up his spine at Monoma’s lustful whisper. Of course he didn’t need an alpha, Ground Zero answered to nobody but himself damnit! But the thought of Monoma telling him what to do, the thought of acting like a ‘proper’ omega for once…it sent his mind racing.

“Well, I can still drive you home.” Monoma shrugged, walking off towards his car. Katsuki trailed behind, lost for words. How the hell was he being so calm about that, especially after what he’d just done! Practically moaning into Katsuki’s ear like that – christ. “Stop.”

“Eh?” Katsuki scowled, hand hovering over the passenger side door. “Fuck you mean? How else am I ‘sposed to get in?”

“If you want me to drive you home, JUST drive you home, sit in the back.” Monoma said nonchalantly. “Otherwise…”

“What, you’ll leave me stranded here?”

“No~” Monoma purred, leaning over the front of the car. “You can always sit in the front if you want~”

Katsuki eyed him warily. He had a pretty good idea that Monoma was hinting at what he’d said before. Sitting in the back was still an option, he reminded himself. Plus, he was definitely stronger than that stupid fucking alpha, if worse came to worse he could always blast himself out of the situation. Right. Stupid fucking alpha. Stupid handsome sexy alpha. Fuck.


Nothing happened for the first fifteen minutes of the car ride. So much nothing, in fact, that it had Katsuki almost squirming in his seat. Had he read the situation wrong? Was Monoma actually just being an ass, had his offer just been a joke? He huffed. Even if it was, the view from the front seat was still pretty nice. He could see that they were heading back into the city soon, the highway signs said they had about –

“Fuck’re you doing?” Katsuki demanded at the hand on his arm.

“Mm, believe it or not I’m driving.”

“I mean your fucking – nevermind.” he wasn’t sure if he was pissed at himself for not moving his own arm, pissed at Monoma for not moving his hand, or just pissed in general that it had taken this long for anything to happen. Probably all three, to varying degrees.

Monoma chuckled, keeping his eyes on the road. Another few minutes passed, and Monoma’s hand began to wander. It ended up resting on Katsuki’s thigh and, as much as he glared daggers at the alpha next to him, he didn’t entirely mind it.

“Oi, you just passed my…” Katsuki stared at Monoma as they whizzed right by Katsuki’s apartment complex. “The hell…?”

“I didn’t say who’s home I was driving you to.” Monoma said with a twinkle in his eye. “I think you’ll find my place much more enjoyable anyway.”



It was alright. Nothing fancy, but it looked comfortable. And smelled amazing, goddamn being around Monoma had given him a little bit of a sense for his scent, but good lord his apartment reeked of it – and Katsuki was loving it. God, since when had Monoma’s scent made him get wet? Since when had ANY alpha’s scent got him wet?

“Oh? And just what is it do you think we’ll be doing here?” Monoma raised an eyebrow, sniffing in Katsuki’s direction. He smirked, walking over to the omega in his doorway and pulling him inside properly. “Tch tch tch, naughty boy, you know it’s impolite to assume.”

“Who said I was assuming anything?” Katsuki said defensively, crossing his arms. Like hell Monoma could smell his arousal, he had to be bluffing. Even if he was though…he had been right. Katsuki had expected them to…er, for Monoma to…

“Y’know you’re cute when you’re trying to think.” Monoma smirked from the couch. He patted the seat next to him, stretching out on his own cushion. “Come.”

“I’m not some fucking dog.” and yet, Katsuki followed his instructions, sitting down next to the alpha a bit stiffly.

“Never said you were,” Monoma whispered, bringing himself closer to Katsuki “but you can still be a good boy, can’t you?”

His tone had Katsuki holding back a whimper. Fuck that was hot.

“Good boys get treats, after all…” Monoma drew a finger down Katsuki’s side, leaning more into his space “…do you want to be my good boy, Katsuki?”

“No promises I’ll be good.” Katsuki growled, grabbing Monoma roughly and ramming their lips together. He’d been waiting for an entire fucking 45 minute car ride for -something- to happen, and goddamn it if Monoma didn’t want to make the first move then Katsuki would. And did.

Katsuki gasped as his crotch was grabbed just as roughly, holding back a whine at Monoma rubbing over his cunt.

“F-fuck…” Katsuki breathed, looking into Monoma’s suddenly stern eyes.

“You are only to move when I tell you to.” Monoma said, beginning to unbutton Katsuki’s shirt. “Understood?”

“Whateve – nh!” he winced as one of his nipples was tweaked. “Fuck you – ah!”

