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Opposites Attract

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A couple of days had passed since Magnus, Maia and Clary had helped Helen and Aline come together. And since that night the warlock, werewolf, shadowhunter and Simon (who was feeling much better once he started sleeping on the floor) had been watching the seeds of romance blossom between the two women. They saw them holding hands when they were in the halls. Eating together, just the two of them at a secluded table, during meals. Training together was gently as possible. Kissing whenever they could. Magnus couldn't help but smile seeing the two ladies actually be in the love. He personally did actually hope that their relationship worked out.

You know. Once the downworlders took over their world. Magnus was just awaiting for the perfect moment to use Helen against Aline and take the stele from the palace.

The warlock had been alone that afternoon. Sitting on the large branch of a large tree with a novel in his hands. He was stuck reading in the tree because Clary was doing special shadowhunter lessons with Prince Jace and Maia was sparring with Simon. Magnus didn't mind being alone. He usually was alone when his father wasn't in their "loft" back in Edom. He didn't mind being alone, but he hoped that he wouldn't be stuck alone for long. Magnus needed his friends by his side. They were his family. The only ones that cared about him. And he wanted nothing more than to have them by his side when his father took everyone here prisoner.

Magnus was invested in his novel. Imagining himself in the world of alien kingdoms and animals, when he heard someone approaching the tree below. He ignored it. He had heard people come and go while he had been reading. Those people had ignored him. Magnus was just doing the same. He'd go about his day. They'd go about theirs.

But then he heard someone formally call him from the below the huge tree. "Mr. Bane."

Magnus looked down and saw the inquisitor, Princess Isabelle and Prince Alec. Jia was looking up with a small smile on her face. Isabelle and Alec had a similar smile on her face. Magnus raised his brows. Why was she here? Why were any of them here?

"Can I help you?" Magnus asked.

"Actually yes." Jia said. "Would you mind, coming down?"

Magnus slammed his book closed and stood up on the branch. Alec instantly tensed and moved forward to try and catch Magnus if he fell. Magnus rolled his eyes as he jumped off. The tree was high. But not high enough for magic. The prince, princess and inquisitor watched as Magnus floated down with ease. Magnus landed on his feet and wiped some hair out of his eyes.

"I think that my ankles might be broken from that fall." Magnus said with a smile towards the crown prince. He looked over at Jia and smiled. "Madam Inquisitor. Princess Isabelle. Prince Alexander."

Alec smiled. "Please. Just call me Alec."

Magnus nodded. "Well alright... Alexander."

Izzy chuckled, slapping her brother's back. Jia looked back at Magnus. "We wanted to ask you something. You and your friend Clarissa. Where is she?"

"With Prince Jace if I'm not wrong." Magnus said. "Why? Are you sending us back to Edom?"

Magnus noticed how Alec's complexion instantly went pale. "What? No! Magnus-"

Magnus chuckled and held up his hand. "I'm just kidding Alexander."


"You take things way too seriously." Izzy stated to her brother, before turning to Magnus. "We want to tell you that we want to invite you on your first mission."


"Yes Mr. Bane." Jia said. "All of the shadowhunters here go on missions. We would like you and Clarissa to go on one. A simple one."

"There were reports of a demon running around New York City." Alec stated. "Leaving almost prints on it's victims and on the loved ones of the victims."

"Oh. So you're looking for a vellmomith. Their tags end up going onto the families and friends of their first victims. Which is how their kill count grows at a quick pace." Magnus said.

Jia raised her eyebrows and looked over at him. "How... how could you tell, just by hearing about the demon's invisible prints."

"My father is literally a king of hell and a greater demon." Magnus said. "I grew up learning about demons. What they do. Their names."

"How... great! That your father gave you an education of demons." Jia said.

"I was forced to learn. I no choice under my father's roof." Magnus said unfazed by how Jia was trying to make him feel better.

Jia hummed and rubbed her jacket sleeve. Alec spoke up to release the tension that Magnus had created in the conversation.  "Well, we are sending a group to take care of the vellmomith. And we would like you and Clary to take part in the mission."

