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The Corrupted State Of You.

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 Your mother's hand felt warm wrapped around your own, as her soft, padded thumb swept over your small knuckles in a loving manner. Her bright smile caused her dark eyes to sparkle, and her plum hair swayed as she walked with you. The air was soft in your memories, hazy as if the happy memories were clouded in a blur of joy and love.

Trees swayed with the chilled autumn breeze, while the sun stood its ground in the edge of the sky as time threatened to press it below the horizon, a soft melodic hum coming from your mother. You were wearing your dad's favorite scarf, a beautiful black, and blue swirled pattern because you insisted you had to bring it to him as he got off of work.

 Your mother decided to humor you, dressing your tiny body up in thick layers of clothes: A pink polka-dot dress, dust pink leggings, and your favorite boot and coat combination. The two of you then set out to meet your dad halfway home.

When you saw him, his slicked, black hair and tired blue eyes filled with tears, worried little legs carried you into a sprint towards your father. Your heart raced; seeing your father look so distraught brought so much fear to your five-year-old heart. He wiped the tears from his eyes before kneeling on one knee with his arms stretched out to catch you as you threw yourself at him. 

"Dadda! What wrong, why you cryin'?  

  Your voice croaked as soft sobs began to build in your chest, you were always so quick to cry when you saw others doing so, partly (from your empathetic sensitivity) from your mother's side no doubt. He stiffened and pulled you into a tight hug, the shakiness in his voice apparent as he spoke, it was then when his habit of lying came to the surface.

"Oh, my sweet star... Nothing is wrong, Dadda isn't crying! He was just so happy to see you, and what's this?-"

The scarf around your neck was gently pulled away by his strong hands, scarred and calloused from working at the factory.

"-my favorite scarf, from my favorite girl? What a gift!"

His tone sounded forced, but your child-like mind immediately swelled in pride and you beamed at him, completely forgetting what had happened before.

Your mother laid her hand on your head softly, ruffling her daughter's dark purple hair, meeting her child's deep blue eyes. Sadness, fear, and love swam in her gaze, even back then she had been terrible at hiding fear, but you were much too young to understand it all. She gave a soft giggle, eyes closing peacefully, tears threatening to spill at the edges when she spoke.

"[Y/N], it's time to run." 

For some reason you could have sworn her voice was different just then, eyebrows furrowed before you realized something, it wasn't your mother speaking. 


  A loud explosion and a tugging of your arm woke you from pained unconsciousness, heavy-lidded eyes barely opening as you were thrust to your feet, your wrist gripped tightly by someone several times larger.

  "You heard me [Y/C/N], we gotsta' run, and we gotsta' run fast!" 

  Before you could even register anything, you were sprinting alongside the person who lifted the foggy haze. Shouting and crashing sounded from behind, deep in the abandoned traffic tunnel, a broken-down bus being thrown towards you. Thinking quickly, both of you leapt out of the way, stumbling behind an old burned car. Slamming against it as a form of cover, you finally had the chance to come to your senses. 

   A longtime friend sat next to you, tapping away at the communication device on his forearm. It was BoarDozer, a villain named after his boar-like features including, tusks, fur, tail and arguably the biggest part, his boar head. His massive size made getting through objects, and people, extremely easy, thus coining him the bulldozer of the group. You wouldn't brag, but you were the one who came up with the name and were surprised when he actually kept it.

 Everything started coming back: The mission to break into the bank, planning the sting operation in the tunnel hideout, and then the ambush... A group of Pro-Heroes had managed to find your boss's hideout and it led to a complete takeover. That hadn't stopped many of the villains from fighting back or trying to escape, though what you hadn't expected was for everyone to be sent flying from the force of the Pro-Hero's landing. That must have been what made you pass out, a human skull bouncing off the ground was bound to do that, you were sure.

  "Where is Vipera?" 

 Voice strained, you asked about your snake-like coworker, a slender hand reaching to touch the back of your head, wincing at the stinging, knowing there would be blood before actually seeing it. The crimson color stained pale skin, years of underground hiding and night trips caused your complexion to be very sickly, the harshness of the blood against it making your stomach flip. 

 "They caught 'er before she could get out, da Boss managed ta' get away jus' fine. Gotsta find 'em in Kagoshima." 

 Hearing the calmness in his voice settled any worries, but not the swirling of your stomach and the pain in your skull. Nausea took over and bile rose in your throat, doubling over, you let the feeling wash over. Retching in the corner of the hiding space, eyes squeezed shut with tears pricking them from the burn, though after a few moments the feeling had faded. BoarDozer hissed and pushed his arm swiftly against your chest, tugging the both of you farther behind the car remains before he spoke in a hushed tone. 

 "We both know what I gotsta do... I'll lead 'em away, and you gotsta run when they get distracted." 

 Normally arguing about the idea, refusing and forcing your friend not to follow through with such a stupid idea would be your forte, but both of you knew the severity of the situation and what it would spell for the rest of the group. He was stronger and had a better chance of driving off the heroes, quirkless people had no business in the battle. Without giving permission, your head nodded in confirmation before shrinking yourself closer to the vehicle to hide.

Taking the nod as an agreement, BoarDozer sprinted from the hiding place and started down the tunnel away from the heroes and you. Acting as bait, shouting obscenities that you would rather not repeat before the sound of joining footsteps appeared. 

 "I'll find the female one, you go after the Boar. Make this quick, we don't have much time."

A lazed almost bored voice came from behind the car bandage-like tendrils threatening to reach over the side of the hiding place, making your blood chill with fear. Hearing whoever the person had spoken to, give a small sound of understanding, you saw the hero sprint after BoarDozer and the bandages disappear.

The hero had grey hair which came to three different points, his armor sporting a bright red scarf and a blue coat-like covering. Edgeshot, you had remembered being briefed about the heroes before, and his name was one to come up quite often but you never knew exactly what he did. To your horror, you found out as Edgeshot seemed to flatten his arm, shooting it out to pierce your friend through the back, his body dropping with a guttural sound.

 Rage and emotional agony boiled through you, at the time you had thought they killed him, the only person in that fucked up little world who had given any kindness to you. Suddenly you found yourself sprinting at Edgeshot, faster than a human possibly could, body rising in the air as your hands itched and burned.

A dark purple, almost black liquid covered your hands, wrapped around your body like a snake. Screaming, you felt the aura pulsate in the air, shaking the tunnel as the dark liquid splattered onto surfaces nearby. Immediately the car which you had been hiding behind before began to glitch and lurch, the old metal creaking and folding in on itself. As if the power had begun to melt the already charred metal.

 Ignoring the searing pain of your flesh, your chest felt it was about to burst from the emotions rolling through it. The thought hadn't even crossed your mind yet; you were quirkless, so where did the power come from? Without missing a beat, power build around you, the sizzling and burning of concrete beneath you told you that whatever it was, it had hoisted you into the air. Though that way it moved as your body did, how fluid and smooth it felt to shift and rise higher into the tunnel let you know it was a part of you. Anger brought the situation back to what had started it in the first place, BoarDozer.

The last thing you remembered before you blacked out was the look of horror in Edgeshot's eye.


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   The snow sparkled in large piles all around, untouched and pure, diamond-like sparkles raining from the sky in an elegant dance. You envied them.

 How they swirled and sashayed through the air without effort. Weightless... Free. While you were always weighed down by a fact that broke your mother and father's hearts, even if their attempts to keep it hidden were valiant. You were assumed to be quirkless by your family doctor, and as your tenth birthday past, the eleventh nearing its start, there was nearly no chance of you ever manifesting a quirk.

   Your mother always thought water would run in the family as it did for her's, even your dad made guesses and theories while he waited with bated breath. But your quirk never came, and so their dreams were crushed. Yet their love for you never faltered, life continued as it always did. 

  You remembered the fear in your chest, it burned and rippled like boiling water, your bleeding mother clutched against you.


 The day had started normal, yet you felt uneasy, something didn't sit well, and the air was tight with unease. Brushing it off as overthinking scared of the first day of school, you found yourself following your routine; Wake up, wash up, get dressed and head to the kitchen where your mom would undoubtedly be making pancakes, your dad humming a soft tune to the radio.

Though as you descended the stairs, the silence was what greeted you, along with a disheveled living room. Furniture overturned, glass was broken across the floor, the back window shattered, and.. blood. So much blood.

 Iron. The smell stuck with you ever since, the way it assaulted your every sense, stomach doing back-flips as you padded silently towards the backdoor. It was ajar, the cold air whistling through the area eerily as if drawing you closer.

Voices outside the door caused your heart to jump into your throat, body freezing in place before the scurrying of footsteps faded into the distance. A soft sobbing caused you to fling the door open and sprint out into the cold without shoes on. 

 "[Y/F/N]... please... [Y/F/N].." 

  Her voice was weak, skin pale as blood pooled around her mangled body.

Your mother's legs from the knee and below were broken, fragmented bone splinters gouging the exposed flesh. Either arm was twisted beyond recognition, one barely hanging on by ligaments as the other twitched on its own with remaining nerve signals.

Gagging, you dropped to her side, not caring about the warm crimson liquid which stained your pants and shirt, pulling her close to you in a gentle manner to not hurt her any farther. 

  Almost immediately as she saw you, her eyes lost their spark of life, chest deflating with a sickeningly drawn-out breath. You knew at that moment she was dead, the way her body slumped and became limp. Your breathing sped up, tears springing to your eyes, this couldn't be happening.. this was all a bad dream. It had to be!

Before you could panic more, another sound stole your attention, the sound of your father croaking your name. His body had been half-hidden in the white blanketed ice, beside the Yew bushes he had planted earlier that spring. Shock, adrenaline, fear, and too many emotions to pin caused your mind to swim. Setting your mother down softly, you stumbled your way through the snow to him, his onyx hair messy, hands reaching out for you.

 His legs were broken too, even slightly covered it was obvious. Your blue eyes met his matching ones, tears pooling as if like a mirrored image. Horror replaced your pain, stomach clenching, and legs pushing you to back up fearfully. Pushing you onto your bottom and backward, tailbone smacking into the stone pillar which held the gate to your yard. Breathing frantically you thought you'd be sick.

 His jaw had been nearly ripped off, hanging loosely as blood gushed. Gurgling and choking noises followed his attempts at your name until he stilled, chest no longer moving. When he slumped over, face-first into the snowy bush, screaming came from around you. It hurt, the sound piercing your eardrums, clamping hands over your ears.

 You didn't realize it was you screaming. 


Pro-Hero's Point Of View.

"-Everyone ready?" Edgeshot questioned, turning his attention to the tired man beside him how tightened the bandages around his neck who nodded. The small group of Pro-Heroes stood right outside the entrance and exit of an underground traffic tunnel. The rumor was, that a group of villains known for home invasions, store heists and other forms of thievery had made the tunnel their hideout.

It had been mostly used as a dumping grounds for city transit. When a vehicle broke down and couldn't be repaired, it found it's resting place there among the other iron bones.