“The proper response,” Monoma purred in his ear “is ‘yes sir’. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir bastard.” Katsuki growled, gasping as Monoma pinched his other nipple and bit his collarbone. It didn’t feel deep enough to draw blood, but fucking god yeah that definitely hurt a bit.

“You’re a disobedient one.” Monoma scolded, motioning Katsuki up off the couch and into a different room. “Don’t worry, I can work with that.”

Katsuki scoffed, deciding to leave verbal responses to a minimum for now. Monoma ordered him to undress, which he’d normally make some snide remark to but honestly, his cock really did need to be free from its prison.


“Yeah yeah, I’m – oi!” Katsuki yelped at the slap to his ass, falling forwards onto the bed.

“That’s close, but I want you on top of it not hanging off the side.” Monoma chided, jabbing his side. “Up.”

Katsuki grumbled, but sprawled out on his back across the bed. It was nice, especially with an emerging pro hero’s salary. Pretty squishy, lots of give to the mattress, and some soft blankets –

“No, turn over.”


“I said turn over. Don’t make me repeat myself again.” Monoma’s voice was dangerously low, and Katsuki eyed him suspiciously as he flopped over onto his stomach. What could that bastard possible want him in this position for? He was lying on his dick, and his nipples were in no way accessible for the alpha to toy around with – just what the hell did he think he was doing?

He sucked in a breath as something coarse wrapped around his ankle. So that was how it was gonna be, huh? Well, even tied down he could still put up a fight. Sure, he wanted to get fucked, but no way in hell was he letting Monoma win in this. Fuck no, absolutely not.

“There, all nice and spread out for me. Roll your wrists for me?” Monoma traced his fingers over Katsuki’s back softly “Mm, not too tight? Still circulating blood and everything?”

“Fuck you.” it sounded less threatening when said into a pillow, but with all four limbs tied to the bedposts he couldn’t exactly turn his head that well.

“Mhm, that’s the plan~”

He squirmed as he felt his cunt wet itself even more. God he probably looked like a mess – he definitely felt like one.

“Keep this in here for a while, okay?” Monoma hummed, shuffling around somewhere off to Katsuki’s left.

“Fuck are you – nnnnnngh!” he moaned out as something slid into his cunt. It didn’t feel any bigger than an egg…oh god had he actually put an egg inside him?! Who the fuck did that?!?!

“Relax, it’s just a toy. I’ve got plenty more~” Monoma whispered, dipping his fingers into Katsuki’s cunt.

“Nnnh, Neito what the hell are you – nh!” a finger circling his asshole answered his question for him. He wasn’t sure whether to curse or thank his cunt for producing so much slick. His mind decided on ‘thank’ as Monoma’s finger slid into his pucker.

A strange sensation to be sure, but not the worst he’d ever felt. He was unable to hold back a moan as Monoma began slowly sliding it in and out.

c l i c k

“Oi, what was tha – haaaaah…” Katsuki moaned, an entirely new sensation from inside his cunt leaving him panting against the sheets.

“Oh my, that’s only the lowest speed…shame, guess you’ll be begging me to stop by the end.”

“Y-you…hah…wish…nnnh!” Katsuki arched his back as much as he could as something smooth and circular slid into his ass, immediately starting to vibrate the same as the toy in his cunt.

“Lovely!” Monoma clapped his hands together, shuffling around for something else. “Ah, there it is…would you be a dear and stay like that for a moment? I’ve got a phone call I simply can’t miss. Ciao!”

“Neito you bastard…” Katsuki panted, flipping him off weakly in his bindings as he listened to Monoma leave the room. Fucker.

The vibrations in his holes were pleasant, but god he wanted so much more. After what he was sure had to be 5 minutes, Katsuki started desperately rubbing against the sheets. It wasn’t the best, but hey it was something. His aching cock wasn’t complaining about the friction, and if he came before Monoma came back then that was his problem.

Katsuki was just about to come to the most unsatisfying orgasm of his life when the vibrators suddenly jolted inside him, speeding up. He choked, freezing in place to adjust to the new sensation. Oh god. Oh g o d did that feel so much better, thank fucking god.

Now if only he had something pounding him, he didn’t even care which hole at that point he just needed something to fuck him. Preferably a someone, but hey he’d take a machine over nothing. He let out a loud moan as the vibrators sped up again, the one in his cunt seeming to jump from 3 to 60 in an instant.

“Haaah…Neito…I-I can’t…just fuck me…” he said loudly, moaning in between every breath. he almost wept tears of joy when he heard footsteps coming back into the bedroom.

“You’re not exactly in a spot to be giving orders, are you?” Monoma mused, giving one of Katsuki’s asscheeks a squeeze. “If you say it correctly, maybe I’ll let you have something bigger in you. How’s that sound?”