"Why us?"

"Well, Clary has been doing exceptionally well in her classes. Her rune drawing, along with her fighting styles are amazing." Jia said.

"Okay. But are you going to tell me how Maia and Simon aren't going?"

"I asked them." Izzy said. "Maia refused because... because well I asked her. And Simon... doesn't want to go back to the place where his mother could find him."

"We are in the process of taking care of that." Jia said. "So for this mission, we are hoping that you and Clary will take part."

Magnus hummed, looking up in thought. Alec looked at him and noticed the way that his face bore no real change. He was going to say no. He just knew it. Just as Magnus looked back down to the inquisitor and to the royals and opened his mouth to speak, but Alec spoke first.

"I'll be going on the mission as well." Alec said with a smile.

"What?" both Magnus and Izzy ended up saying in unison.

"Yeah. Yeah, I will be going on the mission with you." Alec said. "Leading it actually."

"Really?" Magnus said, sounding a bit impressed.

"You are?" Izzy and Jia said just as Magnus spoke.

"Yes. Yes, I am." Alec said, smiling at Magnus. "Hopefully, that will comfort you. To know that I will be there."

Izzy smiled at Magnus while she turned to her brother. "Alec." she hissed in a whisper.

"If you will be there, then I guess I'll go." Magnus said. "Let me go and talk with Clary."

Magnus snapped his book away, waved goodbye to them. He turned around and left the gardens. Alec smiled as he saw Magnus walk away like he owned the place. It was amazing how independent he was. Alec turned away from him and met two confused faces.

"You will be leading this mission your highness?" Jia asked.

"Yes." Alec said with a serious grin. "I um... haven't been on any since coronation preparations started. I think it would be good for me to go on one. Before my days are filled with duties as an upcoming king."

Jia shrugged. "Well then. I think that that's alright. Just to inform you then, you'll be on this mission with Andrew, Aline, Raj, Magnus and Clarissa and Prince Jace."

"Great. Completely understandable. No better team." Alec said.

Jia bowed before the royals and made her way out of the gardens. Izzy turned over and slapped her brother's shoulder. "What do you think you're doing? Underhill was supposed to headline this mission. You weren't even supposed to go on it! You were supposed to be home with Max, because of you know what."

"Look, I know. I'm just trying to make everyone feel comfortable." Alec said.

Izzy looked at him. "No. That's not it." Izzy looked at her brother and then she smiled. "You like him!"

"No! I don't!" Alec said.

"Yes you do." Izzy said smiling.

"I don't Iz. I'm just trying to make sure that he's comfortable around me. And since he forgave me for what he did to me, I want to keep our relationship the way it is." Alec said. "Now, if you would excuse me little sister. I need to go and prepare for a mission."

Alec waved at his sister and turned to leave. Izzy rolled her eyes. I know that he likes him. And I swear to prove it.

Maia was sweating profusely as she brought her body up and down and up and down on the pull up bar. She brought her legs up high to her face as she pulled herself upward. She felt her body heating up and the pain in her abs. But she needed her body to stay strong and her body to stay fit in order for her to kick anyone's ass when needed. Maia pulled her legs up once more as she pulled her body up, trying to finish her set.

"Hello there."

Maia pulled her legs down and looked over and saw one of the few people that she did not want to see at all. Luke. The werewolf in Alicante. Maia rolled her eyes and pulled herself up once more. Luke looked up at her and sighed. He wanted to build a relationship with the young girl. But she seemed adamant on ignoring and avoiding anyone born in and from Alicante. Luke sighed and approached the wall near the bar. He leaned up against it and watched as Maia continued to do her pull ups. Luke watched her. She seemed strong. Very powerful if she tried. Maia jumped down from the pull up bar and moved to grab herself a towel. Luke quickly moved forward and took the towel. He held it out to her with a smile. Maia eyed him. She turned away from him and picked up another towel that was laying on the rack. Luke frowned and placed the towel back down.