As they entered though it seemed as if most of the vehicles had been hollowed out, boarded up, modified and added upon to create makeshift shelter, each the size of a small room. Enough to sleep and lounge in.

The sudden screaming and sounding of an alarm pushed the heroes to jump into action as villains scrambled from an old freight cargo container. Shota Aizawa, or Eraserhead as he was better known, opened his eyes to glare at a group coming at Edgeshot and himself.

As their quirks stopped working, their gaze shifting to panic and rage, they defaulted to physical combat. Their attempts failed as Edgeshot struck each one, knocking them unconscious with his quirk. It was easy.. too easy. Scrambling feet and shouting came from a small two-person group, a Boar-like villain and what seemed to be a purple-haired teen. A villain at such a young age? or a hostage?

The answer was clear to Aizawa as he ran quickly beside his grey-haired coworker before a booming sounded behind them.

"Watch out Eraserhead! Coming right at you!"

Wooden tendrils shoved the two heroes out of the way, as a vehicle came straight for them, Kamui Woods giving them a nod before launching off to arrest the villains who had been caught. A viper themed criminal putting up an exceptionally large struggle. Suddenly the boar villain, known as BoarDozer sprinted from a hiding place and took off down the ruined road.

"I'll find the female one, you go after the Boar. Make this quick, we don't have much time."

Aizawa spoke, giving Edgeshot a small plan to make things easier, All Might had arrived not too long ago and he was almost through his power usage for the day. Something told him to check where the boar had come from but he heard talking behind him and traveled a short distance to follow it. Scanning the area, Aizawa didn't see anyone besides a few Pro-Heroes who began to give him an update on the situation.

The boss of the criminals had also managed to escape, it wasn't the outcome they had wanted, knowing the man would only gather more people to rob and pillage. He was a simple crime boss, a man who wanted fat pockets with no work. At least they'd captured a substantial amount of his lackeys, taking a bit of crime off the street.

Edgeshot had managed to pierce BoarDozer when he caught up to him, temporarily putting the man to sleep until they'd question him later. It would be hell to transport all the villains back, but at least most of them would be sleeping. Angry screaming filled the tunnel and a large shadow built behind him.

The young girl from before towered over him, arms and legs covered in a thick tar-like substance that acted as giant limbs. Claw-like arms and legs, eyes completely consumed by darkness, hair floating and pulsing with the same dark aura before the screaming began to become distorted. It covered her as if it were forcefully taking hold, her mouth being invaded by the liquid, dark tears and pained expression.

His eyes widened in shock, the power almost reminiscent of a U.A student's quirk, Dark Shadow. Though.. statistically someone else couldn't have that quirk. As the female teen's skin began to sizzle and burn, the monstrous arm swung out, sending hardened shards of darkness flying towards Edgeshot.

Terrifyingly the shards caused what they touched to sizzle, dissolve and glitch in place. Almost like a video game. The sharp hero barely dodging in time.

Aizawa looked back at where he had run from, seeing what seemed to be the girl from before but.. she was cloaked in a festering aura. His eyes widened, as he recognized the type of power. It was dark matter, yet free-flowing like liquid. Liquid Corruption, one of many quirks he couldn't stop and one that only one person he knew, ever had.

"Don't let the corruption touch you! It will continue to eat away at what it touches unless we can stop her!"

Shouting out a warning, Edgeshot nodded at the information, throwing off the scarf which had been struck and began to dissolve. The claws swiped put again, this time colliding with the wall of the concrete tunnel. It shook, chunks being torn from the structure, causing it to begin to crumble. Suddenly creaking and cracking from the material sent the Pros into action.


Grabbing as many people as they could, most heroes exited the tunnel in an evacuation attempt, Eraserhead and Edgeshot trapped where they were as the walls began to crumble. Even if they wanted to move they couldn't without making a tough choice. If they left then the girl would cause more damage to herself, but if they stayed, then the entire section of tunneling would fall. Either way seemed to be a dead-end, only resulting in injury.

Cursing to himself, Aizawa grabbed Edgeshot who in turn gripped onto BoarDozer before flinging themselves away from the purple-haired girl. Screaming, the creature turned to follow them, breaking more of the concrete as it did. Just as the two heroes made their way out of the archway, it collapsed, burying the girl underneath the rubble.



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   The funeral was rather large, seeing as your parents had many friends in their lives. They weren't heroes in any regard, your mother being an empath with a water quirk made her popular with doctors. Mostly those who cared for people with muscle issues, where your mother could massage painful areas with her powers that came from her hands.

 That was where your parents differed though, as your father had a more aggressive quirk. It was often referred to as Dark Matter, your father was capable of releasing corruptive Dark Matter at will from his mouth and legs. He worked in a factory, but you later found out it was really a laboratory in which he helped scientists study how to create defenses against quirks with destructive properties.

 Always tired, but always happy to lend a hand... That was who your parents always had been. So maybe that was why looking at their caskets while hidden behind a tree made you feel so emotional. Or it was the fact you couldn't even go to the funeral.

 You could recall what had happened so distinctly when the group of villains arrived sooner than the heroes. How the oldest male picked you up and held you, shushing your pained cries before the others covered your parents with their coats as if to let them hold onto the last of their pride. Evil had given you a kind hand to hold and a shoulder to sob into, and a thought that made your spine to freeze.

 You'd be framed as the killer, covered in their blood, in the house at the scene of the crime. There was no motive, no reasoning why you'd do it. You didn't and no one would have blamed you, but your mind was in shock. Thinking clearly wasn't on the agenda. Though someone speaking broke yourself from the thoughts of the past.

 "It's time ta go, [Y/C/N]. Before they notice, c' mon." 

A warm male voice came before a soft patting of your head, looking up you saw a boarlike figure. Nodding, you sniffled before grabbing the man's hand. The group of villains were standing behind you as you turned to look at them. A woman with snakeskin and fangs gave you a sympathetic smile, ushering you into a hug before you all set out with them. 

 The group was known as "The Pack." Having received their name from the fact each member had an animalistic quality. Except for you, a quirkless child they saw pity in. It had been taught to you since you were a child, villains were nothing but evil and danger.

Though The Pack showed you care in return for your help, only asking you to be a distraction in return for food, a place to sleep, and people to protect you. How could you have said no?


 You felt groggy. Head spinning, body sore, and a stinging sensation pulsing from head to toe. Shifting, you aimed to roll over in bed, but were met with resistance from your wrists, this caused your eyes to attempt to open. Hissing at the pain, noticing your left eye refused to follow the action, while your right eye flickered open to meet bright artificial lights from above. Squinting painfully as a result of the brightness, your nose scrunched.

 Still, in your lethargic stupor, your hands tried to reach up and rub the soreness away, feeling as if you'd gotten a sharp foreign object caught in it. Though as you did, the sounds of chains clanking echoed through the air. This finally made you take a look at your body, wrapped in a hospital gown, IV's trapped under something you didn't expect to see.

 Metal seemed to clasp your hands forcefully together making it hard to move them around or remove the medical needles from your veins. Each wrist was placed into specialized cuffs, hidden within a cage trapping your hands. The contraption joined together with the help of a chain, it felt heavy and weighed on your wounds causing a breathless hiss to come from your lips.

 The handcuffs seemed to be the type used on aggressive and hard to control criminals with powerful quirks, made from a special material almost impossible to destroy. You'd seen them on the news when you were younger. Criminals fighting to break free, and you had laughed with your dad, vowing to put criminals like that in jail when you became a hero.

 Bandages covered your body, wrapped tight enough that some had already begun to leak through with blood, making you blink in confusion. Sweat built on the back of your neck, anxiety covering you like a thick blanket.

 Furrowing your brows, the sudden remembrance of what happened had almost knocked any air from your aching lungs. They killed BoarDozer and tried to kill you! You were caught as a prisoner, hidden away for no one to find. Fear of befalling the same fate had mixed with searing hot anger, and it caused you to thrash despite the pain. 

 Like a wild animal, you threw your arms around smacking the cuffs off of the bedpost only to dent it, your throat let loose a scream of defiance. You wanted out and you wanted out right away! 

 "Let me out!" 

 Shouting hoarsely, you attempted to bring your feet up, hoping to use the leverage to break out of the cuffs. Except you realized shackles of a similar fashion adorned you, entrapping each ankle. The muzzle which covered your mouth and clasping behind your head was almost missed too, making you even more confused. Groaning you knew this would make it nearly impossible to escape if you didn't have free movement. Kicking around, banging your wrist cuffs off the wall now, panic began to drown your thoughts. 

 You were about to slam the lock of the cuffs into the wall when the mechanical squeak of vent doors being opened frightened you, it caused you to look up quickly to see where it was coming from. For the first time, you looked at the room you were in.

 Clean white walls, tile stretching over the entire expanse while glass encompassed an entire front wall. A small slot with a handle on it, most likely for food, sat underneath holes in the glass to speak through. You were chained to a small iron-framed hospital bed, the sheets stained from your leaking bandages with a small dresser next to it with matching details. Most likely it held clothes, or whatever other personal materials someone needed. 

 It seemed to be a high-security prison... Why had they taken you there of all places? You didn't even have a quirk, let alone strength and connections to warrant being held there. Perhaps it had been to scare you into revealing information... You definitely wouldn't after they killed your best friend! 

 Though before you had much more time to think about what insults to throw at whoever would interrogate you, a soft hissing came from the vents. Slowly a blush pink mist began to seep through the vent opening, causing you to haphazardly throw yourself against the wall behind the bed. They were trying to poison you?! What kind of heroes purposely went out of their way to trap and then mercilessly kill... It was sick. 

 You tried futilely to cover your mouth with your arms, the muzzle making it impossible to block off the mist. You felt yourself breathe it in, it caused your head to feel fuzzy and your body to tingle. Though you didn't pass out or die, however, you felt your body relax against your will. Hands becoming too heavy to move and eyelids drooping. 

 "That is enough, Midnight. I want her awake but subdued." 

Your dazed and relaxed eye lazily drifted to the door that opened, a dark-haired man with bandages wrapped around his mouth and nose stood behind the glass. You recognized the man, EraserHead, a Pro-Hero capable of removing quirks as long as he stared at you.

 After him came All Might himself, the man who had inspired you to be a hero when you were young. All those dreams crushed long ago. Also sporting the same bandages wrapped around his mouth, looking at the mist in the air and how EraserHead had called out, you assumed Midnight was behind it. A mist that caused anyone to pass out if breathed in, but enough to subdue if measured correctly.

 Silence hung in the air alongside the mist before you muttered softly, a harsh tone still present, however. 

 'What do you want from me... what did you do to me? Why? Tell me why did you kill him, you sick fucks!?" 

Tears poured from your eyes now, head leaning back to rest against the wall before you bit back a sob that lodged in your throat painfully. You thought you'd choke on the emotions that filled your mind, lost in the sea of it all. Looking back towards the two heroes, their confusion evident even with just their eyes showing. EraserHead spoke.

