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Of Scarves and Scents

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It started with a fucking scarf, of all gods-damned things.

It was particularly windy that fateful day, wet leaves scattering through the chilly air and over the damp sidewalk as Katsuki made his way to the cafe to meet up with his study group. Why the hell they couldn’t just meet up at his apartment, Katsuki will never understand but he’s simultaneously thankful and infuriated at the events that occurred on that particular day. There was a strong burst of wind, air gusting past him so hard that it blew his beanie off and when he tried to grab it, he was smacked in the face with a wet scarf.

Not just the scarf, although the wet fabric molded itself to his face, sticking to his nose and mouth so that it covered his airways until he could hardly breathe. Which led to the second problem. When Katsuki inhaled deeply, trying to wrestle the scarf off of his face, he caught a whiff of the most delectable scent he’d ever had the pleasure of smelling in his entire fucking life. He choked, bending at the waist as he finally tore the damn thing from his face. The scent was in his damn lungs, he couldn’t get it out, couldn’t get away from it and yet, it wasn’t fucking enough.

He immediately wanted more.

Wanted to roll in the scent that was somehow both minty fresh and musky, a call to his alpha that had his canines dripping with thick saliva. He wanted to be coated in the smell, wanted his entire apartment to smell like whatever omega this scarf belonged to. Because there was no doubt in his mind that an omega owned this atrocious green scarf, a rainbow of greens so bright it stung his eyes, with the scent of mint-musk heat clinging to the wool. And Bakugou Katsuki was going to be the one to find them and claim them, to hoard this scent for his very own.




It was harder than Katsuki had expected it to be.

Listen, Bakugou Katsuki was fucking perfect and nothing, not even this elusive omega, was going to stop him from being perfect at everything he did. Best in his martial arts class? Hell fucking yeah. His cooking classes? Best believe Katsuki was on top. But after a week of searching, he was getting frustrated. There was a name on the tag but half of it was faded and he could only make out "Deku".That couldn't possibly be his mate's name so it was no use at all. He’d searched the campus from end to end, sniffed far too many disgusting ass strangers.

Katsuki just wanted this omega in his life, he wanted this omega in his arms. Katsuki had even started building a nest in his bedroom, filling it with the softest pillows and blankets of varying shades of green, black and – his own personal favorite – orange, much to the amusement of his friends. None of that would matter when his omega was safely ensconced in the warmth of their nest.

He ignored their laughter, building his omega’s nest with a ruthlessly single-minded determination. He added and removed items seemingly at random, stacked pillows precariously and when that wasn’t enough to appease his alpha’s instincts, he hired carpenters to rip up his flooring and replace the open space in the middle of his bedroom with a sunken bed. It bit a huge chunk into his savings but it would be well worth the cost if his omega approved- of which Katsuki had no doubts that they would, especially after he carefully arranged the pillows and blankets around the bed to make the space cozier and inviting.

He even stooped to a new low and had recruited the squad to help him; which invited a whole new heap of embarrassment and chaos. Ashido placed an advertisement in the ‘Missed Connections’ section of their university paper but there was no guarantee that this omega even went to their university. Kaminari put up posters all over campus. Kirishima even left a note in their lost-and-found since Katsuki refused to give up the scarf. Of course, their help came with an avalanche of teasing but for once, Katsuki deemed the annoyance worth the reward.

It wasn’t like he wanted to be so obsessed with this scarf and its swiftly-fading scent. It just sort of happened. The omega’s scent was really just that good, that soothing and fuck. It was perfect. Katsuki even slept with the damn thing wrapped around his neck, crammed up to his nose, not that he was ever going to admit to that particular activity. And he sure as shit wasn’t going to admit to the fact that during his most recent rut, he’d looped the length of soft wool around his aching length and jacked off with it until the scent of his seed soaked into the fabric, mixing with the nameless omega’s.

If he thought the omega’s scent was good before, smelling it tangled with his own made it a million times better.

He wanted more, no.

Katsuki needed more.