Maia wiped her face and her stomach. She adjusted the sports bra on her body and pulled her hair down. All the curls spilled out onto her shoulders. Luke watched her as she dried herself. Maia looked over at her.

"Are you just going to sit there and watch me?" Maia asked.

"Well, I was just going to sit here and wait until you were finished so that I could talk with you." Luke said.

"Why the hell would I want to talk with you?"

"Look, please don't do that. Don't be bias towards me."

"And why shouldn't I?" Maia asked, eyeing him. She moved to grab her water bottle. As she reached, she realized that she didn't have hers on her.

Luke smiled and held out his own. "Here. You can drink mine."

Maia looked down at the bottle and then back up at Luke. She sighed and took the bottle. She sat down on one of the benches and sipped on the ice cold water. Luke sat next to her with a warm smile on his face. Maia sipped the bottle and slouched down, resting her elbows on her thighs. Maia licked his lips and looked over at her.

"Listen." Luke said. "I know that you have a hate towards the people here. And that you hate the shadowhunters here. And especially me."

"I don't hate you." Maia said. "I just... find it unfair that you got to live here and I didn't."

Luke nodded. "I was a shadowhunter before I was turned, which bent the rules a bit about my citizenship. But I agree. That's no excuse for me to be here and for you to be thrust to Edom. And I'm sorry that that happened to you. But.. you're here because we want to make right what we made wrong all those years ago."

Maia just looked at him as he spoke. "So... you're saying what exactly?"

"I'm saying that I want you to be comfortable around me and the royals."

"You can spread this around if you want but here's what I think. Fuck Prince Alec."

Luke chuckled a bit. Maia smiled. "I get it. But if you don't feel comfortable around him, at least be comfortable around me? Can we do that? You and I?"

Maia hummed, sitting up straight and looking up at the ceiling. "Maybe... I mean. You did give me your water."

"Am I going to get that back?"

"No. No you are not."

The two werewolves laughed. Maia turned over to him. "How about we... restart? Hi, I'm Maia. Edom born werewolf."

Luke smiled. He held out his hand. "I'm Luke. Captain of the Alicante guard and father figure to all."

Maia shook his hand. Maybe Luke wasn't so bad.

But she wouldn't let him know that.

Magnus looked over at Clary and watched as she pulled on her gear. He was leaning against the wall as is friend pulled on her boots high up to her thighs.

"Are you sure that we should going on this mission?" Clary asked her friend.

"I'm sure." Magnus said. "We act like the nephilim. Then they will trust us like the nephilim. Once we have their trust, we can snatch up Helen and use her against her precious love."

"I've gotta say. I like the way that you think." Clary said with a wink.

Magnus took her friend's hand and walked out with her. They walked over to the front of the Institute. They were met with the others. Underhill, Jace and Aline looked over at them and instantly gave them friendly smiles. While Raj just eyed the two horrifically. Magnus flipped him off as he approached the three friendly shadowhunters. 

"Prince Jace." Magnus said with a smile. "Aline. Underhill."

"Hello Magnus. Good to see you again." Underhill said to him with a smile. He held out his hand and shook it kindly.

Magnus smiled to him. He wonders if this man realized if he ever lost the barrier opener in his boat.

"Hey Clary." Jace said with a smile. He took Clary's hand and pressed a kiss to the back of her hand.

Clary yanked her hand back from him as soon as he pressed the kiss to it. She was blushing profusely from the kiss against her hand. And it was obvious from the smile on her face even though she was yanking away in rejection. Magnus eyed her. Wow, were they awkward together.

Just as the warlock though that, out walked the one person that he knew he would be seeing sooner or later. Prince Alexander. He walked out, standing straight and looking towards his colleagues with pride. His regal blazers and slacks were gone, replaced by black gear. The prince walked over and approached the two Edom borns. He gave them both a bow. Clary chuckled at how strange it was to see a prince bowing to supposed criminals.

"Nice to see you two tonight." Alec said. "Are you going to be okay?"

