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Opposites Attract

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The party had started.

All of the shadowhunters had attended, dressed in the most spring themed clothing. They were all mingling, tasting the snacks that were brought out for them. Magnus watched them as he walked out to the event with Clary, Maia and Simon at his side. He adjusted the dark salmon blazer that he was wearing as he approached a table with sushi on the plate.

"Wish that they had some meat or something. Something rare." Simon said as he sneezed at the flower on his blazer. "Do I have to wear this flower?"

"It's a spring party Sharon, deal with it." Magnus said, casting a spell and making the flower a little less potent to his dearest friend.

"So, did the cinnamon roll work?" Clary asked, snatching a spicy tuna roll just as someone else was about to grab it.

"Hey!" he cried, annoyed. "That was my roll."

"There's others. Fuck off." Clary hissed, making the girl huff and puff over to her obviously annoyed boyfriend. "Anyways."

"I'm not entirely sure." Magnus answered. "I mean... the spell does take a bit of time to take full effect when it is in potion form. More less when we put in a dessert as complex as cinnamon rolls."

"So when will we know for sure?" Maia asked, annoyingly huffing and puffing at her dress.

"Maia, you could have just worn a jumpsuit." Simon said.

"No, she couldn't have." Magnus stated. "Dresses are formal. This is a semi formal event. Therefore, Maia is in dress. Like you are in flower."

Simon rolled his eyes, making Maia laugh as she took a sushi roll for herself.

"The spell should have taken effect by now, we'll see when we can finally talk with the prince." Clary said.

"Or, maybe not." Maia said, pointing over towards the center of the party.

There was a huge arch decorated with flowers all over the place. It rested on what looked like a temporary stage, made from white hood that matched what the arch was truly made out of. Hanging from the top on the interior was what looked like pink crystals, that matched the very spring like theme of the event. Below the arch was two big vases filled with lilies. And on the new stage was Luke. He was talking with a few of the other servant shadowhunters. He had some kind of cord in his hands, that led to a microphone. Simon smiled widely. Maia flashed a wicked grin. Clary clapped her hands. They all turned over to Magnus. Magnus looked at them.

"What?" he asked.

"You know what." Simon stated, motioning over to the microphone.

Magnus looked at it. "I still don't get it."

Maia sighed and motioned over to what was laying beside the arch. There was two speakers that were being held up by metal stands. 

Magnus finally got the picture.

"No! No!" Magnus said. "No, no, no, no, no, no, no! No! No!"

"Yes! Yes, come on!" Clary cried.

"Absolutely not! No!" Magnus said, walking over from them and to a different table stuffed to the gills with sandwiches. Simon grabbed one made with rare steak and shoved it into his bare fangs.

"Magnus, this could be a good chance to see if the spell worked." Maia stated.

"I'd rather we fake my suicide!"



"Come on."

"No. Not happening."

"This is for the cause. All those nephilim getting what they deserve." Clary added. "What's one song compared a lifetime of revenge."

Magnus looked back at the microphone system being set up and then down at his friends. He groaned. "UGGH! Fine! Just one!"

"In spanish?" Simon added.

"Suck my dick vampy."

"Spanish is a romantic language."

"So is Portuguese, French, Italian and Romanian. And I bet no one here speaks that!"

"Izzy speaks spanish."

Magnus, Maia and Clary all stopped and looked at him.

"And how would you know that huh?" Clary asked with a grin on her face.

"I um... it's nothing I just um... I uh... heyarethosetheminicheesecakesfromlastnight? Howironicright? Letmegogetone!"

Simon moved to that table but Magnus grabbed him by his suspenders.

"Slow down Dracula and explain." he said.

Simon sighed. "It's nothing really. We're just... talking."

"Talking?" Maia repeated. "About what?"

"About... you know... stuff." Simon said, kicking his foot and shoving his hands into his pockets.

"Look! You're blushing!" Clary stated with a squeal. "You like her! You like her! You really, really like her!"


"I've known you since you were an infant, shut up!"

"She's just... really funny and great to be around." Simon said with a smile.

Magnus and Maia smiled at their friend. "How sweet." Maia said.

"Does Alec and Jace speak Spanish too? Or were you too lovestruck to ask?" Magnus joked.


"De vuelta a ti mi amigo vampiro."

"ANYWAYS!" Maia called. "Let me get you a spot on that stage."

Magnus rolled his eyes as Maia walked over to the stage. She placed her hands behind her back and put on her fakest grin. It always worked when she wanted to seem nice. People always seemed to believe her. Even in Edom. She walked over and looked up at Luke. The stage wasn't that tall. It was maybe a foot and a half off the grass.

"Hey Luke." she called.