The scent had long since faded by the time winter rolled around and Katsuki was suffering for the lack of it. No one would ever accuse him of being addicted to the scent of the scarf but fuck if he wasn't irritable as shit because he no longer had his omega's scent to calm him down. His alpha berated him, told him he was a failure for taking so long to bring his mate home safe to their best and Katsuki agreed. He was so miserable he even let the squad drag him back to their cafe, the one he hadn't been to since that fateful day.

"Yagi-san! You're back! How were the States?!"

Ashido smiled as she shoved Katsuki through the door, beaming at the tall, skinny blonde who manned the cash register. She didn't seem to notice how Katsuki froze behind her, his nose high in the air as he breathed deeply. His ragged nerves calmed instantly, soothed by the scent he'd fallen in love with, even as his head whipped around in search of the owner of the scent but he couldn't see anyone who looked like they the image the scent called to his mind.

"Dad! I've got the last box!"

Someone bumped into Katsuki from behind, knocking him forward into Kirishima who barely managed to catch him. A box hit the ground, scattering comics over the tiled floor as the box busted open and the person who dropped it groaned in dismay. Katsuki knelt to pick up a handful of the colorful comics, scoffing at the Western titles.

"Spiderman? Really? He's nowhere near as cool as All Might!" Katsuki sneered, causing the cashier to cough and sputter as his face flamed with his amusement.

"Wow, you really think so?! He hasn't really caught on with most comic book fans, especially not overseas," the person who knocked him over said, and his voice was so smooth, lilting with his excitement. A freckled hand reached for the comics in his tight grip and Katsuki inhaled deeply of fresh mint and a unique musk, just as the person froze. A deep sniff said that they were smelling him too, that they were gulping in lungfuls of Katsuki's scent. "Oh, wow, um-"

Katsuki spun around, hand snapping out to tighten around the man's wrist so he couldn't run away. Not that he would run, Katsuki was an absolute catch and he knew it. And if he had reacted so viscerally to the omega's scent, odds were that his omega would react similarly to his own. Katsuki's alpha preened, his pheromones escaping before he could ever hope to tame them in a scent version of a peacock spreading their feathers.

He absolutely did not whimper at the first sight of his mate, no matter what Kaminari's camera footage would later say, but holy fucking freckles, Katsuki was lucky as shit.


So much gods damned green.

Viridian, forest, moss, emerald, jade; Katsuki was drowning in verdant shades, a veritable jungle that sought to drag him beneath the tide of that delicious scent. Those damnably wide eyes - glittering pools, shimmering jewels, glistening stars- cast adrift upon a galaxy of freckles and creamy skin that Katsuki would gladly sink into- especially if those freckles trailed over every delicious inch of his omega's skin.

And his curls! They looked so springy and soft!

Katsuki wanted to run his fingers through them, wanted to twist them around his fingers so he could yank those plush lips tight to his own but he couldn't because- "that's my beanie," Katsuki said stupidly, and a flush bloomed behind those freckles, almost drowning them out which would be a shame because they were so fucking adorable. His omega stuttered as he attempted to hide his face behind his hands, dropping the comics back to the floor and succeeding only in pulling Katsuki's wrist across his soft skin.

The blonde alpha found himself cursing and praising the cuffs all omegas and alphas were forced to wear to cover the scent glands on their wrists, along with collars around the scent glands on their necks, or else he would have dragged his omega into the bathroom and mated him up against the filthy mirror. A subtle change to his Omega's scent told Katsuki he wouldn't be opposed to that idea, the sweet-tart of slick filling the air.

"That's my scarf," his omega muttered from behind his hands and Katsuki smirked as he watched him shuffle awkwardly, imagining the slick clinging to his thighs, soaking his pants. Dear gods, what he'd give to be between those thighs. He'd dreamed of it, dreamed of holding his mate for weeks. Dreamed of ruining them for anyone else and now he had his chance. Fucking it up wasn't an option.

