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Opposites Attract

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Simon had been busy at work for the past few months. He had been working along side with Magnus, Maia and Clary to get Aline and Helen closer so that they could finally grab a hold of Raziel's stele. The plan had gotten a bit side tracked between trying to keep up with their "I'm totally converting to good" personas. It was getting a bit exhausting pretending like you didn't want to sink your fangs into every shadowhunter that you come into contact with. Simon was walking down the small road near the palace. He had come up withthe idea to try and get a vantage point of the palace.

Look for all exit points once they had gotten the stele from Helen and Aline. He was looking around the place, looking at the doors and windows. As the vampire walked around, looking at each window and seeing which doors were open, his vampire ears perked up. He turned over, looking over and hearing the sound of crying. Sobbing. Simon knew that he probably shouldn't investigate. Because that person would probably ask some questions. But Simon always had a heart made of gold. Even though his heart was really no longer beating.

He cared about so many people. And he just wanted to make sure that who was crying was alright. Simon slowly pulled himself away from looking at the palace windows and entrances and walked down the small little path near the palace. The palace was a bit close to the huge body of water that was near Edom. From there was a small beach. A little sand right by the waters. Almost like a private space where no one would be able to notice you.

Expect for a vampire that cared about everyone and anyone if they were hurt.

Simon walked down the small hill that came with the small beach, looking around to find the crying person. Simon perked up his ears and heard the sobbing coming from his left. Simon followed the sound until he came towards the closest edge of the beach. He looked over and saw a hunched over figure near the beach.

Simon moved over to try and get a face. As he did, the figure pulled her body up and pulled some hair out of her face. It was Izzy. Izzy's face was red and her eyes were puffy. Tears were still dripping from the bottom of her chin and down onto her blouse.

"Isabelle?" Simon called out before even thinking.

Izzy turned over. She stilled and wiped her eyes. "Simon! I uh... I'm..."

"What's the matter?" Simon asked, walking and sitting down beside her. He took her arm in his hand.

Izzy chuckled, tears still forming in her eyes. "It's nothing really."

"That's a lie. You're crying hard right here. Come on. You can tell me. It's not like I'm going to use this stuff against you." Simon said with a lighthearted tone. He then stiffened. "Wait! No! That came out wrong because I'm from Edom! I'm not going to sell your information. Besides, who would I sell it to? I mean, wait, I-"

In the middle of his babbling, the vampire noticed the princess laughing. She wiped her nose and snorted from the laughter. Simon smiled.

"You really like to babble on." Izzy said with a giggle.

Simon sat down a bit closer to her. Izzy looked over at him. She watched as Simon gave her a smile and rested his hand on his lap. Keeping it open wide. Izzy looked down at his extended hand and then back up at his dark eyes.

"You can tell me what's wrong you know." Simon said. "I won't tell anyone. Seriously."

Izzy smiled. She exhaled and placed her hand in Simon's. As soon as her smaller palm met his, he squeezed her hand comfortingly.

"It's just... my brother." she said.


"No. No, my little brother. Max. He's sick."

"Oh my."

"Yeah. It's a terrible lung disease. He's been barely able to breathe. We've kept him inside because we're scared that if he comes outside he might... he might..."

Izzy started to shiver as more tears filled in her eyes. Simon instantly moved over and hugged her. Izzy rested her head against his chest, sobbing her eyes out. Simon clutched her close. The princess shifted so that she was on his lap and burying her entire face inside of his shirt and his chest. Simon slowly started to pet the top of her head, whispering to her.

"Izzy, it's going to be okay. It's going to be okay." Simon said to her.

Izzy cried into his shirt, feeling it slowly and slowly starting to get wet. "I don't want to lose my brother! I don't want to lose him! I can't!"

"It's okay. You won't. Max is a strong kill. He'll live. Okay? Don't get so worked up. Everything is going to be okay."

Simon repeated the mantra to Isabelle for a while. She stayed in his lap, hugging him as she cried out all of her pain and frustration about her brother. It was after a bit that Izzy finally pulled herself up. Her entire face was covered in black tears. Simon chuckled.

"What?" she sniffed.

"Nothing, it's just... here, come on."

Simon stood up, pulling her with him. He pulled her over by their enclosed hand over to the edge were the waters were lightly crashing. Simon dipped his free hand into the water and looked over at the princess. He gave Izzy a comforting smile as he wiped away the dripping makeup with his hand. Izzy closed her eyes, leaning into the touch as soon as he rested his hand on her cheek. Simon was so... comforting. He might talk a bit too much when flustered.

