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before the starlight fades

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How very, very boring.

By the hands of the Fruit of the Womb, the Seven Heavenly Virtues have been released onto the world.

The two lights descended, not on the twin Fruits, but on the Divine Mother instead. Shortly after, she was killed by the hands of her false children.

Not as compelling a story as I’d hoped.

In any case, it seems it’s up to me to make it interesting.

I suppose, as Master of the Hellish Yard, I must oppose the Virtues, correct?

Or rather… I can do with them as I’d like. Yes, they’ll make adequate tools for the sake of granting my ambition.

To alleviate my everlasting boredom,

I will sow chaos in this world.

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The world created by the four pillar gods
Will prosper for a thousand years
After that, the end times will arrive
Brought about by each of the four Masters

The Master of the Graveyard brings revelry
He will prepare a banquet
Of overflowing wine and milk and honey
Souls will dine at a never-ending feast
And all are welcome at the table

The Master of the Hellish Yard brings punishment
All are unforgiven
The gears of His black box will turn
The world will dye white
And everything will return to nothing

The Master of the Court brings justice
All will be judged in a final trial
Appearance and age, race and gender:
All of it is irrelevant
Sins are His only consideration

The Master of the Heavenly Yard brings atonement
All will kneel to Her
The trumpet will resound
And under Her banner the dead shall march
Towards a new world

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The sorcerer looked around pensively as he arrived in the forest clearing. It was the dead of night, and the moon peeked through the branches of the trees. Somewhere, a rollam bird was cawing. It was the middle of the Witch’s Forest - this had to be the miraculous Tree of Salem.

In front of him, the great golden-leafed tree contorted its branches to make the shape of a man’s face, who then looked at him with curiosity and puzzlement. It seemed as though Salem was appraising him, as if trying to judge his value.

“You look to be in a bind, child! What sort of business do you have here?”

The sorcerer stepped forward, and cleared his throat.

“I’ve lost my wife. She’s dead. But right before she died, I saw two lights descend into her body. Surely that had to be the work of a god. And so, I seek your help in finding her soul.”

Salem’s expression softened with pity.

“Your wife’s death is certainly regrettable. Those twin lights - those were the work of my colleague. He is one of the four pillar gods, but he represents Malice. At present I am unsure of his plans, but I know for sure that they are bound to result in calamity. It seems your wife has been caught up in it.”

“I don’t understand.”

“To put it simply, your wife’s soul has fused with the twin lights - god fragments. She will be set to reincarnate every century or so.”

“Then I can find her? I have infinite time, anyway.”

“So you say. Although, might I offer a bit of counsel?”

The sorcerer nodded.

“Although I cannot be certain, your wife will most likely reincarnate in places with great magical atmosphere. Said atmosphere is affected by the presence of the Virtues, released by the Twins of God.”

The sorcerer remained silent, before speaking again. “What are you proposing that I do?”

“Gather the seven Virtues within a century, and bring them here to me. And then, you will find your wife.”

“You have my aid,” the sorcerer affirmed. “But why gather them? Aren’t Virtues a good thing?”

“You’ll see, my boy, that Heavenly Virtues can corrupt as much as Deadly Sins can.”

“Then I’ll do it. I’ll take up your quest.”

The sorcerer rushed off to begin his journey.

Soon after, the tree murmured to himself.

“Although I really wonder if you’re up to the task… Adam Moonlit.”

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Mikulia tried to smile through her sadness. She really did. Smiles kept customers happy, kept the money flowing. She would always smile, no matter how sad she felt. She saved her tears for those wee hours in the morning, when she had no men to attend to. She would smile through everything. At least, she hoped she could.

It had almost been a year since she ran away from the backwater village of Abito that she called home. Scorned by her parents and the other villagers, she decided she would go on a grand adventure and search for the prince of her dreams. Her dreams were unfortunately dashed when she found herself in an unfamiliar city without any place that would accept her and her slowness.

The brothel was the only place where she could find work. She had her beauty, at the very least.

As she stared at the moon swelling outside her window, she thought, maybe in another life she could be happier. She could have saved herself for her prince. She could have remained pure. If only, if only.

Her eyes fell to the shell pendant on her nightstand. She didn’t remember where she got it - maybe a customer left it behind? Maybe she found it on the ground and decided to keep it? She remembered a dream where a dove delivered it to her. A dove sent from the gods, most likely. Why would the gods turn their eyes towards a lowly harlot? She didn’t know. In any case, it looked pretty.

< You are impure >

It seemed… so beautiful. Clean, untarnished.

< Give it over >

Untainted. Uncorrupted.

< Give everything over to me >

How she wished she could be like that pendant.

< You want to be pure. I can help you >

She held it up to her eyes. It looked lovely.

< I think even you can agree >

Maybe lovely enough to wear.

< A flower absolutely must be pure >

She put it around her neck, and did the clasp.

< Yes, very good >

< Come, let’s cleanse this world >

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By the power of this angel, I’ve been given a new life.

I am free. I am clean. I am pure.

I am whole once again.

I have left it all behind. My life in Abito, and my life at that wretched brothel. I am beginning anew. A woman should be allowed to reinvent herself, no? It’s such a wonderful blessing, this chastity. I feel like all the dirt on my body has been washed away. I feel like a great load has been lifted off my shoulders. I feel like I’ve been reborn.

Yes, the angel's words are correct. Her words are a sweet melody that tickles my ears.

A flower absolutely must be pure.

A flower absolutely must be pure.

A flower absolutely must be pure.

Now, I shall go look for the other flowers.

And make them pure as well.

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As the sun dawned over the dusty town of Mystica, Lilien opened up shop at her family’s bakery.

“Probably going to be another slow day…”

Being married to Rajih was pleasant enough, but Lilien couldn’t say it made her life easier. After all, they’d been married according to the wishes of their parents, and while Rajih was a kind man, Lilien chafed at the thought of settling down at such a young age. She wanted to explore, to see the world, to know of something other than the streets of Mystica. She loved Rajih, but she was also unhappy.

