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Bio-Chip Quirk Season 2

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Author’s Note: Just a heads up, I will be skimming through the U.A. Sports Festival arc and maybe even the Stain Arc. Both don’t affect the story much so I might even skip them and do a small story recap. If I do, I will combine Season 2 and 3.


It had been 4 days since the incident at USJ and 2 days since Izuku and Toshinori had their fight. (Read the original Bio-Chip Quirk to know what’s going on) The teachers were all meeting and going over the incident and the finalized report of USJ. Everyone was worried about the leader of the attack who acted like a man-child with Nezu even commenting that, like their students, he still has room to grow. It upset Toshinori but, he had to admit that the actions of this Tomura were disturbing. Whoever was cultivating his malice knew exactly what he or she was doing.


After the meeting, Nezu asked Toshinori to talk with him. The two were on the roof of U.A., an old spot that Toshinori frequented in his youth at U.A. Toshinori sat on the bench he had brought up here when he was a teenager and sighed as he remembered the memories of just relaxing up here. Ahh, those were the days.


Nezu had been watching as Toshinori had unwinded on the roof. Nezu then brought out a cigarette from his pocket. “Do you mind?” Nezu asked motioning to the cigarette.


“Go ahead,” Toshinori replied.


Nezu lite his cigarette and took a puff of it as he watched the star lite sky with a bright moon in the center. When Toshinori thought Nezu was distracted enough, he checked his cell phone to see if Izuku had replied to his numerous text messages… No reply.


“Are you expecting a call, Toshinori?” Nezu’s voice startled him so much that he almost dropped his phone. He looked up to see Nezu hadn’t turned around to look at him. He was still standing there, smoking his cigarette and staring at the night sky.


“What makes you ask, Principal Nezu?”


Nezu took another puff of his cigarette before speaking. “During the meeting, you kept sneaking glances at your phone." Toshinori looked like he was a kid who got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. "This doesn't have anything to do with Izuku, does it?"


Toshinori gripped his phone like it was a lifeline keeping him alive. "I hurt him," he said with a shaky voice. "I hurt him and… I may have lost him." Nezu turned to show Toshinori his face and that he was paying attention to him. “I told him I didn’t want him to be a hero anymore. He was so hurt by what I said, and I’m conflicted on what to do. I want to keep Izuku safe, but I want him to have his dream as well. What should I do?” Toshi said as if he was begging for his life.


“I don’t know.” Nezu said without hesitation. Toshinori looked shocked and disbelieving.


“But you—” Toshi tried to say but was cut off.


"—This is a problem you and Izuku have to deal with. Nothing I or anyone else can say will fix your conflicting problems. The best I can say is that you figure out what you want more and work towards that decision. Be forewarned, Izuku might not like what decision you make, and you might lose him just as you fear you might. Wait too long to make a decision, and you might lose your chance to get him back.” Nezu smoked his cigarette after his advice and turned back to the night sky. “I do hope you two find a way, Toshinori.”


Toshinori felt just as lost as before. Nezu's advice didn't help him make his decision, just warn him that he needed to make it quickly. Toshinori looked to the sky and also watched the stars and moon. I wish you were still with me, my Izuku.




Izuku was locked in his room watching his favorite video of All Might saving people. It was the same one that he had watched since he was four. Watching it had reminded him of many things. The three biggest were Toshi, the USJ attack, and how far his goal seemed to be now. Izuku knew that he and most of the students were slowing down Aizawa and Thirteen during the USJ attack.


Izuku picked up his weights and started doing some bicep curls. His mind kept drifting to Toshi. He wanted to make up with him, but, he couldn't just forgive or forget. He needed to know that Toshinori would support him or at the very least allow his dream. The numerous amounts of All Might toys, posters, figures, collectibles, etc., didn’t help the hurt Izuku felt either.


A knock on the door brought Izuku out of his thoughts. The door opened to reveal Izuku’s mom wearing her cooking apron. “The food’s ready.”


Izuku put his weight down safely on the floor. "Thank you. I'll be right out." Izuku had a smile on him, but it wasn't like his old one. Izuku wasn't trying to hide his pain, just overcome it. Inko wonders how bad it must have been before to consider this an improvement of her son’s maturity.


Izuku and Inko made it to the table, and Izuku saw his favorite food, Pork cullet. The two sat down and started eating with Inko watching. The standard and usually comfortable silence was anything but. Inko felt it was disturbing that Izuku wasn’t talking about what hurt him so. Eventually, she couldn’t hold it in. “How are you feeling?”


Izuku needed to finish a bite before speaking. “I’m… I… I don’t know.”


"You can talk to me about it. If you want.” Izuku stopped putting food in his mouth and looked to his mom.


“I… You see… I have…” a boyfriend. Or rather had. Maybe. I don’t know. Also, I’m gay. Just say it. Tell her.


Before Izuku could try to get out another word, he felt hands on his own. He turned to see that his mom had come around the table. “You don’t have to tell me anything.”


“But I want to,” Izuku replied.


His mom just shook her head. "But you're obviously not ready. I know you'll tell me one day but, until then, don't hide your feelings from me. If you need help, I'm here."


Izuku got the look of an annoyed elementary student who didn’t get ice cream. Inko thought it was so cute. “What kind of person isn’t ready to talk to their mom about stuff.”


“A lot of people actually. In fact, this is very normal, Izuku. Stop beating yourself up over it.”


Izuku still looked grumpy, but Inko knew he was better. One step at a time.




The next day, Izuku was allowed back on school grounds to begin his specialized training. Principal Nezu was waiting for him at the entrance. “Good Morning, Izuku.”


“Good Morning, Principal Nezu.”


“I hope this isn’t too inconvenient, meeting up on your final day off.” Nezu said as he opened the school gate.


“Not at all. I was reading the material you gave me, and I was wondering how it would all tie together with my quirk.


Nezu leads Izuku away from the main classroom building and too Gym Gamma. Waiting for them there was Vlad King, Class 1-B’s homeroom teacher. Izuku couldn't help but go into full-on fanboy mode.


“No way! You’re the Blood Hero: Vlad King!! You’re known for your amazing rescues and entrapment of villains in record time. I can't believe I'm meeting you in person. I knew you worked at U.A., but I had never seen you on campus." Izuku continued to prattle on about the hero, and Vlad couldn't help but smile.


This guy’s acting like a kid in a candy store. He’s such a fanboy. “Nice to meet you too, Izuku Midoriya.”


He knows my name! Izuku screamed in his head. It was then Izuku realized how close he was to the hero and backed up just a little. He also got a good look at Vlad King. No wonder, he’s on the top 10 sexiest hero’s list.


“I’ve heard a lot about you,” Vlad said, taking Izuku out of his mental thoughts before they could get dirty. “I look forward to helping you through your growth.”


Vlad held out his hand, and Izuku shook it. He’s so… teacherly. I can see why he’s so admired in the hero community. Izuku was pulled out of his thoughts by something that struck him as odd.  He turned around to Principal Nezu to voice his question. “I thought we were supposed to keep my quirk a secret.” Izuku realized how rude that sounded and quickly turned back to Vlad King. “No offense to you, Vlad King sir, it’s just… um…”


Nezu interrupted before Izuku got even more nervous. “We are still keeping it a secret. I have only allowed a few teachers to know about it. The students believe you have a super strength quirk and I pulled some strings to change your quirk registration as well. The teachers that know about your quirk are me, Recovery Girl, Eraserhead, Ectoplasm, Vlad King, Power Loader, and, of course, All Might. I promise I won’t tell anyone else without your explicit permission.”


Seven teachers, Izuku thought. Including me, my mom, Kachan and his family, that leaves 12 people who know about my quirk… No wait. There’s one more. Mr. V. Izuku hadn’t heard from Mr. V in years. He didn’t even think about him for a while.


“Izuku.” Principal Nezu brought Izuku out of his thoughts.


“Y-Yes.” Izuku brought his full attention to his new tutor… Mentor? Izuku would figure it out later. Nezu pointed to Vlad and Izuku saw he had a knife in his hand. Without any warning, Vlad cut himself on the wrist, freaking out Izuku. "Wha—What?!"


Vlad was the one to speak up this time. "We need to see what you're made of. Your quirk holds exceptional power, but we need to see what we’re dealing with. First things first. Heal this cut.”


Vlad held out his hand, and Izuku scrambled to get ready, dropping his backpack on the floor. Izuku created a biochip and placed in the arm with the cut. Izuku flashed his powers into the chip, and Vlad felt the program start to spread through his arm. It took 40 minutes, but the cut was completely healed with no signs it ever existed. Vlad flexed wrist and was surprised with the results.


“How do you feel,” Nezu asked while sitting at a table making tea.


“Great. It took longer than Recovery Girl’s healing, but it wasn’t draining me of my strength.” Vlad threw a few jabs with the recovered arm and gave Izuku a thumbs up.


Nezu walked over to the two with cups of tea for them. Where did the table and tea come from? Izuku thought. Vlad gave him a look showing he was asking the same question as he was.


“That looked pretty easy for you, Izuku.” Izuku took the handed tea and answered the teddy bear looking Principal.


“I can repair real easily depending on the wound. It’s just not as fast as I wanted. Modifications also seem to take time.” Izuku took a sip of some of the tea, and it was just as good as the last time he had Nezu's tea.


“What’s the most you ever done with your quirk?” Vlad asked as he took a sip of his own tea. He also seemed to enjoy it if the closing of his eyes and smile on his face wasn’t a dead giveaway.


Izuku didn’t know if it was safe to talk about One for All. Just because he knew about his secret doesn’t mean he knew about Toshi’s secret. Nezu sensed this and gave Izuku the go ahead on the info but to leave out OFA and his relationship with All Might. “I regrew All Might’s missing organ and repaired all of the internal damage he suffered.”


Vlad had to cover his mouth to keep himself from doing a spit take. “But I’ve seen him naked! He still has the scar!”


Izuku got red and flustered, and Nezu had a disapproving look at Vlad. “Sekijiro, that isn’t something you should be yelling in front of a student.”


Sekijiro quickly doubled back, remembering Izuku’s age and what he just inferred. “No, I meant in the changing rooms for our hero suits. We were still in our underwear. We…” Izuku only got redder as he imagined Toshi and Sekijiro in their underwear with Toshi in his Hero Mode. “I’m only making it worse, aren’t I?”