 "Kill him? No one was killed, except the lives you almost claimed. Myself being included in that number. Those injuries are a result of your own actions. Tell us, why do you lie so diligently to protect a group who kidnapped you?" 

Now it was your turn to be confused, the look on your face causing All Might and EraserHead to exchange glances. Sitting up more the best you could, hunched over, not knowing how to feel. 

 "You are [Y/N] [L/N], daughter of Demetrie [L/N] and Caroline [L/N]. Both were tragically murdered by a group of villains who wanted to stop positive usage of quirks. A meaningless murder. Their only daughter was presumably kidnapped by the group and used as a hostage since. You... are [Y/N], correct?" 

 All Might spoke gently to you, as though he were afraid that speaking too loudly would break any paper-thin resolve you had left. You'd left those memories in the past, trying to forget and pretend the pain hadn't left a permanent hole in your heart. 

 "They didn't kidnap me, and they aren't the killers! I was saved by them! It took you stupid heroes forever to find my parents, but those villains found me right away and saved me. Cared for me and gave me a place to stay. All they wanted was someone to be a distraction. I had no one... nothing else... so what was I supposed to do!" 

Anger caused your words to spill without realizing exactly how much information you were giving out. Everyone in the room was confused, and that made you angry. How could Pro-Heroes just throw around accusations without any proof or understanding! Gritting your teeth, All Might seemed to stiffen at the words, his gaze drifting to his bandaged friend who seemed to be both curious and unsure. 

 You had joined the villains out of necessity, survival and you technically never committed a crime. Accessory to a crime, but not an active member. Now you had no place to stay but you'd be charged a fine with no way to pay it but criminal acts. Both you and the heroes in front of you knew it, so the dark-haired man spoke once more but in a tone which gave you no wiggle room for debate

 "Instead of punishing you for survival, knowing you likely were too young to understand what you were truly doing... You'll come to work for us at U.A. I'll make you help us train the students to fight a very strong villain, how to understand them and how to stop them. In exchange, I'll allow you to stay in my home if you can prove yourself stable enough."

 "EraserHead! Are you sure that is a good idea? I mean... She doesn't seem to have control over the byproduct and it could be dangerous for the students-" 

 You cut the two off with a look of shock. 

 "W-what do you mean? I'm quirkless, I have been even since before my parents passed away. I think you have the wrong kid after all." 

 The Pro-Hero chuckled in exhaustion and rubbed his temples, looking towards the beacon of peace. 

"We've got a lot of explaining to do." 


Chapter Text

You had been given the privilege of being uncuffed, now locked to a chair that they had brought in as you scarfed down a simple dinner sitting on a table before it would be time to get down to business. The food had been hot and burned your mouth and throat, but it had been months without a truly good meal. 

 It had taken many hours for them to explain everything to you, the sun setting long ago. They explained why they'd found the hideout, what happened with BoarDozer, your quirk... and the wounds. From what had been told to you, the quirk you had was unstable and caused damage to your body. You were now completely blind in your left eye and deaf on the same side, with burns wriggling down your body like rivers. Most likely to be left with scars of a similar fashion. 

 Stretching from your feet, around your ankles, covering your thighs as they snaked along your torso and shoulders. Each arm was circled by the marks which led up to your face, cloaking nearly the entire left side. It felt nice to know you had a quirk like your father, but it was shocking and almost unbelievable. Now you had to catch up with everyone else who knew from their childhood. But your power was one you couldn't control. From what All Might said, your mother had unknowingly suppressed your powers using her empathetic abilities. 

 Most likely worried about what powers you'd get and how you'd grow up. A common thing for empath parents to do on accident, so you had never had the ability to manifest it physically until you felt an overwhelming emotion in a dire situation. When you thought your new father figure had been killed, once again unable to protect the person you cared for. This caused the subconscious lock your mother placed to be broken, spilling your raw and untrained potential.

 Now that you knew he was fine, simply arrested and in jail, it was a worry of yours that you'd be unable to do it again. After a few hours of working with EraserHead, who gave you permission to call him Aizawa-sensei, you managed to produce a bit of your quirk. Now you were able to cover your palms with a deep purple liquid which buzzed like T.V static and sizzled when touched to other objects, the liquid being able to corrode them. All you had to do was think about things that pained your heart, mentally and physically draining.

 Aizawa had called it liquid corruption, a mixture of your mother's water-based power and your father's dark matter. Empathy also seemed to run in the family as your powers were directly influenced by your feelings, making them harder to control as emotions overruled your mind.

 All-Might had mused that you and Aizawa looked similar when your hair lifted and swayed as you used your powers. This made your heart twinge with both embarrassment and pride. Even as a technical villain, you admired the Pro-Heroes a lot, even when you thought they were at fault, your admiration never left the back of your mind. 

 The bandaged hero had left momentarily to grab materials to redress your injuries, he sought forward in teaching you how to do it, so you could do the more intimate parts on your own later. Slowly he showed you the alcohol and iodine mixture, how to measure the right amounts and began to clean the wounds you'd unwrapped at a pace that wasn't too painful. Thick sweat built on your brow from the stinging sensation, hands trembling as you did your best to sit through it. To show you would behave.

 The idea of being locked back up as you had been at first wasn't something you wanted to come too quickly simply because of an outburst from the pain, so you kept your resolve in check. Breathing shakily, the cleaning portion was done much to your appreciation. His skilled hands unraveled the thin gauze, stretching the material before he asked you something, making your face burn. 

 "Have you thought about my offer yet? If you refuse... well-" 

 All-Might cut him off, sweat building on his face before he stood quickly, his muscular body trembling and his voice forced.

 "I must take my leave. Young [Y/F/N], please take into consideration what EraserHead offers. You may not have much of a fighting chance if you don't. Farewell!" 

 As the blonde-haired hero quickly left the room, you blinked slightly confused and furrowed your brows before taking a breath. You'd been mulling the idea over in your head since it was suggested. Would it really be okay to be around others with a quirk so dangerous... the fear of hurting someone, scarring them forever or killing them encompassed your mind with fear. What if you were only fit for evil. 

  Aizawa must've sensed your feelings considering he cleared his throat and finished speaking. 

  "If you refuse, you'll be fined, set free, and you'll be forced to pay within a timeframe that is unnegotiable. [Y/F/N], your father was an amazing man. His powers started out unruly and wild. With effort and training, he learned to control his quirk. I believe you can as well."


 "I read a lot about him when I was in school to become a teacher. How he helped shape the world of quirk defense. He was a hero despite his wild and unpredictable powers, and I believe with enough work you can be a hero too. So don't waste this opportunity." 

 He set to rewrapping your wounds, making sure to do it tight enough to apply pressure but not enough to hurt. Wincing when it stung here and then, you fought back the urge to ask a million questions at once and also the urge to cry echoed in your heart.


Instead, you began picking out a few questions that felt the most important, tears making your throat tight as you tried to focus on your thoughts.


"That isn't a hero I'd want to be like.. Everyday he'd come home in agony or exhausted, and no matter what place he tried to work at they would fire him eventually. Yet the Lab always welcomed him.. for their own selfish reasons without realizing how much it took out of him. Mother and Father thought they hid it well, the fear of losing everything. They didn't. I could always see it, shining behind their forced happiness like a beacon to despair. He'd cry sometimes... fearing he'd have to do the same painful job for the rest of his life."

 That comment from you made Aizawa watch you lost for words, his scruffy face shocked and tired eyes wide. You kept going, the sound of unraveling bandages became background noise.

 "Yet every day he did it, without fail, for my mother and I. My father was a true hero because even in the face of what felt like torture... he kept going. Not because he felt like being a hero. My father was fighting an unseen battle just to provide for me. I want to be a selfless hero like that. But not for my personal gain, but just to help and make a change. So, I'll do it, I'll take your offer."

 Your eyes turned to look at the man helping you finish wrapping the marks, who gave you a determined nod. In his eyes, you had potential after all, and that was enough to make you want to try. 

 "Then show me that fire and become a hero. I expect success, if not, then there will be no use in you having any hope."

 EraserHead's words were harsh, cold and unfiltered. Yet the words didn't travel to your heart like a knife, they traveled like a jolt of electricity sparking your motivation and determination to life. Rusted joints and stalled gears bursting to life with a mechanical roar. You'd become a hero, and there was no other option you'd allow. 

Chapter Text


 It had been a long time since you had gotten a genuinely good night's sleep. You mostly stayed up until the sunlight scrambled after the darkness, but the light always being just a bit too slow to catch it. Villain work normally started with dusk and ended with the dawn, and that's how you liked it. 

Yet you drifted off nearly immediately after Aizawa-sensei had locked your cuffs back as they had been when he arrived and gave you a parting speech about keeping your wounds clean. Sleep cloaked your body in weighted rest.

 Hours passed until you were woken up to knocking, the digital clock on the wall stated that it was only 7 a.m. Groaning tiredly, your sore and battered body shifted you upright. Squinting at whoever was making all the noise you grunted in a daze.

Aizawa and All-Might stood behind the door alongside a group of highly armored guards. You looked between the male guards who were impossible to tell apart, one female, and the two heroes, this caused you swallowed thickly.


"I will be unchaining you now, and these men are going to take you to the washroom."


The black-haired man seemed more tired than usual, looking towards the group beside him without turning to them. Each guard held a stun-like weapon, their uniform covered in a carbon fiber material you were familiar with. You'd seen it countless times, your dad helped test it using his powers more times than you could remember.


"Shinva, the head of the police task force, will be there with you as we can't let you be alone until we know for sure you can be trusted. Understood?"


All-Might finished where EraserHead ended, pointing towards a feminine shaped guard who's hair shined like a bright olive neon light. Shinva had a stern expression, though the way her lips melted into a polite smile and her honey-colored eyes shined with warmth told you it was only when necessary. This calmed you slightly before your gaze found the teachers again.

"Okay understood. But... where am I going?"

 Cocking your eyebrow, you watched as the door was opened and Aizawa stepped inside. His hands worked the cuffs free with the key, setting them on your unkempt bed as he took the muzzle from your face. Scrunching your nose, you were glad to be free of the odd contraption.

 The woman from earlier stepped in with a large duffle bag, setting it on the bed and gesturing to it.

 "I've grabbed you some of my older clothes that should fit. Don't worry, they're all clean and tasteful. You'll be staying with EraserHead for the time being."


 Shinva gave you a small laugh, stepping back so you could grab the clothing, leaving you to ponder the living arrangement. As you stood, however, the guards outside the room shuffled audibly, forming a defensive stance as they waited to see what you would do. Taking the duffle and tossing it over your shoulder, your gaze shifted to All-Might who worked on unchaining your ankles, expression nervous and unsure.

 "Ah... Uh.. thank you- I apologize I just don't know how to do this sort of social thing... I'll do my best." 

 Heat spread from your face, causing your pale skin to tingle and lighten to a dusted rose shade, shifting your weight from one leg to the other. Having casual conversations had always proven to be difficult for you. It would prove to be harder,  especially now that you were someone a lot of people would hate. Villians, current or retired, were not easily redeemed within society. Petty crimes were no different, receiving the same shunning treatment as larger ones.