"How about I buy you a new one? I'm rather fond of this one," Katsuki kept his voice low, just for the two of them, because offering to buy clothes for an unmated omega you'd just met? Unheard of. Declaring you were keeping an article of their clothing? Downright scandalous. Not that this omega would be unmated for long, not if Katsuki had anything to do about it.

Green eyes peeked up at him over his spread fingers, a hint of something mischievous in their depths. Life went on behind them, the cafe returned to its regular bustle as his friends continued to record him, but Katsuki could only stare into those green eyes and drink deeply of his scent while he waited for his omega's reply. A tiny upward quirk of his rosy lips gave Katsuki hope.

"H-how about I- um, I give you another one of my sc-scarves an-and you give me another o-one of your hats?" His omega lowered his hands as he blessed Katsuki with the full force of his smile and Katsuki couldn't stop the whine that pushed past his lips. His omega approved of him!

He barely reigned in his joyous alpha, barely caught himself from yanking the smaller man up into his arms and crushing him into his chest so he could bury his nose into those riot of curls. He settled for a gentle tug, carefully pulled his arm in close, his fingers still wrapped around his omega's wrist so that the omega followed the pull of arm. His omega came to him willingly, allowed the weight of his arms as they draped over his shoulders even as he gave a tiny shiver.

"So, what's your name?" Katsuki's deep voice rumbled over his omega's ear, sending another shiver down his spine that caused him to quiver in Katsuki's arms. "Cause all this scarf says is Deku and that can't be right."

His omega giggled, the sweet sound like honey to Katsuki's ears. "No! My name's Izuku! What about you? Are you Kacchan?"

Izuku's sweet teasing made Katsuki shudder, made him pull the tiny omega in closer. "Fuck no," he grunted, keeping his lips next to the shell of Izuku's ear. "My name's Katsuki, Bakugou Katsuki. Want to share it with me?"

Izuku hiccuped, face buried against Katsuki's chest, and then laughter peeled from his mouth like wind chimes. Cuuuuuuteeee, he groaned to himself, desperate to hold onto at least a shred of his tough image, but Izuku giggled out, "That was smooth! Been practicing it long?"

"Ever since this cute little nerd's scarf nearly strangled me," he shot for dry humor but Izuku was still giggling.

"Ahem, boys? I don't mean to interrupt but you are blocking the entryway," the cashier's voice broke into their little bubble, causing Izuku's face to flame as he jerked away. He clumsily dropped to his knees to pick up the comics and Katsuki gracefully followed him, taking the books from him and stacking them in his own arms despite his omega's half-hearted protests.

"Sorry, dad," Izuku croaked, his face cherry red, and then he jerked the end of Katsuki's scarf- well, his own scarf- until the blonde was forced to follow him, around the counter and up a set of stairs.



"I'm really sorry about that! I know it must have been awkward, I wasn't even paying attention! Oh gosh, and your friends were there too! And my dad!! I almost- and in front of my dad!"

Katsuki was entranced by the motion of Izuku's lips, the way he chewed nervously at them, the way he waved his hands frantically in front of his face as he rambled and ranted. Really, he should probably stop him but there was just something so adorable at the way his cheeks were flushed so red. Still, there was something interesting in what Izuku just said.

"You almost what, nerd?" Katsuki hummed, propped against the wall to what he guessed was Izuku's bedroom. It was certainly littered with enough superhero merch, dozens of figurines and two shelves of comics and manga. There was a desk pushed close to the only window, decorated with notebooks.

Either he didn't hear Katsuki or he didn't want to answer him and really, neither of those worked for the alpha. He pushed himself away from the wall, stalking close enough to grip Izuku's face with both hands. Izuku's lips fell open, his round eyes trained on Katsuki's face as he inhaled the smoky flavor of his alpha's scent. He took another shuddering breath, his eyes darkening as he scented Katsuki’s arousal.
“I- um, I-” Izuku gulps, his throat bobbing with the action and Katsuki’s eyes followed the motion, wetting his lips as he did so. Izuku licked his lips in response, his chest heaving. “I-”

Katsuki leaned in close, close enough for their breath to mingle in the tiny space between their mouths. “Mmm, were you wanting a kiss?”