Nezu nodded, and Izuku was just trying to take some unnoticeable deep breaths so he could calm himself down and keep his erection from being noticeable. Curse my dirty hormone-filled mind.


“All things aside, not even Recovery Girl's medical expertise combined with her quirk could fix All Might, and we searched for years for a body manipulation quirk capable of fixing him but, we never found anything.” Vlad looked at Izuku with a curious wonder in his eyes. “Seems as if the timing just wasn’t right.”


Izuku was a little nervous yet proud. He liked that people were starting to appreciate his quirk now. "It still has some drawbacks. For one thing, big mods and repairs take a long time, and I’ll need to do them in intervals. I’ve never been able to do them all at once. Also, it’s easier to mod myself than others.”


Sekijiro finished his tea and set the cup on the table. It was then Izuku noticed Nezu coming back from the entrance. What was he doing?


Before he could ask, Vlad asked him another question. “How much have you modified at one sitting?”


Izuku put his finished cup of tea down before answering. “Some sleep modifications, dry eye, and saliva production. My dad had a fire breathing quirk, so his mouth got dry easily when he used it.”


Vlad nodded, taking in the information. "Nezu, do you mind if he modifies me?”


“If Izuku is ok with it and if it’s for the benefit of his training.” Nezu had finished his tea and was pouring himself another cup.


Izuku could tell the hidden meaning behind Nezu’s words. ‘Don’t use my student.’ Izuku wanted to help the proheros in any way he could. “I don’t mind modifying you. I can also give you some beneficial mods to help you handle your prohero and teacher duties.”


Vlad put a hand on Izuku’s shoulder. "That's nice of you, but I want you to focus on pushing your limits when modifying me. Not how I can benefit.”


“I can do both. Just watch me.” Vlad saw the kid’s determination and was proud to see his fire.


"Alright, then. Just remember to push yourself."


"Yes, sir."


“So what do you need from me?” Sekijiro said while putting his hands on his hips.


Izuku created another chip and gave it to Sekijiro. “Put this on your body. Skin to skin contact is best. Then I’ll take in the data on your body.”


Sekijiro put the chip in the middle of his chest between his pecs. Izuku regained the red in his cheeks for obvious reasons. “So, you gain info on a person’s body?”


“Only if put on willingly and it’s only temporary. Once the program starts or if the chip is removed, I can’t remember anything about what I learned." Vlad nodded, taking in the information. Izuku's eyes started to glow green, and he absorbed the information on Vlad. Izuku went to his bookbag and pulled out the notebook he got specifically for this training. He wrote down some information and showed it to Vlad. "So I think a Sleep Enhancer Mod is definite. It cuts your need for sleep in half. An Energy Stabilizer Mod will eliminate your need for waste production and allow you to process energy more efficiently. You also will need to worry less about how often you eat and what you eat, but healthy is still better. I still recommend 3 meals a day, so if your caught unawares and can't eat your body will still be processing the remaining energy of previous meals. Muscle Definer will enhance your muscles without affecting how they look, allowing you to be stronger. Finally, the Kinesthetic Enhancer will enhance your Kinesthetic sense. Is there anything you want to try and add?”


Sekijiro looked over Izuku's Modifications and his crude yet still detailed drawing of him and his enhancements. “Could you enhance my eyesight? I need glasses to read, and they're getting expensive to replace." Izuku nodded, and Vlad smiled while closing the notebook. "Thank you, Izuku."


Nezu grabbed the book from Vlad King, and he looked over the modifications. "How does the process work? Do you need to keep constant contact with Vlad?”


Izuku shook his head. “No. I’m basically transferring the programs and energy into the chip, and it manipulates the body. Most of the time I have to be specific in what I tell it to do but, there was one time where I was desperate or thought I was desperate, and my chip worked with a vague command.”


“When was this?” Nezu asked.


"Kachan broke his arm, and he yelled in pain for the first time. I freaked and told my chip to fix him. He gritted his teeth through the whole fix. I remember thinking he was so cool.”


As Izuku kept thinking about that day Vlad whispered to Nezu. “Is he talking about Katsuki Bakugo? The boy who burned him?”


“Yes. Izuku wishes to surpass him one day. He holds the boy in high regard.”


It was obvious from Sekijiro's face that he was against that. He saw the footage, and the boy nearly killed Izuku. He still didn’t know how the boy got off with just community service.


“Oh, but I haven’t been able to reproduce that effect.”


Vlad ruffled Izuku's hair while speaking. "That's fine. You should focus on what you can do and improve then relying on a miracle.” He took his hand off Izuku's hair, and Izuku nodded his head in affirmation. “Alright, let’s get started.”


"WAIT!" Izuku yelled, getting a confused look from Vlad and a curious one from Nezu. “There’s one more thing. Some side effects happen to people during the process.”


"Like what," Vlad asked, looking serious.


“It’s different from each person. I’m not sure what causes it. My dad got tickled by it and laughed during the process. He also mentioned a warmth in his heart. All Might got… sensitive to the point where touching things had a strong reaction.” Izuku was so glad that Vlad King didn’t seem to get what he meant by reaction and sensitive, but he was sure Nezu did. “I just want to give you a heads up before we started.”


“Has the reaction ever been negative?” Izuku shook his head no. “Then I think we can risk it. Ready?” Izuku nodded and gathered his strength. Izuku placed his hand on top of Vlad’s chest right over the biochip. Izuku’s glowing eyes faded and a glowing green light flashed over the chip.


Izuku slowly dropped his hand, but, he felt his strength was almost completely gone. Izuku couldn’t even stand anymore as his legs suddenly caved in on him. Vlad reacted quickly, catching his new pupil. “Izuku! Are youuuuu—"


Vlad wasn’t able to finish his sentence as Izuku modifications started to take place. Green lines started to spread across his body, and he felt like every cell in his body was shifting.


Nezu came forward and started dragging Izuku to the table and away from Vlad, who was feeling the effects of the modification taking process. Nezu helped Izuku sit in a chair as the modifications took effect. “It’s going to take… (Breath) a while for the process… (Breath) to finish.”


Nezu poured Izuku the last of the tea and handed him the cup. “That’s fine. I wish to see the modification process in action.”


Izuku to a big gulp from the tea, looking utterly exhausted while doing so. “It’s not exactly… (Breath) a spectacle without some… (Breath) exterior changes.”


Nezu took a sip of his tea as he kept watching Vlad’s reactions. "You can glean a lot about things if you sit back and watch with a critical eye. Even things other people overlooked. Please try to remember that, Izuku.” Nezu looked over to see Izuku about to drop his tea on himself. His eyes were struggling to stay open, and he was slumping even further into his chair. Nezu put his tea down and grabbed Izuku’s tea before he spilled it on himself. Izuku tried staying up to see the modification through but, he was too exhausted. Izuku fell asleep in his chair, and Nezu adjusted him so he wouldn’t fall. Afterward, he sat in his seat to watch the rest of the modification process.


Meanwhile, Vlad was going through the modification process. He didn’t know what he was going to feel when Izuku mentioned the side effect but, the process felt better than he expected. Every cell in his body felt tingly, and he felt a little hotter than he did before. It was an interesting feeling, and he didn't think anything of it until he felt a tightness in his pants. He looked down to see his crotch straining against his hero costume.


Vlad was one of the heroes that didn’t need a lot of crotch restriction. It wasn’t because he wasn’t a decent size. He was actually told he was above average. It was because his quirk allowed him to stop his erection before it could ever be seen. Control of your own blood was very useful. However, he couldn’t concentrate properly, and he couldn’t subside his erection. During the entire modification process, Vlad was forced to leave his erection alone. He was glad that Izuku was asleep and Nezu was the only witness. Things like this didn't bother the Principal, and he wasn't a gossiper, so the secret was safe. It didn’t help Vlad’s blush go down but, it was better than being seen.


After a while, the modification process started to die down. Vlad’s breathing became normal, and his temperature started to return to normal. His erection didn’t go down, so he used his quirk to make it subside before standing up.


“How do you feel?” Nezu asked the Blood King.


“Not really any different. Did it not work?" Vlad looked at his body, wondering if something went wrong. Nezu got an idea to test Vlad’s ability. He picked up Izuku's notebook and wrote in it. He gave the notebook to Vlad, and he read the passage. As he read it, he realized that Nezu wrote it small enough to where he would originally have needed his glasses to read. “It worked!”


“It would appear so,” Nezu said while nodding his head. “Tell me, what were you feeling during the modification process?”

Vlad put the notebook down before talking. “I had this tingly feeling overcome my body. It’s like the feeling I get when I see one of my students succeed but spread all over my body and not just my chest. I…” Vlad got a little blush on himself and hesitated a little before speaking about the embarrassing feelings he had during the modifications. “I also felt a twinge of arousal. It was also spread through the body.”


Nezu nodded as if nothing the man said had bothered him. It most likely wouldn’t so long as Vlad didn’t act on it. “I think I’m starting to get the full picture of Izuku’s quirk. I will need to confirm a bit more, but for now, we should try to feed our young student.”


Vlad nodded I agreement. “Lunch Rush isn’t here. I’ll just go pick something up. What would you—” Vlad was cut off from his question when he was Izuku shift in the chair and knock down one of the cups. Vlad moved quickly and with little thought. He grabbed the cup in midair and was able to keep the tea inside as well.


“Impressive,” Nezu said.


“I didn’t notice before,” Vlad said. “But my movements seem so much easier and require less thought for me to accomplish.”


“That would be the Kinesthetic Enhancer. You're more in tune with your body and it's movements now."


Vlad was seriously impressed with Izuku’s quirk and intelligence. The modifications were designed to make work easier for heroes and fully utilize the body’s abilities. If this is what he could do with what he’s learned on his own, what will he be capable of when Principal Nezu’s done with him?




After Vlad went to get food, Izuku awakened more than a little groggy. “Oh, my head.”


“Seems like pushing yourself comes with a few drawbacks,” Nezu said from his chair. Izuku only nodded in response. “I know you can’t do so now but, after you regain some of your strength, I want you to modify me. Is that alright?”


