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Stage Left! (Uh, your other left)

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“It is time to decide,” is Mr. Aizawa’s ominously monotoned statement when he enters the classroom that morning, cocooned in his usual yellow sleeping bag.

The class stares back at him, utterly nonplussed. You could’ve heard crickets chirping in the silence – if indeed any crickets were to be found in the vicinity, of course.

Finally Iida, ever the tireless leader of Class A and relentless in his efforts to secure the best outcomes for his fellow classmates, takes the bullet by standing up with a raised hand.

“Mr. Aizawa!” he yells, at a slightly-more appropriate decibel for indoor speech than in the previous year. (They’ve all grown as people since their first year, you know.) “We don’t understand what you mean. Please clarify what it is the time for us to decide and what the expectations are for this task!”

This pronouncement is accompanied by wild arm gesticulations which only narrowly miss clocking Asui upside the head or hitting Uraraka in the jaw. Mostly due to well-learned instincts the two girls exercise in ducking away from his flailing limbs. Because yeah, they’ve all changed, but not that much.

Mr. Aizawa sighs. It is a sigh that alludes to bone-deep tiredness and a sincere desire to disappear from this mortal plane.

He deigns to go into further detail.

“You are all now in the 2nd term of your second year,” he explains slowly, trying to spark at least some semblance of school-related thoughts in the currently post-holiday and post-Hero Internship brains of his rambunctious brats. “What major school event did you have during the 2nd term of your first year?”

“…Provisional license exams?” Ashido asks, even as Kaminari yells, “Hero internships!”

Which is entirely nonsensical even for Kaminari, because they’ve literally just completed their second term hero internships. This is literally their first class after returning to school from their second term hero internships.

The class turns to stare at Kaminari and Mr. Aizawa looks him over, noting the dazed vacancy in the boy’s eyes and the spot of drool at the corner of his mouth.

He sighs again.

Kaminari’s internship experience was all over the news for most of last week. Everyone’s seen him on TV alongside the agency of energy quirk pro-heroes he interned with, in a serious battle against a group of storm and lightning quirk villains.

Considering how much his brain must currently be fried, it’s impressive that Kaminari’s managed any level of coherent thought at all.

(See? Growth.)

Mr. Aizawa lets it pass.

Yaoyorozu, the sole voice of reason in this room, saves the day by snapping her fingers and proclaiming, “The School Festival!”

“Ahhhh,” says the rest of the class, finally enlightened.

“Yes,” Mr. Aizawa concurs, counting down the seconds till he can sink into the sweet embrace of sleep. “This homeroom period will be spent picking your theme and finalizing your plans for Class 2-A’s participation at the School Festival this year. You may talk amongst yourselves quietly and use the blackboard for decisions. Anyone who wakes me before the end of class will face consequences.”

His eyes turn red and glint demonically, hair temporarily eschewing gravity, to emphasize the seriousness of his vow. The students instinctively cower a bit.

Children sufficiently intimidated, Mr. Aizawa claps on a pair of noise-cancelling earbuds (‘So good, you won’t even hear Present Mic screaming in your ear!!!!’ the brand’s advertisements proclaim in various billboards across the city), folds into his sleeping bag, and promptly passes out.

“Well then,” Yaoyorozu says, stepping nimbly over the prone body of their unconscious teacher to stand before the class on the podium. “Does anyone have any good ideas for what we should do this year?”


And then an explosion of noise, simultaneously.

“A punk rock music show!” Kaminari yells like it’s the most interesting idea he’s ever had, even though they did a music show just last year. He points enthusiastically at Jirou. “Y’all have heard her. Sista can play!”

Jirou looks flustered by the compliment but doesn’t look displeased.           

“We already did a music show,” Asu-, that is, Tsuyu, points out. “I think we should do something else this year, ribbit.”

“A martial arts fight exhibition!” Kirishima contributes with a sharp-toothed grin. “Those are super cool and manly!”

“We should have all the girls do a pole – “ That’s as far as Mineta gets before Sero casually flicks an elbow to tape up his mouth. The Tape Hero frowns thoughtfully for a second and then tapes up Mineta’s entire face for good measure, leaving only a small bit of open space around the nose for breathing.

Because they’re training to be heroes and intentional murder of a classmate, no matter how aggravating and disgusting the person, is probably very unheroic. Probably.

The entire class ignores the unfortunate blimp of Mineta’s continued existence in their lives to soldier on with their discussion.

“We should have an on-stage bake-off competition!” Satou says, a rare instance of enthusiastic participation from the generally quiet boy.

“Or an on-stage animal circus!” Kouda signs, an even rarer instance of participation from an even quieter boy.

“I believe a well-respected theatrical production might be an excellent idea for such an event,” Tokoyami’s voice rises above the general din, calming the chaos a bit. “Might I propose choosing a thrilling saga of psychological exploration into the darker parts of human nature, such as ‘Hamlet’ perhaps, or maybe ‘Macbeth’?

“Hell yeah Hamlet!” comes support from a seemingly-unlikely quarter, Kaminari. “To be or not to be, that is the question!”

The class turns to collectively stare at the still-dazed-looking Kaminari and the unruffled Tokoyami as they digest this suggestion.

Yaoyorozu is nodding slowly when they all recover and turn back to the front, her hand cupping her cheek in thought as she stands before the class.

“A play might not be a bad idea for a theme, actually,” she states, creating a piece of red chalk in her hand and twirling it idly between her fingers.

“But I don’t wanna do a serious play!” Ashido complains, flopping back in her seat. “Hamlet is boring.”

“Yeah, if we’re doing a play it should be a cute and romantic one!” Hagakure says, possibly also moving her arms to emphasize her point, because they can’t actually see her arms, of course, only the sleeves of her clothes flapping about.

“I don’t want to do just a completely romantic play though, ribbit,” Tsuyu pipes up. “That would be too ordinary. I think it should have some action, so we can all use our Quirks to develop the show.”

“I don’t mind as long as our theme allows us all to shine, brighter than the stars in the sky!” is Aoyama’s helpful input.

“So, do we all agree on doing a play then, to start with?” Yaoyorozu brings back some control to the proceedings. There are a few minor sounds of protest but nothing to indicate any vehement objections.

With relief, Yaoyorozu turns to the blackboard and writes ‘CLASS 2-A: PLAY’ in bold letters. She steps back, satisfied.

“Any other ideas on which play to pick?” she asks when she turns back to the class.


Those non-existent crickets can definitely be heard chirping.

“Um,” a timid voice says and the whole class whips around to stare at Midoriya.

Well, whole class except Bakugou (who is firmly projecting an air of derisive inattention, you know, to maintain his aesthetic), Mineta (who is still firmly wrapped in Sero’s tape, now also extending to his arms and legs), and Todoroki (who is absently staring out the window looking like he’s thinking Serious Intense Thoughts, though in actuality is probably fantasizing about the cold soba he will have for lunch).

As Midoriya continues to speak, however, Todoroki’s gaze moves to focus solely on his green-haired classmate with an intensity surpassing even the attention he pays to his lunch or in battle.

A sign of true love, if you ask the girls of Class A.

(But that’s a topic for later.)

“I was just thinking,” Midoriya stutters a bit, freckled cheeks dusting a faint pink as he feels everyone’s attention trained on him.

For a boy who frequently gives rousing, life-affirming speeches mid-battle to boost morale and corral his classmates towards doing incredible feats, he gets surprisingly tongue-tied and flustered when at the receiving end of regular classroom attention.

“So, there was a movie we were watching yesterday,” he finally continues, half-mumbling. “We as in, I mean with my mom, when I was visiting her over the weekend after our internship ended – and I think it’s a movie adapted from a play actually, I vaguely remember reading that somewhere, it’s an old movie from the west so all of you may not know of it but it’s definitely got good plot and a lot of fantasy-magic elements that we can play out with our Quirks, not to mention plenty of action and even some romance like Ashido and Hagakure want, and it’s also a beloved tale of an underdog defeating a seemingly-unbeatable foe, which audiences generally tend to enjoy, so –“

“Just fucking spit out what it is already, you useless nerd,” Bakugou yells, unable to keep feigning inattention for the aesthetic anymore due to his annoyance at Midoriya’s muttering. He turns in his seat to loom over Midoriya, snarling, small explosions going off in his clenched palms.

“Babe, rude, sit down,” Kirishima interrupts, frowning over at his boyfriend from his own desk. “We’ve talked about this.”

“Huh?!” Bakugou turns his snarl towards Kirishima, but does in fact, wonder of wonders, sit back down. Even his snarl doesn’t look as murderous as it typically does.

“Wow,” Kaminari says, still not having fully recovered his wits or his sense of self-preservation. “Kirishima sure has a good leash on his boyfriend, eh?”

He then hastens his own impending demise by miming a whip and making a pshoow sound.

The explosion Bakugou lets out at that briefly shakes the walls and fills the room with a distinct (and unfortunately familiar) scent of smoking dynamite. The situation would likely have devolved further, if not for the lump of yellow sleeping bag moving and letting out a particularly displeased grunt at that moment.

The class resettles into order in a hurry, even Bakugou. They have learned by now to take Aizawa’s threats of murder for interrupting his sleep very seriously.

“What were you saying, Midoriya?” Yaoyorozu’s voice is strained. “You have an idea for a play we could do?”

“Yes!” Midoriya squeaks, then clears his throat. “I was thinking, maybe, ‘The Perilous Quest of the Prince and the Peasant’? It’s rather old, but it’s a classic and a crowd-pleaser and has a fun battle plot and enough characters for all of us to have good roles!”

“That is an excellent suggestion, Midoriya!” Iida pipes up, still louder than the average human being speaking indoors with a sleeping teacher on the floor should. But, baby steps. “I remember the story from my childhood! It is an excellent story of chivalry, heroism, true friendship, and teamwork! It will be very appropriate for a school play meant to develop within us the true spirit of UA!”

“And the Prince and the Peasant Girl get married in the end, and their wedding scene is sooo romantic!” Uraraka pops up over Iida’s shoulder to add. Ashido and Hagakure make noises of enthusiastic agreement.

“The Dark King is a most fearsome foe,” Tokoyami adds approvingly.

 Shouji nods in solidarity with his friend.

“So, we all agree then? We’ll do ‘Prince and the Peasant’ for our School Festival this year?” Yaoyorozu checks, then turns to the blackboard to write ‘THE PERILOUS QUEST OF THE PRINCE AND THE PEASANT’ beneath the previous words.

She smiles, clearly satisfied at their quick progress in deciding things so far. And really, it is remarkable that Class A has come to a consensus and formed a firm plan of action so quickly, and without even any blood spilt or major property damage!

“We still have quite a bit of time left, everyone,” Yaoyorozu continues. “How about we start deciding on the cast for the play!”

“Yes!” the class choruses, excited.

“I have downloaded a quick summary of the character list and their roles in the play for you, Yaoyorozu!” Iida says, coming forward with his phone extended, glasses flashing with PurposeTM.

“Before we start picking roles, is there anyone who would prefer to not have an on-stage role?” Yaoyorozu asks, taking the proffered list and skimming through it. “We would need a few stage managers, to ensure proper sound and light effects and for assisting in moving props on and off stage.”

“I’d prefer to be offstage doing sound effects, honestly,” Jirou says, raising her hand. “I don’t really want to do lines or act.”

“Me too!” Hagakure pipes up from her seat. “I don’t like everyone looking at me, I’d prefer to do stage management!”

“That’s a great job for you, Toru,” Tsuyu points out, over the quiet mutter of Ojiro going, “But no one can see you”. “You could move small props in and out during the play and it wouldn’t be too noticeable.”

“If you’re sure, you two?” Yaoyorozu checks and they nod their assent. Or at least, they think Hagakure does. “Anyone else?”

Satou and Kouda raise their hands to be stage managers too.

“I could move all props in and out by myself, as long as I had cupcakes ready to bulk up,” Satou says. “I think I would do better working behind the scenes!”

“I would also like to assist with backstage management,” Kouda signs in nervous motions, flushing adorably like the cinnamon roll he is. “I feel very shy before large crowds.”

“That works perfectly, actually,” Yaoyorozu muses, turning to the board. She writes Hagakure, Jirou, Satou, and Kouda’s names under ‘Stage and Sound Managers’. “We have about 12 characters that are absolutely crucial to the plot, but that can be extended to 16, so we should be able to work it all out!”

“Yaoyorozu!” Iida gestures robotically at her right. “How do you propose we allot the roles in the fairest manner, so no one feels like they’ve missed out on the character that they want the most?”

“A vote?” Uraraka suggests.

“A lottery?” Tsuyu proposes. “We could pick a character for each of us from a bowl, that would be really fair.”

“But that might form some unsuitable matchups,” Midoriya points out, frowning thoughtfully. “Ideally, we’d allot characters based on Quirks. For example, Class B’s play in our first year was so successful because they had Shiozaki playing the Queen of the Elves so she could make her vines move like a forest, and Kuroiro’s quirk made some awesome Dementors.”

“That is a great point, Midoriya! It would indeed be of the highest benefit to pick cast members based on quirks first,” Iida agrees.

“Tokoyami and Dark Shadow would make for an amazing Dark King,” Midoriya continues, enthusiasm building. “Especially if we had him team up with Aoyama to create the Dark King’s laser-light attacks in the final battle!”

“This suggestion pleases me,” Tokoyami says.

“Oui, the audience will be awed by my fierce sparkling light!” Aoyama says.

Shouji nods in stoic support once more, because he’s a good guy like that.

Yaoyorozu turns to the board, quickly writing ‘DARK KING AND HIS POWERS: TOKOYAMI & AOYAMA’.

“And you should be the Mystic Warrior, Yaomomo!” Jirou exclaims. “His whole power is pulling weapons from the mystic realm to battle the Dark King. You could use your Creation quirk to really make it look authentic!”

“Ahh, you think so?” Yaoyorozu asks, indecisive even as others in class rise up in support of the idea. “But the Mystic Warrior is a male character. He’s supposed to be very powerful and awe-inspiring, the long-lasting knight in the war against the Dark King.”

“I think,” Todoroki’s voice comes from the back, and the whole class whips around to stare, mostly because Todoroki contributing to a group conversation like this is still pretty rare.

(And also because he’s pretty to stare at.)

“I think we should make the casting gender-blind,” Todoroki says. “If the quirk or the person works well for the role, I don’t see why we need to stick to the original character design for minor stuff like that.”

“You heard the man!” Kirishima hoots, stretching all the way across the aisles to give Todoroki a fist-bump. “May the best warrior win!”

Todoroki blinks impassively at Kirishima’s outstretched fist for a moment before quietly returning the fist-bump.

“Alright,” Yaoyorozu says, pleased and flustered to have been chosen for such an important role and writes ‘MYSTIC WARRIOR: YAOYOROZU’ on the board. She already has so many awesome ideas for her costume!

“And I think Shouji should be the Moral Hunter!” Uraraka says. “He is one of the tallest and can use his arms to restrain the Cowardly Prisoner who leaks information about the Dragon Lord!”

“Good idea!”

“As for the Cowardly Prisoner…” Yaoyorozu trails off, the class as one turns to look at where Mineta is still entirely taped up to his desk. “Do you think you would be okay carrying Mineta all through the play on your back, Shouji?”

Mineta’s chair rocks back and forth furiously as the boy tries to voice something. Sero casually shoots more tape to stick the chair to the ground and stop its rocking, turning to Yaoyorozu with an impish grin, “I think Mineta’s trying to say he’ll be delighted with that role.”

With matching Cheshire-cat grins, the class watches as Yaoyorozu writes out Mineta’s very minor role in the play.

“Bakugou should be Dragon Lord Explosion Murder!” Kaminari exclaims. “He’s basically that character in real life anyway.”

“You wanna say that again to my face, Discount Pikachu?” Bakugou growls. But he doesn’t look as enraged as usual, which means he probably actually likes this idea.

“Ooh that would be perfect,” Midoriya concurs, rubbing his chin thoughtfully. “Especially if Kaminari and Kirishima are the Loyal Soldiers. Kaminari could add to Kacchan’s character by supplementing his explosions with electricity effects, and Kirishima would be perfect for standing in the middle of that in fight scenes!”

The class lets out a general rumble of agreement and Yaoyorozu adds their names to the list on the blackboard.

They all take a minute to read the list, excitement mounting.

It’s all really coming together!

“Todoroki should be the Prince!” Ashido squeals, and Hagakure, Aoyama, and Uraraka holler in support. “The Prince is supposed to be incredibly powerful, and the handsomest in the land, and Todoroki is the Class A prettyboy!”

Todoroki looks around at the multiple nods to this, startled.

“But,” he says, left hand twitching to unconsciously lift towards his scar. He stops himself and straightens, slipping into his serene and unbothered façade once more. “This is a title role. Shouldn’t someone with experience being onstage do it? I’ve never been in a play before.”

“Nor have most of us, Todoroki,” Midoriya reassures, turning in his seat to smile at the other boy. “Plus, the Prince’s famous battle scene uses natural elements to take on the Dark King. We could reimagine it into like, Shield of Ice and Sword of Fire or something and you’d be so cool!”

Todoroki visibly melts under Midoriya’s warm encouraging smile and the girls (and a few of the more perceptive boys) of Class A sigh internally at the sheer obliviousness of these dumb idiots in love.

“Alright then,” Todoroki nods, decision made. “I’ll be the Prince.”

“You already are the Prince of our hearts, mon cher,” Aoyama blows a kiss from the front, and Uraraka giggles at Todoroki’s ensuing blush.

Yaoyorozu adds his name to the board.

“Any other nominations?” she asks, looking around the class.

There’s a beat of silence and Iida says, glasses flashing as he adjusts them, “I think Uraraka should play The Mage. Most of the powers for that role involve levitation, and Uravity is the perfect choice for that”

Uraraka beams at being offered one of the major supporting roles, nodding with great enthusiasm.

This leaves just Tsuyu, Ojiro, Midoriya, Iida, Sero, and Ashido without roles already decided.

Since they can’t think of any particular reason why one of them should or should not play any of the remaining roles on the sheet, the class agrees to decide the rest by lottery.

Yaoyorozu writes down the characters left to fill on six little sheets of paper pulled from her wrists, drops them into a bowl made at her thigh, and passes it around to the classmates in question.

Ojiro gets the Village Commander, and Tsuyu the role of the Oracle. Ashido picks the Assassin Barmaid, and Sero the Outlaw. That leaves just two of the main roles to fill – the Knight and the Peasant.

Iida gets the Knight.

Which leaves Midoriya to be the Brave Peasant, a title character with a heart of gold, on a quest to save the realm through his newly-discovered powers!

Satisfied with their choices, the students all cheer and wrap up. With perfect timing, the bell rings to signal the end of homeroom, and Mr. Aizawa emerges from his sleeping bag like a particularly disgruntled butterfly exiting its cocoon.



Chat Group: Remember when Iida made this for “study purposes”

Alien Queen (1.21pm): Prince and the peasant movie night after school, be in the common room at 8!!!  

Tape-man (1.21pm): you know we cant agree to these terms till you tell us which version

Alien Queen (1.22pm): uhhhh, the 20XX original of course! Aka the only version thats VALID °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

Tape-man (1.23pm): ……………

Tape-man (1.23pm): (งಠ_ಠ)ง (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻


Chapter Text


By the time Midoriya enters the common room, it’s already pretty full.

Ashido and Sero are by the TV, continuing their debate on which film version they should watch, while Iida and Jirou chime in with support or dissent. Uraraka and Tsuyu are making giant batches of popcorn to share with the whole class, snack-filled bowls guided by Uraraka’s zero gravity and Tsuyu’s tongue bobbing across the hall to their designated recipients.

