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Opposites Attract

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So, here’s the thing. The nephilim and the downworlders have always been on edge with one another. It's been that way for hundreds of years. Some downworlders were good and found the nephilim evil. Some thought the opposite. Both were true. There were vile demons and downworlders and evil nephilim. Because of the demons that the downworlders could either control or create, the nephilim always felt threatened. And they were even more threatened when the demons began to attack. 

It wasn't until there was the big war. Lead by the angel Raziel for the nephilim and the king of hell, Asmodeus for the demons. The battle lasted years. Almost ten. It wasn't until Asmodeus was bested when he became a father from the woman that he had loved. She died in birth. And Asmodeus, needing to take care of that baby that he had created, surrendered. Raziel gave power to a shadowhunter named Robert Lightwood and vanished. Robert, as the new leader, sent all of the demons, evil and traitorous shadowhunters to an island just off the coast.

The island was then dubbed Edom.

A shadowhunter knight with the last name of Lightwood, for his heroism, was named the king of Alicante. He ruled and passed on the crown to his son. Who passed it on to his son. Who passed it on to his daughter. Who passed it on to her son. Who passed it on to Robert Lightwood, the kingdom's most current monarch. He and his wife, Maryse gave birth to three children and adopted one. They had Alec, their oldest son. Isabelle, their only daughter. And Max, their youngest. And they adopted Jace, the son of a close friend of Maryse's. And after 25 years since the war and the creation of the island, Robert realized that he was losing his charm and his youth. And that he needed to pass of the kingdom to someone else. Namely, the eldest child. Alexander.

Which is kind of where the story begins. With Prince Alexander Lightwood. Standing there in his garden. He was supposed to be out there. Thinking of his speech for after his coronation. Thinking of what kind of cake that he wanted for the party. Walking his cat, Church. But no. The prince couldn't help but look about past all of the beautiful flowers and plants at the island across. 


The island where some people's lives were being ruined for no apparent reasons. What about the downworlders that were there just because of the prejudice against the evil demons? What about those shadowhunters there just because their father's or mother's were schemers or traitors. They were innocent. Why did they have to be there?


The young prince turned around and saw his mother and father approaching. Church, who was standing there on the ground with his royal owner, looked over at the king and queen and smiled.

"What are you doing out here?" Maryse asked, keeping a safe distance from her son just in case he was upset.

"I'm just… thinking." Alec said truthfully. 

"That's good. It's good for a king to think of what he needs to do for his kingdom." Robert said with a smile.

"Yeah um…" Alec looked ahead again at the barrier covered island. "Mom, dad. I've made my decision for my first official proclamation as king."

Maryse smiled. "That's amazing sweetheart!"

"I knew that you had it in you." Robert said. "So, what is it?"

"It's about Edom." Alec stated, standing up from the foundation where he was sitting and allowing Church to explore to rose bushes. Alec stood straighter and placing his hands behind him. He was ready to speak his mind and open up about his plans as a king.

Maryse and Robert instantly tensed up hearing the name of that island. The place where so many vile people lived. Maryse cleared her throat.

"So go on again sweetheart. What about Edom?" she asked.

"I've decided that children of those… those villains there, should be given a chance to live here in Alicante." Alec said.

Robert and Maryse met eyes again. Maryse scratched the back of her neck in worry while Robert swallowed some rising saliva in his mouth. 

"Why? There's so many problems here in Alicante that you could worry about? The knight shortage maybe? Training the knights in question." Robert said.

"Father, this is different. Everytime that I look about my window, or here at the gardens… I feel like so many people there have been abandoned. Innocent people. Who are trapped there because of their parents crimes or just because they are downworlders." Alec said, with a sigh.

Robert crossed his arms. "The children of our sworn enemies. The ones that have killed hundreds of nephilim… living among us?"

Maryse patted her husband's shoulder. "Well, Alec does have a point. They have been abandoned. Most of those people are there for crimes they haven't committed."

"We don't bring them all in at once. Starting off with a few. Four." Alec explained. "See how that goes and slowly bring in more that need our help. And I've already chosen them."

Maryse smiled. "Okay. Who are they?"

"And more importantly, who are their parents?" Robert sneered, earning a slap on the chest from his wife.

"Maia Roberts. A werewolf who was turned and unjustly sent to Edom five years ago. Her parents are unknown." Alec stated. "Simon Lewis. A vampire with mundane parents and a sister here in Alicante, but who was sired by Camille Belcourt."

"Bitch." Maryse muttered under her breath.

"Clary Fray. A shadowhunter and the daughter of Valentine Morgenstern. And Magnus Bane. A warlock who's father is… is Asmodeus." Alec said.

"What?! Asmodeus?!" Robert yelled. "That demon has committed unspeakable crimes! Killing millions of our kind! And Valentine! That traitorous swine!"

"Asmodeus' son and Valentine's daughter didn't kill hundreds of us. In fact, they had nothing to do with The Divine War! They're innocent. Don't you think they deserve a shot at a normal life?" Alec called. "Mom, Dad… you know that I'm right."

Maryse nodded. "I know that you are sweetheart. Right Robert?"

Robert looked over at his wife. And then back at his son. He adjusted the crown on his head and sighed. "I suppose… that the children are innocent. And maybe this Simon will benefit in seeing his sister."

Alec nodded. "Thank you father."

"But you are responsible for what they need and will require to be here in Alicante. In all aspects. They will assist on missions. They will train to fight. You will-"

"Take care of everything. I know. And I promise to. This will be first act as a king." Alec said. "And I promise you, everything will be fine."

Robert exhaled through his nose and nodded. He patted his eldest son's shoulder and smiled at him. He then turned on his heel and walked away. Maryse watched him leave and then hugged her son's side.

"I'm proud of you." she said. "So tell me, when do they arrive?"

"I've arranged for them to come tomorrow afternoon. The trip on the boat I sent will take a day to arrive back since I sent them off yesterday." Alec explained.

"Well then, we have much to prepare." Maryse said, kneeling down and picking up Church. "Let us go and get everything ready."

Alec smiled and watched as his mother starting walking ahead. He smiled, moving over and taking one last look out at the barrier covered island. He smiled. This would be good. Great even. He smiled and walked off to meet with his mother.

"Plain and simple, let me remind you of something. You messed with me and my son. You very simply could have returned what we very kindly let you borrow. But no. You didn't. So now I should probably let my dearest boy take care of you. Magnus!"

Magnus had been standing at the top of the balcony. Listening in to his father's angry monologue to one of his customers. He had heard these all before. But he never got involved. Mostly because he never wanted to. It hurt him to hurt someone else. Even though it wasn't really his choice or not.

Magnus sighed, slowly making his way down the steps to the living room. He met eyes with his father. A man that looked just like him. Magnus rubbed his knuckles as his father held up a man with his magic. The man looked in pain. Like his limbs were being pulled way too far. Which was pretty much exactly what was happening. 

The shadowhunter looked over at Magnus pleasingly. The warlock bit his lip and shook his head. Asmodeus walked over to his son.

"Father…" Magnus said, putting on a face of disgust and anger on his face. "Now, what do we have here?"

"An ex shadowhunter. I allowed this little son of a bitch to borrow something of ours. A potion. That was hard to curate." Asmodeus said, letting his hand down and picking up the glass of wine while the shadowhunter floated in pain.

"Which potion might I ask?" Magnus asked, running his fingers against the hawk tattoo on the shadowhunters left forearm.

"The immunity one. This one was too afraid that he would get beaten by a few other ex shadowhunters that he had double crossed in the past." Asmodeus explained. "Now, please tell me my son what should we do to him?"

Magnus traced the tattoo again. "I like this tattoo. Beautiful. The artistry must have been done by a good friend of mine. I think… that she would appreciate getting it back."

Asmodeus smiled. He walked over to his son and patted his nose. "Adorable. Good job my boy. I think that I'll even do it the mundane way. With a rusty old steak knife."

Magnus smiled. He didn't really want this man to be hurt. No matter how much he despised people and their actions on this goddamn island. He loved to cause trouble and make noise and racket. He loved to be evil. Not a murderer. But this was the only way to get left alone. He gave the shadowhunter a middle finger and grabbed his jacket.

"Gotta go. Have fun dad." Magnus said as he threw on his jacket.

"And where are you going?" Asmodeus asked.

Magnus didn't answer and just jumped out of the window. He landed gracefully on top a trash can by the apartment that his father and him lived in. He smiled and flipped off of the can and onto the ground. He smiled and picked up a can of spray paint on the ground. He walked over with a smile on his face. He grew up here in Edom. He didn't have a chance to be normal. To be perfect. And Magnus was totally fine with that. He was raised to be vile. A bad seed. Rotten to the core. And he fucking owned it.

Magnus approached a group of ex shadowhunters were counting some apples. Magnus smiled and kicked the table where the apples were placed on. The table leg broke and down fell all the apples. The shadowhunters cried out. One of them held out a club to retaliate at the warlock. Magnus turned over and showed them his eyes. His real eyes.

Golden cat slits.

The shadowhunters instantly cowered in fear. Magnus smiled and spun back around. He walked over to a roundabout, that had a statue of trash in the center. Magnus approached a man at the center of the roundabout. He had a giant cart filled with items. Magnus grabbed a tall cup of coffee from the man's cart while throwing a couple of crumpled bills at him. 

Magnus continued walking and he started climbing up a drain pipe. As he made it up to a roof he smiled.

"There's my evil little artist." Magnus said as he walked over to the red head on the roof.

She smiled at him. She turned around from the day wall that she was spray painting. She threw an empty can off the roof and held her hand out. "Coffee or spray paint?"

"Both." Magnus said, handing the paint. As she reached for the coffee, he dumped the entire scalding up down.

"Hey!" Clary exclaimed with a laugh as she heard someone below scream in pain.

"Sorry. Son of a demon king." Magnus said with a laugh. "Nice work."

Clary smiled. On the dry brick wall was the angelic power rune, covered in red curse words and with a red black lash symbol over it. She shook the spray paint that she was just given and painted a large C below the painting. Magnus grinned widely.

"You have talent. I am proud of you biscuit." Magnus said, rubbing his lips together. "So, how about we go and cause some mischief?"

"Mischief? With you. Always." Clary said with a grin, holding up her pinky finger.

Magnus grabbed hers with his own. "Rotten?"

"To the fucking core." Clary said.

They took each other's hands and jumped off of the roof together, landing gracefully below and onto an ignored mattress. They rolled off of the mattress and ran down the street. The two of them started banging their fists against doors of people's homes. The two laughed as they earned yells of anger and frustration from the home owners.

Clary grabbed Magnus by the waist and they spun around as if in a romantic dance. But they were drunk in happiness. Magnus walked on ahead of Clary and approached a hut covered with pale vampires making out in the shade. Magnus grabbed a mirror and shined the light in their faces.

They hissed at Magnus but Clary threw empty cans at each of them until they ran away. Magnus crawled into where they were and screamed into one person's ear. That vampire screamed and bumped his head on the top of the hut.

"Morning Si!" Clary called as she threw a can at him.

Simon groaned as he crawled out of the hut with Magnus. "Feeling extra cruel today I see." he said with an eye roll.

"Watch yourself daylighter." Magnus said, patting his cheek and going into his jacket pocket. "AB+ blood. Your favorite."

Simon smiled. "Any reason for being particularly nasty today?"

"Clary's artwork is being ripped off a man." Magnus explained as they walked down the street, ignoring the bikes.

"Why?" Clary asked.

"Stole from my father." Magnus said. "So to make up for that is the cause some mischief. And we cannot do that without our little puppy."

"Do not ever call me that."

Magnus smiled and turned and saw their "little puppy" approaching. Maia. She grabbed a beanie off of a couple walking forward and placed it in her head. Simon smiled as he sipped his blood.

"You are like a puppy." Clary said with a smile.

"No. I'm not." Maia stated. "So what are we going to be doing?"

"Being downworld scum." Magnus stated. "Planning the simple shit. Looting. Screaming."

"Stealing candy from babies?" Simon asked.

"Fuck yeah we're stealing candy from babies." Maia said as she smoothed out her skirt. "Let's go bitches."

Magnus grinned as he ans his crew strutted down the streets or Edom. Damn.

It was fucking good to be fucking bad.

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Magnus, Maia, Simon and Clary were laughing hard as they approached a small cafe. They had just looted a small shop for most of what they had, they turned up the heat in an ice cream shop and sent some asshats for a swim around Edom. Twenty times. Magnus sat down in an empty seat at someone's occupied table. They looked at Magnus in confusion. They were about to open their mouths to tell Magnus off when Maia slammed her palms on the table from behind them.

"Get lost." she stated calmly. The tables occupants took off in a hurry when they saw who they were dealing with.

Simon and Clary sat down and helped themselves to the treats that they did not have the chance to eat. Simon shoved a cupcake into his face as Magnus sipped the iced tea in someone's glass. He spat it out.

"Unsweetened. Here biscuit." Magnus said, passing it to his red headed friend.

Clary smiled and sipped the drink. The four were laughing until they noticed those around them screaming in fright and running away. Maia and Simon rolled their eyes. Magnus and Clary looked at each other and stood up.

"Father." they both said in unison before turning around to face them.

"Camille." Simon said, not bothering to greet her properly. He just waved his hand at her, mouth still stuffed with cupcake.

"Don't talk with your mouth full my dear Simon." Camille stated, holding up her umbrella to keep the sun from burning her.

"Are you not going to greet me Maia?" asked the voice of Praetor Scott, who was standing right next to Camile.

Maia just gave him the middle finger. She hated him. But he was the only alpha wolf in Edom. He tried to take care of the wolves. Maia thought that by take care, he meant control. She wasn't wrong. The four all met eyes. They nodded at one another before they turned and looked at Asmodeus, Camille and Valentine.

Valentine was a scary man. Tall. Dark. Vile. But the war left him without his runes. The only remains were the burned circle on his neck that he himself burned into his skin, a large scar on his left eye and a tattoo of axe on his left shoulder, made and inked by the talented hands of his daughter. Shadowhunters in Edom loved him as a leader, but were still terrified of him none the less. Camille, on the other hand, was a skinny and elegant woman with a short temper and a hankering for evil. She was dressed like a queen, because she always thought of herself as queen of the vampires, when she was at most the best dressed on the island. She was dressed similarly to yesterday. A red form fitting dress, tall gold heels and jewelry covering her neck, wrists and ankles. In her hands a thick umbrella, hiding her from the sun. Clary has also given her a tattoo. One on the back of her neck that read Mistress. The Praetor Scott was one of the other werewolves on Edom. The only alpha wolf. He was disgusting and crude. Taking advantage of so many people back in Alicante. Hence why he was sent here to Edom. He was an older man. Golden hair graying in some places. But always in a black blazer and slacks. No one would dare challenge him. With his angry eyes and his sharp fangs, he would stay the alpha of Edom.

As for Asmodeus. He was even scarier then all of them combined. A greater demon. A king of hell. A man so fierce and evil that plants wilt when he just walks past them. The evil demon always looked like he was ready to kill. Golden cat eyes. An always angry look on his face. Always dressed in black. His fist curled around the staff that he needed to walk. Asmodeus usually stayed inside. But when he was outside, the people of Edom knew to either run or bow. If the king was in a vile mood, then be prepared to see the angels. Asmodeus did not ever change his mind. He was always prepared to snap his fingers, with what limited magic he had, and cause someone to drop down dead.

Magnus smiled and placed his hands on his hips, looking at his father and the other villians standing before him. "How's that man with the hawk tattoo?" he asked.

Asmodeus hummed and grabbed something from the three lackeys behind him. A piece of tanned skin. That was the size of the hawk tattoo that he had seen before. Asmodeus handed it to his son.

"Good choice of punishment." he said. "He knows not to make deals with us ever again."

Magnus smiled. He hated hurting the people in Edom. But he just did it to keep his father from hurting him. Again. Magnus put on a fake smile as he rubbed the skin in his hands. He turned over and tossed it to his vampire friend. Simon caught it with his teeth and started to lick the blood off.

"Any reason in particular that you're visiting?" Simon asked, looking over at his sire as he licked the blood.

"No." Valentine said with a grin.

"Can't we just check on you fledgling?" Camille asked, moving over and shoving some hair out of his eyes. "You're looking pale. Have you eaten?"

"Yes, yes, yes." Simon said, shaking her off. "I'm literally eating in front of you."

"Causing trouble?" Valentine asked, looking over at Clary.

Maia and Simon chuckled. "What else can you do in Edom?" Maia stated with a sarcastic smile.

Magnus pulled out a lollipop from his jean pocket. He held it out to his father. "From a baby."

Asmodeus smiled. He grabbed the candy and eyed it. He threw it aside, while picking up his staff and holding it up to his son's neck. Clary, Maia and Simon moved over to stop any kind of assault, but the lackeys grabbed him and pushed them back.

It wasn't the first time that Asmodeus had laid his hands on his son. Especially in public. It was one of the reasons that Magnus was their non spoken leader. Because he's taken so many hits. He was so strong. And he would never ever show his pain. Show how much he's been hurt. That made him a leader. That made his stronger than anyone in the world. Asmodeus just eyed his child. How stiff he was. How ready he looked to take an upcoming blow. But it never came. The former king just kissed his teeth and lowered the staff. Magnus finally was able to exhale. Clary, Simon and Maia pushed past the lackeys and moved  to their friend. They stood in front of him protectively while Simon hugged him in reassurance. Simon held his friend, his eyes still looking up at his father. Asmodeus hummed, unfazed and walked back over to Valentine.

"An amazing opportunity has arose my dear son. For all four of you actually!" Asmodeus said. "The prince has made a proclamation. For you four to leave this wretched island of outcasts and have the chance to leave Alicante."

Magnus and Maia turned to take off running but they were grabbed by the lackeys. They spun them around and turned them to face Asmodeus and Valentine again. Clary took Maia's hand in comfort while Simon hugged Magnus again

"No! No, no, no, no." Clary stared, pointing a finger at her father. "No! I'm not going to that disgusting place of angels!"

"And libraries filled with books! And book lovers!" Simon said, smiling wide. Magnus slapped his shoulder. "Gross."

"Come on." Praetor Scott said. "You all are so pessimistic."

"No. We're not being pessimistic. We're being logical." Clary snapped.

"Not going. That's final!" Maia said. "Those holy motherfuckers threw me in here. So I'm staying here. Never going back there! Ever!"

"I'm with Maia. What makes you think that I'd go?" Magnus snapped.

"Oh! And, follow up question!" Simon called, raising his finger. "How the hell would we be getting there?"

Asmodeus smiled. He walked over and pulled his son close in a tight side hug. Valentine approached his daughter and smiled. He picked up a forgotten croissant and bit into it. 

"The prince of Alicante will be sending a boat to pick you all up." Valentine explained. "He has chosen you four to hopefully started to new generation of downwolders in their kingdom."

"How the hell does he know us?" Maia asked.

"Don't mind the small stuff puppy." Praetor Scott said with a wink. Maia threw the glass of unsweetened tea at him. Staining his shirt.

"Call me puppy again and I'll kill you." Maia growled.

The two wolves growled at each other. Camille moved in between them.

"Now, now, now. No need for that." she said. "The boat shall be arriving for you all soon. And fighting will definitely be ruining everything."

"She's right. No fighting." Valentine said, pulling Praetor Scott from Maia.

"Now we must hurry along. To take you to Alicante." Asmodeus said. "So, we only have a few moments to tell you our plan."

"There's a plan?" Simon asked.

"When is there not." Magnus said sarcastically.

Asmodeus chuckled, moving and pulling his son close to his chest. "Come on. Walk with me."

 "Prince Alexander is inviting the four of you to live a normal life in Alicante. Live among the nephilim. So… the plan is for you all to gain the trust of those angel blooded creatures and steal the stele that was crafted by Raziel himself." Asmodeus said as he magically threw Magnus' clothes into a suitcase.

"You want a stele?" Clary said, looking up from her own packing. "Raziel's stele?"

"Which is probably one of the most important nephilim relics?" Simon added. "And probably the most heavily guarded?"

"Yes fledgling." Asmodeus answered with a smile and eye roll.

"Only I get to call him that." Magnus and Camille both said in unison.

"With that stele and my fallen angel blood, I can open up the barrier around Edom, escape and take my revenge on those nephilim!" Asmodeus explained.

"So we can take our revenge." Valentine called out, handing his daughter her phone and charger.

"Right, right, we. All of us." Asmodeus said, grabbing his son and pulling him up to face him. "Everyone here in Edom. The demons. The Circle members. Vampires. Warlocks. Werewolves. Every last one of them. You go and help us achieve our dreams of pain and suffering to those shadowhunters."

"Well Simon isn't going anywhere until we fix this pale skin situation." Camille said, grabbing the mundane she turned and sat him down. "Remember what I told you?"

"Yes. Lot's of sun since I have the blessing to get it." Simon said. Camille eyed him. "Oh! And AB blood makes us bloat."

"Very good my boy." Camille said with a wide smile, pinching his cheeks. Simon just sighed, rolling his eyes and going back to putting his shit into a bag. "Oh you're so lucky that your a daylighter. I'd give anything for angel blood." 

"Hard to come by here."

Asmodeus rolled his eyes and looked over at his son. He was resting with his back against the wall with his arms crossed. Asmodeus continued putting his son's clothes into the suitcase while he walked over to him. He smiled at his father. Look at him. Pretending like he cares. Maia approached Asmodeus and Magnus' suitcase and she sat down onto the chair.

"How do you expect us to find the stele?" Magnus asked.

"I haven't been to Alicante in years." Praetor Scott said. "None of us have."

"How helpful." Maia sneered.

"That's for you to figure out once you arrive." Camille added. "Magnus, lipstick?"

Magnus smiled and tossed a tube of deep red liquid lipstick to her. Camille caught it and winked at Magnus. Magnus gave her the middle finger and turned back to his father.

"To be fair though, maybe the keep the stele somewhere other than the kingdom." Clary said. "Which would be able to access once we get to the kingdom."

"You're supposed to be on our side." Simon called to her friend.

"I'm just saying. Sorry." Clary said, shrugging.

"So what's in it for us if we steal this stele?" Maia asked, raising a finger.

"World dominance!" Asmodeus cried.

"Angel blooded servants to break at your will!" Praetor Scott yelled in Maia's face.

"All the necks that you can sink your teeth into!" Camille said with a wide smile. "Oh, and the world domination thing too."

"The entirety of the nephilim bowing at your feet and begging for their freedom!" Valentine said as he sipped his wine again.

"No. That's what's in it for you. What I meant is what's in it for us?" Maia said, pointing her finger at Simon, Magnus and Clary.

"Ah yes, well." Asmodeus said. "Anything that you can ever dream of, will become reality once we get that stele Maia."

"So revenge on those shadowhunters for throwing us in here?" Maia said. "I'm in."

"Count me in." Simon said. "They took me away from my family."

Clary nodded as well in agreement. Asmdoeus turned to his son. He looked over at him. "What do you expect me to do. Say no?"

Asmodeus smiled at his son. He walked over to him. "Magnus. Come. Walk with me."

Magnus was a bit confused and stunned as his father called out to him, but he followed him out of the main room none the less. They stood in the hall outside of the main room. Asmodeus set down his cane and cracked his knuckles. Magnus watched him. Knowing what was to come.

Asmodeus grabbed his son's shoulders gently. "Son, do you want to know why I push you so hard? Why I try to strive you to be your… cruelest? Your most vile?"

Magnus eyed him. He stood up straighter. Just in case words or fists would hit him. "Because you want me to be ready to take over once we overthrow the nephilim?"

Asmodeus smiled. "Well, half right." he stated. He grabbed Magnus tightly by below the chin and pinched hard. "I push you because you are the reason that I lost The Divine War! Because I had a child to raise. Because of you… and your whore of a mother-"

Magnus slapped his hands away from his face and pushed him away. "Don't you dare bring my mother into this! Or call her that!"

Asmodeus picked up his staff and hit Magnus' ankle. He cried out and fell onto his knee. Asmodeus slammed his staff onto his son's shoulder and he kicked him in the chest. Magnus fell over onto his back. He groaned in pain. 

The abuse was always like this. Punches. Kicks. Staff whacks. Words that hurt him. Asmodeus said that it was to make him stronger. It did in one way. But it also closed himself off. He knew that his mother was never in love with Asmodeus. But if this was the love that a father showed his own flesh and blood, then what was real love like? Magnus didn't want to know. He didn't want love, if it was pain and abuse

Asmodeus pressed his staff against his son's chest and looked down. "I wouldn't want for you to bruise anywhere on your face before you leave. The prince might take pity on you." he sneered. "You will go to Alicante, befriend those nephilim and bring me back the stele crafted by Raziel. Understood my boy?"

Magnus groaned and shoved the staff off of his chest. "Fine."

Asmodeus spun his staff in his hands. "Almost twenty six years old and you still choose to defy me."

Magnus rolled his eyes as he stood up. "And how father, pray tell, do you expect us to find the stele?"

"That is for you to figure out. Search the palace. The Institutes. The mundane world if need be. Just find the stele, craft a plan, grab it, and return here." Asmodeus said with a shrug. "Easy as pie."

"Neither of us have ever made pie."

"Good point."

Asmodeus turned away from his son and ascended up the stairs. Magnus' moved over and pulled down his jacket. The skin was red. Soon it would turn bruising purple. The warlock exhaled. He had gotten bruises from his dad before. He knew how to heal them. How to hide them. He would be just fine. He pulled his jacket back on, hiding the forming injury. Magnus coughed as he saw his father return.

Asmodeus approached his son with something in his hands. "Here." 

Magnus cautiously pulled the item from his hands. It was a black leather bound book. "Your spellbook?"

"And my counterspells. All in here." Asmodeus said, tapping the cover with his pointer finger. "Once you reach Alicante, your magic will be at full capacity. Be prepared for that. You can use this to your advantage. To track down the stele."

Magnus nodded. He clutched the book to his chest. "I'll find it father. I won't let you down."

Asmodeus smiled. He rubbed his son's cheek before walking back inside the main room. Magnus exhaled as his fingers brushed against the cover of the book.

Magnus stood in the middle of his friends as they approached the docks of the island. Most people in Edom didn't even know that there was a dock in Edom. It was usually occupied by some of the shadowhunters that wanted to go fishing in their limited amount of space. It was never for traveling to and from. Because no one was allowed. Magnus looked out at the huge boat that was there. It looked so clean. And bright. Like it was made from marble. Dear God. 

He wasn't the only one admiring it. Most of the people from Edom were eyeing the boat and all of it's cleanliness.

"Woah." Clary exclaimed, throwing one of her bags over her shoulder. "Someone is making their presence known."

"Please tell me that you brought some paint." Maia asked, looking over at her with a smile.

Clary pulled out a can of green spray pain. "Always."

Maia and Clary laughed walked ahead of Magnus and Simon. Simon inhaled and looked over at his warlock friend.

"Hey. I heard the thud while Camille was bitching about my skin color. You okay?" he asked.

Magnus smiled. Thinking of how fun it was to be beaten by his father. Everyone should try it. The man he thought would love him forever and ever, unconditionally... just beating him. Hurting him.

"I'm fine Si. Just need to grab that fucking stele and get back where as soon as possible." Magnus said, throwing his suitcase and duffel bag at the man standing by the boat.

He was tall, long curly blonde hair. He was dressed certainly to impress. Navy blazer rolled up at the elbows and runes showing in the sun. The man caught the bags in a tumble, hoping to not make them fall. Magnus noticed some of the ex shadowhunters hissing some slurs at him for showing his runes. The man seemed unfazed.

"Welcome. I'm Underhill." he said.

"Don't make me shove you downhill." Maia sneered as she and Clary approached.

Magnus and Simon instantly started laughing, seeing what they did to the edge of the boat. They had spray painted a rotting apple on the boat. Underhill sighed. He couldn't blame them for needing to lash out after being stuck here on this island. Maia and Clary hooked their arms in Simon's and pulled him up onto the boat. Magnus turned over and saw so many other people on the island watching him and the others. Magnus flashed his cat eyes at them and they instantly started to back up and look down in fear. He smiled and turned over back to Underhill. 

"There's no way that you could have gotten here without magic." Magnus said, pulling out a tube of lip gloss and applying it as he looked at the shadowhunter.

"It is angelic magic." Underhill explained with a grin as he patted the pocket of his blazer. "I activate the magic to pull a hole in the barrier."

Magnus nodded. He threw his lip gloss into his pocket and climbed onto the boat. "Oh!" he called, turning over to Underhill. "Better put away those runes here. No one has them. And some people are willing to get them in anway possible."

Magnus turned around, not noticing Underhill quickly trying to pull down his sleeves. Magnus approached his friends, who were sitting inside the boat on a large ruby red couch. Magnus slammed himself down onto it. There was a large plate of prepared food on the coffee table by the couch. Sliders, pasta, soup. Clary moved over and shoved a slider into her mouth. Simon grabbed a small shot glass and investigated.

"What's this?" he asked, turning over the dark red liquid to Maia.

Maia sniffed the shot glass. "It's cow's blood."

"Oh!" Simon said smiling as he threw back the blood.

"Don't drink too much." Magnus said, picking up a small bowl filled with shrimp scampi. He sniffed it and dug in.

"You don't find food like this in Edom." Maia said, picking up a small bowl of clam chowder.

"Cheers then." Clary said raising her half bitten slider. "To fucking things up in angel filled Alicante."

"I'll eat to that!" Simon cheered out.

Hours had passed and they group had gone to the bedrooms one floor below the main room of the boat. They were all sleeping peacefully in the huge queen sized beds. It was comforting with the sounds of the waters. Not like the cots or the bed bug infested beds in Edom. Magnus had been sleeping soundly at first, but the boat hit a large wave, hitting Magnus from below and awaking him. Magnus sat up in the bed and surveyed the room. Everyone else was sleeping soundly. Simon was as still and stiff as a board as he slept in his bed. Maia was sprawled out all over the bed, the covers moving away everywhere. Clary was still as she slept in her own bed. Magnus got up from his bed, knowing that he wouldn't be going back to sleep.

He got up and walked out of the room. He exited the rooms and found his way back inside of the main room of the boat. He looked out and saw how beautiful the ocean looked with the moonlight shining down below it. Magnus turned over and noticed an open door above him. He slowly climbed up the steps and found himself on the top of the boat. The breeze had hit him right in the face. He started to rub his arms at the cold feeling. He walked over to the edge and looked towards Edom. It looked so far away now. But that was where his father was. Where he is father was probably sitting, drinking or torturing, waiting for his son to come back with the stele that would be the key to extracting his revenge.

"Couldn't sleep?"

Magnus jumped and turned over. It was just Underhill. That blonde shadowhunter that picked them up. Magnus huffed and just turned back around and looked back at Edom. Underhill sighed and walked over to Magnus. Magnus tensed up as he got close to him.

