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Summertime for Assassins

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“The time has come.” Risotto entered the living room.

“No way.” Illuso slammed his hands down to the coffee table.

“Real shit, Capo?” Formaggio almost choked on his beer.

“We’re going on a vacation.” Risotto showed a little smile towards his teammates.

Formaggio hugged Illuso in happiness, while Melone started to babble about what kind of swimsuit he should wear. Ghiaccio gave an audible sigh in relief for the well-deserved holiday while Prosciutto just threw all the papers behind his head. Pesci just smiled, happy to finally rest together with his friends while Sorbet and Gelato were cuddling on the sofa.

“I can’t believe it. Finally Bucciarati gave us some time to rest.” Melone chirped.

Since Risotto killed the Boss, Bucciarati became the head of Passione. He and his team were doing the clean ups, while the Hitman Team had only one task – kill everybody on the scum-list. They were paid well for their job, and Bucciarati finally let them go for a few days.

“Bucciarati is a good man. He knows what he’s doing, and I have no complaints against his acts, but he sure gave us one hell of a time in the last few weeks. Who could have known that this much dirty assholes existed in Italy? Fuck…” Illuso sighed.

“Don’t even mention it.” Ghiaccio stood up, stretching his limbs. “Last time when I was paired up with Melone I almost died back there. If this fucking idiot would have been paying attention to our target…”

“But your ass was more interesting, Ghia.” Melone pouted.

“Make sure to fuck a lot during our vacation, or you will have pent up frustration again, boys.” Gelato winked at them.

“We’ll bring enough lotion, don’t worry.” Sorbet continued.

Risotto and Prosciutto just looked at each other, rolling their eyes playfully.
“It will be a good opportunity to spend some time together with your little wife, won’t it, Capo?” Gelato smiled brightly at his leader.

“I’m still here, you know.” Prosciutto sighed. “We are husband and husband.”

“Mommy Prosciutto.” Melone giggled.

“And we have Daddy Risotto here as well.” Formaggio pointed at the Capo.

“Stop this nonsense, and go pack your things.” Risotto ordered them.

“Yes, Daddy.” Formaggio laughed, then rushed out of the living room.

“That’s Prosciutto’s line.” Gelato smirked at the blond, while he was dragging Sorbet out of the room.

Prosciutto, pinching the bridge of his nose with his fingers, searched for a cigarette in his pocket with his free hand.

Illuso just laughed at the scene, then disappeared in the mirror which was hanging on the wall, while Melone and Ghiaccio went upstairs.

“Pesci please, you too. I don’t want to take care of your luggage as well. Go and pack everything.” the blond lit a cigarette while he was eyeing his little brother.

“Understood.” Pesci smiled, then left the room.

Prosciutto sat down to the coach, puffing out some smoke.

“I feel like we’re parents for seven children. And all of them are gay, and it just makes it ten times worse.” Risotto slumped into his armchair, pulling his jester hat off.

“They always know how to make us angry.” the blond rested his head on the backrest.

“They just like to make jokes. And comment on every single little thing.” Risotto sighed, eyeing his love. “But they weren’t wrong in everything. You’re like a housewife.” he smirked.

“If I didn’t clean up all the time in this hellhole of a place, we would die from plague or something worse. Not to mention those grown ass men, those qualified high ranking assassins can’t even cook for themselves. Maybe Illuso sometimes… but if I didn’t cook either, all of you would starve to death or gain a nice amount of weight from junk foods. And you…” he stared into crimson eyes. “…you would just skip every meal and drink only coffee if I wouldn’t force you to eat normally.”

“As I said, you act like a caring wife, doing everything for your family.” Risotto smiled cheekily.

“Go fuck yourself.” Prosciutto inhaled from his cigarette, but he was smirking.


After they brought all of their stuff to the cars, the Hitman Team separated to form two groups.
First car – Melone, Ghiaccio, Sorbet, Gelato and Pesci.
Second car – Risotto, Prosciutto, Illuso and Formaggio.

“Riz, let me put in my mixtape.” Illuso bent over to get closer to the radio.

“No. And don’t disturb me while I’m driving.” the Capo swatted his subordinate’s hand away.

“Then let me choose a CD.” Formaggio wanted to reach the glove compartment but Prosciutto grabbed his hand.

“Don’t even try it. Your kind of music is just a bunch of electrical trash for my ears.” the blond huffed next to Risotto.

“Radio or nothing.” crimson eyes were looking at the reflection of those two at the backseats.

“Just not the rock radio. They usually play Metallica and I don’t like it.” Illuso sighed.

“But we won’t listen to any Michael Jackson song either.” Formaggio elbowed him, smirking.

“Just shut up finally.” Prosciutto rolled his eyes, turning the radio on and choosing a pop channel.

Meanwhile in the other car, Melone was the driver, next to him an angry and quivering Ghiaccio was babbling about how unfair it was to choose Melone and not him for driving.

“We told you, dear. You get aggressive easily when it comes to traffic lights and other cars. You just can’t handle your surroundings while driving.” Gelato patted the blue-haired man’s shoulder from behind.

“And we don’t want to start our vacation with a traffic jam or an accident.” Sorbet cooed from behind as well.

“And Prosciutto big brother would be really angry if you broke his car.” Pesci added to it.

“I still can’t believe that ham boy just handed me his car. But I can understand it. Riz would have never let me drive his beautiful one. Ah, that intense black color and the smooth leather on the seats…” Melone licked his lips.

“You would deserve leather around your neck, you freak.” Ghiaccio growled, and it earned a soft moan from his lilac-haired comrade.

“Don’t say things like this to him, or we will have to explain Prosciutto, why should Pesci go with him instead of us.” Sorbet chuckled.

“I won’t come from this only. I’m not that quick, even if I’m turned on.” Melone winked at him at the rear view mirror.

“Shut up, you bitch. Pesci is still here, you know.” Ghiaccio elbowed him.

Poor Pesci was just looking at them, pretending that he didn’t understand a single thing what they were talking about, but deep down was praying for Melone to NOT stain Prosciutto’s car with anything suspicious.

“Anyway, did you hear that Bucciarati and Abbacchio are going to marry as well?” Illuso hummed, while he was resting his head on Formaggio’s shoulder.

“Goth dudes are hard to understand.” Formaggio played with one of Illuso’s little ponytails.

“Repeat it please. I didn’t hear you well.” Risotto looked back at him from the mirror.

“I mean, both you and Abbacchio act weird. Dress weird. Look weird. I dunno, buddy. I just can’t feel that vibe, you know.” he shrugged.

“Come on now, honey, don’t mock our Capo.” Illuso chuckled.

“Goth dudes can be kind as well.” Prosciutto smirked a little bit, placing his hand onto Risotto’s who was handling the gear lever.

“Can find love as well.” Risotto took the blond’s hand, kissing his knuckles softly.

“Guys, it’s like watching my fucking parents making out during a family lunch. God please, stop it.” Formaggio coughed loud enough to interrupt those two at the front.

“As if you weren’t an assassin in love with your teammate.” Prosciutto looked back at him.

“But I’m not doing things like this in public. Or at least, in public, but not in front of you.” Formaggio giggled.

“Clever.” Risotto nodded.

“But, back to our original topic.” Illuso cleared his throat. “Last week, when I was drinking together with Abbacchio, we were talking about the relationships in our teams, and he said he was going to marry Bucciarati soon. Our other lovely goth finally had the balls to propose his leader.”

“Abbacchio is a shy person when it comes to Bucciarati. The other day I met our Boss while I was buying wine, and we had a little chat.” Prosciutto lit a cigarette. “Bucciarati said he’s a caring and emotional person but only when he trusts his partner to the upmost level.”

“Never have guessed that.” Formaggio shrugged.

“Are you the same type of person, Capo?” Illuso smiled.

“Am I?” Risotto looked at Prosciutto from the corner of his eyes.

“Hm. Not so bad.” the blond smirked, then leaned closer to press a soft kiss onto his husband’s cheek.

After three hours, finally they made it to the hotel. When they arrived, the drivers found the parking lot, leaving the cars there, and went to check in. Risotto took care of the paperwork, then asked for the keys to the rooms.

It was simple to decide the rooms for everyone, except for Pesci.

“Come on, Pesci. You can’t nag your brother all the time.” Formaggio grumbled.
“Why don’t you stay with us? And when we will need a little privacy, we just let you know it, and find out something for you.” Gelato smiled sweetly at the little brother.

“Yeah, why not?” Sorbet patted Pesci’s back.

“Thank you.” Pesci smiled and nodded, taking up on the offer.

The rooms were next to each other.
First room – Illuso and Formaggio.
Second – Melone and Ghiaccio.
Third – Prosciutto and Risotto.
Fourth – Sorbet, Gelato and Pesci.

“The walls are quite thin. I already can hear Ghiaccio complaining about the color of the wall.” Prosciutto laughed, as he made himself comfortable on the bed.

“Every room is painted with the same color, I think. It’s a pleasurable shade of yellow. Reminds me of your hair color.” Risotto smiled a bit.

“Why do they always think that goth dudes can’t be lovely?” the blond let out a chuckle. “They are the sweetest of all.”

They spent a little time together, just like the others, discovering their own and each other’s room, going out to the balcony, staring down at the pool in the backyard of the hotel.

“Let’s swim!” Melone chirped, barking in Risotto’s room, wearing a towel on his waist.

“Go, collect the others, we will be down in a minute.” the Capo nodded.

They brought towels and blankets with them, placing them on the ground. They sat down, chatting and ordering drinks.

Risotto was the only one who sat under a tree in the shadows, putting on his sunglasses, as he undressed from his robe, revealing his black swimming trunks and the toned muscles on his chest. Not to mention his well-built abdominal area.

“I’m glad I’m not the only one, who likes to sit in the shadows.” a familiar voice greeted the Capo from behind.

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“I’m glad I’m not the only one, who likes to sit in the shadows.” a familiar voice greeted the Capo from behind.

“Abbacchio.” Risotto looked up, staring into the other’s eyes.

“Dude, not you too. Goths really like dark places. Come on, the sun is shining with full force, let’s swim!” Mista followed his teammate.

“Mind your manners, idiot.” Fugo huffed behind him.

“But he’s right! Everything is so shiny and warm!” Narancia smiled next to Fugo.

“Indeed, it’s a good day for taking a rest at the pool.” Giorno took off his sunglasses to eye his friends properly.

“If the Hitman Team needs time to rest, I assume, we deserve a few days off as well.” Bucciarati smiled sincerely when he stood in front of Risotto.

“Some bonding activity between our teams?” the Capo stood up to shake hands with Bucciarati.

“Only if they don’t mind it.” came the sweet respond.

“Giorno!” Melone hugged the golden-haired boy, spinning him a bit. “I want you to take care of my hair again, just like last time we met! It was so soft after you washed it for me.” he let the blond go from his arms.

“We can work on it again, Melone.” Giorno smiled, then put down his stuff to the blanket.

“Oi, Mista. Prepare your ass if you don’t want it to be kicked again by me.” Ghiaccio smirked. “Let’s swim a little. We’ll see who will win this time.” he started to undress from his T-shirt, leaving only his blue trunks on himself.

“Hah.” Mista laughed. “This time, don’t even dream about freezing the water.” with that, he jumped into the water, soon followed by a competitive Ghiaccio.

“Narancia, come, sit down. I’ll apply sunscreen to your back and shoulders.” Fugo sat down and waited for the boy to do the same.

“Wanna drink something? I’ll pay.” Prosciutto pointed at the minibar which was placed at the middle of the pool.

“How could I decline such a nice offer from you, Prosciutto? It’s always a pleasure for me.” Bucciarati smiled.

They barked into the water, feeling its pleasurable temperature. After taking place next to each other, a girl asked for their order.

“Mind if I join you?” Abbacchio looked at Risotto.

“Not at all.” the Capo sat down again, patting the place next to him.

“I heard you two got married. Congrats.” Abbacchio smiled a little bit, making himself comfortable next to his goth friend.

“Also heard you two are going to be married soon. Same greetings for you as well.” Risotto brushed back his silvery-white locks.

“Thanks.” Abbacchio looked at Bucciarati, admiring his black dotted trunks, his fine back muscles and the silky black hair which was shining under the sunlight.

“How did you all end up here?” crimson eyes were glued to the man next to him.

“Simple. Bucciarati told us that our best team is going on a vacation. He had no problems with tracking down your route and telephones, making sure we will spend our time together with you guys. He wanted to do a… uh… family bonding thing.”

“Family bonding?” Risotto raised a brow.

“He loves us as if we were his family. He feels the same towards your team as well. All of you are reliable and good people. You proved it many times.” Abbacchio looked at the grass.

“Thank you for letting me know this. I appreciate it. My men feel the same, I suppose. They just poor at showing real emotions.” Risotto smiled a bit.

“Like goth people?” Abbacchio chuckled.

“Your teammates mocks you as well, don’t they?” Risotto sighed.

“You have no idea.” Abbacchio rolled his eyes.

“Leone~.” Illuso hurried to his friend.
“What is it, Illuso?” he looked up at him.

“It’s an emergency. I left my hairbrush at home. Can I borrow yours? You always have a spare brush with you.” Illuso panted a bit.

“Of course.” Abbacchio reached out towards his bag, searching for the hairbrush.

“Ah, thank you so much. You saved my life.” Illuso thanked him, when he got the brush.

“Next month at the hairdresser?” Abbacchio winked at him.

“As always.” Illuso waved at him as he rushed back to Formaggio.

Risotto gave Abbacchio a confused look.

“We always go to the hairdresser at the same time. We usually meet there while our hair is being cut shorter.”

“Hm.” Risotto nodded.

After two hours, everybody was spending their time with different activities. It was nearly dinner time, so a few members of the two teams left the hotel or just went to the hotel’s dining room.

Only Ghiaccio and Melone stayed in the pool, chatting about little thigs which didn’t piss off the blue-haired boy.

“Well, I knew I would win again.” Ghiaccio puffed out his chest, smirking.

“Poor Mista lost again against you. But you know Ghia, I saw that you were cheating. You froze the water beneath your legs and you were skating underwater instead of swimming.” Melone chuckled.

“It’s not cheating until it’s found out.” Ghiaccio shrugged.

Melone let out a soft laughter, while he swam towards his boyfriend, hugging him. Ghiaccio rolled his eyes, but let his arm fall down to Melone’s waist under the water, caressing his hipbone.

They spent a little time with swimming in the pool, until Melone started to keep a little bit of distance from his love.

“Oi, Melone. What’s wrong?” icy eyes were glued to him.

“Um… just don’t come here.” Melone was blushing, while looking away.

“What the hell are you talking about?” Ghiaccio started to walk in the pool towards him.

“I said don’t.” Melone raised his voice, but it was late.

Ghiaccio grabbed his wrist, looking into his eyes, until he felt something warm in the water.

“You fucking degenerate!” Ghiaccio let him go, jumping out from the pool.

“I-I… couldn’t hold back…” Melone was blushing even more, body shaking.

“Don’t even dream about me getting close to you anymore in the water.” with that, the blue-haired boy stomped away, getting back to their shared room with rage fueling inside him.

(But was it only just rage?)

Melone sighed, then after a few moments, he left the water as well. Giorno was sitting on one of the blankets, reading a book. When Melone went to collect his own and Ghiaccio’s stuff, he was greeted with a soft gaze.

“He will calm down.” Giorno cooed.

“I hope so.” Melone smiled a little bit.

“Mista always does the same thing… but he’s just too lazy to get out of the water.” Giorno brushed back his golden locks.

“I swear it was just an accident. I didn’t intend to… piss in the water…” lilac hair was sticking to Melone’s forehead as he was staring down at his feet.

“Happens sometimes.” Giorno stood up to clean up his friend’s face from the loose locks. “Go back to your room and eat something. Maybe he’s just getting serious about this because he needs some food.”

“I’ll try to calm him down.” Melone nodded.

“Sure you will try. We are on the opposite side of the floor. I get a headache easily from Ghiaccio’s shouting, so please…” Giorno smiled.

“I hope you won’t have to knock on our doors in the middle of the night to shut us up.” Melone giggled.

“Only if Ghiaccio is shouting. If you are the one who is screaming, I can sleep peacefully. I’m used to others making love next to my room.” Giorno laughed. “Abbacchio can be a bit loud sometimes.”

“You never heard Prosciutto then.” Melone laughed.

After they said goodbye to each other, Melone went back to his room, while Giorno packed his things together.

Risotto was still sitting under the tree, listening to their conversation. Prosciutto returned to him a bit later, because Bucciarati excused himself.

“You haven’t even moved in the last two hours. Are you against the sun this much? At least Abbacchio went to find a restaurant for their rendezvous.” Prosciutto sat down next to his husband.

“I was just admiring the landscape with you in the middle of it.” Risotto kissed the blond’s lips softly.

“You’re being extra romantic since we left the hideout. What? The fearsome Risotto Nero turned back to his usual human self?” Prosciutto giggled.

“Just wait until tonight. You’ll regret making fun of me.” Risotto winked at him.

“I like going in the hard way.” Prosciutto smirked, lighting a cigarette.

“By the way. You got a noise complaint. Melone told Giorno that you’re loud during sex.” Risotto looked away, as if he wasn’t the cause of that statement.

“And who’s fault is it, huh?” his right-hand man puffed out a little smoke. “As if Melone wasn’t the noisy type either. He’s like a virgin every time he’s with Ghiaccio.”

“Sorbet and Gelato at least are modest. I’m glad they are.” Risotto sighed in relief.

Prosciutto smiled at that. After they finished their conversation, Risotto packed everything and with Prosciutto’s help, they brought back their stuff to the rooms.

Meanwhile, Formaggio managed to convince Illuso to eat in the hotel’s dining room.

There was a huge crowd of people in there. Everybody was just rushing from table to table, from plate to plate. Knives and forks were clattering, guests were talking loudly. The area was stuffed with hungry tourists who had no common sense at all.

Illuso hid behind Formaggio’s back, feeling nausea filling his gut. His head was spinning from all of the noises in there. With shaking hands, he grabbed Formaggio’s arm, resting his forehead on his shoulder from behind.

“What’s wrong, Illu?” Formaggio stared back at him.

“I-I can’t…” Illuso shook his head. “I feel uncomfortable. Too much people are here. Too many of them. It’s loud. Narrow. I don’t feel good being here.”

“Come on, honey. Look, there’s a free table.” Formaggio grabbed his boyfriend’s hand with ease, pulling him towards the table.