“Y-yes…” Katsuki gritted his teeth “…sir…”

“Good boy!” the alpha praised, and Katsuki surprised even himself at the moan that left his mouth from hearing that. “Oh? Did that feel good, me praising you? Dirty boy…” god, he could hear the smirk in Monoma’s voice. “If you keep being good, you’ll get some more of that. For now, what was it that you wanted?”

“Fuck me, please sir,” Katsuki grumbled, wiggling in his bonds. “I need something in my – nnnnnngh!” he squeezed his eyes shut as the two vibrators sped up even more.

“Oop~ My bad, I guess my finger slipped. What did you say?”

“Nnh…p-please fuck me…haah…Neito…sir…alpha…I don’t fucking care I just need you inside me!” Katsuki cried, rutting desperately against the bed again.

All at once, the vibrators turned off and he let himself relax his muscles, breathing hard. He whimpered as the one in his cunt was tugged out slowly, being replaced by a much larger intrusion.

“Don’t worry Katsuki, this one will make you feel even better~”

Katsuki didn’t have time to reply as something else slid into his ass, something warm and deliciously thick and – ah, yup, that was a cock in his ass.

“S-sir, what – aaaah!” Katsuki moaned as the vibrators were turned back on.

The toy in his cunt had to be some sort of vibrating dildo, and the toy in his ass was back at the speed it had been earlier; maximum overdrive. Only this time, there was a hot cock sliding in and out of him to push it deeper inside. Monoma had a hard grip on his hips, and Katsuki couldn’t find it in himself to care about the bruises that would be there tomorrow.

“Enjoying yourself?” Monoma asked, laughing breathily when Katsuki only nodded in response. “Good boy, such a good cocksleeve. You like that, don’t you? Being my toy?”

“Y-yes sir…” Katsuki groaned, trying to press back into Monoma’s thrusts. “Nnnnh…m-mark me…please…”

“You’re sure? That means you’d be mine.” Monoma whispered, leaning down to nip at the back of Katsuki’s neck. “You want to be my omega slut?”

“Yes!” Katsuki howled, jolting as the vibrator in his cunt was switched to a higher speed. “You better mark me after putting me through all this or I swear to g – nnnnnnnnnnnnhhhgh!”

Katsuki let out a string of curses and garbled sounds as Monoma bit down on his neck, the alpha’s moans reverberating down Katsuki’s spine. He’d definitely drawn blood, and the omega held in a squeal of satisfaction at knowing the alpha – HIS alpha now – had been that excited to claim him.

“Fuck fuck fuck Neito – !” Katsuki came with a scream, collapsing and letting Monoma chase his own orgasm as he continued to fuck his ass. “S-stop…please…” he whimpered after a few minutes, the stimulation to both his prostate and cunt getting to be too much for him.

“Oops~” Monoma flicked both toys off, slowly pulling them out of Katsuki’s abused holes. “You looked so cute all filled up, I must’ve forgotten~”

“L-like hell…” Katsuki rasped, moaning appreciatively as his limbs were freed. He grumbled when he felt the bed dip down and Monoma pulling him into his lap, but allowed it as soon as he felt his alpha gently massaging his wrists and ankles.

“You know you could’ve told me they were tight…”

“Yeah, it was great.” Katsuki said with a content sigh, closing his eyes. “You better take good fucking care of your omega, if you don’t I’ll kill you.”

Monoma laughed, leaning down and kissing Katsuki’s forehead. “Of course.”

Chapter Text

Tokoyami was grateful for having an assigned seat next to his alpha. Not because he feared someone stealing Kouda away, he trusted his boyfriend much more than that, but because Kouda was…well, he didn’t exactly voice his wants very often. Or communicate them in any way; Tokoyami knew his boyfriend was still hesitant with speaking, even in their third year, so he’d picked up some online courses in sign language over their first few months together.

He tapped Kouda’s shoulder, making the gentle giant jolt in his seat. [You okay?] he signed with a frown.

Kouda nodded frantically, giving his beta a shaky thumbs-up before turning back to staring at his empty page of notes. Tokoyami sighed. Always the gentleman was Kouda, never wanting to interrupt anything at his expense. Well, Tokoyami wasn’t above disturbing class, and it was only study hall, they weren’t doing anything that important.

Silently, Tokoyami gathered his things and approached Aizawa’s desk. He would’ve raised his hand, but didn’t want to bring more attention to his alpha than necessary. And, more importantly, their sleeping teacher probably wouldn’t have seen him for a good couple of minutes.