"I um… I've never been to Edom before." Underhill said.

"Unless you have a circle rune or demon blood, no one ever has. But thanks for trying to make me feel better." Magnus said sarcastically.

Underhill cursed under his breath. "You'll um… you'll like Alicante. There is so much there. Beautiful mountains and scenery."

"Yeah. I'm so excited to leave my trash filled island to see the steroid filled rocks in the ground." 

"Well there's much more. You'll see. Things have changed."

"Not everything."

"Soon enough it will be. Starting with you and your friends."

Magnus rolled his eyes again. He didn't bother to look over and open his mouth as Underhill's phone rang. The blonde cursed again. He held up his hand to Magnus and turned over. Magnus looked away from his home. The island looked so small now. But it's not like it left a big hole in his heart. Or a bruise on his skin. Magnus turned away and then looked over to Alicante. It was huge and he was slowly getting closer and closer to it. The lights were bright. It looked like something out of a fairy tale.

Magnus didn't believe in fairy tales.

Underhill hung up the phone and walked back over. "That was just a few of my accomplices. They are preparing for your arrival. We should be at the Alicante docks by morning."

"Great." Magnus said with an eyeroll.

"Look, please. I'm not going to hurt you. I'm a friend here. Your background means nothing to me. If you ever need anything, you can always ask me. I'm here to help you." Underhill said.

Magnus smiled. He moved over and patted his pectoral. "I appreciate it. But I won't be here long."

Underhill raised his eyebrow. "W-What do you mean?"

Magnus turned over and walked away and back down below the boat. Underhill couldn't blame him. His life must have been awful on that island. But as Magnus walked down on the boat he smiled. He pulled out the small device that would activate the angelic magic on the boat.

"You better appreciate this father." he sneered as he walked back to the bedroom.

Chapter Text

The boat was slowly approaching the Alicante docks. The waves crashed calmly against the boat's metal as it thrust forward. Everyone was on the top of the boat. Soaking in the sun and eating up the fresh fruit that was provided to them. The fruit on Edom was always spoiled already or covered in dirt, mold, flies or it was taken by someone else. It was nice to have food like this that doesn't come with a fight. Magnus looked out at the clear sky and the way that the water rippled below the boat.

"Beautiful huh?" Clary called from behind as she bit into a peach pastry. "Not like Edom?"

"No." Magnus said with a smile. "Definitely not."

Simon and Maia walked over to their friends. Simon pressed his palms against the railing and looked over. "You have a plan yet?" he asked.

"Not yet." Magnus answered. "I will when we get there."

"Then we get leave. As soon as humanly possible." Maia said. "I don't want to even lay an eye on those angel blooded assholes."

Clary looked over ahead at Alicante and frowned. "Too late for that."

Maia and Magnus looked at each other in confusion. Simon looked over and choked out his blueberry. "Holy crap!" he cried out.

Maia and Magnus turned around and frowned as well. The boat was maybe a couple minutes from reaching the dock. And from what they could see, there was a small party near their dock. Music was playing there, though it was very muffled and faint to Simon and company. There seemed to be a group of people there.

"Fuck." Magnus, Clary and Maia said in unison.

"Cool." Simon said as they had said that.

Everyone turned and looked at him. He looked at them and shrugged. Magnus rolled his eyes and moved to descend back down into the boat. The show was about to start.

Alec stood there a bit nervously. He knew that his proclamation was a good idea. That it would slowly ease the tensions around the people of Alicante and the innocents in Edom. He bit his lip as the music was playing behind him.

"Iz." Alec called, turning right to his sister. "Don't you think this is a little too much?"

Isabelle, the smaller woman next to him, didn't even bother to turn around and face him. She was obviously way too busy looking for the perfect flower to place on her brother's blazer.

"Too much is my middle dear brother." Izzy said as he looked at a pink and white camellia growing in the bushes.

"But maybe… they won't be comfortable with all of this… flash and excitement." Alec stated, turning over to his left. "Jace. Help me out here?"

The blonde man standing directly next him eyed him. "As long as she's not cooking, I can't help you when it comes to Izzy."

Izzy stood up with a perfectly plucked white camellia. It was at the peak of bloom and freshness. She walked over to her big brother and placed the flower on the lapel of his blazer. 

"There. Perfect." she said, now taking her place next to Alec.

Alec exhaled and started to dig his fingernails into the skin of his inner palm. Jace looked over and saw his brother's inner struggle.

"You're nervous. Why are you nervous?" Jace asked him.

"Nervous? Me? No. No! Why would I be?" Alec asked.

"Because I can feel you through the rune." Jace said with a chuckle, patting his lower hip.

Alec rolled his eyes. "I just want to make a good impression. These guys have been trapped on an island for their entire lives. It's only fair to give them the life they've deserved."

"And a good first impression, makes a good impression all around." Izzy said as she smoothed out her blood red blazer. "I'm excited. This will be great for the kingdom."

"And the mundanes." Jace added, crossing his arms across his chest.

"But most importantly… this will be good for them." Alec said, rolling up the cuffs of his blazer. "Underhill told me that they seemed to be alright last night. Hopefully they'll be up for a tour with us."

"Hopefully." Izzy said, smiling as she saw the boat pull into the docks. She clapped her hands and patted her heels onto the wooded floors. "Oh! They're here! Orchestra! Start please!"

Alec sighed as the symphony started to play. He stood up straighter and found himself adjusting the flower that Izzy had just placed on his blazer. He just wanted everything to work out today. Underhill came out of the boat first, pulling bags with him. He set them down gently onto the pier right near the boat. Alec cleared his throat and signaled to a few of the other shadowhunters to help grab the luggage. They moved forward and took the bags. Alec looked over at his siblings and gave them a nod. The three of them walked over closer to the boat. They stood straight and smiled as the four Edom borns walked out. Maia walked out first, pulling off her beanie and rubbing her hair to get out the sweat induced frizz. She looked over at all the shadowhunters around her and instantly sneered at them.

Jace eyes went wide as he watched Clary walk out of the boat. She looked beautiful. Even in the spray paint splattered baseball tee and black skirt. The prince licked his lips and rubbed the back of his head as she approached. Simon walked down the boat as well. Izzy noticed him just as Jace noticed Clary. She smiled as he smiled at basically everything around him.

Magnus was the last to walk out. He stomped off the boat like he owned the place. He was even dressed like he owned the place. Golden button down. Leather pants. Feather earring and golden rings. Magnus threw an apple core at a shadowhunter who was taking care of his luggage.

He walked over to his friends and eyed the royals in front of him. Alec smiled. He held his hand out, signaling for the orchestra to stop. He smiled.

"It is so, so good to finally meet you all." Alec said stepping forward. "I'm Prince Alec."

He held his hand out to Maia. She refused to even acknowledge the fact that his hand was out stretched to her. She eyed him, but turned up her nose in recoil. Alec still held up his kind grin. He knew that Maia had a hatred towards him and his people. He moved over and held out his hand to Simon. Simon took it and shook it tightly. He moved over to Magnus. He kept his smile as he shook Magnus' hand. But Magnus' had a tight grip as he shook.

Alec chuckled. He reached out to take Clary's hand but she shook her head. Alec took a step back to both of his siblings. Before he could speak, Izzy stepped forward.

"I'm Princess Isabelle." Izzy said with a wide grin as she waved. "Nice to meet you all."

"Nice Death Star pin princess." Simon said under his breath.

Izzy heard the compliment and blushed. "Thank you very much."

Simon didn't expect for her to hear that. He smiled at her and moved his face away to hide his blush.

"And I'm Prince Jace. Alec's parabatai. It truly is a pleasure." he said, holding out his hand to Clary.

"Oh. Sorry. I don't do the whole be friends with the bigots thing." Clary said, tapping her foot and turning back to Alec.

"Neither are we." Magnus and Maia said in unison.

Jace put his head down and stepped back in line.

"This… this is a momentous occasion." Alec said with a wide grin. "And one that I hope will go down in history. The day that our two people began to heal."

"Well healing takes time." Magnus said. "Starting with getting these four off of your bad side… your highness."

Alec looked over at him. Some would say that Magnus was being disrespectful to the man that would soon be his king. But Alec admired his openness.

"That, that is true. Well done-" Alec said.

"Magnus. My name is Magnus. And it was more like medium rare."

Alec smiled. "I'm going a little over the top aren't I?"

"Way more than a little bit Alexander." Magnus said, crossing his ankles and rubbing his fingers against one another. "This is Maia, Simon and Clary."

"Well it is very nice to meet you all." Izzy said with a wide grin. "Welcome to Alicante!"

"If you would follow us, we'll show you to the limo. If you are all up for it, we could take you on a tour of Alicante." Alec said.

"No." Maia said, knowing that everyone else felt that way.

"Why would we want to get a tour around a place that doesn't even want us here?" Magnus asked.

"Or unjustly sent us to an abandoned island?" Simon added.

"Or completely left us to fend for ourselves?" Clary said.

"Yeah. I don't think that we will be taking you up on that tour offer. But if you would gladly show us to where we'll be staying." Magnus said, smiling before walking ahead of Alec and everyone else.

Maia and Clary followed behind. Alec sighed. He knew that this was going to be hard. But not this hard.

Simon moved to follow Magnus. But as he did, he walked backwards towards the princess. He bowed and smiled. 

"I do really like your Death Star pin princess." he said. "I um… bye."

Simon waved awkwardly and ran off. Izzy smiled.

"He seems nice." Izzy said as he rubbed her golden pin.

"They seem rude. How could they after-" Jace started but Alec cut him.

"They've been trapped on an island filled with actual vile people. Yeah. Can't see why they don't like us." Alec said. "Baby steps Jace. That's what's important. The small things. Start small. Come on."

Alec walked over to follow Magnus. The orchestra and other shadowhunters following behind. Izzy crossed her arms across her chest. Jace looked over at his sister.

"Death Star huh?"

"Oh shut up."

The huge double doors were pulled wide opened as the princes and princess and walked inside. Alec stood tall still, despite the distance that Clary, Simon, Maia and Magnus kept from him and his siblings.

"Welcome to the Institute." he asked as he walked inside. "This is where you'll be staying, training, learning about your missions and all that."

"Everyone here will be open to help you with anything that you might need." Izzy said as he walked further inside.

Magnus had his arms crossed as he walked inside. He rolled his eyes at the runes plastered everywhere. He knew that runes could actually burn the skin of a downworlder if they tried to apply one. He wondered what if he could replicate that pain to these people once they took over.

Alec walked further inside.

"How about we start of with a bit of history? This Institute was built by Raziel and my father after The Circle launched an attack on this land over thirty years ago." Alec explained. They approached a tall statue of a golden shadowhunter.

The man looked strong and courageous. His runes seemed to bulge up, separate from the skin itself. Clary seemed really intrigued by the statue.

"Beautiful chiseling." she muttered to herself.

"Do you like it?" Jace asked.

Clary looked up at him and eyed him almost in confused disgust. Alec held up his hands and clapped. The statue seemed to morph, growing large brass wings as well and a crown atop the head of the man. In his empty hands was now a stele. Clary backed up.

"Clary. It's okay." Alec said simply. "This is Raziel. The angel that helped win The Divine War. My father wanted to create this statue to morph from shadowhunter to angel to show how far we've come."

"Does he molt much?" Magnus asked, expecting an answer from Maia or Simon.

"Yeah. Mom covers up the sofa in plastic when he visits." Alec said, surprising the warlock. 

Magnus let out an awkward chuckle. Alec laughed along with him. The joke was funny though. But nonetheless, Magnus put on an I'm done with this smile and moved to stand right behind Simon and Clary. Maia looked over at Clary and patted his mouth in a faux yawn. Alec proceeded walking through the Institute. They approached a huge set of stairs.

"So, Jace here." Alec said, patting his brother's shoulders. "Will show you where the dormitory hall is and the rooms where you will be sleeping."

"And if you need anything all, don't be afraid to ask any of us." Izzy said with a smile.

"So you'll be here in the Institute?" Magnus said with a wide smile. It was fake. He would never smile at the people who trapped him with his father.

"Oh. Not always." Alec answered. "I have to stay in the palace. I am preparing for my coronation and other royal duties."

"How fun." Maia said with no amount of interest, making Clary and Simon chuckle. 

"But I actually will be here most of the time." Izzy said, raising her hand. "I am the head of this Institute. And Jace and Alec will be here if need be."

Magnus nodded. "Great. So, Prince Jace. Would you show us where the rooms are?"

"We'd very much like to know where we will be hiding for most of our time here." Simon added.

Jace sighed. But he put on a respectable smile and stuffed down his annoyance and anger towards the Edom borns. "Of course. If you would follow me." he said, motioning to the right staircase.

Alec stepped. "I must go. But, if you need anything at all, don't be afraid to come find me."

"People should be afraid to see us in general. So why would I be so scared to find the prince that locked us away?" Magnus asked, shifting his head to side. Alec opened his mouth to speak, but Magnus spoke first. "Come on guys. Let's go find our dorms."

Magnus walked right past Alec, not even giving him a second glance as he, Simon, Maia and Clary ascended up the steps. Jace looked over at him, before walking up to follow him. Alec sighed. Izzy rubbed his shoulder.

"No one said that this was going to be easy." she said.

Alec nodded. "I know. I know. I just hope that they'll give me a chance. Like I gave them a chance. Well, I have to go and get some paperwork handled, but I will see you tonight at dinner."

Alec kissed his sister's temple and walked off. Izzy crossed her arms and looked up at the stairs.

Jace opened the small wooden door and opened his hand out. "I hope that the room is to your liking." he said.

Magnus and Simon both walked inside. The room's walls were dark wood, with two stained glass windows. The two beds were pressed up against the opposite walls. They were huge queen sibedpost. The wood of the bed frame and legs a shade lighter than the room's darker hue. Soft and neat white sheets and pillows were lined up on the huge mattress with a beautiful soft orange blanket folded at the edge of the bed. Laying on the bed was both Magnus and Simon's bags. There were two desks, made from the same wood that matched the bedposts. Pens, pencils, notebooks and sticky notes were lined up on the desk nicely.

There were soft, fur rugs on the hardwood floor. And on each corner of the room was two huge wardrobes. And along with the wardrobe was a large bookshelf right in between the two desks. Magnus and Simon walked inside the room, eyeing everything. 

"Wow." Simon said, as he ran his fingers against the bed post. "This place is so-"

"Gross." Magnus added.

"I know right. The bookshelf is nice though." Simon said, walking over and inspecting the books inside of it.

"You both are welcome to the library anytime. It's downstairs." Jace said. "And, I'm sure that you will grow to love the room. It'll become like home."

"Trust me, you don't know what my home situation is like. And you never will." Magnus said, turning over on his heel to face the young prince. "But thank you so so much for showing us to our room."

"You're welcome. Maia and Clary are just in the other hall if you want to visit them." Jace explained. "We hope to see you tonight at dinner at the palace."

Simon and Magnus turned over and looked at each other. "The palace?" Simon said. "Like, with the king and queen and stuff?"

"Absolutely." Jace said. "It should be in a couple of hours. Once you guys are nice and settled, Izzy will come over and get you."

"Right. Okay, thanks." Magnus said, closing the door.

"Wait, but-" Jace tried to say, but the door slammed right in his face.

Magnus turned around to his vampire friend. He smiled. "The stele should be there. Which means we're out of here sooner than expected."

Simon nodded. "Time to put my speed to some good use."

Magnus smiled and nodded.

Chapter Text

"Okay, so here's the plan that I came up with." Clary said as she stood there by Magnus' bed.

After Jace had left, Maia and Clary showed up to their bedroom. They stayed there inside of that room for the rest of the day. Lunch was brought up to them by another shadowhunter. The four refused to leave the room and have to look face to face with the shadowhunters that abandoned them in Edom. After eating, the sun had begun to set and they needed to speak about their plan. Clary stood over, looking at them. She had an idea of how to get the stele.

"Since we'll be going to dinner at the palace, we'll need a distraction so that Simon can quickly run around and see if he can find the stele." Clary said. "So here's what I came up with. Magnus… how's your magic?"

"I dunno. I haven't tested it out yet." Magnus said with a shrug. "What does that have to do with anything?"

"Well, you have been in an island that blocks out the full extent of your magic. Now that you're here, sooner or later the magic at it's full capacity will come back to you." Clary said. "So we can use that as a distraction."

"How?" Maia asked.

"Well, remember back in Edom, some of the warlock's who's magic was completely taken away suffered from withdrawal. You know, dizzy spells, vomiting, fainting, trying to use drugs as a coping mechanism. I think that Magnus could use the dizzy spell and fainting symptom as a distraction with the prince. While Magnus is busy being 'sick', Simon will run to look for Raziel's stele."

"Is there some kind of spell that we can use to help me? So that I can just run straight to the stele?" Simon asked.

"There's no way for me to locate something for myself or someone else without having it in my hands." Magnus said, but then he held out his hand. "But with my father's spellbook…"

Magnus walked over to his bag and surfed through it. Simon looked over at him. "Your dad gave you his spellbook?"

"The same dad that hit you with his staff in front of us last week?" Clary asked.

"It's not that big of a deal." Magnus said as he picked up the book.

"He bruised your back." Maia added.

"He's just hard on me. Don't worry about that. Okay? He gave me the spellbook for this reason. Locating the stele or getting rid of people in our way." Magnus said as he flicked through the pages. "Let me see. Let me see, let me see, let me see."

Magnus flipped through the book. Maia turned back over to Clary. "And if he finds it? The stele?"

"Try to grab it." Clary said.

"Cameras could be there if the stele really is there." Magnus explained. "So maybe just take notice to where it will be. And I found a spell. Let's see."

Magnus raised his hands and blue magic surrounded his fingers and palms. He hummed to himself and then he pushed the magic in his hand to Simon. Simon raised his hand and caught it as it hardened into almost a jewel.

Magnus flicked his hand like it was covered in water. "The magic will disappear after you find the stele. But it will shine a bit brighter in your hand as your approach the stele."

Simon nodded. "So what's the rest of your plan Fray?"

"Magnus can distract the royal family when we arrive." Clary said. "Can you make yourself seem a bit sick? Raise your temperature with your magic?"

"What will that do?" Maia asks.

"Make everyone worry and jumble over to me. While that's happening, Simon's uses vamp speed to scour the palace." Magnus said. "And this is the first day that we're here. They'll be worried."

"Exactly. Just remember… do not grab the stele." Clary added.

"We'll have to make a plan first before we find a way inside the palace with no one around." Clary said.

Simon nodded. He opened his mouth to speak, but there was a knock at their door. Magnus groaned and walked over. He opened the door and was met with the smile of Princess Isabelle. Her outfit was different from her dark red blazer from when they had met before. Now she was in a fancier looking outfit. A dark purple peplum dress and a silver tiara on top her head.

Magnus smiled. He pointed at the diamond necklace on her neck. "Nice jewels." he said.

Izzy smiled. "Thank you. Are you ready for dinner?"

"Of course we are. So excited to have a meal with the rulers that entrapped us in Edom." Maia said, getting up and walking past Izzy.

Magnus, Clary and Simon followed behind her. Izzy sighed. She really wanted to try and make friends with them. But they had a bias against shadowhunters. That was fair. She just hoped that she could change their bias and opinions. She adjusted her necklace and turned to follow.

Alec was pacing in front of his vanity. He was nervous for tonight's dinner. He would be nervous for two reasons. Nervous that his father would disapprove his proclamation or that he would accidentally anger one of the downworld guests. He turned on his heel and shook his head. What would happen tonight? He hoped everything went well. What if it didn't?

The prince was interrupted from his pacing and worrying when there was a knock at his door. Alec looked over. "Come in."

A young woman walked inside of the room. "Your highness. Your sister and the guests have arrived."

Alec smiled and nodded. "Thank you. Are my parents ready for dinner?"

"Yes. They are outside in the gardens awaiting you." she answered.

"Is everything ready? The food? Drink? Decor?"

"Your highness. Everything is as perfect as from when you planned it. Everything will go fine."

Alec sighed. He patted her shoulder. "Go on. You can leave for the rest of the night. You and see your son."

The woman smiled. She bowed and left the room. Alec exhaled and turned back over to the mirror. He adjusted his dark green blazer and the cufflinks on it. He hoped that he looked respectable. He hoped that he looked alright. The prince looked over and noticed his crown resting atop of his bed. He moved over to try and pick it up.

But he shook his head and decided against it. Maybe the whole prince thing and act was annoying them. Was the reason why they kept on passing him off and ignoring him. Alec turned away from his crown and walked out of the bedroom. The young prince walked down the spiral steps from his bedroom and down to the main foyer. There were servants and shadowhunter guards walking all throughout the hall.

Alec hissed. Maybe too many people at once on their first day would worry them. 

"Excuse me." Alec said, earning the attention of everyone. "You all are dismissed. Now please. Oh. And through the back door, if you guys wouldn't mind."

Everyone bowed and said in unison: "Yes your highness."

They all hurried up the gather what they had been carrying and walked out of the room. Alec stood there in the center of the foyer as he looked over to the front door of the palace. He stood up straighter as the huge doors of the palace opened.

Izzy walked inside first. She had a smile on her face. "Welcome to The Idris Palace." she said.

Clary, Maia, Simon and Magnus walked inside the palace. Magnus looked over at Clary. She nodded at him. The warlock quickly snapped his fingers behind his back and quickly raised his body temperature to a fever high.

Alec smiled and walked over to them. "Welcome. I'm so glad that you guys came."

"Did we have a choice?" Maia asked with a snarl.

"Now, now Maia." Magnus said, holding up his hand to him with a wide and sarcastic smile. "Play nice. Thank you for having us Princess Isabelle. Prince Alexander. What fun it is to be here."

Alec smiled at him. He looked over and noticed that Magnus was sweating. "Are you okay Magnus?"

"It's hot in here." Magnus said. "We don't have heat in our homes back in Edom."

"Or air conditioning." Clary added.

"Or freedom." Simon also added.

Alec gulped. "I'll be sure to have that fixed. I promise."

"Sure you will." Magnus said with a too happy smile and a nose twitch. "Are you going to introduce us to the people responsible for condemning us to that island?"

Izzy nodded. "Of course. Please, follow us to the gardens."

Simon moved forward first. Enchanted by the young and gorgeous princess. Maia snickered at him as she, Magnus and Clary followed Izzy. Alec sighed and rubbed the bridge of his nose. What would it take for him to finally make peace with these downworlders that had so obviously been hurt. Alec turned over, put on a smile and followed.

Like the king that he was.

"This way everyone." Izzy said as she opened the glass doors that led to the gardens.

Magnus and Simon looked over and admired the beautiful bushes filled with flowers. Trees that were perfectly tall with fruit hanging from it.  They barely had any trees or green back in Edom. It was almost all concrete. If there were any, they were dead or occupants for nephilim blood addicted vamps. Maia and Clary looked at each other. The flowers seemed so romantic. Beautiful. They admired them for a moment before they moved back to their friends. Alec moved over in front of the downworlders and smiled. At them. He held him his hands for them to wait a moment before he and Izzy moved over to the table. It was a long rectangular table. A top the table was three nicely made bouquets of daisies. The king and queen were seated at the head of the table on both sides. While the youngest prince was seated right beside his father and where Alec's seat was supposed to be. And right beside the queen was Jace. He was dressed the same as Alec. Formally. Izzy walked over to her father and pressed a kiss to his cheek.

"Okay." Alec said, rubbing his hands together. "Magnus, Clary, Simon and Maia are here."

"Great!" Maryse said with a smile, looking over at her husband. 

"Yes. How are they settling in?" Robert asked. "How are they in general?"

"A bunch of pessimistic pricks if you ask me." Jace muttered as he sipped his glass of mead.

"Jace." Izzy scolded. "Not now."

"Please. They're from a completely different world than us. They've been condemned to that island for their entire lives." Maryse said. "It's fair that they hate us."

"Why were they condemned to Edom in the first place?" Prince Max asked. He was always a curious one. Always studying and asking questions.

"Well, that's... kind of hard to explain." Maryse said. "I'll explain it to you after dinner."

"Okay." Max said, happy that he would at least be receiving an answer.

"They just need time." Alec stated. "Let me go get them."

Alec left for a moment and returned with four people behind him. Maryse and Robert instantly stood up. Jace looked down at his mead glass. Izzy slapped the back of his shoulder, making him stand up instantly 

"Mother, father, Max, please welcome the children from Edom." Alec said. "This is Clary Fray, a shadowhunter."

"It is nice to meet you Miss Fray." Maryse said.

"Wish I could say the same." Clary said with a sneer.

Robert moved over. "I uh... knew your mother quite well. She was kind."

"Did she also commit a crime that led me to Edom?" Clary snapped.

Maryse's warm smile faded into one of embarrassment. Max looked over at Clary's hand and noticed a peek of black ink on her wrist. "Is that a tattoo?" he asked.

"Max." Izzy whispered.

"It's fine." Clary said. "It is. I was a tattoo artist back in Edom."

"Cool!" Max exclaimed.

"This is Simon Lewis." Alec stated introducing the vampire.

"Nice to meet you as well Mister Lewis." Maryse said.

Simon kept him mouth shut and took a huge step back from the king and queen. Clary rubbed his elbow reassuringly.

"Oh. There's no need to be shy." Robert said, stepping away from his seat and walking over to where his son was.

"Oh. I'm not shy." Simon stated. "I'm keeping my distance. I don't want to shake your hands and end up in shackles. You know… for doing nothing."

Robert bit his lip. "Camille Belcourt-"

"Sired me. She bit me after kidnapping me and a bunch of other mundanes. She committed a crime. And yet I'm serving a sentence with her." Simon stated with a sarcastic smile. "So yeah. I'm in no way shape or form shy."

"Simon…" Izzy called reaching out to him, but Jace took her hand and rubbed her knuckles. He knew that he was right and that he needed a moment to himself.

"Uh… this is Maia Roberts." Alec said, trying to remove the tension.

"Pleased to meet you." Robert said.

Maia didn't even bother responding. She looked at the king. Then the queen. Then the princess and blonde prince. She unfolded her crossed arms and just started fiddling with her bracelet. Alec hummed and turned over to Magnus. He held his hand out to introduce him.

Magnus stepped back, refusing to take it. Alec nodded and turned back over to his siblings and parents. "And this is Magnus Bane."

"Asmodeus' boy." Robert said. "A pleasure to meet you."

"You and I both know that you want absolutely nothing to do with me." Magnus said. "So let's get over the fake and vomit inducing formalities."

"Magnus-" Alec stated to calm him, but he held a finger to his lips.

"I know that you look at me and see nothing but my father. Which is kind of hilarious to me because I want nothing to do with him." Magnus said. "You, King Robert, don't want me to taint the walls and streets of your kingdom with my demon blood."

"That is not true." Robert said. "I assure you that."

"You're lying. And I know because of the fact that it took your son to think and consider the innocents trapped there. So let's get over the bullshit." Magnus said. He looked over at his friends.

Robert hummed. Max looked over at Magnus. Magnus looked back at the young boy. He gave him a geniune smile. "Are you a warlock?" Max asked.

"Yes I am." Magnus said proudly. "But best not show my magic. You know. In case I will be shot down."

"Magnus..." Maryse called.

But Magnus ignored her and looked over to his friends. They were nodding. The plan needed to move forward. Magnus cleared his throat. "I don't why I even came here."

Magnus turned around and started to walk away. Alec turned over to try and catch up with him. "Magnus, wait!"

"See." Jace added. "Rude."

Maryse dumped his glass of mead in the bushes and slammed her hand on the table. "Do not say that! After everything that they told us!"

"They're right Jace." Robert said, moving to catch up with his son and Magnus. "And you know that. Magnus, wait!"

Magnus kept walking to get farther away from the royals. As soon as he was a proper distance away, he waved his magic and conjured up a nosebleed. Perfect timing, just as Alec caught up with him and turned him over. The prince opened his mouth to speak, but his eyes went immediately to the nose blood. Robert did the same as he caught up.

"Magnus." Alec called.

Magnus acted clueless and wiped his nose and saw blood. He fought the urge to smile and started to sway on his feet. "Oh."

"Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey." Alec called, catching him before he fell over completely. 

"Bring a chair! And some water!" Robert yelled.

Everyone at the table, stood up from their seats and ran over to check what the commotion was about. Expect for Simon. He took a deep breath, pulled out the diamond made from the spell and took off running.

Jace set down his chair in front of Alec. Alec moved to set Magnus down, but Magnus pushed himself and fell to the floor. Feigning a seizure. Maryse and Izzy gasped.

"Magnus!" Alec called out, moving to take him in his arms, but Maia shoved him away.

"Don't." Maia stated, as she and Clary knelt beside their friend. "You're okay. You're okay. Just breathe."

Izzy, in shock and fear, turned over to see if Simon was okay. As she did, he returned. It had not even been two seconds. He stood frozen, hiding how winded he was. Izzy walked over to him to rub his arms in comfort.

"What's happening?" Alec asked.

"Edom blocks most if not all magic." Simon said from where he was standing, sending a quick nod to Clary and Maia.

He had found the stele.

"Now that he's here in Alicante…" Maryse started.

"The magic is coming back to him too fast." Alec finished, kneeling down beside him. "Jace, get a doctor! Now!"

"On it." Jace cried, taking off running.

"Magnus…" Clary whispered. "You're okay. Everything is alright. You're okay now."

As soon as Clary said that, Magnus' seizing stopped and he laid down on the ground with his eyes closed. That was their secret code. That the stele had been found. Maia, Simon and Clary exhaled. Simon pulled away from the princess, no matter how comforting her hold was and ran over to his friend.

"You okay?" Maia asked, taking his head from the back of the neck and holding it up.

"Fine." Magnus said as Maia pressed her sleeve to his nose to further drag on the point.

Alec was looking down at Magnus almost in shock. He had just collapsed and seized. He placed his hand on his shoulder. Magnus looked down at his hand and then back up at him. Was he being comforting or just putting on a show for his parents? Magnus didn't know which one to believe. He simply sat up on his own, shoving away Alec's hand.

"Don't sit up too fast." Maryse said, kneeling down despite her dress. "The blood might still be coming from your nose."

Jace had returned just as she said that. A woman was behind him. "Over here Catarina."

The doctor knelt down beside Magnus, making Maia and Clary stand up to give her space. The woman smiled.

"Prince Jace told me you collapsed. Are you alright?" she asked.

Magnus licked his lips and nodded. "Yeah. Yeah, I'm okay."

"You do seem a bit flushed. Magic must have come back too fast. Don't fret." Catarina said softly and warmly. "Let me get rid of the headache and nosebleed for you."

The woman raised her hand. "Catarina…" Alec called in warning but it was too late as warm orange magic surrounded her hand.

