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Stab My Back

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Also napping in his boyfriend’s arms was one Katsuki Bakugo.

Part of learning how to be with Kirishima had involved very loudly and aggressively pointing out to their classmates that they were an item. That way, no one would get the stupid idea that Kirishima was doing him a favor by letting Bakugo sleep leaning against him. He didn’t need Kirishima to cradle him against his firm chest with his strong arms, nor did he need Kirishima to wake him up at a specific time so that he was both well-rested and ready in time for his cram classes.

He wanted it, and since Bakugo getting what he wanted was as normal as Mr. Aizawa rolling up to class in a sleeping bag, these extras should be used to seeing it.

“Hey, babe,” Kirishima said, running his finger up and down Bakugo’s jaw. “Wake up, it’s seven…”

“Mmmgph,” Bakugo said, coming out of sleep in the awkward, grumpy way he usually did. If it was anyone else’s hands on his face, they’d get their fingers bitten off. “ you have to wake me up like that?”

“Oh, sorry. Good evening, gorgeous,” Kirishima teased, pinching his cheek.

Bakugo’s mouth actually opened, like he was considering a warning nip anyway. “It’s ‘Lord Explosion Murder’ or nothing,”

Sorry...Explosion Boy,” Kirishima said, dropping a kiss onto Bakugo’s forehead as Bakugo growled at him.

“Thin flaming ice, Kirishima,” he said, not trying to be careful at all as he climbed off of the couch.

Kirishima laughed off the elbow-bump to the nose and smoothed his rumpled shirt, but Bakugo knew he was in for it the second his boyfriend’s expression grew serious. “You know, I know you’ve been going through a lot lately...working hard on extra classes, all the kidnapping stuff, and moving...but you promised you were going to treat me right a while back…”

Right… shirk. “I’m not mad at you, I’m mad at...other things,” Bakugo said, not needing to look at Kirishima directly to know that his expression would be softening. “I’ll make it up to you later.”

First, though, he needed to get ready for class. He’d deal with the wrinkles in his uniform, though they weren’t really important, and they were far less horrendous than the ones he’d put in Kirishima’s tasteless rainbow button-up…

A hand reached out to him, and he stopped. You have twenty seconds, he thought, but did not say.

“Maybe tonight?” It was so wrong to see puppydog eyes and bedroom eyes combined like that. “You never want to do anything when we’re alone these days, you’re so wound up about everything...but we had a lot of fun last time…”

Bakugo fought off a surge of unease. He was Katsuki freaking Bakugo! He’d been number one in the sports festival, held his own against the League of Villains countless times, talked back to All For One’s face… why was it so hard to have a freaking important talk with his boyfriend?

One that would leave him sounding weak and childish...

One that started, yeah, it was fun, but afterwards I felt like we went too far. And it wasn’t even that freaking far at all! ...but it got me worried that the next time, because it feels so good and I love you, I’ll just go along with it and wish I hadn’t later. And I don’t want that...and I’m not about to do that, because I’m not some loser idiot who puts himself and his boyfriend in that that’s why I haven’t—we haven’t—

“Yeah, Eijiro, it was fun. B—”

Guys, ” Sero said, putting down his book. “I appreciate the fact that you aren’t making out right now but this is arguably worse!”

Shut the file up, Office Supplies! ” Bakugo snapped, all efforts to be casually open with Kirishima evaporating. “Maybe if you paid less attention to us then you could find your own relationship!


“I’m leaving, I have class,” Bakugo said stiffly. Kirishima didn’t sound mad, so he was probably in the clear…

As he buttoned the top button of his uniform, Kirishima cleared his throat. “Katsuki. About tonight—are you going to stop by, or—”

“I have better things to do,” Bakugo said harshly, with a sideways glance at the still-infuriatingly-there Sero. The last thing he needed was his issue becoming common knowledge...who knew how freaking Deku would make that all about himself or the bonds of friendship or whatever?!?

“...even for a short....?”

“—than you,” he said bluntly, and hated himself for it the second it was out. It didn’t help that instead of sounding harsh, he’d sounded...scared.

Dammit. Dammit dammit dammit. As he made his way back to his room for his school things, he curled his hands into fists, and once inside his door he snatched the abandoned soda can off of his desk and blew it to a withered nub.

Somehow, that didn’t make him feel much better.



Dabi woke up to the sound of Kaminari writing something at the desk across the room. The bed was cold next to him, so he’d been there a while. Dabi rubbed his face as he sat up. “Kaminari… What time is it?”

“ twenty?”

“—you let me sleep for three hours?

“Well, yeah, you seemed tired?”

Now he barely had forty minutes to get dinner—twenty, really, with ten minutes from dorms to the lunch room—and then he’d have to get everything done from within his room… “My curfew—

“Oh—crap!” Kaminari sprang up, then helpfully began throwing Dabi’s possessions at him. Book bag, hair dye… “I didn’t remember that.”

“It’s okay, neither did I…” Dabi threw his bag over his shoulder, turning around sharply to kiss Kaminari goodnight. “—I’m sorry I haven’t been available a lot lately, and I’m tired when I am—”

“That’s nothing—it’s fine.” Standing in the door to see him off, Kaminari forced a laugh. “It can’t be for forever, right?”



“Hey...Kirishima. I’m sorry,” Sero said. “...if I just made that awkward or anything. Like, I don’t want to hear about your sexploits, but you’re dating freaking Bakugo, so that can’t be easy…”

Kirishima sighed and leaned back into the couch. “It’s whatever, Sero. Because he’s so rude to everyone, we’ve talked about this before.” He crossed his arms. “ he should know better.”

“...yeah, it seemed like he got carried away...are you sure you’re okay, man?”

Kirishima waved away Sero’s concern, even though his own ran deep. He had to ignore that as well, for his own well-being. “He’s been back-sliding lately and of course that’s hard to deal with. I try to be understanding, but I’m not going to run after him to check on how he’s doing after this. He knows I’m not about to let him take his troubles out on me like that. He can find me and apologize when he’s done being testy,” Kirishima said, crossing his arms.

Sero frowned. “...and if he doesn’t apologize?”

“He will.” He had to say that, because he didn’t want to put the alternative into words.

I’ll have to break up with him, of course, if he doesn’t respect me and takes his anger out on me. Like I promised.