 "Aha, then I think you'll get along with Aizawa then. You know... they say that he-"

 Before Shiva could continue her sentence your new guardian cleared his throat, giving the glowing haired female a death glare. Gulping she laughed awkwardly and leaned away from where she had moved closer to whisper to you. This left you curious as to what they had meant but decided to leave it aside when the man seemed to frown, your attention turned as All-Might ushered you out of the door.

 One corridor after another, a sweeping catacomb of identical scenery made your stomach cold and chest tight. A break in the similarity was a sign written in Kanji, the changing rooms were set slightly apart from each other, male and female characters labeling each. Shinva bowed to the attendants who opened the door of the changing room for her with a smile, their eyes gazing on you with both fear and disgust. 

 Feeling your stomach drop, unsaid words left a sour taste on your tongue. You wanted to ask them what they were looking at, why they were staring so rudely. Biting back the urged, instead, your legs forced you to follow the neon hero into the room with the door closing behind you. 

 "I'll be waiting by the door. I do have to warn you though. If you try to attack or escape, I've been given orders to take you down. Honestly, I doubt that anything is going to happen. You seem like you're motivated to fix things, I uh... watched the recording of your meeting with All-Might and EraserHead." 

 Shinva rambled a bit, but you didn't mind, the silence was getting to you and you'd do anything to fill the space in your head. Though the idea of your shameful story, outburst, and embarrassing inadequacy being forever imprinted on film made your cheeks flame.

 "Thank you... I do want to make this work. I want to make up for what I've done, even if it's hard. I-I'll um, go shower and change now..."

 Mentally cursing at yourself as you returned Shinva's nod with an awkward hesitance, you found a changing stall then headed to the shower room. Undressing would be easy, taking the bandages off would be the worse part. Stepping in front of the mirror, you unraveled your bandages gingerly, hissing and wincing when the dried blood clung to the fibers of the gauze. After a minute or two, you braced against the wall with wobbly legs.

 The pain wasn't too bad, it was the process and the small amount joined together with your dislike for blood which made it ultimately unpleasant. Though now that you were free of them, you could shower away the filth which clung to you still. Gazing at yourself in the mirror, you felt your stomach drop.

 It had been the first time you'd seen the extent of the damage. Nearly the entirety of your hips and torso were engulfed by the wounds, your skin having been sizzled away at during the episode of violence you still couldn't remember. It felt weird, a large space of your time missing but it hadn't gone anywhere... you had. It was hard to look at your face, the way your brows contorted in sadness, an expression you didn't know you wore until then.

 Mostly it was harder for you to accept the dull ringing in your deafened ear and the sore darkness your eye now held as the iris now held a soft blur of damage. Your round but matured face damaged, the wound crossing over your lips and snacking thinly down your neck and spreading up into your hairline. Luckily no damage to your actual hair. Luckily... You would be a danger to so many people, wouldn't you?

 How could you become a hero if you couldn't even keep yourself from getting damaged by your powers? What sort of hero would you be if you couldn't protect others because you couldn't risk harming yourself? No hero anyone would want...

 Suddenly a choked back sob worked its way to your throat and you clamped a hand over your mouth to stifle it. Feeling tears force themselves to spill over, the liquid black like tar, dripping down your face and over your hands. It frightened you but it seemed the universe worked with you and didn't make the black tears physically harmful. Only emotionally painful.

 Setting the water to a temperature that would make most people flinch, you watched the steam fill the air while trying to keep your sobs soft. Stepping into the hot water, the stinging it brought to your wounds and the heat which encompassed your sore body caused you to feel a little better but the tears only increased. At least they'd mix with the water and not stain anything, except their pain across your heart. 

 You missed your parents, your friends, the innocence that came with being a kid. It wasn't fair that you'd been forced to skip out on doing fun things with others because villains took away your happiness and safety. Now, you would have the chance to teach others to do what you couldn't do, to make villains pay for the bad deeds they did. It felt like poetic irony, and it tugged at your soul like a weight.

 When the shower ran cold as the last bit of hot water faded, you stepped out now clean and much calmer than earlier. Though your eyes were bloodshot from crying, you'd made sure to wipe away any of the darkness and would excuse it for having gotten soap in your eyes. Filtering through the clothing Shinva had brought, an oversized grey sweater and black leggings caught your eye. Comfortable and a safe fashion choice, all looking to be able to fit relatively well. 

 You'd gotten quick with changing your bandages at this point, changing into your new clothes before brushing your long purple hair with the comb you'd been provided. Once you were ready and had slipped on a pair of black socks and shoes, you walked out to meet your guard with a heavy heart. It was almost as if she had noticed the downtrodden expression on your face because her illuminated eyebrows arched in sympathy. Though she didn't offer any words, a soft pat on your back was more than enough for you as the two of you exited the changing area. 

 "Are you ready Young [Y/F/N]?" 

 All-Might's booming voice was enough to make both of you jump before the woman gave a hearty giggle, covering her mouth gingerly with her fingertips to stifle it. Shinva was a kind soul, loving in both the soft and tough variety. That made you smile as well, matching the one crossing her features. There was a reason you were so drawn to her, one that you hadn't mentioned in fear of it sounding weird but also because the realization made your heart lightly ache. Shinva looked like your mother.

 Nodding to the man when you realized he was waiting for a response, the group began moving towards the front of the building. It had taken nearly an hour to actually leave, mostly because of paperwork. From getting your new ID, logging all your personal information to put into your government files, signing the contract Aizawa had written up and many more health and welcome papers.

 They had given you two options; got to a therapist weekly, or assign EraserHead to document everything you did and said without bothering you too much. He'd just record anything he noticed in his own time, which you agreed to rather than being forced to talk to a random person who would intrude on your personal space. As a form of punishment and extra security, as you were still untrusted, a thin metal bracelet was clasped around your wrist.

The stylish piece of jewelry served the purpose of being beautiful, unsuspecting as well as a tracking device so you couldn't run away and escape. With the newest police technology, the metal was bound to your skin unless unclocked by the person who made it. Its creator was a police officer with the quirk of 'Soul Bind'. He had taken a swab of your DNA to create the piece of metal and used his quirk to bind it to your skin after embedding the tracker into it. Though when you proved you could be trusted, the officer could remove it at any time even remotely.

 Finally, you stepped outside, right behind the two Pro-Heroes before waving goodbye to Shinva. A soft breeze ruffled your wavy hair, and you closed your eyes to appreciate it and the feeling of the sun on your pale skin. There were little things you missed while being in the shadows for so long, but now you saw the light. You were ready to embrace the sun and say goodbye to the night. For once in a long time, you got to make a decision, and that... was to become a hero!

Chapter Text



 Eventually, the small group trailed off to just All-Might, Eraserhead, an unnamed driver and yourself. The muscular man behind you and the dark-haired one leading the pack. It would be hard to get used to such constant surveillance, but you knew they were just being careful. Villains were unpredictable and often cold-hearted, tricksters with a need to rebel. You were nothing more than a Villain to them for the time being but, you hoped that would change. That was why you were gifted with the opportunity, you weren't going to take it for granted. 


 Climbing into the car made you feel nervous, sitting so casually with such renowned heroes almost felt like a dream. If the situation weren't so negative, you would have been overjoyed over it all. You were in the presence of those who brought Justice and Peace, the members of society who laid their life on the line to protect and serve. Tightly, your hands gripped the clothing over your knees, clutching the fabric within the space to hold back the utter fangirling going on inside your head. Back when you were younger, watching the heroes on T.V or in person was always something your mother had made time and money for, even though they didn't exactly come easily, if at all. 


 Musutafu, Shizuoka, Japan. You had always thought the Shizuoka Prefecture was a nice area, bustling but only enough to make it feel alive. The atmosphere wasn't overwhelming or suffocating, more like a tight hug from someone close to your heart. You weren't completely Japanese, only partly. Your mother had been of Caucasian and American Origin while your father was born and raised in Japan. As a result of your melting pot style family, you were fluent in both English and Japanese, while holding mostly Asian features with a soft blur of Caucasian flare. Before their passing, you were proud of your parents for what they'd achieved and how they'd been by each other's side through every hardship. Hoping you could face the same stress, your stomach churned with unease. 


 At some point through the drive, you'd noticed that Aizawa seemed fast asleep while All-Might sweated profusely beside him. It had bugged you since meeting him that he always seemed nervous or in a state of unease when around you. Unable to tell if it was normal for him or as a result of yourself, it still made your heart pang with worry. He must have caught you staring as he straightened himself and caught your gaze, causing you to stifle and gasp and flick your gaze to your hands again. Bandaged and sore. 


  "Young [Y/F/N], I want you to remember this, under the table." 


 Glancing back up at him, you gulped to see his expression much darker and more serious than before. Nodding, you set your jaw into a meaningful expression which made the hero nod. 


"Not everyone who has powers can be a hero. For some, the pressure and responsibility are too great."



"Your father was an amazing man and I believe you squandered your greatness for far too long. It is time to redeem your wrongs and make up for them."



 "There is only one shot to prove yourself and if that fails... I'm afraid it won't be pretty for anyone. I believe in you, but you must go far beyond, you must go Plus Ultra! Do you understand?" 


 His kind yet harsh words caught you off guard, the silence of the car now more apparent than before. Moving your dark hair behind your ear, fiddling with your hands when you set them in your lap. It took a moment to build the courage to respond. 


 "I will never be worthy of praise or congratulations. Let alone the title of Hero. However, that will not stop me from keeping people safe and being a hero. It's about saving and protecting, so as long as I'm doing that then I know I've made up for what I've done even if no one else forgives me." 


 Clutching your hands together tightly, enough to cause your knuckles to shift to a soft white and your hands to shake. All-Might set a hand on yours, not saying anything but you knew what he meant without words. You would have to prove it but that your determination to begin was valued and appreciated. 



Settling back into his seat, the blonde man seemed to forget about you and Aizawa, losing himself in his own world. You, however, trained your mind on what your plan was. What Aizawa had said was that you'd arrive, have a tour of the home, hear the ground rules and guidelines of your contract, and unfortunately, you'd begin studying as soon as possible. 


 Other than that you'd do basic chores and be given an allowance to introduce a form of trust between the two of you. That was fine, but the fear of studying and applying for a school of heroes when you were such a disgrace... It felt wrong in a way you couldn't explain. Almost like you were a disease and threatened to infect others who suspected nothing. 



 At one point you must have drifted off, because the next thing you knew, the gruff hero was nudging you. Eraserhead patiently waited for you to stumble out of the car and rub your good eye with a yawn. Blinking tiredly, your mouth nearly dropped open when you saw the house. It had a more modern take on it than most houses you'd seen in the area. Instead of a sloped roof and a shrine-like appearance, this home was sleek and minimalistic. 