When they managed to go through the crowd, Formaggio pulled the chair out for Illuso. He sat down, placing his shaking hand onto his lap.

“I’ll bring you food, babe. Just wait for me.” Formaggio placed a kiss onto the top of the brunett’s head, then left him there.

Illuso sighed, eyes focused on the white tablecloth. He didn’t even try to find Formaggio in the wave of the other people. It would have been so useless anyway, they were like a massive wall. With eyes teary, instead, Illuso bent his back forward, looking smaller.

He hated this.

“I’m here, honey, don’t worry.” Formaggio returned with two plates in his hands.

He placed them in front of Illuso onto the table. The first was a huge amount of sliced pineapple cubes. The other was fried fish with some salad and rice.

“I’m gonna bring you water too.” with that, Formaggio left him alone again.

A waiter came and placed knives and forks onto the table as well, then wished bon appetite to Illuso, who answered with a brief nod.

Soon, the knight in shining armor – in Illuso’s opinion – returned with two glasses of ice cold water and a plate of meat for himself as well.

“Here you go.” Formaggio placed the water in front of his love, then sat down to the opposite side of the table.

Illuso muttered an almost inaudible thank you, then started to eat.

Formaggio on the other hand, noticed his boyfriend’s shaking hand, his slightly parted lips, his reddening eyes full of tears. “Illu.”

The brunett didn’t look at him.

“Talk to me please. What’s going on your mind?”

“I-It’s too much.” Illuso put down his fork. “Usually I stay in my mirror world for the peace and tranquilness. I don’t like narrow places like this, nor do I like the number of people here. I feel like I’m drowning and suffocating.”

“I’m sorry for dragging you here, honey. I just wanted to try it out, but if you feel this bad, tomorrow we’re gonna eat somewhere else. Okay?” Formaggio smiled a little bit, and got a nod as an answer. “Gimme your hand, babe.”

Illuso stretched his arm toward Formaggio, placing his hand into the other’s palm, intertwining their fingers on the top of the table.

Illuso’s heart started to beat normally. He was much calmer now. Formaggio was usually loud as well, silly and had some disgusting manners. But deep down he was a caring and loving person, always knowing what was the best for their relationship and always ready to help his beloved ones out with anything.

Formaggio had no clue about how Illuso saw him in that moment. Like a hero. Illuso was really thankful for him, but didn’t mention it. He was silently appreciating and admiring his boyfriend while the other was eating, and sometimes smiling at Illuso.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

“Yes?” Giorno opened the door.

“Can I come in?” Melone sighed, eyes full of sadness.

“We were about to order some room service. Come, eat with us.” he stepped away from the doorframe, letting the lilac-haired man in.
“Oi, buddy. You look pale. What’s happened?” Mista was staring at their guest.

“I tried to talk with Ghiaccio. He didn’t even listen to me. He let me use the shower, then kicked me out, saying that he needs time to think about something. I still don’t know what is it nor I had the chance to ask him about that certain thing properly, because he was shouting at me nonchalantly.” Melone sat down to the bed, next to Mista, hugging a pillow.

“Indeed, it’s a strange situation. Do you remember his first reaction in the pool?” Giorno took a seat on the bed as well.

“He was utterly angry. Fueling with rage. But… his cheeks seemed to be a bit flushed as well. But it was red before he started to yell at me.”

“Was he blushing?” Mista looked at Giorno.

“Maybe he’s not just mad at you alone.” the blond locks were falling into Giorno’s face as he spoke. “He needs time to think, right? What if he liked the idea and he’s just trying to accept it in himself?”

“Like Bucciarati when they first tried out water sports?” Mista scratched his head.

“What?” Melone stared at the gunman.

“Guido, please.” Giorno called out, pinching the bridge of his nose.

“Oooopsie.” Mista put his own hand on his lips, covering them.

“Well…” Giorno sighed. “Abbacchio is into piss. And when Bucciarati came to realize that he himself as well, interested in it, he didn’t talk to us at all for a few days. He needed time to think about their relationship, his leadership, his own emotions. He thought it was a bad thing, and it needed a lot of conversations with Abbacchio to convince him about the idea. At the end, Bucciarati enjoyed it as much as Abbacchio, and he was happy we accepted it.”

“But how do you know all of this?” Melone was taken aback by the little story.

“This idiot here, who is actually my lover, was spying on our leader in his own bedroom with his Stand, and he told it to Narancia who can’t keep a secret, and it ended up spreading to me as well, after me, it reached Fugo, then we decided to sit down and confess it to Bucciarati and Abbacchio that we know about everything.” Giorno was looking at Mista with narrowed eyes.

“I already apologized to them, okay?” Mista frowned. “Anyway, Abbacchio hated me for only two days.”

“Back to your problem now, Melone. I think Ghiaccio just needs time to settle it down in himself. Try not to see the worst in this situation, but cheer up and hope for the best outcome. You’re into extreme things in bed, correct? Maybe tonight you will have the opportunity to try out a new fetish.” Giorno smiled sincerely at Melone.

“Y-Yeah. Maybe you’re right.” he smiled as well. “I hope he won’t kick me out again. I know he hates to talk about his feelings, but once he opens up, he can be really cute as he worries about things. I like comforting him.”

“Then there’s no problem, buddy.” Mista giggled. “Let’s eat then.” he eyed the menu which was on the bedside table.

Giorno and Melone laughed at Mista, then they took a look at the menu as well, ordering some diner to their room.

While Fugo and Narancia were eating at a nearby patisserie, their leader and his fiancé were spending their time at a lovely restaurant, eating a simple but tasty food, then drinking red wine.

“What did you and Prosciutto talk about?” Abbacchio was holding his glass in front of his lips.

“Not much. Mostly business and drug dealers. Even if start to chat about easy topics like the other’s well-being or family things, we always end up talking about work.” Bucciarati let out a soft chuckle.

“I was glad Risotto didn’t mention work at all.” Abbacchio took a sip from his wine.

“Then what did he mention?” the other smiled.

“Congratulated to us. Then we talked about our teams, goth culture and family things as well.”

“By family, he meant Prosciutto, didn’t he?”

“And by family, you always mean us, Bruno.”

Black silky hair was brushed back as Abbacchio leaned over the table to place a soft kiss to Bruno’s lips. The leader was blushing at the lovely action, taking Leone’s hand in return into his own hand, placing little kisses onto his knuckles.

Chapter Text

Time was passing by as everyone was busy with diner. After both teams were filled with food, they started to return to their rooms, except Mista and Giorno who spent the night indoor with Melone.

They wished goodnight to each other, returning to their own room.

Melone sighed, opening the door.

“Are you awake, Ghia?” he peeked around.

“Shut up and come in.” a growl came from the other side of the room.

Melone tensed up from the sudden reaction, but did as he was told. He locked the door behind himself, and went to sit down to the bed, next to his lover. “Ghiaccio… I’m really sorry for what happened earlier…”

“Why…” Ghiaccio’s cheeks were red, Melone could tell this, despite the dim light of the lamp on the bedside table.

“Why what?” Melone was confused, eyeing his companion’s face for an answer.

“Why did you have to do that… WHY?!” Ghiaccio tossed a pillow onto the floor, grabbing the front of Melone’s shirt, pulling it forcefully. “Why did you have to look so vulnerable? WHY DID YOU PISS IN THAT GODDAMN FUCKING WATER?! My dick just won’t stop bugging me until I fuck you…” at this point, Ghiaccio was almost shouting into Melone’s face, poor guy hearing this out with mouth agape. “You fucking degenerate, you looked like as if you were coming… WHY did you have to make a face like THAT?! God damn bitch…”

Melone pushed himself forward, grabbing Ghiaccio’s shoulders, while he started to devour the other’s lips, biting down on the plump sweetness with fervor, licking inside the hot mouth presented in front of him. He made himself comfortable in Ghiaccio’s lap, grinding down on the bulge in the other’s sweatpants.

Ghiaccio let go of Melone’s shirt, grabbing a fistful of lilac hair, curling it around his wrist and pulling it extremely hard, which has earned a loud moan from his submissive boyfriend.
“Fucking… do… that… again…” Ghiaccio growled between kisses, tearing the shirt apart, biting down on the soft flesh on Melone’s collarbone.

“D-Do… ah… w-what, Ghia?” Melone was whimpering, panting already from the feverish actions.

“Fucking dare to piss again, you sick freak…” Ghiaccio grabbed his cheeks, with that, forcing Melone to pout his plump lips.

Melone’s cock twitched in his pants. He was glad for a moment he didn’t use the toilet in Giorno’s room.

Ghiaccio forced his boyfriend onto his back, scratching down on his chest, abdominal muscles and navel, until he found his inner thighs. He ripped the briefs apart, freeing Melone’s dripping cock.

“Pump yourself.” Ghiaccio ordered, while he was stripping down.

Melone grabbed his own cock, moving his hand up and down delicately on his hot shaft, moaning shamelessly at the feeling. His boyfriend was eyeing him hungrily, reaching down for his own erection, thrusting into his icy hand.

“G-Ghiaccio~… I need you~…” Melone whimpered, feeling close to his high.

“You’re always a quick shot when you’re thinking about something disgusting.” Ghiaccio smirked, releasing his cock, which bounced up, tapping against his lower abdomen. “Spit it out.” his gaze was so intense that Melone shuddered under it.

“F-Fuck me~… p-please…” Melone was spreading his legs wide apart. “A-And… oh, god… p-…” he bit down on his lower lip, thrusting up in the air, while he tried to not think about it.

“Fucking shameless…” Ghiaccio grabbed his thighs, squeezing them so hard he left bruises there. “Disgusting whore…” he pulled apart the other’s twitching hole, lining himself up with it. “The lowest scum on Earth…” then he pushed in dry, using only the pre-cum as a form of lotion, eliciting a scream from his lover. “Like a filthy dog…” he started to move with rough movements, positioning himself to make sure to hit his prostrate every time.

Melone was grabbing the pillow under his head, tearing it apart as he was squeezing it so hard. He moaned, screamed, panted, eyes rolling back, mouth agape, tongue darting out. A thin line of saliva was dripping down on his chin. His body was shaking from the force of Ghiaccio’s thrusts, making him convulsing against the bed.

But when Ghiaccio pushed down on his belly, applying a great amount of pressure, Melone choked back a moan, his eyes opening wide, looking at Ghiaccio’s lustful gaze.

“Fucking piss, you slut…” Ghiaccio grabbed his neck with his other hand, choking him, which caused a strangled howl coming from Melone’s lips, letting go his muscles in his lower part.

As he was leaking from his fully erect cock, he felt pain crashing through his bladder, causing him to whimper and cry out under Ghiaccio’s grip, but when he took a look again at his lover whose eyes were clouded by lust and frustration, he relaxed once again, wetting himself and Ghiaccio as well.

Ghiaccio went on with his relentless movements, almost breaking his own and Melone’s hipbones. When he felt the hot liquid dripping down on his shaft and Melone’s thighs, he shivered.

First time in his life, Melone heard his boyfriend moaning. Not just a growl or a grumble… but voicing his excitement in pure pleasure. Ghiaccio let his jaw go slack, letting sweet little moans out as he was fucking hard into Melone, watching as the other continued to relieve himself.

Melone was whimpering loudly, scratching angry red marks into Ghiaccio’s thighs, as he was clawing at him. When he finished his dirty session, his cock bounced against his stomach, waiting for bliss to crash through him. He was tightening around Ghiaccio so hard, the other gave in, shouting out different types of cursing words.

“F-Fuck, Melone… you’re so wet now… b-but still not enough…” with that, and with an evil grin painted on his lips, he not only came inside his boyfriend, but let his muscles go as well, filling his hole up with hot urine.

Melone was really happy he didn’t have to voice his wish, because Ghiaccio understood him from the beginning. When he felt the other’s filth filling hip up to the brim, he cried out in pleasure, being happy from marked out even more. To be the only one who has the opportunity to make Ghiaccio like this, to be the only one who gets this kind of treatment from his beloved one.

Melone, with a scream of Ghiaccio’s name, came hard onto his own stomach, shaking from the force of his orgasm. His hips were grinding down relentlessly on his lover’s cock, enjoying every second of his bliss.

When both of them came down from their high, and everything came to a stop as well, they looked at each other, panting and sweating from what happened.

Ghiaccio pulled out, watching as his liquids were leaking from Melone’s gaping and abused hole. He was mesmerized by it.

Melone was eyeing his boyfriend’s peaceful expression. He was happy he managed to calm him down, even if he would get more noise complaints after this.

Both of them smiled a little bit, Ghiaccio flopping down next to Melone, was panting softly. Melone curled up against him, pressing his back against the slightly muscular chest. Ghiaccio spooned him from behind, caressing little circles on his hipbone.

“Are you still mad at me?” Melone hummed low in his throat, but already knew the answer.

“You really had to ask this, idiot?” Ghiaccio rolled his eyes, but placed a loving kiss on the top of his boyfriend’s head.

“I love you, Ghia.” Melone pressed himself close to Ghiaccio’s body, appreciating the warmth coming from it.

“I love you too, Melone.” soft lips pressed against Melone’s neck, to give him another kiss.

“Di molto~.” Melone giggled, closing his eyes, falling asleep peacefully in Ghiaccio’s arms.

“No way. Melone finally stopped screaming.” Mista sighed in relief.

“That means, I was right. I suppose, from now on, Abbacchio has someone to share his experiences with.” Giorno chuckled.

“Great. With Melone and Ghiaccio, it makes the number of piss lovers up to four… FOUR…” Mista sat up on the bed, hitting his own head with a pillow.

“It’s just a number, Guido.” Giorno bit back a grin, sitting up to calm down his lover.

“It’s cursed, Giorno.” Mista looked at him with serious eyes.

“Then should we try it out as well, to make it up to six?” golden locks were falling onto Mista’s shoulder as Giorno hugged him from behind.

The gunman’s eyes went wide for a moment, but he wasn’t one to decline such a kind offer from Giorno Giovanna.

“I won’t sleep next to them ever again.” Prosciutto inhaled from his cigarette while he was resting his head on Risotto’s chest, ashtray placed on his lover’s lower abdomen.

“Let the kids have some fun. We are on a vacation.” Risotto was caressing the soft blond locks as they were let down from their usual style.

“Kids? Did you just hear Melone? Kids don’t scream like that.” the right-hand man puffed out a little cloud of smoke into his leader’s face.

“Well, tomorrow you’ll be the one who will scream so loudly, the others will give you noise complaints.” Risotto just smiled, eyes closed, feeling the weight getting off of his chest.

Prosciutto, finishing his smoking, put away the ashtray then rolled to his side, facing the wall instead of Risotto. “If you don’t want me to make you into an old fart, you better act up on those words tomorrow night.”

He was always so cute, when he blushed, moreover, was flustered.

“I’ll do, my love.” Risotto hugged him by the waist, spooning him.

“Good night, Capo.” Prosciutto smiled a bit.

“Good night, Prosciutto.” the leader pressed one last kiss onto his beloved one’s cheek, then they fell asleep.

“I can’t sleep at all. Why does Melone have to make those sounds every time he’s getting laid? He’s fucking loud, jeez.” Illuso was complaining while Formaggio was just laughing next to him.

“Come on now, they just enjoyed their time. We should follow their lead, you know.” he slid closer to the brunett, taking a look at his sulking form as they were lying facing each other.

“No, we should sleep.” Illuso pulled the blanket over his shoulder.

“Babe, come on.” Formaggio, as he wanted to reposition himself, accidentally bumped his knee against something… rather hard. “Shit, Illu… and you want to sleep like that?”

Illuso, being found out, turned away, pulling up his knees close to his chest, curling up against his pillows and blanket, like a cat. “J-Just leave it…”

“You’re really turned on by just hearing those sounds… what if you were actually watching them through the mirror? Your little red eyes saw so many things, didn’t they? Even me, jerking off in my room… remember when you were spying on me?” Formaggio was caressing his boyfriend’s buttocks slowly, drawing little circles on the blanket with his finger.

“That was before I asked you out on a date… I just… needed to know whether our feelings were mutual…” the brunett shivered.

“And hearing me panting your name was enough to make a move on me. You were rather bold at that time.” Formaggio kissed the small spot behind Illuso’s ear, earning a soft gasp from the other. “Come on, you can be as loud as you can. Get back at Melone.” he whispered into the other’s ear, licking into it slowly, then biting softly the earlobe, sucking on it lightly.

“Mhh…” Illuso readjusted his position, loosening his posture as he turned to face Formaggio.

“Hey, cutie.” said man was giggling.

“J-Just get over with it… I want to sleep…” Illuso pouted a bit.

“Then pass me the lube and prepare your knees.” Formaggio found his place at the center of the bed, waiting for his lover.

Illuso bent over to fish out a small pack of lotion from his bag. He gave it to his boyfriend, but when he wanted to get on his knees between Formaggio’s legs, the other paused him.

“Na-ah. Not there.” the asshole was pointing at his own face. “Here.”

“Y-You want me to sit… on your face? Fucking pervert…” Illuso was taken aback by the sudden idea.

“You wanted this to be quick, didn’t ya?” said pervert winked at him.

“I did, but…” the brunett looked away.

“Then briefs down and take your seat, honey.” Formaggio was eager.

“Jeez…fine…” Illuso sighed dramatically, but the wet spot on his briefs betrayed him.

He fumbled out of his undergarments and climbed on top of his boyfriend, placing his cock onto Formaggio’s lips.

“Now that’s a view what you should look at more. I wish you could see yourself in a mirror now, Illu.” Formaggio sucked the tip, licking the head slowly, while maintaining eye-contact with the beautiful man on top of him.

Illuso bit down on his lower lip, muffling his whimpers.

Formaggio’s mouth was hot. Really hot. And wet. Maybe the three cans of beer did their magic, but Illuso couldn’t keep his hips to himself, he started to move slowly, bucking forward into the warmth.

They shouldn’t have drunk before sleep but here they were, Formaggio gripping his hot lover’s ass, separating the plump cheeks to work his fingers in, while Illuso was starting to lose some of his self-control, technically fucking Formaggio’s mouth now.

“S-Shit…oh fuck…Formaggio…i-it feels so good…” Illuso moaned, hips moving back and forth with more speed.

Formaggio hollowed his cheeks more, taking his beautiful man’s cock as deep as he could, tip nudging against the back of his throat. He hummed around the curved length, sending shivers up Illuso’s spine. It was a little distraction, an opportunity for Formaggio to work three fingers now into the tight hole between the soft cheeks.