Hagakure, Aoyama, and Yaoyorozu have commandeered one couch to do each others’ nails, while Kaminari is spread across another on top of Shouji, Tokoyami, and Satou’s legs, idly playing with Ojiro’s tail who is sitting on the floor in front of them. Kouda’s brought his bunny downstairs, and it’s hopping around being unbearably adorable. Mineta is once again restrained, this time with his blankets, sturdy rope tying him up into a roll. (They really should make this permanent.)

Bakugou's lounging between Kirishima’s legs on one of the squashy loveseats, expression daring anyone to make fun of his cuddling with his boyfriend.

Which just leaves… an empty spot beside Todoroki on the other loveseat for Midoriya.

(Which is completely a coincidence of course, it’s not like the girls all conspired to make this seating arrangement happen, perhaps even going so far as to forcibly remove Kaminari from the loveseat before either Todoroki or Midoriya arrived at the common room, oh no, why would they do that…)

With a grin, Midoriya makes his way over, dropping to Todoroki’s left with a sigh.

Wordlessly, Todoroki holds out his giant bowl of popcorn and Midoriya scoops up a handful, shoving half of it at once into his mouth with a contented huff.

By now, the debate appears to have been resolved and the title credits play for the classic production of the story, made nearly a hundred years ago. It is the oldest and most accurate reproduction of the play, which is a good thing to watch to take notes for their own planned event.

The bad thing is, the movie’s like, four fricking hours long.

By the time they make it beyond the excitement of the final battle scenes to the concluding acts of the story, half the class is asleep.

Kirishima is possibly being smothered to death by Bakugou starfished on top of him, while Iida and Ojiro are sleeping on the floor sitting up and listing sideways against each other, only kept upright because of Ojiro’s tail. Kaminari is curled up like a kitten on Shouji’s lap, and drooling. Shouji himself is asleep, multi-arms arranged to form a comfortable pillow for Tokoyami and Satou’s heads as they all doze. (As mentioned before, he’s a good guy like that.)

The blanket lump that is Mineta hasn’t moved in a while.

Ashido is snickering quietly to herself as she pulls tape from a conked-out Sero’s elbows and sticks them all over his body to turn him into a patchwork mummy. The rest of the girls are also awake, as well as Aoyama, Midoriya, and Kouji, all raptly watching the grand scene where the Prince is crowned following the Dark King’s defeat.

Their own chosen prince, Todoroki, isn’t watching the scene, because he is also asleep. Head titled sideways to rest against Midoriya’s shoulder, his left side a pillar of warmth everywhere it’s pressed up against Midoriya’s body.

The boy hadn’t even made it as far as the midpoint of the movie, mumbling “I’m sleepy” sometime after the first act before passing out out against his classmate’s side.

The girls take in the tableau of the furiously-blushing Midoriya and his sleeping prince and smirk to themselves, Uraraka surreptiously taking a photo to add to The Archives.

And then comes the scene that makes Midoriya squeak loudly enough to make Todoroki shift around a bit and Bakugou let out a sleepy grumbling explosion across the room before resettling.

The girls’ smirks grow remarkably more wicked as they all watch the scene playing out on the TV before them.

Onscreen, the Peasant and the Prince are getting married, holding hands and exchanging vows before sharing a lovely, romantic and long kiss while the assembled audience cheers.

“Oh my god, I forgot about that,” Midoriya says in a strangled voice, eyes flickering in horror between the screen and the sleeping boy squished against his side.

“Get it, Midoriya,” Ashido cackles, and Midoriya makes a sound like a trodden mouse once more.

“Guys we can’t,” he protests, moving his arms frantically. Well, arm. The other is still being used as a pillow by Todoroki, who lets out a sleepily displeased huff at being jostled. Midoriya instantly stills, blushing even more than before, if that’s possible.

“It’s the final scene that ties the whole story together, Midoriya,” Yaoyorozu reasons with him. “Todoroki will agree with me on this too, if you ask him.”

“Plus, he’ll definitely think something weird’s going on if you change the script specifically so you don’t have to kiss him,” Jirou points out.

Is there something weird going on, by the way, Deku,” Uraraka’s evil grin is a jarring contrast to the honey sweetness of her voice. “Care to share with your helpful classmates?”

“I-I… N-Nothing, absolutely nothing weird here,” Midoriya stutters, face so red he looks like a freckled tomato, tuft of green at the top and everything. “Absolutely nothing weird!”

“Besides, it’s just for a show, just professional,” Tsuyu deadpans. “It’s not like you have any feelings or anything for Todoroki, right, ribbit?”

“Nope, no feelings whatsoever, absolutely without feelings, dead inside, that’s me…” he trails off on a squeak again as Todoroki shifts once more, cuddling closer to Midoriya this time, face dropping from his shoulder to bury into the side of Midoriya’s neck.

Midoriya looks like he might spontaneously develop a fire quirk, from how his face is flaming.

“Well, that’s all settled then,” Yaomomo says, smug at the mission being so well-executed, standing up and dusting off the popcorn crumbs on her skirt. “I’m looking forward to starting practice tomorrow for the play. Good night, Midoriya!”

She makes for the door. With lightning efficiency, everyone else still awake gathers up their things (or in Kouda’s case, their bunny), and follows out after her, practically melting out of the room in seconds.

Leaving Midoriya wide-awake and choking on his own feelings in a common room full of sleeping classmates, held in place by his best friend (who he may or may not be crushing on) sleeping on him, the blue screen of death on the TV reflecting the static of his brain.


What Midoriya Izuku doesn’t know is, his big gay crush crisis that night isn’t hitting him out of nowhere but is, in fact, one tiny step in the carefully orchestrated masterplan that was concocted mere hours ago in these very dorms.

An hour before movie night, Yaoyorozu rearranges the giant blanket fort that is spread across their Base, where The Meetings are held once a week.

The Meetings started inadvertently one night in their 1st year, when, tired of Mineta being a fucking pervert, the girls lock-picked their way into one of the empty dorm rooms on the 5th floor for a spontaneous sleepover. Building a haphazard blanket fort made of pillows, bedsheets, plushies, and wooden poles (strangely, not provided by Yaoyorozu, but by Tsuyu with a ‘don’t ask’), the girls found solace that night by cuddling together in their masterful creation and plotting a giant prank to get back at the grape trash.

Over time, the blanket fort grows in size, the innocuous dorm room becomes a Base, and The Meetings become a regular thing. And after Aoyama helps then in their masterplan against Mineta, it only becomes logical to make him a part of The Meetings.

So that day at 7pm, they convene there to discuss the important issue of the incoming TodoDeku Emotional TrainwreckTM.

“They’re just such oblivious idiots,” Ashido wails, flopping on her back, mouth stuffed full of the chocolate treacle Yaoyorozu’s provided for the event.

“Though, considering they’re going to play the main romantic leads in a play, getting all up close and personal with each other for a solid month for practice and everything, maybe this’ll be the time they finally get a clue?” Uraraka suggests, looking hopeful.

“Ochako,” Tsuyu says drily. “They have been up close and personal since the first time they actually had a conversation.”

The group nods, remembering the #intense that was TodoDeku during their first year Sports Festival.

“Yeah, finally have a huge gay crisis and internally self-destruct, more like,” Jirou snorts, popping a piece of toffee into her mouth. She chews, thoughtful. “Though you’re right, Ocha. This is a golden opportunity to make the two blockheads admit their feelings for each other.”

“And even if things don’t go far enough that they actually confess to each other at the end of it, maybe this will all at least put them on the course towards getting together?” Hagakure is full of optimism. “…At some point?” Even her optimism flags in the face of this herculean task.

“Though I’m not sure I’d trust Todoroki and Midoriya to be left to their own devices on matters of the heart anyway,” Yaomomo muses. “That just sounds like a recipe for disaster. They need proper guidance…”

“But I also don’t think we should meddle in their lives too much, ribbit. People are hard to predict. We don’t want to be responsible for actually screwing up whatever they’re moving towards.”

“Moving like a sloth,” Jirou snorts. “…But you have a point.” 

Everyone eats their snacks in silence, pondering this perplexing conundrum.

Oui, we don’t want to meddle too much, but we definitely all agree they need a push, yes?” Aoyama strikes a dramatic pose, staring ahead like he’s looking into a camera. The girls all turn to stare at the spot he’s focused on so intensely, but as always, there is no camera or recording device or magical portal linking to another dimension to be found where Aoyoma’s looking.

They turn back to the glittering boy.

“So, we just have to put our collective beautiful heads together and come up with a plan!” his pose changes, but he’s still looking at the same spot in the air. (The girls check again, despite themselves. Still nothing. Oh well.) “We should aspire to act as the shining north star in the dark sky of their love story, unerringly guiding them on the path to eternal happiness!”

“Translating from Aoyama-speak,” Uraraka says. “We don’t overtly meddle, like locking them in the storage closet for two hours, or forcing them to have kissing practice in the common room every morning, or baking them a ‘congrats on the sexual tension’ cake, or hiring a plane to write ‘just fuck already’ in the sky.” (She lists all this with the air of a woman who has frequently been driven to enough frustration to actually consider going to such ridiculous lengths. But then again, Uraraka is the closest to the source of the idiocy being presently discussed. It is bound to eventually drive a woman round the bend.) “Instead, we just… tweak their lives, just a bit, optimize the situation when they spend time together. Just a little bit. To facilitate their feelings realization.”

The occupants of the Base all look at each other as they process this, a wide devious grin growing on their faces the more they think on it.

(Somewhere, in the underworld, Satan feels a cold shiver zing up his spine for no reason he can pinpoint.)

“Ladies, and Chosen Ally,” Yaomomo commands, quickly producing seven little notebooks with attached pens, etched with a logo of two hearts (one half-red half-white, the other emerald green) at the top of the cover. She passes them out. “Please write down every shojo trope you can think of that could be plausibly recreated in our present narrative. We have ourselves a romcom masterplan to create.”

(If Midoriya and Todoroki could see the discussions that ensue in that room Base for the next forty-five minutes, they’d both be highly impressed by the sheer level of multidimensional planning that is being displayed by their classmates.

But mostly they’ll just be scared.

Very, very scared.)



When Todoroki arrives exactly four minutes before the allotted meeting time for movie night like the predictable, punctual little hero he is, bless his heart, he does not see the hair-raising smirk the girls of Class-2A and Aoyama share, before imperceptibly herding their oblivious prince to sit on the recently-forcibly-evacuated loveseat, with exactly 45 seconds to spare before Midoriya should arrive in the common room… and ah, here he comes.

And just like that, Step 1 Part A is off to a promising start!



Chat Group: Grape Extermination Squad

Urachako (12.46am): <image attached> Todoroki is asleep, head on Midoriya’s shoulder, body curled slightly to slump completely against the other boy. He looks serene and adorable. Midoriya’s blush is visible even in the low light of the room, but there is a slight, gentle smile curving his mouth as he seems to lean his head towards Todoroki, nose briefly buried in mussed red-and-white hair.

Alien Queen (12.47am): Ohhhhh myyyyyy goooooooood

Alien Queen (12.47am): My precious babiesssssss (TεT)

Alien Queen (12.51am): When you find your spirits flagging and your soul without hope, when the very universe appears to conspire for your failure and the path ahead is plagued by doubts. Look then, my maties, at this blessed reason for our continued struggle, and take hope that we are indeed fighting the (un)holy fight!

Tsuyu (1.01am): Mina, have you been reading those western pirate romance novels again?


Alien Queen changed the chat name from ‘Grape Extermination Squad’ to ‘Fighting the (un)holy fight’.  

Chat Group: Fighting the (un)holy fight

StereoHeart.mp3 (1.22am): Lmao good one Mina


Chapter Text

Chat Group: Remember when Iida made this for “study purposes”

Deku SMASH (5.51am): So for anyone else whos thought before what else Seros tape can be used for apart from hero stuff

Pi-kaa-chuuu (5.51am): Yes and the answer is bondage

Deku SMASH (5.52am): I just saw him in the boys common showers ripping off all his arm hair and eyebrows while screaming because Ashido stuck them a little too much last night

Deku SMASH (5.53am): Kaminari whyyshkshdjshkdjhshk

Deku SMASH (5.53am): Why

Deku SMASH (5.54am): It’s not even six in the morning yet can we not

CrimsonRiotFan (5.54am): can we knot* ftfy

CrimsonRiotFan (5.55am): ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Pi-kaa-chuuu (5.55am): ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Deku SMASH (5.56am): sdhjksdjksdjkfgshd I QUIT

Pi-kaa-chuuu (5.56am): My man Kiri gets me. I love you my manly bro ( *¯³¯*)♡

CrimsonRiotFan (5.57am): Bro ♡♡(Ō̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ ԑ Ō̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ )

MurkBROw (5.58am): Why are you both like this.

Deku SMASH (5.58am): ^ what Tokoyami said same

im number one (5.59am): If all you bitches don’t stop yapping on here at the asscrack of dawn every goddamn day I will REARRANGE YOUR FACEAJDSF


Deku SMASH (6.02am): Did you not find the ‘mute group’ button I told you about last week so it doesn’t disturb you Kacchan?

Deku SMASH (6.03am): <image attached> Screenshot of Midoriya’s phone screen with a helpful arrow pointing to where the mute option for the chat is. Here’s a screenshot so you can see! :)

Deku SMASH (6.04am): Aaand judging by that explosion we just heard im guessing that wasn’t the problem hahaha...

Deku SMASH (6.05am): Oh look at the time im so late for all the things I need to be doing. Haha. Bye.



im number one (6.09am): fuck you shitty deku I dontn eed your goddamn help!!6

red velvet cupcake (6.13am): @Yaomomo Sorry, these earmuffs weren’t strong enough either. Close, but I could still hear the explosions through the floor. Would you mind trying again to see if you can make a heavier-duty noise-cancelling one?

Yaomomo (6.15am): Ah I’m sorry to hear that Todoroki! Don’t worry, I’ll research into some more materials to see if we can find a better configuration!

im number one (6.15am): Fuck you, you half-and-half bastard.

red velvet cupcake (6.16am): Thank you, Yaoyorozu.

CrimsonRiotFan (6.17am): babe since youre awake and clearly calmed down enough that youre hyphenating your insults and everything

CrimsonRiotFan (6.18am): ill be there in 10 to get you for our morning run!!!ヾ(●ε●)ノ

im number one (6.20am): Stop sending me that stupid face shit

im number one (6.20am): Fine. See you soon.



Izuku has barely set foot in the corridor leading to Class-2A the morning after movie night when he suddenly finds himself with an armful of tall, red-white, and unfairly gorgeous.

His brain briefly short-circuits, one half scrambling and panicking while the other half crashes some cymbals and throws a fucking party, because is that Todoroki Shouto’s waist that Izuku’s hands are currently splayed over and gripping, are those Todoroki Shouto’s abs he can feel through the thin uniform shirt, ah, oh yes, welp, they are, Izuku just felt them move as Todoroki took a breath and wow is he ripped ohmygod, oh my god

“Ah,” says Todoroki, and a thin mist of cool air that smells like peppermint leaves his mouth to waft over Izuku’s face.

Waft over Izuku’s face because they are basically nose-to-nose, and Izuku can see every single one of Todoroki’s eyelashes, and wow even they are differently colored on the two sides of his face Izuku never noticed –

“Oh,” say the brain cells in Izuku’s head that just died a sudden, untimely death.  

Because Todoroki fucking Shouto’s fucking eyelashes are right there all up in Izuku’s business, and him doing that ice-frost-breathing thing is even more attractive to see up close than it looks from afar, and he’s just standing there letting Izuku feel up his abs through his uniform like they’re in a fucking hentai, and Izuku’s mental narrative has never said ‘fuck’ so many times or thought the word ‘hentai’ in school before in his life, but Izuku doesn’t even care about his slow descent into hell, because Todoroki’s abs and face and eyelashes and everything and his breath smells like fucking peppermint????? Izuku cannot even, he doesn’t even mind that his body is covered in ice right now honestly, because he –

Uh, pause, wait.

His body is covered in ice.

He looks down, blinks, looks up and sees that both he and Todoroki are wrapped in a giant blob of ice. They're standing there like weird plants that grew out of the middle of an iceberg.

“Um?” Izuku questions, in lieu of using actual words, but Todoroki being actual human perfection and all seems to get it.

“Oh, sorry,” Todoroki says in a flat voice, but he’s doing eyebrow twitch no. 27 + downturned mouth no. 41, which means he’s presently feeling very embarrassed and sheepish.

About what, Izuku wonders as steam gently rises in the air around them with Todoroki melting the ice.

(Generally, Izuku would feel bad about not helping no matter how nonsensical the guilt, but this time considering how his face has felt on fire for the past 2 minutes, he thinks he’s definitely doing his fair share of the ice-melting as far as he’s concerned.)

“I stumbled trying to catch something I dropped so I started throwing out some ice to cushion my fall,” Todoroki explains as they wait for the ice to dissolve. Izuku puts in a very valiant effort to not stare at Todoroki’s mouth the whole time and fails spectacularly.

But then again, they’re literally less than an inch away! Izuku is only a mere mortal.

“But then you turned the corner and crashed in at the same time and I got distracted and ended up wrapping us both in it,” Todoroki is definitely embarrassed. His face has been growing steadily redder the longer he looked at Izuku while talking, and now a delicate infusion of peach rose dusts his cheeks invitingly, unlike the splotchy tomato Izuku’s own face becomes whenever he blushes.

Ugh. Life is so unfair.

But then again, life is also blessed, because Izuku just got a premium front-row seat to admire the way Todoroki’s blush brings out the heterochromia in his eyes with devastating effect.

(This crush could not have found a more inconvenient time to make itself known to Izuku.

Stupid movie night ruining his entire life. Stupid play.

The play, where he’ll fake-marry Todoroki in a fake royal wedding and then share a fake-wedding kiss and pretend to be all in fake-love with Todoroki.

Hahaha. It’s all good.


“Uh, Midoriya,” Todoroki says, and Izuku looks up, getting lost in those pretty, pretty eyes again.

Why is this happening now. He could’ve sworn he was a semi-functional human being around Todoroki even two weeks ago.

(But then again, two weeks again he hadn’t spent half a night with Todoroki’s sleepy breaths warming his neck, Todoroki’s body wrapped over his chest, as Izuku lay there running guilty fingers through silken strands that smelled like crushed pine and honeysuckle. Two weeks ago, he hadn’t spent the the darkest hours of a night surrounded by sleeping classmates, letting a realization he’s been too afraid to admit to himself for over half a year finally meet its dawn. Admit to himself about what exactly it means when his stomach flutters like that every time Todoroki smiles, what that absolute desperate need to see him happy is all about.

About what exactly it means when the brightest parts of each day most days of his life have Todoroki in them.

And two weeks ago, he certainly hadn’t felt the way his heart squeezed with yearning when Todoroki woke up at 3am to finally head to his own room, discombobulated and tired, mumbling Midoriya’s name apologetically around a yawn, looking so cozy and warm...

Looking like home.)

“Just, the ice is all melted now so,” Todoroki says with a slight cough, delicate peach darkening to a deep rose on his cheeks. It’s just as fetching, and does even more to bring out his heterochromia, the blue an unfathomable sunny ocean, while the grey warns of stormy skies.

Ahh, he really is an enchanting, fairytale prince.

Izuku continues to vacantly and dreamily smile up at Todoroki for way-too-long more number of seconds, before Todorki coughs once more, now starting to look as crimson as half his hair. And Izuku’s brain finally finds enough neurons to do the job of all the ones that died a few minutes ago, because Todoroki’s words filter in slowly through his numb skull and –

Izuku meeps and accidentally activates his Quirk, starting to jump back a dozen feet.

Except, there’s the minor problem that they’re literally standing at the top of a long stairway, and the only thing behind Izuku is air.

“Midoriya!” Todoroki’s shout is distant as Izuku panics.

He temporarily forgets to life, cartoonishly windmilling his arms in mid-air instead of trying to find actual feasible solutions like activating his Quirk, and oh oops he’s falling about fifteen feet, haha it’s been a good time, and at least this will only break a bone not kill him, so ha, but then oh, oh no he’s not falling why is he not – oh.