Magnus' eyes widened. She was a warlock. She moved to touch Magnus' temples, but he slapped her hand away harshly and sat up. Clary, Simon and Maia were in shock too. A downworlder. In the palace. A warlock no less. 

"Mags…" Simon called out to his friend, but Magnus didn't answer. He coldly turned over to Alec, Robert and Maryse.

"You're telling me… no! No. You're showing me that there have been downworlders in Alicante the entire time." Magnus sneered. "Yet you have the audacity to keep me and all the others locked away in Edom, for crimes they didn't commit?"

Alec stepped forward. "Magnus-"

"I am so sorry that I took this invitation for dinner. I should have known." Magnus said, turning over. He winked at Simon despite his anger.

"Magnus, let me explain." Catarina said standing. "You'd rather hear it from me."

"I'd rather hear it from none of you!" Magnus snapped at her, before turning back to his friends. "Fuck you Prince Alec! I. Am. Out of here."

He walked past them and to the door. Alec moved to try and call out to him. "Magnus!"

Maia met eyes with Simon. They turned over and followed. Clary looked down at the ground. Alec moved to her.

"It's not like that. Believe me." he said.

"Yes it is. It's the same with him. And it's the same with me." Clary said. "You turned your back on your people and you wonder why they don't trust you. We have nothing but distrust and hate for you. Accept it and leave us alone."

Clary sighed. Maryse stepped forward. "We're sorry."

"It's definitely not me who should be getting an apology." Clary said, before turning over and following her friends out the door.

Alec looked down at the ground. Why hadn't he thought about this? All of this sooner. He turned over to his parents, who had the same guilty look on their faces. What in the world had he done?

Chapter Text

Magnus sat there near the window of the dorm, just staring out. Simon thought that he must of been thinking about what happened at the palace while looking out at the moon. But no. Magnus was looking out at the island that he called home, and plotting his revenge against the royal family.

"Magnus…" Maia called to him. "Forget them. They'll be sorry once we get ahold of the stele and free everyone."

"Speaking of, Simon. Did you find out where it is." Clary asked.

Simon nodded.

As soon as Magnus fell and the royals moved over in fright, Simon bolted as fast as his speed could take him. He dashed inside of the palace, up and down every stair. Waiting for the light in his hands to just fade or disappear right in front of his eyes. Simon ran through each door. Quickly went inside each room. Dashed as fast as he could through each and every hallway. Simon ran as quickly as he could to find this damned magical stick. Until he found it. He pressed his hand to a door on the third floor on the left from the staircase and seventh door on the right. The light faded as soon as he planted his feet right in front of the door.  Simon gasped in excitement. He had found it. The way to revenge against the people that had sentenced him to an eternity with villains, thieves and murders. And not to mention Camille. Simon watched as the diamond like magic disappeared in his hand. He immediately moved towards the door to try and get it opened or unlocked. The door was locked, of course, and under the watch of a guard.

Lucky for Simon, he had left his post to flirt with one of the maids of the palace. Simon fiddled with the keypad lock with his speed for a moment before running inside. For a place that was meant to house the royal family, there was multiple attempts on this lock. If the security here was this flimsy, think of everything else inside of this place. As soon as the vampire opened the door, he saw it. There it lay. Raziel's very own stele. A silver stick ordained around what seemed like a crystal. It was laying beautifully in a glass case. A light illuminating it as if it was inside of a museum. The case was wide and huge. And locked a bit differently from the door. Scratch that. It was completely different. As Simon loomed closer to the case and it's lock, he noticed how different it was. The lock appeared to need some kind of thumb print. And it would obviously need one from one of angel blood and one in the royal family.

Simon ran out of the room, memorizes where it stood… and than took off running.

"I did." Simon answered, walking over to Magnus. "It's locked away pretty tightly."

"Well, then we obviously need a new plan if we're going to grab that thing." Magnus said after hearing Simon's encounter. "We'll be staying here… unfortunately longer than we believed."

"It's fine. It will take time before we can take over." Clary reassuringly stated. "And when we do, it will all be worth it."

Maia nodded in agreement. She rubbed Simon's shoulder and then the back of Magnus' neck. Magnus smiled at her. He was lucky to have such amazing friends. People that actually cared and loved him. People that willing to stand with him and comfort him in his times of need. Not like his father. Who is always away fiddling with a way to exact revenge to exacting pain on his only child. Magnus turned over, rubbing one of the rings on his finger.

"You girls should turn in for the night." Magnus said. "I'll see you in the morning?"

"Of course. Not like I want to waste my time with any of those shadowhunters." Maia said, pressing a kiss to each of Magnus' cheeks.

Clary hugged Simon and Magnus, before leaving the room. Simon turned over to Magnus. "Hey. You okay?"

"I don't need to worry about those asswipes. I'll be fine." Magnus said as he undressed. He moved towards the bathroom "Goodnight Si."

Simon nodded as the bathroom door closed slowly. "Night."

Alec laid awake that night in his bed. How could he not think about how they must have felt? They had been trapped there in Edom. Trapped for things they didn't do. Alec knew that. But he had no idea how bad it would be for them to be here in Alicante. Especially when he had a few downworlders here working for him and his family. Did those downworlders deserve more than Magnus and the others? Did they not commit crimes for being who they were? Were they more special than the Edom borns? What was Alec thinking. The young prince got out of bed and pulled his robe around his chest. He was dumb. Dumb to think that they would trust him on their first day here in his kingdom. The prince walked over to his desk and sat down. He placed his head in his hands. Alec wanted nothing more than for them to trust him. Believe in him. See him as something other than the son of the man that imprisoned them for life.

Alec wanted to be their friend. If not their friend, then just an ally. Someone to talk to. But he wasn't getting any closer to that with what had just transpired at dinner. He needed to help them. Earn their trust. He no longer cared about making his proclamation work. He just wanted Magnus and everyone else to feel welcome. To feel safe. Not like they are here because Alec needed them to be. Alec looked over at his full length mirror, that was lined up against one of the walls right near his desk. Alec got up and looked at himself.

His father and mother would usually tell him growing up that they saw a strong man. A strong one. One that is ready to become the king that Alicante needs. But looking at himself now, all he saw was a villain himself. A villain to Maia and Magnus especially. Alec took one look at himself before throwing off his robe and looking again. He was tall and strong. A six pack lined up on his stomach, muscles bare. This is what people needed. Someone strong enough to protect them. Physically and mentally. But he wasn't doing that for any of the Edom borns. Alec knew that was strong. Inside and out. He was always strong for his people and his family. And right now, he needed to be the strong king for Magnus, Simon, Maia and Clary. They needed him. And Magnus wanted nothing more than to make it up to them.

He knew that he would never be able to make up the entire time they spent on that wretched island, but he could try to make it up for their hurt and discomfort on their one day in Alicante. Alec sighed and walked over to his bed. He sat down and sighed again. His eyes went down to his hands. He curled them into fists. He would fix this. He would one way or another.

Magnus and Simon met with Maia and Clary the next morning. After a quite restless sleep, they met each other at the bottom of the stairs of the Institute. They all looked well rested. Clary had a smile on her face. And for once, there was no eye bags under Maia's eyes.

"Good sleep?" Magnus asked.

"Like a puppy." Maia added with a smile. "I haven't had a pillow in… six months."

"How was the bed?" Clary asked Simon.

"Soft. Too soft for a vampire. I'll see how the floor is tonight." Simon said.

Magnus smiled at them. They were all so nice and unique. Everyone here in Alicante seemed the same. Prissy. Privileged. Ungrateful for the lives that they had. Oh, they will soon be begging for their old lives back when they get their hands on that stele.

"So, how does breakfast sound?" Magnus asked. "I think that I can conjure up some-"

He was interrupted when someone approached them. The voice of someone faintly recognizable. "Magnus, Simon, Clary, Maia!"

They all turned over and saw the princess walking over to them. She was dressed in a mustard yellow blazer and black dress. Magnus smiled. Isabelle seemed like a very fashion forward woman. Strong. Independent. Bad ass. If she wasn't the princess of this kingdom, Magnus could see them being quite good friends. But alas, he wasn't here to make friends. He was here to exact revenge on everyone that has ever wronged him by sending him off to Edom. Magnus' smile faded and he placed his hand on his hip as Isabelle got closer and closer to him and his posse. She smiled at them.

"Good morning princess!" Simon said, almost a bit too excitedly. Maia, Magnus and Clary eyed their friend. What was the for? "I-I mean um… I… hi."

Izzy chuckled. Simon was pretty. He also seemed to have a kind heart beside all of the hatred he felt for nephilim. "Hi. Listen you guys, I just wanted to apologize for last night."

"You have nothing to apologize for." Maia said. "If anything, it's your big brother and parents that need to say sorry."

"Now, now Maia." Magnus said, motioning for her to play nice.

For now.

Izzy smiled. "Don't worry. I'm sure that they will come to apologize to you all later on today. They really are sorry for everything that you guys have gone through."

"Can we change the subject?" Simon said, trying to be happy and push away the sad mood forming.

"Um, sure. Can I… um, treat you to breakfast?"

"So that we can have a repeat of last night?" Clary said under her breath. Simon slapped her back while still wearing a smile for the princess.

"We would love to." Simon said with a wide smile.

Izzy smiled and motioned for them to follow. Magnus grabbed Simon and held him back as Maia and Magnus started walking. "What the fuck?" he whispered angrily.

"We eat breakfast with the rest of the nephilim, we can see who might have high clearance in the palace to get to the stele. Thumb print lock, remember." Simon whispered.

Magnus smiled. He shook his friend's hand. "Good work Sheldon."

"Come on, really?" Simon said as his friend walked ahead.

Izzy walked them over to the mess hall. She had a smile on her face. The hall was huge. Long white tables with matching chairs lined up the room. There were so many shadowhunters there. Of all races, sizes and genders. Maia, Magnus and Simon weren't alarmed by them. If anything, they could handle themselves if one decided to want to play a game of Let's fuck with the downworlders. But they all knew who might have an issue. The three of them instantly turned and looked at Clary. She was tensed up.  Her hands were clasped together in fright. These were people like her. People with angel blood. And they were all staring. And whispering. At someone like her who was considered an evil girl. A traitor. When she and her friend's knew, that she had committed no crime. Izzy looked over and took Clary's hand.

"Hey." she said. "Forget them. They'll understand soon enough. Just relax."

Clary exhaled and nodded. She would rather die or get caught stealing the stele, then show these people that she was scared of what they thought of her. She'd let them rue the day the ever hurt her and her friends from Edom. But Clary didn't even notice that her hand was in the princess'. In face, she didn't even yank her hand back. She allowed the princess to keep her hand in her own. Izzy walked them down the steps and over to the line of food. Everyone that was already on line stepped aside for the princess. Maia could hear what they were saying.

"It's Princess Isabelle." one whispered.

"It's the princess." said another.

"Move aside, it's the head of the Institute."

She was a pretty big deal here. That could be useful later on. Magnus looked over and saw a few shadowhunters not only whispering about the princess, but whispering about them. He looked over and saw a group look at him right in the face while whispering. They broke out in a fit of snickers. Oh. So we're doing this now? Okay then.

Magnus instantly flashed his cat eyes at the group of shadowhunters, like he did all the time back in Edom. He watched as they gasped and shut up their mouths, before scurrying off over to a table far away from Magnus. There. That was handed quite well. Magnus smiled at the fear in those shadowhunter's eyes as he picked up a bowl of yogurt from the trays of food. He followed Izzy as she walked them over to a table at the end of the mess hall. There sitting at the table already was Prince Jace. He was sitting, in a tight shirt that showed off his muscles, nursing what seemed like a mug of tea or coffee. Jace looked up, and as soon as he saw Izzy and Clary, he stood up. 

"Clary. Clary, uh everyone." Jace said. "Everyone um… about last night-"

"Bring it up and I'll leave again." Magnus said as he sat down. "I don't need an apology from you Jace. You didn't do anything."

"Other than run your jaw." Maia stated.

"That I did. I took your rationalized anger for disrespect." Jace said. "I'm sorry. To all of you."

"It's fine your highness." Clary said as she cut her strawberries in half.

"Please." Jace said with a smile. "I'm just Jace."

Clary blushed and looked down at her fruit. Magnus looked at her and Jace. He giggled. So both her and Simon had growing crushes. Huh.

"So, what will we be doing?" Maia asked, sipping her coffee.

"Well, we will be beginning with training you." Izzy said. "See what suits your fighting styles. Or if you don't have any, see where your talent lies. As for Clary, since she is a shadowhunter. She will be taken to private classes."

"What?" Clary said. "I um… I don't need special treatment."

"Don't look at it that way." Jace said. "You'll just be taught how to use your stele, and one will be provided for you. Learn different runes. Choose an angel to bless your blades."

"I was raised on Edom." Clary said with a quick smile and a hard frown. "There are no angels."

Magnus chuckled. He moved to sip his own coffee when he saw two shadowhunter guards enter from the door closest to him. They stood still as someone entered. The soon to be king. Most of the women and men inside of the mess hall all gasped and squealed. They got up and ran over to the king. Magnus spit out his coffee in hard laughter hearing what they were saying.

"Good morning Prince Alec!"

"Hello Prince Alec!"

"Do you have a date Prince Alec!"

"Do you have a queen Prince Alec!"

"Do you want a queen?"

"A king perhaps?"

"I can be your queen!"

"I'd love to get to know you better!"

"Oh Prince Alec!"

"Prince Alec!"

"Prince Alec!"

"Prince Alec!"

Alec smiled awkwardly as all these people. This wasn't the first time that this has happened. It happens quite often when he decides to dine with his sister inside of the Institute. He held up his hand as his guards started to order them away. Alec looked over and saw Magnus sitting there. Magnus eyes widened and turned around.

"I should go." Magnus said as he stood up. "Training begins in a couple minutes and I need to um… take care of something."

He patted Maia's shoulder before walking away from the table. Alec noticed this and quickly moved to pass through all of the people.

"Please, please excuse me. Excuse me." Alec said as he moved past them. He hurried over to catch up with Magnus, but as he went through the door that Magnus left through. He was nowhere. He exhaled in sadness.

"Looks like someone doesn't want to speak with you." Simon said to Alec while not looking at him.

"Shocker." Maia said with an eyeroll.

Alec sighed.

Chapter Text

Maia walked out of the library, a huge stack of books in her arms. She had been in there for a long time, looking for books on the topic she needed to know. Which was basically the stele, The Divine War and the history of the palace. If anyone saw her, they were probably thinking one of two things. That she was either a bookworm, or what the fuck was this downworlder doing in here? It's not like Maia cared what they thought about her or what she was doing. Because they couldn't tell what she was really doing anyways. Maia was just gathering information about the palace. If she knew how the palace was created and some history about it, it would be easier for her to infiltrate if she ever got into the palace to steal the stele. If she knew about steles in general, she and Clary could learn what kind of runes they could combine to free those in Edom. And if she knew about The Divine War, she could find any weaknesses that the king might have.

The young werewolf was forced to leave because the library was closing for the night. So she left with her stack of books. Maia was looking down at one of the books inside of her hands. She was quickly skimming through the pages in the book and thinking about the way to bring this up when he next saw Magnus, Simon and Clary. The werewolf wasn't watching where she was going and she ended up bumping into a large and strong chest. Maia growled as all her books and her journal fell.

"I'm so sorry!" cried the man that she had bumped into. "Here, let me help you."

He leaned forward to pick up the books, but Maia slapped his hand away. "It's fine! I don't ne-"

Maia looked up to tell this shadowhunter to leave her alone. But as she looked up, she noticed that she hadn't even bumped into a shadowhunter. From the look in his eyes and the way he bore no rune. He was tall, strong. Deep brown skin complimented his dark eye color. Maia stood up, one of her books in her hands, and she took a sniff. The strong scent that she got immediately answered her question. Werewolf. This man was a werewolf.

The man gave a small grin. He held out his hand. "I didn't mean to startle you. I'm Luke. Captain of the guards here in Alicante."

Maia eyed him up and down. First a warlock and a seelie. And now this? What the hell? She was turned in such an unjust way. Her ex turned her out of jealousy and anger. And as soon as she was found, as soon as she lashed out in fear, she found herself on a boat to Edom. But this werewolf lived here. He was the fucking captain of the guard! How fair was that?! That she and so many other innocents that were just turned for no reason were sent to Edom. What made him so special?! Maia thought for a moment. Luke. That seemed like a familiar name.

Oh shit.

She knew who this was.

Luke. Luke Garroway. The ex parabatai of Valentine Morgenstern, Clary's father. She knew the story. It was told almost like a hero's tale in Edom. How Valentine tricked Luke into rescuing a prisoner, but instead trapped him inside of a room with drugged up wolves who turned him. He had a similar tramuatic turning story to her. Yet here he was. In Alicante. Living here? Thriving here Maia scoffed in anger.

How dare they? 

"You must be one of the transfers from Edom." Luke said, a friendly smile still on his face. "It's a pleasure to meet you. I'm s-"

"Shut it!" Maia snapped, hiding the knowledge of who he was and what he had gone through. "You're like me. A werewolf."

Luke nodded. "Yes. I am. When Prince Alec was telling me that you were arriving, he thought that-"

"That what? That I would be more comfortable? More excited? More happy to be here? What kind of unjust bullshit is that?! You were turned just like I was? Equally as traumatically! But what, because you were already a shadowhunter you get to stay and live here?! While I get sent away to Edom?!" Maia screamed. She felt tears forming in her eyes. She refused to cry. Not here. Not in front of anyone but her friends. Her family.

"Miss. Look I-"

"Stay the hell away from me." Maia snapped, frustratingly picking up her books and storming away from Luke.

Luke watched her go. He wanted to reach out to her, to tell her that she was sorry. But he couldn't. He had nothing that he could say to fix this. He knew deep down that she was absolutely correct.

Maia ran away from the library. She wiped the tears that were ready to drip out of her eyes at any minute. She dashed through the halls and up the stairs to her dorm. She kept her head down, just in case anyone was walking down and saw her. She didn't want to see her. She didn't want anyone to judge here. She would never let anyone here in Alicante know her pain. She would never let them see how angry and upset that she was. Maia slammed the door to her dorm opened and she slammed it closed. Clary, who had been reading in her bed. He immediately got up and looked at her friend.

"Maia?" she called.

Maia screamed in anger as she threw her books at the wall. Clary ran over to her and engulfed her in a huge hug. Maia let the dam break and tears dripped down her face. She started sobbing loudly. Clary kept her grip on her friend.

"I needed help and they sent me away. But they let him stay. They let her stay. They got to live here while we were tossed aside!" Maia cried, leaning down against the door and sitting down with her back pressed against it.

"Forget them." Clary whispered. "You don't need them. They're assholes. Bigoted assholes. You only need us. Okay? We love you. And that's all you need."

Maia sniffed and hugged Clary back. Clary rubbed the back of her neck in comfort. She whispered reassurances to her. Maia knew that she was right. She didn't need Luke. Or anyone. She had Clary. She had Magnus. She had Simon. And once they broke the barrier surrounding Edom, they would all pay. They will all pay for what they did to her and so many others. Maia sat up and wiped her eyes, black tears ending up on her hands.

"Oh shit." Maia said with a chuckle. "My eyeliner."

"Don't worry about that." Clary said, standing up with her friend.

She hugged her from the side and walked her to her own bed. They sat down and chuckled at one another. Maia opened her mouth to speak, when her door was kicked opened. The two girls jumped seeing the door open.

But it was just Magnus and Simon.

Magnus looked over at them. "Oh no. Who do I have to kill?"

"How did you know?" Maia asked, sniffing.

"I have known you for years. And you think that I don't have a sixth sense when it comes to you all?" Magnus asked.

"What happened?" Simon asked, closing the door and sitting besides his friend.

"Nothing. It doesn't matter know." Maia said. "I'm over it. It doesn't matter."

Magnus sighed. He leaned forward and kissed his friend's forehead. She sat in front of her and snapped his fingers. He summoned a lemon drop cocktail into her hands. She smiled. Her favorite.

"Let us forget those bigots." Magnus said, snapping his fingers and summoning a huge television. "Let us watch your favorite movie."

"My favorite?" Maia said. "Magnus, you spoil me."

"I spoil all of you. You are my family." Magnus said, snapping his fingers as Maia's favorite movie started.

Maia hummed and leaned into Simon's lap. Clary was right. Who needed those shadowhunters? She had her family. And they were who was the most important in her life. And they always would be.

Simon groaned as he was awoken by the light sound of knocking.The vampire sat up from the floor that he was sleeping on. The beds in the Institute was way too soft for his vampire body. He looked up to see his friends asleep. Maia was curled up in her wolf form in Clary's lap, who was sleeping soundly with multiple pillows surrounding her. Simon looked over to what was Clary's bed and saw that Magnus was sleeping there. He was laying on his stomach with soft snores coming from his nose. From the look of it, none of his friends would be waking up to go and get the door. Simon groaned and got up. He quickly looked in the mirror to make sure that there was no popcorn in his fangs from last nights movie binge.

Simon pulled his hoodie closer to his body and walked over to the door. He huffed as he opened. The vampire was kind of surprised to see that it was.

"Prince Alec?" Simon asked.

"Hello." Alec said with a smile. "Just who I was looking for."

"Me? You were looking for me? Why? Why me specifically? I mean, I'm not that important. I mean that's not what I mean. But you um... shouldn't have to be looking for me? I mean-" Simon babbled.

"You're pretty talkative aren't you." Alec said with a smile. "I was looking for you because I want to take you somewhere."

"Why?" Simon asked. "Are you going to kill me? Dammit, I knew it! I should have stayed in Edom."

"What? Kill you? No!" Alec said, chuckling.


"I want to introduce you to someone. I went looking for you in you're room, but you or Magnus wasn't there."

"Oh. Is it a doctor?"

"Simon, please! Stop babbling!" cried Magnus from inside.

Alec looked behind Simon and saw Magnus sitting up in the bed. Alec found himself standing up straighter and looking at the warlock. Magnus looked over and saw Simon standing by the door. With the prince. Magnus rolled his eyes and got up from the bed.

"Magnus. Good morning to you." Alec called. "How are you feeling?"

Magnus walked to the door and looked at him. "Not good. Move." he snapped.

Alec sighed and moved out of the way. Magnus walked out of the room and left. Simon looked back over to the vampire.

"Any reason why he hates me so much?" Alec asked.

"Because you're you." Simon said. "So, who is it that you want me to meet?"

Alec smiled and motioned for Simon. "Follow me if you would."

Simon nodded. He quickly moved over and put on his boots. He looked over at his friends and gave them each a comforting kiss on the cheek. As soon as he was done, he followed the prince out of the room. Alec led him out of the dormitory hall. Prince Alec led him out of the Institute and towards a limo.

"Woah." Simon said in admiration. "Cool car."

"Thank you." Alec said. "It's the family limousine."

Simon raised his eyebrow. If that could transport the royal family, then someone inside must know about the palace. Going inside. The codes to the stele.

"Do you have the same driver or do you have multiple laid out to your whim?" Simon asked.

Alec chuckled. "No. We have the same driver. His name is Sebastian."

Sebastian. Interesting. Very interesting.

Alec opened the door for Simon. He walked inside and sat down. Simon eyed how the large the vehicle was on the inside. Alec sat down across from him. The car started moving as soon as he closed the door. Simon looked over and saw so much alcohol and candy in the car.

"Do you drink?" Simon asked.

Alec chuckled. "I have a glass of scotch every once and awhile. But I don't often drink. My brother and sister usually partake in the drinks in here."

"Little Max drinking?" Simon said.

Alec laughed. Simon was talkative and nervous around him. But he had a sense of humor. He seemed really funny. Really nice. Simon chuckled at his own joke and he leaned back into the leather seating.

"Do you have a family back in Edom?" Alec asked.

"Magnus, Clary and Maia are my family." Simon stated automatically. He was a little defensive about it. But his defensiveness melted away and he frowned. "But I had one. Once. Before all this. I lived in New York, with my mother and older sister. When Camille kidnapped me, she had encantoed me to make out with her. We bit each other... and I died. And then from there, I was turned. After that, I was sent to Edom. My family believes that I had died in a tragic car accident."

Alec frowned. Simon had such a terrible story. And he was whisked away to Edom because of the woman that had made him a vampire. "I'm sorry." he said. "From the bottom of my heart. I truly am sorry for all the pain that you have been caused."

Simon chuckled, rolling his eyes. "Yeah. Sure you are."

"I am." Alec said, looking out the window and noticing the car coming to a halt. He smiled. "And I'll prove it to you."

Alec opened the door and held it there for Simon. The vampire, a bit confused, walked out along with him. Alec shut the door and led him over. Simon noticed that they were back at the palace. It looked much more beautiful in the sun than it did at night, when he was here last. Alec motioned for Simon to follow him over towards the gardens.

The gardens where they discovered that there was a warlock living here. Simon followed the prince as he led him over to the same area where the dinner was supposed to be held. The tables were gone. And there in replacement was just the marble benches and small banzai trees.

There, the vampire saw a young boy reading in the shade. He sat on a bench, hunched over a book rather excitedly. He remembered that face. Those innocent eyes and warm smile.

"If you'll excuse me a moment." Alec said before walking over to his kid brother. "Max!"

Max looked up and smiled. "Hi Alec!"

"What are you doing outside? You should be inside. There's too much pollen out here. And it is pretty cold." Alec stated.

"Alec. I'm fine." Max stated, shutting up his older brother. He looked over his brother's shoulder and met eyes with Simon. "Hi!"

"Um, hey." Simon said, waving back.

Alec smiled. His kid brother always had a heart of gold. "Max, where is mom and dad? Or Catarina. Or Rebecca. They should be making sure that you're safe."

"I am safe." Max stated. "I'm fine out here in the gardens. No one's going to hurt me."

"I'm not worrying about you getting hurt. I'm worrying about you staying healthy." Alec said, kneeling down beside his brother. He cupped his cheek in his hands and rubbed his cheekbone.

Max smiled. "I'm fine. I promise you."

Alec nodded. "I get that. I just want you to stick around for as long as I'm around. Will you please go inside... for me?"

Max looked up at Simon. The two brother's didn't know, but the vampire was actively listening in to their conversation. He felt a little pang in his heart. From what he could use context clues on, the boy prince was sick. It seemed serious. From the way Alec obviously sincerely cared whether or not his brother was safe in the weather conditions. Simon found himself smiling. How sweet of him.

Max sighed. "Oh alright. I'll go."

Alec smiled and pressed a kiss to the top of his brother's head. "I love you Max."

"Yeah, yeah. I love you too." Max said, placing a bookmark into his book and walking off.

But as he did, he looked over at Simon. Simon stilled in front of him. But the youngest Lightwood smiled and held out his fist. Simon automatically smiled. He pressed his own fist onto Max's. Max laughed. He waved goodbye to him and ran off inside the palace.

Alec smiled. Simon slowly moved over towards the prince. "He is a pretty cool kid."

"Yeah. Yeah he is."

"Is he... okay?"

Alec turned over to face the vampire. "He'll be fine."

"How sick is he?"

"How could you tell?"

"When I was a mundane, my big sister worked at a hospital. And I would visit her patients from time to time and sing to the patients there."

"Oh you sing?"

"And I play guitar. But I haven't had much practice. All of the guitars back on Edom are usually broken."

Alec smiled. "I can find you one if you'd like. I'm sure that we have multiple here in the palace." Alec looked over and saw someone approaching in the background. He smiled. "But for now, let me introduce you. Rebecca!"

There was a woman in the background of the garden. Alec pulled Simon over towards her. Simon couldn't help but think that she looked so familiar. Her long brown hair and a familiar silver ring that rested on her right hand. But as the woman turned around, Simon finally knew where she was from.

His heart stopped and tears filled in his eyes. "B-Becky?"

The woman turned around and gasped. She immediately started crying. Simon rushed over to her and pulled her up, hugging her tightly. Becky hugged her brother back as he spinned her around in happiness. Alec smiled watching them. He was so happy that they were together again.

"Oh my! Oh my God!" Becky cried as her brother set her down. "Look at you! You're so... big!"

"Bigger then my big sister!" Simon cried. "How are you? How's mom?! Is her drinking better? Has it gotten worse? How is she?"

"She's perfect! She's met someone at AA."

"Really? Is she safe with him? Does he treat her right? Is it even a he?"

"He's fine. His name is Caleb. And he's really sweet. He treats mom right. He's kind and really cares for her."

Simon smiled, hugging his sister again. "That's great. That's amazing. What... what are you doing here?"

"What am I doing here? What are you doing here?" Becky asked.

"I was chosen. To come from Edom to live here. What are you doing here? I thought you were a mundane!"

"I am! But when you were sent to Edom, I was given to opportunity to visit here. I'm here every few months. I take care of Prince Max when he is really sick."

Simon looked at her... almost in shock. He adored and loved his sister. And he was so grateful and happy that she was here. But... she was allowed to come here, while he was sent to Edom... for something that he didn't do? She was here? A mundane in a nephilim kingdom?

Simon turned to Alec.

"Was that your father's idea or yours?" Simon asked, in anger.

Alec sighed. He knew that this would come up. "It's was mine. I thought that it would be fair to her, since she could never see her brother."

"But we could never be in contact?!" Becky and Simon said in unison.

Simon growled. "Magnus was right about you. Why do I never listen to him? He's always right! You don't care about us! Or anyone from Edom!"

"No, I do! You're my people! They are all my people!" Alec retorted.

"You don't treat us like it!" Simon cried. He turned to Becky. "Becky... can we take a walk? Let's catch up."

Becky hugged her brother from the side. They walked out of the palace gardens. Alec watched them and sighed. Why is it that when he tried to help them, he made everything worse. Alec ran his hands through his hair.


Chapter Text

Clary sat there in one of the Institute's private training rooms, alone. She was waiting for her instructor to get here. So far, the lessons have been fine and they would be coming in handy. She excelled in the hand to hand combat and sooner or later she would be using a blade. Clary sat there on the mat of the training room, thinking about how much these lessons would help her with she, Maia, Magnus and Simon finally freed their people and their family from Edom's prison like barrier. The red head heard the sound of footsteps. She stood up, assuming that it was her instructor.

"Good morning Liz." she said, turning over to her. But her fake smile turned into a real frown. 

It wasn't Liz.

It was Prince Jace.

Jace smiled at Clary. "Hey." he said.

Clary eyed him. "Hey." she responded, but in a less happy tone.

"I thought that I should be the one to teach you today."


"Well... I thought that you might enjoy it. That that it might be comforting. To let you know that... you have friends." 

"The only friends that I have are Simon, Maia and Magnus. They are the only people that actually care about me. People here? They won't want anything to do with me. Especially with my father." Clary stated.