 Surrounded by lush plant life and reeds, the modernized home hung over a small beautiful lake. Boxy but sophisticated, pure white with glass sliding doors with bamboo privacy shades, and a lakeside dock which led to a completely glass resting area. There seemed to be mats and a training area, making you wonder if that was where Aizawa did his workouts. 


 "I'll be on my way. Young [Y/F/N]... please remember what I said and do not trouble Eraserhead." 


 All-Might gave you a nod of understanding before speaking briefly with your new guardian. The two of you watched the blonde hero disappear as the car drove off. Nervousness and awkwardness crept in, but luckily the bandaged hero spoke so you didn't have to. 


 "Come, I will show you my home. I do not wish to flaunt my wealth but that does not mean I do not appreciate the finer things. This is a privilege and honor to have, and I never take that for granted." 


"I have these nice things because I have been gifted them, not because I've earned them. Hero work is not for the prize but rather the change you create. Understand?"


 As he talked, the teacher gestured you to follow him, your duffle bag slung across his shoulder. Part of you wanted to take it, as you felt bad for him carrying your things but the way he carried it told you he was fine with it. Walking with him, you nodded profusely at his comment. Heroism was supposed to be about the justice you created not the money, and being with the villains had shown you the opposite was true for them. They simply wanted riches, not change or improvement. 


 "This is where you will study, relax, clean, and talk with me for the report." 


 Opening the door and walking in, he gestured to an open space with floor cushions beside a lowset table. Tea items such as cups and spoons sat on the table along with a few documents. Swords and other collectibles lined one wall beside a bamboo wood curtain which covered a window to create privacy. Large traditional sliding doors lined the windows to the outside deck area. An open doorway led to a small standard modern kitchen. 


 "I will teach you to cook here, that way you can fend for yourself when needed. You will also clean here when necessary. The rooms are this way." 


 A bit overwhelmed, you lingered in the kitchen, it reminded you of the one your parents had. A westernized look but traditional touches here and there. Noticing your mentor had carried on, you scrambled after him until you reached a doorway which led into a room with sleeping mats underneath a large window. Sliding doors separated the three rooms, yet two had plush beds and seemed sized for those much younger than Aizawa. 



 "If it isn't too odd to ask, um, why do the other rooms seem styled for younger people? I didn't know you had children." 


 You knew older generations preferred the floor mats for sleeping and an older style but as of late the younger generations enjoyed the comfort of beds and modernized technically. His expression softened a bit as he looked towards the rooms. 


 "I often open my home to students and other children who need a place to stay. Sometimes children who are afraid of their parents, or have nowhere to go. A boy had been staying here for a bit but has recently gone back to his father to get ready for the upcoming school year. You may meet him if you get into the hero course at some point." 


 His explanation left you speechless. Aizawa would open his home to those in need without asking for more than help with basic chores. The title of a hero truly belonged to him and fit him well. Feeling pride and embarrassment mingle, you realized you were also one he was taking in, and that he only did it because he wanted to. Not out of pity or force. Such a prospect made you feel like maybe you had someone rooting for you after all. 


"I'll try my very best sir. Thank you for allowing me into your home, I swear to you that I won't disappoint you."


As you bowed, the sound of trotting and meowing filled the room. Jumping in surprise you saw as a siamese cat with one ear and a large tailless grey tabby made their way into the room. You never thought Aizawa would be the type to have pets, but having independent animals like cats made sense. Yet as he kneeled to scoop the two up with a loving smile, you watched how they nudged him and purred, it showed you that they loved him and that he must have had a softer side. The one-eared feline made eye contact with you and this caused the man to remember your presence. 


 "Meet Garbage and Speedbump. I love them, dearly, despite their clear differences from other cats. They are individuals, and should be judged only for who they are, don't you agree?" 


 Nearly choking on your saliva at the names, you stared up at Eraserhead who seemed pleased with the names. Blinking you pointed to the cats in shock and confusion. 


 "You... named your cats Garbage and Speedbump?" 


 Chuckling while nodding, he handed Speedbump, the large tabby, to you without much hesitation. Wobbling a bit as you struggled to hold the obese animal, you saw her grey-brown eyes staring into your own. Along with the lack of a tail, she also sported a scar without fur crossing over her face and most of her body. She reminded you of yourself and this made you sink to your knees with the animal in your lap staring at it with both awe and shock. 


 "You understand, at least I gather that you do because of the way you're acting. She may be scarred and disfigured... but I love her nonetheless. Do not see your differences as negative attributes, because there are people who will accept you for who you are, [Y/F/N]." 


 Though his words were monotonous and sharp, the way he knelt to place a hand in your shoulder pushed tears to spring to your eyes. Suddenly, a wave of emotion crashed against you like a tsunami, and you clutched the animal who seemed unphased by it. Fighting back the urge to cry, you buried your face into the animal. Feeling Aizawa squeeze your shoulder before letting go made you choke on your emotions. He had given you the tools and rules to rebuild your life, but now it was up to you to use them and create a new path or fall back down the hole you'd been saved from. 



"Thank you... I do not deserve the kindness and opportunities you're giving me." 


 "I was a terrible person, regardless of my past, regardless of how little I did. I hurt people, I helped others do the same and I stood by and did nothing to stop it."


 Your voice had surprised him because though you sounded pained and filled with emotion, your voice rang clear. His back straightened as he listened to your words thoughtfully, analyzing what you were saying for later. 


 "Aizawa-sensei I will try my absolute hardest. I will study, I will work to the bone, and I will earn the right to belong and be free. Until then, push me, nag me, remind me that is isn't some game." 


"Remind me that I am not a hero, but that I have to fight for that." 


 Looking up from the animal's fur, your jaw was set firmly and your eyes burned with passion and pain. Inside your stomach flipped, chest ached and you felt like ripping your emotions out through your mouth. Deeper, still, a spark threatened to ignite the forest fire of drive and effort. This would be hard but there wasn't a chance you'd go out without a fight. 


 "I expect nothing less than the best from you, [Y/F/N]. You have more disadvantages and baggage than the other students you'll meet, so you have no room to fall behind. If you do then you'll never succeed. So you will work until I say it is enough." 


 Aizawa seemed to get the message and set straight to being honest and stern with you. Feeling a small smile wanting to tug at your mouth, you bowed to him once more before setting the feline clamber off you and go on her way. Seeing as the man had already started his harsh but needed treatment, you were left to pick yourself up on your own and steady, before nodding to him that you were ready to settle in. 


Chapter Text


 You and Eraserhead talked for a while after. Telling him of the things that happened during your time with the villains, how you'd barely seen the sunlight in months. How being around people now made you nervous and unsure, as if they could feel that you were a villain without even asking. Even as he reassured you that you'd learn to push aside those feelings, something he said had persisted the rest of the day in your mind.


 Through learning to make dinner with him, cleaning up, showering and laying down to sleep, the thought hung around. Everyone has the potential to be a villain, but becoming a hero is harder and takes more effort. Being a hero showed proof of achievement and wasn't easy. He said if you became a hero, it would show even the villains that they could change their ways too. It motivated you to earn that pride, you wanted to stand tall and show others in a dark place that they could stand with the heroes too. Maybe you could be a vessel for change even though you'd done so many bad things, maybe you could be useful.



 You had been cuffed to the bed again, though by a barely noticeable ankle brace. Aizawa had explained his distaste for doing it but also that it was necessary until you could be trusted. Luckily the brace wasn't too heavy and it made turning onto your back easily. Looking at the ceiling, you found yourself enjoying the breeze from the cracked window and the sound of crickets. This had been normality for you, the cover of darkness and night. Now though, it stung a pain of regret and sadness in your heart. Before you had the chance to do much, you felt your heart squeeze and your body curl into a ball before the tears started again.


 Sniffling, you placed the palms of your hands to your eyes in hopes of stopping the emotion before it escaped. Much to your displeasure, you cried anyway. You were alone with your thoughts now, alone to regret and hurt for what you'd done, to grieve the loss of some hearing and sight. The wounds were painful though you'd never admit it, the emotional ones were much deeper.



 Feeling your body tremble from the emotion, you shoved your face into the pillow to stifle the choked emotion spilling from your soul. Every breath felt like a punch in the stomach, every tear felt like acid. You didn't know what was happening, emotion seemed to choke you and fear of what you were or could do caused your throat to burn. What had started as slight sadness had turned into panic, your tears began to sizzle the fabric, knuckles white as they gripped the pillow being clung to your chest.


 The marks covering your body seemed to burn with the afterthought of everything before, causing fear to rattle the cage of your soul. Each sudden inhale felt like pins and needles, heaving breaths were drawn from the very core of your being, almost as if to extinguish you. Hands shifting from clinging to the pillow, to rubbing and grabbing at your chest in an attempt to soothe the feeling away. It was frightening to feel your body tremble and shake without your permission as if it had taken a mind of its own.


 After forcing yourself to stop breathing, black spots trailed into your vision as you finally felt yourself relax slightly. Sweat caused the thin sheets to stick to your exposed skin, too itchy to be comfortable. You began to breathe deeply and shakily, trying to calm yourself, you looked that the damage you'd done. Luckily it was only one of the two plain white pillows, stained black and burned through, still slightly steaming as you blew on it to extinguish its heat.


 Throwing it under the bed to hide it, you ran a hand through your now sweaty hair and took a moment to gather your wits before attempting to lay down again. Muscles burning and a dull throb coursing through every limb. Each of your eyelashes stuck together with the tears, being cooled by the air coming in from the window as the night breeze drifted across you.


 Now exhaustion held you down, the panic from before lingering in the background as your eyes became heavy. Even as your cheeks burned, flushed from the adrenaline of your episode, you felt cold inside. You didn't know what had just happened, but your mind chalked it up to an overload of stress you hadn't gotten out yet. Hoping Aizawa hadn't heard any of it and wouldn't question the missing pillow, you let the throbbing pain lull you to sleep.


 It was unclear how much sleep you had gotten before a loud slide of the bedroom door made you yelp and jump, falling from the bed and onto your bottom. Looking up from the other side of the bed, peeking to see who was there, you were interrupted by a loud and boisterous voice.



 "I have arrived at your door like a normal person! Young [Y/F/N], it is time to awaken, prepare and then meet in the front area of the home. Dress in attire fit for physical exertion. Be quick!"



 Meeting All-Might's gaze, he unlocked your ankle brace. Sighing in relief to know it was just him, though you weren't sure you liked his ability to be awake at such an early time, you nodded in rushed understanding. Physical exertion... what did he mean?



"Y-yes Sensei!"



 Trying to collect yourself, you bowed to the man before he closed the door. Sighing heavily, you gently rubbed your good eye to get rid of the sleep still clinging to it. Looking towards the window you saw that the sun wasn't even up yet, which made you groan. Getting up you rummaged through the duffle that Shinva had given you. There seemed to be a myriad of clothing items. Though what you picked would work, a short sleeve cropped tank top and cargo pants, both in black.