The staircase is full of crystalline ice, glinting beautifully in the serene morning sunlight.

And they’re right back where they started, this time with Todoroki’s hands wrapped around the tops of Izuku’s thighs, and his face at the distinctly-uncomfortable spot of right between Izuku’s legs, level with his crotch.

For crying out loud.

It’s not even 8am can’t you cut me some slack, Izuku thinks a little hysterically at the universe.

The universe remains unimpressed.

“Sorry, I overdid it,” Todoroki mumbles, and yeah, understatement. Starting at where Todoroki is touching him, Izuku’s limbs are completely encased in ice, extending from him to five meters on all sides, like he’s some particularly ridiculous flower that just explodo-frost-bloomed.

Unfortunately, this means most of Todoroki is also caught in his own blast radius, legs stuck to the floor with thick chunks of ice. Which means his beautiful, perfect face is gonna be existing in Izuku’s crotch area for at least the next three minutes while they melt the ice and...

Izuku feels his soul slowly leak out his body.

But mortification or not, he’s still a teenage boy with an active imagination and a very healthy libido.

And that part of him is wide awake because the vision before him right now is – oh boy.

Todoroki’s all flushed heated skin, soft lips and striking eyes as he looks up at Izuku from between his legs, impassive look and neatly-parted red-and-white hair just begging to be messed up. And Izuku can imagine it so easily, ah the things he can see in his head…

He apologizes mentally to Todoroki, his mother, All Might, and every owner of One for All before him, because he is a dirty, dirty boy and does not deserve them.

“I’m going to activate my fire to hurry this along,” Todoroki interrupts Izuku’s existential crisis and then makes the situation much, much worse by setting half of himself on fire.

Okay, see, if there’s two things Izuku has always endlessly loved, it’s heros and Quirks. Anyone can tell you nothing delights Izuku as much as seeing a new hero come on the scene, to be analyzing their Quirk, and figuring out how their powers work. He even feels guilty for this passion sometimes, because villains often have some truly extraordinary Quirks and Izuku’s never been able to contain his excitement even then, because Quirks are just so interesting.

So, what Todoroki decided to do right now is – Quirk-pun fully intended – throw more fuel on a raging, horny fire.

Izuku watches, almost in horror, as the gorgeous creature between his legs straightens and then a tendril of flame licks at the corner of Todoroki’s left eye, rapidly growing till it develops into a moderately-terrifying inferno.

But Todoroki is amazing with his Quirk, so Izuku doesn’t even worry about the literal bonfire a half dozen inches from his crotch. Instead he just stares at the way the fire lights up Todoroki’s eyes, the force of his Quirk creating a breeze that buffets his hair, red-and-white actually messed up now like Izuku was just shamefully imagining a minute ago.

The perfect control over his Quirk, the way his skin glows in the firelight. The way it makes his grey eyes come alive, a metaphorical fire in his ice side, too, because it’s all just his Quirk isn’t it, just one incredibly devastating power in one incredibly devastating boy…

(Izuku can’t believe he’s gone from ‘oh my god maybe I want to kiss my best friend’ to ‘oh my god I want to do every dirty thing I’ve ever seen in porn with my best friend’ in the span of 12 hours.)

His brain’s definitely imagining it though, it’s imagining things that are definitely not appropriate for only 8am on a school morning.

But in his head, in his illogical impossible fantasies, Todoroki, flaming and gorgeous, walks up to Izuku, and looking at him coyly, blushing, he says, “Midoriya, do you perhaps want to fuck me?”

He is pulled out of his active mental sinning because, Todoroki, putting out his flames and gorgeous, walks up to Izuku, and looking at him, blushing, he says, “Midoriya, do you want to –“

“No!” Izuku squeaks so loudly it’s a wonder a few glass panes of the windows lining the corridor don’t shatter. He waves his arms, flushing so furiously he can feel the blood rushing in his face. “No, I wasn’t thinking anything like that, I promise, I no nononononono –“

“- head to class,” Todoroki finishes, looking taken aback. “Erm, homeroom is about to start…?”

No seriously, where are villains when you need them? Izuku would like a potential life-threatening battle right now, please and thank you.

His further embarrassed squawking is interrupted by a resounding slap that echoes through the corridor.

Both Izuku and Todoroki freeze and turn to look for the source of the sound, to see –

The girls of Class-2A and Aoyama are all standing in front of the classroom door, face buried in one hand and seemingly groaning in frustation. The only explanation that makes sense is all the girls (and Aoyama), for whatever reason, decided to cluster in front of the class and violently facepalm, simultaneously.

Which actually makes no sense, so that can’t be right.

Izuku blinks at them non-plussed. And then feels a deeply malevolent aura enshroud him from behind.

“Midoriya, Todoroki,” says the dead voice of their teacher, with that undercurrent of ‘problem child, I will make you regret being born if you’re gonna cause trouble for me right now’, and Izuku thinks maybe this is the universe punishing him for all his sinning today.

“M – Mr. Aizawa,” he stutters, facing his teacher, whose tired, bloodshot eyes look even less ready to deal with his class’ bullshit than usual. “Uh, we, uh, we were just –“

Mr. Aizawa’s eyes trail slowly over all of Izuku, and then all of Todoroki, before slowly drifting over the slightly-steaming, vapor-filled sauna of a corridor, and finally landing on the girls (and Aoyama) still clustered at the class entrance, gawking.

He sighs. Deeply.

“I honestly just don’t want to know,” he says, a weariness that has infected his very marrow evident in his tone. “As long as I don’t know, I don’t need to make it my business. But if all your butts aren’t at your seats in the classroom in the next 15 seconds, I’m giving all of you detention till you graduate.”

There’s a shuffle behind Izuku as the girls (and Aoyama) scramble.

He doesn’t look away though as Mr. Aizawa’s eyes flicker once more over Izuku and Todoroki, and Izuku just feels like all his mental sinning is writing itself in neon pink over his head like, ‘this boy was just fantasizing about his best friend’s mouth wrapped around his dick’!

Aizawa just sighs again though.

“Leave. Now.”

They don’t need telling twice. Izuku and Todoroki scarper.

But later, during Math, Izuku’s eyes wander as he ponders trigonometry and they alight on Todoroki, whose own wandering gaze catches Izuku at the exact same moment.

Todoroki smiles. It’s a soft little uptick of his lips, eyes crinkling slightly at the corner. It’s fond. It only lasts a second.

They both go back to doing their problems.

Izuku feels sunshine in his soul and little flowers blooming in his heart for long after that.



Chat Group: Remember when Iida made this for “study purposes”

Tape-man (11.09am): If one more person in this school laughs at my eyebrows today and says ‘don’t worry about it’ as I pass by, I’m having Uraraka use her quirk to yeet me off this planet.

Urachako (11.15am): (๑ʘ∆ʘ๑)

Alien Queen (11.16am): Im really sorry Sero I didn’t think I was sticking it on that badly last night!!! (;>⌂<;)

Alien Queen (11.17am): Meet me in the common room after classes today! I’ll bring down my eyebrow shaping kit and see what we can do to fix it!

Tape-man (11.18am): Apology conditionally accepted


Chat Group: Fighting the (un)holy fight

Urachako (2.04pm): Ive been trying to keep myself all day from texting in class but its one on one for practical training today anyways and I cant take this anymore sO GUYS THIS MORNIGN ASFHAIUWEGJKSDGJ


Alien Queen (2.06pm): If what you were seeing was Midori getting Todo on his dick in under 5 MINSUTES OF SEEEING HIM THEN YUP SAW IT SNAPPED IT ITLL BE ENSHRINED IN MY FUTURE HOUSE AS A HOLY OBJECT

Alien Queen (2.07pm): <image attached> Midoriya is captured in the ice, face looking purple from how much he’s blushing. Todoroki is between his legs, also blushing, face about six inches from Midoriya’s crotch. The sunlight glints prettily on the ice around them, throwing little light-flare rainbows.

Toru the Lightbender (2.08pm): I honestly dont even have words I feel like I hallucinated it all tbh I see the picture I know it occurred yet I don’t Believe. HOW IS THIS REAL LIFE

Tsuyu (2.09pm): But the real question is, where does this put us in our Plan? Are we two steps forward? Are we one step back?


Alien Queen (2.10pm): We just dont know.

Yaomomo (2.14pm): It seemed to me like Midoriya finally figured out how he felt about Todoroki.


Alien Queen (2.15pm): <image attached> Todoroki is on fire, face ducked, concentrating on melting their ice prison. Midoriya is just staring at him, and the expression on his face cannot be called anything except need.

Tsuyu (2.15pm): Mina, when did you even take all these pictures between the quiet squealing and slapping us all in the arm?

Alien Queen (2.16pm): I am a woman o fmany talents Tsu

Alien Queen (2.16pm): No but phew now that that’s out of my system, what do you think this all means guys

Alien Queen (2.17pm): Midori definitely figured out he likes Todo right, the ThirstTM was too real, you cannot be this thirsty for someone without having some inkling that maybe idk you have a GIGANTIC crush o n them???? right? Right?????

Alien Queen (2.18pm): Also whooo boy Aoyama that was harsh, come to us, we’ll comfort you from that assbeating Ojiro just dealt you with zero mercy

✰✧Twinkle✧✰ (2.19pm): ✧*。ヾ(。>﹏<。)ノ゙✧*。

✰✧Twinkle✧✰ (2.19pm): But being in this chat is proving enough to lift my spirits mes amies

Tsuyu (2.21pm): Also good job against Satou, Ochako. That was a very interesting matchup to watch!

Urachako (2.22pm): Ahh thanks! Yeah I feel like I learned a lot in there, and got a lot of new ideas I want to test!! o((*^▽^*))o

Urachako (2.22pm): And I agree w Mina. I think Deku definitely finally realized his feelings!!! I mean

Urachako (2.23pm): <image attached> Midoriya and Todoroki are standing in the middle of a cloud of steam from fresh melted ice, just staring into each other’s eyes. Todoroki’s face has a faint blush coloring it. Midoriya is just smiling up at him, dopy and full of fondness, clearly unaware of his surroundings.

Urachako (2.24pm): I thought Deku’s face was just so…different????? He was just standing there like lost in his head just LOOKING at Todo and SMILING?????? It was so cute????

Alien Queen (2.30pm): ………………………


Yaomomo (2.32pm): They really look lovestruck there don’t they? Even Todoroki!! But Midoriya oh definitely.

StereoHeart.mp3 (2.33pm): I didn’t realize I’d be returning from war to the TodoDeku wedding picture.



Tsuyu (2.35pm): Wow.



✰✧Twinkle✧✰ (2.39pm): Mesdames this calls for a celebratory Meeting.

✰✧Twinkle✧✰ (2.40pm): And a recalibration of our Plan because we are maybe more efficient than we thought.

Tsuyu (2.41pm): I’d say this is all just Deku and Todo so far though. All I did was give Todoroki some announcement flyers for the play and ask him to stick it on that corridor around when Deku would be coming up the stairs. The most I was hoping would happen was Todo asking for Deku’s help and them putting up some flyers together.

Tsuyu (2.42pm): And then they did the stumbling and stuttering into madness all by themselves lol.

StereoHeart.mp3 (2.43pm): Lol

StereoHeart.mp3 (2.43pm): Guess all that latent gay crisis needed to explode at some point.

Tsuyu (2.44pm): Lmao

Toru the Lightbender (2.45pm): hahahahahaha

Yaomomo (2.46pm): You’re right, Aoyama! Let us all meet tonight after Mina helps fix Sero’s eyebrows and figure out how we’re going to move this forward!

Urachako (2.46pm): Sounds like a plan ✧⁺⸜(●^▾^●)⸝⁺✧

Alien Queen (3.32pm): Its the best I could do on my phone but it is still dear to my heart

Alien Queen (3.33pm): <image attached> The background shows a gorgeous beach, with sunset coloring the waves in picturesque beauty. The focus of the picture is on a pretty wedding arch, below which a minister is standing, smiling beningly. Before the arch and the minister, clunkily-photoshopped, are Midoriya and Todoroki from Uraraka’s picture, Midoriya’s hands on Todoroki’s waist, his eyes unwavering and doting as they look up at him. Todoroki’s expression seems almost bashful. Apart from the bad photoshopping, their faces honestly wouldn’t look out of place in a wedding album. Mina has also added obnoxious glittery rainbow hearts all around their heads.

Toru the Lightbender (3.34pm): OHTMMY GODKSFJKAUDHFUGHJDG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Toru the Lightbender (3.35pm): Mina this is the greatest thing youve ever done


Chapter Text

Chat Group: Remember when Iida made this for “study purposes”

Alien Queen (7.16am): Toru I know it’s still your month for Todo but can I please share for a bit?

Pi-kaa-chuuu (7.17am): ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Get it Todoroki

Ojiro (7.18am): Will we ever begin a day without the lenny face emoji…

Toru the Lightbender (7.18am): Sure go for it Mina!!!

Toru the Lightbender (7.19am): Kaminari!!! (◔_◔) You know it’s for his username, you perv


Alien Queen changed username ‘red velvet cupcake’ to ‘red velvet prince’

Alien Queen (7.20am): Get ready Class-2A!! We are nearing the end of prop-making and preparations!!! Final prep session today and we start onstage practice from tomorrow (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧

Urachako (7.21am): Yeah!!! O(≧▽≦)O

Pi-kaa-chuuu (7.23am): One day when im a pro im gonna go on interviews and just casually slide in ‘oh btw we once had a class roster system for who got Todoroki that month’ with absolutely zero followup explanation

Pi-kaa-chuuu (7.24am): and just watch the internet explode

Pi-kaa-chuuu (7.24am): itll be sweet sweet mayhem and I will be their chaos king (ԾᴗԾ)

StereoHeart.mp3 (7.26am): Bold of you to assume you’ll even make it far enough as a Pro to get interviewed in the first place.

Tsuyu (7.27am): I doubt anyone would believe you have a chance with Todoroki even with a roster, Kaminari.

Ojiro (7.27am): Just passing by this chat gave me third degree burns.

Sugar Doping (7.28am): ^^^^

red velvet prince (7.29am): Kaminari if you’d like some ice or more burns before class, I can provide both in the common room.

CrimsonRiotFan (7.30am): TODOORORKIII

Toru the Lightbender (7.31am): IM

Urachako (7.32am): I love this class.

MurkBROw (7.45am): A mad banquet of darkness indeed.

Pi-kaa-chuuu (7.51am): (;◕⌓◕;)



It has not escaped the exasperated girls and Aoyama of Class 2-A’s attention that, since The Incident, Midoriya Izuku has been behaving around Todoroki Shouto not unlike a headless chicken on crack.

That first evening’s play practice, where they all decided on stage management and production issues – like what props they need, where to rent costumes, how quickly they can make the props before they can start onstage practice, how to efficiently manage Quirk-use within the show, how to rework the script to make it flow well, etc. – Midoriya acted a bit like a spooked cat, safely ensconcing himself between Shouji and Satou, a good few people separating him and Todoroki, and only talking to Todoroki when absolutely needed.

The Get-The-Idiots-Together Committee let that pass, thinking the boy just needed more time to process through his newly-discovered feelings of love and raging horniness, and take some time to gather himself together.

Then followed the most frustrating ten days of hot-and-cold behavior ever displayed (and not by the Half-hot, Half-cold Quirk user, either).

One day, Midoriya would basically look at Todoroki like the sun shone out of his ass, seeming to do everything to be as near the other boy as possible. (Enthusiastically putting himself forward to join gluing-glitter-to-props duty because Todoroki drew that unfortunate lot out of the box? Really? No one wants to get glitterglue all over themselves voluntarily. Absolutely no one.

Midoriya and Todoroki still shimmered a bit in random patches now, five days after that event.)

But the next, he’d look at Todoroki like a man confronting his own doom, running away ass over teakettle to do absolutely everything in his power to be as far from the other boy as possible. (That time he chose to team up with Bakugou stands out as particularly reckless self-endangerment. The cardboard trees they were painting that day still look rather dented and singed.)

So, after ten days of this flaming dumpsterfire of a relationship progress, the girls and Aoyama have Had Enough.

Hence came forth: Step 3 Part D – subclause A.

Step 3 Part D concoted at 1am the night before over pizza and ice cream, Subclause A added on hastily during practice because Kirishima nearly derailed the whole machination by volunteering to take Midoriya’s place while the green-haired boy stuttered.

(Kirishima still doesn’t understand the cold feeling of dread and mortal danger that zinged through him as he spoke up to go with Todoroki in Midoriya’s stead. He only knows that it instilled fear in him, a forboding so deep he backtracked quickly and agreed to help Aoyama perfect his laser-light show instead…)

It’s a little bit more overt meddling than the girls initially planned to do when they took on this challenge, but...

All’s well that ends well, right?




Chat group: Fighting the (un)holy fight

Toru the Lightbender (3.32pm): Targets locked and in sight, I am in pursuit.

StereoHeart.mp3 (3.35pm): Toru, you are not in Mission Impossible.

StereoHeart.mp3 (3.35pm): But good luck!

Alien Queen (3.36pm): MAKE SURE TO TAKE PICTURES

Tsuyu (3.40pm): Mina… these are our classmates not guys from some boyband that you can coo over and ship…

Urachako (3.41pm): I agree with Tsuyu but also

Urachako (3.42pm): MAKE SURE TO TAKE PICTURES.

Urachako (3.43pm): For The Archives of course. This is an important mission to add to our documentation.

Urachako (3.44pm): Only for that reason, of course.

Alien Queen (3.45pm): Of course (✿◉‿◉✿)



Izuku stares at the door to the costume rental store in confusion, uncomprehending of the giant ‘CLOSED TILL 6PM’ sign currently facing him. He blinks. And blinks again. A distant part of his brain is yelling.

“Perhaps Yaoyorozu had the timing wrong?” Shouto suggests, staring at the sign from beside Izuku with a slight (adorable) crinkle of his eyebrows. He turns his gaze to his phone screen, the crinkle deepening at the 4.05pm flashing back at him.

They have two whole hours to kill before the shop reopens.

It took them thirty minutes to walk here, which is just far enough to make heading back to UA campus and then coming back in the evening again not worth it. Besides, they don’t have anything else to really do anyway – the rest of the class is putting finishing touches on their props while Izuku and Todoroki went to get their ordered costumes. So, it’s not like they’re pressed for time or anyone’s waiting on them.

But this also means Izuku is going to be spending the next 120 minutes of his life with the source of his recently-discovered feelings… alone.

He emits a high-frequency chuckle, choking on his breath a bit. And now that (still adorable) eyebrow crinkle is trained at Izuku.

“Are you okay?” Todoroki inquires with polite concern. “If you are feeling breathless, there’s a pressure point on the…”

“Nope all good,” Izuku interrupts him with a bright smile – but perhaps he overdoes it a bit because Todoroki looks slightly more concerned rather than reassured. “Just thinking of what else to do for the next two hours, haha, I guess we can just sit on the sidewalk and catch up on social media on our phones or – arghhh!”

The yell, because something invisible with the force of a mini-bullet train just struck him hard at the back of his knee!

Izuku stumbles, his fall broken by crashing against a cute picket fence leading to… a cake shop, right next door to the costume rental store.

“Or I guess we can hang out here,” Izuku says in a winded voice, and swears he hears an exasperated huff right behind him.

“Midoriya, what happened?” Todoroki reaches out to grasp Izuku’s elbow, and the panicked worry over the apparent ghost that just roundhouse kicked him instantly gets banished from Izuku’s brain.

(Love makes you a fool.)

“I… uh, I don’t know haha, must have lost my balance, hahaha,” Izuku mumbles, trying not to sweat nervously as Todoroki’s hand remains grasped around his bicep. His hand feels cool through Izuku’s shirt, Todoroki’s ice side making his body run cold even when he’s not actively using his Quirk.