“F-Formaggio…s-stop!” Illuso panted, eyes widening as he looked down at his lover below him.

Said lover with a shit-eating grin let the girth fall out of his mouth with a wet pop, licking his full lips. “Can your knees handle a bit more, Illu?” his breathing was a bit ragged, voice hoarse from sucking Illuso’s cock with that much eagerness.

“Y-Yes…” the brunett nodded, sliding down a bit on his lover’s body, grabbing Formaggio’s fully hard cock and guarding it to his entrance.

“Eager, huh?” Formaggio winked at him.

“I almost came, asshole…” Illuso pouted a bit, but his lips parted as soon as Formaggio thrusted up into him, bottoming out with one deep motion.

“King of the mirror world, huh? Just bitching on my cock like a lovely slut. An adorable cutie.” Formaggio’s smile was devilish as he was moving Illuso by his hips up and down on his girth, eliciting high pitched moans from the other.

Illuso was prideful. A narcissist. Measured in everything what he did. Precise and serious about work, like Prosciutto. But…

“F-Formaggio~oh…please…can I cum? Make me cum! Please! Please~ah!” he was whining, moaning as loud as he could to make his giddy boyfriend happy.

“A bit more…I think Ghiaccio didn’t hear you well…” Formaggio sped up, thrusting up with more force, hitting Illuso’s prostrate.

“Oh~…f-fuck…Fo-Formaggio please! You’re the only one…who~aah…can make me c-cum! P-Please! I’m begging you! I’m begging you!” Illuso’s voice reached its limit as he was almost shouting, teardrops dripping down onto Formaggio’s lower abdomen as the brunett started to see starts from the pleasure.

“SHUT THE FUCK UP FINALLY, ILLUSO YOU DIPSHIT!” Ghiaccio screamed at him from the other room.

“I love it when you’re this obedient, babe. Now come for me…” Formaggio with a last and deep thrust, hit Illuso’s sweet spot for the last time, before the other cried out in pure bliss, reaching his high.

Illuso was bouncing up and down on his lover’s cock in order to milk him as he felt Formaggio twitching inside him. The other let go as well, shooting ropes of white into the tight hole. Both of them moaned in unison, riding out their orgasm.

When Illuso stopped moving, he collapsed on top of Formaggio’s chest, panting quickly. Formaggio hugged him by the waist, pulling out with a soft movement.

“Do you hate me again, babe?” Formaggio giggled a bit.

Every time he made his prideful boyfriend beg and squirm, he was gifted with Illuso’s wrath for days.

“If you can go for another round…I’ll forgive you this time.” Illuso smirked, flopping down beside Formaggio.

“Just wait a bit, honey, and I’ll-…”

“Who said you have to do anything? Eye for an eye…I want to hear Ghiaccio screeching at you as well…” the brunett’s eyes were dangerously dark.

“W-Wait…no…you won’t top me again…” Formaggio protested.

“Oh just wait for it…” with that, Illuso climbed on top of Formaggio, peppering his neck with kisses, then started to bruise the skin with bite marks.

“I hate them. I hate them so fucking much.” Prosciutto was massaging his temple.

“They are just having fun.” Risotto was smiling a bit sleepily.

“Fun?! The entire hotel heard Melone and Illuso being fucked against the mattress.” Prosciutto stood up, going to the bathroom.

“As I promised, your turn will be the next.” the deep baritone rang in the room.

“Hah. Just dream about it. I rather bite my tongue off. But I won’t scream like a bitch in heat. Like my grown-ass teammates.” Prosciutto washed his hands, then returned to the bed.

“Good night, Prosciutto.” Risotto was smirking under his nose as he knew how his lover is going to be a moaning mess on the next day.

“Bastard.” the blond rolled his eyes but smiled anyway.

Chapter Text

The morning was already a bit warm.

“Honey, wake up.” Gelato was caressing his beloved Sorbet’s cheek with the back of his hand.

“Mhh…” the other was murmuring a bit, then turned to face his lover.

“Good morning.” the blond smiled like an angel, whole figure covered in sunlight from behind, framing him like a glory.

“Can’t be better.” Sorbet took his hand, pressing a soft kiss to his boyfriend’s knuckles.

“Pesci, how did you sleep?” Gelato turned to face the younger brother who slept on the sofa.

“It was good. A bit hot, I think. This weather is killing me.” Pesci sat up, scratching his head.

“Indeed it’s hot already.” Sorbet stood up, stretching his muscles while Gelato admired him.

“Haha, guess who’s not gonna go out for the whole day.” the blond started to laugh softly.

“Risotto.” Sorbet giggled.

“Poor man can’t stand this kind of temperature.” Gelato shook his head, then stood up as well. “What do you think, Pesci? Can your brother drag him out to somewhere?”

“Big brother can be… uhm… very convincing… sometimes.” the green-haired boy frowned a bit.

“More like he always gets what he wants.” Sorbet laughed.

“We should go to try out the spa today. Yesterday I saw in the prospectus that the hotel has different kinds of treatments here. Like massage, jacuzzi, inner pools, anything what you want.” Gelato pointed out.

“Sounds good.” Sorbet added. “Pesci, do you want to join us?”

“Um… I don’t want to cause you any more trouble.” Pesci was blushing a bit.

“Oh, sweet boy.” Gelato went to pat the other’s greenish hair. “You’re not causing any trouble to us, really. Look… we both know you’re a smart guy, Pesci. And we can hold ourselves back while we’re here. So don’t feel bad about it. We’re glad we can spend more time together with you.”

“Yeah, Pesci. Don’t worry about anything. Let your brother be with his husband, and come, have fun with us.” Sorbet grinned.

“O-Okay. Thank you.” Pesci’s heart warmed up, while he was smiling happily at his comrades.

“Gosh, I can’t stand up.” Formaggio was massaging his own hips.

“But, be thankful. I’m not mad at you anymore for making me scream like that…” Illuso was brushing his silky hair in the bathroom.

“But babe…” Formaggio wanted to complain again, but was silenced as soon as Illuso stepped out and gave him a serious look.

“Hush, Formaggio.” Illuso crossed his arms in front of his chest.

“Ghiaccio~…” Melone was hugging his blue-haired bedmate while he was still half asleep.

“Let me go stupid, it’s too hot. We’re sticking together from the sweat and it’s disgusting.” Ghiaccio tried to kick away his boyfriend but it was a futile move.

Melone just rolled onto him, making himself comfortable on top of the icy boy.

“Oi, Melone! I said fuck off!” Ghiaccio patted Melone’s back.

“Not even a good-morning-kiss for me?” the lilac-haired man pouted.

“I hate you…” Ghiaccio pulled him closer by his chin, then gave him a soft kiss on the lips.

“Good morning to you too, Ghia.” Melone smiled sweetly.

“I can’t believe it… I hardly slept for an hour… those fuckers…” Abbacchio was in rampage mood already, early in the morning.

“Now, now, Leone. They just… enjoyed their free time, I guess?” Bucciarati giggled softly.

“I’ll kill Melone for sure. Screaming like a bitch all night long… then Illuso followed his lead as well… Why can’t people fuck in silence?” the tall man sighed, trying to brush his hair.

“Leone, you’re the louder type as well.” the raven-haired man laughed and it made Leone blush.

“S-Shut up…” the goth blushed a bit, looking away from his reflection in the mirror.

“Are you ready?” Risotto stood at the doorframe, ready to leave the room.

“Yeah, we can go.” Prosciutto followed him, as he made a loose little ponytail on the back of his head.

“I asked the hotel’s manager to reserve a table for all of us. I heard what happened to Illuso and Formaggio yesterday, and I don’t want my men to feel uncomfortable.”

“Yeah it was crazy as he told us. I heard it as well. Must have been tough on him, since he doesn’t like crowded places.” the blond followed his Capo, going down on the stairs.

As they approached the hotel’s dining room, the waiter at the door asked for their name.

“No need for names. I already asked for a table for fifteen people. Any more questions?” Risotto looked down on the waiter who gulped.

“Yes, sir. I mean, n-no, sir. Um… please follow me.” poor man was shaking like a bunch of jelly, fumbling with his notes as he showed them their table.

As the waiter left them alone, Prosciutto turned to face his husband. “You just scared the shit out of that guy.”

“No need for any discomfort. Don’t you remember what happened on our honeymoon?” Risotto eyed his partner.

“That was because of Pesci. He gave the hotel our name, because he wanted it to be a surprise for us. But at least, those assassins who came to kill us, caught us in the wrong moment…” Prosciutto laughed. “Never thought that anyone could just try to kill us while we’re having sex.”

“They were surely surprised. It was easy to get rid of them.” the Capo smirked only a bit.

“Yo, guys!” Mista was waving at them, as he approached the table.

“Morning.” Prosciutto greeted him while Risotto just nodded.

“Can I sit here?” Mista pulled out a chair.

“Make yourself comfortable.” the blond reassured him.

Soon, all members of the two teams were sitting at the huge table, clattering and eating with fervor. Those who had a LONG night, had to gain some plus energy.

“Melone, though I’m glad you managed to make it up to Ghiaccio, please… tonight, I would like to hear the TV and not you.” Giorno sipped from his glass of water.

“I couldn’t fucking sleep because of you two.” Abbacchio snorted, looking at Melone and Illuso.

“Sorry~.” Melone purred, but he was not sorry at all.

That fucker.

“It’s Formaggio’s fault!” Illuso snapped.

“Babe, you were the one who-…” his boyfriend wanted to protest, but was greeted with a hand on his mouth.

“Shut up.” Illuso pouted.

“For God’s sake, just don’t disturb other guests with your childish behavior. Do I really need to lecture all of you about proper manners?” Prosciutto sighed, gulping down his coffee.

“Huh? You? Lecturing us?” Illuso smirked evily.

“Shall I just remind you of that night, when I had to take Pesci out with me, cause you were screaming like hell through the whole house, calling out for Risotto so desperately that-” Melone wanted to continue but was kicked in the ankle buy a blushing Prosciutto.

“At least I’m not doing that in a hotel, like you.” the blond looked away.

“It’s because we haven’t had sex last night.” Risotto pointed out.

All of the others started to laugh.

“God, Capo.” Melone was crying because how hard he was laughing.

“Nice one, Riz.” Illuso winked at him.

“Please, not you too.” Abbacchio massaged his temple.

“Leone, I would like to remind you that we haven’t done anything together either. But soon your time will come as well.” Bucciarati was smiling at him sweetly.

“You are all horny fucks.” Ghiaccio huffed.

“Who wanted Melone to piss during sex?” Fugo pointed out.

“Yeah, we heard it. Nasty…” Narancia added.

“Mind your manners. Everyone has the right, to try out new things, okay?” Sorbet hushed them softly.

“But you piss in the toilet, and not on an other person…” Narancia continued.

“Shut up, brat.” Abbacchio looked at him.

“Oh, no!” Narancia eyed his goth teammate. “I forgot that you’re into it! I’m so sorry Abbacchio!

“Just stop this bullshit at the table.” Abbacchio sighed.

“He’s right.” Bruno nodded. “Feel free to talk about it, but please, not while we’re eating.”

“Sorry, Bucciarati.” Narancia looked away.

“Yeah, sorry.” Fugo nodded.

“Melone.” Risotto cleared his throat.

“My apologies.” the lilac-haired man stared into Bucciarati’s eyes.

Said man smiled a bit, then continued to drink his tea.

“Well, what’s the program for today?” Mista asked.

“I want to go shopping.” Melone’s eyes started to shine.

“Me too.” Giorno agreed.

“No way.” Ghiaccio shook his head.

“Don’t count me in either.” Mista gave a high five to the icy boy. “What about some videogames? I saw in the brochure that the hotel has a game-room.”

“I’m not gonna lose, buddy.” Ghiaccio grinned.

“Then I think, we’re going to spend this day together.” the golden boy smiled at Melone.

“I couldn’t wish for a better company.” Melone batted his lashes.

“I need to buy a new lipstick.” Leone stated.

“What’s the matter with the recent one?” Bruno locked eyes with him.

“I forgot that at home.” the other replied.

“I need new cologne. I used up my last one.” Prosciutto was wandering next to Risotto.

“Why don’t you join us?” Bruno asked him. “I will go with Leone to buy him some makeup products, but please, accompany us.”

“Thanks for the invitation.” the blond smiled at him.

“Well, why don’t we have lunch together after that? My treat.” Risotto offered.

“If you’re going to pay for the lunch, then please, let me pay for his cologne. It’s only fair like this.” Bruno suggested.

“I accept your deal.” Risotto nodded.

Illuso, Formaggio, Narancia and Fugo went to play table tennis together, while Sorbet, Gelato and Pesci went to try out the jacuzzi.

Melone and Giorno left the hotel together to buy new clothes, while Mista and Ghiaccio went to continue their usual fights, but now with controllers in hand.

Prosciutto dressed up casually, leaving his neat suit behind. The loose white silk T-shirt and the dark purple knee-pants with also white canvas shoes fitted him just right. He tied up his blond hair in one bun at the back of his head, leaving out some loose strands of hair tickle his nape and shoulders.

Bruno followed his lead with the white slightly laced chemise and with the white shorts. He was wearing a pair of golden ankle-strap sandals with little zippers dangling on the sides, while his hair was kept in a neat short ponytail, tied up with golden ties.

Abbacchio, wearing no makeup (because without lipstick it doesn’t look like as it should in his opinion), tied up his hair on the top of his head in a loose bun. He was wearing a black sleeveless top and flared trousers which were the same shade of purple as his Stand. He went on with a black pair of oxford shoes and with a black shoulder bag which had a huge A on it, just like his golden belt.

Risotto, being the masochistic type like Leone under the sunlight, dressed in black as well. Black silk short-sleeved chemise and shorts, with oxford shoes as well. And of course, black sunglasses.

“You two are crazy. This heat will kill both of you in less than an hour.” Prosciutto sighed.

“Please, just this once. Consider wearing something else.” Bruno added.

“I don’t care if you wear your usual bondage gear, but at least you can breathe in that. Just change into something else. The sun will burn you.” the blond tried to argue with his husband.

“I won’t change my outfit. This is fine.” Leone started to walk off.

“Same.” Risotto followed him.

“Ah, they really are alike.” Prosciutto headbutted Bruno’s shoulder.

“Well, if they like it…” Bruno smiled a bit, then gestured at the two goths.

They were walking down the streets, chatting about Risotto’s and Prosciutto’s honeymoon, and the upcoming wedding of the other couple. They exchanged words about Formaggio’s and Mista’s bad manners and habits, Ghiaccio’s shouting, Fugo’s rage (only if Narancia didn’t learn his lessons) and the other members of the teams.

“And they consider us as mother and father.” Bruno giggled.

“Guess who’s the mom at our headquarter?” Prosciutto entangled his arm with his.

“Oh no, not you too.” Bruno laughed. “I assume you’re the one who’s cooking and cleaning most of the time.”

“The worst is when I have to clean up after Melone and Ghiaccio in the bathroom.” the blond added.

“Don’t even mention it. Last week, Mista and Giorno messed up the kitchen, because Mista wanted to try out something what he saw on television.” the raven-haired man wiped off a teardrop which was blurring his vision from the too much laughter.

“I assume, beside he’s a mother type, he’s fucking noisy during the night.” Leone grinned as he was walking next to Risotto, hands in his pockets.

“Oh, yes. He is.” Risotto smirked. “Did you hear Melone and Illuso last night? Well, sometimes, he’s more into it than those two.”

“Holy shit. You take it seriously.” Leone was only a bit taken aback. “Well… I’m more the submissive type, but when I’m on top… I make sure he’s enjoying it as well.”

“May I ask something?” Risotto looked at him through the dark glasses.

“Sure.” the other nodded.

“How does it feel when you change positions? Not to hurt your feelings, but… if you’re usually a bottom, how can you change into a top?”

“I see. So you’ve never tried to be a bottom.” Leone smiled a bit. “Well, it’s easy. I’m a man as well. I do have feelings and desires just like you and any other people. But… since my old partner died because of my incompetence… I decided not to take control in my hands anymore. I let Bruno to do anything to me. I trust him. I know he won’t hurt me in an uncomfortable way.”

Risotto was listening to him, staring at the man.

“But if he asks me to help him release some stress, I’ll top him gladly. Because he trusts me as well. He knows that I won’t harm him and I’ll take care of him. And it gives me enough self-confidence. I don’t know… is this an answer to your question?” Leone laughed a bit, then looked at Risotto.

“Yes, it is.” the tall man smiled a bit. “Thank you for sharing this with me, Abbacchio.”

“Leone.” the shorter goth nodded.

“Leone.” Risotto accepted the other’s offer.

“Oi, you two!” Prosciutto shouted a bit, because they were still following them with Bucciarati. “Shop. Other side. Turn left.” he gave the short instructions to them.

They went to the left side of the street, and entered the drugstore.

Abbacchio immediately found where the lipsticks were, and dragged Risotto with himself. Bruno accompanied Prosciutto to help him choose a cologne.

“Okay, you won’t give me the bullshit that you’ve never tried makeup. I’m sure you tried it.” Leone was eyeing a dark purple matt lipstick, checking its brand.

“Maybe ten years ago, when I was a fucked up teen. I used to wear black lipstick.” he sighed, admitting the truth.

“Why did you stop wearing it?”

“It was a pain in the ass to keep that on.” the other shrugged.

“Matter of practice.” Leone added. “I always manage to keep my makeup fine until the end of the day. It’s a mess only after we slept together.”

“Good that neither of us likes to wear makeup.” Risotto looked at Prosciutto from the corner of his eyes, who was smelling different kinds of colognes with Bucciarati.

“Come on.” Leone elbowed him. “Think about how good your lipstick would look on his body.”

Risotto’s eyes landed on Leone now.

“Got your attention?” he smirked. “Just imagine his neck and chest covered in black marks, down to his…” he cleared his throat. “You can add the rest.”

“Sounds… appealing.” Risotto fleshed a devilish smile.

“I know. Blue and purple suits Bruno’s skin very much.” Leone was holding a light purple gleamy lipstick now.

“What suits yours?” Risotto asked, much more focused on the task now.

“Gold. He has a gold gleamy lipstick.” Abbacchio looked at his lover, eyeing him.

Risotto was somewhere else in mind. He was thinking about Prosciutto’s body covered in black, clearly showing off all the places where he’s been kissed.