Well... he might talk too much in general. But he was sweet and caring. Izzy saw that looking at the vampire. And Simon saw the same in the princess. From the moment he laid eyes on her Death Star pin the day they met, he knew that she was different. Even though she was an Alicante born nephilim. Even though she was the princess. She was so... different. Simon removed his hand as soon as he cleaned off her dripping mascra and eyeliner. Izzy smiled and wiped her cheek with her sleeve to dry it.

"Better?" she asked.

"Much." he said. "Not to say that you were ugly before, you're not."

"So, you're calling me beautiful?" the princess said with a joking eyebrow raise.

Simon blushed hard. Izzy chuckled. He was so easy to mess with.

Simon licked his lips. "Um... maybe I should uh... get going."

"What were you doing out here anyways?"

"Oh um... well. I was taking a walk. And I ended up forgetting where I was going."


"Yeah. I was just, thinking. Too deep in thought to really realize where I was going."

Good cover up Simon, the vampire thought.

"Thinking? Thinking about what?"

Great job dipshit.

"Nothing important."

"Come on Simon." Izzy said as they started walking back up from the beach. "I let you comfort me. Let me comfort you if I can."

Simon sighed with a smile on his lips. "Well... it's just everything. With Magnus getting hurt last week. My sister."

"You have a lot going on." Izzy said. "I'm sorry if my problems is too annoying for you."

"It's not. Nothing that you could say to me could be annoying anyways." Simon said.

Izzy blushed. "How um... how is Magnus doing by the way?"

"He's back to his confident, sassy, bad ass self."

"That's good."


The two found themselves standing right by the entrance of the small beach and towards the backyard gardens of the palace. The two chuckled awkardly.

"I should um... I should head back inside." Izzy said. "The duties of a princess and all."

"Yeah. Yeah, I get it. Well, I don't because I'm not royalty." Simon said.

Izzy chuckled again. He turned over and hugged the taller man. "Thank you for being there for me Simon."

Simon blushed as she hugged him again. He slowly moved over and hugged her back. 

"You're welcome Izzy." he said.

Izzy slowly pulled away and smiled. She gave a joking bow before walking over and into the palace gardens. She walked over to the door. But Simon saw her stop. She turned over and waved goodbye to the vampire. Simon stood up straighter, smiled widely and waved high back her. Isabelle chuckled before walking back inside.

The two turned away and touched their cheeks. Simon smiled at his blushing while Izzy let out a happy giggle.

Maia was reading in Magnus' and Simon's dorm room when Simon came back. Her, along with Clary, decided to hang out there until he came back and reconvene about any entry paths he saw when he returned. That plan went to shit easily as Clary and Magnus passed out on the same bed. So Maia just stayed up on her own, reading up on a book that Luke had recommended. Luke actually wasn't that bad of a person. He was very kind to all. A respectable man. And very authoritative when he needed to be.

Maia saw a lot of herself in him. From he way he sternly ordered to the way that he fought in combat. Maia liked Luke. He seemed almost like family. But she told herself to not get to excited about the other werewolf. He was still a bit responsible for her and so many others innocent imprisonment. Maybe if he stood up for her and others, Maia's mind would be on a different track. But he would pay. Just like the others.

The werewolf was pulled from her thoughts where she heard the door open. She looked up from the to see Simon. But not really her Simon. Not the awkward on. This one looked almost, love struck. He was blushing red, his entire usually pale face was the color of a red apple. The vampire walked inside of his room, closed the door, turned back around, pressed his back against said door and leaned down onto the floor. Maia raised her eyebrow, watching her friend like this.

"What's wrong with you?" Maia asked.

"There's an entrance in the side of the palace. The back servant entrance." Simon said, looking up with a wide smile.

"That's not the question I asked, but thanks."

"There's an entrance in the side of the palace. The back servant entrance." 

"Why are you so excited about servant entrances?" Maia asked him.

"There's an entrance in the side of the palace. The back servant entrance." Simon said again.

Maia got up and pressed a light slap to his cheek, trying to bring him back down to earth.

Maia raised her eyebrow, placing her hands on her hips. "Did you meet with someone?"

"Yeah." Simon said with a happy sigh.


"Princess Isabelle."

Maia groaned with a happy smile. So that's why "You my dear vamp friend like her. From that blush on your cheeks it is quite obvious. You like her."

"Yeah." Simon responded with the same happy sigh.

Maia chuckled at him again. "Oh Magnus and Clary are never going to let you live this down."

Magnus found himself alone for the first time in a while.