Izuku was shocked Nezu wanted a modification but, he wasn’t about to say no to the man… bear… person… Principal. Izuku decided to go with Principal. Nezu helped Izuku regain his energy during the break, and eventually, Vlad returned with food for the three to eat. 


“How do you feel?” Izuku asked while they were eating.


"Almost the same, really. I know the modifications worked, but it feels like I was always this way,” Vlad answered while stretching his body.


As Vlad answered, Izuku couldn’t keep his eyes off the man. His costume was so form fitting that you could see his muscles ripple through his suit. I think I have a muscle fetish. As Vlad ended his stretching, Vlad's pecs tensed and Izuku was momentarily hypnotized. Definitely, have a muscle fetish. Although, I still find Toshi’s civilian form sexy. I wonder—


“Izuku.” The green haired teen was brought out of his thoughts by Principal Nezu. “Are you ready to get started?”


“Yes!” Izuku put his empty carton of food on the table and turned to the Principal. “What would you like me to modify?”


"I want you to change the color of my fur." The Principal opened his arms wide as if the request was a huge undertaking.


Izuku was a little shocked at the simple request. “Ok. Any other modifications?”



The Principal shook his head, confirming the simplicity of the mod. “Just change it to any color you want.”


Izuku didn't question it. He figured the Principal must have a reason. He created the chip and gave it to Nezu. Nezu placed it on his head, and Izuku flashed the program into the chip. The program started to run through Nezu just as it had done through Vlad, but the reaction was different. Nezu started to laugh. Vlad and Izuku were surprised by the reaction.


"Has this ever happened before?" Izuku quietly shook his head, and both continued to look at the odd yet somehow charming scene of Principal Nezu laughing.


The modification lasted longer than Izuku thought it would, but after thinking about it, it wasn’t that surprising considering that Nezu was covered in fur. Vlad had been interested in seeing Nezu change color, but the color Izuku choose got Vlad thinking of a certain video game character. Nezu now had yellow fur. Pikachu?


Nezu was breathing hard after the modifications, due to laughing throughout the entire process. He regained his breath, got up, and dusted himself off. “I think I’m starting to understand how your quirk operates.” Izuku and Vlad were all ears with the knowledge. “Izuku, your quirk reacts to how the person in question feels about you giving them the sensations that person feels about you. For me, I couldn’t stop laughing because I kept feeling the tingly feeling I get when I see my students progressing. Also, it was spread all over my body, making it even more prominent and very ticklish.” Nezu turned to Vlad and asked him, “Would your experience concur with my assessment?”


Vlad coughed and turned his head before Izuku could see his blush. He quickly used his blood control to erase his blush and turns back to Nezu. “Yes, I concur.” Vlad didn’t trust himself to talk about his reactions, and since Izuku didn't see it, he wouldn't have to talk about it.


Luckily for Vlad, the gears in Izuku’s head turned as everything started to make sense. “That explains why my dad and All Might had such different reactions. They both felt different about me and reacted differently.”


Nezu nodded and allowed Izuku to truly take in all the information before clasping his hands together and started walking towards the door. “Ok. I think I got the basic gist of where to start for your training Izuku. I will send you some extra training and study material after we drop you off at home.”


“Uh-um—” Nezu stopped walking towards the door and turned back to Izuku and Vlad who hadn’t taken a step. “We might wanna turn your fur back to normal, Principal Nezu.”


Nezu looked down at his hands and realized that he was still yellow. “Thank you, Izuku. I had forgotten about that.” Izuku turned Nezu’s fur back to his pristine white, and the three all walked out of the school.


Nezu stopped at the entrance to the school. “Vlad could you escort Izuku to the bus stop. I still have work that requires my attention here.”


“Of course,” Vlad replied with apt composure.


Izuku bowed his head to his principal/mentor in respect. “Thank you for teaching me. I look forward to our next session.”


“Of course. I do as well,” Nezu replied with a smile on his face. Izuku and Vlad left while Nezu waited at the entrance. “They are out of sight now. You can stop hiding.”


All Might came around the corner in his old civilian form. It was a lot easier not to be seen in this form. “I was not hiding. I was just—checking up on Izuku.” Toshinori had been following Izuku ever since he spotted him on the train. He didn't mean to start spying on him, and he knew it was wrong but, he just needed to see him, make sure he was ok. He also got a little jealous seeing Vlad’s erection from Izuku’s modifications. The recent knowledge of how Izuku’s quirk worked didn’t help the pro hero’s jealousy. If Nezu didn’t catch him earlier, he would have surely followed Izuku to the bus stop just to make sure nothing funny was going on.


Toshi had been keeping a pace behind Izuku and ducking behind anything that could hide him. After they made it to UA Nezu had led him to one of the training gyms, and they both went inside. Toshi shifted to all Might and jumped to one of the windows with a ledge. He peeked inside and saw Vlad with Izuku and Nezu. He was trying to listen in on what was being said. Toshi noticed that Nezu was walking towards the door and quickly hid on the small ledge, even deflating so he wouldn’t be seen.


Nezu walked out the gym, making sure the door was closed before he picked up a pebble and threw it a tree. It bounced off the tree and landed square on Toshi’s eye. The quick jolt he felt from the pain made him fall to the ground where Nezu was waiting.


“You shouldn’t take up stalking Izuku, Toshinori. It’s very amoral and also creepy.”


“I wasn’t stalking him!” Toshi sat up from the ground and covered his eye. “I was taking the train and spotted him on it. I wanted to talk to him, but he got off quickly after. I… followed him all the way here.”


Nezu giggled a little before replying. “For a man who goes headfirst into life-threatening situations with a smile, you're awfully nervous about talking to your boyfriend after a fight."


Toshi was more worried about whether or not they were still boyfriends after their argument. He didn't tell Nezu that as it didn't help or hurt the case, he was making.


“I won’t say anything about you being here but, I would advise you talk to Izuku before he leaves." Toshi didn't reply, and Nezu was already walking back inside. Toshi decided to watch from the window again and saw all the suggestive actions Vlad was taking. The number one hero knew it wasn’t on purpose. Vlad was kind of oblivious to when he does so but, that didn’t help Toshi fell any calmer on the subject.


Who would have thought the Symbol of Peace could be jealous?


Nezu shook his head in disappointment. “You could have used the opportunity to talk to him. Work things out with him.”


“I know. I know I could have but…” Toshinori’s whole body started to shake. “I’m scared… I’m scared of losing him.” Nezu wished he was more knowledgeable in relationships so he could help Toshinori and Izuku but, he wasn’t. Still, Nezu thought that maybe he could help in a logical way instead of being relationship doctor.




The next day, Class 1-A was back in school. Everyone seemed to have recovered from the attack with no issue as everyone was seemingly back to their usual beat. They were talking about the news and how the attack was covered while Toru Hagakure was upset because she couldn't stand out at all. Besides the one-time Bakugo yelled, everything was quiet until—


"Everyone! Homeroom is about to start! Enough talking and everyone in your seats!" Iida was at the front podium in a grand pose, but unfortunately, everyone was already in their seats but himself, something Hanata Sero, the tape boy, had no problem with saying. Iida angrily sat down in his seat, feeling like he failed and was shaking with anger. "Shoot!"


"Don't worry about it," Uraraka said so relaxedly.


Everyone was wondering who would be teaching homeroom today since Aizawa was still recovering in the hospital. Surprisingly, Aizawa came in and was saying good morning to everyone. No one really thought he was ok, as his body was covered in bandages. You could barely see his eyes, and it was evident that he was walking slower than usual. Everyone was asking questions about his wellbeing, but Aizawa brushed them off.


"We don't have time to slack off." Aizawa looked at his students in a way that emphasized his eyes. "The U.A. Sports Festival is almost here."


The students of Class 1-A were all perplexed at their homeroom teachers' statement. "That's so ordinary!!"


Aizawa calmed all the students down and told them the true purpose of the U.A. Sports Festival. How it showed off the students' abilities, had a lot of Pro Heroes watching, and how the event could open up their chances to become sidekicks to Pro Heroes. All the students were excited, and even Iida was uniquely expressing his excitement.


The student who surprised everyone with her enthusiasm was Ochaco. Her face looked like an anime hero out for vengeance. She pumped her fist up in the air and yelled, "I'm gonna do my best!" Class 1-A all raised fist into the air out of fear of what would happen if they didn't.


During lunchtime, Izuku couldn't get that image of his new best friend out of his head. It made him realize that he never asked Ochaco why she wanted to be a hero. Upon asking her, Uraraka answered nervously that she's doing it for the money. She didn't look too pleased with herself, with her hand brushing her head at fast speeds but, she proceeded to explain to Izuku and Iida why she needed the money. She went through her familial plight, explained how her family's construction company was on hard times, and how if she got licensed to use her quirk she could lower the cost of her family's construction. The downside was that her family wanted her to achieve her dream and pushed her to do what she really wanted to do. With determination in her eyes, she explained that she was going to become a pro hero so she could help her family.


Iida was so moved by the speech that he couldn't help but, clap with his hands above his head yelling ‘Bravo!' Uraraka got a blush on her as Iida applauded her in an Iida way but, Izuku was amazed and a little envious. She had already taken reality into consideration and knew where she wanted to be.


The three were interrupted by the presence of All Might who came to ask Izuku to have lunch with him. Izuku was a little surprised but agreed to it, not wanting to look suspicious in front of his friends.


Uraraka and Iida both were wondering why All Might had asked Izuku to eat lunch, and the two thought he might have taken an interest in Izuku because of his similar quirk and the heroics he showed during USJ event. The two were overheard by one of their classmates, Todoroki Shoji, who took an interest in the conversation.


Meanwhile, All Might and Izuku had finally gotten a chance to be alone.


"I'm sorry for asking you in front of your friends, but I didn't see you guys splitting up anytime soon." All Might had reverted to his old civilian form after they got to his office.


"It's fine." The air between the two was awkward and uncomfortable. They didn't know how to act around each other anymore.


"Um. Are you al—." All Might stopped himself from asking that question knowing the answer wasn't ok.


"I'm getting better." Toshi was surprised by Izuku answering his unfinished question. "I'm not good, but I'm getting better."

I caused that. How much pain did I cause him? All Might tightened his hand in a fist at the fact that he hurt Izuku.


"Um. Did you want to meet for a reason?"