"That's not true." Jace said, taking a step forward. "I want to help you. And teach you. And be there for you."

Clary scoffed. Jace kept his warm and comforting smile. He pulled off his sweater and pulled something out of it's pocket. He handed Clary a small box. Clary's raised her eyebrows. What in the hell was he going to giving her? Jace opened the box. Clary gasped.

"Woah! Is that-"

"Yes. It's a stele. Your stele."

Oh how good this was going to be. If Jace gave her a stele, she could learn the runes and draw some to free people in Edom. This kingdom had no idea what the hell that they would be doing when she learned about the stele. Clary cleared her throat and put on her face. Ready to play the role.

"Why would you be giving this to me?" Clary asked. "Shouldn't you and everyone else be scared that I'll use it against you."

Jace shook his head at her, a smile still on his face. "No. I trust you. And your friends. So does Alec and Izzy."

Clary looked down at the stele. She slowly moved her hand towards it and picked up the silver stick. Jace set down the box that was previously holding it. She rubbed her fingers over it. She smiled.

"So..." Clary said. "How do you use this thing?"

Jace smiled. "First you need to learn the runes."

"Got it." Clary said, following the blonde with a sly smile on her face.

A week had passed by since Magnus and everyone had arrived in Alicante. And not much has happened. Nothing worth talking about. It was just training,eating, and planning the robbery of the stele. 

People in the kingdom were still a bit standoffish about Magnus, Clary, Simon and Maia. It didn't bother them. Why would it? They would pay sooner than they had thought. And they were all busy with their own lives anyways. Maia and Magnus were planning to try and bring Helen and Aline together so they could learn about how to grab the stele. Simon was busy catching up with his older sister. Clary was learning how to use a stele and how it would help when it was finally stolen. 

Slowly but surely, everything was coming together.

All they needed was an oppurtunity to strike. And that was when Helen and Aline were the closest in time. 

"They just need to be closer." Maia said to Magnus as he was pulling his shirt over his bare body.

The group had ended spilting. Simon was suffering from some blood withdrawl, so he was spending the day in his and Magnus' shared room as the effects wore off. Clary was off on her special "shadowhunter only" lessons. So it was just the warlock and the werewolf that day. Plotting their revenge against everyone in Alicante after training for the missions that they planned on never attending anyways. Magnus pulled on his clean sweater and looked over at his werewolf friend.

"Well, apparently the two of them are no scared to be close. One of them has to be closest. Or at least scared that the other will deny their affections." Magnus stated as he summoned a mirror in his hands. He looked to see if his eyeliner was smudged.

"How can you tell?" Maia asked.

"The way that they look at each other for like six seconds and then look away blushing as hard as ever." Magnus stated. "So if we want to get them together, they need to be together. Emphasis on the together."

 Maia nodded. "But they don't seem to want to get together."

"Don't worry." Magnus said, waving small waves of blue magic in his hands. "I can use some sort of spell that my father left me in his book."

Magnus grabbed his bag and started walking out of the locker room with Maia. It might be the men's locker room, but rules never really did apply to Maia. Or any of the Edom borns for that matter. The two walked out of the locker room and out over to one of the main halls inside of the Institute. As they started walking, Magnus pulled them both to a halt. He pointed over to the door leading to the outside gardens. The two saw a familiar looking woman. Aline. They both smiled. Just the woman that they were looking for. They watched as Aline walked out of the Institute, seemingly distracted about everything around her.

Magnus and Maia hurried along and out of the Institute. They went out into the rain. Magnus huffed, snapping his fingers and stopping the rain from hitting the two of them. They looked over and watched Aline rush through the Institute gardens in the rain. She seemed to be carrying something. Not something. A lot of something. Notebooks. Folders. Posters. Maybe a tablet. The two of them watched as she hurried through the gardens to get to the other side. In her hast to try and get away from the rain and get to the door, she bumped into another shadowhunter. And dropped one of her items. Aline didn't notice and she instantly started apologizing to the other person that she bumped into.

Magnus instantly huffed. He quickly snapped his fingers summoned the item into his hands. He hid it behind his back as he watched Aline apologize and rush through the door. Maia and Magnus turned to one another and looked down at the item Magnus had summoned. It was in fact a tablet.

The two of them opened it. Funny how the daughter of the Inquisitor didn't have a password on something so valuable and important. They scrolled down and looked at the document that she must have been reading.

"Coronation plans." Maia said as she read. "Dinner plans. Seating charts. Colors for suits and dresses. All of these seemingly important things for Prince Alec's special day."

"Huh. I guess that she might be planning the coronation since her mother is conducting the whole rune thing." Magnus said. "And it would be such a same if the party planner lost the plans to her party. This... this could certainly work out in our favor."

Maia and Magnus met eyes. They smiled. "I think that we have our plan to bring those two together."

Magnus smiled and nodded. He looked up to see if Aline had returned looking for her tablet. But she didn't. She had just left.

Magnus and Maia turned over to one another. "I think that Helen should return this to Aline." Maia said, taking the tablet and putting it inside of her own bag.

"I guess that you will be going after her then?" Magnus said. "Good luck. Should I track her for you?"

Maia nodded. Magnus smiled, he went inside of his bag and pulled out his spellbook. He moved to fish through the pages, but then he heard someone calling his name. The two downworlders looked up and saw the prince approaching them. He had a huge umbrella in his hands as he walked towards Magnus and Maia. 

"Shit." Magnus and Maia said in unison.

"Sorry, you're on your own." Magnus said to her, quickly putting away his spellbook and putting on a fake smile.

"Don't worry." Maia said. "I got my nose. Rotten?"

"To the core baby. See ya." Magnus whispered.

Maia patted his shoulder and turned back through the door they entered from. Magnus turned back over and walked down the steps to meet the prince halfway. Alec smiled at him. He wanted to come of to him approachable. Understandable. Magnus looked at the prince and noticed the way he looked. He was slouched over just a tad. Dark circles were under his eyes. His blazers were gone and replaced with a boring, old black sweater. Magnus could feel himself getting hives just looking at that disgusting piece of clothing. He pointed at the way the magic didn't even touch Magnus' body.

"Magic?" he said.

"Uh, yeah. My hair is too perfect to get wet." Magnus said, rolling his eyes. "Did you want something or do you just enjoy interrupting my day and ruining my happiness?"

Alec chuckled. "Actually yeah. I just wanted to apologize to you. I should have been more fair. I didn't tell you about Catarina. Or Helen. It isn't at all fair, especially since you've spent your entire life in Edom."

Magnus rolled his eyes. "Sure. Whatever."

"Well it's not whatever to me." Alec said. "I want you to be comfortable around me. My people. And I want to make it up to you. And Maia, Simon and Clary too."

Magnus sighed. He really didn't want to hear this right now. Not at all. So he just crossed his arms across his chest. "And how do you think you're going to do that Alexander?"

Alec smiled. "Let's start with the downworlders here in Alicante. There are three. Catarina, our head doctor. Helen, a hybrid. Her mother is a shadowhunter here in Alicante, while her father passed away a long time ago due to a battle injury."

"Poor Helen." Magnus said.

"She's fine now. Don't feel bad. And last, there's Luke Garroway. He's the captain of some of the guards that go down to the mundane world. He-"

"Was Valentine's ex parabatai. I heard the stories of what Valentine did to him. I know all about him. Trust me."

"Well okay then. Other than Simon, Maia, Clary and you, those are the only downworlders here."

"Besides dear old Rebecca. Who is a mundane vistor, correct?"

"Yes correct. She is here as well."

"Okay." Magnus said. "But if you expect me to forgive you for being an unfair and unjust prince just based on that, then you're completely wrong."

"I know." Alec said with a grin. "How about you tell me what you want me to do? What do you want me to do? You tell me. I'll do whatever you need me to do."

Magnus hummed. A prince at his disposal right now. A prince that was willing to do whatever he wanted in order to make it up to him. Now, this could work surprisingly in his favor. If he wanted that stele, Alexander could surely help him. Magnus grabbed Alec's umbrella and pulled it over himself. Alec was a bit shocked at first to be getting wet. But he was determined to make it up to him. So he kept his mouth shut.

"So... tell me then Alexander." Magnus said, thinking about the plans she saw on Aline's tablet. "Your coronation. I want to know everything."

"You want to know about my coronation?" Alec asked. "I expected something like... I dunno... leave me alone. Or, get the fuck away from me."

"Wow, right back to the stereotypes. Nevermind then. Have a nice day." Magnus said, he stepped forward to leave, but Alec called out to him.

"No, no, no, no, no, hey! No. Not at all. I'm sorry." Alec said, rushing over to him and smiling. "There's not much to know. It's in a couple months. I will be crowned king."

"Oh come on. That's all you give me?" Magnus said.

Alec laughed. "You seem pretty interested in this."

"Well... it is a party." Magnus explained. "And I love a good party. I used to plan the best birthday parties for my friends back in Edom."

Alec smiled. "Well, how would you like to help me plan the coronation?"

Magnus smiled. This was way better than he had expected. He thought that we would just be getting some information from the prince about the coronation that Aline was seemingly planning. Now he could be involved in it. And get way more information about the stele than he had expected.

"But isn't Aline planning your coronation? I wouldn't want to impose."

"Well... I would like it if you were involved. I'm sure you have something that you would like to do."

Magnus hummed, looking up to make it seem like he was thinking. Alec was smiling. He actually really did want Magnus to be involved. Because if it made him comfortable and it made him happy here in Alicante, he would make it happen. As for Magnus, he needed to bring Helen and Aline together of he wanted to even get a chance to grab that stele. But maybe if he got closer to the prince, he could find out more about the stele. More about the palace. Ways inside the palace.

Oh this is gonna be good.

"How about designing?" Magnus said. "I will take a wild guess from the continuous way that you wear those sweaters and blazers, that you have no designer."

Alec smiled. "You got me there."

"Excellent. So let me design your coronation suit and cape, and all will be forgiven."



Alec smiled. "Alright! You can design my suit! I'd... I'd love that. I'd love for you to do that for me."

Magnus squealed as if he was excited. He was. But not for the designing part. He could get into the palace. Explore. Find ways to infiltrate.

"Awesome!" Magnus said. He snapped his fingers and started to sashay away. "There's my number. Goodbye Alexander."

"Wait so... friends?" Alec asked.

Magnus chuckled and kept walking. "Yeah. Sure. Friends."

Alec watched as Magnus walked off and back inside the Institute. He smiled. That was all it took. Alec was determined to keep this friendship with the warlock. By any means possible. The prince turned to leave but realized...

Magnus had his umbrella.

And he was soaking wet.

Maia sniffed around the Institute, not caring the way that some people sneered at her. She needed to find the scent of seelie and shadowhunter. The passive aggressive werewolf walked through the halls, looking for a beautiful blonde woman, not realizing where she was going. Maia ended up bumping into someone. Maia was going to look up and tell said person to get the hell away from her and leave her alone, but she knew this person.

"Maia." Clary called. "What are you doing?"

"Oh. It's just you. Good." Maia said with a grin. She was kind of relived that she didn't have to attack anyone today. "Magnus and I may have found a way to get a hold of someone with clearance to open the stele's lock. And it involves the lovely miss Helen and this tablet."

Clary looked down at her friend as she pulled out a tablet. Clary smiled. Maia put away the tablet as she spoke. "Okay. So we return Helen's tablet to Aline?"

"No, no. This is Aline's tablet." Maia corrected. "And it has a lot of the coronation plans for Prince Douchebag. It's pretty important. And if it was lost, there goes the coronation. So my plan is, since you haven't been introduced to Helen or Aline yet, you can return it to Helen and say that you think that it is Aline."

"And when I give it to her, she'll offer to return it to her." Clary finished with a smile. "And then by then hopefully, we can get Magnus to wave his hands and pull them a bit closer together."

Maia nodded. "Help me find her."

"Always." Clary said, taking her friend's arm and walking with her down the hall.

Maia sniffed the air and the walls, looking around for the scent that would most certainty lead her to the shadowhunter and seelie. The two went down three different halls, looking all over. They found themselves walking towards the dining hall, which for once was completely empty. Probably because it was the middle of the afternoon and lunch had just been served a couple of moment ago. Clary and Maia met eyes. They walked down the steps into the dining room. Maia sniffed around. And she stopped. The two turned over, looking towards the empty line. Maia pointed over. She smelled her. Right behind the line. Maia pulled out the tablet from her bag and handed it to Clary. Clary nodded as she took it in her hands. She slowly approached the empty line.

"Um... hello?" Clary called.

As she called, there was a crash. Clary flinched and Maia instantly moved to hide where Helen wouldn't be able to see her. Clary looked through the window and saw Helen standing by a table. A stand mixer was in her hands and it looked like she was struggling to carry. Obviously she had crashed with it in her hands, seeing that there were some bags of flour on the ground along with some metal mixing spoons, icing spreaders and spatulas. Clary moved over and jumped through the window, as if it was nothing. Helen's eyes widened when saw Clary jump through. The window wasn't quite big. The only thing that could possibly fit was the arms of the kitchen workers. And this red headed shadowhunter had just jumped through it as it it was nothing.

"Woah." Helen said.

"Here." Clary said, setting the tablet down on the window. "Let me help you."

"Oh. You don't have to." Helen said as Clary took the bottom portion of the mixer in her hands. Clary helped her place it down on the table across from them. "How did you do that?"

"Do what?"

"You know. That jump. Through the window. It's so thin."

"I was raised in an island of villains. A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do."

"Oh. Oh! You must be one of the transfers from Edom. I'm sorry if that offends you."

"I doesn't. It's totally fine."

"Oh okay. Well thank you so much um..."

"Oh. I'm Clary. Clary Fray."

"Oh. Well nice to meet you. My name's Helen."

"Wait, Helen." Clary said and sighed. She could play her part whenever need be. And she was amazing at playing her roles. "I'm so sorry. I thought you were Aline."

"Aline?" Helen said and immediately blushed.

Maia smiled from where she was hiding. Damn, she really was lovesick about the Inquisitor's daughter.

"Yeah." Clary said, picking up the tablet again. "I could have sworn that it was you when I saw you drop a tablet earlier today. I'm sorry for wasting your time."

Helen bit her lip. "Well um... I know Aline."

"You do?"

"Yeah. I work with her mom a lot. So I know her. If you want... I can hand it to her for you."

Clary and Maia both smiled. "That would be awesome. Thank you so much!"

Helen nodded and took the tablet from her. "I can go and give to her know. I'll know where she will be. Baking the dessert can wait."

Clary nodded. Helen waved goodbye and moved to the exit. Clary jumped back through the window and met eyes with her werewolf friend. Maia had a wide grin on her face. 

"Well that went well." Maia said.

"Very well I believe. I am just that good." Clary said with a dramatic award win wave.

"Come on. Let's find Magnus and follow her."

Chapter Text

"So that asswipe let's your sister come to Alicante and The Idris Palace, and let's a werewolf and a warlock live here... but we're not allowed to ever come here?!" Magnus growled at Simon.

"Look don't scream at the messenger." Simon said, putting his hands up from across the table.

Three days had passed since the whole ordeal with Simon and Alec. Simon hadn't brought it up because he wanted to wait until the weekend was over. He was spending that whole weekend with his sister. Everyone found it fair that he finally got to see his sibling and spend time with her. They didn't rush him to explain what happened. But when Simon had seen his sister safely home and finally told them what had happened between him and the soon to be king, no one was happy. At all.

"Sorry." Magnus said, sighing and looking down at his plate.

"It's fine." Simon said. "I understand where you're anger has come from."

"He's a dick." Clary said to Simon. "We don't need him to get a hold of the stele and free our parents. But at least you got to see Rebecca again. That's good."

"How is she?" Maia asked.

"She's great. Back in New York, she's become a doctor."

"And your mom?" Magnus asked. "How is she?"

"She's fine. Becky tells me that she's seeing someone named Caleb. And he's actually really sweet and caring. I'm might be pissed off at that prince. But I'm happy that my family is happy. Even if my mom doesn't know what really happened to me" Simon said with a smile. "I had a really great weekend with my sister. I even got to see her off back to the mundane world."

"I'm glad that you had a nice time." Maia said. "And now we're back to plan howdowekillthesesonsofbitches."

Simon laughed at her joke, spilling orange juice all over his shirt. The four started laughing at their vampire. They didn't notice at the table across, Prince Alec watching them. He sighed. He wanted nothing more than to make their time here better. But all that he seemed to be doing was making everything worse for them. Even just bringing them here in general was making them angry at the world. Alec sighed, looking at his miserable plate of fruit. He had barely grabbed anything to eat.

The prince was just sitting there alone. Looking down at his plate. Behind Alec's table, was his best friends. Izzy and Jace. The two looked at their brother in confusion and worry. They sighed and walked over to the table.

"Hey Alec." Jace said as he put down his plate. "How are you?"

Alec just sighed in response. Izzy looked over and saw that Alec was looking at the table where the Edom borns were sitting. Izzy looked back.

"What happened this morning?" Izzy asked.

"I... I thought that it would be good for Simon to see his older sister. So I brought him to the palace. And then... he learned that I was allowing Rebecca to stay here." Alec explained, sighing. "And I messed it all up with him. And Magnus, Maia and Clary already hate me."

"They don't hate you Al." Jace said.

Alec looked at him. Jace held his hands up in defeat. 

"Look Alec, they just need time. It's only been a few days since they have arrived." Izzy explained. "They'll need to get used to the people around him. And people need to get used to them."

Alec sighed. He got up from his seat. "I need to go."

"Wait, Alec." Jace called.

"No, no... I need to get some things ready. I have some coronation and king duties to attend to." Alec said, pressing a kiss to his sister's temple and waving goodbye to his parabatai.

The two watched as the oldest left the room. The met eyes.

"He's trying his best, why can't they see that?" Jace said to his little sister.

"It's not that Jace." she said, slapping his arm. "They've lived all their lives being ignored and pushed away. How would you feel if you were them and you saw Catarina and Luke?"

"Not good."


Jace sighed. "But he is trying his best. Let me try something then."

"What are going to try?" Izzy asked.

Jace looked up and around the room. He saw a shadowhunter walking to the door. Jace stood up and walked over to the woman.

"Hey. Liz." he called to her.

"Hello your highness." the woman said with a slight curtsy.

"Hey, listen. You're teaching Clary Fray right?" he asked.

"Yes, I am. A darling pupil." she said. "She is improving with the rune teachings and the hand to hand combat. I was going to teach her today about the stele and finally give her one."

"Right. Listen Liz. Can you let me take care of her teachings for the day?" Jace asked her with a warm smile.


"Because... I feel like she needs a friendly face and a friend right now. And I want to be that friend. Is it fine that I work with her today?"

Liz smiled. "Of course your highness."

"Thank you."

Liz bowed again and walked away. Jace turned over to his sister. Izzy sighed in deafeat. "Touche."

"Now all I need to do it just let her know, that I'm here for her and her friends."

 Magnus, Maia and Simon had been attending a couple of training classes here and there since they had arrived. They've gone to history classes about the kingdom (one of the most interesting yet boring things here), weapons classes and combat training. But they've never gone to a group combat training. Mostly because whenever they heard that it was happening, they refused to attend. But Maia thought that it might be a good idea to attend just in case they saw that there was someone with enough clearance to get into the palace fingerprint locks.

Simon had brought up Sebastian to Magnus, Clary and Maia. Clary had brought up the point that a driver might have clearance, but not any fingerprints in the lock system. 

So onward they went to find someone new that could possibly get them that stele. Maia, Magnus and Simon were standing in the corner of the training room as most of the other shadowhunters were standing there and socializing with one another. Magnus wasn't talking with anyone. He, Maia and Simon eyed the room. Looking around so anyone that seemed important or authoritative. Magnus looked over to the door and saw someone walk inside. A short blonde woman. Magnus' eyes instantly went to her chest. Not for her busts. But she notices the green leaf and flower markings. Like most of the seelies from Edom.

"Hey." Magnus called to them. "Look. That's a seelie."

Simon looked over at the seelie woman. "Woah. Yet another downworlder they didn't unjustly send to Edom."

"I'm ready to shove my foot so far in Prince's Alec's ass." Maia said.

"Now hold on now." Magnus said, pointing over to her as she walked over to the opposite corner of the room. "Look at her arms."

Simon and Maia watched as he peeled off her hoodie. All over his arms and one side of her neck were black runes. She wasn't just a seelie. She was also a shadowhunter.

"A hybrid." Simon said. "I've never seen one of those before."

"Interesting." Magnus said, turning over his friends. 

Magnus turned over to her and noticed the woman just keeping to herself. He was about to move over and take advantage of the situation when a taller man walked behind her and yanked on her hair. Hard. Her head pulled back as he screamed out in pain.

"Oops. Sorry. You know what they say about flowers. You can just pluck them when you want." the man said. "i assumed the same for seelie scum like yourself."

The man laughed at his own terrible joke, making a few of his disgusting looking and acting friends laugh.

Oh, what a perfect time to take advantage of the situation.

Magnus walked over and used his magic to pull on that man's hair. He yelled out as Magnus yanked so hard that he fell on his back.

"Oops. Sorry. You know what they say about assholes. You lay them on their ass and then they shut their pie holes." Magnus said, stepping over and his body and standing next to the blonde seelie shadowhunter.

The man stood up. "Hello?! Who the hell do you think you are?!"

"Oh, my bad. I didn't realize that you needed an introduction." Magnus said with a chuckle. "I'm Magnus Bane. Warlock and professional kicker of your ass."

The man scoffed. "I don't take anything from downworlders."

Just as he said that, Maia grabbed him by the shoulder. The man turned over and jumped away from her as she growled at him. Maia smiled when he ended up back on the floor in fear. Everyone started laughing at him. Simon patted his shoulder.

"Not so big and bad huh?" he said, walking over to his friends.

The man growled on the floor.

"Sorry about that darling. That must have hurt." Magnus said, taking Helen's hair in her hands. "Beautiful hair doesn't need to be pulled. Especially seelie hair. It is immaculate."

"Oh. Thank you." the girl said. "And thank you for taking care of Raj. He's an asshole."

"Please." Maia said scoffing. "He's nothing compared to what's back in Edom."

"I'm Helen. Helen Blackthorn."

"Well it is nice to meet you." Magnus and Simon said in unison with smiles on their faces.

Oh. She could definitely be useful.

The doors to the training room opened again. Everyone silenced when they saw who had walked in. Magnus turned over and eyes who walked in. Two powerful looking women. Both of Asian descent, with silky black hair and dark eyes. One taller and older, in her high heels, high bun and her dark purple pantsuit. The woman next to her was younger, but looked so similar. Her hair was tied in a low ponytail and she was dressed in dark training gear. Simon looked over at his friends. They smiled. These ladies looked one hundred percent important enough to work in the palace.

The older woman looked over and met eyes with Magnus. She smiled.

"Hello." she said. "I didn't expect for you three to attend."

"Yeah. Group based ass whooping are my calling." Maia said with an eye roll.

She didn't expect for the woman to chuckle. She looked over and held out her hands to each of them. "My name is Jia Penhallow. I am the Inquisitor of Alicante."

Oh, Magnus was right. She could be useful in more ways than one. Magnus shook her hand. "Very nice to meet you Madam Inquisitor."

The younger woman held out her hand as well to everyone. "And my name is Aline. I'm her daughter."

"Nice to meet you as well." Simon said, shaking her hand.

Once the hands were shook, Jia and Aline took a step back. As they did, Magnus eyed as Aline looked over to Helen. Their eyes met and a deep blush formed on both of their cheeks.

"Hello Helen." Aline said with a smile to the blonde.

"Hi." Helen said, smiling a bit too wide.

Simon looked over to his friends. "Oh look at that."

Magnus watched them as they spoke in some kind of awkward flirt.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

They found a way to get the stele. And it involved these two ladies right here, right now. Magnus looked over at Maia and Simon and gave them a grin.

"Mr. Basak." Jia called to Raj, who was still on the ground. "Since you honestly refuse to stand in line, why don't you start out this sparring match?"

"What? No." Raj said defensively. "It's not my fault! It-"

"Mr. Basak." Jia said sternly, holding up a hand to silence him. "I honestly don't care. Since you're usually here with my daughter, I would have hoped that you would have shown me some respect. But you didn't, by pulling the hair of a student like you're five years old. So pick an opponent or I will send you to my office for disciplinary action. Pick an opponent and fight."

Raj growled and he turned over to Magnus. "Fine. Then I pick the demon child."

The group gave a dramatic gasp.

Magnus just rolled his eyes. Seriously?

"Mr. Basak! How dare you?" Jia yelled.

"Raj!" Aline yelled.

"It's fine Miss Penhallows." Magnus said, raising his hand to the two of them. "If Raj wants to end up with bruises all over his body, then so be it."

"Mr. Bane. You don't have to do this." Aline called to him.

"Oh please." Magnus said. "He had this coming."

Raj scoffed and moved into a stance. "Don't use magic and maybe I'll go easy on you."

Magnus rolled his eyes and held up his fists. Raj cried out a battle cry and moved to swing at Magnus' face. Magnus chuckled as he dropped down to the ground. He kicked his leg out, making Raj fall down to the ground. Magnus stood up as Raj started falling down. He grabbed the back of his shirt, holding him as he was leaning down to the floor. Magnus dramatically yawned before kicking Raj in the stomach, raising him up and slamming him down on the ground on his back. Raj groaned in pain. Magnus looked down on him. Raj growled at him and forced himself back up. He sat up and looked at him. Raj moved over to try and kick Magnus, aiming for the neck and the face. Magnus blocked each one, barely even moving too much. Magnus held his hands out, expecting some kind of punch or hit. No. He was able block his punches easily. Raj tried to throw his whole body to Magnus, but the warlock slid down onto the floor. He slid directly underneath him, allowing gravity to do the work and letting Raj land in the weapons rack.

Magnus chuckled as he heard the crash. "I must say. If this is you're fighters, the mundanes must be fucked."

"Oh please." Raj said, spitting in the warlock's direction. "You're all talk bitch."

"Raj!" Aline said very authoritatively.

Magnus held up his hand to her. "It's fine. In fact, how about I make it easier on you? Hmm?"

Magnus moved over to Raj. He yanked off the red cloth that he was seemingly using as a belt. He held it out to him and then covered his eyes. Raj scoffed.

"You're kidding." he said.

"He's not kidding." Maia and Simon said in unison.

Magnus moved over and tied the cloth over his eyes. Helen eyed him in awe. Raj laughed. He pulled up his pants and moved to try and attack Magnus from behind. His hand gripped the back of his shirt. As soon as Magnus felt the rough touch of the shadowhunter, he moved his right hand and slammed it against Rag's exposed thigh. He screamed in pain. Magnus proceeded to kick him in the face. He fell down on the ground.

With his blindfold on and his focus on beating Raj, Magnus didn't see a guest walk inside of the training hall. The man that he didn't want to see at all. Prince Alec. He had been making his rounds around the Institute, looking to get his items for the upcoming coronation. He needed to speak with Jia. He was told to find her in the training hall. He found her. But Alec didn't expect to also find Magnus. The warlock that he needed more than anything to fix things with. He walked inside and saw Magnus fight a shadowhunter. One that he personally hated for his annoying and I'mbetterthaneveryone attitude. His eyes widened in amazement as he saw Magnus fighting with his eyed completely covered.

Magnus grabbed Raj by his waist and threw him down, hard, onto the mat that they were standing on. Raj fell down to the ground. He groaned in pain, gripping his arm. Magnus smiled, pressing his foot against Raj's chest to stop him from getting back up.

"Well would you look at that." Magnus asked, peeling off his blindfold and throwing back down on Raj's chest. "Because to me, it looks like you're all talk. Bitch."

Raj growled at him. Magnus removed his foot and walked back over to Maia, Simon and Helen. Helen smiled widely looking at Magnus.

"That was... incredible!" she cried.

"I thought that someone should put him in his damned place." Magnus said. "And I didn't even break a sweat."

Raj got up. He looked straight over at Magnus. "Listen to me you downworld scum!"

"Enough!" yelled the prince as he finally walked inside of the training room fully. 

Raj stiffened and he silenced. "Prince Alec."

Everyone, except for Magnus, Simon and Maia bowed down to the royal. Magnus just eyed him with disgust. Alec looked over at Magnus. He started to give the warlock a warm and real smile but Magnus just turned away from. Alec sighed and turned back to Raj.

"You should watch your mouth." Alec said. There was authority in his voice. But he looked so calm as he chewed Raj off.

Magnus would never admit it, but he found it a bit admirable. And a bit arousing.

"Prince... I mean... just look at them!" Raj said, pointing at Magnus with his greasy and disgusting finger right in her face.

Magnus grabbed his hand and twisted it hard. Raj screamed. Magnus twisted a bit harder, letting Raj believe that he was actually going to break his hand... before letting go and kicking him in the stomach. Raj huffed as he fell down to his knees. Magnus just shrugged at him and turned around with his back to the royal. Alec smiled. Magnus was strong. And bad ass. Let the angel's forbid if anyone tried to put him down for anything. Alec turned back to Raj.

"How dare you even think about putting him down, he obviously just laid you out on your ass." Alec snapped. Raj opened his mouth to speak, but Alec held his hand out in his face to silence him. "To the disciplinary office. Now!"

"What?" Raj gasped. "No! I-"

"Now Mr. Basak!" Alec snapped.

Raj huffed. He met eyes with Magnus and sternly looked at him. He growled and stormed out of the room.

"Good riddance!" Magnus said with a wave. Alec moved to Magnus. Before he could even open his mouth, Magnus spoke. "Don't."

Alec sighed. He stepped back and looked over at Jia. "Madam Inquisitor."

"Hello your highness." Jia said with a slight curtsy.

Alec took her shoulder lightly and started to whisper. Simon instantly listened in to them, using the vampire hearing that he was cursed with.

"With the coronation coming up, there is no one that I trust more than you to take care of the ceremony." Alec said. "I would love it for you to draw the rune upon my crown when I am crowned king."

Jia smiled. "I would be honored your majesty."

"And Aline, I would adore for you to plan the coronation." Alec said with a smile.

"What? Me? Why?" Aline said.

"You are one of my closest family friends. You're like a sister I never had. And I'll love for you to involved in me becoming a king." Alec said. "Please."

Aline sighed and smiled. She hugged him. "Of course I'll plan your coronation. I would love to!"

"Thank you. The both of you. I'll send you a fire message of the rehearsals and whatever you might need Aline." Alec turned away from Jia and smiled at everyone. "Carry one everybody."

Alec walked out of the room.

Simon whispered what he had just heard from Jia and Alec. Magnus smiled.

"Interesting." Maia said with a smile.

"Yes." Magnus added. "Very."

