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'Heaven is a place on earth with you' -'well, that's ironic'

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Even if he may look like one, Jeon Jungkook isn't your typical 18 y/o teenage boy who just go to school, kiss his momma's cheek before leaving ofc, hangs out with his 3 or 4 friends to drink some beers and eventually stays up until 1 or 2am to play video games.
Well actually, the reason you might believe he is is because.. that's exactly who he is, and what he does in a whole.

You read this right. His father might be a quite powerful and respected gang leader, it actually doesn't add up any particular spice to jungkook's sweet looking life. 'How's that ?' You might wonder. Well, simply you must be aware that great leaders cannot be so dumb to get themselves the thrones they'd wish to acquire. I should even say they aren't ALLOWED to be dumb at all when they eventually obtain this position full of power, wealth and glory because, and mainly that's how it goes when you happen to become someone in this kind of place. Because here all those power, money and glory goes along with rivalry, jealousy, concurrency, betrayal and so on.

That's why Sir Jeon, the Father, decided to leave his wife with his first son at peace in order to never get them in any trouble. His lover's fake death has been orchestred a very long while ago, a few months before his lovely and dear only child's birth.
Of course, he kept an eye on the cute and then soon-to-be gorgeous boy that was his and his significant other's flesh and blood. Wether he really did it himself or not.

As time went by and the once 8 years-old kid started and kept for long years asking his mother where was his dad, Sir Jeon's torments of remorses began. Eventually, when the child turned 13 and both parents judged he was ready to hear the truth, the Father ended up showing himself for real to his beloved son. Though he had to wait long and terribly slow months to finally receive a hug from him and hearing a genuine 'dad' coming from his sweet boy's mouth.
Obviously, he still wouldn't let himself see them really often for the sake of their good but thanksfully it was seemingly enough for jungkook who despite his young age proved his maturity and wisdom as his mom taught him how those are the vertues of a man like his father.

At age 15, he was relieved to learn by her again that his father didn't do crimes that's more important than drug traffic.
He still didn't like what the man did though. And according to his mom, neither did he. It's just that.. once you're in, you simply can't go back. There's no hope for a basic life again, on contrary if you tried to get out of this unstoppable and constant living hell, which made even the most loving father look like a demon for helping increase the addiction and speed of random people already on their ride to death, misery or self ruin, all you'll find is.. simply read the previous words.

However, at the time we speak jungkook is currently 18 and in the beginning of his first year of college. He's tall, fit, has pretty, thin and red lips, adorable round eyes and his mom wish he'd cut his hair because they're really getting long but she can't deny her son looks really handsome like this, maybe is it the confidence he's earned from the curly raven locks hiding half his left side of the face that gives this impression ?

Appart from coming home to his lovable mother daily, he'd see his father every few months. He had explained him everything about how it is to be in such 'corporation' but mainly to be a leader of it.
There wasn't much jungkook liked about it, unless for the tattoos. Sir Jeon had once taught him that the sweetest and softest the tattoo on a men's body was, then the highest-graded he was. And indeed, all he could see across his father arms were flowers, a few elegant animals, it's as if it tells a story in which jungkook would love to fall in or be soothed by as he falls asleep.

Right now is a moment in which he wished he could sleep. His phone had just rang to inform him he had to wake up and spend another basic day at school. Jungkook didn't mind school but wasn't fond of it either. He had to wake up early to sit in a chair a whole day until late and register everything to then throw it up back on a paper to have a degree which'll allow him to have a decent job and live a basic life.

He was good with numbers so he didn't need to think too much to decide in which very interesting field he wanted to go.

That's why he chose phylosophy as principal study. He took a bit of psychology on the side, apparently that thing required being good at maths.. so why not ? He guessed. Maybe he'll end up being a famous psychologist and get wealthy by himself ? Or a thinker ? He's not sure he might get rich though but at least his mind's freedom will be unlimited and that'll just be enough. Or maybe, maybe he'll just end up selling books in a library ? Being an editor with a little hope ? It might not sound like the dream life but at least he'd be able to keep his life collected.

Talking about dream, jungkook is currently sitting at his usual table with his friends at lunch and the actual dream man (according to him ofc) just entered the room. He was older, well he looked so. He had an undercut and the rest of his dark black straight locks were carelessly hanging in front of his eyes, just slightly parted in the middle. He was even taller than the boy. Even fitter. Jungkook bet that even if himself had a respectable 'lenght' down there, the man's one's was bigger and he wants to squirm in his chair just with the thought of it.

The man glanced at him, a light smirk on the lips. Jungkook knew he had noticed him. He's not sure why but he doubted that it was just because he wanted them to be friends. It'd be weird. Homosexuality still wasn't something very much accepted here which lead to even more confusion because, would that boy dare openly flirting with him like that ? Is glancing while smiling even be called flirting ?

'No', jungkook thought. I'm the only who has a crush here and this fact makes me pay attention to every single detail about him. As insignificant as they might be. That's nothing else.