Izuku surprised them both by surging forward, their teeth clacking as he smashed their lips together with a whimper. For a moment, they savored the taste of each other, and then Katsuki took over, one hand cupping Izuku’s cheek as he tilted his head and then he licked along Izuku’s bottom lip. The omega whined, the sound smothered in Katsuku’s mouth as his alpha devoured him, nibbling at his lips until his mouth fell open. Izuku’s hands sank into his shoulders, nails digging against the rough fabric of his leather jacket and then, Izuku jumped.

Katsuki caught him effortlessly, gripping the meat of his thighs as he shifted Izuku’s weight to pull him closer. Izuku’s legs wrapped around his waist even as he shoved at Katsuki’s jacket and the alpha huffed a gravelly laugh, “That desperate for me, baby?”

Izuku shuddered, eyes closing as Katsuki parted from his lips to nibble the underside of his jaw, to bite at the sensitive skin there. He tilted his head back further, giving his alpha better access to his throat. Katsuki licked along the border of the collar, dipped his tongue beneath the lined leather to drag along what he can reach of Izuku’s scent gland.

“O-oh! Gods, that-” Izuku moaned, rocking his hips against Katsuki’s even with his limited movements. The beanie fell free from his hair as his head tilted back further, tempting his alpha towards a treat he couldn’t reach with the collar in place. Izuku bit at Katsuki’s jaw, drew his mouth back to his own so he could bite Katsuki’s lip. The alpha gasped, mouth opening to let Izuku’s tongue in. Izuku was clumsy, his tongue swiping over Katsuki’s teeth with a whine but Katsuki let him hold the reigns, let him control the kiss.

The smell of his slick saturated the air, soaked the front of Katsuki’s pants as his fingers dug into Izuku’s thighs. Katsuki groaned when Izuku’s fingers found his hair, tangled in the ashen strands, and he spun them around, shoving Izuku against the wall. He pressed his knee beneath Izuku so he could support his weight long enough to shove his jacket off and his omega hummed with delight mere seconds before he twisted his fingers in Katsuki’s shirt and ripped, savagely baring Katsuki’s chest to his roaming fingers.

“Fuck, yeah, baby,” Katsuki groaned as Izuku’s nails left welts in their wake, red lines trailing behind his fingers. “Want to mark me up? Make sure everyone knows I belong to you? C’mon baby, you can do better than tha-” his words cut off with a hiss as Izuku’s nails dug into his skin, cutting crescent moons into his back before he raked his hands down, bloody furrows left behind. “Shit, like that, just like that-”

Izuku wailed as Katsuki ground against him, his cock fully erect and straining at his slick-soaked pants. “You smell so good,” Izuku whined, head thunking against the wall. “Only thing that-ah!- that got me through m-my heat,” he whimpered and Katsuki moaned at the image, of this gorgeous omega writhing through his heat with Katsuki’s hat pressed to his mouth. Shit, he could smell it, smell the hint of pre-heat burgeoning in Izuku’s scent, ripe and ready to burst.

“That what you want? Want to spend your heat with me?” Katsuki growled into Izuku’s ear, bare skin of his chest pressed to Izuku’s fully clothed front. “Built a nest for you, made it all nice and cozy, just needs your scent to make it perfect-”

“Yo- ohhh, do that again!” Izuku moaned, pressing their lips back together as he rutted against Katsuki’s thigh. “Want to see it, want to make it ours-”

Katsuki couldn’t resist, not after hearing that. He reached between them, fumbled with Izuku’s pants until the button popped off and he could free Izuku from his denim prison before he did the same to his own. All it took was wrapping his big hand around both of their aching lengths before Izuku was coming hard, his release coating Katsuki's abdomen. Izuku's mouth was wide open, his eyes tightly closed as his nails cut into Katsuki's back. His hips jerked, tiny thrusts into Katsuki's hand before he whimpered from the oversensitivity and fuck, the alpha had never wanted anyone more in his life.