A nagging feeling tugged at her.

What did Lukana tell her again? She came by the bakery the other day, despite her busy schedule. She mentioned having a dream, and to look out for someone. Someone important. The way she said it, it was as if Lilien was in great danger. Lilien brushed her off that day, dismissing her as being the worrywart she always was. Despite her good intentions, Lukana did have a tendency to meddle. Still, Lilien remained friends with her, as they had been since they were children.

Lilien tried to remember what Lukana said. It was early in the morning when she came by, so she wasn’t fully awake. Something about, if an Elphe girl with twin pigtails visited the bakery, that she should drive her out immediately?

Just then, the door opened. Lilien was taking the first batch of bread out of the oven, so she couldn’t immediately see who it was.

“I’ll be with you in a minute!”

The scent of flowers wafted throughout the bakery, mingling with the smell of the fresh bread. Was the guest a florist?

Lilien set the bread down, and looked at the guest.

“Wait, you’re--”

The last thing she remembered was the maddening fragrance.

“With this, that makes ten women… Ooh, how exciting~!” Maylis said, reading over a report. It had been almost four months since the first disappearance - Lilien Assad, a baker in Mystica. Women of varying ages and occupations were vanishing all over Beelzenia’s Asmodean region, and it was causing quite a panic. At present the perpetrator remained unknown, with there being no leads.

Maylis was an imperial princess of Beelzenia, but as she was the youngest child she had next to no chance to inheriting the throne. She was instead betrothed to Marquis Ferdinand, whom she loathed. With her older brother Janus in charge, she couldn’t exactly say no, especially with her father Jupitaire’s wish to see her married before he passed on. Still, she detested Marquis Ferdinand. The way he looked at her with ogling eyes, it made her sick to her stomach. To think, she’d have to marry him? What an awful scenario. Her freedom was coming to an end. And all because Ferdinand’s wife died of an illness before she could bear him any children.

And so, she decided to distract herself as best she could before the day of their wedding arrived. The disappearance cases of Asmodean were quite adequate in providing her with some entertainment.

As her aid, Baron Conchita, entered her study, she asked him if there were any updates.

“There are… although…”

“Well, what is it? Get on with it.”

“Duke Venomania, the one assigned with investigating the cases… He’s gone mad with grief. He says his daughter-in-law Gumina has disappeared. When the servants came to wake her up one morning, she was gone from her bedroom.”

“Really? My, my, the plot thickens…”

“I don’t think you should be handling this so lightly, Princess. With Gumina gone, that makes eleven women gone since January.”

“I know, I know.”

“Oh, and by the way, it seems someone sent you some flowers. Most likely a gift from the Marquis, although he forgot to sign his name.”

Baron Conchita took out a bouquet. In it were roses of varying colors.

“Argh, that creep… Well, they do smell nice,” Maylis said, taking the bouquet and smelling the flowers.

Their fragrance was maddening.

In a dark, dark cave, lit only be candles.

Gumina closed her eyes as she played her violin. The other women there hummed along to its tune, joining hands. Gumina affirmed to herself that she was there out of her own will, despite the damp living conditions of the cave.

Her marriage to Sateriasis has quickly soured once she revealed that she was looking for his half-brother, their friend, Cherubim, who had run away from home shortly before they were wed. She wanted to see him again, so she used the information network of her father. Sateriasis made no effort to hide his displeasure, and didn’t speak to Gumina for days.

That was all in the past now. Her feelings for Sateriasis… and Cherubim, as well. They had all dried up and wilted. She wanted to be free, to be her own person again. The passing florist’s wares had unlocked something in her mind, and with that, she ran away. Thankfully, no one was able to find her. The florist then revealed her true identity - she was Mother Mikulia, and she promised Gumina freedom. She had wanted that.

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My miniature garden is growing. Soon, I will have enough flowers to make a bouquet.

The angel has been awfully quiet. Hmm, I miss her voice.

I can only hear my own voice now.

Come, little flowers, take shelter in my garden. It’s not much, but I hope it’s good.

Yes, little flowers, pay no mind to the dead leaves outside the cave. They won’t bother you anymore. No one will.

I stand over my cauldron, making my last elixir. It’s a different kind than the one I infused the flowers with. Yes, it’s a much more efficacious kind.

With it, I will achieve true purity. Not just me, but my little flowers as well. We will all drink it on the next full moon, and then we will be completely pure. Our bodies will be shed, and we will be one with the heavens. We will be truly free, truly clean, truly whole. We will be among the stars.

A flower, after all, absolutely must be pure.

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Making their way down the forest path were three people - two men and a woman.

The first man had blue hair. He was a sorcerer that wandered the world, searching for the seven objects that held angels of chaos. The empire he served enlisted his help after one of the imperial princesses herself was kidnapped. His name was Adam Moonlit.

The second man had purple hair. He had run away from home before finding work as a mercenary. The guard that watched over him in his childhood had instructed him in swordplay, and he had found himself to be quite talented at it. He was then hired by the sorcerer. He went by Gabriel, but his real name was Cherubim Venomania.

The woman had pink hair. After her childhood friend had disappeared, she searched for her all over the area. She had encountered the sorcerer and the mercenary and became their informant, having a dream that they would be walking down the very forest path they were on. Her name was Lukana Octo.

They were headed to a cave deep inside the forest. Although it was the dead of night, they had no trouble finding their way, for the moon was full.

Inside the cave, the women were making their final preparations. If one looked closely, they were all very different, from varying backgrounds. Some were rich, some were poor. Some were older, while some, quite young. They all had one thing in common - they were unhappy in their lives. They sought hope. They sought wholeness. They sought purity.

The ritual was beginning. Candles were lit, and garlands of flowers were worn. From her bubbling cauldron Mikulia poured out her elixir into cups, and passed it to each of the women. She promised it would wash away all their sins. It would cleanse their souls, and bring them peace. “After this we will be reborn,” she proclaimed as she raised her own cup. “Today is our new birthday!” The other women raised their cups as well. They began chanting and singing, laughing merrily. They would follow the angel, who would show them the way to heaven.

