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New Beginning

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It had felt like months since that evening at Craig Na Dun, yet it had only been a week. A week of pure hell for Claire. For she had gone through so many different emotions, her body and mind felt battered and broken yet she still had him.

The hot hand of her husband held within her own, hotter even than usual for although Jamie usually radiated warmth, throughout his fever he was like a furnace. Still her stubbornness as well as his own had kept him alive, for she had saved him on the way to Lallybroch, had refused to leave his side ever since they had arrived home. Even when Jenny made her promise to sleep, she refused to be away from his side.

She could remember it clearly, the night before Culloden when Jamie had taken her back to the stones, yet unlike before she couldn’t go back, she could hear the stones yet no matter how hard Jamie wanted her, Claire's heart was on Jamie, it was he that she wanted, he that she longed for and he that she was tethered too. During the battle Jamie had sent her away with Murtagh, wanting his wife to get back to Lallybroch as soon as possible and he would return to her. Of course Murtagh had gone back to him, as Claire stayed with Fergus, hidden from sight only a couple hours east of the battle. When Murtagh had eventually reached them, her husband’s wounded and fevered body in the back of a cart, she was reminded of Wentworth and having to treat him as they escaped.

One hand went to her stomach as she glanced at Jamie, her other hand still holding his own. A stray tear rolled down her cheek.

“Wake up Jamie, once you wake up we can get away from here, get to safety maybe to Island or to the America’s, we could always go to Italy as well. I wish we could stay here, but they are going to keep searching, us being here will be a danger to Ian and Jenny. Jenny has made sure I’ve gotten plenty to eat since we got back, made sure to keep my strength up for our child. I know that Faith is looking down on us Jamie but I can’t do this without you”.

“Claire?” Eyes flying open, she gasped in joy as she glanced at Jamie. Her husband lay now looking up at her from the bed. “Christ Sassenach”. The blue eyes that she loved so much, his nickname for her that she would always cherish.

“Oh Jamie”. Burying her face against his chest, she curled against him now on the bed in the laird’s room. The familiar surroundings they had gotten used to before and after their time in Paris, where she so longed to stay, yet knew that she would be unable to. Warm tears falling against his bare chest as she held him. “I thought I was going to lose you, I’ll never let you do anything like that again!”

Though her cries was muttered into his chest, her body trembled until he engulfed her smaller frame in his own. For as he had said before, he could handle his own pain, but not hers.

“Dinna weep mo chridhe, I am here”.