“Hold these for me.” Leone shoved the dark and light purple, and a shade of navy blue matt lipsticks into his hands, then went to a different shelf.

He was eyeing the products there. Then went to an other aisle. Then to an other. Risotto just followed him everywhere, being curious about his comrade’s plan.

“Oh, this is nice.” Leone remarked, showing Risotto a dark peach colored eyeshadow.

Risotto just watched as Leone grabbed different kinds of colors, eyeing them, putting them back, then choosing one after an other again.

“What are you two doing? We’ve already found what we wanted.” Prosciutto joined them, with a curious look on his face.

Bruno was holding two bottles of colognes, one for Prosciutto, with a manly scent which reminded people of the ocean; and one for himself, which was a sweet scent, something fruity.

“Hold these.” Leone gave him a lot of makeup products while he fished out his wallet from his bag. “Cashier’s desk. Now.” he ordered him.

“Did he really buy that all for himself?” the blond asked Bucciarati.

“I believe he didn’t. He never wears dark peach… nor does he wear dark cherry red.” Bruno looked up to Risotto.

“Don’t ask me. I’m just holding his stuff.” he followed Leone to the cashier.

Abbacchio paid for all the makeup products, and Bruno paid for the colognes. Prosciutto bought new hairclips for Bucciarati, while Risotto found a new aftershave for himself.

They left the drugstore, and Leone suggested that they should go to have an early lunch.

So they went to find a restaurant.

When they sat down, Leone just put everything on the table.

“Okay guys, here’s the thing.” Leone eyed everyone. “Let’s have a deal.”

“Oh?” Prosciutto raised one perfectly trimmed eyebrow. “What kind of deal?”

“It’s a simple task. Who can make a bigger mess tonight?” he smirked, looking at the makeup on top of the table. “Here are the rules. After we’re done with dinner tonight, and everybody showered, I’ll do your makeup, including mine as well. The task is… just get rid of your mascara, without washing your face.”

“Mess up the whole makeup during sex, what you’re trying to say. Am I correct?” Bruno eyed him.

“Yes. And I’ll top.” Leone winked at him.

“Then I’m sure, we will win. You’re like a painter sometimes. There’s more makeup on me at the end of the night than on you.” Bruno laughed.

“How will we decide who left a bigger mess?” Prosciutto asked.

“Easy. Take a full body picture. If you’re not a chicken.” Leone grinned.

Prosciutto’s eyes lit on fire. “Oh, no, my dear friend. Don’t you dare think about winning this game.”

The blond liked challenges. He will win. For sure.

“Well, Narancia walked on us not at once. Also Mista as well. I think I don’t have a problem with a full body picture. And neither Leone does.” Bruno smiled but there was a fire in his eyes as well.

“Illuso made a picture of me while I was jerking off in the bathroom… the asshole… he dared to print it out and put that on the wall in the living room. Though it was two years ago, I still hate him for it.” Prosciutto sighed. “So count me in. The whole team saw my dick, so it doesn’t matter anymore.”

“Just don’t be scared when you’ll see what’s hidden under my clothes.” Risotto smirked.

Everybody jumped in their seats, making loud “oh” noises and laughing at the statement.

“Okay, so I think all of us are in this deal. We’ll go to your room tonight, and I’ll apply the mascara there.” Leone added after his laughter stopped.

“Can’t wait for it.” Prosciutto smirked.

“Me neither.” Risotto sipped from his water.

“Let’s have a good time tonight.” Bruno smiled.

Chapter Text

Knock. Knock. Knock.

“Come in.” Prosciutto said simply from the bathroom, while Risotto was putting on his black briefs.

Abbacchio and Bucciarati opened the door, entering the room with two little boxes in hands.

After they ate lunch, the day was going rather fast. The four of them returned to the hotel, not bothering with their teammates’ activities. They were looking forward to the night and of course, to the deal.

“I brought everything necessary, so if you don’t mind, I’m gonna apply mine first, showing you what I’ll do to you later.” Abbacchio put the boxes down to the little coffee table.

“Go ahead.” Prosciutto nodded.

“Bruno, hold the mirror for me, please.” Abbacchio gestured towards the little hand-glass which was in his hand.

Bruno held it up, while the other two sat down to the bed.

“I’m gonna apply a thin layer of foundation first.” Abbacchio started to fumble with the tube. “Then, I’m gonna add a fine layer of powder to it.”

“How much time does it take usually for you?” Risotto asked.

“Well, depends. My usual makeup routine takes only ten minutes at the morning. If I wanna fancy myself, then I can do it for almost an hour.”

“An hour? Not bad.” Prosciutto added.

“It depends on where we’re having lunch or dinner at. For example, he put an extra effort into his makeup when we celebrated our first anniversary.” Bruno smiled softly at his lover. “But you look adorable without makeup as well.”

The blond just smiled at them, while Risotto put his arm around his husband’s waist.

Abbacchio looked at him with adoration, but didn’t reply to the compliment.

“Next thing is…” he was searching for something in the boxes. “…the eyes.” he held up a dark purple eyeshadow and a black eyeliner. “I’m gonna apply a huge amount, just for the fun.” he smirked.

Abbacchio brushed the eyeshadow’s color on his eyelids, covering them fully in a shade of dark violet. After he was done, he draw little cat eyes with the liner, dropping it back into the box.

“Next step.” he held up an other powder. “Cheekbones.”

He emphasized his cheekbones with a hint of black, contrasting his pale skin.

“And the highlighter.” he applied a thin layer of glittery silver onto his cheekbones and eyes. “And the final thing is…” he held his dark purple lipstick in his hand.

“Nice color.” Risotto remarked.

“Suits you.” Prosciutto added.

When Abbacchio applied his lipstick, Bruno put down the little mirror, smiling at his lover. “You look beautiful.”

“Thank you.” Abbacchio’s lips formed a thin line, curved up at the end to show a little smile.

“Prosciutto, do you want to be the first one?” Bruno eyed the blond.

“Why not?” he smiled, then took a seat in front of Abbacchio.

“While I’m doing this, let’s talk about something. How about dirty team secrets?” Leone smirked.

“Your mind is wandering, isn’t it?” Bruno laughed at him, while he was sitting down next to Risotto.

“What do you want to know?” red eyes were glued to Leone’s figure.

“I dunno. Most perverted member?” he combed Prosciutto’s hair to get it out of his eyes.

“Melone.” the blond and his Capo said in unison.

“And we have Leone.” Bruno chuckled.

“Huh? Who would have thought?” Prosciutto smirked. “And why are you the dirtiest member of your team?”

“I’m into piss.” the smaller goth shrugged while he was applying the foundation.

“Not you too.” Risotto sighed. “Why is this a thing?”

“Oh, please. Don’t even try to make me believe that you’re a vanilla, Risotto.” Leone rolled his eyes.

“I can heal his wounds anytime. But you can’t wash away piss during sex.” Risotto smirked a bit.

Oh yes. There will be wounds tonight.

“Who said he needs to wash it away?” Bruno pointed out his tongue.

“Ewww.” Prosciutto snorted.

“Shut up, blondie. I bet you’re a bitch in the bed.” Leone eyed him.

“Oh, he is.” Risotto added.

“But wait. You mentioned wounds.” Bruno interrupted them.

“Fucking blood play.” Prosciutto sighed.

“And you just snorted at the piss. He’s fucking cutting your skin open.” Leone grabbed the powder.

“And it tastes just wonderful.” Risotto remarked, as he was eyeing hungrily his husband.

“Freak.” Leone laughed. “Now that we know how filthy is everyone in this room… what about telling stories?”

“Like the one, when I unzipped your hand and used it for my own pleasure while you were watching?” Bruno smiled cheekily.

“Or when I made you unzip your own dick and I rode that alone.” Leone huffed.

“I sucked him off during a meeting. I was under the table but nobody noticed it.” Prosciutto smiled at the memory.

“I broke three of his bones and his kneecaps when I was really mad at him.” Risotto searched for the moment of that in his mind.

“What?” Leone stared at him.

“But I came four times.” Prosciutto finished the story. “I swear I won’t smoke near to a patrol station anymore.”

“Are you that stupid?” Leone looked back at him.

“Actually it wouldn’t have been a problem. I’m always careful. But Melone got so carried away with his gibberish that he made me really angry and I didn’t pay attention to where I was tossing my still burning cigarette. Unfortunately the whole station blew up, almost killing both of us. When we went back to the hideout, I thought Risotto was going to kill me right there and there.” Prosciutto smirked. “Risotto was never that fearsome in his life, I suppose. He indeed broke two bones in my right arm, one in my left arm, and while he was making me choke on his cock, he just simply shattered my kneecaps.”

“I have a little problem with holding back my anger when he’s doing something stupid like that.” Risotto looked away, a childish yet adorable sincerity in his crimson eyes.

“It’s okay, Riz.” the blond added. “You were right. I should have been more careful.”

“But man, you broke his fucking bones. You’re insane.” Leone looked at Risotto. “But well… good to know what NOT to do.”

“Don’t do stupid things or Risotto Nero will break your bones.” Bruno chuckled softly.

“I just wanted him to take care of himself. I needed to teach him a lesson, so he will pay attention next time.” Risotto pouted a bit.

Risotto Nero pouted.

“I know, my love.” the blond smiled at him.

Bruno and Leone were laughing a bit. Now that they had this rare opportunity to be alone with their fellow mates, it was a calming yet surprising fact, that Risotto Nero, a man of Passione, a cold-hearted assassin could act like a spoiled child sometimes. They have never seen him like this.

“Shut your mouth for a moment or I’ll fuck up the lipstick.” Leone grabbed the blond’s chin softly.

“Anything else to say? Like hidden tattoos or piercings, bad habits, weird habits… you know.” Bruno pushed forward the topic.

“Gelato has a habit, I think. After sex, he always makes fruity smoothies for himself and for Sorbet. He’s very caring.” Risotto scratched his chin.

“Oh? Like making up for the lost energy? That’s rather clever. Nutrients and vitamins are important for the body after an exhausting session.” Bucciarati nodded.

“Mista tends to make tea for Giorno every morning. Since they are together, I’m glad I don’t have to drag Mista out of his bed for the missions, because he’s early awake for his morning-duty.” Leone added.

“But you’re not pissing into his tea anymore, do you?” Bruno’s mouth formed a thin smile.

“Nah, not every morning.” Leone laughed a bit.

“We heard the story.” Risotto smirked a bit.

“Done.” Leone stretched his muscles, after he put down the lipstick.

Risotto’s eyes went wide when he got the full look together on his husband’s face.

Eyebrows shadowed with a light shade of brown, while his eyelids were colored in a rich golden-like peach layer. His eyelashes were black and long, emphasizing his beautiful deep blue orbs. Cheeks were tainted with a dark peach highlighter, adding to Prosciutto’s natural skin color. And his lips… those kissable perfect plump lips.

Risotto gulped audibly when he eyed those lips emphasized by the dark cherry red matt lipstick.

“Well? Do you like it?” Leone held up the little mirror for Prosciutto.

“Oh, my.” the blond smiled widely. “I’ve never tried makeup before, but… I must say, you did a good job, Abbacchio. I love these colors. Thank you.”

Leone bent over to whisper into his ears. “Get this all over his lower abdomen and he’s gonna tear you apart tonight. I saw his reaction when he looked at you just now.”

“Thanks for the advice.” Prosciutto’s voice was low, mysterious, and he was more than ready for the night.

“Okay, you’re next.” Leone looked at his fellow goth friend.

Risotto and Prosciutto swapped places, then Bruno got the opportunity to eye him from a closer position.

“It really suits you.” he smiled softly at the blond.

“Thank you.” Prosciutto nodded happily.

“Back to our topic. Tattoos or piercings? You know Bruno has one.” Leone clipped Risotto’s hair to the side.

“Yeah, this lacy-like.” Bruno pulled up his shirt, showing it.

“I saw that earlier at the pool. Looks really enticing.” Prosciutto nodded.

“I like it. It has a unique pattern.” Bruno smiled at him.

“I have a piercing.” Risotto stated.

“What?” Bucciarati’s eyes widened.

“I had the feeling you have.” Leone smirked. “Let me guess… navel?”

“Nah-ah.” Prosciutto smirked.

“Nipples?” he looked down to eye said body parts but he didn’t see anything.

“Wrong again.” the blond chuckled.

“No shit…” Leone stared into piercing red eyes. “Cock head?”

“Got that.” Risotto smirked this time.

“No way. Isn’t that painful?” Bruno looked at Prosciutto.

“It was just weird at the first time. It felt a bit alien.” the blond reassured his friend.

“Remember when it ripped you open accidentally?” Risotto eyed his husband.

“WHAT?” Leone and Bruno looked at the taller goth at the same time.

“Just kidding.” Risotto laughed a bit. “I don’t have anything on me. I hate those things. It was just a good opportunity to scare you.”

“Man, I would have never taken you for the jokester type.” Leone sighed in relief.

“Since we left the hideout, he’s back to his normal everyday personality. If he’s not the fearsome Risotto Nero, he’s a lovely average goth with a good, but weird sense of humor.” Prosciutto explained.

“God, don’t to this to my nerves.” Leone started to apply the foundation.

“I was worrying for a moment. That’s dangerous.” Bruno readjusted himself on the edge of the bed.

“But it was true in one way or an other.” Risotto added. “Melone really had one in his cock, until Ghiaccio forced him to take that out, because it was bothering him.”

“Poor boy hurt his mouth and was screaming for two days at home, being injured by Melone’s stupid jewelry.” the blond chuckled softly.

“Well, Mista was badly injured after an encounter with Giorno. They wanted to decide who would top for the first time, but… Mista called Giorno girlish and feminine, and Giorno called out for Gold Experience, beating the shit out of the guy…” Leone laughed. “It was music to my ears as they were fighting.”

“Because you love to eavesdrop on other’s misfortune.” Bucciarati sighed.

“Only if Giorno is involved.” Leone grinned.

“Illuso likes to eavesdrop as well. The bastard.” Prosciutto looked away. “Don’t get me wrong. Illuso and Melone are my closest friends in the team, but dude doesn’t know the meaning of privacy.”

“Being able to see and hear everything through the mirror world…” Bucciarati was scraping his chin.

“Literally he hears and sees everything what’s happening in the house.” Risotto added.

“That’s why Melone doesn’t bother with being quiet during sex. Illuso would hear him anyway.” the blond giggled.

“He didn’t bother last night either.” Leone rolled his eyes.

“Oh, will you?” Risotto snapped at him.

“Ask him, not me.” Abbacchio pointed at his lover.

“Ah, I almost forgot. Tonight, you’ll be on top.” Bruno smiled softly. “Well, I don’t know. It depends on him. Maybe I’ll be loud, maybe I’ll be quiet. Who knows yet?”

“What about you, blondie?” Leone smirked back at him.

“You will hear my answer later.” Prosciutto winked at him. “I don’t even dream about him leaving me alone this night. Did you hear Melone and Illuso? Knowing Risotto, he will put me through hell just to make me scream louder than they…”

“Me? Oh, no. I’m gonna leave you alone, my love.” Risotto looked at him with a mischievous look in his eyes.

Leone and Bruno stared at each other for a brief moment, knowing the fact that Risotto Nero will bang his husband hard during the night and the entire hotel will hear it.

Leone took his time with Risotto’s makeup as well. He wanted to do see what can he do with those sharp cheekbones, which color would suit those crimson eyes, what could be interesting for Prosciutto’s taste.

He decided to apply the faintest hint of foundation and powder, not to ruin his natural slightly tanned skin color. Since Risotto mentioned the black lipstick earlier in the shop, Leone was thinking about using that. Before that, he applied the angriest blood-red eyeshadows on the lids, and used a very thick black to emphasize his long and dark lashes. He added a rich layer of black to his brows, drawing and forming them just fine. He didn’t use a highlighter this time, but he added a dark grey powder to emphasize the prominent cheekbones. At the end, he applied the black matt lipstick to make those lips look plump and desirable.

“Here you go.” Leone stepped away, letting Prosciutto eye his husband.

The blond had the same reaction as Risotto earlier. His Adam’s apple bobbed as he was swallowing hard, mouth watering at the sight.

“Shit.” was the only thing what Prosciutto could say.

“I assume, you like what you see.” Risotto stared at Leone, who gave him the little mirror.

When the goth Capo took a look at himself, he actually was astonished. “I feel like a different person.” he looked at his makeup artist.

“I’ll take that as a compliment.” Leone was proud of himself. “Your turn, Bruno.” he eyed his lover.

Risotto and Bruno swapped places.

“Just keep your hands to yourself while I’m finishing the last one, okay?” Leone looked at Prosciutto who looked… hungry.

“Don’t worry. I’ll keep an eye on him.” Risotto reassured.

Leone went through the same things like when he was doing the blond’s makeup. The foundation and the powder were quickly applied, but this time, he used a similar shade of blue like Sticky Fingers was. When he finished the eyelids, he applied a thin line of eyeliner, drawing the same pattern which was on Bruno’s chest. After the eyes were ready, he drew Bruno’s eyebrows with a black eye-pencil, then covered his cheekbones with glimmering gold powder. The lipstick was his favorite – the gleaming golden one. After he carefully applied it to his lover’s soft lips, he put his things away.

“It really looks good on him.” Risotto remarked, remembering their little conversation in the shop earlier.

“See? I told you.” Leone took proud again in his handiwork.

“Why are you in a gang anyway? You’re definitely a professional makeup artist.” Prosciutto smiled.

“I should ask the same about Illuso. Dude is like a fucking hairdresser. And a really good one, to be more specific.” Leone fished out his phone from his pocket. “Okay, let’s take pictures while the makeup is still on and it’s not ruined as hell.”

“Like before and after pictures?” the blond asked.

Leone only nodded at that, then took a picture of Risotto, Prosciutto and Bruno, and his lover took one of Abbacchio as well.

“Well, we’re leaving now. Don’t be so loud, blondie. I want to hear Bruno and not you.” Leone winked at him as he opened the door.

“Don’t even dream about hearing anything else than his moans.” Risotto waved at them as they left the room, then turned to face his husband.

This evening is going to be a fucking hell for everyone else in the hotel.

Chapter Text

Risotto locked the door behind his back.

“I love your eyes.” Prosciutto walked to the balcony’s door, opening it to go out for a cigarette.

Risotto followed him soon, pushing his already hard erection against the firm ass. “I love your lips.” he rocked forward in a soft motion.