“Sensei?” he asked quietly, tapping on the man’s sleeping bag. A head popped out, staring at him with narrowed eyes.


“Koji isn’t feeling well, I think I need to take him to the infirmary.”

“Whatever. Just don’t be late for next period.”

“Thank you.” Tokoyami nodded, returning to his desk to pull Kouda out into the hall.

[I’m not sick?] Kouda signed with a confusedly. [Why – ]

“Koji. How long are you going to pretend you’re not in rut?” Tokoyami demanded, leading them into a quiet hallway.

Kouda looked away, worrying the folds of his shirt. He opened his mouth, then closed it again with a wobbly frown.

“I didn’t say it was a problem…” Tokoyami said softly, taking one of Kouda’s hands. “You know you can always tell me when you want to…do things with me. Especially when you’re in rut, I…I want to help, Koji. Will you let me?”

His alpha thought for a moment, blushing cheeks darkening when Tokoyami rolled his eyes and began undressing himself.

“Fumi?” Kouda squeaked, looking away bashfully as his beta swiped off his underwear.

“I know you’re in rut, and I know you want me. I want you too, Koji. Being around you all day with you smelling so…so good…” Tokoyami cleared his throat, leaning back against the wall. He pushed his hips out, spreading his cunt lips to show his alpha how wet he was already.

Kouda nodded, carefully wrapping his arms around Tokoyami to kiss down his neck. Tokoyami shivered, biting his tongue to hold in his moans. He arched into his alpha as his clit was toyed with, getting his cunt to drip even more.

“K-koji…” Tokoyami panted, fumbling at Kouda’s zipper to undo it “you are going to – ah – mount me against this wall right now – nh – and have your way with me!”

“Y-yes!” Kouda whispered with a frantic nod, freeing his cock from his boxers. The alpha shuddered, gasping as Tokoyami impatiently pushed up against him.

Tokoyami let out a happy sigh as Kouda finally thrust in, though his pace was much slower than the beta needed to be satisfied. He nuzzled against his alpha’s neck, lifting his legs up so Kouda could hold him better.

He was just about to remind his boyfriend of class ending soon when a hard thrust made him let out an involuntary squawk.

[Sorry!] Kouda freed one of his hands to sign.

“Keep going,” Tokoyami chuckled, his breath turning into a whine as Kouda massaged his clit in time with his thrusts.

Kouda smiled, hugging Tokoyami close to his chest as he sped up, pounding into the beta quickly. Tokoyami again started to worry about how much time they had left, though his brain scrambles his thoughts as Kouda suddenly seized up, releasing into Tokoyami’s welcoming cunt. His moaned as his boyfriend spasmed inside him. it felt good, oh so good, but it still wasn’t enough to –

The dismissal bell rang out, making both of them jump.

“I suppose…we should get back to – !!!” Tokoyami started, cutting himself off with another surprised squawk.

Kouda petted him reassuringly as he brought the two of them into the hall’s bathroom, stopping only to carefully pick up Tokoyami’s discarded clothes.

“Y-you don’t have to – “ Tokoyami sucked in a breath as Kouda kneeled down, looking up at him sweetly. “Mnn…” the beta squirmed, leaning against the stall door. He opened his legs invitingly, biting his tongue. He nodded, beckoning Kouda closer.

The alpha needed little convincing; he dove into Tokoyami’s folds, dragging his tongue over the boy’s entrance. He slid a finger in, trailing his lips up to Tokoyami’s clit to suckle as it gently.

“K-koji…nnngh…close…” Tokoyami moaned, eyes falling closed as he humped his boyfriend’s face. He came seconds later, gripping Kouda’s shoulders tightly. Gasping for air, he tapped the alpha’s back to let him know to stop, smiling down at him when he pulled away with an apologetic expression.

[Should we head to class?] Kouda signed slowly.

He helped his beta back into his clothes, though not before wiping his crotch down gently with a paper towel. Tokoyami nodded, tiredly taking Kouda’s hand.

“You might need to wake me up during class…” Tokoyami muttered, earning a giggle from the boy beside him.

“He’s always like that after he finishes.” Dark Shadow whispered loudly to Kouda, having manifested sometime between them leaving the bathroom and arriving back in the classroom.

“Hush.” Tokoyami scolded, sitting down in his seat with a wiggle. “The whole world doesn’t need to know that.”

“Yeah yeah,” Dark Shadow waved a claw dismissively at him, turning to Kouda instead. “So, how was it? I wasn’t paying attention, wanted to give y’all privacy~”

Kouda flushed, waving his hands wildly in front of him.

“I see, I see, that good huh?”