(And isn’t that intriguing, Lizard-brain-Izuku hisses inside his skull, I wonder where else Todoroki runs hot and cold… if I kiss him, will his mouth be hot? Will it be half-and-half? What about his di- .)

Izuku mentally, aggressively murders Lizard-brain-Izuku and sends his cold carcass floating down his mental river of absolution.

“We could wait in here!” he says, only slightly squeaking, clutching on to the cake shop like a magic portal that’ll save the last dregs of his sanity.

Todoroki chooses that moment to let out a quiet breath of laughter next to him.

Instantly, Izuku’s brain does a 180 and introduces an equally-formidable foe, Lovesick-Izuku. 

He's so cute, is all Lovesick-Izuku seems capable of saying, look at that little dimple in his cheek, the way he's biting the corner of his lip to hold that grin, ahhh he's so cute, so cute...

(Lovesick-Izuku proves much much harder for Izuku to kill, since that may just be all of him.)

But really, Todoroki is so so cute.

“What?” the Izuku in real life asks, smiling uncontrollably just from seeing the amusement on Todoroki’s face.

Todoroki’s eyes are crinkled as he gestures at the bakery’s sign. Izuku turns.

The red velvet patisserie.

Ha. Hahaha. Okay, that is a hilarious coincidence.

(It actually is not, but Izuku certainly doesn’t know that.)

“Your kingdom awaits you, my prince!” Izuku says, doing a little gallant bow before Todoroki, dramatically-poised arms pointing to the bakery entrance. He feels slightly ridiculous but Todoroki snickers again as he walks up to the brightly-painted door, and the happiness from that drowns out Izuku's embarrassment.

The smell of fresh-baked goods and sweet spices greets them on the other side. The bakery itself is a cute little place, with small cozy tables surrounding a colorful central display of pretty cakes and pastries.

Izuku feels his eye twitch and his grin wobble.

It’s a cute little place that looks distinctly date-like. In fact, the few people he can see here right now all seem to be couples

(Definitely couples, since two of them just started making out at their cutesy mini-table over a shared cake.)

Izuku may have a heart attack and die if he has to sit here across from Todoroki in one of those cutesy mini-tables and share a cake.

Todoroki is looking at something, a thoughtful expression on his face, completely unaware of his friend’s internal turmoil. Izuku follows his gaze and sees a platter of delicious-looking red velvet cake slices, the red and white icing eye-catching and inviting.

“I’ve actually never had a red velvet dessert,” Todoroki says, and just like that Izuku is pulled out of his spiraling thoughts.

“Haaah?” Izuku nearly yells, gesturing emphatically at the display before them, which Todoroki looks like he’s color-coordinating with for the center-fold spread of a high-end wedding magazine.

“Midoriya, I don’t specifically go out seeking foods that look like me to eat.”

“Well we need to fix this travesty immediately,” is all Izuku says. (Because thankfully, his brain to mouth filter is still somewhat functional, so he doesn’t say what he’s actually thinking which is, “Why not, you look delicious.”)

(Seriously, did living next to Mineta in the dorms infect Izuku’s brain with a gross perv virus? This is terrible. He hates himself.)

They’re waiting in line to go up to the cash register when Todoroki says, “Uh, Midoriya, would you mind if we get three slices to go?” He looks rather sheepish. “It’s just, uh, my mother’s hospital is only a ten minute walk from here, and it’s still visiting hours and it occurred to me, we could just take the cake there and drop in to see her?”

Izuku just stares at Todoroki, knocked dumb.

“Feel free to decline if that doesn't sound okay,” Todoroki mumbles, staring at the floor looking embarrassed. “I know that’s a weird thing to ask, it’s probably uncomfortable for you to go to a hospital like this, I apologi –“

“No, it's not weird!” Izuku squeaks before he can stop himself. “Todoroki I don’t mind accompanying you to the hospital at all. Let’s – Let’s do that!”

The impending dread he feels at what he just volunteered to do is assuaged by the little bright smile that spreads over Todoroki's face.

And that’s how Izuku finds himself, fifteen minutes later, in front of a modest and pleasant long-term patient care center, staring down the prospect of meeting his secret crush’s mom. 

Izuku briefly envies his past self whose biggest worry was bumping knees with the other boy at a bakery shop table over a nice dessert.

“You don’t have to go if you don’t want to,” Todoroki says, not meeting Izuku’s eyes, and Izuku doesn’t want to but he knows Todoroki is making up some other terrible self-flagellating reason in his head for why Izuku wouldn't want to go with him.

So, he simply says, “C’mon, Todoroki, we don’t want the cakes to get dry,” and steps towards the entrance.



Todoroki Rei looks so incredibly like her son.

It hits Izuku in the stomach with all the impact of one of Kacchan’s Howitzer Blasts.

Because she looks like a Todoroki who has been rebuilt. A frailer version, a more brittle version, one who has been to the pits of hell and then clawed their way back to self-acceptance and serenity, the scars of that journey evident in fathomless grey eyes. She looks like a Todoroki who has made peace with the terrible hand life has dealt them, the serenity of a snow-covered bonfire.

She reminds Izuku of a kintsugi bowl – broken and put together once more, but all the stronger and more incredible for it.

But Izuku instantly vows he will never, ever let Endeavor do this to his Todoroki.

(Because, he thinks maybe the moment he actually fell in love with Todoroki was that Sports Festival in their 1st year, when he watched a boy turn into living wildfire and icestorm and, despite having to face that sheer force of nature head-on in the next few seconds, all Izuku could do was grin and think…

... amazing.)

Todoroki’s mother is gently delighted to meet him.

“Shouto has told me so much about you, Midoriya,” she gushes, giving a fond little grin at her son. “I’m very glad to finally meet you!” Todoroki, strangely, blushes at that, as he brings over the cakes with plates and forks for them all to eat.

She blinks for a minute, seeming startled, when she catches sight of the slice that is handed to her, and then starts giggling. It’s girlish and uncontrolled and makes her appear about ten years younger. And in that moment, Izuku gets a glimpse of the woman that was the caring mother Shouto loved so deeply as a child.

“Why,” she finally gasps, wiping tears from her eyes as she stares at the cake that is color-matched to her son. “Why would you buy…” She goes off into more tiny little snorts of laughter. “Oh I’m sorry Shouchan, this is so childish of me but –“

Todoroki looks at a loss for words on where to even begin explaining the walking meme that is their class group chat.

“Uh, I think I can explain, a bit,” Izuku says nervously, pulling up his phone. It’s fortuitous that this particular post was made on Todoroki’s twitter just a few hours ago. “It’s… uh… a class joke, sort of? If you want to – to see, I could pull up Todoroki’s twitter for you.”

“Wait, that thing is still active?” Todoroki looks entirely confused about the existence of an account that has a hundred thousand followers. “Why?”

You gave permission for the class to start posting on it in your place, Todoroki,” Izuku quips, rolling his eyes as he pulls up the account. “You can’t complain about it being active anymore!”

Todoroki looks perplexed as Izuku turns to Rei, who is smiling fondly at the two of them.

“I would like to see this ‘Twitter’ thing,” she says warmly, reaching out a hand. “Fuyumi tells me about that stuff a bit when she visits, but I’m afraid I’m really out of touch with the world outside.”

Her smile is a little bit sad at that, but the enthusiastic curiosity in her eyes is undeniable.

And so that’s how Izuku spends most of his first visit with Todoroki Rei - tinkering with her phone to set her up with a Twitter account, showing her basic things on how to use it (with emphatic reiterations on what she should absolutely not search for about her son).

She seems deeply amused by Izuku’s ramblings but listens to him with as much patience and attentiveness as her son. Todoroki’s expression grows increasingly more perplexed as Izuku explains the popularity of Todoroki’s account, Rei interjecting with little questions and noises of interest, and...

It’s really nice, is all.

Fifteen minutes into the impromptu social media education session finds Rei giggling uncontrollably once more, this time scrolling through the posts on Todoroki’s twitter account.

There’s some inappropriate content on there that is making Izuku blush to think about Rei seeing but…he also thinks there's something undeniable that she will get from it as well.

She will be able to see how much Todoroki is loved. By his classmates and friends, by the hero community, by fans all around the world who he has inspired and evoked a sincere admiration in already.

She will be able to see people talk about how Todoroki is kind and understanding to those around him, how he uses his powers only to help and never to seek glory, his quiet strength, how he is a beacon of what a top hero should be already, one that their class can use to fuel their own motivation to be better.

She will be able to see how much Todoroki’s already surpassed Endeavor in all the ways that make one a hero.

But, she presently seems preoccupied with the memes.

“Midoriya, what have you done,” Todoroki says, mildly horrified, staring at his snorting and snickering mother with a kind of blank incomprehension.

Izuku just smiles back, tasting the sweet tartness of another spoonful of cake explode in his mouth, watching Todoroki Rei let out another little snort of laughter and...

He could do this forever.



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Quote Reply Thread:

red velvet prince 🔥 @TodorokiShouto  5h

Hahaha so this is gonna be a long ride so buckle up there, young grasshopper. It all started when Our Fearless Leader @IidaTenya made a class group chat in our first year. (1/?)

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<a series of image attachments> They are all screenshots of a chat page showing a conversation:

Chat Group: Class-1A Study Group


Iida Tenya added Uraraka Ochako, Midoriya Izuku, and 17 others to Class-1A Study Group

Iida Tenya (8.21am): Hello everyone! Following all the interest people exhibited in studying as a group during our 1st Term Finals, I decided to make this group chat for study purposes so that we may all keep up with our courseload appropriately!

Kaminari Denki (8.22am): It’s barely a week into summer break can you chill for just one second T_______T

Iida Tenya (8.23am): Learning does not stop for aspiring heroes like us, Kaminari! Also, since you will need to attend remedial lessons at training camp, I would advise you to view this as an opportunity for further self-improvement!

Sero Hanta (8.24am): L M A OOO iida somehow simultaneously Concerned Dad-ing while also Recipro-bursting Kami in the dignity


Sero Hanta changed username ‘Iida Tenya’ to ‘#1 Savage Dad’

Sero Hanta changed their username to ‘Tape-man’


Jirou Kyouka changed their username to ‘StereoHeart.mp3’

StereoHeart.mp3 (8.25am): What dignity, I wasn’t aware Kaminari had any.

Ashido Mina (8.25am): ^ aishfwaehgkjuadughgj omg


Ashido Mina changed their username to ‘Alien Queen’

#1 Savage Dad (8.26am): I already see this chat group was a mistake…


Asui Tsuyu changed their username to ‘Tsuyu’

Tsuyu (8.26am): I certainly have many regrets already, ribbit.


Kirishima Eijirou changed their username to ‘CrimsonRiotFan’

CrimsonRiotFan (8.27am): Yooo, everyone! Thanks for making a groupchat Iida, what a manly idea!!! Now we can all keep in touch every day over summer break too!!! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

CrimsonRiotFan (8.27am): I was just thinking last night how much i miss you guys…

Uraraka Ochako (8.28am): ^ a pure boi uwu

Bakugou Katsuki (8.28am): We literally all just got back from I-island 2 days ago. It’s less than two weeks till training camp when we’ll all see each other again you sentimental Shit-for-Brains!!!

Uraraka Ochako (8.28am): ^ a notpure boi O.O

Uraraka Ochako (8.28am): Oh wait


Uraraka Ochako changed username ‘Bakugou Katsuki’ to ‘a notpure boi’

Uraraka Ochako changed their username to ‘fight me bro’

Midoriya Izuku (8.30am): [whispers] she has no fear

a notpure boi (8.31am): … oi you wanna die round face?

fight me bro (8.31am): Fight Me Bro (ง •̀_•́)ง

a notpure boi (8.32am): Oh its fucking on. Get ready to have your ass whopped at training camp, gravity bitch.

fight me bro (8.32am): Bring. It. ((งง •̀•̀__•́•́))งง

Tokoyami Fumikage (8.33am): What a mad banquet of darkness.


Shouji Mezo changed their username to ‘Shouji’

Shouji changed username ‘Tokoyami Fumikage’ to ‘Murkrow’

Murkrow (8.34am): I…

Murkrow (8.35am): Et tu, Shouji?

CrimsonRiotFan (8.36am): Lmao, Shouji but I have a suggestion


CrimsonRiotFan changed username ‘Murkrow’ to ‘MurkBROw’

Shouji (8.37am): An excellent contribution. You have my thanks.

MurkBROw (8.37am): This is the timeline god abandoned.


MurkBROw changed the group name from ‘Class 1-A Study Group’ to ‘This is the chat group god abandoned’.


red velvet prince 🔥 @TodorokiShouto     5h

As you can see Iida’s noble idea quickly devolved into anarchy. It was mayhem. Friend turned on friend, an all-out naming war was waged, the entire group chat threatened to collapse. But when all hope seemed lost, a savior arrived… (2/?)

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<a series of image attachments> They are all more screenshots of the same chat page, starting at a different day/part of the conversation:

Chat group: This is the chat group god abandoned

Todoroki Shouto (3.23pm): Hello everyone. Sorry for ignoring your messages for the past 2 days, but I just arrived back in Japan and didn’t get a chance to check my phone till now.

Todoroki Shouto (3.24pm): This chat group is a good idea, Iida. We should’ve made one sooner. Maybe now if one our classmates gets into trouble, they’ll actually let us know *before* running headlong into danger and then texting out a vague location with no explanation.

Tsuyu (3.25pm): Why does this feel like a very pointed rebuke, lol.

Deku (3.25pm): ……. /(-﹏-;)\

Our Fearless Iida-er (3.26pm): …It is as you say, Todoroki. I was contemplating deleting this group since it was absolutely not being used for anything related to our education but… you’re right. It is good to have a common place to quickly connect to one another. I will agree with your wisdom and not delete it.

Pi-kaa-chuuu (3.27pm): Literally 48 hours of Iida threatening to torch this place and us trying to defend it

Pi-kaa-chuuu (3.27pm): and Todo just swoops in like a suave action hero motherfucker and basically saves the day in 0.25 seconds

Pi-kaa-chuuu (3.28pm): where is the justice ლ(ಠ_ಠ ლ)

Pi-kaa-chuuu (3.28pm): but also


Pi-kaa-chuuu changed username ‘Todoroki Shouto’ to ‘suave action hero motherfucker’

Our Fearless Iida-er (3.30pm): Kaminari!! That is entirely inappropriate language for this chat group! And not the way aspiring heroes should refer to their friends!!


Our Fearless Iida-er changed username ‘suave action hero motherfucker’ to ‘Todoroki’

CrimsonRiotFan (3.31pm): Todo coming back just to be thoughtful and manly థuథ

CrimsonRiotFan (3.31pm): You’re a good bro Todoroki

CrimsonRiotFan (3.32pm): Wait…

Todoroki (3.32pm): No


CrimsonRiotFan changed username ‘Todoroki’ to ‘TodoBROki’

TodoBROki (3.33pm): Sigh

MurkBROw (3.34pm): Does our friendship mean nothing to you Kirishima? Are the fond words you used for me so base, the title you gifted me so impersonal, that you would bestow the same with abandon upon anyone you encounter?? Do the sacred words that I believed to bind us in BROtherhood not matter to you at all???

CrimsonRiotFan (3.35pm): BROOOO T__________T


CrimsonRiotFan changed username ‘TodoBROki’ to ‘Hes up for grabs everyone’


CrimsonRiotFan (3.37pm): I’m sorry to do this Todoroki I still definitely consider you a BRO ok

Hes up for grabs everyone (3.37pm): …Thanks I’m really relieved to know this.


red velvet prince 🔥 @TodorokiShouto      5h

But while a great tragedy was averted, the battle was not yet done. There was a cost none of us expected, one that befell solely upon the brave shoulders of our savior, our knight in icy armor, who had one final role to play… (3/4)

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<a series of image attachments> Screenshots showing continuation of the previous conversation from the same group chat:

Chat group: This is the chat group god abandoned

Hes up for grabs everyone (3.37pm): …Thanks I’m really relieved to know this.

Alien Queen (3.38pm): Wait we’re bidding on Todoroki???? I call it!! Hes mine!

Toru the Lightbender (3.38pm): Excuse me Mina but how the fuck

Pi-kaa-chuuu (3.39pm): ^

Tape-man (3.39pm): ^^

Shouji (3.39pm): ^^^

Deku (3.39pm): Todoroki! I was starting to get worried but glad to know you’re doing okay! You were still on I-island? Hope you had a good trip!! (^‿^)

Alien Queen (3.40pm): oh yeah that how you guys wanna play it??? I called him first bitches deal with it ೭੧(❛〜❛✿)੭೨

Hes up for grabs everyone (3.40pm): I was visiting my brother Natsuo in Alaska for a few days, Midoriya. He is there for the summer with the polar marine group for his university research.

CrimsonRiotFan (3.41pm): TODOROKIIIII your whole family is so manly. Your brother is so cool T___T

Hes up for grabs everyone (3.42pm): Quite literally since he has an ice manipulation quirk

Pi-kaa-chuuu (3.43pm): did mr stoic and srs just crack a joke????????

Deku (3.44pm): Hahaha Kaminari, Todoroki is actually really funny!! Right, Iida??

Deku (3.44pm): HAND CRUSHER. Hahahaha I’m still cracking up.

Our Fearless Iida-er (3.45pm): Haha, yes that was very funny!

Hes up for grabs everyone (3.46pm): That was not a joke…

Hes up for grabs everyone (3.46pm): But speaking of jokes.


Hes up for grabs everyone changed username ‘Deku’ to ‘Deku SMASH’

Deku SMASH (3.48pm): Uh, what, Todoroki?

Hes up for grabs everyone (3.49pm): I had a long layover so I finally watched those old superhero movies you gave me Midoriya.

Hes up for grabs everyone (3.50pm): And there’s a character in it who is a nerd and green and when he gets mad he smashes things… so

Deku SMASH (3.51pm): ajfaoiwjgoiwjdglkdfg Todoroki omgfg

Hes up for grabs everyone (3.52pm):  :)



Deku SMASH changed username ‘Hes up for grabs everyone’ to ‘Half-Elsa, Half-Zuko’

Deku SMASH (3.54pm): :)

Half-Elsa, Half-Zuko (3.55pm): Touche

Alien Queen (3.56pm): As entertaining as watching that adorable innocent baby-flirting was

Alien Queen (3.57pm): Midori!!! U cant just come in the middle of a custody battle and just take the fckign property!!!

Half-Elsa, Half-Zuko (3.58pm): Do I get a say in this?

Alien Queen (3.59pm): No.

Deku SMASH (3.59pm): Ahhh sorry Ashido (๑ΘдΘ๑)

Half-Elsa, Half-Zuko (4.01pm): Midoriya there’s no need to apologize…?

Deku SMASH (4.02pm): Sorry Todoroki, but when it comes to Ashido and Hagakure, I try to err on the side of caution (;:∩´﹏`∩:;)

Half-Elsa, Half-Zuko (4.03pm): That may be wise.

Pi-kaa-chuuu (4.04pm): If I may make a suggestion

StereoHeart.mp3 (4.05pm): No

Shouji (4.05pm): No

Tsuyu (4.05pm): No

Ojiro (4.06pm): Lmao wow

Pi-kaa-chuuu (4.06pm): Hear me outttt ;______;

Pi-kaa-chuuu (4.07pm): How about, instead of fighting over who gets to keep Todoboi, we all just figure out who wants to share custody and for how long instead??? Like, a schedule on who gets to pick Icefirebaby’s name for which months of the year??