“Gumina!” Cherubim called out. “Stop! Don’t do it!”

Gumina looked at him, just as she was about to bring her cup to her lips. Her eyes were clouded, as if under a spell.

“Who are you?!” Mikulia shouted. “And how did you get past my barrier?”

“My employer is a magic user, just like you. He dispelled it long enough to let me inside. Now, hand over my friend, and everyone else here! Release them, now!” Cherubim demanded.

“It’s too late. My flowers are already on the path to purity. They are under my protection now.”

Cherubim held Gumina’s hand, stopping her from drinking. He looked her in the eye.

“Please, Gumina. Please. Don’t leave me behind.”

Gumina’s eyes became unclouded, the haze from her mind gone. She looked at her cup and, realizing it was poison, dropped it to the floor.

“Cheri… You came…”

“No! Drink, my flowers! Drink now!” Mikulia ordered.

As the other women, who were momentarily distracted, raised their cups once again, a great wind began blowing through the cave. It knocked them down, causing them to drop their cups.

Standing at the mouth of the cave was Lukana, her arms raised and her hands stretched forward.

“Lukana! You got through as well?” Cherubim exclaimed.

“Adam got me through. Now, tip over the cauldron!”

Cherubim dashed to the cauldron. Mikulia raised her shell pendant in the air and commanded the women to the attack Cherubim, but Lukana knocked them back with her wind spell. Eventually, Cherubim reached the cauldron as Mikulia ran deeper into the cave.

“Don’t let her get away!” Lukana shouted. Cherubim pursued her.

Well, it seems this plan has gone up in smoke.

I’m sorry, Miss Angel. I couldn’t help the others become pure.

So, I’ll just become pure myself. I will purge the sin from my body.

I have just enough elixir for myself. Yes, it will do.

Everything spins and dyes black

I’m sorry, my prince

We couldn’t meet in this life

I’ll go to see you very soon


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Infomine under the cut.

Scene 1

  • The story begins at the bottom of a well, illuminated by the full moon. A green-haired girl lies there, dying. She’s been stabbed in the chest with a knife. The narration notes that this is a story the readers are already familiar with.
  • The narration wonders where everything began to go mad.

Scene 2

  • The story flashes back to almost a year before. The girl, Michaela, is working at the mansion of Keel Freezis, a wealthy merchant living in Elphegort. She’s cleaning - there was a banquet earlier that night, but it’s winding down now. Most of the guests have left. There’s still one, though. A blue-haired man. He’s staring at a painting in Keel’s collection. The painting is of a bouquet of flowers, with some of them wilting.
  • Michaela recalls that his name is Kyle Marlon, currently incognito as a guest to Keel’s banquet. She approaches him, commenting that the painting is one of Keel’s most valuable pieces. Kyle agrees, explaining it was done by the first female prime minister of Elphegort, Gumina Glassred.
  • Michaela acts shy, saying she’s a commoner and knows little about history. Kyle starts flirting with her, saying they should get to know each other a bit more. Michaela pretends to be shocked, remarking that he’s the king of Marlon, engaged to Princess Riliane of Lucifenia.

Scene 3

  • It’s now a month later. Kyle comes by to the mansion every so often on the pretext of visiting Keel, when really it’s to see Michaela. They chat in the garden and stroll around town.
  • Michaela clutches the shell pendant hanging from her neck. Kyle said it’s a courtship tradition for Marlon men, and Michaela accepted it. As she walks to buy soap in town, she thinks to herself that everything is going according to plan.
  • While there, she visits the market. One of the vendors calls out to her, and asks if she works at the Freezis mansion. Michaela confirms it. A blond-haired boy comes forward, introducing himself as Allen, asking for directions as he’s gotten lost. Michaela tells him she can lead him to the mansion, and finishes buying soap.
  • On the way there, they talk and exchange jokes. Michaela finds him cute, and realizes she has a crush on him. Silently, she wonders if this will affect the plan she’s currently enacting.

Scene 4

  • Several weeks later, Michaela gazes at the red sky. The Witch Forest is burning. Princess Riliane has set it on fire, and has waged war on Elphegort due to Kyle rejecting her marriage proposal. In her mind, Michaela questions if it was worth it all.
  • Michaela flees into the forest, donning a hood to escape the soldiers. She reaches Keel’s safehouse, a well deep in the heart of the forest.
  • Just as she’s about to go down, Michaela hears a voice. It’s Allen. She surmises he’s here to kill her upon Princess Riliane’s orders.
  • She wants him to know that she loves him. He brushes it off, saying that she’s just saying that to sway him. She presses that it’s true.
  • He says he loves her as well, and raises his knife.

Scene 5

  • She recalls being given her mission. Her father, a minister loyal to King Thorny Elphen, tells her she’s ready to go undercover as a maid at the Freezis mansion. Her task is to seduce King Kyle, that will set off a chain of events that will lead to Lucifenia’s downfall.
  • She is unsure. Her father tells her to do it for the king, and for her country. He tells her not to be like her elder sister Margaret, who married a Marlon noble years ago and worked for another country instead of her own.
  • She asks what good sparking a war in her own country will do. Her father says that their ally, Marlon, will help it up from its ashes once it annexes Lucifenia.
  • She finally agrees to the plan. Her father tells her to get some rest, as she has a busy day ahead of her. She bids him goodnight, and he does the same. He calls her by her real name, Dominique, before correcting himself. She is no longer Dominique Celeste, but Michaela.
  • Michaela falls into an uneasy sleep.

Scene 6

  • Allen can’t do it. He’s crying. He says he loves her, but that he’s been ordered by Princess Riliane to kill Kyle’s lover.
  • Michaela corrects him, saying that she never actually accepted Kyle’s love. She tells him that everything was a set-up - meeting Kyle, him rejecting Riliane, and eventually the war between Elphegort and Lucifenia.
  • She tells him to get on with it. She says she’s evil, despite wanting to do the right thing. Michaela tells him that she feels guilty, and decides that the only way she can atone for her actions is by dying.
  • Allen raises his knife once again, and stabs Michaela in the chest. She falls to the bottom of the well.