 It seemed like the best choice for physical activity. Tugging off your clothes, you removed the bandages from the night before and checked the progress of your healing. It was itchy and unfortunately painful, but the way it no longer bled was a good sign. You'd been told that the scars may never go away, but they did seem to be healing.


 Dark-purple blackened skin underneath the damaged areas showed that you'd forever be marked. Even if healed they showed, and that thought scared you. Forever you'd be reminded of the monster you were and the terrifying power you held.



 After showering the memory of the night before away, you pulled on the new clothes you'd picked and tied your long hair up to keep it out of the way. It was uncomfortable adjusting to being half deaf and blind. Before, you hadn't noticed too big of a difference, but now when trying to pull your hair up you saw just how hard it was.


 Since your balance was now uneven do to the internal ear damage, lifting your arms to brush your hair back made your body sway and nearly topple over as if the earth beneath you kept moving. It was much harder to gauge the field of depth to grab the strands of purple, causing grumbling to sound from your throat. Managing to put it up sloppily, you gave up before padding barefoot towards where the two pro-heroes chatted.


 Aizawa looked up from his tea, legs tucked under the table at which he sat, covered by the blanket underneath it. Sipping the steaming liquid, an empty cup sat in one of the spaces, most likely for you. Rushing to sit on your knees at the table, you bowed to the two. Silence lay thick in the room, All-Might's normal smile formed a slight grimace. Slender but strong hands poured tea for you, the raven-haired man ushering you to drink it.



 "T-Thank you Aizawa-sensei."



 A bit caught off guard, you grabbed the cup, comforted by the heat against your palms worn by crime. Lifting the small cup to your lips, letting the sweet but slightly bitter liquid snake down your throat. You hadn't even noticed it was sore from the night before until it was soothed. As you moved the cup from your lips, you looked at the liquid with awe, it was so delicious. With sparkling eyes, you looked at the two, only for it to dissipate when you saw Aizawa giving you a stern look.



"Miss [Y/L/N], today is a very important day. You'll be training with me, and we'll be attempting to control your quirk during levels of high stress."



 Your eyes widened and fear struck the cords of your mind like a harp tuned to the sound of misfortune.



"That is why I brought you to my home, hidden far away from others. Both because I have a specific feeling about reporters but also, because this could become dangerous."



Aizawa sipped from his cup, All-Might seemed uncomfortable, almost as if he wasn't sure whether he liked the idea of your training or not. Though the way he caught your eye and began to sweat slightly answered your suspicion. He wasn't unsure of your intentions but rather if you could even control yourself.



"I am here to stop anything bad if it happens... Do not think that we do not trust you, Young [Y/F/N], it is just that your powers do not listen to you just yet. We must be careful."



Hearing how it hurt him to say it, to say that you were a danger to others in your current state, made the black hole of internal anguish stir. Swallowing hard, you felt your chest clench pitifully but yet you bit down the emotion. Nodding, finishing the tea in the cup before setting it down, you found yourself bowing once more.



"I understand, I am willing to try my best. If something... If.."



 Again, uncertainty drilled its hold onto you. Biting the inside of your cheek until you tasted iron, you cleared your throat.



"If something happens and I lose control... stop me at all costs. That is my only request."



 The way Aizawa set his expression firmly and All-Might straightened showed you that your words had calmed the two a bit. And it was honest if you began to be a burden to the safety of others you'd rather be stopped than saved with the risk of others. You were tired of being the one causing trouble for everyone, so if you couldn't help then you would at least want to be stopped.


Even if it meant death. Perhaps it was childish or even too dramatic to think in such a way, but from what Aizawa had told you about your episode with Edgeshot... It scared you to think of what you could do if you couldn't stop. Shuddering softly at the thought, you managed to swallow the hard lump building in your throat.



"I'm ready. I know I might not be the best choice to become a hero... but even if I don't, at least I can keep myself under control to at least not hurt anyone."



 Managing to force a small upturn of your lips, All-Might seemed pleased by your attitude towards the training only to return your smile with much more vigor and enthusiasm. The scruffy male, however, seemed to breathe out quickly and stand.



 "Let's go, we can use the outdoor training arena I had built. That way if you so lose control, at least you will be contained. Though try not to be too worried about it, All-Might can stop you. Focus on what is important at the moment, and that is control."



 Aizawa gestured for you to follow him, which you did as you scrambled to your feet. Jogging after the teacher while the blonde hero trailed behind, your eyes glanced around the area as the three of you left the home and traveled down a worn stone path. Trees swayed in the breeze, birds just now waking to sing the moon to sleep, while creatures of the dark bid their goodnights.


 Barely a semblance of light cracking over the horizon showered with treetops. If you hadn't been there to train and forced under strict confines, it could have been beautiful and peaceful. Yet the weight of your tracking bracelet and the stinging of your wounds became a constant reminder of why you were there. Though you longed for the freedom that would hopefully soon be achieved. Noticing that most of your interactions had been strictly in your head, you decided how would be the best time to make conversation on the way.



"So how long have you been a trainer, Sensei?"



 Aizawa didn't bother to look behind him as he walked, hands in the pockets of his dark pants, bandages fluttering in the air.



"I'm a teacher at U.A, not simply a trainer. That is why I would like you to attempt to get in under general studies."



"So firstly I can keep a better eye on you to ensure you're becoming educated but also so that, with hard work, you can get into the hero course when the sports festival arrives. That, however, solely relies on your abilities."



 So he was a teacher! It made a lot of sense to you that he'd been one, considering his knack for scolding you in a way that felt educational and not filled with malicious intent. You always wondered how pro-heroes managed to schedule hero work and other jobs but it never ceases to amaze you. Though, you were nervous and unsure about going to a school for heroes and how ruthless the kids may be. After all, they were training to take down people just like you.



The thought caused heat to spike up your neck and face, a soft burning sensation of shame and anxiety coating your skin.



"A-ah... Yes, sir."



Deciding to change the subject for the moment, you turned to look back at All-Might sheepishly. He had been someone you admired since you were young before trying to hate him for what you blamed heroes for, but the hatred never could stick.



"My uh... My father was very fond of you. He used to tell me stories about how you'd help him and the others at the lab create crazy defense contraptions."



 His strong smile softened at hour words, receiving a nod from the man before he spoke. A distance look in his eyes.



 "He was a great man. Though the powers he held could cause devastation, his heart rang true in the song of a hero."



 "I'll never forget the lessons he taught me and how they've helped shape me as a hero."



 Your chest swelled with pride for your father, breathing in quickly through your nose to avoid the tears which stung the corner of your eye. No. You wouldn't keep crying at everything! Emotions always seemed to get the better of you, but now at least you had a better understanding as to why. Your mother had gotten her wish for you to have some of her power after all.



"He taught me to look up to heroes and to strive to create change and peace. I let him down and disgraced him but I'll make up for what I've done... Hopefully."



 Playing with the tip of your fingernails, your head dipped a bit at your words, only to feel All-Might's hand on your shoulder as he sped up to walk beside you. Looking up, you saw the way his expression held confidence and strength, a true hero.



 "You did not know what you were doing, and then being raised in such a way... How could you have known when you were raised to believe this was right?"



 The dark-eyed hero was right. You hadn't realized you were doing anything wrong until closer to when Aizawa found you. You'd overheard your boss talking about how the last job your group had done, had hurt people. Taken money from a non-profit who needed the cash to remain open. It made you feel terrible but you saw little way out of that life. Until it came to a screeching halt.



 "You never hurt anyone. No one has ever suffered physically as a result of your actions. Merely monetary distress which you can payback by donating time and effort as a hero."



 "But first, we must get to that point. This is the training arena."



 Aizawa had distracted you with his words so you hadn't noticed that large dome-shaped building before you. Not as big as the ones you'd seen on T.V, but still big enough for you to practice. Looking at it with awe and anticipation, you felt anxiety spike as you swallowed thickly. It was time to train and learn to use your power... This was the time for you to truly begin your step to recovery and change.

Chapter Text


 Walking into the arena-like dome made your chest tighten. Now it was real and training would begin. It wasn't going to be easy to get your stiff muscles loosened again but the biggest hurdles you saw were the mental ones. A cheetah easily described you physically. You weren't extremely strong, but most of your fighting ability was centered around agility, hard hits, and a reserved fighting style. 



 Some of your biggest weaknesses centered around low defense, low stamina and vulnerability to strong physical attacks. Sure, you could tank a few hits but would take damage, but if you managed to be faster than your opponent, then you had the upper ground. 



 The clearing of a throat caused you to shake free from your thoughts, looking over to Aizawa who had taken the liberty of grabbing out protective gear. Simple thin padding for your joints and hands, and a note pad. It confused you why he had grabbed a pen and paper. As if sensing your confusion, the teacher explained. 



 "Every time I beat you at something, to improve, I want you to write down what you did wrong and why I beat you." 


"Physical strength and combat come before Quirk practice. You must be physically strong to be mentally strong." 



 Handing the items to you, you nodded, you tugged on the padding and made a safe place for the note pad. 



 "Yes, Aizawa-sensei." 



 Just as you were about to tie your hair back more securely, your teacher snapped his fingers and gestured for you to stop. Looking towards him and pausing your movements, you furrowed your brows in confusion. Had you done something wrong? 



  "When you use your power, it flows throughout your body. It also engulfs your hair and seems to create a slight buffer between your head and the enemy."


  "I want you to use that as an advantage when you aren't in hero gear. Sometimes there is no time for changing clothes, you need to get used to having your hair down." 



 It was a smart idea, giving yourself another extra advantage when fighting without protection, it would potentially save your life. When fighting, from what your two current guardians had said, your corruption spread into your hair and caused it to float as if you were underwater. If they tried to land a headshot the corrupted liquid would coat them, giving you the upper hand regardless. Unless they managed to completely take your guard down or knock you out. 



 Shaking your hair free, the large unruly waves bounced and fell messily. You cared less for how you looked, that wouldn't matter when in battle so you decided to not let it be a part of the training either. Placing one hand against the joint of your adjacent shoulder, massaging the muscle to loosen it, Aizawa gave tips and tricks. From how to stretch effectively to avoid injury, how to cool the muscles after training, when and how to use physical strength against foes with quirks. Things that you hastily scribbled in the note pad so you wouldn't forget them, your cursive handwriting a product of forging expensive handwriting during your criminal days. 



 "What is your experience with fighting." 



 Aizawa asked the question in a way that made your heart rate pick up. It was both a genuine question to know how much you'd learn but... also how much you could take. Swallowing thickly, you thought back to everything you had done in a fight. 



 "I know the basics, like blocks, grabs, and punches. How not to break my hands, I also have dodges and foot positioning well versed. They uh... didn't let me fight often, not that I wanted to but-" 



 Before you could finish your sentence, Aizawa aimed towards you but opened handed as if to smack you. Without having the chance to react, his hand made contact with your shoulder in a chopping motion. Though it wasn't a smack or a punch, it still hurt like hell. Stepping back to be away from him you barked out at him, a bit pissed he'd done that while you were trying to answer his question. 