Alien Queen (4.10pm): Kami, sometimes you have actually not stupid ideas and it’s surprising to experience every time


red velvet prince 🔥 @TodorokiShouto     5h

And thus, freedom and prosperity were restored upon the lands of the #UA2A group chat, but alas at a grave price! But tis a burden that our courageous prince bears to this day with grace, so that peace may prevail in his kingdom. (4/4)

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@TodorokiShouto I’m in fucking tears omfg. Thanks for existing. #IcyHotBoi #UA2A


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Aaand it’s official! For #UASchoolFestival this year we’re doing ‘The Prince and The Peasant’ with a #UA2A twist! We can’t wait to show you guys all our hard work for the past month!! (1/2)

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Class 2-A   @UAClassof20XX              7h

And P.S. Check out this AWESOME poster @animakoji made for the play!!! This is gonna be #plusultra!!! \(^o^)/  #oneweektogo #UA2A #UASchoolFestival (2/2)

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<image attached> It’s a dramatic fantasy movie style poster featuring Class 2-A. Front and center are Todoroki Shouto and Midoriya Izuku, dressed in high-fantasy costumes of royal blue and forest green respectively, holding hands and staring soulfully into each others’ eyes with a convincingly-lovestruck blush adorning their faces. There’s an artistic background of ice-and-fire effects on Todoroki’s side, with green lightning effects on Midoriya’s. Rising in the middle over them is the image of Bakugou Katsuki with a terrifying villainous grin etched on his face, dressed like some tribal overlord and with explosions sparking in his palms. Surrounding the tableau of the central three are the rest of the class in smaller-sized insets, each striking dramatic poses in various costumes. Around and above it all is Dark Shadow, a menacing threat, with Tokoyami Fumikage and Aoyama Yuuga fading into view in tasteful black-and-white, dressed in dramatic cloaks. Giant gold letters in fantasy-font to the bottom proclaim the name of the play and the cast, as well as the date and time of the show.



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@UAClassof20XX Omfg this looks amazing! Plus @TodorokiShouto and @smallmight are playing the romantic leads?!?!? Sign me the fuck up!!! #fangirltears #tddkiscanon

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@trashfangirl66 @TodorokiShouto @smallmight #tddkiscanon


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@trashfangirl66 @Denkimemes @TodorokiShouto @smallmight actually tddk is not canon… YET ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) #tddkwillbecanon #itsonlyamatteroftime


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@trashfangirl66 @pinkacidtrip @TodorokiShouto @smallmight YET ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) #tddkwillbecanon #itsonlyamatteroftime


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@trashfangirl66 @Denkimemes @pinkacidtrip @TodorokiShouto @smallmight Y E T ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  #tddkwillbecanon #itsonlyamatteroftime


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@UAClassof20XX @Denkimemes @pinkacidtrip @uncantseeme @TodorokiShouto @smallmight IS THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENING IMS CREECHING. #imnotready #tddkwillbecanon #itsonlyamatteroftime



Even with just a week left till the school festival, Shouto still isn’t sure casting him as lead in this year’s production is a good idea.

He has absolutely no previous experience with anything of this sort, after all, having been homeschooled by tutors or going to elite work-intensive private schools his whole life before entering UA. He has no clue what he should be doing right now. But considering how his classmates seem to think of him as the ‘cool guy’ (Sero), ‘stoic manly type’ (Kirishima), or ‘mysterious pretty boy’ (basically everyone, even Bakugou once, though in that instance the proclamation was mingled with derogatory curse words), maybe his generally-vacant face has somehow lulled them all into a false sense of trust and belief that he’s poised and collected and knows what he’s doing?

After all, it’s been a whole month since they started practicing acting out the actual scenes, and no one has yet laughed him off the stage while deriding his poor acting skills.

No actually, that’s a lie. Bakugou laughs him offstage and derides his “piss-poor” acting skills at least once a day. But no one whose opinion Shouto will give a serious thought to, he means.

Like Midoriya, for example.

Midoriya, the boy who literally punched his way through the ice fortress around Shouto’s heart and loudly and emphatically declared he would be there to stay. Midoriya, who challenged and pushed and broke himself, just to help Shouto realize he could be free of his self-inflicted prison of hatred and rage and bitter loneliess. Midoriya, sweet and unassuming and encouraging, challenging and competitive and indomitable, a literal bolt of green lightning that indelibly marks anyone’s life he touches.

Midoriya, who has been incomprehensibly weird around Shouto, for weeks now.  

Shouto watches as, across the stage, Midoriya flails his arms at Yaoyorozu, who seems to be trying to reason with him about something. Both of them turn simultaneously towards Shouto, and he stares back, nonplussed.

Upon seeing Shouto’s eyes already on him, Midoriya lets out a kind of high-pitched whimper with a fiery-red blush, flailing his arms again while backing off the stage with frantic muttering.

Unbidden, a thought comes floating to the forefront of Shouto’s brain.


Shouto blinks, expression possibly turning even more blank.

And then, there’s that.

He doesn’t know when exactly he started thinking words like cute and pretty about Midoriya, or what any of that means. He feels like those aren’t the kind of things you typically think about your friends… but then again, he isn’t really sure. He has very little experience with such matters after all.

Occasionally, when Iida or Uraraka or Kirishima or Yaoyorozu are being over-the-top in their own eccentric ways, he has found himself smiling fondly and thinking his friends are all quite cute. So maybe, because he is closest to Midoriya of all them, he just thinks those kinds of things about him the most often…?

If he strains his mind, he’d say thinking that kind of thing about Midoriya started sometime around their convalescence following their fight with the Hero Killer, when Shouto had stared up at a laughing Midoriya, so full of cheer and optimism despite being swathed in bandages, and he’d found himself thinking… adorable.

He’d found himself thinking, I want to see Midoriya smile like that all the time.

(And he’d found himself thinking, I want to be the reason behind his smiles.)

So yeah, he can’t really tell you what these kinds of thoughts mean. He just knows that they’ve been popping up with increasing frequency over the past year. And have become particularly prevalent over the past few weeks, when Midoriya started acting all flustered and blushing around him.

He thinks Midoriya’s strange behavior started that morning in the corridor nearly a month ago, when Shouto made such an utter idiot of himself.

(Crystalline ice glinting and sparkling in the rising morning sun. Warm muscular thighs under Shouto’s palms, clenched and vibrating with power that Shouto could feel even through the layer of the uniform pants. Brilliant green eyes, pupils blown wide, staring down at Shouto with an intensity that made his stomach flip, and electricity shoot up his spine, though he couldn’t tell you why…)

Inexplicably, even just thinking of that memory, he feels himself start to flush, ears turning red. He immediately activates his cold side, breathing deeply and cooling himself down till the heat recedes from his face.

There’s that, too: these reactions Shouto keeps having to the strangest things.

Like a couple weeks ago when he and Midoriya were visiting with his mother. Something about the tableau of his mother and Midoriya sitting beside each other, his mother with a fondly-indulgent smile on her face as she listened to Midoriya ramble… it had sent a fissure of a warm, nameless longing curl in his stomach. A deep-seated urge to protect this, fight for this, whatever this even is. The whole walk back to UA, after acquiring all the costumes, Shouto found his gaze drawn to Midoriya, the way the evening light brought out the deeper green in his hair, the sparkle to his eyes.

And it’s continued since then too. Like when they did their first costume rehearsal and took pictures for the poster. Seeing Midoriya dressed in a soft green tunic, looking like a sprite out of a fairy tale. Holding his hands and staring deep into those sparkling green eyes, entranced by the way his blush brought out the freckles on his cheeks… It had all made Shouto feel like an entire swarm of butterflies were roosting in his stomach for hours.

Working so closely with Midoriya day after day, choreographing their stage fights, practicing lines, preparing props and costumes… those butterflies seem to have taken up permanent residence in Shouto’s stomach by now.

And he simply has no idea what to make of any of it.

Shouto sighs, deeply. It could rival Aizawa in its exasperation. He’s quite frustrated with himself at this point, honestly.

Because he doesn’t have the time for this internal turmoil right now. There’s barely a week to go before Class-2A has to put up this play in front of a large crowd of people. They’re still only just finishing up learning lines and acting out scenes. And he is a title role. He cannot afford to get distracted and let himself get sloppy. His class is relying on him. His friends are counting on him.

He takes a deep breath and squares his shoulders, preparing himself to give today his all.

“Jirou,” he says, walking up to their sound director, who has also become their unofficial stage director too. (After the disastrous first day of onstage practice, where everyone stumbled over everyone else and no one had any idea how to position themselves for a scene, Jirou had waspishly taken command and started ordering them around like a general leading her troops. She is bafflingly good at it too.) “What are we practicing today?” He flips open the script book to a random point, waiting attentively to be told what to do.

Most of them are still working on memorizing their lines. So for now during practice, everyone still keeps the script book on hand to read from if needed.

(They all really need to finish memorizing though. Did he mention already there’s literally one week left before they have to perform live in front of an auditorium full of people?)

“We’re done with most of the choreography for the big action scenes as of yesterday,” Jirou muses, looking down at the script. “All that’s really left is the final act before we wrap up going through the stage planning for the play and start doing full-play rehearsals.”

Shouto dutifully flips the pages till he comes upon the last two scenes and… ah.

Act IV: The Wedding and the Happy Ever After.

Alright then.

“Hey Todoroki, I’ve been wondering,” Jirou says, looking up with enthusiasm. She must have An Idea for how to do this scene. “How good are you at quickly making intricate shapes with your ice?”

“Fairly decent,” he says with a shrug.

“We’d have about five minutes to clear out the battle scene props and set up the stage for this act. Think you could make like, some ice pillars and sculptures to make it look like a wedding set inside a fairy tale palace?”

Everyone leaves the stage so he can try. Jirou pulls out a stopwatch to call time and Shouto takes a deep breath and begins.

With a stamp of his foot, ice pillars crystallize around him, Shouto using his right hand to guide and shape them. He concentrates on creating nuances with his ice, trying to manifest into reality the detailed designs that he can see in his head. Tendrils of icy vines curl around the frozen columns like crystal foliage, adding an artistic richness to the wide aisle he has created. With another burst, ice blooms at the end of the aisle, warping as it grows to form a large, star-shaped crystalline ice flower.

Having a sudden stroke of inspiration, Shouto turns his attention to the two stone braziers they’ve been using for smoke effects for the Dark King’s scenes. He frowns, manipulating the ice to wrap around it like a mold without actually freezing the stone. He then activates his fire to super-heat the kindling inside, so it flares out with a vivid orange flame, creating an effect like the ice itself is burning like a torch. Two quick bursts of his quirk and the braziers are now stationed on either side of the ice-flower centerpiece, and one flick of his raised hand and the whole stage is now coated in a thin sheen of powdery snow.

He stands back, letting out a frosty breath, quietly proud and feeling rather satisfied. His control over both his ice and fire have come a long way since starting at UA.

He thinks this doesn’t look half-bad as a fantasy-wedding set, considering the time constraints.

“So what do you guys think?” he questions, turning back to hear the opinion of the rest of his class.

They’re all standing in a huddle right below the stage, staring up at him with varying degrees of incredulity. Kirishima has his phone out and seems to be recording, but his eyes are glassy as they look at Shouto and the stage, mouth agape. Beside him, Jirou looks rather dazed. The stopwatch dangles from her loose grip, clearly still counting down the time.

There are two doves aimlessly circling Kouda’s head.

“What?” Shouto asks, another puff of cold breath leaving his mouth as he heats his body back up again. The staring is starting to get to him a bit. He stops himself from fidgeting, flickering his eyes over the icy stage around him once more. He thinks it looks okay but…

Maybe they do not like it…?

“I think I came, just a little bit,” Kaminari wheezes, and that finally breaks the weird stasis his classmates have descended into.

Shouto watches, impassive, at the familiar sight of Jirou yelling out “Kaminari!” as she attacks him with her earphone jacks.

“Todoroki,” Sero says, and he seems to be crying. Shouto frowns, split between confusion and concern. “My dude, my man, why do you always gotta be so unbelievably extra. Like, holy shit, what even is this. ‘Fairly decent’ he says and goes and freaking does that, I literally cannot even...” He trails off, staring back at the stage, seemingly lost for words.

Shouto looks around again, slightly apprehensive now. The reactions don’t seem to be entirely positive.

Vaguely, he’s reminded of the ‘Room King’ competition when they first moved into the dorms last year. The way his classmates had just gawked at him as he explained why he needed to remodel his dorm to tatami flooring to feel comfortable.

He hadn’t minded their bewildered stares then, because after all, it’s his private space and he doesn’t need to explain himself to anyone, even if they think his preferences are ridiculous or weird. But seeing the same baffled incomprehension now towards his attempt at contributing to the play kind of… really hurts...

He deflates, activating his hot side. “Sorry if this isn’t what you were hoping for,” he mumbles, defeated, turning with a raised hand towards the sparkling ice. “I’ll just, melt this down, yeah.”


There’s a whoosh of air on either side, and suddenly Iida and Uraraka are flanking him, seemingly ready to defend his ice creations with battle if necessary.

Shouto pauses and winds down his fire, even more confused now.

“Todoroki,” he turns and Midoriya is looking right at him, walking towards him, that strange intensity burning in his eyes again. Shouto’s stomach does somersaults. (Why, why, why?!) “Todoroki. This is absolutely incredible.”

Those green eyes burn with conviction, and Shouto can’t look away. “You… just.” He is close now, only a handful of inches separate them. “You are just. So absolutely…,” those green eyes are warm pools in a rich summer forest, “incredible.”

Shouto feels his breath catch in his throat.

Oh. Oh god.

He simultaneously feels like he’s soaring and being strangled.

Why is he feeling this way?

Practice wraps up soon after that, Jirou using the stage and Shouto’s ice palace to plan out where everyone should stand and what they should do during the final scenes. She announces excitedly that maybe they can start doing actual full play rehearsals from tomorrow, seeing as they now have every scene choreographed with detailed stage directions for all characters.

Shouto is only half-aware of all this, because the other part of him is still reeling from the lightning strike of Midoriya’s earlier searing gaze.



The next day’s practice is when it starts to get really strange though.

They do their first full play run-through that day, starting from the very first scene and working their way act-by-act towards the climax. And, stunningly, apart from some minor stumbling about due to wrong stage placements and a few forgotten lines, every act, every scene and every spoken word moves smoothly into the next, the production chugging along like a well-oiled and well-practiced machine.

Shouto smiles, feeling proud of what he and his classmates have accomplished together, as the play and its characters come convincingly to life on the stage. Watching how smoothly it’s all coming together, he is starting to feel quite excited to show the finished product before the world.

He’s pretty sure Fuyumi and Natsuo said they’ll try to come to see him perform, and the last time he talked to his sister, she said she might even be able to bring Mom along for a day excursion away from the hospital…

So, it’s with an upbeat and optimistic mood that Shouto creates the ice castle onstage for the second time, Satou and Koji bustling around him clearing the stage for the final scene.

It’s going to be great, he can feel it.

Of course, that’s exactly when everything takes a complete turn for the worse.

Like, it starts out well enough. The coronation scene where Shouto gets crowned as King of the Lands goes without a hitch, only one brief instance of minor fumbling with the fake crown on Yaoyorozu’s part before it’s firmly placed on Shouto’s head.

Only, then comes the wedding scene, where it all derails spectacularly.

Right from the start of the scene, Midoriya is weirdly flushed and twitchy, his eyes darting around and seeming almost panicked as he stands across from Shouto, Yaoyorozu between them playing the part of the officiating minister. When Yaoyorozu indicates them to hold hands, Midoriya’s palms are sweaty.

He doesn’t meet Shouto’s eyes the whole time, not even once.

When they make their fictional romantic wedding vows to one another, Midoriya’s voice warbles and cracks in weird places as he speaks to the ground, robotic and unconvincing, seeming plain unable to lift his head and confidently play the part. When they exchange the fake wedding rings Yaoyorozu made for them with cheap steel, Midoriya’s fingers tremble in Shouto’s grasp.

And when Yaoyorozu, voice rather strained by this point, says, “You may now kiss to seal your pact of love and devotion,” and Shouto moves towards Midoriya, the other boy just freezes, finally looking up at Shouto and meeting his eyes, only to give him a look of sheer and utter panic.

When only a couple inches separate their faces, the trembling of Midoriya’s hands get even worse and Shouto can’t continue anymore. He can’t.

He pulls back completely, untangling their fingers and putting a few paces of distance between them as he stares at his friend (his best friend), deeply confused.


“I… I just, um… I need to, just, um,” Midoriya stumbles and stutters over his words, looking increasingly more anxious as Shouto holds his gaze. He wrings his hands and his ears are flushed red.

“Midoriya, you okay?” a few people call out from the sides of the stage where they are playing guests attending the royal wedding.

Midoriya squeaks, head bowed once more. The back of his neck is as flushed as his face. “I – I just, uh – “

But before he can complete whatever he is trying to say, before Shouto can figure out what the hell is going on, a buzzer goes off loudly.

Ah, their time booked in the auditorium for the day is over.

The buzzer hasn’t even stopped sounding when, as if he was lurking outside just waiting for this moment (actually, considering who this is, he actually might’ve been), Monoma Neito bursts through the auditorium doors, screeching, “Time’s up, Class-2A! We all understand you think you are the most important part of the School Festival, but in fact, there are other classes you will have to share the auditorium with, so if your self-important asses can – mmph.”

“Sorry about him,” Kendou pipes up, stepping over her classmate’s collapsed form after socking him in the head. “You guys done? We can wait for a bit if you need extra time!”

Amidst the commotion of reassurances and clearing the stage to make way for the Class-2B rehearsal, Midoriya slips away before Shouto can talk to him.

And it just keeps getting stranger as the days go on.

At their second full-play rehearsal the next day, with just five days to go before the School Festival, Midoriya (who has one of the best memories in class) somehow magically forgets all his lines in the final act.

He stutters and stumbles through the wedding vows of that scene, somehow unable to remember the few simple phrases of dialogue he has to say in this Act, even though he flawlessly delivered all his difficult lines in all the previous Acts of the play. His repeated failure necessitates multiple pauses to allow for him to look at the script book.

And it keeps happening, again and yet again, completely chopping up the acting progression of a fairly-simple scene.

Even Shouto starts to feel irritated by the fifth time Midoriya stammers out the entire wrong sentence. Kirishima has taken Bakugou out of the rehearsal by now, to prevent any literal explosive outbursts.

Midoriya is cringing apologetically, looking more and more miserable as time goes on and he still cannot properly say five damn sentences for whatever reason. And seeing how sad he looks makes Shouto feel guilty for feeling irritated, and then irritated for feeling guilty for feeling irritated.

(It’s a lot.)

Ultimately, just like the day before, their time at the auditorium is up before they can get around to finishing practice for the scene, and just like yesterday, Midoriya manages to slink away before Shouto can corner him and figure out what is up with him. And he is strangely absent around Shouto all next day at school too, vanishing into thin air the minute Shouto tries to find him for a chat.

Four days before the School Festival, they don’t even make it as far as rehearsing the wedding scene.

That day is their first full-play rehearsal while also dressed in full costume. Everyone is so busy trying to manage their props and costumes simultaneously, stumbling on errant capes or tripping over their own petticoats, that the entire rehearsal is a complete and utter wreck.

(Tempers run high after and Iida raises his voice over the beginnings of what promises to be an all-out brawl, suggesting they all have an impromptu free-for-all melee session in the gym immediately.

Three hours of hard fighting later, everyone’s irritation and panic has cooled down somewhat and they all make it to bed, exhausted but with renewed determination and optimism.)

Three days before the School Festival, and practice is at long last smoothly sailing along, everyone finally having gotten a handle on all their lines and costumes, fully-practiced at keeping their cues and knowing their fight choreography.

…Or so Shouto thinks initially, but perhaps he spoke too soon.

They get all the way to the semi-final act of the play, the grand concluding battle scene, and that’s when Bakugou almost undoes all of their month-long hard work in a second, as he lets out a loud explosion of rage right in the middle of the stage.

(Thankfully, none of their props or costumes are irreparably singed. Only slightly.)