Scene 7

  • A person is watching everything through a spyglass. With it, they can see great distances and even through solid surfaces. It’s not an ordinary spyglass - it’s a vessel of virtue, with the Angel of Humility dwelling inside.
  • The person (eventually revealed to be Ney) pulls out a green onion communicator. She contacts her mother, Empress Dowager Prim, and tells her that everything has gone as expected.
  • From the other end, Prim laughs, praising herself for getting her colleague in Elphegort (Dominique’s father) to go along with her plan. All she needs to do now is get rid of him.
  • Ney affirms it, and says she’ll do it herself. Prim thanks her, saying she’s an amazing daughter. Ney is extremely pleased. Prim says goodbye and her voice eventually fades. Ney stares out the window at the burning forest, and affirms that her sole purpose is to please Prim.
  • The narration notes that the providence of virtue is not over.

Chapter Text

Mother, Mother help! Help, I’ve slipped! I’m going to fall!

Mother, please! Don’t look at me with such a cold expression. 



Ahaha. Ahahahaha!

Is this how the great Marlon general Ney Phutapie meets her end? Will she be dashed against the rocks, or perhaps drown in the dark waters of the sea? This simply won’t do. A genius such as myself doesn’t deserve to die in such a brutal manner. Such deaths are reserved for boorish low-lives. Hahaha.

My grip is failing.


I don’t want to die.

This is… always how it goes, isn’t it? I’ll always be abandoned. Abandoned, alright.

The great moon looks quite beautiful tonight. By her light, I might yet be able to find my way home. I’ll go back to the witch’s house, and throw her into the furnace. Yes, I’ll do it all over again. 

I remember who I am now.

Well then, cruel world, it’s time to say goodbye.

Not saying anything, Angel? Suit yourself.

If I could be rebo-

Chapter Text

“It’s a duplicate of your original body,” Vlad said in between chewing fistfuls of food. “Minus the irregular powers, of course. I’m no miracle worker, hun.”

As she stood before him, dumbfounded, Elluka Chirclatia didn’t know what to make of it, or what exactly Vlad’s plan was.

“Ah, right,” Vlad said as he clapped his hands together. “Haven’t filled you in yet. Let me tell you my plan. I noticed that there’s been a strange uptick in the number of HERs up on the ground world. Which doesn’t make sense, given that the Levianta Catastrophe practically wiped them out six hundred years ago.”

“So... how does this relate to you making me a body...?”

“I’m getting to that, geez. Anyway, obviously I can’t interfere. I need to maintain all these Akashic recorders, and also the Hellish Yard’s mainframe! So, that’s why I’m sending you, a human, to interfere.”

“But I thought Marie—“

“What that bitch doesn’t know won’t hurt her,” Vlad cut in. “I’m only making one tiny exception to her rules. What’s she gonna do, order me up there to come get you? Pshh.”

“...I’m going to be revived on the ground world, and then I have to come up with a cure for HER? Wasn’t the Magic Kingdom’s technology also destroyed in the Catastrophe?”

“Hmm, some of it survived. You know Seth’s underground lab in northern Levianta? Yeah, it’s still there. Should have some good tech,” Vlad said as he returned to munching on the gods’ delicacy in a brightly-colored bag.

“But how am I supposed to—“

“Use your imagination. Well, those HERs aren’t going to cure themselves! Chop chop, sweetheart,” Vlad said as he snapped his fingers.

The room spun around and dyed white. The next thing Elluka knew, she opened her eyes in a hospital. She looked down at her hands - they were flesh and bone. She was no longer a spirit.

Vlad’s voice rung in the back of her head.

“Oh, and one last thing. I’ll make this quick since you won’t hear my voice for much longer. One of my colleagues, you definitely need to avoid. You’re extra vulnerable to her. It’s Gumillia, the Angel of Dilige—“

Vlad’s voice faded. Elluka didn’t know what to make of it. 

Reintegrate into society, and find a way to cure HER given her limited time and resources. She had her work laid out before her. 

There was no time to lose.

Chapter Text



Scene 1

  • The scene opens in the middle of the Corpa Firm’s factory. It’s the middle of the night. Kaiser and his assistant Julia have Lucina and Heidemarie cornered, holding them both at gunpoint. They’ve finally found proof linking them to the child disappearance cases all over Evillious.
  • Kaiser asks Lucina where Kiyoshi is - she doesn’t know. It seems he fled the factory, knowing that they were about to be compromised. He further asks what the child kidnappings were all for. Lucina elaborates, saying that she needed “power sources” for her supertechnology from the Magic Kingdom. She says she’s doing it for the greater good, and to save the world from HER.
  • Kaiser reveals himself as Adam Moonlit, and counters that the HERs were wiped out in the Leviantan Catastrophe.
  • Heidemarie pipes up, saying they’ve all been outwitted. She toys with him, saying Adam’s “special little someone” is upstairs, mourning the death of her child Chansaux, having overworked herself as a magic battery. She muses that, despite her magic potential as a Netsuma descendant, she still wasn’t quite good enough.
  • Adam grits his teeth, and accuses Lucina of using children for her own ends just like her father Ton. Lucina says she’s the only one who knows how to cure HER, and reveals herself as Elluka Chirclatia, a famous priestess also from the Magic Kingdom. She knows Adam, having followed Project Ma on television as a child. She’d always wanted to be part of it, hating to just stand by and watch. So now she’s getting involved.
  • Julia asks Heidemarie for her real identity, wondering why she’s so knowledgeable. Heidemarie says her real name is Gumillia, and that she’s the Angel of Diligence in a human body. Adam is taken aback - he knows that angels are powerful beings, and that it’s best not to mess with one.


Scene 2

  • Cut to upstairs. Margarita sobs over Chansaux, having loved her as her own flesh and blood daughter despite only adopting her. She can feel memories of having lost a child come flooding back. Her children, she says. Her children are nowhere to be found.
  • She seems light coming from outside the door. She decides to investigate, and opens it.