"Yes!" Toshi answered quickly. "I wanted to check up on you, make sure you were recovering after USJ and… what happened to us."


Izuku looked down at the tea All Might made him. "I'm fine, mostly. The attack made me rethink somethings. It also made me realize where I currently am." Toshi saw the disappointment in Izuku's eyes. The disappointment wasn't for him. Izuku was disappointed in himself. "Are you ok?"


Toshi was caught off guard by the question. Izuku was worried about him? "…no. I hurt you, and you ran from me. I'm anything but ok right now."


Izuku wanted to comfort Toshi, but, he felt as though that would be giving in. They both wanted to help each other, but nothing had been resolved. "Do you still…" Izuku trailed off not wanting to finish the question.


"I won't lie. I still do. I want to keep you safe Izuku." Toshi didn't let his voice waiver to show how serious he was.


"I'm going to be a hero," Izuku replied with just as much seriousness.


"There are other ways to be a hero."


"And this is the path I have chosen." It was silent between the two. It was several minutes before Izuku's rumbling stomach interrupted their impromptu staring contest. Toshi handed Izuku a boxed lunch, leaving out the fact that it was his own and Izuku took it. "I'll transfer One for All to you when we get a chance," Izuku said while getting up.


"Izuku." Midoriya stopped just short of the door and turned to Toshi. "I'm not going to force you to transfer One for All. I trust you with it, no matter what." Toshi was happy to see the smallest of smiles come from Izuku, even if it was only for a second. "And Izuku, Good Luck at the Sports Festival."


Izuku closed the door to All Might's office and leaned against the door. Both he and Toshi want to get back together, and they could feel the love still there. What were they going to do? Izuku wished he had an answer.


Toshinori was also contemplating what to do. He was torn between making decisions for Izuku's safety and making decisions for Izuku to be his successor. One seemed to push him away, and the other seemed to pull him back to him.


I only have 15 minutes left for OFA. That means I only have so long before I can't be the hero Izuku admired. I need to make a decision and fast.




The time before the Sports Festival was used for training and Class 1-A was in full swing. Everyone was trying to improve their skills and quirks. Izuku was training in one of the cityscapes when Principal Nezu suddenly approached him.


"I hope I'm not interrupting your training."


"It's fine. I needed a break anyway." Izuku grabbed his water and started to take some big gulps.


After he was done, Nezu spoke. "I hope this goes without saying, but you must not use Bio-Ware during the festival."


Izuku nodded. "Of course. Bioware isn't really for combat or quick use anyhow so I wasn't planning on it."


Izuku sat down to fully take a rest, and Nezu sat down in front of him. "Good. With that out of the way, how have things been with All Might?" Izuku deflated a little from the question. "I know that things have been rough between you two."


Izuku took another swig of water before speaking. "We got into a fight on our first anniversary. He wants me to stop being a hero. I… I ran away. That was during the break, and we stopped speaking to each other. … No, I didn't speak to him. He texted and called me a lot. Yesterday, we talked. It was only for ten minutes but we talked. We didn't fix anything. Then, he wished me luck at the Sports Festival. I don't get it. He doesn't want me to become a hero, yet he wants me to keep OFA, and he wished me luck. I don't get it!"


Nezu let Izuku rant before finally replying himself. "Sounds like he's torn between wanting you to be happy and wanting you safe. That must be a tough decision."


"But shouldn't he support my dream as his mate?!" Izuku stood up as he asked the question in desperation.


Nezu thought for a moment before answering. "I've never been in a relationship before, so I'm not the best person to ask that question. However, in my opinion, I think that line of thought is a little selfish of you, Midoriya." Izuku was taken aback by Nezu's statement but, Nezu spoke before he could retort. "Toshinori has seen you come close to death three times in the course of 2 weeks. It might be easy to overlook with his smile, but, All Might does worry about the citizens when he rescues them. He worries that he might fail or not get to everyone in time. Now imagine the person he loves most in the world being attacked and not being there to protect him."


Izuku became deep in thought as he thought about all the times he felt helpless. It must be harder on him because he always succeeded in saving everyone.


"I know that it's still a tough decision but, I implore you to think of it from his side as well. He's not the same as the people who hurt you before."


Izuku knew that All Might wanted to make him happy but was he really willing to give up his dream to keep him happy? He wanted them to be happy together. After all, he still loved him.

Chapter Text

To say that the Sports Festival was tense from the get-go is a very arcuate statement. Everybody was already nervous due to the enormous crowd and how other classes kept trying to size them up. Then Todoroki had to declare that he would beat Izuku in front of everybody. Many of Class 1-A took it as a sign of war but, Izuku could feel the repressed sadness and rage coming from Todoroki’s stare. He didn’t know where it came from, but Izuku replied with his own declaration. He was going to do his best to win.


Finally, the time came for the students to be introduced. As Izuku was walking with the rest of the students, he got nervous, and he was shaking ever so slightly. “Are you alright, Izuku?”


Izuku turned to see it was Shoji who was checking on his wellbeing. “J-Just a little nervous.”


Shoji nodded without taking his eyes off Izuku. “I understand. The crowd of people plus Todoroki’s declaration must be weighing on you.” Izuku was seen getting more nervous by Shoji’s statement. “Don’t focus on that. Everyone is here to see us at our best. Picture yourself as the most confident man you know and then just try being him.”


Izuku thought about it for a bit before going back to his favorite clip of All Might. Izuku took a deep breath and became focused. With his classmates by his side, he strode forward with confidence while thinking; I am here.


All of the students entered the stadium to a roaring crowd, ready to see what they were made off. All Might was watching in his civilian form in a private booth. In actuality, the booth was Principal Nezu’s, but the man liked to be with the teachers when the festival came. Knowing that Eraserhead and Present Mic had to be the announcers for the event, Nezu decided that Toshinori would be better seated in a private area. It also made the number 1 hero less worried about any slip-ups to his and Izuku’s secret relationship when things got rough as they usually did at the sports festival.


All Might felt it was so weird being in his position. He was rooting for his boyfriend yet, at the same time, wanted to take him out of this competition. Please be careful, my Izuku. At the same time he had that thought, Izuku seemed to look right towards him. Toshi knew he couldn’t see him. He was too far away, but it still made his heart skip a beat. Do your best.


The festival started with Bakugo, of all the students to pick, giving the encouragement speech (full disclosure: No idea what it’s really called). Bakugo stated in front of everyone that he would be number 1.


All Might took a big sigh as he was still regretting not letting him be expelled. All for Izuku. All for Izuku. All for Izuku.


Except for Class 1-A, all of the students were in an uproar at Bakugo’s statement. He had been insulting and disregarding the other classes during the hero course.


While everyone was complaining and throwing fits at Bakugo, All Might, Nezu, and especially Izuku noticed what he was doing. Bakugo was backing himself into a corner so he would be pushed to the limit.


Vlad was sitting next to Nezu, and he wasn’t very fond of Bakugo’s speech. “That boy needs some discipline.”


Nezu was watching Bakugo with some interest, as well. “I agree. However, he has seemingly changed from the boy who would willingly harm his classmates.” Vlad gave him a look of disbelief. “It’s only a little, but he is getting better.”


“Nezu, that still doesn’t make him good. If it wasn’t for his goal of being number 1, I would be worried he would turn out like a villain.”


Nezu nodded his head, agreeing with Vlad. “Then it’s our job to mold him and make sure he doesn’t end up like another hero we all know.”


Vlad knew that Nezu was right but, Vlad was still iffy about him.


Nezu knew that Bakugo was backing himself into a corner so he could push himself. A classic push myself beyond my limits case. Nezu was still a little worried about Bakugo being too rough with the students, but he also knew that every student would try to be rough in the upcoming challenges.


Midnight, the Master of Ceremonies for this year’s Sport’s Festival and notorious Rated-R Hero started to announce the event that would kick-off the sports festival. She revealed that the first course was an obstacle course or rather ‘Obstacle Race’ as the title screen said.


Midnight looked a little to dominatrix-like for some, as she explained the rules. Really it was only a few parents and some of the nervous students. Toshinori was conflicted about Midnight’s style since it wasn’t age-appropriate for the classes, but he wasn’t going to complain about Midnight’s unique style. She was very protective of her students, and she advocates for freedom of expression. As long as she knew where to put the brakes on her expression, which she did, she was more than ok to the Hero community.


This all flew out the window when he saw Izuku starting to blush at her dominatrix style explanation of the race. Toshi couldn’t help but break the glass in his hand as he saw that. Oh no. No. No. Izuku, please no. I know we're fighting but, please… Toshi couldn’t even finish that thought. He didn’t know how he could take Izuku, leaving him forever.


Unknown to Toshinori, Izuku was blushing for completely different reasons. As Midnight explained the course and rules in her dominatrix style, Izuku’s perverted mind started to get really…creative. Izuku imagined Toshinori in dominatrix gear. Can a male be a dominatrix? Izuku didn’t know, but he was getting a clear image of what Toshinori looked like in it. He didn’t know what anything he imagined on Toshi was called, only what they looked like. The leather straps with a metal ring in the middle of the chest. Leather thong with spikes. A whip in his hand and Izuku cuffed under him. His All Might form stood tall over him and—


Izuku kicked himself out of his fantasy before it could get too graphic. Don’t get distracted. You have to focus. You have to win the Sports Festival. Izuku’s focus made a comeback, but his blush was a little slow to disappear.


After the explanation was done, the event was finally about to start. Everyone was lined at the entrance and ready to go. All they had to do was wait for the green lights to disappear. Izuku looked around at the crowd, trying to find All Might one last time. Please watch me. The green lights started to fade one by one. I am here! The last light faded, and everyone took off running.


[Author’s Note: Sorry if the Sport’s Festival isn’t as descriptive as I normally am, but not a lot really happens in this arc.]


The race started with Todoroki freezing the ground and keeping people stuck in place. Some of the students were able to find a way around the ice, and for a second it looked like Mineta, of all people, was going to catch Todoroki. However, he was suddenly knocked away by the same robots from the entrance exam. Many of the students were scared but, Todoroki just froze them and them Ice slide over them. The robots didn’t stay frozen long, and students from Class 1-A showed their new experience by overcoming the robots that gave them so much trouble during the entrance exam. Izuku even found a way of getting around the robots without using One For All by grabbing a metal slab that fell of one of the destroyed ones and using it as a makeshift sword.


