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Dream a Dream and Learn

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“So you’re saying you can share dreams?” Doc asked, incredulously.

“Well sure we can!” Gobo put his hands on his hips. “Can’t you?”

“No,” The silly creature replied, bewildered. “That’s something we could only— if you’ll pardon the pun— come up with in our dreams.”

“Well then!” Gobo said, defiantly, his tail wagging excitedly. “I guess I’ll just have to show you!”



“We Fraggles can fall asleep at the drop of a hat.” Gobo grinned. “And I mean literally. But there is a song we need to sing. You have to start it, since it’s your dream. It goes: ‘Dream a dream and see, what a dream can be.’ Then I will join in.”


“Now we have to put our heads together.”

‘Alright,’ Doc thought, as the Small Fraggle settled into a comfortable position against his head. ‘What were the words I had to say? Oh right.’

“Uh, dream a dream and see... what a dream... could be?”

Then, as if it was magic (which it probably was), more words began to sprout from Doc’s mouth without him even thinking them. He sang, slightly off-key, but the thought and care were there.

What makes dreamers feel?Dreams are more than real.”

Gobo joined in, softly, as music drifted in, from nowhere.

Why does dreaming keep revealing keep revealing what our lives conceal?”

The notes crescendoed up, but still remained gentle, and quiet, as to not disturb the neighbors.

Dream a dream and see, what a dream can be. Dream a dream and see, why sweet dreamers dream.”

The world seemed to fade away, showing a cloudy area, which again faded away into a strange recreation of Doc’s workshop, complete with a cutout of Sprocket in his bed.

The music carried on with the voices of the creatures who just sang it, while Doc looked around at his surroundings with wonder.

When I wake I see, one more mystery.”

Gobo’s image of him sitting on the workstation desk strengthened, and Doc’s eyes stopped at his awestruck face.

While our lives run, is there someone, dreaming you and me?”

“What— What is this?”

Gobo chuckled. “You mean, you don’t recognize your own dream?”

Dream a dream and see.”

Doc looked around once more. “By golly.” He gasped. “I can scarcely believe it.”

Why sweet dreamers dream.”

The music that they had not realized that was still going on had faded away, and they were met with a pleasant quiet.

Dream a dream and see.”

“Hey Doc!” Gobo pulled his attention. “Did you know that in dreams you can do whatever you want? Watch this!”

Doc watched, mystified, as Gobo floated through the air around the room, laughing all the way. The sill creature couldn’t help it. He joined in, laughing about how silly it is. A Fraggle flying? Surely nothing could bring more joy!

All this fun reminded Doc of his younger years, laughing and playing and running. It was nice to be a kid again, just this once.



“You know,” Doc said to Gobo as they sat in the former’s front yard, amidst a beautiful multicolored sunset.

“This is the most magical experience I think I’ve ever had.”

“Magical?” Gobo peered up at the silly creature, confused.

“Well of course,” Doc replied. “Magical. No human— er, silly creature, has ever shared their dreams before. Lucid dreams exist, but it’s pretty hard to induce those.”

Gobo looked away, thinking with a mildly perturbed expression on his face. Doc smiled at Gobo.

“I’m surprised. You’ve never thought about how magic Fraggle dream-sharing is?”

“I dunno. I never thought about it as magic, but now...” Gobo pondered Doc’s words, and after a moment, looked up at his friend with a happy expression. “I guess us Fraggles are pretty magical, eh, Doc?”

They looked off into the sky, the sun castling rays of gorgeous pinks and oranges. ‘Mokey would love this,’ Gobo thought absentmindedly.

The two creatures shared the sky, each thinking about how exciting exploring each other’s worlds would be.