Scene 3

  • We’re back downstairs.
  • Gumillia takes out a small Black Box from her pocket, and says it’s finally time for the true ‘Duel’ to begin.


Scene 4

  • Julia opens her eyes. She’s in a black void with white gridlines, standing on top of a floating platform. She looks down - there’s a confrontation between Elluka (who now has blonde hair), Gumillia (who’s holding Eve’s collapsed body), and Adam.
  • Adam demands Gumillia relinquish his wife. Gumillia says that, with all the lives she’s lived, she wonders if there’s even any need for him to call her his wife.
  • Gumillia takes a golden key and puts it into Eve’s back. She says Eve is just like a doll - a sleeping princess. She winds it up, and tells her to put everyone else to sleep. Green gas starts spreading from Eve’s mouth.
  • Julia tries to run down, but her eyes start feeling heavy. She remembers something - she remembers running. Running away from something, running towards something. But she doesn’t know what.
  • Another voice rings out - a brown-haired man in spectacles, accompanied by twin blonde children. Julia’s memories come back - the man is Seth Twiright, and the twins are her children.
  • Seth ignores her, and says he’ll reap the benefits of their fighting. He says everyone in this realm will soon be destroyed, except for him, of course. He just needs to grab Elluka, who is an irregular herself, and he’ll have accomplished his goals.
  • Meta blasts him with shadow magic, and Adam does the same his lightning magic. Elluka, who refuses to be a captive, joins in, summoning a strong wind. Gumillia herself summons a mass of vines.
  • Seth has Hansel and Gretel shield the attack, but Meta calls out to them. They recognize her, and come running.
  • Seth is furious, not having anticipated that. In quick succession, Elluka opens a portal to somewhere and leaps in. Meta sees the opportunity, grabs her children, and hops in after her. Gumillia decides enough is enough and pulls out another Black Box, saying this will settle things. Before Adam can stop her, she inserts her golden key into it, and everything dies white.


Scene 5

  • Adam opens his eyes. He’s all alone in the factory - everyone is gone, including Seth and the vessel. He grits his teeth, saying he’s back at zero.
  • Seth is on the run, the last thing he remembers is that he’s running away from something. It seems Gumillia’s blast wiped his memories. He keeps running, hoping to find somewhere safe from a fear he doesn’t understand.
  • Gumillia is back in her vessel. She can’t leave, and so she peers into the other dimensions to see where Meta and Elluka had fled. It seems they’re in Angolmois, a crumbling city existing outside the realm of time. She grits her teeth, as it seems she’ll have to wait for another opportunity to get her hands on a human vessel. It’ll be hard considering Seth’s lost his memories, and Gumillia doesn’t have memory-restoration powers.


Scene 6

  • Cut to Angolmois. Elluka demands to know why Meta and her children went in after her. Meta explains that it was an impulse decision and that she means no harm. She says she and her children will be on their way.
  • Elluka tells them to wait, and talk to her for a little bit more. Now that she’s free from Gumillia’s influence, she can think clearly. She still wants to cure HER, but not at the expense of anyone. She says maybe she can research a better, less harmful cure. She asks Meta and her children if they can help her, being HERs themselves.
  • Meta initially refuses, but Gretel says they can’t really return to the ground world anyway. Hansel seconds her, saying it’s probably best they lie low in Angolmois if Seth and Gumillia are on the loose.
  • Meta relents, and tells Elluka they’ll stay and help.

Chapter Text


Infomine under the cut.


Scene 1

  • An unnamed narrator looks down on Enbizaka from up on a hill. It’s nighttime.
  • She readies her weapon - a surgical knife. She says to herself that, in order to make a good home, one needs to throw out the “dirt”. Apparently the couple owning the hairpin shop is having marital troubles. It seems the husband’s being unfaithful to the wife. The narrator decides she will once again intervene, for the sake of “peace”.
  • She begins descending the hill. Her name is Mei Miroku. This is her fifth killing this month.


Scene 2

  • The Izasa region’s magistrate, Gato Octo scoffs at the pair standing in front of him - a pair of twins, consisting of a boy and a girl. They have golden hair and blue eyes. The boy introduces himself as Kokutan, and the girl introduces herself as Kaguya. Gato asks for their real names, but they refuse. They introduce themselves as the Hero Twins of Momogengou. Gato says fine, and tells them to shut the door.
  • He says he’ll give them the files pertaining to the murders that started two months ago, and that he’ll additionally have them speak to Uibee, the constable.
  • Gato excuses himself, and leaves the room to get the files. Kokutan tells Kaguya it’ll be a fun experience, while Kaguya chastises him for getting them mixed up in such a big issue. Kokutan tells her with the money Gato will pay them, they can set up the bakery they always wanted to have. Kaguya says fine, as long as Kokutan buys her a cat charm later.
  • Their real names are Amostia and Irina, a pair of irregulars that have escaped from Lunaca Labora and traveled to Jakoku.


Scene 3

  • A girl, Izumi, thinks back to that fateful night. She doesn’t know what got over her - the next thing she knew, she had twin children in her arms and she was running away from their mother. It all seems familiar to her, like she’s done it before.
  • She waves the thought from her mind. Once she came to her senses, she handed the children off to one of her associates who was looking to start a family. She puts on her mask, takes her sword, and goes up the mountain.
  • She is Izumi Hatsune, descendant of the great princess Jahime from Jakoku’s civil war period. She is also the leader of the Teal Robed Masses, an anti-government organization founded by Jahime centuries ago to fight against the Tokugawa faction.