All Might smiled as he saw the creativity Izuku used to keep himself from using OFA. His mixed feelings subsiding at seeing Izuku succeed just a little.


The next obstacle was a canyon filled with pillars of rock and a long drop. Froppy got to show off her skill and coordination by crawling on the tightropes. A girl from the support class started showing off her support items and advertising them at the same time. Everyone was using their own unique style to cross the second obstacle, but none were catching up to Todoroki, except for Bakugo. Bakugo was using his explosions to basically fly across the canyon, and he was gaining on Todoroki.


All Might watched Todoroki with amazement. His skill and focus were superb, and he uses his quirk quite effectively. Endeavor has to be quite something to have trained Todoroki so well. I wonder if I can get pointers from him on how to be a better teacher.


Izuku kept pushing through, waiting for an opportunity to make some headway. As he finally got through the cavern, he quickly ran to make it to the final obstacle, Danger Mines. Todoroki was already making it through when Bakugo came charging through, still using his explosions to float over the ground.


As Katsuki passed Todoroki, he yelled at him to not declare war on the wrong person. Katsuki attacked Todoroki, who had to step back and let Bakugo take the lead. As the two fought for first place, the rest of the students finally started catching up. However, the two maintained the lead.


As Izuku made it to the mines, he quickly assessed the situation and started digging up the buried mines around him. He put them in a pile and pulled his shield in front of him. “I’m borrowing your idea, Kaa-Chan!” Izuku jumped on his pile of bombs, and the explosion was so huge that a shockwave made it all the way to the front. The force stunned most of the students, and as they watched the big boom, Izuku flew out of the explosion, riding his shield and diving straight for the frontline.


All Might jumped out of his seat as he saw Izuku riding his shield. Yes!


Izuku flew passed Todoroki and Bakugo, who both knew they couldn’t delay any longer. Bakugo used his explosions to fly at Izuku while Todoroki started to freeze a path so he could run the front, forgoing the fact that he was making a path for those behind him.


Izuku started losing speed as Todoroki and Bakugo overtook him. Izuku knew that he couldn’t overtake them and land at the same time, so he used his shield to hit the ground with mines and made them explode around the two. It stopped them for a second while propelling him forward. He used the push to land without losing speed and made a beeline for the finish line!


It was close. Izuku couldn’t use his quirk to increase his speed, but Izuku ended up in first place.


People from his past started to recognize him, such as Death Arms and Kamui Woods, who remember him from the Sludge Villain incident. Tomura was also watching the event, and he also recognized Izuku. However, one person was watching the event specifically for Izuku. Mr. V.


Izuku was panting for breath as he looked around the stadium for any sign of his boyfriend. All Might couldn’t be seen in the viewing box but, he was so proud of Izuku. He wished Izuku could see him and only hoped that he felt his eyes on him.


When Izuku couldn’t find him, he stopped himself from crying and stood tall. He knew All Might had to be watching, and he wanted to show him he was strong. All Might clapped his hands together and looked towards his mate. That’s my Izuku. A dark, cynical voice in the back of his head asked, Is he though? Does he still want you after you hurt him? Toshi paled at the thoughts and shook his head out of it. He would find a way to fix what he’d done. For now, he would do his best to support Izuku.


Bakugo was peeved as hell that he lost to Izuku again. His anger was boiling over as he looked at Izuku and saw red. Bakugo felt like he was about to attack Izuku when he remembered what his mom asked him.


“So, you would have been fine killing Izuku?”


Bakugo stopped himself from moving as he remembered that.


“You know, I remember one kid who always looked up to you. Even when you broke your arm, he healed you right up and talked about how awesome you were.”


Bakugo still felt angry but, he didn’t want to actually hurt Izuku.


Todoroki was also stunned with how well Izuku did without his quirk. His anger also boiled, but it wasn’t for Izuku.


Other students started making it to the finish line, and soon enough, the first game was over. Midnight went back on stage and announced that she would be showing the results. The results came back with everyone’s place, and this played an important role in the next event.


The second event was known as the Cavalry Battle. The participants formed teams with a maximum of 4 people and then got in a horse configuration. The objective was to earn points by swiping other teams' headbands while protecting their own. The value of a team's headband would be the sum of the points each person on the team received based on their performance in the previous competition. The person who ranked last would be worth 5 points, and each rank above that would be worth 5 more points than the previous one, with the exception of 1st place, which was worth 10 million points. Of course, this meant that Izuku was a target as he got first place in the Obstacle Race. Meaning he got the 10-million-point band. Everyone seemed to have a death glare at him, and he could feel the intensity being directed towards him.


All Might slams his fist into the stool near him at the revelation. “Shit!”


Midnight finished her explanation with the details of the formation and quirk use. The one to wear the headband must be the rider, and they were not allowed to wear it below their neck. If the team lose their headband or crumble as a horse configuration, they would still not be eliminated. Participants are allowed to use their Quirks, but, should they attack with the malicious intention of harming another participant, they will be forced out of the game. With the rules established, it was now time for the participants to form teams.


Many students in Class 1-A try to join up with Katsuki because he came in third in the first event and has two hundred points. Katsuki ends up teaming up with Eijiro, Hanta, and Mina. Minoru convinces Mezo and Tsuyu to join his team. All the while, everyone avoids Izuku because his point value is too high.


Izuku realized that the whole point of the event was to show compatibility and adaption with others. Izuku knew he worked well with his friends, and they can complement each other with their quirks. Ochaco joined Tenya refuses, hoping to actually defeat Izuku instead. Izuku thought quickly and comes up with a quick replacement for Tenya in the form of Mei Hatsume. Her gadgets could offer some of the same benefits to his perceived formation as Iida’s quirk. Izuku knew they needed one more member to round out the team and already had an idea in mind as he approached the final person.


Shoto gathered a team of himself, Denki, Momo, and Tenya. He explained each of their roles. Denki is to use his electricity to attack other teams, Momo needs to keep their team's defenses high while insulating them, and Tenya commands the team's mobility.


With the teams chosen and time counting down, Midnight announces the beginning of the game. All the teams rush Team Midoriya at once. Instead of facing the teams head-on, Izuku boldly proclaims that his team will run away instead. Juzo uses his quirk to soften the ground and force Team Midoriya to sink into it but, the strategy didn’t hinder Midoriya’s team. Using a combination of Ochaco’s quirk and Mei’s Jetpack, Team Midoriya is able to fly over the other teams. Jiro attacks with her earphone jack, but the fourth member of team Midoriya, Fumikage Tokoyami, used his quirk, Dark Shadow, to block her. Team Izuku’s strategy seems to work, but they are then stunned by Team Mineta and [Oh geese] sticky balls.


Team Mineta attacks using their quirks, and Izuku is forced to frantically dodge. He activates the jetpack to free Ochaco, breaking one of the hover boots in the process. Katsuki uses explosions to fly and attack Izuku while in midair but, Fumikage is able to block Katsuki’s attack. Hanta is able to use his tape to reel in Katsuki before he touches the ground.


Shoto asks for Momo to create a metal beam, and he uses it to freeze most of the teams in place. After taking the bands of other Teams, Team Todoroki attacks Team Midoriya, but Fumikage is able to defend against Team Todoroki's attack, but the shock causes their jetpack to malfunction. Without the jetpack, their only remaining hover boot isn’t fast enough to escape Todoroki’s team. Dark Shadow decides to go on the offensive and Momo guards by making a stone shield. Team Midoriya is forced to the edge of the arena, leaving them nowhere left to run.


With one minute remaining, Team Todoroki has cornered Team Midoriya. However, Izuku has been able to keep Shoto at bay by exploiting Shoto's refusal to use his left side. Tenya realizes that his team needs just a little more to take control of the battle and reveals his special move: Recipro Burst. In a flash, Tenya speeds past Team Midoriya's defenses, and Shoto takes Izuku's headband.


The recoil from Tenya's super move stalls his engines, leaving him and by extension, the entirety of Team Todoroki immobile. Fumikage suggests the team tries to take other headbands, but Izuku refuses because there isn't enough time left. Ochaco encourages her team to get their points back and rushes at Team Todoroki. Inspired by his teammate's cooperation, Izuku activates One For All in his arm, damn be the consequences, and charges at Shoto. The immobility is a disadvantage to Shoto and in his will of wishing not to lose, ignites his flames as a defense.


Izuku uses his quirk to slice through the air and take out Shoto's defense. He uses the opening and takes one of the headbands off Shoto's neck, believing it to be the ten million point one. However, Mei confirms the headband is only worth seventy points. Team Midoriya makes one final push, and Team Bakugo arrives. They all prepare to clash when suddenly time runs out, and the game ends.


Izuku couldn’t believe how much he failed. He had the trust of his team, and he failed them. He addresses his team in this dire time, apologizing to them. Fumikage speaks up and also apologizes for not being able to grab the 10 million point headband, but he was able to knab team Todoroki’s original headband, and it was just enough to push them into fourth place and advance to the finals.


Izuku can’t contain his joy and hugs Fumikage and doing his best not to cry. Unfortunately for Izuku, a few tears escape. Fumikage was surprised by Izuku’s sudden hug, but he can’t say he was disappointed with it. Dark Shadow also seemed to enjoy the hug as well and was visibly disappointed when Izuku separated from him.


While Izuku’s team is breathing a sigh of relief and excitement about advancing, Shoto was berating himself overusing his hated flames.


The Instructors state that they will be announcing the next event after lunch. During the lunch break, Todoroki used the opportunity to speak with Izuku.


“So… What did you want to speak about?” Todoroki didn’t answer. He kept staring at Izuku as if looking for something or waiting for some response. Izuku was getting nervous at Todoroki’s silence and tried to lighten the mood while also speeding along with the inevitable conversation. “If we don’t hurry… the lunchroom will get really crowded.” Todoroki still didn’t answer or even show a visible reaction to Izuku’s words. He gives off cold intimidation, different from Kacchan.


Finally, Todoroki spoke to Izuku. “I was overpowered. So much that I was forced to break my pledge.”


Izuku knew what he was talking about. The fireside of his powers. Todoroki would have been at an advantage had he used his left side.


“No one else in the cavalry battle noticed. I was the only one being overpowered. Only me, who had experienced All Might’s full power up close.”


