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That one storywhere I kill Inko just for some good Dadzawa

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The moment Aizawa smelt smoke coming from the problem childs dorm he knew something was wrong. He knocked on the door to give the kid some privacy, the last thing he expected was for the classes resident cinnamon roll to shout
The second Izuku opened the door his sentence cut off and he bowed immediately
“....Oh my god Aizawa-sensei I’m so sorry…”

Aizawa ignored the boy and instead took a look around the kids room. He honestly didn’t know what to say. The kid had a few ciggerette buds thrown helplessly into a cup of water and clothes and papers everywhere. The normally hero decorated room had bare walls with all of the posters ripped up on the ground.
“What in the fresh hell…?.. Kid what’s gotten into you?!”

Izuku didn’t look up to meet his teachers eyes instead looking at the ground ashamed “It’s stupid..really. I just wanted her smell around again, I’m sorry.”

Aizawa looked at the boy confused “What do you mean ‘wanted her smell around again’?”

Izuku looked up with his bangs covering his eyes “She’s dead. Inko Midoriya death july 15th at 2:14 am, died from murder of a villain with the wrong address….she was all I had left...she was my light...and now shes gone….”

Aizawa’s eyes widened before placing a hand on the broken boys shoulder “Why aren’t you with your family right now instead of here?”

“I JUST TOLD YOU SHE WAS ALL I HAD LEFT!!” Izuku screamed before looking down again tears threatening to fall. “My father is unknown. She can’t remember him. She was 15 when she had me all that she can remember is red eyes. We were living with my uncle Hisashi Midoriya, that is until he died two weeks ago. Mom’s parents are dead and we don’t know my dad. Im alone. I'm an orphan. I have to be in foster care and will most likely get pulled from U.A. I gave up on being a hero already, I know it won’t happen anymore. That’s why my room is such a mess. I’m trying to pack.” Izuku said quietly as tears cascaded down his cheeks

Aizawa looked stunned, his brightest student, his favorite student that isn’t his son for that matter, was already prepared and accepted his fate and looked so upset and broken.
“I am so sorry for your loss…..please get rid of cigarettes though. I’ll leave you to what your doing, don’t worry about class we’ll work something out.” And with that statement he left.



Hizashi Yamada wouldn’t say he was shocked that often but you would think that someone would be shocked when their husband came running down the hall screaming something about adopting one of his students.

“Excuse me what?” Hizashi asked in utter confusion.
“I’m adopting him whether you like it or not. Now, sign these papers.”
Aizawa said slamming already filled out adoption papers on the Dj’s booth.

Hizashi ginned awkwardly at hiz husband “Sho you do realize in in the middle of broadcasting right?”

Shota glared at his loud blonde counterpart “I don’t care just sign the damn papers so I don’t do something I regret”

With that Hizashi signed the papers as fast as he could and handed them back to the raven haired man.

“That’s what I thought, I’ll see you at home.” Shota said as he walked out.



If katsuki had one word he could say he felt about his boyfriend right now, he would say concerned. He hadn’t seen that damned nerd in almost a week no “Good morning Kacchan!” as he walked into class or annoying muttering from behind him during study time. Actually now that he thinks about it, Katsuki would give anything just to hear the brats rambling. The explosive boy was snapped out of his thoughts when he and everyone else in the building could hear a scream, and not just any scream, that was Izuku Midoriya’s scream.
Katsuki looked at the front of the room to see that the Erasure hero had already gotten the same idea as they both ran to the scream and were shocked to see izuku’s hair floating and his eyes glowing a deep red.
“HOLY **** WHAT THE HELL DEKU?!” Bakugo screamed and realized that his quirk could no longer work and looked to see his teacher in the same predicament. “WAIT YOUR THE ****** NERDS DAD?!”


When Aizawa looks back he realizes that that one night stand with a girl with neon green hair could have lead to something else that neither of them expected. “oh my god her name was inko. oh god oh my god i'm a dad I left her and my son im the worst father ever this is it im going to hell.” the raven haired man panicked and paced while he rambled, now we know where izuku got it from. Only now does he take a look at his son and see the pain and tears in his eyes. Eyes that were once bright and full of life now almost as dull as the bags beneath them. He quickly took out his phone and called Midnight to come and knock the poor kid out. Not even 3 minutes later the kid was knocked out and being taken to recovery girl, it was only then aizawa realized he was crying.


When izuku woke up the last thing he expected was for his teacher to be holding his hand sobbing softly.
“Sensei?” he asked his voice hoarse and scratchy.
Aizawas head shot up and wiped his tears before speaking.
“Off work call me Shota. I was already planning on adopting you but I just need your permission.”

Izuku looked up at his teac- no, dad and grinned “Please ...Dad…”

Aizawa looked at the boy surprised and then chuckled as more tears came rolling down his cheeks “Of course ...son…”