“Dark Shadow!” Tokoyami barked, only getting a raspberry from his quirk in response. “You’re impossible…”

Chapter Text

“Do I really have to wear this?” Todorki held up the skimpy outfit skeptically. He’d agreed to do anything the alpha said while he was on shift, but this was a bit over the top wasn’t it?

Bakugo shrugged, plopping down onto his couch. “If you don’t want to get paid, that’s fine by me – “

“Alright, you made your point.” Todoroki snapped. “I’ll be right back, -master-.”


The omega stopped, turning to look quizzically at Bakugo. “To change? Why else.”

“Why not do it right here?”

The look he was giving Todoroki was hard to place, somewhere between smug and hopeful. it was an odd combination to be sure, though somehow not unsuitable on the alpha’s strong features – no, stop that, Todoroki scolded himself. He had a job to do.

He huffed, unceremoniously stripping his pants and shirt onto the floor. Ignoring his master’s gaze was a lot harder said than done, but he managed to stay turned away as he slid on the much-too-short black and white maid dress. Where had he gotten this, party city?! Jesus it was tight, almost uncomfortably so.

Unpacking his cleaning supplied, Todoroki grumbled as he started off towards the bathroom.

“Oh Shoto, you forgot something~” Bakugo smirked, holding something up in his hand. “This came with it, I can only assume it’s meant to be worn under.”

Todoroki sighed, walking back over. “Master, I doubt that I would have missed anything in that bag that – “ he froze, taking a good look at the item. It was a black strappy thong, much too small to hold anything in place on anyone, nevermind their genitals. “No.”

“No?” Bakugo mused, stretching the waistband playfully. “It looks like it’d fit…besides, you’ll have your dress over it, what’s it matter?”

“Fine.” Todoroki snatched it from his hand, tugging his briefs down. He stepped angrily into the thong, pulling it on as quickly as he could. Bakugo had been right, the frills of his dress did cover the thong, if only barely. Now that he was wearing it, it felt almost…good? Sort of free, in a way. His cock was still pressed against him as it had been in his briefs, but having his cunt out in the open was oddly comfortable.

“So? How’s it feelin’?” Bakugo smirked, making Todoroki flush hotly.

“Wouldn’t you like to know.”

“Mhm. How ‘bout starting in here today?”

Todoroki sighed, going back to his supply box and getting the duster. God, wearing a frilly maid dress that showed his ass, carrying a feather duster, what was he in a fucking porno?? Grumbling to himself, he began de-cobwebbing the walls, having to step on top of chairs and such in order to reach the higher ones.

“Looks pretty comfortable from here.” Bakugo commented, almost causing Todoroki to topple off of the stool he was standing on. He whirled around, expression murderous; that bastard had probably been looking up his skirt the entire time. He ignored the way that thought made him shiver, instead huffing and turning back around to dust the already sparkling-clean painting beside him.

“I think you missed a spot over here.”

Todoroki turned to see Bakugo jutting a thumb behind him, the narrow space between the wall and the couch. He narrowed his eyes, putting the duster away and silently walking over.

“Saw a bag back there the other day, be a dear and get it for me.”

He bristled, sniffing indignantly before kneeling on the couch. Carefully looking over the edge, the omega huffed as he saw nothing out of place. “Master, there is nothing.”

“Nah, just gotta look harder.”

Todoroki rolled his eyes. If that’s the way it had to be, then so be it. He leaned over the back of the couch to peer further into the dark space, yelping at the sudden hand on the back of his thigh.

“Relax, master’s just keeping you steady. Wouldn’t want such a cute omega to fall over, now would I?”

Todoroki’s cheeks burned as he mumbled something in response, stretching a hand out to feel for – well he’d be damned, there actually was a plastic bag back there. His hand closed around it, and he was about ready to pull himself up when the hand on his thigh slid over his cunt.

“Master?!” he asked sternly, now held in place by what he was sure was Bakugo’s other arm.

“Yup, that’d be me.”

He shuddered as the hand traced his ass, giving each cheek a light smack before letting him up. Standing back up with a glare, he shoved the plastic bag into Bakugo’s laughing face as he turned on his heel and made his way into the bathroom. With the proper cleaners, of course.

Just as he finished cleaning the toilet and was about to start on the tub, his nose caught wind of an incredibly nice smell. Todoroki had to bite his lip to avoid saying anything, because he knew exactly who was to blame. Bakugo had to be doing that on purpose, the bastard loved teasing him. Well, he wouldn’t give in to such trivial taunts! He wasn’t some horny teen omega, they were adults damnit and he needed to finish his job quickly if he was going to make it out of this alive.