He hadn't been able to leave his bed or leave his room without an escort (that was either Simon, Maia or Clary). He did enjoy the love that he was given by his friends and the care that they showed him. But he was happy to be by himself for a little while. Maia was training with Clary and Simon was taking his usual morning nap. So the warlock was on his own. He didn't need to attend any training sessions or any missions since his injury, so he was on his own. Magnus was walking around the halls of the Institute.

Magnus was planning on looking for Helen or Aline, seeing on how their relationship was turning out and if it was time to use their growing romance against them. But he had heard from one of the more kinder shadowhunters that Aline and Helen had the day off from their training duties to continue planning the coronation.


"SHIT!" Magnus cried, opening up a portal and running through it.

He had totally forgotten that he was designing Alec's coronation suit. Granted he had been injured and healing himself for a bit, but this wasn't about the suit. Magnus could honestly care less about what kind of suit that Alec wore when he was crowned king of Alicante. That was the key to getting inside of the palace and figuring out a way in and out for himself. He was supposed to learn it from Simon last night, but he had fallen asleep and when he woke up Simon was already deep in his morning rest. Magnus ran out of the portal and he found himself outside of the palace. He looked over to run up the steps and knock on the front door. But he looked over and saw something happening in the gardens. He saw a few servants bring out an entire piano. 

The warlock watched as they placed it down on the cobblestone grounds before walking off. Magnus turned over, looking at each side and making sure that no one was watching him. Magnus walked over to the piano. He smiled looking at the beautiful piano. It was pure white with golden marbling all over.

"My, my, what are you doing out here in a place like this?" Magnus asked.

"I could ask you the same thing."

Magnus turned over. He saw the two princes walking over to him. He rolled his eyes.

"Prince Jace. Prince Alexander." Magnus said.

"Good morning Magnus." Alec said with a calm smile.

"I thought that you were resting. Maia has been telling me that you have been in bed for a while." Jace said, placing his thumbs in the belt loops of his slacks.

"Well, yes. I have. But, I was supposed to design Alexander's coronation suit." Magnus stated. "So I came over, and got distracted by this pretty little instrument."

Jace chuckled and nodded. "Like her?" he asked.

"Is she yours?"

"Yeah." Alec stated. "Jace is going to play for an upcoming party in honor of my coronation. Do you play?"

"Very little. But I know an amazing and beautiful looking piano when I see one." Magnus said. "Shall we go my prince?"

"Magnus, you don't have to be here. If you're still healing, you should take all the time you need and head back to your room. No one is rushing you."

"I am." Magnus and Jace both said in unison, before laughing at one another.

"Your coronation is getting closer and closer." Jace stated.

"Don't remind me." Alec said.

"You need to have things ready. And Magnus is offering to make your suit for you. If it was up to you, you would wear an old black sweater and jeans."

"They're comfortable!"

"Alec." Jace said. "Take advantage. Magnus! Thank you for making Alec's coronation suit. Please take all the time you need today. And every other day."

Alec raised his eyebrow. He looked over at his brother and noticed his motioning his head towards Magnus. Alec sighed. Now he got it. Every since Alec told Jace that was he developing feelings for Magnus, the blonde has not shut up about him making a move. Jace said the other day something about getting Magnus a Get Well Soon! teddy bear.

Alec sighed. He put on his royal smile and held out his hand to Magnus. "If you would follow me."

Magnus looked at his hand. He scoffed and walked right past him over to the palace entrance. Jace whistled. 

"He's feisty." he said. "I see why you like him."

"Shut up Jace." Alec said, walking over to follow Magnus.

"So, tell me Alexander what is your vision for your coronation suit?" Magnus asked as he magically made room to work in the prince's large bedroom.

Alec watched Magnus from his bed. He was mesmerized by his confidence and by his magic. By the beautiful way that the blue swirls surged from his hands and the way that Magnus moved almost like he was dancing. And Alec had seen him dance intensely. 

"Vision? Um... I don't... I don't really have one." Alec said.

"Well, that makes my job so much easier." Magnus said with a sarcastic chuckle. "Well, do you have anything that I can get a look at? Maybe one of your old suits?"

Alec nodded. He stood up and walked over to his closet. He opened it. Magnus' eyes widened and his mouth dropped to the floor seeing the beautiful closet. It was huge. You could probably take a run inside of it. There were blazers and collared shirts galore. Alec looked over and saw Magnus' eyes light up and the excitement he felt towards the clothing.

"Do you like it?" Alec asked.