Scene 9

  • Izumi goes up the mountain, alone. It seems her cover’s been blown - she’ll just dig up the gold she’s buried at the Teal Robed Masses base, then she’ll flee somewhere. She considers Evillious.
  • By the time she gets to the mountain, Mei is there. Mei greets her, and Izumi greets her in turn, although she’s unnerved.
  • Mei asks Izumi if she’s ever had children. Izumi realizes what she’s saying, and makes to run.
  • Mei lunges at Izumi with inhuman speed, and pins her down. She takes out her surgical knife.
  • Mei says that she’s finally found the source of her troubles. She also knows Izumi is the leader of the Teal Robed Masses in Enbizaka. She’ll finally bring peace to the town once she kills Izumi.
  • Izumi tries to scream for help, but she realizes she doesn’t have a voice. Mei tells her it’s one of her powers, granted by the Angel of Kindness. To manipulate voices, and take the voices of others away.
  • Mei talks like a doctor examining a patient, and that they’ll now begin the “surgery”.


Scene 10

  • Kokutan and Kaguya wait at the foot of the mountain, hesitating to go up. Gato’s forces arrive at the scene, having followed them. So do Perrié’s agents. There’s tension, as they’re all fighting as to who gets to have their way with Mei. They’re also looking for Izumi, who’s also mysteriously disappeared.
  • Mei comes down the mountain, wearing her usual red kimono. There’s something different about it though - it’s stained with blood, although hard to see given the kimono’s color.
  • Mei greets them as if she were welcoming them into her home. She says that her mission’s complete, and that she’ll go with them without a fight. Peace is finally restored in Enbizaka.


Scene 11

  • Kokutan and Kaguya puzzle over the decision. They’re tasked with executing Mei, but they need to do it together for their irregular powers to activate and for Mei to actually be killed. Kokutan doesn’t want to, seeing Mei as a mother, while Kaguya insists it’s the right thing to do, given all the trouble Mei’s caused.
  • Kokutan begins crying, and Kaguya comforts him with a hug.


Scene 12

  • Perrié is among the people watching Mei’s execution. Some people curse at Mei for taking their loved ones away - others shudder in fear at someone who’s killed so many people.
  • Mei is taken over to the board, and her executioners appear - Kokutan and Kaguya, who had been living with her for the past few months as her “children”. Perrié laughs at the bitter irony.
  • It’s been confirmed that Izumi is dead. Perrié muses that, with their leader gone, the Teal Robed Masses will be easier to eliminate.
  • Cut to the execution block. Kokutan and Kaguya raise the katana, and tell Mei goodbye.
  • Mei says, right before they make the final blow, that she’s happy she got to be their mother. She tells them goodbye.

Chapter Text

Song — Singers
"In This Fair Beelzenia" — Chorus
"The Breadbreaker" — Gunita, Chorus
"Eat Your Carrots, Dear" — Megour, Banica

Act 1
"The Plateau and Her Flowers" — Magdalena
"A Kind Spring and a Cruel Summer"  — Magdalena, Banica
"The Prince In His Tower" — Carlos
"Let's Run Away" — Magdalena, Banica
"Don't Forget Me" — Magdalena, Banica

Act 2
"Hark, the Revolution"  — Gunita, Chorus
"Hello, We're Engaged" — Carlos, Banica
"Let's Run Away" (Reprise) — Carlos, Banica

Act 3
"Phantom Thief Platonic Strikes Again" — Magdalena
"Hark, the Revolution" (Reprise) — Gunita, Chorus
"Let's Run Away" (Reprise)  — Carlos, Banica, Magdalena
"Two Become One" — Gunita, Megour, Duke d'Autriche, Chorus

"The Girl, the Boy and the Girl” — Carlos, Banica, Magdalena
"The Breadbreaker" (Reprise) — Megour, Luna


The play opens in Beelzenia, a massive empire with a great divide between the rich and the poor. The common folk sarcastically sing about how “great” their lives are (“In Fair Beelzenia”). Soon, we are introduced to the Elphe Gunita, a rabblerouser aiming to start a revolt against Beelzenia’s nobility; she’s famed among the commoners as The Breadbreaker ("The Breadbreaker"). Meanwhile, a woman who looks exactly like Gunita, Megour, scolds her daughter for not eating her carrots. It’s shown how much Gunita and Megour’s lives contrast despite their identical appearance ("Eat Your Carrots, Dear").


We are introduced to Magdalena, only daughter of the Calgaround family, as she picks flowers on the plateau where she lives. She’s quite lonely, and remembers having wanted friends in a previous life ("The Plateau and Her Flowers"). She meets Banica, who is sent to Elphegort by Megour to live with her grandparents and learn about her Elphe roots. The two become close, and pursue a summer romance ("A Kind Spring and a Cruel Summer"). Meanwhile, in Marlon, the third prince, Carlos, laments his fate, considered a nuisance by his family for being sickly and having no chance to inerhit the throne ("The Prince In His Tower"). Back in Elphegort, Banica tells Magdalena they should just run away and build new lives for themselves, to which Magdalena refuses, citing her reluctance to abandon her family. Banica cannot relate, having a tense relationship with her mother ("Let's Run Away"). At the end of summer, Banica leaves Magdalena and the two promise to always remember each other ("Don't Forget Me").


It’s a few years later. Revolution is brewing in Beelzenia ("Hark, the Revolution"). Meanwhile, Banica meets Carlos; the two are betrothed by Beelzenia’s empress Juno in order to forge an alliance with Marlon. The two are initially awkward but soon become friends by bonding over food, although Banica is still heartsick over Magdalena ("Hello, We're Engaged"). With the revolution breaking out in Beelzenia and Marlon caught in a war with Lioness, Banica tells Carlos they should just run away, no one being able to pursue them in all the chaos. Carlos agrees, always having wanted to study cooking and see the world (“Let's Run Away" (Reprise))


While all of this is happening, Magdalena has also run away due to her parents’ restrictiveness, becoming the infamous Phantom Thief Platonic ("Phantom Thief Platonic Strikes Again"). As Gunita’s revolution succeeds ("Hark, the Revolution" (Reprise)), Magdalena crosses paths with Banica and Carlos on the run, and, although having an emotional confrontation with Banica, decides to join them ("Let's Run Away" (Reprise)). As Duke d’Autriche, the most powerful duke of Beelzenia, figures out what’s going on, he pretends to give himself over to the people, requesting he at least be given a trial. At the trial, he reveals that Gunita and Megour are one the same, Megour having been in two places at once due to the magic powers of her milk jug, the vessel of Temperance. With the jig up, Megour is forced to reveal her deception, and is lynched by the mob while Duke d’Autriche makes his escape ("Two Become One").