Izuku had a sneaking suspicion of where this conversation was headed, but he needed to be sure. “What… does… that mean?”


“It means I felt something similar come from you.” Todoroki looked Izuku square in the eye. “Midoriya, are you… All Might’s secret love child or something?”


Izuku looked completely dumbfounded. Secret… Love Child?! In all honesty, it was the more likely conclusion everyone would come to over Izuku being his secret boyfriend. “Th-That’s not it!” Izuku couldn’t help the nerves that now rocked his body. It just felt so weird to be discussing this. He couldn’t even stay still as he was talking. “I mean, even if I was, I would say I wasn’t, so I don’t think you’d believe me, but anyway, that’s not how it is… In the first place, let me ask you something. Why do you think that about me…?”


“Since you said, ‘that’s not how it is,’ that means there’s a connection between you two that you can’t talk about, right?” Izuku looked away, not knowing how he would cover that up. Todoroki could tell that he was right from Izuku’s reaction. “Endeavor’s my old man. I’m sure you know that he’s been stuck as the number two hero for forever. If you have something from the number one hero, then I have even more reason to beat you.” Todoroki took a breath to calm his rising nerves as he talked about his father. “My old man has a strong desire to rise in the world. As a hero, he won a name for himself with crushing force. Because of that, the living legend, All Might, is a great eyesore to him. Since he couldn’t surpass All Might himself, he moved onto his next plan.”

“What are you talking about, Todoroki? What are you trying to tell me?”


“Have you heard of Quirk Marriages?” Izuku was taken aback by the subject. “That thing that became a problem for the second and third generation after superpowers appeared.”


Izuku nodded before answering. “It means choosing a spouse based only on strengthening your own Quirk and passing it onto your children, forcing people in marriage.”


“That’s right. That old fashioned way of thinking was brought about by a lack of ethics. My old man is a person with both money and accomplishments. He won over my mother’s relatives and got a hold of my mother’s Quirk. He is trying to fulfill his own desire by raising me to be a hero to surpass All Might.” Izuku felt pale. He thought quirk marriages were a thing of the past. A black stain never to be brought up again. And yet Todoroki just said that he was the product of one. Todoroki himself was getting madder and madder the more he went on about the circumstances of his birth. “It’s so annoying. I won’t become the tool of scum like that.” Todoroki covered the scarred side of his face as he said, “In my memories, my mother was always crying. She told me, ‘your left side is unsightly’ as she poured boiling water on me.”


Suddenly it was like Izuku couldn’t breathe. The pain of having your own mother say that to you… Izuku couldn’t even begin to imagine what it was like. “Midoriya, I picked a fight with you to show him what I can do without using his damn quirk.” Todoroki took his hand away from his face as he said, “No… I will reject him completely by winning first place without using it.”


Izuku didn’t really know how to respond. How do you to something like that? Todoroki didn’t even seem to want one as he started walking away. “I don’t care if you can’t tell me how you’re connected to All Might. No matter what you are to All Might, I will rise above you with just my right side. Sorry for wasting your time.”


Izuku didn’t really know what to say, but he knew he couldn’t just let him walk away on that. He walked up and just spoke what came naturally. “I… I have always been supported by others.” Todoroki stopped walking but didn’t turn to face Izuku. “That was the case earlier, too. I am here because of the people who have supported me. All Might was one of those people. Even after I failed to save someone, he told me…” Izuku remembered all the people that supported him to this point before finally remembering the words All Might… that Toshinori said to him. “He said, ‘You can be a hero.’ I want to be like him, a fearless hero saving people with a smile. In order to do that, I have to be strong enough to become number one.” Todoroki turned to make eye contact with Izuku. “My motivation might seem trivial compared to yours, but I can’t lose, either. I have to live up to the hopes of those who supported me. That declaration of war earlier, I’m returning that. I will beat you.”


Todoroki could see the conviction in Izuku’s eyes and knew that he meant every word. Without speaking another word, Todoroki walked away.


Unknown to the two of them, Bakugo was listening to the whole conversation. All Might told him he could be a hero? Was it after the sludge incident? While still thinking on that topic Bakugo left, unseen to Izuku or Shoto.




At the same time, Izuku and Shoto were talking All Might had decided to try and catch up with Endeavor. He meets the man in the hallway of the school during the lunch break.


“Hey! Long-time no see! Let’s have tea, Endeavor!”


Endeavor would recognize that voice anywhere. “All Might.” Endeavor turned around to be face to face with his heated rival.


All Might either didn’t notice or ignored Endeavor’s angry calling of his name. “I haven’t seen you since that talk we had with the press ten years ago, huh? I saw you, so I thought I’d say hi.”


Endeavor turned away from All Might before speaking. “I see. Well, you’ve already done that. Leave me.” Endeavor started walking away from a perplexed All Might. “Tea? What a joke. I’m going to the restroom. Begone!”


Toshinori jumped over All Might while giving a small laugh. He landed in front of him, blocking his way. “Don’t be so cold. Your son, Young Shoto, was able to get through the first round without using his full strength. He did wonderfully without even using half of his power. Is it because he was taught well?”


Endeavor’s eyes held his hatred for All Might but, he was also confused about his rival asking the said question. “What are you trying to say?”


“Why I seriously want to know how to raise the next generation,” All Might answered with enthusiasm.


Without missing a beat, Endeavor responds, “Do you think I’d tell you?” Endeavor walks past All Might, bumping shoulders with him as he continued. “You look clueless as usual, and it’s getting on my nerves.” As Endeavor walked past him, All Might put his hands together and apologize. The Fire Hero stopped walking down the stairs to give one last statement to All Might. “Just remember this, I will make that into a hero that will surpass you one day. That was why I created him.”


Now All Might got nervous and asked, “What are you…?”


“He’s in his rebellious stage right now,” Endeavor continued as if All Might didn’t speak. “but he will definitely surpass you. I will make sure of it!” Endeavor walked away, leaving no room for a retort. All Might ponders what happened to Endeavor to make him like this.


“That was tense.” All Might turned to see Vlad King at the top of the stairs. “Are you still looking for someone to have tea with?”


All Might relaxed when Vlad mentioned tea, and the two went to All Might’s viewing box to talk. All Might prepared the tea in advance, so it was done by the time they arrived. Vlad took a sip and was delighted with the taste. “You should probably stop trying to make peace with Endeavor. It’s no secret that he hates you.”


“I am not sure why? What have I done to him?”


“You’re the Number 1 Hero. He isn’t. You have to accept the fact that being number 1 means there are others who aren’t and won't like you because of that.” All Might grumbles because of that. Vlad realized that All Might truly wanted to be friends with Endeavor, but Vlad knew that the Hellfire hero wouldn’t change his ways. He thought of changing the subject to a different POI. “Enough about him. I meet your little savior a while back.” All Might flinched a bit at Vlad, bringing up Izuku. He remembered the reaction Vlad had to Izuku’s modifications. “I have to admit, I would have never guessed that he had such a powerful quirk. He doesn’t give off a confident vibe that normally comes with a powerful quirk.”


“Ye-Yeah. Well, he grew up with people afraid of him. It really affected how he viewed himself and his quirk. When I first meet him, he was desperate for someone to believe in him. I didn’t help with that either.”


Vlad laughed in disbelief at All Might’s statement. “You? All Might, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a time where you couldn’t inspire or make someone happy.”


All Might stared at his tea as he responded. “I was losing that personality for a while, Vlad. I was starting to be very pessimistic. Then I saw Izuku rush in to save someone even when he was near powerless to do anything. It reminded me of why I became a hero and what makes a true hero.”


Vlad took in All Might. He took in the seriousness with which All Might spoke and the emotion. “He’s had a really big impression on you.” All Might blushed a little but smiled, nonetheless. “Good. Teachers should be inspired by their students and vice versa.”


“I assume that comes from your centuries of experience.”


Vlad laughed again. “I haven’t been a teacher for that long. Just 4 years.”


“I’m still amazed that you can keep the full scope of your quirk a secret.” (Author’s Note: Vlad King – Quirk Vampire – Allows for control of his own blood, elongated Fangs, being able to see in the dark, advanced longevity, and healing himself by consuming the blood of others. His powers are very similar to that of a vampire but lack the blood lust, need to consume blood, weakness to sunlight, etc.)


“I have a system that works and friends willing to help me. It’s the same that we are doing for Izuku.”


All Might finished his tea before putting it down. “I know that the world was a little wearier of quirks when yours emerged, but don’t you think that the world is more accepting now?”


Vlad sighed before he as well finished his tea. “It is but, I’m not ready. The last time I revealed myself, my husband was hurt. We barely escaped with our lives. Leonardo had a permanent limp until the day he died. I… I’m just not ready yet.”


All Might didn’t say anything and instead just got up, sat next to his fellow hero, and let him know he was there for him.




The next round of the UA Sports Festival was about to be announced. As the participants entered into the stadium, they saw the cheerleaders flown in from America. They were pretty good in Izuku’s opinion. What he was not prepared for was the girls from his class dressed up like the cheerleaders from America. Apparently, Kaminari and Minoru tricked them into it. Izuku did admit that the girls looked good in the outfits but, they didn’t enjoy being tricked into them.


The time was now to reveal the final event of the Sports Festival; Battle Tournament!


Before Midnight can commence the drawing to determine the pairing for the tournament event, Mashirao requests a withdrawal from the event, saying that his participation in the Human Cavalry Battle was done by being manipulated, and he didn’t feel like he earned his spot. Toru and Mina try to persuade him to reconsider, but Mashirao replies that he is saving his dignity. He wasn’t trying his best like everyone else due to being manipulated. Adding to the surprise, Shoda Nirengeki from Class 1-B also requests to resign for the exact same reason as Mahirao. Midnight, liking their reasoning for resignation, accepts Mashirao and Nirengeki's requests for withdrawal from the tournament event. Their open slots will be filled in by the team that placed fifth: Team Kendo. Team Kendo looks pleased but decides to give the opportunity to Team Tetsutetsu, much to Tetsutetsu's happiness. Midnight then announces that Tetsutetsu and Ibara will be replacing Mashirao and Shoda in the tournament. After the drawing takes place, Midnight then shows the pairings for the tournament event. Izuku sees that his first opponent is Hitoshi Shinso and that his next opponent, if he wins, could be Todoroki.