"Shit, 'Zuku, baby- I need- want-"

Izuku slumped forward, dead weight on his arms though his ankles were still hooked around his lower back. He feathered lazy kisses over Katsuki's bare skin, boneless but confident in his alpha's ability to hold him, to keep him from falling even as Katsuki continued to rock against him. There was a fire beginning to burn in his belly though, one that usually preluded his heat, and his cock was already hardening again.

“Kat- Kats- please, please, need you inside me,” Izuku moaned, head lolling on Katsuki’s shoulder.

Shit, yes, fuck yes,” Katsuki snarled and Izuku’s world shifted as his alpha carted him to his bed, never once separating from his embrace. He followed Izuku down, pinning him to the mattress as his omega began shoving at his pants. With a huffed chuckle, Katsuki allowed them to be parted long enough to rip their clothes off, and then there they were, naked skin pressed together from chest to hip with Izuku’s legs locked around his waist.

“Pleasepleasepleaseplease,” Izuku panted, nails dragging jagged lines across his shoulders.

“Want to drown in your smell,” Katsuki moaned, rutting his aching length between Izuku’s slick-soaked cheeks. His omega yanked at his hair, squeezed with his hips to drag him in closer but Katsuk was too invested in the whimpering whines coming from those pretty plush lips, too busy enjoying the glazed green of his eyes to realize that Izuku was sinking swiftly into his heat. The desperation with which he tried to get Katsuki within him should have been telling but Katsuki was drowning in the pleasure of his presence.

"Alpha, alpha, please," Izuku shrieked and Katsuki finally looked at him, really looked. Saw the blush flooding over his cheeks and creeping down his chest, saw the feverish glaze to his eyes and the hunger prowling in their depths. Felt the thunderous beat of his heart slamming against his ribcage, hard enough Katsuki could feel it against his own chest. Izuku mewled at his attention, reveled in the heat of his gaze.

"Shit, you just went into heat," Katsuki said, not that Izuku could really hear him. Some distant part of Katsuki knew he should detangle himself from Izuku's hold but he couldn't, he'd been longing for this for months, addicted to this man before he'd ever even met him. And the scent of his heat had drawn Katsuki's alpha to the forefront, brought rut simmering through his veins. "Oh fuck," he whined, hips jerking at the realization.

Izuku bit at his neck, his arm, anywhere he could reach, frustrated and in desperate need of release. "Please," he begged, rocking against Katsuki. "Alpha, I need it, need you-"

Shit. That was all it took. His perfect little omega begging for him? Katsuki was fucking gone.

Katsuki gripped himself, guiding his cock to Izuku's drenched hole and rocking forward. He slid in a few inches, not even close to all the way, pausing for his omega to adjust to his generous girth. Izuku's eyes rolled back, his head dropped against the mattress as his mouth widened in a silent scream. He was so fucking tight, pulsing around Katsuki's thick cock as the alpha willed himself not to blow his load just from pushing inside him. Izuku's arms tightened around his shoulders as he gasped for air. With tiny, hesitant rolls of his hips, Katsuki slowly pushed until his cock was buried to the root within Izuku.

His omega babbled and whined, gasping moans that barely even registered to Katsuki. They weren't even coherent; just a slurred mashup of words that could have been Katsuki's name, sprinkled throughout with pleas and cries for deeper, harder, more. A litany of wailing begging, all for Katsuki to please just give him more. And Katsuki was nothing if not the best: if his omega wanted more, then Katsuki would give it to him.

But at his own pace.

Katsuki wanted to savor every single second of this, of the slow glide of Izuku’s soft walls around him.

When he pulled out, agonizingly slow, his omega screamed, legs clamping down to keep him deep within him. His alpha preened at the desperation painted lewdly across Izuku’s face, at the way his pupils were blown wide, the way his face was flushed a deep crimson, his lips bitten a cherry red and cheeks stained with tears. Slick squelched around his cock as he languidly thrust back into his omega’s silken walls, dripping around his thick length and pooling on the bed beneath them.