Luke turned around from where he was setting up the sound system. He smiled at his fellow werewolf. "Afternoon Maia. How are you?"

"I'm good. I'm good." she said. "What are you up to?"

"Oh um, the queen asked me to set up some of the sound systems. I think that she and the princess will be giving a speech before the traditional battle that is to take place."

"Oh. Alright then."

"Why do you ask?"

"Why don't I ask?"

"Touche. Touche."

"So." Maia said. "Is there anyone that will be up here, performing? Kinda dull around here don't you think?"

"Yeah, I agree." Luke said. "I think a small little orchestra should be here any moment to set the mood."

"Oh." Maia said. "Well, I was wondering because my friend over there, Magnus? He really likes to sing?"

"Does he now? He doesn't seem like the type."

"Yeah. But you should hear him sing and see him dance. He is amazing at what he does! And he thought it would be better if someone would be singing instead of just background music."

Luke nodded. He looked over and saw Magnus standing there. He was licking his lips after biting into a sandwich. The werewolf smiled. "Well... hey, listen... why not, right? I'll speak with Queen Maryse and the orchestra."

Maia nodded. Luke jumped off the stage and walked away. Maia turned on her heel and walked over to her friends. "Looks like you'll be singing today."

"How great." Magnus said an eye roll.

"There you are." Luke said as he set up the microphone in front of Magnus. "Do you need any instruments?"

"Um... no, no thank you." Magnus said, placing the microphone in both of his hands.

"Okay. So, you can start singing right after the royal family arrives." Luke said. "Do you know the song that you're going to sing?"

"Uh... uh yeah."

"Okay then. Good luck. And I'll inform you to welcome in the royal family."

Luke jumped off of the stage and walked over to some of the guards were awaiting some instructions. Magnus sighed and he tapped his finger against the microphone. He tapped it just to make sure that it was working. He looked down at the stage and saw Clary, Simon and Maia looking at him. They all gave him a thumbs up and a wide smile. Magnus rolled his eyes. He hadn't sung in a while and he absolutely did not want to do in front of the shadowhunters that hated him. He sighed and rubbed the microphone. He looked over and saw Luke motioning to him.

Magnus coughed and smiled. "Everyone, welcome to the Alicante Spring Soiree. Now, please would you help in welcoming our royal family. Please welcome our princess, Isabelle, our princes, Max and Jace, our wondeful king and queen, Maryse and Robert, and your soon to be king, Alec."

The crowd started to clap. From the corner of the garden, in walked the royal family. Izzy smiled, her arm in Jace's. Maryse had her arm in Robert's. And Alec walked in in front of all of them. Alec smiled and waved at his people. Magnus turned over to the small orchestra behind him. He gave them a nod and gave them a small pulse of magic. The orchestra started to play their music. Alec walked over and he stopped his waving and his calmness seeing the warlock on the stage. He stilled and watched Magnus as he began to start the song. He opened his mouth and met eyes with the prince. He instantly changed his mind and started singing something else, but with the same beat and the same background.

Aquí, una foto nuestra tomarás

Sin modificar la luz

Así será más simple

Cuidar que yo brille

Tal como me miras t√ļ

Simon smiled a bit wider. He gave his friend another thumbs up that he chose to perform in Spanish. Alec watched Magnus, his eyes only looking at him. He was completely ignoring some of the girls and guys around him, trying hard to gain the prince's attention. Alec moved them aside as he walked closer to the stage.

Y ya, dime que piensas solamente en mí

Frente a frente, dímelo

Es casi un desafío, hay demasiado ruido

Pero al menos intentémoslo

Magnus looked over at the prince, giving him his most romantic eyes and the most beautiful look that he could give. Alec's blush returned. Magnus turned his head to the side as his hair waved in small breeze that he had summoned. Alec licked his lips. Izzy walked over beside her big brother. She took his arm in his hands and started to shake it a bit.

"Uh... Alec? Alec?" she called. "Alec? You're staring."

Alec hummed and he turned to his sister. "I uh... I um... I need a... I um..."

"Why are you acting like a broken record player?"

"I just... I just need a sec. I'll uh, I'll be right back... o-okay?"

Alec pulled away from his sister and slowly walked over to the stage. The shadowhunters that were around him sighed in frustration that the prince was no longer alongside them and that he wasn't taking any interest in them. Alec moved over to get closer to the stage. He noticed a few other shadowhunters swooning over the beautiful warlock. He hissed a bit and moved to get closer. As he did, he was pulled back by his shoulder. He was pulled over and met eyes with his father.

"Um son." he called. "Are you alright?"

"Yeah, yeah." Alec said, adjusting the crown on his head. "I'm fine."

