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The Corrupted State Of You.

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You had been given the privilege of being uncuffed, now locked to a chair that they had brought in as you scarfed down a simple dinner sitting on a table before it would be time to get down to business. The food had been hot and burned your mouth and throat, but it had been months without a truly good meal. 

 It had taken many hours for them to explain everything to you, the sun setting long ago. They explained why they'd found the hideout, what happened with BoarDozer, your quirk... and the wounds. From what had been told to you, the quirk you had was unstable and caused damage to your body. You were now completely blind in your left eye and deaf on the same side, with burns wriggling down your body like rivers. Most likely to be left with scars of a similar fashion. 

 Stretching from your feet, around your ankles, covering your thighs as they snaked along your torso and shoulders. Each arm was circled by the marks which led up to your face, cloaking nearly the entire left side. It felt nice to know you had a quirk like your father, but it was shocking and almost unbelievable. Now you had to catch up with everyone else who knew from their childhood. But your power was one you couldn't control. From what All Might said, your mother had unknowingly suppressed your powers using her empathetic abilities. 

 Most likely worried about what powers you'd get and how you'd grow up. A common thing for empath parents to do on accident, so you had never had the ability to manifest it physically until you felt an overwhelming emotion in a dire situation. When you thought your new father figure had been killed, once again unable to protect the person you cared for. This caused the subconscious lock your mother placed to be broken, spilling your raw and untrained potential.

 Now that you knew he was fine, simply arrested and in jail, it was a worry of yours that you'd be unable to do it again. After a few hours of working with EraserHead, who gave you permission to call him Aizawa-sensei, you managed to produce a bit of your quirk. Now you were able to cover your palms with a deep purple liquid which buzzed like T.V static and sizzled when touched to other objects, the liquid being able to corrode them. All you had to do was think about things that pained your heart, mentally and physically draining.

 Aizawa had called it liquid corruption, a mixture of your mother's water-based power and your father's dark matter. Empathy also seemed to run in the family as your powers were directly influenced by your feelings, making them harder to control as emotions overruled your mind.

 All-Might had mused that you and Aizawa looked similar when your hair lifted and swayed as you used your powers. This made your heart twinge with both embarrassment and pride. Even as a technical villain, you admired the Pro-Heroes a lot, even when you thought they were at fault, your admiration never left the back of your mind. 

 The bandaged hero had left momentarily to grab materials to redress your injuries, he sought forward in teaching you how to do it, so you could do the more intimate parts on your own later. Slowly he showed you the alcohol and iodine mixture, how to measure the right amounts and began to clean the wounds you'd unwrapped at a pace that wasn't too painful. Thick sweat built on your brow from the stinging sensation, hands trembling as you did your best to sit through it. To show you would behave.

 The idea of being locked back up as you had been at first wasn't something you wanted to come too quickly simply because of an outburst from the pain, so you kept your resolve in check. Breathing shakily, the cleaning portion was done much to your appreciation. His skilled hands unraveled the thin gauze, stretching the material before he asked you something, making your face burn. 

 "Have you thought about my offer yet? If you refuse... well-" 

 All Might cut him off, sweat building on his face before he stood quickly, his muscular body trembling and his voice forced.

 "I must take my leave. Young [Y/F/N], please take into consideration what EraserHead offers. You may not have much of a fighting chance if you don't. Farewell!" 

 As the blonde-haired hero quickly left the room, you blinked slightly confused and furrowed your brows before taking a breath. You'd been mulling the idea over in your head since it was suggested. Would it really be okay to be around others with a quirk so dangerous... the fear of hurting someone, scarring them forever or killing them encompassed your mind with fear. What if you were only fit for evil. 

  Aizawa must've sensed your feelings considering he cleared his throat and finished speaking. 

  "If you refuse, you'll be fined, set free, and you'll be forced to pay within a timeframe that is unnegotiable. [Y/F/N], your father was an amazing man. His powers started out unruly and wild. With effort and training, he learned to control his quirk. I believe you can as well."


 "I read a lot about him when I was in school to become a teacher. How he helped shape the world of quirk defense. He was a hero despite his wild and unpredictable powers, and I believe with enough work you can be a hero too. So don't waste this opportunity." 

 He set to rewrapping your wounds, making sure to do it tight enough to apply pressure but not enough to hurt. Wincing when it stung here and then, you fought back the urge to ask a million questions at once and also the urge to cry echoed in your heart.


Instead, you began picking out a few questions that felt the most important, tears making your throat tight as you tried to focus on your thoughts.


"That isn't a hero I'd want to be like.. every day he'd come home in agony or exhausted, and no matter what place he tried to work at they would fire him eventually. Yet the Lab always welcomed him.. for their own selfish reasons without realizing how much it took out of him. Mother and Father thought they hid it well, the fear of losing everything. They didn't. I could always see it, shining behind their forced happiness like a beacon to despair. He'd cry sometimes... fearing he'd have to do the same painful job for the rest of his life."

 That comment from you made Aizawa watch you lost for words, his scruffy face shocked and tired eyes wide. You kept going, the sound of unraveling bandages became background noise.

 "Yet every day he did it, without fail, for my mother and I. My father was a true hero because even in the face of what felt like torture... he kept going. Not because he felt like being a hero. My father was fighting an unseen battle just to provide for me. I want to be a selfless hero like that. But not for my personal gain, but just to help and make a change. So, I'll do it, I'll take your offer."

 Your eyes turned to look at the man helping you finish wrapping the marks, who gave you a determined nod. In his eyes, you had potential after all, and that was enough to make you want to try. 

 "Then show me that fire and become a hero. I expect success, if not, then there will be no use in you having any hope."

 EraserHead's words were harsh, cold and unfiltered. Yet the words didn't travel to your heart like a knife, they traveled like a jolt of electricity sparking your motivation and determination to life. Rusted joints and stalled gears bursting to life with a mechanical roar. You'd become a hero, and there was no other option you'd allow.