“Do you?” Prosciutto hummed as he felt the hardness rubbing between his cheeks through the fabric of his briefs. “Hm. Not even ruined by the cigarette. Abbacchio chose wisely.”

“It will take a lot of work, to ruin the makeup.” Risotto kissed down on his shoulder from behind.

The blond smiled faintly. “Then? What are you waiting for?” he puffed out some smoke, turning around, to face his husband.

“Are you in a hurry, Prosciutto?” the Capo took the cigarette away, to take a blow, and he slowly let the smoke escaping his lips, while the blond was inhaling it.

“I thought you hated smoking.” he got back his cigarette, keeping it in place with his full lips.

“Oh, I do, my love.” Risotto caressed his way down from the bony hip, to the slowly awakening erection of his husband. “But you love it, when I do something bad, don’t you?”

Prosciutto inhaled sharply at the warm hand on his crotch. “Maybe.” he dropped the cigarette onto the balcony’s tiles, stepping on it with his heel.

The tension between them was thicker than Risotto’s muscles. They both felt the animalistic need already hanging in the air, but either of them wanted to break the ice.

“Tastes like cherry.” Prosciutto licked his own lips seductively, tongue gliding over his perfectly white teeth as well. “I’d offer you to have a taste as well, but I don’t want you to ruin your perfect black lips.”

“Of course you don’t. You’re always so considerate.” Risotto stared down at him, crimson eyes covered in blood-like color boring into the blond.

Prosciutto liked to be watched. Liked to be stared down by the man in front of him. His attention was on him only.

“People will be able to see us anytime, if we stay outside here, you know.” the blond remarked, while he was getting on his knees.

“Then why don’t you stand back up and get inside with me?” plump black lips were forming a devilish smile.

“I just got down.” Prosciutto looked up at him. “Enjoy the view.” he pointed behind himself, to the city below them.

“Oh, don’t worry.” Risotto ran a hand through soft blond locks, gripping them carefully. “I enjoy every single detail.”

Prosciutto smirked at that, then grabbed the hem of the black boxers. He pulled down, letting it fall to the other’s ankles. Risotto simply kicked them to the side, getting a bit impatient.

“Already this hard?” Prosciutto was playing a dangerous game with his slow work with his hand on the long shaft.

“Any more teasing… and you will regret it.” the silvery-haired man hissed as the cool summer breeze touched his heated skin at the same time as a perfectly manicured hand started to work its way up and down lazily on his erection.

“Teasing? I don’t know what you’re talking about, my love.” the blond looked up at him again with innocent blue eyes, but the corners of his lips were betraying him.

He’s never been able to hide his smug smile. And Risotto never missed it on his lips.

Blond locks were pulled forcefully as the baritone voice rang in Prosciutto’s ears, making him shiver. “If you can’t stop using that smart mouth of yours, put the effort into something else.”

“Is that an offer?” Prosciutto now visibly was smirking at him, knowing that his game came to an end.

“Know your fucking place.” with that, Risotto pulled him back by the hair, then shoved his dripping cock down his throat.

The blond moaned around it, exhaling through his nostrils.

“Now move.” Risotto didn’t let go of his hair, but messed it up even more.

Prosciutto started to pull back slowly… very slowly. Carefully. Licking every inch of the pulsing shaft. When only just the tip remained between his lips, he sucked on it, biting it softly.

“You start to get on my nerves.” Risotto snarled.

“I’m just doing what you told me.” the blond batted his long lashes, licking around the tip, while saliva was dripping down on his chin.

“Then do it better.” Risotto grabbed his hair with his other hand as well, as a warning. “While I’m allowing you to do so.”

The right-hand man took the delicious cock back into his mouth, sucking around it with fervor. Still, while his mouth was working with more force, his movements were still fucking slow.

Risotto had enough.

With one hand, he grabbed the back of Prosciutto’s neck, while he pinched his nose with the other, cutting of his way of breathing.

Prosciutto knew better than to protest. He prepared for a rough treatment. He loosened the muscles in his throat, letting it go totally lax.

Risotto started to move with fast and even movements, making the blond choke on his cock not only because of the huge size but because of the lack of oxygen.

Prosciutto let out muffled whimpers. He was forced to bear with the consequences of his game. But oh, he could bear with that anytime.

The burning feeling in his throat, the desperate yet hungry eyes of his husband, the slick and pulsating member in his mouth were driving him crazy.

He loved to be manhandled by his strong and fearsome lover.

After almost two minutes of gagging, Risotto let go of him, but he didn’t pull out.

“Do you get it now, bitch?” he spat on his face.

Prosciutto wanted to gulp, but instead of doing so, he felt a stinging ache in his throat. Of course, as he was trying to close around the shaft, it went through it, causing a shiver running up on Risotto’s spine.

“Speak up.” Risotto pulled out, smearing the cherry red around the other’s lips, while it got stuck on his cock everywhere.

Even his lower abdomen was covered in the lipstick.

Prosciutto just inhaled while he could. He knew that Risotto wasn’t done with him. And his Capo knew all too well, that from the gagging, Prosciutto was not in a condition where he could just speak. Not yet. He needed more time to recover.

“Well?” he put the tip against the soft lips again, acting like he was expecting an answer.

Prosciutto’s lungs were filled with air, and he was happy he inhaled in time, because in the next moment, his mouth was filled again with the thick cock of his husband.

“I take your silence as a no, then.” Risotto started to ram into the other’s mouth again, with merciless power.

His hips snapped forward again and again, making Prosciutto’s jaw ache.

Tears formed in the blue eyes, slowly working their way down on the cheekbones, to the chin, but not ruining the makeup yet.

“It hurts me so much, when you’re in pain.” Risotto’s fake concern was fueling the other more. “Do you need to breath, sweetheart?” he pushed his whole length down on Prosciutto’s throat, creating a visible bulge on the surface of his skin. “Then do it, while you can.” he stayed still, waiting for the other, to take deep breath through his nose.

Prosciutto’s eyes lit up. He grabbed Risotto’s hips, breaking his skin with his nails, then sucked on his cock with all his might. He started to bob his head up and down on the warm shaft, earning low moans from his husband.

“F-Fucking finally…” Risotto growled, grabbing the balcony’s rail for balance.

He didn’t need to trust into the wet mouth anymore, because his lover was doing a goddamn magic with his tongue and teeth. He was nipping on the side of his cock, licking it up until he reached the tip, then sucked it in again, going down on it, bumping into the hard muscle on his lover’s lower abdomen.

“F-Fuck… let go…” Risotto hissed, a familiar feeling creeping up on him.

His husband knew how to rile him up more. Prosciutto pulled down his own briefs, grabbing his cock, which was leaking a fine amount of pre-cum already. He started to moan in time with his pumping, making Risotto’s knees buckle from the view in front of him.

Prosciutto, on his knees, half-lidded eyes focused on him, while his plump lips are stretching around the long shaft. Not to mention his busy work with his hand, working on his own erection.

Oh, yes. That was what Risotto needed to come all over Prosciutto’s face. He growled when he pulled out, shooting ropes of white onto the peach and cherry, covering the cheekbones and the corners of the smug lips with it.

Prosciutto’s hand came to a stop, because he knew he wasn’t allowed to come.

“Stand up.” Risotto was panting a bit, but not that much as Prosciutto.

The blond wanted to. He really tried to. But his knees gave up the fight.

“I said something, whore.” Risotto slapped him in the face.

Prosciutto coughed a bit, then looked up at him with pleading eyes.

“What? Can’t even stand up alone?” Risotto spat on him again. “How can you be this pathetic?” he grabbed the blond by his arm, pulling him up from the tiles, then forced him to grab the rail. “Ass out.”

Prosciutto bent over, pushing his buttocks towards Risotto. The Capo kneeled down behind his right-hand man, pulling the plump cheeks apart, to see the already darkened pink hole. “Cute.” it was more like a whisper to himself.

With a teasing lick, he started to cover the blond’s entrance with saliva.

Prosciutto was still in lack of breath, so every single movement made him whimper and gag at the same time. He was coughing, but he was utterly turned on as well.

“What is it now, baby doll? Didn’t you want to come?” Risotto pulled away.

“Y-Yes…” the blond’s voice was ruined, hoarse and scratchy.

“Then what’s the problem now?” the smirk didn’t want to disappear from Risotto’s lips.

“I…” Prosciutto wanted to say he needs time to recover, but his voice didn’t want to cooperate with him. He coughed a bit more, then licked his dry lips.

Risotto felt sorry for him for a moment. “Stay.” he commanded.

While Prosciutto was standing naked on the balcony, Risotto went to the room to grab a bottle of red wine. He sipped from the bottle, but didn’t swallow it down.

After he softly tapped the blond’s shoulder from behind, he bent over a bit to kiss him. Prosciutto was a bit surprised when he tasted the rich alcohol on Risotto’s lips, but was even more taken aback, when he was the one who had to swallow it. Risotto took an other sip, then made his husband gulp it down as well. Three, four, five, six more, then a soft kiss on the lips.

“Better?” he caressed Prosciutto’s cheek with his index finger.

Prosciutto cleared his throat, and nodded. “Thank you, my love.” he smiled, voice back to its original honey-coated tone.

“I assume, you don’t want to drink from this anymore.” Risotto’s devilish smirk was back on his lips.

“Please, put it into a good use.” Prosciutto got the hint, then turned around again, ass pushed back.

Risotto liked his husband’s obedience and fast-thinking mind. It was much easier for him to get back to his work.

He kneeled down again behind Prosciutto, one hand grabbing a fistful of plump ass cheek, other holding up the bottle, pouring it’s content onto the shivering body. Delicious sweet red wine was dripping down on Prosciutto’s hole, inner thighs and the sight was more than exciting for Risotto.

It reminded him of blood. And a new idea just formed in his head.

“You don’t mind losing a few drops of blood tonight, right, Prosciutto?” his deep voice was like silk.

The blond just wiggled his ass at that. Risotto smiled.

His lover was really a different man when it came to sex. Sometimes he liked to be spoiled and pampered, but there were times when he begged for being manhandled by those strong and rough hands. Prosciutto always was hard to read. Collected, calm, cold-hearted on the outside. Caring, soft and needy on the inside.

Risotto loved both sides of him.

The sweet taste of the wine remained on the soft skin, but never messed up the black on the Capo’s lips. After Risotto lapped up the last drops of the alcohol, his tongue found its way around the tight hole. It moved in circular motion, earning soft moans from Prosciutto.

“Does it feel good?” Risotto hummed lowly.

“Y-Yes.” the blond gasped.

“Hm…” Risotto stopped working with his mouth, then stood up.

“Why did you stop?” Prosciutto looked back at him, but was greeted with a fist in his locks, forcing him to turn back, facing the city.

“You didn’t sound like someone who’s enjoying his time.” Risotto let go of the silky hair, bending over to whisper into his husband’s ear. “I need to change that.”

“B-But… I was en-…” Prosciutto was interrupted, moaning a bit painfully as two fingers entered him.

The feeling was sudden, it burnt a little bit, but he didn’t say a word.

“Don’t you think that this city looks beautiful? It’s so peaceful and soundless…” Risotto spoke calmly as he was fingering slowly his right-hand man.

Prosciutto was biting his lips, not to let out the sounds of burning pleasure.

“Still so persistent?” Risotto pulled out his fingers. “Then what about this?” he pulled out a scissor from his own forearm, healing the wound immediately, then started to scrape it over lightly the soft skin on Prosciutto’s thigh.

Prosciutto gasped, shivering at the feeling.

“Hold it here.” Risotto put the scissor against Prosciutto’s throat, making the blond grab it. “Don’t you dare move your hand.”

With that, Risotto’s big hand came like a thunder when it collided against the blond’s plump cheek, creating a huge red mark. Prosciutto moaned, melting into the quick touch. And the strong hand spanked him again, again and again. Prosciutto’s whole body was shaking from those intense slaps, making his hand buckle forward, accidentally cutting his own skin with the scissor.

“Turn around.” Risotto grunted from behind.

Prosciutto did as he was told, showing off his broken skin, droplets of blood slowly sneaking down onto his collarbone.

Risotto eyed him hungrily, like a man who was starving for this for years. He immediately grabbed the scissor, preventing that Prosciutto may cut himself more while he started to lap up the sweet crimson liquid. He sucked and kissed along Prosciutto’s Adam’s apple, moaning in pleasure as he tasted the other’s blood.

Prosciutto kicked the scissor out of his hand, jumping a bit to sit on top of the rail, and crossing his legs around Risotto’s waist. He grabbed a fistful of silvery locks, holding Risotto in place. Licks and nippings transformed into painful bites and lustful groans as Risotto was mesmerized by the blood.

Prosciutto gave up on the idea of muffling his voice, he let out deep moans as he was enjoying his Capo’s mouth on his neck, shoulder and collarbone. Not only the feeling of pleasure was fueling him, but the feeling of being marked by his husband, to show everybody who Prosciutto belonged to.

“M-More, please…” Prosciutto started to break.

Risotto was happy to play along.

“More what?” he disconnected from the bruised skin.

Both of them were panting, looking at each other deeply in the eyes. Risotto’s perfect black lips were finally loosing color, as it was smeared onto his cheeks.

Prosciutto’s skin was covered in black and red, making Risotto’s head spin with need.

“I need more…” blue eyes covered in peach were looking pleadingly into crimson ones.

“That’s not what I taught you. Is it any way to talk to your Capo, you filthy bitch?” Risotto slapped him, making Prosciutto moan.

“N-No, sir.” Prosciutto’s eyes were hardly open, he felt like could come from being beaten up alone. “I-I’m sorry, sir.” his voice was shaking, cock twitching in pain.

“Then let’s just start it again.” Risotto placed his cockhead against the other’s hole, slowly sliding it up and down between the cheeks. “What do you want, sweetheart?”

Prosciutto’s body shook from the feeling. He was utterly impatient, frustrated, he just… needed.

“I-I want you to… fuck me, sir. To use me for your pleasure. Please, sir. I was a good slut for you. I did everything you asked. Please, can I have your cock, sir?” Prosciutto was practically begging now, eyes watering from the dissatisfaction he felt deep inside.

He needed to cum.

“You sound so desperate, but it’s still not enough. I don’t think the others heard you.” Risotto smiled wickedly.

He knew all too well that Melone’s and Illuso’s windows were open, and he pointed out Melone on the next balcony a long time ago. He didn’t mind being watched, they were walked on too many times by their team mates… did it matter now?

Melone was a pervert anyway.

“Well, Prosciutto? Don’t you want… this…” then he thrusted up with one smooth move, causing the other to cry out in pain and pleasure. “…to move inside you? To satisfy you?”

“Y-Yes… I want it…” Prosciutto’s head fell back, clinging onto Risotto much more, squeezing him closer with his legs. “I want your cock… please, Risotto… I want you to move inside me… please…” his voice was a bit higher now, a little bit louder as well.

“Louder.” Risotto pulled out, then slammed back inside.

“Ah! Fuck!” Prosciutto’s perfectly manicured nails were bruising the skin on Risotto’s neck and shoulders as he was hugging him. “More! I want more!” at this point, he just got angrier from being egged too much. “Fuck me more!” an other change in pitch, this time, almost like a shouting.

“Huh? I can’t hear you…” Risotto was smiling devilishly, but started to move in an even fast pace.

“Please, Risotto! I need you to make me cum! I want to cum! Please, I fucking beg you…” Prosciutto was moaning loudly, and slowly started to lose his composure.

“What are you? Who do you belong to?” Risotto grabbed his hips, moving him up and down on his thick cock with more force, hitting Prosciutto’s prostrate over and over again.

“I-I’m your slut… your fucktoy…” Prosciutto’s voice was high, moans and whimpers were escaping his lips, while he cried from the so-needed pleasure. “I belong to… ah-fuck… I belong to you, only… Risotto!” his eyes rolled back, voice trembling while he was grunting, rocking his hips back as he felt the feeling of sweet orgasm washing through him. His body was convulsing, his senses were on fire, cock twitching as he was painting his own and Risotto’s abdomen with ropes of white.

Risotto was following him soon, as he felt the squeezing hotness around his cock. He spilled deeply inside, as the blond was milking him.

After they rode out their highs together, Risotto put down Prosciutto, hugging him.

“Wait. The picture.” Prosciutto looked at him with still teary eyes.

The peach on his eyes were ruined to the upmost level, creating dark lines along his cheekbones as the tears with the mascara were running down on them.

“I’ll gladly take pictures as well!” Melone shouted from the next balcony.

“You fucker!” Prosciutto turned to face him.

“Excuse me, Mr. Fucktoy, you were the one who was shouting on that balcony, and not me. It was like a free show to anyone who had the will to watch it.” Melone chuckled.

“Just get your ass over here and take pictures. It doesn’t matter anymore, does it?” Risotto sighed.

With that, Melone with his phone in his hand, disappeared.

“Wait… did he say… pictures as well?” Prosciutto’s mind kicked in.

“He was watching from almost the start. I’m sure he recorded everything, just to show it to Illuso later. They are like old women who like to gossip.” Risotto rolled his eyes.

“I’m here!” Melone opened the front door, dancing through the room.

“After you took the pictures… give me your phone.” Prosciutto lit up a cigarette.

“If you want to delete the video I made, it’s too late. I already sent it to Illuso.” Melone winked at him, then took pictures of the two messed up men from every possible angle, not bothering with the smeared makeup, blood and leftover cum on their bodies. “Smile for me, ham boy, I’ll take a good picture of you.” Melone giggled.

Prosciutto, cigarette hanging between his lips, sighed but showed one of his handsome smiles, while he was holding up his middle finger at Melone.

“Now that you’re done here, get the fuck out, Melone.” Risotto stared at him.

“You’re no fun, Riz.” Melone pouted, then slapped his Capo’s bare ass with one hand. “You can kill me for this later.” with that, Melone left them alone, while he was smiling.

Risotto and Prosciutto felt like parents with too many children.

“They won’t let me live it down…” the blond sighed.

“I’m sure you will get the video as well.” Risotto smiled softly, then kissed the top of Prosciutto’s head.

“I’m curious about what will Abbacchio do to Bucciarati.” the blond puffed out some smoke.

“We will hear it soon enough, my love.” Risotto reassured him, as they went back to the room, to have a shower together.

Chapter Text

Abbacchio closed the door as they entered their shared room. While he went to search for something in his bag, Bucciarati went to take a proper look at himself in the bathroom mirror.