From the gist of the subsequent screaming one-on-one fight that occurs in the quad outside the auditorium, Shouto gathers that Bakugou, for some reason, felt like Midoriya was half-assing the rehearsal by being distracted and missing cues and not giving it his all. Midoriya doesn’t even try to fight the accusation, only using his powers to defend himself against Bakugou’s enraged attacks.

Aizawa splits them up before either of them incurs any permanent damage and drags them along after him, tied up in his capture weapon. They don’t see either of them again for the rest of the night, or in class the next morning.

In the afternoon, though, Midoriya and Bakugou can be seen washing dishes in Lunch Rush’s kitchen, clearly the punishment Aizawa deemed appropriate for this latest bit of mayhem from his two perpetual problem children.

Neither of them shows up at the auditorium in the evening, either.

Without two of their main stars of the cast, Class-2A just spends the whole practice time (and much longer after that into the night) touching up the paint job and fixing burn holes in the props and costumes, mending the damage caused by Bakugou’s rage-explosion the day before.

And all of this is how, by the time it’s the literal evening before the School Festival officially begins, by the time they have less than twenty-four hours till they perform to a large crowd of family and visiting public: they still haven’t practiced the wedding scene fully once.

Shouto is mildly panicking on the inside (though no one can tell by just looking at him, of course).

“Everyone,” Yaoyorozu calls from the front once they’re all in costume and about to begin. “This will be our final rehearsal before we perform before an audience tomorrow. Do your best!”

“Plus Ultra!” Ashido screams and they all chant the school motto, getting charged up to give this practice session their all.

And they do.

There’s a gravity to this rehearsal, knowing that the next time they perform these same scenes it will be in front of hundreds of people. Kaminari doesn’t mess around cockily like he used to do in some of his scenes, Ashido delivers all her lines perfectly on cue without missing anything. Aoyama doesn’t try to take over the spotlight but plays well in his team effort role with Dark Shadow. Bakugou doesn’t break character to explode someone once.

And Midoriya carries the play, perfect for his role of an awkward, bumbling teen thrust into an impossible quest, the world’s fate resting on his shoulders and rising up to that mantle. He wins everyone over, makes it impossible not to root for him, and energizes the entire cast to match his enthusiasm.

Spirits are high by the time they get to the final act. The battle scene had been masterfully executed and Todoroki feels flushed with exhilaration as he creates the ice palace for the coronation and wedding scenes, his classmates scuttling around him to rush to their positions.

The wedding scene goes well too. Midoriya continues to play his part perfectly, not missing a single cue, romantic lines delivered with a sweet, soulful earnestness that inexplicably makes Shouto’s heart beat faster.

They hold hands and Midoriya’s fingers do not tremble in Shouto’s grasp. They gaze into each others’ eyes and Shouto feels pinned in place by those serious green eyes meeting his, unwavering and determined. Midoriya says “I do”, and slips a ring onto Shouto’s finger, and it's all with a sincerity that nearly makes Shouto stumble in his own lines.

(God, what is happening to him?)

“You may now kiss to seal your pact of love and devotion,” Yaoyorozu says triumphantly, because they’ve done it. This is the last line, before Shouto kisses Midoriya and the royal court cheers and the curtain falls. This was a perfect practice and they are so damn ready for tomorrow and they’ve all done it!

Shouto feels breathless as he leans towards Midoriya, heart racing (with the elation of a job well-done, right? Right?), preparing to place a chaste kiss on Midoriya’s lips. His entire vision is filled with Midoriya, all he can see is miles of freckled skin and an endless forest of green. A foot away, and Shouto is enveloped in the pleasing scent of coconut and green tea from Midoriya’s favorite medicated hand moisturizer. A bit closer, and Midoriya’s lips look plump and inviting, rosy from being bitten and glistening from the minty chapstick he likes to regularly re-apply.

Only a scant few inches separate them now, and Shouto can feel Midoriya’s warm breath against his lips, Midoriya’s hands still warm in Shouto’s own, and oh he is so close…

There is a sharp inhale and suddenly Midoriya is halfway across the stage.

“Midoriya…?” Shouto asks, unbalanced by the sudden disappearance of the boy, and he isn’t the only one. A few other classmates are echoing Midoriya’s name in varying degrees of confusion and shock.

Midoriya is shaking like a leaf, hugging himself, avoiding everyone’s gaze as he stands clear across the stage from Shouto.

“I just,” Midoriya’s voice squeaks and breaks a bit. Shouto is so confused. “I thought I could, I tried, I really tried, but just – just can’t –“ he finally looks up and Shouto notices, like a lodestone dropping into his gut, that Midoriya has tears in his eyes. “I can’t do this, not like… not like this. Okay? I can’t.”

Green lightning flickers to life around the boy.

Shouto startles, stretching out a hand across the aisle formed by their classmates towards the lone form of Midoriya hunched by the front of the stage. “Midoriya, wait –“

“I’m sorry,” Midoriya says, hunching to jump. “I’m really sorry, Todoroki. But I can’t do this.”

And just like that, in a blast of air, he’s gone.

Shouto stands, dressed in full fantasy-prince outfit and poised at a fake wedding altar, surrounded by friends in the middle of a fake ice palace, hand still outstretched towards the spot where Midoriya was standing.

He slowly drops his arm. There are a few seconds of deafening silence.

“What… the everloving fuck was that dramatic bullshit all about?!” Bakugou breaks the silence in his characteristic fashion.

For once, Shouto’s own thoughts entirely agree with Bakugou.



Both Uraraka and Yaoyorozu reassure him, multiple times, that they will talk to Midoriya early tomorrow morning and find out what’s going on, as the rest of the class packs up around Shouto.

He simply nods along, but on the inside, his brain is in utter shambles.

Because, you see, Midoriya was crying.

And considering everything about how he’s been acting these past few days (past few weeks even), Shouto knows, undeniably, that it has something to do with him.

After he puts away his costume and props, Shouto heads straight for the gym. (Punching his way through his emotions may not be the most stable or effective strategy, but it's the only one Shouto knows, so he’s just gonna do that.)

Three hours later, his muscles are sore and his mind is clear. As he stands under the gym showers, lathering his hair and washing the sweat off his body, Shouto knows he can't let this go on and wait passively till Yaoyorozu and Uraraka talk to Midoriya tomorrow.

He feels confused and (he can’t deny it) hurt. Hurt that Midoriya is so unhappy about something and didn’t feel comfortable enough to tell Shouto.

To Shouto, Midoriya is his best friend. He understands that he is likely not the same level of important to Midoriya, who is so warm, and friendly, and gentle, and good, who inspires so many and is so well-loved by his peers.

(It rankles, his own possible low importance in Midoriya’s life, but Shouto understands that.)

But ultimately, Shouto always believed that Midoriya trusts him enough to at least ask for his help if he needs it. Has Shouto not proven himself, with Stain, with rescuing Bakugou, and then time and again, that he will stand by Midoriya’s side? 

But, if that is still not enough… Well, Shouto personally cannot let this go on any longer.

He needs to talk to Midoriya and figure out what is wrong and how he can help make it better. Actions have always meant more to Shouto than words, and right now, he can’t stand by and wait for someone else to take care of this, not when something is bothering one of the most important people in his life this much.

Even if Midoriya won’t come to him. Well, Shouto is going to find Midoriya tonight and talk it all out.

Once he’s decided on this path, Shouto feels freed.

He heads to his room from the gym to drop off his used workout clothes in his hamper and change out of his school uniform into night pants and a soft T-shirt. And then, with a deep breath, he heads straight to Midoriya’s room.

When he arrives at the first floor, he can see from the crack under the door that the lights are on in Midoriya’s room. When he gets closer, he can hear faint noises of some sort of video playing, likely on Midoriya’s laptop.

So, he’s here. Good, Shouto won’t have to go on a wild goose chase trying to track down the other boy. He pauses in front of the door, closing his eyes and taking another deep breath.

Well, now or never.

Shouto raises a hand to knock on Midoriya’s door.

The faint noises cease.

“Midoriya, can I talk to you for a minute?” Shouto says through the door, strangely nervous. “Please?” he adds, when he’s confronted with simply silence for a few seconds.

The scrape of a chair, the click of a lock. And then Midoriya stands before him, leaning against his dorm room door, eyes downcast.

His riotous curls are slightly damp and he smells like the soap they have in the boys' communal showers. He must have showered recently, probably after going for a run. (Where Shouto likes to punch through figuring out his feelings, Midoriya likes to run his way through them.) He’s dressed in a faded All Might hoodie and night pants, hunched in on himself, making himself seem smaller.

Shouto wants to hold him, comfort him, and never let him feel bad again.


“Can I come in?” he asks, and Midoriya nods and steps back, still not meeting Shouto’s eyes or uttering a word.

The door clicks shut behind him and Shouto leans against it, trying to find the right words. He stares aimlessly around Midoriya’s room, taking in the workout clothes in the hamper, the neatly arranged notebooks from class, the open laptop frozen halfway through a video of one of All Might’s old interviews. He finally alights on Midoriya’s green peasant costume from the play, lying neatly folded on the desk.

“Is it because I’m a boy?” Shouto asks finally.

“Wh- what?” Midoriya finally meets his gaze, and his eyes are red-rimmed.

Shouto’s heart squeezes.

“You – It’s obviously something about kissing me that's causing you trouble with that scene in the play,” Shouto states, the conclusion he’d come to over the course of the evening. “Is it because I’m a boy too? Is that… too unappealing for you?”

“What?” this time it’s a lot more emphatic, his voice a lot stronger. “Oh my god, Todoroki, that’s not it at all! I like you! I – I mean,” he flushes, eyes skittering to Todoroki and then away. “I like boys and girls. I – I’m bi!”

“Oh,” Shouto says, surprised, but it somehow makes sense with the personality of Midoriya. “Oh, that’s good.”

He doesn’t really know how to react to that, how to feel about that. Despite being a full-blooded teenager, he can honestly say attraction to others and the categorization of his own sexuality have never crossed his mind till now. If you’d asked Shouto about himself even an hour ago, he’d have said he doesn’t know what he identifies as, just that he’s never really considered any boys or girls that way so far.

But, standing here, staring at Midoriya, he has to wonder, is that entirely accurate…?

(Sparkling green eyes, crinkled at the edges with a wide grin that has made Shouto’s stomach flip for months. A galaxy of freckles on sun-kissed skin that Shouto’s had vague, idle thoughts about tracing with his fingertips. An inviting red mouth earlier today that Shouto had really wanted to kiss…)

…Oh, does that mean…

“Besides, even if I weren't bi, that still wouldn't matter, because we’d just be acting!” Midoriya’s still speaking, a frantic mumble. “It wouldn’t be too gross to kiss a boy, even if I were straight, that’s not the thing at all –“

“Then what is it?” Shouto asks, putting his own confusing mental meandering on hold to get to the bottom of this issue with Midoriya. One thing at a time, Shouto. “Because you’ve clearly had trouble with the scene, and if it isn’t that I’m a guy, is it just…”

And then a thought strikes him, logical but dreadful. Soul-crushing.

“Is it just that it’s me?” he asks, looking straight at the other boy.

Horror spreads over Midoriya’s face at his words.

And with a strange itching lump rising to his throat, Shouto figures he’s got the right of it.

Sure, his classmates regularly call him ‘handsome’ or ‘pretty’ but Shouto’s always known they were just being sweet and kind, just like his mother and sister when they tell him he looks lovely in a new suit or yukata. Especially once he heard Ashido and Hagakure call him the most attractive boy in class, he definitely knew it was just some sort of running class-wide joke, much like how they all occasionally jest about Bakugou’s patience or Kaminari’s intelligence. Because Shouto knows there’s no way that – in a class that includes boys with Bakugou’s perfect skin, Kirishima’s abundant charm, Kaminari's pretty face, Iida’s ripped body, and Midoriya’s gorgeous sunshine smile – that anyone could find Shouto to be the most desirable.

“I – I – it’s not,” Midoriya squeaks, and his face is flushed a bright red. He’s waving his arms around, appeasing. (Trying to make Shouto feel better about his own undesirability? That would be just like Midoriya, he’s just so good.) “It’s not like – It’s not that it’s you and because I want to kiss you– I-I mean, oh gosh, that’s– no, nope that isn’t – it’s just, it’s my f-first kiss? Yeah, that’s right. It’ll be my first kiss? And I have always wanted you to – I-I mean! I mean, I’ve always wanted m-my first kiss to be like, romantic – or or like – at least in private with the person I love, not on a stage for a play in front of our whole class so –“

Shouto lets Midoriya’s stuttering wash over him, feeling a strange sort of crushing sadness descend on him. Nothing he is saying right now makes any real sense, but Shouto thinks he’s got the gist of it.

Midoriya, despite being attracted to boys, would still never want to kiss Shouto. Even if it’s just for the sake of pretend. He just finds Shouto himself too unappealing to ever want to do that.

(And it’s not like Shouto wants to be kissed by Midoriya, anyway. It’s not like Shouto has a crush on his best friend or anything like that. So, Midoriya not liking him like that, or not having the chance of Midoriya ever considering him like that, it’s entirely fine.


But then, why does Shouto feel in that moment like his heart has turned to stone in his chest, every thump a painful sluggish drum beat beneath his ribs?)

“I get it,” he says, talking over the weird noises Midoriya’s been squeaking out for the past ten seconds. He stares at the floor, now the one avoiding the other boy’s eyes. His throat aches, the words feeling bruised as they work their way out. “I mean, I get why you wouldn’t want to kiss me, of all people, especially for your first kiss. It’s fine, Midoriya, I understand.”

Ringing silence. Shouto stands rooted to his spot, head ducked, leaning against the closed door to Midoriya’s room.

He should leave, he’s overstayed his welcome long enough. Besides, he’s done what he came here for. He’s cleared the air with Midoriya, just like he wanted. He’ll just text Yaoyorozu now to let her know to cut the kiss scene out of the script so Midoriya wouldn’t have to feel forced to do that with him. And then everything will go back to normal.

It’s all fine.

(He doesn’t know why his throat hurts and his eyes itch.)

Socked feet materialize in his field of view. A strong, scarred hand, gentle as a feather and smelling like coconut and green tea, cradles Shouto’s face, lifting his chin softly to meet Midoriya’s eyes. Earnest green eyes, full of focus and determination, peer at him.

Assessing him, deconstructing him.

“Todoroki,” Midoriya says, wetting his lips. Despite himself, Shouto’s eyes flicker down to follow the motion. The flush on Midoriya’s cheeks when he looks back up tells him that Midoriya noticed. “Todoroki, what do you mean, I wouldn’t want my first kiss to be ‘you of all people’?”

Shouto shrugs, tries to duck his face again at this uncomfortable question. But Midoriya’s gentle grip doesn’t let him.

“Just,” Shouto tries, struggling to find the right words. “You’re just – so kind and determined and a hero – and I’m still just… learning, to not be awkward and rude, to not do things out of hate and anger, for the wrong reasons… I’m not even good at making friends yet let alone inspiring people, I hardly know how to talk so…” Shouto trails off, looking intensely at the far wall of Midoriya’s room.

An All Might poster grins back at him, giving him an enthusiastic thumbs-up.

“Todoroki,” Midoriya says, and the intensity in his voice forces Shouto to look back at him. “If I could choose one person in the world that I trust and lo- care for the most, who I would want to be my first kiss, I’d pick you.”

Shouto stares back, stunned.


“Yeah,” Midoriya whispers, voice wavering a bit. “I think you are… the most beautiful and- and the most amazing person I know. You inspire me so much, with your powers and how good a hero you are, and how hard you work, and-and you’re my best friend. There’s no one else who - no one else I’d rather have my first kiss with.”

There’s not a hint of deceit in Midoriya’s eyes. He means it.

Shouto’s heart, a sinking bruised organ just a moment ago, transforms into a hummingbird. It flutters to life, and soars.

“So,” Shouto murmurs, wetting his own lips and doesn’t miss when Midoriya’s eyes track the movement too. Oh. “So why didn’t you, at practice…” he stops himself, remembering the other parts of Midoriya’s earlier mumbling. Oh. “Is, is it because, we were in public, before all our classmates, is that why you couldn’t…?”

Midoriya’s eyes, so searingly close and intense on Shouto just a moment ago, falter and flicker away. He sighs, sounding almost resigned, backing away from Shouto, putting distance between them once more. “Haha, yeah, just because we were in public, that’s all. Not because I wanted the first kiss to be special or mean something, nope, nothing like that… haha…”

Shouto listens, kind of confused by a lot of that, but a new idea is forming in his head.

“If… if that’s all it was, maybe we can kiss now, in private, to practice for tomorrow?” Shouto says, mouth running away with his half-jumbled thoughts before he can stop himself.

Midoriya freezes mid-sentence, open-mouthed. “What?”

“I…” Shouto feels strangely flustered. He takes a deep breath, getting himself under control, staring at the wall above Midoriya’s head. “You said you’d be comfortable with having me as your first kiss, as long as it didn’t happen with a bunch of people watching us. And I… feel the same. There’s no one else I’d rather have as my first kiss, than you.” Midoriya lets out a choking sound. Shouto soldiers on, forcing himself to meet Midoriya’s eyes once more. “You’re my best friend, Midoriya. There’s no one else I trust more. I’d… rather it be you, as well. So, if you don’t mind, we could try to kiss, now? So we can do it for the play tomorrow…?”

(What is he doing, is he - did he just ask Midoriya if they could kiss? Right now? What…)

There is the strangest look on Midoriya’s face right now, one Shouto’s never seen there before. He seems to be warring with himself, running a hand through his hair and hopelessly messing up the curls, his expression flitting between emotions too fast for Shouto to read.

“Sorry, never mind,” Shouto backtracks, feeling a mortified heat spread across his face. “That was weird, right? Never mind, I’ll just –“

“Let’s do it.”

Shouto pauses, halfway through pushing off the door to beat a hasty retreat. He turns back to Midoriya. “What?”

“Just… just practicing, right?” Midoriya bites his lip, hands wringing. A tuft of hair stands up from where Midoriya’s fingers messed them up. He is so adorable. “For the play, right? Let’s do it. As best friends.”

“O-okay,” Shouto gulps, staring at the other boy. “As best friends. Okay, how –?”

(Todoroki Shouto, you are a goddamn idiot, what have you got yourself into?)

But now that they have a clear purpose, Midoriya seems to have resettled into himself. He walks across his room towards Shouto again, with purposeful strides, and crowds Shouto up against the door.

“Is - is this okay?” the words are breathed, warm against Shouto’s neck. Midoriya is so close. Less than a handful of inches separate them, the heat radiating from his body tangible, the scent of his skin enveloping Shouto, familiar, maddening.

Shouto, too strung up for words, simply nods.

And Midoriya moves towards him.

The first press of their lips is graceless. It lasts maybe ten seconds, both of them standing stiff and unmoving, lips smushed against each other, noses bumping awkwardly.

It still makes the bottom drop out of Shouto’s stomach.

When they part, Midoriya’s eyes are dark as moss and his lips glisten.

“A-again? For… practice?” he asks. Shouto’s doesn’t even bother nodding this time, simply surging forward.

But Midoriya meets him halfway.

It goes better the second time, their arms coming up to pull each other closer, their movements drunk on the warmth, skin, touch of each other. Shouto is melting, and there's a new thrumming want in his gut he's never felt before. He is drowning, in coconut moisturizer and sticky mint lip balm, in the sun-warmed scent of Midoriya’s hair.

The messy green hair is soft as a cloud when Shouto’s fingers entwine in them, and Midoriya groans, a punched-out sounding vibration against Shouto’s lips. Midoriya’s movements get more frantic, hands coming up to cradle Shouto’s face between scarred palms, his mouth parting, warm and wet. And oh, oh that’s Midoriya’s tongue pressing against Shouto’s lips, and his brain grinds to a halt. Shouto simply surrenders, opening his mouth, and oh, he is tasting Shouto, letting Shouto get a taste of him

Midoriya sucks on Shouto’s lower lip, a hint of teeth grazing the tender flesh and nipping softly, and Shouto’s knees buckle.