Leaning over to pour cleaning fluid into the bathtub, his eyes widened in shock. Good fucking lord was he wet. No, not just wet, he was absolutely fucking -sopping-, the few threads Bakugo had called underwear absolutely soaked around his cunt.

His cock twitched at the realization, making him scowl at himself. As he scrubbed down the tiles, he couldn’t keep his mind from drifting to the alpha sitting in the living room. He scolded himself for wishing Bakugo would come up behind him silently, grab his ass, and –

“You missed a spot.” Bakugo whispered against his ear. Before Todoroki could react any more than letting out a squeak, his arms were pinned to his back and he was pushed over the sink. His head fell onto the mirror with a soft thud, not that he noticed. He had much more pressing matters to attend to.

“W-where?” he stuttered out, breath catching in his throat when Bakugo trailed a hand up his leg, teasing a finger at his entrance.

“Right here…seems pretty messy, too…” he breathed huskily.

Todoroki shivered, biting back a groan. “I must not have noticed, master. I-I…” he faltered, weighing his options. Fuck it, why not. “Master could help clean it, i-if he wanted…”

“Mm, making me do your job for you,” Bakugo swatted his ass, chuckling at Todoroki’s yelp of protest “disgusting, you’re getting off to this aren’t you?”

“N-no, I would never – nnngh!” the omega moaned, arching his back at the next slap to his perky cheeks.

“Seems pretty into it,” Bakugo growled, wiggling a finger over Todoroki’s cunt “almost like you wanted this all along, now wouldn’t that be scandalous?”

“Nnnngh…m-master, don’t tease…” Todoroki whimpered.

“Whatever you say, Shoto.”

Todoroki cried out as three fingers thrust into him without warning, his hands clenching into fists as Bakugo set a brutal pace. His toes curled, and he had to fight to keep upright. When his eyes began to close, Bakugo brought a firm hand down on his ass, causing him to clench around the fingers pounding into him.

“Eyes up. I want you to see how much of a slut you are.” Bakugo let go of Todoroki’s arms in favor of tilting his face up by his chin. Todoroki quickly braced himself against the counter, moaning when one of Bakugo’s fingers slid past his parted lips. “Look at you, fucking pathetic. All I did was tease you and put out a bit of my scent.”

“Naht….naht taruh…” Todoroki tried to protest, another finger prodding into his mouth to drown out the rest of his garbled speech.

“God, you’re so wet…” Bakugo groaned, easily adding a fourth finger into the omega’s dripping cunt. Todoroki shuddered, closing his lips around the fingers in his mouth to have something to suckle on as he was fucked.

He struggled to keep his eyes open, staring into his reflection as Bakugo finger-fucked him from behind. It was hard to make out the details of Bakugo’s face, as tears had started to well up in Todoroki’s eyes from the overwhelming sensation of almost being fisted. Still, he could see the drool now dripping from the corner of his mouth, and the bright blush that painted his cheeks and nose. All of that was Bakugo’s doing, he reminded himself with a moan. Bakugo had done this to him, Bakugo was still doing this to him and he -absolutely loved it-.

“Mnnnhgh!” Todoroki groaned, trying not to fall over as he felt his cunt walls clench. Bakugo seemed not to care, fucking him through and past his orgasm, only stopping when Todoroki bit down on his fingers.

Bakugo swore, pulling out of Todoroki on both ends with a hard slap to his ass. “Goddamn omega. I was gonna be gentle, but you fucking asked for it.”

Before he knew what was happening, Todoroki was once again scrabbling to find purchase on the counter as something much larger than fingers entered him. He hadn’t even heard Bakugo zipping down his pants…oh god, had he had his dick out this whole time?

Todoroki’s thoughts scattered as Bakugo thrust into him, not stopping until he felt the alpha’s hips up against his ass. He moaned, pushing back instinctively.

“Just came and ready for another? What a good little slut you are.” Bakugo growled, pulling Todoroki’s head up by his hair. “Say it.”

“Master?” Todoroki gasped, barely able to follow along as his cunt was pounded into again. Bakugo tugged harder on his hair, getting the omega to whine and meet his eyes in the mirror.

“I want to hear you say what you are.”

“I-I’m…I’m a slut?” Todoroki panted, squirming when Bakugo gripped his hip tightly with his other hand.

“Are you fucking asking me or telling me, slut?” he growled, biting down on Todoroki’s exposed neck.

“A-ah! T-telling…I-I’m master’s dirty slut – nnnh!” Todoroki cried, rocking back into Bakugo’s thrusts desperately.

“That’s better. You know what your reward is?”