 "What the hell! I was just trying to answer-" 



Raising his hand to stop you from speaking, he gestured to the note pad once more.



 "Why was I able to land a hit. Don't tell me. Write it." 



 Eraserhead had gone from friendly to teacher mode very quickly. Grumbling while rubbing your shoulder, you kneeled to write in the notebook. He had let you get distracted before attacking, and it seemed you got distracted a lot. Focusing would be important in the future, embarrassing as it was, you were fine with writing down notes. Standing once more, you fought the pout itching to form and simply went back to where you were standing. 



 Getting into position once more with your knees slightly bent and arms in a stance to protect yourself, Aizawa waited for you to nod before he did the same. His body moved fast, aiming to attack the same way but this time you kicked yourself away from where he was coming. Though just as you landed slightly out of reach, one of his feet kicked a leg out from under you sending you onto your ass with a thump. 



 "You have to think one step ahead and not just in the moment, [Y/F/N]." 



 Heat was building in your face both from irritation and embarrassment. Part of you wanted to hide in the shadows and not be seen for the failure you were being at the moment, but the stubborn side of you persisted. Crawling to the note pad, your handwriting got messier as you quickly wrote down what had happened. Rushing to your feet, and getting back into a stance with a huff, you began again. 



 The process of getting farther and farther only to be taken down again was infuriating. Body scraped and bruised slightly, not even having made contact with your teacher, you grumbled. The note pad flipped to the second page, dust and sweat mixing to make you feel grimy. Two hours of training so far and the sun had finally come up, coming in from the glass dome. Now the area was hot and stuffy, uncomfortable. 



 Heaving, you caught your breath for a moment as All-Might brought water to both you and Aizawa. The man, though wearing black, barely seemed bothered by the activity and heat. Chugging a good portion of the bottle before placing it to your forehead, the blonde hero gave you a thumbs up of encouragement. Wiping the sweat from your brow, it was time to start again. Getting into position before he threw his attacks once more.



 Now you had managed to dodge the shoulder, leg, chest and abdomen attacks, but suddenly his hand swung out and smacked you across the face. It sent you tumbling to the ground where the rocks scratched your face and palms. 






 The raven-haired man's voice sounded muffled as if he were underwater, your body shaking and sight blurred. Reaching to touch your cheek where it felt cold as ice, you looked at your hand when pulling it away and saw crimson. The sight caused a ringing in your ears, only a heartbeat thumping through your mind. Images of the way you found your parents plagued you. 



 You could tell by the way Aizawa stepped back when you looked at him showed you were losing control again. Burning and tingling forming on your hands as your hair floated and drifted as you moved. Black tears dripped and sizzled upon contact to the ground, causing spikes to glitch from the spots



You could feel your control slipping from your mind, fuzzy static filling your head and causing your body to tingle. Corruption built at your hands and feet, almost coming from the scars on your skin. Scleras both completely blackened now, each iris contrasting the darkness like lights in the night. Though, you fought the emotions that fractured through you, your hands gripping either side of your head, almost dropping to your knees but managing to stay upright. 



 You could feel yourself mumbling something repeatedly, rapidly as the taller hero made his way towards you. 

All-Might quickly stepped between you and Aizawa, his strong hands gripping your shoulders as he spoke to you. Careful not to touch your corruption, he lifted your chin to look him in the eyes. Slowly he began tactics to calm panic attacks. 



 A confused and distressed expression covered your face, a blank look in your eyes before he rubbed your arms softly. Making you look at him, he mimicked the action of taking deep slow breathes, so you began to do so. The actions seemed to calm you a bit, his words completely muffled, the symbol of peace pulled you closer into a hug as your corruption died down. As your hearing returned to normal and the heartbeat faded, your body trembled and nearly gave out.



 Catching you, All-Might looked towards his friend who seemed both worried for you but concerned for your ability to train. Gently you were sat back and given cold water before you finally became aware enough to notice your teacher tending your wounded cheek after a few minutes. 



 "Aizawa-sensei I'm sorry I didn't mea-" 



Once again he interpreted with a stern look, his voice both frustrated but holding a gentle tone towards the end. 



 "When were you going to tell me you have PTSD and Panic Attacks?" 



 You hissed as he touched the wound with alcohol, not letting you see the red which stained the cotton ball. PTSD? Panic attacks? You didn't have those, what was he talking about. It had just been a mistake, you let yourself get too riled up with your emotions and it caused an issue. You weren't going to add another thing onto the list of everything going wrong. Nothing more. You could handle it better going forward you were sure of it. 



 "I don't have anything like that, I'm fine. I just got too carried away and got frustrated, it won't happen again sir." 



 Though your voice sounded tired, you believed what you said before the man sighed in irritation. 



 "Emotional outbursts, outbursts connected to specific sights, smells, tastes or sounds, intense sadness, panic attacks, and anxiety. All symptoms of panic attacks and trauma and all symptoms you exhibit." 



 Trying to take in all the information, he began to put away the safety kit he'd gotten, and his next words made you mortified and ashamed. 



 "What happened last night, was a panic attack, [Y/F/N]. You can't keep important things like this from me or I can't help you." 



 Aizawa's eyes held a softness you hadn't seen before, almost as if he knew how it felt. And it clicked, the reason he didn't like reporters, the reason he lived alone far from people. He knew all too well of panic and fear, and as a result, knew how you felt. A pain no one could see, and one that struck without warning. 



 Feeling your eyes water, your bottom lip trembled. You could feel the shaking of your hands and you played with them, your voice doing so as well. 



 "I don't w-want another obstacle... I just want to make things right but it feels like something new happens every time I try." 



 You spit out the words as sadness began to filter in, having not let yourself explain it, now the feelings registered. Though you'd wanted to just explain what was wrong, it was like talking about it made you cry even though you tried to force it down. 



 "I'm just so sad! I miss my parents, I made them disappointed for so long and now that I have a quirk it's so damaging and terrible. I am exactly what both of them hated, a villain, and I don't want to be like this. My powers are evil and I feel like maybe I'm destined to be and I'm scared!" 



 Both of the heroes looked towards each other in sympathy and worry. Aizawa pulled you close, making sure to keep your tears away from him but still consoling you as a father would. Sobbing, they let you ramble on and on about all the worries and fears you had.



 How you didn't want to be a Mary Sue of life where everything went wrong but you somehow fixed it in the end. You just wanted to fix what you'd done wrong and for things to not go bad. Having a wild adventure of you fixing all problems while being a tragic sad hero wasn't something you wanted. Happiness is what you wanted, and redemption. 



 It didn't make you feel like a magically good person because you persevered through the bad. Agony ripped at your chest constantly and you wanted nothing more than to get rid of it so the pain would stop. You didn't want to be the selfless hero who struggles with themselves but saves others, you wanted to learn to handle the issues inside and help. Being stable and confident is what you wanted.



 Crying at everything, being cold and quiet, failing at everything... you didn't want that to define you. Change is what was needed and you knew that. 



 "Well, it seems that emotional training is where we should start. We have a few months, four to be exact until you have to take the exam. I want you to focus on general studies and we'll save fighting for later."



 Your caretaker cradled your head now, petting your hair in an attempt to calm you. Aizawa was fatherly, made you feel safe and as you could change. Though he was hard on you, you needed it. 



"You'll be ready by the time the Sports Festival comes, it will give us time to focus on your mental health first-" 



 Looking towards All-Might who spoke, your eyes widened and your jaw dropped. A puff of smoke cleared and All-Might seemingly became sickly thin and hunched over. Shrieking you scrambled away on your butt and pointed at him and then looked towards Aizawa who facepalmed. Sputtering you looked between the two and back, All-Might scrambled to explain before coughing up blood which made you shriek even more in confusion.



 The two had a lot of explaining to do, again.

Chapter Text




 You had been shocked, both confusion and anxiety mixed into a potion of fear inside you. The first thought that had run through your mind was that you were simply seeing things, but the nervous reaction from All-Might proved to you that it was real. Your first instinct was to let out a soft sob, covering your mouth with both hands in an attempt to stifle it. It was all a lie... the peace and safety promised to all from this symbol of protection was all a lie. A front put up by a man who seemed on the brink of death. 



 Looking at him, it was as if he didn't know what to say. So you spoke instead. 






 Hurt laced your tone unable to finish, immediately causing All-Might to recoil as if in pain, looking towards the ground. Eraserhead seemed to continue to gather everything, avoiding being a part of the discussion as it wasn't his to have. Quickly you moved towards All-Might, hugging his hunched frame, your arms wrapping around his torso. Confused, the thin hero stiffened until your words rushed out. 



 "How have you been so brave and selfless... You act as a symbol yet have to bear such a burden. When so many have relied on you, you've fought tooth and nail to provide what they expect. You're..." 



 Tears pricked All-Might's eyes, shocked and confused by the reaction you were having. His hands trembled, reaching up to pat your back timidly as you hugged the man who gave you hope as a child. 






 He had never seen it as heroic or positive to be the way he was. Yet that he saw it as a weakness and of himself as a fraud. And as you calmed down, he explained that to you. He spoke about the fight which had rendered him injured, what it meant for the future, how no one could know because not everyone would see it as heroic.



 It could cause panic or even cause villains to seek out his weakness. So you vowed to never speak of it, though he did tell you of a student that reminded you of him. Izuku Midoriya, a quirkless nobody who had shown him that there was more to being a hero than power. 



 It inspired you, the story of this kid risking his life for his friend, the villain could have easily killed him. Some would call it idiotic, and you thought it was as well but the spirit behind the action is what amazed you. Knowing he would die, Izuku would rather throw himself into the mix than stand by and watch someone die.



 You wanted to be a hero but... maybe you were destined to fail. If a quirkless nobody could be a hero and you were struggling so hard, maybe you weren't meant to be a hero. 



 The elder hero explained about his power, the process, and laughed at your expression when he spoke of the hair eating that Izuku would eventually have to partake in. Sighing after the story was finished, you looked at your hands. Life seemed so real now, knowing that a greater threat possibly still lurked in the shadows made your stomach churn. You were no hero, not like the others.



 A chaotic ticking time bomb. Aizawa cleared his throat as he sat back down, note pad and voice recorder in hand. 



 "Now that we've cleared the air, [Y/F/N], it's time we conduct your first meeting and mental evaluation. Since I didn't realize it was this bad." 



 "This is so I can send it to your caseworker and have them review it. It should help us get you on whatever medication or treatment is necessary to help you." 



 Medication wasn't something you felt favorable towards. Would that mean you were officially crazy and had a weakness as a hero? You were your weakness and you thought it was pitiful. Internally, you felt like it made you seem like you were pining for sympathy points. 



 "What kind of hero can't even control themselves? I can't even use my quirk let alone handle basic emotions. What kind of hero is that." 



 "Aizawa-sensei, maybe I'm just better suited to just do what my dad did. Test defenses. Is it even worth it to train?" 



 Your caretaker frowned, but let you speak, secretly recording what you were saying. Hoping that by the end of it all, the training and reformation, your opinion would be different. 