Robert looked up and met eyes with Magnus. Magnus looked away from the king and to the eyes of a strong shadowhunter man who looked like he was fucking Magnus hard in his mind. Alec growled. Why was he acting so jealous all of a sudden? What was going on with him? But he looked up and saw the reason right in front of him.

No hay palabras que inventar

Yo lo veo en t√ļ mirar

Deja el corazón hablar

Puedo oír lo que tu alma escribe

"He's really good." Robert said.

"Yeah uh... hang, hang on dad. I'll be a second." Alec said. He walked over and hopped on the stage.

Yo quiero abrazarte al sol

Solos al amanecer

No preciso de tu voz

Puedo oír lo que tu alma escribe

Robert raised his eyebrow. He looked over at his only daughter, who was standing alongside Max.

"What is your brother doing?" Robert asked.

"I dunno." Max said, sipping a glass of sparkling grape juice.

Alec walked over towards Magnus on the stage. Magnus looked at him. Alec smiled. He took the microphone from him and started to continue what Magnus started.

Que tal

Conectamos sin corriente

Solo l√°piz y papel

T√ļ alcanzas mi ventana y dejas en mi almohada, la nota que yo leer√©

Jace, who had been sipping some wine, spit out the drink into the face of one of the servants. "Oh shit, sorry."

Jace looked over to the stage and saw his brother singing in the microphone. Jace walked over to his siblings.

"What the fuck in Alec doing?" Izzy asked.

"Language." Max added with a snap of his finger.

"Right, right, sorry." Izzy said.

Jace looked over and saw Clary, Simon and Maia watching from the sidelines. He held his hand out to his sister, who was opening her mouth to say something. Jace walked away from them and over to the Edom borns. He gently placed his hand on Clary's back. She turned over to him.

"Oh. Afternoon." Clary said to him with a small curtsy.

Intenta estar en el presente, y del ma√Īana olv√≠date

No hay imagen que exprese lo que ven tus ojos descubriéndome, Alec continued to sing, looking Magnus right in they eyes.

"Do you um... do you know anything about this?" Jace asked.

"No. I knew that Magnus was going to be performing. But I didn't expect anything from Alec." Clary said honestly.

Intenta estar en el presente

Y del ma√Īana olv√≠date

No hay imagen que exprese

Lo que ven tus ojos descubriéndome

Alec sang, looking deep into Alec's eyes. Magnus waved his magic around the microphone in Alec's hands and he created another one.

No hay palabras que inventar

Yo lo veo en tu mirar

Deja el corazón hablar

Puedo oír lo que tu alma escribe, Magnus sang with the widest smile on his face.

Alec continued on to him, moving over with in a small circle. Yo quiero abrazarte al sol

Solos al amanecer

No preciso de tu vos

Puedo oír lo que tu alma escribe

Magnus and Alec continued to sing the song, smiles wide on their face. Maryse watched the two of them from the side of the gardens. The queen was smiling to herself, thinking of the happiness that her son seemed to radiating. She smiled, not even seeing as the captain walked up behind her.

"My queen." he said to her.

The queen didn't turn to look at her. She sighed and adjusted her dress. "Captain Garroway. How nice to see you again."

Luke nodded. He looked over at the prince and then back at Maryse. "You know um... that song... it always reminds me of you. Of us."

Maryse sighed. She turned over to the captain. Luke took her hand and pressed a kiss against her silk glove. Maryse smiled and nodded. "Does it now? I didn't know that you spoke Spanish."

"I learned a long time ago." Luke said. "I mean, What your soul writes? I mean... how else can that not represent you and I?"

Maryse pulled her hand away. "Luke... I can't right now. I have to be seen for my son. The coronation is coming soon and I need to-"

"I know." Luke said with a smile, pressing a hand to the exposed shoulder from her light blue off the shoulder dress. "I know. It's okay. But just know, that I'll be waiting for you."

Luke pressed a kiss to Maryse's gloved hand again and he walked off. Maryse smiled. She was blushing widely.

Alec and Magnus finished the song, a smile on their faces. Magnus chuckled. Alec moved over and pressed his hand against Magnus' jaw. He smiled.

"Alec!" Robert called, walking up onto the stage and placing his hand on his son's bicep. "Are you coming. Our little battle is about the start."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, okay." Alec said, not looking away from Magnus' eyes. He moved over and pressed a kiss against his forehead. "Will you come with me?"

"Huh?" Magnus called.

"To the battle. Please?" Alec asked with a wide smile, holding one of Magnus' hands in both of his own.

Magnus smiled. The spell worked.

"Um... y-yeah. Sure!" Magnus said.

Alec smiled even wider. He held Magnus by the waist and walked past his father. Robert stood there dumbfounded.

What?, he mouthed.