He pressed into him, trapped his dick between their bellies as he rocked lazily into Izuku, driving him absolutely crazy with the slow pace. Call him a deeply hidden hopeless romantic but Katsuki wanted to leave a lasting impression. This wasn’t just a mating, this wasn’t even a competition between Katsuki and any potential suitors his omega might have – even though it is a little bit, Katsuki was fucking possessive, sue him. This? This was making love. This was carving a place within Izuku that only Katsuki could ever fill, this was getting him just as hooked on Katsuki’s scent as the alpha was hooked on his.

(He already was, not that Katsuki was aware of the fact at the time.)

Izuku writhed beneath him, his nails biting so deeply into Katsuki’s skin that the alpha was sure it would scar, leaving him with Izuku’s mark on him forever. His walls clenched and pulsated around him, dragging him deeper and deeper inside. His knot was already swelling, rubbing against Izuku’s rim as he thrust into him. His omega knew it, his heels digging into Katsuki’s lower back in an attempt to force the knot inside as he wailed and begged for it.

Katsuki almost felt sorry for the cafe full of patrons just two floors below them.

“C’mon, baby, want you to come for me, you can do it,” Katsuki purred, pressing closer so that his omega could get the friction he so desperately needed by rubbing his cock against Katsuki’s abs. Katsuki shuddered at the wet slide of his length on his own sweaty skin, at the choked whimpers trickling from Izuku’s throat as he bucked up, his balls tensing as he came hard. “That’s it, good boy, fuck you look gorgeous, ‘Zuku,” Katsuki moaned, driving hard into his omega.

Izuku’s fingers didn’t fall lax from their deep clutch on him- if anything, he tightened his grip, fingers slipping on sweat and blood as his body was wracked by the tremors of his intense orgasm. The air was punched from his lungs as he clamped down around Katsuki, mouth gaped open in a silent scream of pleasure. Just seeing his mate look so blissed out was doing things to Katsuki’s heart, made it skip a few beats as he finally switched up their pace. He drew out, slick pouring from Izuku’s fluttering hole, and then slammed back in.

“Oh, oh, ohmygods,” Izuku wheezed as Katsuki fucked him, fast and hard.

Katsuki’s knot finally slipped inside his omega’s silky walls, as his quivering body massaged his knot to its full size, trapping it within him, condemning Katsuki to shallow thrusts. His knot tugged firmly with his thrust, sending Izuku’s oversensitive body into another orgasm that threatened to make his omega faint from the overload of sensations.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” the alpha chanted as his own release approached like a tidal wave of molten lava, breaking his powerfully short thrusts into a frantic grind that finally pulled him over the edge with his omega. He came with a roughhewn bellow, hips jerking as he spilled into his mate, his seed coating Izuku’s womb until his belly bulged from the sheer amount of warm cum filling him up. And his amazing omega fucking thanked him for it.

“Oh gods, thank you, thank you, thank you alpha, so good,” he wailed as his cock gave one final spurt of seed over their bellies, fingers uncurling from their death grip on his shoulders so his blood-soaked hands could pat weakly at Katsuki’s hair. His head lolled limply to the side as his green eyes fluttered, still mumbling his praises to his alpha.

Katsuki nosed at the swollen scent gland on his neck, rubbed his cheek over it to saturate Izuku with his own scent and his omega shocked him by begging, “Do it, bite me. Claim me, I’ve never wanted anyone like I’ve wanted you, please make me yours-”

Some might say that Katsuki gave in too easily, caved in a moment of weakness but when Katsuki lapped at the salty skin of his neck, nibbled and sucked up the graceful sweep of freckled skin, and Izuku moaned, fully trusting him with his body and his gods-damned future, Katsuki knew he’d do everything in his power to keep this omega, everything to keep him safe and happy. To pump his belly full of seed and plant a whole damn litter in his womb.

In the seconds before his teeth pierced the delicate skin of Izuku’s scent gland, the omega felt his teeth curve in a tender smile and he knew he would never want anyone but Katsuki ever again.