Shinso approaches Midoriya, sneaking up behind him before making his presence known. Before Izuku could respond, Mashirao uses his tail to stop Izuku from responding. Mashirao takes Izuku somewhere private and tells him about Shinso’s quirk.


Meanwhile, Katsuki notices he is fighting someone named "Uraraka" and wonders who that is, while Ochaco looks at Katsuki with a terrified expression.


Before the first match can start, Izuku goes to see Principal Nezu.


“Ah, Izuku. I’ve been watching your matches with interest. You certainly know how to be cinematic.”


“Thank you. Um,” Izuku bowed before his Principal. “Principal Nezu, I would like to request the use of Bio-Ware. Specifically, the maneuver you suggested in your emails.”


Nezu kept his smile but, Izuku could tell that the Principal wasn’t happy about the request. “We agreed to keep your true quirk a secret.”


“I will keep the chip hidden under my clothes, and the green lines don’t appear when I use my quirk on myself. Please, allow me to use it.”


Nezu could tell that if he said no, Izuku wouldn’t use his quirk. He also knew that Izuku didn’t originally plan to use his quirk, but something must have changed between the last event and now. “Only once.”


Izuku finally stood up from his bow and showed his determination on his face. “Thank you!”




The first match of the first between Izuku Midoriya and Hitoshi Shinso begins. Izuku tries to be careful not to activate Shinso’s quirk, but Izuku gets angered when Hitoshi calls Mashirao an idiot for throwing away the opportunity to participate in the tournament. He tells Hitoshi  to take back his words, but Izuku mysteriously stops moving. Hitoshi smirks at the frozen Izuku.


“I win.”


Everyone was stunned with the frozen Izuku, including Vlad and All Might, who were still in the viewer's box. Shinso stands up in distraught.


“Ah, no! I went through the trouble of warning him, too!”


Shinso quickly gives Izuku his orders. “Turn around and walk out of bounds.”


Izuku then turns around and starts to walk out of the arena. In his head, Izuku tries to stop himself, but his body is moving on its own accord and is starting to lose consciousness.


Underneath Izuku’s shirt on his back was one of Izuku’s chips. As Izuku keeps walking, the chip starts to activate.


Principal Nezu was watching with interest to see if his theory about Izuku’s Quirk was correct. Vlad and All Might were both shocked to see the match starting to end so quickly, with Izuku not even landing a strike.


All Might stood up quickly and yelled, “Fight On, IZUKU!!”


The chip finally activated, and Izuku felt its effects on him instantly. Suddenly, eight mysterious pairs of eyes pop out of the dark in front of Izuku. Izuku starts to freak out and wonders what is happening. Did his chip not work? However, his tune quickly changes when he feels his fingers break free of Hitoshi's brainwashing and activated One For All with brute force.


Izuku turns back to Hitoshi, ready to finish the fight. Hitoshi then tries to get Izuku to talk to him again by taunting, but Izuku remains silent, now knowing that answering Hitoshi will result in him being affected by Hitoshi's Quirk again.


Hitoshi states that he was born with a Quirk unfit for combat, telling Izuku that a combat Quirk user like him will never understand how he feels. However, Izuku understands Hitoshi's situation as he himself was in a similar situation before he received One For All.


Izuku reaches Hitoshi and begins pushing him out of the ring, but Hitoshi retaliates by punching Izuku in the face. Despite this, Izuku continues to push Hitoshi out of the ring. Hitoshi grabs Izuku's neck but Izuku counters by grabbing Hitoshi's arm and throwing him over his shoulder, slamming him hard into the ground. This causes Hitoshi's feet to go out of bounds, which ends the battle. Izuku is declared the winner and advances to the second round.


Lying on the ground defeated, Hitoshi remembers his past, where people at his previous school disliked his Quirk due to its villainous nature. After the crowd cheers for the combatants, Izuku questions Hitoshi as to why he wants to join the Department of Heroics. Hitoshi replies and says that he cannot help what he truly longs to be. The students of the General Department applaud Hitoshi's efforts while some people in the crowd comment on the usefulness of Hitoshi's Quirk against villains. Hitoshi declares that one day, he will enter the Department of Heroics and show everyone that he will become a great hero. Hitoshi tells Izuku to not lose too pitifully and leaves with a smile.




In the infirmary, Izuku was getting treated for his injuries by Recovery Girl when Nezu entered the room. “Hey there!” Nezu says with his usual enthusiasm.


“Ah, Principal Nezu,” Recovery Girl greeted.


“Principal Nezu!” Midoriya acknowledged happily. “Your theory worked!”


“Indeed. I am glad to see my advice is helping you grow.” Izuku smiled before cringing when Recovery Girl did the final tightening of her bandages. “We will need to practice more with the new technique at a later date but for now—”


“No more use of Bio-Chip.”


Nezu nodded and wished Izuku luck in his next match before leaving.




On his way to his first-round match, Shoto encounters his father, Endeavor, and tries to ignore him. Endeavor tells his son that he is disappointed with his behavior and reminds him of his duty to surpass All Might, ordering him to stop fooling around. Shoto declares to his father that he will never use his fire power and will only rely on his mother's power. Endeavor replies to his defiant son that while his tactic may work now in high school, he will eventually be pushed to the point of being forced to use it, much to Shoto's fury. Shoto’s fury would be unleashed in his battle with Sero as Shoto unleashes a massive pillar of Ice completely immobilizing Sero.


Hanta, unable to move at all, is declared the loser, and Shoto is declared the winner, thus moving on to the second round. Shoto goes to the nearly frozen Hanta, apologizes for what he did, and thaws him out with his fire power.


The third and fourth matches of the event end quickly with Ibara Shiozaki beating Denki Kaminari and the fourth match ending with Iida’s victory. Though Iida was disappointed in his victory since his opponent, Mei, using the match to advertise her support equipment and items. After ten minutes of cat and mouse, Mei, feeling that she has shown everyone her support gear effectively, walks out of bounds. The other matches ended just as fast except for the final round, where Bakugo and Ochaco fought.


Uraraka fought valiantly and almost defeated Katsuki, but he was able to defeat her by overloading his quirk and using a big explosion to disperse her super move, meteor shower. Ochaco’s injuries finally take their toll, and Katsuki is declared the winner, ending the first round.




Izuku is walking to his second-round match but surprisingly encounters Endeavor along the way, which shocks him. After Endeavor tells Izuku that his Quirk can rival All Might, Izuku tries to leave, not wanting to be anywhere near him. As Izuku leaves, Endeavor tells Izuku to do his best not to give Shoto a disgraceful match. Before leaving, Izuku tells Endeavor that he isn't All Might, and Shoto isn't him.


The first match of the second round is about to commence with both Izuku and Shoto in the ring. The match begins, and both Izuku and Shoto prepare to attack.


The battle starts with Izuku trying to strategize against Shoto. Shoto uses his Quirk Half-Cold Half-Hot and shoots pillars of ice towards Izuku on the ground. Izuku uses One For All on his middle finger and flicks it causing a shockwave of wind pressure that destroys Shoto's ice. Izuku then does the same thing again with his index finger to strike Shoto, which hits him, but Shoto creates ice behind him to prevent himself from being blown out of the ring. Shoto then uses his ice power on the ground, and Izuku destroys the incoming ice using the wind pressure from his Quirk. Using the ice, Shoto creates a board of ice to get into the air. He then uses his ice power on the ground again, knocking Izuku back and in the process, causes Izuku's foot to become trapped in the ice. Shoto starts to attack the defenseless Izuku, but Izuku creates another wind pressure attack that frees himself and knocks Shoto back. Shoto, noting that Izuku is in a critical position after seeing his broken fingers, decides to end the battle and launches another wave of ice. However, Izuku fires another wind pressure attack destroying the ice, which shocks Shoto. Izuku criticizes Shoto for only using half his power to aim for the top and says that he hasn't even managed to injure him with that half power. Izuku clenches his broken right hand into a fist and yells at Shoto to fight him man to man. Angry, Shoto wonders what Izuku is planning.


Shoto thinks that his father paid Izuku to go all out against him. Enraged, Shoto charges towards Izuku. However, as he gets close to Izuku, Shoto starts to experience the frostbite from using his ice power too much, and his movements become sloppy, which stops him from evading properly. This causes Shoto to get hit in the stomach by Izuku's One For All enhanced punch, knocking Shoto down onto the floor and becoming slightly injured. However, Shoto gets back up and launches a wave of ice at Izuku, but it is weaker than before. Izuku destroys the ice attack with a blast of wind pressure and knocks Shoto back. Shoto asks Izuku why he is going so far, to which Izuku replies that he wants to live up to his mentor's expectations and wants to become an awesome hero who can answer people with a smile. Shoto is hit by Izuku again, who states that while he may never understand Shoto's circumstances and resolution, he thinks that becoming number one without using his full strength and doing it to disown someone is a joke which causes Shoto to tell Izuku to shut it. Izuku then yells at Shoto that his ice and fire powers are his own, aren’t they?


Despite trying to ignore Izuku, his words start making him remember his past, about how his father started to train him at five years old to become a hero to the point of throwing up. Shoto also remembers how his father was abusive towards him and his mother, as well as preventing him from being with his siblings. Meanwhile, Shoto begins to experience the full effect of his frostbite, causing icy marks to appear over his right side. Shoto, unable to move properly, is hit by Izuku again. Shoto remembers the incident where his mother threw boiling water over his face, and his father admitted her to the hospital due to the incident, which caused Shoto to start hating his father.


As Shoto gets up, Izuku tells Shoto that his fire power "belongs to him and only him." After Izuku says these words, Shoto finally remembers what his mother said to him in the past; that he isn't a slave to his bloodline and can become whatever he wants to be. Touched by his mother's words and moved by Izuku's words, Shoto decides to activate his fire power, setting the left side of his body ablaze (causing Endeavor to smile wickedly in satisfaction), telling Izuku that he wants to become a hero as well and smiles.