Sighing, you mocked yourself before pulling your knees to your chin. Fiddling with the bandages on your arm, both men gave you a stern look which made you swallow thickly. You wouldn't take back what you said though. 



 "Mental Illness isn't something you should be ashamed of or hate yourself for. It may be a weakness in your eyes now, but it takes someone very strong to work through their issues and persevere despite them." 



 All-Might spoke triumphantly, suddenly shifting back to his full muscular form as if the conversation had restored his fight and drive. Putting his fists on his hips in a heroic stance, he pointed towards the horizon, the sun was sparkling down through the glass. 



 It was as if he were pointing towards a brighter future. 



 "Admitting that you need help in any regard takes strength. Never feel ashamed. You've been through so much, you're cynical and cold towards the thought of yourself. That can change with time." 



 All-Might seemed passionate but you didn't know how to tell him you just didn't see yourself as successful. In your mind, the only outcome you could see was you failing, and disappointing everyone who had faith in you. Though something Aizawa said next made your turn your head to him so fast you'd almost gotten whiplash. 



 "Your mother felt the same way. Always thinking she was a useless quirk-holder." 



 " 'Oh how can I be useful with a water quirk!' She had said. Admitting the way she felt and asking for help, she found that her quirk could help heroes."



 "Your mother became a staple and a godsend to heroes everywhere. Helping heal their injuries so they could live to fight another day." 



 It made you look at your hands, a bit sad. Your mother had a peaceful power while yours was a hurricane compared to her calm drizzle. Though even your dad had found a way to use his power for good, he hated how the job kept him away and he always came home tired. Sighing heavily, you rested your forehead against your knees. 



 "Okay... I'll do the interviews and stuff. Just, know I won't be happy about them. If I'm honest... I'm afraid you'll see that there isn't any hope in this. Then you'll throw me back in jail." 



 Grumbling, you played with the tracking device on your wrist, refusing to look at the two heroes who seemed to have more hope in yourself than you did. 



 A gentle breeze floated in through the arena door, birds and insects creating a chorus of sound whenever you all stopped talking for Aizawa to jot down notes. Your eyes watched the clouds through the glass dome, the treetops barely visible from the sides as they swayed in the wind.



It was a calm day. The dirt which had stuck to your sweaty skin was now dried as you cooled off, slender hands brushing the dust from you. 



 Feeling less dirty now, you touched the small bandage on your wounded cheek, the soft stinging causing your eye to water slightly. It was the first moment you took the time to experience your situation. A sort of existential moment when you reflected on everything. Barely even two days ago you had been running with criminals that you had calmed family, quirkless, too busy to reflect on how you felt or thought. 



 Now all you had was time to think, but you were never taught how to process your emotions. So all the thinking sometimes made your heart panicked, and made you feel nauseous. 



 "...last few questions. These are the big ones." 



 Eraserhead spoke after a while of writing, the little interview lasting a bit less than an hour. 



 "Why did you have your episode today? Do you remember what triggered it and perhaps why." 



 The question wasn't too hard to answer, it was simply painful to have to recall. Memories you'd pushed down to simply survive in the new world you were placed in after it had happened. Looking at your hands, your chest felt cold while your face felt steaming hot. You didn't want to cry again, not now. 



 "When I... found... my parents were just surrounded by blood. In p-pools of blood, if that makes sense. Ever since certain things just hurt to think about and see..." 



 It felt like you were chewing razor blades, forcing the words out even though they hurt. You hugged yourself as if you were cold, but nodded for Aizawa to continue. 



 "What sort of things trigger these memories? And what do they make you feel." 



There were only a few things, some created stronger reactions than others. It made you ashamed and embarrassed to explain them. What kind of hero was scared of blood? There would be so much in the field of work, it was like a dentist being scared of teeth. You felt stupid for admitting it but you couldn't bring yourself to lie to the man who looked at you with such gentle eyes and gave you encouraging nods to continue. 



 "Other than that it's... stuff like snow and uh the smell of Yew bushes. And pancakes. My mom used to make them when I was younger to make me feel less scared. They were my favorite." 



 The bags under your eyes seemed more pronounced now as if talking about the past made you exhausted. A bittersweet smile formed on your lips with a cold laugh before you shook your head. It was stupid, how you let the past define your every move. Pitiful. 



 "The biggest thing is thinking about their injuries or seeing anything similar. It just... makes me completely shut down. I t-think I'm done with this part." 



 Squeezing your eyes shut as if to ward off the potential for the imagery to form, you let out a shaky laugh and rubbed your arms aggressively. And tried to hide the unease that crept up your spine. All-Might tapped Aizawa's shoulder and gave him a nod as if to tell him to move on. 



 "Lastly, do you want to be a hero? I jumped so quickly to have you come work with me at U.A, thinking that you'd be easy to help. I didn't take into consideration the trauma and pain you were in and for that, I apologize, [Y/F/N]." 



 The more slender hero wasn't wrong. He had quickly jumped to offering you a place at U.A but now that you'd seen how much work was needed, it tugged at you. Maybe you weren't cut out to be a hero. Even then you wanted to try, to at least see if it were possible. Taking a deep breath, adjusting yourself into a cross-legged position you nodded. 



 "I want to be a hero and I'm willing to give my all. But if I can't be fixed... or redeemed at least I'll know for sure. Right?" 



 You didn't let the doubt show or the hesitation. There was always the option to escape and be on the run if you decided to turn on them. Though as it sat you had little reason to, no drive or motivation to go back to your old life. So you wanted to change for a better life. 



 With that, your scruffy faced teacher stopped the recorder and finished scribbling a bit down on the paper. Getting up, he offered his hand to you which you took to get to your feet. Brushing the dust off, you gathered your things and waited for All-Might and Aizawa to finish speaking to each other in hushed tones.



You couldn't hear what they were discussing but from how the darkened eyes of your role model darted between you and Eraserhead you knew it had to do with you. 



Aizawa gestured for you to follow him, you did so without protest and listened as he spoke. 



 "We'll be heading back to the house. I want you to shower, redress your wounds, and then meet me at the table. We need to discuss the new plan. It is irresponsible of me to throw you into training without focusing on your mental stability and schooling." 



 You didn't mind the idea of school, learning and writing down information, you were very smart and you didn't shy away from admitting it. Real schooling had been something you were looking forward to but never got to partake in. Homeschooling had been all you'd known, so getting back into the swing of it wouldn't be hard.



It was applying for U.A that scared you. Shuddering you tried to brush off the nervousness and anxiety that caused you to break into a cold sweat, an almost feverish feeling. 



 As the two of you made it back to the house, you wondered where All-Might had gone off to but your guardian told you not to focus on it. The two of you talked for a while on your way back, the man stopping often to simply look around at your surroundings and enjoy it.



You found it odd that he seemed to be stalling. Chewing the inside of your cheek you wondered if you had done something wrong, again. Deciding to keep the fear silent, the two of you made it back to the path leading to your new place of comfort. 



Instead of relaxing, as you made it through the doorway of the home, he ushered you straight towards the shower and tossed a fluffy towel at you. It smacked into your face, blinding you and causing you to stumbled backward into the bathroom before you heard the door click shut.



Tugging the lush fabric off of your head with a huff, you saw he had closed the door, leaving you alone in the silence. Why had he done that? 



Sighing you turned your attention to the sink where something caught your eye. A small green box sat under a card with the same matching shade, good luck, and longevity. You saw your name written in Japanese script, and hesitantly eyed it.



Turning on the shower and letting it heat up, you grabbed the card letting your fingers trace the textured symbols on it. Carp, the fish beautifully etched into the card, making you smile. 



 Opening it, you read the words scribbled into the card, seemingly from Aizawa himself. 



 'Sometimes when we lose ourselves, it's important to see where we've come from.' 



 Cocking an eyebrow, you set the card down to open the box. Moving the white tissue paper from in front of the rectangular object, your hand flew to your mouth with a gasp. Gingerly you lifted the picture frame from the box, almost afraid if you made any sudden movements it would disappear.



Tucked inside the beautiful frame was a photograph of your mother, father and you, all smiling towards the camera. You had your hands up, extending ten fingers up triumphantly. Your tenth birthday party. 



 Hugging the image to your chest, as if desperate to keep it safe, you gave a breathless chuckle. A smile, bittersweet yet filled with emotion spread over your features. That was why All-Might had left early, so he could put Aizawa's gift where you'd find it.



Part of you thought you didn't deserve their kindness but another part of you understood they were probably only being kind as a way to deter you from straying back towards evil. 



 Putting the image back after starting at it a little longer, you undressed and removed the dirtied bandages. Your wounds seemed softly scabbed over at this point, no longer bleeding or oozing, minus the new addition to your cheek. After a week or two, you were sure there wouldn't be a need for bandages anymore.



Pain still got bad sometimes as you moved though, but not as intense as it had been the first night. Letting the water wash over you, you thought about the prospect of a new path. 



 The original plan Aizawa had, was for you to train, gain control of your quirk, get into the hero course or general studies and then help him train the other students. Though, now all of that had to change. 



 After you had showered, redressed your injuries, taken care of other hygienic needs, and put all of your belongings away, you met Aizawa at the table in the front living area. Sitting, your legs folded under your body, you bowed to the man respectfully. Giving you a nod of acknowledgment, he poured you a cup of the delicious tea from earlier before clearing his throat. 



 "I've spoken to the Principal at U.A. He said he will allow you to apply for the General Studies course under the condition that you can pass the entrance test for it. For most students, they just take the test and go from there." 



 "But since you have no updates schooling records, you'll have to take a preemptive test to show your knowledge is up to the current standard. How much do you know exactly?" 



 You were immediately relieved, pulling the cup from your lips you felt more positive about the schooling prospect already. Learning was something you loved, so the villains who took you in didn't hesitate to steal schooling textbooks for you each time you finished the last one.



Proceeding through the grade levels as you grew up, always seeking more information and knowledge. 



 "I've read this year's current textbook. So, I'd be ready for the next grade's textbook. I kept up to date because I didn't have much to do between heists and I loved learning. A little studying wouldn't hurt though, still." 



 He seemed relieved at this, sighing heavily and taking a sip from his tea. Shuffling with a few papers beside him on the floor, the man slid a large packet towards you. Looking at the cover you read the title: General Studies Qualification Leaflet. Blinking at it, you felt the motivation waiver.



Almost as he understood what you were thinking, he chuckled and nodded. 



 "You'll be required to finish this packet a week before the General Studies Entrance Exam. If you pass it, you'll be allowed to take the exam."



 "The hero course is optional but I'm requesting you stay out of that entrance portion. You'll have a chance to get into the hero course during the sports festival if we can get control of your powers." 



 Laying your forehead on the table with a soft thud you groaned. Already this would be difficult but you were determined to study and ace the leaflet. Rubbing your face gently as you lifted it from the surface, you grabbed the packet and looked at the front. Squaring your shoulders and looking up at Aizawa you took a deep breath. 



 "Alright, where should I start?"