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Dragon Age : Dickening

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"Enough poetry, I think. The time has come for traveling and the murdering of villains and whatever else passes for adventuring these days."


"Hey Zev, since we're alone, would you care to join me in my tent?" The Warden asks fiddling her thumbs.

Zevran cocks his brow at this question. I've been in this situation before, this calls for one of my classic lines that make men and women swoon. "Is there something that needs assassinating in your tent?" Zevran wraps an arm around her waist and pulls her closer.

"Something like that," she looks up at him like a beautiful Antivan sculpture, which he may as well be. She wraps her arms around his neck and kisses his lips. "I have some of Oghren's liquor stash in my tent as well."

Zevran kisses back, much more passionate. "Oh how you spoil me. I love it."

~a few kisses and shots later~

Zevran pushes the Warden onto her bed cot. He trails kisses from her lips to her neck, leaving marks for the memory of the night. Both lovers were in thin clothes, soon to be nothing.

Next he pulls of her shirt along with his own, Warden gives a soft whimper as her bare chest gets exposed to the frigid air. "Don't worry I'll warm you up~" he purrs in her ear. He makes his way lower keeping a hand on her chest, squeezing lightly as his mouth travels between her legs.

He pulls down her underwear and licks his fingers before pressing them against her entrance and pushing one in. After gaining a reasonable speed a depth, he inserts the other, then a third.

While this is all happening the Warden tries to suppress her moans, but the occasional gasp escapes. She runs her fingers through Zevran's hair, pulling it when he hits something right inside her. Zevran has felt very proud of himself, growing up in a whorehouse you learn some things. Zevran curls his fingers and oh my, the Warden bucks and moans his name. 'Victory', I found it, thinks Zevran.

He pulls out his fingers and locks eyes with the Warden as he licks them clean. He sits up and takes off his pants, revealing a true weapon. Warden can't help but stare, but looks away to not get caught with prolonged gawking. Zevran looks at her and press himself against her now prepped entrance. They kiss and he thrusts in.

Zevran runs his hands up and down her sides and kisses her harder. Zevran spreads her legs and props them to rest on his shoulders and continues thrusting, a rogue has to have great dexterity. Warden tightens around him and holds his chest tighter, almost clawing his back. He peppers kisses on her forehead.

~many heated hours later~

Zevran turns the Warden to face him after an hour of sheet-biting and pulls out. He lays on top of her and she jokingly complains about the weight that's been laid on her. They fall asleep cradled in each other's arms unaware their teammates arrived much early in their session.