“I’m in love with this color.” he stared at the reflection of his lips, admiring the gold on them.

“Thought you were in love with me.” Leone smirked to himself.

“Well, you just made a perfect job with me and the others. Maybe I’ll knock on their door to get some fun.” Bruno chuckled.

“Oh? Will you?” Leone stepped behind him.

Bruno froze.

“Hands up, where I can see them.” Leone said sternly, bending over a little bit, to whisper into Bruno’s ear. “And don’t even think about tricking me.”

“Will you arrest me for something, Officer?” Bruno slowly stretched his arms towards the ceiling, while he felt the gun melting into his spine. “Did I commit something bad?”

“Talking about cheating on your lover with two men at the same time, let it be a joke or not. Hm?” Abbacchio triggered the pistol.

Something twitched in Bruno’s pants.

“Oh, I was just joking, Officer.” Bruno smiled at Leone’s reflection in the mirror. “Or… maybe not?” the sweet smile turned into a devilish grin.

“You really want to test my patience, don’t you?” Leone’s finger slowly started to curl back on the trigger.

The white-haired man could see as Bruno’s Adam’s apple bobbed when he swallowed, and a single drop of sweat was forming on his forehead. Not to mention his uneven breathing and accelerating pulse.

Leone pulled the trigger with a cold-hearted expression on his face, but there were no bullets in the pistol.

However, when he pulled that, Bruno let out a low and almost inaudible moan.

“Are you scared, Bucciarati?” Leone slowly slid down the gun on Bruno’s back, following the line of his spine, down to his buttocks.

“N-No.” Bruno stuttered, panting from excitement.

“Huh?!” Leone pushed the gun’s barrel forward, nestling it between the cheeks through the fabric of Bruno’s clothes.

Bruno let out an other moan, knees buckling a bit at the sudden and straightforward gesture.

“N-No, Officer.” he looked back at Leone, over his shoulder.

“On the bed and strip. You have one minute.” Leone ordered him.

Bruno was more than happy to do as he was told. But he was a bit scared as well. He knew he made his boyfriend jealous and angry again, by joking about going back to Risotto’s room.

Leone could get jealous so easily. He loved Bruno from the bottom of his heart and hearing about the idea of anybody else touching him or having him beside him, was driving him crazy. He was not a kind a man when it came to the love of his life. But he was kind enough to remind Bruno who he belonged to.

On the other hand, Bruno knew very well about Leone’s feelings. He just wanted to push the man’s buttons to start the night. He knew that Leone always needed a little bit of help, when he was topping, because Leone was always worried about hurting him. But Bruno was not a fragile man.

After he managed to get rid of his clothes, he was waiting on the bed, completely naked.

“Close your eyes.” Leone commanded when he stepped out of the bathroom.

Bruno obeyed.

Leone smirked when he saw the deep blue on his lover’s eyelids. He grabbed something from his bag, to be exact, three things.

The first one - his old police officer hat. He placed it on top of his head, letting his long bangs covering his already naked top.

Second thing was…

“Hands above your head, close to each other.” he ordered.

When Bruno put up his hands as he was told, the handcuffs clicked on his wrists.

And the third object – his old truncheon.

Being a cop was handy in times like this.

“Mouth open, tongue out.” Leone’s deep voice was sending shivers down on Bucciarati’s spine.

He darted out his tongue, waiting for the next order.

Leone placed the truncheon’s head against his tongue. “Eyes open and suck.”

Bruno opened his eyes and he looked up at his lover. Tall and slightly muscular figure, long white hair brushing against his chest and shoulder, cop hat on his head, truncheon in his hand… all beautiful and naked for him.

Abbacchio’s cock was just as hard and straight like the truncheon in his hand.

“Didn’t you hear me?” he slapped Bruno’s cheek softly with the hard object.

Bruno, with eyes fixed on his beautiful ex-cop fiancé, started to lick long stripes up and down on the length of the truncheon. He was sucking on the head gently, pretending that it was his lover.

“Good boy.” Leone praised him.

Bruno let out a soft hum, while he took half of the truncheon into his mouth, bobbing his head up and down on it.

“But I assume, you want something more… human-like? Don’t ya?” Leone smirked.

Bruno, who wasn’t allowed to speak, just nodded with fervor.

“Bring out Sticky Fingers.” the ex-cop ordered, then threw away the truncheon.

A confused Capo was staring up at him, but he did as he was told.

The elegant Stand’s name was called out, and he slowly started to materialize next to Abbacchio. When Sticky Fingers was fully visible, the dominant lion smirked.

“Unzip your dick.” he ordered a very taken-aback Bruno to do something this unbelievable to his own body.

“Um…” Bruno tried to protest, but Leone grabbed his raven locks, pulling at them softly.

“Unzip. Your. Fucking. Dick. Bucciarati. Or I’ll have Moody Blues to get your form and I’ll fuck him instead of you.” Leone’s purple lips formed the harsh words, but they never reached Bruno’s mind.

Bruno, being the dominant party most of the time in their relationship, was always amazed by his boyfriend’s sheer power and natural talent for ordering others around. He truly was a cop in his heart. And a really hot one.

He did as he was told and used Sticky Fingers on himself, unzipping his fully erect length and heavy balls, giving it to Leone.

“He can go now.” Leone looked at the Stand from the corner of his eyes.

Bruno made him disappear, then was eyeing his own erection in his lover’s hand with an equal amount of horror and excitement.

Who would have ever thought that Leone will ask something like this from him? Well, not that it bothered Bruno…

“On all fours at the center of the bed, ass towards me.” Leone ordered him again, voice reverberating deep in his chest.

Bruno climbed back a bit, and got into his new position. He was facing the walls, his lower region fully on display for Abbacchio.

Leone climbed behind him, crawling slowly on the bed. With one hand, he slowly started to stroke his fiancé’s beautiful creamy skin on his inner thighs. Up and down, in and out, his hand was all over those smooth legs.

He bent over the slim figure, and with his other hand, he placed the unzipped erection in front of Bruno.

“And now suck.” he demanded, voice low and dangerous in Bruno’s ear, making him whimper.

“B-But…” he looked at Leone with excitement and confusion in his deep blue eyes.

“Make sure to cover yourself in gold.” Leone placed a soft and gentle kiss on Bruno’s cheek, leaving a perfect purple kiss mark there.

Bruno swallowed hard. Even if his cock was unzipped from its original place, he could feel everything what happened to it. And thinking about sucking himself off…

“If your mouth isn’t on that dick in three seconds, I’m gonna do something even worse to you.” Leone’s deep tone was a warning this time.

Bruno bent over a bit, taking his own tip into his mouth, sucking it gently. While he applied more pressure with his lips, squeezing his own erection as he was going down on it in a slow motion, his lipstick was smeared all over it.

Leone, with a devilish grin on his purple plush lips, went back to his original place. He kneeled behind Bruno, massaging the soft cheeks with his big hands.

While Bruno had a hard time to balance himself with his wrists trapped in the handcuffs, Leone readjusted his hat and leaned down to pull the cheeks apart, inhaling the scent of rose and lavender.

Bruno always smelled so nice. Sometimes sweet and flowery, sometimes fruity and manly. But he always had a nice odor to himself.

Leone, head spinning from the flowers overtake his senses, darted out his tongue, licking around the soft pink hole, making sure to cover every inch around it with his dark purple lipstick.

Bruno, moaning around his own erection, pushed back to get some more friction.

Leone, grinning to himself by his lover’s selfishness, gathered more saliva to make sure, Bruno was enough wet for what was coming. He started to push in and out his tongue, fucking Bruno slowly with it.

The raven-haired Capo was already a sensitive moaning mess under him. Since usually Bruno was the one who did the work, he wasn’t used to these kinds of pleasures. It always felt amazing and arousing when he was treated this by his fiancé.

“Having the time of our life, hm?” Leone pulled back, panting a bit.

Bruno let out his own cock from his mouth, nodding.

“You can put it back to its place.” Leone slapped Bruno’s ass with his palm, earning a yelp from the other.

Sticky Fingers was out in a second, zipping back the length to where it belonged. After he disappeared, three taps were felt on the Capo’s hips.

He knew what it meant. He turned to face his lover, struggling a bit because of the handcuffs. When he was on all fours again, looking up at Leone who was sitting with his legs open widely, his breath caught in his throat.

Leone’s cock was leaking pre-cum, hard and dark red at the head, against the slightly muscular lower abdomen of his.

With that hat on his head and that devilish smirk on his messed up purple lips, he looked breathtakingly and insanely hot.

Bruno salivated at the sight.

“Enjoying the view, Bucciarati?” Leone’s hand caressed the other’s cheek.

Bruno didn’t answer. Not with words. He bent over and took that smooth length deep down into his throat, earning a long and low moan from his ex-cop fiancé. He started to bob his head up and down, emotions making his head spin.

Leone was always quite the masochistic type in bed when Bruno was topping. He had tendencies what the Capo could have never guessed. He was loud, sounding like a whiny girl who’s having her first time. A little stroke here and a little bit of teasing there and he was turned into jelly.

Now that he was so powerful, so dominant, so determined, Bruno understood how it all felt for Leone. The most beautiful person on the world, whom he loved with his entire mind, was here right before his eyes naked, wanting him, devouring him with his eyes.

Bruno desperately squeezed his lips around the hardness in his mouth, covering it with that little gold what left on his lips, the most of it already smeared on his own cock and face.

“F-Fuck, Bucciarati. What’s gotten into you?” Leone grabbed fistfuls of the raven locks, keeping him in place while his hips were jerking up in rapid motions to satisfy his own animalistic urges.

Bruno, tears covering his eyes and cheeks, leaving messed up blueish and golden trails on his cheekbones, looked up at him pleadingly as in a form of begging for more.

“Shit…” Leone pulled away, leaving that hot and wet mouth completely empty.

He pushed Bruno onto his back, forcing his hands in the handcuffs above his head. Leone didn’t bother with the formality of stretching, he pushed in immediately, making Bruno cum instantly from the sheer feeling of the hot and hard cock inside him.

Bruno, moans escaping from his lips, arched his back, showing off the beautiful lines of his tattoo on his well-built chest, while his skin was covered in a thin line of sweat.

“You know…” Leone stilled inside him, eyeing him with hunger and lust in his orbs. “…I wanted to punish you for saying something like that earlier, but…” he grabbed his legs, placing them on his own shoulders. “…I’m a nice guy, Bucciarati. I won’t do anything to you until you say so.”

With that, a devilish grin appeared on his lips.

“P-Punish me…” Bruno eyed him, while his body was still trembling from the powerful orgasm he just had.

“Hm?” Leone raised his brows.

“C-Come on, Officer Abbacchio.” Bruno’s dominant smirk found its way back to his lips. “Punish me for my crimes.”

Abbacchio threw away his hat, grabbing forcefully those tiny hips and pulling Bruno closer. “As you wish, Bucciarati.” with that said, he started to move in and out with an animalistic speed, growling like a panther in heat while he bruised the other’s skin by gripping too hard.

Bruno, being mesmerized by his fiancé’s strength and fast movements, laid there, wrists completely bruised by the handcuffs, small shocks of pain and pleasure coursing through his body, while he moaned under his wild lion ex-cop lover, who gritted his teeth every time he felt close to coming as well.

“H-Harder, Officer!” Bruno moaned, a sweet noise coming from his mouth, as he eyed hungrily his lover.

“You’re under arrest, Bucciarati. No room for you to order me around, ya know?” Abbacchio slammed himself in, hitting Bruno’s prostrate in a perfect angle.

Bruno tried to protest, but his mouth was not able to form coherent words anymore. Only the loudest moans and whimpers found their way through those plush lips.

“But since you were so good for me…” Leone growled again, feeling his orgasm hitting him soon. “…I’ll be nice to you as well.” with that, he bent over, almost bending Bruno in half, as he kissed him, saliva dripping down on their chin.

Abbacchio thrusted in deeper and deeper, his hips colliding against Bruno’s every time, they met. Bruno was moaning helplessly into the kiss, the sounds reverberating in Leone’s mouth, as a final thrust made the Capo come around Leone’s thick cock, crying out loud his fiancé’s name over and over again like a mantra.

That pulled Abbacchio over the edge, coming deeply inside Bruno, filling him up to the brim, painting his insides with pearly-white fluid.

Leone, letting out his final carnal noises, pulled out and collapsed on top of his lover.

Bruno, still panting and shaking, hugged him, caressing circles on his back to soothe him.

“But the… handcuffs…” Leone murmured when he felt the warm hands on his back.

“I already unzipped that.” Bruno let out a soft chuckle.

“You’re no fun, Bruno…” Leone smiled to himself.

“Say that to my bruised wrists, Mr. Police Officer.” the raven-haired man laughed.

And oh, that sweet tone, that lovely sound made Leone fall in love with him even more, every time he heard that.

“I love you, Bruno.” he managed to get up just a bit, to look into deep blue eyes.

“And I love you too, Leone.” Bruno caressed the messy white hair. “My sweet, strong, wild lion.” he pushed himself up a bit, to kiss his fiancé on the lips.

A tender gesture what made Leone’s heart ache. What did he do to deserve such man? Bruno must have been an angel in disguise, Leone was sure about it.

“My love, we should take pictures, yes?” Bruno caressed his cheek.

“Ah, my bad.” Leone pulled away, searching for his phone on the bedside table.

He took pictures of Bruno from every possible angle to show everything properly to the others.

On the other hand, Bruno went to find the cop hat, and placed it back on top of Leone’s head. He clicked on the camera button on the phone a few times, then knocked the hat off of his head only to be able to kiss him properly without the hat blocking him.

“Mom! Dad! Are you finished finally?! I want to sleep!” Mista shouted from the next room.

“I’m gonna kill that brat tomorrow.” Leone sighed.

“I think, it’s not a bad thing to get noise complaints once in a while. Proves that we had a really good time, together. Aren’t I right, my love?” Bruno giggled.

Leone inhaled sharply, but smiled. “Yeah, you’re right as always, Bruno. Now shut up and get back into the bed.”

With that, they went back under the sheets, Leone nuzzling against Bruno’s tattooed and warm chest, inhaling his still sweet scent.

Chapter Text

The next morning, Prosciutto woke up with sore hips, sharp pain tormenting him in his knees, wounds aching on his skin, mascara smeared all over his body, and a huge warm body next to him, hugging him.

He slowly got up, but as soon as he tried to stand up, his weak knees buckled and he was face to face with the floor in a moment. He cursed under his nose, grabbing the edge of the bed for balance, slowly working himself up on wobbly knees.

“Do you need help, my love?” Risotto’s low voice rang in the room.

“Help, my ass, you fucker.” Prosciutto with a sour expression on his face made his way toward the bathroom, locking the door behind himself.

Risotto smiled softly, inhaling the bedsheets’ scent which had the same odor as his blond husband.

Prosciutto, finally being under the hot water while washing off the makeup, was really tired. Not to mention that asshole Melone who recorded almost everything what they’ve done last night.

He was more than ready to teach a lesson to his husband for not minding the peeping bastard and for humiliating him again. Prosciutto was not an exhibitionist, nor was he a voyeur like Illuso or Melone… but he had to admit that he loved that hard session from yesterday.

But on the other hand, there was that one thing, what made him being himself. His pride.

He was put on a display for everybody, he was stared at by Melone, and he was utterly angry for all of these. He was a cold-hearted, serious, workaholic assassin, who killed hundreds of people during his life. He was harsh, strict, and didn’t accept “no” as an answer for his questions.

He always got what he wanted.

And he wanted to pay his husband back.

Eye for an eye? Then let’s have tooth for a tooth as well.

While he was thinking about what kind of revenge he should come up with, his body felt great under the pressure of hot water. His muscles started to relax, his skin was enveloped in a light scent of almond and coconut, thanks to the creamy shower gel and his shampoo smelled like lilac. His anger started to melt as he was getting refreshed.

He put extra effort into washing his face, cleaning his cheeks and eyelids from the still remaining makeup.

After spending more than an hour with showering, washing his hair and taking care of his skin with body lotion and different types of oils which were made of herbs, he left the bathroom, a huge amount of steam and a strong mix of scents following him.

Risotto peeked up from the pillows, and he was greeted with a blond angel from Heavens.

Though he used Metallica to patch up every wound he made, he decided to leave the bite marks on Prosciutto’s body just in case if somebody would try to act funny near him.

Prosciutto was HIS husband after all. And Risotto took pride in having a beautiful man, like his right-hand man was.

“Go get that shit off of you.” the angelic image broke as soon as Prosciutto opened his mouth.

His eyes were shining bright, his cheeks were still a bit flushed from the previous heat, and his lips were a bit chapped from being dehydrated in the hot steam. But his face still was lovely, his jawline sharp and manly, his cheekbones prominent and his eyebrows were perfectly trimmed and shaped.

Still, his tongue was just as sharp as Metallica’s razorblades.

“You know…” Risotto sat up, scratching his head, messing up his silvery locks even more. “…you look cuter when you don’t talk…” he stood up, stretching, and was greeted with the ashtray flying towards his head.

He simply bent over to avoid the glassy object, what collided with the wall, breaking into little pieces.

“You didn’t let me finish my sentence.” Risotto sighed. “…when you don’t talk like that. Your beautiful lips weren’t made to form such rude words.” then with a soft smile on his face, he left the room, invading the bathroom instead.

The bastard. Did he really think he could just sweet talk himself out of Prosciutto’s hands? Like he could melt under those smile? Like he could forget all of his anger toward him if he got complimented like that?


Prosciutto was smiling like a teenage girl being in love at the first time. And of course Risotto had dimples. Those cute little dimples next to his plush pale lips.


Prosciutto now was blushing even more. He really loved his husband.

But pride is pride, revenge is revenge. He would accept compliments and chocolates later.

While he was out on the balcony, smoking his first cigarette of the day, the other couple of the deal was in a better shape.

Leone nuzzled into Bruno’s warm chest, kissing up the tattoo line on it with soft touches of his lipstick smeared lips. When he reached the soft jawline, then the golden tinted plushness, Bruno was already smiling, a sweet giggle leaving his mouth as he was kissed by Leone.

He hugged his goth lover, caressing his long messy locks, softly brushing them with his slender fingers.

“Good morning, my love.” Bruno kissed the top of Leone’s head.

“It’s always good like this.” the other was blushing, but said what was on his mind anyway.

Abbacchio always felt shy when he tried to be romantic, or just wanted to compliment his beautiful Capo.