Banica, Carlos and Magdalena all decide to settle down and live a simple but comfortable life in Beelzenia’s newly independent Lucifenia territory, away from prying eyes ("The Girl, the Boy and the Girl"). Meanwhile, Megour wakes up in the Hellish Yard, accompanied by Luna, the Angel of Temperance. Luna reveals she masterminded it all in order to groom Megour to be the new Master of the Hellish Yard. To atone, Megour takes up the mantle, judging the souls of the dead ("The Breadbreaker" (Reprise)).

Chapter Text


Infomine under the cut.


Scene 1

  • Gammon, in the split second that he has right before everything around him is swallowed up by flames, thinks about how his life got to that point.
  • He supposes his life became mad after his brother died.


Scene 2

  • Gammon attends Nyoze’s trial. The judge, Gallerian Marlon, gives him the guilty verdict, and sentences him to execution. The guards arrive and take Nyoze away, and Gammon has one last moment with Nyoze. Nyoze tells him to never give up their dream of a better society, and to fight to save the world.
  • Gammon forms the Tasan Party with his friends later that day.


Scene 3

  • Gammon’s always had a voice in his head, advising him. He believes it’s from the antique lock he inherited from his ancestors, the Octo samurai clan from Jakoku. He wears the lock on a necklace, as a sort of good luck charm. When he was a child, the voice introduced itself as Held, the Angel of Patience, claiming he was his conscience.
  • Gammon also has visions of the future when he’s asleep - purple dreams. He’d always have nightmares as a child, and Nyoze would always be there to comfort him. He stopped having those visions after Nyoze died, although he can remember the ones he had as a child. They stick with him, and entail him addressing a large nation, what he assumes to be Elphegort.


Scene 4

  • Gammon steps out onto the stage. The people cheer - he’s the new dictator of Elphegort, thanks to the Tasan Party’s power grab on the Elphegortian goverment. He addresses the people, saying that, as their new leader, he will ensure no Elphe will go hungry, and that he will do his best to help them cope with the strange happenings in the world.
  • Later that night, Gammon calls a meeting with his top scientists and generals, and orders the creation of a weapon that can make them more powerful than any country in Evillious: a bomb called Atonement.


Scene 5

  • Several months before his victory as Elphegort’s new leader, Gammon is in a dimly lit room, having been kidnapped by thugs. He’s scared. One of the men inside the room tells him their leader wants to meet with him.
  • An Elphe girl in twin tails wheels herself into the room. Gammon thus finds himself face-to-face with Michelle Yarera, princess of the Yarera mobsters. She practically runs Aceid.
  • She greets him, asking him if he remembers their days as friends in Levin University. Michelle tells him that she’s interested in supporting his cause with the Tasan Party, seeing as it means more business for the Yarera-Zusco Conglomerate. It was her late mother’s dream to completely take over Aceid and push out the Freezis Conglomerate. 
  • She says she’ll help out and supply Gammon with her men as his officers, but on two conditions: he gives preferential treatment to the Yareras’ firm when he wins, and that he helps her find her children, blonde twins named Cain and Abel. Gammon agrees, saying he’ll do his best.
  • Little does he know, he’ll actually be successful in less than a year.


Scene 6

  • It’s been a year since Atonement began development. In order to initiate it, he took the irregular twins stored by Seth Twiright in his lab Lunaca Labora, having been advised by Held that it was fine. Seth is gone now, leaving his equipment ripe for the taking.
  • Gammon takes them out - a boy and a girl. The boy, who has powers of destruction, is put in red and blue chains inside a Black Box. He becomes the basis for the Atonement weapon.
  • Meanwhile, the girl, who has powers of creation, is turned into Gammon’s personal agent and underling - a mindless doll carrying out deliveries for him, called Postman.


Scene 7

  • Gammon manages to get his hands on Gallerian’s vessel collection with the help of his father Gandalf. He’s not sure why Gandalf’s helping him, considering how he pretty much caused Gallerian’s death in the Leviantan Civil War. Gandalf tells him it’ll make sense eventually.
  • Gammon builds a safehouse in the middle of the Witch Forest near Aceid, calling it Evil’s Theater. Gandalf takes up residence there (he’s quite old and wants a place to retire to) going by the name of Gear. There are other strange residents as well - apparently, they’re awakened forms of the vessels of virtue. Among them is the Master of the Graveyard, a kind woman in a red dress who acts as the theater’s chef. Gammon himself sometimes joins them as the Gardener of Time. Michelle is there as well, taking care of the catatonic twins as Witch of Fate.
  • Just as Gammon leaves one day, Michelle off-handedly mentions she wants to see her husband again.


Scene 8

  • It’s the night before Gammon plans to declare war on Lucifenia. He visits Nyoze’s grave, and tells him their plan is now in motion.


Scene 9

  • Gammon sets up Atonement to be fired all over the world. He remembers his vision as a child: the entire world as a wasteland, filled with souls. That new environment is best for him to properly bring salvation to the world.
  • In his excitement, he presses the switch.
  • A scientist of his runs in, calling him mad. He tells him he’s launched Atonement in Elphegort itself. Gammon says it’s part of the plan, before the realization hits him: he’s going to die.
  • Gammon asks Held’s voice for help. Held tells him that’s what he wanted: to save the world. But he would also need to destroy it first.
  • Gammon looks out, and sees the approaching Atonement weapon falling to the headquarters.
  • It hits him: he’s actually going to die.

Chapter Text


Infomine under the cut.

Scene 1

  • Recap on how the four pillar gods made the world, and then cast down the seven rebellious angels who didn’t carry out their will.
  • The angels inhabited physical objects and, as revenge, influenced the objects’ owners to chaos.
  • These are the vessels of virtue.