Endeavor, filled with joy and happiness to see his son finally decided to use his fire power, walks down from the bleachers to watch the match at a closer range, telling Shoto to surpass him and realize his ambition. Both Shoto and Izuku power up for their final attack; Shoto launches a great wave of ice at Izuku while Izuku jumps using One For All to get as close to Shoto as he can and launches a great wind pressure blast at Shoto. Cementoss creates a cement wall between the two combatants in an attempt to stop them. However, both Izuku and Shoto press onwards with their attacks. After thanking Izuku to himself, Shoto uses his fire power to ignite the cold (generated by his wave of ice) to create a huge wind blast which, along with Izuku's wind pressure attack, creates a huge shock wave which blasts both of them back and destroys Cementoss' cement wall in the process. The shock wave is felt throughout the entire arena.


After the shock wave subsides and the dust and smoke clears, Shoto is seen standing in the ring with a quarter of his shirt ripped off and without any injuries. Izuku, however, is standing out of bounds. Izuku finally succumbs to his grievous wounds and falls flat onto the ground. Shoto is declared the winner, and thus, Izuku is eliminated from the tournament event.


Shoto leaves the ring and encounters his father in the corridor. Endeavor tells Shoto that he is proud of him for accepting to use his fire power and that he has become the perfect upgrade of him. He goes on to say that after he graduates, he will let Shoto become his sidekick. However, Shoto tells Endeavor that he cannot change so easily and has not rescinded his disavowal of him. Shoto then says the only reason he used his fire power was because for a split second, he completely forgot about him. As he walks away, Shoto says that he needs to contemplate about his fire power.


Izuku is taken to the infirmary and treated for his wounds. All Might comes barreling in and asks if Izuku is all right. Recovery Girl informs him that she will be doing surgery on Izuku’s wounds and that she will need the room. Before All Might can leave, he sees tears coming from Izuku’s closed eyes.


“Young Midoriya, can you hear me?”


“I couldn’t do it. I c-couldn’t prove to h-him that I can be a hero.”


“What? What do you mean?” All Might didn’t get an answer. “Young Midoriya!”


Recovery Girl put a hand on Toshinori’s arm. “He can’t hear you. He’s just a little delusional since he’s going in and out of consciousness. For all we know, he could have just been having a nightmare.”


All Might doubted that was the case as he left so Izuku could have his surgery.




After Izuku's surgery is completed, Kango warns Izuku not to abuse his power and that she won't heal anymore of his self-inflicted injuries. Kango also asks Izuku to find a different method to use to make better use of One For All. Izuku makes it back to the stadium, where Izuku watches the rest of the matches unfold.

Author’s note: Sorry guys but, there were way too many episodes left to write for the Sports Festival, and none of it affects the rest of the story, so I’m skipping to the important parts. I apologize.




After the semi-final match ends with Katsuki’s victory over Fumikage, there is a short break for recovery and rest before the final. Tenya tells Izuku and Ochaco to watch the final match closely for their payback later to which Izuku and Ochaco agree with. Tenya's phone starts ringing and excuses himself. Tenya goes to answer his phone in private. Tenya picks up his phone, noticing that his mother is calling him. Tenya apologizes to his mother for losing in his match and that he was too careless. However, Tenya's mother tells him that she is not phoning about that and tells Tenya to stay calm. His mother tells Tenya that his brother was attacked and that he’s in the hospital.


Meanwhile, the mysterious figure responsible revealed to be the Hero Killer, Stain, appears on a rooftop. Stain says that the current society is distorted and twisted and declares that he will make them face reality. After Kurogiri appears, Stain draws his katana and aims it at Kurogiri. However, Kurogiri asks Stain to withhold his blade and says that he has wanted to meet him due to his notoriety. Kurogiri asks Stain for a moment of his time, teleporting Stain and himself away.




The final match of the tournament was a surprise to say the least. Todoroki didn’t use his full power, Bakugo was dissatisfied with the victory, and he even demanded a rematch despite winning.


The closing ceremony of the U.A.'s Sports Festival reaches the award ceremony. Fumikage Tokoyami, Shoto Todoroki, and Katsuki Bakugo stand on the 3rd, 2nd and 1st podium respectively to receive their medals. However, due to being furious at Shoto and to prevent him from unleashing his fury at him, Katsuki is fully restrained; his arms and hands restrained with locks, his body wrapped around a wooden log, chained to the podium and a face mask.


All Might appears to give the winners their medals. However, his smile hides his dissatisfaction with Recovery Girl not contacting him about Izuku’s recovery. She apologized and said she’s old and forgot but, All Might wanted to see Izuku and make sure he was ok.


All Might gives Fumikage his medal for placing third, congratulating him and acknowledging his strength. Fumikage replies that his words are too kind. He gives Fumikage a pat on the back and a congratulatory hug, telling Fumikage that in order to defeat his problem with unfavorable matchups he shouldn't always rely on his Quirk and that he should increase his own strength to deal with unfavorable matchups better, to which Fumikage says he will comply. In his head, Fumikage can’t help but think that All Might smells like happiness and dreams.


All Might gives Shoto his medal for placing second, congratulating him and understands that Shoto had his reasons for suppressing his fire side in the final match. Shoto tells All Might that he realizes that must come to terms with things to solve his problems. All Might gives Shoto a congratulatory hug, saying to Shoto that he won't pry any further and that he knows fully well that Shoto can solve anything with his power.


All Might then goes to give Katsuki his medal for first place, finding the restraints to be a little too much. All Might takes Katsuki's face mask off, causing Katsuki to yell that he doesn't deserve to be number one since his final match was unworthy. However, All Might tells Katsuki that society will acknowledge him as number one even if he does not. All Might gives Katsuki his medal.


Afterward, All Might gives a speech to everyone; saying that everyone who participated in the Sports Festival had a chance to stand on the podium and that the future generation of heroes looks bright. All Might yells out "Great Work" to everyone, congratulating them for their efforts. With that, U.A.'s Sports Festival comes to an end.




At the Hosu General Hospital, Tenya immediately barges into the room his brother is in and is shocked at Tensei's injuries. Tensei, despite being weak, tells Tenya that he is a brilliant little brother and apologizes to him for not being able to be the role model Tenya sees him as. Tenya begins to weep.


The next day, Shoto decides to go and see his mother who is in hospital. Shoto's older sister, Fuyumi, is surprised that Shoto is going to see their mother after such a long time and asks Shoto why he is going, but Shoto does not reply to her. At the hospital, Shoto arrives at the door to his mother's room. Shoto believes that the only way to solve his problems and move forward (coming to terms with using his fire side and overcoming his trauma from childhood) is to meet his mother and talk to her. Shoto takes a deep exhale and enters his mother's room.


As Shoto meets his mother, Ochaco is walking home after picking up some groceries. She opens the door, surprised to see its unlocked. Ochaco is shocked to see her parents in her apartment. Her parents tell her that because she did so well in the Sports Festival, they decided to come see her and throw her a nice get-together for her efforts. Ochaco cries in happiness.


At his home during breakfast, Izuku and his mother talk to each other. Izuku's mother says that she fainted seven times during the entire Sports Festival with Izuku saying that she almost had a rougher time than he did. Izuku's mother talks to Izuku about his Quirk, saying that it is a risky power and that risk doesn't put her mind at ease but she will keep cheering him on. Izuku realizes that all he has been doing is making the people watching over him worry about him. Izuku decides that he needs a method of his own that won't make people worry about him and once he finds that method, it will truly be his starting line. Izuku's mother asks him if he wants to watch the replay of the Sports Festival, to which Izuku says he will later.


Meanwhile, at his home, Katsuki angrily brushes his teeth, still unable to let go of his fury.


Deleted Scene (Not apart of the story):


Vlad took in All Might. He took in the seriousness with which All Might spoke and the emotion. It made Vlad come to a conclusion. “You should take Izuku as your mate!”


All Might was drinking his tea and did a spit take from the statement. “Wh-What?!”


Vlad didn’t even miss a beat as All Might’s tea went airborne. “You two already have a strong connection. I bet it would be cute seeing the size difference while you two are dancing. I wonder if Izuku would be willing to let your relationship be public? It would be a PR nightmare for the number 1 hero.”


“Vlad King! He’s just entered High School!”


“I watched Leonardo grow up before we got married. Although I’m a semi-immortal so it’s a little more grey area there. Oh, I wonder if Izuku would be ok with waiting until he’s graduated. Leo wanted to dive right in when he was 16. I had to move away for 4 years so he could be sure that I was the one. Still, Izuku seems like an eager one, so—" Vlad King continued to talk about the possibilities of him and Izuku getting together, and All Might was overwhelmed with Vlad pretty much skimming over what he had been worried about for over a year now.


My goodness if only Vlad knew.


“Now that I think about it, Izuku seems to be open to other people. Maybe you two should have a harem!”


All Might got alarmingly still with that suggestion. “Nani…”


“You’re the number 1 hero and number 3 on the sexiest hero alive for both men and women, behind Midnight and Best Jeanist. Izuku is a bundle of energy and has garnered interest in a lot of heroes.” Vlad finally shows signs of a blush as he continues. “I also admit that I find him attractive as well.


I knew you were gunning for him, All Might screamed in his head.


“However, judging from the solid feelings you both have for one another, I would say you two are more connected than just lust and horniness. You two should get together and make your own harem!!”


“V-Vlad King. I appreciate your enthusiasm but, Izuku and I are teacher and student. Furthermore, I don’t think the public would approve of anything you are saying right now.”


“So. I didn’t let the public stop me from enjoying true love or conform to what they thought was right. As long as I wasn’t hurting anybody, I knew my heart wasn’t wrong.”


All Might saw the look of absolute certainty that was on Vlad’s face, and he was honestly astonished with how firm and unyielding he was. Truthfully, Toshi wished he had that unyieldingness at the moment. Maybe he would finally decide what path to take to get back Izuku. Wait… That’s what I need to be unyielding about. All this time, I have been worried about losing my Izuku that I haven’t really decided to try and get him back. That’s what I need to focus on.


“You're very enthusiastic about this. Were you the same when you met Leonardo?”


“Oh no, I was super nervous about it. Leo was too for a while. But Leo had more courage than me, and eventually, we became mates.” All Might wanted to comment about the relationship but saw that Vlad was looking longingly into his tea. He doesn’t talk about his past a lot. It must hurt to outlive someone you loved so much.


All Might didn’t say anything and instead just got up, sat next to his fellow hero, and let him know he was there for him.


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