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Her Number One Fan

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On the outside looking in, Hermione Granger had graduated from Hogwarts at the top of her class, she was Head Girl and lauded as the Brightest Witch of the Age. But on the inside, Hermione Granger was slowly withering away. The war had taken her parents from her, as she hadn’t been able to reverse the memory charm she’d placed on them.

They were firmly ensconced in Australia, blissfully unaware they’d ever had a daughter.

Hermione’s relationship with Ronald Weasley had fizzled out before ever really getting started. When Ron and Harry had decided to forego returning to Hogwarts to finish their education, leaving Hermione on her own. Ron had soon discovered that being a War Hero had some obvious perks, one of them was having witches throwing themselves at his feet. He had told Hermione in a letter, that he didn’t want to be tied down and needed to explore his options which had devastated her completely and left her crying for days in the Head Girls dormitory.

Harry hadn’t sided with her. He had tried as always, to make excuses for Ron’s poor behavior and lack of good judgement. Hermione was at first shocked, then hurt—then angry at Harry. She had stood by him through everything and because he didn’t want to offend his surrogate family, Hermione was once again, on the outside looking in.

When school ended, Hermione had talked to the Minister, Kingsley Shacklebolt and turned down his generous offer to join the Ministry. She didn’t want to be anywhere near Harry or Ron. So with bags packed and her Gringotts account closed and the proceeds from her Order of Merlin First Class as well as the substantial trust fund her parents had set up for her, Hermione Jean Granger left Wizarding Britain for parts unknown.

The press had a field day when word got out that Hermione had disappeared...and no one...friend nor foe, seemed to know what had happened to her. Harry had realized much too late that he’d hurt his best friend one time too many and now she was gone...possibly for good. Ron didn’t understand what the big fuss was about as it wasn’t like he and Harry weren’t still around for the Daily Prophet to fawn over.

Hermione had decided to travel to Italy and found herself in Verona, where she bought a small little bookstore that catered to Muggle tourists, and had a small magical population. In her spare time, Hermione had decided try her hand at being an author. She had a wealth of stories to choose from, and so began the Tales of Imogene. Children’s stories based on a young girl who comes into an inheritance and discovers she’s an empath who can converse with animals.

Utilizing some of her own personal experiences from school—like turning into a cat from taking Polyjuice Potion in second year—Hermione’s first novel become an instant international best seller with both Magical and Muggles alike, under the pseudonym Astrid Jean Devereaux. After a couple years, and three best sellers later, her publisher begged Hermione to embark on a book tour, which would necessitate her returning to England at some point.

After pondering the possibilities, Hermione decided to create a long term glamour over herself. She tried several variations, but in the end chose one that she felt suited her best. Gone were her bushy curls and in its place, long straight strawberry blonde locks fell down to her waist. She didn’t change much about her figure as she’d filled out quite nicely since she’d left England. Gone was the sickly, stick thin figure and in its place, voluptuous curves that she’d noticed many of her patrons over the years, ogling. Taking a colovaria potion for her eyes as well as her hair, Hermione’s eyes were now a striking iced green color with subtle gold flecks. All in all, she had to admit, her transformation was stunning. Brimming with new found confidence, Hermione told her publisher that she’d be happy to do a book long as no one knew that Astrid Devereaux was in reality, Hermione Jean Granger.

Her first stop on her book tour was in Wizarding Paris at a bookstore on the Rue de Magique. The place was packed with Wizards and Witches hoping to get to meet the famous and reclusive author. Hermione spent the entire day signing books for her fans, young and old alike. Most of the children were eager to meet here, and the French Wizarding Press reported the entire event, her latest novel becoming an overnight sensation.

From France, Hermione traveled to Barcelona, New York, Sydney, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago and Venice. Everywhere she went she was followed by the Press, asking her questions about her personal life, if she was dating anyone and where she received the inspirations for her stories. Hermione was always polite, but never gave too much away. She valued her privacy and knew if it was revealed that Astrid Devereaux was really Hermione Granger, she’d never have a moments peace again.

Her last stop on her book tour nearly a year later was in London. She’d done a few stops in some prominent Muggle bookshops, and was slated to do a book signing a Flourish and Blotts the following afternoon. She’d been away from England for over three years, and found she really didn’t miss it all that much.

Hermione’s glamour had been perfected with a simple charm that she’d imbued in a necklace that she always wore when she was touring. It was easier than applying a charm everyday, and this way, no random ‘finites’ could cause her glamour to drop unexpectedly. When she walked into Diagon Alley, she passed by Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezes and decided to drop in to see if George was there. As luck would have it, he was working behind the counter. When he saw her walk in as Astrid Devereaux, he quickly made his way over and introduced himself.

Hermione had smiled warmly and perused through the aisles, asking questions about products that she’d helped develop. George had always been faithful in depositing a small amount each quarter into her dummy account at Gringotts, where the Goblins kept the money under an assumed name. George never tried to contact her directly, and it was probably just as well as he was Ron’s brother and loyal to his family.

When it was time, Hermione made her way to Flourish and Blotts and was overwhelmed by how many witches and wizards were lined up for the book signing. Sitting down with a quill in hand, she happily signed and chatted with each patron as they came into the store. After an hour, a small little boy with pale blond locks placed her newest book on the table. He was simply adorable, pale grey eyes and white blonde hair. Hermione smiled and took the boom from the tyke.

”And whom should I make this out to?”

The boy smiled widely and whispered loudly, “Scrpius Mawfoy.”

Hermione’s eyes widened as she looked at the cute little boy, whose eyes and hair were just like Malfoy’s.

Looking around the room she saw Draco standing there, looking at his son fondly, while the boy just waved at his daddy.

Hermione reached for the book and smiled softly at the boy.

“Is there anything special you’d like me to write, Scorpius?”

Shaking his head, the boy ran over to his daddy and buried his face in Draco’s trousers, causing him to pick up his son and give him a cuddle.

“Come on, Champ.  Are you sure you don’t want Miss Devereaux to sign something special just for you?”

Scorpius shook his head and smiled shyly, causing Hermione’s eyes to soften at how gentle Draco seemed to be with his son. She had no idea Draco had gotten married, much less had a son.

“How old are you, Scorpius?”

Holding his hand out, Scorpius put up two fingers and grinned. “I two years old.”

“You’re a big boy then. Well, here you go, Scorpius. Thank you for coming to see me today.”

“Yours welcome, Miss Devraux.”

Hermione’s laughter filtered through the air, and Draco gave her a strange look, but accepted the book graciously.

“Thank you for taking the time with Scorpius, Miss Devereaux. He is your biggest fan.”

Green eyes sparkled as she looked at the young boy, who was watching her closely.

“Is that so? Are you my biggest fan, Scorpius?”

The young boy nodded enthusiastically, causing Hermione to laugh again.

“Well, I’ll let you in on a little secret then. I’m writing a new book, and it should be coming out in a few months. If you like, I can send you a special copy before anyone else gets one. Would you like that?”

Scorpius nodded again and jumped down from his father’s arms, running over and giving Hermione a fierce hug.

“Tank, you Miss Devraux.”

“You’re very welcome, Scorpius.”

Draco, who’d been watching the entire scene with interest, nodded politely and thanked her again. Returning the gesture, Hermione was soon caught up with her other customers, although she couldn’t forget about the sweet little boy with bright grey eyes and a happy smile.

A few months later, good to her word....her newest novel: Imogene meets a Hippogriff! was packaged and owled to a very special fan—the dedication of the book read: To Scorpius, my #1 fan...Best Wishes and Happiness...Astrid Devereaux.