Chapter Text

Magnus looked out on the gardens, awaiting for the two shadowhunter women to arrive. When Maia and Clary came up to him later in the day, he didn't expect for them to use Helen in the way that they did. In fact, he was quite surprised. But super excited to see his plan finally get set into motion. He found himself outside that same night, where Maia had sniffed out the two. He, Clary and Maia were standing right by the main seating area of the gardens, looking out and awaiting for Helen or Aline or both to show up. Maia was looking around the gardens, a bit nervously. She was rubbing the back of her palm in worry.

"People are going to see us." she snapped out of nowhere.

"Calm down my dear." Magnus said, snapping his fingers and summoning the spellbook into his hands. "My father does have a lot of spells in here. And so many have come in handy. Like the glamour spell."

"You glamoured us?" Clary asked, taking the book from him in excitement.

"If anything, the only people that will see us is Simon. But Simon is busy napping."

"The bed is still to soft?"

"Way too soft for our little vamp."

Maia slapped her friend's shoulders. "They're coming."

"Smell?" Clary asked.


Magnus looked both ways, looking for the girls. He noticed a familiar Asian woman approaching the seats from the right side of the garden. Magnus smiled and watched as she walked towards the seats. She still looked pretty distracted. She was on the phone while searching through a folder filled to the brim with papers. Maia watched as she walked over and sat down on one of the marble benches. Aline looked through her folder and pulled out a huge paper. She skimmed through the page and moved to her purse. As she did, he noticed that what she was searching for... was not in there.

Aline set down her paper and phone and started to search through her purse. She was throwing things in and out in desperation to find her item. Clary was smiling watching her.

"I wonder what she's looking for." Clary asked.

"I hope that it wasn't something important." Magnus said, looking now to the left. He smiled. "Look... here she is."

Maia and Clary turned over and saw Helen approaching. Her outfit had changed from the flour covered shirt and jeans that she had been wearing in the kitchens. Now, she looked much better. In fact, she looked like she was dressed to impress. Dark green blazer over a black collared shirt and black skirt. Magnus whistled to his friends, pointing at the blonde's chest. Helen was clutching the tablet in her hands. Almost like it was her safety blanket. She was nervous. You could see the blush on her pale skin. Helen moved a curl of hair out of her face as she slowly moved to the bench where Aline was seated.

Magnus, Clary and Maia moved closer to the bench as Helen got closer. Maia rolled her eyes as Helen opened her mouth to speak, but ultimately closed her mouth in fear.

"Anything to speed this along?" she asked.

"Let her start it off." Magnus said, taking his spellbook back from Clary and searching through the pages. "She'll start soon if she really likes her."

"And how would you know?" Clary asked.

"I just know." Magnus stated back, flipping through another page and stopping to skim the titles and the words.

Turns out, Magnus was right. As usual. Helen swallowed some of the saliva in her throat and spoke up. "Um... Aline."

Aline looked up from her current purse ransack and jumped up. Her cheeks immediately turned red. "Helen!" she cried, dropping her purse and the rest of the contents with it. "Oh! Shit! Um, I..."

"I uh... I found your tablet!" Helen said, holding it out a bit to fast. The tablet ended up hitting Aline right in the breats. Helen turned bright red. "I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to!"

"These two are like twelve year olds that have a crush." Maia stated. "Are you going to get involved yet?"

"No." Magnus said, not looking up from his skimming of the spellbook. "Let them ride this out until she returns the tablet."

Aline looked down at the tablet and smiled. "Oh thank the angel! I thought that I lost this! My mother and probably Alec would have killed me if I lost what was on this."

"Really?" Helen said, licking her lips and running her hands through her hair. "Then... I'm glad that I found it. I can't have you losing your job."

Aline took the tablet in her hands and turned it on. "It's a little cracked. But it's better than nothing. And why would you care about me losing my job... wait! That came off as rude! I meant... I meant uh-"

"Now I can get involved." Magnus said, waving his hands and pointing his magic at Helen.

The magic hit her lightly and her mouth opened before she could even know that she was speaking words. "Because I would end up seeing you less. And I don't want that. I'd miss you. "

Aline looked up and faintly smiled. "You'd miss me?" she asked.

"Of course I would." Helen said. Magnus smiled and moved the magic away from Helen back into his hands. Helen was blushing wildly now that she was back in control of her words. "I'm sorry! That was highly inappropriate! I should go!"

Magnus moved his magic over to Aline now. She reached as soon as the magic touched her. "Wait! Please don't go!"

Helen turned around instantly. Aline set down her tablet and slowly approached her. She smiled. Magnus moved the magic to the both of them.

"I don't know why I keep running away from you." the two girls said in unison.

Helen smiled. Aline moved her hand up and rested placed it on Helen's. She raised Helen's hand and kissed the back of her palm. "Listen um... I'd very much like to take you out sometime. So that we can... see what this is. Where this goes."

Helen smiled. "I'd like that."

Magnus pulled the magic back from the two of them. But Aline and Helen were still staring deep into each other's eyes. Melting into one another's hold. Magnus was smiling widely.

"So... how's Friday? I can get us to the mundane world for dinner. Hell, I could get us Raziel's stele if I wanted to." Aline said.

Clary, Maia and Magnus started to silent cheer. "Am I good or what?" Magnus said, holding both of his hands and earning a slap from both of his friends.

Helen nodded. "Friday's good."

Aline smiled. She gathered all of her fallen items as fast as he could and slammed them into her purse. She smiled at Helen and waved goodbye. Helen was blushing so fast as she watched Aline walk away. Magnus waited until the blonde finally found the composure to turn and leave. Magnus snapped his fingers and realized the glamour around them. Maia looked back between where Helen left and where Aline had left. 

"Okay. You are amazing!" Maia said, high fiving him.

"Oh I know." Magnus said with a smile. "Now, if she can get them into the mundane world, I'm sure that she can get us to the stele."

"She did say that she could." Clary added. "This calls for a celebration. Let's grab some beer."

"You girls go on ahead." snapping his fingers and summoning beer and cider to their room.

"Are you sure Mags." Maia asked.

"I'm sure. I have other things to worry about." Magnus said.

Clary kissed her friend's cheek and left with Maia. Magnus smiled and turned on his heel. As he walked out of the gardens, he met eyes with a shadowhunter. She was standing in the hallway, eyeing Magnus. Lustfully. The warlock smiled. Her acrylic nail was resting in between her teeth, while her other hand was resting on her pants. She was pulling them down slightly, almost as if to show something off. Magnus eyed her and smiled. He slowly moved over to the girl. They got close. Chest to chest. The girl ran her hands over Magnus' arms, taking his tie in her hands. Magnus smiled and pressed a hard slap on her arse.

Let Maia and Clary drink beer until the sunrise. He could celebrate another way. A much more fun way.

Clary woke up with an ear splitting headache. She sat up from where she was sleeping, not realizing that it was her desk. She sat up and rubbed her head.

Damn, she thought. Way too much beer.

She looked over to find Maia and saw her in her wolf form. She was curled up in her bed. Looked like she had she'd shed a lot all over the covers. Fur was everywhere you looked. The covers almost looked like a fur blanket now. Clary moved herself off of the desk turned bed. She was definately having a hard hangover. Maybe she would go and ask Magnus to magically cure the beer induced headache that she had. Clary pulled off her shirt and sniffed it. She recoiled. It smelled like alcohol. And just the thought of it made her want to vomit. And speaking of-

Clary dropped her shirt and ran to the bathroom. She dropped down on her knees in front of the toilet and unleashed her lunch, her mid-afternoon snack, her dinner and her beer. It never seems like it's a lot of food until you're puking all over the damned place. Clary sat up, believing that she was done, and leaned against the wall. She moved to grab the mouthwash, when there was a knock at her door. She groaned.

"Go away!" she called.

"Clary? Maia? It's me. Jace."

Clary eyes widened and she tried to stand up. Her post drunken haze made her fall down onto her stomach. "No, no, no, nononononononononononononononononono. Now you... you can't... come in."

"Are you okay?" called the prince. 

"I'm um... hungover... and vomitting." Clary said. Her filter was off. Even though she wasn't drunk anymore, her brain was taking awhile to process what was happening around her. And what she should and shouldn't say.

Clary moved to rest on the floor when she saw someone in front of the bathroom door. The blonde prince. Clary raised her eyebrow. She opened her mouth to say something, but felt food raising. She moved back to the toilet and started to release her guts. Jace instantly knelt down beside her, holding back her hair and rubbing soothing circles on her back.

"You're okay. You're okay." Jace said to her comfortingly.

"How did you... get in here?" Clary asked before she started dry heaving.

"Well, you missed breakfast both you and Maia." Jace said. "Izzy had some Institute duties to attend to and she gave me her keys just in case something happened awhile back. So I thought it would be the princely thing to do and check on you two."

Clary took note about the keys. That could come in handy. Clary stopped heaving and leaned into Jace's chest. "Oh. You're warm... and I'm getting vomit juice all over your shirt."

Jace chuckled. "It's fine. It's black. Are you okay to stand?"

"Not really." Clary said.

Jace sighed and pulled one of her arms behind his neck. He grabbed her from below the knees and pulled her arm into her arms. Clary squeaked as Jace carried her from out of the bathroom and to her own bed. He laid her down carefully.

"Seems like you had a pretty fun night." Jace said. "Smells like... craft beer."

Clary huddled into herself. "I know I smell like a liquor store."

"It's fine." Jace said, standing up from his place on his knees beside the bed. "You can shower in a minute. Right now, we should probably get some food in you. I'll be right back. I'm going to get you some of the leftovers from the kitchen."

"And you're being nice to me why? I've been a dick to you." Clary asked.

Jace chuckled to himself and he sighed. "I think that you being disrespectful is completely warranted. When Raziel and the Lightwood ancestors created Edom and banished all the villains there, he didn't think about the innocents. The children. Husbands and wives. Some siblings. Just innocent people in general. I understand where your anger comes from. Especially towards me and my siblings."

Clary eyes the prince. "Okay... I'm still sorry."

"Don't be." Jace said back with a slight grin.

"So that's why you're being nice." Clary asked. "Because history is fucked up?"

"No. I feel like no one has shown you kindness in Edom. Everyone there probably just fends for themselves." Jace said, sitting back down on the bed beside her.

"Expect for us." Clary said, accidentally cutting him off. "Maia, Simon, Magnus and I have always stuck together. We're like... family. Because our actual families kind of suck."

"I'd bet. Family life has always been difficult for me as well."

"Oh really?"

"Yeah. Really."

"You can't top how bad my family is. My father is Valentine fucking Morgenstern."

"I can top it actually. My mother, her name was Celine. Her parents were abusive. Letting her take hits and making her fend for herself during the war. She met my father and everything was almost fine. But then, your dad imprisoned him. Used him to infiltrate the Institute and kill so many shadowhunters. After she had me, she suffered post natal depression. With that, combined with losing the man she intended to marry and the abuse... she couldn't handle it. She handed me off to Robert, a friend of hers... and committed suicide." Jace said with a sad smile and a shake of his head. "I thought all my life that my father was Valentine. Or a Circle member named Michael Wayland. I only just learned about my family three months ago. And it still hurts to this day."

Clary looked over at Jace. He was just looking down at his legs. His hands were moved up to his necklace. What lay around his chain was a ring. What seemed like a man's wedding ring. Clary sighed.

"Jace... I'm... I'm so sorry. I had no idea." Clary started.

"Don't be. Don't be sorry at all." Jace said. "It's fine. I've come to terms with it. It's okay. And it's probably nothing compared to what you've gone through."

Clary rubbed her shoulders. She some how felt very comfortable with the blonde prince. He seemed not so angry and full of himself and she believed. Clary smiled. Jace looked at her and smiled too. She was beautiful. And she seemed kind and caring about the people around her. Jace smiled and turned away just as Clary looked at him so he could hide his blush.

"I should um... I should um..." Clary said.

"Go and get you some food." Jace stated, getting up and rubbing the back of his neck.

"Yeah." Clary said. "But um... I'll see later right?"

"Of course. Of course you will." Jace said with a smile. "I'll um... be right back."

Jace blushed as he turned around to the door. Clary turned back into the bathroom. She smiled and walked back to take a shower.

Chapter Text

A couple of days had passed since Magnus, Maia and Clary had helped Helen and Aline come together. And since that night the warlock, werewolf, shadowhunter and Simon (who was feeling much better once he started sleeping on the floor) had been watching the seeds of romance blossom between the two women. They saw them holding hands when they were in the halls. Eating together, just the two of them at a secluded table, during meals. Training together was gently as possible. Kissing whenever they could. Magnus couldn't help but smile seeing the two ladies actually be in the love. He personally did actually hope that their relationship worked out.

You know. Once the downworlders took over their world. Magnus was just awaiting for the perfect moment to use Helen against Aline and take the stele from the palace.

The warlock had been alone that afternoon. Sitting on the large branch of a large tree with a novel in his hands. He was stuck reading in the tree because Clary was doing special shadowhunter lessons with Prince Jace and Maia was sparring with Simon. Magnus didn't mind being alone. He usually was alone when his father wasn't in their "loft" back in Edom. He didn't mind being alone, but he hoped that he wouldn't be stuck alone for long. Magnus needed his friends by his side. They were his family. The only ones that cared about him. And he wanted nothing more than to have them by his side when his father took everyone here prisoner.

Magnus was invested in his novel. Imagining himself in the world of alien kingdoms and animals, when he heard someone approaching the tree below. He ignored it. He had heard people come and go while he had been reading. Those people had ignored him. Magnus was just doing the same. He'd go about his day. They'd go about theirs.

But then he heard someone formally call him from the below the huge tree. "Mr. Bane."

Magnus looked down and saw the inquisitor, Princess Isabelle and Prince Alec. Jia was looking up with a small smile on her face. Isabelle and Alec had a similar smile on her face. Magnus raised his brows. Why was she here? Why were any of them here?

"Can I help you?" Magnus asked.

"Actually yes." Jia said. "Would you mind, coming down?"

Magnus slammed his book closed and stood up on the branch. Alec instantly tensed and moved forward to try and catch Magnus if he fell. Magnus rolled his eyes as he jumped off. The tree was high. But not high enough for magic. The prince, princess and inquisitor watched as Magnus floated down with ease. Magnus landed on his feet and wiped some hair out of his eyes.

"I think that my ankles might be broken from that fall." Magnus said with a smile towards the crown prince. He looked over at Jia and smiled. "Madam Inquisitor. Princess Isabelle. Prince Alexander."

Alec smiled. "Please. Just call me Alec."

Magnus nodded. "Well alright... Alexander."

Izzy chuckled, slapping her brother's back. Jia looked back at Magnus. "We wanted to ask you something. You and your friend Clarissa. Where is she?"

"With Prince Jace if I'm not wrong." Magnus said. "Why? Are you sending us back to Edom?"

Magnus noticed how Alec's complexion instantly went pale. "What? No! Magnus-"

Magnus chuckled and held up his hand. "I'm just kidding Alexander."


"You take things way too seriously." Izzy stated to her brother, before turning to Magnus. "We want to tell you that we want to invite you on your first mission."


"Yes Mr. Bane." Jia said. "All of the shadowhunters here go on missions. We would like you and Clarissa to go on one. A simple one."

"There were reports of a demon running around New York City." Alec stated. "Leaving almost prints on it's victims and on the loved ones of the victims."

"Oh. So you're looking for a vellmomith. Their tags end up going onto the families and friends of their first victims. Which is how their kill count grows at a quick pace." Magnus said.

Jia raised her eyebrows and looked over at him. "How... how could you tell, just by hearing about the demon's invisible prints."

"My father is literally a king of hell and a greater demon." Magnus said. "I grew up learning about demons. What they do. Their names."

"How... great! That your father gave you an education of demons." Jia said.

"I was forced to learn. I no choice under my father's roof." Magnus said unfazed by how Jia was trying to make him feel better.

Jia hummed and rubbed her jacket sleeve. Alec spoke up to release the tension that Magnus had created in the conversation.  "Well, we are sending a group to take care of the vellmomith. And we would like you and Clary to take part in the mission."

"Why us?"

"Well, Clary has been doing exceptionally well in her classes. Her rune drawing, along with her fighting styles are amazing." Jia said.

"Okay. But are you going to tell me how Maia and Simon aren't going?"

"I asked them." Izzy said. "Maia refused because... because well I asked her. And Simon... doesn't want to go back to the place where his mother could find him."

"We are in the process of taking care of that." Jia said. "So for this mission, we are hoping that you and Clary will take part."

Magnus hummed, looking up in thought. Alec looked at him and noticed the way that his face bore no real change. He was going to say no. He just knew it. Just as Magnus looked back down to the inquisitor and to the royals and opened his mouth to speak, but Alec spoke first.

"I'll be going on the mission as well." Alec said with a smile.

"What?" both Magnus and Izzy ended up saying in unison.

"Yeah. Yeah, I will be going on the mission with you." Alec said. "Leading it actually."

"Really?" Magnus said, sounding a bit impressed.

"You are?" Izzy and Jia said just as Magnus spoke.

"Yes. Yes, I am." Alec said, smiling at Magnus. "Hopefully, that will comfort you. To know that I will be there."

Izzy smiled at Magnus while she turned to her brother. "Alec." she hissed in a whisper.

"If you will be there, then I guess I'll go." Magnus said. "Let me go and talk with Clary."

Magnus snapped his book away, waved goodbye to them. He turned around and left the gardens. Alec smiled as he saw Magnus walk away like he owned the place. It was amazing how independent he was. Alec turned away from him and met two confused faces.

"You will be leading this mission your highness?" Jia asked.

"Yes." Alec said with a serious grin. "I um... haven't been on any since coronation preparations started. I think it would be good for me to go on one. Before my days are filled with duties as an upcoming king."

Jia shrugged. "Well then. I think that that's alright. Just to inform you then, you'll be on this mission with Andrew, Aline, Raj, Magnus and Clarissa and Prince Jace."

"Great. Completely understandable. No better team." Alec said.

Jia bowed before the royals and made her way out of the gardens. Izzy turned over and slapped her brother's shoulder. "What do you think you're doing? Underhill was supposed to headline this mission. You weren't even supposed to go on it! You were supposed to be home with Max, because of you know what."

"Look, I know. I'm just trying to make everyone feel comfortable." Alec said.

Izzy looked at him. "No. That's not it." Izzy looked at her brother and then she smiled. "You like him!"

"No! I don't!" Alec said.

"Yes you do." Izzy said smiling.

"I don't Iz. I'm just trying to make sure that he's comfortable around me. And since he forgave me for what he did to me, I want to keep our relationship the way it is." Alec said. "Now, if you would excuse me little sister. I need to go and prepare for a mission."

Alec waved at his sister and turned to leave. Izzy rolled her eyes. I know that he likes him. And I swear to prove it.

Maia was sweating profusely as she brought her body up and down and up and down on the pull up bar. She brought her legs up high to her face as she pulled herself upward. She felt her body heating up and the pain in her abs. But she needed her body to stay strong and her body to stay fit in order for her to kick anyone's ass when needed. Maia pulled her legs up once more as she pulled her body up, trying to finish her set.

"Hello there."

Maia pulled her legs down and looked over and saw one of the few people that she did not want to see at all. Luke. The werewolf in Alicante. Maia rolled her eyes and pulled herself up once more. Luke looked up at her and sighed. He wanted to build a relationship with the young girl. But she seemed adamant on ignoring and avoiding anyone born in and from Alicante. Luke sighed and approached the wall near the bar. He leaned up against it and watched as Maia continued to do her pull ups. Luke watched her. She seemed strong. Very powerful if she tried. Maia jumped down from the pull up bar and moved to grab herself a towel. Luke quickly moved forward and took the towel. He held it out to her with a smile. Maia eyed him. She turned away from him and picked up another towel that was laying on the rack. Luke frowned and placed the towel back down.

Maia wiped her face and her stomach. She adjusted the sports bra on her body and pulled her hair down. All the curls spilled out onto her shoulders. Luke watched her as she dried herself. Maia looked over at her.

"Are you just going to sit there and watch me?" Maia asked.

"Well, I was just going to sit here and wait until you were finished so that I could talk with you." Luke said.

"Why the hell would I want to talk with you?"

"Look, please don't do that. Don't be bias towards me."

"And why shouldn't I?" Maia asked, eyeing him. She moved to grab her water bottle. As she reached, she realized that she didn't have hers on her.

Luke smiled and held out his own. "Here. You can drink mine."

Maia looked down at the bottle and then back up at Luke. She sighed and took the bottle. She sat down on one of the benches and sipped on the ice cold water. Luke sat next to her with a warm smile on his face. Maia sipped the bottle and slouched down, resting her elbows on her thighs. Maia licked his lips and looked over at her.

"Listen." Luke said. "I know that you have a hate towards the people here. And that you hate the shadowhunters here. And especially me."

"I don't hate you." Maia said. "I just... find it unfair that you got to live here and I didn't."

Luke nodded. "I was a shadowhunter before I was turned, which bent the rules a bit about my citizenship. But I agree. That's no excuse for me to be here and for you to be thrust to Edom. And I'm sorry that that happened to you. But.. you're here because we want to make right what we made wrong all those years ago."

Maia just looked at him as he spoke. "So... you're saying what exactly?"

"I'm saying that I want you to be comfortable around me and the royals."

"You can spread this around if you want but here's what I think. Fuck Prince Alec."

Luke chuckled a bit. Maia smiled. "I get it. But if you don't feel comfortable around him, at least be comfortable around me? Can we do that? You and I?"

Maia hummed, sitting up straight and looking up at the ceiling. "Maybe... I mean. You did give me your water."

"Am I going to get that back?"

"No. No you are not."

The two werewolves laughed. Maia turned over to him. "How about we... restart? Hi, I'm Maia. Edom born werewolf."

Luke smiled. He held out his hand. "I'm Luke. Captain of the Alicante guard and father figure to all."

Maia shook his hand. Maybe Luke wasn't so bad.

But she wouldn't let him know that.

Magnus looked over at Clary and watched as she pulled on her gear. He was leaning against the wall as is friend pulled on her boots high up to her thighs.

"Are you sure that we should going on this mission?" Clary asked her friend.

"I'm sure." Magnus said. "We act like the nephilim. Then they will trust us like the nephilim. Once we have their trust, we can snatch up Helen and use her against her precious love."

"I've gotta say. I like the way that you think." Clary said with a wink.

Magnus took her friend's hand and walked out with her. They walked over to the front of the Institute. They were met with the others. Underhill, Jace and Aline looked over at them and instantly gave them friendly smiles. While Raj just eyed the two horrifically. Magnus flipped him off as he approached the three friendly shadowhunters. 

"Prince Jace." Magnus said with a smile. "Aline. Underhill."

"Hello Magnus. Good to see you again." Underhill said to him with a smile. He held out his hand and shook it kindly.

Magnus smiled to him. He wonders if this man realized if he ever lost the barrier opener in his boat.

"Hey Clary." Jace said with a smile. He took Clary's hand and pressed a kiss to the back of her hand.

Clary yanked her hand back from him as soon as he pressed the kiss to it. She was blushing profusely from the kiss against her hand. And it was obvious from the smile on her face even though she was yanking away in rejection. Magnus eyed her. Wow, were they awkward together.

Just as the warlock though that, out walked the one person that he knew he would be seeing sooner or later. Prince Alexander. He walked out, standing straight and looking towards his colleagues with pride. His regal blazers and slacks were gone, replaced by black gear. The prince walked over and approached the two Edom borns. He gave them both a bow. Clary chuckled at how strange it was to see a prince bowing to supposed criminals.

"Nice to see you two tonight." Alec said. "Are you going to be okay?"

"I didn't realize that I was made of glass and could be broken so easily." Magnus stated with a supposed eye roll. He chuckled. "I will be fine."

"Born in raised on an island of monsters." Clary added. "We'll live somehow."

Alec smiled at the two. "Good. So, the mission is simple. Find the demon. Eradicate it. Once it is dealt with, the prints that it leaves will vanish. And keep your glamours on."

Jace nodded and turned to Clary. "Here. Let me show you the glamour rune."

Clary smiled and held out her arm to allow Jace to draw on her skin. Magnus watched her. He turned around to get his glamour ready, but was met with the face of Raj. Angry look in his eyes. Hatred all over his body. Magnus gave him a smile.

"Can I help you?" Magnus asked.

The shadowhunter just sneered. Magnus shrugged at him, patting his shoulder. He shoved him away and walked right past him. He looked over to the group quickly, before looking down. He very slowly removed the glamours already in place to replace them. Underneath his long sleeve shirt and his vest, the scars on his back finally became visible. The dark scarred tissue marring his back and body. The scars that no one has ever seen. And that no one will ever see. As Magnus passed the glamour over his body, the scars disappeared. No one would see the pain that he's gone through. Not even his family. He would just bring them more pain. More hurt that they didn't need. Especially now that they were in Alicante.

Magnus turned back over to the group. No one was looking at him. He turned back over and pulled up his sleeve. He slowly removed the glamour. On the skin of his left wrist laid a disgusting scar. When his father had been surprisingly angry at him. He had been thinking of the war and that led to his attack that he launched on his own son. That led to a dark night. Magnus alone at the edge of the island. He cut himself instead of jumping. The glamour hid the scars... and that tattoo that laid where it should stand.

He had asked Clary to give him the tattoo and then made her forget. He didn't want her to know what he had done to himself. There written on his skin my story isn't over yet. Magnus knew that it would never be over until he got his revenge. He rubbed the tattoo before quickly making it disappear along with his glamour. He turned back around and looked over to the group. Everyone seemed to have their glamours in place. Magnus walked back over, pulling his sleeve back onto his arm. 

No one would know. No one needed to.

He put on a smile and looked back over towards the prince. Alec smiled to him. He held his hand out him. Magnus hesitantly took the hand and walked where the prince was leading him. He looked over and noticed how Jace was doing the same thing with Clary. The princes walked them over towards the outside of the Institute and the down the hill towards the oceans below. Magnus raised his eyebrows, looking at the royal.

"The portals are down here, this way." Alec said, pointing over towards the only tree in the middle of the clearing. Alec pressed his hand against the oak and the tree transformed into a golden portal. Alec looked over at Magnus.

He was eyeing the portal. Almost in admiration. But in reality, he was curious if this was even possible. How did they harness the magic to do something like this? The warlock looked over at the prince. "How?" he said simply.

"Catarina was nice enough to help us with this." Alec explained. "The portal can only be accessed by downworlders and the royal family."

Magnus smiled. This was something that pretty interesting. Something that he could use to his advantage if downworlders could use this portal tree. Alec held his hand out.

"After you." Magnus said.

Alec smiled. He went through the portal first. Jace held Clary's hand in a comfortable grip and he walked through the portal with her. Aline and Underhill walked through last. Raj stayed behind, looking over at the warlock. 

"Don't forget your place, like that Catarina. You work for us." he said, before walking through the portal. "You'll never be an angel. You are always a demon child Magnus Bane."

As soon as the words left Raj's mouth, Magnus grabbed his arm and flipped him over his shoulder. Raj yelled as he fell against the ground hard. Magnus slammed his boot against his throat as a warning.

"Do me a solid will ya?" Magnus said. "Keep my name out of your mouth. And never ever call me an Angel."

Magnus removed his boot. Raj growled at him and ran away into the portal. Magnus rolled his eyes at the bastard. He wasn't going to let him get to him. He wasn't going to bother him. Magnus knew that when push came to shove, he would be the first to be executed. Magnus walked through the portal, not even fazed by his comments.

Chapter Text

Stepping out of the portal, Magnus was met with a wonderful scent and wonderful sounds. His feet met the concrete ground. His eyes widened, seeing the beauty of New York. The tall buildings excited him. The bright colors. The scents of the beautiful food surrounding him. Magnus slowly stepped forward, looking at how beautiful the historic city looked inside of the country. He smiled widely, looking at how amazing the sights around him were. Alec was looking over at Magnus, smiling at his reaction. Magnus has never seen anything but the dark corners and the dangerous places of Edom. He was actually happy. Excited. The prince walked over towards the warlock with a smile.

Magnus looked over to Alec as the prince moved to stand next to him. "No matter how many times I come, it never gets old how beautiful this place looks."

Magnus looked over at him. "You do not know how insensitive you sound... do you?"

Alec opened his mouth, but the warlock walked away from him and walked over to Clary. Alec closed his lips and sighed. He started off strong, then he ruined it. But he would not ruin the relationship that he had with this warlock. He was going to keep this friendship.

Clary's eyes were wide and a closed mouth smile was evident on her lips. She had a similar reaction towards the beauty of New York. Her eyes rested against a poster for an art gallery. Her dream other than tattooing. Magnus patted her shoulder. Clary looked over at him with a smile.

"I wonder." Clary said. "If I can ever come back here. And see this."

Magnus smiled at her. He knew how much she loved and adored art. Before he could say anything, Prince Jace walked over to her. A smile was on his face. Something friendly. "You will. One day you will." he said. "I'll take you."

Clary scoffed. "Isn't that against the rules?"

Jace shrugged. "Not if you don't get caught."

Clary chuckled. Magnus eyed the prince. He could be good for her.

Wait, what was he saying?

He was bad! He locked her away! Everyone away! He deserved the know the pain that he and everyone on Edom felt! Magnus cleared his throat, a bit loudly. Clary looked over to her friend. She gave Jace a smile and walked back over to her warlock. She was on the same page.

"So, what do we need to do to find this demon?" Aline asked, looking out at the huge amount of people walking along.

"Vellmomiths are creatures that usually like to hide out in the dark. Which is why they usually strike in the late night when no one is around. So, the one place that I can imagine them being around and hiding near is night clubs." Magnus stated.

"Why a nightclub?" Underhill asked.

"Because when people decide to go home after a night of drinking and partying so early in the morning, it makes it easy for the vellmomith to attack. They'll be drunk or tired. Easy to grab onto. And once they kill one, they go after the other loved ones. Which is why I stated that they usually are in the dark."

"Okay. Nightclub." Alec said, nodding in understanding. "What's the most popular nightclub around this area?"

"There's this nightclub called Pandemonium." Jace stated. "Not far from here. Maybe a three minute walk."

"Okay. Let's go." Alec said.

Raj, Aline, Underhill, Jace and Clary moved over down the sidewalk. Alec stayed behind and stood by Magnus.  He started walking side by side with him. "I'm sorry if I offended you." Alec said.

"It's fine Alexander." Magnus said. "You forget that you were brought up on a silver spoon and I was brought up at the end of a leather whip."

Alec sighed. He looked over at him. "What was it like there, in Edom?"

Magnus looked over at Alec, almost in confusion. "Why would you want to know?"

"I want to understand. I need to. Where you came from. What you've been through. You are apart of my people Magnus. I want to help. In any way I can." Alec said to him.