Todoroki gasped as Bakugo thrust in harder a few more times, stopping to hold him tightly against him. The omega whined as he felt Bakugo empty himself into his cunt. Todoroki was sure he’d cum at least twice during that second round of fucking, and whimpered when Bakugo spun him around to grab his dick.

“I’m gonna make you scream for me, little omega.” Bakugo hissed, dropping to his knees.

“M-master, please, I-I’ve had enough, I – aannnh!” Todoroki’s eyes squeezed shut, his hands shooting out to tangle in Bakugo’s hair.

He could still feel the cum in his cunt, whimpering as it dripped down his thighs, the thong doing absolutely nothing to keep it inside. His cock, on the other hand, was on fire; Bakugo had the tip in his mouth, swirling his tongue around nonstop as his hand jerked Todoroki off just as quickly.

“Master! Master please!”

Bakugo popped his mouth off, still jerking Todoroki vigorously. “What do you want? Gotta tell me, slut.”

“Please master, let me cum!” Todoroki shouted, practically screaming when Bakugo’s tongue returned to torture his poor cockhead. “Please, master please I need to cum, please – !”

“Cum for me, Shoto. Show your master how much you appreciate him and give him a snack, mm?”

Todoroki nodded feverishly, crying out as Bakugo swallowed him whole. True to his word (or, er, nod), the omega came down Bakugo’s throat seconds later, whining out a mixture of ‘master’ and ‘Katsuki’ on his tongue.

He must’ve squeezed his eyes shut really tightly, because suddenly everything was dark around him.




“Oi.” something soft against his cheek made him stir. “Jesus, I thought you fucking died! Don’t scare me like that, dipshit.”

“Hrmn?” Shoto slowly opened his eyes to find himself in his alpha’s bed, aching all over but satisfied. His ass stung pleasantly, and he hummed as Katsuki rubbed it gently.

“Was it how you wanted?”

“Mhm,” Shoto nodded happily, burrowing further into their blankets to get closer to Katsuki. “It was perfect.”

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okay so yknow how I said in the last chapter i was gonna wait to start puttin together that fic of kink prompts? wellllll yeah i uhhhhhh i lied so go check it out lmao

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Hitoshi: meet after next period, my room
Hitoshi: third floor

you: ?

Hitoshi: please

you: I’m on my way now.



Todoroki excused himself from class, making a feeble attempt at claiming sickness before Aizawa rolled his eyes and sent him on his way. He would have waited until the end of the period, but Hitoshi’s tone…even if it had only been a text, it was still alarming. Hitoshi never asked for help with anything, ever, especially not during class.

Wait, room? Third floor? Did that mean he was in his dorm?! Shoto was beginning to feel a bit like Midoriya, a million thoughts whirling in his mind. He supposed there was only one way to find out, and that was by visiting the Class B dorms. Looking out for any students not in class (they should all be in class, but then again he wasn’t), he slinked into the building and rode the elevator up to the third floor, nerves jittering.

Was Hitoshi alright? Had something happened with another student? If someone had been giving him trouble about his quirk again, they’d have to answer to Shoto whenever he –

“H-hey Sho,” Hitoshi said weakly, looking over his shoulder to the alpha now in his doorway. “Thought you weren’t coming til later…”

“Toshi…Toshi what are you doing?” Shoto frowned, unsure of what to make of the situation. Hitoshi was face-down on the bed, ass up in the air, fucking himself on something long and bright pink.

“I’m – hah – in heat, what else?” he panted, not once slowing down or stopping his movements. “Mine are always real bad so – huh?” Shoto shut the door and quickly traveled the distance to the bed, sitting down with a thump.

“You could have told me that.” Shoto made a noise in the back of his throat, staring holes into his omega.

Hitoshi chuckled, “Babe you don’t need to growl at my dildo.” he slid it out of him with a moan, discarding it onto one of the towels scattered on his bed.

“I was not – “

“You were.” Hitoshi purred, sitting up to rub against his alpha. “Given the choice between the two of you, though…mmm, I think it’s pretty obvious.” he fluttered his lashes comically, falling back down on his bed. “So? Are you gonna leave your omega waiting?”

An inhuman whine made its way out of Shoto’s throat, followed closely by him undressing quickly and mounting his omega, much to Hitoshi’s delight. Whether he’d known it or not, Shoto had been picking up on Hitoshi’s heat scent ever since he’d entered the dorm building. He wasn’t sure how he’d missed his erection before, but he was certainly aware of it now. Making a move to finger Hitoshi, said omega whined and swatted his hand away, pushing back against his crotch.