"I didn't realize that I was made of glass and could be broken so easily." Magnus stated with a supposed eye roll. He chuckled. "I will be fine."

"Born in raised on an island of monsters." Clary added. "We'll live somehow."

Alec smiled at the two. "Good. So, the mission is simple. Find the demon. Eradicate it. Once it is dealt with, the prints that it leaves will vanish. And keep your glamours on."

Jace nodded and turned to Clary. "Here. Let me show you the glamour rune."

Clary smiled and held out her arm to allow Jace to draw on her skin. Magnus watched her. He turned around to get his glamour ready, but was met with the face of Raj. Angry look in his eyes. Hatred all over his body. Magnus gave him a smile.

"Can I help you?" Magnus asked.

The shadowhunter just sneered. Magnus shrugged at him, patting his shoulder. He shoved him away and walked right past him. He looked over to the group quickly, before looking down. He very slowly removed the glamours already in place to replace them. Underneath his long sleeve shirt and his vest, the scars on his back finally became visible. The dark scarred tissue marring his back and body. The scars that no one has ever seen. And that no one will ever see. As Magnus passed the glamour over his body, the scars disappeared. No one would see the pain that he's gone through. Not even his family. He would just bring them more pain. More hurt that they didn't need. Especially now that they were in Alicante.

Magnus turned back over to the group. No one was looking at him. He turned back over and pulled up his sleeve. He slowly removed the glamour. On the skin of his left wrist laid a disgusting scar. When his father had been surprisingly angry at him. He had been thinking of the war and that led to his attack that he launched on his own son. That led to a dark night. Magnus alone at the edge of the island. He cut himself instead of jumping. The glamour hid the scars... and that tattoo that laid where it should stand.

He had asked Clary to give him the tattoo and then made her forget. He didn't want her to know what he had done to himself. There written on his skin my story isn't over yet. Magnus knew that it would never be over until he got his revenge. He rubbed the tattoo before quickly making it disappear along with his glamour. He turned back around and looked over to the group. Everyone seemed to have their glamours in place. Magnus walked back over, pulling his sleeve back onto his arm. 

No one would know. No one needed to.

He put on a smile and looked back over towards the prince. Alec smiled to him. He held his hand out him. Magnus hesitantly took the hand and walked where the prince was leading him. He looked over and noticed how Jace was doing the same thing with Clary. The princes walked them over towards the outside of the Institute and the down the hill towards the oceans below. Magnus raised his eyebrows, looking at the royal.

"The portals are down here, this way." Alec said, pointing over towards the only tree in the middle of the clearing. Alec pressed his hand against the oak and the tree transformed into a golden portal. Alec looked over at Magnus.

He was eyeing the portal. Almost in admiration. But in reality, he was curious if this was even possible. How did they harness the magic to do something like this? The warlock looked over at the prince. "How?" he said simply.

"Catarina was nice enough to help us with this." Alec explained. "The portal can only be accessed by downworlders and the royal family."

Magnus smiled. This was something that pretty interesting. Something that he could use to his advantage if downworlders could use this portal tree. Alec held his hand out.

"After you." Magnus said.

Alec smiled. He went through the portal first. Jace held Clary's hand in a comfortable grip and he walked through the portal with her. Aline and Underhill walked through last. Raj stayed behind, looking over at the warlock. 

"Don't forget your place, like that Catarina. You work for us." he said, before walking through the portal. "You'll never be an angel. You are always a demon child Magnus Bane."

As soon as the words left Raj's mouth, Magnus grabbed his arm and flipped him over his shoulder. Raj yelled as he fell against the ground hard. Magnus slammed his boot against his throat as a warning.

"Do me a solid will ya?" Magnus said. "Keep my name out of your mouth. And never ever call me an Angel."

Magnus removed his boot. Raj growled at him and ran away into the portal. Magnus rolled his eyes at the bastard. He wasn't going to let him get to him. He wasn't going to bother him. Magnus knew that when push came to shove, he would be the first to be executed. Magnus walked through the portal, not even fazed by his comments.