Magnus' hand instanly moved over to his hidden tattoo. "Well um... it's no fairytale. Fighting. Screaming. Blood is... everywhere you look. It was always fight to survive, especially in a place where you sent to do the complete opposite. But... there were some places there that were quite beautiful. Things that made it home."

"Like what?" asked the prince.

Magnus looked forward and saw Clary chuckling at a joke that Aline had whispered to her. He smiled.

"My family." Magnus said. "They made it home. Clary's paintings were everywhere. And she was always talking to us about ideas for tattoos and paintings. Simon, no matter how talkative he might be, always had a story to share that would make me laugh. And Maia is the best when she's drunk and she always protects us."

Alec smiled. "And you?"

"What about me?"

"What makes you so special in your family?"



"What? It's true. Nothing about me is really interesting. I wonder myself why they hang with me."

The prince moved over and lightly shoved Magnus with his shoulder. Magnus shoved him back with a chuckle. "I can tell you why Clary, Maia and Simon stick around."

"Oh really?" Magnus asked.

"Yes. You are protective over them, but also creative and funny. They love you because of those reasons. Because they know you." Alec explained with a smile.

"But what if they don't?" Magnus blurted out.

"They don't what?" Alec asked, coming to a halt.

Magnus stopped speaking. Cursing himself. He hadn't meant to say that aloud. He looked up at the prince in front of him. Alec was looking down at him. A smile on his face. An understanding look in his eyes. Magnus opened his mouth. Maybe... he could trust him with his feelings?



He shouldn't.

Magnus stepped back from Alec's comforting presence. He shouldn't involve himself. He shouldn't get attached. Especially to those from Alicante. Once he got a hold of Helen and the stele, they would be begging for their lives. And besides, why should someone like Alexander Lightwood understand his insecurities? Why would someone like him even care? Bat an eye? He has a kingdom at his hands that will soon be his in a matter of weeks. Alec will never understand what he has gone through. The pain in his heart.

Magnus looked away from Alec and sighed. "Nevermind."

"No. Magnus, please. Let me-"

"No!" Magnus snapped, shaking his head and turning away. He ran over to Clary.

Alec watched him leave. He could see the pain in his heart. The way that he was hiding the way that he felt.

Magnus just sighed as he looked over and saw the huge nightclub. The dark exterior and the large red neon sign. Magnus smiled. He had always heard of nightclubs. There weren't really any clubs in Edom. There were a few parties here and there, but nothing of this magnitude. Magnus had a dream when he was about seventeen about owning his own nightclub. But that dream wouldn't come true in Edom. Or in the new overthrown Alicante. Magnus looked over at the two alleyways by the nightclub.

"I see no real demon activity." Magnus stated.

"How come? Are your disgraceful powers not working?" Raj sneered.

"Actually yes. They're not. It's as limp as your dick every night." Magnus snapped back.

Underhill and Clary snickered while Jace coughed out the water that he had stopped to drink from his bottle. Underhill and Aline were holding onto each other as they were laughing hard at the joke. Raj was bright red in embarrassment. Alec smiled at the warlock. He was so capable to taking care of himself. Alec coughed, hiding his own laugh, walking over to Raj and eyeing him.

"Enough." he snapped at him. "If the vellmomith isn't in here, then maybe we can locate one of it's marked victims inside the club."

"Good idea." Clary said. "I'll stay out here just in case I see the vellmomith."

"Same here." Aline stated.

"Okay then." Alec said. "Raj, Jace, Magnus, Underhill. Come on."

Magnus rested his hand on Clary's shoulder. "Signal me if something happens. Okay?"

Clary nodded. She clapped his hand. "Rotten?"

"To the core."

Magnus walks inside of the club with the two princes and two shadowhunters. "Unglamour yourself for now." Alec ordered.

Magnus did as he was told, faster so that he couldn't even feel the scars on him. The club was booming. Bright lights flashing from above while people danced, spoke and drank. Magnus' eyes widened, seeing the beauty of the club around him. Seeing how everything going on was so wonderful. Jace looked over to the warlock.

"See anything?" he asked.

"Depends." Magnus said, eyeing a man that just walked by with beautiful makeup on and a shiny six pack. "What do you think that I'm looking for?"

"Someone with a hot body." Raj stated, eyeing with a woman with breasts larger then basketballs.

"Okay. Magnus, what does the vellmomith print look like on a mundane?" Underhill asked to gain attention.

Before Magnus could answer, a tall and handsome man came from behind him, curling his hand around his waist.

"Hey." the man said in a gruffy tone. "Don't you look gorgeous tonight?"

"Sorry sweetheart." Magnus stated, resting his hand against the man's shoulder. "Not here for you tonight."

The man shrugged respectfully. "Sorry to make you uncomfortable." he said, then his eyes met Underhill's "Hey there."

"Hey yourself." Underhill responded with an equally flirtatious voice.

Magnus smiled and gave him a wink.

Alec sighed and patted his friend's shoulder. "Andrew."

"Right. Right." he said, turning back to the man and waving.

The man shrugged, but blew a kiss to the two men. "Maybe next time."

Underhill blushed, before recomposing himself and turning back to Alec and Jace. He motioned for them to look at the group of people dancing. He pointed over to a woman in the back of the room. She was kissing a man and a woman at the same time, her back exposed to the hunters. On her back was seemingly a dark purple print. It looked like a horse hoof print mixed with a talon.

"She's been printed." Magnus stated.

"Loved one?" Underhill asked.

"Probably." Magnus asked, waving his hand. His magic brought him facts and memories from the girl. "Yup. Her brother was attacked by a vellmomith two nights ago."

"So it might be after her." Alec stated. "Jace, Raj, keep an eye on her. If she leaves, we need to follow her to find the demon."

Jace and Raj nodded and took off towards the woman.

"I'll keep an eye on the exits. See if it's lurking there." Underhill stated before walking off.

Alec turned over to Magnus. It was just them now. Magnus was eyeing the scene. He smiled at him. Magnus was almost like a kid in a candy store eyeing the place. Even if he was there for a mission, he wanted to explore. Learn. Enjoy.

Magnus ideas of joining the fun were cut short when he realized what he was here for. He turned around and saw Alec standing over him. He was taller than him, and it was still getting to him that this prince could stand over him.

"Have you danced before?" Alec asked.

"Have you?" Magnus said back.

"No, no. I dance the simple stuff. What one would dance at a ball. How about you?"

"My father would always tell me that dances makes you swifter, more flexible. So even though his plan was for the dancing to train me for battle, I've always enjoyed dancing. Hip-Hop, modern, ballet. Any form of dance. And I thoroughly enjoy it."

Alec smiled. He opened his mouth to respond to the man, when a beautiful woman and man pushed past the man. The woman flipped her hair out of her face and grabbed the warlock's arm. The man wrapped his arm around Magnus' shoulders. Magnus raised his eyebrows. He has had people flirt with him before back in Edom. He he had his fair share of one night stands. But never with mundanes. He's never seen one other than Becky.

"So, you dance huh?" the man said, rubbing a small circle onto the exposed skin of his neck.

"Um, yes. I do." Magnus stated.

These two mundanes were both incredibly beautiful. Magnus found himself being completely entranced by the two of them.

"How fun!" the woman said, smacking her lips loudly as she chewed her gum. "Would you like to dance with us? Maybe against us?"

"Dancing battles are always fun." the man said, taking Magnus' chin in his hands and turning him over to face him. "Especially against someone so beautiful."

Magnus smiled. Beautiful. Someone calling him beautiful. No one has ever called him beautiful. Made him feel loved. Not even his father.

Alec coughed aloud, getting the attention of the two people there that was taking Magnus away from him. "Sorry to intrude on you both but, I'm kind of with him."

"Oh are you know?" the man asked with a chuckle, shoving his hands into his pockets.

"Uh yes." Alec stated. "I am."

"Doesn't seem like it. You don't even seem to be treating him correctly." the man stated, wrapping his arm around Magnus' waist. "Isn't that right beauty?"

Magnus scoffed. This man did had a point. 

Alec looked over at the warlock. "Magnus-"

"No, no, no. He is correct. Why didn't you treat me right? From the beginning?" Magnus said.


"Come on you two pretty specimens." Magnus said, taking the man and the woman's chin in his hands. "Let's go dance. This is my song."

The man and woman moved over with Magnus over to the dance floor as the hard drum and guitar music started to play. Alec scoffed. How could Magnus honestly go with those two? Alec turned over to the dance floor. His eyes widened as Magnus pulled off his jacket and showed off his muscles in his form fitting shirt. Magnus moved his hands up through his hair, shaking his hips in the air. The woman started to circle him, her hands waving around his waist and going up and down under his shirt. Magnus took her hand and pulled her up so that they were eye leveled. He twirled her in his arms and dipped her down low. The woman raised her leg and rested it against Magnus' shoulder. The crowd around them started to watch and cheer in excitement of the dancing. The man walked over behind Magnus and started to grind on him. Magnus followed the motion, grinding his ass on his crotch.

Alec felt himself getting hard watching Magnus dance. It was beautiful. Graceful. Sexy. God! The prince shook his head. What was going on with him? Why did he find himself becoming with happy and melty when Magnus was around? Alec shook his head and looked back over the dancing warlock.

Magnus had let go of the woman, who fell into someone else's arms. Magnus started to dance with the man. He turned around, swinging his hips around. Alec watched him, eyeing how graceful he was with his feet and with his hands. He took the man's hand and spun. Before dropping down low and picking himself back up. He did the move with little effort. Magnus dipped his head behind him, moving his body and curling his legs up, exposing his toned thighs. Alec's eyes widened and he lost his breath. Magnus moved his legs and wrapped it around the man's chest. The man caught Magnus from behind his legs as the warlock pulled himself up and started to rub his crotch against the man's chest. Alec coughed, letting out his breath.

Holy shit

"Holy shit!"

Alec turned over and saw Jace and Raj right next to him. They were watching Magnus just as intently as he was as Magnus rolled his head in a circle and dropped down into a split.

"I uh... I um..." Alec tried to speak, but his eyes were still on Magnus and his beautiful dance moves.

Magnus pulled himself up from the floor and turned back over to the woman, who was patiently waiting her turn. She walked over to Magnus and pressed her back against his chest. She dropped her upper body down low, shaking her ass against Magnus' own crotch. Magnus held her back while shaking his hips.

I wouldn't kill to have the roles switched, the crown prince thought.

Wait, what?!

The woman pulled herself up. Magnus trailed his finger against the bottom of her jaw, before death dropping onto the dance floor. The group surrounding them started cheering even louder. Alec bit his lip, turning himself, Jace and Raj around.

"Hey!" Raj said, turning his head back over.

"What happened with that woman?" the prince asked quickly as the music started to slow down with the guitar.

"She left. The vellmomith would have gotten her when she left. Aline and Clary saw her leave safely." Jace explained. "The demon isn't after her."

"Well we need to keep looking." Alec stated, turning over.

He looked over at Alec and his hard on returned.

The music's fast pace tempo had returned and Magnus was dancing like there was no tomorrow. Magnus hand his leg held up with the man. The man was holding the back of Magnus' thigh. Magnus held was dipped inside of the side of his neck. While he was raised his other leg and turned it over in a full circle. Almost as if he was playing air guitar. Not just Alec was staring in impressiveness. Raj and Jace were eyeing the warlock's beautiful dance. Magnus pulled himself off of the man and moonwalked away while shaking his hips. The song started to come to end. Magnus raised his head and slammed it down over and over. Before twirling over into the woman's waiting arms and holding up one of his very flexible legs. The crowd started to cheer for the warlock. Magnus chuckled, standing up and bowing.

Raj coughed, raising his hand and clapping as well. Jace moved his head in acknowledgement. Alec eyes were still on Magnus as the woman and the man moved over and started to press feverish and hungry kisses to his neck. Magnus hummed at the sensation and chuckled at the two kissing him. Alec coughed, moving his hands over to his elbows. Jace looked over at his brother. His eyes noticed the blush on his big brother's cheek and the small tent in his jeans. Jace loomed over to his brother's ear.

"What's that?" he whispered.

Alec looked down and noticed that it was obvious that he was hard. Alec coughed and turned to the side. "Spiders, snakes... a spider and a snake combined. Mosquitoes. Homophobes."

"Dude, why are you so- ohhhhhhhh."

"Shut up!"

"What? There's nothing wrong with getting hard. The girl was pretty." Jace stated. Alec looked over at his brother. A face of sadness. The prince sighed and rubbed the back of his neck. Jace looked at his brother. "The guy? Magnus?"

"Yes! Magnus!" Alec stated.

"Alec. It's fine. There's nothing wrong with it. I'm sorry for making fun of you."

"It's fine Jace."

"Do you... do you like him?" Jace asked.

Alec inhaled, looking over and seeing Magnus pull himself free from the kisses and the hickeys that he was earning. "I don't... I don't know."

Jace nodded. "That's fine."

Alec looked back over at the warlock. He was walking over to them. But he was ignoring them.

"You are certainly an amazing dancer." the woman stated. "I had fun."

"I did too dear." Magnus stated to her.

"Do you wanna get out of here?" the man asked Magnus.

"We can have fun you and I!"

"I'll make you feel so good tonight."

"We'll do whatever you want to do."

"I'll make sure that you won't walk in the morning."

"I can ride you into the morning my strong stallion."

"I can fuck you so deep, you'll feel it even when you're not with me."

"Holy fuck." Alec sneered into his hand.

Magnus hummed. He moved over to the woman and pressed a hard kiss against her lips. She kissed him back instantly. Alec felt jealousy, deep down in the pang of his chest. Magnus pulled away, looking deep into her eyes. 

"Maybe next time sweet pea." Magnus said, moving over into the man's arms. "But I'd much rather have fun with you."

The man smiled.

The woman shrugged. "Have fun then. It was nice dancing with you beautiful. Have a good time V."

"Oh I will." the man said.

The woman turned around. She looked over at Jace and eyed him with a smile. Jace shook his head and held his hand out to her. 

"Sorry." Jace said. "Not interested."

The woman scoffed and walked away.

"Shall we?" The man asked, turning his back to the two princes and shadowhunter.

Alec looked over and saw that Magnus had his arms wrapped around the man's neck. But he was signalling him. He was pointing down to the man's back. Alec eyed him. Something was up with this man. Which was why he chose him. Magnus wasn't there having fun. He was catching the demon. Who he assumed was this man. Magnus pointed over to the left just as the man pulled him to the left and started walking away with him.

"Come on." Alec said, slapping Raj and Jace's chests.

"What?" Jace said following.

"Why?" Raj asked, following as well.

"Because Magnus might have found our demon." Alec stated, hurrying to catch up with the warlock.

Chapter Text

Alec quickly pushed all of the people out of his way, moving towards where that man was leading Magnus. Magnus was leaning against his shoulder, humming in happiness. Jace followed as fast as he could behind him. He pulled out his phone and quickly dialed Aline.

"Get to the alleyway of the club." he stated, before pocketing it.

Alec ran over and quickly reglamoured himself. He stood by the door where Underhill was. He looked confused as the prince was barrelling over, but he stayed silent as his prince moved him out if the way. Alec opened the door slightly and slowly, and he saw the man lead Magnus outside of the alleyway. Alec grabbed his bow, unglamouring it and raising it high. He pushed the door opened fully and watched where the man had led Magnus.

The man had Magnus pressed up against the wall. He had his back to the prince, with one of his hand pressed up against the wall near the warlock's head with the other on the small of Magnus' back. Alec growled immediately, seeing someone touch Magnus so sensually. The man moved his hand from behind the warlock over held up one of his thighs. Magnus hummed at the tight but sexual hold of the bottom of his thigh. "You are probably one of the most beautiful and elegant people that I've seen here." the man said. "And you are quite the dancer."

"Thank you." Magnus said. "You are as well. Considering how you danced against me... and with me in your arms."

The man chuckled.

Alec fumed.

"What the fuck is the warlock doing?" Raj hissed in a low voice.

"Raj!" Jace and Underhill snapped in an even lower voice.

The prince turned back over to the two. His eyes widened as he saw Magnus hold up his hand, telling them to wait.

He knew what he was doing.

He was endangering himself and using himself as bait.

Alec hated every minute of it.

Alec pressed Underhill, Raj and Jace back from moving forward.

"What?" Jace whispered. "What? What is it?"

"Magnus says wait." Alec said back.

"And why the fuck would I believe that... that hooker?" Raj sneered.

"Because that hooker knows way more about the demon than any of us!" Alec snapped at him, grabbing ahold of his neck. He looked over and then let go of the shadowhunter. "You will be patient and wait. That's an order from your prince! And soon to be king!"

Jace smiled at his brother, being so authorative. Being a king. Raj instantly lowered his head.

"Yes my prince." he muttered.

Alec nodded at him and turned back over to Magnus. The warlock was still holding his hand up. He had a smile on his face, looking at the man.

"So tell me." Magnus said, moving his leg away from the man and pulling his knee towards his crotch. "Why did you take such an interest in me?"

"You were gorgeous out there simply put. Dancing. Grinding against me like there was no tomorrow." the man stated. "I thought that it was amazing."

"Why thank you."

"You are very welcome... tell me your name please."

"It's Magnus. Magnus Bane my dear. And you are?"

"You can just call me V."

"Okay then V."

"Back to what I was saying Magnus. I think that you were absolutely amazing out there. It was admirable to see you there."

"Your friend thought so." Magnus said with a smile, pressing his finger against his chin in thought. "I never caught her name by the way."

The man chuckled. "Don't worry about her."

"But I want to know her name. She was pretty, and you and I could maybe get to know her better. That is..."

"Is what pretty?" V asked, pulling up his chin so that they were facing each other.

"Well. I mean that is unless you didn't know her." Magnus said. "And that you were just with her because she was a orginally the first choice for slaughtering before you discovered me. Don't you agree... V? Or, should I just call you vellmomith?"

The man chuckled, he grabbed the hand that Magnus had rested against the side of his face. He took it and with little attempt, squeezed. There was a loud and audible crack. Breaking the bones as if it was like ripping paper. Magnus screamed, moving his other hand and signaling to Alec.

He had felt pain. Lots of pain. He was the son of Asmodeus Bane and he lived with him. This was not as painful as what had caused his back scars. But it still hurt like hell. His entire wrist and hand bones were probably shattered. As soon as the prince saw Magnus signaling him desperately, Alec instantly released an arrow in his bow. The arrow flew and hit the demon in the shoulder. He screamed, crawling away from Magnus. His dark red eyes finally shone through. Just as the demon noticed that he wasn't alone with the victim that he wanted, Alec, Underhill, Raj and Jace ran over from their hiding spot by the back door. And so did Clary and Aline from the entrance of the alleyway.

Raj ran over to Magnus and knelt down beside him. "You okay?"

"You care?!" Magnus asked through watery tears.

"What?! I can't ask?"

Alec held his bow over to the vellmomith. The man laughed, his back curling around along with his arms.

"He's changing form." Clary said. "Keep the bow on him."

Alec nodded and kept his bow held up. Aline walked over to him, holding up her own crossbow. Jace stood there along with them, holding up his two large swords, Underhill along side with with the same weapons. Clary ran over to Magnus and knelt down beside him.

"Oh! My dear biscuit." Magnus said. "You should try this whole getting your hand bones shattered. It really is quite fun!"

"Don't joke." Clary said, kissing her friend's temple.

"You're going to be fine. Hold still." Raj said, moving to try and wrap the wrist with his scarf. 

Magnus looked over and saw the demon curling in on itself while in his mundane disguise. His mouth opened wide, his whole mouth curling back towards the back of his neck. Magnus' eyed widened. He knew what that meant.

"LOOK OUT!" he screamed, moving his good hand and creating a huge magic shield around the demon.

The blast coming from his mouth shot back at him inside of the shield. The demon roared loudly at the people on the outside. Alec gasped. He was in shock and in awe. He turned over and ran over to Magnus. He knelt down beside him.

"Is it broken?" Alec asked Raj.

"Look at my hand! What the fuck do you think?!" Magnus screeched.

"Shattered." Raj said. "He'll be fine once we get him back to Alicante. We can try and remove all the bone shards and create artificial ones."

"Oh by Lilith! Get off!" Magnus stated, shoving Raj and the prince away. Magnus waved his good hand over his shattered one. The dent instantly went away and the bones healed. Magnus shook his hand at the two. "I'm fine."

Magnus got up and ran over to Aline and Jace. Clary smiled widely at her friend. As strong as ever. She ran quickly back over to him. Alec sat back, looking at him. He was so confident and strong. It was amazing to witness first hand.

"What's wrong with that thing?" Aline asked, keeping her crossbow aimed at him.

"It's shooting at us in retaliation. He wanted a victim and he won't stop until he gets one." Magnus stated.

The vellmomith slammed it's hand against the shield, cracking it just a tad. The demon curled in on himself and screamed as he started to push four more arms out of his back. Aline gasped in shock.

"What do you need to do?" Underhill asked him.

"Let him break the shield." Magnus stated. "Clary."

"On it." Clary said with a smile, running over to the opposite side of the shield.

Magnus held up his magic. "Aline, Alexander, keep your arrows aimed at him!"

Alec nodded, picking up two more arrows and placing him inside of his bow. He held up his weapon. "Got it. Just tell me what to do."

Magnus nodded. "Jace, Raj, Underhill, you have to stand in front of me and advance when I say."

Raj nodded, moving over with Jace and Underhill to stand in a protective stance over the warlock. "On your mark." Raj and Jace said in unison.

"We've got this." Underhill whispered to the warlock.

Magnus moved his hands and aimed it at Clary as he started drawing on her hand. Just as the shield finally broke a hole, the magic touched Clary's hand. She grabbed the dagger that the magic had formed and threw it. The dagger straightly shot over and hit the demon in one of it's six arms. It screeched as it started to grow and grow and press up against the shield as it grew into it's real demon shape. Magnus held up both of his hands. Magic surrounding them defensively. Clary pulled out her stele.

"Magnus!" she called. "Mirror, I have an idea!"

Magnus nodded and summoned a hand mirror in his hands. Clary drew a rune on her hand and shot it over at the mirror. Sunlight shot through her hand, bouncing off of the reflective surface of the mirror and shining over to the demon. It shot into it's eye. Burning it. The vellmomith screamed in pain as his eye and the skin around it burned to a crisp. Magnus laughed in shock. Wow! How did she do that?

"How did you that?" Jace asked, looking over at Clary in admiration.

"I just did it." Clary stated.

"Right." Magnus said. "Aline, shoot it's arms. Right in the elbow."

"On it." Aline stated, and she shot three arrows at three of his visible arms. The arrow went through and stuck inside of it's dark skin.

The vellmomith screamed in pain. Magnus shot magic at him again, right where the arrows had it them. The arrow burned away, along with the bone that created the demon's elbow. With nothing to hold, the arms fell off. The demon roared loudly, making the ground shake. Magnus moved his hand to shoot magic at the demon once again, but the demon crawled over as fast as he could and it roared in the face of the two shadowhunters and warlock. Raj immediately sliced at the other exposed eye. Black blood spilled from it, right into Raj's face. Raj spat out the thick liquid. The demon moved over with his still exposed arm to slice at the shadowhunter. Alec held up his own bow and shot at the demon's arm.

The arrow went completely through it's arm, hitting the wall on the other side of the alley. The demon, despite losing his ability to see, turned over to to the prince. He roared, moving over to attack the prince.

"ALEC!" Jace cried, moving over to save his brother and his parabatai. 

"Jace, no!" Magnus cried, moving over and portaling both him and Prince Alec out of danger. He moved himself in the way of the demon. 

The demon slammed it's only two working arms into both of Magnus' shoulders. Directly through them. Magnus just hissed in pain.

"MAGNUS!" Clary cried, moving to try and help him. She drew the same rune on her hand and shot the sunlight at the demon.

It hit his back. Burning him once again. The demon screeched in pain. It growled as it sprouted out four more legs. Just like he did with his arms earlier. The demon slowly started to climb up the wall with Magnus in tow.

"NO!" Alec cried. "Aline, Underhill, Raj, stay down here in case of mundanes! Jace, Clary, come on!"

The three moved over and started to climb up the building. Clary watched them and just scoffed. She moved over, pressing her back against the back of the opposite wall. She inhaled deeply before she ran over and jumped up high. Jace and Alec watched her as she made it to the roof with one jump.

"Woah!" Jace said with a smile. "She's amazing!"

"Worry about that later!" Alec yelled as he jumped up on top of the roof. He looked over and saw the demon trying to run away with Magnus in tow. Alec's eyed widened as he saw blood dripping from Magnus' wounds. He raised his bow and let the arrow fly.

The arrow flew and hit the vellmomith in the ankle. It screeched, letting go of Magnus' temporarily. Magnus started to fall, but the demon remembered the warlock he wanted as a victim and grabbed him again. Instead, it's two arms slicing right through his back and coming through his pectorals. Magnus gasped in pain and more blood started to drip.

"Don't!" Clary screamed, slamming Alec's bow down.

"I need to get to him!" Alec yelled back.

"Well you don't know vellmomiths like Magnus does! Like I do!" Clary yelled back at the prince. "He's blind. His hearing and his scent is better now. And now that he knows that we've followed him, he is going to try and get away!"

"Then what do we do?" Jace asked.

Clary grabbed one of Jace's blades and took off running towards the demon. "CLARY!" Alec called out.

Jace looked over at him. "Let her do what she needs to. If she needs us, she'll get to us."

Alec looked back at his brother and over  to the brother. Clary was running towards the demon. She jumped up, her blade held above her head. She landed on the demon's back, her legs wrapping around it's waist and slamming the blade through the back of his neck. Blood started to spew. The demon coughed out at it's shocking defeat. It slowly started to leg go of Magnus. Magnus moved over, taking Clary's extended hand and freeing himself from the demon's painful hold. The demon fell over and off of the roof. Clary pulled her friend back onto the roof, resting him on her knees so that he was laying down. Alec and Jace instantly ran over to the two.

"Magnus!" he cried, kneeling down beside him. "Are you okay?"

"I think so." Magnus said with a chuckle.

Just as he said that, a returning claw sliced through his ankle. Magnus screamed in pain as he was dragged off of Clary's lap.

"No!" Alec cried, grabbing Magnus' wrists and trying to pull him off.

"Alec..." Magnus cried.

Another claw pushed from below and quickly spiked Alec in the neck. Alec cried out, letting go of Magnus. Magnus screamed as he fell down below.

"NO!" Alec cried.

Magnus screamed as he fell down against the concrete ground of the alleyway. The warlock groaned as he felt his other ankle and his wrists become sliced just like before. He was unable to move as the claw went completely through his skin and bones, holding him there. The demon looked right at Magnus, looming over him with a vile smile on his face. He was still bleeding out from the cut that Clary sliced through his skin.

"If I'm going to die... then I'm going to die along with you gorgeous." the demon coughed. "How's that? Dying like the demons that we are?"

Magnus chuckled. "I thought you would know me. You know... considering that I told you my name."

The vellmomith laughed, before wincing at the pain in his throat. "Oh yeah? Tell me then. What the hell makes you so special?"

Magnus sat up and flashed his eyes at the demon. His real eyes. His cat eyes. The vellmomith's eyes widened and he instantly pulled his claws away from the warlock. He slowly started to crawl away. Magnus laughed, seeing him.

"What's wrong?" he asked with a bloody smile.

"Asmodeus' boy? The son of the Edom king?" the demon coughed out.

"Yes. The one that you just attacked. And tried to kill."

"You tricked me!"

"I didn't trick you at all. You chose your victim... and now you're to burn for your mistake. Whether by the nephilim or by the king of Edom!"

The demon turned to try and run, but sunlight shone from above. It hit the demon right in the head. The demon screeched as it was burned alive and turned into ichor and ashes. Magnus scoffed at him. The warlock tried to sit up, but found himself unable to with his injuries. He hissed, falling back down. His ligaments were completely broken. He could no longer move or move himself to heal his wounds. The warlock looked up, knowing who his rescuer was. Jumping down from the roof and walking over to her friend.

"You dick!" she cried. "You scared me!"

"You should know that I can take care of myself." Magnus stated. "And why am I a dick?! The vellmomith is the dick! I didn't ask to be dragged down into this alley."

Clary chuckled. She learned forward and kissed his cheek. "Don't make jokes."

"Help me move my hand to my legs. I can heal those..."

"But what about-"

"My magic is low. Maia and Simon will take care of me. I just need my legs."

Clary sighed, but did as she was asked. She took Magnus' right hand and moved it to his legs. Magnus shoved as much magic as he could into his legs. Healing the bone, skin and refilling the lost blood. Magnus gasped and moved to stand again. Clary pulled her arm under Magnus' shoulders, holding him up. 

"Come on. One jump." she said.

Magnus nodded. The jumped up into the air and down into the roof of the opposite building. Clary laid Magnus down. 

"Magnus, Clary!" Jace cried, running over to the two of them.

As he moved, he exposed the body laying down on the ground. Alec. He was pressing his hand hard against the side of his neck. Dark crimson blood was dripping through his fingers. Underhill, Raj and Aline had appeared from when Magnus last saw them. Aline was pressing onto Alec's wound. Underhill laid the prince's head in his lap while Raj tried to find exposed skin to heal the wound.

"Stele... angelic power... won't help him." Magnus stated, finding himself exhausted from the battle with the demon below.

"What?!" Jace cried.

"I'm immune to the posion of a vellmomith due to my father. Clary is as well." Magnus explained.

"But nephilim..." Clary stated.

"No! No, Raj draw a healing rune on him!" Jace yelled.

"Prince Jace." Raj stated, trying his best to be calm. "It's not going to work."

"It won't help!" Underhill yelled at him.

"It has to!" Jace yelled back, falling down to his knees beside his parabatai. "It has to... please hold on Alec. We'll get you back to Alicante. You'll get help."

"He's not going to survive." Aline stated.

"No!" Jace cried, tears dripping down his eyes in fear of losing his brother.

Alec opened his mouth to speak to Jace, but the cut was causing him to choke on his own blood. Jace held his hand to him and rubbed his hair. Clary looked down at Magnus. 

"Forget them." she whispered.

Magnus sighed. "I... I can't." he stated, forcing himself up.

"Magnus! Your magic!" Clary screamed back as Magnus fell along side of the prince of Alicante.

Alec turned his head slightly, looking at Magnus in confusion. Magnus pressed one hand to his mouth and moved his other to move his and Aline's hand away from the bloody wound. Magnus pressed his own hand to it. He hummed a spell that his father made him memorize and pushed the magic to his wound. Alec's back curled up and he screamed into Magnus' hand. The pain was only temporary as Magnus tried his best to push the poison out and push some blood back into Alec's system. Alec's pain was nothing compared to what Magnus was feeling. The drained magic was being overused. His wrists still were cut fully through the skin and there were identical cuts in his skin. And with him pushing out his magic after he overexerted himself, his body was burning in pain. The warlock bit his lip, blocking out his own pain and ignoring himself to rescue the prince.