Their lips part with a wet smack, Midoriya scrambling to catch Shouto before he goes crashing to the ground.

Shouto is too dazed to even feel embarrassed. He feels like his whole plane of axis has tilted.

“I think I need to sit down,” Shouto mumbles against Midoriya’s throat, panting and voice gruff, and feels the vibration of the other boy's laughter against his face.

It’s wonderful.

“You said it’s your first kiss,” Shouto huffs as Midoriya drags him upright. “How are you so good?”

Midoriya giggles as he pulls Shouto to his bed, pushes him to sit on it. In a move that is playful and sends heat shooting through Shouto’s veins, Midoriya scrambles over Shouto, pushing him back. Shouto goes willingly.

“I – uh,” Midoriya’s smile is sweet, yet naughty. His eyes sparkle mischievously as they meet Shouto’s. “I've researched stuff like this... quite extensively.”

“Oh god,” Shouto groans, flopping back on Midoriya's  bed. “You are illegal.”

The next series of giggles, Midoriya presses right into Shouto’s willing mouth.

Shouto has no complaints about that.



It is later, much later, when Shouto’s heading towards his dorm room and lips still tingling from the imprint of Midoriya’s mouth against them, that his brain throws the fully-formed conclusion, abruptly and out of nowhere, right in his face.

He likes Midoriya.

He likes Midoriya, as more than a friend.

In fact –

Shouto feels the way his heart is still racing, mind euphoric, even now after he’s reached his room. He presses questing, wondering fingers against his lips. They feel tender and slightly chapped, kiss-bruised from Midoriya’s mouth.

In fact, he may even love Midoriya.


He’s gonna need help.



Private Chat: Yaomomo and red velvet prince

red velvet prince (11.32pm): If you’re awake and have a minute, can we meet? I need to talk to you about something.

Yaomomo (11.33pm): Is it urgent? Would you mind telling me via text? I’m a bit busy right now with final preparations for tomorrow and can’t come to the common room right now.

red velvet prince (11.34pm): Of course, sorry for disturbing you. I just went to talk to Midoriya this evening because I didn’t want to put it off till tomorrow. And our conversation led to us practicing kissing for the wedding scene a bit.

red velvet prince (11.34pm): So you don’t need to rewrite that scene, we should be able to do it as is tomorrow.

red velvet prince (11.35pm): But then. Kissing him made me realize I might possibly love Midoriya? And now I feel rather confused about what to do, because he’s my best friend.

red velvet prince (11.36pm): Obviously this isn’t an emergency or anything, we can talk more tomorrow. I just needed to get it off my chest. Thank you for listening, Yaoyorozu. Good night.



Chat Group: Remember when Iida made this for “study purposes”

Tape-man (11.41pm): Omggg wtff was that sound just now?! IS THE DORM HAUNTED

Pi-kaa-chuuu (11.41pm): It sounded like the vengeful shrieks of a million lost souls

Pi-kaa-chuuu (11.41pm): Someone hold me, I’m too pretty to die so young T_T

Sugar Doping (11.42pm): I think it came from the empty room across the hall from me, in the girls’ side of the dorms????

Sugar Doping (11.42pm): I’ve heard them get this noisy together a few times in there though. I think it’s where the girls have a sleepover sometimes…

Sugar Doping (11.42pm): Are you girls having a sleepover tonight? :) You could have told me, I'd have baked some cookies for you! 

Deku SMASH (11.43pm): I heard Aoyama scream really loudly next door too. And he’s been yelling in some other language since then.

Deku SMASH (11.43pm): I think it’s French. I think he’s swearing…?

✰✧Twinkle✧✰ (11.44pm): Midoriya, t'es un salaud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

✰✧Twinkle✧✰ (11.44pm): Connard!!!!!!!!!

Deku SMASH (11.45pm): (๑•﹏•;)?

Deku SMASH (11.46pm): I just googled that, and Aoyama why are you calling me bastard and asshole…

im number one (11.47pm): Because you are both and also a whiny bitch

CrimsonRiotFan (11.47pm): Babe you’ll be grumpy all day tomorrow if you don’t go back to sleep.

CrimsonRiotFan (11.48pm): Stop coming back just to insult Midoriya and get some rest!

im number one (11.49pm): FUCK OFF

CrimsonRiotFan (11.49pm): Love you too ( ˘ ³˘)♥

im number one (11.50pm): I told you to stop sending me that face shit!!!!!

im number one (11.50pm): bye im going to sleep none of you extras better wake me up

Pi-kaa-chuuu (11.51pm): Ahh the taming of the wild Bakugou. Always a spectacle to witness :’)



Private Chat: Yaomomo and red velvet prince

Yaomomo (11.53pm): TODOROKI GET YOUR CUTE LITTLE BUTT OVER HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

red velvet prince (11.54pm): …Yaoyorozu?

Yaomomo (11.55pm): Sorry that was Mina, she took my phone! But Todoroki, we’re sending Aoyama to fetch you, come with him. We’ll talk to you soon!

red velvet prince (11.55pm): What is going on?

red velvet prince (11.56pm): Yaoyorozu?

red velvet prince (11.57pm): Why is Aoyama pounding on my door calling me a son of a bitch in French?


Chapter Text

Even as a kid, Shouto had been rigorously trained in the protocols to follow in case someone kidnapped him. After all, it was always possible that villains would target him or the rest of his family as a way of getting back at Endeavor.

But also, apart from extensive lessons on how to act in a kidnapping, Shouto’s had training for stuff like how to deal with home invasions or vehicular hijacking by villains. He’s had extensive lessons on what to do to minimize collateral damage if a villain were to target him in public, and also how to make himself a bigger target if that’s the best route to protect surrounding civilians.

All this is why, even during unexpected villain attacks like the USJ incident or the Training Camp attack, he was able to keep his cool somewhat and react strategically, rather than like the panicked teenager he actually is.

One of the more bizarre protocols he’s had drilled into his head, though, is what to do if he ever found himself being forced into a villainous cult. Even as he thoroughly memorized and practiced for this hypothetical scenario, young Shouto had scoffed at such a thing ever occurring.

Well, it just goes to show…

Okay, to be fair, he doesn’t think whatever is going on around him right now is villainous, per se. He trusts his fellow classmates and believes in their spirit of heroism too much to suspect any sort of villainy lurking within any of them.

But let’s just say that a lot of the behavioral patterns to watch out for in a cult seems to be applying pretty well to this present situation. Such as: having a secret lair that has it’s own name (Aoyama’s referred to it as a ‘Base’ at least twice on the way here) that is uniquely decorated (albeit by blanket forts), having secret missions (from what he’s been able to glean from all the yelling so far), and also holding regular ‘Meetings’ (likely to plan out said missions).

So, just to be safe, it’s probably best for Shouto to be on his guard and treat this as a possible cult-kidnapping scenario.

“Um, I’m not really sure I should be here on the girls’ side of the dorms…?” Shouto says tentatively, keeping his posture loose but defensive, a wary eye trained on the proceedings around him. “Especially this late into the night?”

But he goes entirely ignored, as the group around him is too busy screeching incoherently at each other (as they have been for the past seven minutes, ever since Shouto was aggressively escorted into this room by Aoyama), at a volume entirely unreasonable for 12.19am.

Looking around, Shouto’s only slightly worried for his life though. Slightly.

Yaoyorozu, always the only reasonable person in any room at UA, finally brings some level of sanity to the chaos.

“Everyone, quiet down!” she yells out over the din. “If we’re to interrogate Todoroki and figure out what’s going on with him and Midoriya, we all need to calm down first!”

The volume level drops precipitously. In contrast, Shouto’s instinct for peril increases proportionally, as all eyes in the room turn simultaneously to stare at him.

It’s only through years of co-existence with his shitty old man that Shouto doesn’t flinch and cower, but remains sitting upright, impassive in the face of all that formidable scrutiny.

“Can someone please explain what’s going on?” Shouto finally asks after a dozen seconds of oppressive silence, and his voice only wavers once.

(He’s very proud of that.)

“Of course we will, Todoroki,” Uraraka says, sweet as honey. Shouto’s danger meter skyrockets. “But first, can you tell us what exactly went down between you and Deku this evening?” Her smile widens, and even a lifetime with Endeavor cannot stop Shouto from wincing back in fear, just a bit.

“In detail,” Hagakure pipes up to stress, then adds as an afterthought, “if you please.”

Shouto does not, in fact, please. But he’s also not a fool, so he’s going to do as he’s told when he’s surrounded on all sides by hostile (?) entities.

“Uh,” he starts, blinking rapidly as he tries to gather his thoughts. “Well, after Midoriya left practice, I didn’t wish to wait until tomorrow to resolve whatever was wrong, because I had a feeling it was because of something between the two of us. So, I went to confront him on why he was so… um, reluctant to practice the wedding scene for the play. With me.”

Shouto pauses, feeling heat rise in his face as he recalls that particular conversation and the directions it took. He runs his right hand over the back of his neck, trying to cool himself down, avoiding looking at the avid audience hanging on his every word.

“My initial conclusions were that he was… repulsed by the idea of kissing me,” Shouto continues, talking to his knees now. He feels rather vulnerable admitting that, honestly. “I thought, maybe, because I’m a guy and Midoriya isn’t interested in guys…? Or that maybe it was just me and he found me too, um, unappealing to go through with kissing me, even for pretend.” Despite himself, his right hand does a brief detour to twitch over his scar before he drops it back in his lap.

Ugh, why can’t he get over this stupid insecurity already? It’s not even relevant. He has perfect vision. The scar doesn’t actually hurt, and only requires minimal care on his part to keep the skin well-moisturized so it doesn’t feel tight and uncomfortable. After reconnecting with his mother, he’s even sort of starting to get over the bad memories the sight of it used to dredge up. So, it shouldn’t still even be a thing anymore, and yet…

“Todorokiiiiii,” he gets abruptly pulled out of his thoughts, due to being smothered by a bright violet shirt and a fruity bubblegum scent, because Ashido’s thrown herself on him for a comforting (???) hug. Shouto scrambles to balance the additional weight as she jerks him around in a rather violent embrace.

“You have to know that’s not it at all, right?!” she wails, right in his ear and ah, that kind of hurts. “There’s no way Midoriya or anyone could possibly find you unappealing! You’re so smart and pretty and powerful and like basically perfect, so we all thought you’d be an aloof and superior asshole when we first saw you, but even that’s not it! You’re so nice, and tutor us for free if we ask, and never complain even when we all dig into your instant ramen stash, and you let us use you like a portable heater or cooler as we need, and buy us cute gifts just because you thought we might like it, and you’re just so awkwardly cute and precious all the time, and gahhhh!”

Apparently overcome by emotion, Ashido squeezes him tighter.

Shouto feels his ribs creak.

“Can’t. Breathe. Ashido,” he wheezes, but otherwise lets himself be assaulted.

(Apart from Natsuo and even then only in recent times, he’s never really had anyone that rough-housed with him so casually, before UA.

It’s kind of nice, really, even if he’s presently being slowly asphyxiated to death.)

“Mina, you’re gonna suffocate him,” Tsuyu comes to his rescue, releasing Ashido’s death grip on him. Shouto shudders through a few breaths, taking in blissful lungfuls of oxygen.

“But she’s right, mon chérie,” Aoyama trills, striking a dramatic pose and staring intensely at a point somewhere above Shouto’s head. (Despite himself, Shouto turns to see if anything’s there. Nothing. Aoyama remains an unsolvable mystery.) “Even I – uninterested though I am in anyone that isn’t my own fiercely sparkling self – would deign to kiss you, if presented with a need for it!”

“…Thanks, Aoyama.” Despite the bemusement in his voice though, Shouto is actually rather touched. He's thankful to have such wonderful, supportive peers.

“So, what happened after that?!” Hagakure squeals, her clothes bouncing in place, conveying her inability to contain any longer her need to know more. “You told Midoriya all that and he set you right on how much he’d like to kiss you, right?”

The gathered group giggles at her words, and Todoroki blushes furiously.

“Not… exactly,” he continues, keeping his voice monotone though his cheeks are very red. “Um, we talked a bit and I kind of grew to understand that…” Oh, is this too personal? But he’s in too far now, he can’t back out of telling them, not without dire consequences. Midoriya would understand, right? “Uh, I kind of deduced that the only reason Midoriya was so, um, unwilling to kiss me for the wedding scene during practice was that it was his first kiss. And he didn’t want to do that in public during play rehearsal…?”


“So, I told him that if he wouldn’t mind having me as his first kiss, I’d be happy to practice with him in private, so we could, uh, do that full scene during the show.”

More silence.

“And we kissed, um, for a bit. As best friends. It was nice,” Shouto blushes, ducking his head again. He breathes out the next few sentences like a confession. “Really nice. And I realized, walking back to my room after that – that I like Midoriya? But I have no idea how he feels about me, so I don’t know how to proceed…”

He looks up, imploring, meeting the eyes of the dumbfounded group.

“I don’t want to ruin our friendship,” he says. “Midoriya is very important to me. He’s my best friend and he probably doesn’t even like me like that. He did say he's attracted to boys too... but that doesn't mean he'd be interested in me! But after how I felt tonight - I’d still like to, uh, at least try and tell him how I feel? Just in case it goes somewhere?”

Shouto gives a low bow in his seat. “Please help me. I’ll be in your care.”

The silence continues, deafening, for interminable minutes.

“Todoroki,” Yaoyorozu finally says and Shouto looks up to see her staring at him like she’s never seen him before. “Todoroki, I’ve always thought of you as the most capable student in Class A. But I see now that… you’re actually…”

“An idiot?” Uraraka asks, her look equally wondering. “A complete and utter imbecile?”

Shouto frowns, and does not pout. He thinks they’re being rather unfair. He just splayed open his heart for them here. Can they at least not make fun of him?

“Hey,” he protests, still not pouting. “I know Midoriya likely won’t reciprocate my feelings, alright? You don’t… you don’t need to…“

“Todoroki,” Tsuyu says, speaking slowly like she’s talking to a particularly dim-witted toddler. “Midoriya wanted to kiss you, even though it was his first kiss, right?”

“Yeah,” Shouto nods. “He said there’s no one else he’d rather do that with. He trusts me so much, I can’t possibly ruin our friendship with my new feelin–“

“And a first kiss is something important for him, means enough to him that he didn’t want to just do it in public with you, in a fake way, right?” Jirou spells out, staring at Shouto like she’s trying to impart some grand wisdom to him.

Shouto stares back, vacant.

“Yeah, that’s why we did that in private instead?” he points out, reasonably. He’s just been over this with them. He doesn’t understand why they’re being so obtuse. “As best friends?”

“Oh my god, the sheer oblivious stupidity!” Uraraka yells, throwing her hands up in the air and striding away, seemingly unable to bear it any longer. He also doesn’t miss the other girls shooting each other long-suffering looks.

“Ah, okay, let’s try this from a different angle,” Yaoyorozu mutters, looking thoughtful. “Okay, Todoroki, you said you’re worried about whether Midoriya can even like you in a romantic sense or be attracted to you, yes?” Shouto nods. “And just now, you said, you guys kissed ‘for a bit’. How long was ‘a bit’, exactly?

“Yaomomo, you’re a genius!” Jirou exclaims, apparently catching on to where Yaoyorozu is going with this.

Shouto, still as lost as a contemporary-era young adult without any internet trying to navigate a new country with an old-fashioned paper map, figures he’ll eventually be enlightened, and just settles for answering her question.

“Maybe…” he starts, and abruptly, his mind is flooded: with the heated press of lips on lips, tongue and teeth and a mix of breaths, muffled moans and quiet giggles, the softness of Midoriya’s bed under Todoroki’s back a delicious counterpoint against all the hard muscle pressed up against his front.

He blushes, harder than before. Even running a cooling hand over his face doesn’t dissipate the blood coloring his cheeks.

Shouto coughs, and tries again. “Uh, yeah we kissed for... I’d say maybe, thirty…?” he trails off, because thirty minutes is probably a more conservative estimate if anything for how long he and Midoriya were kissing.

(Though, well, by the half hour mark ‘making out’ is probably a more appropriate term than just kissing, isn’t it?

He aggressively increases the cooling effect of his ice side, trying to do damage control.)

“See!” Yaoyorozu is saying, gesturing at him triumphantly. “That answers those questions, right there! If Midoriya was just doing it perfunctorily, the kiss would’ve been no more than a peck! Five seconds of kissing, ten at the most. The fact that you and Midoriya kissed for a good thiry seconds means there’s definitely genuine attraction and some level of mutual romantic interest there!”

Ashido high-fives Yaoyorozu at the end of her argument, and Shouto has to agree, it’s compelling. He thinks he’s starting to get what the girls and Aoyama are trying to tell him.

But first, he has to clear up the slight misunderstanding.

He huffs another cough, and clears his throat, resigned to the semi-permanent blush splotching his face at this point. “Actually, Yaoyorozu, I meant thirty minutes. Though I guess the point you are trying to make still applies.”

Absolute silence.

“…Thirty…minutes,” Jirou says, staring at Shouto. “And you still… aren’t sure about Midoriya’s feelings?!”

“Oh my god,” Uraraka seems to be having an aneurysm. Tsuyu has moved to stand beside her friend, patting the shuddering girl’s back comfortingly, though she also looks shaken. “I don’t even have words to describe the scale of this ineptitude! The entire lack of intelligence!”

Shouto, who is beginning to clue in a bit himself, thinks this assessment is unnecessarily harsh.

Hagakure pulls herself together to move this meeting along, with the determination of a Drill Sargent. “Alright, now that we’ve established that Todoroki and Midoriya are both indescribably dense morons who are in love with each other,” she says, and Shouto splutters, an actual tendril of flame appearing at the corner of his left eye at the ‘L’ word. He hastily puts it out. “It ultimately brings us to the most important question – what are we going to do about it?

Shouto looks up to see the rest of the group recover and start looking at each other, a scheming Cheshire cat grin beginning to adorn their faces.

(Shouto fears those looks. He fears it deeply.)

“Uh, thank you all for your help so far,” he tries to salvage the situation. “But since this is a, um, personal matter between me and Midoriya, I think we can just handle this ourselves from here on out…?”

Resounding, from six different directions, “No!”

Okay, looks like that’s how it’s gonna go then. Alright, Shouto’s cool with this.

He’s cool.

(Actually, he ends up setting himself on fire five minutes later as the girls and Aoyama get a little too detailed in their ideas of what he should do to confess to Midoriya tomorrow.

But hey. Stuff happens. Life has its ups and downs, and there’s no real harm done. Yaoyorozu makes him a new shirt to wear anyway so.

It’s all cool.)



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Izuku vibrates in place, trying not to entirely self-destruct, as he watches the pivotal scene of the Dragon Lord and his loyal soldiers confronting the Dark King, from the side stage.

His classmates are really going all out. Kacchan’s explosions are weakened but look convincingly destructive, and Aoyama’s lasers work in amazing synchronicity with Tokoyami and Dark Shadow’s expansive presence to create a truly foreboding enemy. Despite his inner angst and fluttery nervousness, Izuku is so proud of this show and what their class has created together here.

They’re three-fourth of the way through the production, and so far, it’s gone even better than anyone hoped. His classmates – friends – they’ve all really come together to give this show their all, and it shows, their audience’s appreciation readily apparent in the applause and reactions they’ve received throughout the show. The grand auditorium is completely packed, the cheers from the crowd deafening whenever something particularly exciting happens onstage. This entire experience has been electrifying and spirits are high backstage, where Izuku presently is, waiting for this act to end and for his next cue.