“How are you feeling?” Bruno chuckled at his lover’s flushed cheeks when Leone raised his head.

“Satisfied.” Abbacchio smirked. “And you?” he gave one last kiss as he got out of the bed, moving around in the room a bit to get himself into shape.

“My wrists hurt a little bit, but I’m feeling more than satisfied. Thank you for the wonderful night, my beautiful lion.” Bruno pulled the other’s pillow into a hug, sniffing it for Leone’s scent and smiling happily.

That bright smile almost gave Leone a heart attack when he saw that for the first time – and he was beyond happiness when he was the cause of it.

But despite of the soft nature and kind words, Bruno was a strong man, he could deal with any kind of pain. And Leone always made sure not to hurt him too much even if Bruno could handle it.

“I’m sorry for that.” Leone grabbed a little tube of moisturizing cream, sitting back to the bed. “Give me your hand.” he looked into deep blue orbs, feeling a bit guilty for the dark red blemishes on Bruno’s thin and elegant wrists.

“I’m fine, my love. You don’t need to worry.” Bruno smiled at him as he slipped his hand into Leone’s who started to massage the cream into his skin with soft circular motions.

Abbacchio made sure to apply as less pressure as he could, while he was taking care of the little bruises. When he finished one hand, he gently kissed his Capo’s palm and pressed a kiss onto the back of his hand as well as a form of apology.

Bruno just eyed his fiancé with adoration. Despite of Leone’s harsh look and sour mood, he was a huge softie towards him. Bruno was always happy to be around Leone because this way, the other man smiled and laughed more which suited him very well.

After taking care of Bruno’s other hand, Leone wanted to kiss it as well, but Bruno bent over and stole a kiss from those always pouty lips.

“Thank you, my love.” Bruno hugged the taller man, feeling the warmth of his body.

Abbacchio protectively wrapped his arms around the slender body, keeping him close to his own chest, where his heart was hammering with full speed, causing an aching feeling which was too sweet for Leone to bear with. His head was spinning from being in love and from being loved. He loved Bruno too much. He cherished him, pampered him, cared for him. He did everything what he could for Bruno.

“I love you so much…” he whispered on a low voice, eyes filled with tears from his thoughts and feelings.

Bruno knew better than to answer that. He knew very well how Leone tended to get emotional easily when his feelings were on overdrive. He loved that side of Leone as well. The emotional, crying, weak man, who accepted his own feelings and being. He felt more human.

Bruno found Leone’s hand, intertwining their fingers and kissed the ring on his fiancé’s finger.

He was there with him. He would protect him not just from any danger but from himself as well. Bruno would always protect the man whom he loved from the bottom of his heart.

And this man was Leone Abbacchio.

His fiancé.

“Guys, you won’t believe me what I got.” Melone licked his lips as he was eyeing his friends.

Except the four men, the others were already sitting at the table in the hotel’s restaurant.

“Okay, speak up.” Mista encouraged him.

“I got a video of our ham boy, making love on the balcony with Riz.” Melone fished out his phone from his pocket.

“You sick fuck.” Formaggio laughed at him.

“Wait. Did you really record them?” Fugo was more than taken aback.

“I even took pictures. Close ups.” Melone winked at them.

“I heard something from Bucciarati about having a deal between the two couples.” Giorno spoke up. “Abbacchio came up with the idea of who can make a bigger mess by smearing the makeup all over each other’s body during making love…? At least, I remember for something like that.”

“Then I shall say, our Capo did a fucking good job. This is a masterpiece.” Melone showed a close up picture of Prosciutto, his cheeks pulled apart, black lipstick (and other suspicious fluids) covering him everywhere, while his shoulders are bleeding a bit from being bitten too much.

“Did he really allow you to take pictures like this?” Ghiaccio frowned, but eyed the picture.

“Even if you were allowed to take them… I’m more than one hundred percent sure that you definitely weren’t allowed to show them around like this, honey.” Illuso’s voice was sweet, yet he knew all too well that Prosciutto will kill Melone for this.

“You were the one who took a picture of him while jerking off and you just printed it out and put that fucking disgusting shit onto the wall in the living room!” Ghiaccio growled at Illuso.

“Come on, it was just an innocent joke. Anyway, Pro has a nice dick, neither of you can deny it. All of you eyed that picture more than once, I know it for sure. I was spying with my little eyes from the mirror.” Illuso smirked. “Even you, Ghiaccio.”

“Shut up, you fucker!” Ghiaccio was about to punch his comrade when a big hand grabbed his arm from behind.

“Be thankful that Prosciutto is still drying his hair.” Risotto eyed his… children.

He couldn’t call them assassins when they behaved like this.

“And give me your phone, Melone. Only Leone and Bucciarati were supposed to see those pictures. And not your entire team, including the others.” Risotto sighed, sitting down next to Illuso.

Melone handed him his phone, while he rolled his eyes. “Everyone saw him naked. What’s the difference now?”

“We saw his ass just now.” Formaggio bit back a new wave of laughter.

“It was obvious that Risotto came inside.” Illuso stated.

“Guys.” Gelato waved at them, getting into the spotlight. “Did you forget that Pesci is still his little brother and he’s sitting right next to me?”

Pesci, sitting by Gelato’s right side, while Sorbet took the seat at the other, was staring at them with fear in his eyes. He knew his big brother and he was sure he would kill them. Or he would just get really mad which is worse than massacre.

“At least, he didn’t see the picture.” Narancia stated.

“But he has his ears, ya know.” Mista elbowed him.

“Sorbet and Gelato didn’t take a look either. At least, they are decent people.” Giorno took a sip from his glass of water.

“They have each other.” Melone stated.

“And don’t you have Ghiaccio?” Illuso narrowed his eyes at him.

“He’s a perverted bastard. I can’t help that. He even jer-…” Ghiaccio wanted to continue, but Melone slammed his hand on his mouth.

“Hey, I wanted to hear it!” Formaggio peeled off the other’s hand from Ghiaccio’s lips.

“Don’t say it, please.” Melone eyed Ghiaccio.

“You were the one who started it.” the blue-haired man smirked. “Don’t you want to tell them how many times did you jerk off to that picture?”

Risotto headbutted the table with a loud bonk, Formaggio and Illuso started to laugh at the same time, while Melone slid down on his chair, almost hiding under the table. Narancia and Fugo were giggling, while Mista was shamelessly screaming with laughter. Giorno, Sorbet and Gelato just shook their heads, but they smiled a bit at the others. Pesci stopped thinking, his mind couldn’t proceed the informations anymore.

“Oi, oi.” a deep voice got the attention of the two teams. “We could hear your laughter even at the hall. You’re causing trouble to the other guests.” Prosciutto took a seat next to his husband, while Leone and Bruno sat down next to Fugo.

Melone straightened himself on the chair, while he was visibly sweating a bit. He liked to pick up on Prosciutto, but just until when he wasn’t found out. He knew all too well, how angry Prosciutto could get.

“And…” Illuso smirked. “How did you two spend the night, blondie?” he eyed his comrade, a shit-eating grin dancing on his lips.

Prosciutto fidgeted a bit, but stared into Illuso’s eyes. “It was enjoyable.”

“Oh really?” Formaggio joined in the game as well.

“Who won the deal?” Mista grinned at Prosciutto.

“All of you. Enough.” Risotto looked at them.

He was aware of the dirty game they were playing. But he didn’t want to end their vacation because of Prosciutto killing almost everyone in the team.

“Did I miss something?” a vein started to pop out on Prosciutto’s forehead as he was smiling way too sweetly at Melone and Illuso.

Seeing the lilac-haired man panicking, and Illuso smirking, he could put the two together.

“Oh, yes.” Illuso nodded with fervor. “Melone wanted to confess you something.”

“And not even just one thing. He wants to talk about these so badly, you can’t even believe it.” Formaggio pushed forward.

“Really?” Prosciutto narrowed his eyes, then looked at Melone.

The purple-haired man swallowed audibly, but he was an assassin as well. He was no coward. He will face death with pride. “Risotto took my phone because I showed your naked cum and makeup covered ass to everyone at this table. And also…” he darted his out toward Ghiaccio, Illuso and Formaggio. “I jerked off to that goddamn picture of your nude pic which was in the living room, because it was hot.”

When he finished, he proudly crossed his arms around his chest, winking at his troublemaker teammates.

Everybody was looking at Melone with huge eyes. Nobody expected him to just confess these so openly.

But deep inside, Melone was shaking and was prepared for his last moments in his young life.

Prosciutto just stood up and crossed the table to sit next to his lilac-haired comrade. “Stand up.”

Melone did as he was told.

“Come here, you sick fuck…” Prosciutto hugged him, patting his back softly. “I’m not mad at you. This makes you being yourself. Honestly, I didn’t expect anything less from you, Melone.”

“After Risotto gives my phone back to me, I’ll delete everything, I promise.” Melone stepped back, eyeing his comrade.

“Not before you send everything to me.” Prosciutto whispered into his ear.

“Deal.” Melone smiled.

“Risotto, can I have Melone’s phone for a moment?” Prosciutto eyed his husband.

Risotto, as well as the others, didn’t understand a thing. Prosciutto was in a good mood and Melone wasn’t beaten up. What happened?

After he got the phone, he opened the gallery and was shuffling through the content there.

Prosciutto knew Melone was curious… After he found what he wanted, he sent something over to his own phone, then gave back the device to his Capo.

“Excuse me, for a moment.” the blond left the table.

After he reached the information desk at the hall, he asked the lady there to change the picture on the big screen which was in the restaurant. Different types of dishes from the menu were on display until the screen went black and changed into something… else.

After many of the guests left the restaurant, growling and complaining, Prosciutto returned to have a seat and eat finally next to his husband.

“You demon…” Illuso was covering his eyes with his hands, while Formaggio was laughing next to him.

“Pink isn’t your color, Illuso.” Abbacchio mocked him, while he was smirking.

“Be thankful it wasn’t your nude picture.” Prosciutto smirked. “After all, Melone has many of those.”

“What?” Illuso snapped. “Melone, you dipshit.”

“You may be the king of the mirror world, but nobody has a bigger nude collection than me. I’m very good at sneaking up on you guys and take pictures when you’re not paying attention.” Melone winked at him. “Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth.”

“Touché.” Bruno giggled.

“Please, share those pictures with me as well.” Risotto smiled at Melone.


At Melone.


Melone got the hint. After he gets back his phone, he has to delete every single pic of his Capo, or he’ll be tormented later.

“Anyway, Illuso, haven’t you just said before Prosciutto arrived, that he has a nice dick? You can confess this little information to him now in person as well.” Risotto took a look at his other teammate as well.

“Shit.” Illuso bit down on his lower lip.

If his ridiculous pink lacy bra and thong picture in full view wasn’t enough, he also had to face his comrade as well.

“Oh? I hear this for the first time.” Prosciutto tried to look as innocent as he could. “Please, Illuso. Tell me more about my dick.”

“Okay, okay, fine.” Illuso whined. “I’m sorry okay? Two years passed already since I put that stupid pic in the living room, so forget about it finally, fuck it.” he looked at Melone. “Sorry for being an asshole with you.” then, he looked at Prosciutto. “And sorry for the picture as well. And yeah… you have a… nice dick. Fucking leave me alone…” Illuso put his head against Formaggio’s shoulder, nuzzling into it, while the others laughed softly.

It was always hard to force an apology out of Illuso. But it worth the hard work.

“Melone, you won’t mind if I shuffle through your gallery, will you?” Risotto fished out the phone from his pocket.

“Ah… ah… Riz… well…” Melone tried to grab it but he only fell into Ghiaccio’s lap.

“Oh? There’s a folder for each member of the team, except Pesci. At least, you didn’t sneak up on him.” crimson eyes were glued to spicy pictures.

“Thank God.” Prosciutto sighed in relief.

Bucciarati’s phone buzzed in his pocket.

“I sent you the pictures from Melone’s phone, so we can decide who won.” Risotto smiled a bit, then sent those pictures to his own phone as well.

It was his husband’s naked ass, after all.

Bruno chuckled, then showed their own pictures to Prosciutto and Risotto, after the others finally had the decency to look away or close their eyes.

“Oh, Abbacchio, he looks good. Good job.” Prosciutto nodded.

“Risotto, you used up all of your black lipstick in a wise way.” Bruno complimented to the goth.

“Hard to decide.” Leone scratched his neck.

“Indeed.” Risotto hummed.

“Melone, you’re an expert in these things. Tell us who won.” Leone eyed the lilac-haired man, who was looking into an other direction, but turned his head as soon as he was called out.

“Me? Really?” his eyes were shining.

“Yeah, why not.” Prosciutto shrugged.

Melone hurried to Bruno’s side, eyeing their photos as well. After a little bit of thinking, he made a decision. “Sorry guys, you two really did well, and Riz, you can do magic with that much blood, but you can’t make Prosciutto zip off his own dick to suck it.”

“That’s why it’s gold?” Prosciutto snapped at that, taking an other look at the picture, where Bruno’s dick is covered in golden lipstick.

“Of course. Creative, isn’t it?” Leone smirked at them.

“You sucked off your own dick?” Illuso turned to face them.

“Well, I was forced to do it.” Bruno winked at his fiancé.

“Bullshit.” Formaggio chuckled.

“The winners are Abbacchio and Bucciarati.” Melone grabbed their hands, holding them up in the air. “Good job, guys.”

“Don’t sweat it Capo, you can’t win all the time.” Illuso smirked at Risotto.

“It’s not that I really wanted to win.” the leader shrugged.

“But, it was fun.” Bruno smiled. “I assume, you two had a good time together as well.”

“Of course.” Risotto eyed him.

“Well…” Prosciutto sat down, searching for his mug on the table to drink more coffee.

“Well?” Leone looked at him.

“Oh, please. You all heard me. Do you really think that I’m proud of myself?” the blond narrowed his eyes at his husband.

“If you don’t want to do something, you always can say no.” Formaggio chirped. “But you sounded more like someone who wanted to do many things…”

“Okay, enough. Eat your goddamn breakfast finally.” Risotto sighed, interrupting their little conversation.

After the troublesome eating session, each man teamed up with someone again, trying out different activities.

Pesci, Mista, Giorno, Sorbet and Gelato went to take a walk in the town, while Ghiaccio and Formaggio went to play video games. Fugo and Narancia rented bicycles to be outside for the rest of the day, while Risotto and Leone agreed to go to the library nearby, searching for old fashion books. Though the goth Capo wanted to spend time with his husband, Prosciutto didn’t seem to be into the same thing.

Bruno, Illuso, Melone and Prosciutto went upstairs, gathering together in Illuso’s room.

“May I ask you a question, if you don’t mind?” Bruno took a seat on the bed, dragging the blond down next to him.

“Go ahead.” Prosciutto sighed.

Illuso and Melone sat down to the floor in front of them, paying attention to the conversation.

“You feel like your pride is being beaten up, am I right? You feel being hurt, despite you enjoyed everything. But you still want to take a revenge on him, yes?” ocean blue eyes were glued to deep blue ones.

“Of course I want to pay back to that asshole!” Prosciutto stood up, kicking the bed’s frame a bit. “Being my husband doesn’t give him the opportunity to crush my pride. I want to make him cry and beg like that as well… he deserves it. The oh-so-fearsome Risotto Nero… I want to reduce him into a moaning mess and take pictures of him, showing those around…”

“Whoa, whoa, there… calm down, ham boy.” Melone stood up immediately as well, patting the other’s shoulder. “Take deep breaths.”

Prosciutto inhaled sharply.

“Please, calm down.” Bruno smiled a bit, then held the blond’s hand, pulling him back to the bed.

Melone sat down as well, and all of them went silent for a while, until…

“Do you know, what a power bottom is, Prosciutto?” Bruno smirked, while he slipped closer to the blond.

“Oh, no…” Melone’s lips curved up as well.

“It’s when the one who’s being fucked is the boss-… oh…” Prosciutto’s eyes lit up.

“Do you get my idea?” Bruno shimmied his hand up on Prosciutto’s chest, until he reached his jawline. “We will buy you a nice outfit for tonight, and I’ll teach you what you need to know. We will help you out with your dirty plan.”

“I know a lingerie shop nearby.” Illuso held up his hand.

“Is that where you bought yours as well?” Melone chuckled.

“Just for your information, I bought that because I lost a bet against Formaggio and I had to wear that shit during sex for a whole week…” the brunett sighed. “But since Formaggio likes lingeries a bit too much, I memorized a lot of shops for now.”

“I know a lot of sex shops here.” Melone licked his lips.

“And we have a really good material in our hands now.” Bruno eyed the blond. “What do you say?”

“I trust you guys. Make me into a power bottom. I want to wipe the shit eating grin off of Risotto’s face for one night.” Prosciutto smirked.

“Am I allowed to take pictures?” Melone batted his lashes.

“You two will go inside the mirror world and record everything. It’s a punishment for him because he let you record us yesterday.” the blond stood up.

“Thanks for the permission.” Illuso followed him.

“Oh, this will be very good.” Melone joined them.

“Then, what are we waiting for, gentlemen?” Bruno went to open the door for them.

Chapter Text

“So, where are we heading first?” Melone peeked from behind Bruno, as they left the hotel.

“First, let’s go to the lingerie shop. I know one nearby and they sell very nice pieces for men as well.” Illuso put on his sunglasses as his long brown hair was kept in a loose ponytail on the top of his head.

“Prosciutto?” Bruno entangled his arm with the blond’s.

“Fine by me.” Prosciutto nodded, his hands resting in his pockets.

“And, tell me, ham boy. What kind of a power bottom do you want to become? Sassy? Nasty? Fearsome? Extra kinky?” Melone poked the back of his blond teammate while they were walking.

“I don’t know? I’ve never done something like this before. Since all of you seem to be huge perverts here, why don’t you tell me a little about the possibilities?” Prosciutto smirked back at the lilac-haired male.

“Ooh~.” Illuso clapped his hands together. “And who was just having sex on a balcony yesterday?” a dark chuckle escaped from his lips. “Come on buddy, you can’t blame us. You’re a kinky piece of shit as well.”

“I have to agree, Prosciutto.” Bruno’s soft laughter rang in the blond’s ear. “You too, are a bit… needy?”

“HAH! That’s an understatement, Bucciarati.” Melone chirped. “But certainly, he’s a bit better than us. He’s not into piss.”

“At least, not yet.” Illuso beamed.

“Shut up.” Prosciutto rolled his deep blue eyes.