Magnus pulled his hand away as a flash of magic pulsed into Alec's neck. When his hand was removed, the wound was no longer there. Alec started to breathe heavily once he was healed. 

"Alec!" Jace cried, running over and hugging his brother from on the floor.

Magnus rolled his eyes. Clary ran over to her friend to grab him. She held his shoulders comfortingly.

Alec looked over at Magnus, ignoring the praises and the worried audience in front of him. "Magnus... you... you saved my life."

"Yeah, he did and ran out of his own magic!" Clary yelled back at him.

Magnus rolled his eyes, shoving his friend away. Alec reached over to try and touch him, but Magnus gave him the middle finger, before his vision went white.


Chapter Text




"He's not breathing!"

"Start pumping his chest!"

"Don't touch him!"

"Clary, everything is going to fine. Relax. We've got him."

"He's not breathing on his own, get me a mask."

"No! Don't!"

"Clary please!" Alec cried, stopping himself from following the cot that Magnus was being dragged in. He put himself in between Clary and the door to the infirmary. "Clary. Look at me."

Clary was scared. Scared that she was going to lose her best friend. She couldn't. She wouldn't. And now these nephilim were trying to save his life when in reality, they had no idea what the hell they were doing. Clary tried to push past he prince, but Alec stood firm in front of her. And Jace was holding her gently from behind.

"Let go!" she cried.

"Clary, please. We have a very talented staff in there. They're going to take care of Magnus. He's going to be fine." Alec stated.

"He's not a fucking shadowhunter! He's a warlock!" Clary yelled, finally puncing the prince in the stomach. Alec curled in on himself as Clady shoved him aside. "So your talented staff can't help him!"

"Clary, stop!" Jace yelled, chasing after her as she ran over inside of the surgery room.

Clary burst through the doors. "GET AWAY FROM HIM!"

"Clary?" Raj said, looking over at her along with the rest of the doctors just as he was pulling on his gloves.

"Clary, stop." Alec called, running over next to her. She pulled away.

Alec, Jace and Clary looked down at Magnus. He was laying down on his back. But his glamour was down. His real skin was visible. The scars running along his arm. The fading bruises against his chest and side. The tattoo on his arm. Clary inhaled sharply. She never knew that Magnus' had these scars. She had thought that the bruises and the cuts would have healed already, after Asmodeus' attacks on him. She didn't know that they had lingered for that long.

"Oh my angel!" Alec cried, looking down at him. He reached over to him.

Clary slapped his hand away. She moved and cradled his face in her hands. Jace walked over to her. He held up a hand to the confused and the concerned surgeons, telling them that everything was okay and that they had to wait a moment. The blonde wrapped his arms around Clary as she started to shake from her crying. Tears fell down her face like a waterfall. Jace slowly pulled her away.

"He'll be fine. He'll be fine." Jace said, reassuring her. 

"Jace, take her to her dorm. Alert Simon and Maia." Alec said to him.

Jace nodded. He rubbed the top of her head as he slowly walked out of the surgery room with Clary in his arms. Alec turned and looked back over to Magnus and the surgeons standing around the unconscious and injured warlock. 

"He has terrible wounds and holes in his wrists, pectorals and his legs." Raj stated. "He'll need to have those wounds sewed up. He's also terribly exhausted."

Alec looked down at Magnus. He thought about what Clary had told him. That these shadowhunter surgeons and doctors may not know what to do with a warlock. Especially one as powerful as Magnus Bane. Son of Asmodeus. Alec moved and touch the side of his face. The prince rubbed a comforting circle against his cheek.

"Raj... Raj you can't do surgery on him." Alec stated.

"What?!" Raj roared in confusion and anger.

"Prince Alec." called one of the other doctors. "I understand your reasoning. But Raj the best surgeon here.

"I know that you're concerned. But Raj can help him in the best way." stated another doctor there.

Raj looked over at the prince and held up his hand. "I can help him."

"No. No you can't." Alec stated. "He's a warlock. One accidental touch can kill him. We need Catarina. She can help him."

"Prince Alec-"

"I'm not asking! I'm ordering! Get her now!" Alec yelled.

Raj jumped back and nodded. He looked over at his fellow doctors and nodded. One of them pulled off her gloves and mask and ran over to get the female warlock. Alec rubbed soothing circles onto Magnus' face. Raj walked over to him. He watched the prince soothing rub circles against the warlock's hand.

"Prince Alec..."

"He saved my life. And he's hurt because of it."

"Why didn't you expect him to?" Raj stated.

"Right, because he's our servants right? He was supposed to am I correct or no?" Alec stated with a growl.

Raj tensed. "You heard me..."

"Once you and Catarina are done saving him... you're done."


"It's Prince Alec to you! You hand in your weapons and I decided when you return."

Raj scoffed. "I'm not wrong."

Alec stood up straight now, an angry look on his face. "You're what now?! Repeat yourself!"

"There's a reason that these demons are in Edom!" Raj yelled. "He's there because he is evil and always will be."

"He saved my life!"

"Of course he did. He was made to serve us nephilim."

Alec growled and punched Alec in the jaw. "Guards!" he screamed out, his fellow shadowhunters running inside the surgery room. Alec curled over to Magnus. "Take Mr. Basak to the disciplinary cells."

"What?! No!" Raj cried as his arms were grabbed.

Raj was shoved out of the surgery room. Alec scoffed at him. He hated that those people still treated downworlders like this. Still thought of downworlders like that. Alec looked down at Magnus. The doctors were looking over at the prince. He looked up at them.

"Get me a bowl of cold water and a cloth." Alec said and he rested the back of his palm on Magnus' forehead. "He's gaining a fever."

The doctor nodded. He walked over to grab the items. The doors opened and in walked Catarina. She ran over to the table where Magnus was laying. 

"Oh Magnus." he stated, rubbing her palms together and pressing it against the chest of the warlock. She took the cold cloth from the doctor beside her. "Prince Alec, you need to go."

"No, I can't. I need to-"

"Alec, I can't help him if you're here. You need to leave."

Alec looked down at Magnus. He sighed and nodded. He turned away and walked out of the surgery room.

Catarina turned back down to the warlock. She smiled at him. "Hold on Magnus. Hold on for me okay."

Maia and Simon had told one another that they were not at all going on that shadowhunter mission. No matter how much they would love to go back to their hometown of New York, they did not want to go and visit with those shadowhunters. So the two friends were sitting inside of Magnus and Simon's shared dorm room, sipping on their favorite tea and eating their favorite snacks while watching some kind of terrible mundane show.

"This show makes so sense." Simon stated, moving over to grab a nacho.

"How can a high school junior own a speakeasy?" Maia asked.

"Because she's rich and privileged." Simon stated.

"Like everyone else here in the Institute." Maia said, laughing hard into her cup of tea.

"Everyone in this show except for like three are priviledged. And they are the most underrated characters."

"Like who?"

"The pink haired one and the gay character."

"True, true. Very true. And that blonde haired girl is so annoying."

"I wonder if she reminds you of Prince Alec."

"Oh she does."

The two started laughing again. Simon moved over to change the show, when the door burst open. The two looked over and dropped their teas, seeing their redheaded friend in tears. She was standing in the doorway with Jace standing right behind her, stabilizing her from falling over in her hurry.

"Clary!" Simon cried, running over to her with his vamp speed. He took her shoulders in his hand. "Clary, what happened? What's wrong?!"

"Did something happen on the mission?" Maia asked, taking her arm in her hand.

"It's... It's Magnus." Clary cried. "He got hurt."

Maia growled. "I fucking knew it!!"

"Maia wait, let me explain what happened." Jace said calmly, trying to speak with her.

"Get out of our way!" Simon yelled, taking the girls in his arms and running out of the room and through the hall with his speed.

Jace scoffed in anger. They weren't going to listen to him. Jace turned over and hurried to catch up with them.

Simon rushed through the entire Institute and made it to the infirmary in a matter of seconds. Simon set down his girls and looked over at the door to the surgery room. He saw that there was someone standing in front of the door. Blocking him from their injured friend.

"What did you do?!" Maia yelled at the prince.

"Maia." Simon yelled, moving to her friend and standing in front of her to prevent her from punching the prince. "Maia wait."

"NO! What the fuck did you do to him?!" Maia cried.

"I didn't do anything." Alec stated simply, holding out his hands to her.

"Yes you did! It's because of you! He wasted the little magic that he had left to save your life!" Clary yelled at him. "He saved you from dying!"

"You let him save your life?!" Simon cried, turning away from Maia and forgetting to even hold her back from hurting someone. "What the hell happened?"

"The demon. It grabbed him. Clary managed to get him free. When I grabbed him, it came back to him and stabbed me in the neck." Alec explained. "Magnus will be fine. He's with Catarina now."

"And how do you know that?" Maia asked.

"Catarina is the best doctor that I have. She's studied medicine for years." Alec stated. "Magnus will be alright. He'll be out in a couple of moments. I assure you."

Maia scoffed. She turned away from the prince and punched the wall. Alec flinched. Clary turned away from Alec as well. Simon was the only one looking over at him. Simon sighed.

"Magnus... Magnus is selfess like that." Simon stated. "He would have done the same for me. Or Maia. Clary. Anyone really. He's caring towards others. It's because he's been through a lot."

"Is that why he has all those scars on his arms?" Alec stated. "Because of his past?"

Simon nodded. "He was raised by the king of hell. What do you expect?"

Simon turned away from Alec and moved to hug Maia as she started to break down in worry of her warlock friend. Alec sighed. He slammed the back of his head against the wall.

Catarina pulled her jacket off and sighed. It had been some extensive work to get the warlock back into a stable condition. Now the warlock had his wounds closed up and the blood pumping through his veins. Catarina walked over and rubbed her hands together.

"I hope this doesn't hurt." she stated, pulsing some hard magic onto Magnus' left side. Magnus curled up, but plopped right back down. Still unconscious. Catarina sighed. "Come on, work with me here."

Catarina pressed another pulse to his right side. Magnus sat up fully now, his eyes opened. "AH! Ow, hey!"

"Sorry, sorry." Catarina said with a calm smile, placing one hand on his back and one on his thigh.

Magnus turned over and looked at the warlock. "Oh. It's... it's you."

Catarina smiled. "How do you feel?"

"Fine... I... I guess. Just a bit tired."

"Yeah. Magic depletion does that to you. Leaves you exhausted. And with your wounds being healed magically, it might make you a bit more tired."

Magnus looked over at Catarina. She gave him a grand smile. Magnus was still hesitant towards her. She got to live here and he was thrown in Edom. His jealousy and anger was a bit explained at this point. Catarina walked over to the fridge in the corner of the room and handed Magnus a metal water bottle. Magnus took it from her and drank it heavily. Catarina chuckled.

"Thirsty?" she said.

"Yeah. I have been knocked out for awhile." Magnus stated. "Speaking of, what day is it? How long have I been out?"

"Only for the night. I finished cleaning up your wounds a couple of moments ago." Catarina answered. She snapped her fingers and summoned a plate of food in front of Magnus. "Hungry?"

Magnus looked down at the plate, taking it a lot faster than he would have liked. "Thank you."

"You are very welcome." Catarina said.

Magnus looked down at the plate. He looked over at Catarina again. He had met warlocks before back on Edom. But they were mostly all selfish or pure evil. Catarina though... she was kind. She seemed to have such a heart to her.

"Um... Catarina." Magnus called, picking at the eggs.

Catarina turned around and smiled. "I know what you are going to say. And I understand your anger and confusion towards me. Almost all of the downworlders that aren't in the mundane world are in Edom. And you were raised there. I know that it might be strange to see me here."

Magnus nodded. "If I came off as rude... I apologize."

"It was warranted. It's okay. I just hope that you don't hate me."

"How could I hate the person that is just like me?"

Magnus and Catarina both chuckled. Catarina moved some hair out of her face. "Let me go and get Prince Alec." she said, turning over to the door.

"Prince Alec?" Magnus repeated, spitting out some of the toast in his mouth.

"Oh yes. He and your friends have been outside all night." Catarina said.

Magnus looked down at his legs. Alec was waiting for me? To see if I was alright?

Catarina opened the door and looked out into the hall. Maia and Clary were sleeping on Simon's shoulders, while he and Alec were sitting awake in patience. As soon as the door opened the prince stood up from he floor. He looked over at Catarina. Simon shook Clary and Maia awake, standing up and walking over.

"Is he okay?" Simon and Alec asked in unison.

"I'm fine you all." Magnus said, turning around and quickly glamouring his back scars. He doubted that anyone but Catarina saw his back scars. He planned to keep it that way. Magnus walked over to the door and put on a smile.

"Oh Magnus!" Clary cried, running over and hugging Magnus tightly.

"I'm alright biscuit. I'm alright." Magnus said, hugging her back.

"Thank the angel that you're okay." Alec stated with a smile, moving over to try and lay a hand on Magnus.

Simon moved over to him and lightly shoved him away. He shook his head at him. Alec sighed, pressing his lips together and nodding. The prince pulled himself back, placing his hands behind his back. Maia looked over at her friend. She pressed a hand to his forehead.

"Oh Mags. You're still a bit warm." Maia said.

"I am still a bit depleted my dear." Magnus said. "Don't worry. I will be okay after some rest."

"Take as much time as you need." Alec stated with a comforting nod.

Magnus looked over at him. He looked actually concerned. Magnus peeled away from his friends and walked over to the prince.

"Hey." he said, calmly. "Are you okay?"

"What? Oh! Yeah!" Alec said, chuckling. His hand instinctively went to the neck where he was stabbed. "I'm fine. It's you that you should be worried about."

"I just wanted to make sure that the man I wasted my magic on is alright." Magnus said with a similar chuckle.

Alec nodded. "I'm fine."

Magnus smiled. He waved and turned over to Maia, who was fretting over him being on his feet. She forced Simon to pick up the warlock and carry him to their room. Magnus laughed as he was being picked up by his overprotective friends and was carried away. Just as they left, Jace emerged from the hall that they just left through. He opened his mouth to call out to them, but his eyes immediately went to Alec.

"Alec?" he called over, rushing to his brother. "Alec. Hey! Al!"

Alec just stood there. A lovesick look on his face.

Holy fuck. I like Magnus Bane.

"Why are you all fretting so much? I'm fine, really?" Magnus said as he found himself snuggled up with so many pillows that he might as well be in a sauna.

"We just want you to heal up." Maia said, sitting next to her friend.

Magnus hummed. "Thank you my dearest puppy."

"I told- you're sick. You get a pass."

"I'm not sick!"

"You never told us about the tattoo that you have. Did I give you that?" Clary asked suddenly, handing Magnus a mug of tea.

Magnus sighed, snapping his fingers and turning the tea into vodka. The truth would eventually have to come out. His mug was taken from him as Simon spilled out the vodka and started to pour in more tea.

He chuckled. "Yeah. You did. I made you forget it because I didn't want you to worry about me."

"Tattoo? What tattoo?" Simon asked, perking up in interest.

Magnus looked over at Clary, his eyes begging her not to tattle. She smiled and kissed her friend's temple. "Don't worry about it Si." she said.

"Let us take advantage of the fact that we have to do nothing all day." Magnus said, turning on a movie. "What dumb film shall we watch this time?"

"The one about the tall mundane!" Simon cried excitedly, making Maia snort out her tea in laughter.

As Magnus leaned down into his pillows, his mind started to wander. Thinking about what had happened. How he had just maybe started a friendship with the warlock Catarina. How protective his friends truly were. How... how Alexander was actually concerned for his health. How the prince had actually stayed there and waited to make sure that he wasn't alright through the night. And it wasn't any royal protocol.

It was because he cared.

Because Alexander cared for Magnus.

Magnus felt his cheeks getting hot. He actually cared what Alec thought of him. What Alec felt for him.

Do I... Do I like him?

Chapter Text

Simon had been busy at work for the past few months. He had been working along side with Magnus, Maia and Clary to get Aline and Helen closer so that they could finally grab a hold of Raziel's stele. The plan had gotten a bit side tracked between trying to keep up with their "I'm totally converting to good" personas. It was getting a bit exhausting pretending like you didn't want to sink your fangs into every shadowhunter that you come into contact with. Simon was walking down the small road near the palace. He had come up withthe idea to try and get a vantage point of the palace.

Look for all exit points once they had gotten the stele from Helen and Aline. He was looking around the place, looking at the doors and windows. As the vampire walked around, looking at each window and seeing which doors were open, his vampire ears perked up. He turned over, looking over and hearing the sound of crying. Sobbing. Simon knew that he probably shouldn't investigate. Because that person would probably ask some questions. But Simon always had a heart made of gold. Even though his heart was really no longer beating.

He cared about so many people. And he just wanted to make sure that who was crying was alright. Simon slowly pulled himself away from looking at the palace windows and entrances and walked down the small little path near the palace. The palace was a bit close to the huge body of water that was near Edom. From there was a small beach. A little sand right by the waters. Almost like a private space where no one would be able to notice you.

Expect for a vampire that cared about everyone and anyone if they were hurt.

Simon walked down the small hill that came with the small beach, looking around to find the crying person. Simon perked up his ears and heard the sobbing coming from his left. Simon followed the sound until he came towards the closest edge of the beach. He looked over and saw a hunched over figure near the beach.

Simon moved over to try and get a face. As he did, the figure pulled her body up and pulled some hair out of her face. It was Izzy. Izzy's face was red and her eyes were puffy. Tears were still dripping from the bottom of her chin and down onto her blouse.

"Isabelle?" Simon called out before even thinking.

Izzy turned over. She stilled and wiped her eyes. "Simon! I uh... I'm..."

"What's the matter?" Simon asked, walking and sitting down beside her. He took her arm in his hand.

Izzy chuckled, tears still forming in her eyes. "It's nothing really."

"That's a lie. You're crying hard right here. Come on. You can tell me. It's not like I'm going to use this stuff against you." Simon said with a lighthearted tone. He then stiffened. "Wait! No! That came out wrong because I'm from Edom! I'm not going to sell your information. Besides, who would I sell it to? I mean, wait, I-"

In the middle of his babbling, the vampire noticed the princess laughing. She wiped her nose and snorted from the laughter. Simon smiled.

"You really like to babble on." Izzy said with a giggle.

Simon sat down a bit closer to her. Izzy looked over at him. She watched as Simon gave her a smile and rested his hand on his lap. Keeping it open wide. Izzy looked down at his extended hand and then back up at his dark eyes.

"You can tell me what's wrong you know." Simon said. "I won't tell anyone. Seriously."

Izzy smiled. She exhaled and placed her hand in Simon's. As soon as her smaller palm met his, he squeezed her hand comfortingly.

"It's just... my brother." she said.


"No. No, my little brother. Max. He's sick."

"Oh my."

"Yeah. It's a terrible lung disease. He's been barely able to breathe. We've kept him inside because we're scared that if he comes outside he might... he might..."

Izzy started to shiver as more tears filled in her eyes. Simon instantly moved over and hugged her. Izzy rested her head against his chest, sobbing her eyes out. Simon clutched her close. The princess shifted so that she was on his lap and burying her entire face inside of his shirt and his chest. Simon slowly started to pet the top of her head, whispering to her.

"Izzy, it's going to be okay. It's going to be okay." Simon said to her.

Izzy cried into his shirt, feeling it slowly and slowly starting to get wet. "I don't want to lose my brother! I don't want to lose him! I can't!"

"It's okay. You won't. Max is a strong kill. He'll live. Okay? Don't get so worked up. Everything is going to be okay."

Simon repeated the mantra to Isabelle for a while. She stayed in his lap, hugging him as she cried out all of her pain and frustration about her brother. It was after a bit that Izzy finally pulled herself up. Her entire face was covered in black tears. Simon chuckled.

"What?" she sniffed.

"Nothing, it's just... here, come on."

Simon stood up, pulling her with him. He pulled her over by their enclosed hand over to the edge were the waters were lightly crashing. Simon dipped his free hand into the water and looked over at the princess. He gave Izzy a comforting smile as he wiped away the dripping makeup with his hand. Izzy closed her eyes, leaning into the touch as soon as he rested his hand on her cheek. Simon was so... comforting. He might talk a bit too much when flustered.

Well... he might talk too much in general. But he was sweet and caring. Izzy saw that looking at the vampire. And Simon saw the same in the princess. From the moment he laid eyes on her Death Star pin the day they met, he knew that she was different. Even though she was an Alicante born nephilim. Even though she was the princess. She was so... different. Simon removed his hand as soon as he cleaned off her dripping mascra and eyeliner. Izzy smiled and wiped her cheek with her sleeve to dry it.

"Better?" she asked.

"Much." he said. "Not to say that you were ugly before, you're not."

"So, you're calling me beautiful?" the princess said with a joking eyebrow raise.

Simon blushed hard. Izzy chuckled. He was so easy to mess with.

Simon licked his lips. "Um... maybe I should uh... get going."

"What were you doing out here anyways?"

"Oh um... well. I was taking a walk. And I ended up forgetting where I was going."


"Yeah. I was just, thinking. Too deep in thought to really realize where I was going."

Good cover up Simon, the vampire thought.

"Thinking? Thinking about what?"

Great job dipshit.

"Nothing important."

"Come on Simon." Izzy said as they started walking back up from the beach. "I let you comfort me. Let me comfort you if I can."

Simon sighed with a smile on his lips. "Well... it's just everything. With Magnus getting hurt last week. My sister."

"You have a lot going on." Izzy said. "I'm sorry if my problems is too annoying for you."

"It's not. Nothing that you could say to me could be annoying anyways." Simon said.

Izzy blushed. "How um... how is Magnus doing by the way?"

"He's back to his confident, sassy, bad ass self."

"That's good."


The two found themselves standing right by the entrance of the small beach and towards the backyard gardens of the palace. The two chuckled awkardly.

"I should um... I should head back inside." Izzy said. "The duties of a princess and all."

"Yeah. Yeah, I get it. Well, I don't because I'm not royalty." Simon said.

Izzy chuckled again. He turned over and hugged the taller man. "Thank you for being there for me Simon."

Simon blushed as she hugged him again. He slowly moved over and hugged her back. 

"You're welcome Izzy." he said.

Izzy slowly pulled away and smiled. She gave a joking bow before walking over and into the palace gardens. She walked over to the door. But Simon saw her stop. She turned over and waved goodbye to the vampire. Simon stood up straighter, smiled widely and waved high back her. Isabelle chuckled before walking back inside.

The two turned away and touched their cheeks. Simon smiled at his blushing while Izzy let out a happy giggle.

Maia was reading in Magnus' and Simon's dorm room when Simon came back. Her, along with Clary, decided to hang out there until he came back and reconvene about any entry paths he saw when he returned. That plan went to shit easily as Clary and Magnus passed out on the same bed. So Maia just stayed up on her own, reading up on a book that Luke had recommended. Luke actually wasn't that bad of a person. He was very kind to all. A respectable man. And very authoritative when he needed to be.

Maia saw a lot of herself in him. From he way he sternly ordered to the way that he fought in combat. Maia liked Luke. He seemed almost like family. But she told herself to not get to excited about the other werewolf. He was still a bit responsible for her and so many others innocent imprisonment. Maybe if he stood up for her and others, Maia's mind would be on a different track. But he would pay. Just like the others.

The werewolf was pulled from her thoughts where she heard the door open. She looked up from the to see Simon. But not really her Simon. Not the awkward on. This one looked almost, love struck. He was blushing red, his entire usually pale face was the color of a red apple. The vampire walked inside of his room, closed the door, turned back around, pressed his back against said door and leaned down onto the floor. Maia raised her eyebrow, watching her friend like this.

"What's wrong with you?" Maia asked.

"There's an entrance in the side of the palace. The back servant entrance." Simon said, looking up with a wide smile.

"That's not the question I asked, but thanks."

"There's an entrance in the side of the palace. The back servant entrance." 

"Why are you so excited about servant entrances?" Maia asked him.

"There's an entrance in the side of the palace. The back servant entrance." Simon said again.

Maia got up and pressed a light slap to his cheek, trying to bring him back down to earth.

Maia raised her eyebrow, placing her hands on her hips. "Did you meet with someone?"

"Yeah." Simon said with a happy sigh.


"Princess Isabelle."

Maia groaned with a happy smile. So that's why "You my dear vamp friend like her. From that blush on your cheeks it is quite obvious. You like her."

"Yeah." Simon responded with the same happy sigh.

Maia chuckled at him again. "Oh Magnus and Clary are never going to let you live this down."

Magnus found himself alone for the first time in a while.

He hadn't been able to leave his bed or leave his room without an escort (that was either Simon, Maia or Clary). He did enjoy the love that he was given by his friends and the care that they showed him. But he was happy to be by himself for a little while. Maia was training with Clary and Simon was taking his usual morning nap. So the warlock was on his own. He didn't need to attend any training sessions or any missions since his injury, so he was on his own. Magnus was walking around the halls of the Institute.

Magnus was planning on looking for Helen or Aline, seeing on how their relationship was turning out and if it was time to use their growing romance against them. But he had heard from one of the more kinder shadowhunters that Aline and Helen had the day off from their training duties to continue planning the coronation.


"SHIT!" Magnus cried, opening up a portal and running through it.

He had totally forgotten that he was designing Alec's coronation suit. Granted he had been injured and healing himself for a bit, but this wasn't about the suit. Magnus could honestly care less about what kind of suit that Alec wore when he was crowned king of Alicante. That was the key to getting inside of the palace and figuring out a way in and out for himself. He was supposed to learn it from Simon last night, but he had fallen asleep and when he woke up Simon was already deep in his morning rest. Magnus ran out of the portal and he found himself outside of the palace. He looked over to run up the steps and knock on the front door. But he looked over and saw something happening in the gardens. He saw a few servants bring out an entire piano. 

The warlock watched as they placed it down on the cobblestone grounds before walking off. Magnus turned over, looking at each side and making sure that no one was watching him. Magnus walked over to the piano. He smiled looking at the beautiful piano. It was pure white with golden marbling all over.

"My, my, what are you doing out here in a place like this?" Magnus asked.

"I could ask you the same thing."

Magnus turned over. He saw the two princes walking over to him. He rolled his eyes.

"Prince Jace. Prince Alexander." Magnus said.

"Good morning Magnus." Alec said with a calm smile.

"I thought that you were resting. Maia has been telling me that you have been in bed for a while." Jace said, placing his thumbs in the belt loops of his slacks.

"Well, yes. I have. But, I was supposed to design Alexander's coronation suit." Magnus stated. "So I came over, and got distracted by this pretty little instrument."

Jace chuckled and nodded. "Like her?" he asked.

"Is she yours?"

"Yeah." Alec stated. "Jace is going to play for an upcoming party in honor of my coronation. Do you play?"

"Very little. But I know an amazing and beautiful looking piano when I see one." Magnus said. "Shall we go my prince?"

"Magnus, you don't have to be here. If you're still healing, you should take all the time you need and head back to your room. No one is rushing you."

"I am." Magnus and Jace both said in unison, before laughing at one another.

"Your coronation is getting closer and closer." Jace stated.

"Don't remind me." Alec said.

"You need to have things ready. And Magnus is offering to make your suit for you. If it was up to you, you would wear an old black sweater and jeans."

"They're comfortable!"

"Alec." Jace said. "Take advantage. Magnus! Thank you for making Alec's coronation suit. Please take all the time you need today. And every other day."

Alec raised his eyebrow. He looked over at his brother and noticed his motioning his head towards Magnus. Alec sighed. Now he got it. Every since Alec told Jace that was he developing feelings for Magnus, the blonde has not shut up about him making a move. Jace said the other day something about getting Magnus a Get Well Soon! teddy bear.

Alec sighed. He put on his royal smile and held out his hand to Magnus. "If you would follow me."

Magnus looked at his hand. He scoffed and walked right past him over to the palace entrance. Jace whistled. 

"He's feisty." he said. "I see why you like him."

"Shut up Jace." Alec said, walking over to follow Magnus.

"So, tell me Alexander what is your vision for your coronation suit?" Magnus asked as he magically made room to work in the prince's large bedroom.

Alec watched Magnus from his bed. He was mesmerized by his confidence and by his magic. By the beautiful way that the blue swirls surged from his hands and the way that Magnus moved almost like he was dancing. And Alec had seen him dance intensely. 

"Vision? Um... I don't... I don't really have one." Alec said.

"Well, that makes my job so much easier." Magnus said with a sarcastic chuckle. "Well, do you have anything that I can get a look at? Maybe one of your old suits?"

Alec nodded. He stood up and walked over to his closet. He opened it. Magnus' eyes widened and his mouth dropped to the floor seeing the beautiful closet. It was huge. You could probably take a run inside of it. There were blazers and collared shirts galore. Alec looked over and saw Magnus' eyes light up and the excitement he felt towards the clothing.

"Do you like it?" Alec asked.

"Alexander, there's enough clothes in here to last someone through the year! With probably three costume changes!" Magnus said, pressing his hand against a mustard yellow blazer.

"You must really like clothes."

"Yeah. No shit."

Alec smiled. "Well, I don't wear a lot of these blazers. Or these shirts. If you want. You can have one to wear to the coronation."

Magnus chuckled. "I'm sorry, but why would I get invited to the coronation?"

"Because I'm inviting you?" Alec said.

Magnus raised his eyebrows and his back faced Alec. Him? Going to the coronation? This sounded a bit too good to be true. Why would they want a downworlder like him there?

"Why would you want a downworlder like me there?" Magnus asked.

"It doesn't matter to me that you're a downworlder." Alec said. "I want you there."

Magnus turned around to face the prince. He was now closer to him. They're chests were close to pressing up against one another. Alec was a bit taller than Magnus, but in that moment it looked like he was towering over the warlock. The prince licked his lips and turned away to hide his blush. Magnus moved his hand to his own cheek, feeling the heat against the sides of his cheeks. He chuckled awkwardly and turned back over to the row of colorful blazers. Alec cursed at himself.

"I apologize if I made you uncomfortable." Alec said. "That was ill advised for me to do."

"It's... it's fine." Magnus said with a smile. "Hey."

Alec turned back over to him. He put his friendliest smile, fighting the urge to give him the kindest and most wanting grin that he had. "Yes?"

"The coronation. Why would you want me there?" Magnus asked.

"Well, only a couple people are coming. And I would like for you to be there. To um..." Alec stuttered.

He wanted to say something romantic. Like in all the romance novels he read. Something like to keep me grounded. Or so that I can finally have you by my side. That's what his heart wanted. He wanted nothing more than to say that to Magnus. Magnus seemed so beautiful. Smart and kind. Why wouldn't he like him. Damn. Both Jace and Izzy were right. Alec liked him. He liked Magnus. And he wanted him to know. But he couldn't. Not now. Not when... when...