“I’m ready, so ready for you Sho,” he moaned, cunt leaking slick onto the bed. Shoto made a note of the helpfulness of the towels there. “Please…”

Shoto gave his omega’s hip a comforting squeeze, lining his cock up with his cunt. He pushed in slowly, still wary of hurting his boyfriend.

“Nnh, Sho don’t tease…” Hitoshi moaned, wiggling his ass impatiently. “I want you to fucking -breed me-. Remember what I said a few days ago? Mark me, mate me, make me yours, please alpha!” he babbled, crying out in pleasure as Shoto set a fast pace.

Shoto came quicker than he would’ve liked, but having Hitoshi shudder under him as he climaxed was a feeling he’d never get tired of. He rolled to the side, catching his breath. A whimper from beside him made him jerk back into reality, if the insistent pawing at his thighs hadn’t done so before that.

“Toshi? You came, right?”

Hitoshi nodded, sitting up on his knees. “Yes, no, I mean I did, but – Sho, please, it’s still so bad!” there were almost tears in his eyes now, his voice cracking as he spoke. Shoto quickly sat up, hugging him tightly.

“Shh, it’s okay, it’s okay. Here, let me help…”

Hitoshi gasped, thrusting desperately into Shoto’s offered hand. The omega’s cock twitched in anticipation, already weeping at the tip when Shoto began stroking it. Hitoshi grabbed at Shoto’s back, crying into the crook of his neck as Shoto jerked him to completion.


“A-a little…” Hitoshi sniffed, whimpering when Shoto tried to remove his hand. “S-sho…”

Shoto felt his cock stirring between his legs, though not nearly enough for what he knew his omega wanted.

“I know it hurts Toshi, we’ll get through this together okay?” he soothed, gently fingering the omega’s cunt. “I can’t do much more than this for now, but I can – “

“Can I ride your face?”


“C-can you…lay down, and eat me out while I’m over you?”

Slowly, Shoto nodded, laying down on his back. “Anything for my beautiful omega, Toshi.”

Hitoshi hurriedly scrambled over to straddle his boyfriend’s face, barely able to seat himself properly before Shoto’s tongue darted out to taste his cunt. Hitoshi keened, gripping the headboard of his bed desperately so as to not kill his alpha via suffocation. Death by eating out, now that would be a way to go.

“A-alpha!” he cried out, tears starting anew as he ground down on Shoto’s warm mouth. His rock hard dick flopped against his stomach, already aching to cum again.

If anyone had walked down the dorm’s hallway, all they would have heard for the next half an hour would have been Hitoshi’s broken moans and sobs, punctuated every so often by him gasping as he came yet again. After a good three more orgasms, Shoto tapped his leg gently, motioning for him to dismount. Hitoshi nodded, delirious from pleasure and the effects of his heat.

“I think I can fuck you properly n – oof!” Shoto started, eyes growing wide as Hitoshi jumped back on top of him eagerly, slamming down onto his cock.

“Nnngh!” he arched his back, pounding down hard. “Alphaaaaa~”

Shoto wanted desperately to close his eyes, the sudden and intense please almost too much to bear. But the sight of his omega, heat-laden and fueled by lust, riding his dick like there was no tomorrow was certainly a scene he wanted to remember forever, in as much detail as possible. And so, his eyes stayed open, following every wiggle and thrust of his partner as he was fucked into the bed without reckless abandon.

“Alpha, alpha, alpha, nnnnh, so good alpha, want you to fill me~” Hitoshi moaned, soaked in a sheen of sweat from bouncing himself on Shoto’s cock. “Please, cum in your omega, please Sho, plea – snnnnngh!!”

Shoto came harder than he ever could imagine, grabbing Hitoshi’s hips and slamming the omega down hard, holding him in place as he filled him with his cum. Hitoshi whined, rolling his hips impatiently.

“M-more, alpha, please~”

“I-I can’t, I-I think…I need a nap…we both do…” Shoto yawned, wrestling Hitoshi into a laying position. The omega squirmed in his arms, but otherwise let him have his way.

“Shooooo, I’m still – “

“Shh, it’s okay, I know,” Shoto mumbled, wrapping his arm around Hitoshi to spoon him. “Feel free to use my hand when…whenever you need, I just…need a few minutes…” he closed his eyes, his mind finding no excuses for him to stay awake other than helping his omega through his heat. But…he wouldn’t be able to satisfy Hitoshi for a while, not without rest…

“Thank you, alpha…” Hitoshi whispered, nuzzling against his neck. “I love you…but please wake up soon so you can fuck me again…”

Shoto smiled, stroking his boyfriend’s side sleepily. It was going to be a long couple days with Hitoshi.

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