Most of Izuku’s big speaking parts of the play are done by now. He only has the final battle scene against the Dark King left that’s a big fighting scene. But anyway, that scene is set up such that all the characters assemble together to form a united front to defeat their foe, so it’s not all on him. And after that, he’s only needed for the coronation scene and…

…And yeah, haha, the wedding scene. Haha.

Oh god.

Izuku is going to die. He’s not even exaggerating. The minute Shouto appears at that fake-altar and stands before him to get fake-married, with his pretty two-toned eyes and his pretty two-toned hair and his pretty fucking everything, Izuku is going to combust and perish entirely, becoming nothing more than a pile of hormonal dust and atoms strewn at Todoroki Shouto’s (probably also pretty) feet.

Because, if he thought kissing Todoroki Shouto for pretend would be the death of him before, he knows for a fact it will destroy him, now that he knows.

Knows the little huffs of breath Shouto lets out between kisses, the sweet taste of him. The wet heat of his mouth deliciously contrasted by the cooler press of his tongue and the way those stupidly gorgeous eyelashes feel brushing against Izuku’s skin as he presses up against him. The way Shouto's giggles at Izuku’s lips brushing against his cheeks turn into muffled moans when teeth graze his plump bottom lip.

Aaand there’s the fact that Izuku, entirely unable to help himself, has been calling Todoroki ‘Shouto’ in his head now for the past twelve hours. Because you know, Izuku’s mouth has been on Shouto’s mouth. Izuku’s had his tongue down Shouto’s (definitely pretty) throat.

Blood rushes dangerously to his head and Izuku lets out a pathetic whimper, twisting his arms around his head and hiding his flaming face in the makeshift arm-pretzel.

Maybe if he uses Full Cowling at 100%, he can actually manage to fling himself into the sun and thus exit the misery of his continued existence.

He doesn’t know what he’s going to do next time he sees Shouto. They’ve done no more than catch each others’ eyes across the room in passing once or twice since morning, too busy caught up in the final preparations for the show. And once the show started, Izuku was too focused on the job at hand and making the play a success to let his own flailing emotions get in the way of doing his part. Even if Shouto looked unfairly beautiful in his fantasy prince costume, lit up incandescent by stage lights.

But now that they’re starting to wind down and he’s had a handful of minutes to start contemplating his situation –

For one, there’s absolutely no way he’s gonna be able to pull off ‘oh yeah, we’re just best friends who made out for thirty-seven fricking minutes yesterday, but it’s all chill, man, no worries’. Izuku has no chill. He is chill-less!

Which leaves two options – ignore Shouto, the whole situation if need be, put distance between them till the two of them are no longer so intricately entwined in each others’ daily lives, and thus get rid of these pesky feelings by simply disassembling his and Shouto’s deep friendship.

The very thought feels like a freight train crashing into Izuku’s gut. Shouto is so important to him. Just those handful of days where Izuku avoided Shouto after realizing his feelings were so painful and miserable.

(And that was before he got a taste, a taste of being able to touch Shouto and make him feel good. Of being touched in return, the searing heat in Shouto’s eyes all for him.

The rush, of being wanted by Todoroki Shouto.)

Plus, from their conversation yesterday, perhaps he’d hurt Shouto with his on-and-off distant behavior over the past few weeks too. That route had lead him to hurt Shouto, intentionally or not. Which means that route is, unequivocally, not an option at all.

That leaves the other route – actually confessing his feelings to Shouto.

Just like always, the very idea makes panic seep into his bones and adrenaline increase the speed of his heart.

But, today’s-Izuku has vital, game-changing information that the past-Izukus did not possess. He knows one thing for certain now.

Amazing, mind-boggling, yet undeniable is this one fact – Todoroki Shouto is attracted to him.

There’s no debating that at all, not after how Shouto actually went weak at the knees because of Izuku kissing him. The eagerness with which Shouto’s lips and tongue and hands pressed up against Izuku last night, the image of him lying there on Izuku’s bed, flushed and oh-so-willing, all but demanding Izuku to kiss him again.

Izuku squeaks inside his arm-pretzel, tightening his own hold on his head.

(But goddamn, flushed and needy is a good look on Shouto.)

But anyway, Izuku isn’t a completely oblivious fool. He has eyes and a half-decent brain. So, he can say with full confidence that Shouto at least feels physical attraction to Izuku, on some level. But whether that extends to something more or not –

Well, the only way he’ll know is if he asks Shouto, isn’t it?

Alright, he’s going to find Shouto after the play is done, get him alone and ask –

“Midoriya, can we talk for a minute?”

…Or Izuku can talk to Shouto right now.

“Yes!” Izuku squeaks, stumbling as he unfurls his arms and turns around and oh gosh, gosh, Shouto’s there looking at him with this adorably-flushed face and this hopeful little smile and Izuku’s gonna need a better health insurance plan to deal with the damage the sight of the other boy is doing to his poor, overworked heart. “H-hi! Hi there, Shouto!”

“Shouto?” Shouto asks, ah fuck, he never said Izuku could call him that, that they could be on first name basis. Haha.

(God, why is he such a disaster.)

“Sorry! Sorry, I didn’t mean to, I haven’t asked you, that was so rude! N-never mind, I –“

“I like it,” Shouto interrupts Izuku’s panicked rambling, and oh, there’s that enchanting peach-rose of a blush staining his cheeks again. A distant part of Izuku vows in that moment to dedicate the rest of his life to bringing out that color to adorn Shouto’s face. “I would like for us to be first name basis, if you're – um, please call me Shouto.” A pause. More blushing. He ducks his face, shy, lashes stark against his red cheeks. “And if you don’t mind, I’d like to call you Izuku.”

Ha. Izuku never knew how beautiful his own name could sound.

“Yes!” he nods vigorously, feeling a manic grin split his own face. “Yes, I would absolutely love that. S-Shouto.”

They smile at each other for a minute, wide and idiotic and punch-drunk on each other’s presence, and entirely incognizant of their surroundings.

A violent explosion goes off behind Izuku on the stage, yanking him back to the present.

The play. Which he needs to go onstage for in, like, five minutes. Right.

“U-uh, we need to head to our positions soon, so maybe we can talk after –?”

No!” Shouto’s voice is urgent, vehement. He takes a deep breath. “I won’t have a minute to spare after this till the end of the play, and I need to make sure we’re on the same page on this before the wedding and the k-kiss scene! Just, one moment of your time, Izuku. Please.”

Izuku stares up, dumbstruck, heart a drumbeat in his chest.

Shouto looks… he looks intense and hopeful and scared and brave, he looks like everything all at once, and something about this moment feels life-changing. The electricity in the air, the intensity building between them, the way even actual explosions and the sound of hundreds of people cheering feel like distant background noise compared to the huff of Shouto’s little fortifying breaths, his soft footsteps as he walks closer.

Closer to Izuku, till he can feel the warmth of the other boy before him, a sun whose gravity Izuku’s hopelessly caught in.

Gentle as anything, Shouto reaches for Izuku’s hand, his scarred and crooked right hand, running reverent fingers over the blemishes. He holds Izuku’s hand between both of his own and lifts his eyes to meet his gaze, and oh, but he’s beautiful.

He makes Izuku feel beautiful.

“I’m not the most aware on things like this but I’ve realized, with yesterday and the things I’ve felt for a while now, about you,” he looks serious and intent, and has someone drained all the oxygen in the world? Can a Quirk do that? Because Izuku cannot breathe.

“I like you, Izuku,” Shouto says, simple and straight-forward, just like him. “I may even love you, already, I don’t know. But I wish for the chance to find out, if-if you’d like that too.” He pauses, takes another deep breath, and it must be time for Aoyama’s laser light show finale on the stage, because the world lights up incandescently bright around Izuku.

Somehow, though, Shouto’s still the brightest thing around in Izuku's fiery world.

“Will you go out with me?” Shouto asks. “After the play? I looked at the programs. Class-3B is doing a cat café this year, it’s in the quad on the way to the dorms. We could maybe go there, once we’re done here, if you would like that? On a-a date?”

He looks at Izuku, so damn hopeful and apprehensive, as though there is any fucking chance Izuku will say no, like there’s any alternate dimension where Izuku will be anything but overwhelmingly and embarrassingly enthusiastic about this.

(The world is unfair, but sometimes, dreams do come true, huh?)

“Yes!” Izuku breathes, and he can’t contain it anymore. He basically flings himself into Shouto’s arms, holding the other boy in a death grip as he (very likely) squeezes the life out of his new maybe-boyfriend. “Yes, I’ll go on a date with you! Yes, to-to everything! I really love you too! L-Like you, I meant like! I meant to say like! Not that I don’t love you too! I-I mean!” Oh god, someone kill him now. “I love and like you, Shouto! I-I mean um, I –“

Vibrations under Izuku’s chest. Oh, Shouto’s laughing.

Would it be creepy if Izuku recorded that sound and made it his ringtone everywhere? Probably, right? But like, it’s so cute. How is anyone supposed to listen to that just once and let it go?

“W-well, I guess you’re just going to have to keep me around then, if you want to hear it again all the time,” Shouto pulls back from Izuku’s hug to quip casually, but the intense flush to his face makes it clear he’s very embarrassed.

Oh, Izuku said all that out loud, huh? Oh, cool. Haha.

Why is he such a disaster?

“You’re not a disaster,” Shouto says, and oh, Izuku said that out loud too. Why, god, why. A small smile quirks the corner of Shouto’s mouth though, which promptly devastates one-fourth of Izuku’s brain. “Besides, I think your mumbling is very cute.”

Welp, it was nice while it lasted. Goodbye world, your son Izuku is now dead. Murdered right where he stands, death by this pretty boy flirting with him.

He looks up at Shouto with no doubt the dopiest grin to ever appear on his face, and Shouto’s little smile grows to a matching, full-fledged grin as well, with teeth and everything. A sight so rare, and so precious, and Izuku is blessed indeed to be getting this close up view of a natural fucking miracle and –

“Oi, what the fuck are you two assholes doing?”

Izuku and Shouto, still half-hugging and entirely wrapped up in each other, turn as one to see a very unamused Bakugou Katsuki staring back at them.

Oh, the scene must be done then. They only have a couple minutes before they’ll need to head back onto the stage for the next scene.

(In fact, Izuku realizes in that moment that he and Shouto are basically flanked on all sides by most of their class, all gawking at their canoodling with various degrees of amused bewilderment. Haha. Ah well.)

“We’re confessing our feelings to each other,” Shouto says, still simple and straight-forward (though perhaps painfully so at this point), in blunt reply to Kacchan’s question. After a thoughtful pause, he adds, “Romantic feelings.”

Izuku, still entwined in Shouto’s arms, has the unique opportunity to see Kacchan’s eyes widen in sheer surprise, before flickering through a myriad of emotions rapidly and finally settling on his usual choice – murderous rage.

“What – what the fucking shit?!” Kacchan yells and Izuku winces, attempting to disentangle himself from Shouto’s limbs. Shouto, the contrary being that he is, tightens his hold. “What the hell do you mean, confessing? We’re in the middle of a goddamn work of live performance, you emotionally-stunted idiot bastards! Couldn’t you find a better time when you’re not the lead fucking actors of a motherfucking play to tell each other your mushy bullshit?!”

“I wanted to make Izuku aware of my feelings before we went out before the audience and kissed,” Shouto explains earnestly. “It didn’t feel right for us to get married without doing that.”

Izuku chokes on his own spit.

Kacchan also chokes, though it seems to be on his own blistering fury. Shouto’s hold grows lax enough that Izuku is finally able to wiggle out of it. He stumbles back, from his old childhood frenemy and his new maybe-boyfriend both, squawking and waving his arms about, not even trying to diffuse the situation because he knows he’ll only make it worse. The rest of his class, the utter traitors, aren’t attempting to help either. In fact, Kaminari seems to be filming this debacle.

“It’s a fucking play, you half-ass piece of shit!” Kacchan finally screams, explosions sparking in his palms as he gestures in full rage-mode. “It’s fake! It’s not an actual wedding! You’re not actually getting married to the shitty nerd!”

“Hmm I suppose,” Shouto seems thoughtful. He then looks up and, unerringly, meets Izuku’s flustered gaze. “Not yet.”

(The next act of the play has to be delayed by five minutes due to the fact that one of their leads has melted into a blubbering mess, and a detonation goes off backstage that’s strong enough that three fake prop-trees catch fire.

They’re later reassured that the audience, who were only aware of the latter more-explosive issue, thought it was simply also a part of the show’s special effects to build suspense for the final battle.)



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<Video attachment>

A shaky, phone-camera footage of the final act of the UA Class-2A play begins.

On-stage is a makeshift winter wonderland, ice pillars and sculptures convincingly portraying a fantasy ice palace. Todoroki Shouto is being crowned, Yaoyorozu Momo resplendent in full battle armor placing the circlet on his head.

“Ahh, the set is so grand, isn’t it, Natsu?” a female voice comes from the left and the camera swivels to show Todoroki Fuyumi looking up at the stage excitedly. “Shouto showed me pictures before, the whole winter palace thing looks even better in real life! Though, I don’t know why he changed the center-piece to a giant heart. It was a crystallized flower before!”

“Well, elemental quirks do have a visceral connection with emotions after all,” comes a soft, cheeky voice from the right. The camera swivels again to pick out their mother, Todoroki Rei, looking wan and rather exhausted, but still clearly delighted to be here. “Maybe his emotions currently feel a bit closer to creating a loving heart than a pretty flower.”

Almost as though on cue, music blares to play the wedding march, and Natsuo’s swiveling camera refocuses to the front to show Midoriya Izuku, wearing a circlet of his own, walking towards the giant heart ice sculpture and the altar, where Shouto stands waiting for him.

“He’s definitely selling the lovestruck fool look, alright,” Natsuo’s voice can be heard snickering, followed by a muted thump, like someone gave him a reproachful punch. “Ow, Fuyumi, c’mon.”

“Don’t make fun of him,” her voice can be heard, chiding. “Besides, look at how adorable they are!”

And they really are, adorable that is. The two boys are holding hands and reciting vows to each other, looking quite besotted with one another.

“Honestly, though, that looks a bit too real, won’t you say?” Natsuo says, sounding rather grumpy now. The camera goes out of focus a bit as he jostles it. “Is Shouto keeping something from us?”

“I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough either way,” Rei replies in an amused voice. The camera footage comes back in focus just in time to capture the two boys moving towards each other for a kiss on the stage.

Natsuo whoops and wolf-whistles, loudly. He’s not the only one in the audience. Applause starts up along with cheering and wolf-whistling as the two ‘newly-weds’ onstage share a wedding kiss.

And they kiss. And kiss.

The audience cheering dies down, turns into raucous laughter and ribald hoots. The boys, if anything, move closer to each, showing absolutely no indication of stopping any time soon.

“Oh my,” says a voice down the aisle, and Natsuo moves his camera to pick out Midoriya Inko, sitting five seats down from the Todorokis. She's giggling nervously as she watches her son make out with a classmate in front of an auditorium’s worth of people.

“Congratulations on your new son-in-law, Inko,” Bakugou Mitsuki can be seen guffawing beside the green-haired woman. Her husband, seated on her other side, can be seen smiling with quiet amusement.

“Problem child, why must you always ruin my sanity.” This is a low, baleful mutter from behind them, and Natsuo turns his camera to capture the speaker, this time focusing on Eraserhead, sitting between Present Mic and All Might.

The three teachers are wearing varying combinations of resignation, mortification, and amusement as they stare up at their misbehaving students.

“Uh, should we perhaps… stop them?” the skeletal All Might’s still-trademark smile looks more like a grimace at the moment, as he stares up at his two students’ inappropriate PDA.

“Ahhhhhh, don’t be like that, maaaan!” Present Mic screeches, slapping his fellow teachers exuberantly on the back. “Don’t you both remember what it was like, to be so young and in loooove?”

“I really really don’t,” Eraserhead replies, looking appropriately dead inside.

A good three minutes have passed by now when Natsuo finally turns the camera back to the stage. The two lovebirds are still intertwined and giving no indications of resurfacing from each other anytime soon. The rest of the class is frozen in their various ending scene poses, sweating, smiles strained as they look out to the cackling and hooting audience.

Only two students have broken character – Bakugou Katsuki, whose palms are firing off loud explosions as he tries to get to the two kissing boys at the altar, seemingly intent on killing them, and Kirishima Eijirou, who has activated his own Quirk to hold his boyfriend back from committing intentional murder in front of so many witnesses.

“Pssst, Jirou, just drop the curtain,” the audio of Natsuo's phone faintly picks out Yaoyorozu’s frantic voice from the stage. She's speaking out of the corner of her mouth, maintaining her strained smile and pose towards the audience while calling out to her classmate backstage. “Just drop the curtain!

The curtain shudders and then falls abruptly, finally obscuring the awkward onstage tableau of Class-2A.

And thus, the UA Class-2A school play for the School Festival has ended.

The audience bursts into loud applause, cheering and laughing, many getting to their feet and stomping their approval and enjoyment of the show. Class-2A students trickle out from behind the curtain to take a bow, looking equal parts exhilarated and flustered, with the notable exceptions being Midoriya, Todoroki, Kirishima, and Bakugou, who are absent.

But, from behind the curtain, the sound of explosions and cursing can be heard, along with intense bursts of wind and the slithering clink of quickly-forming ice, possibly from Midoriya and Todoroki’s own Quirks joining the fray.

The Class-2A students taking a bow peek around and stumble nervously when the stage behind the curtain lights up with a jet of fire. Hastily, they all dip into one last bow, and then beat a quick retreat behind the curtain once more. The yelling sounds from behind the curtain amplify, more voices adding to the din.

From off-camera, Aizawa mutters, “I really don’t get paid enough for this shit.”

The field of view of the recording jostles again, twisting and turning, before finally settling to show the maker of this video himself, Todoroki Natsuo.

“This,” the white-haired man huffs with a look of demented, unholy glee as he looks straight into the camera. “Is the greatest thing to ever happen to me.”

<The recording ends>



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#youknowyourotpiscanon when they get fake-married onstage, make out for five minutes before a theater full of people, and then go on a cat café date without taking off their fake-wedding rings while also wearing fake-crowns #yourotpcouldnever #tddkiscanon

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<image attachment:

The picture captures Todoroki and Midoriya at the center, sitting in a cutesy table outdoors in front of a fountain, facing each other other and entirely lost in one another’s eyes. From the camera angle, it can be seen that Todoroki's right leg is entwined with Midoriya's left under the table. There's a large and sumptuous slice of red velvet cake before them, partially eaten. They’re still dressed in their fantasy costumes from the UA play, complete with gold crowns and fake swords and all.

On Todoroki’s left side are no less than four cats, flopped across his shoulder, or thigh, or cuddled against his ankle. On the other side, in Midoriya’s lap, lies one adorable calico kitten, clearly deeply pleased and caught mid-meow as Midoriya strokes its back with his right hand.

His left hand, though, is clasped within Shouto’s own left hand.

Their fake-wedding rings glint in the late afternoon sun.>



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@pinkacidtrip @ucantseeme @CreatiOfficial @callmetsu @earphonejirou @TwinkleBright  We did good, fam. We did so good #bestsquad #winning #tddkiscanon

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@UraOcha @ucantseeme @CreatiOfficial @callmetsu @earphonejirou @TwinkleBright  We struggled. We faced daunting odds, sheer oblivious idiocy and emotionally-constipated stupidity. Still we persevered, and we fought. And now this is now our bountiful reward :') #bestsquad #winning #tddkiscanon


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@pinkacidtrip @UraOcha @ucantseeme @CreatiOfficial @callmetsu @earphonejirou @TwinkleBright  guys wait what is this squad how do I apply what did you win????? Tell meeee. And!!! I wanna be a part of your super secret girl(andaoyama)band!!!!! #noticemesenpai #letmein


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@Denkimemes @pinkacidtrip @UraOcha @CreatiOfficial @callmetsu @earphonejirou @TwinkleBright  ...We will consider considering your application.