Why wouldn't he say what he felt? Because of how he felt inside. Was it right to be seen with Magnus? How would his people react. A part of Alec wanted to say that he didn't care, but deep down he knew that it would hurt his family. They would speak. And he needed his and his family name to stay perfect.

Alec pulled away and licked his lips. "To have you see your suit in action."

Magnus smile faded. Of course. What did he expect from him? He was just trying to be nice. There was no romance there. Just some friendship. Magnus nodded. Forget him. He had a stele to steal.

Speaking of which... didn't Simon tell him that the stele would be at the coronation? And he wouldn't have to deal with holding Helen hostage?

"So." Magnus said, pulling himself away from the blazer and walking out of the closet. "The coronation, it's going to be you and your family what, blessing you?"

Alec chuckled, following him out and closing the closet door. He turned over to see that Magnus wasn't looking at him, but motioning towards the empty space. Alec walked towards it and stood tall. Magnus snapped his fingers and summoned three full length mirrors in front of the prince.

"Not exactly." he said. "The inquisitor, Jia, will draw a sacred rune on my crown. It will leave my father and come to me, crowning me the king."

Magnus rolled his eyes and turned over to the mirrors. He eyed the shape of Alec's body. A strong build with muscles that wanted to pop out of the tight shirt he was wearing. He turned away in thought.

"So... if I am to come. I want to be able to see my beautiful suit in action. Would there be a way for me to sit in the front and soak up the beauty of my fashion?" Magnus asked.

Alec chuckled again. His hand went to rub the cuff links he wore. "I wish you could. But the front row is reserved unfortunately. The only people up there will be me, my siblings, my folks, Jia, Aline and her girlfriend Helen."

Magnus' ears perked up. If Aline brought a significant other than...

"So you have significant other to bring?" he asked, summoning a strip of measuring tape. "Take off your shirt for me."

Alec blushed, but nodded. He slowly started to unbutton his shirt. "If I did, he would be up there."

"He?" Magnus smiled wider. Checkmate.

Alec's eyes widened. "I mean she! She! Not that he is bad! But it's she! I'm straight! Straight as a ruler! I'm not-"

"Alexander." Magnus called calmly, holding up his hand to shut up the babbling prince. "If you are, I do not care."

"You don't?"

"Look at me. I'm bisexual myself. So why should I care your preference of lovers. There's nothing wrong with it."

Alec slowly stopped shaking and nodded. He supposed that that was true. He pulled off his shirt and was left in his undershirt. Magnus moved and measured Alec's waist. He said nothing, but began to think. There's nothing wrong with it.

Chapter Text

Magnus walked inside of his room after his pretty long day. He had to take the measurements of the upcoming prince and start designing something for him. After discovering that there is an open significant other spot in Alec's heart, he decided that he needed to take that place. And he had just the way to do it. Magnus threw his sketchbook on the bed, walking into the room. Simon, who was showering, heard the door opened while inside. "Magnus?" he called.

"Hey Si." Magnus responded, grabbing his phone and sending a quick text to the girls.

"Where were you all day?" Simon asked. "I woke up and you were gone. I thought that you were still resting."

"I was. But I needed some fresh air. And I needed to go and design the suit for Alexander's coronation. Which, speaking of, I have a new plan."

"New plan for what?"

"We no longer have to use Helen and Aline to get that stele. I was just invited to Alexander's big, grand coronation."

The door to the bathroom opened. Simon walked out, a towel wrapped around his waist. He looked over at his warlock friend as he sat down at the desk and opened up his spell book. "You got invited? Really? How?"

"Alec invited me because I am designing his suit for the coronation. And he wants me to see it in action." Magnus stated. "But what he told me is actually way more interesting than what I originally believed."


Simon opened his mouth to say something else when the door opened. Maia and Clary walked inside of the room and closed the door. Magnus smiled and held out his hand, stopping Maia from yelling at him for leaving the room. 

"Now before you start yelling at me, I was planning the theft of Raziel's stele." Magnus said. "And I found the way to get it without having to mess with the romance of Helen and Aline."

Clary sat down on the bed and looked over at her friend. "What do you mean?"

"Alexander has invited me to his coronation. And he told me that in the front, where the stele will be, will be him, his family, the inquisitor, Aline and Helen." Magnus stated. "And he told me that Izzy, Jace and Helen could bring dates if they wanted."

"Really?" Simon asked.

"Well, I'm assuming based on the way that he told me." Magnus said. "And Alexander, looking at him looking at me, needs a date."

"Really?" Maia asked. "Who's going to do it?"

"Me. Obviously."

Simon looked at him. "What? Really?"


"I have the greatest gaydar ever. How the hell else my dear Si."

Simon chuckled. "So what do you have to do?"

"Well from what I can tell, Alec has feelings for me." Magnus said. "He starts blushing at me every time that he speaks to me. So what I need to do is conduct the same spell that I used on Aline and Helen. Make him say his true feelings towards me."

"Well, how can you do that without people seeing you?" Maia asked. "The last time that we did that, we were glamoured and Aline and Helen didn't know that we were there."

"Yeah, she's right." Clary said.

"I know. And I've thought of that." Magnus said, grabbing his spellbook. He pointed at his friends with the book in his hands. "Now come with me."

Magnus passed by his friends. Maia and Clary met eyes. They moved over and walked over to follow their friend.

"Uh guys!" Simon called. "I still need to get dressed."

Magnus groaned as he pulled the risen dough onto the oiled counter. He clapped his hands and started to knead through the dough. Maia was standing next to him, mixing through the cream cheese and the powdered sugar.

"Why cinnamon rolls?" Simon asked from the other side of the counter.

"Because, the spell says that we can nonchalantly have the victim speak his truth by placing a similar potion into the food. I chose cinnamon rolls, because why not." Magnus said. "Rolling pin."

Clary handed him the rolling pin as he started to oil it up. Simon hummed. He walked over to the bowl that Maia was mixing the icing into. He dumped his thumb inside and licked. "Oh! Yum!"

"Thanks." Maia said.

"So, what's the next ingredient for the potion?" Clary asked from where she was mixing together a potion.

"We need..." Magnus started, looking over at his spellbook. "A drop of pure sadness."

"Pure sadness?" Clary repeated.

"Okay. Let me go and punch someone in the face." Maia said, placing the electric mixer down.

"No. Not a pain tear. It has to be a sadness tear. Apparently my father believes that they are completely different." Magnus stated, rolling his eyes. "And where the fuck are we going to get one now?"

Just as he said that, the door to the kicthen opened. Simon rushed over to Clary to help her put away the potion while Maia hid the spell book in the counter high above her. The doors opened and in walked the princess. Simon smiled.

"Izzy." she said with a smile.

Izzy looked over and gave him the same smile. "Hey Simon. Hey everyone."

"What are you doing here?" Simon asked, placing his hands in his pockets.

"Oh. I'm having crimson cravings."

"Crimson cravings?" the vampire repeated. He had no idea what that meant.

Clary, Magnus and Maia just rolled their eyes at him. Sometimes he was just too innocent. "Salty or sweet?" Maia asked.

"Actually something sweet." Izzy said, she looked over and smiled. "What are you guys making?"

"Um some cinnamon rolls." Magnus said to her.

"Oh! I love cinnamon rolls!" Izzy cried. "Oh! You know what you guys should do! Add nutella!"

Izzy ran over to the fridge. Magnus sighed in relief when the princess didn't notice his spellbook and the potion. Maia sighed as well and leaned into another counter. "And that is?" she called to the princess.

"You know." the princess said, closing the fridge with her while he carried a huge jar in her hands. "Nutella. Hazelnut spread. Better than peanut butter." Izzy placed the jar down. Maia, Magnus, Simon and Clary looked over at the jar. Izzy watched them. Why were they acting this way? "What? Wait... you've seriously never have Nutella before? It's like... the best thing ever!"

"Really?" Magnus asked as Izzy scooped a bunch and started to spread it on the spread out dough.

"Well yeah. You know. It's been around for years and it's like a family stape. When you're sad and your mom makes you your favorite hot cocoa with this. And she gives you a big warm hug-"

Izzy cut herself off when she saw the four them look at one another and then looking down in sadness. Magnus licked his lips. His mother was gone. And his father most definitely would never do something as kind and caring as what Isabelle had just described.

"I've never had that." Maia said first.

"And I never will." Magnus said with a shrug and a sad chuckle.

Izzy put down the knife. "Oh by the angel... I'm... I'm sorry. I didn't realize-"

"It's just different where we're from." Magnus said with a sad shake.

"I could never imagine what you've been through. How awful it is in Edom. To be raised there." Izzy said.

Simon looked over and saw the tears in her eyes. A thought came. They needed a tear of real sadness. He rushed over to the princess and took her shoulders in his larger hands. "Hey, hey, hey, don't cry. It's okay. Don't be upset." Simon said with a grin. "It's not that bad. Not like what Magnus has gone through."

Magnus looked up. He opened his mouth to hiss at his friend but Simon motioned over to her eyes. The tears in her eyes. Oh. Magnus nodded. "Yeah." he said. "Maia, Simon and Clary have it lucky. Camille, Valentine and Praetor Lupus would never put their hands on them. Not like my father."

"W-What?" Izzy gasped.

"Yeah." Magnus said, he turned over and pulled down a small part of his glamour. He revealed a few of the scars on his back. The princess screamed in shock. Simon eyed the scars. So did Clary and Maia.

"Magnus... oh my angel! How awful!" Izzy said as the dam started to break and tears fell from her eyes.

Simon moved over to Clary and grabbed the small bowl where they were making the potion. He moved it under the princess' chin as a tear fell into it. Simon passed it over to Magnus, who caught it. He smiled at Izzy.

"But hey! It's okay!" Magnus said. "I'm away from him thanks to you and your big brother. I'm okay."

"But I'm so sorry!" Izzy cried.

"It's fine." Simon said, pressing a kiss to her hand.

Izzy stopped crying for a minute and looked down at Simon and his calmness and kindness towards her. He chuckled and wiped her eyes for her. 

"Hey Simon." Maia called with an approving smile. "You should escort princess Izzy by to her room."

"What? Um-" Simon started.

"Yeah." Magnus said, going under the counter and pulling out a small tub of pre-made mini strawberry cheesecakes. Izzy's eyes lit up at the desserts. She grabbed two of them and started eating them. Simon chuckled. He took her gently by the waist in one arm and walked her over to the door. The two left the kitchen. Magnus sighed. "Okay, now that that's over with-"

"Magnus." Clary called. "Those scars... are they real?"

Magnus stiffened. He exhaled and licked his lips.

"Yes. They are." he said.

Maia and Clary moved forward and hugged their friend. He chuckled. He thought that they would be scared of him after seeing the scars. He didn't expect this kind of love and comfort. He pulled away and pressed a kiss to each of their cheeks.

"Now, back to the task at hand." Maia said. "Clary, potion done?"

"All ready." Clary said, adding the potion to the cinnamon mixture on the dough.

"Good. Okay. Maia, parchment paper. Clary, melt the butter." Maia said as he started to roll the dough together in a log.

Izzy burst through her brother's bedroom, scaring the older prince and making him drop his speech papers. 

"Iz!" he cried, kneeling down and going to gather his papers from the ground. He looked up and saw that she was in tears. He got up, his frustration and anger long forgotten, and he grabbed his baby sister by he arms. "Izzy?! What happened?! What's wrong!"

"That fucking bastard Asmodeus!" she screamed. "If I had known what that bastard did to his own son, I would have killed him long ago!"

"Woah, woah, woah." Alec called. "What are you talking about?"

"Asmodeus put his hands on him! He beat him! God, you should have seen those scars! They were so thick! They've been there for years! Oh my God! Alec you should have them! It was awful!!" Izzy cried. "No wonder he hates the world. No wonder he hates us!"

Alec looked down at her, almost in disbelief. "No. He, he wouldn't. He loves his son. Every parent-"

"Not Asmodeus." Izzy said back.

Alec gasped in utter shock. That someone would even think of putting his hands on Magnus. A parent no less. Why in the world would they do something like that? To their own son? Magnus sighed and he pulled his baby sister into his chest.

"It's fine. It's fine." he whispered to her. "Everything's going to be alright. Everything is going to be alright."

"How?" Izzy asked, trying to stifle her cries. "How is everything going to be fine after all they've endured?"

"I'm going to fix this Iz, I promise you. I will fix this." Alec said to her.

The night passed. A new day had shone over the kingdom of Alicante. It was a nice warm day. With much planned as the coronation slowly approaching. There were parties planned all over the place. One that was happening that day. The gardens of the Institute was covered in flower arrangements with food all over the place. Magnus watched from the bench as the shadowhunters brought out trays and trays of food or more flowers. He scoffed.

What a perfect opportunity for him to finally cast his spell on the prince and soon to be king. Magnus snapped his fingers and summoned a book in his hands. He put it up to his face, hiding him just a bit. Magnus looked over from the corners of the book and saw the three royals approaching the up and coming party. He smiles. Perfect. Izzy squealed, seeing how beautiful the flowers were.

"Hey!" she called, her happy mood changing on a dime. "Those don't go there! The red roses go over my the red velvet mousse! Am I working with children?!"

Jace and Alec laughed at their dear sister as she stormed over to a few of the shadowhunters setting up. Jace looked over and saw Magnus sitting down on the benches near the gardens. He smiled and tapped his brother's shoulder.

"Hey." he called, pointing over discreetly. "Look. It's your crush."

Alec rolled his eyes. "He's not my crush."

"Sure he isn't." Jace said, slapping the back of his shoulders and walking over to Izzy. "Yeah! Wrong flowers and all that shit!"

Alec sighed. He looked over to where Magnus was sitting. He thought back to what he was told about Magnus. About the scars on his back. About the abuse. He adjusted his blazer and slowly walked over.

"Uh... hey." he called.

Magnus looked from his book, mock confusion on his face. "Uh... hey to you too Alexander."

"I wanted to talk to you. Last night, Izzy told me what-"

"Look, if you're going to bring up the scars on my back... I'll just leave. I'd honestly rather not speak about it. Okay?"

Alec licked his lips and nodded. "Right. I'm sorry. I overstepped."

"It is quite alright." Magnus said, looking back down at his book.

"So uh... w-what are you doing out here?"

"Reading. Isn't it kind of obvious?"

"Right, right." Alec called. Magnus moved over and took a cinnamon roll from a small plate beside him. "Those look good."

Magnus smiled. They were made to be good and do good. For him at least. The warlock closed his mouth from biting into the roll and he held it out to the prince. "Would you like one? Isabelle told me all about the magic of this Nutella stuff and it makes these much more delicious."

Alec smiled. "I wish I could, but I'm on a diet right now. I'm trying to keep my body weight the same for the coronation. And there's the honorary battle between me and the previous king today during the party. It's a friendly tradition and I'd like to keep my body in shape. I would take one, as they look amazing. But I just-"

"Oh, well okay. I get it." Magnus said, placing his book down.

"You... you do?"

"Yeah. I've heard it all over the kingdom. Never accept what the downworlder is offering you. Especially from the warlock. It could be poisoned. Or have a spell cast on it."

"What? No!"

"No, no, it's fine. No need to lie to me. I save your life and this is the thanks that I get in return. The downworld stereotypes and prejudice."

"Magnus, no. It's not that! At all! It's-"

"No. I understand. Very much so, you are very cautious about your safety. And the safety of others. That's smart. I like that about you. It's an admirable quality"

"Magnus, listen-"

"Oh well." Magnus said, holding his book back up. "More for me I guess."

"No, wait, hey!" Alec called, grabbing the roll from his hand and biting into it. Icing spread all over his mouth. The prince chewed with a wide smile on his face. "See?" he said with his mouth full. "I totally trust you. These... are delicious"

Magnus chuckled. He grabbed a napkin and handed it to Alec. "Here, you've got some stuck on your, um."

Alec swallowed the sweet dessert and thankfully took the napkin. He wiped the stick icing from his lips. He hummed. It was actually really good. Alec licked his lips and took another bite of it. He suddenly felt a bit warm and fuzzy on the inside, looking at the warlock. Magnus looked over at the man with a wide grin on his face. The spell needed to be taking effect by now. Magnus set down his book and placed his hand on the shoulder of the shadowhunter prince.

"Alexander..." he called. "How are it?"

"It's... it's delicious." Alec said with a chuckle. "You know... the dough is sweet. And the icing so warm and... the uh, the filling... it's um... is that... is that Nutella in there?"

"Yeah." Magnus said with a smile.

"I um... I love Nutella." Alec said with a light chuckle.

"Are you okay? Do you feel any... different?" Magnus asked.

"I'm uh... I'm not sure."

"You can tell me. You can be... truthful around me."

The prince looked over and stared deep into the eyes of the warlock. Magnus nodded at him. He needed the spell to effect him deeper. Magnus patted his arm and walked past him. He didn't even say a word. He walked away from him and left the garden. Alec coughed as he felt his entire body start to get colder. Why? It was warm just a minute ago. When...

When Magnus was here.

Now where was he?

"Uh, Alec..." called Jace, walking over to his brother. "Hey... are you okay?"

"I'm... I'm uh... I-" Alec coughed. He couldn't find the words. So he just shoved the entire cinnamon roll inside of his mouth.

Chapter Text

The party had started.

All of the shadowhunters had attended, dressed in the most spring themed clothing. They were all mingling, tasting the snacks that were brought out for them. Magnus watched them as he walked out to the event with Clary, Maia and Simon at his side. He adjusted the dark salmon blazer that he was wearing as he approached a table with sushi on the plate.

"Wish that they had some meat or something. Something rare." Simon said as he sneezed at the flower on his blazer. "Do I have to wear this flower?"

"It's a spring party Sharon, deal with it." Magnus said, casting a spell and making the flower a little less potent to his dearest friend.

"So, did the cinnamon roll work?" Clary asked, snatching a spicy tuna roll just as someone else was about to grab it.

"Hey!" he cried, annoyed. "That was my roll."

"There's others. Fuck off." Clary hissed, making the girl huff and puff over to her obviously annoyed boyfriend. "Anyways."

"I'm not entirely sure." Magnus answered. "I mean... the spell does take a bit of time to take full effect when it is in potion form. More less when we put in a dessert as complex as cinnamon rolls."

"So when will we know for sure?" Maia asked, annoyingly huffing and puffing at her dress.

"Maia, you could have just worn a jumpsuit." Simon said.

"No, she couldn't have." Magnus stated. "Dresses are formal. This is a semi formal event. Therefore, Maia is in dress. Like you are in flower."

Simon rolled his eyes, making Maia laugh as she took a sushi roll for herself.

"The spell should have taken effect by now, we'll see when we can finally talk with the prince." Clary said.

"Or, maybe not." Maia said, pointing over towards the center of the party.

There was a huge arch decorated with flowers all over the place. It rested on what looked like a temporary stage, made from white hood that matched what the arch was truly made out of. Hanging from the top on the interior was what looked like pink crystals, that matched the very spring like theme of the event. Below the arch was two big vases filled with lilies. And on the new stage was Luke. He was talking with a few of the other servant shadowhunters. He had some kind of cord in his hands, that led to a microphone. Simon smiled widely. Maia flashed a wicked grin. Clary clapped her hands. They all turned over to Magnus. Magnus looked at them.

"What?" he asked.

"You know what." Simon stated, motioning over to the microphone.

Magnus looked at it. "I still don't get it."

Maia sighed and motioned over to what was laying beside the arch. There was two speakers that were being held up by metal stands. 

Magnus finally got the picture.

"No! No!" Magnus said. "No, no, no, no, no, no, no! No! No!"

"Yes! Yes, come on!" Clary cried.

"Absolutely not! No!" Magnus said, walking over from them and to a different table stuffed to the gills with sandwiches. Simon grabbed one made with rare steak and shoved it into his bare fangs.

"Magnus, this could be a good chance to see if the spell worked." Maia stated.

"I'd rather we fake my suicide!"



"Come on."

"No. Not happening."

"This is for the cause. All those nephilim getting what they deserve." Clary added. "What's one song compared a lifetime of revenge."

Magnus looked back at the microphone system being set up and then down at his friends. He groaned. "UGGH! Fine! Just one!"

"In spanish?" Simon added.

"Suck my dick vampy."

"Spanish is a romantic language."

"So is Portuguese, French, Italian and Romanian. And I bet no one here speaks that!"

"Izzy speaks spanish."

Magnus, Maia and Clary all stopped and looked at him.

"And how would you know that huh?" Clary asked with a grin on her face.

"I um... it's nothing I just um... I uh... heyarethosetheminicheesecakesfromlastnight? Howironicright? Letmegogetone!"

Simon moved to that table but Magnus grabbed him by his suspenders.

"Slow down Dracula and explain." he said.

Simon sighed. "It's nothing really. We're just... talking."

"Talking?" Maia repeated. "About what?"

"About... you know... stuff." Simon said, kicking his foot and shoving his hands into his pockets.

"Look! You're blushing!" Clary stated with a squeal. "You like her! You like her! You really, really like her!"


"I've known you since you were an infant, shut up!"

"She's just... really funny and great to be around." Simon said with a smile.

Magnus and Maia smiled at their friend. "How sweet." Maia said.

"Does Alec and Jace speak Spanish too? Or were you too lovestruck to ask?" Magnus joked.


"De vuelta a ti mi amigo vampiro."

"ANYWAYS!" Maia called. "Let me get you a spot on that stage."

Magnus rolled his eyes as Maia walked over to the stage. She placed her hands behind her back and put on her fakest grin. It always worked when she wanted to seem nice. People always seemed to believe her. Even in Edom. She walked over and looked up at Luke. The stage wasn't that tall. It was maybe a foot and a half off the grass.

"Hey Luke." she called.

Luke turned around from where he was setting up the sound system. He smiled at his fellow werewolf. "Afternoon Maia. How are you?"

"I'm good. I'm good." she said. "What are you up to?"

"Oh um, the queen asked me to set up some of the sound systems. I think that she and the princess will be giving a speech before the traditional battle that is to take place."

"Oh. Alright then."

"Why do you ask?"

"Why don't I ask?"

"Touche. Touche."

"So." Maia said. "Is there anyone that will be up here, performing? Kinda dull around here don't you think?"

"Yeah, I agree." Luke said. "I think a small little orchestra should be here any moment to set the mood."

"Oh." Maia said. "Well, I was wondering because my friend over there, Magnus? He really likes to sing?"

"Does he now? He doesn't seem like the type."

"Yeah. But you should hear him sing and see him dance. He is amazing at what he does! And he thought it would be better if someone would be singing instead of just background music."

Luke nodded. He looked over and saw Magnus standing there. He was licking his lips after biting into a sandwich. The werewolf smiled. "Well... hey, listen... why not, right? I'll speak with Queen Maryse and the orchestra."

Maia nodded. Luke jumped off the stage and walked away. Maia turned on her heel and walked over to her friends. "Looks like you'll be singing today."

"How great." Magnus said an eye roll.

"There you are." Luke said as he set up the microphone in front of Magnus. "Do you need any instruments?"

"Um... no, no thank you." Magnus said, placing the microphone in both of his hands.

"Okay. So, you can start singing right after the royal family arrives." Luke said. "Do you know the song that you're going to sing?"

"Uh... uh yeah."

"Okay then. Good luck. And I'll inform you to welcome in the royal family."

Luke jumped off of the stage and walked over to some of the guards were awaiting some instructions. Magnus sighed and he tapped his finger against the microphone. He tapped it just to make sure that it was working. He looked down at the stage and saw Clary, Simon and Maia looking at him. They all gave him a thumbs up and a wide smile. Magnus rolled his eyes. He hadn't sung in a while and he absolutely did not want to do in front of the shadowhunters that hated him. He sighed and rubbed the microphone. He looked over and saw Luke motioning to him.

Magnus coughed and smiled. "Everyone, welcome to the Alicante Spring Soiree. Now, please would you help in welcoming our royal family. Please welcome our princess, Isabelle, our princes, Max and Jace, our wondeful king and queen, Maryse and Robert, and your soon to be king, Alec."

The crowd started to clap. From the corner of the garden, in walked the royal family. Izzy smiled, her arm in Jace's. Maryse had her arm in Robert's. And Alec walked in in front of all of them. Alec smiled and waved at his people. Magnus turned over to the small orchestra behind him. He gave them a nod and gave them a small pulse of magic. The orchestra started to play their music. Alec walked over and he stopped his waving and his calmness seeing the warlock on the stage. He stilled and watched Magnus as he began to start the song. He opened his mouth and met eyes with the prince. He instantly changed his mind and started singing something else, but with the same beat and the same background.

Aquí, una foto nuestra tomarás

Sin modificar la luz

Así será más simple

Cuidar que yo brille

Tal como me miras t√ļ

Simon smiled a bit wider. He gave his friend another thumbs up that he chose to perform in Spanish. Alec watched Magnus, his eyes only looking at him. He was completely ignoring some of the girls and guys around him, trying hard to gain the prince's attention. Alec moved them aside as he walked closer to the stage.

Y ya, dime que piensas solamente en mí

Frente a frente, dímelo

Es casi un desafío, hay demasiado ruido

Pero al menos intentémoslo

Magnus looked over at the prince, giving him his most romantic eyes and the most beautiful look that he could give. Alec's blush returned. Magnus turned his head to the side as his hair waved in small breeze that he had summoned. Alec licked his lips. Izzy walked over beside her big brother. She took his arm in his hands and started to shake it a bit.

"Uh... Alec? Alec?" she called. "Alec? You're staring."

Alec hummed and he turned to his sister. "I uh... I um... I need a... I um..."

"Why are you acting like a broken record player?"

"I just... I just need a sec. I'll uh, I'll be right back... o-okay?"

Alec pulled away from his sister and slowly walked over to the stage. The shadowhunters that were around him sighed in frustration that the prince was no longer alongside them and that he wasn't taking any interest in them. Alec moved over to get closer to the stage. He noticed a few other shadowhunters swooning over the beautiful warlock. He hissed a bit and moved to get closer. As he did, he was pulled back by his shoulder. He was pulled over and met eyes with his father.

"Um son." he called. "Are you alright?"

"Yeah, yeah." Alec said, adjusting the crown on his head. "I'm fine."

Robert looked up and met eyes with Magnus. Magnus looked away from the king and to the eyes of a strong shadowhunter man who looked like he was fucking Magnus hard in his mind. Alec growled. Why was he acting so jealous all of a sudden? What was going on with him? But he looked up and saw the reason right in front of him.

No hay palabras que inventar

Yo lo veo en t√ļ mirar

Deja el corazón hablar

Puedo oír lo que tu alma escribe

"He's really good." Robert said.

"Yeah uh... hang, hang on dad. I'll be a second." Alec said. He walked over and hopped on the stage.

Yo quiero abrazarte al sol

Solos al amanecer

No preciso de tu voz

Puedo oír lo que tu alma escribe

Robert raised his eyebrow. He looked over at his only daughter, who was standing alongside Max.

"What is your brother doing?" Robert asked.

"I dunno." Max said, sipping a glass of sparkling grape juice.

Alec walked over towards Magnus on the stage. Magnus looked at him. Alec smiled. He took the microphone from him and started to continue what Magnus started.

Que tal

Conectamos sin corriente

Solo l√°piz y papel

T√ļ alcanzas mi ventana y dejas en mi almohada, la nota que yo leer√©

Jace, who had been sipping some wine, spit out the drink into the face of one of the servants. "Oh shit, sorry."

Jace looked over to the stage and saw his brother singing in the microphone. Jace walked over to his siblings.

"What the fuck in Alec doing?" Izzy asked.

"Language." Max added with a snap of his finger.

"Right, right, sorry." Izzy said.

Jace looked over and saw Clary, Simon and Maia watching from the sidelines. He held his hand out to his sister, who was opening her mouth to say something. Jace walked away from them and over to the Edom borns. He gently placed his hand on Clary's back. She turned over to him.

"Oh. Afternoon." Clary said to him with a small curtsy.

Intenta estar en el presente, y del ma√Īana olv√≠date

No hay imagen que exprese lo que ven tus ojos descubriéndome, Alec continued to sing, looking Magnus right in they eyes.

"Do you um... do you know anything about this?" Jace asked.

"No. I knew that Magnus was going to be performing. But I didn't expect anything from Alec." Clary said honestly.

Intenta estar en el presente

Y del ma√Īana olv√≠date

No hay imagen que exprese

Lo que ven tus ojos descubriéndome

Alec sang, looking deep into Alec's eyes. Magnus waved his magic around the microphone in Alec's hands and he created another one.

No hay palabras que inventar

Yo lo veo en tu mirar

Deja el corazón hablar

Puedo oír lo que tu alma escribe, Magnus sang with the widest smile on his face.

Alec continued on to him, moving over with in a small circle. Yo quiero abrazarte al sol

Solos al amanecer

No preciso de tu vos

Puedo oír lo que tu alma escribe

Magnus and Alec continued to sing the song, smiles wide on their face. Maryse watched the two of them from the side of the gardens. The queen was smiling to herself, thinking of the happiness that her son seemed to radiating. She smiled, not even seeing as the captain walked up behind her.

"My queen." he said to her.

The queen didn't turn to look at her. She sighed and adjusted her dress. "Captain Garroway. How nice to see you again."

Luke nodded. He looked over at the prince and then back at Maryse. "You know um... that song... it always reminds me of you. Of us."

Maryse sighed. She turned over to the captain. Luke took her hand and pressed a kiss against her silk glove. Maryse smiled and nodded. "Does it now? I didn't know that you spoke Spanish."

"I learned a long time ago." Luke said. "I mean, What your soul writes? I mean... how else can that not represent you and I?"

Maryse pulled her hand away. "Luke... I can't right now. I have to be seen for my son. The coronation is coming soon and I need to-"

"I know." Luke said with a smile, pressing a hand to the exposed shoulder from her light blue off the shoulder dress. "I know. It's okay. But just know, that I'll be waiting for you."

Luke pressed a kiss to Maryse's gloved hand again and he walked off. Maryse smiled. She was blushing widely.

Alec and Magnus finished the song, a smile on their faces. Magnus chuckled. Alec moved over and pressed his hand against Magnus' jaw. He smiled.

"Alec!" Robert called, walking up onto the stage and placing his hand on his son's bicep. "Are you coming. Our little battle is about the start."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, okay." Alec said, not looking away from Magnus' eyes. He moved over and pressed a kiss against his forehead. "Will you come with me?"

"Huh?" Magnus called.

"To the battle. Please?" Alec asked with a wide smile, holding one of Magnus' hands in both of his own.

Magnus smiled. The spell worked.

"Um... y-yeah. Sure!" Magnus said.

Alec smiled even wider. He held Magnus by the waist and walked past his father. Robert stood there dumbfounded.

What?, he mouthed.