Scene 2

  • The novel opens on a moonlit night. Mikulia, a prostitute at a Lasaland brothel, looks out the window.
  • She’s unhappy. She fled her hometown of Abito to look for her “prince”, but ended up becoming a prostitute, unable to find any other work. She’s miserable.
  • Her eyes fall on a shell pendant on her nightstand. She doesn’t remember getting it, not being one for jewelry. She thinks she hears hissing somewhere, but ignores it. She admires how untainted and pure it is, and wishes she were the same.
  • The pendant speaks to her. The voice introduces itself as Levia, the Angel of Chastity. It can help her become pure. Mikulia accepts, and puts on the necklace.

Scene 3

  • Lilien is opening her bakery in Mystica. She’s married to her childhood friend Rajih, and while they got along as children things aren’t really working out for them as husband and wife due to Lilien’s stubborn personality.
  • Lilien recalls Lukana passing by the shop the other day and warning her to look out for a certain woman, but can’t remember what the woman is supposed to look like.
  • A woman enters the bakery. Lilien remembers at the last minute that she was supposed to watch out for a woman with green hair done in twin pigtails, but the last thing Lilien remembers is the maddening fragrance of flowers.

Scene 4

  • In the Glassred mansion, Gumina discusses with her servant Carol their investigation into the disappearance of her childhood friend, Cherubim Venomania. She’s worried sick, as he vanished without a trace a few days ago.
  • She thinks she has an idea. Just as she’s about to share it to Carol, Carol tells her she’s got something for her. She takes out a flower - a Greeonian Plateau Rose - and brings it to Gumina’s face. She falls into a trance.

Scene 5

  • At the Beelzenian imperial castle in Rucolebeni, Princess Maylis investigates the disappearances of women all over the Asmodean region, including her sister-in-law Yufina, who vanished while touring the area with her husband King Martius.
  • She’s gotten a breakthrough, but just as she goes to the door, her spy, investigator Neruneru, enters and puts a flower to her face. She goes into a trance.
  • Maylis repeats that she wants to be pure, and follows Neruneru on foot away from the castle.

Scene 6

  • In the basement of the Calgaround mansion, several women are holding a ceremony. At the center is a hooded woman - their leader.
  • It’s Mikuiia. She’s married the nobleman Gilbert, then poisoned him - the townspeople think he died of an illness, so she’s thankfully not under any scrutiny right now.
  • She brews something in her cauldron - she tells the women (among them Lilien, Gumina, Carol, Neruneru, Yufina and Maylis) that it’s a little something that will help them become pure. She calls them her “flowers”, and that flowers absolutely must be pure. Flowers of the plateau.

Scene 7

  • It’s the night of a full moon. Headed to the Calgaround mansion are four people - Lukana, Rajih, the mercenary Gabriel (really Cherubim under an assumed name), and a mysterious blue-haired sorcerer. Lukana leads them, having foreseen them to enacting an attack on the mansion in a dream.
  • Rajih asks her if they’re really correct in doing things. The sorcerer confirms it, saying “purple dreams” are almost always reliable. Gabriel nods silently to agree.
  • A little exposition on Gabriel - he ran away from home due to his father’s abuse, living with the guard that used to watch his cell, Witnis Truth. Witnis taught him how to wield a sword for self-defense, and he discovered himself to be surprisingly good at it, so he decided to try making a living out of it. This is his first job as a mercenary, and he hopes things will turn out alright.

Scene 8

  • The attack starts. Lukana summons a great wind to blow down the mansion’s doors, and is successful. Rajih and Gabriel both charge in, wielding swords. The sorcerer (Adam) says Lukana should go inside, and that he’ll stand watch outside.
  • Eventually, Lukana, Rajih and Gabriel come upon the basement. The women are just about to drink their poison. Lukana blows the cups out of their hands with her wind magic, and the two men tip over the cauldron. Mikulia flees deeper into the basement.

Scene 9

  • We see things from Mikulia’s perspective. Her plan is ruined now. She says if she can’t save the other women then she’ll just save herself.
  • She puts the cup to her mouth, and drinks. The last thing she sees is black as she wishes to be reborn.

Scene 10

  • Adam is outside. Gabriel and Rajih carry Mikulia’s lifeless body, and Adam recognizes her as his wife, Eve. He’s crushed, not knowing she was the one behind all this.
  • He starts weeping, and Lukana comforts him. As the other women flee the mansion, Gumina tearfully reunites with Gabriel.
  • Maylis goes up to Adam, and thanks him for his help. She offers to make him the imperial family’s court mage, which Adam says he’ll think about.
  • Maylis says she’ll be leaving now, bringing Neruneru and Yufina with her.

Scene 11

  • There’s a recap of the aftermath.
  • Lilien has returned home to Rajih and says she doesn’t want to be married to him, wanting to travel and see the world. Rajih reveals that he feels the same way, and so they depart along with Lukana.
  • Gumina has married Gabriel, unhappy in her betrothal to Sateriasis. Gabriel and Carol have joined forces and established an elite mercenary group, which Gumina manages.
  • Yufina has, thanks to Maylis’ advice, decided enough is enough, and broken off her marriage to Martius and eloped with her lover Karchess. They stage a coup to overthrow Martius’ government and are successful, establishing a “legitimate” country of Marlon.
  • Maylis has told her father she doesn’t want to be married to the ogling Marquis Ferdinand, and puts her foot down. Her father, Emperor Jupitarire, acquiesces, and Maylis becomes a gourmand, traveling the world in search of ways to improve Beelzenia’s food culture. She eventually marries her retainer, Toy Conchita, and they have a daughter.

Scene 12

  • The narrator of the recap says it’s a “happily ever after” ending. He predicts Eve will reincarnate again in around two centuries, although he’s not sure where. In any case, he’s had fun toying with her and Adam using the vessel of Chastity.
  • Everything he does is to sate his boredom anyway. He takes his pet snake and it slithers across his shoulders.
  • His name is Seth Twiright, Master of the Hellish Yard.