"Alexander, there's enough clothes in here to last someone through the year! With probably three costume changes!" Magnus said, pressing his hand against a mustard yellow blazer.

"You must really like clothes."

"Yeah. No shit."

Alec smiled. "Well, I don't wear a lot of these blazers. Or these shirts. If you want. You can have one to wear to the coronation."

Magnus chuckled. "I'm sorry, but why would I get invited to the coronation?"

"Because I'm inviting you?" Alec said.

Magnus raised his eyebrows and his back faced Alec. Him? Going to the coronation? This sounded a bit too good to be true. Why would they want a downworlder like him there?

"Why would you want a downworlder like me there?" Magnus asked.

"It doesn't matter to me that you're a downworlder." Alec said. "I want you there."

Magnus turned around to face the prince. He was now closer to him. They're chests were close to pressing up against one another. Alec was a bit taller than Magnus, but in that moment it looked like he was towering over the warlock. The prince licked his lips and turned away to hide his blush. Magnus moved his hand to his own cheek, feeling the heat against the sides of his cheeks. He chuckled awkwardly and turned back over to the row of colorful blazers. Alec cursed at himself.

"I apologize if I made you uncomfortable." Alec said. "That was ill advised for me to do."

"It's... it's fine." Magnus said with a smile. "Hey."

Alec turned back over to him. He put his friendliest smile, fighting the urge to give him the kindest and most wanting grin that he had. "Yes?"

"The coronation. Why would you want me there?" Magnus asked.

"Well, only a couple people are coming. And I would like for you to be there. To um..." Alec stuttered.

He wanted to say something romantic. Like in all the romance novels he read. Something like to keep me grounded. Or so that I can finally have you by my side. That's what his heart wanted. He wanted nothing more than to say that to Magnus. Magnus seemed so beautiful. Smart and kind. Why wouldn't he like him. Damn. Both Jace and Izzy were right. Alec liked him. He liked Magnus. And he wanted him to know. But he couldn't. Not now. Not when... when...

Why wouldn't he say what he felt? Because of how he felt inside. Was it right to be seen with Magnus? How would his people react. A part of Alec wanted to say that he didn't care, but deep down he knew that it would hurt his family. They would speak. And he needed his and his family name to stay perfect.

Alec pulled away and licked his lips. "To have you see your suit in action."

Magnus smile faded. Of course. What did he expect from him? He was just trying to be nice. There was no romance there. Just some friendship. Magnus nodded. Forget him. He had a stele to steal.

Speaking of which... didn't Simon tell him that the stele would be at the coronation? And he wouldn't have to deal with holding Helen hostage?

"So." Magnus said, pulling himself away from the blazer and walking out of the closet. "The coronation, it's going to be you and your family what, blessing you?"

Alec chuckled, following him out and closing the closet door. He turned over to see that Magnus wasn't looking at him, but motioning towards the empty space. Alec walked towards it and stood tall. Magnus snapped his fingers and summoned three full length mirrors in front of the prince.

"Not exactly." he said. "The inquisitor, Jia, will draw a sacred rune on my crown. It will leave my father and come to me, crowning me the king."

Magnus rolled his eyes and turned over to the mirrors. He eyed the shape of Alec's body. A strong build with muscles that wanted to pop out of the tight shirt he was wearing. He turned away in thought.

"So... if I am to come. I want to be able to see my beautiful suit in action. Would there be a way for me to sit in the front and soak up the beauty of my fashion?" Magnus asked.

Alec chuckled again. His hand went to rub the cuff links he wore. "I wish you could. But the front row is reserved unfortunately. The only people up there will be me, my siblings, my folks, Jia, Aline and her girlfriend Helen."

Magnus' ears perked up. If Aline brought a significant other than...

"So you have significant other to bring?" he asked, summoning a strip of measuring tape. "Take off your shirt for me."

Alec blushed, but nodded. He slowly started to unbutton his shirt. "If I did, he would be up there."

"He?" Magnus smiled wider. Checkmate.

Alec's eyes widened. "I mean she! She! Not that he is bad! But it's she! I'm straight! Straight as a ruler! I'm not-"

"Alexander." Magnus called calmly, holding up his hand to shut up the babbling prince. "If you are, I do not care."

"You don't?"

"Look at me. I'm bisexual myself. So why should I care your preference of lovers. There's nothing wrong with it."

Alec slowly stopped shaking and nodded. He supposed that that was true. He pulled off his shirt and was left in his undershirt. Magnus moved and measured Alec's waist. He said nothing, but began to think. There's nothing wrong with it.