“Then what are you into, my dear friend?” Bruno smiled warmly at the blond male.

“Hm.” Prosciutto rubbed his chin with one of his hands. “I like threatening people. Since I can’t usually use my Stand if one of my teammate is nearby, I had to learn how to use guns efficiently. And I very much like to play Russian Roulette with my targets.”

“Oh, gun play then.” Melone licked his lips. “I like that too. Though it’s true that Ghiaccio once shot through my thigh.” he shivered at the memory.

“Wait… was that the reason why Risotto shouted at you last month?” Illuso stopped walking.

Melone blushed a bit, an angelic pout sneaked up onto his lips. “Is it that bad that we wanted to enjoy ourselves?”

“Ghiaccio shot you, you ass!” Illuso still couldn’t believe what he just heard.

“I thought it wasn’t a loaded gun.” Melone laughed. “But well, it happened to be a loaded one. With one single bullet. And he accidentally shot it into my inner thigh. But… I’m really grateful it wasn’t my dick…”

“I bet you are!” Illuso hugged a power pole, knocking his head against it.

“Extremities are good sometimes, but everything has a point what shouldn’t be overstepped. Both of you should have been more careful, Melone.” Bruno spoke on his ‘mother-voice’.

“I know, mommy.” Melone smiled at him. “I wasn’t angry at all. To be honest, I came when he shot me.” he played with his lilac hair sheepishly. “Risotto scolded me strictly. Ghiaccio wasn’t at fault, because it was my idea.”

“I remember now. He told me something about being surrounded by ‘horny motherfuckers’ all the time.” Prosciutto chuckled, then lit up a cigarette. “But, be thankful he didn’t cause bigger damage as a punishment for getting injured by your own stupidity.”

Melone just smiled at them, and it was good like this. They really couldn’t blame him. No. Not at all. Melone was a kinky but lovable bastard, who always was honest about his own kinks and habits in bed. And they loved him for this honesty.

“Now let’s continue our way. Make two lefts at the upcoming streets, and we will be there.” Illuso coordinated them.

“So, would you like to use a gun after this, Prosciutto?” Bruno softly elbowed him.

“Only if it’s not loaded. I don’t want to accidentally shot him in his dick. Would be bad for me later.” Prosciutto inhaled from his cigarette which was dangling between his lips, while he made a thoughtful expression.

“But there’s no fun to it. If he points out that you’re not using bullets, he will laugh at you.” point taken by Illuso.

“True.” Bruno hummed. “What about a fully loaded one?”

“Are you insane, Bucciarati?” Illuso raised his voice.

“He will take him seriously this way.” the raven-haired male smiled. “And, both of you know for a fact, that Risotto can heal himself with the help of Metallica.”

“And, I happen to know that our beloved Capo is a sucker for pain. Come on, I heard you two fucking too many times at this point, but Risotto loves it when pain is involved, doesn’t he?” Melone held Prosciutto’s hand while he was walking behind the blond-haired male.

“Indeed, he loves causing pain for me. But I don’t recall much times when it wasn’t me on the receiver’s side.” Prosciutto threw the cigarette’s butt into a trashcan along the way.

“He loves it when you’re scratching his back. I can hear it in his voice.” the lilac-haired assassin smirked.

“Why do you know this much about Risotto’s habits in bed?” Illuso rolled his eyes behind his sunglasses.

“I’m sorry, king of the mirror world, but while you can hide and sneak up on others, I actually happen to be very sharpened for these exacts situations. My senses are perfectly trained for sexual activities, let it be mine or others’.” Melone said with a decent amount of pride in his voice.

“So you’re eavesdropping on us.” Prosciutto laughed.

“Technically, yes. And I’m proud of it, because I haven’t been caught yet.” Melone giggled.

“Be happy until then.” the blond looked back at him and gave his hand a squeeze.

“By the way guys.” Illuso turned left. “Why the hell are you holding each other’s hand?”

“Prosciutto’s hands are always so warm, while mine are often cold. It feels nice.” Melone darted out his tongue at the brunett.

“I don’t mind holding hands with him. He could do much worse things than simply taking my hand in his, couldn’t he? Be thankful he’s just holding onto me.” Prosciutto stated.

“Maybe, you’re right.” Bruno smiled. “Ah, is this the shop, Illuso?” he looked at the friendly white door, which was decorated with pink and black artificial flowers.

“Hmhm.” Illuso hummed as a form of approval, then headed to be the first one who enters the shop.

Melone followed him, then Prosciutto and finally Bruno. Inside, there were many female mannequins dressed up in different types of lingerie.

“He girls, I’m back.” Illuso greeted the two young ladies at the cashier.

“Oh, Illuso. What a pleasure to have you here again. Business or just nipped in for a quick shopping?” one of the girls greeted him.

“It will be a long tour in the back room, so please, let us be adventurous.” the brunett smirked.

“As you wish.” the other girl giggled.

“Gentlemen, after me.” Illuso bent over a bit mockingly, then went straight to a black door.

The three assassins followed him to the back room, where there were male mannequins, dressed up in male lingerie. Many types, colors, forms, fabrics, added supplies.

“Where do you want to start?” Illuso beamed, staring at Prosciutto.

“First, let’s decide the fabric.” Bruno suggested.

“Silk. The softest.” Prosciutto eyed a box which had the label ‘silk’ written on it.

“Good. It can be very comfy, if you ask me.” Illuso went to check the box, pushing up his glasses onto the top of his head.

“Color?” Melone looked around.

“Black. Elegant.” Prosciutto explained briefly.

“Good choice.” with that, the brunett pulled out an other box from the ‘silk’ section.

It had the label ‘black’ on it.

“Here. Choose for him.” Illuso handed the box to Bruno.

“Why me?” the Capo of the other team looked at him with huge eyes.

“Because your tattoo looks nice. And you have a good fashion sense. And because you don’t want Melone to choose… do you?” Illuso raised one dark brow.

Bruno and Prosciutto shouted “NO” at the same time, then started to laugh.

“Oh but believe me, I would dress you up very… deliciously, ham boy.” Melone hugged Prosciutto’s arm close to his own chest.

“Yeah sure, Melone. If I could believe that.” the blond let out a deep chuckle.

“Then, what are you waiting for? Start to undress while Bruno is leafing through the possibilities.” Illuso was bossing around as usual, when it came to fashion.

Prosciutto did as he was told, undressing until only his underwear was on.

“Oh, I see they sell shoes as well.” Melone found the high-heels section in the room.

“I will choose him one, but, only after the lingerie is on.” the brunett stated.

“You’re lucky, you have such feminine posture, Prosciutto. Otherwise, we would be in trouble now.” Bruno let out a soft chuckle.

He was searching for some black silk lingerie for his fellow assassin friend at that very moment, how could he be such a sweet angel even in a time like this?

“I’m quite happy I have firm, but not so noticeable muscles. Helps a lot when I go shopping. Easier to find comfortable and costume-made suits.” Prosciutto was playing with his blond locks, while he was waiting for the lingerie.

“In other words, you can dress fancy because you’re thin and feminine, so you don’t have problems with finding clothes.” Melone eyed the high-heels.

“You can say it that way too.” Illuso added. “Formaggio always make a fuss because he can’t find proper trousers what could grab his legs tightly. And his ass.” he paused. “His calves are a bit thick, so what matches his thigh size, is too tight on his calves. But what could be perfect for his calves, is a bit loose on the thighs.”

“Big problems in life.” Prosciutto smirked.

“I wonder how Risotto finds clothes at his size.” Melone was holding a dark purple high-heel with little diamonds in the heel.

“Put that down, I’m not gonna buy it for you.” the brunett pointed at the lilac-haired man. “Anyway. Yeah, that’s a good question.”

“If you want that, I’ll buy it for you.” Bruno smiled at Melone. “We’re on a holiday, aren’t we?”

“Thank you~.” Melone chirped happily, hugging his shoes.

“You’re spoiling him.” Prosciutto huffed.

“Once in a while it’s okay.” said Bruno, still rummaging through the box.

“And, the answer for your former question is…” Prosciutto looked at Melone. “Risotto orders his clothes costume made from the same shop for almost five years now.”

“Oh. Well that explains a lot.” Illuso made a thoughtful noise.

“I found it.” Bruno held up the pantie above his head.

“Yes!” Illuso smirked. “So give it to him.”

Prosciutto kicked off his briefs, then carefully put on the black pantie.

The whole fabric was silk lace, beautiful rose pattern made from the lace part. And of course, one could see through the fabric, since the whole lingerie was made of the lace pattern. But, it was a bit elastic, so it grabbed Prosciutto’s firm buttocks perfectly.

“And here are the lace garter belt and silk stockings as well.” Melone fished them out of an other box, which was next to the shoes.

“What?” Prosciutto huffed out a chuckle.

“Oh but look at this!” Melone showed him the stockings.

The colors and pattern were way too familiar. It looked completely like Risotto’s black and white striped pants.

“Please, ham boy.” Melone held it out towards the blond.

“But if he puts that on, there’s no need for such fancy lacy thing.” Illuso grunted.

“Wait!” Bruno chuckled. “Look what I’ve just found.” he picked up a silk bondage gear.

“Okay, pantie off, put those on.” Illuso’s eyes were shining with mischief.

Prosciutto rolled his eyes while he was smiling, then threw the pantie to Bruno. He folded it, then put it back to its place, while the blond assassin slipped into the silk black and white stockings and clipped the garter belt into its place. Illuso helped to add the black silk robes around his chest and across his back, and in the end, he looked like Risotto, just without the coat, only in the straps on his chest.

“Nah, it’s funny though.” Melone grimaced. “Stockings and belt can remain, but that bondage stuff… and your dick is uncovered.”

“Thanks for the discovery, Melone.” Prosciutto sighed, while he was standing with his hands on his bony hips.

“Can I send a picture to Leone?” Bruno giggled.

“Why not?” Prosciutto shook his head. “Everybody has seen my dick already.” he shrugged.

Bruno snapped a pictured and sent it to his beloved one, with a short text ‘make sure Risotto isn’t there when you open this’.

After a few minutes, while Illuso and Melone were looking for something suitable for the blond, Bruno received a message.

“What is he saying?” the blond peeked over Bruno’s shoulder, looking at his phone.

Leone’s answer was rather helpful (and thoughtful) than funny or mocking. It said ‘add a black corset without a bra, only covering his abdomen and black shiny heels without anything on them and riz will die. also no lace, simple silk for the garter belt’.

“Ooooh~.” all of them were taken aback and excited now.

“The corset is mine!” Bruno hurried to the items’ box.

“Heels are mine!’ Illuso switched places with Melone.

“Garter is mine.” the lilac-haired assassin started to rummage through the box.

Prosciutto unclipped the lace garter belt from its place, then handed it to Melone to switch it for something better.

After a few minutes, all three of them were staring proudly at their handiwork.

Prosciutto’s long legs were wrapped around in black and white silk stockings while a simple black garter belt was keeping them in place (and for some miracle, the belt had two little bells on it at the hipbones, like the bells on Risotto’s hat). He was wearing a beautiful half-leather half-silk black corset which had crossed black ribbons at the front, and his feet were trapped in a simple shining black pair of high-heels.

“Nipples and dick uncovered, everything else is hidden under elegant and extravagant sexiness. Guys, we created something.” Illuso held out his hands for a high-five, while Bruno and Melone slapped their hands against the brunett’s palms.

“Can I show it to Leone for confirmation?” Bruno asked sheepishly.

“Yeah, why not.” Prosciutto was looking at himself in the full-body mirror. “I do look good, I shall admit. Thank you.” he smiled at his friends.

“Shall I ask Leone for makeup?” Bruno snapped a picture of the blond.

“Yes. That would be a good idea.” Prosciutto started to undress.

Bruno sent the picture to Leone with a short message ‘what do you think, love? also, could you please do Prosciutto’s makeup later?’.

After a few minutes, when Prosciutto was fully dressed again and they packed away everything they wanted to buy (yes, the high-heels for Melone as well, thanks to mommy Bucciarati), Bruno’s phone buzzed.

Abbacchio’s message was short and honest ‘thx for making my dick semi-hard in a public library. bring him over later’.

When Bruno read it out loud, all of them started to laugh.

“Poor guy.” Illuso placed back his glasses onto his nose.

“It’s not my fault really. You made me wear something like… that.” Prosciutto shrugged.

“But I think, all of us have to agree in one thing. You looked enticing, Prosciutto”. Bruno giggled.

“He’s right.” Melone stated.

“But why did he get hard?” Illuso grabbed the items, heading out the door to the cashier.

“Last month, he asked me to wear an outfit similar to Prosciutto’s. Maybe that’s why he suggested it, since his and Risotto’s taste are almost the same.” Bruno rubbed his chin while he made a thoughtful expression.

“Makes sense.” Melone nodded.

After they paid for everything, Illuso grabbed the paper bags and they were out on the street again.

“And now?” Bruno asked.

“Time for some… toys.” Melone’s eyes were shining with a hint of lust.

“I’m not sure I want to go to a sex shop with you.” the brunett shook his head. “I think I’ll go back to the hotel, and set the room up for the night. You know, with sensual things.”

“I’ll join you to help with the preparations.” Bruno smiled. “Prosciutto, do you have a gun with bullets or should I ask for Mista’s gun?”

“Here’s the key to my room.” Prosciutto handed the raven-haired man a little key. “You can find my pistol in my suitcase, under the bed.”

“I’ll load it for you.” Bruno nodded, grabbing the key.

“Thank you.” the blond smiled at them, then they parted ways.

Melone grabbed his hand again, swinging it in the air.

“You seem to be in a good mood.” the blond raised one brow at him.

“Without missions and nerve-wrecking targets, why shouldn’t I be happy? It feels nice to spend time with you guys.” the lilac-haired assassin whistled.

“Well, I suppose, you’re right.” Prosciutto smiled briefly and they continued their walk in silence.

After maybe twenty minutes, they arrived at a discrete wooden back door in an alley. Melone knocked on the door.

“Yes?” came an older woman’s voice from the inside.

“It’s me, Melone. I brought a friend, we would like to come in.”

“Oh, it’s you, darling.” the woman opened the door and let the two assassins in. “I’m sorry Melone, I just like to be careful, since I sell aphrodisiacs and love drugs as well. You never know who knocks on your door.”

“It’s okay.” Melone smiled sweetly at the middle-aged woman, who owned the very tidy and cozy sex shop.

“And you may be the friend of my favorite costumer?” the lady looked at Prosciutto, who took her hand and placed a soft kiss on top of the back of her hand.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Prosciutto.” he let go of her hand after the introduction.

“Oh, you’re a gentleman, I see.” the woman smiled. “Just call me whatever you want. I’m so sorry dear, but I can’t let my name slip out.”

“I can understand that.” Prosciutto hummed.

“But I’m not thwarting you further, please do get in and take a look at everything.” the lady stood aside, inviting the assassins further into the shop. “I’m going to be in my office, handling the paper work.” with that, she disappeared behind a dark pink curtain.

“I love this woman so much. She knows what she’s doing.” Melone smirked. “She might look innocent and sweet… but! Oh you can’t imagine, how many dirty stories she has.”

“Do I even want to know?” Prosciutto laughed.

“Only in your wildest dreams.” Melone looked around. “So. Since it’s just the both of us. Tell me. What do you want to do with Risotto?”

“Um, I still don’t know.” Prosciutto scratched the back of his neck. “You know it sounds really nice and hot to just take over control and boss him around. But it’s not that easy since he’s stronger and taller than me.”

“Then we should get rid of his height first.” Melone grabbed a bundle of black ropes. “Tie him up to the headboard.”

“What?” the blond blinked at him.

“I will untie this bundle for you and you will hide it under the pillow. Just toss him into the bed so you can straddle him. While you’re distracting him with anything you can come up with, just slip your hand under the pillow and tie him up. It’s not metal like a handcuff, so he can’t get out of it.”

Prosciutto nodded at that and held the ropes.

“Next problem?”

“He always talks shit until I don’t do what he wants.” the blond continued.

“We need a gag then.” Melone went to the next shelf. “Oh, look at this. It looks nice.” he took off a black gagball with silver clasps from the shelf. “After you made sure he’s tied up, grab this from under the pillow and put the ball into his mouth, then straighten the clasps behind his head.”

“Roger.” Prosciutto took the item into his hand as well.

“Next one?”

“I want to set the pace. I don’t want to deal with his bullshit slow teasing.” Prosciutto eyed the shelves. “I want that one!”

Melone searched for the item which was crossing the blond’s sight. “Oh. Nice one.” he took it off from the shelf.

It was a thick leather collar with a leash attached to it.

“After the gag, I’ll put this around his neck.” Prosciutto held that as well.

“But did you think about the pose?”

“I want to ride him. So I’ll be the one in control. And of course, I won’t let him cum until the bastard begs for me.” Prosciutto’s eyes were shining from the malicious taste of his evil plan.

“I’m so proud of you, ham boy.” Melone patted his friend’s head, caressing the blond locks encouragingly.

“I love him, Melone, but pride is pride. And I’m sure he won’t complain later.”

“You’ll just get yourself into trouble.”

“And that means…” Prosciutto’s smirk was dark form lust.

“…a well-deserved punishment, which means you’ll get a second round. Clever, Prosciutto.”

“I know.” the blond giggled.

“Anything else?” Melone looked around in the shop.

“Ah, I think it’s enough for today. Shall we call the lady?” Prosciutto handed the items to Melone while he was fishing out his wallet out from his pocket.

“Just leave the money on the table.” Melone grabbed a paper bag to place the toys inside.

“If you say so.” Prosciutto placed more than enough money onto the table, and they left the shop.

After so much shopping, both of them agreed to stop for some snack. They ate at a little confectionary, both decided to eat delicious cakes with sweet hot beverage. When the sugar rush boosted their system, they went back to the hotel to help Illuso and Bruno finish the preparations for the night.

Thanks to Leone, Risotto was distracted for a decent amount of time (just to make sure they don’t get back too soon).

Bruno brought all the stuff they bought that day into his own room, because Prosciutto needed to visit him later either way to get Leone apply his makeup. Then they would help him to dress up and Leone while Bruno would do magic to the blond locks.

Melone and Illuso went to have a shower and they prepared some food which they took inside the mirror world with themselves. Both of the stalkers had their mobile phones, so they could record everything, just as the blond asked from them.

All the while, poor Risotto Nero didn’t have a single clue about how much he will suffer during the night thanks to his vengeful hot blond husband.